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Climax Control Archives / No Hard feelings
« on: April 05, 2019, 07:17:42 PM »
 Climax Control 231
24th March 2019
Dublin, Republic of Ireland

In previous times, I found that the first round of the Blast from the past tournament non eventful as everyone tends to be trying to figure out their tag team partner and how well they do or don’t work together. Plus, people focus more on getting through the first round to avoid being the first to exit the tournament.  This first round though was different.  Different because Senor Vinnie and I were struggling to maintain some unity, although that was my fault as I just wanted to focus on Keira… and different because I was zeroed in on Keira wanting to beat her and perhaps getting some revenge from the time that she attacked me and injured me on purpose.

I don’t know why I did it... but I speared Keira. I speared her through the barricade and in the process hurting us both. But while our bodies were both laid out, Vinnie somehow picked up a win for us with Jake not being able to continue, which I have my suspicions on how that happened.

After the bell rang, EMT’s swarmed me and Keira, checking on us both. While I felt fine, though I would probably feel it tomorrow, while Keira would be aching for a while. Getting a helping hand up from EMT’s and Vinnie, Vinnie and I make our way to the backstage area, where Vinnie takes his leave, just as Roxi shows up with a look of concern on her face.

Amy: I’m sorry... I don’t know what came over me.

Roxi: It’s fine. You did what you had to do.

Roxi shrugged, as I felt a little guilty for what did but I did say that I was looking for revenge and Keira was no doubt waiting for it as I had changed up my ring style a little.

Amy: I know but  I could have handled it a little better.

Roxi: Don’t be sorry... Keira wouldn’t have said it.

Roxi says as she watches EMT’s come through the curtain with Keira. I stretch a little as the adrenaline begins to wear off. The EMT’s put Keira down gentle nearby as Roxi checks on her wife.

Amy: You alright?

I ask with concern in my voice.

Keira: Yeah, I’m good.

Keira says as Roxi gives Keira an ice pack.

Amy: I’m sorry for putting you through the barrier. No hard feelings?

I query... worried that I might have lost a good friend.

Keira: Nah... its fine. You warned me you were looking for revenge. Not the type of revenge I was expecting but you had to do what was needed to make an impact in the tournament and win the match. I’m not mad.

Keira gives a small slightly pained smile, as I lean in and give Keira a gentle hug.

Amy: I’ll let you recover but do you want to have a few drinks later?

Roxi: I would love to but Nate is being baby sat back in the locker room and Keira I think will have a hot date with an ice pack.

Roxi shrugged apologetically.

Amy: Maybe back home?

Roxi: Yeah sure.

Amy: Great… give Nate big hugs from me.

Keira: Sure.

I smile and then move in and give Roxi and Keira hugs and a kiss on a cheek for both as I smile and then leave the area to allow Roxi and then EMT’s to see to Keira. Grabbing a water, I turn the corner to take a moment as I lean up against a wall and let out a big sign, as Scott Oliver approaches.

Scott: Penny for your thoughts.

Amy: Just thinking about tonight… and the win against Keira and Jake Raab.

Scott: And…

Scott probed.

Amy: And I say that Vinnie and I were pretty damn lucky… yes we won but it wasn’t pretty and I didn’t help matters with what I did with Keira. Perhaps a little selfish of me as I just looking for revenge and I suppose I got it but I am not really satisfied with it.

Scott: Are you happy though that you got through to the next round?

Amy: Of course and can’t wait for the next round of matches.

Scott: Thank you for your thoughts.

Amy: No problem.

I give Scott a smile and take a drink of water before moving off from the wall and head back to the changing room. The scene soon fades out with me entering the changing room and closing the locker room door.


1st April 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hotel Du Vin Edinburgh
UK time: 6am
US Time:  10pm

The scene opens inside the hotel room of Amy Santino at the Hotel Du Vin in Edinburgh, the camera pan around the room, which shows the queen size bed with wood furnishings and traditional colours in a modern style to make the room light and airy. The camera focuses on the time… 6am… Amy wasn’t up yet, however, she was planning have a day off from training, and sleep in a little, however, her laptop begins to ring with the familiar sound of the skype programme, which disturbs Amy.

Sitting up, she grabs the laptop from the smart wooden desk and opens it and looks at the time and then answers…

Amy: Hello

Amy says bleary eyed.

Jamie: Oh shit… did I disturb you?

Came the voice, as Amy tries her best to focus.

Amy: Jamie?

Amy queries.

Jamie: Yeah…

Jamie says waiting to be shouted at.

Amy: It’s six am in the morning… something better be wrong.

Amy said grumpily.

Jamie: Aren’t you usually up at this time?

Amy: Not this morning… I was planning to lay in.

Amy says wondering why she was being disturbed.

Jamie: Oh… I was just going to wish you a happy birthday with a surprise.

Jamie explains.

Amy: Oh…

Amy adjusts her position into a seated position and sits the laptop down before continuing…

Amy: What time is it there?

Jamie: 10pm… I didn’t know when the best time to ring was… I thought it was later in the morning. I can always ring back.

Jamie suggests.

Amy: It’s fine… anyway what is the surprise?

Amy queried.

Jamie: Hang on…

Jamie disappears for a moment, as Amy frowns wondering what he is doing, as Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder begins to play, as Jamie comes into view with nothing but a pink and black pair of briefs on and begins to sing and dance for Amy.   Amy sits back slightly stunned at the sight of Jamie dancing in his briefs, but she soon enjoys its and is bopping away until the song finishes.

Jamie: Happy Birthday Amy.

Jamie smiles and blows her a kiss.

Amy: Thank you Jamie… you are the best.

Amy smiles.

Jamie: The is one more thing….

Jamie turns and grabs his phone and returns.

Amy: Ok…?

Amy frowned.

Jamie: The kids wanted to do something for you as well.

Jamie messes around with his phone for a few seconds before lifting his phone up the camera. On the camera is all the kids from Oasis with party hats on etc…


They then cheers, whoop and throw confetti etc… before the recording stops.

Amy: Oh Jamie… that is so sweet of them and you of course. Thank you.

Amy blows a kiss at the camera.

Jamie: Your welcome… I guess worth waking you up now.

Amy: yeah… I’ll let you off… although I might have disturbed the rest of the hotel, as I didn’t turn any of that down.

Jamie chuckles.

Jamie: So what are your plans for your birthday?
Jamie queries.

Amy: I booked myself into the Edinburgh International Climbing arena for a climbing course.

Jamie: Sounds boring.

Amy: Maybe… but looks interesting and though I might try it.  But other than that, nothing else. Maybe meet up with Joshua or Sam for a few drinks or a meal. But as I said nothing planned plus, I don’t know Edinburgh that well.

Amy shrugs.

Jamie: It’s a shame I am not there… the clubs wouldn’t know what hit them.  Anyway, I’ll let you go back to sleep and I’ll talk soon.

Amy: Thank Jamie and I’ll see you soon. Thanks for the surprise and dance.

Amy says with a smile.

Jamie: No problem.  See you soon.

Jamie and Amy wave to each other before Jamie hangs up and Amy hangs up, as she then closes her laptop, as she then places the laptop on the floor. The scene soon fades out as Amy snuggles back down into the bed, as she tries to go back to sleep for another couple of hours.


5th April 2019

To be honest... when Sam said that she had an announcement for Climax Control, and I joked that if it was an open challenge and I wanted to be first... I didn’t realise that it would be an open challenge and I was merely joking about being first but being an open challenge, I suppose anyone can go for it. However, I had no intention of stepping on Trinity Jones' toes as i knew she had an interest in the roulette championship. But I guess I got in their first and a case of you snooze you lose. But last week Sam announced that the contract had been signed and I would be her opponent this week. I reluctantly signed the contract but this time around I have nothing playing on my mind other than how I am going to win.

Last time we met Sam, I was in the middle of a war with Apple Coren... I was distracted that Apple had "taken" my husband away from me and I just wanted to kick her ass and shut that stupid bitch up but that was then... then I wasn’t focused... I didn’t need a title match as it was too much of a distraction... but now... now I am ready, and I am focused, and I have nothing to worry about. All I am concerned about... is what the stipulation is and how I am going to win.

So our last match… didn’t go all my way… it perhaps didn’t help that I decided to brawl with Apple, I know its poor excuse, but I said I was distracted.  But with the brawl i was too hyped up over that to even think properly about our match… don’t get me wrong I am the ever consummate professional and I try to focus and get on with the job but in this case I couldn’t.  however, with the focus on the Blast From The Tournament, it isn’t so serious as we have a partner to rely on.

Now this Sunday… I am going to push you to your limits more than last time and more than I have ever done before.  I could say that I am hungry for a title win, which I half true but then I would sound like a broken record because I said it over and over again… it’s annoying that I can no longer back up my words when it comes to being in the ring but I truly hope that this time around will be different.

I like participating in Roulette Championship matches because of the variety of matches that come with it… aside from the Bombshell championship, this is the only other title that I truly make an effort competing for. Anyway… I am waffling on.  Basically… what I am getting at… is I am walking into Climax Control ready to kick ass.  I am going to kick ass and I am going to walk out champion. Sam this is where our friendship will be put be on hold and a friendly rivalry will continue… Sunday night Sam… I am becoming champion.

Climax Control Archives / Look who we have here.... Hi Keira
« on: March 22, 2019, 08:15:02 PM »
 Blaze of Glory VIII
10th March 2019
ACC Arena Plaza, Anaheim, CA

For what felt like an eternity, the war between Apple and I came to end.  The war between us was violent and manipulative with a lot of bad and harsh words traded between us.  But the violence and manipulation was all worth it as we stepped in the ring and fought hard but in the end, it was I that got the win over Apple.  The violence and the attacks on Apple was worth it… the manipulation of using my husband to fool Apple was perfect and how I got into her head, which showed that I was willing to do anything to beat her.

The match itself wasn’t all plain sailing, as we took turns to dominate the match with even Apple trying to cheat, which was no surprise at all, but it backfired on her and it led to her downfall and I picked up the win.

No sooner had the bell rung, I slowly make my way to my feet as I look down at Apple and shake my head before celebrating my victory over her. I take a moment before turning and climbing out of the ring to grab my jacket and mask before heading to the backstage area, where Joey is the first to greet me and give me a big hug before handing me a water and towel.

Joey: Well done Amy... well deserved.

Amy: Thank you.

I smile as I let a heavy breath as we move away from the entrance to allow myself moment, as Pussy Willow approaches from around the corner.

Pw: Hey Amy can I get your thoughts on your match just now?

Amy: sure.

Pussy gives Amy an appreciative nod and then a small smile towards Joey before speaking.

Pw: Well congratulations on a hard fought match against Apple Coren.  How did you think the match went… and if there is anything you would do differently and if you think Apple will be happy about her loss?

Pussy questions.

Amy: The match was action packed, Apple tried her best but that was good enough and I was just that much better. Her training and whatever she had learnt was amateur at best and has nothing on my skills. As for what I would do differently… more mind games… I maybe should have involved Ivy but its all-in hindsight now because at the end of the day I won, and she didn’t. I don’t care if she is happy about the loss or not… will she bitch and moan… of course she will.  Will anyone listen to her… no.  She will be just bitter and angry and will just have to move on.

Apple, I doubt if you are listening and you off somewhere bitching and moaning, but the only remaining thing I have to say to you is… next time don’t on someone like me because you will end up getting your ass kicked.

Amy smiles and turns and leaves the area and Pussy Willow to finish up. The scene fades out on Joey and Amy head back to the changing room to celebrate a job well done before watching the rest of the show.


11th March 2019
Santa Rosa, CA

Twelves hours after Blaze of Glory, Amy and Joey were back home as Amy looked to rest following her match against Apple Coren, although it wasn’t a high octane match it still took it out of her in terms of the mind games and keeping the pretence up of Joey and Amy having marriage problems and him getting close to Apple Coren.  Sitting on the sofa with her laptop on her lap as she worked on 3-X stuff as she refocused, however, there was a slight nagging feeling that something wasn’t right between her and Joey, although it could be all in Amy’s head.  This would mean that Apple would have won and Amy didn’t want that.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Amy types away responding to an email as Joey walks through the front door after spending the morning surfing in Bodega Bay a few miles away.

Joey: Hey…

He smiles as he runs a hand through his wet hair, as Amy looks up at him.

Amy: Can we talk?

Amy asks.

Joey: Whats up?

Joey frowns sensing something wrong?

Amy: I’ve been thinking… wondering how much you have told Apple and how close you got with her. Sorry I sound so paranoid and crazy.

Amy leans forward and buries her head in her hands.

Joey: You have nothing to worry about.  We only talked… she stroked my face but nothing else happened. Trust me…  As for what we talked about… I didn’t share anything too sensitive. Just what you mentioned in your final promo and then gave her a few little white lies.  Put your mind at rest… you won the match and the mind games and not her.

Joey tries his best put Amy’s mind at rest.

Amy: I just can’t get it out of my mind.

Amy shakes her head, as Joey pulls Amy close.

Joey: You have nothing to be concerned with. I promise you… I swear on my parents lives.
Joey says with feeling in his voice.

Amy: I’m sorry I doubted you… just she got under my skin and I was kind of worried what was discussed.

Joey: It’s fine. You have nothing to worry about as I said. Now forget about her and shift focus on what we are going to do this week.

Amy: I wouldn’t mind going surfing at some point.

Joey: We can do that. But how about we head to the shops and cinema to relax a little.

Amy: Sounds like a plan.

Joey: Well… first things first… I am going to shower and then we can do from there.

Amy: Great.

Joey kisses the top of Amy’s head before standing and turning, where he grabs his bag and heads upstairs to shower and wash away the smell of the tea. The scene soon fades out on Amy as she sits back a little more relaxed as she types away finishing her email.


18th March 2019
Dublin Ireland
Mulligans Bar

The scene opens inside Mulligans Bar in Dublin Irelands, where we see Amy sitting alone in the corner by the window as she soaks up as much of the Irish culture as possible before having to focus on the first round of the Blast from the past tournament where she is partnered with Senor Vinnie and facing off against Jake Raab and long time friend Keira Fisher-Johnson.  Listening to the surrounding conversations of the many Irish voices, Amy looks down at the table, where sits in front of her first pint of Guinness.

She hadn’t tried Guinness before but when in Rome…. Grabbing the glass, Amy lifted the glass up and took a long sip before stopping and taking a moment to savour the flavour, which didn’t take too bad and she actually liked it.  Smiling she took another sip before placing it down as she looks at her cell phone, which has a picture of the giant’s causeway on it.

Sitting back, she watches those in the bar talk and chat as her cell phone ring.

Amy: Hi Joey.

Joey: How are you?

Amy: I’m good thanks…. What time is it there?

Amy queries as she begins to get looks from the some of the other patrons of the bar.
Joey: 8:30am…

Amy: Great… I was worried when I text you.  Are you on your way to work?

Amy queries as she takes a sip of Guinness.

Joey: I will be in a short while.  What you up to?

Joey asks.

Amy: Drinking a cold Guinness… I want to try one and to see what it’s like.

Joey: and…

Amy: It’s nice a unique flavour but I like it and right now I am getting funny looks. It’s like they never seen an American before.

Amy whispers as Joey chuckles.

Joey: It sucks that I am working. Love to have a Guinness and see some crazy Irish drunk guys.

Joey says with the stereotypical view of the Irish.

Amy: I don’t think any are drunk… it’s too damn early in the day. Plus, that’s very stereotypical of you.

Amy smirks as Joey chuckles.

Joey: Yeah I know…. Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’ll ring you later and catch up some more.

Amy: Sure… I love you.

Joey: Love you too.

Amy: Bye…

Amy and Joey hang up, as Amy places her phone on the table, as a couple people who were chatting at the bar wonder over.

Man #1: Are you Amy Marshall?

Amy: I am.

Man #2: Told you so… can we have a few pictures and autographs.  We are big fans of yours.

Amy: Awesome. Are you going to the show on Sunday?

Both men nod, as Amy stands to her feet sliding her phone into her back pocket before grabbing her Guinness and moving to the men, where she takes pictures with them and signs autographs. The scene soon fades out on Amy chatting with the two men as she continues to drink her Guinness.


22nd March 2019

]Well Well Welll…. Look who came back.  Welcome back Keira… to be honest… it’s only going to be a short comeback depending on the outcome of this match.  But let’s take a trip down memory lane… can you remember the last we stepped into the ring together?


It was 19th July 2015 at Climax Control 120 with you and Roxi up against Jessie and I in a roulette Rules Steel Cage Tornado Tag Team match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship and SCW Bombshell Internet Championship… which you and Roxi won this match.

Been a long time since we came face to face, however, I still hold a little bit of a grudge… do you remember Climax Control 123? No… how about when you decided to try and break my leg and instead dislocated my ankle instead when you decided to go a bit psychotic when Roxi and I were in the midst of fued in my amazing year.  My ankle is fine now but that pain seers into your memory forever and I still have totally forgiven you for it and I personally think a little bit of revenge is coming your way and I said… it’s going to be a short and painful comeback for you.

You see Keira… it’s nice to see you back in the ring here in SCW and I enjoy the banter… but that banter and friendliness will not happen in the match… my relationship with the Blast from the past tournament has been rocky at best.  And find a good decent tag partner is hard and last year I had Wyatt Peterson and we went far and even went on to form a tag team and we were successful but never won the mixed tag team titles.  This year it’s Senor Vinnie… who may seem a little odd, but he is making a name for himself and this should be an interesting journey in this tournament.

Now Keira… I don’t know about you, but I am going to be focused in this match… I will dish respect where needed but I want to win and move on. I have never won this tournament and it’s the one thing I want to win… but to do this… I have to beat you Keira.  Now I don’t know what your wrestling status is… retired… semi -retired… active…. Semi active… but whatever it may be… I hope that you are ready because no-one like someone who is rusty as hell… I’m sure between you posting pictures of you and Roxi and you showing off your ass that you have bene training because I will kick it all over the ring.

I want to win Keira and you are standing in my way… Sunday night Senor Vinnie and I will be advancing to the next round but not before getting my revenge.  See you Sunday Keira.

Supercard Archives / Amy Marshall v Apple Coren
« on: March 08, 2019, 05:24:10 PM »
 Monday 4th March 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training complex.

The scene opens outside Joshua Acquin’s training complex in Vegas, where see Amy standing by the doors with her training bag on her shoulder. Since the announcement that Joey and Amy were fine... people were pissed at the fact that she didn’t tell them about the plan but kind of got over it, including Jamie after bit of persuasion and a long talk about things. However, Amy hadn’t had a chance to speak to Joshua... as he was consumed with training as well as Amy. She could have rung but instead she took up the option to head to Vegas and training, while Joey worked this week.

Standing at the door, she was a little nervous about his reaction but had hoped that he was understanding. Pulling the door open, Amy entered the complex to see Joshua inside the ring with his trainer as they trained, as they completed the move, Joshua sat on the mat and looked to the door.

Amy: Hi...

Amy smiled warmly as Joshua frowned.

Joshua: Hey...

There was a moment of tension as Amy continued to enter further into the complex as she approached the ring as Joshua climbed to his feet. As Amy placed her bag down and leant against the apron.

Amy: I’m sorry.

Joshua: for what?

Amy: That I lied about Joey and I having issues... I hated deceiving people, but I had to get into Apples head, which sort of worked.

Amy explained.

Joshua: I thought we were friends and we are open about things.

Amy: We are…

Joshua: I get you that you had to get into Apple’s head… but the way you went about it and your emotions were just off.

Joshua says before continuing.

Joshua: Yes I was surprised but as I said your emotions and the way you were with your sister when she came by was a little suspect. I distinctly remember when you broke up with Kevin Carter and Gabriel Asar that you were distraught and upset and came close to ending it all. But with Joey… you didn’t bother fighting.

Joshua shrugged.

Amy: At least only you saw through it… Jamie was pissed off.

Joshua: He hit Joey for evidently no reason… and you and he are close and probably be expected to be included in the plan.  Give him time to calm down and forgive you.  Next time though… show more emotion.

Joshua turned and returned his focus to his trainer in the ring.

Amy: Again, I’m sorry….

Joshua: Stop saying sorry and just get on training since you didn’t come all this way just for a chat.

Joshua hurries Amy, as he returns to his in-ring training, as Amy moves away from the ring and across the room, where she places her bag down. Pulling out a towel and water, Amy moves to the soft padded mats and warms up a little bit before going into the first yoga pose. The scene fades out on Amy as she start her yoga while Joshua in the background works in the ring.



Oh Apple… you are predictable as Big Ben going off every bloody hour of the day.  I said that you knew that this who thing was fake, and you were just playing along… and guess what… I CALL BULLSHIT!!  No at all surprising… really very anti climatic.  Joey was kind of very reluctant in doing this, however, I gave him a choice… but it was up to him… and he did it for me… I just fed him idea’s and feedback from conversations that you had… maybe he was a pawn in our game, but he made his choice and I was grateful and appreciate of him for doing it. Do you think you were really in control?


Just like all the conversations you had with Joey… yes, he was angry with me at first but we talked and sorted things out, but he used his “anger” and spun you a bunch of lies.  Joey and I tell each other everything… he knows everything about my past and I know stuff about his past.  I bet he told you about his ex-wife and how he still loves her… which is true but getting over someone who died is very hard.  How about his past relationship with a man… or that he was arrested for resisting police arrest on a drunken night out.  But then there is the lies…  his rape conviction…  drug addiction… fraud… that he didn’t really want to marry me… I could continue but it will dawn on you that you still got played no matter how much you think you got the upper hand.

But enough of that and let’s focus on the match at hand…

I already explained my actions at Climax Control 230, and I am not going to explain them again.  You deserved it and you deserve what is to come at Blaze of Glory.  It must be gutting that you are in a grudge match and not a title match that you expect to be in… but life is full of disappointments and you just have to suck it up and get over it.

But for you… you seem can’t seem to get over things… you are just like a dog with a bone and pleading that you were the one hard done by supposedly getting screwed over in your chance to have a shot one on one for the bombshell championship… however, you brought it all on yourself when you stuck your nose into a match that I won…. Did you forget? Or shall I refresh your memory…


Climax Control 219
21st October 2018

However just as Amy gets to her feet, she is blasted from behind by a female fan who has her face covered in a hood, Jacob starts calling for security but stops when the hooded fan hits Amy with a Cradle DDT.

Simone: Wait a minute, I've seen that move before!

Adams: It can't be.

The fan takes her good off revealing a familiar face.

Simone: Apple Coren! She must've followed the cars in one of her own!

{{End of Flashback}}

And this all stemmed from the fact that you were very bitter that you couldn’t beat me in your debut match and decided to stick your nose in a match that you had no business in and you robbed me… therefore you have no reason to bitch and moan and it makes you one big hypocrite. So do not throw stones in glass houses.

I am expecting a war now… I am expecting you to step up and bring it. I am expecting you to fight hard and I am going to fight twice as hard… this war will end at Blaze of Glory; this war will end when I have beaten you down to you are nothing more than a bloodied and beaten shell.

You will find that I am no pushover… that I am a tough opponent that doesn’t lay down easily and I will show everyone how much of a talentless whiney little fraud you are.  Blaze of Glory will be the end of you Apple because I will send you back to England and back to daddy, who will make sure you never come back.

See Sunday Apple and good luck because you are going to need it.

Supercard Archives / Amy Marshall v Apple Coren
« on: March 02, 2019, 08:17:29 PM »
 *** FLASHBACK ***

27th January 2019
Las Vegas, NV
3hrs after Climax Control 226

Three hours earlier I got into a fight with Apple Coren as I was sick to death listening to her and her using my name to further her career, three hours earlier Joey and I had an argument over Apple Coren, which he called me a hypocrite for attacking only Apple and not everyone else who uttered my name when it comes to title’s held etc…

I had thought that Joey had learnt the in and out of wrestling in the way of psychology and getting in the mind of your opponent but it wasn’t the case, i guess in a way a long talk was needed especially when happened at climax control.

After the short drive from Henderson, i returned home to Vegas to find no lights on and seemingly no-one home as i looked in our bedroom and the spare bedroom and found Joey to be home. Ringing him a few times, his phone just rang out and i left a voicemail but to be honest if i was mad, i would ignore everyone around me and just to the nearest bar or something. Opting to give him space, i decides to do some house work, pay some bills online and then shower as i waited for him. Sitting back as i opened the laptop, i hear the keys in the lock and the door open before closing as Joey wondered in.

Joey: You are still up?

Amy: I am. I was waiting for you. We need to talk.

I suggested as I looked up at Joey.

Joey: We do.

I slide across the sofa to allow Joey to sit down, which he sits down.

Amy: What I did tonight is a part of wrestling. I thought by now that you had grown accustomed to do it and had been watching the shows and my previous matches etc...

Joey: I know... but I don’t how you can switch on and off like that with ease.

