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Climax Control Archives / Road to Glory?
« on: August 17, 2018, 06:32:56 PM »
 11th August 2018
Adult love Boutique
Santa Monica, CA

“Where are we going?”

“It’s sort of a surprise but I want you to help with something.”


Jamie says with some suspicion is his voice as the uber drives Jamie and Amy to the destination in Santa Monica. Being it only a short 10 minutes journey from Jamie's apartment in Pacific Palisades the uber stopped outside several shops, where Amy thanked the driver and climbed out, which Jamie followed. Amy stops and looks at the shop front.

Adult love boutique.

“Don’t tell me you and Joey want more spice and more toys in the bedroom?”

Jamie says with a smirk.

“No and no... since I have a new maid... I want my maid to be suitable humiliated as much as possible.”


Jamie said with a grin, as Amy and Jamie walk into the shop (for younger viewers everything is blurred), where Jamie looks around at the shop astounded at how much stuff there is.

“Any ideas?”

Jamir queried as he moved to the sexy outfits.

“Not sure yet.”

“How about this?”

Jamie takes a sexy maids outfit and holds it up.

“Uh god no... I don’t want Jessie dressed like that. I am not interested in seeing her ass and boobs. Though Shane might get a kick out of it... god knows they need to inject spice into their dull relationship.”

Amy shakes her head in disgust, as Jamie chuckles and put the costume back and instead grabs a men’s sexy tuxedo thong set.

“How about this?”

Jamie holds it up with a dirty grin

“I can just see you in that... I’ll treat you and anything else you want.”
Amy winks at Jamie, as Jamie shakes his head and holds onto the set.

“A gag maybe?”

Jamie says nodding into the direct of the gags of various job types, sizes and colors.

“I did threaten her with a gag.”

Amy turns and looks to the shelves.

“I can’t see her wearing penis gag or a O ring gag... someone might have too much fun. Plain boring one?”


Amy nods and picks up a plain black and white gag. As she and Jamie continue their shopping.

“What else could you see being useful?”

Jamie asks as he picks up certain things to inspect them before putting them back down or keeping hold of one for future use at home or with a male friend. Amy stops at the whips, paddles and ticklers and gives them one over...

“Tickler or whips?”

“Oh tickler for sure...”

Jamie joins Amy as he scours over the same shelves. Before picking up a pink feather tickler and tickles Amy’s ear with it. Amy says away with a giggle.

“Oh that will be very humiliating for her.”

Jamie hands Amy the pink feather duster as she looks around a little more.

“I want something else for her but not sure what.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

The shop assistant wonders over with a smile.

“I have a maid for the rest of the year and I want to humiliate her as much as possible in public, however, I feel the things that I have so far don’t go far enough.”

“Ok... We have a selection of adult clothing.”

The shop assistant points to where the adult clothing is.

“Yeah... I don’t want to dress her up. Do you just have an apron and bow tie or something?”

“Unfortunately the apron comes with the maid’s costume and the bow with the tuxedo thong set.”

“Ok then.”

Amy looks at Jamie, who just shrugs before spotting something.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Amy take another set and the maid’s uniform. Before moving to where Jamie is.

“I think I am done.”

Amy looks at the stuff she went in for plus more as Jamie nodded and adjusted his items of stuff as they moved to the counter.

“You found everything you required?”

“We did thank you.”

Amy smiles as she looks to Jamie.

“You and your partner will have a lot of fun with this.”

Amy smiles and says nothing and pays for all the items before leaving the shop with Jamie.

“She thought we were together.”

Amy smirked.

“She would be in for a surprise if I told her I was gay and you were married.”

“And have a maid who requires humiliating.”

Jamie chuckles and shakes his head, as Amy hands his blue unassuming bag.

“Shall we find something to eat?”


Jamie nods, as he and Amy then head a bit further down the street, where they come across a small bar. The scene fades out on them entering the small restaurant bar, where they go to the counter and to order some drinks first.


12th August 2018
Climax Control 212
Anaheim, CA

Kate bounces off heading back to Amy. Amy goes for another Superkick but Kate ducks it, Kate bounces off the other ropes. Kate comes back and Spears Amy to the mat.

Simone: I agree, I think Kate knows this as well as Kate turns Amy around putting her face onto the mat.

Kate grabs Amy's arm and puts add her weight onto Amy as she sits on her arm and pulls back!

Adams: Shipwrecked! (Seated Fujiwara Armbar)

Simone: This is not good for Amy as Kate has her in the middle of the ring.

Jasmine goes to ask Amy if she gives but gets no response, Jasmine tries again with no luck and calls for the bell.


Justin: Your winner of this match by submission... Kate the Siren Steele!!!

Kate refuses to let go forcing Jasmine to yank Kate off her. Jasmine goes to check on Amy as Kate tries to rub it in Amy's face. Jasmine gets up and orders Kate out of the ring.  The Anger in the ref’s face is enough for Kate to exit the ring as her music plays. Jasmine goes to check on Amy again.  Amy, however, starts to come about as she turns around and sits up. Jasmine talks to her to make sure she is okay, but Amy pushes the ref away. Amy gets to her feet holding her arm.

::: Backstage :::

Arriving backstage holding her arm following her defeat to Kate Steele, Amy moves down the hallway and takes a seat, where she begins to make her own assessment of her arm. Letting go of her arm she slowly stretches it out and then bends it.  She flinches a little from the pain of arm being forced back unnaturally but not broken just some TLC and paid meds required.

Standing to her feet, Amy keep a hold of her arm, as she then heads to the locker room as Joey quickly catches up with her as well as Scott Oliver.

“You alright?”

Joey asks.

“I am. I don’t think anything is broken. Just sored and a little bruised.”

“I think Jasmine saved you from a broken arm.  How are your ribs?”

Joey says being appreciative of Jasmine.

“Good.  The spear just took the wind out of me.”

Amy stretched a little.

“Is this a good time for an interview?”
Scott Oliver asks interrupting Amy and Joey.

“Sure Scott.”

Amy smiles.

“Thank you.  Ladies and Gentlemen… I have with me at this time… Amy Santino.  Amy we have just seen out there your match against Kate Steele, do you have any thoughts about your loss in this match?”

Scott asks.

“To be honest this match was just a little weird with the how the match went, but I could have redeemed myself in the restart.  But on this occasion and I am going to admit it… Kate was the better wrestler tonight. I have no excuse and no reason… just simply took my eye off the ball. On the plus side though and thanks to Jasmine St. John having the balls, my arm wasn’t broken, so that’s one threat and promise that Kate didn’t follow up on.”

Amy says and shrugs.

“How is your arm?”

“Sore.  But I should be 100% by the time of my next match.”

“Do you have any words for Kate?”

“To be honest… I don’t. however just to say… Kate you failed, and you got lucky tonight.  But every road has a small bump and you were mine. This loss is just a small hiccup, but nothing will stop me from getting gold.”

“Thank you and good luck in the tournament.”

“Thank you, Scott.”

Amy smiles as Scott disappears leaving Amy and Joey alone.

“Well that was quick.”

Joey said.

“Indeed.  Lets find an ice pack and then back to the locker rooms.”


Joey nods, as he and Amy then walk away from the area where they were just interviewed.  The scene fades out on Amy and Joey disappearing before focusing on the TV monitor nearby for the next bit of action.


15th August 2018
Santa Rosa, CA
Home of Joey and Amy.

The scene opens inside the Santa Rosa residence of Amy and Joey Santino, where we see Amy Santino sitting in the back yard as she taps away on her laptop making notes and replying to emails. As she goes back in her inbox she sees an email from Joshua Acquin and she then wonders how he is, as she hadn’t spoken to him since beating Jessie.

Placing the laptop onto the table nearby, she grabs her cell phone and dials Joshua's number. It rings a few times before Joshua answers.

“Hello stranger.”

Joshua greeted Amy.

“Hey... how are you?”

Amy asks.

“I’m good thanks. You?”

“Good. I was just finding out how you were following mine and Jessie's match.”

Amy says.

“It is what it is. I was a little disappointed at the result but at the end of the day you were the better wrestler. I maybe in limbo for a bit and my fate is at the hands of management. Plus, I’ve been focusing on other stuff.”

Joshua explains down the phone.

“I'm sorry how things turned out. I did query what would happen to you in this battle. Which you probably saw.”

“Yeah... I did. But I am not too worried it about and as I said you were the better wrestler. You had to what you needed to do. Don’t be sorry.”

Joshua said warmly to his friend.

“I’m glad you understand. So whats this other stuff you been focusing on?”

“My usual business stuff plus I run a team called Phoenix Burn in the LFL.”

Joshua explains.


Amy queries.

“Lingerie Football League... you are welcome to join the team if you like.”

Joshua offers.

“I'll pass i think. I’m happy to watch football but not take part. Sorry.”

“You could join the coaching staff.”

Joshua continues to probe.

“Thank you but i am happy with what I am doing now. Sorry.”

Amy shrugs and apologises.

“It was worth a try. When are you back in Vegas?”

Joshua says changing the subject.

“I don’t know yet. I'll let you know and we can meet up and do a bit gambling etc... “

Amy suggests feeling a little guilty that she hasn’t spoken to Joshua or seen him for a little while.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Joshua says.


“Well good luck this weekend in your match. And hope to see you soon.”

Joshua wishes Amy luck on her match against Seleana Zdunich.

“Thank you and I hope so too.”

Amy smiles.

“See you soon.”

“And you.”



Amy hangs up and places her cell phone on the table. She frowns a little at how things felt a little awkward following the match against Jessie, but hopefully once they meet up that it will disappear and can have some fun in the casinos. The scene soon fades out as Amy picks up her laptop once more and goes back to work.


17th Aug

First round of this gold rush tournament and I am drawn against Seleana Zdunich. I could be up against someone far worse but then again aside from the matches this week... I don't know who else is in this tournament.

Seleana... I feel a little bit sorry for you but before you think that I feel sorry for you because you are up against me... you sadly mistaken. I feel sorry for you because you have to watch Christina's back and watch your back in case psycho Kate comes after you. To be honest I don't know what her problem is or why she has a sudden fascination to break arms... but we all have to be careful.

Anyway... Seleana you have been making waves in this division and you should be given another opportunity at a shot for a title but why does it have to be for the Bombshell Championship? Although to be honest... aside from Dani fucking up her opportunity against Mikah there isn’t really anyone who stands out enough to be declared number one contender. I mean Mercedes Vargas could, but she is holding onto the mixed tag team titles at the moment with Kain.

Sorry I have deviated a little here but back to the point at hand... this gold rush tournament. To be honest this would my first such tournament and to be quite frank here... I am not going to screw it up. But this would your second opportunity to capture gold - the first being at Summer XXXtreme in an Ultimate X match, where you could have easily won but people fucked up and let Dani Weston win.

However, while you are hungry for gold and to make a name for yourself... I am hungrier, I am more determined, and I am prepared to step on you to reach the next round. You see Seleana... last week was a small hiccup in my road to glory, I briefly took my eye off the ball and Kate got lucky. This week I am not going to take my eye off the ball, this week I am not going to let you advance... I am the one who will be advancing because I need this, and you don’t.

You will have more chances in the future, but I won't. But before you think I will be a walkover... I won't be... I fight hard no matter the outcome. I want more gold around my waist because it’s been far too damn long since I held a singles championship.

This Sunday Seleana... your hope and dreams and aspirations will be put to a stop. Mine, however, will be going all the way and I will be facing Mikah.

See you Sunday.


Saturday 18th Aug.
Bren Events Centre
Irvine, CA

The scene opens outside the Bren Events Centre, where Climax Control 213 is being held this week, as we see Amy sitting alone on the bench outside the doors of the centre with a large gift bag next to her.  Checking her phone before looking up to see Jessie approach.

“What do you want?”

Jessie says with a glare, obviously having got Amy message to meet up.

“No hello? Is that anyway to treat someone who you are going to serve?”

Amy says with a smirk, enjoying the scenario.

“Hello. Now what do you want!”

Jessie says with frustration in her voice.

“I have a gift for you.”

Amy grabs the bag and hands it to Jessie, who reluctantly takes it.

“What is it?”

“Don’t open it yet. I want you to open it tomorrow.”

“Ok... look do I have to be your maid… can you just forget about it.”

Yes you have to be my maid... it’s part of the stipulation from the match. And like it or not i am stuck with you. And no, I’m not going to forget about it.”

Amy says shaking her head.

“I hate you.”

Jessie turns and goes walks away.

“Oh wait until tomorrow... you are going to hate me even more.”

Amy stands and chuckles and walks away, leaving Jessie with the gift bag. The scene soon fades out as Jessie looking at the bag and then angrily stomping off, while Amy hails a cab to return to the hotel.

Climax Control Archives / Fired up!
« on: August 10, 2018, 05:30:49 PM »
 5th August 2018
San Jose, California
Climax Control 211

Going into this match, all the pressure was Jessie to succeed not just for her benefit but for Joshua's career as well. I was relaxed, happy and had no worries about the match... I did all the training I could do because you can't really prepare for a ladder match and all the outcomes and possible injuries that stem from it. All I did know was that I was going to win and make Jessie suffer more. Although having her as maid for the rest of the year would be certainly weird.

<< The match >>

Amy climbs up the ladder reaching the second steps before Jessie crashes into the opposite side. The ladder shakes a bit but doesn't move much. Salco then climbs up the opposite side with Santino a step or two ahead.

Simone: Jessie and Amy are now both on the ladder!

Jessie catches her second wind and climbs the ladder fast! She meets Amy at the top and they begin swapping blows as the crowd goes wild. Jessie throws a wild elbow that Santino ducks! Amy comes back at her with a solid headbutt! The shot dazes Salco leading Amy to hold onto to the top of ladder and bring her right leg up high for a solid kick to the side of Jessie's head! She falls off the side of the ladder and hits the canvas hard! Amy looks up then takes one last step to reach up and take hold of the blue briefcase. Santino carefully unsnaps the briefcase then pulls it down!


Justin: Amy Santino has possession of the briefcase which means she is your winner. Jessie Salco will be Amy Santino's servant slash maid for the remainder of two thousand eighteen!

<< Backstage >>

Cutting the celebrations short, I headed backstage where the doctors were ready to receive myself and Jessie following our ladder match where I had cut on my forehead and Jessie just below her eye that would no doubt wouldn’t be pretty severally hours down the line.

As the doctor and I headed to the medical center Joey quickly rushed to my side with a look of concern on his face.

“Is she going to be ok?”

“She has a name... and I am fine.”

Amy says.

“Uh sorry. You didn’t tell me it would get like this.”

Joey shook his head as all three arrived at the medical centre as Amy sat on the bed as the doctor went to get more equipment.

“This... this very rarely happens. If was challenging for the roulette championship belt, then it could be any type match... first blood like tonight.”

“This was a ladder match.”

“And accidents happen. People don’t always get cut up. Look I am fine. It’s just a cut and blood. I don’t even have a headache.”

“How about a concussion?”

Joey continues to query and fuss.

“We will check for that first.”

The doctor piped up as Joey nodded.


Joey smiled as he sat down as the doctor began to their tests to determine If Amy got a concussion. Not detecting anything, the doctor began to wipe away the blood to find the responsible cut.

“That tiny cut produced that much blood.”

“The forehead bleeds like mad no matter the size of the cut.”

“Oh ok.”

Joey says surprised

“You have never cut your head before?”

Amy queried.

“Nope a few black eyes and bloody noses but never had a cut.”

“Ok then. Once the doctor here is finished... all you will see is a few stitches and maybe a bump and bruise for the rest of the week.”

“You are not training or anything for the rest of the week. Week off.”

Amy smiles at Joeys suggestion.

“That’s not entirely down to me but we will see. We will relax for a few days.”


“This might sting a little, but it will numb he area and we then I can stitch the wound.”


Amy sits back on the table and allows the doctor to begin numbing the wound. The scene soon fades out as the doctors begins to inject a local anaesthetic into Amy head.

You brought it all on yourself Jessie.. you kept running your mouth, pushing the limits and boundaries… your loss is all your fault.  Your loss destroyed any hope that Joshua will get any future title shots.  Joshua is a good man and you and your ego ruined his hopes and dreams.  Tonight Jessie, you tried your hardest, but it wasn’t enough.  Thank you lighting a fire under my ass… and I am still debating whether to be gentle on you or not.

<< 8hrs later >>

Monday 6th August 2018
Santa Rosa, CA

The scene opens the morning after Amy’s Climax Control win against Jessie Salco in a ladder match, where we see Amy sitting up in bed with the laptop in front of her as she types away and makes notes beside her, as her cell phone pings and Joey enters the room with a tray in his hand.

“You should be resting not working.”

Joey says placing the tray on the bed next to Amy.

“I am fine. I am not hurt and not in any pain.

Amy says shaking and rolling her head, as she picks up her phone and check the message.

Climax Control 212
Anaheim, California
ACC Arena Plaza.


“Who is that?”

Joey queries.

“Well DAD!  Its Sin City Wrestling and I have a match this Sunday against Kate Steele in Anaheim.”

Amy says sarcastically at first before continuing.

“No way… this is a rest week. Message them back and say no.”

Joey says.

“You are kidding right?  I am not going to exactly tell you to quit your job because it’s back for the environment.”

Amy says a little annoyed.

“My career doesn’t ruin careers… yours could.”

“Look as I said last night… I will have a few days off. But this is my career and my money.  You knew this when we first met and the year we have been together.”

Amy shrugs, as Joey listens and thinks for a moment.

“And if you look at the entertainers with the big company… they are constantly on the road and wrestle the very next night after big matches.”

Amy continued.

“I’m still not happy… but if you have a couple of days off that’s fine.  Which means no 3-X work and eat your breakfast.”

Joey says with a slightly defeatist shrug.

“Can I finish off what I’m doing… I was given a deadline of 11am but I’ll eat this too.”


Joey shrugs.

“Thank you.  And the doctors in this company are good.  They will stop anyone from competing.”

Amy says with a smile as she takes the cup of tea and takes a sip of it before cutting into one of the pancakes and taking a bit of fruit with it and eating it.  From there the scene soon fades out as Amy returns her focus back to her computer and making notes as Joey disappears to make himself busy.


10th August 2018

To be honest I was expecting to have a week off following the ladder match against Jessie, but hey... I am now without a tag team partner so it’s all about me now and focusing on this gold rush tournament that Christian announced. It an honour to be even considered for this tournament considering I haven't held the bombshell championship for a good few years and that I have been meandering around in limbo, although I have had a shot at Mikah and a few attempts at the mixed tag team championship but that is not the point.

The point being is that I have been trying hard to get back to the top but it’s been hard when you have been held back by Jessie and that the standard of competition in Sin City Wrestling has been exceptional. But last week I found a new sense of purpose... the match against Jessie last week has inspired me... I have been stuck in a rut for far too long.... I miss the big singles competition matches... watching myself over and over in that ladder match and seeing the blood flow from my head. It was something I missed.

Sense of self

And going into this match against Kate... and knowing that I will be part of this gold rush tournament... I am not to slack... I am not going to sit back and allow others to use me as there way forward.

You hear that Kate... you and your newfound attitude is not going to get past me.

So let’s just hover over that second... your attitude. Since when have you decided to grow a pair and actually decide to care about your career in Sin City Wrestling. So far you have just been a let-down in terms of what you have done here.

Yes you have won the Bombshell Roulette Championship but lose to it to Veronica Taylor of all people some months later and yes you have won the Bombshell Internet Championship but again... you were up against Jessie and well she is just the running joke now.

But what else have you done? Oh, that’s right... you attacked Christina Zdunich and tried to break her arm... congrats Kate.... way to make a statement.... but then again it was only a few days ago that you threatened to break mine, however, being your only ally in this company, I wouldn’t advise it.

I frankly don’t care what you do to Crystal/Christina... but you should be watching your back now. You are a marked woman... and if it isn’t Christina looking for revenge then it would be Seleana wanting payback and that is all down to you.

However, what I do care about is picking up wins... build up the momentum I need for this tournament and nothing will be getting in my way.

Not Mrs and Mrs Zdunich
Not you.
Not your attitude.

I am going to win and if you watched my match last week, I will be putting everything on the line again... I will be making sure that I will be 100% fucking fit and the only flaw you will see will be the scar and bruise on my head from being busted open from last week.

Kate you can threaten to break my arm all you like and call it business but my business will ensuring you eat a Bad Girl or getting knocked the fuck out.

Sunday night Kate what hopes you have in the match will be dashed just like i dashed Jessie's hopes of securing a contract to fight for titles again. I want to build up as much momentum as I can and prove to myself that I still have it.

Oh and if you are wondering about Jessie... she will be sitting backstage with the instructions that she may or may not interfere in this match.

See you Sunday Kate and good luck.

Climax Control Archives / Time to shut Jessie up.
« on: August 03, 2018, 05:33:37 PM »
  Text Message to Joshua: Room R303 Riviera Deck NOW!!

The scene opens 10 minutes after the start of Summer XXXtreme, where we see Amy pacing back and forth outside the R303, which is clear that it was her room. Several moments pass and Amy friends and Jessie partner in crime appears.

“Whats up?”

“What the fuck were you thinking out there? I hope to fucking god that you weren't going to attack Keira, Roxi and Nate. I know that Jessie would stoop that low but you... you are better than that and better than Jessie. You better have a good fucking reason because otherwise you are no better than Jessie.”

Amy says shaking her head... still angry that Jessie would try to attack Keira, Roxi and Nate and not allow them to have their moment.

“I wasn’t going to attack them... I was there to get a reaction. I am not that type of man to lay a finger on an innocent women or child and you know that... plus I know the rules in this company about female/male violence. As I said I was there to get a reaction... and I got the reaction I needed and Jessie got hers, though I don’t know how far she is willing to go.”

Joshua says with a shrug as he looks at Amy, who frowns unsure about this whole situation.

“I am confused by you and this whole situation.”

Amy says shaking her head before continuing.

“You know what... I trust you and I kind of believe you. I should believe you but your association with Jessie is clouding my judgement a little.”

“You have every right to feel conflicted, but you can trust me.”

Joshua says placing a hand on her shoulder

“I know. Anyway... we better getting ready for our match. We can’t be seen fraternising.”

“Sure. Good luck tonight.”

Joshua says.

“You too.”

Amy smiles as she watches Joshua turn and leaves, as Amy lets out a heavy sign as she leans against the door as a message pings up on her phone.

Text message from Wyatt: where are you?

Amy quickly types back with a small white lie as she moves away from the door. The scene fades out on Amy heading down the corridor and back to ongoing show and her preparation for the street fight.


Summer XXXtreme VI
Sun Princess Cruise Liner
22nd July 2018

The split screen shows a replay of the act that Jessie did on her former tag partner, as she slowly crawls over towards the ring as she uses the ring apron to get up to her feet. She uses the ring ropes to get back on the apron as Wyatt has gotten Acquin to his feet and whips him into the ropes, when Acquin comes off the ropes Wyatt grabs him and lifts him up for a Body Slam, but just as he wants to deliver the move it is Jessie that dropkicks Acquin in the back as that causes him to fall on top of Wyatt for the three count.




Again Wyatt kicks out, causing Jessie to jump around angry before somehow Amy has slid back in the ring and levels Jessie with the kendo stick in the back before locking her for the three count





Justin: The winners of this Mixed tag team street fight!!! Country Punkins!!!

Adams: Wow! Jessie started this war and Amy just finished it.

Amy and Wyatt celebrate in the centre of the ring, as Amy takes a step away from Wyatt and begins to clap him in appreciation as she shouts, ‘THANK YOU WYATT’ and soon the crowd begin to chant it.  Watching where Jessie and Joshua have gone, Amy backs away a little more to allow Wyatt to enjoy the moment.

Climbing out of the ring, Amy backs away and nods at Wyatt before going backstage. Amy waited for Wyatt as she took in some water and wiped her face with a towel. It was only a minute or so later that Wyatt appeared.

"I wondered where ya went Ms Amy."

"I wanted you to soak in your farewell and see how you are appreciated by the fans."

