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Climax Control Archives / Force of nature?!?
« on: February 11, 2022, 07:01:51 PM »
<<<Flashback #1 >>>

Sunday 9th January
Santa Rosa, CA.

The scene opens in the Santa Rosa home of Amy and Joey Santino, where we see Joey sittings on the sofa with his laptop on his lap, where he taps away, while Amy sits in another room as she watches over Beckett eat/drop and wear and her lunch, as Amy eats her own lunch as she reads messages on her cell phone.

Amy: I think we should hire a nanny.

Amy says before taking a bite of chicken from her chicken salad.

Joey: ummm why?

Joey looks up from the computer and frowns.

Amy: I…

Before Amy can finish, Joey interrupts.

Joey: besides.. we have family nearby.

Amy sighs.

Amy: I don’t want to keep using your parents or your brothers and sister. It’s unfair on them. I would prefer a travelling nanny.

Amy picks up the juice cup that Beckett dropped on the floor and places it in her highchair.

Joey: Why?

Amy: Would you get mad and say that I have entered the Blast From The Past tournament?

Amy queries.

Joey: Why would I be mad.  It’s your career. Also, I actually enjoy watching that tournament. However, the travelling nanny. I am not sure about that.

Joey looks up from the laptop and over to Amy, which Amy releases a sigh of relief before picking up a yogurt and a spoon and prepare to give it to Beckett.

Amy: We can do it on a temporary basis just for this show and depending how myself and my partner progress but also maybe a few SCU/GRIME shows. Although those shows can be a little gruesome. I’ll have a think on that one.

Amy feeds Beckett some yogurt.

Joey: Where do we find a nanny?

Amy: I don’t know. Maybe ask your sister. I could ask Roxi and Keira if they have any contacts etc…

Joey nods.

Joey: I’ll speak with Ali tomorrow.

Joey returns his focus to his laptop, as returns her focus back to Beckett and continue to feed her, as she begins to think about her last appearance in the Blast From the Past Tournament, which was short lived.  The scene soon fades out with Amy feeding Beckett and Joey working from his laptop as Amy pulls a silly face at Beckett.


<<<Flashback #2 >>>

Inception V
23rd January 2022
Reno, NV

Who shall be my partner

The scene opens backstage at Inception following an uneventful SCU show, where she made her presents felt during the Winter Elemental and Ariana Angelos match, where she ensured that Mercedes Vargas didn’t poke her in nose in too much, however, Winter was successful in defending the GRIME championship. Following that, she decided to stay on and watch the main show but also find out who her potential tag team partner was for the tournament.

Sitting in catering, Amy surfs her cell phone and keep an eye on the matches in progress on the nearby big screen, as Joshua Acquin strolls in with the GRIME championship on his shoulder.

Joshua: Hey I missed you earlier… I kind of figured you might stick around for the main show.

Amy: That predictable huh.

Amy chuckles.

Joshua: Nah, everyone is here loitering somewhere in the arena watching and waiting.

Joshua takes a seat opposite Amy.

Amy: Yeah… I thought I saw Esther Azarov and Kat Jones. Congrats by the way on a successful defence.

Amy says knowing her past battle with Esther.

Joshua: Thanks. Good job keeping Mercedes at bay.

Joshua says as he moves the championship from shoulder to the table.

Amy: eh… it didn’t do any good. Winter still won.

Amy shrugs as she shifts in her seat as she looks at her cell phone before putting it down.

Joshua: expecting a call?

Joshua queries.

Amy: I’ve hired a nanny to look after Beckett for tonight.  It’s her trial.

Amy smiles warmly at the thought of Beckett.

Joshua: Good luck to her.

Amy: haha yeah.

Amy looks up at the TV, where a Mac Bane seg plays as small note at bottom mentions that the draw is coming up next before continuing…

Amy: who would like for the tournament?

Amy queries.

Joshua: Don’t mind. As long as they are competent. You?

Amy:  Ditto…

Amy looks up at the TV and Christian and Mark begin the draw and almost everyone and everything stops and watches on, as Amy looks to the next table to see someone make notes before looking up…

HS: Sierra Williams.... She's done amazing, been a World champion elsewhere for a long time. Some guy was really hyping her up recently.


Hot Stuff looks at the camera and smiles as Christian draws the next name.

Christian: Joshua Acquin.

Joshua: Nice.

Joshua smirks knowing how tough Sierra Williams is, which Amy nods in approval as she waits for her name to be called…

HS: Amy Santino.

Christian nods firmly as he pulls out the next name.

Christian: Matthew Knox

HS: Calling it now, dark horse team.

Amy cocks her head trying to figure out who Matthew Knox is.

Joshua: Good pick.

Amy: I am not too sure who he is. I am kind of out of the loop with SCW people.

Joshua.  You best check out his matches and it’s safe to say that you will be pretty happy with your teammate.

Joshua nods as Amy who was nervous at first, quickly relaxes.

Amy: thanks.

Joshua: no problem.

Amy cell phone ring and she stand excusing herself as she disappears.  The scene fades out on Amy standing nearby as she talks on the phone, while Joshua sits back and watches the next match.


Wednesday 9th February.
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin training complex, where we see Joshua lifting weights, while inside the ring, we see Amy inside the wrestling ring with gloves and shin pads on along with a mouthguard as she spas with a Muay Thai trainer who wears all the necessary padding as Amy punches and kicks as the trainer comes back with a combo of his own, which Amy dodges a couple of shots before taking a shot in the rib and takes a step back before firing back with knee’s and kicks.

Taking a step back, Amy notices the camera and she removes the mouthguard and excuses herself and moves to the ropes and looks down at the camera and take a moment to catch her breath as she takes the towel from the rope and dabs her face before speaking.

It’s been a while since I stood inside a ring to deliver a promo, but here we go.

Welcome to Sin City Wrestling.

Whether this is a short-term journey or long-term journey, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Now. Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Amy Santino aka Amy Marshall formally known as Roxxxie, but the last name probably won’t mean anything to you. But I have been in this company on and off since 2012. I have won many titles; I was the first ever grand slam champion, and I am a hall of famer.  I now reside in SCU, where I held the GRIME Championship for over 100 days.

Now that I have introduced myself… firstly let me address my tag team partner for evening… Matthew Knox.  You seem a pretty decent guy… perhaps a little dark but hey everyone is different in their own way. I did my research on you and I like that you have been making waves in SCW and you have won every match thrown at you.  I can’t wait to work with you and kick ass with you.

Now onto our opponents… Lavana Cade and Jaycee McDonald.

I am going to be straight up honest… I have never heard either of you.  To be honest I am not too sure even where to start aside from the blinding obvious - looking at your profiles and learning as much as possible from them. The thing is though…. You maybe new to wrestling or just have a few matches under your belt… I know that debuts are tough and scary but whats even scarier is not knowing who your opponent is and how they work, but if you have been following my career in SCU/GRIME… I have faced new people and had different types of matches.  I have stated numerous times that I thrive on the unknown.

Not knowing what will happen but I see it as a fight to survive and I guess I have to treat this the same as my previous GRIME championship defences. I also have to get through to the next round as my last attempt was disappointing and I don’t want to disappoint this year or my partner.

Lavana I hope you are prepared for the biggest night of your career....

Good luck and see you soon.

Amy throws the towel at the camera before turning as she slips the mouthguard back into her mouth, as the camera man removes the towel, and the scene soon fades out with Amy delivering several hard hits to the pads before following up with someone vicious kicks.

Current SCU Female Roster / Amy Santino
« on: July 23, 2021, 01:41:26 PM »

Handlers Name: Jenny
Any Messengers: Punk_Whore_Amy
Years Active: Too bloody long.


You will be booked at least 1-3 times a month. In order for this to happen, you will be booked in singles as well as tag team matches. Since all tag team matches are intergender, please let us know if you wish to only fight your gender, and you will only be booked in matches that are gender specific.***Be sure to fill out a\' target=\'_blank\'>Tag Team application***

It is also important to note that all G.R.I.M.E. matches are contested under G.R.I.M.E. rules (no disqualifications, no rope breaks, no count outs), or a brutal hardcore match type, so by signing up, you agree to fight in these match types.


Picture Base: Christina Von Eerie
Wrestlers Twitter:@Punk_whore_Amy
Wrestlers Name: Amy Santino
Nickname(s): Punk Whore. Punk Empress
Age: 40
Hometown: Juneau, Alaska
Personality: Inside the ring – Tough and down to business. Outside the ring –Fun, Friend and hardworking
Gimmick If Any: Former Adult film star turned business woman, wrestler and mother.
Alignment: Neutral


Entrance Theme Music: Anti Hero by Dark Ride
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings):

Anti Hero by Dark Ride begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese

Amy surveys the crowd for a moment as Justin makes her introduction.

Liam: Making her way to the ring hailing from Juneau, Alaska… Amy Santino.

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and waistcoat and waits for the match to start.


Everyone gets one finisher, one weapon finisher, and 2 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages *Remember you can only pick one*

-Martial Arts (More known for there MMA style of fighting) -Known for there quick strikes, grapples and submissions

Signature Moves:
1.)\' target=\'_blank\'> Spinning Back Kick KO

2.) Muay Thai moves (\' target=\'_blank\'>List of Muay Thai Moves )

Primary Finisher:

1. Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker)
2. Punk Lock\' target=\'_blank\'>Crossface Indian Deathlock

Favorite Moves:

Various Springboard moves
Belly to back backbreaker.
Leaping Reverse STO
Elevated Whiplash
Asai DDT
Shining Wizard
Flying Thrust Kick
Gory bomb
Gut wrench
Exploder Suplex
Bridging fujiwara armbar
Body scissors
Cattle mutilation
Gory Special
Koji Clutch
Drop down fireman’s carry gut buster
Cross arm breaker.


Weapon Of Choice:  Lead Pipe.

Match Of Choice: Any.

Superstar Bio:
Past Accomplishments:
*Current* GRIME Nightmare Champion.
Sin City Wrestling 1 x Bombshell Champion
Sin City Wrestling  2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
Sin City Wrestling  2x Bombshell Internet Champion
Sin City Wrestling  3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco
~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.

Climax Control Archives / Welcome back Amy Santino.
« on: May 07, 2021, 07:01:47 PM »
Caffe Bottega
Las Vegas, NV.

The scene opens in the outside dining area of Caffe Bottega on the strip, where we see only a few people outside as they chat away discussing various things, we also see Amy Santino sitting at one of the tables with two coffees and pastries in front of her, while beside her in a highchair sits Amy and Joey’s 11th month old baby daughter – Beckett - as she has a bit of toast in her hand as she chews on it.  Amy checks her cell phone for the time, as Jessie appears from around the corner and joins Amy on the other side of the table.

Jessie: Hey…

Jessie smiles and she gives a little wave to Beckett who gives her the biggest beaming toast filled smile at her.

Amy: She likes you.

Amy smirks as she wipes some toast from Beckett’s chin.

Jessie: Thanks for meeting me… it’s been a while since we’ve done this.

Jessie says as she takes her coffee and the pasty and takes a sip.

Amy: No problem.  Joey had to work so I had to bring Beckett.  But also gives you a chance to properly meet her.

Amy says with a warm smile before continuing on…

Amy: say hello to auntie Jessie…

Amy does an awkward backwards wave, which Beckett copies back as she look at her hand. Jessie smiles and waves back.

Jessie: How old is she now?

Jessie queries.

Amy: Eleven months.  I can’t believe she is almost one.  Time flies.

Amy shakes her head.

Jessie: Indeed it does. Speaking of time and months. When are you coming back into the ring?

Jessie queries as she nibbles on the pasty, while Amy takes in the coffee and her bit of pastry.

Amy: Watch this space.  I am happy to make an odd appearance, but I got to think about Beckett as well as get my businesses sorted and covid safe.

Amy shrugs as she gives Beckett some more toast before leaning over to grab a bottle of juice from the changing bag beside her and places it front of Beckett.

Jessie: You can’t stay away too long.  No matter how many one-off appearances you make. The urge to get back in the ring will be always great.

Amy hesitates for a moment.

Amy: Maybe but as I said baby and businesses first… but let not focus on if and when but focus on Team Hero now.

Amy shrugs.

Jessie: Relax… we have this in the bag. And I 100% you that you will give it your all regardless of how much training you have had. I guess preparation has been tough.

Jessie queries.

Amy: If Joey is around I can train as hard as possible, if it’s just me and Beckett… I train when she is asleep unless she has a bad night.

Amy says as she looks over to Beckett and wipes some crumbs from her coat.

Jessie: Well let hope she has a good night in that case.

Amy: Joey will be back Saturday, so if she does stir he will get up and let me have some sleep.

Amy explains as she finishes up her coffee and pasty.

Jessie: Look depending on what time Joey is back.. do you want to train with me and we can talk tactics?

Jessie suggested.

Amy: Sure. Sounds like a plan.

Jessie: Great. See you Saturday.

Amy nods as Jessie stands to her feet and shovels the last piece of her pasty into her mouth and washes it down with her coffee.

Amy: Thanks for this. Gets me out of the house and adult company.

Jessie chuckles

Jessie: No problem.

Amy stands as she moves to Beckett and pulls her up and out of the highchair and places her into the buggy.

Amy: See you soon Jess.

Jessie smiles and gives a wave to Beckett who gives her a smile as she then walks off leaving Amy with Beckett.  The scene soon fades out with Amy picking her up the diaper bag and placing it on the back of the pushchair before leaving the café and making her way home.


The scene opens inside the back yard of Amy and Joey’s home in Santa Rosa, California, where we see a four-sided ring set up in the corner of the large back yard. Inside the ring we see Amy as she runs the ropes going back and forth on all four sides several times before dropping down and doing 10 push up and then she moves to the corner and works on the heavy bag in the corner. After several punches and kicks, Amy backs away and then moves to the ropes, where she grabs her water and takes some in before grabbing a towel and wipes the sweat away before leaning up against the ropes.

I guess am I am back again… but don’t get too excited. Like the blast from the past tournament, it’s a one-off deal and coming back to Sin City Wrestling isn’t happening quite yet.  For now, I am happy playing mommy and trying to sort my business’ out and get things back to normal if that’s possible.

So 300 episodes of Climax Control… congratulations Sin City Wrestling. Such an amazing feat.

My first Climax Control was number 34 back in November 2012, where I was partnered with Necra Kane and faced off my now tag team partner Jessie Salco and her partner for the bombshell tag team titles and well Necra and I won that match and titles from them.  This would be the start of many amazing Climax Control matches with some of the amazing talent past and present in the bombshell division with many good and bad memories.

Anyway… lets move onto the match at Climax Control.

Team Hero vs Metal and Punk Connection… when it was mentioned the 300th show was close, there was instant talk of this match.  Which initially I was a little hesitant but the more I thought about it the more I grew to the idea.  Obviously it went quiet but now that the 300th show is up us… it’s happening.

Jessie, Roxi and Keira… you don’t have to worry about ring rust etc… obviously you can see that I have my own ring in my back yard, which I regularly use as well as I train as much as I can.  But like at the Blast From The Past tournament I will be giving it my all and certainly won’t be making it easy for anyone regardless of our friendship. And speaking of friendships, everyone knows that Roxi and I are close, however, as everyone has seen in the past I can put that friendship aside and I can do that again come Sunday night.

As for Keira… to be honest we have never met in single’s competition… it’s only been in tag team matches, which your team in two out of the three occasions, however, I still haven’t forgotten the time you tried to break my ankle during mine and Roxi’s battle for the internet championship and I still owe you one for that. But don’t worry… I won’t attempt to break anything… just going to kick your ass all over the ring.

Sunday night let make this match the match of the night… but in doing so unfortunately there will be losers… and those losers will be Team Hero. Sorry Keira and Roxi… Jessie and I will be walking away victorious.

A small cry can be heard from a monitor that sits on a nearby table indicating that the promo was over, as Amy grabs her town and climbs out of the ring.   The scene fades out with Amy grabbing the monitor and disappearing inside the house to check on Beckett.

Climax Control Archives / A temporary return.
« on: February 11, 2021, 05:08:07 PM »
When I was in my teens, 20's and my 30's I never considered having a baby. It didn’t stem from a bad childhood or an overly touchy family member...  It was a matter of choice. Growing up I was rebellious and a little shit right up until I left home at an early age to live with my cousin. And I continued my rebellious ways with sex and drugs and less than glamourous jobs to I guess a glamourous job. I had always thought that it would be something inherited like having blue eyes and blonde or some disease... but while I realise now that this isn’t the case... it was merely down to me and my life choices and thoughts and opinions.  I never wanted a child because I thought it would turn out like me.  I had fears that i wouldn't be able to handle her/him because of the way I acted towards my parents and life.

I realise that while my mom and I still have a delicate relationship... she loved and still loves to me to this day no matter what was said and done. She wanted me to make sure i went to school and get the grades and maybe go to college and get a decent job etc.... but I threw that in her face and well our relationship hasn’t been the same since.

Beckett Zania Santino... she could still turn out like me... rebel, sex, drugs and god knows what or she could be totally different, and she could have her moments to defy me as she reaches her teens, but I won’t find that out for another twelve or thirteen years.  But I won’t get in the way if she want to express herself... but I will have to make sure she gets the grades, so she doesn’t end up in a dead-end job making pittance.

Whatever happens it will be a big life lesson to my already checkered history. But the thing is I swap this for anything else. She is one of the best things that has happened to me and I am happy.


20th October 2019
High Stakes IX
Honolulu, Hawaii

A few days before the show where it was a fatal four-way ladder match for the mixed tag team titles in Hawaii, I was feeling run down tired and just not generally feeling myself. My usual workouts were laboured as my running pace slowed, my strikes and kicks weren’t making enough impact against the pads and heavy bag and anything was just a chore. I didn’t know what was wrong and even Joey began to notice that I wasn’t myself and without a single bit of persuasion I booked a doctor’s appointment the very next day.

Now I wasn’t about to make excuses going into this match that I was tired and rundown, and I continued to work out but only light jogging and weights. The next day I visited the doctors who checked me over and found nothing overly concerning from the examination and decided to take bloods to see if there was anything there. I was told that it would the results would be back in 2 or 3 days and in the meantime drink as much as water possible and rest up. I gave a chuckle telling him that I would drink plenty but resting wasn’t an option for now at least.

He rolled his eyes and said he would call back when the results are in. I gave him all my details and told him that in I’ll be back home in California.  Which he was fine with. I Thanked him, I took a cab journey back to the hotel I was staying in but in that cab journey, it gave me time to think about the show. Maybe my feeling icky was a sign that I needed a break from wrestling again. Though my body was feeling it my mind hesitated about having a break... but I knew it had to be done and I would have to speak to Mark post-match…

The match went as expected.... Joshua and I lost and as usual London Underground won (again) crowning themselves Mixed Tag team champions.  Not saying much post-match, I thanked Joshua for teaming up and that I will see him around.  Asking if I was ok... I simply put a hand on his shoulder and shook my head no but telling him not worry.  I remove my hand from his shoulder, and I moved away as he looked back with concern on his face, but he knew that whatever I had planned that I would fine because I have Joey.

