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Climax Control Archives / First title defence.
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:03:06 PM »
  Three Weeks Ago

25th November 2012
Eagle's Nest Arena
LA, California.

Necra is back in the ring and slams her cupped hands into the back of Salco’s neck. Drew looks as if he is about to have a fit from rage as he orders Necra out of the ring. Jessie cups the back of her head and rolls around on the mat in pain. Becky who is recovering on the outside is trying to get the fans behind her partner and has an out stretched hand begging for a tag. Dragging herself along the ring canvas Jessie is able to make the tag to Becky getting the crowd to once again jump to their feet in excitement. But as Becky storms into the ring Amy who is crouching down out of nowhere hits the BAD GIRL (double knee face breaker) on Becky.

Amy crawls over and makes the cover and Drew makes the count

Ding, Ding, Ding…

Necra jumps into the ring to celebrate with Amy who looks as if she has won the lottery, Drew hands them their newly won championship belts as Justin makes the announcement

Justin: And your winners and NEW Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions…. Amy Marshall and Neeeeecccrrraaa!!!!


Four weeks ago I debuted in SCW with a win against Cassie Banton at High Stakes 2, then a week later I was thrown together with Necra Octavian Kane and put up against Jessie Salco and Becky ‘Ragdoll’ Jones for their newly won tag team titles.

And much to everyone perhaps shock, Necra and I walked away the victors and in only my second match for the company I was a champion once again, though not a singles champion, but gold is gold.

Though I didn’t know Necra that well, we briefly celebrated inside the ring and a little backstage, but after that we separated and I headed back to Alaska, while Necra went back to where ever she resides.

Three weeks after joining SCW, I wasn’t booked and enjoyed my time off and even spent much of it with my boyfriend as well as house hunting in Vegas but also around California.

Four weeks after joining, again not booked but instead of sitting on my ass doing nothing, I opted to make my bitch sister from hell pay for what she did to me at High Stakes 2 and got even with her.

We brawled, I tried to finish her early by using her own finisher her like she did to me at High Stakes, but unfortunately the bitch countered and we continued to brawl until security separate us, however, it allowed me an opening and I planted Trish with the Bad Girl.

Though it was revenge for what she did to me, no doubt the battle between us will never be finished and no doubt many more attacks will occur in the future.

And to now…

Necra and mine’s first title defence and its against two member of the New Xtremes… what’s Xtreme about them? Are they Xtremely sucky or how many Xtreme ways is Misty going to kick their ass?

Anyway our opponents are Jessie Salco and Vixen…

This match should be pretty interesting and fun.


13th December 2012
San Jose, California
Amy Marshall’s hotel.

The scene opens up inside the hotel room of Amy Marshall, as she returns from the gym as she prepares for the tag team title match against Vixen and Jessie Salco.  Upon entering the hotel room, Amy appears to be talking to someone on her cellphone.

Dropping her keys onto the table by the door, Amy sits down on the bed.

“No you didn’t wake me. I was already up for my gym session.” Amy says as she begins to unlace her trainers.

“Oh good.  Is it ok to talk?” the male voice asks.

“Can I give you a call later on? I need to shower and sort out a promo for this tag match.” Amy says.

“Ok. Speak soon.” The male voice says a little dejected.

“Sorry baby”. Amy apologises.

“That’s ok. Speak soon.”

Amy hangs up her cellphone before flinging it behind her onto the bed, before getting up and heading into the bathroom for a shower. The scene fades out on the bathroom door closing.


”Two weeks of not being on television kind of sucks but its kind of good at the same time, as it allows to me to get my shit sorted and spend time with the ‘boyfriend’.

So when I found out that Necra and I are defending out titles this week, I was damned happy because there is only so much training, sleeping, fucking, eating etc… that you can do before going crazy.

Anyway moving on from my living habits and onto the tag team match.

