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 Post all RPs here!

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 All RPs posted now count towards RP Period Two.

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 ...Count this one for the gauntlet...

During Climax Control - 31st January 2015. SCW Exclusive unseen footage.

You remember Sam Marlowe's promo, right? You remember she took over from an interview this fella was giving? Well, here's the start of it. I know, we're arse backwards at times but better late then never, right people?

The main event is just about to starts as the camera's cut to the backstage area, where Ben Jordan stands impatiently outside of the women's locker room. Medical staff move in through the door, as the aftermath from  the brutal attack by Jenny Tuck on Crystal Millar continues on. Ben, dressed casually in blue jeans and light grey T-shirt looks at the watch on his wrist, his eyes switching to a nearby screen as Team Hero make their entrance to the ring. A tap on his shoulder gets his attention as he turns to a beaming Sam Marlowe, the grin plastered on her face after being announced to be facing Mikah at My Bloody Valentine II.

Ben: You're gonna break your face if you keep smiling that wide darling.

Sam looks up at Ben, the Cheshire cat still plastered on her face.

Sam: I can't believe it. Out of everyone in SCW, she picked me.

Ben: And you're gonna smash it girl, proper smash it. Mikah's not gonna know what's hit her. Anyway, time for that drink, eh?

Sam nods in agreement but before the two can leave, Ms. Rocky Mountains moves in to the scene.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hey Ben! Hey Sam. Congratulations you guys. Both getting title shots at the next supercard and you Ben.

She points a finger out towards Ben.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You should walk out with two championships.

A smile crosses his face as he raises his eyebrows.

Ben: Like London buses mate, nothing for a long time then two come along at once.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You might if I ask you guys some questions? Maybe we can get this online on the site in the build up to the show.

Ben looks at Sam who nods at him, before looking back at Rocky.

Ben: Go for it. Knock ya self out sweetheart.

Ms. Rocky Mountains clears her throat as she looks at Sam.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Sam, how does it feel to be going up against Mikah for the Bombshell World Championship at My Bloody Valentine II.

Sam looks blankly at Rocky, no words passing her lips, just a smile on her face.

Ben: I think you said her buzz words there, you mention Mikah, the title and the event in the same breath and it blows her mind a bit, sends her in to this whole other place. I think we can safely say it gets her a little bit speechless.

Ms. Rocky Mountains smiles at Ben, and continues.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Then let's just talk to you for a second Ben.

Ben: Let's do that. I'm sure she'll snap out of it shortly and you can have a rabbit with her.

Ms. Rocky Mountains looks slightly confused by Ben's terminology, but Ben moves quickly to clear up any confusion.

Ben: Rabbit just means a chat, I don't mean you two can go buy a rabbit or something, that would just be loony.

Another confused look lands in Ben's direction, but Ms. Rocky Mountains decides to continue the interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: We saw earlier tonight that you signed the contract with Simon Jones, to take on The Nobodies in a match for the SCW Tag Team Championships in SCW, your first title shot in SCW. What was you feeling when you put your name on that contract?

Ben scratches the side of his head, thinking about his answer closely.

Ben: First off, relief. I came to SCW as a guy who won so much in ACW, everyone expected me to go on and win something quickly, everyone thought I could be the one who made waves in SCW and simply, I didn't. I feel I let meself down, I feel I let the fans down. I watched my ACW buddies like Simon, Drake, Guns For Hire and the rest go on and work their bollocks off to earn and win what they did, and I couldn't keep up or catch the eye or whatever. To sign a contract to actually now have at least a chance of a title shot came as a bit of a relief to me. Means I'm getting noticed a bit.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Is there any nerves running through you about it?

Ben: I wouldn't say nerves as such. There's defo a bit of pressure around, cause this ain't only my first shot at anything, it ain't all about me. This is about helping a mate get his dream too by helping him get the gold he wants. No one's worked harder in this game to be known as a champion more than Jonesy. If it wasn't for his advice through ACW, I'd be nowhere right now, so this is my way of thanking him for all the helpful stuff he's done for me.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That's nice. You'll be facing two men you know very well.

A smile creeps over Ben's face as he nods slowly.

Ben: Very well, which is a blessing and a curse really. When Connor and I was in the New XTremes together, we faced each other more than once. It was a Spike Staggs philosophy for us to know each other that well. Didn't matter how pissed up we got the night before, every day was a day to improve, get in the ring and beat on each other. That's what we did, Connor knows me as much as I know him in the ring and Tim, he was always about. The fella was scouting me for a couple of years, long before this match was a twinkle in anyone's eye. He knows what I can do, so I'm playing catch up with him a little bit but I'm looking forward to it.

Ben winks at Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: This is a chance for you to not only become a Tag Team Champion but the World Championship will also be up for grabs if people want to enter it. Will you be entering it?

Ben purses his lips together, letting the air escape from his lungs and through his lips. He looks towards Sam, who has seemingly come back to reality, looking at Ben also for and answer. He looks back towards Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ben: I'll give it a crack. I'll have a go but let's be honest, chances of me walking out with a pair of titles at the end of the night is pretty low. It's a prize everyone has their eyes on. Every man and his dog wants that title, so every man and his dog is gonna be working their nuts off for it. Everyone will bring it all, but I know I'll be focused on going for what I set out to do and get me mits on another piece of gold.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: But what if you do win it? With the rules of no person should hold two titles in SCW, what would happen should you become both the Tag Team Champion and World Champion in one night.

Ben smiles and replies quickly without hesitation.

Ben: Then I'll walk out on the first episode of Climax Control after My Bloody Valentine II, bring Christian Underwood to the ring, tell him to book the two most worthy people in a match and the winner will become the new World Champion.

Both Sam and Ms. Rocky Mountains look at Ben with surprised looks, Ben just casually shrugs his shoulders at them both.

Ben: What?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You'd give up the top prize in our game, just like that?

Ben: Abso-bloody-lutely. Would give them up in a heart beat, not even a second thought would enter my mind.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Why? When you know everyone wants that title?

Ben: You've been around here long enough to know that this whole sport in general is full of arseholes looking out for themselves. People who wouldn't piss on you if you was on fire. Feel free to edit out me French there, but it is part of what happens. Every place is full of egos and people who think it's their God given right to be handed something that they don't deserve. I mean look at these people who show up and instantly demand title shots and stuff without earning it or even having a match. I got something already that these people don't have and that is seriously a nightmare to find in this game.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What's that?