Amy: Its actually hard sometimes but It’s fun at times, although being called a hypocrite by my own husband is not but strangely amusing.

Joey: which this is what I don’t get. Why attack her and not everyone else?

Amy: It will the whole roster verses me.

I joke before continuing.

Amy: Apple is one of those people who thinks they are entitled to everything because they have a rich background and they think they are gods greatest gift, while in fact they are boring uninteresting sheep with very little braincells. Its people like her that I dislike because they think have talent and looks when they have jack shit. I hate them with a passion.

Joey: Fair enough. So what do you have planned?

Joey asked.

Amy: I have been thinking... it involves you and I want you to think very carefully.

Joey ok?

Amy: basically... people think you are angry with me still. So we will continue to play this off and I want you to side and befriend Apple... come up with some good reason. And we can go from there but we both need to delve deep into our acting skills.

I explain.

Joey: i don’t know about this.

Amy: Have a think... we have time till the next show before we can action it. Plus, all this won’t be for very long.

Joey: Sure.

Amy: but for now though I want my bed and you are coming with me. I need to work off my pent-up energy.

I pull Joey close and kiss him. Pulling away I close my laptop before standing and grabbing Joey’s hand, as the scene fades out with the lights being turned off as Joey and I disappear off to bed.

*** End of Flashback ***


24th February 2019
Long Beach, CA
Climax Control 230

*** Pre-reveal ***

The scene opens outside the Walter Pyramid about 30 minutes before show time, where we see Amy still in her regular clothes, as she takes in some air as her cell phone rings, which she looks at the caller ID before answering and putting it on loud speaker as she sits down on a planter ledge.

Amy: Hi Babe.

Joey: Hi… are you ready for tonight?

Amy: I am… but these matches are very unpredictable.
Joey: I can imagine… anyway… last match before Blaze of Glory… are we revealing?

Joey asks.

Amy: We are… my plan being is that I am going to head to the ring and then call out Apple, which you will come out from their and we can go from there.

Amy explains.

Joey: Sounds good. I’ll see you soon.

Amy: Yup. I love you.

Joey: Love you too.

Amy hangs up, as she looks around before turning and heading back into the venue. These scene fades out on Amy walking back into the building before heading to the locker room to prepare for the night ahead.

*** Post Reveal ***

The plan worked… I was expecting a hiccup or two along the way or the possibility that Apple would find out that she was played and fuck the plan up, but it didn’t happen and all the conversations with Joey in secret turned out perfect…  her face was priceless as Joey and I broke the new to her that she will only have Ivy at her side and not Joey.  And while it didn’t kick off… Apple gave Joey a slap across the face to show her displeasure.

Leaving the ring and up the ramp, as Apple looked pissed off… Joey blows her a kiss as we stand and look at her shocked face and a few others around, I plant a light kiss on Joey’s lips before moving off to the backstage to a few more shocked faces.

Amy: What?

I look around at some of the crew and staff as Joey and I walk away from the curtain as Scott Oliver quickly rushes in.

Scott: Amy… Amy… can I have a few words about your deception?

Amy: Why… I don’t have to explain myself and Joey doesn’t either.

Scott: But…

Amy: I have a match to prepare for.

I walk away from Scott, as Joey and I head to the locker room. The scene fades out as Scott drops his mic to his side as he seeks the net person to talk too.

*** Post Match ***

Winter and Charlotte having their own issues…. Apple and I have our own little battle… and as predicted the match was just one big mess with Winter and Charlotte taking pots shots at each other and Apple and I taking pot shots at each other… there was some wrestling in between with no-one really getting the upper hand. We had all our chance but, in the end, I just had enough and walked out. To be honest I didn’t care that Apple and I lost the match… I want to get out of that match and watch the bitch suffer and get crushed by Winter and Charlotte.

By the time the bell had rung, I was already leaving ringside and entering the backstage area, as Joey greeted me with a warm smile along with a bottle of water and a towel, as Pussy Willow comes over just as the bell rings as just goes straight into a question.

PW: Why did you leave the match?

Amy: Isn’t it expected in these type of matches… you get stuck with a partner you don’t want, and the match turns into a clusterfuck and someone leaves, and your team loses…. It’s even worse when your opponents don’t see eye to eye and it’s even a bigger clusterfuck. I left because we were getting nowhere, and I am not even sorry.

PW: Are you sorry for humiliating Apple?

Amy: Nope. Not all sorry.

Amy shrugs showing little remorse.

PW: Any words for Apple?

Amy: not right now… right now I want to prepare for our match before I consider any final words to her.

Amy says as she shrugs, as she places the towel onto her shoulder before walking away with Joey, as Pussy Willow quickly wraps up as the scene fades out on Amy and Joey heading back to the locker room.


26th February 2019
Pacific Palisades, CA
Apartment loft of Jamie Dean.

The scene opens up outside the building, where Jamie Dean lives as Amy stands at the entrance and buzzes the apartment number of Jamie, where he had answered once, and Amy introduced herself but was not let in and instead she continued to buzz and shout upwards towards Jamie’s apartment to get his attention but still nothing.

It was then another resident left the building Amy managed to grab the door and slip into the building before making her way to the Jamie’s apartment, where she knocked on his door but no answer.

Amy: Jamie left me… I know you are in there.


Amy: I stopped by the shelter and the café and I was told you were home. God damn it Jamie… answer.

Amy waited…

Amy: if this is about the Apple thing… then I am sorry I didn’t tell you.

The door to the apartment opens as Jamie stands there and glares at Amy.

Jamie: You could have confided in me… told me that it was all a ruse. I made myself look like a god damned ass for hitting Joey. I thought we were friends.

Jamie scolded Amy.

Amy: We are friends… I am sorry I didn’t talk to you, but I wanted to make this believable. I wanted to… but I felt that I needed to keep this to myself.

Amy explained the best she can and, in a hope, that Jamie would forgive her.

Jamie:  You could trust me no matter your plan… I wasn’t going to tell anyone, and I doubt Joshua was going to tell anyone.

Amy: How many times can I say sorry?

Jamie:  Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it Amy… I think you should go and take your grovelling apology else wear.

Amy nods.

Amy: I’ll be at Brew-Ha Ha when you have calmed down and want to talk.

Amy smiles and turns hoping that Jamie would come and they can talk, Amy then walks away as the scene fades out as she prepares to head to Brew-Ha Ha in the hopes that Jamie comes.


1st March 2019

I can guess what words are going to escape your lips… I knew this whole thing was fake… I was just playing along… and I would call bullshit.  Apple Apple Apple… it was fun playing you and Joey had plenty of fun as well.  I told him he could go further but he is too much of a gentleman and instead he chose to go slow and earn your trust. Isn’t he a sweetie?

So how are you feeling Apple? Embarrassed? Humiliated? Nervous? Scared? Angry? I hope to go it’s all of them… there is nothing sweeter than humiliating and embarrassing someone so much that they step up their game and are actually prepared to give it their all and not be a pussy about things.  But at the same time, I want you to be nervous and scared because I can do a whole lot more inside that ring.

You see Apple there is more to wrestling than bombshell titles and stepping on people toes to get there and moaning about interferences etc… there is also getting into silly little over ambitious girls with an ego the size of the sun minds and knocking them down a few pegs.

I have fought many different battles in this company, and I can take anything that comes my way… even if it’s an angry rich bitch like you.  You better get inside the gym and tone yourself and hone your skills because at Blaze of Glory I am going in hard and there is nothing you can do about it.

See you soon Apple.

Climax Control Archives / A receipe for hell.
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 17th February 2019
Climax Control 229
San Jose, CA.

\\Post brawl//

To be honest I should have been preparing for my match against Sam Marlowe, but instead I initiated the brawl, which may have affected my performance later on in the show. I just couldn’t help it... I saw them and her touching him and I kind of had enough. We said a few words, but I thought 'fuck it' and started brawl off. I wanted to wipe that smug look off her face and I think I did that, although not before she hit me with a few shots etc... and vice versa, it was until that I had the shower curtain wrapped around her pretty little neck that I may have taken things too far... but I felt the need to do it and end her but annoyingly security moved in and struggled to drag me away as I managed to wriggle free to get shot in before once again dragged away kicking and screaming as I see a few people move in and check on Apple.

Being forced back to my locker room, I had to calm myself down as much as possible and refocus my mind, but it would be hard as I was riled up and wanted to fight now.  Giving the sofa several hard kicks and unleashing a bit of fury, I took a heavy breath as I grab the sofa and move it again the wall as I decide that a bit of yoga will calm me down just enough and be able to focus on the task at hand.

What I did to you tonight was the tip of the iceberg… and I am certainly not finished with you and you know what… the pain will only get worse. I will get over my humiliation, but will you get over yours when I kick the shit out of you next time we meet.  

\\Post Match//

Last woman standing match... I love them as anything can happen. However, my earlier little brawl and the fact that I was still seething may have contributed to my match. But you know what... I am not going to complain about the outcome, and I admit that my mind and my issues with Apple were at the forefront of my mind, but I don’t want those excuse to ruin what was a great match between Sam and I and to be honest Sam with the better wrestler and she deserved the win. We will be both no doubt be feeling the effect of the match especially myself after being driven into the announce table.

I must admit her finisher combined with the unforgiving announce table... it hurt and I will be feeling that for a few days... it took me several minutes to even move as I took in some deep breathes of air, as Sam, the ref and a few others help me move to a seated position and then eventually to a standing position. I was then helped up the ramp to backstage as I was given an ice pack... but I don’t think one would be enough and in fact an ice bath would be probably be needed.

Taking the ice pack, I place it against my lower back as I straighten myself up to stretch a little as Sam and the ref then head off with Sam looking to return home and celebrate her win at the same recover from this match.

Leaning forward to unlace my boots before the adrenaline wore off, I come back up to see Scott Oliver walk over.

Amy: Isn’t the show over?

Scott Oliver: It is... but it’s worth same some words as it can be shown next week or in your next promo.

Scott suggests.

Amy: hmmm perhaps. Go ahead anyway.

Amy shrugs as she pushes one boot off.

Scott: Tonight... has been pretty eventful for you. First, we saw you in an altercation with Apple Coren... which you were dragged away as you tried to kill her... and then we find out that it will be yourself up against apple Coren at .... in a grudge match. And then just now... you were in a match against Sam Marlowe, which looked pretty impressive, but Sam successfully retained... any comments on this?

Amy looks at Scott.

Amy: Wow Scott... so many topics there. Well let me comment about the grudge match being booked. It’s a shame there is no proper stipulation to this match because basic rules isn’t going to stop me from hurting Apple and make her pay. She is going to be in for a rude awakening. As for the match tonight... I couldn’t be happier in how the match turned out and couldn’t be happier for Sam, as she deserved the win tonight. She was better and a good champion.

Scott: You aren’t disappointed then?

Amy: I am but I have far far bigger things to worry about than seeing Sam successfully retain in a match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. She deserves the win.

Scott: Are you using the excuse of the brawl and your husband betrayal?

Amy: Nope. Sam was better and I was perhaps slightly distracted. But once Apple is out of the picture and everything can be back to normal as possible... I will be back on the scene and ready to fight.

Scott: Thank you Amy.

Amy: No thank you.

Amy stands to her feet as she grabs her boots before slowly making her battered body back to the locker room. The scene quickly fades out as Amy opens the locker room door and closing it behind her as she looks to recover from tonight’s match as much as possible.


Tuesday 19th February
Pacific Palisades, CA
Brew Ha-Ha.

The scene opens inside the Brew Ha-Ha café in Pacific Palisades, where we see Jamie Dean sitting on one of the large comfy sofas’, as he looks intently at his phone, while it appears that he is waiting for someone.  Kathy comes over with a smile.

Kathy: Another drink?

Jamie: I’m alright. Thanks though.

Jamie smiles at Kathy, as she nods before turning and going to the next table, as she bell to the entrance of the café rings and Amy enters and stops and looks around before spotting Jamie and heading towards him.

Amy: Sorry… I was running a bit behind. I had a few things do deal with.

Amy sits down at the opposite end of the sofa to Jamie, as Kathy comes over.

Kathy: Hey Amy… the usual?

Amy: Please.

Kathy nods and walks away.

Jamie: How are you?

Jamie asks his friend.

Amy: I’m alright… I was talking with a lawyer about my divorce options etc…

Jamie: And…?

Jamie probes.

Amy: I might have a case… although he hasn’t kissed, slept or done anything else with her.

Jamie: But you can’t be 100% on that.

Amy: Nope.

Amy shrugs as Kathy comes over with her green tea and places it down in front of her.

Amy: Thank you.

Jamie: How are you so calm about all of this?

Jamie queries.

Amy: Truth be told… it’s just a front. If let this get to me… I will be gibbering wreck drinking and taking anything I get my hands on.  I think the focus on Apple and getting to her as stopped me from doing something stupid. Speaking of which… you slapped Joey.

Amy says before confronting Jamie, as she picks up her tea and taking in some.
Jamie: Uh yeah… you heard about that.

Amy: Joshua told me and a got a text from Joey to keep my psycho friends away from him otherwise next time he will press charges.  Why the fuck would you go see him?

Amy shakes her head.

Jamie: I… uh… sorry. Joshua and I wanted to confront him. I just felt the next to hit him by any means possible and a slap came out.  Sorry if I made things worse.

Jamie apologies.

Amy: I would have kicked him hard in the dick…but that’s just me.

Amy shrugs as Jamie looks at Amy unsure if she was joking or not but lets out a small chuckle anyway.

Jamie: That’s tame for you. I could come up with something far more painful. But anyway… lets forget about him and we just gossip about pointless stuff.

Jamie suggests in hopes to keep Amy’s mind off Joey/

Amy: Sure.

Amy smiles as she picks up her tea and takes several sips, as Jamie invites Kathy over, who takes a seat, as he begins to talk about the recent awards that were given out and who had terrible dress sense. The scene soon fades out as Kathy, Jamie and Amy laugh as Jamie describes something.


22nd February 2019

Well I didn’t see that coming... the two most predictable things when it comes to two wrestlers battling each other are...

1. One of the wrestlers is a special guest referee in another’s match...


2. Pairing them together and watch the fireworks happen.

So it looks like i am stuck with Apple as a partner and we are up against Charlotte Elliot and Winter. Those two having their own issues but in the sister company SCU. So even more fireworks and a match that could be a clusterfuck of partners attacking each other and someone leaving their partner to fend for themselves.

Great booking their really... but if the bosses are that desperate for ratings then so be it. Firstly, i guess i will have to address Apple... and i am just going to say this now... i am not sorry for choking you out and frankly i have nothing to be apologetic about. My actions last week were just, and you just have to suck it up and if possible, act professional and use those "skills" that you acquired at whatever wrestling school you attended and step into that ring and face Charlotte and Winter. And yes there is a point to this match and if you have figured that out... is to win and exploit, which you seem very good at, the hate between charlotte and winter.

You screw this up... then it’s all on you and you know the drill by now.

Now... Winter and Charlotte Elliot.

Winter or Winter Elemental or Stephanie or whatever the hell you want to be called. To be honest I don’t really know you other than you being on SCU and we follow each other on twitter and barely even tweet each other on there.  So like me you are the middle of a silly little feud with Charlotte Elliot of all people, but your silly feud is nothing compared to what is going on between Apple and I. But I am not going to turn this into a pissing contest but instead I am going to welcome you to the dark side, and I wish you luck in this match because Sin City Wrestling is a whole different ball game to the Underground.

Here you will have to work hard, and Charlotte can confirm this… although I find it funny that she is now over there not with the main show, but I am not going to query that.  As I said you will have to work hard especially with myself inside the ring and with Apple in the ring.

But the thing is… you need to focus not only on myself and Apple but Charlotte as well… and I have a feeling that Charlotte will turn on you.  She is so used to working with Daniel, Osbourne and Mackenzie that having a foreign partner will be alien to her, but she could just totally ignore you and claim the victory for herself.

But whatever the case… Charlotte and I are stuck with dud partners.

And speaking of Charlotte… why the fuck are you messing around in SCU?  I would have thought that the Bombshell division was far more competitive than that of the Underground roster… or is it the thought of new challenge. But whatever the case… it was a mistake, but it doesn’t matter at the end of day where you wrestle.  You are still a hard person to face off against especially in tag team competition.  But this is just isn’t any tag team match… we are stuck with dud partners that we do not like.

You see Charlotte… we have history.  But the history favours you more than me… and all the time we have faced off, I never learnt from those mistakes, but I hope this time around because of a different tag team partner that I maybe a little more successful… although having to rely on Apple will probably be my undoing.  But to be honest… I should just leave Apple in the ring and watch her get destroyed.

Oh how that would make my day…

Anyway… Sunday night… is going to be unpredictable on all fronts.

But what I do know is that I will carry the team and I will win this match.

Climax Control Archives / shifting focus... somehow
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 Climax Control 228
10th February 2019
Las Vegas, NV

I won... I beat Char Kwan. Putting an end to any hopes that she could venture solo, but while I managed to beat her... it was something earlier in the evening that tainted my win.

Char... you put up a good fight, but it just wasn’t good enough. But good luck in whatever your next move may be, whether its in singles competition or tag team competition with Gamer Inc.

As for my tainted win... I don’t know if tainted is the correct word but in my mind it is... with Apple fucking Coren and my husband... in fucking cahoots. How dare he say that I don’t appreciate him. I appreciate him and always have... why doesn’t he think i appreciate him but i only use him for sex. Aside from the sex... I help him out with things, and he helps me out. I fully 100% appreciate him.

What utter and complete bullshit.

Clearly Apple has been putting thoughts into his mind and to steal my husband. But he will realise how vein, egotistical, self-centred and boring she is... and he will realise that he has ruined a good thing.

But Apple... you think that by stealing my husband will get into my head... you are wrong. I have learnt through recent relationships that while it hurts for a while... they are the ones who made the mistake and Joey's case it’s going to cost him big time. Apple you better what your back... i may have not attacked yet... but i am just waiting and biding my time...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Monday 11th January 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Courtyard Las Vegas South Hotel
12hrs after Climax Control.

How are you?

Good Good… I’m sorry what I said.

I know… but I don’t know how much longer I can do this.


I have another call coming through… we will speak later.

Joey hangs up and answer the other call…

Hi Mom…

How did you find out?

My brother?




I’ll give you a ring back.

The scene opens up inside the Courtyard Las Vegas South hotel, 12hrs after Climax Control had ended and where he ended his relationship with Amy and sided with Apple Coren in a big to be more appreciated.  Joey wasn’t due to be at work till Wednesday, however, it gave him a chance to relax and ponder his new future, however, at the back of his mind he had a few worries… such as the lack of a pre-nup agreement but also Amy’s friends and those who is close with.  Standing to his feet and moving to the hotel door, he swings the door open to reveal Jamie Dean and Joshua Acquin.

“Hi guys…. What do I owe this pleasure?

Joey smiles but almost knows what is coming.

“Cut the bullshit Joey… you know why we are here.”

Jamie says as he and Joshua glare at him.

“Yeah I was expecting someone to come either here or to my house. I am sorry about Amy…”

Joey explains.

Joshua: Are you really… you know her history and you choose to ditch her this way. You chose to leave her for a bimbo who cares more about herself and her image than anyone else.

Joey: What can I say opposite attracts.

Jamie shakes his head and lunges at Joey and gives him a slap and tries for a punch, but Joshua drags him backwards.

Joshua: Jamie stop… he isn’t worth it.  He will realise that he messed up and there is no coming back from it.  If Amy had the sense… she would divorce you quicker than you can say pre-nuptial agreement.

Jamie yanks himself free from Joshua’s grasp, he back away wanting to hurt Joey further.

Joey rubs his face, as he backs away.

Joey: You two better leave before I call the police and press charges.

Jamie and Joshua back away to avoid any more confrontation and the police being involved.

Joey: Say Hi to Amy.

Joey smiles, as he gives a way to Joshua and Jamie as they turn and leave as both men mutter something under their breath.  The scene soon fades out with Joey closing the door behind him as he rubs his cheek before picking up his cell phone and calling back his mom.


Wednesday 13th February 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex, where we see Joshua on the treadmill with music blaring from his headphones, while we see Amy inside the ring with a Muay Thai trainer who has all the pad on with Amy pounding on them as hard as she can, as she tries to focus on her match Sunday night against Sam Marlowe while at the same time her thoughts about Joey and Apple.  With her punches, kicks and knee being powered hate and anger, a few times the trainer would have to step away and have a rest.

And just in that moment the trainer has to back away and take a moment to recover and top up fluids.  As Amy leans over the rope heavily breathing as she grabs some water and then checks her cell, where there is a message from Jamie.

Jamie: Just remember I love you and you are the best.  Has Joey contacted you at all?

Amy: no why?

Amy frowns as she looks at Joshua who slows down to walking pace as he takes his headphone off.

Amy: Jamie text me… why is he querying if Joey contacted me?

Amy frowns as her cell beeps, which she lifts it up and looks at the message…

Jamie: Joshua and I went to visit him… we had a small argument and I may have slapped him.

Amy shakes her head, as she looks at Joshua…

Joshua: Has he?

Amy: No… but Jamie just told me that you and he visited Joey. What did the argument entail?

Amy question slightly disappointed at what Joshua and Jamie did.  Joshua climbs off the treadmill and sits down.

Joshua: I had every intention to tell Joey that he is an utter moron for what he is doing, but Jamie wanted to kill him, and he slapped Joey… but nothing more happened. He then threatened to call the police.
Amy shakes her head and places her head against her arm in disbelief.

Amy: Just why… you had no reason to visit him and cause trouble for me.

Joshua: Sorry… we just wanted what is best for you.  Considering what has happened in the past.


Voice: Hello…

A familiar voice fills the room cutting Amy off but also stopping what was perhaps an argument.  Looking over to the door, we see a young woman in her 20’s walk further into the ring.

Joshua: Sorry this is invite only…

Amy: Mary what are you doing here?

Amy cuts Joshua off, has he looks at Amy and then to her sister, which he almost forgot that she had two sisters.  Amy climbs out of the ring, where she grabs a towel and pats herself down as she approaches her sister Mary and then share a brief hug.

Mary: I came to see how you are… I heard what happened and I decided to come and visit.

Mary explains.

Amy: I suppose Mom and Dad know then.

Mary: Yup… Dad was close to come here and giving Joey a piece of his mind, But I talked him out of it and said that I would visit and see whats happening.

Mary explained.

Amy: Not much… training hard and trying to not let it get to me.

Amy shrugs as she looks over to Joshua who smiles before deciding to continue his workout.

Mary: Also I want to know who this Apple Coren is.

Mary asks.

Amy looks at the trainer who looks shattered and perhaps a little bit broken.

Amy: Call it a day Mark?

Amy looks at her trainer.

Mark: Yeah.

Amy nods as she takes off her gloves and chucks them into the bag.

Amy: Joshua… I’ll catch up with you later.  Maybe train again tomorrow?
Joshua: Sure. Spend time with Mary.

Amy: Thank you.

Amy takes in some water and then packs some of her bits away into her bag.

Amy: We will head back to mine, where I can shower and then we can head out for a coffee or something.

Mary: Sure… sounds like a plan.

Amy: Great.

Amy hoists the bag over her head and place the bag onto one shoulder, as she and Mary leave the complex. The scene soon fades out as Amy and Mary jump into the taxi that Mary had arrived in and they headed back to Amy’s home.


15th Feb 2019

Who knew that winning two matches and losing your husband to some bimbo would get you a title shot. But I can already hear people already bitching and moaning that I don’t deserve it and they should be next because they won an X amount of matches... to be honest I don’t care about them or how I get title shots. And FYI there is no secret to it... just be a hall of famer and grand slam champion and instant shot.

Anyway... this week I am up against the Roulette Champion... Sam Marlowe. I have said this in the past and I will always say it... I love and thrive in these roulette matches. While it may be a surprise in what the match will be... I am always ready to take on the challenge and take on the championship holder in these types of matches.

However with Sam Marlowe being champion it is going to be tougher and harder, but I will not be daunted by the task at hand. I respect Sam a lot but the respect and the love I have for her will be going out of the window as I battle to take the roulette championship.

Sam... firstly... I don't want your sympathy about my troubles. I want the you to be 100% focused on me and nothing else... just like i will be 100% focused you. I will not let my personal life get the better of me. However, my professional life will not be too easy with Apple Coren gunning for me and trying to ruin my matches. But while she will be in my mind, i will still focus on you and the task at hand and that will be beating you and become new roulette champion.

I can’t remember if I ever congratulated you on your win against Evie Baang back in November. But congrats on that as that was a hard match as Evie is one tough bitch to beat.