When I came into SCW, I wasn’t expecting to be thrust into any title scene but instead work my up and before getting title shots, so it came as a shock when Necra and I were given a tag title match against Venom and Vice, however, it was a even bigger shock when Necra and I actually when the titles from them.

It was a shock to me and a shock to them, as Venom and Vice didn’t take me seriously enough and were more worried about Necra.

And by the looks of it Jessie, you still don’t take me seriously and of course the accusations of how I got the title shot in the first place.

I could say the same thing about Rebecca and how she got her title shot against Alexis a few weeks back.

But wait - she isn’t me.

The color green and being bitter just isn’t you.

If I was you Jessie I would just put up and shut up, I have been here a month and I’ve already know that you are nothing more than a whiny little cry baby bitch.

However, by the looks I am far from the least of your problems… I am really beginning to like Misty… such a beautiful job she did inside the ring last Sunday. I guess I won’t have to watch my back during our match.

Oh and Jessie if by some chance you actually win this match with your little tramp Vixen, I will be definitely seeking a rematch and I might just have to ask Misty to be my partner.

And onto Vixen… that has to be the trashiest sycophant Barbie cookie cutter name ever.

I guess it’s perfect for the New Xtremes bullshit...

Also what is so Xtreme about you guys anyway?

How many Xtreme ways Misty can kick your asses?

How many Xtreme ways to suck?

Anyway… back to you Vixen.

To be honest I don’t know much about you other than you being in the New Xtremes and that your Jessie’s tag partner this week.

I also looked at your profile and that didn’t help much, other than you had troubles growing up and went into the army to sort your shit out etc… etc… and you have a pretty awesome finisher.

Oh and you held the Roulette title for a short month before being defeated by Alexis.

I guess I will have to watch your wrestling attempts on video to gauge some sort idea in how you work. I will get right on that once im done here.

Sorry I can’t give you any fighting words but I am sure as hell make sure that I will say everything I need to say inside the ring.

But I can say one thing…

Necra and I will enter as champions and we will leave as champions.

We aren’t going to allow two Xtreme wannabe’s to take our gold.

Climax Control Archives / Don't take me lightly.
« on: November 23, 2012, 06:17:49 PM »
 OOC: Apologies for sucking in places.


Leading up to High Stakes 2, I was excited because once again I was preparing for another debut match in the space of a month, this time I didn’t have to wait long unlike the previous company I had joined.  Though usually my debut promo’s has been fairly clinical in stating what I wanted and how I was going to do it, I found that after being in NCW for so long – doing something new was quite alien.

All the preparation that I had done for my match against Cassie Banton went well – though there wasn’t much to search for, which only left gym session, as I wasn’t sure what I would be coming up against.

As for the match itself, it went as expected.

I entered, I dominated her, I humiliated her and I won. I proved that she was nothing more than a second-generation leech with just a name that fears nobody.

Post match…

I never saw the attack coming, as I celebrated my first win in the company. As I turned, I was nailed with a Double Knee Facebreaker infused with a lead pipe before locked into a submission move.

However, I wasn’t at all surprised that my attacker was my own sister – Trish Newborn.

The hate between us had started when I won the Starlet title off her – though she claimed I stole it, but in reality I won it fair and square even after I was attacked backstage before hand.

Since then we have faced off numerous times including her winning the Starlets title off me in a rematch to a rematch and we also faced off in a death match, which she won and happily brags about.

After she was booted from NCW… life there was quiet but still had to deal with her shit on Twitter.

And now I have to deal with the egotistical jealous sycophant robot whore here in SCW… not that I’m complaining, it gives me a challenge to put her in her place.


Home of Amy Marshall
Rio Grande, New Jersey
Wednesday, November 14th, 2012.

24 Hours after High Stakes had finished, Amy headed back to her new home in Rio Grande, where she was glad of the weeks break. It gave her a chance to recuperate after Trish’s ‘unprovoked’ attack.

Shortly after her match, Amy was sent to the nearest medical centre for check ups, which she was only told that she had bruising and would be in pain for a few days, but nothing broken, torn or concussed.