Amy said as she handed Wyatt his hat.

"Why.... that’s very kind of ya Miss Amy. And it was a nice send off."

"And with a win to top it off."

"Indeed. Does this mean your battle with Miss Jessie done with?"

"I don’t know. But I am not going to fret over it now. Come let’s celebrate and watch the reminder of the show at one of the many bars on this ship."

"Sure. Do you think we are properly dressed?"

"Who cares."

Amy shrugs as she takes in the remainder of the water as Scott Oliver wonders over practically from nowhere.

"Wyatt and Amy... I can get a few words from you about your match."

Scott Oliver asks.

"Only a few words. I am going to celebrate with my partner here."


"Wyatt has it sunk in that this was your last match?"

"Not quite. Probably tomorrow when i leave this ship and step onto land it might sink in. But for now, it has not."

"Amy... do you think this war with Jessie is over?"

"This tag team war is done as we just beaten Jessie and Joshua, but I don’t think it’s over totally between Jessie and I."

"Thank you Amy and Thank you Wyatt. Good luck with what you do next."

"Thank ya Scotty."

Wyatt tips his hat to Scott who nods back and then head off to find his next interviewee, while Amy and Wyatt leave the temporary backstage area and to the nearest bar to celebrate. The scene fades out on the tv monitor.


Disembarking day.
Monday 23rd July 2018
Port of Los Angeles.

The scene opens up at the port of Los Angeles a week later after leaving to sail around the Mediterranean for Summer XXXtreme, where we see at first fans and holiday makers leaving the boat and head toward taxies, waiting cars and buses. Slowly the SCW stars and Bombshells disembark the Sun Princess with many chatting with crew, while others are with family members and friends. We see Amy, Wyatt, Keira, Roxi and Nate leave all together. As Amy waves farewell to the Fisher/Johnson family as they head back home via a taxi to the airport.

"This is where we depart Ms Amy. Do you have anyone coming to get ya?"

"Joey is here in a company car."

"Good. I have a taxi waiting for me to take me to the airport."

"Why didn’t you go with Keira and Roxi?"

"Too many bags."

Amy nodded and agreed.

"Well... good luck in whatever you do. It was fun while it lasted."

"Ah am sorry Ms Amy for ending it."

Wyatt apologises.

"Its fine. Family and health come first. I am not going to argue."

Amy shrugs and holds out a hand, which Wyatt takes.

"Thank you... for everything."

A horn beeps several times, which Wyatt waves at the driver one second.

"No thank you. For taking me on as your partnah. You could have done far far better."

The horn beeps again.

"Sorry Ms Amy. But it’s time to go."

Wyatt takes his bag and he tips his hat to Amy and then heads to the waiting impatient taxi before climbing it. Amy gives a sombre wave as her phone goes.


"I’m coming."

Amy quickly answers before hanging up. Amy grabs the handle to her suitcase and then head to the waiting area, where she spots Joey sitting and waiting in a Mercedes Benz. Amy drops her bags into the trunk before climbing into the front. The scene fades out with Joey and Amy leaving the waiting area and head into the busy LA city.


27th July 2018
LAX Airport.

The scene opens inside the departures lounge in the LAX Airport, where we see Amy and her two sisters; Mary and Katherine who were looking to head home back to Juneau following a few days spent with Amy, where they shopped, ate, watched movies and many other things.

“Thank you for the trip.”

Mary said as she adjusts her new jacket.

“No problem, did you both have a good time?”

“We did.  Do you do that all the time?”

Katherine queries.

“No.  I work out most of the time then I either work or see friends or spend my week with Joey.

“Well there goes my ideas about what wrestlers do.”

Mary shrugs.

“I am not employed by a big company… most of my money comes from wrestling and 3-X and some good investments.”

Amy says.

“Oh ok.”

Mary says a little surprised as the tannoy springs into action.

Tannoy: Flight 321 to Juneau International Airport is now checking in. Will all passengers go to check in.

“Well that’s us.  Thank you for the trip around LA and actually spending time with us.”

“No problem.  I am sorry I’m not around enough to spend time with you and mom and dad.”

Amy apologies.

“it’s not your fault. You have a life, work and Joey.  But when you do have some spare time… come home.”

Mary says as she stands and grabs her bag.

“I know I know.”

Amy smiles and shrugs.

“See you soon.”

Katherine hugs and gives Amy a kiss on the cheek, which Mary follows suit, as they both head towards the check in desk waving goodbye to Amy.     The scene soon fades out with Amy turning and leaving the departure lounge.


31st July 2018
LA, California
Pacific Electric Lofts

The scene opens inside the Pacific Electric Lofts, where we see Amy and Joey sitting on the community rooftop terrace, where Joey is using the company loft to stay in when he is working in LA.  As they continue to talk amongst themselves, Amy’s cell phone rings…


“Hey gorgeous.”

Amy answers her phone.

“I’m outside.”

“Ok… I’ll buzz you in, we are the top floor.”

Amy says as she hangs up and she moves to her feet and goes to the apartment, where she pushes a button to allow Jamie in.  Amy waits at top of the stairs, where a few moments pass, and Jamie appears with a smile.

“This place is gorgeous!”

“Tell me about it.”

Amy turns and with Jamie following, they head to where Joey is.

“Hello gorgeous.”

Jamie smiles and greets Joey.


Joey smiles back with a nod.

“So who do I have to fuck to get a place like this?”

Jamie looks around the rooftop terrace.

“One of the main directors at Joey’s place of work… they also gave him a Mercedes AMG to use for his travels.”

“I know nothing about cars, but it sounds like a nice car.”

“Trust me… it is.”

Amy smiles.
“So what do you two have planned for the next few days?”

Joey asks.

“Just hang out… visit a few clubs.  Won’t be going overboard as I am wrestling Sunday.”

Amy says.

“Good.  Don’t want you to be off your game against Jessie.”

Joey says just as his cell phone rings.

“Sorry… I’ve got to take this.”

Joey apologies as he gets up and disappears leaving Jamie ad Amy alone.

“So no major drinking?”

“I am not going to get out of my face… but enough to have some fun.”

Amy says with a shrug.

“I can deal with that.”

Jamie smiles.

“Do you want something to eat?”

Amy queries.


“There is a bar just around the corner from here.  Can get some food there.”


Amy stands to her feet as she heads back inside with Jamie close behind, where she grabs a jacket and her purse before making her way out of the apartment along with Jamie and as they walk towards the bar.

“how was the drive over?”

Amy asks making small talk.

“Great… you should have seen the uber drive.”


“Hell yes!”

Jamie says with a smile, as the scene soon fades out with Amy and Jamie continuing their walk to the bar, as Jamie describes the driver that drove him from Pacific Palisades to where Amy and Joey were staying.


Friday 3rd August

One week is far far too long to wait and get my hands on you and punish you and destroy you. Do you feel like a big women? Do you feel proud and mighty that you tried to bully and attack Roxi and Keira out of the ring? Does it make you feel special that you tried to intimidate a two-year-old child - only for him to humiliate you. What would have happened if Wyatt or myself wasn’t there to back up Roxi and Keira... would you have stooped that low that you would attack them and an innocent little child. You want to be that person who wants to be controversial... attack babies... two women who were don’t even wrestle any more... whats next. Kicking dogs.... punching the elderly or stealing.

I smell a sense of desperation to stay relevant in this company. What would your beat down of Keira and Roxi be in aid of exactly? You are not exactly flavour of the mouth with anyone anyway including management and I hardly doubt Roxi and Keira were going to steal your limelight for one fucking night. Oh, and for the record even though they don’t wrestle anymore... they can still kick your ass.

Roxi and Keira were guest hosts for the supercard... I bet if you laid them out... they would be onto their lawyers quicker than you can say #BenDeservesBetter.

Congratulations by the way Ben.

You see Jessie you are just trying too hard and that is going to be your downfall. You are going to push hard and shout louder, but it just isn’t going to work that way. You see Jessie you are a straight up bully. Bullies never prosper from anything. You overstepped a mark in that ring at Summer XXXtreme and everyone sees you for what you really are.

A loud mouthed desperately pathetic bitter bully.

At Climax Control I don’t care about the stipulations... I don’t care if you become my maid for the rest of the fucking year… no matter how much fun it would be.  I just want to get you inside the ring to humiliate you, slap, punch and kick you and punish you. I am sick of all your look at me... I want attention and I want gold... I am going to stomp my foot and pout until I get something bullshit. I am going to put a stop to it by any means necessary...

And your defeat will stop this… get ready Jessie for war and disappointment because our match will be a war and the disappointment will be all you.

Good luck Jessie because you are going to need it.

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 16th July 2018

Los Angeles, CA
Port of los Angeles.

The scene opens 9am Monday morning in the Port of Los Angeles, where the Sun Princess Cruise ship sits as passengers slowly filter onto the ship, however, Amy was still a distance away stuck in a cab but being Monday morning and rush hour it was slow and painful.

“How do you cope with this traffic?”

Amy asks as she looks out of the window and then at her watch.

“I tend to leave about 6 or 7am to get to the office from the hotel.”

Joey says shaking his head.

“I am going to miss this fucking boat aren’t I?”

Amy says fretting about missing the boat.

“One; you are not going to miss the boat. Two; the boat doesn’t set off until 10am. You have time.”

“But we are still miles away. Excuse me... how far away are we from the port?”

Amy asks the driver.

“It’s another 9-10 miles away.”

“And how long is that going to take? Is there a short cut or something?”

“I don’t know ma'am I’m sorry. As for the short cut.... it’s about half a mile away.”

Amy lets a large growl and grumble and sits back in the seat.

“You will make it. Don’t stress. Getting out of town is far far easier than getting in or going further in. The traffic will free up once we get on the main road.”

Amy says nothing and instead pulls out her cell and starts writing a message before hitting send.

“Who did you text?”

“Umm… Wyatt and Christian.”

Amy shrugs.

“You are worrying about nothing.”

“better safe than sorry.”

Amy again shrugs… as the taxi drive pulls off the main road and begins to travel down smaller roads and back allies. As Joey pulls Amy close to reassure her.
“We should be at the dock in the next 10 minutes ma’am.  These smaller road and back road are quiet.”

The taxi driver said.

“Thank you.  You sure you have to go to work. Can’t you come on the boat?”

“Maybe Sunday. I’m not too sure at the moment. Sorry.”

Joey apologies

“It’s ok.  I know that you can’t come to all shows.  I will skype you.”

Joey smiles and nods and pulls Amy close for a hug again, as Amy peers out of the window to the see the dock nearing.  Amy relaxes a little at the knowledge that they close and haven’t quite missed the boar.   A couple of minutes of silence passes at the taxi arrives at the dock terminal.  Amy climbs out the cab, with the driver following and getting her back from the trunk, as Joey climbs out of the cab.

Giving the cab driver money for the fair, he thanks Amy before climbing back into the cab, but stays as Joey requires a trip back into town.

“If I don’t see you Sunday… then Monday I will meet you back at the docks. Good Luck.”

“Thank you. And I hope you see Sunday.”

Amy kisses Joey.

“Now go.”

Amy nods and grabs her bags and heads towards the terminal as she looks back to see Joey getting into the taxi as she turns back and runs into the terminal.  The scene soon fades out with Amy flashing her ticket and passport before going into the departures lounge.


18th July 2018
Sun Princess Cruise Boat.
Riviera Deck - Lotus Pool

The scene opens up on the Riviera Deck of the cruise ship Sun Princess, where we several people milling around as the head to the fitness centre and other places on the Riviera deck.  As the camera pans around we see Amy Marshall sitting on the edge of the Lotus Pool with guest host Roxi Johnson sitting next to her. Inside the pool is Roxi’s wife Keira and there almost two-year-old son Nate, who splash Keira as she plays with him in the water.

“He has gotten so big. Can’t believe he is almost two.”

Amy looks at Keira playing with Nate.

“Tell me about it. I can’t wait for those terrible twos.”

Roxi joked.

“We won’t have the terrible two’s will we.”

Keira brings Nate close and hugs him as Amy and Roxi smile.

“Sorry I wanted to hang with you guys sooner, but I want to give you a couple of days to settle Nate down.  Also working out hard with Wyatt as well.”

“Thank you.  And it’s fine.  You have a match and well we don’t.”

Roxi said with a shrug.

“So how you guys been?”

Amy asked.

“We’re good. Enjoying family life.  You? How is Joey?”

Keira asks… as she places Nate on the edge of the pool, where Roxi grabs him as he fuses to go back into the water.  Which Roxi slides into the pool with Nate in her arms.

“I’m alright… just fed up with Jessie.  And Joey is good. He is busy with work.”

“Is he not coming on the cruise?”

Keira asks sliding onto the ledge of the pool to site next to Amy.

“Nope. He doesn’t know if we will be coming to watch the show. Which sucks but I’m not upset up about it.”

Amy shrugs.

“Instead your focus is on me and Roxi”

Keira winks as Amy smiles.

“How many times do I have to tell you… I’m not interested.”

Amy smirks and playfully nudges Keira.

“Actually, I had idea for this cruise. Pass the time a little bit.  Special sparring session… friendly work out.  Would you be interested?”

Keira asks.

Amy thinks for a moment.

“Sure… why not.  Also useful to switch up training.”

“Great.  When do you want to do it?”

“Later on or tomorrow? Depends on how busy you are with the offer.”

“I’ll have to check myself. But I can’t wait to train with you.”

Keira said.

“You wished you hadn’t said that. I work hard.”

Amy grinned.

“I may not wrestle anymore but doesn’t stop me from going to the gym.”

“Uh… sorry. I forgot.”

Amy frowns.

“It’s ok.”

Keira nods as she looks at the time.

“Do you fancy lunch with us?”

“What time is it?”

Roxi asks.


Amy look across the room.


Roxi queries.

“Sure.  Obviously shower and change first. I’ll meet you on Deck 5 at the international l café?”

Amy asks.


“Sounds perfect.”

Keira and Roxi give different answers as Roxi hands Keira Nate before climbing out of the pool herself.

“See you in a bit.”

Amy smiles she stands to her feet and as she helps Keira to her feet.  Amy smiles and then waves at Nate before grabbing her towel. The scene fades out as Keira and Roxi get to their feet as they make there way to their room, while heads that was as well.


20th July

“Is that it?”

Amy begins to tap away on her laptop as she searches for more of Jessie promo or if there is a part two, but she finds nothing.

“Is that all you have to say... is this some sort of joke? Where is the rest of your promo?”

Amy again taps away but just shakes her head.

“So let’s sum up what you just said. I'm jealous of your success. You beat Christina for a title in another federation that isn't Sin City Wrestling. Wyatt and I failed in the Blast from the past tournament, costing you and Joshua the titles at Into the Void and you are better than me.”

Amy begins to laugh to the point that tears begin to stream down her fact.

“Oh shit... I can't breathe.”

Amy continues to laugh as she sucks in the some of the sea air to stop herself from laughing but it’s no use and the camera goes dead.

The camera turns back on a little while later and this time Amy looks a little more serious.

““Apologies... I don’t know what came over me. I am back now, and I should focus on the task at hand.

So let’s get these facts straight.

One; I am no way jealous of your success... that is just absurd. What is more absurd is that you sound like Veronica Taylor with her monotonous claims that everyone is jealous of her. And while she inhales too much perfume and hair spray in your case you need to cut down on all that head banging and mosh pits. I'm pretty sure they can do some damaged and, in your case, you have done some damage.

Two; congratulations on beating Christina. But who gives a shit... you just have something to brag about because you can’t brag about anything in Sin City Wrestling. As for Christina... she is easy to beat. She is too wrapped up in her self-absorbed mind to focus on wrestling. Christina's focus easily slips.

Three; Blast from the past tournament... we got to the semi-finals... tell me… how far did you get? oh that’s right... out in the first round. Stop chatting shit.

Four; we cost you the titles at into the void? Sorry but you cost yourselves the titles. You didn’t try hard enough in the match that’s your problem not mine nor Wyatt’s.  Both our teams would have never won anyway.

And five; you are better than me... nope. In what world have you ever been better than me. You can accredit me with three of your seven championships in this company… but those seven championship reigns have never been a word title reign.  The very title I won by beating Delia at the height of her dominance in this company…. A title that you can’t and never will get your hands on ever.

Also, if you want to pick on my partner… then go ahead but he and I will have the last laugh in this match.  I could have contacted Joshua and asked him to be my partner, but that hasn’t panned out in the past more notably in the Blast From The Past Tournament.  Plus, I wanted someone more reliable and someone who is better than your average joe.  Unfortunately, as I’ve said before… Joshua just isn’t that great inside the ring… hence why you two make a good partnership.

But Joshua and I have a special kind of relationship and whatever happens Sunday, nothing will change.

But Sunday for us… our relationship is broken and beyond repair and it isn’t my fault.  It is your fault because you can’t see beyond your obsession to capture gold to spite Christian and Mark and Ben Jordan.  You are so desperate to capture gold that you just don’t care anymore… it’s a drug and you are hooked and there is no way of escaping it.  Going cold turkey will destroy you and your obsession is just doing that.  You are no longer the person that I recognise… instead I see you as a sad pathetic little whiney bitch with no hope.

Sunday night… Wyatt and I are going to stop you and wipe away thoughts about capturing gold, instead we are going to send you away and make you re-evaluate your sad little mission.  You two better be prepared because Wyatt and I are walking away victorious. [/color]

Amy looks over the balcony before pressing stop and the camera goes dead.

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 Summer XXXtreme is one of the most unique and fun shows of the year... although doing tours around certain countries is equally fun with the scenery and history etc... being on a boat as you wrestle is different and comes with certain challenges like not being sea sick. Summer XXXtreme for me has given me a mixed bag of results over the years. Such as Roxi Johnson beating Alexis Morrison and Myself at Summer XXXtreme 2, beating Roxi Johnson at Summer XXXtreme 3 to become Internet Champion in a 30-minute ironwoman match, Summer XXXtreme IV losing to Melody Grace and Summer XXXtreme V Metal and Punk Connection & Devona beating The Mean Girls. But looking back to 2015... it was just wow.

Three fucking years.... my my time flies. 2015 was my year... 2015... match of the year against Roxi. Becoming the first ever grand slam champion and being inducted into the hall of fame.

And now.... in 2018 I’m fucking stuck feuding with Jessie because she can’t handle being a failure.

It’s painful to watch where my career has gone... but to be honest I couldn't be happier in what i have accomplished and watch those around me trying to emulate what I did. But I need to get past this stupid feud with Jessie and Joshua and focus more on getting the Mixed Tag Team Titles.


4th July 2018
Santa Rosa, California
Home of Amy and Joey.

The opens inside the large back yard of Joey's Santa Rosa home, where we see a large beautiful green lawn, swimming pool and patio, which is partially covered. As the camera pan around, we see Amy's family - mom, dad, sisters with their partners and we see Joey's family including his parents, his brothers and sisters and their partners. All standing around chatting and laughing and drinking. In the far corner the BBQ smokes away as Joey and Amy's father keep an eye on it.

With it being the 4th July, Amy had suggested to her family and Joey that they should have a get together with a BBQ and talk and socialise since the last time everyone saw each other was the wedding. Joey agreed along with his family and Amy’s and they all arrived at the house for the family get together.

Grabbing another beer from the cool box, Amy wondered over to her sister Mary...

“You alright?”

“Tell me what Joey does again? This house is way too perfect and i think I’m working in the wrong place.”

Amy smiles.

“Business consultant for oil companies.”

“Oh.... maybe I need to study for a new degree.”

“Good luck... I’ve seen all his qualifications. You needed to quit your job to study it all.”

“Oh. Never mind then. So what is your scheduled this week for wrestling?”

“I am not booked this week, but I am expected to find out who I/we are facing at Summer XXXtreme. But after that we have a two-week break. But both weeks is just preparation... but we need to be on the boat by Monday of the second week. Why you ask anyway?”

“Kind of hoping to spend more time with my sister. Don’t get to see you much.”

“We can after Summer XXXtreme... a couple of days in LA etc...”

“What about me?”

Katie asks somewhat listening to the conversation.

“You too Katie.”


Amy smiles as she spots Joey by the BBQ and excuses herself as she heads over to him and wraps her arms around him.

“Does this feel a little awkward to you?”

Amy asks.

“A little but in fairness we haven’t had a big party like this since the wedding. Once people have drunk a little more and eaten.... it will get more comfortable.”

Joey says flipping a burger as he turns around and wraps his arms around Amy.

“Hope so.... “

Amy smiles and lightly kisses Joey

“Do when are you two love birds going to give me a grandchild?”

Joey's mom - Frieda - asks as she wonders over.

“You already have two Mom. From Helena and Kevin remember.”

“So what... I want more.”

She says with home as she looks at Amy.

“Not just quite yet Frieda. We have been barely married a year and i want to spend more time as us.”

Amy says with an apologetic shrug, but deep-down kids and Amy were never going to happen. Frieda nodded accepting that answer.

“2 months after Gabriel and I got married, I was pregnant.”

Frieda says walking away.

“Sorry about Mom.”

“It's fine... it's going to be a tough conversation when 5 years down the line and we have still no kids.”

Amy shrugs.

“She wants a big family like she and dad did. No doubt she will put pressure on Tobias to find the right girl or even Eva to settle down.”

Joey says looking at his brother and sister and shakes his head.

“It’s cool. Everyone has a little quirk in their family. I’m of course the big quirk.”

Amy again shrugs as she watches her mom head over to Frieda and talk.

“Should be an interesting conversation between your mom and mine.”

“Oh don’t.”

Amy turns away worried as she looks at the food on the BBQ and gives couple of the sausages a poke and turns them over.

“Are they done?”

Joey asks.

“Appear to be.”

Amy says.

“Everything cooked and prepared.”


Amy says looks at the table behind them full of salad, cooked meat, fish, veg, bread and dips etc...


Joey nods and places the remaining sausages, ribs and steak onto a plate and places it on the table.


Joey shouts as she turns and closes the lid on the BBQ.

Amy’s father is the first to get up and head in their direction. As Amy and Joey help themselves with some food before moving to the seating area to sit and eat. The scene soon fades out as other get up to get some food as the garden quietens down as people fill their faces.


8th July 2018
Kemah Boardwalk, Kemah, Texas
Climax Control 210

It had been a week since Wyatt had given an interview with Scott Oliver stating his intentions that if he and Amy failed to win the Mixed Tag Team Championships from London Underground that he would step away from SCW.  He and Amy had briefly spoken about his intentions of leaving but she had hoped that he wouldn’t and that The Country Punkins would continue on especially with this ongoing feud with Jessie and Joshua.   However, after losing to London Underground in a tight fought match… Amy could sense that Wyatt’s heart wasn’t in it any longer and when he decided to go to the ring during Climax Control 210 and announce he departure… Amy had tried to persuade him not to, but it was no use.

Taking a seat somewhere backstage but close enough to the curtain just in case something happened, Amy watched on the monitor as Wyatt headed to the ring and made his announcement that he would be leaving, which the fans gave him a big ‘Thank You Wyatt’ and cheer him, but sadly it was ruined by Jessie and Joshua… as they mocked him and basically ran their mouths.  Amy shook her head at Jessie’s and Joshua’s audacity to ruin Wyatt’s farewell, standing to her feet Amy quickly left the backstage area in almost in a spring, but not through the normal curtain but instead took a different route that took her around the back so that she could slip through unnoticed.

Catching just as Jessie said what it would leave Amy for Summer XXXtreme and his apparent lack of thought on it, Amy climbed over the barrier quietly and quickly before sliding in the ring Amy was ready for a fight as she wanted to punish Jessie some more especially the mocking of Wyatt.  Taking down Jessie with a spear that’s where things kicked off again, but before they could do anything else security rushed the ring and stopped things.

With some shouting and screaming from everyone… everyone returned to the backstage area.

::: Backstage :::

“I am so fucking done with Jessie... I can’t wait pound her fucking face into the ground.”

Amy growled as she paced the hallway as Wyatt watched on.

