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« on: November 24, 2013, 10:13:38 PM »

Post your RPs here!

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
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Jon Dough
Lin Ting Lu

Previously on Jon Dough’s Promo

Nov 26 2013

(The two get in the cab.)

Orchid: Wait didn't you leave L.O.W. because you asked not to be put in a title match which in turn you they did anyways so you left?

Jon Dough: Kind of.

Orchid: Hmm. Explain please then I'll be quite I promise.

Jon Dough: I ask them not to put me in a title match. I'm not here for that. I just want to make the other stars look good. They didn't listen and they put me in a #1 contenders match for their L.O.W. X Factor Title. They knew what was going to happen. I told them that not only will I job the match but that I will let their Heel win it and it will be the last time they see Jon Dough wrestle in the ring again. They must have thought I was joking. They kept the match on the card so I jobbed it and never wrestled in there ring again. End of story.

Orchid: So now you’re in a title match here in S.C.W. Are you going to job it here to and leave S.C.W.? Please so no Jon.

Jon Dough: .......


Jon Dough: Yes.

(Orchid puts her head down as one would do when in shame.)

Orchid: Oh I see. Maybe Song and I should do the same.

Jon Dough: Why would you guys do that?

Orchid: Were only here for 6 months. President Xi Jinping won’t allow for Song and I to extend are visas.

Jon Dough: So what. Take the titles and see how long you can hold them. If six months go by you can then either drop the titles which for some reason is what seems to be the norm in SCW when it comes to their tag team titles, or leave SCW with the titles and go to JSW with them.

Orchid: Easy for you to say huh Jon!

Jon Dough: What do you mean?

Orchid: It’s easy for you to say yet you won’t do it.

(Jon takes a second to get his toughs together)

Jon Dough: Touché  

(The rest of the limo ride becomes an awkward silence. 35 minutes go by and the limo driver arrives at the dojo gate. Jon Dough and Orchid exit the limo. )

Jon Dough: How much we owe you?

(The limo driver looks at orchid and beginnings to speak in mandarin. Orchid responds back in mandarin. The limo driver lifts up his left sleeve and shows Orchid his left forearm. Orchid bows at the man and the limo driver drives away. Orchid standing back up and turns away from Jon, as she does not want Jon to see her crying.)

Jon Dough: Hey Orchid what was that all about? We never paid him for the ride.

Orchid: Yes we did (She says while trying to dry her eyes)

(The dojo gate opens up. Jon and Orchid both go thru the gate.)

Orchid: Before we go in can we take a walk around the pond?

Jon Dough: Of course.

(They start walking)

Orchid: When I was little my mom and dad always told me a story of a man who saved a woman from being killed. A group of westerners came to FoShan trying to get a partnership with a cotton company out here. One of the westerners got drunk one night and wanted to have sex with her. She was married and three months pregnant at the time. The man wouldn’t take no for an answer. He pulled out his gun. A Chinese man saw what was going on and stopped the man. The westerner in turn shot and killed the Chinese man trying to help the women.

The limo driver just told me the same story. Only this time I find out that the limo driver is the 3 month old baby that was still in his mom’s body. He said he can’t take are money because the man who saved his mom is from this dojo. His mom always told him how grateful she was about that man who saved not just her life but his life to. The reason he showed me his left forearm is because he has a tattoo of the name of the man who saved him and his mother’s life. The name of this hero is Wu Li Chan. My Grandfather. He dies five years before I was born. My dad always told me that My grandfather always did his best at anything he did no matter how hard it was he would always give it 100%. My dad was the same say. I try to be that way to.

Jon Dough: Well then sounds like you know what you have to do.

Orchid: But what if Song and I lose then what.

Jon Dough: It’s not about winning the tag titles. Orchid, it’s about you doing the best you can do. It’s about giving it 100%. All the bombshells will give it 100% if you don’t it won’t be fair to not just Song and the other bombshells but to the SCW fans as well.

Orchid: It’s going to be tough. The bombshells are not going to allow a team in there very 1st match to just walk in and take the titles.

Jon Dough: Which is why you’ll need to give it 100%.
Hey I think we should get to the dojo before Master Lily starts to worry.

Orchid: He Jon. Everything we just spoke about can you keep that between us.

Jon Dough: I always do Orchid.

(They start making their way to the dojo building when Song and Lin Ting Lu make their way out. As the doors open wide they see and hear 85 low hand students. Song and the students held out to the open grass land as she will be teaching the students the beginning stances of the art of Eagle Claw.)

(Ling Ting Lu stands at the front door. The sun is now bright as it can be at 7:15am. Lin Ting Lu puts her left hand up to block the sun from hitting her eyes.)

Master Lily: Orchid you were supposed to be in the limo with Song and I. Well nevertheless you’re needed in the conference room.

Orchid: Yes Master Lily. Sorry master Lily.

(Orchid makes her way in the dojo.)

Jon Dough: Good mourning Master Lily.