Looking for Mark I was informed that he was out of his office, but Christian was free and instead I headed to his office. 

Lightly knocking on his door… I got an enter and I swung the door open to reveal Christian behind his desk watching the show.

Christian: Ms Santino... What do I owe this pleasure?

I sat down in front of him before leaning forward.

Amy: I want to request leave.

Christian mutes the tv screen and turns to me.

Christian: effective from when?

Amy: Tonight.

I say leaning back in the chair.

Christian: Are you sure?

Christian queries making sure that it would be the correct decision.

Amy: Yes and no.... my mind doesn’t want to go but my body on the other hand is shouting STOP.

I shake my head and shrug.

Christian: Then listen to your body. I don't want you to go out there injured to make the injury or whatever worse. I will grant the request. How long will your break be?

Christian again queries.

Amy: I don’t know as yet. Maybe weeks... or months depends on how I feel.

I explain.

Christian: Mark and I will be on the end of the phone when you decide to come back. Enjoy your break.

Amy: Thank you.

I smile and stand to my feet, as Christian nods and returns his focus back to the tv screen and unmutes. I turn and leave his office as Joey catches up with me before returning to the locker room to shower and change and relax for the rest of the evening.


22nd October 2019
Santa Rosa, CA
Home of Amy and Joey.

The scene opens inside the home of Amy and Joey a couple days after High Stakes in Hawaii, the whole house was quiet except for Amy tapping away on her laptop as made plans and come up with ideas and appearances etc... for 3-X as embraced her second day off from her wrestling break. Joey, however, continued to work and no sooner had they landed Joey had to head to work, which he was on a trip to one of the many oil companies in Alaska. Still feeling drained, she has forgotten about the blood tests until a number with a Hawaii id rang.

Looking at it, Amy answered thinking it might be the hotel.

Amy: Hello.

Voice: Aloha... am I speaking with Ms Santino?

Amy: You are.

Voice: This is Dr Kim from the Kapiolani Medical Center. I have your results from your blood work. Is it ok to talk?

The doctor asks.

Amy: Yes.

Amy suddenly felt nervous.

Dr Kim: Great.  We have checked everything and there isn’t any infection.

Amy: That’s great.

Dr Kim: As I said we have checked for everything and Ms Santino you are pregnant.

<<< Silence>>>

Dr Kim: Ms Santino are you there?

Amy: Uh... are you sure?

Dr Kim: I checked it twice. I am guessing that’s not what you are expecting.

Amy:  Uh no.... how could I be. I ran out while we were in Andros, but I managed to get some more in Abacos.

Dr Kim:  Did you have intercourse in those days you didn’t have any?

Amy thought for a moment.

Amy: Yes... but I thought I that it would be still in my system.

Dr Kim: Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Amy: Shit. H... how far along am I?

Amy leans back and places an arm over her head.

Dr Kim: About 14 days.

Amy: Th... thank you doctor.

Amy stutters unsure what to do next or even how to tell Joey.

Dr Kim: I’m sorry that isn’t the news you weren’t looking for.... but I wish you all the best in your future plans.

Amy: Thank you.

Dr Kim: Aloha Ms Santino.

The phone goes dead as Amy flings her cell phone away as she sits up and saves whats on her laptop before going into a search engine.



“Many women feel tired in early pregnancy. That's because the pregnant body is working overtime to maintain the pregnancy and develop milk-producing glands in the breasts. Some pregnant women notice this fatigue even as early as one week after conception, making this one of the first noticeable signs of pregnancy.

Amy: That explains a lot.

Amy clears the search before standing to her feet and begins to pace. She sits back down and re-addresses her laptop.


Abortion clinics.

Amy hesitates for a moment as her cell phone rings snapping her from the sense of fear and dread. Picking up her cell....


Amy bites her bottom lip as she debates on telling Joey or not.

Amy: Hi babe.

The scene fades out as Amy and Joey begin to chat as Amy avoids the conversation about the news she had just received as she need some more time process and consider her next move.


January 13th 2021
Santa Rosa, CA
Home of Amy and Joey.

Amy: I did a thing.

The scene opens on Amy sitting on the couch with her cell phone in one hand and Beckett fast asleep in her other arm following a feed.

Joey: What?

Joey queries as he returns from the kitchen and picks up the empty milk bottle.

Amy: I did a thing.

Amy repeated herself.

Joey: What do you mean?

Joey queries again before Amy answers.

Amy: Remember the Blast From The Past Tournament?

Amy says with a small smile.

Joey: You didn’t?

Amy: I did.  I entered the tournament for this year.

Amy says with a shrug.

Joey: What about your other commitments?

Joey queries.
Amy: They should be fine as for Beckett you can stay home with her.

Amy looks down at Beckett and gives her a little jiggle.

Joey: So when did you decide to enter?

Joey moves to the kitchen and places the bottle in the sink before returning and sitting down next to Amy.

Amy: For a little while on and off. Then Christian asked earlier on and thought… fuck it… why not. I had one condition.

Amy said with a shrug.

Joey: And that was?

Amy: Surprise entrant.

Amy shifted slightly in her seat.

Joey: Do you want me to take her?

Joey looks at Beckett.

Amy: Sure. My arm has gone to sleep.

Amy slowly and gentle hand Beckett to Joey before gives her arm a stretch and shake willing the life back into it.

Joey:  When do you find out about who you are drawn with?

Joey asks sitting back in the seat.

Amy: I think just before Inception.  So we have time to plan things out if you have to work.

Amy said as she thinks a little further head if Joey had to work that she could use his mom as a babysitter.

Joey: Ok then.  Plenty of time then.

Amy: That we do.

Amy stands to her feet and stretches a little while continuing to shake her arm as she looks to Joey who snuggles Beckett close to him, as Amy disappears into the kitchen.  The scene fades out on Amy at the sink as she considers of she has done the right thing in coming back for the tournament considering she had removed every from her twitter profile about SCW after not even being recognised by the radio hack Tommy Knocks.


Looks who's back!!


Sort of...

This isn't a return it's more several one-off appearances depending on the outcome of this and possible future matches.

As soon as my name was announced my phone blew up with everyone saying welcome back and good to see and about time you came back etc...  I didn’t have the heart to say this isn’t a permanent return. I just said thank you and gave one of those smiley emoji’s. But while my appearance in Blast From The Past Tourney has generated a lot of positive mews there has been some negative and query if I should return to the ring and whether \i am fit and ready etc...

I am fit and I am ready. I even got a wrestling ring installed in the backyard at home, which didn’t impress Joey too much, but he didn’t have to build it and it was with my own money. Anyway, as I was saying I’m fit and healthy... I have no doubts about getting back into the ring... in fact getting back in the ring has fired me up because I want to leave a legacy for my daughter. I want her to grow up knowing that her mother was one of the best inside the ring.... I want her to aspire to something, whether it be in something she loves away from sports or something involving sports. So I am doing this for both myself and Beckett.


My partner in this tournament... Max Burke.

Now I haven’t made it a secret that I am a fan of GRIME. So I enjoy watching the show... and when I found out that I was partnered with Max Burke. I was pretty fucking happy... I don’t care that he recently lost a title because that will push him to fight and win that title back or go for something more prestigious. I have absolutely a ton of respect for him and I’ve noticed that he has the same respect for me. This partnership is going to be great and everyone should watch us and fear us. I want to win this and all future BFTP tourneys and I want him to go on and be the best and I just merely want to win this tournament because I have never won it.

Now before everyone jumps up and down about the BFTP tourney and the mixed tag team titles being my kryptonite... I don’t see that they are. Both the tourney and mixed tag team title scene is highly competitive and very hard to win.... do I want to win them sure... am I bothered if I lose. Nope. 

But I always do try my hardest to compete at that high level no matter my tag team partner.


While I don’t know much about Mac Bane, I don’t have to worry about him too much and that’s down to Max to worry about him and kick his ass.  The only person I have to worry about is Myra Rivers.

Myra Rivers... I’ve heard nothing but good things about you. Rising star etc... record setting title holder for the Internet Championship - 6 months and counting. Congratulations. I am impressed.

What I am not so impressed by is the competition is doing nothing to in attempting to beat you. Perhaps too all self-involved with their own little battles and more important title’s. Don't get me wrong the Bombshell internet championship is what made me the first ever grand slam champion in this company... but it seems that people are more focused on other things.

Anyway... back to the matter at heart. The tournament... this should be an interesting battle. Young upcoming talent facing... a legend?!? ... facing one of the best...

Eh whatever...

I am looking forward to this battle. I want to see how much the bombshell division - if at all - evolved. What the young talent is like and if they can hang with someone like me and my years of experience. Myra... I hope you are ready for this... because I am going to come out of the blocks all guns blazing. You probably think I am a washed up has been who should go back to playing happy families and what not. That I am old and that I can’t keep up.

I don’t care what you think frankly... As I said I am 100% fit and I’ve only put on a little bit of baby weight during my pregnancy, but I am back down to wrestling weight again and I am very much ready to make a big impact and show the world I have got this.

Myra... don’t think you can sit back and expect an easy ride because you aren’t going to get it.  I will fight everything that is put in my way... and if I don’t pick up the win then Max will for the team. I just hope you can rely on your teammate. Round 1 of the BFTP tournament is where the weakest teams bomb but our team will not bomb... our team is the best and our team are going to walk out Sunday night as winners. So be prepared Myra... be prepared Mac Bane... Max and I are will be walking away winners.

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 I don’t know about anyone else… but doesn’t anyone else feel let down by The Elders? Makes a big comeback in this big match and you make even barely any references to High Stakes let alone London Underground, Culture Shock or even MPC… well I tell a lie… you mentioned Joshua but merely in passing.  It’s very disrespectful of you and to be honest… you have no fucking chance in this match if you think that way.

Orchard and Matt… your disrespect that you have shown will be your downfall and there will be no success for you.


Monday 14th October
Honolulu, Hawaii
Ala Moana Bowls beach

The scene opens on the Ala Moana Bowls beach in Honolulu, where we see the beautiful white sands filled with sunbathers, surfers, body boarders and those who are merely watching those who are surfing etc… as the camera pans around it zooms in on the waves that roll in from the sea, where we see Amy in a black wet suit as she surfs the waves. She zig and zags back and forth riding a medium waves as she dodges past other surfers.

From the shore Joey sits and watches having a few rides of his own before getting wiped out eventually getting some help from the lifeguards.  As the waves peters out, Amy leaps off the board as she wades through the water onto the beach as she brushes some hair from her face, as she heads up the beach towards Joey.

Amy: You alright?

Amy queries.

Joey: I’m good. No harm done.

Joey shrugs.

Amy: I saw you getting wiped out… was it too big of a wave or someone dropping in?

Amy asks.

Joey: Just wiped out… I caught the wave badly and just wiped me out. But I am all good.  Just having to taking a moment before going back in.

Amy: Just take your time… I don’t want you drowning on me.

Amy digs the surfboard into the sand as she picks up the water from her bag before taking in some.

Joey: So what was Jessie doing today? Wasn’t she interested in coming surfing or even Joshua? Or Vinnie?

Amy: Joshua should be resting… though I doubt he is but he knows the risk. Vinnie not sure to be honest but maybe enjoying Hawaii and Jessie I think had plans. I did text her but I didn’t get anything back.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: Shame.  It would give them a good workout in terms of balance and strength.

Amy: It’s up to them.  Anyway… you ready to get back into the water?

Amy asks, as she looks at Joey.

Joey: Yep. I’ll go first.

Amy: Great.

Amy smiles, as Joey who also wears a wet suit grabs his board and makes his way towards the sea, where he pushes his board into the water and Joey drops onto it and proceeds to swim out as he bobs over the waves avoiding another surfers.  The scene soon fades out as Amy sits down on the sand as she watches Joey from afar as he finds the right wave to ride.


Culture Shock: - Emmie Ward.

Congratulations on outing yourself as an alcoholic but didn’t you do this a few weeks back? Or was it my imagination? Whatever the case… we have all our vices in life. Yours alcohol… mine sex and used to be drugs and Charlotte just being a bitch.

But maybe just maybe you still drinking that alcohol because once again you think Joshua and I are dismissing you… I have already stated that I am not dismissing you and I never have dismissed you. It’s all in your pretty little head…. For fucks sake… you are the goddamn champions. How can we not dismiss you… we have to focus on you to beat you?  Effectively you are not the weakest links in this match. But it’s whatever…. Just like your questions about Joshua and I being in this match… we are in this match because there isn’t any other tag teams in the division… we could be perceived as making up the numbers, which could be true but I have already stated many times over ever since the mixed tag team titles were introduced that I wanted to win the tag tittles just to add my collection and it’s pretty obvious that it hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe my fault and maybe the partners that I chose to partner with but this time around we are not going to mess around… we are going to walk out with our heads held high champions or not.  Emmie you need to quit this pity party you have going and focus on wrestling because nobody gives a damn if you are an alcoholic or not.  People will give a damn if you don’t fight and don’t defend properly.

Emmie you need to step up big time because High Stakes isn’t going to be as easy as announcing that you are a drunk.

London Underground:- Charlotte.

It’s funny isn’t it… calling myself and Jessie habitual losers and pretty much writing off Joshua as a nobody.  It’s funny… Jessie and I have more titles than you have claimed.  I worked my ass off in this company to make a name for myself and unlike you I have the power and I can get into any title match I like. If I win… I win. If I lose… I lose but I still can walk into titles matches.  It will be more than anything you can do… you are merely tag team wrestlers and be permanently stuck with that.

Charlotte you are your team mate don’t scare me and I don’t think Joshua is scared of you… like me, he will relish this match and he will fight hard and he will shut your smug little faces up.  He isn’t out to impress you…. He out to win. We are out to win this match.

At High Stakes it will be a massive battle… a battle that will see new champions crowned and those champions will be MPC.

London Underground and Culture Shock coming a close second and The Elders dead last.

See you all soon.

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 Climax Control 250
Abacos - Abacos Beach Resort
Sunday 6th October 2019.

No sooner had the bell rung, I watch on as Orchid celebrates her win over me. Slowly making my way to my feet I come face to face with her and pushing my hands together I bow to her and then shake her hand. I say nothing before climbing out of the ring as I make my exit to the backstage area.

Once backstage I say nothing not even anything to Joey as I make my way down the hall as Pussy Willow tries and fails to talk to me as she slowly follows wondering where I was going... reaching my destination I lightly knock on the door.

Voice: Come in.

I push the door open indicating for Joey to stay behind with Pussy as I enter the office and close the door behind me.


Message to Christian Underwood & Mark Ward. Hey boss... I would like to request a meeting after my match against Orchid and myself. Thanks Amy.


~~ Inside the office ~~

Entering the office, I was somewhat strangely nervous, but I don’t know why... I had done this twice before and they accepted, so what was different now.

Mark: So why summon to me office with Christian?

Mark queried a little miffed perhaps at my demand.

Amy: I need a break.

Christian: You are in the middle of the Caribbean... how much more of a break you need?

Christian says with a shrug.

Amy: I mean a break from wrestling. I am burnt out physically and mentally.

I sit down perhaps guilty for letting Mark and Christian down.

Mark: Now? What about High Stakes?

Mark asks perhaps concerned that I would bale on that obligation.

Amy: I will work high stakes and depending on the outcome I am taking an extended break from Sin City Wrestling.

I say with a half-smile.

Christian: And IF you win how will you cope?

He asks as my heart sinks a little.

Amy: Then i will just continue and do what i need to do.

I shrug.

Christian: You sure... you said you are mentally and psychically burnt out. I don’t want you to be in the ring because you have to... I would prefer it that you want to be here.

Amy: If it gets bad then I’ll cut down on the number of shows or quit on the spot.

Mark and Christian look at another.

Mark: Look I’ll grant the break… but depending on the result it’s up to you what you want to do. Lesser shows or quit… but take as long as you need. There is always a place for you here.

Mark says not hesitating on the break.

Amy: Thank you.

Christian: No thank you.

I stand to my feel with a smile but in some way with some dread in my stomach as i worry about what if Joshua and I win. I thank Chris and mark once more before turning and leaving them. Closing the door behind me I move towards Joey and Pussy who is still loitering.

Joey: All good.

Amy: Yup.

PW: What was that meeting about?

Amy: you will find out soon enough.

I take Joey’s hand as he and I head back to the locker room leaving Pussy looking slightly annoyed at not getting breaking news.  The scene soon fades out on the office door off Christian and Mark as we see Christian leaving.


Monday 7th October 2019
Hope Town Elbow Cay
Abaco, Bahama’s
Cap’n Jacks Restaurant.
Time: 9:13am

The scene opens in the Hope Town island of Abacos, where we see the Cap’N Jacks restaurant that sits beside the beach. As the camera pans around some more we see a few of the customers mainly couples sitting chatting until we see Amy and Jessie sitting as they make chat as they wait for their tag partner.

Jessie: What is this meeting about... especially when we are having breakfast.

Amy: I’ll fill you in a soon as Vinnie comes. And breakfast is on me.

Amy says with a warm smile as she looks around and spots Vinnie strolling along the beach with the world title on one shoulder and Pete the cactus in his other hand.

Senor Vinnie: Sorry we are late... Pete was trying to figure out what to wear.

Vinnie says shouting as he gets closer and closer before joining Amy and Jessie and sitting down.

Senor Vinnie: He then realised that he has plenty on and he was just being silly.

Jessie and Amy just look at Vinnie with a smirk as he continues.

Senor Vinnie: So what is this meeting about?

He queries as a waitress comes over.

Waitress: are you ready to order?

She asks as Vinnie quickly picks up the menu and scans it over.

Senor Vinnie: Bloody Caesar and 2 eggs with toast.

Vinnie orders.

Waitress: sure... and what would you like to order?

She looks at Amy and Jessie, who had already decided on what they wanted.

Jessie: French toast with Bacon and an Orange Juice please.

Jessie asks.

Amy: Ham cheese and mushroom omelette with hash browns and tea please.

The waitress nods and takes the menu and walks away.

Amy: So... the reason I have called this MPC meeting...

Jessie: What about Joshua?

Jessie interrupts.

Amy: I was going to talk to him as well... after this meeting I was going to pack my bits and take a flight back home to meet up and see how he is.

Jessie: Oh ok.

Jessie sits back.

Amy: Anyway... I have spoken with Christian and Mark about this... but I have opted after High Stakes and dependant on the match outcome that I will be taking a break from SCW. I am burnt out and I can’t take any more losses. I hope you guys don’t mind.

Amy says with a small smile mainly of hope, as she had run this through her head a few times.

Jessie: it’s totally fine. I can see you becoming more and more down in the last month or so... do you what you need to do.

Jessie says.

Vinnie: It isn’t my fault is it?

Vinnie asks with worry.

Amy: Not your fault. I just need a break. I don’t know how long for.

Amy explains as she ensures that it wasn’t Vinnies fault.

Vinnie: As Jessie said... take your break. MPC will be still around.

Amy: Thanks guys.

Amy says relaxing a little in her seat as the worry dissipates. Looking up she spots the waitress coming over with the drinks and places them on the table.

Jessie: That looks disgusting.