Then from there Amy returned back to her hotel in the early hours, before getting a few hours sleep before getting a flight to NJ.

Once back in NJ, the first thing Amy did was make up her bed before crashing in it, as she ignored the fact that the rest of the house was still a mess with boxes spread about the place.

However, the next day with painkillers flowing through her system, Amy was ready to sort the house out as well as enjoy the company of someone, who could help out. However, first things first…

”Well I proved that Cassie was nothing more than dog shit on the bottom of my boot. Hey Cassie…go crying back to daddy and how you shamed the family name.  Nobody gives a shit about 2nd generation wrestlers.

Oh and Trish… im still here bitch. You got to try a lot harder than taking me out by using my own fucking move, a lead pipe and your stupid fucking submission move. I won’t sit back and wait for your next move. I will come knocking for revenge.“

No sooner had Amy said the final words, their was a gentle knock on the door.

”Ah my sexy company”

Amy stands and heads towards the door, as the camera fades out on Amy answering the door to an unknown female.


Home of the Marshall Family
Salmon Creek, Juneau, Alaska
November 22nd, 2012, 6am

The scene opens outside the home of the Marshall family, where we see Amy standing in the middle of the road as she prepares to go for an early morning run, while the rest of the family and those in other homes sleep soundly.

As she warms up and prepares for her run, Amy looks around to see if there was any traffic before commencing her promo for her tag team title match against Venom and Vice.

Well this is certainly interesting.

My second match ever with Sin City Wrestling and I’m in a tag team title match.

However, my partner is someone called Necra Octavian Kane…queen of the damned… goddess of the dead… blah blah blah…

Frankly any person with that many nicknames has to be surely making up for something and generally when people call themselves queens or goddess, they are usually self-absorbed airheads that usually annoy the fuck out of me.

Though after trolling through hours and hours of promo’s… you don’t come off as a self-absorbed airhead, just a little annoying with your holy bible god crap about removing sins.

Go ahead… bitch that you are stuck with the biggest sinner going… I don’t care.

I bet right now you are very confused on why I am attacking you and not the tag chumps.

I am attacking you first, to make sure that you and every other bitch on the roster knows that I take no crap. I am not afraid to leave you in the middle of the match and feed you to the wolves… and if you get partnered with Patricia then the same shit will happen to you.

But lets not talk about that sycophant boring robot.

Anyway, moving onto the tag champs.

To be honest you two haven’t at all impressed me.

What kind of lame ass name is Venom and Vice anyway?

Though there are far worse tag teams names out there.

As I said you two haven’t impressed me, you already stated that you were thrown together against Trish and partner… you didn’t get the proper competition against them because they didn’t even bother to make an effort.

But guess what bitches, I am neither of those two failures.

I am a two-time tag team champion and a one time starlet champion… and I’ve done all this in 3 or 4 years… and won my first title in a matter of months of debuting as a wrestler.

It took you 5 years Jessie… Sad!

Yet you want to dismiss me because I am not Necra.

Oh you are in for a rude awakening.

And like all the bitches in my previous places, you want to focus on my previous career of being in the porn industry and the spurious accusations of how I got title shots and where I am positioned on the card.

FYI Jessie – I never ‘persuaded’ Mark… he just knows talent when he sees it, plus you are just bitter that you never got a title shot in your first or second match in SCW.

You see Jessie and Rag’s – all through my career people have never taken me seriously and go as far as calling me a whore and that I have STD’s etc… etc… frankly all that bullshit is unoriginal and boring.

And accusing me of persuading Mark is way up their with the unoriginality.

Plus I don’t care if you watched my movies but I do want you to watch, when Necra and I walk away with your nicely warmed tag team titles.

Frankly I don’t care what you think of me and how I got this title shot.

At the end of the day, its wrestling match not a bitching contest, but if you want to bitch go find someone who gives a fuck.

I don’t.

