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« on: August 30, 2021, 06:12:45 AM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, per character, 10,000 limit.

Good luck!

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(Gabriel was used with permission from Mark)

Bella Madison had done it she had won three straight matches in a row and was now set to finally challenge Krystal Wolfe for the title at Violent Conduct VII! However, her last victory in the gauntlet was a pyrrhic victory as not only was she facing one half of the Mixed Tag Team Champions Tempest, but Krystal had enraged Tempest prior to the match by offering to interfere on Bella’s behalf, worse still? Krystal was advertised as being on commentary for this match!

Those facts made the match between Bella and Tempest all the more dangerous and it seemed that Tempest had the match won after hitting the Amazon Prime on Bella, but Tempest wasn’t done, tying up the defenceless Bella in the ring ropes whilst propping her against a turnbuckle and brutally attacking her! Tempest would get disqualified for shoving the ref giving Krystal a chance to save her now challenger from a further beating but that begged the question, would Bella, who was medically cleared for the title defence, would be healthy in time for the match? And can Krystal retain the title?

Backstage at Climax Control 306, Los Angeles, California
Sunday the 1st of August 2021, 23:00pm

So, has it sunk in yet?

Three defences, two on Climax Control and one on PPV, against a Hall of Famer in Mercedes Vargas, a former Mixed Tag Team Champion in Bella Madison, someone who, whilst never holding a title, had proven to be a persistent force in Maki and Bea? I don’t know how that bitch still keeps getting title shots left and right and I’m still waiting for the bosses to slap her with a title shot ban for the stunt she pulled at Climax Control 304, but the point still remains.

If I was a fluke champion, I would’ve lost this title to Maki in my first defence, but here we are, just over a month later and I’ve survived my third defence against Mercedes and Bella, so the new question is, who’s next?

I think we all know who I want to be next!

“Krystal that match was brutal!” Makayla told me over the phone as I was facetiming her from the medic’s office, though I had texted her first to make sure she knew not to refer to me by my birth name since I was still in the presence of strangers. “But you retained! How are your challengers?”

“Mercedes took the worst of it, most of my time here was spent hearing her swear in Spanish as the thumbtacks were removed from her back!” I responded before shifting my weight and Makayla nodded. “Bella was fine, comparatively speaking at least, if anything she was disappointed that another chance at singles gold was stolen from her by Mercedes, unintentionally or not, they are just keeping me here to make sure that I’m okay.”

“There’s no one else in the arena?” Makayla asked and I shook my head.

“Ariana stuck around after the show, beyond recovering from the attack by Amy she wanted to make sure that I was okay and call an uber for me since we agreed that I was too banged up to drive home and she’s in the middle of taking her driver’s test.” I explained as I ran my free hand through my hair, off course by the time of Climax Control 310 I would know that she had passed said driving test with flying colours but that was a few weeks away.

“You know what people are going to be asking following tonight’s show, right?” Makayla asked and I nodded immediately knowing what she was on about. “Who’s the next Bombshell to come after your title?”

“Ideally? Bella, we’ve wanted this rematch for two months now and it’s well overdue in my opinion.” I responded with a nod before I noticed the medic walking up to me. “But it could be anyone really! Aside from her being one of the nicest people on the roster, what exactly is stopping Candy from using her temporary position to get that title shot that she’s been well overdue for?”

“I doubt Candy has any real power, Mark might let her book a few matches here and there but putting herself in a title match? I doubt Mark would let her go that far.” Makayla responded as the medic approached my bed. “And don’t get me wrong, I agree with you on Candy regarding a shot at the Roulette Title, but would SCW have lasted nearly ten years, not counting the hiatus in 2018, if it was run by idiots?”

“If it was, I doubt it would’ve even lasted a month, let alone nine years.” I nodded in agreement before the medic cleared his throat.

“I’m sure your eager to see your girlfriend, Krystal.” The medic stated and I nodded without hesitation. “And I have good news, your free to go and Ariana is calling the Uber as we speak.”

“Thank god, I’m starting to get some serious pins and needles in my legs!” I grunted as I rubbed my right leg before swinging my legs over and hopping off the bed. “Did I really need to stick around this long?”

“Mark wanted to make sure that you were okay, the Roulette Division might be at the bottom of the totem pole in SCW, but you still represent the company.” The medic nodded and I grinned before grabbing the title from the bedside table. “He did ask me to let you know there might be something in store for you and Bella though.”

“And the news keeps getting better!” I exclaimed with a big grin on my face before I slung my title over my shoulder. “Makayla, we’ll talk when I return to the hotel, I would say “we’ll see what happens later” but honestly? I’m too sore for any sex right now and I doubt it’ll get better once I’m back at the hotel.”

“Don’t worry about it, I was watching the Main Event, remember?” Makayla assured me and I grinned before we blew each other a kiss. “See you at the hotel!” Makayla said as she went to hang up.

“See you at the hotel.” I echoed before we hung up on each other, once my phone was in my pocket, I swiftly made my way out of the medic’s office and saw Ariana there to greet me. “Three defences down, god knows how many to go.” I commented with a grin as I started walking alongside Ari.

“Here’s too many more defences along the way!” Ariana nodded in agreement before we left the arena.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday the 28th of August 2021, 18:00pm

This has not been a good week.

The Climax Controls that followed my successful title defence in LA were uneventful for the most part, hell I spent more time wrestling in SCU throughout this cycle than I have wrestling in SCW and I’m the Bombshell Roulette Champion! The most interesting development that’s happened since the title match was the start of Bella’s gauntlet starting with Apple Coren and then moving onto Azurine Vebbins and finally ending this week against a fellow Go Gym Graduate of mine, Tempest.

It wasn’t long after the third and final match (and me joining commentary was confirmed) that I opened my big mouth and said that I would interfere in the match if it called for it! Tempest has been quiet on the issue as far as Twitter goes (I don’t even know if she has a Twitter account) but the fact that she had been avoiding me when I turned up to train at the Go Gym? It hadn’t gone unnoticed, by me or the current crop of trainees.

And as it turned out, my trainer had picked up on it as well.

“Err, Krystal?” I glanced up and saw the French trainee Adrienne approaching me with a serious expression on her face. “Gabriel wants to see you in his office, now.”

“Why do I get the feeling that he’s not going to wish me luck in my next defence?” I asked with a grunt before taking another swig of my water bottle, putting the cap back on and setting it down on a nearby chair. “Did he say why?”

“Only that it was a behavioural issue, but I wouldn’t keep him waiting.” Adrienne responded as she brushed some of her red hair over her shoulder. “He had THAT look on his face.”

Shit, I know exactly what this is about. “If anyone wants me, I’ll be in the middle of getting read the riot act.” I grunted before I made a beeline for Gabriel’s office, sure enough my trainer was in there sitting behind his desk and sure enough, he was angry at me. “I’m not going to insult your intelligence by asking what this is about.” I commented dryly once I had closed the door behind me and Gabriel said nothing, simply motioning for me to take a seat, I did so, and Gabriel didn’t wait for me to say anything else.

“As perceptive as ever, aren’t you Charlotte?” Gabriel asked and I nodded without a word. “Before you graduated you were told one thing, to always look out for your fellow students, it was also one of the first things you said on your first episode of Underground.” Gabriel added and I instinctively braced myself. “And yet, here you are, ready to cost Tempest her match against Bella Madison so you can get your rematch with her!”

