Finishing Moves
Team Wt
Dos Senores (Superstar Team) Senor Vinnie and Bill Barnhart Taco Line 520lbs
Heavy Metal Mania (Bombshell Team) Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden Flapjack into X-Factor
Wheelbarrow stunner into deadlift release German suplex
London Underground (Superstar Team) Daniel J Morgan and Osbourne Bread Breaker 510lbs
London Underground (Bombshell Team) Mackenzie Page and Charlotte Elliot Snap, Crackle and Pop 275lbs
London Underground (Mixed Tag Team - Freebird) Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page, Charlotte Elliot - 785lbs
Sass n Bash (Mixed Tag Team) Malachi and Bella Madison - 305lbs
Senor Y Senora (Mixed Tag Team - Freebird team) Senor Vinnie, Bill Barnhart, Bea Barnhart - 650lbs
The Barnharts (Mixed Tag Team) Bill and Bea Barnhart - 370lbs
The Black Sheep (Mixed Tag Team) Kris Ryans and Mikah - 295lbs
The Good Shepherds (Superstar Team) Father Gerald Shepherd and Brother David Shepherd Ray of Light 520lbs
The Good Shepherds (Bombshell Team) Mother Mavis Shepherd and Sister Esther Shepherd Salvation Slam 260lbs
The Good Shepherds (Mixed Tag Team - Freebird) Father Gerald Shepherd, Mother Mavis Shepherd, Brother David Shepherd, Sister Esther Shepherd - 780lbs
Trenton Tigers (Mixed Tag Team - Freebird Team) Daniela V Rodgers, Brandon Sludge, Vector C Rodgers, Char Kwan Library Bookdown -