Ben: Trust and loyalty. I trust Jonesy with my life, and I'm as loyal as you can be. I'll go for the World title, but if I take the Tag Team titles before that, my loyalty lies here with Jonesy and eventually being known as the greatest Tag Team Champions that SCW has ever seen, that's me real goal. There'll always be another time for the top prize, but my minces are firmly glued on being one of the greatest tag champs the world has ever seen.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So you'd give up the title that easy?

Again, Ben replies without hesitation.

Ben: That easy. I'm all about the tag gold, all about flying the flags for the Brits, all about making myself known in the tag division.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Most people here would sell their own mothers for that title.

Ben: And that my dear Rocky, is why I'm loyal when so many ain't. Plus I love me mother, so couldn't sell her anyways.

Ben smiles at Rocky with a wide grin.

Ben: Ain't just saying that because I know she watches everything I do.

Ben quickly turns to the camera, with a thumbs up.

Ben: Alright mum?

Ben turns back to Rocky.

Ben: Loyalty costs bugger all sweetheart, but it's a priceless thing to have. I'll give it a good go for the fans, but heart lies elsewhere. That's all there with the old tag gold, cause that's something I wanna make famous again with me mate.

Ben looks up, looking across and seeing Christian Underwood waving towards him off camera, beckoning him towards him. Ben looks at Rocky.

Ben: Looks like the boss man over there wants to see me and have a good old chin wag with me.

Ben turns his head, looking down at Sam Marlowe.

Ben: Right, you back with us now you've got out of being lost in your own mind?

Sam looks at Ben, firing a nod in his direction.

Ben: Right, good, I'm gonna go have a natter with the boss man over there.

He quickly turns his head to look at Rocky.

Ben: I think she's lucid enough now for you to ask what ya wanna ask about her shot but it's not good form to keep the boss man from waiting.

Ben puts a finger up towards Christian and quickly looks at Sam.

Ben: Right, you do your thing here, gonna have to get used to this on the spot talking when ya the champ, I'm gonna go talk to Christian. That drink still waits should no dragons appear.

Ben winks at Sam and turns away, walking off camera.

Now head back to Sam's to rewatch the conclusion....

Tuesday 9th February.

A rented house in East London, England is where we start today and an over excited Ben Jordan jumps around the kitchen, grabbing a frying pan quickly from a cupboard and putting it on a stove. From a nearby doorway, travelling buddy Melody Grace looks at Ben, scratching her head as the jovial Englishman picks up a small jug nearby.

Ben: Seriously, sod Valentine's Day, this has to be head and shoulders above that malarky.

Melody: Someone's in a happy mood.

Ben jumps in the air spinning around and holding his chest as he exhales.

Ben: Bloody hell, I know ya like a tiny ninja there Hollow Legs, but damn, nearly gave me a connery. If it was possible, I coulda jumped right out me skin.

Melody pokes her bottom lip out, looking at Ben.

Melody: Sorry.

Ben: All good treacle, well will be when me ticker slows down and I get back to this glorious day.

Melody moves in to the kitchen, looking out a small kitchen window and moving her fingers through her head.

Melody: What's so glorious about the rain?

Ben tilts his head towards Melody across the kitchen.

Ben: you'll appreciate the rain when ya sitting there in the snow in Norway in a day or two. The rain ain't so bad, ya kinda get used to it after a while. Besides girl, it ain't about the rain, it's about what day it is today. It's about the day.

Melody looks towards Ben with confusion.

Melody: Is it your birthday?

Ben: Nah, not me birthday, don't think anyone really knows when that thing is.

Ben looks at the camera and shrugs his shoulders, before turning back and looking at Melody with a cheesy grin.

Ben: It's paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnncaaaaaaaaaaaake day!

Ben clenches his fists in front of him and starts rocking his shoulders in something that can only be described as his happy dance. Melody lowers her eyebrows and pushes her lips together, slowly shaking her head as Ben spins around three hundred and sixty degrees and points towards a frying pan. Melody shakes her head faster as Ben turns to her.

Ben: It's like the greatest day ever.

Melody: If you say so Benny.

Ben: I do. I mean if I can host my own show cooking nothing but pancakes, I would so do it.

Ben rubs his chin as a smile crosses his face.

Ben: Ya know what Mel? That ain't a bad idea.

Ben clicks his fingers and the whole scene changes. A long white counter with a built in sink and cooker reflect the high powered studio lights above it. Ingredients line across a work surface, a crowd of people sit in front of the set, eagerly awaiting what's next. Ben Jordan stands behind the counter next to a really confused looking Melody Grace. Ben is wearing a white chef jacket, while Melody wears a white apron. She looks at Ben through narrowed eyes.

Melody: What just happened?

Ben: Don't worry darling, just go with it.

Melody: How did you do all this?

Ben casually shrugs his shoulders.

Ben: It just happens from time to time. I think about things, I click me fingers and crazy stuff happens. It's all part of me charm and mystery.

The man behind a camera holds up five fingers.

Ben: Get ready Mel Mel, you're about to make a cooking show debut.

Melody looks at Ben with her mouth opened as the man starts counting down, dropping his fingers from four, to three, to two, to one. He points at Ben as a cheesy, yet bouncy jingle starts to play. The jingle comes to a stop and the camera focuses on Ben.

Ben: Hello and welcome to...

Ben looks above his head to see a lit up sign with a name across it. He quickly looks back to the camera.

Ben: Cooking With The Cockney.... I like it! Anyways, I'm your host, Ben Jordan as always here with my lovely assistant, Melody Grace!

The audience clap and cheer as Melody slowly waves towards them.

Ben: Today is that great British day, pancake day! It's one of me fave times of the year. Now ya know that most people get a bit boring with the ol' pancakes, bit of sugar and lemon and that's it, but that ain't how it should work. Pancakes should be a bit like me, fun and fruity.

The audience laugh as Ben winks and turns to Melody.

Ben: We should get making these bad boys, don't ya think?

Melody doesn't say anything but nods.

Ben: Right me lovely assistant, time to make the pancake batter, so could you pass me a couple of eggs.

Melody picks up two eggs while Ben picks up a bowl of flour.

Ben: Right people, nothing special about this flour, just ya run of the mill plain flour, about hundred grams, sorted. Wanna break in those eggs darling?

Melody cracks in two eggs in to the bowl of flour and Ben picks up a nearby whisk as he looks at Melody.

Ben: You've done that before, expert level egg cracker.

Melody: Thrown a couple at my ex more than once.