“Miss Amy... can I just say first thank ya for having mah back out there. And two this battle aint done. Summer XXXtreme we can end it.”

“You sure you want to give up on all this fun we are having?”

“I'm purdy sure. If I am to leave... then I want to go out on a high by giving Joshua a hiding and see you give Jessie the beatin' she deserves. Plus I need to get mah head straight. But I will be back one day.”
“I know you will. But for now, we have another two weeks of each other... we need to train hard and get you focused. How about a nice early morning run tomorrow?”

“How early?”


“Uh... sure why not.”

Wyatt said a little unsure.

“Good. However, when we get on the boat. We will train a little harder. Ok.”


Wyatt shakes his head as he places his hat on his head.

“Great. I think everyone has gone. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Amy smiles at Wyatt before walking away to find Joey. The scene soon fades out with Wyatt wondering what he got himself into as he leaves the area himself.


Friday 13th July.

A mixed tag team street fight on a boat.... it sounds strange and stupid at the same time. How could you possibly have a street fight on a boat.... or even have a wrestling show on a boat but somehow it works, and it has worked the past year five... hell I had a 30 minutes iron woman match.... but this street fight will probably bring in some odd types of weapon use and dangers... but we wouldn’t wrestlers if we were scared of the dangers.

So this would be the first ever mixed tag team street fight... and its where we will see the end of the Country Punkins. We have barely even started but its already coming to an end... but I couldn’t be proud of what we have achieved as a team... and I am not upset at Wyatt because Wyatt is putting himself and his health and wellbeing first.... I am upset that its ending so soon.

Wyatt... it’s been a pleasure and honor to work and tag with you... I am going to miss you. Thank you, Wyatt, for everything.

Now before Wyatt leaves... there is the matter of this tag team match. Wyatt will no doubt want to go out on a high and I am going to help him in doing so.

All this stupid pettiness started just after Climax Control 205. All I wanted to do was put a bit of spice and excitement into the tag team division.... all I was aiming for was competition and while Joshua can see this and keep things inside and outside the ring, Jessie can’t, and it’s gotten stupid to the point where we have been dragged away by security every fucking show.

It wasn’t until Climax control 210 where I saw the utter disrespect. I thought that Joshua and Jessie were better than that. Wyatt should have been given his moment to say his piece and wave farewell to the fans and soak in the fans’ adulation. But nope... Jessie and Joshua had to poke their noses in.

Utterly pathetic and utter disrespectful... you two should be ashamed of yourselves. Utter scum.

But why am not surprised that you are disrespectful towards Wyatt... when you Jessie have been showing it for months towards management. Your disrespect and contempt towards them sickens me.

If I was in Chris or Mark’s shoes... I would have either fired your ass or make you sit on the side-lines indefinitely and let you rot. But that’s just me.  But it must kill you that at the end of this street fight you win nothing not even an opportunity at the Mixed Tag Team titles. All you will get is a big pat on the back from Joshua and that’s if you win… It must also piss you off at the fact that Christian and Mark denied the request for the ladder match between us… I would b happy either way as long as I get my hands on you… but you had go and throw in a silly little contract that either of us won we would get a title shot.

You are getting sad, desperate and pathetic. Your failure of getting any gold and any title shot must eat you up and it’s fucking hilarious.  But what is going to be even more funny is when Wyatt and I walk away as winners of this match as usual you and Joshua are losers.

Your career after Summer XXXtreme will be on cruise control to nowhere…. You will have nothing… no friends, no allies no nothing… just you… Jake, Shane and Joshua.

I would wish you luck… but in your case you would need a miracle.

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 The past few weeks and Sunday just gone have been pretty wild in terms of the feud with Jessie as Amy began to wonder if this would ever end or cease as Amy and Wyatt returned as The Country Punkin's. Two weeks ago, it was just a full-on brawl. Last week... I opted to play with her head a little bit as i brought myself a ticket and sat with the fans. Jessie's face was a picture... as she didn’t know whether to focus on me or the match with Seleana. I even asked a fan to tap Jessie on her shoulder. The fear on Jessie's face was priceless. No fighting happened other than what happened inside the ring. Jessie can't complain as she won. However, it was later on in the evening after Wyatt and I beat Maxim and Claudia Seraphina that Jessie decided to try and jump me and well again we brawled until separated. The bosses so far have said nothing, but their patience must be wearing thin as we have disrupted the show a few times and needed the security on hand.

Climax Control 208
24th June 2018
Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Justin: Here are your winners, Amy Santino and Wyatt Peterson, The Country Pumpkins!

Simone: Amy and Wyatt pick up the win in a hotly contested match!

Adams: Wouldn't surprise me if they go after London Underground soon!

Amy rolls out of the ring to celebrate her win whilst Maxim checks on Claudia, Wyatt tries to keep up with Amy but is having difficulty due to the damage his leg has taken over the course of the match.

Wyatt: Amy, behind you!

Wyatt calls out suddenly and Amy spins around just in time to duck a cheap shot from Jessie, the TWO! women brawl on the ramp whilst the fans go crazy!

Simone: Well, at least Jessie didn't interfere in the match this time!

Adams: The bosses need to do something about this! Between last week's brawl at Six Flags and this brawl, it may be impossible for them to maintain order!

Just like last week security and theme park staff pour out to break up the brawl but this time they get a little help from Wyatt as they pull Amy and Jessie apart and escort them backstage.

::: Backstage :::

Once again backstage... once again being pulled away by the security and once again another brawl this time instigated by Jessie. Though giving her props... she doesn’t give up especially when it comes to sniffing gold. Once far enough away from each other security depart leaving Amy and Wyatt alone...

“Is she still bitter about being jumped?”


“She held a grudge that long?”

Wyatt queried placing his hat on his head.

“She hasn’t. We brawled last week and the previous week she cost me my match against Courtney Pierce.”

“Dang! I sure did miss some of the action.”

“At least we got the match finished and won before she jumped me.”

“Where did ya go earlier?”

“I wanted to sit in the crowd and watch some wrestling. Just coincidental that it was Jessie's match.”

Amy shrugs with a smile, as Wyatt shakes his head in disbelief.

“I can’t wait for the bosses to knock ya heads together.  But after tonight… lets make sure we are focused on London Underground when we face them next.”

Wyatt semi berates Amy.

“I am focused, and I will be focused.”

Amy says determined not to get distracted by these attacks.

“Right… things look clear.”

Wyatt says peering down the corridor.

“Good.  And thank you for having my back.”

“No problem Ms Amy.”

Wyatt tilts his hat at Amy before leaving and heading down the hall way leaving Amy alone for a moment until Joey appears.

“You alright?”

“Yeah…. Lets go.”

Amy smiles and grabs Joey’s hand as they also leave the area.  The scene soon fades out as Amy and Joey head to the temporary locker rooms, where Amy grabs her stuff before she and Joey leave.


Friday 29th June 2018
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Blue Bayou Water Park.
~ Hurricane Bayou

The scene opens inside the Blue Bayou waterpark side of the park, where we see lots of kids splashing around in the pool, while others were talking and deciding on what to ride next, while the adults kept an eye on them while lounging around the pools.  As the camera pans around a little more, we see Amy sitting on one of the lounges in a blue bikini, while we see Jamie Deen next to her in shorts as we soon realise the many of the kids were of those from Jamie’s young adults centre.

“Thanks for this… it sure beats the hell out of studying and finding something for the kids to do.”

“And for the hundredth time… you are welcome. I know its only for a couple of days and very last minute, it also gives us a chance to hang out for a few days.”

Amy smiles as she picks up her water and takes a sip.

“This isn’t do with Joey having to work?”

“Oh shit! Busted”

Amy giggles.

“It’s fine… we haven’t hung out for a while anyway and interesting place to do so.  Certainly, will get me wet.”

Jamie smiled and winked.

“haha yeah! Just hope Jessie isn’t here, would ruin my day off.”

Amy said as she leans back and soaks in some more sun.

“Mine too. I hope the kids are enjoying this.”

“Don’t stress about them too much… they are enjoying themselves and they can be trusted.”

Amy reassures Jamie.

Jamie watches a couple of the kids for a moment, as they have a laugh and splash each other.

“hmmm… you are right.”

“I know… come… race you to The Racers.  Last one down buys the drinks tonight.”

Jamie looks around.


Jamie quickly climbs to his feet, as Amy swings her legs around and gets to her feet, however, Jamie sprints off as Amy follows close behind as they head to The Racers.  Once at The Racers, they climb the long steps to the top.  The scene soon fades out with Amy and Jamie at the top of the ride as they wait for a couple of people in front to use the slide before it’s there turn next.  Sitting at the top… the push themselves off…


30th June 2018

London Underground (Charlotte and Osbourne) beat Amy Marshall/Wyatt Peterson, Jessie Salco/Joshua Acquin and Maxim/Claudia Seraphina by pinfall on Maxim by Osbourne at Into The Void VIII on the 27th May 2018.

This time around history isn't going to repeat itself... because this time it’s only London Underground verses The Country Punkins... no-one else is in this match just us four. Last time round you got the easy win because let’s face it Jessie and Joshua did fuck all other than bitch and moan, while Claudia and Maxim Seraphina are about as scary as kittens and couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag and provided little resistance and fight.

But the fight this time around is coming from Wyatt and myself and we are not going to be intimidated and we are not going to back down no matter the LU combination.

And yes, I used that abbreviation just to piss you off.

So far your reign has been easy... I don’t know how much of a fight Casey and Dani gave but it was clearly not enough as they didn’t beat you... shame really it would have really livened up the division and have some exciting characters as champions.

Yep... I called your team boring and it’s fucking true. You are so one dimensional it is crazy... you must have went to the same school as Veronica Taylor. The school of no personality and how to rehash insults.

Hi... my... name.... is... Charlotte... I... am... in... a... tag... team... called... London... Underground.... Amy.... should... stay... on... her... back...

Osbourne... crush!

I could go on as that joke can be applied to McKenzie and Daniel, but the joke would have gotten stale quickly.

So at Into The Void.... it was Charlotte and Osbourne inside the ring.... at climax control 206 it was McKenzie and Daniel Morgan against Casey Williams and Dani Weston, which was a pretty damn easy match for you guys from what I watched of the match.

So the next tag team will be anyone as we know… but I’m fairly confident that with all the matches that Jessie and I had and that matches that Country Punkins have had against you… we can win.  I have watched your matches over and over again… and for my penance for wrestling… watched your fucking promo’s.

What else can there be said… aside the usual bullshit and me defending my previous career or what I currently do.   Sunday night Wyatt and I will be 100% walking away as champions from this match… You can spew the same old insults and the same bullshit but when it comes down to things… Wyatt and I will be victorious.  And if you think my head is somewhere else… you truly wrong.  I am professional, and I can set aside my issues and focus on the task at hand.

London Underground your reign will come to an end Sunday Night and a new reign will begin.

The Country Punkins will be crowd as champions

Climax Control Archives / Welcome back Wyatt.
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 OOC: Apologies for the short rp… I want to write more but just wasn’t happening.

The past few weeks have just been a mixed bag of utter... shit. At Climax Control 206 where I faced off against Courtney Pierce in her second ever singles competition match. It was going well, as Courtney and I went back and forth with several near pins.  Her wrestling ability was alright, but it could have been better. I could have won if it wasn’t for Courtney taking out the referee… silly little girl.  I tried to revive Jasmine with little luck and climbing to my feet I was met by a cartoon fool who ambushed me and cost me the match against Courtney. I have to say thank god all of our shows get record and of course having a loving husband at your side because i remember nothing of it other than seeing a goofy fucking face and then knees. [/color

::: Flashback :::

And Courtney kicks out! Both Bombshells get to their feet at the same time and Courtney goes for a clothesline not realizing that Jasmine is right behind Amy until it's too late as Amy ducks under the clothesline and Courtney instead hits Jasmine!

Courtney has about half a second to realize what she's done and that's it because when she turns around its right into the Bad Girl!

Simone: Bad Girl! Amy has hit it!

Adams: But there's no ref to make the count!

Amy goes for the cover but realizes that Jasmine is out cold, Amy goes to try to wake her up when suddenly the person the Minnie Mouse costume rolls into the ring and measures her up, when Amy turns around the person in the Minnie Mouse costume hits her with a picture perfect Bad Girl!

Simone: Bad Girl! Minnie, or rather the person in the Minnie Mouse costume, has hit it!

Amy is out like a light as Minnie stands over her with her hands to her mouth in a shocked expression, seconds later "Minnie" removes her head revealing a familiar face!

Simone: That's Jessie Salco!

Adams: And she just cost Amy the match!

Jessie: Payback's a bitch Amy!


It took a couple of minutes but upon coming around and being helped backstage, Amy was sat down backstage as the necessary check made, Joey handed Amy water before sitting down next to her with his phone.

“What happened?”

Joey ready for the question raises his phone up and replays exactly what happens in the last few moments of the match.  Joey presses stop as the bell rings.

“That fucking…”

“Before you get up and find her… she disappeared through the fans. I asked security about her, but they didn’t see where she went. So there is no point going after her.”

Amy looks up Joey and shakes her head.

“I suppose I didn’t win, did I?”

Amy asked

“Nope. Courtney took advantage of the attack. Sorry.”

“It’s fine… but it does mean war.”

Amy shakes her head, as she slowly stands to her feet as Joey follows suite and they head away from main backstage area to temporary locker rooms.  The scene fades out as Joey follows Amy into the temporary locker room as he looks to keep an eye on Amy.

::: End of Flashback ::: [/b}

Then last week... when I wasn’t even booked I found myself in a backstage brawl with Jessie. I can’t even remember who or how it started. All I remember was us fighting... kicking each other’s ass and even disappearing into the park, which our brawl was eventually broken up my park staff and scw security. Shame I was actually enjoying that brawl... although I think I bruised a couple of ribs.

::: Flashback post brawl :::

As the park staff security and SCW security filled the area and grabbed Jessie and Amy and pulled them away kicking and screaming as the fans started to boo at the two ladies being dragged away but security ignore them as a few stay behind to tidy up and push the fans along and to go back to the show or to go on ride.

Meanwhile Amy who was still kicking and screaming to be released ends up somewhere quite far away from the original scene, but still in walking distance.   As they back away, Joey rushes in and looks to calm Amy down.

“Are you ok?”

“No… my side hurts. I think that bitch cracked a rib.”

Amy shakes her head as she stretches a little but grimaces in pain.

“She could have done a lot whole worse if you two ventured further into the park or into somewhere you shouldn’t have. I don’t know if he park is going to press charges for any damage.”

“What damage? We didn’t break anything.”

“You didn’t… neither did Jessie. But totally not the point. Anyway… can the security go?”


Amy said as she stops pacing and sits down.

“You can go guys.”

The security nods and walks away.

“What happened?”

Joey asks as Amy thought for a moment.

“I don’t know… we just started fighting.  It was all a blur…”

“Well I think we should head back to the hotel.  Avoid everyone and just relax and a few drinks.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Amy smiles as she stands to her feet with Joey, as she and Joey quickly leave the area. The scene quickly fades out with Amy leaving the show as security still wonder the halls waiting for something to happen.

::: End of Flashback :::


Dollywood Express
22nd May 2018
Dollywood - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The scene opens inside the Dollyland park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where we see fans/supporters of Dolly Parton visit and just plain visitors of the park wondering around thinking about the rides that they could go on or find something to eat. Amy, however, who was sitting on a park bench with a water in hand opposite the Dollywood Express station.


Amy said looking at the camera.

“We don’t want a repeat of a few weeks ago... are you good with a train ride?”

The camera nodded.

“Good. We are going for a train ride around the park. The only issue would be the train tooting its whistle or whatever it does. So, let’s go... the next ride is in 2 mins.”

Amy stands to her feet and heads over to the platform, where she waits in the short cue as she checks her watch and checks the tickets in her hand. A few moments later the train pulls into the station and the previous occupants step out and head to their next destination. The platform staff then allow the next lot of people on including Amy and camera man. However, with only a few people opting to take a train ride at that time., Amy had a carriage of her own.

Taking a seat... Amy waited until everyone was on and the train was moving that Amy nodded to the camera man and that she started her promo.

Well well well... looks who's back... everyone favourite cowboy... Wyatt Peterson. I hope that you have sorted out the family issues and that your head is on straight because The Country Punkins are back and in tag team action. To be honest Wyatt I have been a little preoccupied with Jessie and her shit, but you know what... it is kind of refreshing get back into tag team action against the Seraphina’s and I promise that I won't be distracted. Anyway, the last time they stepped into the ring... they pretty much got destroyed in the ring... by everyone at Into The Void... and to be honest I didn't feel sorry for them... I felt... glad they were in this match. It goes to show how weak some of these tag teams are in the Mixed Tag Team division...

- Claudia and Maxim Seraphina
- Jessie and Joshua
- Dani Weston and Casey Williams
- London Underground...

All weakest to strongest.... and unfortunately for you Claudia and Maxim you are the weakest and there is only one inevitable outcome of this match... your defeat... again.

It's weird that Lucy Seraphina is the only one in your clan that may actually give a damn about showing up and wrestling. The rest of the clan are nothing and it’s such a pity because I know Lucy can put up a fight but no-one else can.

Pity... Claudia... you better find another family member or someone who is relevant enough in SCW to give you the training you need because right now the training you have had has been inadequate. The inexperience oozes from you and sadly I am going to exploit it and show that the Seraphina's are just jokes. Sunday night The Country Punkins are walking away from this match once step closer to facing London Underground... and taking the titles from them.

Maxim... I feel I don’t need to address you because Wyatt has all that covered. But the main point of this is.... you are going to lose.

See you two losers Sunday.

Climax Control Archives / Still friends / Spinning around
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  Apparently, I still owe people an explanation of why I attacked Jessie. To be honest I thought I explained it in my promo weeks ago but obviously one half the commentary team does not pay attention. But I can explain it again for Belinda Simone's sake since she didn’t catch on the first time around. Basically... I was sick and tired of Jessie stomping her feet like a little baby about how life is unfair in SCW and how she keeps getting title shot after title after title and failing each and every fucking time only to be granted another. To be fair management are a little too soft and should have put there foot down and said no more. Don't get me wrong.... I respect Jessie as a wrestler but as I said you can take only so much bitching, whining and racism from one person. She over stepped the mark and well... someone had to shut her up.

I hope that explains it for you.... if not... then i miscalculated who was the smart one in the commentary team.

Now while I am also here.... I might as well as address Joshua and his comments. Joshua... you claim that I never approached you or even spoke to you about a return when we were training together and that you didn’t think i would be coming back to wrestling. I would always come back to wrestling it was just a matter of finding the right time. Yet... you didn’t approach me or even speak to me or even text me about the mixed tag team championship. But instead Christian and Wyatt beat you to the punch as I had been thinking about those titles and a possible comeback. We hashed out our plan etc.... and basically you snooze you lose. You are with Jessie the partner whom i carried for
years.  Sorry Joshua… we can still be friends.

As for the result at Into The Void… can’t fault every single team… we all worked hard, we all released our promo’s… we all said our bit and we wrestled hard but unfortunately London Underground got the win. However, thankfully It wasn’t myself or Wyatt that was pinned.  London Underground… if you are watching or least listening… congratulations on your win at Into the void…and once you have defeated Casey Williams and Dani Weston and when Wyatt is back… we are coming for those titles.  No matter the combination you present in the ring, Wyatt and I will be taking those titles.


Tuesday 5th June 2018
White Wolf Café and Bar.
Orlando, FL

The scene opens outside the White Wolf Café and bar, where Amy paces a little as she checks her watch and shakes her head, as she then checks her cell phone for any missed calls – none. Just as Amy was about to leave a familiar voice stops her in her tracks.

“Leaving so soon?”

Amy turns.

“I didn’t think you were going to come.”

Amy said.

“I contemplated it. But it wouldn’t have been fair on you.”

The camera pan round to reveal Joshua Acquin.

“Do you want to go in and talk?”

Amy queried.


Amy and Joshua walk into the café, where they are shown to an empty table, in which they sit down and order drinks before being handed the menu’s and where they begin to talk as they scan the menu.

“Why did you choose this place and not in the park or at the hotel.”

“There is only so much ‘of the happiest place on earth’ you can take. I had to get out of the park and hotel.”

Amy said honestly.

“I don’t blame you.  Thanks for the change of scenery.”

“No problem.”

Amy smiled as the waitress returns.

“Are you ready to order.”

“Uh yeah… can I have the Greco Veggie Wrap please.”

Amy orders.

“I’ll have the Wolf Club on Rye bread. Thank you.”

Joshua orders as the waitress notes down their order before walking away.


Amy starts…


Joshua says with a hint of questioning.

“We still good considering what I have said and done?”

Amy asks although a little hesitantly.

“We’re are good.  I know that your issues are with Jessie and not with me… although my only issue is you calling me average. But other than that, we are good.”

Joshua said with a warm smile.

“Yeah… sorry about that.”

“It’s fine and fair.”

Joshua shrugged and not getting mad at the comment and sipped on his drink.
“No hard feelings then?”

Amy queried.

“None. Sorry for changing the subject here… what is Wyatt like as a partner?”

Joshua asked.

“He is different… and a good different.  He has good idea’s and we work well as a team.  Quite surprising really considering he is a cowboy and I’m me.  How about you and Jessie?”

Amy explained.

“Not going to divulge that information.”

Joshua said

“Why? How am I going to use that against her… we were tag team partners?”

Amy said.

“True… she has plenty of idea’s as well… we share the same common opinions about certain things.”

“I noticed…”

Before Amy can finish… she spots their food coming over and she moves her drink and phone away, as the waitress places their food down on the table.

“Thank you.”

Joshua smiles at the waitress and pulls the plate close and picks up his sandwich as Amy picks up her wrap. The scene soon fades out as Amy and Joshua eat their food and make small chat between bites of their food.


7th June 2018
Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Disney World

The scene opens inside the Disneyworld Park, where we see Amy standing in front of one those ‘you are here’ boards as Amy looks for something before turning to the camera and speaking to the person behind the camera.

“So what are your limitation going on rides?  Water Ride?”

The camera man shakes his camera…

“Ruin my equipment.”

“Uh… big drop rides like rollercoasters?”

Amy queried.

“Don’t like heights.”

Amy shook her head.

“Spinning… don’t tell me you get easily sick.”

“I’m afraid so.”

“You know what… get lost.  I’ll do this myself.”

The cameraman lowers his camera.

“At least can I see you go the ride you choose and then you do what you need to do.”

The cameraman asks.

“Sure… why not.”

Amy rolls her eyes as she refocuses back to the ‘you are here’ board and begins to scan the board and eventually stops at a location unseen by the cameraman.  Amy pulls out her fast track pass and moves away from the board and heads to the ride that she want to go on and record her promo.  After a little bit of walking across the park, Amy arrived at the ridge… The Mad Tea Party cups.


The cameraman says.

“You are not riding them and I’m being different… so your opinion is not relevant here.”

Amy looks at the queue, which both were short, however, still using the fast track pass she joins that queue.  Pulling her cell phone from her back pocket, she checks her phone for message as she gets to the front of the queue.  As she does she pulls out a $20 bill, where she hands it to the operator.

“Just me in a single cup… no else.”


The operator looks at Amy confused but takes the $20 and allows no-one else on the cup that was Amy in.  Meanwhile Amy takes a seat in the cup as she waits for the other cups to fill.  The music soon begins to start and the cups begin to move as Amy lifts her cell phone up and turns on the camera into video mode and presses start.  The view shifts to Amy’s face and the cup she is sitting in and the background moving around.

Courtney Pierce... congratulations on your big Blast From The Past tournament win, it must feel great that you are now ready to challenge for the bombshell championship... although if I was you... I would be shitting myself. Your career in SCW so far has been all tag team action... but now you are entering into singles competitions, where the pressure is high.

I hope that when you faced off against the likes of Otaki, Keira Fisher, Sam Marlowe and Evie Baang that you learnt things from them… I hope that it helped you grow as a wrestler... or did you find that everything was a blur and that you had little chances to take it all on.