However, you reign since then hasn’t been overly memorable. Yes you successfully defend against Pandora Barrett and then you beat Jessie Salco at Inception 3 to I guess unify the Roulette and Legacy Championships. Jessie had been successful in defending that title. Well done on that but Jessie isn’t a threat in scw and never will be a threat. But after that... you have had a pretty quiet title run. I am guessing the sweet and innocent sweetheart is too much of a pussy to say she is a fighting champion. Just go with the flow and wrestle whenever required. Not what makes a good champion. Just a dull one.

Sorry Sam...

As for our history... since you joined sin city wrestling, we only ever faced off one on one once... Climax Control 129 in the 1st Round of the going for gold tournament to determine the number one contender for the Bombshell Championship, which you won. However, our previous encounters have been with multiple wrestlers involved and tag team matches.

I guess this match has been long overdue and I am ready to face off against you and take that title away from you.

Payback is a bitch?

Enough of the past... let’s look to the future and your future and chances look bleak. I am coming into this match to take the bombshell roulette championship away from you. I am going to put an end to your dull little reign and make things more interesting.

Sunday night Sam... I need a little pick me up and taking the bombshell roulette championship will be just the tonic.

See you soon Sammy.

Climax Control Archives / Troubled times.
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 {{{Off camera}}}

Voice: Are we good?

Great... I miss you.

Me too.

Sound like a plan. Do what you have too... I want to make sure this has maximum effect.

You do think whats best and use those acting skills.

Thanks... and see you soon.


<< Later on >>

Climax Control 227
3rd February 2019
Carson City, NV

To be honest I was expecting something to happen, but it was still a shock in a way... I purposely didn’t get involved in her match because didn’t want to be that walking cliché of that bitter and vindictive person ready to interfere in her match and make her loose or even distract her. Instead Apple did that, which just adds to what I had said the previous week.

Interestingly I wasn’t expecting an easy match… Ella Singleton while she has a few matches under her belt, she would be still unpredictable as I had never faced her before and the few videos I watched of her matches didn’t yield anything aside from that she tries but has very little and in our match she tried hard… and credit to her she hits hard and a few times had me against the ropes… but just hit back harder.

Sadly for her though she got disqualified because Apple Coren interfered in the match and I got the automatic win…  not how I wanted to win mind you. Getting thrown against the ring barrier and being stomped on multiple times however sucked.  As Apple is dragged away from ringside, a few of the ringside crew and a doctor rush to my side barraging me with question…

Are you ok?

What hurts?

Does your neck hurt?

Is there anything numb?

Is there tingling?

I just answer that I am ok each and every time… to be honest I wasn’t ok… my neck ached a little, but I didn’t feel anything go or any tingling or numb… but as usual it was anger that filled my body and it was directed at Apple and her attack. Annoyingly I couldn’t do anything about it as the doctors and ringside crew fussed around me.

Helping me to my feet, I give my head, neck and shoulders a stretch and while there was some pain nothing cracked or popped and we slowly made our way back to the backstage area and to the doctors room, where I was given an ice pack to put on my neck as I waited for the doctors, but it wasn’t long before Joey came in to see if I was ok.

Joey: Are you alright?

Joey asks as he squats down and place a hand on my thigh.

Amy: Yeah…

I smiled at Joey glad that he was with me but at the same time I was still annoyed with him following his comments about me being a hypocrite.

Joey: Good Good.

I smile as I shiver from the ice pack.

Amy: Why did you meet up with Apple…. When you damn well know what is happening.

Joey: You heard about it?

Amy: I have friends here… and I heard that you and Apple with talking. What was it about?

I query and somewhat suspicious of Joey’s activities.

Joey: Nothing… just words about this thing between you and Apple.

Amy: Right… Apparently you two were looking cosy going into the locker room.

Joey stands to his feet and shakes his head.

Joey: You believe them and not your own husband.

Amy:  I don’t know what to believe… but you better leave before I say something I don’t want.

Joey lets out small growl before storming off.

Joey: I’ll see you back at home when you decide to be more reasonable.

He shouts leaving me along in the room, as I shake my head as our troubles continue and made even more worse with fraternising with Apple Coren.

Amy: Can I go?

Doc: Sorry… but I just want to do a few tests.
Amy: I am fine.

Doc: Maybe so… but I want to check you over and then clear you.

Amy: Fine.

I shake my head, as I let go of the ice pack as the doctor begins her check. The scene soon fades out as the doc starts at my feet and works her way up, as I stew over Joey and Apple.

Ella... I am truly sorry that you got dragged into this war between Apple and me. And I am sorry that our pretty decent match got ruined by some bimbo. I was actually enjoying this match and no doubt you were too as you got the upper hand. However, you were never going to win the match with or without interference. Maybe next time Ella.

Apple Apple Apple... I made the common courtesy not to interfere in your match... because i didn’t want to be that person but instead you did it and ruined a good match. You tried to hurt me, and you failed... and that’s where you have gone wrong because you should have done more... because now... i am coming after you and I will hurt you.

Eye for an eye bitch.


Wednesday 6th February
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training centre.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training centre, where we see Amy standing in front of the heavy bags with boxing gloves on as she punches the bag over and over as hard as she can as she unleashes as many of her frustrations onto it.

Joshua: Amy…

No answer…

Joshua: Earth calling Amy.

Amy: What?

Amy stops and looks at Joshua…

Joshua: You are going pretty hard at that punching bag… is there something bothering you?

Joshua asks.

Amy: No… nothing bothering me.

Amy shakes her head.

Joshua: Liar… I’ve known you for too long. Something is up… what is it?

Amy ignores him and goes to start back up punching the heavy bag, but Joshua pulls Amy away from it.

Amy: Joey and I are having a few problems.

Amy says nothing else.

Joshua: What type?

Amy: Just differing opinions and there might be something going on with Apple Coren.

Amy explains, as Joshua lets a small chuckle.

Joshua: Apple… really.

Amy: I’m glad this amuses you.

Joshua: I’m not laughing at the situation… but Joey seeing something in Apple.  She couldn’t be more any flaky and fake if she tried. I am pretty sure Joey loves you and he is just trying to sort things out between you and Apple.

Joshua tries to allay Amy’s worries.

Amy: So why would go into her locker room?

Joshua: As I said trying to sort things out… but if he is cheating then I will kick his ass.

Amy: I would love to see that.

Amy smiles…

Joshua: Thought that would cheer you.  Now let’s push those stupid thoughts to the back of your mind and focus on your match.

Amy: I’ll try…

Amy shrugs.

Joshua: Good.  Now let’s get the training back on track…

Amy: Sure.

Joshua moves to the weights, as Amy moves back to the punch bag, as she holds it in place for a few moments…

Amy: I hear Sonia changed her name… has the stalker issue resolved itself?

Joshua: We will find out… but Tiffany has made all the changes and all the paperwork. Just have to wait and see.

Amy: Glad to see her happy and you happy.

Amy smiles as she watches Joshua picks up one weight and leans on a bench and begins to curl it.

Joshua: Me too… Just have to sort you and Joey out.

Amy: Mmhmm

Amy kind of agrees as she lets go of the heavy bag and takes a step back, as she sheds the gloves to reveal padded wraps and begins to punch the bag and follows up with kicks, as she looks over to Joshua who continues to work out. The scene soon fades out on Amy as she punches and kicks the heavy bag with force as she imagines a couple of faces on it.


Friday 8th February 2019.

Char Kwan... I have to say that I am impressed that you want to step up and rid those Gamer Inc shackles to make a name for yourself... but I don't know why management chose me. There are others in this company who would be better suited to test your mettle than me... as my career is so up and down. A number of things can happen in this situation.

No. 1 You could have a match where it could go well and we both have fun but you will lose and go back to tag wrestling.

No. 2 I wrestle like shit and you win and you are robbed of a great match.

Or no. 3 Apple pokes her nose in again and you are robbed of your dream match, which there is so much apologising I can do before I get sick of it.

Now Char... you are probably wondering if my mind is going to be focused because of the Apple & Joey situation... maybe... or maybe not, but I will aim to put it at the back of my mind and give you the 100% you deserve in this match.  So last time we came across each other inside the ring was at Climax Control 225 in that tag team tournament in a ridiculous eggnog match, where you and Jack Stewart faced off against Jon and I… where the outcome was in favour of Jon and I. however, we started this match and while the conditions were unsuitable to wrestle in, but we did and while you got a few shots in on me… I was the strongest one and this is why I will win Sunday night.

My experience and knowledge will get the better of you… while you seek to tag out when things are getting tough and be distracted by that… I will be making sure that you wished you hadn’t asked for a challenge and your dream come true will turn into your worst nightmare.

Char… be ready because I have a lot of pent up frustration and I need to unleash it.  

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 Inception 3
13th January 2019
Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Justin: Here are your winners...BEN and EVIE JORDAN!

Once again, the chance at a shot at the mixed tag team title elude me… and in fact constantly eludes me and maybe I am not destined to win the tag titles and maybe I can’t cement being the ultimate grand slam champion – second only to Mercedes Vargas.

The build up to this match was rocky at best... Jon and I worked fine, it was Song and her issues that perhaps got stuck in my head and distracted me from working out and working on my promo. It’s a sad excuse I know… but you can’t really blame her as I was only just helping out and got worried.

Anyway… the match itself... felt like it went quick but even of it did... Jon and I had our chances against Ben and Evie. For once as i stood face to face with Evie, I had fun... and even inflicted a little bit of damage on her although not enough to cause anything permanent. As for Jon... he and Ben had some interesting moments and it was mainly outside of the ring... which led to Jon being counted out and Ben and Evie winning.

I am not exactly how Ben managed to get back in the ring that quickly, but Jon wasn’t quick enough and that was frustrating. Watching Jon climbing back into the ring a few seconds too late, i shake my head as Evie and Ben celebrate. I leap jump off the apron as Jon follows me as he apologises over and over as I say nothing until we reach the backstage area.

Jon: I am sorry Ms Amy... I made a judgement in error.

Amy: I heard the first three apologies Jon.

I snap a little at Jon, as my feelings seesaw from anger to frustration to being upset and back again as I watch Ben and Evie come through the curtains with smiles on their face.

Amy: Well done out there.

I plaster on a fake smile to hide the disappointment.

Ben: Thanks Amy.

Ben smiles and nods as he and Evie head back to the locker room to prepare for their match against Team Eggplant.

Jon: Where do we go from here?

Jon asks as I see Joey approach with a bottle of water.

Amy: I don’t know.... I don’t know whether I want to continue this tag team and if I want to keep chasing the tag titles.

I look at Jon, who frowns a little.

Amy: I just need time to think... sorry Jon.

Jon: It fine. You know where to contact me if you want talk or meet up and sort things out. Again, I am sorry for the outcome.

Jon shrugs as he looks over to Sadie.

Amy: Don’t be sorry... not all your fault.

I smile as I place a hand on Jon’s shoulder as I grab the bottle of water from Joey and take a long drink.

Jon: Speak soon.

Jon nods as he and Sadie walk off, a I give him a smile and a nod back as I watches Jon walk away. Screwing the cap back onto the bottle, Joey speaks.

Joey: So what now?

Amy: Shower and watch the rest of the show and wonder what to do next.

Joey: Ok.

Joey takes my hand, as we leave the area and head ack to the locker rooms, where I shower and do a little bit of a warm down before settling down to watch the rest of the show. The scene fades out on the television showing the next match.


27th January 2019
Climax Control 226
Henderson, NV

Arriving at Climax Control, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen… I wasn’t booked to face anyone, I was just there to watch the show as an observer and talk with friends etc… however, that didn’t really go to plan as I returned from a certain part of the venue. I overhear Scott Oliver, Pussy Willow and Apple Coren haven’t some sort “conversation” and as I listen in… its gets more and more stupid, however, as soon as my name is mentioned, I can’t help myself and I wonder into the conversation, which went down hill very fast and quickly descended into a brawl between Apple and myself.

Well… the brawl was started by me, but I didn’t care the bitch had it coming. It didn’t last long, as security moved in quick and split us up and I was frog marched to the locker room to stop any further brawl but also to calm me down. But inside the locker room I continued to fume and pace, as Joey watched on and shook his head.

Joey: She said she won’t use your name any more...

Amy: Bullshit!  She will continue to use it to further her shitty little career…

I give a box a hard kick as before sitting down and try to calm myself down.

Joey: So are you going to attack everyone who uses your name?

Amy: No…

I frowns.

Joey: Then what makes her so special?

Joey queries.

Amy: Because she is a bitter and twisted little bitch and I just don’t like her.

I shrug as I give my honest opinion.

Joey: What annoys you so much about her?

Amy: Who’s side are you on?

I glare at Joey wondering who’s side he is on.

Joey: No-one’s side… but I just find it a little hypocritical of you to just attack her and no-one else when they mention your name.

Joey stands to his feet.

Joey: I am going to let you calm down.

He then leaves the locker room, leaving me alone wondering what the hell just happened.

Amy: Joey…

I blink as I move to the door as he disappears around the corner as the two security guys who were assigned to me step forward as they expect me to go back after Apple.

Amy: Stand down boys… haven’t you seen an argument between a married couple before.

They stand back not wanting to get involved, as I realise that my anger towards Apple has minutely subsided as confusion envelops and wondering what the hell happened.  The scene soon fades out as I leave the locker room to find Joey and put things right.


1st February 2019

To be honest, I would rather have a match against Apple and kick her sad little career all over the ring and out of Sin City Wrestling.  But I just have to settle with Ella Singleton.  Glad I did a quick name check before recording this, otherwise I would look utterly stupid if I called her Effie Bingham.   Anyway…  while my mind is on taking out Apple Coren… I am still 100% focused on the match Sunday Night against Ella Singleton.  To be honest I don’t really know you and haven’t really followed your career as because there hasn’t been much of one in Sin City Wrestling… you have had three matches here. Your debut match against Jessie…. You lost. Second match… again against Jessie Salco… you lost. And match number three… you guessed it. You and Sierra lost when Mercedes make Sierra tap out.

So what makes you think you are going to beat me?  Is it because I am hall of famer? That I am washed up and I am no longer relevant… look how those words came back to haunt you as Mercedes schooled you and Sierra.  But this isn’t about Mercedes… this is about me and you and Sunday night.

Our win/loss records sucks because I never allow the this to defeat me… I try to learn and figure out where I went wrong, so no doubt you learn from it but when you haven’t faced someone before and can only rely on videos from previous matches, they have been in… you study them over and over and then you train.

I’ve been doing this… and while I may be confident that I can beat you… there is still the unpredictability of a new opponent. But I won’t be put off by this and I will focus on the task at hand.  Beating you… and make your time here even more sad and desperate.

See you Sunday Ella.

Oh and Apple… I haven’t forgotten totally about you. You better watch your back… I will come back after you and no doubt you will come after me. But I will be ready, and I will fight back against you. Prepare for war bitch.

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 Don’t you just find it annoying and off putting that a challenger heaps a shit ton of praise and respect onto you that you can’t come back and say anything mean. Thanks Sierra… in all seriousness though I appreciate the respect and that you are a fan of me and my work but is it totally wrong of me that I don’t really know anything about you aside from your roster profile.  I am totally sorry Sierra. However, I can’t wait to face off against you whether it is at Inception or one on one at Climax Control… should be a good match… especially since we both posses similar MMA wrestling moves.

Now enough of this ass kissing… lets get down to business.

Sierra… you already recognise that I could be a big threat if Jon and I reach the final… but you have reservations about my tag team partner Jon Dough, which that shouldn’t really bother you too much… it should bother Lachlan as he is the one who will get his ass kicked.  But you and I… it will be great but unfortunately the mixed tag team titles have eluded me for a while and I want to hold them.  Sadly for you Sierra… you will get to see how I work inside the ring up close and personal. We will slug it out… punching and kicking each other etc… but it will be me who will get the upper hand and it will be Jon Dough and I walking away as champions.

IF… Jon and I don’t see you in the final… then i wish you all the best against the Jordan’s and I look forward to coming face to face with you in the future.


Jan 3rd, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

The scene opens up inside Amy’s home in Las Vegas, where she returns from a short run, as she prepares to meet up with Jon for training as they look to beat Ben and Evie and then move on to
face Sierra and Lachlan for the mixed tag team titles. Removing her trainers as she goes to disappear for a shower, her cell phone ring…

Incoming call From Jon Dough

Amy: Hi Jon…

Jon: Hey Amy, how are you?

Amy: I’m good. Whats up?

Amy queries.

Jon: Hey I know we were supposed to go training this afternoon, but I had to stop by Song's.

Amy: Everything alright?

Amy queried, sensing something wrong…

Jon: Not really...

Amy can hear Jon take a deep breath.

Jon: I caught Song... I caught writing a goodbye letter, her handgun on the table and a bottle of sleeping pills. Lucky for me she didn't hear me walk in her house. I'm here alone as Master Lilly and Blasted Monk are in flight over here and Orchid is stuck in Japan. I had to tie her down, she might be little, but she can kung fu ass kick me ass with ease. I don't know what else to do until Master Lilly gets here.

I waited for Song to pass out and read her letter. It ended as she was about to speak about something that happened to her when she was 12. She spoke about how she respects everyone but gets none back. To how everyone in the wrestling business thinks she’s a joke and won't bother wanting to wrestle her. Among other things. I know its way more info then you care to know but you are my tag team partner. We're supposed to be open and trust each other.

Amy: Fuck!  It must be serious if she was contemplating killing herself. How did she get in that state because she is respected… hell I’m more of a joke than Song.

Amy says shaking her head concerned for Song and her state of mind.

Jon: Sorry I’ve got go.

Amy: Jon…

Jon: Yes...

Amy: I’ll try and pop by… maybe talk to her.

Jon: She’ll like that.

Jon hangs up, as Amy sits down and take a moment as Joey walks in with groceries in hand.

Joey: What’s up?

Joey says placing the groceries down and taking a seat next to Amy.

Amy: Jon had to bail on the training today.

Joey: And you are upset about that.

Amy: Not really… it’s Song… Jon’s, Master Lilly’s and Blasted Monk’s friend.  She tried to hurt herself.

Joey: She alright?

Joey said with concern in his voice.

Amy: Jon managed to get to her onto before she could do something serious. But she was going on about being a joke and something else, but Jon wasn’t able to find out. I’ve offered to go and may be talk to her.  

Joey: Has he called 911?

Amy: I don’t think so… but Master Lilly and Blast Monk are on their way and Jon has her tied up. Though I personally don’t think that’s a good idea may just make matters worse.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: I think let the dust settle for a bit before doing anything else.

Joey suggests as she stands to his feet and grabs the groceries before heading into the kitchen.  Amy lets out a small sigh as she stands to her feet and heads to the stairs and up them to the bathroom. The scene soon fades out on Joey and him packing away the groceries.


Wednesday 8th January
Las Vegas, NV
Hard Knocks Muay Thai

The scene opens inside the hard knocks muay Thai gym, where we see the gym fuller than normal with people doing the whole new year new me bullshit, which would only last a month, but it would make them feel better for that short while before falling off the wagon. As the camera pans around, we see Amy standing in a ring, where she does her normal routine, however, she doesn’t seem to have her heart in it, as she gives the pad a firm kick before giving out a load yell before moving away and sitting down in the corner.

Trainer: You alright?

He asks as he adjusts one of the pads.

Amy: Just have a few things on my mind.

Trainer: Are you nervous about your match?

Amy: Nah… just worried about a friend and this training session was just a waste of time.

Amy sighs as she takes a swig of water before wiping her face.

Trainer: It’s never waste of time and you are only human… you are entitled to have a bad day.

The trainer says looking at Amy.

Amy: and I don’t like it.

Amy wipes her face and stands to her feet once more…

Amy: I am going to push through as I need to get this done.

Amy lets out a heavy breath as she moves forward towards the trainer.

Trainer: You sure?

Amy: Yup.

The trainer shrugs and he adjusts his stance and waits for Amy to start.  The scene quick fades out on Amy as she re-starts her muay Thai training but this time as she attempts to refocus her mind at the same time.


11th January 2019

It seems at this point in the proceedings that Jon and I are being overlooked about reaching the final because we haven’t been partners for months, years or even because we aren’t in a relationship and know how each other work.  So because of this… we are being written off and have no chance. Jon and I have been partnered together for a matter of several weeks… and probably exceeded all expectations of what we could do… we are 2-0… it may not be an impressive record, but it shows that are already working well as a team.  Jon and I may not have the relationship like Ben and Evie and Sierra and Lachlan…. But what we have is respect.

Respect is better than having a relationship… yes you might know how your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband works but it could easily get messy and blame each other before getting truly messy and then the inevitable.

Apologies for deviating a little but it could happen… I may be scraping the barrel here, however, this isn’t about relationships, this is wrestling, and we are here to wrestle and see who is better inside the ring and who will advance.  So lets get to the point… Evie Baang… what else can I say to you that I already haven’t.  It’s tough when you only have so much information from previous segments and promos to go by.  But what I do know that at Inception I will be able to finally get one up on you… it sucks that I can’t beat you in any type of match, but I have a feeling that Inception will be different, and I will be able to finally beat you.

As always, I will be fighting hard… but I just hope that you and Ben – sorry Ben - are having a bad day, so we can advance to face off against Team Eggplant.  But we are expecting a fight and we welcome it.  So see you Sunday and good luck.

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 Climax Control 225
23rd December 2018
Reno, NV

Backstage moments before going to the ring…

Justin: The following Mixed Tag Team Series match is an Eggnog match, scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...!

Amy: An eggnog match… what the hell!

Amy shook her head as she looks at her partner Jon.

Jon: This is just stupid.

Jon shrugs as his music hits over the p.a and he disappears through the curtain and down to the ring, leaving Amy to her thoughts before her music hits and she disappears to the ring.

Post Match

Who would ever think that Eggnog would be a great idea to wrestle in have never ever wrestled in eggnog themselves and is a complete moron.  The stuff is disgusting to drink and even worse to wrestle in it… especially as it dries. Several showers and lots of scrubbing on my wrestling gear should make it clean and not sticky.

So the match itself… was a little bit harder than our previous matches… as Gamer Inc gave myself and Jon a run for our money as Jon and I didn’t have it all our way and it certainly didn’t help with the eggnog being so slippery. I lost count how many times I felt like I was going to slip over when I was on my feet, but I just put that to the back of mind to focused on the match.

Well I focused on the match, Jon was a little distracted by Ty West who decided to be a prick and distract Jon, after that things a get a bit silly but Jon changes that and his fortunes and we win the match and advance to facing off against Evie and Ben and possibly Team Eggplant.

I wanted to celebrate but as soon as the bell rang, Jon was out of the ring and up the ramp before I could turn and congratulate him on a job well done. I shrug and follow him although I have trouble keeping up with him.

Jon: Where is Ty West?

Jon looks around as Sadie tries to give him a towel to wipe away the eggnog, but he doesn’t take it.

Amy: He’s gone.  Cowards don’t hang around after the attack or whatever.

Amy shrugs… as Jon looks around and quickly rushes off just as Pussy Willow makes her appearance.

Amy: Jon come back?

Amy shouts at him, as she shakes her head knowing that it will be a pointless hunt, as she lets out a small sigh and turns to face Pussy Willow.

PW: Is Jon coming back?
Amy: I don’t know.

Amy shrugs.

PW: Well we can continue anyway without him… first off congratulations you and Jon are in the semi finals and face off against Ben and Evie Jordan and if you win you face off against Team Eggplant.  Now firstly your thoughts on the match that just happened.

Amy: The match… it sucked… well the match stipulation or type sucked.  I am all sticky and I look like a mess… take that as you want.  I hope that would be my last ever eggnog match because wrestling in it sucked, however, the result didn’t suck… the result was perfect.  Gamer Inc did their best, but it wasn’t up to scratch.  Even with Ty West poking his nose in Jon and I won and advance to take on Evie and Ben at Inception.

PW: Any thoughts on your match against Evie and Ben?

Amy thinks for a moment…

Amy: To be honest… I was just going by match by match. Seeing how far we would progress, so I haven’t had a chance to think that far ahead so I am unable to comment.

PW: Well thank you Amy in that case… I am going to look for your partner and get his thoughts.

Amy: Good luck finding him.

Amy smiles and walks off as she meets up with Joey and she returns to the locker room for a much-needed shower. The scene fade outs on Pussy Willow beginning her search for Jon Dough.


24th December 2018
Xmas Eve
Santa Rosa, CA
Home of Amy and Joey

The scene opens inside the large living room, where we see Amy, Joey, his parents, her parents and sisters and brothers sat on the seats and the floor as they chat and eat Pizza and garlic bread etc… Amy climbs to her feet from the floor as she grabs another bottle of wine and some water before noticing a box by the door.

Amy: Where did this package come from?

She queries as she taps it with her foot.

Amy’s Mom: It’s for you.  It came from the Glacier Valley Elementary school.

Amy: Ok.