God damn it. “Gabriel, I’ve been called out on those Twitter comments by practically everyone under the sun! Even Ari chewed my ear off for it when we met up the other day and we both know that she’s one of the sweetest girls to graduate from this training school!”

“I am well aware of that I have been asking around.” Gabriel nodded before his face, somehow, turned even more sour. “But you are letting your personal feelings get in the way of the lessons I ingrained in you from the start! First you spat in Bea Barnhart’s face in the last cycle, and now this?! I thought I warned you about letting your success get to your head.”

“You did and I’m not!” I insisted as I folded my arms, but I could already feel my temper rising to a boiling point. “You know how long I’ve wanted this rematch with Bella for, and up until this week? She’s had easy opponents! No one’s exactly clamouring for an Apple Coren World Bombshell Title run and Azurine Vebbins stopped giving a shit months ago!”

“I will admit that I was shocked to see Tempest serve as Bella’s third and final opponent myself, there was a long line of opponents I was expecting Bella to face in the third match, and Tempest was at the bottom.” Gabriel admitted with a nod, and I took a deep breath. “But are you so unsure about Bella’s abilities in the ring that you will go as far as to interfere in her match? And Christian brought up a good point because that could backfire and get Bella disqualified…….”

Oh, here we go. “Have you been reading that comment thread by any chance?” I asked and Gabriel paused before nodding. “Then you would’ve seen Christian blatantly putting words in my mouth at every fucking opportunity! If anything happens to Bella in this match, he’s just as culpable as Tempest as far as I’m concerned!”

“I understand your anger, Charlotte.” Gabriel responded as his voice went low. “But I have worked with Christian for years, both as a wrestler or a trainer at this school and right now? I trust his word over yours, there was nothing hypothetical about what you were saying, and you only backed down after Bella made it clear that you should stay behind the commentary desk…….”

It was at that point that it happened, the event that would shape my mood not only for the rest of the week but heading into Climax Control as well. “CUT THE FUCKING CRAP GABRIEL!” I snapped at him, and Gabriel paused mid-sentence. “You never gave Tempest this bullshit when she attacked Team Go before their first match as a tag team, and trust me, I asked after I watched that on TV! Is this really a disciplinary meeting or are you worried that your golden girl might, god fucking forbid, lose a match against someone who’s ten times the wrestler she is?!”

“Charlotte, I am warning you now.” Gabriel said as his eyes narrowed. “Do not even begin to suggest that I show bias towards any of my students, I treat them all with the same brush and if Fenris was in this situation I would be having this conversation with him as well!”

“You mean you’d be making empty accusations against the guy who practically put this school on the fucking map?!” I demanded with a sceptical look on my face. “London Underground may have come first but outside of dominating the tag team ranks they haven’t done shit! Once Fenris exploded onto the scene people started to actually care about this school!” I added before promptly standing up and heading to the door. “I don’t need this bullshit! I’ve got a tournament match to prepare for!”

“Charlotte, this conversation is not over!” Gabriel said sternly and I said nothing in response. “The moment you leave this office is the moment you are barred from this school until the week before Violent Conduct VII, think about what you’re doing!”

“Are you fucking serious?!” I demanded as I glanced over my shoulder at my trainer. “I’ve got an important match coming up on SCU this week and you’re barring me from these facilities?!”

“This is not a threat I’m making lightly.” Gabriel continued as he leaned forward. “Either you calm down and we continue this conversation like adults, or you find somewhere else to train!” Gabriel added and I paused with my hand on the door handle.

But ultimately, I stood my ground. “Get fucked Gabriel!” I snapped at him one final time before swinging the door open and storming out, middle finger in the air as I headed straight to the women’s changing room not caring one bit about the looks, I was getting. “I didn’t exactly have round the clock access to the gym before I joined SCW/SCU, and I did just fucking fine!”

At that point, Gabriel left his desk and raced to his office door. “Charlotte, wait!” Gabriel called after me, but I was done listening by this point, whilst I was getting changed Gabriel turned to Ari who had watched my outburst. “Ariana, she is not welcome in this building until the build to Violent Conduct starts.” Gabriel instructed her and Ari turned to him. “But I need you to keep an eye on her all the same.”

“Are you sure?” Ariana asked and Gabriel nodded without hesitation. “What happened in there exactly?”

“I won’t go into details, but it’s clear to me that Charlotte still has a lot of anger issues stemming from her upbringing.” Gabriel added as he returned to his desk. “And it’s also clear to me that we severely underestimated how damaged her childhood left her.”

“Is she going to be all right?” Ariana asked and Gabriel shrugged his shoulders.

“I can’t say, but right now, Charlotte needs a friend more than anything else, and the only person your closer too is Carter.” Gabriel added and Ariana nodded before she went after me as I left the gym.

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday the 28th of August 2021, 18:45pm

In truth? My house wasn’t that far from the Go Gym, hell there was times where I’d just walk to the Go Gym because I felt like I needed the exercise and I’d still get there in time for when the Go Gym opened that morning! So, why did it take me about twenty five minutes to get from the Go Gym to my home on that day? Take a fucking guess!

The last thing I wanted was to enter my home angry and say something that I would instantly regret to Makayla, so I instead just sat outside my home in my car waiting to cool off whilst having some power metal play through my car’s speakers (in this case, it was “In a Heartbeat” by Volturion) but once I felt like I was ready to go inside I stopped the car and did just that.

“Was wondering what had taken you so long.” Makayla admitted when she saw me enter through the front door as she got dinner ready. “I know traffic can get bad in Las Vegas, but I didn’t think it could get that……...” Makayla trailed off when she saw the look on my face. “What happened?”

“What didn’t fucking happen?!” I grunted before I made my way to the living room and plopped down on the sofa. “You know how you said that those Twitter comments were going to bite me on the ass? I think you should start going to the casinos more often!”

“Let me guess, Tempest told Gabriel about the Twitter thread and he chewed you out?” Makayla asked and I nodded without hesitation. “Not the first time you’ve been chewed out, but if it was resolved peacefully, you’d be in a much better mood.”

“I can never get anything past you, can I?” I asked before leaning back in the sofa. “Not only did Gabriel take Tempest’s side but he also took Christian’s side, I exploded at him and before I knew it? I won’t be able to use the Go Gym’s facilities until the week before Violent Conduct VII!”

“Even though you’ve got your second round match in the Angel Kash tournament coming up?!” Makayla asked and I nodded with a frown. “What are you going to do? If you don’t train Helena will walk all over you!”

“You know I’m not into that kind of kinky shit, and I’m pretty sure Helena isn’t either!” I scoffed in response and Makayla chuckled at that. “I’ve trained with Jessie before and she’s here in Vegas until tomorrow last I checked! Her home gym doesn’t have the same facilities as the Go Gym, but it’ll do.”

“Will it though? I know Jessie has been considering opening up her own training school once she retires but she doesn’t have the experience training people that Gabriel or Odette have.” Makayla responded before pausing. “Did Odette say anything about the outburst?”

“If she was at the Go Gym today, I didn’t see her.” I responded with a shrug before shifting my weight. “But I have had a bunch of missed calls since I left the Go Gym, all from Odette, I think it’s safe to say that she had a chat with Gabriel after I left.”

“Knowing Odette, she just wants to check in on you.” Makayla nodded as she got the idea. “She was one of the first people you confided in about your childhood after you moved to the US.”