The crowd laugh as Ben points his head down towards a jug of milk. Melody nods and picks it up.

Ben: Whack in about 300ml of semi skimmed milk, and a tablespoon of oil.

Melody pours the milk in and quickly picks up a bottle of oil and pours a small amount in. Ben reaches down and puts his hand in a salt pot and takes a pinch of salt and putting it in the bowl.

Ben: Now this is the part where I can use it as an excuse not to hit the gym. This is where I get the muscles from people, whipping this stuff up.

Ben starts to whisk together the ingredients, whisking hard and fast to combine the lot. After a few seconds, Ben stops and looks down in the bowl.

Ben: This is what we're looking for people. Smoother than me after six pints. Now I know people say leave it for a bit in the fridge but nah, nuts to that, old wives tale and I am neither old nor a wife, so we don't have listen to that stuff.

Ben moves over towards to a frying pan, putting in just a splash of oil and uses a paper towel to move the oil around the pan.

Ben: Ya wanna do that cause when it comes to flipping these bad boys, ya don't want them stuck to the pan cause that would be a disaster.

Ben puts the pan down on the heat and picks up the bowl.

Ben: This is where the fun stuff starts for me. Thirty seconds either side people, that's all ya really need on this bad boys.

He pours the batter in to the pan, creating a sizzle. Ben rubs his hands together in anticipation.

Ben: You people at home, I know you can't smell this but it's amazing. We're getting up to me fave part, something I'm good at apparently. Been called a big tosser all me life and had a lot of practice with me wrist lately.

Ben winks and takes the pan by the handle and jerking the pan upwards, but the pancake flies in the air, disappearing from view and causing the audience to laugh. Ben awkwardly looks up at the lights.

Ben: Don't know me own strength at times. Moving on...

Ben pours more batter in to the pan as looks towards Melody with a grin. Melody sensing what's about to happen, shakes her head.

Ben: I think being as me pancake is now currently looking on the lights up there, I think maybe we should get Melody to toss the next one.

Melody shakes her head but the crowd cheer and clap. Melody slowly walks down towards the pan and puts her hand on the handle.

Ben: I would give ya some advice on how to do this, but I'm rubbish at it. Good luck Mel Mel.

Melody flips the pan, the pancake flipping over and landing perfectly in the pan. The crowd clap and cheer Melody as Ben looks on impressed.

Ben: Looks like we brought in a ringer here.

Ben tilts his head towards Melody and quickly grabs a jar of Nutella nearby and popping off the cap and taking a spoonful and putting it on the middle of the pancake.

Ben: I know people spread it afterwards usually, but ya know pancakes fall apart at that point. Whacking it right there in the middle let's the heat go through, soften it up and makes it a ton easier to spread.

Ben picks up the pan and slides the pancake on a nearby plate and spreads the Nutella easily across the pancake.

Ben: Told ya people, it's a lot easier. Now we top this thing off with chopped hazelnuts and fresh strawberries.

Ben points to Melody who sprinkles the plate with chopped hazelnuts and reaches for the fresh strawberries, putting the all over the plate and pancake.

Ben: And there people, you have one of the best things you could ever have on a day like today. You will never go back to lemon and sugar again.

Ben smiles at the camera.

Ben: That's it for this little segment of Cooking With The Cockney. For Melody Grace and meself, we'll catch ya later.

Ben clicks his fingers and he and Melody appear back in the rented houses kitchen. Melody looks at Ben, her eyes wide.

Melody: You so gotta teach me how to do that!

Ben smiles at Melody as the scene fades

Friday 12th February

California State University, Long Beach, California.

Crowds of people hustle through a hall, decked out in SCW banners hanging from the brickwork. Stalls set up all around selling various merchandise from SCW stars line another wall to the side. The cameras move around to see people carrying various purchased items carrying the SCW logo. Not an uncommon site to see when SCW is in town, meet and greets are a regular supercard occurrence. The camera moves around to see a row of people lining up in front of a table. Behind the table, Ben Jordan sits as rows of fans queue up. Ben looks down the camera.

Ben: I don't actually mind these things, actually a ton of fun for me to sit and be a part of. I know a few people behind the curtain so to speak ain't big fans of this kinda thing, like Lord Raab who is exactly the geezer you see on TV, emotionless and doesn't give a toss because he is uncomfortable around people, or people like Mikah, who really just don't like people, or Alexis Edwards, who really does bite when she's angry, but me, I get a proper kick outta these things.

Ben signs a picture for a fan as she passes through, before moving on to Stoner Scott Oliver, who is seated to Ben's left.

Ben: Even the people who stay out the ring don't mind being here for the fans because we know you're a bread and butter, so thanks to you all. It's why I really go out of me way to sit there and try and get you lovely people involved in what we do. It's why I work me Jacobs off to get you guys interested in me matches. We know we have to sell it to you, but let's be honest people, I don't have to work too hard to sell this one on you because you already know it's gonna be a proper cracker.

Ben looks at a young girl, early teens holding her phone with the camera flash on. Ben stands and leans over the table, smiling as the young girl takes a selfie. She throws her arms around Ben, who taps her on the back, before sitting back down and looking down the camera again.

Ben: See that smile I just got from her, it's what we're all about, or should be.

Ben looks up once more, signing another picture of himself and handing it to the next person as she takes a picture of him. He quickly turns his head to the camera on his left again.

Ben: Oh, don't think I'm being rude or anything, they can all get pics with me this afternoon, like I said, I like being here so my aris is here all day and I'll be standing over there in a bit with a grin and meeting these lovely people. Anyway, I should be talking about me match, selling it on you guys, but come on, let's be proper up front, who doesn't wanna see this match?

Ben smiles as he signs another autograph, giving a man in his early twenties a quick sharp nod, before returning his gaze back to the camera.

Ben: It's been rumoured that this guy might step up and be Jonesy's partner since Jonesy made it clear he wanted the tag titles. People saw it as a natural pairing, people saw I have a little good history with the champions, match made in heaven and everyone wants to see it. The thought of it gets me a little excited. I get to face a fella I grew with in wrestling, and a fella that calls me Uncle Ben.

Ben hears his name called by a group not in the queue and gives them a quick wave and thumbs up before continuing.