Whatever the case... this is your second singles match and guess what... I am nothing like Otaki, Keira, Sam or Evie. In fact, we are all different but that’s not the point. The point being is that you are going to learn a very big lesson from me and you should be very fearful of the outcome of the match. I don’t care that you won the BFTP tournament and certainly I don’t care that you were trained by Mikah…. And yes I am very aware that Mikah was a world champion and that she very recently beat me… but training means jack shit… that is down to you and how you carry yourself in the ring.

Right now you are on a high but I am going to knock you down several pegs… I am going to show you why I am one of the most dangerous women in Sin City Wrestling and show you why I deserve better than being fed rookies like you.  I have far far better things to do than face you… but hey it’s part of the job and guess what I am beating you and moving on.

Get ready Courtney because you will be in for a battle.

The ride slowly comes to stop as Amy adjusts her hair before standing up and the camera/scene ends abruptly.

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 OOC: Use of Trish approved by the handler.

Claudia and Maxim Seraphina... are you guys coming out to play or hide away like little bitches? I'm guessing hide away because at this rate the battle is between London Underground and The Country Punkins. You have so far wasted your chance to get on top by saying nothing and although I am a little disappointed that i wanted a fight... i am kind of glad you are sitting on your asses because it would be so much easier for Wyatt and me. I must make an apology though about having no clue who Claudia is. I found her roster profile and while the list of moves is impressive... she and Maxim have disappointed everyone and again they do not have a chance in hell in winning.


22nd May 2018
Hard Knocks Muay Thai Kickboxing.
Las Vegas, NV.

The scene opens inside one of Amy’s favourite places in Vegas – Hard Knocks muay Thai kick boxing.  The past few times she had Jessie and Kate with her training, but unfortunately with the current situation between two of the three… it would end up in an actual fight that would need police breaking it up and the management of the place banning everyone from coming in again.

The gym was fairly busy for a Tuesday afternoon, where much if the room was taken up by people doubling up with one person on pads before changing it up. However, for Amy she was alone, but she preferred that as she punches and kicks the heavy bag in front of her as she begins to speak during her kicks and punches.

You ask me what has gotten into me... but more like whats gotten into you. Obviously, the woman i know has changed. You have zeroed in on wanting gold so badly that that you don’t even care about your own wrestling career nor the fact that you are making a complete idiot of yourself. Shane and Jake say nothing, but they don't want to fall out with you. Jake and Shane deep down are also embarrassed... they are trying to help but your head is so far stick up your own ass that you don't see it.

Amy knees the heavy bag several times with force before stepping back and hitting a spinning back kick.  Amy stretches a little before hitting another just for more practice.

]And this whole thing just shows you are simply jealous that the #BenDeservesBetter "fad" has got more attention than your own campaign of attempting to get any title shot. It’s just simply embarrassing and i just had to stop it.

Amy stops and shakes her head before continuing, as she just begins to punch the heavy bag with various combinations.

I was happy to call you a friend but this whole vendetta against the management, against Ben, against Parand is just embarrassing. And this Sunday myself or London Underground will put you and your foot stomping hissy fit to an end. No more Jessie demanding things that you shouldn’t be getting but just having to just shut up and wrestle or just go away for a while to contemplate what you have become.

You will thank everyone later for this.

Amy finishes off the sentence punctuated with several hard kicks, knee and fists.  Amy stops and back away and grabs a bottle of water and takes a sip.  Refreshing herself as she wipes the sweat from her forehead.  Amy then forward and stretches again before continuing her Muay Thai workout.  The scene soon fades out on those around Amy working out.


24th May 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Valley of Fire State Park.


The scene opens in the Valley of Fire State Park, where the hot midday sun beams down on the burnt orange rocks and the white stone and sand.  The Valley of Fire State Park was 49 miles outside Las Vegas and took about an hour to get to the park, however, it is worth it due to the views and the weird and wonderful rock formations and the colors that stand out.   The camera scans the surrounding area, where we see Amy Santino sitting soaking in the hot sun and the beautiful scenery.  A gentle cough and footsteps momentarily shifts Amy’s attention as she looks over her should to see a 5’3” brunette.

Amy: Trish.

Amy looks up and smiles at her sister.

Trish: This is something a little bit different.

Trish shrugs and takes a few steps before sitting down next to Amy.

Amy: I just wanted to get away from the Last Vegas and to be honest of all the years I’ve been in Vegas, I never visited this place.

Amy said with a shrug.

Trish: And you thought it would be a good time now.

Amy: Yup, if you didn’t mind, plus there is a little history to this place.

Amy queried as Trish chuckled a little.

Trish: I don’t mind and lots here but I’m not going to give a history lesson.  So whats up?

Trish queried on Amy’s motives.

Amy: I heard you were in Vegas with 4CW and it’s been a while since I last saw you.  How is the wife and kids?

Amy asked.

Trish: Yeah good… kiddies growing up quickly.  How is married life treating you 5 months on?

Trish asked as she shifted herself a little before opening a bottle of water to sip on.

Amy:  Good thanks… marriage and he are perfect.  He has moved on from his placement to a new one in LA.

Trish: That’s bit of a mission to travel from and too.

Amy: Nah… he is going to do what I do. Work three or four days and spend the rest of the week home.

Trish: I guess it worked perfect for you. Glad to see everything going well.

Amy: Thanks.  So when is your next match?

Amy queried changing the subject.

Trish: 6th June in LA in a four-way match.  How about you?

Trish asks.

Amy: This weekend actually… I thought you kept an eye on SCW?

Trish: Well sort of…

Trish gives a vague answer…

Amy: Oh…. Well I have a match this week end… tag team match for a new set of titles in SCW.

Trish: New?

Amy: Yeah they scrapped the male and bombshell tag team titles and created the Mixed Tag Team Championship.

Trish: So who have you been stuck with?

Amy: Actually not stuck but it’s myself and Wyatt Peterson. We are up against Maxim and Claudia Seraphina, London Underground and Jessie Salco and Joshua Acquin.

Amy explained.

Trish: Barely heard any of these people… but you and Wyatt… why not Jamie Deen or Joshua?

Trish again queried.

Amy: Jamie is focused on his shelter and not sure what he is going with his career… as for Joshua long story.

Amy says with a shake of her head.

Trish: We have time…

Trish looked around.

Amy: The short version… Jessie is making an ass of herself along with Joshua and they demand the mixed tag titles. Long story… I threw away two friendships after I attacked Jessie and aligned myself with Wyatt and we are now challenging for the mixed tag team titles.

Trish raises an eyebrow…

Trish: Wow… that is messy.

Amy: Tell me about it. But you know what… if it shuts Jessie up and stops her making an ass of herself and I get gold from this then it’s all good.

Amy smiles.

Trish: Well things sound interesting in SCW.

Amy: Certainly are.

Amy leaves back for a moment as she wipes some hair from her face, as she wonders about coming out here in the future for a run or maybe to do yoga in this beautiful place.

Trish: Do you want to move on from here? I think Overton is too far away from here.

Trish suggested.

Amy: Sure. It’s getting too warm for me.  I think we should have met up earlier or when it cooled down.

Amy stood to her feet, as Trish followed suit.

Amy brushes some dust away from her clothing as she and Trish turn and make their way down the rocky footpath to where she and Trish parked their hire cars.  Jumping in their cars they headed toward the nearest town.  The scene soon fades out on the two cars in a dusty haze.


And the award for lack of continuity and hypocrisy goes to London Underground. It’s funny... myself and Wyatt thought that the Country Punkins was original and all that but when the name is criticised for being pretty much shit and a little bit lazy... you begin to wonder who came up with the name of the London Underground.

Four Londoners... gee lets called ourselves after the London Underground.... a fucking train network. Congratulations on the total originality their guys. Was London Bridge or Tea and Crumpets taken or something or they were not original enough for you.

You fucking bunch of morons... accuse me of being lazy when i opted to call you LU. I now know it pisses you right off.

And while we are clearing up things.... I don’t star in movies any more... I run a god damned business... but oh no once a porn star always a porn star on her fucking back with her legs akimbo. You are just like everyone else... just sheep when it comes to name calling... go ahead if it makes you feel better. tell me go get tested or tell me that i am whore or slut.

I’ve heard all that bullshit before and just like you... it’s boring.

But thing is I’m not boring nor lazy... I am unique... everyone is different. Not everyone wants to hear you drone on and on about the stupid Free bird rule or whatever and have a random appearance from A hall of gamer or a teddy bear hugging weirdo. I do what the hell i like when i like... i don’t care if you think my promos are the same or have a random flashback from a match... this is me and this is how i work.

If you don’t like it then don’t watch my promos simply as. I’m quite happy not watching yours.

As for my wrestling.... Again, no fucks given about my style of wrestle or what my intensions are. At the end of the day we are all here to win... and be at the top of the division and to do that you have to win gold and cement your name in the history books. Know that you are the best of the best.... so, what if i want add gold to my collection. This is how i work and wrestle and you know what... at times i may have had it easy but other times.... it wasn’t easy. Roxi Johnson was a hard battle... defeating Delia fucking Darling was hard. Hell, my battles against Mercedes Vargas haven’t been easy over the years.

So go ahead... criticise how i easy i have it when you know fuck all about singles wrestling or even won nothing other than tag team gold. That’s all you bitches will ever be... tag team wrestlers nothing else.

Sunday night.... I will show you that I am to be feared and that I am not a lazy joke you make me out to be. Sunday night Wyatt and I will exploit your weakness of unfamiliar tag team partners... Sunday night we will walk away champions.

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 Tuesday 8th May.
Santa Rosa, CA

The scene opens inside the home of Joey and Amy, where we see Amy enter through the front door after a short run. Kicking her shoes off, Amy moves to the sofa and sat down as Joey appear from the garden.

Joey: I heard your phone go?

Amy: Oh?

Amy frowned as she picks up her cell to see a missed called and a voice mail message. Checking the caller id, Amy raised an eyebrow before moving to the voicemail.

"Hi. This is a message from the office of Christian Underwood. He had scheduled a video conference call for today at 1:37pm. He stated that it is highly important that meeting goes ahead. Thank you."

The message stops there before giving several options to ring back etc... but Amy hangs up.

Amy: Hmm

Joey: What’s up?

Christian has by the sounds of it ordered me to a meeting in a video conference call today.

Joey: What does he want?

Amy: I’m not sure... he can’t force me to do anything as i haven’t signed a contract. I guess we will find out in a few hour’s time. However, before that happens i am going to have a shower. Can you make me a sandwich?

Joey: Anything in particular?

Amy: Surprise me.

Amy smiles before disappearing for her shower as Joey heads into the kitchen the scene quickly fades out. The scene fades back in a few hours later as Amy's laptop begins to begin to ring.

Looking at Joey she moves to the sofa and opens her laptop and accepts the video skype call and in front of her is Christian Underwood but also in the call is Wyatt Peterson. Taking in the screen in front of her, where she sees Christian sitting all business-like with a pair of glasses, while Wyatt looks equally confused with the current situation.

Christian: Thank you for taking this call and i am going to get straight down to business... I would like to take this time to begin negotiations to keep the both of you in SCW as a mixed tag team for the upcoming championship match when we can schedule it, and singles too if at all possible.

Christian waits for a response from either Amy or Wyatt... as Amy takes in what Christian is saying and offering.

Wyatt: Ah'm perdy partial tah The Country Punkin's hangin' round, but the ball's in Ms Amy's court.

Wyatt says as he instantly reels off a tag team name, which is quite snazzy.

Christian: Awww! Loving the name! May I quote you on that?

Christian queries breaking his business demeanour as i listen and saying nothing but think about things.

Wyatt: That one is also up tah Ms Amy. I ain't told 'er that one yet

Wyatt says as Amy continues to say nothing but, in all honesty, she had been thinking about the mixed tag titles but had never considered putting a name down

Wyatt: Wait... quote what I said or quote that as our name? Lol

Amy: What do you think?

Amy whispered to Joey.

Joey: I will support you in anything you do. But at the end of the day its Lori you have to contend with.

Amy: I’m tempted and the weeks that I’m not wrestling I can work.

Amy turns back to the screen.

Wyatt: I'm cool with it

Amy then chimes in.

Amy: Nice name. I've kind of been thinking about the mixed tag titles... how nicely it would go under my resume. Becoming the first tag team holders and making me the ultimate grand slam champion.

Amy smiles and shrugs.... because after all the ultimate goal is to win and be at the top of the division.

Wyatt: Then ah guess this makes it official

Wyatt says but Amy comes back in.

Amy: But don't say anything yet... I want to make it a surprise.

It was true.... Amy wanted keep this on the down low and make it a surprise.

Wyatt: Ah think me an' Ms Amy are going to need tah speak a bit in private. Please excuse us, Mistah Underwood

Wyatt disconnects.

Amy: Thank you Christian. I will speak to you soon about a contract.

Christian: Thank you Ms Santino.

Christian hangs up and Amy hangs up.

Amy: What do you think?

Joey: Go for it. Talk with Wyatt and see what you guys come up with.

Amy: Sure.

In that moment Amy laptop rings again from the skype messaging service as Amy answers, however, this time Amy stands to hear feet and moves to the kitchen in a hint that she wants to speak in private. The scene fades out on Amy in the kitchen.



Climax Control 204
6th May 2018
Reno, NV

The reason I entered the Blast From The Past Tournament was the unpredictability of it, who you can be partnered with and who you could be facing and if teams can work or not.  This year has been certainly unpredictable as this year I would be partnered with Wyatt Peterson… someone whom I would never associate with, but the man I got to know over the weeks would turn out to be a good man and a good partner.  Unlike previous times in this tournament… I wasn’t stuck with someone who had ego, but someone was more down to business and who is trying to make a name for himself.  unfortunately, our time in the tournament would be cut short… however, reaching the semi-finals I was proud of the team.

Peterson accepts Amy's tag then piles into the ring. Devin enters the ring on the opposite side and charges at Wyatt without fear. Peterson catches him with a double axe handle! The shot from such a large opponent sends Shorty back. Evie Baang rolls back into the ring still in a daze from Amy's super kick which catches the referee's attention. Tyler notices this and charges at Wyatt full speed! He headbutts the tall superstar in the crotch with everything he's got! Adams along with all the men in the front row wince at the shot! St. John turns after sending the dazed Baang to her corner, who nods at Devin after giving him the opening for the low blow.

Peterson hits both knees holding his jewels while his smaller opponent climbs the turnbuckles in the corner closest to Wyatt. Peterson staggers to his feet just in time to catch a tornado DDT from the diving Shorty, who leaped from the tip top! The manoeuvre drives Wyatt’s head into the mat. Marshall watches on in horror as Devin hooks a leg!





Justin: Your winners via pinfall, Devin Tyler and Evie Banng!

::: Backstage :::

Returning backstage shortly after the match against Devin Tyler and Evie Baang, although disappointed from the outcome of the match she was happy they got this far and happy how the team performed over the weeks in the tournament.   Grabbing a towel and a bottle of water Amy moves too a crate out of the water, as Joey wonders over to give his commiseration, as Wyatt follows Amy to the nearby crate.

Wyatt: Ah am sorry Ms. Amy.

Wyatt apologises.

Amy: You don’t have to be. I am proud of this team and I thank you for taking us this far.

Amy smiles.

Wyatt: My pleasure… now if you excuse me… I am going to lick mah wounds.

Wyatt nods and take his leave, leaving Amy and Joey alone by the crate.

Joey: I think he is taking the loss pretty hard.

Amy: I would be too… getting pinned by a little person.  But I can’t be any prouder of him and the team. We went far but it sucks that we lose to someone like Devin Tyler and Evie Baang. But hey you win some and you lose some… and there is always next year.

Joey: Glad to see you wanting to return next year.

Amy: Yeah.

Amy smiles as she stands up straight and away from the crate, as she spots Pussy Willow heading towards her…

Pussy: Any chance of a few words regarding your match against Tyler and Baang?

Amy: I do… They were the better team tonight but at the same time they were lucky.

Pussy: Are you disappointed at the result?

Amy: Yes and no.  Yes because we lost… no because Wyatt and I went further than I ever had in this tournament and I am proud.

Pussy: How were they lucky?

Amy: Lucky because no-one can get their head around Devin Tyler. Now if you excuse me… I want to show and head off with Joey.

Pussy: Well thank you.

Amy smiles and nods at Pussy before walking away and heading back to the locker room. The scene soon fades out with the locker room door closing.

::: End of Flashback :::


13th May 2018
Henderson, NV
Climax Control 205

Backstage moments after Amy attacked Jessie, in which Amy threw her name into the pot for the mixed tag team titles and partnering Wyatt Peterson.

Amy: Do you think Jessie saw that coming?

Wyatt: I don’t think so.

Amy: Is she going to pissed?

Wyatt: Maybe...

Wyatt nodded and shrugs as Scott Oliver appears with a goofy smile on his face.

Scott Oliver: Amy can i have a few words about your actions tonight’s?

Amy: My actions and what i said out there was loud and clear. But sure, i can reiterate them if you want.

Scott Oliver: Please.

Amy looked at Wyatt who shook his head.

Amy: Ok then. Since Jessie and Joshua feel entitled to have the mixed tag titles without any competition... Wyatt and I decided to put our names forward to challenge them and anyone else who feel compelled to join in.

Scott Oliver: But what about the attack?

Amy: The attack... to be honest... i was getting a little sick and tired of Jessie's ranting and raving about who deserves this and who deserves that and deporting some poor random from the country. Frankly I had enough of it. One can only sit on the fence for so long.

And for the record... while I’m not close to Ben... Ben does deserve to get something in this company. He has been here for god knows how long and he has held very few titles. It’s about damn time he is included in contendership matches and title matches.

Amy: Jessie has had her fair share of title shots and failed each and every damn time. She knows she has to earn them like everyone else... she has to work up the ladder. It’s just stupid that she is stopping others from getting a real shot.

Amy shakes her head in disappointment.

Scott Oliver: What about Joshua...

Amy: I have no issues with him. As far as I’m concerned, he is still a friend. Just decided to pick the wrong person to associate with and i feel sorry for him.

He should have come to me and asked if he want to tag with me but it’s up to him at the end of the day. He will realise that he made a mistake.

Amy shrugs with a half-smile.

Scott Oliver: Well thank you Amy. And good luck in your mixed tag team adventure.

Amy: You are very welcome.

Amy smiles as Joey casually strolls over.

Wyatt: Thank ya Ms Amy... I look forward to steppin' partnahring with you again. I'll leave you two love birds alone.

Amy: Thanks Wyatt. I'll catch with soon. We will have a few things to discuss

Wyatt: Sure thing.

Wyatt dips his hat and takes his leave, leaving Amy and Joey alone.

Joey: their faces were priceless.

Amy smiles and moved in close to Joey.

Amy: I bet they were. I don’t think anyone saw it coming.

Joey pulls Amy close and hugs her tight.

Joey: what now?

Amy: To Christian' office to sign my new contract.

Amy says as she kisses Joey before pulling away and grabs his hand and leads him down the hallway. The scene fades out in Amy and Joey heading down the hallway.


16th May 2018
Baltimore, MD
3-X HQ.
Time: 9am

The scene opens up inside the offices and filming studios of 3-X Productions, where we see Amy entering the building as she greets those around her before heading to her office, in which she sits down and looks to Lori’s desk which was messy but no sign of Lori as yet.  Amy turns her focus back to her laptop, where she fires it up as a man comes to the door.

Man: Do you have the key to the basement?

Amy: I do.

Amy opens up her draw and pulls out the keys and chuck its to the man at the door.

Man: Cheers boss.

Amy: No problem Danny.

Danny disappears as someone else comes to the door.

??: Who am I filming with today?

Amy: One second.

With the laptop fired up, Amy logs in and then goes to her calendar.

Amy: You are filming with Jack today.

??: Thanks.

With that the girls leaves, and Lori enters the room.

Lori: Morning.

Lori places her bag down before sitting down at her desk.

Lori: How you doing Amy?

Amy: Good you?

Lori: I’m great. Although I sense something might be up.

Lori says looking over to Amy.

Amy: I’ve re-signed with SCW… however, I will keep working when I’m not wrestling.
Lori: That’s totally fine. I always knew you would return I just didn’t know when… but I’m not mad.

Lori says with a smile and shrug.

Amy: You sure?

Amy queried.

Lori: Yeah… so when you going back to SCW?

Lori asked.

Amy: I’m working this week but next week I have to focus and kick ass in the gym.

Lori: Well good luck.

Amy: Thanks.

Amy smiled before letting out some air as she sits back.

Lori: What are your plans for today?

Amy: Uh… directing a couple of scenes and interviewing a couple of people.

Lori: What are the scenes?

Lori queries as the scene soon fades out as Amy discusses the scenes and the plans for that.


Friday 18th May 2018

The mixed tag team titles.... it’s quite surprising that no other company in the world has done this before... however... the reception for this hasn’t quite lived up to its expectation. But you know what.... next Sunday the expectation will be high as The Country Punkins take on Jessie and Joshua, one of two combinations of the London Underground and Claudia and Maxim Seraphina.

What you think of the name first off... The Country Punkins. All Wyatt's idea and its quite catchy. You are all going to like our music as well.

Anyway... some people are going to question my motives for this match. Many are going to say, 'she is only in this match because it’s the one title she has never held, and she is just going for the gold.' - well yeah. If Mercedes likes to count how many days undefeated she is or how many championships she held etc... then why can't i just go for gold and glory. That is after all why we are here in the wrestling business. Be the best and be at the top of the division. If no-one likes this then i don’t care.

Aside from the fact that i want championship gold this isn’t just about me... it's Wyatt as well... i want to help him be the best. He is one of the most underrated wrestlers in this company and he deserves so much more. He deserves recognition he deserves to have his name in lights and he deserves to have championship gold around his waist. There no I in team in this team... there is us and we... and we are going to win.

To do this... we have to first get beat London Underground, Jessie and Joshua and Claudia and Maxim Seraphina, however this won't be easy. The main threat is the London Underground and whatever combination they are sticking into this match, which could be Morgan/Page, Morgan/Elliot, Osbourne/Page or Osbourne/Elliot. First off should be interesting which combo it's going to be as they have their own styles... brawler, submission and technical... but to be honest we can handle it. I can brawl, I have submission and I can be technical and Wyatt... he just likes to brawl, but we will just have to adapt to the styles and we are ready for that, no matter what is thrown at us.

Going back to the combinations of LU and the situation of the bombshell tag team titles and tag team titles... Daniel J Morgan said in a tweet on May 5th just give them the tag titles.... how about let’s not. I do have to wonder who drew the short straw going into the match because either McKenzie or Charlotte is going to lose out. You mentioned the free bird rule and that there is no in fighting about who is going into this match.

To be honest.... just sounds like cheap cop out with not hurting anyone’s feelings. But you four can do whatever the fuck you like... I’m ready and Wyatt's ready. I may have lost in the past to Charlotte and McKenzie in tag team action... but this time it will be different. Different because you can't double team your opponent... you can't tag in and out to wear your opponent down and you can't attack you while they are in the corner. But no doubt you will find a way around that.

LU is the main threat of this match... you have been working together for years while Wyatt and I have had a few matches in a silly little tournament. You may think you have the upper hand going into this match. That you have his match won... wrong... your cockiness will be your down fall. This time I’ve been studying and working out hard. I've been training with Wyatt and talking to him and we got his.... we can beat you.

LU you may he main threat... but we are not scared nor intimidated. We are going to win this match... we are going to be the first holders of the Mixed Tag Team titles.

Prepare for war.

Speaking of war... I’m expecting one from Jessie and Joshua. Were you a little surprised Jessie at what happened in that ring. Jumping you from behind. In fairness i just wanted to make an impact of my return and put my name in for the mixed tag team titles. However, I have to be honest here i was getting a little sick of the pity party you were throwing with Joshua. But thinking back...

I was getting annoyed at the cheap attacks to Parand and Ben Jordan. Yes, Parand did post-match attack someone but all she was doing was making a name for herself. As for Ben Jordan... we may hang out occasionally, but Ben does deserve more in this company and I can't fault him for his protest etc... but as i said i was getting a little bit sick at your pity party.