“Her and Gabriel actually, who’d have thought that wrestling trainers would be a much cheaper alternative to shrinks, am I right?” I responded half-jokingly and Makayla chuckled. “I don’t remember the specifics, but I was having a bad day and it was affecting my performance during training, Gabriel and Odette picked up on it and called me into their office and, after some prodding, I told them the whole story, the bad days at the gym stopped after that and I graduated near the top of the class.”

“Sounds like you were keeping things bottled up for too long and they realised it if you ask me.” Makayla shrugged her shoulders before she returned to the kitchen to check on the food. “Just had a thought actually, do you think your childhood affected you in more ways than you realise?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I stood up and joined Makayla in the kitchen. “Considering that there’s a 50/50 chance that I’m a child by rape, I don’t think my dad gave enough of a shit about me to send me to see a shrink if that’s what you’re asking.”

 “Trust me Charlotte, I know but that’s not what I mean, well partially at least.” Makayla nodded in understanding before I sat down at the kitchen table. “But between the Team Go incident, Bea stealing your title and the argument with Gabriel, I’ve been wondering if you missed a chance at getting diagnosed with a developmental disorder.”

“What? You mean like Autism or Asperger’s?” I asked and Makayla nodded, any other time I might have dismissed that idea but now that I was thinking about it? “It would make a lot of things about me make a lot more sense in hindsight, like how I threw myself into training and video games without a care for anything else, but how would I go about getting diagnosed? It’s not something that’s readily available for a young adult like me, especially not in the middle of a pandemic!”

“I’ll do the necessary research over the weekend you just worry about your appearance on SCW.” Makayla assured me and I grinned in response. “Speaking off, we’re traveling up to Seattle first thing in the morning, if you want any time alone, even if it’s just a trip up to a café or something, just say.”

“After how my week’s gone, I might need it.” I grunted before resting my arm on the back of the chair. “And who knows? Maybe I’ll run into Caleb whilst I’m there!”

“At least then, you’d have someone to vent too.” Makayla nodded in agreement before she resumed cooking the food.

Local café, Anchorage, Alaska
Monday the 30th of August 2021, 12:00pm

You’ve heard of the phrase “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”? Well, that partially sums up my feelings towards last night’s Climax Control!

I’m not even talking about the fact that Andrea is through to the finals of the Bombshell Internet Title Tournament against Mercedes (and knowing Mercedes, she’ll half ass this title match as well) nor was it the fact that the men’s tournament is ending with a Triple Threat (honestly? I’m just glad to see Caleb in the title picture again) but what I am talking about is the fact that whilst Bella “won” the final gauntlet match against Tempest by disqualification after Tempest shoved the ref.

The only reason why “won” is in quotation marks is because Tempest had Bella dead to rights after hitting her with the Amazon Prime, but because of my big mouth she proceeded to brutally attack Bella after tying her up in the corner and in my opinion? The only reason that Bella’s medically cleared to compete in this title match is because Jacob’s disqualification gave me enough time to get Bella free and out of the ring, as for what happened after? To be honest? I wasn’t paying that much attention.

I caught that the Mixed Tag Team Title Match between Tempest and Austin James Mercer and Chrystal Zdunich and J2H had been made official, just to make that clear, but I was a lot more interested in getting Bella to the medic’s office at that time, something that was sped up when Malachi rushed up to help me.

At least now I can unwind with my girlfriend before my next defence, and at least one hanger on.

“Ari, I know you said Gabriel asked you to keep an eye on me.” I sighed as we sat down at an outside table at the small, unassuming café. “But is this really necessary?”

“You’ve been a wreck since Bella’s match against Tempest Krystal, like it or not, I’m worried about you.” Ariana shrugged as she made herself comfortable next to Makayla and the two Greek women grabbed a menu each. “Hell, the rest of the Go Gym Graduates are worried about you, it didn’t take long for word of your argument with Gabriel to spread.”

“I’m not even going to ask how Fenris responded.” I grumbled as I quickly decided on a drink. “K might be a decent guy once you get to know him, but he’s about as blunt as they come!”

“To be honest? I haven’t had a chance to chat with him anyway, he’s busy training at the Go Gym for the match against Jack Washington…….” Ariana trailed off before seeing the look I was giving her, the fact that I can’t use the Go Gym for a whole week is a very sore spot for me. “Sorry, I completely forgot.”

“Forget it, let’s just get our orders in.” I responded as I shook my head and almost on que, the waitress came up to take our orders, once she had them, she went off to give them to the kitchen and bar. “I take it you saw this week’s Underground card Ari?”

“It was one of the first things I saw when I woke up this morning, frankly I’m surprised that they have you teaming with Carter given what happened last week.” Ariana nodded in response before the waitress came over with our drinks, soda for me, water for the two Greek women. “Carter has said that he’s willing to set aside any differences you’ll have with him if it means a clean sweep for the Go Gym.”

“That’s good at least, though I don’t think I need to point out what my priority is.” I responded before motioning to the title belt around my waist, after a while Makayla and Ari started having a conversation in Greek and despite being Makayla’s girlfriend and Ari’s friend, I couldn’t speak or understand a word of their native language, so I alternated my attention between my phone and my drink whilst that was going on, until………

“HEY!” All three of us looked up simultaneously to spot an older woman, sporting a classic “Karen” hairdo and proudly wearing a “Biden is not my President” badge on her jumper, oh joy, I can see where this is going from a mile away! “This is America, speak English.”

“Isn’t America supposed to be the land of the free?” I chimed in as I glanced over at the woman who, at a guess, had to be late forties at most. “My girlfriend was having a nice, civilised conversation and……”

“Oh, great, a foreigner and a gay person!” The “Karen” responded, and I was about to snap at her much like I did with Gabriel. I’m pretty sure the only reason that she wasn’t using stronger language than “gay person” was because we were out in public and whilst my jacket was hiding my muscles, Ari had no such jacket, and her toned arms were on full display. “You illegals are everything that’s wrong with this country! Go back to New Zealand!”

“Okay, first off, I’m Australian and yes, there’s a fucking difference!” I corrected her as I went to stand up. “Second, I moved over here legally, so did my girlfriend for that matter, and third…….”

“Krystal, let me handle this.” Ariana quickly interjected and when I saw the look on her face I shrugged before I took a big gulp of my drink. “You want a lesson un the Greek language?” Ariana asked as she turned to the older woman and didn’t give her a chance to respond. “Do you know what the word “Malaka” means?” Ari added and me and Makayla shared a look, I knew exactly what the word meant.

“Err, no, I don’t.” The Karen responded after thinking for a minute and Ari’s grin grew wide. “Go on, tell me!”

“Well, it was a variety of meanings, but it literally means “Man Who Masturbates”, in other words, a wanker!” Ari responded and it was at that moment that I barely kept my drink from spilling out of my mouth from the spit take, Makayla on the other hand nearly died of laughter which wasn’t helped by the look on the Karen’s face. “Now fuck off and let us enjoy our meal in peace!” Ari added and the Karen stormed off.

“Okay, after the week I had, I needed that shit!” I responded with a laugh before high fiving Ari and Makayla did likewise. “Maybe your worth keeping around after all Ari.”

“What do you mean “maybe”?” Ariana asked with a mock pout, and we all laughed in response.

Krystal’s hotel room, Anchorage, Alaska
Monday the 30th of August 2021, 16:00pm

*promo time*

Story time folks!