Amy frowns as she puts the water and wine down on a table near her sister Mary before returning and grabbing the box and takes it to where she has been sitting and begins to open it up.  Pulling out random bits and pieces and then an envelope, which says do not open until 2010. Amy frowns as she opens the letter and begins to read it…

*X*X* Flashback *X*X*

Glacier Valley Elementary School
Juneau, AK
4th Grade.
17th September 1990

The scene opens inside one of the classrooms of the ... elementary school, where we see literary quotes from famous poets and authors, as the camera pans around a little more to see 15 children sitting at their desks as they listen to the teacher.

Teacher: today... we are following on from what we discussed yesterday and you are going to write a letter to your future self.

One of the students put their hand up.

Teacher: Yes... Martin.

Martin: What do you mean Miss?

Teacher: Basically where you see yourself in about 5, 10 or 20 years’ time. The length of time is up to you. But you could write about career aspirations or write about family. It’s totally up to you... but this gives you a chance to open your minds up. So you can start it now and finish it as home work.

So open your note books and write down ideas or just start writing and let it flow. I want 1 to 2 pages.

The teacher explains as she looks over the class, many sitting back thinking as others jotted notes. However, her focus turns to one of the girls in the class. Who briefly writes something before putting her pen down and closing her book and sitting back.

Teacher: That was quick Amelia.

The camera pans to a young Amy with dark blonde hair done up in pigtails with black and red ribbon. Her attire is ripped jeans, a Ramones t-shirt and converse trainers.

Amelia: This is stupid.

Teacher: Why is it stupid?

Amelia: Because I don’t see myself being an actress or vet or marry someone famous or whatever.... I just want to play music... be in a band. But that isn’t going to get one page or two. So that is why it’s stupid.

Teacher: So what have you wrote on your book?

The teacher takes the book and opens it.

Fuck this. I want to be in a band and play punk music. The end.

The teacher shakes her head...

Teacher: Amelia... I do not appreciate this type of language. So rip that out and start again and think hard.

The teacher admonishes Amelia, before turning to go to the next student, however, she feels a ball of paper hit her as the other kids laugh.

Teacher: Quiet. Miss Marshall go to the principal’s office now and you write your letter there.

Amelia stands to her feet and grabs her pen, book and bag and leaves the classroom and heads to the principal’s office, where she lectured about paper throwing and language before being given detention and told to write her letter.

*X*X* End of Flashback *X*X*

To my future self…

I am truly sorry for subjecting you to his stupid letter… but I got to write it.

Dear future self...

To be honest I am not sure what to write here so forgive me if I babble on...

When I found punk music for the first time through my cousin, my eyes were opened up to the fact that was more to music than manufactured pop music, rap music and other genres... I would like to thank him for it. Then I realised as I looked at him and his girlfriend and friends... that they were young and carefree and didn’t really follow the normal trends. I really want to move in with him, but my parents suck and won’t let it happen.

Anyway... the music...the music is great... I don’t care if many of the bands have split up, or... but I want to be like them. Obviously not the splitting up part or one of the band members doing something stupid with drugs etc... but in terms of success.

I want the bestselling single, bestselling album, the recognition, the success etc...

I want to be known as one of the greats like the Ramones, or The Clash or Sex Pistols. Unfortunately I am stuck with parents who want me to play piano or learn something that might help later on in life.

But I want to play guitar or drums... but its unfortunately hard with parents like mine and stuck in a dead end town like Juneau where nothing happens.

I refuse to end up like most of these people in this town. Bored and go fishing and end up as some fishermans wife. I don’t want that.... I don’t want to get married and have children. I’d rather tour with my band... I’d rather do all the fun adult stuff than be tied down and rot away.

It’s just finding the right people with similar tastes in this cruddy little town… I might just have to move to another state or another country.

So this is what I see my future.

Amelia Marshall.

Joey: What is it?

Amy: A letter… from me…from like when I was about 10 years old. God… I was a little shit back then.

Joey takes the letter from Amy and reads it and chuckles.

Joey: Did a band ever get formed?

Amy: Nah… I tried but there were too many sheep that followed pop music and rap. I tried to persuade my cousin to help out but that fell flat.

Amy’s mom: Instead you found your own entertainment and ruined any chance of a proper career.

She said snidely, as Amy said nothing.

Amy: So everyone enjoy the pizza?

Amy changes the subject.

Tobias: Your own entertainment?

Amy: I was a little bit rebellious… skipping school, uh drugs and sex.  My grades sucked and never got any qualifications. But it all worked out in the end and it’s the past.

Amy shrugs as she seeks to end the conversation about the past before biting into a bit of pizza.

Joey: So what time you guys coming over in the morning?

Joey queries changing the subject to Christmas morning, wondering what time everyone was coming over from the hotel they were staying at.  Everyone talks suggesting times etc… the scene quickly fades out with Amy’s and Joey’s mom planning when food gets cooked.


6th January 2019

To be honest… when this tag team of Jon and I was thrown together, I had my reservations about it and whether it would work out or not. But it has worked out… and we have reached the semi final if you want to call it that in this Lethal Lottery.  It’s weird… twice in one year I’ve reached a semi final for something that involves a different tag team partner… anyway… the semi-final of this Lethal Lottery and it’s myself and Jon up against Ben and Evie Jordan. All four of us have some sort of respect for each other. I can’t really say a bad word about Ben, however, Evie it’s the same old story… we face each other, and I lose the match. Same old bullshit…. It looks like I have no chance in this match… or maybe just maybe that I will get lucky… eh Evie.  Because clearly, I have won nothing here… well Evie… at Inception all my “dumb luck” in this company will pay off as Jon and I head into that final against Team Eggplant.

Evie I feel like I have become a broken record when I come up against you… but I have feeling going into this match… yes Jon and I have had it easy thus far but we are ready for this match… I don’t care about London Underground not being in this tournament… they did everyone favour by stepping away because lets face it… they will be up against Team Eggplant and Team Eggplant would be merely cannon fodder.  But at Inception will be different… different because Jon and I are really on a roll and I er… we believe we can win this.

The mixed tag team titles… is one set of titles that have eluded me and just for a one moment I want hold them. So I will be doing everything I can do to win or help Jon to win to progress to face Team Eggplant.

As for Team Eggplant… such a weird name.  You have gotten comfortable with the tag titles and it’s something that none of us want because no-one wants a stale title held by boring champions.  But I hope you guys are ready for a whole new battle because Jon and I are walking in and taking those titles from you. See you soon.

Climax Control Archives / An easy holiday win?
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 Climax Control 223
9th December 2018
Star of the Desert Arena.
Primm, NV

This lethal lottery to be honest was pretty much the same as the Blast From The Past tournament, in which we are partnered with random people to face random opponents, although in fairness Jon Dough isn’t some random and is part of the Sin City Wrestling roster unlike Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann who are part of the Underground roster.  The match itself went as planned… Jon and I went in had a little bit of fun although Kandy and Jerry managed to get a few shots in, but it was Jon and I that walked away with the victory.

Taking a moment to celebrate inside the ring, Jon and I nod and leave the ring continuing our celebrations up the ramp and all the way to the backstage area.  Once backstage, we were greeted by our respective partners as they congratulated us before Joey hands me a water, which I take and take a sip from.

Amy: Well done Jon… next round here we come… if there is a next round. I am confused with this lethal lottery thing.

Amy shrugs confused.

Jon: No thank you. And there will be, but we don’t know who it will be or when. However, next match it will be harder, and we will have to hang out again and maybe train.

Amy: Sure.

As I agree to meeting up again for more team bonding, Scott Oliver makes an appearance and approaches Jon and me.

Scott: Congrats Jon… Amy.

Jon: Thank you Mr Oliver.

Jon nods, as I give him a small smile.

Scott: Tonight we saw you beat Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann in the Lethal Lottery… your thoughts on this match and the outcome?

Jon: I will allow Amy to answer.

I look at Jon and nod.

Amy: Thanks Jon.  The outcome wasn’t at all a surprise really. We are up against wrestlers called Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann… the would be only one at one in this match and everyone saw it. Jon and I beat two nobodies and we are ready to take on the next tag team we will be given.

Scott: Do I sense a new tag team forming for the mixed tag team division?

Jon: That will be done to Amy.

Amy: I don’t know…

I shrug not giving a clear answer.

Scott: Ok.  What did you think of Kandy Kaine as an opponent?

Scott asks as he reflects to the beginning of the match.

Amy: If you are referring back to the beginning of the match where she tried to be my friend by making me jump and leap about… she got a rude awakening.  Kandy if you are listening…. Nice girls finish last…. There is no time for you and your perkiness and for the record you are a terrible opponent.

Scott: Uh Thank you Amy.

Amy: No problem.

Amy smiles as Scott walks away leaving Jon, Amy and Joey.

Amy: Too honest?

Joey: Maybe. But I doubt she will be listening.

Joey says with a shrug.

Jon: Thank you Amy… I am going to head off and shower. But it has been a pleasure to tag with you.

Amy: Thank you Jon.

Jon nods before walking off with his wife, leaving myself and Joey alone, however, we leave the area and return back to the locker room. The scene fades out on the TV screen, which has the faces of Blasted Monk and Ty West.


Friday 14th Dec.
3-X Productions
Baltimore, MD
Time: 1pm.

The scene opens inside the large foyer of the 3-X productions building, where we see everyone standing around chatting wondering why they had been called to the foyer especially with it being lunch time. As the camera pans around the much blurred foyer due to the X-rated content on show, we see Amy and Lori appear from their office and move to the first couple of steps of the white stairs.


Lori shouts as the chatting dies down to a murmur as their attention moves to the stairs as Amy looks across the foyer with a warm smile.

Amy: Thank you for coming to this meeting i guess... and I know its lunch time but this won’t take long i promise.

I asked everyone to be here because I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work over the year and helped grow 3-X. Now don’t worry I do not come with bad news, instead of sending mass emails out and notices etc... I thought I do this with everyone in one place.

Obviously thank you to everyone who works in the building in whatever capacity it is and I appreciate all the hard work that you do even though we don’t show it that often.

Now... my point of this is about Christmas... as usual we will be shutting down on the 22nd and not coming back until the 4th January. So you can go home to your loved one etc... but as usual we will be holding the 3-X New Year’s Eve party here... so everyone is welcome and you can see our your new year with a bang.

Lori: In more ways than one.

A small chuckle filters through the observing crowd.

Amy: Indeed... as always rooms will be open but remember to clean up after no matter what bodily fluid it is. So have a good Christmas and hope to see you all New Year’s Eve party. Thank you.

A small round of applauses erupted as Amy smiles as she walks down the steps as everyone disperses as the head off for a lunch break or back to work. Amy leans against the reception desk where Lori joins her.

Amy: How was that?

Lori: Good and straight to the point.

Amy: Great and thank you for your help.

Amy smiles at Lori.

Lori: no problem... and thank you although you are barely here.

Amy: I know i know... I’m just glad you are understanding.

Amy squeezes Lori hand before standing up straight.

Lori: I need lunch. I’ll catch you later.

Amy: Sure.

Lori smiles before walking off leaving Amy with the receptionist. Amy goes to walk off, however, one of the tech guys comes in with a silent panic in his voice.

Tech: I have a small problem?

Amy: Whats up?

Amy asks.

tech: One of the cameras keeps messing up and I’m worried it might have corrupted the last recording we did.

Amy: again.

Tech: Again?

The tech queried.

Amy: It did it a couple of weeks back… but we managed to fix it, however, I have a feeling we might need to invest in a new camera. But let’s have a look…

Tech: If we get this fixed, I will look into similar cameras.

The tech says as they both head up the stairs and towards the editing area. The scene fades out on Amy moving to the camera, which is have the issue as she begins to tinker around with it as the tech watches on wondering how Amy fixed it the first time.


+ A message to Apple Coren +

Oh Apple… when will you stop blaming me for your troubles and wake up to the fact that it’s you that has the problem not me.  I am sick and tired of you using my good name and trying to get yourself elevated up the roster… it doesn’t work that way. You have to work hard and demand things… but the thing is… demanding things isn’t in my nature. I demanded something just the once because I thought I could beat Dani and suddenly the whole world goes batshit crazy and I am called a hypocrite.

It’s like calling me a whore or slut… I just don’t care.  I could demand another match, but I know that I had my chance and I am not going to ask again.  Apple you had your chance against Dani, but you stomped and pouted like a little baby and now look where you are.  Showing up on a show whinging and moaning about how I destroyed your chances… etc… etc… blah blah blah…


You are nothing more than a waste of space on the roster… and a waste of my time.


Thursday 20th December 2018
Las Vegas, NV
24hr Fitness.

The scene opens inside the 24hr fitness gym, where the gym is quiet although you would probably find many people still at work or off work but Christmas shopping.  As the camera slow pans around, we see the few people that are using the gym including Amy and Matt/Jon who are up in one of the yoga class rooms. The camera slowly moves to where they are, and we see Amy first who is in in the bow pose, while the camera pans around a little more to Matt/Jon is doing his tai chi and with every single slow move he breath outs before moving to his next move.

Amy then relaxes and moves into the half frog pose as she watches Jon.

Amy: What does tai chi do?

Amy as she breath out.

Jon: It just relaxes the mind and body and keeps you fit.

Jon slowly moves and breathes out, as Amy then swaps legs and continues with her half frog pose, as she again asks a question.

Amy: I never considered tai chi as something that would keep you fit…

Jon: But Yoga does…

Amy: Yoga is more about flexibility, mobility, power and strength… some of the poses make your muscles work…

Amy moves to a seat position before adjusting herself into the upward facing plank pose.

Amy: It also keeps my body moving and from ceasing up. Though I don’t do it every day I try to do it at least two or three times a week.

Jon: Interesting.  What made you get into yoga?

Jon asks.

Amy: A few minor injuries… nothing big just twists and aches and I went to a yoga class and I found it helped and continued from there.

Amy says as she closes her eyes and breathes, as Jon stops for a moment and just shakes his arms and legs before taking in some water.

Jon: Interestingly Joey inspired me to do something, which helps with wrestling.

Amy lowers herself down and looks to Jon.

Amy: Whats that?

Jon: Surfing.

Amy: Really.
Jon: Indeed. Where you have to balance on the board to surf those waves… its perfect to keep your balance on the ropes.

Amy nods.

Amy: I never saw it that way… but glad Joey inspired you.

Amy reaches over and grabs her water and take a sip before climbing to her feet and goes into Goddess Pose.

Jon: When you are ready Miss Amy… I will be down stairs with the weights.

Amy: Ok. See you in a bit.

Jon nods and picks up his towel and water and leaves the room, leaving Amy to her own thoughts for a moment.  A coupe minutes pass, as Amy stands up and does a few stretches before grabbing her water and towel before heading down stairs to where Jon is. She watches for a moment as he does a set of bicep curls.

Placing down her water and towel, Amy grabs one of the medicine balls and takes a seat on the floor and begins to do ab crunches, as she strikes up a conversation with Jon about match tactics against Gamers Inc…

The scene soon fades out on Jon and Amy talking, however, nothing could be heard as it’s tactics and plans on what could happen etc…


Here we go again… Lethal Lottery and Jon Dough and I up against… err… Gamers Inc... don’t tell me Gamers Inc is another free bird tag team? Last week it was Jack Stewart and Beverly Milsap against Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann, which they won. But I am slightly confused in who will we get this week, although Gamers Inc I don’t think pose as a bigger threat than London Underground. London Underground are tough and formidable and unfortunately Gamers Inc... well are just a bunch of nerds trying a new hobby and getting lucky from it until now.

You see Jon and I aren’t like Kandy Kane and Jerry Cann or The Heavy Metal Maniacs or any other team… yes we have been thrown together and have had only one match together, but sometimes putting together two people from different cultures and backgrounds work… just look at Wyatt and myself… we worked and we did quite well and now it’s Jon and I and so far so good… we are undefeated.

We shouldn’t work but for some strange reason we do work and I know that we did have the most easiest match ever and beat those two jokes and this winning ‘streak’ of ours will continue in this Lethal Lottery thing and we will reach the final and face the tag team champions at Inception, though we still have to beat Evie Baang and Ben Jordan and that isn’t going to be easy.

However, before I shift my focus to them… I want to keep my focus on this match and Gamers Inc… however, as I pointed out at the beginning of this promo that it’s going to be tough to know who we would be up against.

In one team we had Jack Stewart and Beverly Milsap who wrestled last week against Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann and walked away victorious so why not keep that winning formula. Previous to that it was Jimmy Andrews and Char Kwan… and to be on honest here I can’t really address every single one of you because we will be here for hours but instead I am going to address you as a collective group.

You guys rely on each other as a tag team... you have bonded and are a close knit family unlike Jon and I, however, what we lack in experience as partners, we make up for the previous titles that we have held in this company... and more specifically the tag team titles I have held multiple times with Jessie and Necra and Jon having briefly held the tag titles before getting screwed over. I may not have gotten my hands on the mixed tag team titles but that will at some point will change as we progress through this lethal lottery tournament.

Gamers Inc… whoever you bring Sunday to the ring… they had better be prepared... Sunday night Jon and I will be walking away victorious and you will be going back to making videos and playing games.  Sunday night Jon and I will be taking no prisoners.

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 ooc: the use of Jon Dough approved by handler.

Climax Control 221
25th November 2018
Las Vegas, NV

I tried… I really tried. I worked hard inside the gym… I worked hard on the promo I released. In my mind I had hyped myself up… I truly believed that I had beaten Dani Weston… but perhaps the hype was just that. Perhaps that I was too delusional to think that I could beat her. Perhaps I am not good enough anymore….

The match… was really close, I came close several times to pinning Dani and Dani came close a few times ending the match early but we both fought hard… she fought hard. She was better… she is the ultimate fighting champion.

Watching her raise the title above her head as she moved up the ramp broke my heart… to be honest I wasn’t angry… I was more disappointed and annoyed at myself and wondered where I stand in this division.  I roll myself from the ring and then head up the ramp as I ignore everything, and everyone round me until I get backstage.

Backstage Joey hands me a water and a towel before wrapping his arms around me and hugs me tightly as I really wanted to melt in his arms and release all my emotions, but I wanted to keep my emotions in check until I get back to the locker room.

Joey: You ok?

I shake my head, as I feel my bottom lip quiver, but I take a breath in and smile weakly as Scott Oliver heads over having gotten words from Dani Weston about her win.

Scott Oliver: Amy… can I get your thoughts on your loss to Dani tonight?

Amy: Sad, upset, broken hearted… not good enough.

I turn from Scott Oliver and walk away, as Joey gives an apologetic shrug as I quickly walk back to the locker room with Joey keeping up behind me.  As soon as I enter the locker room, I sit down, and I just release all my emotions as Joey pulls me close and I just cry.  The scene soon fades out with Joey comforting me.


6th December 2018
T Mobile Arena,
Paradise, NV.
Golden Knights vs. Chicago Blackhawks.

The scene opens in the T Mobile arena in Paradise, Nevada where the arena slowly fills up with hockey fans of all ages from Vegas and Chicago taking their seat as they chat away as the patiently wait for the arena to fill and for the action to get started. As the camera pans around we see Amy and Joey taking their seats followed by Jon Dough/Matt Spears and Sadie Spears.

This would be Amy’s first time going to an ice hockey match and found it weird that this would be the first time she and Jon would hang out. She was more used to training with a partner and get to know them, so doing this would be totally out of her comfort zone as well as having no clue about ice hockey considering she was from Alaska and spent a short while living in Canada.

Amy: Have you ever been too a hockey match?

Amy queries to Joey.

Joey: Been to a couple… but more of a basketball fan.

Joey shrugs, as they look over to Matt, Sadie and Jon who get comfortable in their seats.

Amy: Thanks for this Jon… it’s a little strange for me but its an interesting way to bond.

Amy smiles and nods at Jon, who nods back before speaking.

Jon: No problem Ms. Amy. I heard you were a little down… and Matt and I were talking. He was supposed to do the ceremonial puck drop but considering he is from Chicago, he might get booed out of the building. So he suggested you do it… being from Vegas and all. Might also cheer you up.

Jon says with a smile.

Amy: I…I… don’t really know that much about hockey and I don’t know what I and doing.  Matt would be better suited.

Amy shrugs.

Jon: Oh you will be fine, it’s like the 1st pitch in a baseball game. It's just a way to let the fans know that the game is about to start. They get celebrities to do it at every game. You are far more known in this business and in Vegas then Matt Spears or me. The fans will love it that much more. Trust me on that.

Jon says with a smile to show he means it. Wrestlers like to prank each other from time to tie. This was not one of those times as Jon was trying to build a trust with her. Putting Amy in front of 20,000 of her own neighbours to drop the first puck is a good way to build that trust in Jon's head


Joey: Go on do it.  It will be fun.

Amy looks at Joey and then to the hockey rink and lets out a sigh.

Amy: Sure. Why not.

Amy smiles a little nervously.

Jon: They are expecting someone at the player entrance/exit in a few minutes. You better get moving.

Amy: Oh ok… I wasn’t expecting it now.

Amy stands to her feet and adjust her hair and top before side stepping past people before making it to the aisle before skipping down the stairs to the player entrance/exit. Where she speaks with the announcer and a member of staff introducing herself etc…  Amy looks around the arena and a wave nervousness washes over her for some odd reason but takes a deep breath.


The fans cheer as Amy slips on some ice skates.


The fans cheer once more as Amy climbs onto the ice and waves to the fans, as the ice hockey players skate onto the ice. Amy then moves to the centre of the ice rink with the puck in hand and drop the puck between the two players and the fans cheer.  The referee then moves in and picks the puck up and hands it to Amy, who frowns and then nods before waves to the fans once more before skating off the rink and back onto the entrance/exit.

Amy: Thank you.

Amy takes off the skates as the ref begins the match as Amy watches on for a moment before heading back to where Joey, Jon and Sadie are, and she sits down.

Joey: How was it?

Amy: Interesting and weird because I don’t actually start the game.

Jon: But you can now say… you have dropped the puck in a hockey game.

Amy: That too.

Amy smiles, as she sits back in her seat as Joey hands her a beet, which she takes and takes sip as she, Jon, Joey and Sadie watch the hockey. The scene quickly fades out on all four of them as the fans around them shout and scream at the action in front of them.


7th December 2018

Well this is certainly interesting... a lethal lottery match against two cartoon character jokers and I am pair up with Jon Dough. I have gone from extreme to the other and its mad. Firstly, partnering up with Jon Dough should be quite interesting as we both have a mutual respect, although we have never worked together not even hung out together. So may be our downfall as we don’t know each other? We will find out Sunday but in the mean time we both can train and talk tactics etc... and figure out who the fuck Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann are?!?

As I said on twitter a few days ago... you guys sound like cartoon characters... just need Wile E Coyote to appear with the acme anvil and TNT to make things complete.

To be honest... never heard of you two before. I don’t really watch much of the underground stuff aside from the odd Dax Beckett match but i am pretty much in the dark. But i guess i have to do research and watch matches to figure stuff out.

Jerry Cann... since we can’t really go one on one... as that will be down to Jon Dough to step up against you. All i can say to you is good luck and i really hope Jon Dough kicks your ass.

Kandy Kaine... I hope that is a pseudonym... because who the fuck names their kid Kandy Kaine?!? Anyway... welcome to the big bad world of Sin City Wrestling... you will find it a whole lot different to SCU... for one... there is none of that online presence bullshit but instead you have to work here. You have to pick up a camera and record a promo.

You will also find... that I don’t welcome newcomers into Sin city Wrestling let alone those from SCU. So don’t expect a handshake nor a big welcome parade from me. Instead you will be not be prepared for what is too come. At this point in my career I need wins especially now considering my loss to Dani West two weeks ago… and you being in this match is perfect.  Perfect because I need to release some frustrations on someone and it’s something that I can’t do inside the gym.

Kandy… I don’t want your nice girl persona in that ring… I want a wrestler who know what she is doing. I want someone who is willing to show their nasty side…. If I don’t see that I will be disappointed. But not as disappointed as you will be in your loss.

Kandy and Jerry… you two better be prepared for your Sin City Wrestling debut because Jon and I will not take it easy on you. Sunday night Jon and I will be walking away.

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 (OOC: I had something in mind completely different in a certain section of this rp. I’ve written it up the best I can, hope you enjoy)

At least I wasn’t pinned.

The build-up going into this Bombshell championship match was perfect as it was all about Apple and I and whatever her issue she had with me, however, it wasn’t until Apple accepted that open challenge by Dani and it became all the more interesting as I refused to accept the match and it became a three-way match for the bombshell championship set up by Brooke Saxon. Perhaps something that Dani wasn’t banking on and expecting an easy High Stakes. Although the build-up was there is was perhaps spoilt a little bit by Apple and her sad desperate attempt at a "protest" - if you want to call it that, which backfired on her. The match started off at high pace with me diving at Apple and then Dani getting in on the act. The action was back and forth between Dani and I with Apple making only fleeting cameos on the match... all three of us attempted pins earlier on to came close to winning the match but in the end, it was Dani who finished off Apple pinning her and not me.