Do you realise Jessie... the only thing you are going to be remembered for in this company is being my tag team partner and the girl who had so any undeserved bombshell title shot and massive failed over and over and over again.

So, you realise you owe much of your success to me. Two-time tag team title holders and a Roulette championship and the hours of training over the years. Before MPC you were nothing.

Sorry Jessie.

But let’s face it... your tag team with Joshua... you are the weakest team in the match and just a joke. Joshua as much as I love him as a friend... he is an average wrestler at best. Sorry Joshua... he hasn’t really made a name for himself in his company. And you and him partnering together... you two are going to win fuck all.

You should call your tag team The Cry Babies. Because we all know that you are going to continue this hard done by act after the match and days and weeks after.

Sorry guys... however, I won't be sorry for what i what i would be doing to you Jessie inside the ring. I know you Jessie...your strengths your weaknesses etc... this is why i changed up my wrestling style... keep things fresh. Unfortunately for you just the same old Jessie and the same old Jesse is going to get her ass kicked and hopefully get shut up.

And finally... errr Maxim and Claudia Seraphina...any clue who they are?


Nope... me either. Just a couple of nobodies from the Seraphina family who is trying to i guess leech off Lucy Seraphina's fame. I don’t know who Maxim and Claudia are... aside from their brief cameo appearances in a Seraphina promo's, which makes them the dark horses of this match. However, if Claudia got her training from Lucy then there is some chance in this match.

Claudia... I apologise because I don't know you that well aside from you brief appearances in Lucy's promos plus there are no matches i can study from which sucks.

However, I will not be sorry for what happens inside that ring. Rookie or not... you are in dangerous territory because everyone will zero on in you me included.

The Seraphina's in this match will be have zero chance in this match. You will be just cannon fodder.

Next Sunday history will be made... history that The Country Punkins will be writing it as the first holders of the title.

See you all.

Climax Control Archives / Semi-Final time!
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 OOC NOTE: The use of Wyatt and Jessie was approved by their handlers.

Climax Control 202
22nd April 2018
Primm, NV.

Looking back at all of the Blast from the past tournaments I have been in, I have only ever reached the quarter finals and nothing further. But getting to the semi-finals... I never quite imagined. Never did I imagine beating Lucy Seraphina and partner to get this far. Obviously now it will only get harder with the calibre of teams getting better and harder. Whoever we get next round will have to be ready because Wyatt and I are on a roll and nobody is going to stop us.

Lucy brings her to her feet, only to drop her hard on the back of her head and neck with a swinging neck breaker. Lucy with another cover, hooking both legs!



Amy gets her shoulder up!

Lucy slams her hand into the mat!

Lucy brings her up and Irish whops her into the ropes, but as Amy comes off, she spins around and lands a spinning back kick! Lucy goes down and Amy immediately covers her!





Justin: The winners of the match, advancing to the Semi-Finals, Amy Marshall and Wyatt Peterson!

The scene opens backstage moment after Amy Santino and Wyatt Peterson advanced to the semi-finals after defeating Lucy Seraphina and partner, we see the team enter the backstage area, where Joey approaches Amy with a smile, a towel and water.

“Congrats you two”

Joey says placing a kiss on the cheek of Amy.

“Thanks… your wife is a damn fine partnah.”

Wyatt says with a warm smile.

“Thank you… and you the best partner I’ve had in this tournament and I thank you for that.”

Amy returned the compliment.

Wyatt places his cowboy hat back on his head, as Pussy Willow enters the scene.

“Hey Wyatt… Hey Amy.”

“Miss Willow”

Wyatt tips his hat, while Amy just nods at Pussy’s presence.

“Can I get a few words from you regarding your match?”

“Ah am going to let Ms Amy take the reins on this. After all she won this match for us.”

“Oh ok.”

Pussy said disappointingly.

“Maybe next time Ms Willow. Ah am going to retire to the locker room.  Good day”

Wyatt tips his hat and walks away.

“Thank you Wyatt.”

Amy smiles and waves to him before returning her attention to Pussy Willow.

“Sorry to disappoint you Pussy but you got me and Joey… though I don’t think Joey can help you in this case.”

Pussy looks to Joey and smiles at him before turning back to Amy.”

“No Worries.”

Pussy shrugged before continuing.

“So we just saw you and Wyatt defeat Lucy Seraphina and Dmitri… what are your feelings on this?”

Pussy questions.

“Feels great… but it wasn’t all down to me, I obviously had help from Wyatt and I would like to thank him for that. And I can’t wait for the next round.”

“Out of the remaining teams… who would like to face the most?”

“Obviously depending on the outcome of the match later… I wouldn’t mind facing Equinox and Keira… but as I said depends on the outcome. If they lose… then maybe Evie Baang and Devin Tyler, simply because her tag partner might be her downfall.”

“interesting…  well good luck in the next round.”

“Thank you.”

Amy smiles and begins to walk away, as Pussy wraps up her part.  The scene fades out as Amy and Joey head towards the locker room as they discuss the match and the finisher Amy has used on Lucy Seraphina.


Friday 27th April
Baltimore, MD
3-X HQ.

The scene opens up on a 4pm Friday afternoon, where many of the 'in front of camera' employees had gone home for the weekend, which only left Amy and a few others in the building working. Walking through the lobby Amy took a moment to tidy up magazines and DVD's. As a couple of the makeup ladies wonder past.

"Night Amy."

"Have a good weekend."

"Thank you."

The three ladies soon walk out of the door, as Amy then begins to head to her office, where she sits down at her desk and wriggles the mouse.

Sitting back, she looks across to Lori's desk to see how much of a mess with clothes, 1 and a couple of toys laying around. Getting up, she takes a seat at Lori's desk and at the calendar, which she makes sure that is marked down with Amy Off - SCW. Shuffling a few pieces of paper around and neatly folding the clothes. Amy's cell phone ring. Moving to her desk, she sits down and answers it.

"Hey sexy."

Amy smiles as she puts the phone on loudspeaker.

"When are you coming home?"

"My flight is in about 3hrs. I’m just finishing up here before I head back to the hotel to pack."

Amy said as she types away responding to an email.

"Great. I have some news."

Joey says.

"What’s that?"

"I’m moving on from the oil company in Sacramento. I have helped them as much as i can."

"That’s good. You going somewhere new?"

Amy asks.

"I've been emailed by an Los Angeles company asking for my services."

"Are you going to take it?"

Amy queried, as she sat back in the chair.

"I will have to do a bit of research first and find out what they willing to offer and if they would accept my price."

"Well take your time... don't want to end up with a money losing company."

"True. Anyway, don't stay too late... I can't wait to see you."

"Me too. I love you."

"I love you too"

With that Amy and Joey both hang up, as Amy deletes a few emails before closing everything down. Getting to her feet, she locks hers and Lori’s office up before checking other offices before turning out some of the lights.

The scene fades out with Amy shouting out goodnight to those who are still in the building before closing the door behind her before hailing a taxi to return her to the hotel she is staying at.


30th April 2018
Kimmie’s Coffee Cup
Reno, NV.

With myself not being on SCW television as much and pretty much working a second job, getting to see Jessie had gone from seeing her 4 or 5 times a week to once or twice a fortnight. However, our conversations never change as we talk music, wrestling and general other shit. However, with the recent thing with Ben Jordan... Jessie had changed in a way, which worried me a little. But at the same time, I didn’t want to be dragged in to this "#BenDeservesBetter" even though Ben deserves a few chances in SCW.

Arriving at the cafe I mentioned to Jessie via text message, I spot Jessie sitting down as she takes a menu and scans over. Taking a moment, I enter the cafe and head towards Jessie, giving her a smile and wave before sitting down.

“Hey... how are you?”

I ask as slide my chair in.

“I’m good. you?”

“I'm fine thank you.”

I respond as I take the menu and look at the drinks before deciding on just a normal tea.

“Do we order at the front?”

Jessie queries, as i look around and then at the menu.

“Appears so.... what do you want?”

“Just a tea.”


I’m smile and stand to my feet and move to where the cash register is, where I then order two teas and then pay. I look back at Jessie who looking is looking at her phone and shakes her head.

“I will bring the teas over.”

“Thank you.”

Amy smiles before making her way back to the table.

“What’s up?”

I query?

“This whole Ben Jordan thing and the whole Parand Ara thing.”

Jessie shakes her head.

“Yeah you overstepped the mark on that?”

“Which bit?”

“The Parand Ara comments...”

Jessie looks at Amy...

“You been speaking to Jake and Shane?”

“No why?”

“They threatened to take away my CD’s if i don’t make an apology.”

“Well your comments were a little... racist.”

Amy shrugged.

“What about my comments about Ben.”

Jessie queried.

“I have my own opinions but I’m not going to air them.”

I said... trying to sit on the fence and not fall off. As the waitress comes over with their teas as she leaves milk, cream and sugar on the table.

“So am I right about Ben deserves shit.”

Jessie presses for information.

“I am not commenting Jessie...”

I shake my head refusing to be drawn into this little war. As Jessie narrows her eyes before shrugging.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to press. I just feel if Ben gets something then I deserve a title shot more than him.”

Jessie says pouring a little milk into her tea and stirring it. As I just say nothing.

“So have you seen who myself and Wyatt had in the next round?”

I say changing the subject as I didn’t want to say anything.

“Yeah... Evie Baang and Devin Tyler. How do you think you will get on?”

Jessie asks.

“Evie is the main threat of this match... I can’t see Devin being much of a threat to Wyatt. I’m pretty sure Evie is carrying the team.”

I say as I pour some milk into my tea before adding half a tea spoon of sugar to it and stirring before taking a sip.

“How is the training going? I know that you were at work last week.”

“Good. I had to do most of my training in the evening but since coming back on Saturday... I’ve gone back to normal. I think Joey will be pleased when this tournament is over.”

“Where is Joey?”

“He is back at the hotel. He was in the pool when I left.”

“Ok.... what are your plans after the tournament?”

“Depending on the result... a short break with Joey and then back to work. Although not sure what Joey is planning to do as he is moving on from the oil company in Sacramento.”

“What does he do again?”

Jessie asks trying to remember what Joey did for a living.

“He is an independent oil and gas consultant. He sits in on board meetings and basically helps where he can to make the business better. I think he mentioned about a new job in LA.”

“Wow... well good luck to Joey.”

Jessie nods.

“I’ll pass your luck into him.”


Jessie smiles as both she and Amy sit in silence for a moment drinking their tea.

“So what CDs were threatened to be taken away?”

Amy asks as the scene soon fades out as Jessie begins to reel out a list of CDs from memory.


3rd May 2018

This tournament is getting better and better for me. I have only ever reached the quarter finals and that was with Dax. But with the help of my partner Wyatt Peterson we are one match away from the final. However, before I can look to the final... we first must get past Evie Baang and her partner Shorty Devin Tyler.

Devin... congrats on getting this far but I’m pretty sure that you are getting carried by Evie and her desire by becoming a two-time blast from the past champion. But Sunday will change that as Wyatt won’t be put off by your stature and popularity. He will treat you like everyone else and kick your ass.

As for Evie... I can’t blame her for trying in this tournament as she tries to become a two-time winner of this tournament but also to become number one contender to the bombshell championship held by Mikah... but to be frank.... this is not happening at all.

Evie you may have had it easy in the first two rounds by beating Kira Phoenix and Jon Dough and O'Malley and Roxi Johnson... but this semi-final round is going to be your worst nightmare. There will be no more carrying Devin to match wins because i have told Wyatt do anything and everything possible to beat that little shrimp and not be suckered into being a joke by chasing him around or attempt to punt the little fucker like a football. I told him to focus in the matter at hand and reminded him what the outcome could possibly be.

However... when you and I step into that ring, it will be a different matter. If you saw my last match... you would have noticed that I debuted a new finisher to the face of Lucy. I have more moves that I am itching to use on you. I am going to make fucking sure that your hopes and dreams of becoming a two-time BFTP champion vanishes into thin air... I am not going to let you win this match.

Sunday night Evie... is where myself and Wyatt are going to advance into the final and you can’t do anything about it. You may have beaten me once in singles competition and a couple of times in tag team competition but then you knew your tag partners, but Devin is something different and you can’t always rely on him. I’m not going to let you beat me... I want to advance.... I want a second crack at Mikah without fucking up my facts etc... and I am going to everything i can to make this happen.

Evie you better be ready for a fight because Wyatt and I are walking into that final.

Climax Control Archives / Round Two...and new partner!
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 15th April 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Climax Control 201

** After BTFP match -  Chris Crippler & Amy Santino vs Alana Allure and Wyatt Peterson **

The celebrations were short and sweet as I briefly celebrated with Chris, but in reality, I was still angry with him because he didn’t bother to address the match when it was announced and never addressed it in the build-up of the match. I did all the work for the team and as far as I’m concerned and he was just there to make up the numbers.

Arriving backstage, I ignored Chris' attempts at any congratulations as I opted to just head back to the locker room and focus on the next round of the tournament, which I wasn’t expecting considering i hadn’t been in the ring for months but also catch the remaining match of the night, which included Jessie and Joshua in action.

As I was about to enter the locker room, when a gentle cough took my notice and as I turn, I see that its Scott Oliver with cameraman next to him.  It then second later that Scott Oliver pounced forward and grabbed me and hugged me tight, which shocked me a little.


“God I missed everyone and missed you and missed…”

“Uh Scott… can I breathe.”

I said not returning the hug as Scott released the hug and stood back.

“Oh Sorry…”

“It’s fine… not at all unprofessional.”

I shake my head before continuing.

“How can I help?”

A stupid and obviously loaded question.

“Just your thoughts about the SCW return, your match and your plans.”

Scott said.

“Sure… next time ask not pounce on me.”

“Sorry. So… first question.  Your thoughts about the SCW return and your role in this company.”

Scott started.

“Firstly, it’s great to see SCW back open after the break and it’s good to see everyone back in the hall.  As for my role in this company… I said it last week that I’ve only signed on for this tournament, but it depends on how far I go that things might change.”
I said honestly.

“Well good luck for the rest of the tournament. Now we saw that you and Chris beat Alana Allure and Wyatt Peterson… what your thoughts on this?”

Scott questions.

“Unfortunately, Wyatt had the same issue that I had, which was Alana not being focused and that showed in the ring. She tried but sadly she didn’t try hard enough, and Wyatt sadly goes out of the tournament.   Even though Chris wasn’t focused we won and we are through to the next round.”

“Well again good luck and thank you for your time.”

“No problem.”

I smile before turning and entering the locker room, which is where the scene fades out with the door closing and Scott walking away.


16th April 2018
Chinatown, Las Vegas, NV
Monta Ramen (Japanese Noodle House)

The scene opens a day after the return of Sin City Wrestling, where we see Amy sitting alone – for now – in Chinatown in Las Vegas, with her cellphone in hand as she watches Jessie’s and Joshua’s match against Equinox and Keira Fisher, turning the sound up a little she begins to get stares from others in the restaurant as she brings the phone closer.

Salco comes up from behind the unsuspecting Keira and spins her around suddenly. She hits Fisher in the face with a solid punch! Keira responds with a fist of her own! The two women swap blows in the ring while the crowd goes wild. Acquin and Equinox are back to their feet and now swap blows on the outside of the ring themselves!

Keira knees Salco in the gut leading her to bend over. Fisher takes hold of Jessie around the neck then takes off at the ropes. She hits the rope then hits her finishing maneuver, Deadly Sin! The two men continue to battle on the outside while Keira quickly hooks a leg to pin both of Salco's shoulders flush against the mat.





Justin: Your winners by pinfall, the team of Equinox and Keira Fisher!


As soon as the match finishes, Amy presses stop as she looks up to see a few people looking at her strangely, which Amy smiles and tucks her cell phone away.

“Go back to your lunch people.”

Amy shook her head, as Jessie enters the restaurant with Jake and Shane in tow, as they spot Amy and head towards her.

“Hi guys.”


Shane says as he sits down opposite Amy, while Jake and Jessie take a spot either side of him and pick up a menu.

“Interesting place this… though not surprised that it’s a Japanese restaurant.”

Jessie says with a smirk.

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve visited Chinatown here in Vegas, so this place is a new place and looked quite interesting.”

Amy says looking over the menu.

“What can I get you?”

A waitress asks.

“I’ll have a green tea.”

“Water please”

“Diet Coke”

“Water Please.”

The waitress jots down the order and disappears.

“I’m sorry I didn’t stick around last night to watch your match. I had a skype meeting… I really wanted to watch it.”

“It’s fine.  Have you been able to catch any of the match?”

Jessie queried.

“I’ve caught some of it this morning and just finished watching it just before you came in.  Sorry about going out first round.”

Amy said with a shrug.

“It’s fine. You win some and you lose some, but Joshua is a great partner.  Congrats on advancing to the next round.”

“Thanks. Although have you seen this week’s matches?”

Amy queries as the waitress comes over.
“Are you ready to order?”

The waitress returns with their drinks and places them down in front of the everyone before pulling a pad out.

“Uh yeah.. I’ll have the Miso Ramen with Chashu pork and Nori.”

“I’ll have the dumplings.”

“Make that two dumplings.”

“I’ll have the Chashu bowl.”

“Thank you.”

The waitress smiles and goes away again leaving Amy, Jessie, Jake and Shane.

“I haven’t see the card yet… why?”

“Well it seems that I have been given a new partner for the next round of the tournament.”


“I am now partnered with Wyatt Peterson and we are up against Lucy Seraphina and Dmitri.”

“Interesting. They are beatable.”

“Wyatt is going to have a tough time against Dmitri, but Lucy can be beaten.”

Jessie said as she sips some water.

“I hope so… looking back at my record against her and it hasn’t been great.  But it might be different this time as this tournament can throw up some surprises.”

Amy shrugged with hope.

“You can do it…. Don’t get disheartened by previous results.”

“I won’t. anyway… you probably already know that you aren’t booked.”

“Yup. But I will keep an eye on the matches and results.”

The waitress returns with the food ordered and places them down before handing out spoons, forks, knives and chopsticks before leaving.

“This looks amazing.”

Amy said looking at the bowl in front of her and inhales the smells, as Jessie, Jake and Shane look over their and dig in.   The scene soon fades out as all four begins to eat/drink their meal, as soon light conversation filters in and out.


19th April 2018

So this is a massive surprise... in a weird turn of events I have a brand spanking new partner in the shape of the very opponent I had last week... Wyatt Peterson. Hey at least I know he is going to work hard outside and in the ring. Wyatt... last week we were opponents and unfortunately Alana took the L for your team by my very hands... I just hope there is no hard feelings and won’t affect us as team? Also, I am kind of glad that you and I are partnered for the next round of this tournament as we would make a great team and with your help and my help we can go far.

This week we are up against Dmitri and Lucy Seraphina. This is going to be quite a tough match considering Dmitri is a former world champion and I consider myself lucky that I don’t have to come face to face with him. However, Wyatt is going to have some fun with this one and he is going to show Dmitri that he means business.

However... I do have to step into the ring with Lucy Seraphina. Now for Lucy we have only faced off twice in singles competition and three times in tag team competition and out of the five times…you have won four times. But… things are different… obviously we have different tag team partners… although I’ve ended up with two different partners. However, watching your match from last week, Dmitri wanted to take all the glory… you barely made your presence felt in the match… it was all Casey verses Dmitri… I would be pretty annoyed at him for taking all the glory.  This time around Lucy I would step and make Dmitri know that you aren’t prepared to ride on his coattails unless of course you want that… take the easy way to all the way to the finals.

Sad really… you will never be anything more than a tag team wrestler where your partner takes all the glory.  Oh and that one singles title you won… fluke.

Sunday night Lucy you will find that myself and Wyatt will continue our journeys in this tournament… and you will be left behind.   As I see it… the pressure is all on you… as Dmitri expects to be the top dog once more, however, I expect a little on me as well, as Wyatt wants to progress, but the thing is… I can move on and go back to my quiet life. You meanwhile just have to get on and wonder what could have been.

See you Sunday.

Climax Control Archives / The return?!?
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 This coming Saturday would have been three months since SCW closed their doors, for many thinking it would be for good, no-one had thought it would be hiatus perhaps not even the bosses.  Many superstars moved on and found new homes with the majority heading to Honor Wrestling. However, there was the old few that opted to not go back to wrestling but instead focus on just life.  I was one of the them… I opted to focus on my business and enjoy my marriage to Joey.  In what would be three months… wrestling never had crossed my mind… I would go to work three days a week with the rest of my time spent hanging out with Joey. Now…. I don’t know if people are going to do their reaction in where they were when the big new came through but here is mine…

March 16th, 2018
LAX Airport heading to Oahu, Hawaii (Honolulu Airport)

After three days at work, Joey had decided in whisking Amy off to Hawaii for a few days, where they could relax and surf the waves of the Oahu island of Hawaii, as they sit in the departures lounge waiting for the call to board, Amy and Joey sit and talk about the three days that Amy worked and the how Joey’s week went.

It was then that Amy’s cell phone beeped, which signified an email from Sin City Wrestling, frowning Amy opened the email wondering what it could be...

I've been looking forward to this tweet all day, because it's time to CONFIRM the rumors that SCW will be returning in one months’ time and we'll be kicking off with the Blast From The Past tournament! Check out the full statement here!

Amy clicked the link and read the entire statement…

“Holy fucking shit!”

“What’s up?”

“SCW is returning next month and they will be kicking off with the Blast From The Past Tournament.”

Amy smiled.

“What are you going to do?”

Joey queried.

“I don’t know yet… but I might just do the BFTP tournament, but I’ve been happy doing 3-X things and being with you.”

Amy shrugged.

“Well it’s up to you…and what you want to do.”

“Thanks… what I want to do is get on this plane and spend time with you.”

Amy leans in and kisses Joey on the cheek as their flight is called for boarding.

Not that exciting really… sitting in an airport getting ready to jet off to Hawaii. The only time that SCW crossed my mind was when I put my name down for the BFTP tournament, but the other times I was enjoying my time with Joey and surfing. But the main question for myself is will I come back to wrestling?


9th April 2018
Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar
Las Vegas, NV.

The scene opens inside the Tiabi Coffee and Waffle Bar in Las Vegas, where we see Amy sitting alone at a small table with a cup of coffee in hand as she appears to be waiting for someone to appear.  Checking her watch for the 2nd time, the door to the bar opens and Amy’s tag team partner and friend, Jessie Salco enters and looks around before moving to where Amy is.

“Sorry I’m late. I got delayed.”

“no worries.  What do you want to drink or eat?”

Amy asks sliding a menu across the table, Jessie looks at it for a moment.

“Just a coffee.”

Jessie said, as Amy catches the waitress attention and asks for another coffee.

“So how have you been?”

Jessie asks.

“Good thanks… enjoying the break away from wrestling.  You?”

Amy asks.

“I’m alright thank you. How are things with 3-X?”

“Good.  Your video is doing well, and people are really getting behind the expansion and our store.”

“That’s great. I’m glad I did that video.”

Jessie says with a smile.

“So are you coming back to wrestling full time?”

Jessie continues.

“I’m just coming back for the Blast From The Past tournament… depending on how I get on in that I might come back.”

Amy says before sipping on her coffee as the waitress comes by and places the coffee down in front of Jessie.

“What do you think of your partner for the tournament?”

“Best one yet… I’m feeling pretty confident that we can go all the way. Chris is an awesome wrestler. I hear you have Joshua.”

Amy says.

“Yeah… I’ve spoken to him a few times and we are meeting up later in the week. But I have confidence in him and we are going to get past round one.”

“He is a good ally to have and even better friend.”

“I’ve noticed.  So how are you preparing?”

Jessie asked.

“Lots of the training and I’m actually meeting Joshua in a few days to train with him.”


“Don’t worry… I’m not going to ask what your plans are.”

“Good good.”

Jessie smiles.

“What’s Honor Wrestling like?”

Amy asks, as the scene soon fades out on Jessie explaining what Honor Wrestling is like etc… as they have a general chit chat and catch up.