Jessie nods at the drink that Vinnie ordered.

Vinnie: Taste’s nice though Miss Jessie and definitely wakes you up. Want to sip?

Jessie catches a whiff of it.

Jessie: I’ll pass thanks.

Jessie wrinkles her nose before taking a sip of her own drink as the waitress comes over once more with their food, again placing it down in front of those who orders it before disappearing and getting the last few bits.

Jessie: So when are you flying out?

Jessie queries.

Amy: I have flight to Miami in a few hours... which I then have a connecting flight to Vegas.

Vinnie: So no training today?

Amy: Nah... just breakfast with you guys and then pack my bits before flying out.

Amy says as the waitress returns for one last final time putting toast and sides down before leaving once more.

Amy: So when are you guys going to Hawaii?

Amy ask as she puts milk in her tea, while Jessie and Vinnie tuck in their food. The scene soon fades out on them eating their breakfast chatting about Hawaii and their High Stakes matches.


Firstly many of you may or may not have heard but dependant on the result at High Stakes, I will be taking a break to recharge. I don’t know how long I will be, but I will no doubt be back at some point.


Following Climax Control... where we found out who the fourth and final team in this mixed tag team match at High Stakes... I have to say that its certainly makes for an interesting addition, however, The Elders will have a tough battle on their hands, but they won’t win.

Firstly welcome back Shawn or Jon... good to see a friend back in SCW. We already saw the return of Orchid in a match against me, which she won. To be honest I showed you respect post-match but frankly my head was all over the place and I just wanted to leave.

Orchid congratulations of a successful return and I apologise to you for not giving my all. As I said my head was all over the place but with my announcement, my head is now clear, and I am focused. You will get a better fight from me if we do meet in the ring at High Stakes.

Now... it’s been a while since we any of the other Elders inside a ring and to be honest... you are going to be easy pickings for the other teams as the competition for the mixed tag team titles are pretty competitive, which you are probably going to struggle with.

Which everyone will struggle with.

Shawn/Orchid you two better find some time to train hard… feel free to join me either in Vegas or Hawaii for extra. But I wish you guys good luck


Wednesday 9th October 2019

Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex in Las Vegas, where we see Joshua on the treadmill doing a gentle jog on the machine as music blares from his headphones making anyone who comes completely invisible.  The door swings open to reveal Amy Santino with her training slung over her shoulder.

Amy: Hi Joshua….


Amy: Earth calling Joshua…

Still nothing but wasn’t Amy started to walk towards him that she could hear the music from his headphone blaring through.  Saying nothing more she continued to walk towards him before placing her bag down by the ring.  Hopping onto the ring apron just in Joshua corner view, she watches him wondering how much his neck is really damaged and if he needs surgery… how long will he be out if he does.

He briefly looks across as he spots someone from the corner of his eye.  Pressing a few buttons on the treadmill, it begins to slow as he removes his headphones and he looks over with a warm smile.

Joshua: How long have you been here?

Joshua queried as he presses pause and then climbs off the treadmill and picks up a towel to dab his face.

Amy: Not long… I’ve only just arrived really.

Joshua: Ok.

Joshua grabs some fluids and takes some in.

Amy: How are you… how is the neck?

Amy broached the subject of his neck.

Joshua: I’m alright… just trying to keep busy and fit, so I am useful to you come High Stakes.  As for my neck… they doc’s have said that I have a bulging disc, which they highly recommend surgery but not required till later. I said no to the surgery as I want to work High Stakes, but I didn’t really tell them about High Stakes, but they told me just to rest.

Joshua shrugged.

Amy: How much rest have you had?

Amy queried.
Joshua: I’ve had some but I rather keep myself busy and active.

Joshua said.

Amy: Just do what you can... I won’t be mad at you if we lose. But I know it will be hard to be fit and healthy with a bad neck. But I know you can fight and fight through the pain if you have any. But promise me... if you are struggling let me know. Leave the ring and walk out.... I don’t care about the result... I just want a healthy friend that won’t be paralyzed or won’t be able to wrestle again.

Amy said with worry.

Joshua: Liar... you do care about the result and I am not going to give up easily. But I promise if I do struggle... I’ll leave.

Amy shrugs as Joshua moves to his friend and puts a hand on her shoulder for reassurance.

Joshua: Now this bag... is this your dirty laundry or your bag full of kit?

Amy looks down at the bag.

Amy: my muay Thai gear but it appears you don’t have a training partner here.

Amy looks around.

Joshua: Gave him the day off. I could be your training partner?

Amy looks at Joshua and then the heavy bags nearby.

Amy: You just focus on yourself. I work the heavy bags. You don’t mind do you?

Amy queried.

Joshua: Its fine. I was about do a kettlebell workout after my run.

Joshua says moving to the weight area and grabs one of the middle-weighted bells.

Amy: Nice. I’m going to warm up first before doing anything else.

Amy nods as she moves to her bag and pulls out everything she needs before warning up as she proceeds to go for a quick jog around the complex. The scene fades put with Joshua beginning a kettlebell exercise while Amy jogs around the complex as she stops a couple of times to do a burpee.


11th October 2019

Well I have addressed the latest additions to the match a few days ago. Now onto the big boys of this match… London Underground and Culture Shock.  Former champions and current champions… with the latter being a more formidable than the other.

So who shall I start with…

I think with London Underground and Charlotte.

To be honest our history is very one sided to the point where any partner no matter how good they were/are, we just couldn’t beat you. I have given up long ago of any hope that I would win a match against you and London Underground. You are impossible to beat, and I am not going to lie that next Sunday will be a very hard fight that Joshua and I will never win. But the thing is… I am not going to exactly lie down and give anyone an easy win.

But I know what you are thinking…. I am a has been… that I am washed up… why am I still here etc…  I am here because I still love this business and I still love to kick as much ass as possible. But the thing is… I am still better than you at the end of the day, buy you are a gifted wrestler who could do anything they like but you chose to stick with tag team wrestling and nothing else.

You need to step up and make a name for yourself… as does Mackenzie… as does your male counter parts. But hey that’s my opinion… and I am saying that you are wasted in London Underground.

You see Joshua and I may seem the weakest link in this four-way match… but we will put all our efforts into this match and bring the fight to everyone inside the ring.  I have been looking around at when the last time you stepped in the ring and its been ages but frankly that means jack shit because you guys would be no doubt training all the time.

But I am not really that intimidated by it… but I will relish this opportunity even thought I am going on a break.

Charlotte, I know that you are better than me and I know that London Underground will probably as always walk away championship because I wouldn’t be surprised by that…. Just predicable as ever.

Good luck to you and good luck to your meat head bodyguard Osbourne.

Now to the champions…. Culture Shock.

But more specifically Emmie Ward… someone who had it quite easy so far and unfortunately that will come to a crashing halt at High Stakes.  Emmie, I hope that you and Jack have been training super hard because this match won’t be a walk in the park.  If the threat doesn’t come from Joshua and I then it will be coming from London Underground.

So you two better step up and defend these titles successfully because no-one wants to see London Underground win again.

Anyway… Emmie… you have grown a lot here in SCW and that’s quite impressive considering you are related to Mark Ward, but I still smell nepotism at work here but that’s just me.  You see Emmie with you growing and winning titles comes the responsibility of fighting and defending and that involves hard work.

Can you handle that? All the hard work… especially when you are facing three other teams?

We will have to wait, and see come High Stakes.

Emmie you may think that I won’t have my head in this, but I am more dangerous than ever…. And I am still going to fight. So you better be prepared for a fight from not only LU or The Elders but also from MPC.

High Stakes is going to be good and a new champion will be crowd.  

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 Flashback to Climax Control 248
22nd September 2019
Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Another match and another loss… I am starting to wonder how much longer that I keep this pretence up that I am alright, and this isn’t getting to me, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t.  Another loss… this time to Bella Madison… a newcomer to Sin City Wrestling and as always, my record to newcomer’s suck.

I tried… I really did but Bella beat me fair and square… I had no answer for her.

Hopping off the ring apron, I say nothing and move away from the ring and past all the fans and through the curtain to the backstage area, where it was just me as Joey had gone back home to work, so he didn’t have to see my ugly side of losing. Grabbing just a towel and walked away from the curtain and down the corridor as I thought about my loss and how I can bounce back but a nagging thought always lingered at the back of my mind.


As I reached the changing room, Scott Oliver carefully approaches.

SC: Hi Amy… can I get a few words about your loss tonight.

Amy: I guess.

I shrug.

SC: Does Bella Madison have a future here in SCW?

Scott asks and to be honest I wasn’t into this.

Amy: I think so as long as she keeps focus and keep healthy then she has a good future.

I shrug again.

SC: What do you think about the new members of the bombshell roster coming in.

Amy:  It’s great but good luck to them.

I shrug once more…

Amy: Look I don’t want to talk any more. I just want to forget about tonight. Sorry.

I shake my head and disappear into the changing room. The scene soon fades out on the door closing and Scott Oliver having to wrap up very quickly.

End of Flashback.


4th October 2019
Abacos - Abacos Beach Resort

I think this would be a first for me in this company.  I went back on my records for Sin City Wrestling and it doesn’t appear that we have ever faced off in singles or tag team action and this kind of makes me excited for this match because your not a rookie but you are well respected and it’s a fresh challenge, which is sometimes nice.  Facing newer talent is a pain but so is those who I have faced multiple time and in Sin City I have faced everyone more than several times. Anyway… Orchid it’s good to see you step back in the ring even though it’s going to be the one off for you, but it’s going to be fun and hard.  Unfortunately for you though, you have been away for far too long and this is going to have a big effect on you.

You have probably been working hard on your karate/kung Fu etc… but that won’t be enough.  I am going to apologise now Orchid that your brief return will end in massive disappointment because to be honest, I have picked up too many bad losses recently and truth be told I am getting frustrated at my lack of success.

I respect you Orchid and I consider you and your family as friends, however, in the past I have shown too much respect to my opponents inside the ring and this Sunday I will have to forget about the respect and forget about the friendship and just wrestle as if you are someone I don’t know. I hate to do it but I need the win. Orchid I am going to use the fact that you haven’t stepped into the ring for month and exploit it… I need this win and I will do everything in my power to beat you and I won’t be sorry.

Orchard you better get working off that ring rust because I will not hold back. I will get that win like it or not. [color]

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 Monday 16th September
St Bart’s.
Pearl Beach Hotel – Beach Bar
Day after Climax Control 247

The scene opens at the Pearl Beach Hotel more specifically at the Beach Bar, where we see Amy sitting on one of the comfy seats with a water in front of her as she checks her watch and looks around as she waits for someone. Taking in some water, Amy stands to her feet and prepares to leave until the person that she is meeting up with appears and sits down next to Amy.

Amy: How are you?

The camera pans around to see Joshua Acquin with a soft collar on his neck, as Amy moves to him and gentle hugs him.

Joshua: I am alright considering what they said at the hospital.

Joshua shrugs.

Amy: Which was?

Joshua: They say I have at least a bulging disc in my neck but suggested I head back home for a much thorough investigation. Which I have booked my flight back tomorrow.

Joshua says.

Amy: Oh shit… I hope to god they are wrong.

Joshua: Me too… but to be honest my neck doesn’t feel all that great after that submission from Fenris.

Joshua sighs.

Amy: It was a brutal match to be honest but if you need anything… I am here to help you.

Amy places a hand on his thigh.

Joshua: Thanks, but I should be fine.

Joshua smiles as he looks at his watch.

Joshua: Sorry about this… but I have to shoot. I’ve got appointment with the SCW medical doctor and I need to pack.

Amy: Sure.  Go.

Amy and Joshua stand to their feet with Amy hugging Joshua, as he turns and leaves, as the scene fades out on Amy looking at Joshua with a look of concern for her friend and tag team partner.


Tortola, Virgin Islands
La Dolce Vita Ice Cream Parlour
18th September 2019

Message to Jessie: I have gone for a run but I am heading to an ice cream parlour, we need to meet and talk.

The scene opens up store front of the La Dolce Vita ice cream parlour on Waterside, Tortola, where we see Amy sitting along at a small table where she had a bottle of water and some strawberry sorbet in a small bowl.  Following a short 5 mile run around Tortola, Amy had spotted the ice cream parlour on first passing and thought it was be a good place to go to cool off and relax.

Going in Amy ordered a water and sorbet before taking a seat outside, where she took in some water first before tucking into some sorbet, as she leans back and takes in a little sun.

Voice: Looks like that run took it out of you.

Amy looks up to Jessie, as she takes a seat opposite.

Amy: Nah… just relaxing and having some sorbet.  I haven’t had sorbet for a long while. Go get some it’s good.

Amy picks up the spoon and eats some.

Jessie: I am alright… what did you need to talk about?

Jessie queries getting straight to the point.

Amy: Diamond…

Jessie looks at Amy…

Jessie: What about her?

Amy:  Is she a member of MPC?

Amy queries.

Jessie: Only an honorary member only. We are just working together to fuck with Christina.

Jessie says with a devilish smile on her face.

Amy: Honorary… I wouldn’t even give her that title…. But if she butt’s in or thinks she is a member of MPC… I won’t hesitate in kicking her ass.

Amy shakes her head.

Jessie: I know and for the moment she is useful to me when it comes to messing with Christina.

Jessie says.

Amy: I am kind of enjoying the fun you are having with her, however, Diamond taking her business off her was just a horrible move.

Jessie: But her face was priceless.

Jessie says with a satisfied grin.

Amy: You are sick.

Jessie grins.

Jessie: So how is the sorbet?

Amy: Lovely.

Jessie nods and stands to her feet and enter the parlour, as Amy shakes her head knowing Jessie isn’t going to stop at nothing till Christina is nothing more than a shell of her former self.  Jessie returns with a bowl of sorbet of her own as she sits down.  The scene soon fades out on the them as they change the subject and talk about Amy’s match on Sunday.


20th September 2019

Firstly Welcome to Sin City Wrestling and congratulation on a successful debut match against Apple Coren... not that she isn’t exactly hard to beat in the first place.

Anyway... as I said welcome... always good to see fresh faces in the division. Let me introduce myself... I am Amy Santino... formally Amy Marshall or Roxxxie... I am not exactly a second or third generation superstar, but I have made a name for myself here in SCW and other companies.... Here in Sin City Wrestling though I have held almost every single title... I have broken records and I am a hall of famer... but I am guessing it isn’t that great because I am not a second gen wrestling with famous parents.

Not that I am bothered anything by that.

You see Bella... being a second, third or fourth generation wrestler means shit these days... sure you have the same name but it doesn’t always mean you are going to be as successful as mommy and daddy... to be honest it just puts the pressure on you to succeed and when it back fires you are just nothing but a footnote and a disappoint in their eyes...

One win from one.... well done but that doesn’t mean anything until you pick up more wins and capture titles... you see Bella... I am not really intimidated by this at all.... and I am not intimated by you either... this is just another match for me. I have no pressure... I don’t have the parents at home watching me... I don’t have the parents that are training others to become another you or whoever... all the pressure is all on you.

I am just going to go out there as normal... fight as normal and win as normal. One day when you are more established you could be a threat... but right now you aren’t. Right now, you are into your second match still trying to make a name and figure out who you are and what wrestling style that mommy and daddy had back in their day.

Sunday night Bella... I am walking away with the victory... I am not Apple Coren with her low skill wrestling ability... I am Amy Marshall and my abilities are thousand time better than her and a thousand times better than you. Sunday night... I hope you are prepared because I am going to leave you and your parents very very disappointed.

Climax Control Archives / A mosh pit of fun.
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 Summer XXXtreme
Sun Princess Cruise Ship
25th August 2019

What do I have to do to win?

I sit on the mat as I watch Seleana celebrate her win over me...I tried. I really did and I don’t know where to go from here. Opportunity after opportunity messed up over and over again. I slap the mat in disappointment before rolling out of it. I climb to my feet and look up at Seleana and shake my head because I know and everyone else knows she is going to get screwed over again by Crystal. She has done it before, and she will do it again.... hell, she would fuck over her own daughter if it meant a world title shot.

Gullible fool.

I move away from the barrier and fans and head away from the ring towards the makeshift backstage area ignoring those who want a slap on the hand. Returning to the changing area... Joey approaches with caution having seen the outcome and the look on my face and hands me a towel and water.

Joey: You alright?

He queries.

Amy: Not really. Beginning to wonder if I should stick around or just disappear into the sunset.

I shrug as I take the water and take some in.

Joey: How about another break?

Joey suggests.

Amy: How many breaks can you have before being classified past it and should retire.

I retort back as I sit down on the nearest chair as I place the towel over my head as I want this cruise over and done with pretty sharpish. I hear flip flop type footsteps approach from the side...

Amy: Not now Scott. Not now.

Scott: How did you...

Amy: Your flip flops and I saw you earlier... now leave me alone.

Scott: Sure. I just want to get your thoughts on your match, but your reaction says a lot.

Scott says.

Amy: My reaction is that of a broken woman wondering what the hell I am going to do next. If i can’t beat Seleana then everyone else seems impossible.

Scott: What did you think of Crystals interference?

Amy: Fuck crystal. Crystal only interfered in the match to distract me and help Seleana win. And to help Seleana only benefits Crystal because we all know that Crystal is going to fuck Seleana again.

Scott: Were you distracted?

Amy: No. And if you don’t have any further important questions you can find someone else to bother. So get lost.

Scott looks at Joey who shrugs before leaving to find someone else to talk to.

Joey: That was harsh...

Amy: His questions were shit and he already knew I didn’t want to talk to him.

I say as I stand and stretch before making my back to the cabin.

Joey: I might stay here. Let you cool off.

Joey says looking at Amy.

Amy: Sure.

I turn and begin to make my back to the cabin while Joey says behind and watches the next bit of the show. The scene fades out on the tv and the action that is playing on the TV.


Wednesday 28th August
Santa Rosa, CA

The scene opens inside Amy and Joey’s home in Santa Rosa, CA, where several days after the Sun Princess docked Amy and Joey headed back home, as Joey went about going to work as normal while Amy took some downtime from training and focused on 3-X stuff instead as she had been neglecting it.  Pressing send on a email, Amy stands to her feet and stretches, she moves to the kitchen to fetch a drink before entering back into the living room to see Joey having arrived home as he looks down at the laptop.

Joey: Looking to move?

Joey queries…

Amy: I was just looking really.

Joey: Kyoto.  Isn’t that near Cross?

Joey asks again this time about a business that Amy and Lori acquired a while ago.

Amy: It is. I was just looking at prices and how expensive houses were.

Joey: See anything nice?

Joey sits down surveying the screen in front of him.

Amy: Seen a few. Not sure if to rent or buy.

Amy shrugs as she clicks on one property with a price tag of Y38,800,000 and cocks her head at the side of it.

Joey: So does this mean you are retiring?

Amy: No. Not yet.  But it’s a good place to keep an eye on the business and for others to stay.

Amy says as she notes down the telephone number for the estate agent.

Joey:  Fair enough. Not going to argue with you on that.

Joey says with a smile.

Joey: So what you been up to?

Joey asks.

Amy: 3-X work and bills and more bills.  I had to get up and move when you came in.