At least I wasn’t pinned.

I should have broken the pin, but I was too late but then again it was Apple losing the math not me. Watching the pin happen hurt but at the end of it I was still standing and as I watched Dani get handed her successfully defended title back to her... I realised that this isn’t the end and gave the indication that I still wanted it and I was not about to give up in the chase.

At least I wasn’t pinned.

I climb out of the ring and back up as I watch Dani for a few more seconds before returning backstage. Once their Joey approached me with a water and towel and gave me a consolation hug. I wasn’t angry nor upset at the outcome of the match. For once no one interfered and tried to screw me over like in the many previous matches over the last few months.

Joey: You ok?

Joey asks as I take the towel and water and gave my face and body a pat down before taking in some water.

Amy: I am good.

I smile as we walk a bit further away from the curtain.

Joey: Are you not mad or upset?

Amy: Nope.

At least I wasn’t pinned.

I shrug and smile. I don’t know why I wasn’t angry or mad. I was satisfied in how I performed against Dani... it was a close hard-fought match and I know that I can take her on again and push her to her limits. But to do this it would be without Apple Coren in the match.

Joey: Again, are you alright?

Joey frowned at me... slightly concerned by the response. Since our relationship started, he watched my matches and knew that depended on the outcome I would be either up or down. Especially when it came to losses and how angry I would be with myself or with those around me, but my reaction confused him.

Amy: Yes... I’m fine.

I said with a smile as Pussy Willow approached.

Pussy: Hi Amy... can I get a few words with you about the match?

Amy: Sure.

Pussy: thanks. Basically, your thoughts on the match itself and the outcome.

Amy: I don’t know about anyone else... but Apple did fuck all in that match... she tried to get a sneaky pin or two but her laid back attitude and not giving a fuck cost her. If she actually focused on the match and not how I came to be in the match it would have made the match better. But her sad little protest failed spectacularly, and she ended up in the match and got herself pinned. As for Dani... if Apple wasn’t in the match making a nuisance of herself... Dani and I would have had a match of the year candidate... and you would have a seen a new champion. But you know what... I am not upset at the outcome... I have learnt how Dani works and I have learnt from my mistakes and next time Dani won’t be so lucky. I know that I can hang with her and maybe just maybe I might request a rematch. Just Dani and I one on one kicking ass with a totally different outcome.

Pussy: Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite because you rallied against Jessie for doing that.

Amy: I don’t make demands that often in fact never. I just work to climb up that ladder. But I truly believe that I can beat Dani but if people think I’m a hypocrite... it doesn’t bother me. It just one request not many over and over again like Jessie.

Pussy: What about Apple?

Amy: Fuck Apple. If she can’t act professional and in a mature manner, then she doesn’t deserve anything. She can move to the back of the queue and wait her turn. But if she pokes her nose in like she has done in the past then I will make her pay.

Pussy: well than you Amy for your thoughts as always.

Amy: No thank you.

I smile as I begin to walk away from pussy, as Joey joins me as we head down the corridor.

Amy: Before you say it... I am fine.

Joey chuckles as he and I return to the locker room. The scene fades out on Joey and I entering the locker room and the door closing.

I least I wasn’t pinned.


Butte County fairgrounds.
California just outside Paradise.
14th November 2018

A few days after High Stakes, which Amy spent relaxing with Joey, Joey received a message from his parents that his cousin had lost his home to the local wild fires and is stuck at one of the evacuation centres. Joey would then contact his parents for more details and then contact his cousin to find out how he was and more details on where he was.

With his cousin telling him he was fine and didn’t need help, Joey thought otherwise and have a long discussion it was decided that Joey would go grab his cousin and bring him back. But then another discussion was brought up... Amy wanted to go with him.

Amy: I don’t want you going alone.

Joey: I will be fine.

Amy: What happens if you break down or there is a no cell phone coverage. I am not going allow you to go alone. I am coming with you...

Joey: Fine.

Joey shook his head knowing that once Amy had set her mind on something, she wasn’t going to change. Both headed to the bedroom to pack a few spare clothes. While in there Amy suggested getting lots of water and food for the fireman, which Joey agreed and appreciated the idea since those guys were working 24/7 trying to put the fires out. Once essential items were packed, they head off detouring to the nearest supermarket to pick up water and varying foods and snacks before continuing as they settled down for the three-hour drive.

Three hours later the arrive at the evacuation area, where Joey rings his cousin to find out where he is located. With a few directions they find his cousin. Climbing out of the car, all three greet each other.

Amy: Hi Zack... sorry about the house.

Amy greets him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Joey: Sorry about the house... how much did you manage to get out?

Joey ask, as Amy looks around to see that there are many displaced families due to this fire, although probably many more in more populated areas.

Zack: My car that barely works, clothing and some other important bits and pieces. I’ve been helping others to evacuate the past few days as well.

Joey: Good and uh good. What is wrong with the car?

Joey asks.

Zack: Gearbox. I had planned to take to a garage but well...

Zack looks around and the cloud that can be seen a few miles away.

Joey: Well... I’m guessing this place is safe. So, you can come back for the truck. You can stay with myself and Amy until you can sort out a house or something.

Zack: You sure? Wont i be in the way?

Amy: You won’t be in the way at all.

Amy says with a smile.

Zack: Sure... ok. Thanks.

Zack smiles and gives Joey and Amy a hug.

Amy: Before we leave, I want to drop water supplies and snacks etc... to the local fire departments... god knows they need it.

Amy says with a shrug as Zack nods.

Zack: Good idea... although you night have trouble with road restrictions around the area. But the police have been very helpful.

Amy: Great.

Joey: Do you want to help? Or want to sort your stuff out here?

Joey asks.

Zack: I’ll sort my stuff out here and you two can go off and do your thing.

Joey: Ok.

Joey nods as he and Amy return to the car leaving Zack to collect up his things and prepare to say goodbyes and thanks, as Joey and Amy disappear off to the nearest fire department, which according to the satnav was only half an hour away. It was a long half hour journey that turned to 45 mins due to traffic but they found the paradise fire department.

Parking up, joey and Amy grabbed the care package and headed into the station, which looked empty and quiet except for a couple of rookies that had stayed behind.

Joey: Hello?

Joey says.

Rookie FF #1: You guys aren’t supposed to come in.

Amy: Sorry... but we have care packages for your station and the two others in the area.

Rookie FF #2: What have you got there?

The second rookie pipes up in a slight rude manner.

Joey: Water and general food stuff to keep you guys going.

Rookie FF #2: Great... unfortunately the road are restricted to getting to 82 and 83. But if you leave everything here we can get it to the other stations and crews.

Joey: You sure. We can go the check points and drop it off.

Rookie FF #1: We don’t want civilians to go into the area at the moment. Best leave it with us.

Joey: Ok.

Joey looks at Amy and they both head to the car and grab the water and food boxes and head back to the station and drop the boxes off.

Rookie FF #2: We appreciate this and thank you.

Amy: No problem... we wanted to help in some way and I thought it would be best to deliver water and food.

Rookie FF #1: There are also donation pages set up as well. You can also donate to help those who have been left homeless.

Joey: We will look into that and thank you. Hope you can get these fires out.

Rookie FF #2: We hope so too and thanks again. We will let the other stations know of water and food provisions.

Amy and Joey shake the rookie’s hands before heading back to Butte County Fairground. Once back at the fair ground the help pack zacks stuff into the car before moving his truck to a securely protected area. Once that was moved, they were ready to head back to Santa Rosa. Amy started up the car and they began their 3hr journey back home as the scene fades out on the Smokey skies of California.


Here is a little fact for everyone... up until 8 or 9 years ago, I had never heard of wrestling... before that my life revolved around porn and not having a care in the world. Like most people these days my father never wrestled in a day in his life, same with my grandfather. It wasn’t until I wanted to get away from making videos and a court case that I heard about wrestling. It was more to get back into the pants of a certain man than a career, but I trained anyway and learnt the basic moves etc... and then when I got a contract, I did what I could and to be honest I was terrible and everyone including myself never took me seriously. But by my 3rd contract following the closures of two previous companies that in NCW that I realised that I couldn’t be a comedy or jobber wrestler anymore and that i needed to buck my ideas up and start to take things seriously. It was hard at first, but I eventually got there. There were only two titles in NCW. The starlet’s world championship and the tag team titles. The main title was hard to capture due to certain people who held it but none the less I got my opportunity and I won... I beat my own sister to get my hands-on gold.

27th February 2011
Roxxxie def. Trish Newborn via pinfall for the Starlets World Title.

Roxxxie leaps up and hits the Bad Girl on Newborn.  Roxxxie then goes for the cover…



Amber Ashe: Your winner and NEEWWWW Starlets World Champion… Roxxxie!

This is where I realised that winning gold and being successful was what I craved, and I would continue my chase. At this point I was now being taken seriously as I was top of the division, however I still kept being me and I didn’t care who liked or disliked it. I held the title for about a month or two... and by the time it came to the rematch I lost, and the title returned to Trish. I then floated around for a little while before gaining the Starlets tag team titles with Stephanie Sullivan. We held them for a short while before losing them.  After that myself and someone by the name of Kathleen Conway had a title but nothing materialised from that. After that my career in NCW was quiet and slow and noting of note happened and then in July 2012 I had my final match there and left to find new opportunities.

In November 2012, I made my debut in Sin City Wresting and in my only second match here, I made an impact straight away although only for the bombshell tag titles, but it was an impact that would make my career in Sin City Wrestling and the love/hate relationship with the Bombshell World Championship.

My first taste of coming close was against Misty, which we battled hard and I had several close moments against her, but it wasn’t enough, and Misty won and retrained her title.  It wouldn’t be for another three months before having another shot this time in a triple threat match involving my step sister Alexis Morrison and then champion Roxi Johnson. Who successfully retained.

Unfortunately, it won’t be for another 19 Months that I would get another title, however, in those 19 months I would have held the Roulette Championship and the tag team titles twice.  Although these title shots would keep me occupied along with the feud that came with them, the world bombshell championship was always still in the back of mine.

Blaze of Glory IV
8th March 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark

Amy peels Delia off the mat, and out of nowhere, she hits the Bad Girl! Delia is out cold on the mat as Amy drops down on top of Delia. Holly drops down for the count.



2015 was my year and I wish I was back there again and rectify the mistakes that I made. The first being defending the Bombshell Championship better than I did against Raynin.  My title reign was short and sweet, and I hated it, I still got my rematch but with little success.  The rest of the year I fought Roxi, Lucy and Alexis Edwards for the Internet title and became a grand slam champion after defeating Roxi Johnson.

Again, the bombshell title never a million miles away from mind eve after the long the break that I took to refresh my mind body and soul.

2017 I never got near the Bombshell Title… instead going up against Jessie for the Roulette title and London Underground for the tag team titles.

2018… though… 2018 has been far far busier with getting opportunities for the Roulette and bombshell champion.  Each time I was so close to tasting victory, but nothing would come to fruition.  But this match against Dani Weston will be different.  Different because I will be winning and take the title away from her and making sure its coming home with me.


Wednesday 21st November 2018

All through my career I have pretty much fought to get to the top by earning title shots through matches and on the odd occasion by making an impact by making my presents felt when I wanted a title shot or the person was unworthy. I have never ever demanded something until now. The past few years the fight to get to the top has been hard... new faces coming in and beating you to the top step as they advance... while I flag behind wondering how and why and what. In recent months I have been gifted these title shots or a chance to become number one contender... when I don’t deserve them, however, I take them not knowing when my next chance is, but I still fight. I fight like my career depends on it... I fight to give those title holders a run for their money and I fight because I want gold.

Sunday night I fight once more for the Bombshell Championship. A title that I have held once ever in my career in Sin City Wrestling and I am wanting to hold again. You can call it a being given to me on a silver platter but this time I wanted a rematch. I wanted another crack... I requested a rematch because I know this time it will be very very different. For the record I am not going to ask again... you can perceive me as a hypocrite because I berated Jessie for it, but I am not Jessie... I am not going to ask again because I know there are others waiting and watching to be next in line.

Dani at High Stakes you got lucky... you weren’t pushed to your limits, you didn’t push yourself... and you didn’t fight like your career depended on it. You got an easy win because I allowed you to.... although you winning and successful defending hurt only a little as it was you and not me pinning Apple one... two... three... if Apple wasn’t in the match things may have been different from how the match proceeded to the how it progressed and to how it ended. There could have been a new champion... but we just don’t know.

This time however, there is no third person to interfere or break up pins or get in our way... it’s just me you the ref and the fans. You and me one on one.

Dani... I hope that you are getting ready for the biggest battle of your life... I hope that you are pushing aside those echoes of the fans saying "Amy is going to kill you"... I hope you push aside your doubts and fears that might be swirling around in your mind because if not... they will just eat you alive and leave you open to make mistakes and errors, which I will happily take advantage those mistakes and errors and you won’t want that... not in the biggest match of your career.

You wanted to be a fighting champion and now you are... are you regretting using them words or are you relishing this opportunity? You must have realised that it is hard work to stay at the top... there is no you time, no time to think... just in the gym all the time. Dani... I hope your mind body and soul is prepared for our match because I am not going to go lightly on you.

Sunday night... a new champion will be crowned. I have sat back for too long watching people rise to the top... it my time and I am taking the bombshell champion by any means necessary.

Voice: Amelia who are you talking too?

See you soon.

The screen goes blank, as Amy stands to her feet and leaves spare room to find her mom standing by the door.

Amy’s Mom: Who were you talking too?

Amy lifts the camera up.

Amy: My Camera… I was recording something called a promo for my match against Danielle Weston.

Amy explained.

Amy’s mom: Can you do that on your day off?

Amy: This is my day off… This was the last thing to do before Thanksgiving.  I’ve got to upload this and then you have my undivided attention for the next few days.

Amy explained.

Amy’s mom: Well be quick about it.

She walks off, as Amy shakes her head and bites her tongue before moving away from the spare room and then heads to the living to grab her laptop and plugs in her camera as Joey appears.

Joey: Yes Mom.

Joey looks at Amy with his own shake of his head, as Amy chuckles to herself before continuing her download. Taking only a few minutes Amy uploads the video and then saves it before closing her laptop and then turns her focus on the family. The scene fades out with Amy tucking her laptop away and then finding her family.

Supercard Archives / DANI WESTON (c) v APPLE COREN v AMY SANTINO
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 [Off Camera]
Tights and Fights Podcast w/ hosts Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle.
Los Angeles, CA
Monday 5th November 2018

HL: Welcome back… now moving on from the shit that is Crown Jewel… and let talk about indie wrestling and more specifically Chris Jericho’s Rock and Wrestling Rager as well as High Stakes 8, in which we have a very special guest with us to today.

ME: And our very special guest… is Amy Santino who represents Sin City Wrestling and who is wrestling at High Stakes 8 this weekend.

AS: Hi guys... how are you all doing?

HL: We are good and yourself.

AS: I’m doing good.

ME: My first question before we get to the cruise and high stakes... did you watch Evolution?

AS: I did and I was impressed with every single match and each and every single woman who competed.

DR: What was your favourite match?

As: The last woman standing match. It was brutal as hell and I loved it.

DR: Did you think the whole show delivered in terms of evolution of women’s wrestling?

As: I guess so... it was great having an all women show, however, if you look at company’s such as SCW and our women’s division... we have been doing it for years.. we have been main eventing on Climax Control and co main eventing at Supercards and delivering top of the range matches. We have a unique division, which aside from the bombshell championship match, we have another title in the shape of the Roulette Championship.

ME: Roulette championship what is the difference... pardon my ignorance.

AS: Basically from a spin of the wheel the match stipulation is decided.

HL: Oh... so if you land on bra and panties match and you have to wrestle it.

AS: Unfortunately yes... although that stipulation has been removed I think. I didn’t see it when I was last standing next to it.

ME: so is SCW better than Wrestling Entertainment.

AS: Simply yes…

ME: Perhaps a little controversial maybe?

AS: Not really because its fact. Just look at Chris Jericho’s rock and wrestling rager on a cruise ship. SCW has been doing it for years... just check out Summer XXXtreme.

DR: So did he steal the idea?

AS: To be fair... he might have borrowed the idea but he has put his own spin on it and hired a bunch of rock bands to play including his own and then persuaded some decent wrestlers from a couple of companies to wrestle.

HL: Did you watch the show?

AS: I did not. I happened to see adverts for it and the bands and wrestlers being plugged for the show.

ME: What is like wrestling on a cruise liner? Has anyone developed sea sickness mid match or even had rough sea’s?

DR: I can just imagine having rough seas and someone attempting a big move and falling off the ropes.

AS: Thankfully by the time we get to wrestle I think all sea sickness has gone, but we haven’t had rough seas yet. But it wouldn’t be pretty seeing someone trying to do high risk move and then vomit everywhere and on everyone.

HL: Ringside seats would not be an optional.

~ They share a laugh as someone gags a little at the thought. ~

ME: Before anyone is sick... this coming Sunday is High Stakes 8. Who is wrestling who and how are you involved?

AS: One second… let me check. *Amy checks her phone* Right… We have the Kawaii Dragons against The Ruin Sisters, then we have some final matches, not sure who is wrestling in. We have Jessie Salco vs Ella Singleton, Seleana Zdunich against Cat Riley, Kain and Vargas against Williams and Kane, Evie Baang verses Sam Marlowe. We then have a four-way match for the women’s honor championship, followed by Crystal Hilton against Kate Steele, next is Mickey Carroll against Austin James Mercer for the Honor championship, then an eight-man roulette championship match featuring fan and ladies favourite Ben Jordan, the Bombshell championship match and finally the main event of Fenris against Senor Vinnie for the World Heavyweight championship. I am involved in the match against Apple Coren and Danielle Weston for the Bombshell championship.

DR: So this match between Apple Coren, Danielle Weston and yourself… how did it come to be?

AS: Basically, Dani issued an open challenge, which Apple great accepted. However, a few weeks before Apple and I fought to a double count out, so she didn’t deserve be in this match although it was an open challenge. I made a few comments and our general manager whoever the hell she is… decided to change the match to a thee way match and the rest is history.

HL: From my understanding you have won the bombshell championship only once?

AS: Correct. However, there are other titles in SCW that I have collected and won since then. So I haven’t been sitting around waiting… I’ve had plenty of things to distract me away from title shots.

ME: So is the competition in SCW tough?

AS: Very tough. Although we have a small roster at the moment... each and every woman can wrestle including those mean girl types.

ME: Mean girl types?

DR: The Beautiful People, iiconics etc... I knew what she meant.

AS: At one point they used to shower you with petty insults and use dirty cheap tricks in the ring, now they will talk shit but I found they can get in a ring and actually wrestle.

ME: So have you found that as you get older the wrestling is getting harder?

AS: I’m 38... I am at my fittest I have ever been in my entire life. My style of wrestling has been adapted not because of my age but because I wanted to change it. The only thing I find hard is these young whippersnappers getting into the ring and killing it.

~ Amy jokes as she puts on an elderly voice.~

HL: So if you had a chance to go to any company in the world... would you take it?

AS: No. SCW may be hard but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. I enjoy being there and I love the competition no matter how some people can be annoying.

DR: So you wouldn’t go to Japan?

AS: I love Japan and would love to wrestle there as often as I can, however, SCW don’t visit often enough and I’m busy with other aspects of my life.

ME: Do you get to watch any of the shows over there?

AS: I try to catch as many as possible if not live then on catch up.

DR: So how many times have you been to Japan?

AS: About 4 or 5 times. The places are beautiful, the food is amazing, and the people are friendly and respectful. You should really go.

ME: So back to Sin City Wrestling. Tell me why the audience should tune in High Stakes eight?

AS: Firstly, it’s our biggest show of the year and It is the first supercard since the merger between Honor Wrestling and Northern Lights Wrestling and the card is packed full. There is the preshow if you want to call it that featuring all the amazing talent at Sin City Underground. And then it’s our show... featuring again some more amazing talent plus new faces. We have some interesting matches that will get everyone talking because of what is at stake and who could become new champions and several notable feuds. There is nothing better on tv or internet this weekend. So be losers and tune in.

DR: Well thank you Amy. It was great talking to you and good luck.

AS: Thanks for having me.

ME: Thank you Amy and all the best.

~ With that the podcast cuts to a commercial. ~



Wednesday 7th November 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s Training Complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex, in Las Vegas. Amy headed to Vegas to not only train but also she didn’t have to travel far to Tucson, Arizona. It was also because Joey had gone to LA to work and Amy needed something to focus on days before High Stakes Eight.

Anyway... back to Joshua Acquin’s training, the scene opens inside his complex, where we see Joshua in front of a large mirror and the rows of weights, where he is doing his own training regime and preparation for the Eight man Roulette Championship match. Across the room inside the ring, we can see Amy in the middle of her Muay Thai training going hard at the heavy bag that floats in the centre of the ring. Stopping for a moment, Amy grabs her water and watches Joshua for a moment before speaking.

Amy: Did you manage to catch the podcast Monday?

Joshua: I didn’t but I listened to it Tuesday on my down day.

Amy: What did you think?

Amy asks wiping sweat from her face.

Joshua: It was good... very informative. Why are you asking?

He queries placing the weight down back into the racking.

Amy: I thought it went ok... but it felt a little boring I guess.

Amy shrugs feeling a little self-conscious.

Joshua: It was your first podcast, everyone gets a little nervous including the hosts who did their very first one when they launched.

Amy: I don’t know... It didn’t show my personality... it showed me as very serious... perhaps too serious.

Amy sighed.

Joshua: You were fine. You shared a joke and you had a laugh. Some podcasts can be like that, while others can be jokey and fun. Did you listen to their podcasts before?

Amy: I listed to a couple of theirs and a few others that regularly release podcasts.

Joshua: And...

Amy: I was too stiff. Tights and Fights are a light-hearted podcast and I was boring.

Amy returns to the heavy bag a little downhearted, As Joshua shakes his head.

Joshua: You are not boring and not stiff.... you are far from that. You fun and exciting. You were just nervous and right now you are focused on the High Stakes match which is Sin City Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. So forget if you sounded boring and stiff. You got your point over and plugged your match and High Stakes... that’s all that matters. Next time...

Amy: if there is a next time...

Joshua: There will be and next time... just relax and be yourself. Maybe find a podcast that is better suited or take some cue cards with you.

Joshua says trying to help Amy feel better and give her advice.

Amy: Maybe. Thanks.

Amy smiles at Joshua.

Joshua: So is this why you wanted to train with me. Get my opinion?

Amy: I wanted to train with you and hang out. And maybe get some thoughts but mainly train. Is that ok?

Joshua looks at Amy and nods and picks up the next weight up.

Joshua: Sorry. I feel like everyone has an ulterior motive at the moment. I know you don’t have one. How is your prep going for the match against Apple and Dani?

Amy begins to hit the bag again.

Amy: Well. Last week I visited an academy and some of the students beat me up...

Joshua: What?

Amy: We trained together and some of them are pretty decent in the ring and I think they upped their game knowing I was in the ring. But it something different away from gyms, Muay Thai, running etc…

Amy stopped and stretched and went back to work.

Joshua: Oh, that’s ok then.

Amy: How is your prep going? It must be hard going up against eight men for the Roulette Championship not knowing what is going to happen and if the wheel is going to be spun?

Joshua: I guess so... although some of the stipulations on there are meant for only singles matches but we will wait and see. As for the prep... working out as much as I possible can considering my schedule but I should be ready to kick ass.

Amy: Good good. Look after we are done here... do you want to head... out and get... food and relax for the rest... of the afternoon?

Amy says between punches and kicks and knees.

Joshua: Sounds good. How much longer?

Joshua queries.

Amy: Another thirty forty minutes ok with you?

Joshua: Sure.

Joshua looks surprised but just continues his workout without argument.

Amy: Great.

Amy changes up her stands and starts to pummel the bag hard as she screams and grunts and growls as Joshua puts his music back in to his ears and turns the music up. The scene fades out on both working out but with most noise coming from Amy and her workout.


9th November 2018

Referring to yourself in the third person... it isn’t cute it’s just very and very creepy. But it says a lot about you. It says that you think you are above us... that you have Apple and I beaten but you want to show vulnerability and that you are the underdog in that match with Apple being the main threat to your championship run and you are not at all worried about me. The game that you are playing... no one is going fall for that utter bullshit. You should be scared, and you should be worried.... dismissing me as irrelevant... god I hate that word... because you think that I don’t deserve this moment and a shot at you will be your biggest mistake. My aim was never to be involved in the bombshell championship match all I just wanted to do was to stop Apple from getting it so can wrap my hands around her throat and choke that bitch out.

however, Being in this title bombshell championship match is just an unfortunate consequence which Brook Saxon thought it would be good idea to have a three way match instead of a one on one match between you two.