Wednesday 11th April
Las Vegas, NV
Home of Joshua Acquin.

The scene opens outside the home of Joshua Acquin in Las Vegas, where we see Amy and Joey pull up in taxi.

“You sure about training with Josh?”

“I am… why? Are you worried that he might get too physical?”

“eh…. Sort of.”

Joey shrugged as he and Amy climb out of the taxi.

“Well don’t be nervous.  Before I met you, before I wrestle for SCW and before I met most people… I briefly wrestled men. So, I can handle myself and plus it’s only sparring.”

Amy said as she and Joey heading up the pathway to Joshua’s house.  Arriving at the door, Amy knocked, and Joshua answered straight away.

“That was quick.”

“I was expecting you and I can’t wait to do this training session.”

“Me too.”

Amy smiled, as Joshua invited them in and all three headed to the rear of the house, where Joshua has a ring installed. Amy takes a moment to soak in the room before moving in further and drops her gym bag down.  Joshua walks in with bottle of water and places them down on the apron.

“you ready?”

Joshua asks.


Amy pulls out a towel and places it on the middle turnbuckle before climb into the ring, where she warms up and stretches before moving forward, where they lock up in a basic collar and tie up, with Acquin countering and putting Amy into headlock, which Amy straight away begins to fight and even tries to counter with little luck, Acquin holds the move until Amy manages to escape and push Acquin into the ropes and as Acquin comes back Amy drops to the mat and Acquin leaps over, as Amy turns and instead of getting up she goes to money flip Acquin, but Acquin grabs Amy’ leg and pulls her back to her feet, where he grabs her around the waist, but Amy stops Acquin from progressing any further by throwing an elbow backwards against Acquin’s head, which forces him to let go as Amy then charges the ropes as Acquin follows as they get to the ropes, Acquin does to clothesline Amy but Amy ducks and Acquin tumbles from the ring.

Amy back away to allow Acquin back into the ring.

“You alright?”

Amy asks.

“Yeah you?”

“I’m good.”

Joshua nods and Amy nods as Joshua climbs back into the ring.  Amy and Joshua then circle the ring with both carefully watching each other with Amy swiping at Joshua but nothing comes from it, as they stop and then lock up and begin to fight for position as they move about the ring in hold as both try to get the upper hand.  Moving a little more, they slowly come to a stop as Joshua stops and then forces the break, which Amy responds with a kick to the leg before grabbing him and locking in a headlock, but right away Joshua fights as he pushes Amy towards the ropes, which Amy uses the ropes and bounces off them and towards Joshua who lays himself flat on the mat, which Amy hits the ropes on the other side and as Amy comes back, Joshua is back on his feet and he leaps over her and as he turns he is surprised by Amy who kicks him in the stomach, Amy then turns and hits the ropes and she comes back at Joshua, Joshua exchanges his own kick to the stomach to Amy, as he then gets Amy into a headlock before taking him down to the mat with the headlock still locked in.

Right away Amy sticks her arms into Joshua’s face as Amy shifts his weight as she and Joshua shift their weight with Amy getting to her knees, which from their Amy fights his way to her feet as Joshua keeps the headlock locked in as Amy wraps her arms around Joshua before throwing a couple of forearm shots to the torso of Joshua, which forces Joshua to loosen his hold, as Amy then pushes Joshua into the ropes before whipping him across the ring, where he hits the ropes and as Amy comes back at Joshua, Joshua shoulder blocks her down to the mat.

Joshua then grabs Amy legs and sets up and locks in a figure four lock, which Amy taps right away to avoid injury.  Rolling away and grabbing the ropes and Amy gets to her knees and as she stretches and lets out a few heavy breaths before rolling out of the ring.

“You alright?”

Joey asks a little concerned.

“Yeah… I’m good and don’t worry I can handle myself.

Amy said trying to reassure Joey.

“5-minute break and do you want to go again?”


Amy said perhaps a little quickly as she slides out of the ring and grabs a water and takes a few sips out of it as she and Joey have a quick chat while Joshua stretches some more.  The scene soon fades with Amy standing and returning to the ring as she suggests if she can practice some of her moves on Joshua.


13th April 2018
Las Vegas, NV

Blast from the past tournament is the one thing I have never won in Sin City Wrestling. Over the years I have had no luck with tag partners... I’ve been partnered with people I don’t associate with, partnered with friends and partnered with an asshole like Dax... each time we have never got even close to the semis or even final. Sad really... but this year... I sincerely hope that it going to be a lot different. This year I am partnered with Chris Crippler and from what I saw the few matches I watched of his... I am pretty damn impressed with his in-ring skill and work rate. So I can’t complain about this partner... because I am happy. Two extremely experience wrestlers make for a good team and we are going to go far.

Now before I address our opponents... I’m going to address the elephant in the room... what IF Chris and I advance to the finals and win... and I get the opportunity to face Mikah or whoever for bombshell title shot... I haven’t re-signed officially for SCW... If and this is a big if... we win the whole damn thing... I will re-sign. At the moment I am keeping my options open... so watch this space.

Now onto our opponents...

Wyatt Peterson and Alana Allure…

Wyatt I wish you all the luck in the world against Chris… I know that you can handle yourself and you are a decent wrestler but unfortunately Chris is going to teach you a very British lesson in how to wrestle.

As for you Alana… it’s probably safe to say that you have been far more active inside the ring than myself even though it says part time on your twitter profile.  But fear not Alana… I may have not stepped inside a ring for a good three months… but I have stayed fit and not put any weight on etc…  So don’t think that I should be a push over or think I have ring rust as I have worked that away and I’m ready to kick some ass again inside the ring.

Sunday night Alana mark this as return to my greatness… Alana you better step up from this part time mediocrity you have going and start playing with the big girls because it won’t matter who your tag team partner is…  you are the weakest link in this match and Chris and I will be advancing at your expense.  Alana this will be a short-lived return for you because I am walking away victorious along with Chris and advancing to the next round.

Supercard Archives / MIKAH vs AMY MARSHALL
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 Wednesday 3rd January 2018
Okazaki Jinja Shinto Shrine
Kyoto, Japan.


The scene opens outside the Shinto shrine, where we see Amy dressed in a traditional white kimono with Joey next to her wears a montsuki (black formal kimono), haori (kimono jacket), and hakama (kimono pants). They slowly walk down the covered walkway they followed by six people, who Amy had met a few times though wrestling and porn and she classed as friends.  In front of them a few members of the Shinto Shrines lead them towards the entrance of the shrine.

Entering the shrine, Amy and Joey are ushered to the front, where there is two chairs and a small table with a box on them as the priest waits for them but also Amy’s and Joeys guests who are ushered to their seats.   Amy and Joey sit down as the doors are closed, moments later the head priest gives Amy and Joey a blessing before giving a report to the Hachiman Deity about what is going to happen and request his blessing.

Once the blessing is complete, it is followed by a dance by the shrine maiden to please the deity and to ensure that they are in a good mood. Once the dancing is done… the priest approaches Joey and asks him take sips of sake, which he does, although with Amy providing a little help with what is being said.  The priest then asks Amy to sip the sake, which she does three times from three separate cups.

Once she and Joey finish sipping the sake, it was time for the groom’s pledge.

Joey: Our pledge is love and cherish each other and work together to ensure this marriage lasts.

Amy smiles and nods, knowing that Joey’s words at the alter during the wedding were much better.  Amy refocused as she and Joey then offered a ritual offering to the deity in the shape of branch of sacred tree decorated with paper strips.

Once the offering is taken, Amy and Joey were given the option of exchanging ring, but they declined as they were already wearing the ring they exchanged in the official ceremony at the Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa.  With that being skipped, it was time for the family and relatives toast, however, since there was a small group of friends… they would still toast them and help support them through thick and thin.

Once the toasts and formalities were complete, the ceremony was complete and from there Amy and Joey shared a kiss before taking the opportunity for a few photos for their album and for memories.

“Thank you for this.”

Amy says as she moves to the courtyard.

“Anything for you.”

The scene soon fades out with Amy moving to her Japanese friends and thanking them for coming and sharing their special moment.


9th January 2018
Las Vegas, NV
24hr Gym.

The scene opens inside a local gym, where we see Amy and Jessie sitting in the gym as they warm up for their possibly final gym session ever.  As the both stretched, Jessie began to query about Amy’s honeymoon.

“How was the honeymoon?”

Jessie asks as she stretched her legs.

“Amazing. I loved the ceremony in Kyoto and I loved Tokyo. You should really visit Japan not just for wrestling but the amazing sites.”

Amy suggested with a smile on her face.

“Hmmm maybe. I’m glad you enjoyed your honeymoon… marriage really suits you.  I must thank you for inviting me to the wedding.”

Jessie said with a smile.

“No problem.  After all you are a close friend.”

Amy smiles, as she moves to her feet with Jessie doing the same.

“How is the preparation going for your match against Mikah?”

Jessie asks as she moves to the weight rack and picks up some weights and begins to do a workout.

“To be honest… I am mentally ready… but I’m not so sure physically. Do you think adding new moves into my repertoire is a big mistake?”

Amy asks concerned, as she moves to the weights also and picks up just the one and begins to do squats.

“Absolutely not… you are wanting to grow and evolve and there is no better time to do that against Mikah.  You are not making any mistakes… just have to practice a lot.”

Jessie said giving reassurance to Amy.

“How about you… are you ready to become Miss Sin City Wrestling?”

“As ready as I can possibly be. But anything can happen in this match especially with Raynin and Mercedes in this match.”

Jessie said keep her visions straight ahead in the mirror.
“You can beat them.  We can walk out of Sin City Wrestling with our heads held high even if we do lose because we were part of the biggest and greatest wrestling company in the country.”

Amy said adjusting her stance and continues her workout.

“Would be awesome to walk out with titles to our names and make history.”

Jessie said with a glint in her eye.

“Definitely… but to do that… we will need to workout hard. Let focus and after we can find something to eat and talk and catch up some.”

Amy said with a smile.


Jessie nodded, as the scene soon fades out on Amy and Jessie working out as they prepare to face the biggest battles of their career.


12th January 2018

It’s scary that there are only a few days left of my Sin City Wrestling career… I’ve had so many memories good and bad in this place it’s crazy, especially considering I never thought in a million years that I would be so successful in becoming a grand slam champion and a hall of famer. Now I am not going to think about what is going to happen next… I am going to think about this Sunday and how I am going to walk away as the NEW and FINAL Bombshell Champion of Sin City Wrestling.

But to do this… I will have to prize it away from Mikah hands.

Now Mikah…  after watching your promo, I have a slight indication that you think that you should have everything handed to you onto a silver platter... that you are better than everyone else... and your above everyone else... kind of reminds me of the mean girls. It’s sad that you think that you never ever contemplated leaving the company and that you are 100% committed to Sin City Wrestling.


Can I remind you of this little incident....

Mikah: You know, I forgot to talk about you before Devona. And some people would like to say that I just forgot but I didn't forget. Not even once because who forgets such a .... typical champion like you? Or a handpicked favourite like you? That's right nobody. However, I thought I would save this for right before our match. You think that you deserve that championship because you beat me fair and square. And yes, you did but did you ever think that I didn't want the championship anymore? I know you don't like to think I let you win because well, you're too proud to think it. But I've been saying that I was thinking about letting you win for weeks and it finally happened at Violent Conduct. It may not have seemed that way but I'm not going to make it easy for you because my fans don't deserve that. But they do deserve a handpicked favourite like you. So, there's not going to be a match between us tonight, Devon. Because I'm not coming to the ring because I'm not wasting my time with such a petty, insignificant championship or a small, insignificant person who believes they're worth more than what they are. So, have fun standing in the middle of the ring, Devona and looking like an idiot. I'm leaving to go back to my husband. Ciao.

So much for commitment there.... basically, you threw a big tantrum because you did get what you wanted and left the show and went back to Drake… in Chicago.

You are so full of shit its unbelievable.

You aren’t entitled to anything... you damn well know that you have to earn stuff... just like you earnt the title shot Bombshell championship the first time you captured it.... just like I did at Climax Control 200. Which also reminds me... you aren’t going get that little grand slam accolade because…

Mikah: Fuck tag team wrestling.

This is why that grand slam accolade will haunt your fucking dreams for the rest of your life... you will wish you had won the tag team titles but nope you said fuck it and opted to stick with single titles.

It’s also that fact that no one wanted to tag with you... harsh but true. The only female friend you had left so bang goes that chance.

Sucks to be you eh Mikah…. But this hard done by act you need to drop. Nobody gossiped about you… I certainly didn’t… nobody cared about who you drank with or even if you drank… nobody cared about your friend. I certainly didn’t care if you drank or not who you hung out with because we never had to face each other properly.

You may have fond memories of that tag team match… but that was tag team action… and perhaps a scary night for me as I was worried that my ankle was broken and damaged and couldn’t finish off beating Roxi in our little feud.  Instead I remembered the little battle royal we had those few years ago, which you were successful then. But as I stated in my last promo that we never truly come face to face in singles action.

So I don’t care what you did then… but I do care what you do now.

As long as you turn up Sunday night and not have a tantrum or cry off because you are too scared about the possibility of losing… then we are good. But the thing is Mikah you can keep going on about the past and what could have been and what have been etc… etc… but I want to focus on the now and focus on the future as in Sunday.

I worked hard in this company… i fought everyone that was put in front of me, I never backed down from a challenge and I never quit any match no matter how bad the beat down was.  I did the impossible when I beat Delia for the Bombshell Championship and I can do it again… I will walk out of this match champion and there is nothing you can do.

I work hard inside the gym and outside the gym day in and day out… I am 100% focused on taking this title. It’s perhaps no secret that I have made alterations to my move set and you have no doubt found ways to combat these moves… but I don’t care because its my final match in Sin City Wrestling and I am going to do everything in my power to take the Bombshell championship away from you and claim it as my own. Sunday night will go down in history as not only the final Sin City Wrestling show, but I will be walking out as the final Bombshell Champion.

See you Sunday and good luck.

Supercard Archives / MIKAH vs AMY MARSHALL
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Climax Control #200
Live from:  Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

Battle Royal = #1 Challenger to World Bombshell Championship.

Alice Knight vs. Mercedes Vargas vs. Amy Marshall vs. Kira Phoenix vs Jessie Salco.

Climax Control 200 has kicked off the usual pomp and hype as everyone seemed to be buzzing backstage are they focused on making sure that the very last Climax Control would go out with a bang not focus on where they will be going next.  With several matches already completed with Chris Crippler and The Fallen winning their matches and several segments in between with the usual pointless bullshit from Motor City Maidens.  Up next though were one of four important matches of the night… the number one contender match for the Bombshell Championship, which featured Mercedes Vargas, Metal and Punk Connection tag team partners Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco and then add in a couple of random nobodies to fill the gaps.

This match started well with everyone going for someone and battling and fighting to stay in the ring and battling to become the last woman inside the ring as Amy and Jessie tried to avoid each other much of the match, until they were the last women in the ring and this is where the gloves came off and it would be a battle of tag partners and friendship put on the line…

…Jessie manages to get Amy in a headlock, whipping her in the ropes and sets her up for a superkick, but Amy sidesteps and kicks Jessie in the midsection following with an Irish Whip over the top rope, but Jessie manages to land on the apron. There Amy follows it up with a flying forearm like she did earlier, but Jessie saw it coming and sidesteps and kicks her partner in the head with a stiff kick. This causes Amy to stagger backwards as Jessie gets on the top rope and jumps forward for a flying cross body block. Only to be caught by Amy as she staggers backwards to the other side of the ring. There she lifts Jessie up on her shoulders before trying to toss her tag team partner over the top rope. But Jessie manages to grab hold off the ropes and then tries to go for the same hold that she used on Kira earlier to dump her over the top rope. Amy manages to wrap her legs on the middle rope as she starts to deliver heavy blows to the midsection of Jessie. Causing her to let go off the hold. This causes Amy to stagger backwards, trying to catch some breath as Jessie slowly tries to regain her composer and a vertical position on the ring apron. But turns around just too late to see that Amy has delivered another flying forearm smash to her head. This sends Jessie to the canvas hard as this causes the ring bell to ring and the match to end.

Justin: The winner of this match and the NEW number one contender for the SCW Bombshell championship!! Amy Marshall!!!!

As soon as Jessie disappeared over the top rope and onto the mat below... it took me a moment to realise that I had won. Looking down at Jessie and then turning to see I was the only person in the ring I screamed out in surprise as my music hits over the p.a system, the ref raised my arm in victory as the biggest smile appeared on my face as I climbed the ropes to celebrate forgetting that I had just eliminated a friend. Jumping off the turnbuckle, I slipped out of the ring and celebrated up the ramp and into the backstage area.

Once backstage I was greeted by Joey who picked me up and spun me around and kissed me on the cheek, as several others congratulated me.

“You did it!”

“I did... I can’t believe it.”

Joey put me down as I looked part way down the hall to see Jessie kick a large travel box in maybe anger or maybe in frustration. I pull away from Joey as I cautiously approach Jessie.

“I’m sorry.”

I said.

“Its fine... no need to be sorry. I just should have tried and fought harder.”

Jessie let out a heavy sigh.

“No hard feelings?”

“I queried hoping that our friendship would survive this.”

“Maybe... I don’t know. Look congratulations... you were the better woman. You deserve this.”

Jessie said as she shook her head and walked away. I knew that she wasn’t ok with the result but in fairness she had so many maybe undeserved shots at the Bombshell championship that it was about time that someone else had a shot. I turned to see Pussy Willow talking to Joey... I look back towards Jessie’s direction before walking back to where Joey and Pussy were.

“Hi pussy... I’m guessing you are here to interview the final number one contender for the Bombshell championship?”


“Well fire away...”

I said with a smile as I grabbed Joey’s hand.

“Thank you.”

Pussy nods at the camera man, who turns the camera on before starting.

“Ladies and gentlemen... with me at this time the new and final number one contender to the Bombshell championship.... held by Mikah. First things first how are you feeling?”

“I feel amazing... I called the result of this match and look what happened... I won and now I get to face for the first time ever in singles competition Mikah.”

“It was a great result for you... but as we all saw it came down to you and Jessie Salco... your tag team partner as the final two. Is there any remorse or regret?”

“To be honest... I feel neither regret or remote. Battle royals are every person for themselves and Jessie knew if it came down to us then we would have to fight. And guess what... it came down to us and we fought but I was much hungrier, and I had to eliminate her. I know that Jessie was seeking another legitimate chance at the Bombshell championship, but it wasn’t going to be. She knew that it was going to be a hard fight especially with myself and Mercedes inside the ring... and unfortunately it was me who eliminated her to end any chance.”

“Well you now face Mikah for the Bombshell championship in your first ever singles match together. Do you have any thoughts about this match.”

“Just one...”

“What’s that?”

“I’m winning and taking her title.”

I smile and say nothing else knowing that I should save it all closer to the time.

“That’s it?”

“It is. Thank you, Pussy.”

I smile again and then walk away with Joey, leaving Pussy to wrap things up and for me to return to locker and perhaps leave Jessie alone for a bit.


21st December 2017
Las Vegas, NV
+ Day before Hen Party +

The scene opens inside Las Vegas residence of Amy Marshall, where we see Amy sorting out what to wear for her hen party, however, she was disturbed by the doorbell. Placing down the items of clothing Amy headed down the stairs to the front door, where she opens it to reveal Lori and a couple of friends from previous a previous employer, whom she hadn’t seen for a while.


Shouted the two women, as Lori smiled and shrugged.

“Oh my god you came.”

Amy smiled and moved in and hugged the three women.

“Yeah... well. I wouldn’t miss it for the world even though we all live in different parts of the country.”

Said the red headed woman.

“Of course... come in. You guys want anything to drink? I got tea, coffee, water... champagne?”

Amy queried


Lori said with a smile.

“Everyone want a glass?”

Amy queried as she disappeared towards the kitchen to glasses and the champagne, as she listening to some of the conversation and grabs a water.

“I would love to but I’m sober now.”

The brunette says.

“How long has it been Mia?”

Lori asked.

“About a year”

“What made you go sober?”

The red head named Carly asks, as Amy returns from the kitchen and hands Mia the water before placing the champagne and glasses down.

“I made it a new year’s resolution last year after ending up in the ER with my stomach being pumped after drinking and taking too much. I realised I needed to sort my life out after that.”

“Congrats on being 1 year sober.  You sure coming to my hen party won’t lead you into temptation?”

Amy asks worried that she might make her friend fall off the wagon, as she hypocritically poured opened the champagne and poured it into the three glasses.

“It’s cool… I go running to starve off any cravings and I will just take a long run tomorrow morning.”

Mia shrugged.

“Don’t wear yourself down too much tomorrow otherwise you will crash way too early into the night.”

Carly said.

“I’ll be fine.”

Mia said with a smile.

“Let move on… lets toast Amy and her pending marriage to.”

Lori picks up her glass, which Carly and Amy follow suit with Mia lifting her water bottle up.

“To Amy and to a happy marriage.”

Carly says and then they toast clinking glasses and bottle before taking a sip.

“Now what you guys been up to?

Amy motions to Carly and Mia as she goes to find out what they have been doing since they have last seen each other.  The scene soon fades out as Mia, Carly, Amy and Lori talking about life, men, careers and family as they share a few laughs.


27th December 2017
All Pro Wrestling
Wednesday Semi Pro Boot Camp
Pacifica, CA

“Today we have a slightly different class for everyone. As you can see in the ring, we have a very special guest and if you don’t know her. Her name is Amy Santino aka Amy Marshall from Sin city wrestling. Amy is here today train with you guys and as bad as this sounds test some new moves on you. But just a word of warning for you and her request. Do not hot too hard... she doesn’t want bruises showing on her wedding day.

Over to you Amy.”

The main head trainer kicks things off and explains why Amy is there.

“Hi guys.”

Amy smiles

“Hello…Hi… Hey”

Everyone says at the same time.

“Now everyone is thinking... why am I here to test moves when I have a tag team partner and I can train with the big boys. Truth of the matter is... everyone is enjoying their Christmas. I have been enjoying my Christmas but have got a little bored and I need to forget about certain things. Anyway... how many of you follow SCW programming?”

Out of the 10 people in the class, only 4 raise their hand.

“You four then know that I am facing Mikah at full circle for the Bombshell championship. Now I am planning to surprise Mikah with some very different moves aside from high flying moves that I usually do, and I need a sparring match to test these.

So first things first. Has everyone warmed up?”

Everyone shakes their head in a no fashion.

“Good. Neither have I. So let’s do a few stretches and a jog around the ring.”

Amy days as she climbs out of the ring and begins to stretch for a few moments as the trainees look at each other and find this all a little surreal before joining Amy in stretching. Once everyone is stretched out, Amy begins s little jog around the ring to get her heart and adrenaline going. Doing several loops around the ring Amy climbs into the ring and bounces to her feet.

“Who’s first?”

A young woman raises her hand before climbing into the ring and stands in the centre of the ring, as a ref climbs in behind her. Amy then gets ready to face off this woman. She and the female wrestler then lock up in the centre of the ring, where they briefly jockey for position before Amy manoeuvres the female wrestler into a headlock, where Amy cranks on the move a few times as the female wrestler pushes Amy away and into the ropes and as Amy comes back, she pushes the female wrestler down to the mat. Amy looks down at the female wrestler and smirks before grabbing the female wrestler’s foot and turning her over as the female wrestler pushes herself up to one foot, however, before Amy can do anything else the female wrestler yanks her foot back and as Amy comes towards the female wrestler, the female wrestler throws an elbow backwards surprising Amy.

Amy stumbles back on holding her jaw… the female wrestler steps back in shock.

“I am so so sorry.”

Amy checks for blood, which she finds none.

“It’s cool”

Amy moves towards the female wrestler and they lock up once more as Amy manages to manoeuvre the wrestler into a headlock and cranks on the move, however, the wrestler backs up into the ropes, which Amy pushes the wrestler away and as the female wrestler bounces off the ropes and comes back at Amy, Amy ducks and kicks the female wrestler in the stomach stopping.  Amy grabs the female wrestler and picks up her up onto her shoulders and hitting a Fireman’s Carry gutbuster, which knocks the wind from the female wrestler and who rolls out of the ring.