“I covered this on Twitter yesterday in the lead-up to Climax Control 310 but back when I first won this title at Into the Void X, there was quite a few Bombshells predicting that I wouldn’t get past defence number one, that I’d be yet another one and done champion, tomorrow marks my hundredth day as champion and I’ve survived not one, not two but three defences of this title! Including the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match at Summer XXXTreme IX which has seen more Bombshell Roulette Title Reigns ended than it has seen successful defences! And yet people can’t accept the fact that I’m not a fluke champion!”

But I digress.

“But let’s rewind the clock back a bit, shall we? All the way back to my first match as champion! That match was against Bella Madison whilst she was feuding with Mercedes Vargas after Mercedes attacked her and cost her the spot in this year’s Queen for a Day Match, I don’t think I need to remind you that Mercedes cost Bella the match by attacking me causing a disqualification! Now that was a non-title match but ever since then, I promised that any rematch between us would be for the title provided that I was still champion if/when we met again, as it turned out, we didn’t have to wait that long after I retained the title against Maki and Bea Barnhart.”

But there was a caveat.

“In hindsight, I guess it should’ve been obvious that they wouldn’t give away a title match between us on free TV so instead, we got a match that was initially advertised as a Fatal Four Way between us, Violet Amelia Holt and Mercedes for the title which got dropped down to a Triple Threat after Violet pulled out, obviously I retained the title but that successful defence left a burning question in everyone’s mind, when will the rematch between Krystal Wolfe and Bella Madison for the Roulette Title take place? It didn’t take long for us to get that answer, did it?”

Not long at all.

“To get this shot, you had to run a gauntlet of three Bombshells Bella and initially? Your competition was so lame that I’m surprised that they even bothered with the formalities, Apple Coren is someone who hasn’t been taken seriously in years, Azurine Vebbins stopped giving a shit months ago but then came the third match which put you against Tempest and then, a classic case of open mouth, insert foot happened when I said that I would interfere if needed.”

Where’s a time traveling wrestler when I need one?

“Just to be clear, I wasn’t being serious when I said that I’d interfere but Christian had to jump down my throat and put words in my mouth and before I knew it, you gelt the need to tell me not to interfere and it drove a massive fucking wedge between me and Gabriel, AKA me and Tempest’s trainer, owner of the Go Gym and Hall of Famer but more importantly, it drove Tempest to attack you even after she had you dead to rights.”

And it’s all my fault.

“I’ll admit, I was entering Climax Control 310 in a foul mood to say the least but Tempest’s attack on you Bella was the last thing I wanted to happen, and I only wish that I had done something to stop it a lot sooner! If it wasn’t obvious before Bella, I’m blaming myself for everything Tempest did to you after hitting the Amazon Prime but thankfully my intervention is likely what’s allowing this match between us to finally take place, well that and Tempest getting herself disqualified, and even if Mercedes vs. Amy is the official opener to the show, we’re opening things up for the SCW side of the event and that’s good enough for me!”

And the match?

“I can’t speak for the rest of the roster but the way I see it? We’re poised to steal the show before it even begins Bella and that was why I was talking about interfering in the Tempest match to begin with! It wasn’t that I doubted your abilities as Christian would have you believe, I wanted to ensure that you were at 100% when the time came for our title match and whilst that is still up in the air, the way I see it? We’re still going to put on one of the best matches of the night regardless of what the wheel lands on!”

And then there’s that.

“The Roulette Wheel can be a nasty bitch at the best of times, but at Violent Conduct? Why don’t we ask Miles Kasey how fun it was to get munched on by piranhas after the wheel stopped on “Christian’s Choice”? Thankfully for us, Christian’s on vacation and with any luck, Mark hasn’t added “Christian’s Choice” to the wheel this year, though after the bullshit he gave me last week, that would be typical! But regardless of what that wheel stops on two things are clear, we’re going to have a hell of a match, and I’m going to retain the title!”

It’s that simple.

“Don’t get me wrong Bella, when we get together for this match? Magic will happen in that ring to the point where we may as well go up to Miles and Agostino and tell them “good luck following that boys, you’re going to need it” but since I won this title, I’ve been on a roll that shows no signs of slowing down and whilst this rematch won’t end the exact same way as our first match Bella, it’ll end with my hand being raised as the winner!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“After all this waiting and the attack on you by Tempest, I hope your ready to bring your a-game to this match Bella because I’m bringing nothing less than mine! This isn’t like my defence at Summer XXXTreme IX where I defended this title against a bitch who had tried to steal it from me and Maki, instead this is a match built on our mutual respect for each other! But by the end of the night, I will bring you down with the Down Under Thunderbomb courtesy of “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe, your Bombshell Roulette Champion! Long may I reign!”

I went to start my stream as the scene fades.

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“I want you to be the best version of yourself.”

The Pains of Victory
Seattle, Washington
Hyatt Regency
Following Climax Control 310

It was a battle, one that she will not soon forget. She will more than likely be battered and bruised for a couple days following her war with Tempest, but she made it. She survived. For now she lays on the bed of their hotel suite at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle, wishing that there was stronger pain meds made available over the counter.

She finished getting her medical check...the one that happened at the behest of Malachi, Mark Ward, Candy and her now opponent for Violent Conduct VII, the PWS Roulette Champion, Krystal Wolfe. There were so many mixed feelings running through her. Right now though, it was pain that made its appearance and feelings well known. She washed her face, brushed and braided her long hair into pigtails and all she wanted to do is curl up in the fetal position, but she’s couldn’t even bring herself to turn onto her side. Instead, her bright blue eyes stare at the bright white ceiling.

The same style white ceiling that is in practically every hotel....why is that? Anyone ever notice that before?


She just laid there, currently questioning every move she made tonight, scratching Luka between her fox like ears, gently. As a moment Bella groans and holds on to her stomach which leaves Luka to look at her owner and sigh.

Anyone get the number of that bus? Ya know, the one that ran my ass over?

Stated her husband, Malachi, who too had a pretty rough night and battle with Bill Barnhart. He just sat in the chair, that one chair they always give you, next to the bed (Again...WHY?) sipping from a glass, “You’re being dramatic again.

I really am not.” Bella grunts as she leans up on her elbows, glaring at her husband who is nursing a glass of the current alcoholic drink that they picked up after the show to take back with them to their hotel room, “I thought for a minute I was going to die.

But you didn’t, instead you stood up to her, you battled like the badass you are. She was out to make an example out of you. You could have just given up.

She sighs, because she knows what he is trying to do. He also knows it was never an option for his wife, “But I couldn’t. I came too far and worked way too damn hard to just allow myself to be bullied like that. I will get my ass kicked all day if that means that I made my point.

And with that he lifts his glass with his crystal blue eyes matching hers and with a smile simply says, “And you did just that.

She gives her husband a genuine smile, knowing that he had a rough night too, and winks, “I just hope that all this hard work pays off. Krystal wanted t his. I wanted this. ....but was it worth it?” she forces herself to sit up, grabbing the bottle from the side table. She swirls it in her hand, “I have never felt this tired before after a match.

Mal watches as she takes a deep slug of the brown liquid straight from the bottle, “Well when you think about it, Tempest has been legit your largest opponent to date. So not surprising that you feel like you have been run over by a metro bus. But are you actually feeling tired? Or just....sore?

She thinks for a moment and smirks with a slight tilt to her head, “Both? ...both. Both is good.

Grumbling like grumpy Oscar Mal does when his wife chooses to be all hot and nerdy, he stands and offers his hand, “Come on then.