But the thing is... I could pull out of this match and let you two have you fun and watch you get destroyed by Apple and her silly little mind games, but I wouldn’t have a match and I would be sitting on my ass doing nothing. But why should you two have all the fun and why should I turn down an opportunity like this. And for the record I am not going to get Jessie involved... she has her own title to defend plus I want to get my own hands dirty and kick your ass and end little miss brat Coren.

Dani I may not appear to be a big threat these days but i can still get in the ring and out wrestle and out last you. I am still dangerous and still your worst nightmare. And guess what… I am walking away from this match as the new champion.

Apple... cat got your tongue? You are unusually quite or are you just sitting back and going to strike at the last moment with a barrage of your usual predictable insults. Thought so... let me guess some of these supposed insults would be aimed about my previous career choice and that I’m dirty/diseased and that you are better than me and more focused and career driven, and you have more money, better background, that I shouldn’t have dismissed you and that you are hear shouting and screaming etc... etc... blah blah blah. Is that about right... or shall I stick in more that I’m jealous of your success and that I should admit you are the better woman and that you had our match won... getting any closer?

Apple... what more can I say and tell you without sounding a like a broken record. Which by the way... i just hate repeating myself and I’m pretty sure you must get sick of being a sheep.

At High Stakes Apple... there is nowhere to hide. You can use as many rope breaks as you like but this time there is one other person in that ring…Dani will be in that ring too and I will just work on her, while you dither around thinking you are the best in the world. I hope you are ready Apple... I hope you have lots of makeup and your plastic surgeon at the ready... because by the time I am done with you... you are going to bruised, bloody and broken. Not only am I going to knock you the fuck out... I am going to choke you out too.

High Stakes... i=I don’t care if I’m perceived at the rank outsider... i am going to bring my A game... and I am going to win like it out not. The bombshell championship will be mine.

Supercard Archives / DANI WESTON (c) v APPLE COREN v AMY SANTINO
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 Climax control 219
21st October 2018
Tempe, Arizona.

I was so close that I could taste the victory... I was having a good match... I took the fight to Sam, Trinity and Seleana and I was so close. I hit the bad girl too Seleana and then I don’t know what happened. I felt someone, or something hit me and then I felt myself being lifted and dropped down hard... I was stunned. Laying on the mat I was confused as I blinked and watched security escort someone away as I heard the bell ring as Sam Marlowe picked up the victory... was it Jessie back to her old tricks... however, the finishing move wasn’t hers. We made a deal... did she break it?

I slowly make my way to my feet grabbing hold of the ring apron to see Sam celebrating as Trinity lay on the mat. I stumble and fall over as I grip the back of my head, but I just get back up again as I get to the curtain and stumble through it, where Joey meets me and grabs a hold of me.

Amy: What happened? Was it Jessie?

I query confused at the outcome, as Joey takes me to the nearest seat with an ice pack at the ready.

Joey: No it wasn’t Jessie. It was that Apple girl... she was the one that hit you from behind before hitting a Cradle DDT.

I look at Joey kind of impressed at his wrestling move knowledge but that soon that was replaced with anger...

Amy: But why... where is she?

I get to my feet but Joey grabs a hold of me and steadies me.

Joey: She is probably long gone. You know that cowards who hit people from behind scurry off like the dirty rat they are.

Amy: Fuck... I didn’t see it coming. How close was I to winning?

Joey: Truthfully?

Amy: Truthfully.

Joey: You were very very close.

I give the chair nearby a hard kick.

Amy: Why did she attack me? Was she still bitter that she never got the pin on me?

I could go on and on on...

Joey: I don’t know. Only she knows. Look don’t stress about it too much now... let’s get back to the locker room ice everything and then back to the hotel to relax and movies and ice cream.

Amy: Sure... sounds good.

I smile although its hides the anger and hate that was building up for Apple. I slowly stand to my feet with the help of Joey as I take the ice pack from him and place it on the back on my neck. Just as we go to leave the area, Scott Oliver appears.

Scott: Can I get a few words about the four-way match?

Amy: I’d rather forget about it.

I shrugged.

Scott: Please.

Amy: sure… why not… I’m just going to tell you what I am think and feeling.

I shake my head and Joey goes to say something but doesn’t.

Scott: Well go ahead.

Amy: I had this match won… I was so so close, but it was snatched away.  Snatched away by a coward. Someone who would rather attack me from behind not face to face. Frankly I am pissed off, but I am not going to let it get to me. I am going to go home and have ice cream and relax.  Apple you think you got the upper hand… you have not.  You have merely started a war.

I take Joey’s hand, as we both then walk away from Scott and from the area.  We heard to the locker room, where the scene soon fades out on myself and Joey entering the locker room and the door closing.


22rd October 2018
Santa Rosa, CA.

Ever since the 5th August where Amy had defeated Jessie Salco in a ladder match or maybe earlier that things have been a little crazy.  With Jessie attempting to screw me because of our stupid contract to now Apple Coren trying to upset the balance things and between all those there was a title shot and a number one contendership match.  And now a day after Climax Control 220… Amy found herself in another title match but this time for the Bombshell Championship against Dani Weston and Apple Coren. However, Amy didn’t earn it but again she was given the opportunity by Brooke Saxon only because Apple interference in the four-way match and that she didn’t beat Amy in their singles match.

Now Amy had to prepare for the Bombshell championship match against Dani and Apple… which meant that she must step up her game and go hard in training. Realising that yoga, going to the gym and muay Thai training will only get her so far, she needed to do something else to get the upper hand.  It would be the same when addressing her opponents… a long promo in front of a camera would only suffice for so long… maybe switch it up.

Sitting on the sofa with the laptop on her lap… Amy began to search for idea’s.

Joey: What you up o?

Joey asks as he appears from the kitchen with a bottle of water following his yoga work out in the back yard.

Amy: I need idea’s…

Joey: For what?

Amy: How to get the upper hand on Apple and Dani and make this year worthwhile.

Amy says as she spots an advert for a wrestling training academy.

Joey: I doubt you will find anything on that but maybe just working out harder.

Amy opens a search engine and types in Wrestling Schools in California.  A few schools pop up but mainly for amateur wrestling in schools but then she spotted one in San Jose.

Amy: Perhaps training with some up and coming wrestlers at an academy.

Amy says.

Joey: Can you do that?

Joey queries.

Amy: Sure. All academies would love a big wrestler to visit them and help train.  Gives them good press and all.

Joey: Ok… you got one in mind?

Amy: Yeah, a place Pro Wrestling Revolution in San Jose. I will give them a call later for now though… I want to take the day off and spend the day with you before I get too engrossed in the build up to this match.

Amy says with a smile.

Joey: Well… let me shower and then we can go shopping and movie maybe?

Amy: Sounds like a plan.

Joey: Great.

Joey stands to his feet and then disappears to the bathroom, leaving Amy.  Amy meanwhile returns her focus to the webpage, where she notes down the telephone number to the school. Before closing it, Amy then does a quick search on all the match on Apple and Dani and saves them for later viewing.  The scene soon fades out with Joey reappearing 15 minutes later dressed and ready to go out.


30th October 2018
Pro Wrestling Revolution Training School
San Jose, California.

Man: Bienvenido a la Academia de lucha Pro Revolution. Hoy tenemos un invitado muy especial. Déjenme presentarles... Amy Santino. [Welcome to the Pro Revolution Wrestling Academy. We have a very special guest today. Let me introduce to you... Amy Santino.]

The main head trainer introduced Amy to the mix of students of the academy in Spanish. Amy had specifically looked up training schools in California and found this one. The students looked tough and the quality of the people who progressed on to do good things in Mexico and around the world was impressive. Informing Joey of plans to go to Sam Jose to train... he told Amy to go gentle in the students but was kind of sceptical about having to travel that far to train, but he wasn’t about to try persuade Amy other wise and Amy set off on the 2hr long journey by cab to get to the academy by midday to catch the afternoon class.

In the two hour ride, it gave Amy a chance to think about her promo for the match against Apple Coren and Dani Weston. Make notes about what she could say etc... it ended up about with 2 and half pages of ideas and bits scribbled everywhere. Folding it away, Amy picked up her cell and began to answer emails.

We are here Miss.

What already?

Amy looked up from her phone and looked around. Two and hit flew but Amy didn’t care. Climbing out of the car, she grabs her bags and pays the driver before entering the training academy. Inside was quite with no students yet, only three of the five trainers were around who were tidying up the room. Amy moved to the changing rooms to change before introducing herself to the trainers.

Anyway back to now...

The students give their greetings to Amy as the trainer continues this time in English. As Amy gives a warm smile.

Trainer: Our class this afternoon will be a little different from the usual. Ms Santino contacted us and asked if she could train with us in preparation for her upcoming match in Sin City Wrestling. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you guys to see how well you have progressed and train with someone who is experienced.

Amy smiles and nods and then steps forward.

Amy: thank you for this... the idea is that you have 5 minutes in the ring and anything goes. Everyone ok with this?

Everyone looked to each other and nodded and agreed to the idea.

Trainer: Great. While waiting for your turn… warm up.  You are first Julia.

Everyone else moves away from the ring to jog around the room, while Julia nods and climbs into the ring. Julia looks to be 20 years old, black hair obviously dyed as her blue eyes stand out. Amy climbs into the ring herself, where she stretches for a moment as the trainer climbs in to watch and mediate.

Amy watches the young woman for a moment as they lock up in the centre of the ring with a basic collar and tie lock up, which Amy and Julia jockey for position, however, with Amy being the slightly heavier wrestler pushes Julia into the ropes, but Julia counters with Amy now in the ropes, however, they continue to jockey, and Amy gets Julia into the corner and where Amy holds the move, before stopping for a moment to show some fairness, however, then drives a knee into Julia’s stomach before throwing punches at Julia before stopping and then shoving Julia backwards and goes to punch again but Julia ducks and reverses and boots Amy in the stomach.

Julia then follows its up with a series of forearm shots to Amy, as Amy pushes Julia away and slips past, however, Julia turns and grabs Amy’s hair before grabbing her hand and then whips her back into the turnbuckle, Julia then moves in but Amy hits a high elbow to the face of Julia, as Julia reels from the high elbow, Amy moves in but Julia grabs Amy’s legs and pulls her down to the mat, where she then begins to punch Amy a few times before Amy counters and hits her own punches, as Julia pushes Amy off, which Amy rolls to the edge of the ring, while Julia gets to a single knee.

Julia climbs to her feet, as Amy rolls herself out of the ring as Julia moves towards her and climbs out of the ring and goes after Amy and after a short chase, Amy climbs back into ring with Julia following close behind.  Julia climbs back into the ring and as she gets to her feet, Amy goes to boot Julia, but Julia catches Amy’s foot before hitting a short arm clothesline.

Julia goes for a cover…



Trainer: and Time… Well done Julia.

Julia climbs to her feet and looks at the trainer a little annoyed but at the same please that she managed to down Amy and even go for a pin.  Amy meanwhile climbs to her feet and shakes off the cobwebs and the short arm clothesline, as she and Julia shake hands and Julia leaves the ring.

Trainer: Next… Raul.

In steps one of the male wrestlers about the same height as Amy, he has long black hair, several piercings and tattoos.  He gives Amy a nod and they shake hands and then they lock up and briefly jockey for position until Raul grabs Amy’s arm and twists it before giving it a hard yank before giving it more of twist before clubbing her shoulder from underneath and across the top before giving it one more twist.

Amy grimaces in pain before swinging her free arm and clocking Raul on the side of the head, which forces Raul to release the hold and her stumbles back a little in shock, as Amy grabs Raul by the head and then drags him to the turnbuckle and drives her face into the padding. Amy then grabs Raul’s hand whip him towards the other corner, but Raul grabs the ropes and shows off her athleticism and lifts herself up before dropping down and hits a vicious clothesline on Amy.

Raul then grabs Amy and hesitates for a moment pins her…




As Amy kicks out, Raul quickly climbs to his feet as does Amy, as Raul grabs Amy where he looks to go for a snap Suplex but instead he places Amy’s arm around his neck and begins to drive his knee into Amy’s stomach over and over again, Raul then pulls Amy up and hooks his arm and with his leg hits hip toss.  Raul quickly drops down with a knee to Amy’s midsection before going for another pin…




Amy rolls away sucking in some air.

Trainer: Do you want to take a break Ms Santino?

Amy: No…

Raul: Good…

Raul climbs into his feet and grabbing Amy’s arm in an arm bar, as Amy grimaces in pain but slowly and inch by inch moves to around and to her knees as Raul continues to crank on Amy’s arm as Amy grimaces in pain and begins to figure a way out.   Amy then wriggles free and gets to her feet, where Raul whips Amy into the ropes and as Amy comes back Raul lifts Amy up and flips him over onto his back.

Raul attempts another pin…

Trainer:  And time… Sorry Raul.

Raul shrugs and climbs to his feet, where he grabs Amy’s hand and pulls her to her feet.

Raul: No hard feelings Ms Amy.

Amy: No, it’s all good.

Raul nods and climbs out of the ring, as Amy moves to the corner and grabs her water and takes in a few sips before wiping the small amount of sweat that is building up. As the trainer looks around the room and calls the next name up.  The scene soon fades out as the third wrestler climbs into the ring, as Amy again stretches and then readies herself as the female wrestler charges in and they lock up.


2nd November 2018

I bet that when you woke up Sunday morning you thought you had it easy. Go out issue an open challenge and just sit back and wait. This is the first mistake you made... never issue an open challenge or declare yourself as a fighting champion... I made that mistake and I lost. Anyway... you thought you had it easy... One opponent in the shape of Apple Coren and no-one else. You thought you had it all planned out... issue out an open challenge expecting someone of very little consequence to accept and your second title defence will be easy peasy. Then up steps Apple Coren with her loud brash mouth accepting your challenge and you think ok... I can handle her... but did you ever expect someone else to be entered into the fray? I bet you didn’t. To be honest Apple isn’t a worthy challenger after all she failed to beat me one on one... you deserve someone with experience and knowledge to make your reign look credible because frankly you holding the title now is a joke.

You beat Mikah... well done but she wasn’t at her best and frankly she sucked in the ring and as a champion but to be honest she made no effort in the match to retain... the title changing hands was merely a stop gap to someone again who is worthy and truly deserves it. As for your first title defence, which was against Kate Steele… Kate is her own worst enemy and really isn’t a threat. Anyway… back to my point… that person who is worthy and truly deserves it would be me... my whole year has been full of ups and downs and I have nothing to show for it. So what if I turned on Jessie and beat her... anyone could have done that. But my year needs to go out on a bang... I need something to show that I am still dangerous and formidable, and this match is it.

To be honest... when I went out to voice my opinion and disprovable of Apple Coren being in this match... I wasn’t expecting to be put in this match but when Brooke Saxon announced it I was surprised but pleased at the same time because it gives me a chance to shut Apple up and it gives you chance to defend your title to the best of your ability before ultimately losing it to me.

Dani now don’t get me wrong... I like you and I am impressed in how you have grown and have become successful but unfortunately it has been all a fluke. As I said before about your match against Mikah... it was luck and as for your match against Kate Steele, she isn’t exactly a hard opponent, however, you will no luck come High Stakes. Your girl next door act and basic abilities will only get so far in this match... you need to learn and grow some more... you need to train hard and evolve because being a nice girl will only get you so far. Just look at my career and my list of moves... I have grown, moved on from being carefree and started focusing on my career more... focused on changing up my wrestling style. I went from high flying to more grounded and Muay Thai wrestling. And I have no problem kicking and punching your face and knocking you the fuck out.

Dani you are going to have a hard time in this match, not just from Apple but from me. I am not going to let you rest or relax... I am going to keep you working and moving... slowing you down bit by bit unless until there is nothing left from you. Then this will show the women from little girls... who is the fittest... I will be the one standing tall after all is said and done as your new bombshell championship. It will show that i am still hungry and still willing to put my body on the line and I am not past my best. I want to end the year having held at least one title.

Dani I am warning you now... get ready and be prepared.

Apple Apple Apple... I have to admire your determination to rise to the top pretty quickly and even taking up Dani's open challenge so that you don’t have to take the long route of having to earn something. But after that my admiration turns to distain, hate, exasperation and pity. But I am going to be frank here... you deserve shit.

And before you witter on about the only reason, I said something inside the ring was because I was jealous... no I am not jealous. Why should I be jealous of some one-dimensional unoriginal cookie cutter barbie... who is so up herself that I hope one day she will fall off her fucking high horse and break her neck.

I don’t allow stupid fucking sheep to knock me down... Just like what you did Climax Control 219. I had that match won but you of all people took that away from me... why? Someone a little jealous that I was getting the attention and I was close to getting a shot at the bombshell roulette championship and someone else wasn’t. You are too stupid to realise that I have power in this company... when you have been around as long as I have and held as many titles as I have... I will be always considered for title shots because I am respected and people come to see real wrestlers and real action... not boring one dimensional delusional mean girl robots who think after one match they deserve a title or a title shot.

But anyway... congratulations you stopped me from winning but hey guess who just shit on your supposedly easy shot at Dani... you seriously don’t know what you have gotten yourself into. The only thing I am going to admit to is that I shouldn’t have allowed you to get into my head... which was a mistake. But I am not going to allow that to happen again... what I am going to do is focus on all my training and focus on winning the bombshell championship and pinning who is closest to eating the Bad Girl or a hard fist to a plastic little face.

Apple... you have already made a lot of enemies in this company... don’t expect any help from anyone... don’t expect Dani to help you in double teaming me and certainly don’t expect this match to be easy. As I told Dani... be prepared... be ready but what i didn’t tell Dani... is be prepared for a war. You have no idea what is too come.

No more cheap shots, No more cheap moves... just wrestle.

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 Climax Control 217
Fort Defiance, Arizona
14th October 2018

There aren’t many wrestlers that I despise in the wrestling world. There is a few that I don’t like or I just don’t talk too but it’s those who think they are above everyone, think they are prettier than everyone else, use daddies money, they think that they are people’s idols and that everyone looks up to them when in fact that they just that ugly dirty cancerous lump nobody wants or likes.  Just like Veronica Taylor and Just like Delia Darling… Apple Coren is one of those cancerous lumps… and I fucking hate her and her cockiness and ‘I am better than you’ attitude.  I also hate her wrestling style… or lack off.

<Backstage after Amy Santino vs Apple Coren>

Anger, frustration, hate, Animosity, loathe, detest – I could go on how I felt about this match and my opponent of this match. I have lost count how many times this year I have had to be dragged away by security to stop an ongoing backstage fight. On this occasion… I was glad to be pulled away because I wanted to physically kill her because of how she conducted herself before and after the match. Entering the backstage area with security shadowing me, ensuring that I was far enough away from possible brawl. Security leaves leaving myself and the now approaching Joey and the few not so busy backstage personnel alone, I gave the surrounding packing crates kicks and evidently a very thin wall a punch, which hurt a little bit, I sit down and let out several breaths to calm myself down as much as possible as Joey pulls me close... I relax a little more.

Joey: You ok?

Amy: No... not really but its wrestling and you have to expect this.

Joey: At least you drew.

Joey shrugs.

Amy: Not the point... I should have beaten that talentless worthless little bitch...... breath.

I shake my head.

Joey: I can see why you dislike wrestling these types of flaky women.

Amy: Flaky... she is a fucking cancer that needs to be excised and thrown in the trash.

I again shake my head.

Joey: Ok... uh... I would say shall we move on, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Joey says as he spots Pussy Willow heading their way.

Amy: Why?

PW: Hey Amy...

Pussy Willow enters the picture, I look at Joey with an understand looking.

Amy: No... Pussy... I don’t want to talk about the match. Not right now anyway.

I shrug.

PW: Ok... you know where to find me...

Pussy nods getting the hint.

Amy: Yeah yeah.

Pussy disappears disappointed as Amy stands to her feet.

Joey: Where to?

Amy: Locker room. I feel the need to do some yoga to unwind.

Joey: Sounds like a good idea.

Joey smiles as he pulls me close to him and gives me a tight hug before letting me go as we then head to the locker room. The scene fades out in Amy and Joey heading down the corridor.


The match ended in a draw... I am happy about that but your antics in the ring make a mockery of wrestling. If you think hiding behind the ref and ropes is going help you in the future... you are sadly mistaken. We have unfinish business and i am going to teach you a lesson. You are nothing more than a dirty cancerous lump in this bombshell division... nobody rates you, nobody likes you and nobody looks up to you. You are just another cookie cutter flaky barbie wrestler with no talent at all. Next time we face each other one on one... I am going to make you fucking pay and I am going to teach you a fucking lesson.


Monday 15th October 2018
Brew Ha Ha
Pacific Palisades, CA

The scene opens up in the café owned by Jamie Dean’s friends Brew Ha Ha, where the café was busy with a lot of people looking to get their lunchtime caffeine fix and something to eat as well.  In the corner away from everyone sat Amy and Jamie Dean as they did their fortnightly meet up to chat, have a laugh and gossip.  Having met up about an hour before, they had already talked about men, women and gossips and shared some laughs, as Amy brought up the merger between Northern Lights Wrestling and Honor Wrestling into Sin City Underground.

Amy: So what do you think of the Sin City Underground merger?

Amy asks.
Jamie: Looks certainly interesting and I wish them luck in this merger and the new beginning for those who coming over.  Why are you asking anyway?

Jamie queried.

Amy: Just interested… not sure if I want to join or not.  It would be weird not to release a promo each time we wrestle.

Jamie: It’s based around doing segments and making yourself known on twitter and tweeting about you match etc…

Jamie said.

Amy: I barely tweet these days so that’s down the drain.

Amy shrugs.

Jamie: Then maybe isn’t for you.  But it’s your career… totally up to you what you do with it. But if I was you I would put those thoughts to the back of your mind and focus on this week. I hear you have a fatal four-way match to determine who would face Evie.

Jamie changes the subject to Amy’s match.

Amy: Yeah… I need to focus on that.  Three of the toughest women in SCW… definitely need to focus. Consider any thoughts about SCU pushed to the back of mind.

Jamie: Good. Enough of the wrestle talk… check out the guy in the suit.

Amy casually turns to the waiting queue and spots a tall probably mid 30’s athletic man with blonde hair.

Amy: Cute… but I think he loves himself too much.

Jamie smirks as Amy grins a little bit as she nudges Jamie with her shoulder as they look back at the man and laugh a little.  The scene fades out with them laugh and giggling with the man non the wiser that he is being talked about.


A day earlier...

Skype Message between Amy and Joshua.

Amy: Hi

Joshua: so you are talking to me?

Amy: yeah.

Joshua: Or is this because you feel guilty and that you want to help me with this so-called punishment?

Amy: Busted.

Joshua: I’ve wrestled in MMA matches before. I don’t need help.

Amy: how along ago was that? You are out of practice.

Joshua: I have my brother Austin to help out and train me.

Amy: We need to talk face to face... we can train together. I know it won’t be the same if you were getting trained by Austin but i can give some pointers and even show some stuff to you.

Joshua: alright. Usual place. Don’t forget to bring your pads.

Amy: Thanks Joshua.


Wednesday 17th October 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Home of Joshua Acquin.

The scene opens inside the small training complex at the house of Joshua Acquin in Las Vegas, NV where we see Joshua Acquin and his brother Austin Acquin inside the ring in the early stages of training as they lock up and go through the motions etc… meanwhile there door swings open to reveal Amy at the door with a large duffel bag hanging from her shoulder…

Amy: Hey…

Austin: Hey Amy… come on in.

Austin invites Amy in, as she smiles and walks in with her big bag as she approaches the ring, as Joshua continues his training with his brother.  Amy places the bag down and pulls out a bottle of water and places it on the apron before turning back to her bag and pulls out pads, vests and gloves.

Joshua: I don’t need help as I said before?

Amy: Yes you do… no offence to Austin… but I can teach you some Muay Thai moves. Refresh your memory because god knows when the last time you had that MMA hardcore match.

Amy shrugs as she begins to stretch.

Austin: She is right Joshua… I can only do so much.  Amy knows what she is doing.

Austin backs Amy up.

Joshua: Ok.

Joshua says reluctantly.
Amy:  Thank you Joshua… you guys continue. I need to warm up.

Austin and Joshua nod, as they return to warming up as Amy warms herself up with a little bit of jogging and shadow boxing.  Amy takes 10 minutes to warm up before grabbing the padding and putting it on.  Adjusting to get comfortable, Amy climbs into the ring as Joshua finishes up with Austin and then grabs a set of gloves and puts them on as he stretches a little before approaching Amy.

Raising her hands.

Amy: Jab, hook, cross, hook and kick.

Joshua follows Amy instructions.

Amy: Good but harder… I can handle it.