Oh and you said you were born to bleed, well I was born to break bones and if you don’t believe me, check out the video vault in NCW and see what I did to a certain Starlets arm.

You may not fear me now but once I am done with you and Rags and walking away with the tag titles… then you will take me seriously.

Oh and Patricia… don’t think I have forgotten about you.

I am merely biding my time, and I will strike back but you won’t know where and you won’t know when. But I will be making sure that I will use some sort of weapon… I just don’t know which one yet.

But it will inflict as much pain and damage to your ego inflated body.

Now if you excuse me, time for a morning run and work up a appetite for dinner later.

Amy turns and starts running from the camera, as she steps aside as car drives past, tooting his horn acknowledging Amy.

Supercard Archives / Introudction.
« on: November 03, 2012, 08:55:43 AM »
 OOC: Apologies for the shortness of this. Debut rp’s are tough.

~*~ Prologue ~*~
”The last time we saw Amy inside a wrestling ring was back on October 8th 2012, where she had notched up her second loss of her fairly new career in WEW, to Shannon Treamon. However, after that things went pretty quite, which this left Amy annoyed at the time taken between actually wrestling and waiting for the next card.

Although Amy had plenty to do outside the wrestling ring with looking after her two tattoo businesses and her porn company – she grew bored and found that there was only so much sex you can watch before going a little crazy, so Amy decided to look around for a new company.

Handing in her notice to WEW, Amy looked around and had a few offers from different companies, with eventually picking SCW as her new home.“


{-| punkprincess AMY MARSHALL |-}

Monday 29th October 2012
Las Vegas, NV
SCW Offices

The scene opens up inside the offices of Sin City Wrestling HQ, where we see one of the SCW owners – ‘Hot Stuff’ Mark Ward sitting at his desk as he addresses the person sitting opposite him.

“I am absolutely excited, that you have chosen SCW as your new home.”

Mark said with a smile as he picked up a piece of paper.

“And I am equally excited about my chances here. Thank you Mr. Ward.”

The female voice said as the camera panned around to reveal the ‘Punk Princess’ Amy Marshall.

“I understand you have one request.”

Mark asks as he leans forward.

“I do. I want a hype video before making my actual appearance.”

Amy explained.

“Anything else?”
Mark asked.

“Nope. That’s it.”

Amy said as she shook her head.  It was her only request to Mark, as she wanted some hype in her coming to SCW.

“Ok. If that is it, please sign here and make things official.”

Mark slid a contract to Amy, and in turn Amy grabbed it, where she gave the contract the once over before signing it.


Amy said before handing the contract back to Mark Ward.

“Thank you Ms. Marshall”

Amy and Mark get to their feet, where they shake hands making the deal even more official.  Amy smiles before turning and making her way out of the office.

Closing the door behind her, Amy lets out a huge sigh as she once again smiles before taking a walk away from the office, as she prepares to return back to Juneau.


====== theBADGIRL BLOG š š
Last Updated: 1st November 2012

”So raise your arms if you were surprised by my appearance last week?

Put them the fuck down…

It was merely a matter of time before I came into a company, where the troll bitch from hell roamed the halls and obviously Alexis.

And while there is unfinished business between the sycophant troll and I, I am still 100% focused on getting back wrestling and winning gold.

However, first I have to despatch someone dumb little girl called Cassie Banton.

I did as much as possible research, and frankly there wasn’t much other than she is a second-generation wrestler of some somebody family.

The first thing that came into my mind was – ‘how many more goddamned second or third generation wrestlers are going to crawl out of the fucking woodwork?’

But then realised that many of these second and third generations wrestlers fail at becoming as great as their grandfather, father, mother etc… etc…

And then merely sponge off their names, while the float around being irrelevant.

And you Cassie are just that.

You are merely a sponging irrelevant leech with just a name that doesn’t even strike fear into the hearts of little children.

Once I am done with you – your fans and your family will disown you like the village witch.

If you know what’s good for you, you should just lie down.

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