Bella tilts her head and raises her eyebrow, “What?

I want to help you and you can help me, we both had a really rough night and honestly, mo grá, I just want to just relax for the rest of the night with you and we will both plan our next steps from there.” with that she allows him her hand and he gently pulls her to her feet, “So, we’re going to wash this whole night off, we’re going to order food and not think about Violent Conduct and just rest for now. You’ve been busting your ass, as have I....let’s just take a break from it for a bit. Okay? Just so when it’s time, you can be the best version of yourself.

She steps forward and stands on her tiptoes and kisses his nose, “You spoil me.

Yeah I know I do.” he says as he wraps his arms around her, “Now...shower or tub? Cause I’m pretty sure we have a jet whirlpool in there.

Ooo, that whirlpool sounds like the perfect start for us to just begin our relaxing and recreating. she smiles brightly as they begin to walk towards the bathroom door, ”Are you sure you can?

That devilish little smile comes across his face, as they enter the room, “OH I know I can. It’s you I’m worried about Ms. Obsessive-Complusive.

Really Mr. I’m up at 5am to run a 10K every other day?

God only knows the amount of cardio that is truly needed to really keep up with you.

The door closes with a click and Luka fast asleep in the spot where Bella laid just a few moments ago.

After the Hurricane comes the cleanup.

Like I’m not kidding. We got back into town, and we didn’t even get a chance to really relax cause suddenly there was talk of the area getting hit with what was left of Hurricane Ida. Thankfully our home didn’t get clobbered too bad. But the fact remains that the both of us had to put our focuses on that instead of trying to bring it all together. Mal really really wants that Internet Title.

And I really really want that Bombshell Title.

This week though, it was all about catching my breath, I needed to. The 3 straight weeks of this and ending with Tempest put a dent on me and my soul.

The Great Gift
Camping in The Woods
Out in the middle of nowhere
5 days later

Bella.” a woman with dark brown hair stood in a room that was very white washed. You could barely make out her features at first but after a bit, her kind gentle hazel green eyes came more into focus.

Bella was somehow on the ground of this room, as she starts to move she looks around and it’s like the white washed version of her and Mal’s place. “What the...

Good morning, sunshine.” the woman speaks, which catches the young woman’s attention.

I- ...I know that voice.” Bella turns around and her eyes almost tear up instantly, “....m-mom?” ..but this woman looks nothing like Laura, Bella’s birthday mother. This woman looks a bit more ordinary. “This isn’t possible.’ve been gone since I was a little girl! died! Cancer took you from me and dad....David...HOW ARE YOU HERE?!

Shhhh...shhhh...” the woman steps towards Bella and kneels in front of her, holding her face, “It’s ok...I’m not real, I’m just...I’m in your head. I know you’ve been trying to see me. I know that’s why you kept letting yourself wander off into your Wonderland visions. I used to read that to you when you were a baby. Had your dad let me change your name, I would have called you Alice, ya know.

Bella sniffs, wiping the tears from her eyes, “He told me, after...

You look so grown up,” the woman say swiping a fallen strand of hair from Bella’s face, “You have been through so much.

Yeah well you dying didn’t help. But...

But you wouldn’t have found your real mom if I didn’t. I’m...I’m sorry that we kept that from you and kept her from you. We should have never...but then, you wouldn’t be the beautiful and strong woman that is standing before me.

A bright flash fills the room and the next thing you know, Bella is standing next to the woman as they overlook a beautiful lake. “Our vacation home. The one that we used to go to every year before you got sick.

You remember. Bella, I want you to dig so deep. So incredibly deep.” the woman says taking Bella’s hand. Bella looks down and you can tell that she feels it but doesn’t, “You have battled so much. But when you were here, you didn’t, you allowed yourself to relax, reminisce and then when we returned home, you always overcame whatever obstacle got in your particular way. I saw it every year. Amazed by it. This place is your sanctuary, and I think that’s why you came here.

I didn’t even pick it out. It was Mal’s idea....

A soft smile comes across the woman’s face, “Bella, I am so proud of you. You have stood up to every single challenge that you have ever faced.

But I haven’t won a lot of it.

It doesn’t matter.” she says turning and grabbing ahold of Bella’s shoulders, “It’s the fact that you have tried, you haven’t given up, EVER. I want you to look back on it all. Remember every single step that you took. But don’t LIVE there. Your husband is quite right, you have a horrible habit of living in your own head sometimes when things don’t go your way.

I barely survived that gauntlet. It took 2 days and a boat load of painkillers.

And since then?

I...same as always. I wake up, I train, workout, eat...just like every other day. It feels like every other damn time that I have come up just short of getting that one moment.

So what was different with Mercy?

It was personal.

And this isn’t?

I don’t know what this was, is....will be.” motioning with her hands, Bella says with a sigh, “I like Krystal. She actually treats me with respect, which was something that I didn’t get with Mercedes. But where is the line drawn? When do I stop getting knocked down and forced to stay down? When do I say enough is enough? When do I finally stand up and say...” and Bella turns but the woman is gone....and all that is around her is the lake, the woods and the cabin behind her, “Enough.

Bella breaks down almost immediately and drops to her knees, sobbing into her hands. She didn’t notice before but something in the back of her head went off when she looked at the date and noticed that today when the day that the woman that raised her for the first decade of her life’s birthday was today. She went to bed, something bugging her but she couldn’t quite place her finger on it.

Finally pulling herself together, she swiped at her eyes before noticing that something was in her hand. The hand that she held with her in the vision...opening it up, she stared at a pendant that had been given to her when she had passed away. The white rabbit etched in it. Helen “Betty” Miller, gave her her best chance, even if cancer took her away when she was still young.

Thanks mom.” she said with a sniff. Closing her hand around it she stood up and glanced around.

I always wondered what I look like through others' eyes. Does it completely drive people insane that I am so damn optimistic? That I keep pushing hard to a future that I damn near killed myself for? The gauntlet was more than just earning my way into Violent Conduct to get a one on one shot for the Roulette Championship. It was a proving point.

You see, people like Mercedes Vargas are so quick to write people off simply based on how many times they get knocked down. But that’s not Krystal Wolfe. She sees potential in what this can be. So many potential opportunities with that damned wheel.” She laughs out loud thinking about all the weird ass stipulations that she’s seen in the last few years, “I’ve seen it so many times come back and bite people in the ass. It’s a disadvantage to most....but maybe...perhaps, the disadvantages can be turned into advantages. We go in blind, the wheel spins, stops and then- well that’s the part where we are at a disadvantage. That then....where it all gets defined. So I take my lessons from the past and I apply them.

That’s why I’m here. I’m trying to not live in the past. But I can’t help it, I can’t help but wonder what if- What if I wasn’t knocked out by Mercy....” she shrugs and holds out her hand with the pendant in it, “It is what it is. And now thanks to all my hard work, the chance and what we both wanted, is almost here. A one on one shot, me and Krys for that damned Roulette Title. When this was brought to me, at first I was pissed, I felt shafted...but those battles against all of them in that gauntlet...watching Mercy SCREW ME in that triple threat....I want you to know that more than ever, I will NOT STAY DOWN!

She glances off with a memory on her lips, the scene goes white again.

Wonderful view, isn’t it?