Joshua does It again following Amy’s instructions.

Amy: Harder! Again.

Joshua hits harder and does the combination.

Amy: Good.  Jab, uppercut, kick and knee.  

Joshua does that and Amy says again a couple more times before giving him some more combinations mainly punching combos with kicks and knees.  Amy backs away and adjusts the padding.

Amy: Just kicking…

Amy steads herself and holds the pads up and Joshua begins to kick over and over with Amy changing the positions forcing Joshua to push a bit harder and works his legs more.  She then makes him do knees again making him work.  This continues for another 20 minutes as Amy builds up the combos and working him harder. She then allows him to take a 5-minute break.

Amy: You ok?

Joshua: Yeah…

Joshua breathes heavily as he grabs himself a drink.

Amy: Do you want to take a few shots Austin?

Austin: Sure.

Austin just does a few punching combos as Joshua takes a few minutes.  The scene fades out on Amy, Joshua and Austin as Amy works both men hard as she and Joshua talk at the same time, as she apologies for the loss that ended up with him facing off against Fenris.


19th October 2018

Sunday night a fatal four-way for a shot at Evie’s roulette championship.  It’s actually been a while since I’ve been in a four-way match, but it isn’t going to be easy.  In this match we have Seleana Zdunich, Sam Marlowe and Trinity Jones.  All three women are tough and have been impressive in the past and we could say that Seleana is the future, but I am not.  Anyway… first up, Trinity Jones.

She only addresses me and no else in the match, which is very silly in my opinion, but I am flattered that she sees me as a threat, however, can I clear up the fact that I won a ladder match where if I won Jessie would be my maid for the rest of the year.  To be honest… I haven’t used her that much and I am not even comfortable doing it and if you saw on last weeks show… I let Jessie off, however, she will be only called upon if needed.

So maybe just maybe you need to check previous shows and segments before making stupid comments.  As for the match itself on Sunday… you have no chance in this match especially with the likes of Samantha Marlowe in this match who is my pick to come out on top in this match.

Next person… Seleana Zdunich. My record against you isn’t all that great… Well the one match we had… you won, and you were the better wrestler. But this time around I will be ready, and I will be making sure that I will be one step ahead.  I want another shot at Evie Baang… this time with no distractions and unfortunately you and Sam are in my way.

And speaking of Sam Marlowe… you are the biggest threat in this match and to be honest, I will not complain if you won. I respect you Sam, not because you are Ben’s friend or Jamie’s friend but because you are a decent wrestler and a decent friend, however, we know that respect goes out of the window in the ring.  I want to win Sam…  and I will not hesitate to take you out.

Trinity, Seleana and Sam… Listen up… I am no longer going to be a stepping stone to success instead I am going to use you to take the step. I don’t care which one of you, but I will win and I will go on to face Evie.

Good luck Sunday… we are all going to need it

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 Violent Conduct V
The Hanger, Lancaster, CA
16th September 2018

Sitting in the EMT room getting checked over following my match against Evie… I had no clue what happened at the end of the match.  All I remember was music playing and then nothing, however, catching the replays of mine and Evie’s match… the music I heard was the old MPC entrance music and then Evie hitting the Toxic Maid off the ladder to win and retain her title.

The rest of the match I could easily remember as it was a fans bring their own weapons… and what they brought and what we used made the match our and there was moments, where I found it but at times a little painful especially from the bump off the table into the flaming thumbtack covered table.

I flinch a little as one of the EMT pulls out some thumbtacks from a sensitive part of the body.

“There is no major burns just blisters and some singed hair.  Just put some Savlon cream onto the burns if needed.”

One of the doctors says, as I nod and check my hair for burnt bits and unfortunately there is are parts that are burnt but they will recover.  With Joey appearing at my side to see how I am, Scott Oliver appears a few moments later.

“Can I get a few words regarding your match?”

He asks.

“Sure… I am not going anywhere.”

I shrug as I flinch a little as the EMT wipes the back of my arm with some water mixed with disinfectant.

“Great.  Well first… how are you?”

Scott asks his first question.

“Sore and disappointed.”

“Ok… what are your thoughts on the match itself.”

“As I said I am disappointed… in myself and at the result of the match.  I should have tried harder but again I stupidly got distracted by either Jessie’s mind games or a technical glitch. The result itself… I should have won but at the end of the day Evie was better and Joshua is shit out of luck with his career now.”

I said with a half apologetic shrug.

“Do you think it was Jessie playing mind games or a technical glitch?

“I don’t know… if it was her… mission successful in screwing me over… if it’s a technical glitch then shit happens. But someone needs to look into that.”

“Well thank you Amy and I hope your injuries aren’t too serious.”

“Thank you Scott… OW!!”

I look back at the EMT and he gives an apologetic smile, as Scott Oliver leaves the room.

“Almost done.”

The EMT says, as I relax and wait for the EMT to be done.  The scene soon fades out as I watch the screen in front of me and the next match on the card as Joey disappears for a moment to talk with someone.


Trenton, NJ
Wednesday 3rd October 2018
Lexi Lu’s Café.

It had been a while since Amy had to go to New Jersey. The last time was specifically to sort out a house in Cape May on the coast that was ruined by storm damage from a hurricane several years ago. Now though she had no reason to go as she sold the house. But now though she went to meet up with a potential newcomer to 3-X, who was wanting to leave his current employer. Meeting up with the male performer named as Freddie. She quickly scanned over his resume and noticed that he was currently working for Amy's old company - Endless Filth. She then queried why he wanted to leave, and he stated that he wanted a "fresh start and get to know new people." Amy nodded knowing how that felt before asking a few more questions regarding his height, his sexual orientation, his favourite scenes to do and other risqué questions and reviewed with headphones some of his work... satisfied with his answers and his work Amy shook his hand and said that they would be in touch.  Freddie nodded and left the cafe leaving Amy alone as she packed her stuff away. Overall the interview lasted 45 minutes but it was well informed.

Standing to her feet, Amy drank the remainder of her coffee before heading towards the door, but a familiar face stops her in her tracks.

Man: Well well well... look who we have here. Roxxxie of all people.

Amy: uh Hi John...


13th February 1999


“Hello is this Miss Marshall”

“It is, who is calling?”

“My name is John Manning, I’m from a company called Endless Filth”.

“Ok” Roxxxie raised an eyebrow, she had never heard of the company before.

“Myself and some of my associates have seen some of your videos on your website, and we would like you to visit our offices in New Jersey for an interview.”

“Sorry an interview, I have never applied for your company.”

“As I said we have seen your website and videos, we like what we see and think your perfect for the company.”

Roxxxie takes in what he said as she spots Warren in another room, talking to one of his regular.

“When is the interview?” Roxxxie said without any hesitation

“Tuesdays the 16th. At 3:30”

“Where are you based?” Roxxxie asked

“Trenton, New Jersey”

“Ah, well I’m in Canada.”

“That is no problem, we have sent a plane ticket via fed-ex and once you get to the airport we will have a limo waiting.”

“Thank you.” Roxxxie said

“No thank you.”

“I look forward to meeting you” Roxxxie said

“And us as well”


“See you soon”

{{End of Flashback}}

John Manning the owner of Endless Filth, first contacted Amy back in 1999 when Amy was merely doing amateur camera work and asked her for an interview and after that the rest is history.

John: Long time no see... eh. How are you?

John asks not pretending to notice who Amy had just interviewed.

Amy: I’m good thanks. You?

Amy asks a little surprised to see him here and actually talking to her considering how Amy left the company and the fact that she sued them.

John: I am alright. What have you been up to since you quit Endless Filth?

Amy: started up my own businesses. Two tattoo parlours and my own production company. Might have heard of it... 3-X?

Amy says keep her distance and carefully what information she gives out.

John: I have and heard nothing but good things. I heard you wrestle now?

John said.

Amy: Yeah, I wrestle now… I’m decent and successful... and happily married.

Amy says with a smile.

John: wow congratulations. Who knew a big whore like Roxxxie would settle down.

John smirked.

Amy: I go by my real name these days. Amy Marshall or Santino. Look I hope there is no hard feelings?

Amy asks probing.

John: About... you leaving my company after I made you a top star and sued me or the fact that you are stealing performers off me.

John said with a glare, as Amy looked at him a little bemused that he still held a grudge although it should be the other way round considering the hell she went through fearing the worst for her health.


Friday 24th July 2009
Camden County Hall of Justice.
Camden, NJ.

The scene opens outside a fairly smart building, where we see Amy then Roxxxie climbing the three steps before coming onto the main square in front of the Hall of Justice. She looked around before taking a deep breath of fresh air before letting out a large squeal before jumping up and down in excitement.

Those passing gave her a funny look, but she didn’t care, she was free.

Free from a personal hell.

She had just successfully sued Endless Filth after failing to ensure someone was tested for HIV or any other STD and failing to protect their stars.

Amy was now at a crossroads…

Head to a new company, where she could make new friends, lovers and rise to the top and become the big star…


Find a new career but what could an ex-pornstar do apart from stripping, dancing at a bar or prostitution – been there done that and it was the worst mistake in her entire life.

But for now, it was a good chance for a break away especially she had now a good compensation package that she was given by the court.

Pulling out her cell phone, Amy heads to the nearest bench as she sits down ignoring the cool stone seeping through her black trousers, she began to search through her contact for a telephone number – obviously looking to speak to someone about her success in the court house.

Finally finding the telephone number she wanted, she dialled the number and waited for a few moments.

“Hello…” came a male voice.

“Hi it’s Amy”

“How did the court case go?” came a male voice.

“I won” Amy said with a smile.

{{End of Flashback}}

Amy: Ummm about your male performer... he contacted me not the other way around. Unless you did it on purpose to scout out my company?

Amy said with a frown.

John: Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t need to scout any company out... plus he wants to leave nothing to do with me. This is just a coincidence that I am here, but I’ll let you get on since you were on your way out and probably back to something important/

Amy: Thanks John.

Amy smiled as she turns to leave the cafe. Briefly turning back, Amy shakes her head... the man hadn’t changed in years and she didn’t realise that he was still pissed off about Amy suing him even though he was in the wrong. Shaking her head Amy headed back to the hire car before heading back to Baltimore.


4th October 2018
Santa Rosa, California

The scene opens up at the home of Amy and Joey Santino, where we see a taxi cab pull up to the house and Amy stepping out of the cab paying the driver before collecting her bag and then heading up the footpath to the house.  Unlocking the door and into the house, Amy puts her bag down.

“Joey… I am home.”

Amy shouts as she wonders through the kitchen then grabs herself a bottle of water.


Amy leaves the kitchen as Joey appears.

“Hi gorgeous.”

Amy smiles as she and Joey share a quick kiss.

“You wouldn’t believe who I bumped into yesterday.”


Joey queried as they leave the kitchen.

“Remember John Manning?”

“Of course… why?”

Joey frowns.

“I had just finished interviewing someone who happened to work for Endless Filth and well I bumped into John Manning.”

“How was he?”

Joey queried.

“He seemed ok… still a little bitter that I quit EF and sued him. But other than that, he seemed fine.”

Amy shrugged.

“That was his fault.  How about the guy you were interviewing… was John mad about that?”

“Nah… He knew his performer was wanting to leave.  Just sheer coincidence.  But it was weird seeing him again. Lots of memories came flashing back and then realised that I need to focus on my match this Sunday.”

Amy said shaking her head.

“Glad you remembered about your match then those memories. When is the flight to Fort Defiance?”

“Flying out tomorrow afternoon. So I have time to relax for a while.”

“how about lunch?”


“Good. Sit down and I’ll make us something.”


Amy smiles and plants a kiss on his cheek before going into the living room.  Amy takes a seat as she pulls out her cell phone and does a quick internet search. The scene fades out on Joey in the kitchen beginning to make something for their lunch.


Friday 5th October.

Two-week break... is just perfect enough to recover from the match against Evie but also sort out business affairs and actually work. Now I am back and ready to go and look to climb that ladder... although these days it’s more allow others to use me as their step ladder to the top and I head to the back of the queue. I may not be happy with that, but I still pack a punch in terms of pulling power at the top.

So this week... the next person to use me is someone called... Uh Apple Coren... I don’t know who she is, but she took a rather pathetic attempt at a shot at me. I guess everyone want to be like me and emulate my success and how I am always considered title shots... must be envy because she can’t even get onto a card.

Apple... sweetie... you are just like all those other basic generic one-track rich girls with their head shoved up their own ass attitudes. There is nothing special about you... I can name dozens of girls just like you... all the same - basic cookie cutter bimbos who think they are all entitled because they live off mommy’s and daddy’s money or just be a walking skinny mannequins with no clue or personality.

You think you can progress your career in wrestling by just being a mean girl... well sadly you are mistaken. These days it’s about wrestling ability and not no talent morons like you. Looks, money and puns will only get you so far in this company... the only time apples are worth my damn time is when I eat or drink them.

So... you haven’t been wrestling since July and the supercard, which you lost. We haven’t seen you since inside the ring or outside or backstage. Where have you been? In fact, I don’t care... if you don’t take charge of your career then it’s your problem no one else’s. you didn’t step up and shout and scream. That is why Trinity got a title shot... that why I got a title shot... in fact mine was gifted to me but I didn’t want it. But I wasn’t going to turn it down. Also, we have been here far longer than you... No one is going to listen to someone like who has barely done anything. If you want titles shots, then work hard... make a name... win matches... work your way up the ladder. If you want to be considered for title shots, then get your head out of your ass and focus and start making a damn name for yourself... don’t be like Jessie and demand things because look where that got Jessie... tag team wrestling and my bitch.

Now that we are acquainted… Sunday night will be your third match…your first match… your debut against Seleana, which you won. Your second match at Summer XXXtreme you were in a battle royal and well we all know that Christina Rose/Hilton/Williams/Zdunich won that.  So your career is 50/50 thus far but by time I am finished with you and you are laying on the mat like that waste of space you are… you will have a second loss chalked up and wonder how the hell I beat you after you hyped yourself up so much that you think you have this in the bag.

Sunday night Apple… I am walking away victorious and then you will know my damn name and its Santino bitch… remember it.

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 Oasis - Nightclub & Home for homeless LGBT kids.
9th September 2018 3:30pm
Charity Night

The scene opens inside the Oasis Homeless Shelter and Nightclub, where not since opening night it had been this busy with press and guests and the regular occupants of the home some mingling and chatting while others prepared for the afternoon of music, fun, food and the charity auction. Inside the nightclub we see a mobile disco on stage as the DJ played the last music, while at the far end there is various type of foods to cater for the kids, adults and those will allergies. The camera then focuses on a table, filled with charity prizes for the auction.

These charity prizes included...

Surfing lessons
Spa weekend
Tickets to a NFL Chargers or Rams game
NBA tickets to see LA Lakers.
SCW tickets to Violent Conduct
Wine tasting experience
Family ticket to Disneyland
Food hamper

Plus many more... all donated by various people including Amy and Joey Santino and by LA businesses, businessmen and women. As the camera pan around some more, we see Jamie Dean talking and joking with some of the kids, while Amy was talking to one of the members of the press as Joey, Jamie's friend Kathy and Sandra were directing guests to the right place.

The camera pans back round to Amy, as she smiles and introduces herself to the invited member of press.

Amy: name is Amy Santino.

MOP: Angela.

They shake hands before Angela continues...

MOP Angela: Thank you for allowing me a moment of your time. I just want to ask you a few questions.

Amy: sure.

Angela takes out a Dictaphone and presses play and places at her mouth and begins to speak.

MOP Angela: What made you come here today?

Amy: To support Jamie at this event as much as I possibly can and help it run smoothly.

MOP Angela: And how do you know Jamie Dean?

Amy: He and I are good friends and i guess former colleagues.

MOP Angela: former?

Amy: In a wrestling company.

MOP Angela: Ok. So, have you ever been the situation that these kids have been in.

Amy: fortunately, I have not. But as a member of LGBT community I find it unacceptable that these kids are treated badly often by their family’s because they don’t comply with normality of what a family unit should be or because god doesn’t like homosexuality.

MOP Angela: When you came out... did you get treated differently by your family?

Amy: To be honest i left home at an early age to live with my cousin. I guess I didn’t discover my sexuality until i was 16 and then it took a few years to tell my family. Dad accepted it and supported me, while my mother and I didn’t have the best relationship and only in the last few years it’s getting better and accepting what I’ve done in the past.

But i don’t want to distract whats happening here with my past. This afternoon this about making money for this place and the kids to enjoy themselves.

MOP Angela: indeed. What do you think of some the prizes.

Amy: some of the prizes look pretty decent. All of course donated by generous businesses, Businessmen and women around LA. i in fact would mind bidding on some of them myself.

Amy joked.

Amy: Are you going to bid?

Before MOP Angela could speak, they were interrupted by Jamie who takes to the stage. MOP Angela turns are focus to Jamie, as she says a few words to the Dictaphone and like the many others of the press stick out their Dictaphones or phones and waits for Jamie to speak.

Jamie: I want to thank everyone for coming here today for the special charity afternoon. When I started this venture, i never expected the impact would be this big especially with the media helping to promote this. However, this is all down to the media... it’s down to the kids who have made this place their home. And i like to thank them for trusting me. Now in about an hours’ time we will get the auction started but for now mingle, dance to the music and eat.

Jamie smiles as everyone applauds him as Jamie then moves from the stage and joins some of the kids, as a couple members of the press approach him to get a few words off him.  While Amy and Joey take a moment and head outside to take a break and relax before things kick off.

[[ 1hr Later ]]

DJ: Ladies and Gentlemen… it’s time for the charity auction… so get your cheque books and money at the ready.  The auctioneer for this is Joey Santino.

People clap as Joey moves to the table of prizes and takes the mic.

Joey: Thank you.  Let’s get down to business. The first prize that we have is surfing lesson at a beach of your choice and you will be taught by myself.  Starting bid for this will be ten dollars.

Voice 1: $10

Voice 2: $15

Voice 3: $20

Joey looks around the room trying to spot where the bids are coming from.

Voice 4: $50

Voice 5: $100.

Joey: Wow we have jumped quite high here. Any more bids. We are at $100 by the girl in the far corner.


Joey: Going once… going twice… Sold!  Congratulations you have some surfing lesson from myself.

The girl squeals with delight, as she walks towards the table and picks up the voucher for lesson.

Joey: Up next we have courtside tickets to see the Lakers basketball team.  Opening bid of $50…

Voice 1: $100

Voice 2: $200

Voice 3: $250

Voice 6: $350

Voice 7: $500

Joey: Serious bidding here.

Joey looks at Jamie, who eyes raise up at how high the bidding is going.

Voice 6: $550

Voice 7: $600

Voice 6: $625

The room goes silent as one of the bidders goes silent contemplating their next move.

Voice 7: Nope.

Joey: Any other bidders. Going once... going twice... sold for six hundred and twenty five dollars to the man in the white suit.

The man nods and then nods at the defeated bidder.

Joey: Very generous people here this afternoon. The next item up for auction is the NFL tickets for the opening game of the season. Starting bid $50.

Voice 1: $100

Voice 2: $150.

Voice 3: $200

Voice 4: $400

Joey: The blonde has just upped the bid.

Joey looks to the blond woman in the room who appears to be a member of the press.

Voice 1: $500

Voice: 3 $650

Voice 4: $800

The crowd look at the bidders and give a gasp at how high the bid is going.

Joey: Keep bidding... all going to a good charity.

Joey encourages the bidders.

Voice 3: $1000

The other voices go quiet contemplating their bids and if they are stupid enough to go high.

Voice 4: $1100.

Joey looks at the bidders and waits for the counter bid.

Joey: one thousand one hundred dollars... going once...

Joey looks to the tall athletic man and who shakes his head.

Joey: going twice.... everyone all out... sold. Congratulations madame you are the winner of the NFL tickets. Next up we have the very latest iPad. Opening bid of fifty dollars.

Once again bids come flying in from all directions, as Joey deals with the bids and offers. The scene soon fades out as the next hour and half the auction prizes slowly disappear from the table with the prizes going for various amounts from those within the room.  The eventual total amount raised would be $5000.


Wednesday 12th September 2018
Ringtime Fitness
Open Workout.
Santa Rosa, CA.

The scene opens up in Ringtime Fitness gym in Santa Rosa, California where just in a few days’ time Amy Santino faces off against Evie Baang for the Bombshell Roulette Championship at Violent Conduct.  As the camera pans around, we see a packed gym filled with sports journalists for newspaper columns and magazines waiting for Amy to make an appearance for the open workout.  Amy wanted to try something different to show how she prepares for a match, although this would be slightly different from what she usually does.

In the changing room, Amy pre-prepares herself with a short 10-minute yoga session just to get blood flowing and warmed up.  Once she finished warming up, Amy rummages through her bags and finds some boxing wraps and gloves. Picking up her towel, Amy then leaves the changing room and heads into the main boxing area, where the press waits for her as well as one of the local trainers who is wearing pads.

Although looking confident, she was slightly nervous as she was without Joey, who was working in LA for the week but would be available on Sunday for Violent Conduct.  Slipping on the boxing wraps and then glove, Amy moves to the heavy bag and begins to warm up with a serious of straight punches, uppercut and side punches.  While doing these the press took pictures and videos, Amy did the punches hard and fast for 10 minutes before backing away and heading to the boxing ring.

Amy: Ladies and Gents… I am moving to the ring.

Amy climbs into the ring, where stretches a little before moving towards the trainer, whom she was slowly getting to know as she visited the gym on a regular basis to train.  Watching the training climb into the ring he adjusted the chest padding before slipping on the pads onto his hands.  Putting his hands up, the trainer begins to give combinations to Amy, who follows that combination from Straight punch, left hook right hook duck uppercut and so on before introducing Muay Thai kicks, knees and punches to the combinations with each of her kicks and knees getting harder and harder with the trainer putting his weight behind those kicks and punches.

This continues for about a little while longer until Amy stops and takes a break and takes a sip of water before wiping her face.  As the trainer moves in and tells her that she is doing some mat work. Taking off her gloves, she throws them to the side as the trainer then gives another set of instructions, which Amy follows.   The scene soon fades out on Amy sprinter on the spot and the training telling her to move to a corner before to do 5 mountain climbers before moving back to the centre.


14th August 2018

I am going to open this part of the promo with an apology to Evie Baang. I am sorry. After reviewing what I’ve said and how you are feeling, I felt that I was a little bit out of order.  I could be wrong on this, but mental health is pretty big, and you need to talk to someone.  I’ve been there… I’ve had my moments where I wanted to just hide away and forget all the bad things through drugs and alcohol. Look Evie… you don’t have to…but you can talk to me as a friend or whatever… but there are people you can talk to who will listen.  But it’s up to you… but keeping things bottled up won’t help you.

But then again… I could be wrong and you are happy in your own way.

Now… I know that we are in the world of wrestling where anything goes, and everyone has different personalities and ‘quirks’ but we all have to be healthy and Evie I want you to be healthy, I want you to push any thoughts, fears and feelings to the back of your mind… I want you to be at your best and I want you to fight hard like you actually give a damn.

To be honest it feels like we have faced off too many times but, it’s about 4 or 5 times in singles and tag team competition but all those times you have walked away the winner, which is gutting because i know i will have to up my game to 200% just to get on your level. But here is something uninteresting, we haven’t held any gold when we faced each other until now.

Anyway... i apologise that you feel that you are a pawn in a game. You shouldn’t have been dragged into Joshua or Jessie pathetic games against management. But the pressure isn’t on you... it’s all on me. I’m the one having to pander to someone just to that they can get there career back on track. I personally find it sad and desperate and the last laugh will be with me depending although on the outcome.

To back to what we are fighting for.... the Bombshell Roulette Championship. It’s one of my favourite titles here in SCW. I prefer to fight in a roulette championship match because you never know what you are going to get when MRM spins that wheel and to be honest i thrive in these types of matches. I can’t wait for this match and i can’t wait to find out what the stipulation is. Evie you better be ready because you know i will be putting my all in this match including my body.

Violent Conduct i hope that it will be Violent in all the good ways for us. I hope the match stipulation will make this match better and with the lack of build-up... i hope it makes the match stand out for all the good reasons. We can try and make it one of the must see matches on the Internet post show. I am ready to push it are you Evie?

Evie you better be prepared because this will be the fight of your life and career. I am coming to take the Roulette Championship from you.

See you Sunday.

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 Climax Control 215
2nd September 2018
Long Beach, California.

Returning moments after her match against Effie Bingham where we saw Amy and Effie battle it out and with Amy coming out victorious. However, it wasn’t easy for Amy as Effie put up a pretty decent battle but in the end Amy’s years of experience proved too much for Effie. Amy wanted to return to Jessie and continue her humiliation, however, as she began to head to the bathroom that Amy left Jessie in, Pussy Willow stopped Amy in her tracks.