(Lin Ting Lu with no regard just turns around and walks back in to the dojo. As she goes in we then see the same man who was at CC a few weeks ago and have seen with Lin Ting Lu as well. The man in the Ninja outfit. He is standing there with his hands folded across his chest shaking his head as he to then just turns around and disappears in the darkness of the hallways.)

Dojo Conference Room

The room is filled with a few news reporters from different news stations (FoShan local news). Orchid walks in and is not in a mood for reporters. Still feeling a little emotional over the talk she had with Jon Dough.

Orchid: I’m sorry everyone. I’m not in the right state of mind right now. Can you come back in a few days.

Reporter 1: Wait Orchid you mean you’re not ready for the upcoming match?

Orchid: I never said that. I just need to rest and be alone right now.

Reporter 2: so then you are ready. So are you and song going to win the titles?

Orchid: I don’t know. Sorry guys that’s all for now.

(Orchid leaves the conference room and goes down the hallway to go back outside. Half way there she sees Song walking towards her)

Song: Master Lily said you look like there is something wrong. You ok?

Orchid: Yea I’m ok

Song: Your lying! What’s wrong.

Orchid: I can’t talk about it Song, but I’ll be fine.

Song: Hey Orchid were a team. If something is bothering you I should be the one you can talk to.

(Orchid knowing that Song is right just nods her head while looking down on the ground. Orchid takes a second before realizing that she should tell Song what’s on her mind. Orchid takes a deep breath as she lifts her head up to talk to Song.)

Orchid: …….

To be continued.
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Act 1: Another Chance for Gold

"Hermopolis is opened and my head is sealed. O Thoth, the Eye of Horus is unblemished, the Eye of Horus saves me, and splendid are my ornaments from the brow of Re, father of the gods; I am this Osiris here in the West. Osiris knows this day, and if he does not exist in it, then I will not exist in it. I am Re who is with the gods and I will not perish, stand up, Horus, that I may number you among the gods."
Spell 8 - Book of the Dead

The scene opens on a long stretch of Death Valley in California. The sun was blazing high in the sky, and the heat from the desert rose above the long stretch black top. Tumble weeds moved along the desert floor as vultures circle over head. The camera soon focuses on the long stretch of road as the sound of a Harley could be heard. We soon see the Harley and two riders on the back. A large man with a skull for a mask is in the front and a slender yet built woman clad in leather clings to him. The bike soon pulls off the road and starts down a very deserted road. They soon come upon what appears to be an abandoned house. The walls were brick, but it looked like it had seen better days. The walls had burn marks on them from a fire that had long since been put out. What was left of the wood was scorched and blackened, and was rotting away from the elements of the desert.  The bike comes to a stop and the riders hop off. The slender of the two we can soon see that it was a female, and she removes the helmet that covered her face revealing the Queen of the Dead underneath. She shakes out her long raven hair and runs a hand through it, as the other takes off the helmet revealing the masked man Ex. He looks around as Necra heads for what is left of the main part of the house.

Ex: Why did you want to come all the way out here?

Necra: After that loss on Sunday night, I think it's time I tapped into the darkness of places like this.

Ex: Yeah but why here? I mean there isn't anything left here really. When the feds came in they took everything that they had in there, then torched the place.

Necra: There is still energy here that can be drawn upon. That's what I plan on doing. Now you can stay here or you can come with me.

Ex: I'm good. Hollar if you need me.

Necra sighs, and heads toward the rundown building. She could feel their eyes on her as she walked into the building. The darkness that filled it pulsed and glowed a deep purple in her eyes as she looked around.

Necra: *Voice Over* It's strange how a place this simple can hold powers of hatred and evil that remains here. It's like all the evil in the desert has come here to fester like a hole in the face of the earth, and yet their spirits linger here. Why I don't know? Considering Manson isn't dead yet, and neither are the young ladies that helped him... But there is something here.

She moves into another part of what use to be a ranch house. She could feel something watching her, something that she hadn't felt in a while. The darkness surrounded her filling her senses once again. She falls to her knees feeling her head starting to spin. Necra looks down and sees that her left hand had turned into it's skeletal form. Her eyes get wide as she looks around seeing spirits around her. She slowly gets up realizing that these were the victims of the Manson family murders.

Sharon Tate: Who are you? Why are you here?

Roman: She's not one of them...

Necra: I'm not one of them as you put it. I'm a child of the dead. I know what happened, and yet there is still a darkness that surrounds this place. Why are you here?

Sharon: I don't know. All I know is that we were our home, and then we were here.

Necra looks around as her eyes start to turn from their dark color to a a pure white. She starts to chant and the souls that stand before her fade into nothingness. She falls to her knees taking a deep breath as her eyes turn back to their normal color.

Ex: Baby? Baby are you ok?

Necra: I'm fine... I'm just a bit weak right now.