Joey: Fun.

Joey shrugs.

Amy: I am tempted to go for a walk or something. Do you want to come?

Amy queries.

Joey: Sure. Let me change and we can go for that walk.

Amy: Great.

Amy smiles, as Joey disappears leaving Amy, as she saves all her work and then closes down the laptop. The scene soon fades out as Amy grabs her jacket, as Joey returns and they both head out of the house.


6th September 2019
Eagle Beach, Aruba

Well this an interesting match up… MPC vs Griffin Hawkins, Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher-Johnson.  This would be one big epic mosh pit for some or maybe an orgy for someone else. But this is wrestling, and this could be a great tag team match.  So first off… I must congratulate Senor Vinnie in a successful match at Summer XXXtreme and becoming the new world champion and its an honor to have you in this match.  I must also congratulate Roxi in a good showing against Alicia Lukas but Alicia is just that damn good and I have to say that ring rust may have had a slight advantage against you. Anyway… it’s good to see you and Keira back in Sin City Wrestling and can’t wait to hang out more often and have the odd date night etc…

Anyway… this match… supposedly being in negotiations since Keira’s and Roxi’s return…but to be honest… I didn’t know anything about it and didn’t know anything about the Johnson’s return. It was all Griffin and his negotiations and fantasies about this going ahead.  Anyway, what I do know that this could be a good match and the even better outcome when MPC walk away from this match victorious.

Roxi and Keira welcome back to Sin City Wrestling but the excitement of a return will be short lived as Jessie and myself will exploit the small issue of your rustiness as well as both of us looking to get back to winning ways following a disappointing Summer XXXtreme.  It’s been a while since Roxi and I stood face to face in the ring but it was only recently that Keira and I met in the ring for the Blast from The Past… and well the outcome of that match was in favour of myself and Vinnie and we advanced to the next round.
So anything could happen…

Sunday night MPC will walk away victorious… while Hawkins, Johnson and Johnson will be left severely disappointed at the premature reunion.

Supercard Archives / Amy Santino Vs Seleana Zdunich
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 Friday 16th August 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Office of Linda Archer MD

The scene opens inside an office with white walls, a TV screen, a red and white picture of one of those inkblot type pictures, a few more pictures of random shapes etc… also certificates of credentials. The room has also very little furniture with two chairs sitting on a white carpet.  Very minimalistic and sparse.

As the camera comes back around, we see Amy sitting on the L shaped couch, while the owner of the office sits in the cream white chair opposite. They both look one another over before the lady psychiatrist speaks up.

LA: How can I help you today?

The sits back.

Amy: I have been having nightmares.

LA: Ok… can you elaborate.

Amy: My nightmares have been about being taken away and my death.

LA: Do you know what triggered these?

She asks with a frown.

Amy: I think it was from my recent health scare.

LA: Have you had these dreams before?

She asks, as Amy tenses a little in her seat.

Amy: Yes.  When I was 24…. I saw someone then because it was affecting me, and my work and I had to take a few strong drugs to sleep.

LA: So what caused you have these dreams then.

Amy: I was at my aunt’s side when she passed away from advanced breast cancer.  I found it quite traumatic for me, as I was quite close to her and view her as a mother figure.

Amy explained.

LA: And the nightmares started how long after?

Amy: It was a couple days after, but I just shrugged them off as overactive imagination but soon after the funeral that’s when they ramped up.

LA: You said you coped with drugs at first… what were you taking? And how did the previous psychiatrist help before.

She queried.

Amy: I think it was Valium or Vicodin. I can’t remember.  Don’t ask how I got them.  As for the other doctor… it took several sessions, but we talked, and he did something else… I can’t remember what it was called but he put me under a trance or something.

LA: Hypnosis. And did they work?

Amy: It worked and didn’t the need the drugs.

LA: Good to hear.  Well we can start our first session now. When would you be available next?

Amy: Unfortunately work commitments have me booked on a cruise for the next week. But we can continue the week after. Sorry.

LA: It’s fine. We will take one step at a time. For now though we can talk about what happens in your nightmare.

Amy nods as she listens to the psychiatrist, as she sits back and takes a deep breath as she closes her eyes and begins to think about her dreams.  The scene soon fades out as Amy begins to explain what happens at the psychiatrist begins to make notes.


20th August 2019
Location: Library & Writing Room.

Aww how cute... telling everyone that you were late to the wrestling party and now that in your 30's that you have a lot to make up for.

Bitch fucking please...

How about coming into wrestling at the age of 28 not knowing what the hell it was because I was far too busy filming and having a life... and joining a company because of a man and wanting his dick at the time.

That’s how late I was to that party... I didn’t know what wrestling was and how much work you have to put in... all I cared about was having fun. But I made an effort to learn about wrestling while at the same time still having fun.... maybe too much of it. But I figured if I was going to be in this career that I would take this more seriously and I did.

I learnt from the best and now I am the best... I have been in four other companies... barring one I won titles in them... each and every time I grew that little more and here I am in Sin City Wrestling and I have become this beautiful mature swan with history, multiple title reigns and a hall of fame ring...

And what do you have?

A single lone World Bombshell Championship reign that lasted barely a month that nobody fucking remembers. At least my title reign was memorable because I beat Delia fucking Darling... that same piece of boring trash that is hosting Summer XXXtreme.

But am I expecting you to roll over like the good dog that you are… No.

I am expecting a fight from you… as you said you are out to prove yourself following your loss to Alicia and that it wasn’t a fluke.  In fairness if it was a fluke Alicia wouldn’t still be a champion… because of your ineptness… Alicia now dominates the division and it was all your fault.  But proving yourself makes you that little more dangerous because you are willing to anything and push your body to the limits… but I will also push hard and work hard inside the ring… this is why I adapted my style so I can catch people off guard.

Seleana… I won’t be put off by your over eagerness to succeed in this match because I will merely counter and be so much better than you.  I am going to win this match because I want another shot at Alicia… Alicia is beatable, but I think taking another shot at her and showing less respect will be her downfall.

Sorry Seleana but come Sunday… this cruise will turn into a nightmare for you.  I am winning and coming out on top.


23rd August 2019
Sun Princess
Deck 12 – Riviera

The scene opens on Deck 12 – Riviera, where we see Amy and Joey sitting at The Riviera Bar having a few drinks having spent a little while inside the swimming pool following Amy doing several laps around the upper deck of the boat. Sipping on water and beer, Amy stretches a little as she looks around the Deck as some of the fans aboard the boat sit around sunning themselves, while others mess around.

Amy: I always love these cruises… the one time of the week everyone mingles and gets to know the fans and vice versa without any issues.

Joey: I see that you enjoy it every year no matter the outcome of the match that you are in.

Joey says taking in a beer.

Amy: The outcome of the match Sunday will be a little bit different… but I am kind of more excited about the bombshell match than mine.

Joey: Why?

Amy: Roxi returning and facing off against Alicia. I can’t wait to see the outcome of that match.

Amy smiles.

Joey: Who would you like to win?

Joey queries.

Amy: I am not sure to be honest… I mean Alicia is a dominant champion, while Roxi has the fans behind her and from what I have seen, she really want to win this.  I don’t know who I want to win… I guess I wouldn’t mind Rox winning. Would certainly spice things up… though I don’t know If she would stick around or not.

Joey: hmmm… especially with Nate.

Amy: I can’t wait for that match.

Amy shivers a little at the very thought as well as a cool breeze hits her skin.

Joey: You alright?

Amy: Yeah.  I think it’s time to shower and catch up with Seleana latest promo.

Joey: Do you want company?

Joey asks as Amy slips off the bar stool and kisses Joey on the cheek.

Amy: You stay and enjoy yourself.

Amy says with a smile, as Joey nods and turns and orders another beer. The scene fades out on Amy disappearing down the stairs from the bar and through some doors diverting away from the deck.

Supercard Archives / Amy Santino Vs Seleana Zdunich
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 11th August 2019
Climax Control 245
Long Beach, CA.

Fair play to Emmie and Jack, they stepped up and have actually became a cohesive unit. No more arguing just straight up talking and teamwork. I have to commend Emmie for taking the time to learn and grow... although she will be always stuck with the idea that as she is related to Mark Ward that there will be always preferential treatment. But I think in this case I wrote her off too easily based on my previous encounter with her and how easy it was before. Who am I fucking kidding… it was a bullshit win because Jack who fully knows the rules hit me from behind.

Culture Shock’s win is tainted but you know what…. Good luck to them because they have no fucking chance against whoever they will be in the final with.

I sit on the mat moments after Emmie pinned me for their win and while I was annoyed at what happened and annoyed for Vinnie and the lack of build up for his world title match at Summer XXXtreme.  Slapping the mat, as I recover, Vinnie slides into the ring to check on me as we both exchange a few words with each other, as I slide out of the ring with Vinnie, I take moment to look at Emmie and Jack before with the help of Vinnie, make my way to my feet and we make the sad trek back to the backstage area.

Once backstage, Vinnie meets up with Valora and then disappear off, leaving me with the approaching Joey and Pussy Willow making a beeline for me as well.  Getting a hug and kiss from joey as he passes me a bottle of water and towel, which I use and drink, Pussy stops as and sort herself out and then the camera man before approaching me.

PW: Following your loss tonight... do you have any final thoughts about his tournament and the outcome of the match.

Amy: This tournament has shown that MPC can adapt from just being me and Jessie and me and Vinnie to Me and Vinnie and me and Joshua etc... this tournament was part experiment and part how far we can advance to the next round. I know that if Vinnie wasn’t part of the world title scene that we would be in the finals. But I am not taking that away from him. His mind is elsewhere, which is fine because MPC could cope. As for the result tonight... Jack broke the rules end of. It’s a result that should stand but if they are going to start going down that route then i won’t hesitate in hitting a few moves on my male colleagues. But whoever they face on that cruise... good luck to them because they will need it.

Pw: So what now for you and MPC.

Amy: I don’t know... it will all stem from Summer XXXtreme and what happens on the cruise.

Pw: Well thank you Amy and good luck whatever happens next.

Amy: Thank you.

Pussy wraps up her piece, as myself and joey leave the area and head back to the locker rooms, as we chat and discuss the match and decide where to next. The scene fades out on Joey and me entering the locker room.


++ Later that evening. ++

*mumbling* "No... *mumbling* "no don’t... let go." *mumbling.*

Amy suddenly sits up breathless and looking around as sweat drips from her face. She sits back as Joey wakes and turns the light on to see what the commotion is.

Joey: what is it?

Joey looks to see Amy laying back with her hands in her face.

Joey: another bad dream? How many have you had now?

Amy: Too many.

Amy removes her hands from her face as she runs a hand through her messy hair.

Joey: Same as before?

Amy: Yeah.

Joey shakes his head.

Joey: You need to talk to someone.

Joey looks at Amy with worry.

Amy: I will.

Joey: I’m serious… you need to talk to someone.  Clearly the cancer scare has had a bigger effect on you than you think. You can’t keep ignoring the dreams.

Joey tries to get through to Amy.

Amy: Ok. I will go and see someone. Stop nagging me.

Joey: I care about you Amy and I don’t want to see you like this.

Joey looks frustratingly at Amy, who lets out a sigh as she looks at the time before back at Joey.

Amy: Fine.

Joey pulls Amy close before reaching over and turning the light out before pulling the covers up. The scene fades out on the alarm clock and the time.


14th August 2019
Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery.
Anchorage, AK

Zania Marshall-Stewart
Beloved Mom, Sister & Aunt.
21st June 1960 – 13th May 2004

The scene inside the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery, where we see Amy standing beneath a tree as she looks over the small stone plaque engraved with her aunt’s name, date of birth and date of death.  She hadn’t visited her aunt’s grave since 2004 when she died… Amy was close with her Aunt, as they regularly chatted and helped Amy with certain things shortly after she left her family home and moved in with her cousin.  At the time Amy saw her more as a mother than her actual mother.  Squatting down to place some flowers down onto her grave, Amy brushed away a few twigs and leaves.

Amy: Sorry I haven’t been here for a long long time… life has been crazy. Though I don’t know if you would be proud of me or super disappointed. But I know that you would say do whatever makes you happy and… well I did.

Amy then sits down on the grass as she brushes a few more twigs away and plucks away a few weeds.

Amy: You are probably wondering why I’ve suddenly made an appearance after all these years.  Basically, I had a cancer scare… Joey – who by the way you would love – found the lump while we were fooling around… def mood killer but I got it check out and it was only a little bit of fat and nothing serious.

Amy lets out a sigh.

Amy: But has certainly messed with my head.  I’ve been getting dreams… bad dreams… again. I got them for a year after your death and I was told to get help. I spoke to someone which helped but I figured I could speak to you like this.

Amy lets out a small chuckle.

Amy: Which may not work, and I am currently getting odd looks from a couple.

Amy smiles at the couple, who go back to talking and visiting the grave of their loved one.

Amy: Joey has asked me to see someone as well.  I might just relent and do it. It hasn’t affected my career… which by the way… I am a wrestler now, which is certainly miles away from adult entertainment.  I am good at it as well.

Amy’s cell suddenly goes off.


Amy: Give me a second.

Amy answers.

Amy: Hi…

Joey: Where are you?

Amy: I am visiting someone.  I will be back soon.

Joey: Ok. See you soon.

Amy: Yeah.

Amy hangs up and places the cell down next to her.

Amy: Sorry about that. I wish I could stay here and talk about everything... you would have enjoyed my stories and all the gossip etc… I really miss you sometimes… I know it’s bit rich of me because I have barely visited. I’ll come visit next time and talk some more.

Amy sighs as she grabs her phone and rises to her feet.

Amy: See you soon Z.

Amy blows the grave a kiss goodbye before turning and walking away and out of the cemetery.  Jumping into the borrowed car.  The scene soon fades out on Amy speeding off back to Juneau to meet up with Joey.


16th August 2019

A match to determine the number one contender for the Bombshell Championship… the management saying this is our chance to earn a title shot instead of being handed it to us. But to be honest it’s still being handed something… I would prefer to win multiple matches before being even considered for anything. Although these days winning multiple matches is impossible for me.  Anyway… Summer XXXtreme a match for the number one contendership of the bombshell championship… I wasn’t expecting to be honest especially after MPC crashed out of the tournament. I was expecting a normal match with nothing on the line… another make up the numbers type match.  So this was a surprise to me seeing this type of match… especially with Seleana Zdunich as my opponent and who apparently also stated that she wants to earn title not be given them.

It seems that you have jumped on the bandwagon of wanting to earn title shot and not be giving one with ease.  Very original of you there… but you know what I don’t really care too much about that. What I do care about is winning this match… You see Seleana you have been very quiet as of late with Crystal being the more proactive Zdunich as she chases the bombshell championship…but I guess that has to change right… Step up and make a name for yourself but haven’t you done that already? You won the bombshell championship back in February you beat Alicia Lukas.  Wasn’t that enough?

At least your title win was this year… mine was 4 years ago. That’s 4 years has been far too long, and many people have forgotten about it. These days people just know me as a former champion of multiple titles and a hall of famer. I want more than that and I know that I have it in me to take any champion to the very limit. Just look at my match against Alicia… can you do that? Can you step up? You beat Alicia once… probably caught her on a bad day…. But you didn’t step up and didn’t defend your title successfully against her and now there is no stopping her.

But if you watched my match against her… I came close to stopping her, but you know what got in the way… our respect for each other.  But I won’t be letting that get in the way again… and I won’t be letting you get in the way either…. And before you get all giddy… I don’t really know you to respect you… to be honest I feel sorry for you because you are married to that sycophant moronic idiot.

But let’s not focus on that but instead focus on that match at hand… I am simply going to beat you inside that ring on that boat 1… 2… 3….

Seleana I expect a fight from you, and I will fight back twice as hard.

Good luck Selena because you are going to need it.

Climax Control Archives / MPC vs Emmie Ward/Jack Asher
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 Climax Control 243
Las Vegas, NV
28th July 2019

The first round of the mixed tag team tournament should throw up a few surprises and I guess the outcome of this tag team match threw up a surprise as Joshua and I picked up a win against Kedron and Rinoa Williams.  Although there was a little bit of mind games from possibly Ben Jordan, which Joshua took advantage of it, but it was Rinoa and myself that did all the work but in the end, I caught Rinoa with the Bad Girl and picked up the win. It was a big win and a big step into the next round of the tournament and a big step for MPC to make a name for themselves for once and for all.

Briefly celebrating the win inside the ring, Joshua and I head out of the ring and up the ramp as I briefly look back to see Kedron still seething from the supposed interference from Ben Jordan. Turning and disappearing to the backstage area, Joshua is met by his wife and we share a quick few words before they leave, which leaves me to take stock of the result and where we stand.

I take a bottle of water and a towel and begin to head down the corridor towards the changing room, however, Pussy Willow catches up with me, as soon as I reach the locker room. I stop and waiting for the questions.

PW: Hi Amy, can I have a few words regarding your match just now.

Amy: Sure.

I smile, as I take in some water.

PW: Well we just saw you and Joshua beating Kedron and Rinoa Williams to advance to the next round of the Mixed Tag Team Tournament, but what are your thoughts on Ben Jordan interfering in the match and who do you want in the next round?

Pussy asks.

Amy: First off… I have doubts that Ben would actually do that. But when you are pushed to your limits against someone who has pushed your buttons enough it was drive anyone to put your opponent off.  But if Kedron was stupid enough to get distracted then that is on his head.  But it doesn’t matter nw. I pinned Rinoa and MPC are through to the next round. And speaking of the next round… I mind who we get as long as it isn’t London Underground.

I say honestly.

Pussy: Thank for your time Amy and good luck next time out.

Pussy smile before walking off leaving me alone at the locker room.  I take a moment before turning and entering the locker room. The scene soon fades out on the area outside the locker rooms where people walk past talking about the progress of the show.



Wednesday 7th August 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Valley of Fire State Park

The scene opens inside the Valley of Fire State Park, where we see the various rock formations of the Valley, as the heat haze shimmers over the road and the rocks. As the camera pans around, we see Amy sitting on one of the rocks from the trail as she surveys the area enjoying the piece and quiet… although the quiet part is a little inaccurate as we see Senor Vinnie jogging along one of the trails ignoring the fact that is was stupidly hot in the valley.


Amy shouts as her voice echoes a little.

Vinnie: What?

Vinnie get a little closer.

Amy: Are you going to stop running.

She asks again.

Vinnie: Aren’t we supposed to be training today?

Vinnie asks as he stands next to Amy.

Amy: My day off. I thought this would be a good place to relax and clear the mind. But if you prefer to train then you can… I’ll just sit here.

I shrug, as I watch Vinnie open his bag and pull out the cactus and then a bottle of water.  He takes in some water before offering it to his cactus.

Vinnie: Take some.

Vinnie draws his hand back.

Vinnie: You feel right at home here. Why?

Amy: Because it’s hot and sandy and dusty here.

Vinnie looks at Amy and then the cactus and nods.

Vinnie: So why are we up here again?

Amy rolls her eyes.

Amy: To relax a little and clear the mind.  That’s what I am doing.