“You alright”

No answer, as Amy looks over the ropes to the floor to see the female wrestler sitting up holding her stomach, as Amy turns happy that move turned out well, she sees that someone else comes into the ring.

“Milly here has a muay Thai background… is that ok with you?”

“Yeah… perfect.”

Amy smiles as she stretches some as she watches Milly and although her background was muay Thai, she is expected to wrestle and maybe incorporate the muay Thai into her wrestling later.  Amy approaches Milly where they briefly lock up but Milly counters with a go behind and locks her hands together around Amy’s waist, as Amy throws an elbow backwards, which forces Milly to release the hold and step backwards.  This gives Amy an opening and she turns and get into position and hits a kick to the side of Milly’s body.  Milly gives a look of surprise at Amy, who hits another kick to the side of Milly.

Milly backs away and looks at the trainer unsure…
“Just go with it.”

Milly nods and right away refocuses her mind as she and Amy then begin to feign kicks and punches towards each other, but the punches and kicks soon connect and getting harder and harder, until Amy kicks Milly in the gut before grabbing Milly and hitting an exploder Suplex. Milly lays on the mat a little confused, as Amy approaches Milly and drags her to the centre of the ring, where she begins to tie up and then locks in an Indian Deathlock Crossface on Milly. The scene quickly fades as that said wrestler taps out, she releases the hold allowing the wrestler to roll out of the ring, as Amy smiles with satisfaction of testing out some of her new moves as she slides out of the ring to allow everyone else continue their training.


28th December 2017
Vintners inn, Santa Rosa, CA
John Ash & Co Restaurant
+ Day before wedding +

The scene opens inside the Vintners inn but more precisely the John Ash & Co restaurant, where we see the restaurant filled with visitors and guests. As the camera pans around we see Amy, her mom and two sisters Mary and Katie, where they are talking and eating their meal except for Amy who pushes some of food around and taking small bites.

“Are you not hungry?”

Katie asked looking at Amy.

“Not really.”

Amy said slightly distracted.


Mary asks as she continues eating her meal. Amy put down her fork and sat back picking up her wine, as her mom begins to speak.

“Being nervous is natural. You are probably thinking the wedding will get ruined, is everything ready, is everyone coming, will my fiancé be there, am I making a mistake etc... there are so many what ifs, but you can’t think like that. I had these doubts when I married your father, but I had this same conversation with my mother in helped but also throwing up twice helped a little.”


Katie said

“Yep. First thing in the morning and then outside the church.”

Amy chuckled a little.

“I bet the minister wasn’t too impressed.”

“Apparently I wasn’t the first person to do that… he was used to it.”

Amy’s mom shrugged, Amy shook her head.

“I have never been this nervous before and scared.”


Katie queried.

“I don’t know why.”

Amy shrugged.

“STOP! You will be fine.  Once you get that dress on tomorrow morning the nerves and doubts will disappear, and you will become the happiest woman as you walk down the aisle. Now finish your meal and we will return to your room and watch some films or something.”

Amy’s mom said putting her foot down on the talk of nerves and being scared etc…  Amy nodded as picked up her fork and began eating again although the nerves still there, as Katie, Mary and their mom finished up their meals.

“Shall we order room service… more specifically dessert?”

Mary queried.


Amy smiled, as a waitress comes over and collects their plates.

“Would you like any desserts?”

“I hope you don’t mind but we are going to order room service and get desserts sent to our room. Is that ok?”

“It’s is fine.  We look forward to your requests.”

The waitress smiles before walking away, as Amy, her mom, Katie and Mary stand to their feet, as Amy grabs the desserts menu before leaving the dining room.  The scene soon fades out with Amy, their mom, Katie and Mary taking the short walk to Amy’s hotel room.


*** FLASHBACK ***</Center>

Climax Control 114
17th May 2015
Salle Omni sports Hacène Harcha - Algiers, Algeria

Four Corners Survival match to determine the number one contender for the SCW World Bombshell Championship

Mikah def. Jessie Salco, Mercedes Vargas and Amy Marshall via pinfall</Center>

...Mikah steps through the ropes and Amy clotheslines her down to the mat twice, then follows up with a DDT! Amy covers Mikah for the pin...


When Amy turns around and yells at Mercedes, Mikah takes advantage by nailing Amy in the back with a double axe handle, followed up by a Face Plant into the mat. Mikah Irish whips Amy into the corner, and nails her with a flying knee to the face. Mikah pulls her from the corner and hits a Tiger Suplex! Mikah immediately covers her and screams or Holly to count!


Mikah chokes Amy, prompting Holly to count against her!


Mikah attempts to Irish whip Amy into the ropes, but Amy reverses it and lays her out with a flying forearm smash. Amy then picks Mikah up and attempts to bring her down with the Bad Girl double knee facebuster, but Jessie interrupts Amy's attempt to finish the match by making a blind tag, and enters the ring herself.


…Then Mikah and Amy go at it!

Mikah and Amy fight one another, and then Jessie joins in, and then Mercedes, and then Mercedes, Jessie, and Amy then join in a three-on-one attack on Mikah!...


…Amy then grabs the ropes and flings Mikah into the ring, as Holly Wood has lost control of the match! Amy and Mikah exchange punches to each other's heads and bodies, back and forth, until they tumble to the mat in a tangle of limbs and roll outside of the ring…

…Mikah throws her inside of the ring and chokes her, but Amy grabs Mikah by the hair, kicks her in the mid-section, picks her up, waist locks her, and she drills Mikah's head into the mat with a snap DDT! Amy then covers Mikah for the pin.


31st December 2017
Baltimore, Maryland
+ Amy’s office in 3-X Productions +

Amy closes the laptop and looks into the camera…

To be honest there wasn’t much interaction as we were in a four corners survivor match. Those few highlights were the only time we stood in the ring together and fought. We have never gone one verses one in the all the time that you have been in this company. Surprising really considering how big the bombshell roster is as I have faced Mercedes, Jessie, Crystal several times. Back then it was to become the number one contender for the bombshell championship match... effectively it has come ironically full circle that I had won and just become the number contender for the bombshell championship held by you.

Did you realise that we have spoken9 backstage.... never met up... nor even properly tweeted each other.... perhaps a good thing maybe bad... I just don’t know. But what I do know is that I called the outcome of the match at Climax Control 200... I called the fact that I would win that match and I am going to make another big call and another big prediction.

I am going to win. I am going to walk away as the last ever bombshell champion of this company. It’s something not to be happy about but its making history, which I am all about.

- First ever grand slam champion in any division
- Second ever bombshell triple crown
- First ever three-time tag team champion.

So going into this match... I am confident, and I am prepared and 100% fucking ready to bring this battle to you and take away a title that you don’t deserve. Those times you have won the bombshell title and in fact any other title... you have just been disappointing and a let-down and just a dull champion... kind of like your life and marriage to Drake.

But I am not going to take shots at your marriage or even Drake as Drake and I are friends and I don’t want to upset him and well as recently married myself... I can’t really comment.

Anyway... let’s go back to the match at hand.

Going into this match it appears that I am the underdog… that I have no chance and you will walk over me with relative ease…. It may be the case, but the thing is, I defeated Mercedes, Jessie, Kira and Alice in the number one contender match… Mercedes is a highly accomplished wrestler and could have easily walked that match… but her heart wasn’t in that match, just like in your match with her.  But that doesn’t mean I’m expecting an easy fight… I will be expecting a tough fight, which you will use every single tactic dirty and clean in your arsenal.  

But I am ready to expect the unexpected. Having faced Veronica too many times to count I am ready for anything dirty coming my way and for tough fights... I beat Delia when it counted, and the odds were stacked against me... I will use that win as inspiration to beat you.

With this company unfortunately closing and this as my one and final shot... I am going to channel that win... I am going to put my body on the line and I am going to make damn fucking sure that I am going to walk away as champion... I have nothing to lose unlike you.

All the pressure is on you... you have to win... you have to make sure you are at the top of your game, you have to make sure you are ready and prepared. You have to make sure that you have done all the training that can do, watched every single wrestling video and promo that I have ever done... because if you haven’t... I will be there exploiting your lack of preparation. I will be there in your face saying bring it before kicking your ass over the ring.

Full Circle... the very last show of Sin City Wrestling is where a NEW Bombshell world champion will be crowned. I will be walking away with that title because i earned it because i want it and because everyone wants to see me leave with it.

Mikah... you better be ready for a fight of your life because I am taking the title and there will be nothing that you can do about it.

See you soon.

Climax Control Archives / Thank you for the memories...
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*** Flashback *** </Center>

Date of image: 24th October 2012

Caption: Got snapped outside the ???? offices. I wonder how long before this gets out.

The scene opens inside the SCW offices in Las Vegas, where we see a young woman enter the building with a hint of confidence but deep down she was nervous and scared. Approaching reception, in which she informs the lady behind the desk that she was here to see some, she then adjusts her white top and jeans and went to sit down as she looks at the clock on the wall and waited in what felt like hours. However, it was only moments later the office door swings open to reveal a 5’10 205lb man with dark blonde hair and dark green eyes and lots of muscle.

“Miss Marshall?”


She stands to her feet and greets this man with a warm smile, she then enters his office and closes the door behind her.

“Thank you for coming… I am Christian Underwood I am one of the owners in this company, along with Mark Ward.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Amy smiles.

“I am going to get straight down to business…  why do you want to sign for this company?”

Christian asks.

“I heard a lot of good things from this company... and I thought I would be the perfect fit for the bombshell roster.”

Amy said confidently.

“I have heard of you and I have some reservations about your background in previous companies and previous career... can you give me your word that none of it would be repeated?”

Christian queried.

“I can’t promise anything... but I have grown up since my start in wrestling and I have cleaned up my act in certain things, however, I am not going to change who I am or what I do career wise. But I will ensure its split in too.”

Amy says.

“Ok. So you won’t have any hot adult male stars joining you.”

Christian queries with a smirk.

“Uh.... no...”

Amy cocked her head somewhat thrown by the question.

“Shame... well I have no problems with you joining this company. I will speak with Mark and let you now in a few days.”

“Thank you.”

Amy said with a smile.

“No thank you... you will be great asset to this company.”

Christian sticks his hand out and Amy takes it and shake his hand.


“Have a good day Miss Marshall.”

Amy smiles and turns and leaves the office as a cameraman suddenly snaps a picture of Amy.

“If you publish this… please do not let anyone know I was here. I want to surprise people. Ok?”


“Send me an electronic copy though...”

Amy pulls out a card from her back pocket.

My email is on there. Thank you.

No problem.

The photographer nodded although a little confused in who she was or even what she was doing there, but shrugged and placed he card in a pocket and continued on as he headed to a meeting.

The scene fades out as Amy smiles at the receptionist before leaving the building and wait for that phone call.


A few days after this meeting, Amy signed her contract on 29th October and the very same day her roster profile was up. It wasn’t until the 11th November at High Stakes 2 supercard that she got her first match, which her first opponent was Cassie Banton and Amy defeated her with ease and the rest is history.

*** End of flashback ***

Climax Control 198
3rd December 2017
San Jose, California

::: London Underground vs. Metal and Punk Connection. ::::

… Mackenzie then follows up with a huge backhand chop to Salco, who is standing in her corner. The shot sends her to the mat. While St. James is turned to look about Jessie, Mackenzie kicks Amy in the face! She was sitting up after the pin and catches a brutal kick to her face.

Simone: London Underground are back in control.

Adams: What are they doing?

Charlotte rolls over and applies a crippler cross face to Amy! Page gets her legs then situates herself over Amy's back. St, James doesn't pay attention to Mackenzie while watching for a tap from Marshall. Amy hits the mat three times to indicate she's had enough.


Adams: Snap, Crackle, POP! That manoeuvre is vicious.

Simone: The champions retain here tonight.


“Oops I did another recap of a match… so sue me.”

Minutes after London underground beat Metal and Punk Connection in a hard fought match where it was more of a battle of words than wrestling ability, Amy and Jessie return to the backstage area, where they take stock in what had happened inside the ring.

“I’m sorry about tonight.”

Amy shrugged as she brushed some hair from her face as Jessie shook her head as a camera crew and Scott Oliver appears.


“Scott not now”.

Jessie shot a look to Scott.

“Woah... sorry. I just wanted to get thoughts on your match.”

“Our thoughts... if you believe in what London underground said about us... we are just braindead and clueless.”

Amy said with sarcasm, as Jessie frowned a little.

“It was a good match... we fought hard and brought it to them. Just a shame about the outcome.”

“This match was more about their words... what they said more than anything. It was about as close to dirty politics without being an election. They went off about everything... and I can’t fault them though... they went for jugular. But they have no clue what it takes to be single competitors nor who your friends are. For the record Mackenzie and Charlotte... I have known Joshua for god knows how long... he can treat his friends with what he likes. He offered to pay for my honeymoon. My future honeymoon was pretty much paid for... it was just travel etc that wasn’t. But you don’t really care... you just thought you'd poke your nose into our business because you just bitterly jealous that you have no friends beyond you two. Also... something else that triggered me... hall of famers should stay retired? I never fucking retired in the first place you dumb pricks. I will keep on wrestling just to piss your fuckers off.

Also so what about how my promos are styled... if you don’t like them kiss my ass and turn off the tv. I do whatever is comfortable and what is unique... but hey... maybe next time just for you I’ll do something a little bit different ( :-P ).

Tonight, you were the better women... I admit that, however, this match was more based on words that actions in the ring. You may have seen us as easy wins tonight but he next team maybe not be as easy. To be honest I would fear Lowri Moss and Natalie McKinley. “

Amy steps back as Jessie looks at Her and then at the camera and Scott and shrugs. Scott smiles and nods in appreciation and disappears off.

“Feel better for that?”

Jessie asks.

“A little bit... if I went through every single part of their promo... we would be here for days and I’d rather just forget and move on.”

Amy said honestly.

“Fair enough. I am going to head back to the locker room to change before going back to the hotel. After that we are heading out.... want to join us?”

Jessie queried.

“Stupid question really.”

“I know I know... have to ask.”

Jessie smiles as Jake and Shane approach Jessie.

“Catch you guys later.”

“See you later.”

Jessie, Jake and Shane walk off, as the scene soon slowly fades as Amy shakes her head at the result before walking off to find joey and her clothing.


:::: *** NEWSFLASH *** ::::

Date: 4th December 2017


For the last six years Sin City Wrestling has provided the very best wrestling in Las Vegas, America and around the world with the very best men and women on our roster who have provided many memorable moments and created memorable history.  However, it is with great regret that as from January 2018 the very first show of the year will be our very last, and it’s with heavy heart that we will be closing our door for good.

We like to thank everyone who has been with this company since day one and thank you to those who have graced our ring for the last six years.

Instead of winding down… we are going to build up and go out with a bang.

Please stayed tuned.

Mark Ward and Christian Underwood.


Santa Rosa, California
Home of Joey Santino.

The scene opens inside the home of Joey Santino, where we see Amy laying in bed with Joey, as she relaxes and enjoys her days off.  Grabbing her cell phone from the bedside table, she sees a message from Jessie.

Have you seen the news?

Amy frowns and she then check twitter to see a post from Sin City Wrestling linking it to their site. Clicking the link, she reads the post.

“Oh Wow”

Amy sits back as her face saddens.

“What’s up?”

Amy hands her phone to Joey and he reads the news.

“Sorry to hear.”

“Yeah… me too.”

“Are you going to stick with them.”

Joey asks as Amy puts the phone down.

“I will… i am not going to slack off just because a company is folding.  I’ve been in a company or two where the door has been closed with no warning.  Out of a job in an instant, but the good thing about wrestling is anyone is willing to take you on.”

“You going to find another place?”

Joey questions again as Amy takes a moment to think about it.

“I might just enjoy a short break and enjoy married life first… there is no rush to join another company.”

Amy smiles and snuggles close into Joey.

“So what are your plans for today?”

Joey queries.

“Relax and maybe go shopping and maybe breakfast in bed.”

Amy smiles as she nudges Joey, who shakes his head and then climbs out of bed.

“What would you like?”

“pancakes with some fruit and a tea.”

Amy asks.

“Sure thing.”

Joey nods and disappears from the room leaving Amy alone as she picks up her cell phone and ready the news again.  The scene soon fades out as Amy sends a text back to Jessie before laying back and then ready through tweets.


*** Flashback *** </Center>

July 26th 2010
Day after Blaze of Glory 3 PPV for Ring of Beauty.

The scene opens in a small hotel the day after Blaze of Glory 3 PPV for the company Ring of beauty in which Amy then competing as Roxxxie had won 1 of 4 brief cases in the championship lottery match.  Roxxxie had spent the evening celebrating the only way she could – Sex and alcohol.  Waking up, Roxxxie rubs her eyes, as she looks over to see an brief case, she smiles, however, soon she was distracted by her cell phone pining a couple of times.

Picking up phone… she looks at the first few messages.


“Last night was fun… must do it again.

“Well done on winning a brief case.”

Roxxxie smiles until she sees an email notification with the subject To all Ring of Beauty employee, she then opens her emails to read a message from a bunch of lawyers.

Hello… my name is George Marquez and I work on the behalf of Mendez & Mendez who are the lawyers for Ring of Beauty. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstance and with immediate effect Ring of Beauty will be closed and all assets will be ceased.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused.


George Marquez.

“Well fuck”

Roxxxie looks across at the brief case and briefly runs her fingers across it, disappointed that she never a chance to find out what she had won nor even a chance at cashing it in.  Grabbing the brief case, Roxxxie threw it in the bin. The scene fades out with Roxxxie ordering room service before heading into the bathroom to shower and wash away the disappointment.

*** End of flashback ***


Thursday 14th December 2017

It’s sad that we have all these great matches for Climax Control 200 just because the place is closing... where were these people when SCW needed them?  Anyway… I would like to just say thank you to Mark and Christian for giving me the opportunity to joint SCW five years ago… who knew five years on that I would be standing here saying thank you and saying farewell at the same time to those who I’ve called friends and enemies and work colleagues.   Sin City Wrestling will always be in my heart and will always be one of the best companies I have worked for.

Now onto business…

Climax Control 200 I get the opportunity to become number one contender for the World Bombshell Championship for the final supercard January next year.  However, there are four other women in this match… Alice Knight, Mercedes Vargas, Jessie Salco and Kira Phoenix.  So, this should be interesting…

Firstly Alice Knight… this would be our first meeting in SCW and to be honest, I never watched any of your matches and no clue who you are.  All I know about you is that you are some kind of weird hobo chick who is just a little odd.  Bad description but that’s all I got.  But what I do know is that you shouldn’t be in this match because it was out of your league and you are simply not ready for a big girl match like this.  You see Alice… in this match you have two former world bombshell champions and the outcome is simple…. It’s going to be Mercedes or I winning and you just don’t factor into this.

And speaking of Mercedes… you are the one true threat in this match… I am not worried about Kira, I am not worried about Alice and I am certainly not worried about Jessie. This pointless little battle royal will come down to two people… me and you.

But then things will change…  you see Mercedes… you had your chance against Mikah and you fucking blew it and you are going to blow it again in this match and if there is a small chance you get to face Mikah… you are going to fuck it up then.  Sorry Mercedes but Sunday night will be my night… this round of Mercedes vs Amy will go to me and there is nothing you can do.

Next… my friend and tag team partner… Jessie Salco.  I find it interesting that you involved in this match. I know that we can put on good matches… however, I doubt that it will be you and I will be the final two in this battle royal… this isn’t a tag team match, it’s every woman for themselves and I am not sorry if we come face to face inside the ring… and if push comes to shove… I will eliminate you.  You have had too many chances and shots at the bombshell championship... and enough is enough. Sunday night Jessie you won’t be progressing.

And finally, Kira Phoenix…. Congratulations on your debut match… you survived the grips of Twisted Sister… impressive. Not so impressive was the loss and the fact that we heard nothing from you. But this week with a slight sniff of a chance at the Bombshell Title match… you release something. No surprise really… but also no surprise that you are full of confidence and think you can win.   Sorry Kira… but with myself and Mercedes in this match… your chances are very slim, and I am going to make sure that you will have no chance at becoming the number one challenger.  As for this confidence you have… it isn’t going to last long.

Sunday night… Climax Control 200… I will walk away victorious… the supercard in January… I will be face Mikah and I will walk away as the last ever Bombshell champion.

Climax Control Archives / Another easy win coming up
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 Monday 13th November 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Home of Amy Marshall.

The scene opens at the home of Amy Marshall, where she recently came back home following spending a week in Santa Rosa shortly after High Stakes in which MPC was successful in beating Motor City Maidens and Angel Clan and becoming the number one contenders to the tag team titles. Having been up already several hours for a quick run and a little bit of yoga…

Amy sat next to Joey, as they discussed a few things until they were interrupted by a text message from the SCW officers, in which Amy found out that she and Jessie were booked against the Angel Clan in a normal tag team match.


“What’s that?”

Joey asked.

“MPC are up against The Angel Clan again… normal tag team match.”

Amy answers Joey’s question.

“Didn’t you face them recently?”

“We did and won. I guess they want Jessie and I fresh for this tag title match against London Underground.”

Amy shrugged.

“You heard from Jessie?”

Joey asked.

“No… but I will contact her in a while to meet up at some point and train and discuss tactics.”

Amy says.

“Good.  Can’t wait to see you have gold around your waist.”

“Me too.”

Amy smiles before continuing.

“I’ve got a few things to do today… you going to be ok here?”

“Yeah. I have some work to do on the laptop.”

“Great.  I’m going to jump into the shower before doing anything else.”

Amy stands to her feet and kisses Joey on the cheek before heading towards the bathroom. The scene fades out with Amy disappearing upstairs, while Joey opens the laptop and begins to do some works.


Wednesday 15th November 2017
24 HOUR Fitness

The scene opens inside 24 Hour fitness at 6am, where we see Amy sitting on the mats stretching as she watches a small group getting ready to do Body Pump, although tempted to join in, Amy was getting ready to do her own workout, although she was first waiting on Jessie to arrive and they can work out together and prepare for the tag team match against the Angel Clan.  Standing to her feet, Jessie enters the gym with a smoothie in one hand and her gym bag in the other.


Amy smiles towards Jessie, as Jessie places her bag down.

“I haven’t been up this early since fighting for the Bombshell Championship.”

Jessie said as she sips on the smoothie.

“Which time?”

Amy shakes her head and rolls her eyes, as Jessie looks over to Amy and says nothing.

“So how we are doing this?”

Jessie queries shrugging off the snide remark from Amy.

“I thought we just work out together as normal and maybe in a few days do a little bit of sparring.”

Amy suggested as she grabs her water and towel and moves towards the treadmills, while Jessie shrugs and moves to the mats and stretches first.

“Sure…but why do we need to train against the Angel Clan? We have beaten then once already before.”

Jessie asks as begins to stretch out of her legs, as Amy lightly jogs on the treadmill.

“Because the Angel Clan are still dangerous, and we can’t get too complacent.  We need to focus regardless and not slip up no matter how many opportunities we get.”

Amy continues jogging, as Jessie stands to her feet and moves to the weights and begins to work out. The scene fades out on Jessie and Amy working out with the group in the background working hard on the Body Pump class.


17th November 2017
MPC Vlog

” I am already bored of facing the Angel Clan… we kicked their asses at Climax Control 190 but Jessie and i enjoy kicking angel clan’s ass... and again at high stakes and we will enjoy it even more this Sunday. Frankly we will show why we should be getting our title shot now and not wait around for it.

Angel Clan are joke... i mean not on mcm levels of jokes but a joke none the less. We have beaten them... we have showed why they are nothing without Lucy Seraphina. Melanie and Athena... you need to do something... because right now you are merely cannon fodder for MPC.