Ex moves into the room where she is and helps her to her feet. Necra sighs, feeling the power starting to fade from the place. She had done what she needed to do, and now it was time to head back to Newark. They walk back out into the bright afternoon sun, and Necra shields her eyes. They head to the bike, and she climbs on behind Ex looking back at the now empty ranch house. There was still a feeling there but nothing like it had been. They pull away and back onto the road. Her thoughts went back to the match that as just a little over two weeks away.

Necra: *Voice Over* Once again I'm going after the gold. The Bombshell Tag Titles  are up for grabs and I don't plan on losing them. Of course there are some major players in this match but what does that matter? I've faced Misty and Vixen before, but these others... They are the odds ones out. They are the unknown factor. But then again I've over come bigger odds before haven't I?

Her long hair blows in the wind before she puts the helmet back on. She wraps her arms around Ex tightly as they head down the long stretch of road once more.

Necra: *Voice Over* Now where to start... Why don't I start with the biggest bitch of them all? Misty... Ever since I have arrived in the SCW she has been nothing more than a pain in my side. Her followers are pathetic, and she thinks that she is a true Goddess and Queen to the people of this world? Think again! She is a fraud, and I will prove it in just a few week's time. Misty has gotten lucky time and time again, but this time she is going to fall to the mat, and when she does she'll look up at me, and beg for mercy, but I will not grant it. Her plea's will fall on deaf ears and no tears will be shed by the Queen of the Dead. There was only one time that I let someone win their heart's desire and I regretted it ever since then. But you Misty... you are a target that I plan on hitting over and over again, just to get the point across, and hopefully you'll learn something from it, but I somehow doubt you will ever learn a lesson in the middle of that ring will you?

Necra smiles to herself underneath the helmet as the desert passes by them.

Necra: *Voice Over* Vixen I still can't figure out why you even want to be part of the Misty's team when you're so much better then she is. I mean you are the brains of the operation if nothing else, and Misty thinks that she can control you. That's not much of a partnership now is it? One thinks they can out do the other. Vixen I've faced you before and I know you're weak spots, your tells, and how to take you down with just a few moves before you finally hit the mat. Of course I think you might have caught Misty's crazy and her bitchness, so maybe you two are meant to be together if you catch my drift? You'll have to do a lot besides spout off a lot of fancy words to stop me considering that I will do anything and everything just to win this match. You know me and I will not stop until I have everyone down in the middle of that ring and walk away with another win and the Tag Titles on top of it.

Her eyes change to a red color before shifting back, and looking out at the long road that was still ahead of them.

Necra: *Voice Over* As for the FoShan Bombshells I've seen your type before. You come in like a whirlwind, win a few matches and think you're ready for the big time. Tell me ladies do you believe in the supernatural or do you think that it's all in your heads? I know that China is filled with legends of such creatures that take your souls away if you look upon them or even cross them on the street. I am one of those creatures, and when you look upon me you will see death. I'm not afraid of you, or your styles. I've been exposed it and know how to defend myself very well. My uncle trained in his younger days before Beijing was even the capital of China. Tell me do you really think that you can stand against someone like me? I'm on my way to the top and I'm not letting you two stand in my way. This will be my time to shine no matter what I have to do to get there. It's never an easy fight, and this week won't be an easy fight for you two. I haven't seen you two in a match, but I think I know how you two work in matches. Both Marital artists so that means I have to stay away from you on the mat and in the air. You're tiny but you can do a lot of damage and that is something I'm going to be watching out for. I'm not stupid and I will be ready for you.

Necra squeezes Ex a little bit tighter, as the road starts to get bumpy. Ex laughs as he feels her holding on a bit tighter knowing that she wasn't going to fall off.

Necra: *Voice Over* Azz and Class? More like Ass and trash. I've watched you two try and fight your way to the top but it doesn't seem to be working does it? I don't know how long you two have been around but I have to say that you two are nothing compared to someone like me. You're all show and no action. I know that I'm not going to underestimate you, no matter how pathetic you really are. Bring everything that you have to that ring ladies and expect to be beaten and beaten badly. Not only by me but everyone else that is going to be in the middle of that ring. This should prove interesting should it not? Two titles and 8 of us... Tell me will you fight me tooth and nail just to get your hands on the titles or will you lay on the mat and just try to survive me?

They continue down the long and empty stretch of road with the tumble weeds moving across the vast desert that spread out before them.

Necra: *Voice Over* As for my partner this week, I don't know a lot about you but I see that you've had a couple of matches and some have succeeded while others have failed. Tell me how far are you willing to go Traci? What will you do just to get your hands on the titles? I don't know you, and I'm going to pretend that I do. I want to make sure that you and I can stay on the same page and win this match walking away the new Tag Team Champions. I've had a chance at them before and had them, but this time we'll hold them longer then anyone else. I just hope they're ready to face us. I am the Queen of the Dead, Goddess of Death, the Black Lady, The Reaper of Souls, and a Demon of Lust and Murder! Fear me! For when you look upon me you shall your death. See you soon ladies.