Vinnie: Oh.

Vinnie sits down next to Amy but the silence doesn’t last long as Vinnie is back on her feet.

Amy: Go. Run that energy you have off.

Vinnie: Thanks.

Vinnie climbs back to his feet and takes the cactus with him as he disappears off down the trail, leaving Amy alone again.

Amy: Crazy man.

Amy sits back and relaxes although a little on edge that Vinnie is off running around somewhere and could hurt himself, but he is a big enough man to look after himself.  Closing her eyes and taking in the hot sun, Amy settles and relaxes as pushes the match aside although she had hoped this would be a bonding session but that didn’t work out too well. The scene fades out on Vinnie as he continue his exercise.


9th August 2019

Anyone getting a sense of De Ja Vu here? No… how about a little refresher. Climax Control 239 back in June.  Is the fog lifting? How about Amy Marshall & Senor Vinnie beat Jack Asher and Emmie Ward.  This was last time we faced each other, and I severely doubt Emmie that your wrestling ability has improved since then.  You may have trained etc… since then and you think you have become better and faster and more improved but truthfully nothing can prepare you for a high pressure match with no much on the line and what you could possibly get in the future.

We all want to win this match… get that advantage going into the supercard and I know that Senor Vinnie will be pushing hard to win and give a damn good reason why he should be challenging for his title shot. So a lot of pressure on everyone including on yourself… I just wonder how much you can handle because I know I can handle the pressure and I know I won’t buckle under it either.

Emmie last we faced each other it didn’t end well for you and you got pinned and your team lost. I’m pretty sure Jack wasn’t too impressed then and no doubt he will be pushing you beyond your capability and limits and that will be your downfall.  Emmie… Vinnie and I are winning this match… MPC are going to advance to the final and we are going to win the tag titles.

Emmie you better be prepared for the huge disappointment that is coming your way.

See you Sunday.

Climax Control Archives / A few concerns.
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 Climax control 241
14th July,
Primm, NV

Alicia Lukas wanted to face me... she got me.... I was happy to face her and see how I can hang with the current champion, but the only downside was that it was a championship match that I never earned and didn’t want to have. But I wasn’t going to let it fly past me... I was still going to compete at my normal high paced level and if I did win it was just a bonus. The match itself Alicia and I battled hard... although perhaps a little too hard as we were both counted out the first time, but Mark decided that wasn’t good enough and made the match continue and we continued. We both fought hard... and put on a show for the fans but it wasn’t enough for me as Alicia won. Was I upset? NO. Did i feel that I put on a good show... maybe. This was all for Alicia and she is a damn good wrestler and she does a good job as a fighting champion.

Was respect shown... yes... although maybe a little too much during the match but post-match we both patted each other on the back and said good job. She helped me to the backstage area after a brief celebration on the ramp, as she went on her way to celebrate another job well done, while I wonder what the future will hold.

~ Backstage ~

Returning backstage, I wondered what I had done wrong... because I worked and trained as my normal level and pace. I made all the necessary preparations... as I approached Joey who had a bottle of water and a towel for me, I take the water and drink some and think about the build-up and where it could have gone wrong.

Joey: Are you ok?

Amy: I am.

I give Joey a warm smile, as I watch a group of people disappear to ringside, as they prepare to take down the ring.  Looking around expecting Scott Oliver, Pussy or Miss Rocky Mountains to appear… they didn’t come. I guess being main event and the showing going off air there was no need for post-match interviews.  Joey and I continue down the hallway and back to the locker room to shower and change.  The scene soon fades out backstage staff beginning to pack the packing crates.

Tonight Alicia Lucas and I put on a good show.... maybe match of year maybe just a memorable match for her and no one else. Tonight, i came up short as i tried to defeat her. Yes, I bitched and moaned about it being a world title match but who am i to turn it down. Anyway, i tried my hardest against Alicia but i simply wasn’t good enough... hence why i want to earn things. But not to take it away from Alicia she is one of the best in the company and defeating anyone who steps in the ring with her. I respect her for that but maybe his respect was my undoing or maybe it was the flash of boobs in my promo and the scare that i had ruined this match for me.

I had hoped in some way like in the past that this would get me up and get me over the finish like before but i guess it went a little too far. A risk is a risk and this one failed.

Congrats Alicia.... and good luck on your next title defence.


23rd July 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s Training Complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training centre sans Joshua Acquin, where we see Amy standing in the ring with her training partner as she does her weekly Muay Thai training, while Jessie was on the treadmill doing a quick walk before speeding up into a gentle jog as she occasionally looks over to Amy, who gives the pads on her training partner a harder than normal punches and kicks, which Jessie notices and slows the machine down to a stop and climbs off.

Jessie: You alright Amy?

Amy drives through a knee on the padded crotch area of her partner.

Amy: Yeah… just worried.

Jessie: With what happened… your scare?

Jessie asks.

Amy shakes her head.

Amy: No. it’s not that. It’s I haven’t heard anything from Joshua… I know he is a busy man, but I’ve heard nothing and just slightly concerned.

Amy lowers her arms and lets out a heavy sign.

Jessie: You and him have been friends far far longer than you and me and Joshua and I, Joshua wouldn’t leave you in the lurch.  Have faith in him, he hasn’t let you down yet.

Jessie tries ease Amy’s mind of any worries that she has.

Amy: I know I know. Just concerned about him.

Amy shrugs as she raises her arms back up and refocuses on the pads in front of her and begins to hit them again.

Jessie: He might be just a little busy with work and family.  But you can trust him… he will show.

Jessie warmly smiles at Amy, as Jessie moves to the weights and picks up the light one at first and begins her next work out as she looks over at Amy, who continues to punch and kick hard.  The scene soon fades out on both Jessie and Amy as they work out with Amy mainly focusing on the tag team match at Climax Control.


25th July 2019

Firstly does everyone like the new addition to MPC? I think Joshua is a great addition, but I’ve already heard that he isn’t and there are far better choices than him, like Griffin Hawkins but in a way and this may sound horribly disrespectful and nasty and I am not…. But Griffin is chasing championships, while Joshua isn’t chasing for the big titles but just here for the fun and this where is Joshua comes in handy. Well that’s my opinion… but I hope Joshua sees otherwise and goes in and kicks some ass.  He knows that I want to succeed in capturing the mixed tag team titles… so he will have to focus on Kedron Williams, and he is quite impressive and making a name for himself.

Anyway… while it’s Joshua vs Kedron… and I have faith in Joshua to win this battle, it will be Rinoa vs myself and I have a good feeling about this as she has been forced into this match by Mark and well I have no sympathy for her and no doubt she won’t have any sympathy for me either but frankly I don’t care. Rinoa it appears that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place… I am aware that you have some wrestling experience but not enough to face off against me and hang with me.

Rinoa… I may be coming off a massive loss and disappointment, but I haven’t dwelled on it and I haven’t let it get to me but it has pushed me to focus harder to win the mixed tag team championship.  I want to earn these the proper way and not get them handed to me.  Rinoa your inexperience in the ring will be my gain… Rinoa I want you to be ready for this match because I am going to work and push you hard to the point where you are out of your comfort zone and once you are out of your comfort zone, I am going to pounce and you are going to eat a Bad Girl and will pick up the win for the team and advance to the next round.

Good luck Kedron and good Rinoa… you are going to need it.

Climax Control Archives / No scare will put me off.
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 Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature - Boob’s only!

Hello... this is Doctor Rodriquez from the Sutter Health hospital. Sorry to call you at this hour... but I have your results from the breast biopsy we performed, and I have good news. You are all clear... the results came back negative. All we picked up was fat cells... there no abnormalities. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.


30th June 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Into The Void VIII

Into the void for me was one to forget... I lost and it was perhaps deserved as my heart wasn’t into this match. Don’t get me wrong... I did my normal routines for the match, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I kind of felt sorry for Cat in this match... because we were both fighting for nothing and her win meant nothing. Just another notch in the win box and maybe some build up to something down the line but frankly this match was just a match to keep Cat and I happy. With Cat picking up the win, I slap the mat, as he feel out my knee and leg before rolling out of the ring, as I look up at Cat who celebrates.  I pull myself up with the help of the apron and I hobble away from the ring and up the ramp as I give a small non sarcastic celebratory clap at Cat before heading to the backstage area.

Once backstage I move to somewhere quiet, where Joey meets me with an ice pack water and towel. Taking the town and ice pack, I pat the towel over my face and chest before placing the ice pack onto my calf.

Joey: You alright?

Amy: Yeah… I’m good.

I smile a little proving that a calf slicer wasn’t going to upset me neither was the loss. I stretch my leg out a couple of times before slowly standing to my feet and although there was some pain, but I was comfortable enough to walk on it.  Taking in some water quickly, Joey and I head back to the locker room unchallenged from Miss Rocky Mountains, Pussy Willow and Scott Oliver, which was quite refreshing not having someone stick a mic in your face to ask questions.

Joey: You seem pretty calm considering your just lost to Cat.

Amy: To be honest… the match was just to make us happy. There was nothing on the line. I still went out there and gave it my all, but I wasn’t too bothered if I won or lost.

I shrug as we reach the locker room and enter it, as I take a seat and place the ice pack back on my leg, as Joey flips the TV for the remainder of the supercard before sitting down next to me.  Unlacing my boots, I throw them into my bag as I notice a message on my phone from a number I don’t recognise.  I pick the phone up and listen to the message on loudspeaker.

Hello... this is Doctor Rodriquez from the Sutter Heath hospital. Sorry to call you at this hour... but I have your results from the breast biopsy we performed, and I have good news. You are all clear... the results came back negative. All we picked up was fat cells... there no abnormalities. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Joey: You alright? You look pale?

Joey places a hand onto my shoulder as I shudder, and I feel the tears begin to come.

Joey: Amy… talk to me baby.

Amy: I…

The tears begin to fall.

Joey picks up my phone and checks the last message and smiles.

Joey: This is great! You should be happy.

Amy: I… am.

All the emotions and fears that I had built up in the last several weeks flood out of me and I break down crying as Joey pulls me close and continue to sob.

Joey: It’s going to be alright.


21 days ago.
Santa Rosa, CA

The scene opens inside the pristine home of Amy and Joey Santino, where we see family photos and wedding photos alongside image of surfers and wave formations. The camera continue around to see various books about surfing, a couple of books from business tycoons, books about oil and books from different authors. The camera continues to move throughout the house until we get to the main master bedroom where we see Amy and Joey laying on the bed making out. Joey lays on top without a shirt showing off his few tattoos as he pulls at Amy’s tank top and removes it and drops it on the floor as he reveals nothing but bare flesh of her breasts.

Joey goes back to kissing Amy as she wraps her legs around his body. Joey moves his kisses down to her neck as he moves his hand down her breasts and gives them a gentle squeeze before moving his kisses down her breasts as he kisses and licks them but stops and begins to survey a spot just before the crevice of her armpit.

Amy: Don’t stop.

Amy says want Joey to continue but Joey says nothing and begins to lightly press and feel.

Amy: What are you doing?

Amy queries looking down at Joey.

Joey: Have you noticed this lump before?

Joey looks up at Amy as the flush red colour drains from her face.

Amy: What... l...lump?

Amy stutters, obviously not having noticed it before.

Joey: This one.

Joey takes Amy’s hand and directs it to where he is describing and Amy feels and prods.

Amy: It nothing it’s the way I am lying.

Amy says as the worry begins to sink in as she adjusts herself as she moves a trembling hand to her breast and touches her skin lightly and soon finds the same lump.

Joey: you ok?

Joey stupidly asks as he knows Amy can put on a brave face on things but she isn’t fairing too well in this case.

Amy: Does it look I’m ok... I could... have.... can...cer.

Amy stumbles over her words as she comes back to her memories of her Aunt Zania, who tried to bravely fight her cancer but in the end it was too advanced and she died with close family nearby including Amy, which was close too.

Joey: What do you want to do?

Joey queried...

Amy: I don’t know... doctors maybe... though I don’t know if they are open.

Amy pulls the bed covers up and cover herself, as she suddenly feels less attractive and more self-conscious.

Joey: We could go to Sutter Heath hospital... get checked out there. They move I guess quicker than the usual GP.

Joey shrugs as he puts his t shirt back on.

Amy: I want to go now...

Amy reaches over the bed and grabs her t tank top and slides it on before climbing out of the bed and quickly changes.

Joey: ok.

Joey climbs out of the bed as he frowned a little thinking that this could wait until the next day but he just wants to avoid the possible conflict. They both get themselves ready with Amy forgoing the bra, she thinks back to her Aunt and the amount of chemo and drugs that she had but it never helped and she didn’t want up like a shell of her former self... she want to know now but she also knew deep down there would be tests and biopsies to be done.

Grabbing the keys, Joey felt like he was in a dream that was going a million miles an hour, having gone from being intimate with Amy to finding that lump and now preparing going to the hospital. Leaping into the car, Amy and Joey head to the Sutter Heath Hospital in Santa Rosa where Amy would spend the next several hours waiting to be seen. Then once they are seen by a doctor, they are told they would need to be seen by someone from women’s health. Once one of the doctors come, they chat and did a quick ultrasound which didn’t yield much, and they booked Amy in for a mammogram in a couple of days with the view of a biopsy later on.



2nd July 2019
Pacific Palisades, CA
Home of Jamie Dean

The scene opens outside the apartment building where Jamie Dean live in Pacific Palisades, in which we Amy stands at the entrance as she pushes the buzzer to Jamie’s apartment and waits for a few moments.

Voice: Hello?

Amy: It’s Amy.

No voice comes back but instead a buzzer rings out indicating that the door is open, as Amy grabs the door handle and pulls and enters the building as she takes the lift to the top floor.  Stepping out of the lift, Amy approaches the loft and knocks lightly on the door, which Jamie swiftly opens the door to answer as grabs Amy and pulls her in and hugs her tightly.

Amy: Hi. Miss me much.

Amy chuckles a little as Jamie’s squeeze gets a little tighter.

Amy: You are squeezing too hard.

Jamie: Oh Sorry.

Jamie releases his tight hug and backs away, as Amy closes the door behind her.

Jamie: Well?

Amy: Can we sit down.

Amy asks.

Jamie: Yeah… sure.

Jamie and Amy moves to the sitting room, where Jamie quickly moves to the fridge and grabs a couple of waters and sit down.

Jamie: How are you?

Amy: I’m alright.

Jamie: What did the doctors say?

He queried.

Amy: No cancer cells detected. Just a bit of fatty tissue.

Jamie: Thank god.

Jamie lets out a sigh of relief as he grabs Amy and pulls her close and tightly squeezes.

Amy: Can’t breathe again.

Amy says hugging Jamie back as they both pull away.

Jamie: Are you ok?

Amy: Yeah I am fine… just a wild few weeks… I just need time to process and forget.

Amy says.

Jamie: Do you still have that number for the psychiatrist you saw a few years ago.

Amy: possibly. I will have to proper check. But I may have to speak to him again.

Amy shrugs.

Jamie: Lets move on from this and just talk… or do you want to go to a bar, or we can do something else?

Amy: A few drinks, I think. God knows I need it.

Amy suggests.

Jamie: Alright.

Jamie picks up the bottle and shoves them onto the side, as Amy stands to her feet. As Jamie quickly changes and puts on a pair of shoes before grabbing his keys.  He and Amy then leave the lift and the apartment building and head to the nearest bar.  The scene fades out as they enter a bar and from there it gets messy.


Tuesday 9th July 2019
Makers & Finders Café.
Las Vegas NV

The scene opens inside the Makers & Finders Café in Vegas, where we see Amy and Jessie sitting at a small table as they appear to be waiting for someone, as the waitress comes over and Amy orders a Hibiscus Iced Tea while Jessie orders a normal tea.  They sit back in silence for a moment…as Amy looks at the door and then her watch.

Jessie: I wonder what interesting excuse he will come up with about being late.

Jessie jokes.

Amy: Probably having an argument of sorts with the plant.

Amy shrugs and shakes her head.

Jessie: You alright… you seem quiet.

Jessie asks.

Amy: Yeah… I’m good. Just had a health scare that’s all.

Jessie: Oh?

Jessie queries perhaps getting too involved.

Amy: I found a lump…. Well Joey found a lump while we were getting intimate.

Amy explained.

Jessie: fuck!  Have you had it checked out etc…?
Jessie asks.

Amy: I have… I have had all the tests and a biopsy… it’s just fatty tissue.

Amy explained letting out a breath happy that she can tell someone else aside from Jamie.

Jessie: That’s great news… but I guess it’s shaken you somewhat.

Amy: Just a little…

Amy says with a small shrug as Vinnie strolls into the café with his plant in hand as he skips over and sits down in between Jessie and Amy.

Vinnie: Hola Ms Amy… Ms Jessie. How are you two ladies?

Amy and Jessie look at each other and shake their heads.

Amy: Good thanks. You?

Vinnie: I’m alright.  Sorry I was late by the way. He didn’t want to come but I told him it would be fun.

Jessie: Right.

Jessie looks at Amy kind of amused by the excuse, as she continues.

Jessie: You asked to meet.

Jessie asks.

Amy: I did… I’ve been thinking about MPC and Vinnie’s future championship shot and our aim to challenge for the mixed tag team titles and we may have an issue.

Vinnie: How so?

Vinnie asks.

Amy: Well with you getting a championship shot and the possibility of winning… none of us will be able to challenge for the mixed tag team title. However, I have an idea.

Amy says.

Jessie: Oh?

Amy: Inviting another person into the team.

Vinnie: You got anyone in mind?

Vinnie asks.

Amy: I have a few people in mind.
Jessie and Vinnie lean forward as the waitress comes over with Jessie and Amy’s drinks, as Vinnie orders something for himself. The scene soon fades out on the three of them as they talk about possible additions to the team.


Friday 12th July 2019

First off… I really appreciate that you want to face me in a dream match, and I know that you are a fighting champion and you want to prove that you are the best in the company by beating the best. But I stated several times that I want to earn title shots and not be handed them because of my work ethic and because I am a consummate professional. But I have also said in the past that I am not going to turn down the title shot, and I am going to wrestle as normal and give my 100%.

It appears that I ruffled a few feathers with my comments about this match and title shot… and I am not sorry about my comments or the position that I am in.

Now… Alicia.

This match of ours will be the biggest of your career… as I will give you a run for your money and test you and make you work hard unlike your previous couple of opponents who think they are owed everything because of their shitty little name and don’t have the skills inside the ring.  Now the very reason you probably want to face me is because of my experience and knowing that you will get a fight and you will get a fight.

I may not like this situation, but I am not going to give it up and lay down easily. I respect you for what you done and accomplished in this company, however, this respect will only get you so far in this match as I will bringing everything into this match and I have no qualms about kicking your ass all over the ring.

Alicia… whatever happens Sunday night… I hope that you are prepared for the outcome and there is only one outcome in this match.  A new champion will be crowned.

Good luck Alicia and see you Sunday.

Supercard Archives / Cat Riley Vs Amy Santino
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 Ooc: Apologies to Cat about the quality of this rp. I’ve struggled with ideas.