Ben: I look at Connor and there's not a doubt in me nogging at all that this bloke can proper bang with his fists, that he could stand and knock people clean out of their boots if he really wants to. I know he gets a decent kick out of pain, both giving pain and getting a whack himself. I know this geezer will fight till there's no breath in his body. I'm under bugger all illusions that getting in the ring with Connor will be no easy task, I mean he's coming off a huge win against Raab and Samuel, and as weird and very disturbing as those two really are, they both know what they're doing in the ring. They both push people to their limits. Not only did they do that to Connor and to Tim, The Nobodies came out with a huge arse win, you can not deny that don't mean a thing.

Ben smiles at the next in line, quickly signing an three pictures of himself and handing them to a mother and her two boy children. Ben fires his trademark smile at the women and turns back to the camera as she moves along the line.

Ben: Connor was on proper form there. I mean you look across the ring at those two in their scary mask things, and you will always feel your April go a little bit, because they do have that aura of nutcaseness about them, they do give you the willies, but Connor never flinched, he proved himself a fighting champion and never backed down. I know we are old friends, but I'd be out of me box to think that means anything in this one. He ain't gonna look across the ring at me as Ben Jordan, former stable mate, former drinking partner, bloke who has shared countless hangovers with him. He's gonna see me as a threat trying to take hold of what he wants to keep the most and in honesty, he should see me that way, cause Connor mate, I'm seeing you the same way. As a geezer holding what I want more than anything in the world.

Ben quickly signs another picture of himself, handing it to the recipient, a young boy with bright blue eyes.

Ben: Those eyes are gonna get ya everywhere kiddo, the ladies will love 'em.

The young boy looks up at his mother with a beaming face before moving down the line, as Ben looks back at the camera.

Ben: That's the face I want when I get some gold in my hand. Absolutely beaming son, but I know you ain't giving that belt up without a fight. That's what I plan on bringing to you Connor, bringing ya the fight. I know you wouldn't want it any other way son, so I'm gonna make sure you're not gonna get it any other way.

Ben smiles as he turns to the next person, a balding man with a ponytail and T-shirt looking way too small. Ben signs his name on a picture and hands it to the guy who grins widely at Ben before moving along the line. Ben turns back to the camera.

Ben: A fan is a fan, ya know? It's where we all start and it's where me mate Timmy was not too long ago. Mate, you've come a long way in such a short time Tim. I'm seriously proud of ya pal, really and  truly am. I'm proper glad you've come and got ya dreams to follow in ya families footsteps and someday, you'll be better than they are. I know they won't even be grumps about me saying that because they know you are gonna be that good and they too will be proper proud of you for doing it. This is where I'm conflicted Tim. This is where me nut is racing about five thousand miles an hour just thinking about it. I always wanted  you to do well, to be better than anyone in this game, you're a great kid and all, but the thing that gets me is I'm also the fella that wants to take away ya title.

Ben grins at the next set of people, a family of four, parents, a young boy and a young girl.

Ben: Put 'em up on the table, get a pic before the crowds gather later.

The parents nod in agreement and lift the children on to the table. Ben moves in between them as both parents quickly takes pictures from their camera phones. Their parents help them off the table and Ben signs two pictures of himself and hands them to the children. They move along and Ben looks back at the camera.

Ben: This makes it tough for me Tim, really tough because I don't wanna be the first guy to take a title off you, I don't wanna be the first guy that makes you feel that way. Thing is mate, I've worked hard as hell to get to where am and to get this chance to grab hold of that gold, I've worked like crazy to even be where I am today. I don't wanna take it from ya, but ya understand it's what we're in this business to do. I know somewhere deep down, you'll understand why I gotta give it my all. Everyone in this match I have a connection to one way or another, so I hope you understand Tim, that I'll be doing this one as much for my partner, as I am for myself. I gotta give it my all mate, or I can no longer be justified in what I am.

Ben looks at the next in line, a middle aged woman. He grabs a nearby picture of himself to sign and hands it to her with a nod and smile. He turns back to the camera as she passes.

Ben: I know that I've pretty much said I'm gonna be in the World Title match too, someone's gotta help make up the numbers, but the draw of being World Champion, if only for a couple of weeks, is something that is tough to pass up. I stand by what I've said that I will give it up but to be a champ at that level for a couple of weeks, it's tempting, so if I am lucky enough to get through each and every person who draws a number, if I am lucky enough to get that far, it's not gonna matter how much Connor beats me, no matter how much Tim beats me, I will give it my absolute last drop of energy to push through and give people exactly what they wanna see.

Ben stands up and points around the crowd, a more seriously look on his face.

Ben: If these people are still cheering me on, pushing me through it after going through a war to try and get the Tag Team Championship belts away from the hottest team in SCW right now, hottest team there has been for a while. If they're cheering my name and willing me to win, if they're screaming out for me and wanting me to walk out a double champion, for these people.

Ben talks louder, his hand moving around the fans.

Ben: If these people think I'm good enough to be their champion, if only for a couple of weeks, then that is what the people get!

A cheer from the crowd around Ben brings a smile to his face.

Ben: This is what it's all about, a champion that wants to be their champion, not someone like Raab who is so narrow minded, you wouldn't believe it, not someone like J2H, Steve Ramone or Travis Nathaniel Andrews, who has their heads up their own jacksy, not someone who's been back for five minutes, or someone that want it's to put another title on his resume like Sean Jackson. You need a champion you can be proud of that won't mess ya about and as long as you're cheering and I'm still breathing, then I'll still be fighting. I'd still be giving it all I got to give them what they want.

Ben turns to the side, looking down the camera with the fans on his right hand side.

Ben: So there you have it, if these people want it and it looks like they really do wanna see me have a crack at a pair of titles, then these people will see that. SCW, you can considering me hat thrown right in that ring, and people I will promise you to give you the show of ya life.

Ben points at the camera.

Ben: Now I'd love to stay and yack a bit more with you people on the other side of that camera, but I gotta go hang out with these lovely people here, take some pictures, but if I'm anywhere near you people watching at home, I got some grins for you too.

Ben winks at the camera.

Ben: Laters people.

He raises a hand to the camera before turning around to the crowd in front of him and the scene fades out.

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 The video opens with a blank, black screen; the final verse of "This is the One" by The Stone Roses can then be heard:

#And this is the one
#Oh this is the one
#Ah this is the one
#This is the one
#I've waited for

As the song fades out, the black screen fades away, and is replaced by a shot from inside the home of Simon Jones - more specifically, from inside the bedroom of his young daughter, Matilda; dressed in a pair of pale blue jeans and a grey t-shirt, Simon is checking in on Matilda, who he is pleased to see is sleeping peacefully.