The engine roars loudly as the bike moves by the camera. They move down the long road with dust flying behind them as the sun starts to set over the horizon casting long shadows across the desert floor. The vultures that flew above were now disappearing for the night, and the sounds of the night were starting to emerge as the scene fades to black.
I am the Goddess of Death, the Queen of the Dead, the Grim reaper... and your soul belongs to me.

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Monday November 25th
Las Vegas

"Last night was our second chance.  Vixen and I had another opportunity to prove we can work together as a team to get us a victory and show everyone that we're worthy of being the Bombshell Tag Team Champions.  Our first test as a tag team didn't go so well, as I was the one that ended up being pinned.  Tonight was the other way around, though.  Vixen was pinned.  Our first two chances as a tag team and so far, we're off to a horrible start, but there is one thing both losses have in common."  

"Darknyss.  Raynin and Gothika's slimy disgusting bitch of a manager.  She stuck her nose where she shouldn't have and I'm more than pissed off now.  If I were Gothika I'd start looking for a new manager, because apparently Darknyss doesn't have enough faith in her to get the victory without help.  If it happens again at December to Dismember II against Roxi, that will be proof enough.  Only time will tell, but I seriously hope that Roxi does what so far, I am the only Bombshell to do in SCW...become a two-time Bombshell Champion."

This is not exactly the way Misty was hoping to feel as she got back home after Climax Control.  Instead of heading straight home on Sunday night, she stayed in Hollywood California an extra night.  She should have just stayed in California all together considering December to Dismember II is taking place there, but with Thanksgiving coming up this week, she felt the need to be home.

So here she is, arriving back home later in the afternoon on Monday.  She sticks the key into the deadbolt of her front door and unlocks it before she walks inside to complete and utter silence.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this...the silence.  When I lived with Spike and the kids, there was never a quiet day in the house.  Eden was always running around causing chaos, and Timmy was yelling either at a video game or at Eden for breaking something of his in his room.  Needless the say, the only time Spike and I ever got some peace and quiet was when we went out somewhere and left Dixie or Desiree to baby sit.  It's crazy to even think it, but man I miss all that noise and commotion."

Too lazy to walk into the bedroom just yet, Misty drops her duffel bag by the front door and sets her keys on the table.  She closes the front door and takes in a deep breath, looking around her empty house with a lost and lonely expression on her face.

"Look at me.  I'm just five months away from turning thirty-five and I'm walking into an empty house.  I have a five and a half year old daughter who isn't even living with me because of my own stupid decisions.  A person is supposed to make bad decisions early in their life, but I seem to be doing things a bit different.  The older I get, the more the mistakes I seem to make.  You'd think I would have learned by now."

Misty walks down the hall and heads into her kitchen.  She looks around and marvels at the spotless kitchen, then turns toward the refrigerator, only growing more distraught at what she sees...what she forgot she had put on the refrigerator before she had left for California.  The four by six candid photo of her and Seth that someone had taken just a week or two before in Chicago.


She grabs the photo and slides it out from under the magnet that was keeping it in place before she opens the refrigerator and takes out a cold beer.  Misty stares at the photo as she pops the top off the beer, tossing it on the counter, then heads back down the hall and into the front living room.

"Damn the outside of Frankie's gym looks awful.  So beaten down.  It could really use a good remodel, but hell if I'm going to be the one to suggest it.  Not that it really matters right now anyway.  Seth is pissed off at me now.  I shouldn't blame him, but is it really so wrong that I wanted him to be there and support me for my match?  I didn't think so, but apparently he did.  Who knows when he'll speak to me again.  It seems I've went and chased him away now, too."

Misty drops down onto her sofa and takes a long swig of her beer as she stares at the photo that shows the two of them standing outside of Frankie's gym, just talking...getting to know one another again.  She tries to smile, but given the current situation, looking at the picture only makes her more sad.

"I guess that's what I'm good at these days.  Pushing people away.  And it all started with Spike...with my whole family, really.  From that moment on it was just one thing after another until I completely alienated my family.  All I wanted my whole life was a close knit family, and what happens when it seems like I was finally getting my wish?  I am the one to completely ruin it."

Misty shakes her head and puts the picture on the coffee table in front of her and takes another drink of her beer.  She takes a deep breath, then looks to the right, looking out into the front hall by her door.  Her eyes fall on frame hanging on the wall, and she places her beer on the coffee table next to the picture.  She stands up from the sofa and heads over to the picture, running her hand over the frame, only causing the regret and the remorse to grow.  This time she is looking at a picture of Eden.

"And who is the one that had to suffer the most this time?  The one person I was supposed to protect from the very start.  The one that I carried inside of me for nine daughter.  Eden was the one hurt most by my selfishness.  I can't deny that Vixen has done an amazing job at being the mother that I haven't been.  I should hate her for trying to replace me as Eden's mother, but I know that's not what she's doing, and I respect her for that.  I respect her a lot.  I won't admit this to her, but I think she's taught me a thing or two in the time she's been with Spike.  She's opened my eyes to everything that I've lost...everything she has now."

