Front Office


Sign-Ups If you do not have the time to RP please don't sign up, no one likes seeing "I'm sorry i just realised i don't have time" a week or so after you've signed up, it doesnt make you nor your character look good in the e-fedding community. Even worse is the time and effort our staff put in building storylines lost to stupidity.

#1 If you cannot RP for a show, then tell us before that card is booked. If you do not tell us before the card is booked, then you must give us a good reason why you did not tell us prior to the card was booked. If you are unable to provide us with a good reason then the match will not change..

#2 If you are a title holder and no-show a match, first, if your opponent RPs, then obviously you will be squashed and lose the title. Secondly, if you do not RP and by some luck of yours, your opponent does not RP either, then there is a possibility you could be stripped of your title.

#3 Also in regards to no-showing, we now have a "three strikes" policy. If you no show for a match without notice three times, that's it. You're gone.

#4 Original wrestlers will ONLY be allowed, this means no one previously on tv. Also, no use of real life commentators, reporters, or interviewers allowed in roleplays. This is an all original independent fed. If you check the staff page and staff bios, you will see staff members you can use in your roleplays

#5 Absolutely no posting links to roleplays on the boards. We have put a lot in to the boards with extras and added code that most wouldn't take the time to do. We've done a lot overall out of personal expense to keep the boards ad free and don't want ads to appear thanks to pop ups ads from roleplay links so please post all roleplays directly on the board and not offsite links

#6 No song lyrics in match entrances. All this does is create more work when it comes to putting results together and adds very little to the quality of results. All lyrics in entrances will be edited out. No exceptions.


Roleplay word limits
Singles: 7k limit
Tag: 5k limit per team member
BFTP: 5k limit per team member
Going over the word limit will result in an automatic disqualification!

Cursing Some of it is okay just dont go crazy with it. We do not feel like reading rps that have a bunch of ## and ^$$# in them.

Racial remarks and insults From here on in, insulting someone's race or referring to a character by a derogatory racial slur will not be tolerated. Also, the use of offensive slang such as the "N" word, etc will not be allowed. If in doubt, as always, speak to staff.

Sexual Remarks Will be tolerated to a point. Saying someone is "gay" is one thing, but calling them something offensive like "faggot" will not be tolerated. If someone's character is gay or lesbian, leave them alone. The more general remarks, in say a wrestler implying something without actually saying it will be tolerated.

Sexual Acts Describing in detail any sexual actions in explicit detail will not be tolerated. Some detailing is fine, but let's leave the more graphic parts to the imagination. There are younger RPers in the fed and this is not one of those sites that posts and this is NOT one of those freaky erotica websites.

Murder None, not in RPs or anywhere period.

Pictures Pictures of WWE wrestlers are frowned upon. Staff has had issues with WWE in the past cracking down against their photo use and we would rather not go through that again. HOWEVER -- in the end, it's up to you if you use a WWE photo or not. If you choose to, the potential consequences are yours to deal with. If in doubt, ask a staff member.
However buff models, or other pictures are allowed unless they involve nudity, and when it comes to judgment if the picture is postable or not, dont post something you would not show your mother.

Editing roleplays after posting Is strictly prohibited to add or remove from your roleplays. We accept occasional typos and error codes are unavoidable and a reason for some to edit, but to add more or remove things from your roleplays will cause an immediate disqualification in your booked match as we view this as cheating.

Grading RPs We look to the entertainment value of the RPs. Overall, we are looking to see what RPs are best written, most entertaining, and also, at least have some sort of focus on the match. The entire RP does not have to be focused on the opponent, but we ask at least some parts of the RP do. However, if you still wish to use the older style of RPing we used to use, you can do that as well. RPs will, from now on, be graded based on the overall quality. The idea of this is to make things more open, giving people more freedom in how they will RP. In case of the staff being tied on a decision, the match will be a draw.

Sandbagging While posting at the exact deadline only isn't technically against the rules, it is frowned upon. In our opinion it's unfair and shows a lack of respect towards your opponent.

Collaborations See Tag Team Match rule. In singles matches, no collabs allowed! You must do the work yourself.

Graphics and pictures in RPs are always welcome, but remember in the end, they're really just window dressing. It's the content of the RPs itself that we judge by, not by the decor.

Cards There are now four cards per month along with scheduled supercards every four to six shows and we pick the matches. If you have a special request just mention it in your roleplay and we will see what we can do. We usually book cards on a weekly term so if we have no room for your special request one week, then we'll try to work you in the next.

As for Supercards, we always do as best as possible to make sure everyone gets a match that is involving their current feud. If you are not currently in a feud, then we try to find you a match for the Supercard.

Matches We decide who wins by roleplays and only roleplays We want quality the most and quantity will help afterwards. But if you do 4 horrible roleplays and your opponent does one great roleplay then your opponent will most likely win the match. Deadlines for roleplays are posted on the cards. There are no exceptions to the rules so don't complain about it. If your roleplay is posted within a few minutes of the deadline we won't probably give you a hard time about it. Otherwise, in certain circmstances, if you contact the staff we may allow you to post a little late. That is only in certain situations where we feel it's apporiate, so don't ask to post late all the time.

Attacks You arent allowed to attack any other wrestler in any of your roleplays unless it is another wrestler you control or the handler of that wrestler has given you their permission to use their character,

Wrestlers Each time you want to add a new wrestler, you must either fill out a new application for that wrestler, or send all of that wrestler's information to one of the members of the staff. NOTE: As of now, you are permitted THREE active characters just so long as two of those three are EXCLUSIVELY a tag team.

Stables There is no limit to how many wrestlers you can have in a stable.

Title Shots Title matches are earned by good roleplays and if you defeat certain wrestlers. There are also #1 Contender matches to determine title shots.

We would also like to stress that a character can only hold one championship in SCW. No holding multiple titles. This is so everyone has an equal chance at the titles, plus remember; if you end up on a show where both titles would be defended, that's more work for you (especially on supercards!).

Male versus Female Matches

One It's completely unrealistic. (Can YOU picture Trish Stratus or even Chyna beating Batista?)


Two While male on female violence is severely taboo, it has been known to happen in wrestling when a male wrestler strikes a female wrestler. Altercations might happen on occassion, but they won't happen with regularity IE: a wrestling match.


Three There's a reason why we have seperate male and female divisions.

The ONLY way you'll see men against women is if there is an intergender tag team match scheduled and THAT will be a rarity.

Vacations If you are going on vacation you must try to tell us in advance. If you do not tell us at all you run the risk of being booked in matches and, in turn, you will end up losing every match. Also, if you don't give us enough advance and tell us as you are leaving, you run the risk that you may already be booked. (See no-shows for more)

Have fun! Please remember that this is just a game and it is intended to be fun. So please do not go screaming or cursing on the OOC board because you lost a match, and of course, Have fun!