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(once again, Gabriel was used with Mark’s permission)

It was the week of Violent Conduct VII and more importantly for Krystal, her long awaited title defence against Bella Madison was almost here! However, Krystal had no intention of giving up the Bombshell Roulette Championship that easily and she was going to make Bella fight for it next Sunday night, but can the Aussie Bombshell keep her grip on the title firm? Or will Bella finally win a singles championship in SCW?

Gateways Community Services, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 1st of September 2021, 18:00pm

If you had told me this time last year that not only would I be an undefeated (since winning the title opportunity) SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion but taking tests to see if I had a learning disability that went undetected because my dad is a piece of shit, there’s a good chance that I would’ve called you insane.

And yet, here I am! One year on and both of those things have come true! Did my SCW career get off to a rocky start that resulted in a six month long losing streak and missing a chance to compete on my first Blaze of Glory as a Main Roster Member? Yeah, anyone who’s been watching the past year or so of programming can tell you that, but I guess being left off the Blaze of Glory card lit a fire under my ass, and I’ve been on a roll since then.

Then why does my mental health still wreak havoc on me?

Makayla reckons that it’s because of how I won the title in the first place, and I’m inclined to agree, I didn’t win it by pinning Royal Purple after an epic triple threat match like I initially envisioned, I won it by taking the title belt out of a fucking briefcase! And what hasn’t helped was how my follow up matches went, both ended after interference from a third party with Mercedes Vargas sticking her nose in my match against Bella Madison and causing a win by DQ and Bea Barnhart distracting Maki long enough for me to roll her up.

It wasn’t until my last title defence that I finally won a match with the Down Under Thunderbomb and don’t get me wrong, there is some karma in the fact that I pinned Mercedes with my finisher, but I still have a long way to go.

And this meeting is the first step on that path.

“Thank you for your patience Ms. Wolfe.” The doctor said as he entered the office and I looked up at him. “I was just on the phone with the psychiatrist that treated you during your father’s murder trial to collaborate my findings, though he refereed to you as Charlotte Thompson at first.”

“Yeah, that’s complicated.” I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair. “After my dad went to prison for murdering my mum, I legally changed my name to Krystal Wolfe to try to distance myself from that whole situation, it wasn’t made official until a year after the trial, so I’m not surprised that he has me under my birth name.” I explained and the doctor nodded in understanding as he got the idea. “I prefer it if you’d just call me Krystal. Only those who are really close to me can call me by my birthname and that includes my girlfriend and the people who trained me to be a wrestler, Gabriel and Odette Stevens?”

“Understandable and I have heard of them.” The doctor nodded before sitting down behind his desk. “I’m not a wrestling fan myself but my grandchildren are, in fact they are big fans of yours, both on Twitch and on SCW.”

“If you want me to sign an autograph for them just ask.” I responded with a nod before letting out a deep breath. “But let’s get down to brass tacks, we both know why I’m here after all.”

“Off course.” The doctor nodded before checking his notes. “After I talked with the psychologist who previously treated you, there is no doubt in my mind Krystal, you display all the classic signs of high functioning Autism.”

“Wait, seriously?!” I asked as it dawned on me, and the doctor nodded. “I don’t know what I expected heading into this, some big dramatic speech maybe? But you just coming out and saying it just seems anti-climactic.”

“Not the first time I’ve heard that, I’m too busy to write speeches for every patient I diagnose anyway.” The doctor chuckled before I ran a hand through my hair as a tidal wave of thoughts raced through my head. “I understand that you have a lot going through your head, it shouldn’t effect either of your careers, if anything it might make you more popular.”

“Heh, yeah, help SCW tap into that autism market and shit.” I scoffed in response before sighing. “Anything else? I want to head home and chat with my girlfriend about this.”

“One other thing.” The doctor responded before passing me two pieces of paper and a pen. “You said that you’d sign autographs for my grandchildren if I asked?”

“Oh, yeah.” I nodded before grabbing the pen and pulling both pieces of paper towards me, after I signed them however I frowned as a thought popped into my head. “Wait, you said that I showed the signs, but I wasn’t actually tested, right?”

“Err, no, that would take more time.” The doctor nodded and I frowned as it dawned on me. “Those tests would be very intensive, and they can take anywhere from four to five hours, I’d understand if you want to book another appointment and get home in time for dinner.”

“No, let’s get it done today, I’d rather not spend the rest of the week worrying about what those tests would turn up! Not when I’ve got a title defence lined up in two weeks!” I responded as I shook my head and the doctor nodded. “I’ll just have to tell Makayla to do a really late dinner or order takeout.”

“I’ll let you make that call to your girlfriend and then we can begin.” The doctor responded and I stood up and left his office to make the call, ultimately the tests would just fly by, and I would have my results in what felt like no time at all, and as for the autographs? They were a nice gesture for the guy who, despite only knowing him for a day, helped make so much of my life make so much more sense but even with that, I had two other things on my mind.

The first thing was my title defence against Bella, the second thing? An apology!

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 1st of September 2021, 22:45pm

For the second week in a row, it took me forever to leave my car but at least this time it wasn’t because I was angry.

To be honest, the tests had left me with a lot to think about, so I just spent an extra fifteen minutes in the car to clear my head when I returned home, when I was finally ready to enter the house I saw Makayla getting off the phone in the kitchen.

“Great timing Charlotte, I just placed the order with Domino’s Pizza.” Makayla greeted me before she set the phone down and turned to me. “I would’ve set the delivery time for an exact time, but they removed that option, since, you know, pandemic and all.””

“Yeah, I noticed.” I scoffed before sitting down at the kitchen table. “What did you order? And I hope you remembered my go to.”

“Don’t worry, I ordered you the Meateor with a side of garlic pizza bread and cookies for dessert.” Makayla assured me and I grinned in response. “My order was much the same actually, I just swapped out the garlic pizza bread for chicken strippers.”

“If you wanted strippers, we could’ve just gone to one of the many strip clubs in Vegas.” I joked and Makayla laughed in response. “I suppose you want to know the results of my test?”

“It was the thing that left me having to put dinner off until stupid-o’clock in the evening.” Makayla nodded before she sat down next to me. “So, what did they say?”

“Like I said, I was told I have the classic signs of someone with high functioning autism, but when I realized that I hadn’t actually been tested I asked them to test me for it.” I explained before letting out a deep breath. “I’ll be making the announcement publicly via my Twitch channel tomorrow morning but it’s official.” I added before passing her the official diagnosis. “I have high functioning autism, but it won’t affect my work because I started streaming and training to be a wrestler years before this, but it does take a lot of weight of my shoulders.”

“Always thought you were special Charlotte, I just didn’t think you were this special.” Makayla commented with a grin before pulling me into a tight hug. “We should probably look into what kind of disability benefits this entitles you too.”

“I don’t like the idea of getting a bit of extra money just because my brain works differently.” I responded as I pulled away from Makayla and folded my arms. “Besides, between my work with SCW and on Twitch, I am better off then most people with my condition.”

“True, but I don’t think it will hurt much.” Makayla responded as she shook her head before we heard the doorbell ring. “That’s probably the pizza.”

“Do you want me to lend you some cash for it? Or did you pay on your card?” I asked as I watched my girlfriend make her way to the door.

“I paid for it on card, appreciate the offer though.” Makayla responded as she shook her head before answering the door.

Gordon Ramsey Steak. Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 6th of September 2021, 18:00pm

Going from ordering Dominos to eating at one of Gordon Ramsey’s steakhouses in the span of a week, yep, that’s quite a leap isn’t it?