Misty looks at the photo for another moment or two, then turns around and glances to the clock on the wall.  A thought pops into her head and she quickly grabs her car keys and walks out the door, heading back to her car.  Less than a minute later she is backing out of her driveway once again, driving off down the street, disappearing out of view.


"I'm not sure what the hell I'm doing here.  I could be making a big mistake, but I don't even care anymore.  If Spike has a problem...Well...there's just nothing I can do about it."

Misty's blue SUV pulls up outside the front of the home of Spike Staggs.  Spike's car is in the driveway, meaning he is home, and Misty nods.  She shuts her engine off, then gets out of the car, but she doesn't head to the front door.  No, she instead quietly sneaks her way around to the back of the house and into the backyard.  She is quickly drawn to the building in the distance where she used to live with Ruby and her disciples, but she only looks at it for a quick moment, then turns her attention back to the reason she came here.  

Her eyes fall to the ground in the corner of the backyard where Spike set up a special little memorial for the child that they lost.  The child that would have been their son.  She drops down to her knees, running her hand over the stone that Spike placed there, and she closes her eyes as she fights back tears.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you.  It may not seem like it, but it's true.  But I'm sure you know that.  I'm sure you know how much Mommy loves you and how much I wish I could take things back.  If I could, you'd be here with us right now, baby boy."

Misty is too lost in her own thoughts to notice that Spike Staggs is just outside the back door, looking straight at her.  He walks towards her quietly, then stops just a few feet behind her, just staring at her.  She keeps her hand on the stone as she thinks about her lost child.

"I want you to know that I don't hate your daddy.  I know it may have seemed that way last year, but I could never hate him.  He gave me Eden...and he gave me you, though it was my fault that you never had the chance to experience life.  I have all the love and respect in the world for your daddy, and I have no doubt in my mind that you would have been just like him."

As Misty's silence continues, Spike decides to interrupt her.  He clears his throat, and she nearly jumps out of her skin as she falls to the ground, landing right on her butt.  She raises her hand to her chest, breathing heavily then looks right at him.

Misty: Geez, Spike.  You could have warned me you were coming towards me.  You scared the crap out of me.

Spike: What the hell are you doing here?  

"And here comes the argument.  I guess I shouldn't really expect him to be civil.  I don't deserve it anyway."

Misty dusts herself off and gets back to her feet, looking down at the memorial stone once again.

Misty: I'm sorry.  I haven't been here in a while and I just...I wanted to visit the memorial that you made.

Spike: So you felt the need to just sneak around to the backyard?  You don't live here anymore, Misty.  The least you could do is knock on the front door and at least ask.

Misty: Oh, right.  Because that would really work?  Please, Spike.  We both know you would have said no and slammed the door right in my face.  

Spike: You can't just come over any time you feel like it, you know.

Misty closes her eyes and nods.  She gently folds her arms across her chest, but doesn't say a word.  Spike can tell that she is holding back tears, but because of their history, he still can't tell how real those tears may be.

Spike: Here we go with the act again...

Misty: It's not an act, Spike!  I don't know what else I have to do to make you see that!  

"I really can't keep fighting with him.  Maybe I just need to give up.  You can't move a brick wall.  And Spike is a damn brick wall if there ever was one."

Misty wipes away at her eyes, removing any signs that she was even on the verge of crying.  She looks at Spike with the most sincere look she can possible muster.

Misty: For months...MONTHS...I have been trying to prove to not only you, but to everyone else how sorry I am.  I've been trying to make up for everything I've done, but it just doesn't seem to be working.  I've told you that.  I guess nothing I do or say will make the hate you feel towards me now go away.  Even teaming with Vixen doesn't seem to be enough for you.

Spike: Can you blame me for feeling this way, Misty?  You caused a lot of shit over the last couple of years, and it's going to take more than just a couple of months to get over that.  Especially when I've got Eden to be concerned about.  You can't hurt me anymore than you already have, but Eden...I will NOT let you hurt her ever again.

"I won't let myself hurt her ever again.  I just wish he would see that."

Misty nods, wiping at her eyes again.

Misty: I know.  Trust me, I know that.  I'm going to do everything in my power never to hurt her again.  If it makes you feel any better, all the pain I've caused her is coming back to me ten-fold it seems.  But, I deserve it all anyway.

Spike: That makes me feel just a little better.  Not much...but a little.

Misty: I thought you'd say that.

Misty somehow cracks a bit of a smile.  She turns away from Spike, once again dropping to her knees over the memorial stone for their son.

Misty: He'd be almost one now, you know.

Spike: Huh?

Misty: The baby...our son.  He'd be almost one.  

Spike closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath.

Spike: Misty, if you're still having problems over this, you need to talk to someone.  I admit I had a hard time after you first told me, but it's in the past.  There is no use in thinking about how old he would have been...or what he would have been like.  He's gone.