Climax Control 239
9th June 2019
Tuscan, AZ

Jack and Emmie going into this match were so mismatched and so dysfunctional it was unbelievable. On paper it should have been an easy go in kick their ass finish them pin them and leave... but in reality... they managed to sort their shit out and function a little as a team... they got their shots in... but the outcome would always be Vinnie and I walking away the winners of this match.

It was a shame that Jack and Emmie didn’t put more of an effort in... it would have made everyone work that little bit harder and give Emmie the experience she needs. But it’s not the end of the world as it would be a lesson for Emmie and Jack.

No sooner had my music hit over the p.a I climb to my feet as the ref and Vinnie move in as our arks are raised in victory as Vinnie and I and share a quick hug.

Vinnie grabs his cactus as he slides out of the ring just as I climb out and we then head up the ramp and all the way to the backstage area. Once backstage, I grab a couple of waters and hand one to Vinnie, as take in some water, as Joey joins me at my side as I look at Vinnie who is offering water to his potted spikey friend.

Vinnie: Sorry you were unable to help this time round… maybe next time.

I shake my head as I still haven’t gotten used to Vinnie’s weird obsession with his plant or him for the matter of fact, but I won’t swap him for anything in the world. Taking in some water, we move away from the curtain and bit further down the corridor away from the madness as we take in our win against Jack and Emmie.

Joey: Well done guys… good win.

Vinnie: Thank you Mr Joey… I couldn’t have done without Ms Amy.

Scott Oliver who see all three of us… strolls over to with a smile on his face…

Scott: Hey guys… a few words about your match tonight.

Scott asks.

Amy: Sure

Scott: As we all saw… you both picked up an impressive win against Jack and Emmie tonight.  Do you think you are ready to now compete against the other mixed tag teams including the champions?

Vinnie: Ms Amy, my faithful friend and myself are ready to face anyone who comes our way. Tonight, was merely a warmup for Ms Amy and I… next time we are ready to win the big one.

Amy: The tag team division is getting seriously interesting now and Gamer Inc should be scared. Now if you excuse me… I want to shower and change and then head home.

I turn and leave with Joey and Vinnie following close behind as we leave Scott to wrap up his piece, as we return back to the locker room, where we enter as Vinnie sits down and begins a conversation with his plant, while Joey sits and watches the rest of the show as I change etc… the scene soon fades out.


Monday 17th June 2019
Las Vegas, NV

The scene opens at Amy’ Las Vegas home, where we see Joey coming down the stairs in nothing more than boxers as he rubs his eyes, as he looks around.

Joey: Amy you down here?

Joey continues to look around, as he spots Amy’s cell phone sitting on the side, as he quickly realises that Amy must have gone out running. Her cell phone pings with a message but Joey ignores it but does see that its from the SCW bosses.  Turning, Joey climbs back up the stairs just as the door opens and in comes Amy out of breath and sweaty.

Amy: Morning… what are you doing up?

Joey: I had to use the bathroom… I didn’t realise you were going out for a run.

Joey says.

Amy: I know it was supposed to be a day off, but I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep again. Sorry.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: It’s fine… you have a text message by the way.

Joey nods towards Amy’s phone, Amy advances toward her phone and picks it up.

From: SCW Staff
Subject:  Into the Void.

Amy Santino vs Cat Riley

Amy shakes her head.

Amy: That sucks.

Joey: What does?

Joey queries leaning on the bannister.

Amy: This match with Cat Riley… Just a match filler with nothing on the line. I was expecting some more.

Joey: Like what?

Joey queries.

Amy: Maybe a number one contender match for tag titles.

Amy again shrugs, as she drops her keys onto the table as she turns and begins to climb the stairs.

Joey: Is the tag titles on the line?

Amy: I don’t know. I will look later at the rest of the card.

Joey: At least you have a match regardless if they aren’t on the line.

Joey says as he continues up the stairs.

Amy: Hmmm….

Amy and Joe continue up the stairs, as the scene fades out as Joey heads back to bed, while Amy jumps into the shower to wash away her run.


20th June 2019

Cat Riley vs Amy Santino... this I think is the prime example when you are getting lost in the shuffle of new faces and those who have been working hard to get title shots. It’s also when some of us have been focusing on bringing a team together and working the small details instead of focusing on the main important things.

Well that is my opinion not sure what Cat's is but no doubt she is bemused about this as well. But at the end of the day a match is a match no matter how much of its an afterthought and to please those who should be on the show...

Anyway... Into the void. I have been in five into the void supercard’s... this year being my six. I have mixed results with the majority of the time losing, though twice I have won titles: one being from Roxi Johnson and the other in tag team action. But those don’t really make up for the other dismal appearances in the past.

Anyway... Cat Riley... I bet when you were planning your month or Into the Void that you would be in this position. Nothing on the line just a straight wrestling match... boring huh. Although the rest of the matches around us are just the same... but I guess we will have to make it stand out as the best we can. Put on a show that is unforgettable and show why we should be higher up the card challenging etc…

Unfortunately, Cat, while we can put on the show and raise the roof… I will be winning this match… to be honest I am not going to give the usual spiel of that I need this, and I am better than you… well I am… but there is nothing on the line other than pride. So, I am here to win and just build my confidence a little more.  Frankly I have other things on my mind like the mixed tag team titles and winning them…. But I am not going to let that distract me as they are not even being defended on the show.

So Into the Void…. We are going to put on a show and outshine every match that is around us… but… I will be walking away victorious. However, if you win… it’s no big deal really.

Good luck Cat.

Climax Control Archives / Lets get back to winning ways.
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 Tuesday 4th June
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s Training Complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex in Las Vegas, where we only see Amy Santino and Senor Vinnie inside the building, where Vinnie sits on a bench doing bicep curls, while Amy sits on the mat having just done a quick session on the pads to warm herself up.

Vinnie: Where is Joshua?

Vinnie asks.

Amy: He is out with the wife… but he is fine with me using this place. He should be ok with me bring guests in too.

Vinnie: Is he ok with Pete?

Vinnie asks, as Amy look over to Pete who sits on the ring apron.

Amy: Yeah…

Amy smiles, as Amy’s cell phone begins to ring.

Amy: Sorry… I have to get this.

Vinnie shakes his head, as Amy shrugs.  Amy moves to her bag where her phone is ringing.


Amy: HI Katie

Katie: Hi… you rang?

Katie says hesitating for a moment.

Amy: I did… It’s mom and dad’s 65th birthdays… do you know what they are doing?

Amy asks.

Katie: Nothing as far as I am aware… why?

Katie queries.

Amy: I am in Vegas at the moment working out and training, however, I was thinking booking a restaurant in LA for their birthday. All the family ours and Joey’s…

Katie: Will they travel that far?

Katie queried.

Amy: We can tell them that we arrange a hotel for them etc… but don’t tell them about the surprise meal.

Amy explained.

Katie: Ok… what do you want me and Mary to do?

Katie asks.

Amy: Let Mary know first and then invite close family. I will book hotel and restaurant.

Katie: Ok… do you want us to pitch in?

Katie questions.

Amy: Nope… I will do it all. I will speak with Joey and invite his family.

Katie: Great.

Amy: I will update you later with the plans.

Katie: Ok. Speak soon.

Amy: Yeah… see you soon.

They both hang up as Amy chucks her phone back into her back as she returns to the mat.

Vinnie: You sound busy… do you want to focus on the arrangements?

Vinnie queries.

Amy: Do you always listen to private conversations?

Amy takes a pop at Vinnie.

Vinnie: Pete did… he heard it all.

Amy: Sorry… I will call later. I just want to use the time we have now to focus on training and work on how we are going to beat Jack and Emmie.

Amy says dismissing the plans for the moment.

Vinnie: Now how… we will beat them… and as always with the use of my cactus and my amazing wrestling skills.

Vinnie says as he places the dumbbell down back onto the racking before moving to the bench press and loads it up before laying down.

Amy: Your amazing skills didn’t help last time… we may need to watch as many videos as possible.

Vinnie: That’s not nice…
Vinnie says.

Amy: Sorry. I just don’t want some nobody and some one else that has got luck so far beat us.

Vinnie: Trust me… we will win. Just focus on training for now.

Amy: Sure…

Amy lets out a small sign as she sits down on the mat and moves into the first position for yoga. As Amy watches Vinnie for a moment as he bring the bar up and down a few times. Amy then closes her eyes and focuses on the yoga poses. The scene soon fades out on both Amy and Vinnie doing their workout.


Thursday 6th June
Los Angeles, CA

The scene opens inside the one of the restaurant room in the Republique French restaurant in Los Angeles, California, where we see Amy with her sisters and a couple of close cousin and Joey with his family. They all dressed smartly in suits and dresses, as they talk and sip on water as they wait for someone or something.

Amy’s cell phone goes off in her bag, as she pulls it out and checks the message.

30 seconds… we are around the corner.

Amy tucks her cell phone away before raising her voice.

Amy: GUYS!  Mom and Dad are 30 seconds away. Get ready.

The sounds goes quiet, as a long 30 seconds goes by as the door swings open to reveal Amy’s mom and dad.

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Amy’s Mom and Dad look shocked as everyone moves in and wishes them a happy birthday. Yes… there birthday is the same day but separated by a couple of years.  Amy moves in and kiss them both on the cheek, as a couple of waiters come in with bottles of wine and jugs or water as they place them down onto the table before leaving again.

Dad: Thank you for this… it’s a total and utter surprise.

He says with a smile as someone hand him a glass of water, while Mom takes a glass of wine, as everyone slowly moves to the tables and sit down as drinks are poured.  A couple of people pick up the menu and scan over them. As Amy’s mom leans over to Amy.

Mom: Who planned this?

Amy: I had the idea and put it too Katie and Mary. I wasn’t about to let you celebrate your 65th birthday at home. I thought bring you to LA and have a decent meal.

Mom: Thank you.

Dad: This is great Amy.

Dad says kissing Amy on the cheek.

Amy: Katie and Mary helped too… well everyone did.

Mary: It was all Amy really… we just talked to everyone about coming.
Mum: Regardless… thank you. Thank you to everyone for coming.

She raises her glass as does everyone else, as the waiter comes in…

Waiter: Is everyone ready to order?

A few people shake their head no, while said they were but were going to wait on everyone else.

Waiting: I’ll come back.

The waiter disappears leaving everyone either chatting or picking up their menu’s and scanning them. The scene fades out as everyone makes comments about the menu and what looks good and comment that they can’t decide etc… before eventually choosing they choice of starter and main and desert.


7th June 2019

Vinnie and I back as a team. Previously we were up against London Underground... a team that is impossible to beat and impossible to deny that they are the best tag team in the mixed tag team division. Two weeks after loss... we are back up against Jack Asher and Emmie Ward and from what I have seen... a team that is dysfunctional. Emmie trying hard to make friends and be like and Jack just to make a name for himself who got screwed over by none other than Emmie Ward. I watch shows when I am not wrestling... I may be silent backstage and on twitter but i do a lot of observing and this is the one thing that I noticed.

Firstly welcome to Sin City Wrestling Emmie... your first match here is a tag team match. I am guessing Mark want to ease you in this company and not face off against anyone in singles action.

*cough* nepotism *cough*

So welcome... always since to have a fresh new rookie to add to the bombshell roster... but here is your first warning... this bombshell roster is no walk over... we are all ruthless we are all dangerous and you have no fucking chance in this company unless you step up and get your mind body and soul focused.

Now to the tag team match Sunday night... Emmie I think you might have come into the division at the wrong time. You see the mixed tag team division is shaping up to be pretty decent again with some tough teams... and if you are too succeed you and your partner need to be on the same level and as I stated earlier you and jack are not on the same wave length and you also need to have experience. You just can’t rely on your partner to do all the leg work while you stand in the corner looking like a lost puppy.

And to be honest... you are just going to stand in the corner like a lost puppy while Jack works his ass off because it was all your fault for getting him into this situation. He maybe a decent wrestler and has wins under his belt but with you at his side... he is pretty much screwed. Emmie... just to make this clear... jack isn’t going to help you.... he isn’t going to help you in the ring or outside the ring other than berate you for making him lose his match.

Emmie... it is YOU that has to make the decisions when you get into the ring whether you want to pull up your big girl pants and wrestle and make jack proud or just cower and think that this is too much for you and you bit off more than you can chew. To be honest I am not going to exactly help you figure things out... I will be instead exploiting the fact that you are new to this company... I will give you the welcome you fully deserve... a good old-fashioned butt kicking following up with a loss.

If you haven’t figured things out yet... I want to win. Vinnie and I lost to London Underground last time out, but we want to win this time round. We are going to sit back on our laurels and think this is going to be easy, we are going out there to win... and this win will make a point - I hope - that we are ready to challenge for the mixed tag team titles. While we are busy... my partner Vinnie will be making Jacks life a little hard and I have every confidence that Vinnie will beat Jack and help us win.

So Emmie... this debut match will be big for you because you have already showed how inept you are at helping someone out... and guess what... you loss in this match will only make things worse between yourself and Jack.

See you soon Emmie.

Climax Control Archives / MPC reborn
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Baltimore, MD
3-X HQ
Wednesday 15th May

The scene opens inside Amy 3-X office, where we just see her as the camera attempts to not pan around to the many promotional posters on the walls or certain toys or shaped awards. As the camera pans to her, we see she is asleep with her head in a hand as if she was doing work.

A knock on the door doesn’t wake her, as a well-built man in his 40's wearing jeans and a t shirt appears at the door and garners no response. Enter the office a little further, he clears his throat before placing a hand on her shoulder, which jolts her awake.

Amy: What?

Amy looks around to see her the man, as she rubs her eyes before moving her wrist and arm around as that had fallen asleep.

Man: Sorry I disturbed you.

The man apologised.

Amy: Its fine. Whats up Tj?

Amy queries.

Tj: Nothing major, I was just wanted to find out what I was doing today?

He asks.

Amy: Umm...

Amy sits forward and clicks a couple of times before bringing up a rota.

Amy: You are working with Joanna Jet. Is that ok?

Amy queried as she stifles a yawn.

Tj: That’s fine. Are you alright boss?

He queries.

Amy: jet lag is kicking my ass.

Lori: Then why come in and work?

Loris says as she walks in with a shopping bags.

Amy: I thought I would be fine. But I think flying from the US to the UK and then Japan and back to the UK has caught up with me.

Tj: when did that happen?

Amy: Last week. As SCW was on tour in the UK and SCU were having their own and I was invited to a show in Japan and then back to London. Anyway.... Tj you better get ready.

Tj: Sure.

Tj turns and leaves leaving Amy alone with Lori.

Lori: What are you going to do?

Amy: grab a coffee and get some air and come back in and keep myself entertained with some editing.

Amy stands to her feet as she stretches a little before smiling at Lori as the goes to the corner of the room to make herself a coffee before leaving. The scene fades out with Amy taking her coffee outside to wake herself up a little more.

[End of Flashback]


21st May 2019
Momentum Martial Arts
Reno, NV

A few weeks after London Brawling, where we saw Jessie and Amy reunite and team up against Crystal and Seleana Zdunich, which the winners would get any title shot of their choice and unfortunately Crystal and Seleana won that match leaving Jessie and Amy what would happen next in their singles careers, however, there would be an alternative and after the mixed tag team title match Jessie, Vinnie and I delivered a message to the mixed tag division.

As for Climax Control, Amy wasn’t wrestling but Jessie was on the show and after a conversation with Christian, she would be allowed to compete against for titles and this was good news for Jessie, Vinnie and Amy, as this would allow the free bird team of Metal and Punk Connection.

The scene opens inside the momentum Martial Arts facility in Reno, where we see Amy alone in the facility as she warms up with a short sprint before dropping down doing a burpee before climbing to her feet before shadow boxing for 15 seconds.  Amy does this a couple of times, until the door swings open and enters Jessie with her bag slung over her shoulder.

Jessie: Hi Amy.

Amy: Hey…

Amy greets Jessie with a smile, as Amy takes in some water. Jessie places her bag down next to Amy’s as she stretches and warms up some.

Jessie: We waiting for anyone else?

Amy: Hopefully… Vinnie.  I did tell him the time and location.

Jessie: I hope this isn’t the sign of things to come.

Jessie said with concern.

Amy: He is ‘serious’ when it comes to getting into the ring but outside, he can be a little unpredictable.

Amy shrugs.

Jessie: Great.

Jessie begins to stretch, as Amy moves to her bag and pulls out some gloves and pads.  Placing the pads on the floor, Amy sticks the gloves on and moves to the heavy bag and begins to box. As the door swings open and enters Vinnie with his bag in his band and his cactus in the other.

Vinnie: Ms Amy & Ms Jessie… nice to see you.

Amy: Hi Vinnie.

Jessie: Vinnie.

Vinnie walks past Jessie and Amy, before placing his bag down, as he looks around the room before moving to a table and placing the cactus down all the while having a conversation with it.  He then comes back as Jessie watches him and shakes his head.

Amy: You will get used to it… even more so that we are a team.

Vinnie: So what are we doing?

Vinnie asks.

Jessie: Just training together… get to know each other a little better… well you and I.

Vinnie: Sounds good.  Firstly I would like you to meet my cactus…

Vinnie nods over to his cactus on the table, as Jessie looks to me and just smirk and say nothing.

Jessie: Hi.

Jessie shakes her head feeling a little stupid.

Vinnie: Secondly… why we team bonding in a martial arts centre when we are only going to hear each other grunting. Can’t we sit down at a bar or something?

Vinnie suggests.

Amy:  I wanted to do something different… although being in the gym or going to a restaurant or bar is my go to locations.

I shrug.

Jessie:  Well I am happy to be here.

Jessie pitches in.

Vinnie: So what are we doing then?

He asks.

Amy: If you like can go on the treadmill over there… while Jessie and I spar, or would you like to go first?

Amy asks Vinnie.

Vinnie: Can I spar first? We can talk about the match.

Amy: Sure.  Sorry Jessie.

Jessie: It’s fine. It gives me a chance to unleash my frustrations on the heavy bag.

Amy nods, as Jessie grabs a pair of boxing gloves and slips them on and moves to the heavy bag and begins to hit it. Meanwhile Vinnie grabs the pads and puts them on before approaching Amy and raises his hands and braces.  Amy then begins to punch and kick…

Vinnie: Tell me about our plans and tactics against London Underground…

Amy: Well…

From that the scene soon fades out on Amy and Vinnie, as Amy works hard on the pads attached to Vinnie’s limbs.


24th May 2019r

I can hear it coming.... you are hypocrite... yap yap yap... you are jumping on the band wagon.... blah blah blah.... you are only in it because everyone is interested since the title changed hands… yip yip yip.

Maybe... no and no.

Frankly I don’t care if you think I am a hypocrite or not. I am not losing any sleep over it. I may have been a strong critic about the free bird rule etc in the past... but I find it makes some sense as it’s a just in case scenario.

Anyway... am I jumping on the bandwagon. No I am not... if people remembered Wyatt and I were a tag team partners and even wrestled against LU a few times for the mixed tag titles... and long before any of new tag teams appeared on the scene. As for becoming interested because everyone else is... maybe... maybe not. To be honest Vinnie came to me and proposed the idea of being a mixed tag team. Frankly I thought the tag titles were dead, but he told me to think about it. I did and now he and I are a tag team alongside Jessie. It made sense as we were a good team... and with the title changing hands... it wouldn’t make any difference if they did or not.