Any other time I would’ve taken Makayla here in a heartbeat but there was another reason why I was here, Gabriel had called me the day before saying that he was ready to mend fences and would pay for the meal, saying that? I had gotten here about an hour before him and was left waiting for my trainer.

“Charlotte.” As if on cue, Gabriel’s voice rang out and I glanced up seeing him standing next to the table. “I understand you’ve had quite the week.”

“You can say that again.” I sighed before Gabriel sat down opposite me. “Heading into this week, I thought my main issue would be my Roulette Title defence against Bella at Violent Conduct VII, we both know that that’s not true though.”

“Indeed.” Gabriel nodded before picking up the menu. “I know you want to apologize for the incident at the Go Gym but if anyone needs to apologize, it’s me.”

“Come again?” I asked with a confused look on my face and Gabriel elaborated.

“When I saw the comment thread between you, Christian and Bella, I assumed that you planned to interfere to soften up your competition before you had to defend the title against Bella.” Gabriel explained and I nodded with a frown on my face. “Then I watched the match between Bella and Tempest, when you admitted that you only wanted to interfere to ensure that Bella would be at her best for your title match, the argument made a lot more sense.”

“I was still way the fuck out of line!” I pointed out as I ran a hand down my face. “And if I had kept my mouth shut Tempest wouldn’t have tried to severely injure Bella after she had her beat!”

“Tempest has been reprimanded for her actions at Climax Control 310, much like you the reasons for her anger were understandable but I can’t let future graduates of the Go Gym such as Adrienne, Caitlin or Katie think that they can attack their opponents that viciously without consequence.” Gabriel explained and I nodded with a grin on my face. “But I will tell you the same thing I told her, I won’t tolerate another incident like this, reasons be damned.”

“I got it, and I guess it’s my turn now.” I sighed before thinking for a second on how to word this. “I’ll just go ahead and say it, I’m sorry for everything I said during that meeting and flipping you off as I left, I tried to keep a lid on my temper, but it boiled over and you sure the results.”

“It’s not healthy to keep such things bottled up, I thought I explained that to you when you told me and Odette about your childhood?” Gabriel reminded me and I nodded as I thought back to that day. “Apology excepted, I may be retired Charlotte, but I am a former wrestler and I know how this business works.”

“Much as I’d like to say that I can say the same, this business seems to throw a curveball my way every time I think I have a firm grasp on things.” I responded with an annoyed grunt before sighing. “But I guess that comes with experience right?”

“Right.” Gabriel nodded before the waitress came over.

Krystal’s hotel room, Anchorage, Alaska
Monday the 6th of September 2021, 21:00pm

*promo time*

It’s the final countdown.

“Okay, I’m noy going to go over everything that’s led up to this rematch against Bella Madison at Violent Conduct VII like I did last week! If you want to go over that again, just watch every episode of Climax Control since I won the Bombshell Roulette Championship from Royal Purple at Into the Void X back in May because in some way? All the events of those shows that involved me, Mercedes or Bella have been leading up to this moment!”

With that out of the way.

“Bella, I’ll admit, when we first faced off at Climax Control 302, I underestimated you big time! The reason could be any combination of things really, I was coming off the major high that was winning my first title in SCW at Into the Void X whilst you had been taken out of the Queen for a Day Match at Into the Void X by Mercedes, now we both know how that match ended and that was the catalyst that led to me sowing the seeds for this title rematch the week afterwards, so, what’s changed since then?”

A lot.

“Can I be honest for a second Bella? When your gauntlet was announced a few weeks ago there was a lingering doubt in the back of my mind that you wouldn’t make it all the way! I thought you’d fall at the second hurdle, and I’d have to find a new challenger for Violent Conduct VII, am I glad t be proven dead wrong? Absolutely! But in the process of proving me wrong over those three weeks Bella, you managed to change my opinion of you for the better, at the time I thought you were just another underachiever the bosses kept around for whatever reason, but after you completed the gauntlet?”

Which was a major turning point.

“I came to see you as not an underachiever but a warrior with possibly the worst luck on the SCW roster and speaking as someone who had the misfortune of facing Amber Ryan in the opening round of this year’s Blast from the Past Tournament I should know all about having shitty luck! Even against Tempest, someone who not only towers over you but outweighs you by almost a hundred pounds, you didn’t back down and whist the match didn’t end the way either of us wanted, we both got what we wanted in the end, didn’t we?”

It’s finally here!

“GRIME might be opening the show officially, but our match is opening things up for the SCW portion of the show and that’s good enough for me! And anyone who’s seen my Twitch Channel knows that I’m someone who thrives on competition and this match is no different as far as I’m concerned, why? For one reason, this match, regardless of what that wheel stops on, is right up my alley, two young women with everything to prove and one title on the line? What could be better, right?”


“Bella, I made this clear on commentary when you were wrestling Tempest but when I said that I wanted to interfere on your behalf, there was no malicious intent behind it, I wanted you at your best and I panicked when I saw that your third and final obstacle in the gauntlet was Tempest! Was it worth getting in trouble with the other Go Gym Graduates on the SCW roster? No, it cost me a week of training and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in order to make up for it! Would I save you from a beatdown at the hands of Tempest again if given the chance?”

Take a fucking guess!

“Absolutely! Hell, I’m surprised that the worst that Tempest got was a fine for shoving the ref considering how vicious the attack was but that’s a story for another day! But now that we’re almost at the finish line and our match is this Sunday night at Violent Conduct VII it does beg the question, can I retain the title against you? After all Bella, with no one left to stick their nose in our business as we head into the match, this should be a neutral battleground, right?”

Good question!

“Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second, I only won our first match because Mercedes attacked me, causing a disqualification but now that your feud with Mercedes has been resolved and she’s pre-occupied with her own title matches, we shouldn’t have to worry about outside interference from the Argentinian Boomer so with her out of the picture, will I still walk out of Violent Conduct VII the Bombshell Roulette Champion? Yeah, I reckon I will!”

It’s that simple.

“Bella, with all due respect, whilst Mercedes Vargas is out of the picture and you are one hell of a wrestler, I’ve been on a roll since I won this title at Into the Void X, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon! Will you give me my best fight to date for the Bombshell Roulette Title? I have no doubt in my mind that you will! But I have trained for this to the best of my ability, and I refuse to give anything less than my best in this match and I think it might be too much for you to handle!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“There is part of me that wants you to prove me wrong, there is part of me that wants the best fight possible for my title, but this week has been one of revelations for me and who knows? Maybe this match will be one of revelations for you! It’s like I said on commentary, people will go to hell and back to win or retain a title and depending on how the wheel goes, it might be the ultimate test of just how far we’ll go for a title but in the end you’ll be brought down by the Down Under Thunderbomb courtesy of Krystal Wolfe, your Bombshell Roulette Champion! Long may I reign!”

I went to start my stream as the scene fades.

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The Battles We Tried To Forget
Inside My Own Head?

Where are we?

I’m not sure. This is your little world.

I don’t- I don’t understand.

Don’t think Bella....Feel.



What are these?

Things that I rather forget.

These are stirring up something from deep inside you. Keep digging.

“You’re too slow. You’re never going to be as good as your mom.”

You just keep falling short. You are a joke.” the vision was blurry, but the blue eyes and the blonde long hair was a dead giveaway.

Who was that?

So many times. I have come so close so many times and only just missed. How many times can one have their heart broken before she can’t take it anymore. Apparently for me....too many to count in the last three years.