"Okay...that one stung a bit."

Misty lowers her head and nods.  She can't fight the tears anymore as one rolls down her cheek, then another and another.

Misty: I know.  Just another one of my mistakes that I'm paying for now.  Karma really is a bitch.

Spike: That it is, but you said yourself you didn't know you were pregnant.  I may not believe much that comes out of your mouth, but that is the one thing I've chosen to believe out of everything, because--

Misty: Don't even say it, Spike.

She stands up quickly, turning around and looking at Spike with a serious expression.  Her cheeks are flushed red and she points a finger at him.

Misty: Don't you even dare attempt to accuse me of going into that match knowing I was pregnant.  I swear on my life that I didn't know.

Spike: You can't really blame me for thinking it at least once in the beginning.  

Misty: Maybe not, but...Damn it, I would never do that!  If I did...well I'd certainly hope I'd be paying a lot steeper price for that crime, because the hell I'm going through right now would be nothing...NOTHING compared to what I should be going through if that were the case.

Spike shakes his head, confused.

Spike: The hell you're going through?  What hell are you talking about?  You've got your house...You've apparently got a new boyfriend.  Congratulations.  You've got a real rough life right now.

"If you only knew, Spike.  If you only knew."

Misty lets out a sarcastic laugh and shakes her head.

Misty: A house is nothing to me if it's fucking empty Spike!  Do you think I enjoy walking into a quiet house everyday when just last year it was filled with Eden's childish laughter, and Timmy's teenage yelling?  Do you think I like going day after day not seeing my daughter, because of a horrible decision I made?  

Spike stands there, speechless.  

"Yeah, didn't think so."

Misty: Do you think I enjoy the fact that the one person who ever saw any good in me no matter what I did is now six feet in the ground, and the only way I can talk to her is to talk to thin air and not get any response back?!  Oh, and that new boyfriend you speak of...Well, he's now pissed off at me, so apparently that didn't last very long.  I can assure you that my life is far from fantastic right now.  Thanksgiving is in just a few days, but you'll be happy to know that I'm spending the day completely alone.

"I bet he's smiling on the inside right now."

Spike stares at her, blinking.  As she pours her heart out, Spike almost looks like he feels a hint of sympathy for her.  He tries to speak, but Misty holds her hand up and stops him.

Misty: You don't need to say anything else, Spike.  I'm sorry I trespassed on your property, but like I said I wanted to come back to this memorial you made.  I'm not sure if I've ever said it, but it was really great of you to do that.  It might seem crazy to say this, but I almost feel close to him being here.  Anyway, I'll leave now.  I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Give Eden a hug and kiss from me...if you want to that is.

"I should do it myself, but I can't be around her right now.  Not feeling the way I am feeling."

Misty looks down to the memorial stone one last time.

"I love you baby boy."

She lifts her head, then walks past Spike.  Not another word is spoken between the two of them, and Spike slowly turns to watch her way away.  Not long after, the sound of her engine roaring to life is heard, and she drives away from Spike's house, heading back to her own home.


Thanksgiving Morning

The sun has barely just risen, as the first light shines through the front window of Misty's home in Las Vegas.  In the living room, Misty is fast asleep, curled up under a blanket on her sofa with a rather comfy looking pillow under her head.  The remote to her TV is on the coffee table in front of her; the tell tale sign of a sleepless night channel surfing.  

A few minutes pass by when a quiet knocking is heard at the front door.  Misty doesn't wake right away, but as the knocking continues and gets louder, she begins to stir.  She pushes herself up on the sofa, leaning forward and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, before she grabs her cell phone and checks the time.  She hears the knocking continue, then looks towards the front door, wondering who could possibly be here at this early hour.  She slowly stands up from the sofa and makes her way to the door.  When she opens the door, her eyes widen as she is surprised to see two familiar faces standing before her.  

Misty: Mom?  Dad?  Wh...What are you two doing here?

Misty stares at her mother and father as they stand in front of her, all smiles and holding several bags filled with food.  

Andrew: Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to let us in?

Misty quickly shakes her head, then opens the screen door, allowing her parents to walk inside.  To her surprise, her mother wraps her arms around in her in a welcoming embrace, which Misty just as uncharacteristically returns.

Colleen: Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie.

Misty: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.  But again, I have to ask...What are you two doing here?

Misty's father walks past her and heads into the kitchen, placing the bags on the counter.  He walks out of the kitchen a few minutes later, once again joining his ex-wife and their second born daughter.

Andrew: We thought we'd surprise you.  Do you think we'd let you spend Thanksgiving alone?

Misty's thoughts immediately start to swirl in her mind.  She thinks about Eden...her family...and Seth. She should be happy and smiling to have her parents here, but the noticeable absences have more of an effect on her.

Misty: I appreciate the thought, guys, but you don't want to be around me.  It may be Thanksgiving, but this isn't exactly a good one for me this year.