Having spent a few seconds simply watching Matilda sleep, Simon smiles at her with affection, before quietly exiting the room. He shuts the door behind him - being careful not to disturb his daughter by making too much noise - and then makes his way towards his own bedroom. Once there, Simon plops down onto the bed, pulls his mobile phone out of the pocket of his jeans, and swipes the screen of the phone with his thumb. After a moment or two of absentmindedly scrolling through some things, he places his phone on a nightstand that is next to the bed, and puts his hands behind his head, as he lies on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Before long, Simon's wife, Jacqueline - who is wearing a pair of black culottes and a white sleeveless v-neck t-shirt - wanders into the room; she smiles, and then speaks to her husband.

Jacqueline: 'So this is where you are hiding, then. I was wondering where you were.'

Simon looks towards Jacqueline, who he had not seen enter the bedroom, having been out of his line of sight.

Simon: 'Why - is something the matter?'

Jacqueline: 'No, I was just curious as to why you hadn't come back downstairs - I thought you wanted to watch the football. Are you okay?'

Jacqueline has a slight look concern on her face, but Simon is quick to reassure her that everything is alright.

Simon: 'No, I'm fine. I've just got a couple of things on my mind, which I was thinking about, is all.'

Intrigued, Jacqueline raises her eyebrows.

Jacqueline: 'Oh yeah?'

She then walks over to the bed, and lies down alongside Simon.

Jacqueline: 'What have you been thinking about, then?'

Simon: 'Well, firstly I was thinking about how fortunate I am to have such an amazing wife and beautiful daughter.'

Simon gazes lovingly at Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: 'And don't you forget it.'

Jacqueline smiles again at Simon.

Simon: 'Don't worry - there's no chance of that happening.'

Jacqueline then leans across to kiss her husband; Simon smiles back at her.

Simon: 'And secondly, I was thinking about my match this Sunday, against Tim Staggs and Connor Murphy.'

Jacqueline: 'You're finally getting the opportunity that you've waiting patiently for, for so long.'

Simon: 'Yeah, and that's what I've been thinking about in particular. I publicly declared that I wanted to win the Tag Team Championships, and after having waited several months, I'm glad to now finally be getting a shot at the titles.'

Jacqueline: 'Only "glad"? That's typically understated from you.'

Simon gives a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Simon: 'It's a championship match, Jacqui - I don't think I really need to say any more than that, to emphasise how much I am looking forward to this match.'

Jacqueline: 'No, you don't - I know how much winning this match would mean to you.'

Simon: 'Undoubtedly. But what if...'

Simon pauses briefly; he then sighs, before continuing to share his thought with his wife.

Simon: 'What if Ben and I don't manage to defeat Staggs and Murphy? After having had my sights set on winning those titles for so many months, if Ben and I were to lose - if I failed to get my hands on one of those belts - then where would I go from there?'

Jacqueline: 'You could always switch your attention back to the heavyweight title - didn't you tell me that there's an open invitational match on Sunday to crown a new champion?'

Simon nods.

Simon: 'Indeed there is.'

He then laughs to himself, which causes Jacqueline to raise an eyebrow again.

Jacqueline: 'What's so funny?'

Simon: 'You bringing up the world heavyweight title match made me think about those that have already announced they will be participating in that match; many of them speculated that I will also be in the match, which amused me, as I have no intention whatsoever of entering myself in that match.'

There is another chuckle from Simon, which is followed by another question from Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: 'Why not?'

Simon: 'Two reasons. One, I want to concentrate all of my efforts on the match for the tag team titles - by focusing solely on that match, I think I stand a greater chance of leaving My Bloody Valentine as one half of the new champions  than I would if I was forcing myself to prepare for another match as well.'

Jacqueline: 'But you've won multiple matches in the same night before though, haven't you?'

Simon nods again.

Simon: 'I have, yes - but not multiple title matches. And that kind of brings me on to my second reason for not wanting to be involved in the world heavyweight title match: suppose that I did enter myself into the match, and went on to be victorious in that match, in addition to the tag team title match - which would be a big ask, admittedly - I would then be forced to vacate my half of tag team titles, having barely had time to celebrate winning it.'

There is another quick pause from Simon, before he continues.

Simon: 'Not only do I want to win the tag titles with Ben, I want to then defend them - successfully, I hope, and on numerous occasions.'

Jacqueline: 'What if Ben decides to enter the match for the heavyweight title - how would you feel about that?'

Simon: 'I wouldn't mind - in fact, if he did decide to do that, then I would hope to see him win the thing, and walk away with the top prize in SCW. You were there with me in Canada - you saw what he accomplished in ACW; it's a travesty that a bloke as talented as he is has yet to hold a title in SCW.'

Jacqueline: 'That's very magnanimous of you.'

Simon smirks.

Simon: 'Don't sound so surprised.'

He then kisses Jacqueline.

Simon: 'It would be great to hold the tag titles with Ben, but I would enjoy seeing him as a singles champion, too.

Jacqueline: 'So, if you and Ben don't win the tag team titles on Sunday, then what would you do, if going after the heavyweight title isn't a backup plan for you?'

Simon: 'That's the problem - I don't know what I would I do.'

Simon sighs.

Simon: 'I suppose there would always be the possibility that we may be given another shot at the titles - but if we can't beat Tim Staggs and Connor Murphy at the first attempt, then why would things be any different second time round?'

Simon shrugs again.

Simon: 'No, we need to make sure that we win the titles at the first time of asking, without the need for a second chance.'

Jacqueline edges across the bed, to lie right beside Simon.

Jacqueline: 'Why are you questioning yourself like this all of a sudden, having doubts about what could happen on Sunday, when you're so close now to getting what you've wanted all these months?'

Simon: 'I don't know. Maybe it's because of the oft-pessimistic outlook that comes with having supported the Blues for three decades; semper te fallant, as I've heard Albion fans say.'

Jacqueline looks at Simon with a frown.

Simon: 'It's Latin for "they'll always let you down."'

Jacqueline: 'Is it because you lost to Goth - is that why you're suddenly lacking in confidence?'

Simon shakes his head.

Simon: 'No. The outcome of that match against Goth - just like the match I had against Brother Grimm two months ago, and the one against J2H in between - was neither here nor there for me; it has had no effect at all on my frame of mind.'

He then frowns.

Simon: 'And what do you mean, "lacking in confidence"? I'm still confident that Ben and I will be able to defeat Staggs and Murphy.'

Jacqueline: 'If you say so.'