MPC lives and it’s good to see Jessie allowed title shots again and she made a promise of no more title demands etc...

So... to the point of this promo...

London Underground verses Senor Vinnie and Myself.

I noticed that you guys have been pretty silent... and I also noticed that a couple of you decided to take the easy route and wrestle for Sin City Underground these days and avoid the hard work of the big company. Now don’t get me wrong... I had a match with them... which I was honoured to be a part of. They are a good company with good management, but I feel it’s a place where you begin to wind down your career or just want something a little bit easier instead of having a career in a big company. But that’s what I feel and my opinion.

Anyway... London Underground. I have lost count in how many times we faced each other... I haven’t forgotten though that I have lost every encounter be it with Jessie against Charlotte and Mackenzie or in mixed tag team action with Wyatt. It just seems you are impossible to beat.

But you know what... with Vinnie at my side I feel invigorated and confident that we can beat you. Vinnie is the dark horse of the team because you don’t really know what he is going to do or what he is thinking. You can call him weird and odd but weird and odd works... and that is going to help us win. Oh, and look out for his cactus... packs quite a punch.

I have faith in his abilities whoever you bring to this match. Be it Daniel Morgan or Osbourne. He will take you down.

The same will go for Charlotte and Mackenzie... yes we have done this so many times before... yes I am fully aware that you are stronger and questionably better than me and have beaten me multiple times, but I still get up and still come back for more. I never back down from a fight and I am not easily intimidated. So whatever you have to say... I don’t care. Hypocrite, washed up, old boring dull slut whore I should retire blah blah blah etc... it’s all about what happens inside the ring.

Yes Jessie and I lost at London's Brawling and that puts me at an disadvantage but the thing is... i bounce back... I don’t dwell. I get back up; I go to the gym/train/run etc... I push myself to the limits just so that I can step into the ring with you and continue to push.

As I said I am not intimidated by anyway... I don’t care what my record says verses LU. I will fight, I will push, and I will get at least one win over you even if it kills me.

Mackenzie/Charlotte.... whichever bitch I end up with... I am coming for you... and I will beat you and will ensure that Metal and Punk Connection cement ourselves as genuine threats to the new invigorated division.

 21st April 2019
Manchester, England
Climax Control 235

Feeling the air escape my lungs as Brittany leapt off the ropes and hit me with a frog splash... I was done when she hit me the DDT. Vinnie and I, we tried our hardest, but it was enough. We took turns to try and beat Brittany and Kale, but it just wasn’t enough, and they beat us. They would now advance to the final while Vinnie and I would just end up with nothing for our troubles.

As soon as I felt Brittany roll off me, I rolled myself away from them as I sucked in as much as I could and recover from the double finisher on me.

I had briefly looked to see where Vinnie had gone and I saw him storm off... evidently unhappy with the result and maybe mad at me. I roll myself onto my stomach before rolling myself from the ring, as I continue to recover the best I can. I slowly make my away from the ring and up towards the entrance and to backstage.

Once backstage... I look around for Vinnie, but he was gone as Joey approaches with ice, water and a towel.

Joey: You looking for Vinnie?

Amy: Yeah.

Joey: He was arguing with his cactus and then disappeared. I presume back to the locker room. And that is one weird sentence.

I chuckled a little.

Amy: I saw him briefly... i don’t think he was happy.

Joey: He looked very pissed off.

Joey says with a shrug, as He and I slowly moved away from the curtain as I continued to recover, As Joey spoke up again.

Joey: Sorry about the loss. I think most people wanted you and Vinnie to win.

Amy: Me too. I thought Vinnie and I had a genuine chance at getting to the final. But it happens. Brittany and Kale were stronger and better unfortunately.

Scott Oliver: Can you repeat that?

Joey and I turn to see Scott Oliver following...

Amy: How long have you been following and listening?

I berated Scott.

Scott Oliver: Oh sorry... not long. Apologies for listening in.

Amy: So you should. Now let’s get this over and done with.

I shook my head.

Scott Oliver: How are you feeling about being knocked out of the tournament at the semi-final stage. How do you rate Senor Vinnie and out of the remaining teams... who do you think will win?

Joey: Wow... lots of questions there.

I smirk as i stretch a little to stop myself from stiffening up.

Amy: It was a good run for Vinnie and I... and getting to the semi-final stage and falling short is a little frustrating. I really wanted to win this tournament, but I am running out of time to do so. As for Vinnie as a partner. He is not the most conventional wrestler and a little strange at times, but it works for him, but I like him, and I like to apologies for the outcome of the match. As for the winners... I am going to pick... Alex Jones and his partner Devona. Which if we managed to beat Brittany and Kale... we could have easily beaten them. Devona is the weak link of that team.

I say with some disappointment in my voice.

Scott Oliver: Thank you Amy and sorry for the loss tonight.

Amy: Me too.

I smile as Joey and I turn back and head to the locker room. Once in the locker room, I sit down and take my cell phone out and begin to write a text message to Vinnie.


Sorry about the loss tonight. I hope you aren’t too mad at me or the result.

Sorry we couldn’t advance any further. See you around.


I press send before putting my phone back in the bag, as I begin to unlace my boots. The scene soon fades on Amy and Joey, with Joey turning the tv on and with the next match playing on screen.


Monday 22nd April 2019
Manchester, England
Time 8:30am

The scene opens inside the hotel room of Amy’s, where we see Amy sitting up in bed with breakfast of fruit, toast and tea as she watches the latest news, which was filled mainly about pointless brutal stabbings, and something called Brexit. Having got the general idea that the UK government haven’t got a clue what they are doing, Amy mainly focused on the breakfast in bed with Joey at her side as he also had toast but he a bowl of cornflakes and an orange juice.

As Amy bit into a piece of toast her cell phone pinged twice. Wiping her hands from any crumbs, she picks up her cell phone and reads the two messages.

Message 1:
From: Donna Beauchamp
Subject: SCU Supershow - Tokyo, Japan.
Match: Amy Marshall vs Chanelle Martinez Blade.

Amy: Interesting.

Joey: whats that?

Joey queries as he takes a sip of the OJ.

Amy: You know what I was planning to head to Japan to make an special appearance for SCU.

Joey: Yeah...

Amy: Apparently I am wrestling.

Amy said a little surprised.

Joey: that’s great. Who against?

Joey queries again.

Amy: Chanelle Martinez Blade.

Amy smiles.

Joey: Who?

Amy: She was part of this trashy tag team in SCW called Azz N Class... and ass spelt with a double zed and a N instead of and. Anyway... before my time and never faced either before.

Joey: Better start researching.

Amy: Yeah.

Amy said with a small eye roll.

Joey: So the other message?

Joey asks.

Amy: Let’s see...

Message 2:
From: SCW management.
Subject: London Brawling 2 supercard - London, England.
Match: Golden Promise tag team match. Amy Santino & Jessie Salco vs Crystal & Seleana Zdunich.

Amy: What the hell!! Is this a joke.

Amy hands joey the phone and he looks at it and lets out a small chuckle.

Joey: a little sick... I think. But a match is a match and what is a golden promise tag team match?

Joey frowns.

Amy: Basically, if we win, we get a title match. Though I am not what titles we qualify for... and it seems that Christian and Mark are going to lift the title ban on Jessie.

Joey: Nothing is ever straight forward in wrestling is it.

Amy:  Nope.


Amy lifts her cell phone up...

Jessie Salco.

Amy: And guess who has text me?

Joey: Jessie?

Amy: Spot on.

Amy looks down and opens the message up.

Hey Amy...

It seems that we are partners again. Do you want to meet up and may talk and clear the air?


Joey: what did she say?

Amy: Asking to meet and clear the air.

Joey: And? You going to meet.

Amy: I don’t know. I might make her sweat a little or just blow her off and just head to Japan.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: That’s just cold.

Amy: That’s what is what our relationship is like at the moment. But I’ll have a think about it.

Joey: Don’t take too long. When are thinking of heading to Japan?

Joey asks.

Amy: I have a flight booked for Thursday. I booked two tickets... are you coming?

Amy asks with a smile and hope.

Joey: I am... though I have to be back in LA Tuesday/Wednesday.

Amy: I guess you won’t be around for London Brawling?

Joey: Sorry.

Joey looks at Amy apologetically.

Amy: Its fine.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: Anyway… today is your day off… what do you want to do?

Joey queried.

Amy thinks for a moment…

Amy: How about visit the Trafford centre. Do some shopping. Is that ok?

Joey: Yeah… sure.

Amy smiles.

Amy: We’ll do it later… for now I just want to stay in bed… eat breakfast and snuggle.

Joey: Sounds like a plan.

Amy smiles, as she places her cell phone on the bedside table before picking up the remote control and changes the channel, as she and Joey finish off their breakfast. The scene soon fades out as Amy places the tray down on the floor getting comfy once more and watches the tv show with Joey.


Saturday 27th April 2019
Tokyo, Japan

The scene opens outside the Tokyo Dome, where we see Amy and Joey standing in front of it looking up, as the stare in awe of it, as other tourists stand in front of It taking selfies or getting someone else to take the picture of it.  Amy had already taken many photos of it and couldn’t wait to get into the iconic building.

Joey: What makes this building so special?

Amy: What makes Madison Square Garden so special?

Amy flips the question.

Joey: It’s iconic… it’s the holy grail of arena’s… everyone knows it.

Amy: And everyone wants to appear there… so say that they have wrestled, sang or whatever there.  It’s the same with the Tokyo Dome.  Wrestling at the MSG is the pinnacle of everyone’s career in the US… the Tokyo Dome is the same. Once you have wrestled here and have the adoration of the fans… you made it.

Amy says with a smile.

Joey: Ok then.

Joey shrugs.

Amy: So… do you fancy a walk around the market and then around the Koishikawa Korakuen Japanese Gardens?

Amy asks.

Joey: Sure.  What is in the market?

Amy: It has a few wholesale markets that sells fish etc… and then a retail market that sells fruit and veg as well as three restaurants.

Amy explains, as Joey shakes his head.

Joey: You and food.

Amy: What… I like my food. Plus, Japanese food is very healthy.  Plus, I am not going to get fat if you are that worried.  I was going to suggest getting some fruit and a little bit of sushi and we can take a walk through the gardens and enjoy the scenery of it.

Joey: Ok…

Amy: Don’t worry… later we can go out and do something that isn’t to much scenery. Maybe music and drinking.

Amy suggests.

Joey: Or… I saw something about a surf spot in Chiba.

Joey says with some hope on his face.

Amy: Screw it.  Let’s go.

Amy shrugs, as she grabs Joey’s hand as they head to the main road, where she hails a taxi cab. As Joey smiles and shakes his head again at Amy’s impulsiveness.  The scene soon fades out at they both jump into the taxi with Amy asking to go to Chiba.


Wednesday 1st May 2019
London, England.

The scene opens outside the Novotel Wembley London Hotel where we see the wooden panelled hotel overlooking Olympic Way that heads past the many high rise flats for students and non-students, food trucks and the long steep footway that’s takes people up to the main entrance to Wembley Stadium.

Amy looks at the flats, the ongoing construction to other buildings and the stadium itself and shakes her head knowing that people build anywhere and everywhere these days. Having on the previous day taken a short 5-minute walk to find the SSE arena around the corner past the Brent Civic Centre with its Library and various other shops, she knew where it was.

It had been a few days since she had visited Japan and was already missing it, along with the warm weather she experience in Japan. Wrapping her jacket around her body from the slight chill in the air from the overcast April afternoon, Amy checks her phone as she begins to pace a little.

Voice: Sorry... I hope you wasn’t waiting too long.

Amy turns to see Jessie, Jake and Shane appear.

Amy: I wasn’t.

Jessie: Good how was Japan?

Jessie queried as they head towards Wembley Park Station.

Amy: Successful. Beat Chanelle with ease and had a little bit of backup after Chanelle's friends tried something on post-match. But all went well, and Tokyo as always is amazing.

Jake: No Joey?

Jake queries looking around.

Amy: Unfortunately, not. He took a connecting flight to LA after landing at Heathrow. Work calls.

Amy explains.

Jessie: So why did you want to meet up?

Jessie queries, as they walk up the steps to the station.

Amy: Just to talk tactics, continue hash things out and have something to eat maybe and run an idea by you.

Jessie: Ok. So where do you want to eat?

Amy: How about one of the pubs or one of the many food stalls in Camden.

Jessie: Sure. Can also do a little shopping.

Amy: sure.

Jessie, Jake, Shane and Amy climb onto one of the tube trains for the Hammersmith and City line, where they stop off at king’s cross to change to head out again. All in all, it would take 45 minutes. Stepping out of the tube station.

Jessie: The worlds End is there... or you can go down that road to the Camden lock or down that way to the market.

Jessie points in the different directs.

Amy: How about the Worlds End.

Jessie smiles.

Shane: They do a great rack of ribs and halloumi chips.

Shane says licking his lips, Jessie shakes her head. As all four head to the Worlds End pub, where they enter and walk up the bar with its unique feature of a tank filed with Staropramen lager in the centre, which Staropramen larger from the Czech Republic is served.

Bar person: What can I get you?

Amy: I’ll buy. I’ll have a Staropramen lager.

Jessie: the same.

Shane: Kronenbourg.

Jake: Just a water. I don’t want anything alcoholic.

Amy: just them. And can we have a menu please.

The bar man nods and hands them some menus, as he begins to pour the drinks. Silence from all four as they look over the menu.

Shane: I know what I am having.

Jake: ditto.

Jessie nods and so does Any, as the bar person places the drinks on the bar.

Bar person: Ready to order?

Amy: yup. I’ll have some halloumi chips and smoked chicken wings.

Jessie, Jake and Shane then order, as Amy pays for the food and drinks before taking a number and then finding four spare seats. Where they then settle down and sip their drinks as Amy takes in the surroundings.

Jessie: So what is this idea you have?

Jessie queries.

Amy: You know you we have Gamer Inc, London Underground at tag teams etc...

Jessie: Yeah… teams with multiple wrestlers… free bird.

Jessie raises an eyebrow.

Amy: I’ve been thinking. Now people will call me a hypocrite because I’ve been outspoken over free bird tag teams and that rule.

Jessie: Yup I remember.

Amy: We can keep MPC alive and involved in the mixed tag team title match scene. I thought we can find a male wrestler or two and challenge for them. Obviously, I have a few people in mind... but if this little reunion goes well then it may work out well. Obviously give it a think over and I’ll approach someone and see what they say. What do you think?

Amy explained and queried.

Jessie: Interesting. I’ll have a think. Who do you have in mind?

Amy leans forward and whispers in Jessies ear.

Jessie: Interesting… wild but interesting.

Jessie raises her eyebrows.

Amy: Yup. But he should do well, especially after the Blast From The Past Tournament.

Amy says as she takes a sip of the beer.

Jessie: Well I’ll let you approach him… as I don’t really know him that well.

Jessie shrugs, as a waitress comes over with knives, forks and condiments before disappearing again.

Amy: Sure. He has been contacting me about becoming a proper team, however, I wasn’t sure if it was worth it and if the mixed tag titles are dead. But if they are being defend at London Brawling then they obviously aren’t.

Amy shrugs as the waitress comes over with two plates and places them in front of Jake and Shane before disappearing and come back with two more dishes and places them down in front of Jessie and Amy.

Shane: Thank you.

The waitress smiles and walks away, as everyone looks at their foot and soon begins to tuck in. The scene fades out as Amy, Jessie, Jake and Shane all begin to eat their food, as Jessie strikes up a conversation about London Brawling.


Thursday 2nd May 2019

Well… I don’t know if I should be offended or pleased about this match.  A golden promise tag team match, where the winners would get a championship match.  I am guessing Mark and Christian were shit out of idea’s when it comes to Jessie, Crystal, Seleana and I.  Also not having me and Crystal on the supercard maybe bad for business. Anyway… a golden promise tag team match… to be honest… I kind of feel that this match is too keep everyone happy, but it is what it is and it’s a match and a pay check at the end if the day.

So at first I was annoyed that I was partnered up with Jessie. After all we have gone through and all the bad words that have been said between us… I was very reluctant, and I am still reluctant to be partnered with Jessie, but the thing is, we met and cleared the air.  We talked through our issues and come London Brawling we should be on the same page.  But for the record I am looking after number one and I am not carrying Jessie to this win… Jessie has to put her own effort into this match. Sorry Jessie but I am not carrying you…  this is a team effort.

Now… I bet Christina and Seleana are rubbing their hands with glee… thinking they have this in the bag because Jessie and I will implode. We could implode but it would be very dumb of us to and it would be just cutting our noses off to spite our faces.  We both have an opportunity to challenge for gold… though I want a further clarification on that and what we can and can’t challenge for.  Anyway… while Jessie and I haven’t been together as a tag team for a long time… we can still work together… we still know what to do… it’s like riding a bike… you never forget.  

Now... you two don’t often pair up, which means that you two being married means fuck all and that you not necessarily know what each other’s plans are or even moves and being married will have no advantage to you. Jessie and i have been a tag team far longer than you married. Jessie and I have the advantage here and as i see it... we are the winners of this match.

Seleana is the weak link of your team... as she is only famous because she married you Crystal... And in fact, Seleana... Crystal is holding you back. But we won’t remind you of that... just exploit it a little.

MPC for one night only will be victorious... Jessie and I will relieve the glory days and we will both go onto challenge for whatever titles are on offer. Crystal i know that my record against you is dire... but this time with Jessie on my corner... i know i can beat you.

Just like i can beat your wife... Seleana. Seleana is also one tough cookie but she isn’t you. Seleana i hope you are ready for this match because I am bringing my A game and the brawling in London Brawling is going to be so very true in this match.

MPC are coming away as victorious... everyone is on officially notice.

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 Climax Control 0234
14th April 2019
Cardiff, Wales

Moving away from Jessie, I look up into the ring as the ref moves in and checks in on Andrew and with him having nowhere to go in Vinnie’s finisher, he taps out and taking Vinnie and I into the next round of the tournament.  I climb into the ring with Vinnie and we celebrate for a moment, as we smile and nod at each other and I thank him before leaving the ring and heading up the ramp to the backstage area.

Amy: Thank you.

I smile at Vinnie, as I rub my face and my nose, which is tender to the touch and hopefully only bruised not broken as I didn’t hear a crack.

Vinnie: You are very welcome Ms Amy. Me and Pete are going to celebrate in the locker room, do you want to come?

Amy: Maybe later.

I say with a shrug.

Vinnie: Well done out there… and here is too being successful in the next round.

Vinnie says.

Amy: Here here.

I agree, as I spot Pussy Willow come over wit a smile and with hope of myself and Vinnie talking her, however, returning my focus to Vinnie he had disappeared. I shake my head, as Pussy Willow comes over, as I grab a water and then an ice pack and stick it on the bridge of my nose.

PW: A big congratulations to you and Vinnie on advancing to the next round….