Colleen: All the more reason for you to not be alone, sweetie.  Come on, we better starting going through all those groceries and get started on that turkey.

Misty doesn't even have a chance to argue with her mother as she is being dragged into the kitchen with her father following behind them, secretly grinning from ear to ear.  About an hour or so goes by and as Misty and her parents are working tediously in the kitchen, Misty looks at all of the food they are prepping and a thought hits her.  She looks at the amount of food and shakes her head, confused.

Misty: Umm...Mom, do you realize how much food is here?  This is way more food than is needed for three people?

Misty's mother briefly stops what she is doing and looks up at her daughter, then to her ex-husband.  They both smile, and as if on cue, someone knocks on the door.  Misty's mother smiles innocently and gets back to what she is doing, leaving Misty to go answer the door.  Misty looks at her curiously, then turns and heads towards the front door.  When she opens the door this time, her eyes light up and she smiles from ear to ear as she quickly opens the door and Eden runs into her arms.  Two of Misty's sister's, Desiree and Dixie, are with her.

Misty: Eden!  Oh, sweetie, you have no idea how happy I am to see you!

Misty lifts Eden into her arms, hugging her tight.

Eden: Happy Thanksgiving, Mommy!

Misty: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, sweetie.  I had no idea you three would be here.

Misty steps aside, letting Dixie and Desiree to step inside, and Dixie closes the door behind them.  She looks at Misty, and for the first time in a while, she actually smiles at her older sister.

Dixie: Spike told us about the other day.  He thought it would be a good idea if I brought Eden over and give the guys some male bonding time.

Misty: Male bonding time?  What about Vixen?  Isn't she over there?

Desiree nods, and lets out a bit of a laugh.

Desiree: Of course she is.  Dixie offered to stay behind, but she said she'd be fine.  Spike doesn't know that Tommy and I are in town yet.  We're going to surprise him later.

Dixie: But Jamie is over there with the baby, and I think Spike mentioned something about have another guest over tonight, but he didn't really mention who.

Misty's eyes widen.

Misty: Wait a minute...You left her there to deal with Jamie by herself?!  Are you two crazy?

Dixie: Oh please...Spike is there.  She'll be fine.  

Eden: Mommy, why couldn't Mommy Vixen come over too for Thanksgiving dinner?  She had to stay home with all the annoying boys!

Misty lets out a laugh as she sets Eden back down on the floor, and Dixie looks at her niece with an amused smile also.

Dixie: Eden, Vixen had to stay back home with Daddy and the boys.

Eden: But why?  It's not fair to Mommy Vixen.

Misty: Well, you see, as much as I would have loved to have Vixen over here for Thanksgiving dinner, sweetie, Grandma and Grandpa don't really know Vixen, and this is a special family dinner.  Don't worry, you'll get the chance to go save Mommy Vixen a little later.

Desiree: Yeah, and we'll see if she passes the test.

Misty looks at Desiree with a raised eyebrow.

Misty: Test?  What test?

Desiree laughs before she responds.

Desiree: If Vix can't deal with the Staggs men all by herself, she's going to be marrying into the wrong family.

Misty shakes her head, holding back a laugh of her own.

Misty: As much as I agree with you there, I guess she shouldn't have a problem.  She is ex-military after all, but I can't help but feel a little sorry for her.

Just then, their father walks out of the kitchen, and Eden runs into his arms, hugging him.  He looks around, realizing that he's surrounded by women.  Eden realizes this and she lets out a giggle.

Eden: Mommy, Grandpa is outnumbered!  He's the only boy in the house!  

Misty looks around and realizes that Eden is right.

Misty: That he is, Eden.  Well, unlike your uncles over with your Daddy and Mommy Vixen, we're going to treat Grandpa a little nicer.  Right?

Eden nods then skips off into the kitchen to greet her grandmother and help in any way she can.  Dixie and Desiree follow behind her, both greeting their father with a warm smile.  Misty follows behind them, her spirits lifted now that her family surprised her.  And while she thinks about her Grandmother, and even Seth, she tries to focus on the bright side and enjoy the day with her family.

Later that evening...

After a successful and relaxing Thanksgiving day with her family, Misty is in the kitchen working on cleaning up.  Her mother is helping her as they both stand by the sink, loading up the dishwasher.  Eden can be heard laughing in the other room, and a few seconds later she comes running into the kitchen with her jacket on.  Dixie is right behind her.

Dixie: Misty, we need to get going.  Spike is expecting Eden back soon and Desiree has to get back to Tommy so they can both head over to Spike's at the same time.

Misty stops what she is doing so she can bend down to give young daughter a hug.

Misty: Ok.  I wish you could stay for longer, but this is what happens when you have two families.  

Eden: I wish I only had one family!  This is exhausting!

Misty laughs at Eden's rather mature statement and that she says it very matter-of-factly.  She kisses Eden on her cheek then zips up her jacket for her.