Simon stares blankly at Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: 'Come on, Simon. Your confidence is brittle even at the best of times, and so to see you lying here, pondering what you'll do next if you lose on Sunday - you're not exactly a picture of confidence right now.'

Simon: 'Okay. I suppose that's fair. But trust me, Jacqui, one thing I definitely don't have any doubts about is that Ben Jordan and I have the ability - both individually, and as a team - required for us to become the SCW Tag Team Champions.'

Jacqueline: 'Well, good. Just keep thinking positively, like that, and cut out all of the negative talk.'

Simon puts an arm around Jacqueline's shoulder, who then wraps both of her arms around Simon; the two lie on the bed in silence for a number of seconds, before Simon speaks again.

Simon: 'If I was to retire tomorrow...'

Loosening her grip on her husband, Jacqueline sits up slightly, surprised by Simon's mention of the "r" word.

Jacqueline: 'You're not thinking of retiring, are you?'

Simon: 'I'm speaking hypothetically.'

Jacqueline: 'Okay, fine.'

Jacqueline lies back down on the bed.

Jacqueline: 'Continue.'

Simon: 'As I was saying, if I was to retire tomorrow, I would be satisfied with what I have achieved in my career. But even so, there is still one thing that I have yet to accomplish: I have never won a Tag Team Championship - and I am desperate to fill that gap.'

Jacqueline: 'Like I said earlier, Simon, I know how much winning this match on Sunday - to fill that gap, as you put it - would mean to you. So go and make it happen.'

Simon: 'That's my aim - and I'm eager to fulfill it.'

Jacqueline: 'I'm sure that you will fulfill it.'

Simon smiles.

Simon: 'I hope you're right.'

Jacqueline: 'I know I'm right.'

Simon's smile broadens.

Simon: 'You usually are.'

He then kisses his wife's forehead.

Jacqueline: 'I mean, your partner is Ben Jordan. How can you possibly fail, when you have Superman on your side?'

Simon laughs at Jacqueline's remark, and as they lie together on the bed in each other's arms, the scene fades to black.

The scene opens inside the main hall of the Sport Wales National Centre. Sat alone, in the front row of the bleacher seating, with his head bowed, is Simon Jones; he is wearing a pair of navy blue jeans, and a red t-shirt.

Simon raises his head, looks to the camera, and begins to speak.

Simon: 'Valentine's Day is almost upon us, but for the men and women of SCW, Sunday evening will not be a time to exchange cards with their special "valentine" - instead, it will be a time for each of us to trade blows with our opponents. For myself and Ben Jordan, our opponents this Sunday will be Tim Staggs and Connor Murphy - and while there might not be any love in the air during that match, Ben and I could still find ourselves leaving Long Beach with a special Valentine's Day gift: the SCW tag team titles.'

Simon smiles.

Simon: 'Now, before I say any more about the Tag Team Championship match, I first want to quickly say something about the match that will be the main event of My Bloody Valentine: the open invitational gauntlet match, which will crown a new SCW World Heavyweight Champion. It appears that most - if not all - of the men that have declared they will be entering that match, have assumed that I will be among participants. Well, I want to make it clear for everyone, that you will not see me in the main event on Sunday.'

Simon shakes his head.

Simon: 'I'm flattered that - twenty months after my last reign as SCW Heavyweight Champion came to an end, and six months after my last shot at that particular title - I am still seen as a viable contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, but the only championship that I have designs on winning this Sunday is the Tag Team Championship; if I finish the night with one of those two belts in my possession, then I will be equally as happy as whoever it is that goes on to be triumphant in the main event, if not more so.'

Simon gets up from his seat.

Simon: 'Earlier this week, on Monday, it was a year to the day since SCW visited my adopted hometown of Cardiff - a year to the day since this venue played host to Climax Control. At the time, I was about midway through my hiatus from SCW. However, I made a special return to the six-sided ring that night, to compete in a tag team match - and as has been the case in the vast majority of the tag team matches I have competed in over my two stints in SCW, I was on the winning side in that match.'

Simon quickly glances around the building, before looking back to the camera.

Simon: 'Two and a quarter years have passed since I last lost a tag team match; that defeat was one of only two tag team matches that I have lost in SCW, and since then, I have racked up twelve consecutive wins in tag team matches - the match that I won in this building last year was win number nine in that streak. Speaking of the number nine, I have won tag team matches in SCW with nine different partners, including three with the man that will be partner again this Sunday - Ben Jordan - as well as one with one half of the team that will be our opponents - Connor Murphy. And yet, despite all of the wins that I've achieved in tag team competition, there remains one thing that I have never attained, either in SCW, or any other promotion that I have worked for: I have never won a Tag Team Championship.'

Simon lets out a slight sigh.

Simon: 'In a matter of weeks, it will be fourteen and a half years since I made my debut as a professional wrestler. Following my first ever match, it wasn't long before I won my first ever title - one of my then-employer's secondary titles. I subsequently went on to win other titles of a similar stature, as well as more prestigious titles - most notably, the aforementioned SCW World Heavyweight Championship. But in all my years in wrestling, I have never won a Tag Team Championship; it's time for that to change - and change it will, this Sunday.'

Simon takes a couple of steps towards the camera.

Simon: 'There was a time when I felt the same way about having to compete in tag team matches as our current World Bombshell Champion does - in fact, I still felt that way up until just a couple of years ago; the change in my feelings about tag team wrestling was due in no small part to a certain cockney. Ben Jordan and I have known each other for about three years, dating back to our time together in ACW, and it was while we were in ACW that I heard him say that, being in a tag team is a great way to win things with your friends; I'll get to taste how great it is this Sunday - provided that Ben and I topple Tim Staggs and Connor Murphy, to become the new champions.'

Simon smirks, as a thought crosses his mind.

Simon: 'Ben might not thank me for mentioning this, but a year or two ago, a certain red-headed Kiwi would have been delighted by the prospect of me and Ben being the Tag Team Champions. Well, Emma - wherever you are - if you're watching on Sunday, I hope you enjoy the outcome of the match.'

There is a brief pause, as Simon gathers his thoughts, before continuing.

Simon: 'Prior to winning the titles at December 2 Dismember III, Tim Staggs said that nobody cares about the tag team titles - well, actually, the language he used was a bit more colourful than that, but I won't repeat exactly what he said. Regardless of the exact words he used, I suppose it's appropriate then, that the titles are now held by two members of The Nobodies.'

Simon taps his chin with his right index finger.