Amy: Thank you.

PW: First off… we saw that there is no love lost between you and Jessie. Firstly, how is your nose and your thoughts on the interactions between you and Jessie and the outcome of the match.

Pussy questioned.

Amy: Nose is sore, but I don’t think it’s broken. The interaction between Jessie and I was probably to be expected. Still a lot of resentment coming from her and well I just find her more annoying than anything else.  As for the outcome it was as expected… Vinnie and I did our job, we ensured Jessie and Andrew didn’t advance and we won. Andrew can go back to obscurity, while Jessie back to her usual self.

PW: Who do you want next?

Amy: Who is still in?

PW: I don’t know.

Amy:  Then bring anyone and we will kick their ass and we will win.

I shrug.

PW: Uh thanks.

Amy: If we are done… then I am going back to the locker room and ice my nose.

I place the ice pack back on my face for a few seconds before moving away from Pussy. The scene fades out on Amy as she disappears back to her locker room, while Pussy finishes up before waiting for then next person to interview.


16th April 2019
Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel
Manchester, England

The scene opens outside the Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert hotel, where we see standing Amy outside the hotel in a hoodie and a pair of sport leggings and trainers as she stretches and adjust her hair. Looking at her watch, she shakes her head until Vinnie appears with Pete the cactus in his hand.

Vinnie: So what are we doing?

Amy: I know that you do weight lifting and learn submissions, but I thought as part of our continued team bonding, that we go for a run.

Vinnie looks at Amy.

Vinnie: A run... how far... can I take Pete?

Vinnie begins to look worried.

Amy: I was looking to do about 3 and 4 miles. And No. Where are you going to put him?

Amy says as she looks at the cactus and frowns.

Vinnie: 3 or 4 miles... are you crazy!!

Vinnie shakes his head, as Amy frowns.

Amy: I can do 5 or 6 but I’ve planned a route, which is about 3-4 miles but I am not going too far as I don’t know the City that well.

Vinnie then looks at his cactus.

Vinnie: what about him?

Amy: Sorry but unless you have a back pack or something he will have to stay at the hotel.

Vinnie hesitates.

Vinnie: I... don’t think I can go.

Amy: Oh don’t be silly. We will be gone half hour to 45 mins maybe longer. The cactus should be fine.

Amy explains trying to convince Vinnie, as he sighs.

Vinnie: Fine.

Vinnie disappears into the hotel lobby, as Amy take several steps backwards and as she sees a very animated Vinnie talking with the receptionist as he points and nods and points again at the potted plant before coming back out.

Amy: Ready?

Vinnie: Sure.

Amy: Not going to warm up?

Vinnie: I’ve already done it.

Vinnie says before running off.

Vinnie: Race you.

Amy: Uh... you don’t know where we going.

Amy says as she chases after Vinnie.


Vinnie shouts.

Amy: Peel Park across the river.

Vinnie looks around and jogs backwards and stops. As Amy jogs past him and ushers him along. As she takes a turning and begins to jog down a long road.

Vinnie: Why are we jogging? Not in a gym Miss Amy?

Amy: You're asking this now?

Amy says shaking her head.

Vinnie: Well yeah.

Amy: So we can talk... and not distracted by weight equipment or anything like that. Plus gets you out and enjoy the fresh ish Manchester air.

Amy says as Vinnie manages to keep up.

Vinnie: What do you want talk about?

Amy: Again tactics... especially when you are up against Kale Smith and I am up against Brittany Williams.

Amy says between heavy breaths.

Vinnie: Don’t worry about Mr Kale... I can handle him.

Amy: you sure... I’m just worried that Kale...

Vinnie: Don’t. Focus on Brittany Williams and I’ll worry about Kale.

Vinnie says as he looks back with worry on his face...

~ 1 mile later and in Peel Park. ~

A mile later, Amy and Vinnie enter the park with Vinnie huffing and puffing away, as stops and takes in some water.

Vinnie: Don’t stop...

Vinnie just keep jogging and disappears out of view, as Amy does a little stretch before continuing but as she begins to jog again she loses sight of Vinnie.

Amy: Vinnie?

Vinnie leaps out from behind a tree startling Amy as glares and he laughs before running off again Amy losing sight of him. Amy continues her run as she looks around and can’t see Vinnie.

Amy: Where the hell has he gone.

Amy shakes her head as swears under breath before just focusing on her and her run.

~ A little while later ~

Amy returns back to the hotel, where she enters the lobby before moving to the reception desk.

Amy: have you see my friend? The one with the cactus?

The receptionist points in the direction of the cafe, where Amy sees Vinnie sitting with a drink in front of him and his cactus which he us having a conversation with.

Thanking the receptionist, Amy moves to the cafe, where she walks up to Vinnie’s tables

Vinnie: Si... I will be in the gym later.

Amy: You know it would have been better if you no showed instead of running off and disappearing because of a damn potted plant.

Vinnie places his hand over his cactus.

Vinnie: She doesn’t mean it.

Amy shakes her head.

Amy: I do... and if we are to advance to the next round... you need to focus and get serious.

Amy shakes her head as she turns and goes to walk off.

Amy: I’m sorry.... just want to win this.

Amy walks off leaving Vinnie and his Cactus alone.

Vinnie: We will Ms Amy... We will.

The scene fades out with Amy heading back to her hotel room feeling a little guilty for having a go at Vinnie, while Vinnie remain himself and chats with his cactus as he picks him up and then heads to the nearest gym.


17th April 2019
Manchester, England
Vintage Ambiance Café.

The scene opens inside the Vintage Ambiance café, where the lunch service was in full flow with people having afternoon with various type of options of sandwich, which include having Gin & Tonic, Beer or Prosecco with their sandwiches and sides.  As the camera pans around we see Amy and Joey sitting at a single table with their food and drinks in front of them.

Amy: Thank you for this lunch date.  This café is amazing, and the food looks good.

Amy look around slightly envious of the other diners and their meals as Amy looks down at her Prosecco battered Haddock, Chunky chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce and then at Joey’s 8oz Steaks and chips.

Joey: Tell me about it. It is it just me or does everyone else’s look good.

Amy: I was just thinking that.

Amy smiles as she sips on her water.

Joey: Have you realised that you are travelling to Japan next week?
Amy: I have.  My body clock is going to be seriously fucked.  I am just about on time in this country… and I have fly there and make an appearance and come back for London Brawling 2 on the 5th.

Joey: Just remember it’s Japan… your favourite country in the world.

Amy: True.   And it’s Tokyo. You coming?

Amy says as takes in some food.

Joey: I don’t know yet.  I’ll let you know…

Joey says with a shrug, as he eats a bit of stake and chips with some sauce.

Amy: You are your own boss… what is there to think about?

Amy says

Joey: A lot… as we have a big meeting about climate change etc… and it’s a pain the ass.

Amy: Oh god… I can imagine.

Joey: That’s why I have been working late. Reports and meetings etc…

Joey explained.

Amy: Are you allow to be here?

Amy queried.

Joey: As you said… I am my own boss. Taking a bit of time away… plus it’s down to the MD’s to figure out things.

Amy: True.

Joey: Anyway enough of the work talk, how was your run with Vinnie as you never told me about it.

Amy: Well…

Amy proceeds to tell Joey about her run with Vinnie… as the scene fades out on them as they take bites of their food and share a laugh.


19TH April 2019

Last year it was Wyatt Peterson and myself reaching the semi-finals… the furthest ever I had gotten in this tournament, which Wyatt and I lost to Evie Baang and Devin Tyler. This time around Vinnie and I are in the semi and up against some random called Kale Smith and Crystal/Christina Hilton/Williams/Zdunich’ s devil child… Brittany Williams. This is the first time that we are coming face to face... and I don’t really know what to expect. I know that at one point in my career that i was blasting your mother as a bad mother and i guess she still is but by the looks of things she has seriously rubbed off on you. Spoiled brat... check. "Actress" in training check. Delusional like your mother... check. Annoying as hell... check. I could go on. The thing is... every wrestler should stand out in their own way... make a name for themselves... come out from under the shadows of any legacy they have... but you Brittany haven’t. You are just using your parent’s legacy and no creating your own. You aren’t standing out from the shadows and you are just cashing in off your parents and basically you are nothing more than a clone of your mother.

Let’s see the whole actress thing... let’s see how long before you think making an adult video would be a good idea... or maybe start drinking or maybe when your star fades that you just stir up controversy for the hell of it ... or do multiple heel and face turns to the point that nobody even cares or is shocked by it.

It will be that predictable that you... just like your mother and father that will be just the running butt of jokes with umpteen failed marriages.

Now you are probably going to bring up the fact that I never beaten Crystal in my life and that I am just jealous of her success etc.. which the part about never beating Crystal maybe true, but this isn’t about her but it’s about you.

You see B-Brat... I want to win this tournament... this is the only thing I haven’t won this company aside from the mixed tag team title. I enjoy the Blast From The Past tournament because of the unpredictability of it. Last year I got to the semi-finals and this year once again I am in the semi-finals... but this year will be different. Different because you have a team mate that hasn’t been in this company long and so far, has fluked his way through this tournament... how does he hold up under pressure? Because Vinnie is going to make Kale tap out and send the pretty boy back to where he came from.

Now you and me... you may think that you better than me because of your pedigree and legacy but you are going to be sadly mistaken. I want to win this... and get to the finals. I want to win the finals. But to do that I have to run through you first. Brittany you don’t intimidate me... you don’t scare me, and you certainly don’t impress me. You are just another thorn in my side that I will have to remove.

Sunday night Brittany, things are going to get serious... we are at the point of the competition where there isn’t any messing around or silly little games... it’s time to step up and kick some ass. And unfortunately for you... this is where your run stops and mine continues. Brittany, I hope you are ready because I will stop at nothing to win... and unfortunately for you, you will go back crying to mommy because you can hack losing.

Climax Control Archives / Working together better.
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 7th April 2019
Edinburgh Scotland
Climax Control 233

I tried... but I don’t know if it was because we had faced each other many times or it’s the respect between Sam and I... that she again beat me and successfully retained her title. But while it’s harder to bad mouth her... I can still hang with her inside the ring, no matter the stipulation.

Steel Cage Match

This time around the roulette wheel spun around and Sam and I were given a steel cage match. And we put on a show and the steel cage did its unforgiving job of keeping us in as it best it can as Sam and I worked each other over and I came close to winning a couple of times but it wasn’t enough and Sam showed why she is a great fighting champion, who will always continue to fight no matter who comes at her... including Trinity Jones who had sat at ringside all match just blinking with no other emotion etched across her face and body.

I lay on the mat as I hear Justin announce Sam as the winner... again I’m not mad just heavily disappointed in myself for not trying harder outside the ring.... as I roll myself from the ring, I sit on the floor holding my partially broken body, although I knew that it would be more bruises that would stand out over the coming hours. Ignoring what was happening with Sam as I saw Trinity actually move from the chair and into the ring, I climb to my feet and make my way backstage, where I grab an ice pack... although one wouldn’t be enough and more of an ice bath would help with the bruises. I also grab a water and towel and move away from the curtain to take a moment and take in some water as I stick the ice pack on the back of my neck as Scott Oliver make his appearance.

Amy: Yes Scott.

I say knowing that it wouldn’t be getting aired right away as the show went off air.

Scott: Can I have a few words about your match tonight.

Amy: You may but they may be short and sweet answers.

Scott: Thanks.

Scott smiled before continuing.

Scott: First off… Sam Marlowe.  Your thoughts on her as a champion as well as her successful title defence tonight.

Scott asks.

Amy: I am not saying this because she is a friend, but Sam is working hard to defend the bombshell roulette title and she is the ultimate fighting champion. However, she might have a bit more of battle on her hands with Trinity than myself.  As for her successful title defence… she was better than me… I fought hard and tried my best as always, but Sam again was just that much better. So congratulations Sam and good luck against Trinity.

Scott: Thank you Amy, I’ll let you go and relax.

Amy: Thank you Scott.

I smile at Scott, as I walk away back to the locker room.  Inside the locker room, I give myself a moment as I ice the bruises that I could feel developing. The scene fades out as the camera focuses on the TV where we see the fans slowly leave the arena and the ring crew beginning to dismantle the ring.


9th April 2019
Cardiff, Wales
Hanger – Human Performance Centre
Time: 9pm

The scene opens up in the Hanger – Human Performance Centre, where we see a large group of men and women inside the Performance Centre as they stand in groups of two from varying levels of from beginner, intermediate and advanced. In one area is the advanced area, which we see Amy and her partner for the evening with gloves pads as they share punches and kicks until the trainer speaks up.

Trainer: Guys… thats the end of the class… warm down and see you all next week.

Everyone stops and looks at the trainer, as all we can hear in heavy breathing.  Everyone disperses as Amy thanks her partner and then moves to the trainer…

Amy: Thank you for accommodating me for the evening.

Trainer: No thank you.  It’s refreshing to see obviously new faces but someone who knows what they are doing.

Amy: Even though it’s just the one off.

Amy shrugs partly apologetically, as the trainer chuckles to herself.

Trainer: It’s fine.  Good luck anyway this week.

Amy: Thanks.

The trainer smiles and walks away, as a couple of the intermediate kickboxers come up to the trainer and ask questions etc… as Amy takes off her pads and gloves before picking up her water and taking a sip, as she see the door open and sees a familiar face enter.

Amy: Joey…

Joey strolls over with a smile, as he and Amy share a kiss and hug.

Amy: How did you know I was here?

Amy queried, as she places her bits her duffle bag.
Joey: I spoke with Joshua…. He said that you invited him here, but he had other plans with his wife at the time.

Amy: Ah ok… well I am glad you came.

Amy hugged Joey.

Joey: Me too.  I’ll let you warm down before we can catch up.

Amy: Sure.

Amy smiles, as she takes in some more water as Joey steps back and watches everyone around Amy and in the room, as they all begin to stretch out their arms and legs and everything else, before the trainer gives everyone the all clear to leave. As Amy grabs her bag before approaching Joey.

Joey: What do you want to do?

Amy: Have you eaten?

Joey: Not really… but to be honest I am a little jet lagged.

Joey says with a shrug.

Amy: We can order room service. Something small and light and we can sleep.

Amy suggests.

Joey: Sounds like a plan.

Amy: Good.

Amy waves goodbye to everyone as she and Joey leave the centre, as Amy heads to the car park… where she unlocks a white Ford Fiesta.

Joey: Hire car?

Amy: Yep. When we got to Scotland, I decided to hire a car and this is all they had. But it’s a good little car.

Amy puts her bag into the car, as Joey climbs into the passenger side, while Amy closes the trunk and gets in.

Joey: Impressive.

Amy smiles, as she starts the car.  The scene soon fades out on the white Ford Fiesta as Amy reverses out of the parking spot and leaves the car park and heads back to the hotel for some food and chat with Joey.


11th April 2019
200 Degrees Café
Cardiff Wales

The scene opens inside the 200 Degrees Café in Cardiff, where we see Amy sitting at a single table for two people, as she sits in a brown leather chair as she lifts her cell phone up to check the time before placing it back down, as she sips on a green tea.  The door then swings open and in comes Senor Vinnie with his cactus Pete in hand, as he pulls out the chair and sits down placing the cactus on the table.

Amy: Hi Vinnie.

Vinnie: Hola Sra. Amy.  Whats that Pete?

Vinnie leans towards his cactus…

Vinnie: Pete says hola.

Vinnie looks own at his cactus, as Amy looks at Vinnie and then at the cactus and then Vinnie.

Amy: Hi Pete…

Amy frowns and shake her head before continuing…

Amy: Would you like anything to drink?

Vinnie:  Whiskey?

Amy: Aside from the usual tea’s and coffee’s… they have beer.

Amy suggests.

Vinnie: I’ll take a beer then.

Amy catches the attention of the waitress.

Amy: A cold brew please.

The waitress nods and walks away.

Vinnie: So why have you asked me here Ms Amy?

Vinnie asks Amy.

Amy: Well if you hadn’t noticed… our first match wasn’t the best when it come to team work etc…

Vinnie: We won didn’t we.

Amy: We did… but I was focused on something else and frankly you got a bit lucky against Jake Raab. And well… I wanted to hang out with you and talk to you and talk tactics for Sunday night.

Amy says as takes a sip of tea as the waitress comes over with the beer and a glass.

Vinnie: Gracias.  Well I am here…. we are talking.  You usually take people to gyms for talking tactics and working out?

Vinnie queries.

Amy: sometimes… but in this case we need to talk properly, and I just wanted to apologies for my actions also.

Vinnie: It’s fine… I heard that you and Keira had history. Just a shame I missed it.

Vinnie shrugs.

Amy: It’s more between myself and her wife at the time.  Anyway… moving on.  Jessie and Andrew Garcia.  Garcia is…

Vinnie interrupts Amy…

Vinnie: Don’t worry about Garcia… Pete and I will make sure that he won’t get any ring time.

Amy: I know but he is dangerous…

Vinnie: So am i…

Amy: But…

Vinnie: No but’s Ms Amy… I will take care of him.

Amy: Ok.

Amy shrugs and puts her hands up in defeat,

Vinnie: So what other tactics do you have in mind?

Vinnie queries as he leans forward and pours his beer into a glass and take a sip, as Amy leans forward and smiles. The scene soon fades out as Amy and Vinnie begin to talk about tactics and the use of Pete the cactus as well as focusing properly.


12th April 2019

Wow... it feels like it’s a been a long time since we last stepped in the ring together. In fact, it was August last year that we last stepped in the ring with each other, which we had the weird stipulation of if you win... title ban would be lifted and if I won... you are my servant for the rest of the year. Of course, I won the match and you became my servant... but that was a shower of shit since you did fuck all for me other than bitch and moan and sulk some... even after I brought some gifts. No doubt they are probably now gathering dust in a draw somewhere not having ever been used.

Anyway... move on from the possible disturbing imagery that will scar people for life.

Now the Blast from the past tournament is up and running, Vinnie and I were successful in the first round of the tournament against Keira and her partner, as was Jessie and Andrew Garcia who were up against Amanda Cortez and Jamie Staggs.  To be frank here… Jessie and Andrew had it easy.  Anyone can beat two part time wrestlers although using the term wrestler for Amanda Cortez is bit of stretch.  More like a cheap stripper with basic wrestling moves.

So, while you had an easy first round, Vinnie and had it a lot harder, however, there might be a small fact that might crop up... and that fact would be our team work. It may not have been evident but that will change this round, where we will be more cohesive and work properly as a team.

I was perhaps too focused on Keira and revenge... but I don’t need revenge on you... just a simple ass kicking will suffice.

Speaking off ass kicking’s... I may be coming off a loss last week against Sam in a steel cage, but I can assure you that I am ready to face off against you. I may still have the bruises, but they will just spur me on in this match... I want to win this tournament as it’s the one thing I haven’t won. I want to emulate the success that I had with Dax Beckett and Wyatt Peterson and unfortunately for you Jessie... you are in my way.

Sunday night Vinnie and I are advancing to the next round... while you slope off back to being nothing. Good luck Jessie... good luck Andrew... you are going to need it.

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