You are no threat to us... the biggest threat in the tag team division is the division dying because London Underground have done nothing memorable since winning the tag titles. Unworthy champions with less than memorable names.

Sunday night...this little warm up match will prov3 that we are ready to step back up to the top rung of that ladder and take what rightfully belongs to us and SCW.

MPC will reign again.”

“So, the Modern-Day Crusader has seen fit to book me and Amy against The Angel Clan in a match that would’ve been a dream match if Lucy Seraphina was still around but alas, we haven’t heard anything from her in years and now we’re fighting Melanie and Athena instead! What was it that I said back at High Stakes VII? The thing that we both agreed on Amy? Oh yeah, that Athena is the weak link in the current incarnation of the Angel Clan and she’ll prove to be their downfall again!”

“Melanie, we both know that I have all the respect in the world for you and the other members of the Angel Clan but if your daughter inherited anything when you gave birth to her, it definitely wasn’t your wrestling talent! Me and Amy have gold in our sights and we’re not going to let you get in our way of winning the Tag Team Titles again, I pinned you at High Stakes VII to win the Triple Threat Tag Team Match and you know what they say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!”

“And that brings us to the weak link in an otherwise stronger than ever Angel Clan, yes Athena, I’m talking about you and I don’t know how or why your already old enough to wrestle or what bullshit your mom fed you to convince you to follow her back to SCW but me and Amy are going to give you a reality check come Sunday, it doesn’t matter if it’s in black and white, red and green or whatever fucking color the Modern Day Crusader decides this week’s show to be broadcast in because we’re going to beat you black and blue!”

“At the end of the day, me and Amy are heading towards the first Supercard of 2018 with the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Titles in our sights and there’s no other team on the roster today who will stop us from doing just that! As for our match against the London Underground, well we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it but when we do Melanie can watch from her daughter’s bedside at the hospital as we win the SCW Bombshell Tag Titles whilst wondering “why did I bring her in to begin with”? This is the Metal and Punk Connection signing off!”

Supercard Archives / Angel Clan Vs Metal & Punk Connection Vs MCM
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Climax Control 193
8th October 2017
Brisbane, Australia.

…She grabs Diamond by the head as she lifts her up, whipping her in the ropes as she runs to the other side and comes off the ropes with a Springboard Cross Body Block off the ropes. But Diamond sucks up the pain of her shoulder, catches Crystal and delivers a Samoan Drop. Quickly getting to her feet, she points towards Crystal as the fans cheer her on and she goes for her patented Standing Corkscrew Moonsault finisher.

Simone: Voodoo Rain!!!





Justin: The winner of the match and the new number one contender for the Bombshell Internet Championship!! Diamond!!!!

am I surprised at the outcome… NO.  am I cut up and pissed off at the result… NO…. I doubt anyone else is surprised at the result of the match… Let’s face the truth… there no surprise that someone out of The Fallen wins a match.   They are simply unbeatable, and no-one can compete against them.  Congratulations Diamond on a well fought match and well-earned victory. Wish you all the best in that next step.


10th October 2017
Brisbane Airport, Brisbane, Australia.

The scene opens in Brisbane Airport, where we see the terminal busy filled with people waiting to board flights to a local and international destinations, while others waited for people disembark from incoming planes. As the camera pans around we see Amy sitting with Joey with a tablet in hand as they caught up with the news about the fires in California.

“Have you heard anything from your friends yet?”

Amy queried.

“I haven’t... it’s frustrating that I’m here and they are home enduring this hell.”

“Don’t stress over it... just go and help them the best you can.”

Amy comforts Joey.


Joey looks over to the information boards and then at the clock.

“Are you going to be fine here?”

Joey asks.

“Of course, I’m going to be fine. I’m more worried about you.”

Amy squeezed Joey’s hand as Joey smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t be... don’t want you to fret over what’s happening at home. Just prepare for your any matches coming your way.


“I guess we have to part ways now.”

Amy shrugs.

“Yeah. See you soon?”

Joey queries.

“Don’t worry... you focus on what’s happening at home and we can talk via face time etc...”

Amy smiles as she and joey stand to their feet.

“Catch you soon.”

Joey smiles and plants a kiss on Amy before hugging her.

“Bye Hun.”

Amy smiles as she grabs his bags and heads towards the flight departure lounge, as Amy picks up her own bags and heads toward where her flight is departing. The scene soon fades out on the large departure lounge.


19th October 2017
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

First off... this would be match 100 for sin city wrestling. In those 100 matches i have done more than i can ever imagine and broken records. So, my 100th match for sin city wrestling is a tag team match to determine a number one contender for the tag titles. Not exactly a glamorous 100th match... but it’s a match which i hope brings success.

So, this match.... Angel Clan and Motor City Maidens

I am going to address the Motor City Maidens first… a first-time meeting between Allison and myself, however, there is the oh so familiar face of Stephanie Sullivan… a friend and former tag team partner from years ago.   So, I should know how Stephanie works inside the ring right?  Well I suppose people can change and from what I have seen this far… Stephanie you have changed… but I don’t know if it’s in a good way or a bad way… however, this cheerleader little gimmick you have going with Allison is REALLY annoying.

I can think of far better ones but hey if it works for you then whatever.  Now your debut against The Fallen went as expected… they won, and as usual people put up a fight but the inevitable happens.  So not quite a debut you wanted but the thing is your second match will not grant you a win either.

Stephanie I know you and I know how you wrestle… it may have been years since our last meeting, but leopards never change their spots not matter how much they try and Stephanie friends or not… you and Allison have no chance against myself and Jessie.

Do you realise Steph… that Jessie is a far far better tag team partner than you ever were… more successful and a better friend and better tag partner and better person to hang out with.  Sorry Stephanie but you and Allison have no chance in this match.

Jessie and I will come out on top.

You hear that Angel Clan…

It wasn’t too long ago that we last faced off and nothing has changed since… we have barely seen you inside the ring you and your daughter.  This will only favour myself and Jessie and perhaps Stephanie and Allison Sullivan.  You need to get inside the ring more and make a name… you have been too quiet and that will be your downfall in this match.

It appears that there is no challenges for myself and Jessie… it appears that the Metal and Punk Connection will go onto face either The Fallen or London Underground.

I guess I have to say good luck to you but why should I wish you luck… when we will be walking out of this match winners.

Now something from Jessie.

Amy steps back and Jessie moves into camera view.

"So, they put me back in the Tag Team Division whilst Mikah stinks up the Main Event again, anyone else getting a sense of De Ja Vu? Oh that's right, this is the same shit they pulled last year whilst another undersing blonde Bombshell got a shot at the World Bombshell Championship! At least I can say that Mikah earned her shot, but it doesn't matter, I'll still give this Triple Threat Tag Match my all!"

"The Angel Clan, it's been a while hasn't it Melanie? I don't know what the deal is with your daughter already being old enough to wrestle and to be frank, I don't give a shit, I know we'll put on a hell of a match one way or another but in the end the Metal and Punk Connection will reign supreme!"

"And as for the Motor City Maidens, first off, who? I know Amy's familiar with them but this is the first time I've heard of them and yet they are in contention for a Tag Title Shot, if that doesn't say it all about the state of the tag team division then I don't know what will be me and Amy will send them packing back to the Motor City!"

"The bosses are so desperate to breathe life into the Tag Team Division that they willing to revive old tag teams to do it, I'm half expecting the Tattooed Goddesses and Azz n Class to come out of the woodwork next but in the meantime me and Amy will win this tag match in no time flat, hope you’re ready for a fight Angel Clan and Motor City Maidens? You are in for a hell of a welcoming committee!"

The scene fades out with Jessie and Amy walking out of view.

Climax Control Archives / im winning this.
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 ::: LAST WEEK :::

1st October 2017
Auckland, NZ
Climax Control 1982

The kicks go on for a few minutes as Evie starts to stir and Valora eventually decides to end it with a 720 Roundhouse Kick aimed at Amy's head, however it ends up hitting a different target as Evie pokes her head up at exactly the wrong time as she gets blasted with the kick before collapsing to the ground.

Simone: I believe she calls that the Nat 20!

Jasmine immediately goes to Evie's side following that kick and Valora seems concerned, however Amy is able to use this opportunity to hit Valora with the Bad Girl!

Simone: Bad Girl! Amy has this won!

Adams: I don't know Belinda, I don't think Evie's conscious!

Amy goes for the cover but gets no count as Jasmine is still checking on Evie, Amy gets off Valora to try to get Jasmine's attention but Jasmine shakes her head before calling for the bell.


Jasmine whispers something in Justin's ear and he nods in understanding before putting the mic to his lips.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, Evie Baang is unable to continue and the referee has ruled that as Valora's kick knocked her out she wins the match! Therefore, the winner of the match is Valora Thomas!

I look at Valora and Jasmine and shake my head in disbelief… this match should have been either declared no contest or even continued as Evie was out of the match.  I approach Jasmine and spin her around.

“She shouldn’t have won… I had this match won.”

Jasmine shrugs off me off and moves to Valora and raises her arm up in victory, which infuriated me even more. I glared at Jasmine but instead of looking for an argument in the middles of the ring, instead I leave the ring and head to backstage area, which I paced and waited for her as I ignored for the moment Scott Oliver looking for a verbal reaction. A few moments passed and Jasmine appeared through the curtain.

“You fucking screwed up!”

I shouted at her.

“Excuse me?”
Jasmine stopped in her tracks a little surprise at the attack.

“You... fucked... up”

I reiterated.

“I called the match how I saw it.”

Jasmine defended herself.

“You completely ignore my pin and focused on Evie. You should have either called it a no contest or made the match continue.”

“I’m sorry... Evie was…”

“Fuck Evie. This match was mine. I had Valora beat but you decided to end it right there.”

I shook my head.

“If you don’t like the result then complain to Mark or Christian but get the fuck out of my face or I can make your life hell.”

Jasmine threatened me but I didn’t care.

“I stand by that you fucked up.”

“Next time are in the ring with an injury... I’m just going allow the match to continue.”

Jasmine shrugged and disappeared leaving me furious and even more annoyed at the situation as Joey appeared as Scott inched forward hesitantly in hope.

“Ah yes Scott... you want my reaction to that mess out there.”

“Yes please.”

Scott said with a smile.

“Well firstly the match should have never finished. Jasmine should have rolls Evie rom the ring and made the match continue. Then everyone would have seen a better battle than what Evie was having. You would have seen Valora vs Amy Marshall.”

“So you were concerned about Evie getting knocked out.”

Scott asked.

“No. She made the mistake but Jasmine made an even worse one. He thing is... if the match was a singles match and Valora hit the Nat 20... no ref would stop the match and check on that person. They would count the pin and then get concerned etc...”

“Should have Valora won?”

“No. I had the match won. Her win was a mistake.”

I shake my head as Joey moves to my side.

“Well thank you Amy. I have a feeling this will rumble on.”

“Thank you.”

The scene fades out as myself and joey walk away and head to the locker to calm down, while Scott finishes up and signs off.


3rd October 2017
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Brisbane Botanic Gardens – Japanese Garden

The scene opens inside the Japanese Garden of the Brisbane Botanic gardens in Brisbane, Australia – the latest stop on tour.  As the camera pans around the garden where we see Amy and Joey sitting on a rug with a wicker basket between them and some of the food layed out in front of them.

“This is amazing Joey.”

Amy smiled as she picked up the wine glass and took a sip as Joey removes some more of the assortment of food from sushi, to chips, a few savouries and chocolate.

“Well anything for you to calm those nerves and because it’s your day off.”

“No nerves here... just a few butterflies but they will go eventually.”

Amy smiled as she picked up a bit of sushi with some chopsticks and ate a piece.

“You certainly don’t show it.”

Joey says.

“So what made you pick this place?”

Amy queries as she looked over at the small structure just away from them.

“I saw it a brochure in the hotel lobby and I then asked reception where I can get a picnic basket, blanket and takeaway food.  They were very helpful.”

Joey smiles, as he smooths out the blanket a little more.

“This is amazing.”

“You have already said that… but thank you and anything for you.”

Joey smiles warmly as Amy places a light kiss on Joey cheeks before drinks some wine and then begins to pick at the other bits.

“What else do you have planned for today?”

“Ah a surprise. I’m just going to say this… wear something pretty.”

Joey grinned.


Amy leans back and takes in the scenery around her for a moment as she watches a single lone bird skip past them and into the trees.

“How is the food?”

“Love it and very apt for where we are… although you could have got some Sake.”

“I tried but it’s hard to buy on its own.”

Joey shrugged.

“No worries.”

Amy smiled, as Joey takes a piece of sushi with chopstick and eats a piece, as the scene soon fades out with Amy and Joey continuing to enjoy the picnic and talk a little about what else was in the pamphlet and other places in the gardens to visit.


5th October 2017

Well last week was a small blip and I kind of got very angry and annoyed with Valora and Jasmine, but I’m not going to let that get to me as I know have to focus on this number one contender match for the Internet championship.  However, this match isn’t going to be easy as there is Crystal Hilton-Williams-Millar-Hilton etc… and Diamond.


Let’s address the saga that is Crystal Hilton-Williams-Millar-Hilton etc… I kind of asked earlier on the week on twitter that I faced someone who didn’t have a contract… but then I looked back at a previous Climax Control and apparently you got hacked and asked for your resignation.  I don’t know how much of that is true… but it’s pretty pitiful that you, Kate, Steph and Allison are having to beg to get you a job back here in SCW.

What’s even more pitiful is that you have become a PA for Mark Ward…. Does that come with any benefits… because I have already seen one benefit of your new job and that’s being in this match.  You must be doing a great job on your knees.

Ok… moving on from whether you get benefits from Mark to the match itself… we last faced each other on the 20th August from which you won the match, however, things have changed since Mercedes became Bombshell world champion… it’s now important that I come away from this match and win the Internet championship because firstly I need to finish this year with having held at least two titles and secondly that Mercedes won’t be better than me.

This means that I am going to have to fight harder than I ever have before… and that means I will do everything and anything to win this match.  This means that I won’t hesitate in taking you out and I don’t care if you are Mark’s bitch or not.

I am advancing like it or not.

You hear that Diamond… I am going to win this match at any cost.

But the things is… we have never faced each other.  I have faced Raynin and Gothika mainly in tag team action and on odd occasions in singles competition but never you Diamond.  Anyway… I obviously don’t know much about you Diamond other than you are part of The Fallen Clan. The thing is you lack single competition experience, which will be your downfall…. But don’t get me wrong I am not going to treat you like some rookie, but I will treat you fairly but not too fairly because this is a wrestling match and I want to win. You are still dangerous though and I will acknowledge that. But like I said to Crystal… I will fight hard and do everything and anything I need to do to win this match.

And unfortunately Diamond… i am going to leave you severely disappointed and send you back licking your wounds.

Sunday will be my night… I want gold and I am going all the way.

Climax Control Archives / Familiar face from the past.
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 26th September 2017
Wellington, NZ
InterContinental Wellington Hotel

The scene opens on a Tuesday morning, where we see Amy sitting relaxing on the sofa after a morning of training. Behind her is the beautiful scenery of the Wellington Coast that she had just run not too long ago.  Sitting back, she grabs her cell phone and looks at the text message that she received and noticed that she was facing off against Evie Baang and the newcomer Valora Thomas, but as she scrolls down further she notices another match and a familiar name…

THE FALLEN (Raynin and Gothika) vs MOTOR CITY MAIDENS (Allison and Stephanie Sullivan)</Center>

“It can’t be?”

Amy says out loud frowning, as Joey enters the hotel room after having a swim in the hotel swimming pool.

“What’s up?”

Joey asks as he places a towel down on the sofa and sits down.

“Quite possibly a ghost from the past.”

“Allison or Stephanie?”

“Stephanie… it’s been a while since I’ve seen or heard from her.”

Amy swipes her finger across the screen to view Stephanie’s profile before pressing backwards and then dials the last known number on her cell phone for Stephanie.  It rings a few times before going to an automated answer machine as Amy waits for the beep.

“Hi Stephanie… I don’t know if this is your number still but if it is… meet me in a few days in Auckland. I’ll text a location. Bye.”

Amy hangs up and then stands to her feet.


“No answer… I doubt even she has still the same number. It’s been like five or more years since we spoke or seen each other.”

“Auckland is a good place for a reunion.”


Amy nods as she moves to the bed and grabs her lap top.


“No you go ahead… I’m going to do a trip down memory lane.”


Joey shrugs and disappears into the bathroom. The scene fades out on Amy tapping away on her laptop as she searches for past matches and promo’s.


July 22nd 2012
Picture Perfect
New Championship Wrestling

:::: Amy’s final match for New Championship Wrestling ::::

{Amy manages to Kickout at the last moment, as she looks around surprised at the audacity of Mercedes. Amy quickly rolls away and get to her feet, where she once more grabs Mercedes and pulls her to her feet, where Amy whips Mercedes into the ropes and as she rebounds back Amy goes for the Bad Girl, but Mercedes blocks it.}

{As Amy hits the mat, Mercedes drops down and grabs Amy’s legs dragging her to the centre of ring, where she set up for the Red Peril II (Stryker Lock/Reverse figure four leg lock) and locks it in}

{Amy writhes around in pain, as she tries to escape, however, with little luck as Amy shakes her head as tears began to fall down her face as she taps out.}

Eric Hardy: Amy has to tap as she has nowhere to go and she looks absolutely distraught about it.

{Mercedes unhooks her legs from Amy before standing to her feet, as the referee raises Mercedes’ arm in victory.}

{Mercedes looks down and helps Amy to her feet, where she raises Amy’s arms as Amy wipes the tears from her face and smiles as she lets go of Mercedes’ arm and takes a bow.}

Eric Hardy: That’s nice of Mercedes as she raises Amy’s arm.

Kelly Knite: Amy had hoped to go out with a win, but she has to be proud that she tired her hardest against an awesome opponent.

After the match, where Amy wondered through the halls, where everyone gave their commiserations on her loss to Mercedes but also wished her luck in what she was planning to do next.  Entering the locker room, Amy sat down and took a moment to soak in what happened and what is next for her.  As she sat back in a seat her cell phone rings, which forces Amy up and rummages in her bag and pulls out her cell phone.


“Hi stranger”

Amy answer, although she hadn’t seen Stephanie in quite a while, she still considered her a friend and vice versa.

“Hey… how are you feeling?”

Steph asks as Amy takes a moment to think about the answer.

“Good… really good.  How is motherhood?”

Amy asks.

“Loving it… though not the sleepless nights.”

“I’m glad you are happy.”

Amy says.

“Me too… now… what are your plans after NCW?”

Steph asks.

“I don’t really know. Have a break and focus on me and focus on 3X.”

“Good plan.  I better get going… I just want to see how you were.”


“No problem… see you around.”

“You too.”

The scene fades out with Amy hanging up on the final conversation that was had between Stephanie and herself.

{{End of Flashback}}


29th September 2017
Auckland, NZ
The Boathouse Café & Bar

Meet me at the Boathouse Café & Bar 29th Sept @ 2:45

The scene opens outside of The Boathouse Café and Bar, where we see Amy sitting alone one on the wooden benches, where she sips on a Monteith’s Apple cider as she takes in the Auckland scenery across the away from her as she sits and waits for her desired visitor.

Placing the cider back down onto the wood table, Amy checks her cell phone for the time before placing it back down.

“Am I late?”

Amy turns and looks up and see the familiar face of Stephanie Sullivan.

“No… no you are not.”

Amy stands to her feet and comes face to face with Steph who she hadn’t see in about 5 or 6 years.

“Long time no see.”

“yeah…. I didn’t think you got my messages.”

Amy says shaking her head before taking a seat, which Steph follows and sits down on the other side of the table.

“I did… I was kind of expecting them. Especially since we are going to be working in the same company again.  But you look well and engaged.”

Steph looks Amy over and soon spots the ring.

“Thank you.  And yeah… I’m getting married in December.”

“Who is the lucky person?”

“His name is Joey… he isn’t a wrestler more a businessman and surfer.”

“Interesting combo.  But it’s nice to see you happy and successful.”

Steph said with a warm smile.

“Thank you…. How is your kid?”

Amy frowns a little.

“She good.  Growing up fast and too quickly.”

Steph beams over her not so little one.

“Good to hear.  So what made you come to SCW with your sister?”

Amy queries as she drinks down some more cider.

“Make a name and kick some ass.”

“And with Crystal no doubt.”

Amy raises her eyebrows.

“She isn’t that bad and with her experience… we can rise to the top.”

Steph says with a twinkle in her eye.

“Good luck against The Fallen…. Even Jessie and I and every other tag team have issues with them.”

“We aren’t any other tag team… we can and we will beat them.”

Steph says with now fire in her eyes, as Amy smirks and shakes her head.

“Good luck in that case. Do you want to drink or something to eat?”

Amy asks.

“I’m good thanks. It was just a quick visit and catch up. I need to head back and get stuff sorted with Allison.”

“Ok… thanks for coming though.”

Amy smiles, with Steph returning a smile back before standing to her feet.

“No problem and it was good seeing you again.”

Steph smiles before placing a hand on Amy’s shoulder and then walking away leaving Amy alone at the table.  Amy watches Stephanie walk away before turning to her cider on the table, where she drains the rest of it down and sits forward and lets out a small sigh before grabbing her cell phone and taking a picture of the view in front of her. The scene soon fades out as a waitress comes out and takes Amy’s empty glass for which Amy orders another.



Back to the grind and I made a comment a few days ago about who could kick the hardest between Devona, Valora Thomas and myself and we kind of get to see this as Valora, Evie and myself face off in a triple threat match…. Now before everyone gets excited I practice Muay Thai and know many of the moves etc… but I have never used it in competition wrestling or otherwise.   So maybe this will be the first time I will use them and see how I fair against someone who’s moves are mostly MMA based.

So before I get down to business… I want to address Mercedes Vargas and her win last week…

First off congratulations in beating Polly… secondly you are proudly going around now boasting that you are the first nine-time champion… congrats you are one title better than me. I guess it eats you up that much that someone like me had won more titles than you and that I’m a hall of famer and is the first ever grand slam champion in SCW…   at least you aren’t bitter about it… right.  I guess I just have to start getting my ass into gear and find a title win and shit on your new-found accolade.

Now back to the reason we here.

Valora Thomas welcome to Sin City Wrestling and to the greatest bombshell division around and with some of the best female wrestlers in the world. Now that i have dispensed with the niceties... congratulation on a successful debut against Veronica Taylor... but here is the thing... it’s not hard to beat her even a trained monkey can beat that talentless hack. So don’t get too excited over that.

Now... I have never been inside the ring with someone who has MMA moves... I mean Devona has some MMA based moves in her arsenal but the rest are all wrestling. But you… most of your moves is MMA or close to MMA and very little wrestling, which this could hinder you especially in a three-way match.

But I guess because you are a world champion somewhere else… it doesn’t faze you and you are used to it.

You see Valora… this is Sin City Wrestling and you have yet to come across me and any other woman in this division.  Your moves may or may not work in this division… although they may have kind of worked against Veronica… but she isn’t relevant enough.  But the thing isn’t you have face the likes of me, Evie, Mercedes and others… we can stop you, I can stop you.

Sunday night… I am going to stop you with my own wrestling moves and Muay Thai moves… I am going to trades all shots with you and in the end I am going to end up on top.  I am going to win this match…  sorry Valora but your dream start is going to come crashing down.

And to Evie Baang… do you realise that it’s been two months since we last squared off against each at other and in those two months… you lost the bombshell championship to Polly fucking Playtime… but in turn she lost to Mercedes Vargas… so everything is ok in the world-ish.

But the thing is… last time we met... you won and I lost… I don’t know if it was the pressure of the situation at the time where the bombshell championship was on the line, but this time around with no pressure and nothing on the line but pride and the chance to climb up the ladder.

I hope you are ready Evie… because unlike you and unlike Valora… I need to climb back up that ladder before it’s been far far too long without a title around my waist.  And perhaps like Valora I am going to use my Muay Thai moves so be prepared for a world of pain.

Good luck Evie… you are certainly going to need it.

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