Author Topic: Connor speaking out...but what is he really saying  (Read 261 times)

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Connor speaking out...but what is he really saying
« on: May 06, 2016, 11:59:18 PM »
 Voice: ~muffled~ How the fuck do people do this?

The small opaque window is pushed open to reveal a long tubelike structure where a pair of legs in blue jeans and dark boots can be seen exiting.  Other windows seem to be quiet and blanked to keep out the glaring light of the hallway of the capsule hotel where Connor Murphy was trying to get some sleep.  Having to stay in Japan for the duration of the tour was making him edgy and tense.  Looking along the hallway, he rubs his hand through a mess of dark hair that hangs lankly in his eyes.

Connor Murphy:  How am I going to get any sleep in that little bit of a closet?  

Giving the door a slam, Connor moves off in disgust and leaves the corridor and towards the door.  Faces appear in the doors to watch him leave.  One face in particular spies out of the window and seeing Connor brush past the row of capsules, a door swings open to reveal Pussy Willow who leans out and swings her legs out and drops to the floor and begins to follow the man out of the hotel.

Once outside, Connor pulls out a pack of cigarettes and pulls out one slim cigarette and lets it dangle from his lips as he tucks the pack back into his pocket then begins to pat himself down for a lighter.  Suddenly a flame blazes in front of his face which drives him back in surprise.

Pussy Willow:  Relax Connor; I am not trying to burn your face off.

Connor gives her a glare as he slowly inhales the smoke from the burning end of the cigarette and then lets it slowly filter from out of the side of his mouth.  She watches as Connor contemplates the interviewer as he slowly drags another inhalation from the cancerstick.

Pussy Willow:  It isn’t like that either Connor.  I am not here for an interview or anything.  I just couldn’t help but notice how you seemed to be spooked by the capsule room you were in.

Connor nods slowly as he curls a finger around the cigarette and pulls it from his lips as a smile slowly begins to creep across his face.

Connor Murphy:  If I didn’t know better, I would say you are stalking me.  But after all we have been through, you have earned it I guess.

Pussy rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest.

Pussy Willow:  Yeah yeah.  

Connor smirks again and leans back against a small wall.  Pussy moves to stand beside him and hangs her head only to give him a sidewise glance.

Pussy Willow:  So since the two of us are out here and I don’t have and cameras or microphones…

Connor looks her over as she holds her hands out to show that she didn’t have anything held.  Slowly Connor contemplates as he inhales once more.  As the smoke filters out from his lips he begins to speak.

Connor Murphy:  Since you ain’t packing I guess I can finally speak from the heart huh?  

Pussy Willow:  I have always wanted you to speak from the heart Connor.  What makes this different?

Connor smiles almost sadly as he flicks the cigarette ash into his hand.  

Connor Murphy:  You see Puss, the Connor you see at shows, which is a different Connor, a goofy clown Connor out to get a laugh or piss J2H off.  And it’s working if what he says is to be believed.  I am pretty much the only one that has gotten under Jimmy’s skin enough for him to really worry about me.  It’s like I got him by his balls…and not in that nice touchy feely sorta way.  

Pussy Willow:  Okay, that is way too TMI for me.

Connor Murphy:  I know I know but it has to be said Puss.  J2H is worried about facing me.  Hell, if I didn’t know any better I think he thinks that I am a threat but he is just building himself up to look like his balls have dropped enough to make him a man who can actually say that he is the best and you know, maybe he’s right.

Pussy offers a shocked look at Connor who appears to be serious.  Curious, she tilts her head quizzically.

Pussy Willow:  Are you serious Connor?

Connor returns the look in all seriousness for about all of ten seconds before his face breaks out in a grin.

Connor Murphy:  Nah…I ain’t serious because we both know that I couldn’t give two sh*ts about what the hell J2H thinks about me or how much bass is in his talk.  All I know is that on Climax Control I was given a shot at the title that I said I didn’t want right now and maybe I might take advantage of it and maybe I might just say screw it and mess with Jimmy’s mind.  Truth be told, I might just take this opportunity to have fun with Jimmy.  After all, he seems to think that he is the end all of the division…a two bit lightweight with delusions of grandeur.  

Pussy smirks herself at Connor’s observation.

Connor Murphy:  Now that I said my piece I need a drink.  I’d invite you with me but you have too many clothes on for my tastes right about now.  Later toots.

With a smirk, Connor pushes himself off the wall and heads towards the bright lights of the street leaving Pussy to wonder just what happened.