Pussy: Hey Amy… can I get a few words regarding your match against Effie and your future match against Evie?

Amy: Sure.

Amy said with a shrug, knowing that leaving Jessie alone for a few more minutes wouldn’t kill her.

Pussy: Thanks.  First off, we just saw that you beat Effie, how much does that help you in your preparations when you face off against Evie Baang?

She questioned.

Amy: I suppose it helps a little… give me that extra edge going to in the match against Evie, but at the end of the day it will come down in how I perform inside the ring against Evie not what gave me the extra edge.

Amy shrugs.

Pussy: Is there anything you want to say to Effie?

Another question.

Amy: All I can say is I’m sorry. I did what I had to do, she fought well but unfortunately for her she chalked up her first lost in SCW but no doubt she will her next matches and become something in SCW.  

Pussy: Thanks Amy.

Amy: No thank you.

Amy smiles, as Pussy wraps her piece, while Amy walks off to find Jessie. The scene soon fades out with Amy disappearing around the corner, while Pussy wraps up her piece before waiting on someone else to come.


3rd September 2018
Long Beach, CA.
Plunge Café.

The scene opens on the beach front cafe, where on the beach are several surfers including Joey enjoying the waves, however, Amy could be found sitting by the window watching enjoying her cup of coffee and muffin. Although paying some attention to the surfing, she was kind of expecting someone and that someone being Joshua Acquin, who exactly at that moment entered the cafe, where he ordered a coffee for himself before indicating where he would be sitting.

The relationship between Joshua and Amy had been strained as of late with his association with Jessie and some of the things they did and then to going straight to Christian and demand a title shot for Amy but losing any chances he had. She had tried to ring him once and left a message but heard nothing back and instead left a demanding text to meet here.

That worked and here they are now.

Joshua: Whats up?

Joshua asks as Amy shook her head.

Amy: Whats up? Really.... getting me a title shot and ignoring my phone call. That is whats up.

Amy said with some anger in her voice.

Joshua: Oh... I apologise for the missed call. I had a lot on and I simply forgot to ring back. As for the title shot... i thought you would be grateful for a title opportunity because of what Jessie did.

Joshua shrugged.

Amy: Firstly, a text would have been nice with an apology or something. And as I said on twitter, I rather earn title shots not be given them like Jessie.

Amy said angrily although not raising her voice too much as she didn’t want to disturb the other customers.

Joshua: I am sorry. I thought I was helping.

Amy: clearly you did not.... now not only am i going to be under pressure from tying to prize the roulette title away from Evie but i have to worry about your fucking future title shots. Thanks, a fucking lot. What hell were you thinking about?

Amy berates Joshua in his choice, as again tried to keep her voice down as a waitress comes over with Joshua's coffee.

Joshua: Is Joey down there surfing?

He tries to change the subject.

Amy: don’t you fucking dare change the subject. How long have we known each other?

Joshua: About 8 or 9 years...

Amy: and not fucking once have i interfered in your career and vice versa... but why now? And don’t say you disapproved of Jessie's choice of getting involved.

Joshua looked at Amy and shrugged.

Joshua: I was trying to help.

Amy: Well don’t. I want to earn my title shots in this company and if they are few and far between then i will take that. Losing to Seleana was partly my fault... yes Jessie had no right to be out there but i shouldn’t have gotten distracted by her.

Amy picked at her muffin as she pulled a chunk from it and ate it.

Joshua: I’m sorry. Are you worried that she might interfere in your match against Evie?

Joshua queried.

Amy: she would be stupid if she does but hopefully she got the hint Sunday that i am not to be messed with.

Joshua: Then you wouldn’t mind me sitting ringside just in case Jessie does appear.

Amy looks at Joshua wide eyed wondering if it was a joke or not.

Amy: You are joking right.... please don't. I don’t want you ringside... I don’t want that pressure or the worry about Jessie interfering.

Joshua shrugs.


Amy raised her voice, which she got looks from the other customers in the cafe.

Joshua: Ok... I won’t.

Amy: thank you.

Amy looked at Joshua with a half-smile, however, deep down she knew Joshua too well and she knew that he would still go to ringside. As she turned her focus to Joey on the beach, while Joshua took in some coffee.

Joshua: I'm sorry for all this... I didn’t want to upset you.

Joshua finished off his coffee and stands to his feet, where he leave he money for his coffee.

Joshua: see you around.

Amy: See you soon.

Amy turns and smiles at Joshua, which he places a hand on her shoulder and smiles back before turning and then leaving the cafe. The scene soon fades out with Amy eating the rest of her muffin, as she watches the surfers and waves, while contemplating the conversation with Joshua.


San Diego Mount Hope Cemetery
San Diego, CA
Wednesday 5th September.

Death is a dialogue between
The spirit and the dust.
“Dissolve,” says Death. The Spirit, “Sir,
I have another trust.”
Death doubts it, argues from the ground.
The Spirit turns away,
Just laying off, for evidence,
An overcoat of clay.

– Emily Dickinson

The camera focus on those words before it slowly moves away from the camera as we then see some read and white roses come into view before dropping to the ground.  We then see a headstone for Isabela Newborn with her date of birth and date of death and then a short blurb.  The camera pans around to see Amy standing in front of Isabela Newborn’s grave, her face emotionless as she thinks back for a moment to when she first found that is was given up as a baby after a stupid one-night stand.

Voice: It’s been a while since someone visited Ms Newborn’s grave, though you are a new face.

Amy: I thought I’d swing by pay my respects.

Amy said, as she looked over her shoulder to see a groundsman.

Groundsman: How do you know her?

The groundsman asks and perhaps asking too many questions already.

Amy: its complicated.

Amy said not too much, as she steps away from the grave before kneeling down.

Amy: Can i have a moment please?

Groundsman: sure thing.

The groundsman walks away leaving Amy alone. As she looks to the grave.

Amy: To be honest i don’t really know you and you really don’t me know me.... wow this is seriously weird and awkward.

Amy hesitates for a moment...

Amy: I just know you as Trish's mom and the surrogate who mom and dad adopted me from. I would have liked to meet you just the once... to see how i turned out. Probably would be disappointed and ashamed of my choices... and be proud of Trish and she turned out with her success and stuff. But I’m not mad really... i was when i found about you and dad but I’ve got over it.

Amy takes a moment.

Amy: anyway I hope you like the flowers... and thank you.

Amy rises to her feet.

Amy: I doubt if i will come back... but thank you for listening to me ramble.

Amy places a hand on the headstone before bowing her head. Amy then turns and begins to head towards the exit of the cemetery, where Joey waits for her.

Joey: all good?

Amy: Yeah. Let’s head home.

Joey takes Amy’s hand, where they walk a bit further done the road, where they climb into the Mercedes. The scene fades out with the Mercedes driving off as joey and Amy head back to Santa Rosa.


7th September 2018
Santa Rosa, CA
Time: 6:30am

The scene opens somewhere in Santa Rosa, where we see Amy jogging down the street in her usual morning run as she prepares for her match against Evie Baang at Violent conduct.  Taking a turn, Amy enters Juilliard Park and continues her run through the park until her cell phone, which is attached to her arm via arm band begins to ring.  Stopping her run, Amy pulls out her headphones and then the phone from the armband and frowns at her phone before answering and putting it onto louder speaker as she sits down on the nearest bench and stretching her legs.

Amy: Do you know what time is it?

Voice: Sorry did I wake you?

Amy: No... I've been up for about an hour. You ok though Jamie?

Jamie: I am.

Amy: So why are you ringing me at this time of day?

Amy queried.

Jamie: uh sorry... I know that you are busy with preparations and all that, but I need some help this Sunday. You know that charity night I mentioned. Well I have planned it for Sunday but just need extra people and stuff to give away for charity.

Jamie explained.

Amy: Sure... I can help. But prize wise... I’m not sure what I can bring.

Amy says as she stands to her feet and continues to move around.

Jamie: Tickets for a SCW show or umm.

Amy: umm yeah. I don’t think people will be appreciative of dirty videos and stuff like that. But I’ll have a word with Joey and see if he can do some surfing lessons and be able to help out.

Jamie: You are a life saver.

Amy: No problem... although doesn’t explain why you are up this early.

Amy queried.

Jamie: Stress and panicking that this is going go wrong.

Amy: It won’t. With Joey and I there it will run perfectly. If not I'll beat them up.

Jamie laughs a little.

Jamie: thanks. I’ll see you soon. I’ll let you get on with whatever you are doing.

Amy: Thanks. See you soon.

Jamie: bye.

Jamie hangs up as does Amy. Amy then takes a few moments to put the phone back into the armband and then plug the headphones back in and the music begins to play. He scene fades out with Amy continuing her run through the park.


8th September 2018

So... last week I should have gone to the ring and talked about this Bombshell Roulette title opportunity. But I didn’t want to... instead I voiced my displeasure of being named number one contender via twitter and to Joshua Acquin who got me this opportunity.

Now I have heard the odd rumbling that I goaded him into going to Christian, but that is not the case. I was just as surprised as Evie and everyone else at being named number one contender. Joshua should have not done this and offered up his own future title opportunities.

Now... am i under pressure to win? Maybe.

Am i feeling the pressure? Not yet. I am focusing on training and getting match ready.

Joshua should be the one to be nervous. He threw his career under the bus. It’s all on him. All i can do is give it my all and if Evie is the better woman at the end of the day then it is what is it.

Now to Evie... it seems that you just don’t give a shit about thing anymore. You just rather hide away from everyone and get on with your sad and lonely little life and rack up the days as Bombshell Roulette Champion and to come and defend it every 30days.

Did Joshua ruin your peaceful existence of sitting at home pining over you husband Ben Jordan or whatever you do.

Shame... that title deserves more. The last time the roulette championship was defended was the 5th August... exactly a month ago....that is only one title defence since you won it at Summer XXXtreme and compare that to other titles in this company... it simply hasn’t been defended enough.

You must be happy sitting at home doing nothing... picking up a pay check for doing a nights work and nothing else. It’s funny... you are Sin City Wrestle Bombshell Roulette Champion... yet you don’t have a contract and wonder why you are in this deep pit of whatever the fuck you are in.

If i was you Evie... i would pick myself up ... sign a proper fucking contract and make more effort in your career and life than what you are doing now.

You blame everyone around but not yourself... but it’s you not everyone else. I have no sympathy for you because just sitting and wallowing in self-pity will only make things hard.

At Violent Conduct Evie, I want a fight... i want you to step inside that ring and prove why you are the roulette champion. I don’t want an easy fight, I want a fight that will test the both of us. Yes, I know that it is down to the roulette wheel spin, but we can still beat the living shit out of each other.

However... this so-called failed hall of famer is going to walk away as champion. And you know why... I have desire, hunger and focus and you have nothing because questioning why you are here and that you have nothing here is a dumb thing to declare. That is why I am going to win.

See you soon Evie.

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 OOC Note:  The flashback scene is of my own writing and before I reverted to Amy’s full name.

Climax Control 213
19th August 2018
Irvine, California.

Amy: Where is she?

Amy questioned as soon as she was able to get up from the canvas and get backstage following her math against Seleana Zdunich.

Backstage crewman: Who?


Amy screamed at the backstage crewman, who looked at Amy as of she was a raving lunatic.

Backstage crewman: I... I don’t know. Sorry.

He stammered.

Amy: FUCK!

Swearing out loud, Amy gave a packing crate a firm kick as she turned and quickly leaving curtain area and heading down the corridor.

Amy is angry - correction - Amy is furious, enraged and wrathful. This match against Seleana was the first time in ages that Amy was looking forward too and had a decent chance to win and advance to the next round. However, it would never become anything with Jessie Salco deciding to poke her nose in and distracting Amy and ended up with Seleana winning. To be honest it was more Amy’s fault in allowing herself to get distracted but why Jessie decided to make an appearance when the match before she lost and went out of the tournament herself.

Arriving at her intended destination...

Office of Christian Underwood.

Amy knocks on the door and before he could answer, she barged in and slammed the door behind her much to the surprise and perhaps slight annoyance of Christian.

Christian: Uh... Ms Santino what do i ow...

Amy: I want Jessie in the middle of the fucking ring... in a hardcore, street fight or deathmatch... anything to get my hands on her and destroy her.

Amy cuts Christian off and makes a demand.

Christian: of all the people in this company... i am quite surprised to see you here and demanding something. However, I cannot grant your request.

Amy: Then punish her or something. I want her to pay.

Amy shakes her head as Christian leans forward in his seat.

Christian: Can i remind you of Climax Control 211 and the stipulations that were in place. You won and now she is your maid... you can do anything you like with her. Make her clean your house... or get her to clean all the dildos at 3-X. But it’s your decision.

Christian says calming with a slight grim at the thought of Jessie have to clean all the used sex toys before continuing on.

Christian: Now go and cool off and think about what you going to do next.

Taking in Christian's advice, Amy nods although still not happy with what happened, she gives a small smile to Christian before turning and then leaving his office.

Joey: You ok?

Amy: Yeah.

Giving a small smile to Joey, she takes his hand and she heads back to the locker room to shower and change and have a long hard think about how she could punish Jessie.


Juneau, Alaska.
21st August 2018
Time: 5:39pm

It had been a few days since Amy massive exit from the gold rush tournament, however, it continued to play on Amy's mind and just anger her, which in turn she couldn’t focus on anything else. Instead of heading to Baltimore to work, Amy instead headed to Juneau with Joey and to see her parents, sisters and other family members and enjoy that stress.

Pulling up at the house following the long flight from LAX, Amy slumped back in the seat as Joey got out of the cab paying the driver and in turn grabbing their bags.

Joey: You ok?

Queried Joey with concern in his voice as he opened the passenger door.

Amy: Yeah... just wondering if this was a good idea or not.

Joey: Well we are here now... no going back.

Joey says looking at the house behind him.

Amy: Why didn’t i suggest visiting your family?

Shaking her head.

Joey: I don’t know... but what I do know is that you need to relax.

Joey says placing a hand on Amy's shoulder, as he feels Amy relax a little, who climbs out of the car to join Joey. The cab then leaves as Amy and Joey head down the path to the front door. Amy gives a few gentle knocks on the door as they wait a few moments.

Joey: Don’t you have a key?

Amy: Nope.

And that was the end of that conversation, as the door swings open to reveal Amy's father.

Amy's dad: Amy... what are doing here?

He says surprised as he steps out of the door and hugs Amy and shakes Joeys hand.

Amy: Thought we come visit. I have this week off and why not spend it with family.

Amy’s dad: Liar.

Amy: it's true dad.

Amy says with a warm smile.

Voice: Who is at the door?

A disembodied voice comes from within the house.

Amy: It’s me Amy.

Amy shouted, As Amy's dad goes back into the house, which Amy and Joey follow close behind with joey closing the door behind him and placing the bags near the door. Amy’s mom appears from the kitchen.

Amy’s mom: Wasn’t expecting you. I’m guessing you have a week off.

Amy: I do.

Amy warmly smiles at her mom.

Amy’s mom: unfortunately, I haven’t catered for anyone turning up.

Amy: We can pop into town and eat there. If everyone is ok with it?

Questioning those around her.

Amy’s dad: Sure.

Her Mom and Dad nodded in agreement.

Amy: Great. Joey and I will wait here while you guys get ready.

Amy suggested, which her parents again nodded and then disappeared upstairs to get ready leaving Amy and Joey alone.

Amy: do you want anything to drink?

Joey: Just a water please.

Amy: Sure.

Heading to the kitchen, Amy grabs a couple of glasses and fills them up. Meanwhile in the living room, Joey picks up a sonogram...

Joey: I wonder who is pregnant?

Amy: What?

Amy returns with the glasses, placing them down on the table and then taking the sonogram from Joey.

Joey: Who is Isabela Newborn?

Amy looks at the picture and then at the date.

Amy: It’s my birth mom... wow... where did this come from?

Joey: Birth Mom?

Amy looks to her mom who comes down the stairs as she sees Amy holding the sonogram picture.

Amy: Where did this come from?

Amy queries as she remembers when she first time she found that she wasn’t born a Marshall but born to a Newborn.


Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
Manchester, England.
Ibis Hotel.

The scene opens up in the Ibis hotel in the centre of Manchester, where we see Roxxxie on her cell phone inside her hotel room, as she paces around the hotel room, as we catch the beginning of her conversation.

“Hi Mom” Roxxxie said as she bit her lower lip.

“Amy, how are you?” asked Roxxxie’s mom

“Not good.” Roxxxie said as she nervously played with her hair.

“Why? Have you lost your job?” Roxxxie’s mom said with a little too much hope in her voice.

“You would like that, would you?” Roxxxie snapped at her mom.

“Whoa…what’s wrong?” Roxxxie mom said with concern in her voice.

“I found a certain bit of paper. My birth certificate more precisely” Roxxxie said raising the issue of her birth certificate, which she took from her parents’ home, just before the NCW international trip.

“….” silence.

“So when were you going to tell me?” Roxxxie asked.

“I was hoping never.”

“My life has been one big lie, and you were never going to tell me. What about Katie and Lisa, are they yours as well?” Roxxxie asked as she wondered if her sisters were adopted or something.

“Yes. But can I explain?” Roxxxie’s mom said quickly.

“Explain what exactly… that dad ****ed someone who isn’t my mother and got her pregnant, and somehow you ended up my mother. How much did I cost you?” Roxxxie said with anger as she finished for more questions.

“It wasn’t like that.” Roxxxie’s mom said defending herself.

“What was it then.”

“Your father and I, hit a rough patch. We were trying hard for a baby and the strain took its toll and we went on a break for a little while. And during our break…” She began to explain the story of what happened.

“I got the point.” Roxxxie butted in, not wanting to know the rest. But had to anyway as her mom continued with the explanation.

“Your father told me about his fling and I wasn’t surprised when she came round claiming to be pregnant. While your father and her were going for an abortion, I came up with the idea of to surrogacy. Your father changed his tune and the other woman agreed.”

“So how much am I worth?” Roxxxie asked.

“It wasn’t about the money, it was about raising a family. A Family we love” Roxxxie’s mom said as she deflected the question of money and turned it towards family.

“A family that has been a lie for the last 31 years. And I still can’t believe dad did it with that woman of all people.” Roxxxie said as tried not to throw up again.

“How do you know her?” She asked.

“She is the mother of someone in NCW, which I have major issue with and thanks to you, I wish she had just aborted me.” Roxxxie said.

“Don’t say that”

“Why, you aren’t my mother.” Roxxxie retorted back without even thinking about what she was saying.

“Fine if you want to act like a little bitch, this conversation is over.” Roxxxie’s mom said with anger in her voice.


Amy’s mom: I was cleaning out some cupboards earlier and it fell out of a something. I must have put it on the side to pack it away and I forgot.

Amy’s mom takes the picture and looks at it.

Joey: again... birth mom?

Querying again Joey looked confused.

Amy: Basically, mom and dad were having issues. He knocked some women up, she didn’t want the baby but instead she became a surrogate. Isabela Newborn is Trish's mom.

Amy explained.

Amy’s dad: Whatever did happen to Isabela?

He asks as he heads down the stairs upon hearing the conversation.

Amy: She died of breast cancer on the 15th November 2011.

Amy’s mom: Oh... sorry to hear.

She says with some sympathy in her voice considering what happened in the past. As Joey takes a few sips of water from the glass as does Amy.

Amy’s dad: Well we better get going. Are you hopping into the car with us?

Breaking the awkward silence, her father asks Amy and Joey.

Amy: Please. We can detour to the flat and drop my bags off.

Amy’s dad: Sure.

Her mom and dad disappear out of the house, As Amy and Joey finish their drinks.

Joey: Why have you not mentioned about Isabela being your mom etc...

Amy: To be honest... she wasn’t worth mentioning. All she did was give birth to me... mom and dad raised me. Which I was a horror.  Trish really is my sister.

Amy explained.

Joey: It doesn’t matter about your past.  We all have skeletons.  But let’s not focus on them but instead with getting food.

Amy nodded, as she grabbed her bag, while Joey grabbed his as they both left the house with Amy closing the door behind her, as they headed to the Mercedes.  The scene fades out with Joey putting their bags into the trunk of the car before climbing in. The car soon speeds off heading into town.


26th August 2018
Fresno, CA

Sitting on one of the chairs by the pool, Amy had her laptop on her lap and with headphones in her ears, as she watches over Climax Control 214 from the previous night as she was pretty sure she missed some stuff out.  Skipping past certain bits, she caught some of the matches, however, what she was most interested in was how she become number one contender to Evie’s Baang’s Roulette Championship but also what Jessie had to say and it was something that Amy wasn’t too impressed about.

Giving her head a shake, Joey takes a seat next to her as he takes out the headphones from her ears.

Joey: What’s up?

Amy: Fucking Jessie… as per usual.  She is threatening to ruin my matches unless I drop this fucking maid thing.

Joey: Are you?

Amy: Hell no!  If she thinks she is in control, then she is very much mistaken. She is going to be in for a rude awakening.

Amy says with something wicked in her mind, as she pulls out her cell phone.

Amy: Someone else who is in for a rude awakening…

Joey: Joshua.

Amy: Joshua.

Dialling Joshua’s number, Amy needed to speak with Joshua in what he had agreed with Christian.  Amy had already voiced her disapproval over twitter stating that she would rather earn a title then be gifted it.  Joshua’s phone begins to ring and keeps going until the voice mail kicks in.  Waiting for a moment… Amy leaves a message.

Amy: Joshua ring me.

Amy hangs up and places the phone down beside her.

Joey: So what now?

Joey queried.

Amy: Now… I am going to enjoy the rest of my day off before preparing for my next match.

Amy cells goes off and without looking she answers and places the phone on loud speaker

Amy: Joshua… we need to talk.

Voice: Actually it’s Jamie.

Amy: shit… sorry.  I was expecting Joshua and give him a telling off.

Jamie: Sorry to disappoint.

Jamie says with a chuckle in his voice.

Amy: It’s fine. What’s up?

Amy asks.

Jamie: I was seeing how you are and wondering what you are up to?

Amy: I’m good.  Just relaxing for now before heading to Long Beach for Climax Control.

Amy explains.

Jamie: Interesting.  Who you got?

Amy: Effie Bingham.

Jamie: You got that in the bag.

Jamie supports Amy.

Amy: So whats up?

Amy queried.

Jamie: I was thinking about doing a charity night or something for the kids.  I was wondering if you and Joey could help out?

Jamie asks.

Joey: Sure…. We can help out.

Joey jumps into the conversation, as Amy looks at Joey with a little surprise but nods.

Amy: Anything for you.

Jamie: Thanks. I will give you a date and will let you know.

Joey: No problem.

Joey says.

Jamie: Good luck Sunday and see you around.

Amy: Thanks. See you soon.

Jamie says goodbye and then hangs up, As Amy places her cell phone down, however, not too far away from her as she waits for Joey to ring back.

Joey: What now?

Amy: I am going to put my laptop back and then I am going to relax.

Amy says as she shuts down her laptop and then stands to her feet.  The scene soon fades out as Joey sits back in the seat to take in the sun, while Amy disappears from sight, as she goes to put her laptop away as she looks to relax for the rest of the day.


30th August 2018
Long Beach, CA

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy. Having gone from the high of being in a gold rush tournament to being screwed over by Jessie before being given a title shot for the roulette title, which i prefer to earn than be given to me and back to entertaining rookies.

I don’t know whether this is a dream gone bad or a bad dream turned good... I don’t know about anyone else but I am certainly confused.

Anyway... firstly I won’t make any further comments about the roulette championship until the match card has been released because god knows I need material for that.

Secondly this week... I am facing off against Effie Bingham... someone who like controversy... but as I see it... controversy is Kate going around breaking arms and nothing is being done about it. Effie is just being loud and wanting to be noticed... because most people ignore the kooky weird girl.

Effie I appreciate that you are a little star struck by my mere presence, but I don’t want that to hinder our match and hinder your performance in the ring. I want a match where I just want to wrestle and forget about the week I have had. But that has to happen if you are focused and not fantasing about me etc...

I’m glad you enjoy my movies and that you get off on them but there is more to me than just my movies... I wrestle too don’t forget. You need to watch my matches very carefully... it’s up you when you choose to watch them from. You can watch them all or pick and choose the ones where I won championships... but as I said up to you.

But all that will work in your favour because i know nothing about you. You have no matches in SCW... so I cannot know how you work inside the ring and this is the biggest danger of this match. The unpredictability of it and it sucks. But I am not going to let that hold me back. I will step in the ring and lock up with you and kick your ass. Unfortunately for you Effie it will be your first loss in the company but after that it’s up to you how you progress with your career.

Sunday night will not be the best time for your debut. I want to win, I want to get on a winning roll before facing Evie Baang and unfortunately for you... you are just the victim of this whole mess and I’m sorry about what is going to happen.

See you Effie.

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