Simon: 'On second thought, Tim did admit there was one person that cares about the tag team titles - that of course being yours truly. Well, Tim...Connor, too - now you have to step inside the ring with me, and on Sunday evening, you'll experience first hand just how much I care about winning those titles. For your match with Guns For Hire at December 2 Dismember, you two gave the appearance of being reluctant challengers, whereas Ben and I are anything but that. Often in sport, a contest is won by the person or team that has the greatest desire to win. Well, I've managed to find a partner who wants to win the tag team titles almost as much as I do, and on Sunday, whether you want to give up those titles or not, we plan to take them from you.'

Simon puts his hands on his hips.

Simon: 'I have to give credit to Connor: after Ben challenged The Nobodies to this match at My Bloody Valentine, Connor had no hesitation in accepting - an admirable action, but one that could well turn out to be the beginning of the end of his and Tim's reign as the SCW Tag Team Champions. I know that neither man will be willing to give up their titles without a fight. However, I'm confident that Ben and I will be able to get the better of the pair of them. I've seen up close what Connor is capable of - as I referred to earlier, he and I were tag team partners in a match a few months ago - but when push comes to shove, I believe that both Ben or I could get the upper hand on him.'

Simon nods.

Simon: 'When Connor first arrived in SCW, his appearances in the six-sided ring seemed to be few and far between - which was a shame, as the bloke showed some signs of potential; in the past twelve months or so, as he has gotten more matches under his belt, he has looked more like realising that potential. On a number of occasions, Connor fought hard to try win the roulette title, and while he was not successful, there's something to be admired in his persistence. He has shown himself to be a reliable tag team partner, whether in a one-off match with a partner such as myself, or with someone he is more familiar with such as Tim Staggs. Having recently won the first title of his career, if he wants to keep hold of that title, he is going to need to give this match on Sunday everything he has - but I don't think that even that will be enough for him. At least after Sunday he will be able to have another going at trying to claim the roulette title - I think he is a better position to do so now. And should he go on to become the Roulette Champion, well, then he can thank Ben and I for relieving him and Tim of the tag team titles, freeing him to go after the roulette title.'

Simon relaxes his arms, taking his hands away from his hips.

Simon: 'Like his partner, Tim Staggs struggled at first after he joined the SCW roster - I recall him once saying that he might end up as the first person in SCW history to lose every match they compete in. In reality, I'm sure someone had already beaten him to that dubious honour, as I have seen several people come and go after having been involved in a handful of matches in SCW, and after having lost each of them - Desmond Knight springs to mind, as the most recent such example. To mention Tim Staggs in the same context as Desmond Knight is to do a disservice to him - Tim undoubtedly has more talent than the likes of Desmond Knight. Having said that, though, after this Sunday, Tim Staggs may well have one thing in common with Desmond Knight - they will have both have lost to me in a tag team match on an SCW supercard.'

Simon rubs his chin.

Simon: 'I can't decide whether being part of a famous wrestling family, is more of a benefit or a hindrance. On one hand, having a well-known father or uncle can open doors for you that are closed to others; on the other hand, attempting to follow in the footsteps of those relatives can bring with it a lot of added pressure. Tim's father, Spike Staggs, is of course an SCW icon, but someone that I only ever crossed paths with outside of the ring, so I'm looking forward to getting in the ring with his son, to truly see for myself how the latest member of the Staggs clan to enter this sport compares to what has gone before him. Spike had plenty of lengthy reigns as a champion, but like anything, they each had to come to an end eventually; after this Sunday, at least Tim won't have to look far to find someone to give him advice on how to deal with the disappointment of losing a title.'

Simon takes another couple of steps towards the camera.

Simon: 'By now, it should be obvious how much I want to win this upcoming match of mine - if that isn't already clear, then I'm not quite sure what else I can say to emphasise it. I've gone over the reasons why I want to win, but I have another incentive to be successful on Sunday - another reason why I need to win. As I mentioned at the start, this Sunday is Valentine's Day. And with My Bloody Valentine being staged in Long Beach, California, I will be over five thousand miles away from home on Sunday - which means that I will be away from wife for the entirety of the day; I daren't go home to my wife without a title to show for my weekend away - like I said, just another reason why Ben and I need to beat Tim and Connor on Sunday.'

Simon looks up at the ceiling for a moment; he then returns his attention to the camera, and continues.

Simon: 'Tim and Connor, you two have held the tag team titles for two months now - but your reign as champions will not last much longer. Having won each of my last twelve tag team matches, this Sunday, it will not be a case for me of unlucky number thirteen - instead, at thirty-six years of age, I will finally achieve something that I have not managed to do before now. I have a partner who once held a Tag Team Championship for seven months, without ever losing it - with him on my side, and with momentum in my favour, this Sunday should be something special.'

Simon turns away from the camera, and walks the short distance back to the bleachers; after retaking his seat, he looks back to the camera, and speaks again.

Simon: 'After almost five months of being forced to bide my time, I've not got much longer to wait; just days from now, Ben Jordan and I will aim to get our fourth win together, in the most important match that we have had as a team. On Sunday evening, it's time for me to make some personal history - it's time for Ben and I to become the SCW Tag Team Champions; Tim, Connor - see you in Long Beach.'

And with Simon sat looking towards the camera, confidently, the scene fades to black.

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 Standing in the back of an alley where the light barely penetrates, a body can be seen, hands tucked into pockets of a half zipped hoodie, smoke curling around the hidden features.  From out of the shadows a second body appears to be joined by a third, a feminine giggle escaping her as she throws her arm over the shoulder of the second person, a rather quiet Connor Murphy.  

Woman:  Well lads, don’t you think we need to get back to the hotel?  

The cockney accent clearly identifies Tessa from the Nobodies.  Leaning against the wall as he brings up a cigarette to pull a drag from, Tim Staggs is illuminated by the glow of the cancer stick.  Connor narrows his eyes at the younger man and holds out his hand, wiggling his fingers at Tim.

Connor Murphy:  Tim hand me over a cigarette like a pal.

Tim fishes through his hoodie pocket and pulls out a rumpled pack of cigarette which he tosses towards Connor who bobbles the pack before catching it to his chest, hugging it tightly as Tessa can only laugh.  Tim’s lip curls in a facsimile of a grin.

Tim Staggs:  Got a grip Con?

Murphy looks towards Tim and holds up a finger from his hand that isn’t clutching the cigarettes.

Connor Murphy:  Listen you lil shit, I ain’t gonna put up with you teasing me like that.  I get enough of it from Tessa here but I can always get her back don’t I babe?