Touted as the fastest rising star....without a championship.

So many times I hear mom, Alanah, Candy and others tell me, “Bella, you’ll get there. You just gotta stay positive.”

So when I was blind sided and knocked out by Mercedes Vargas, to find out WHY, I took that shit very very personally. I was finally on a roll and I was told by someone who had been there and done that that I wasn’t deemed “good enough”.

So when I took her on and showed her that I was indeed better than she was even giving me credit for, I thought maybe I’d get a clearer picture.

Instead someone, somewhere apparently had it out for me. That damn gauntlet almost killed me. Having to be saved by others....I should be past that but I’m not. I owe them because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to walk into Anchorage. I’d be laid up in traction.

I have learned from my shortcomings. I have had no choice in that matter because in all honesty, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have had the Roulette Champion pulling MY number and telling Mark and Christian that it was ME that she wanted to face. So when the hell does it all come to that ending point of me finally capturing that first big one.

Roulette Championship means the wheel...lets add that in right now. No one knows what the hell could be on that and with Candy looming around, the chances of getting something with glitter only increases. God I hope not, that shit took me 3 months to get out of my hair the last time we did that.

Oh...another one that I came up just short.

Fucking awesome.

There have been so many. So how do I finally get that ONE from the many failures?

Coming to terms
The Cabin
Late Night
It had been a wonderful trip. Just the two of them, with Luka, just unplugging themselves from the world for a whole week in their cabin. They invited her mom and step-dad along for their anniversary trip, but they had their own cabin and occasionally they invited Bella’s sweet 2 year old little brother Aaron to spend time with them so her parents would have alone time. But tonight Aaron needed to be with them. So it was quiet, the majority of the time.

Too quiet.

Bella found herself sitting on the floor with a poker in her hand, fiddling with the logs that were currently ablaze in the fireplace. It had stormed that night and dropped the temperature outside to an almost fall-like feel to the air. It had been a wonderful mix of that every day of their trip.


And yet here she found herself hypnotized by the dancing embers and flames, lost in her head. Her seeing her adopted mother had shaken her. She hadn’t told Mal because he had enough to worry about. But it kept happening.

She almost put herself back into it before the door creaked open loud enough to bring herself out of her hypnotic state only to turn her face and get licked over and over by Luka.

GAH! LUKA!” she said after getting knocked over by her husky, “You’re all wet! What the hell did you get yourself into?

She decided to chase a rabbit through the bushes that still was holding onto the rain.” Mal said, as he grabbed the pup’s leash, “Come on you loon, let’s get ya dried off. Everyone asleep already?

Yup, called it a night shortly after you took her out. Just you and I.” she said giving him a sultry look over her shoulders, up over her glasses.

Which caught Mal’s attention, and him leading Luka to the bathroom a little faster, “Well, give me just a moment and I’ll pour us some wine.

I guess I'll throw another log on.” Bella said with a smirk. She’d never turn down a moment with him, especially because Aaron being around equaled the toddler monopolizing a lot of their time with both him and Luka together.

She stood up to grab the log but couldn’t help herself. She caught sight of him, goofing around with Luka as he was trying to dry her off just a little bit and she smiled. And almost in a flash every moment came flashing through her eyes, from their first date, their debut together in PWS, when he snuck Luka into their apartment for a surprise Christmas present in their first Christmas together. When he used her to run her up the stairs, when he proposed....and then suddenly another memory hit her.

The nightmare. The one where she failed and while it wasn’t real, he was so disappointed in her that he couldn’t stand the sight of her and left.

Bella closed her eyes tightly, pushing back the tears, whispering to herself, “It wasn’t fucking real.

And it wasn’t, because despite her falling into that pool, he was there waiting for her with her ring and the biggest and warmest hug...even though she was completely soaked.


He was the realest thing in her life. He never wavered his love despite her crazy family. Her failures, he didn’t let her go into a shame spiral like she wanted to so many times. He kept pushing her to become better. She was better because of him.

And by the time she came out of that she felt his lips on hers, opening her blue eyes to his beautiful crystal blue eyes and two glasses of her favorite marlot in both hands.

Coming to terms, she may not have the titles except for one.

Mrs. O’Connell.

Hmm?” she said lost in just that whole moment.

He smiled, handing her one glass, taking the log from her and dropping it in the fireplace. All he did from there was hold out his hand and help her back down onto the floor next to him and they simply curled into the other, watching the fire.

This would be enough.

But There’s More
Anchorage, Alaska

The Last Frontier.

The room was dark, except one lone spotlight in the middle of the room. You can hear the footsteps echo, but no one could be seen. But Bella’s voice is clear.

That’s what this place is called. Sorta fitting if you a walking talking nerd like me but see, I see it as a starting point. There is ALWAYS more to discover about a place. Something deeper, to a person.

Follow it Krys. Follow the whole damn story.

You see, when I came to SCW, I was pretty much a naive young woman with stars in her eyes. Sin City was something where I didn’t have this legacy looming over what I should be. Instead, here I have been allowed to grow, I have become something more than the legacy because here I feel like there are people that actually want to see me succeed....and not fall on my face. Well...there are a few that don’t but they don’t matter in the here and now.

Suddenly the light booms brightly through the room and a stream of memories over the last 3 years plays just like they were happening in that room. But these scenes are familiar....all of the matches where Bella came up short against everyone that had ever been the Roulette Champion during her time here.

It had always felt like something was missing, Krys. I was hungry, yeah...but there was always that IT factor. I have always been touted as one of the best in SCW today that is just waiting for that moment. I have had to relive ALL these moments more than I care to admit without people throwing them back in my face but it still happened. You didn’t do that...

Then suddenly like it was a recurring nightmare, the final match of the gauntlet was alive in front of us. The violence just like it happened in real time.

But then you kept reminding me what I went through to get HERE to Violent Conduct VII. I KNOW I almost lost out on this chance again. I TOLD you to not interfere. I needed to do this for myself. I didn’t give a shit about the caveat of the gaunlet. I welcomed the challenge because it felt like something was holding me back. People constantly having to question if my heart was truly in it.


My whole life, whenever I came up short I was laughed at. But I started to realize that those that laughed at me don’t matter. There will always be haters, there will always be the people that tell me that I should learn to control that part of me that lets that whole thing get to me. BUT what if I instead turn that into my strength?

I know you Krystal, have been the biggest cheerleader for this match for the longest time. I welcome that but....but why? You say it’s because you know that we can tear the house down but is that it? I have no doubt that this match is going to pretty much be us going back after fuck knows what that wheel will give us and we put each other through hell and we’ll step back through the curtain and say “TOP THAT BITCH!” but for me I am in this for so much more.

What will you do when you realize I no longer have my hands tied. That ALL my failures, they don’t defy wanna know why?

The scene shows what a lot of people don’t usually see, Bella pushing herself off the ground, struggling but standing.

Despite how many times I got knocked down. I. GOT. BACK. UP! I will not stay down. You can bomb my ass through that ring. That wheel can try and kill us both. BUT I WILL GET BACK UP! Because that Championship is my future. I promised you the real me, well here it is. The woman that just will not die.

Bella steps through breaking up the video, standing there with her blue eyes bright, her lips red and that smirk curled just right.

I’m flawed. Helpless. But I’m also human. I’ve been fighting theoretically with one hand tied behind my back. But what will really happen when I’m finally set free? You’re about to find out.