With a smirk, he lets his hand smack Tessa’s ass.  Tessa moves down the alleyway towards the lights of the street as Tim and Connor follow behind slightly slower.  Connor drags hard on the cigarette as he holds a lighter to the end sparking a glowing ember.  Once he feels the burn of the cigarette into his throat, Connor releases the flame and tucks the now hot lighter into his front pocket.  

Tim seems quiet as they walk while Connor noisily shuffles along beside him.  Neither want to break the silence of the alley but faintly the traffic and noise of the roadway filters towards them.  Tessa call back that she needs to hit the ladies and that she would be back soon to get them a cab.  Connor nods in her direction then he move to stop Tim.

Connor Murphy:  Tim, I haven’t heard from you about the contract signing.  I don’t know where your head is at about this match.  You need to talk to me, I am your partner.

Tim can only give Connor a look for a moment, the glazing over of his eyes indicative of the calming effect of his Xanax.  Connor curses under his breath as Tim shakes his head and gives Connor half-hearted thumbs up.  

Connor turns from Tim and hangs his head.  He doesn’t see Tim move closer, his hand going up to rest on Connor’s shoulder.  Turning his face to Tim, Connor growls slightly, the anger fading with Tim’s next sentence.

Tim Staggs:  I ain’t mad Con.  Matter of fact, I’m looking forward to it.

Connor looks intently into the eyes of Tim as a small spark of something other than Xanax glistens deep inside of them.  The corner of Connor’s lips curl upward as he throws an arm over the shoulder of Tim as his other hand sweeps outward to the alley way as he raises his voice.

Connor Murphy:  Hear that world, Tim’s looking forward to a match!

Tim elbows Connor in the side as he blushes at the joking comment from his partner.    Connor clutches at his side, the full smile now crossing his face not flinching as the pair head back down the alley to the street.  Once there, they find Tessa arguing with someone who clearly doesn’t understand her.  Turning to Connor, he begins to babble at him in some foreign language that Connor can only understand if he listens really close.  Tim pulls Tessa back as Connor leans towards the cabbie.

Connor Murphy:  Listen, we want to go hotel.  You know bed…sleep…

Connor begins to mime sleeping when the driver finally gets what it is that they are saying.  

Driver:  Ooooo Hotel, you want motel 5?

Tim and Tessa share a look as Connor just shrugs and nods slowly.  The three pile into the car as the driver slides behind the wheel.  Tim watches as Tessa leans against Connor and the driver picks up a buzzing cell phone earpiece and begins to babble in a rapid string of phlem and syllables.  Every so often a few English words are heard.  

After a harrowing and speedy ride, the cab pulls up in front of a Motel 6 outside of Long Beach.  Tim exits the car and begins to dig into his skinny jeans, pulling out a couple of crumpled bills and handing them to the driver.  Connor and Tessa move towards the Motel only to hear Tim call out to them about needing to take a walk for a moment.  The pair nod and Connor tells him that he’ll book the rooms.  Tessa opens the door and the two move inside.

<img src=>

Hours later, a half-naked Connor Murphy walks out of the room and into the dawn of the new day.  Bleary eyed, he swipes at his face, the stubble of a day’s growth rasping against his hand.  Walking towards the pool area that is surrounded by fencing, Connor pulls out the rumpled pack of cigarettes and pulls the last one out and brings it to his lips.  Reaching into his pants pocket he pulls out a smartphone and the lighter.  Tucking the phone into the waistband of the jeans he is wearing, he lights the cigarette and puffs slowly on it.  Leaning against the fence, Connor pulls out the phone and runs his finger over the screen to open it.  Fiddling with it, he manages to turn on facetime and hits record.

Connor Murphy:  My Bloody Valentine is only days away and here I am sitting or rather standing around with my elbow half way up my arm and a title match to talk about.  And I can’t be arsed to talk about anything else.  See you know we have this vacant title with everyone and their brothers wanting to throw their hand up to get that little bit of a shot at the brass ring.  

Connor drags deeply on the cigarette before blowing the smoke out as he looks around before beginning to speak once more.

Connor Murphy:  Now I know that as champion I gotta go to that ring and defend the titles tooth and nail but if you ask me, I ain’t going to worry about tooth and nail.  See, our opponents this week are Simon Jones and a man that I consider a pretty good friend and drinking buddy, Ben Jordan.  If you ask me it is like a training session for me all over again, only difference Spike Staggs isn’t there to yell at us for the hangovers.

Connor chuckles at that, a look of fond remembrance crossing his face.

Connor Murphy:  I was pretty stoked to be giving Benny the title shot.  It would be like old times, you remember Benny, the two of us drinking poor Mickey under the table time after time.  And that cheap imitation belt we got for the drinking champion.  Don’t you worry about that title belt there Benny, you won’t ever be taking that one back.  I have to give it to you, you were able to keep up with me.

Once again, Connor rubs his hand over his rough cheeks as he thinks about what he will be saying next.

Connor Murphy:  Now Ben, this ain’t going to be one of your down and dirty fights.  He have a bit of an honour among thieves sorta mentality so when I kick your arse, I am going to tell you I am doing it then when I’m done, I’ll help you back up and buy ya a beer.

Connor Murphy:  Win lose or draw Benny boy, I’ll still buy you that beer after our match on Sunday.  Least I can do for beating you to keep my title.

Connor inhales a drag from the cigarette before he chuckles which makes him choke on the smoke.  Coughing and gagging Connor lets the camera fall slightly taking him out of the shot for only a moment before he picks right back up once more.

Connor Murphy:  And teaming with Simon Jones, good choice mate.  Between the two of you and all the pretty titles you have won…good on you.  But sadly this is a match that the two of you will have to work hard to try and beat us.  See Tim and I ain’t going to go down easy so if you manage to do the impossible and pin Tim or I’s shoulders to the mat well then, good on you.  But it will also mean that you and Simon will be buying me the beer…

Connor takes the last pull from the butt then flicks it towards the pavement of the parking lot.  Pushing himself away from the fence, he begins to walk back towards the hotel room as the door opens to reveal Tessa in his shirt and a smile.  Seeing her beckon to him Connor smiles into the camera of his phone.

Connor Murphy:  As much as I would love to stay and jaw at you, there is a pretty woman wearing very little and is calling me.  So boys, see ya Sunday.

With a wink and a smile, Connor presses stop and then pockets the phone before moving towards Tessa and pushing her into the room and slamming the door behind them.
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