Misty: I know it is, sweetie, but all that matters is that you have so many people who love you.  Now, you better get on home to Daddy, Mommy Vixen and your uncles.  You make sure to keep Timmy and Uncle Jamie in check, okay?

Eden: I will, and I'll get to play with baby Sean!  As long as he doesn't cry.  I don't like when he cries.

Desiree then walks into the kitchen, standing next to Dixie, with their father reappearing behind them.  Desiree and Dixie give their father a hug, which considering everything this family has been through, is almost odd to Misty, then Desiree heads over and gives her mother a hug.  A few minutes later, the two leave with Eden, and Misty can't help but miss them already as she gets back to finishing cleaning up the kitchen with her mother.  

Colleen: So, Misty, what say you and I go Black Friday shopping tomorrow and check out what kind of deals we can find?  

Misty smiles but shakes her head, declining the offer.

Misty: Thanks for the offer, but I can't.  I'm catching a flight to California in the morning.

Colleen: Oh?  I thought you didn't have to be there until the middle of next week?

Misty: I don't, but I'll be staying with my friend Drake this weekend. I haven't seen him in a while, and he invited me over this weekend so I accepted.

Misty's parents both seem surprised to hear this and they exchange curious glances at one another.

Andrew: What about Seth?

Misty: What about him?

Colleen: Sweetie, you and Seth are together now.  You don't think he'll be a little upset to find out you'll be staying at another man's house?  

Misty shrugs, but doesn't even look at her parents.  She finishes loading up the dishwasher, then closes it tightly and hits a few buttons to start its cleaning cycle.

Misty: I really wouldn't know.  Seth isn't talking to me at the moment.  If he had such a problem with it, he would come out here.

Colleen: What happened?  I thought things were going great between you two?

Misty: I thought so, too, but I guess I was wrong.  Look, I don't really want to talk about my problems with Seth right now.  We've all had a great day today, and I'd like to finish off today on a high note, so let's just not talk about it.

Colleen glances to her ex-husband, and he shrugs with a shake of his head.  An awkward silence falls between the three of them, and continues on for a considerable about of time as they finish cleaning up in the kitchen, and the scene fades away.


Redemption: Part 4

If you had asked me at the beginning of this week, how I saw this week going, I probably would have just stared at you and walked away.  The fact is, I wasn't expecting this week to be great at all, because it got off to a horrible start.  Vixen and I lost our match against Gothika and Roxi Johnson.  Seth got pissed off at me and hasn't spoken to me since.  Not that I've even tried to call him anyway.  And to top it off, I was fully expecting and prepared to spend Thanksgiving alone.  Thanksgiving is supposed to be the start of a joyous Holiday season, but given everything that has happened this year...Well, I wasn't holding out much hope.

I spent most of the week secluded from the outside world.  I sat down with my Nook and read a little bit and then I did a little bit of writing.  And while I wasn't doing either of those two activities, I was channel surfing, trying to find an interesting movie on TV.  I stayed up rather late Wednesday night, attempting to watch Gone With The Wind on AMC.  It was my aunt's favorite movie, but unfortunately, I couldn't keep my eyes open to watch the several hours long movie and I ended up falling asleep on the couch.  

I was surprised the next morning when my parents came over with groceries in hand and ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  I thought they were back in Chicago, but the real shocker came when not only did two of my sister's come over, but Spike gave Dixie permission to bring Eden over as well.  That was the real highlight of my day, and it made this whole week that much better.  Next time I see Spike I really need to remember to thank him.  

As for right now...Well, I'm sitting here writing this journal entry, tonight, looking forward to my flight to California tomorrow, but I think I'm looking more forward to seeing someone who hasn't been seen in SCW in a while.

Drake Green.

I know people will get the wrong impression, because let's face it...They have in the past.  But, as I've stated before, and I will continue to do so...Drake and I are just friends.  And since good ol' Mark Ward made a huge mistake and fired Drake, I think someone at least needs to check in on him and see how he's doing.  Though he seemed to be doing okay judging by his Tweets earlier this week.  I've already had people questioning my decision to go visit Drake, especially considering December to Dismember II is a little over a week away.  But, they've got nothing to worry about, because after this weekend...I'll give my opponents in this four corner Bombshell Tag Team match my full attention.  

Given mine and Vixen's rough start as a tag team, I can't go into this match with overwhelming confidence.  She and I need to be on the same page, and I plan on trying to meet up with her next week to figure things out to make sure we don't lose this one, because we don't just have one team to face...We've got three.

Traci Patterson and Necra Octavian Kane shouldn't be much of an issue given the fact they've never worked together as a team before.  Individually it's a different story, but when two different personalities such as the two of them are combined...Well, let's just say I don't think they will be walking out as the new champions.  Unless they can get along and unless both of them wants to be  champion with the other, they are hardly my greatest concern.  

Torielle Jackson and Chanelle Martinez, collectively known as Azz N Class...Now they are a different story.  They know each other inside out.  They are a distinguished tag team and they work together well.  They have everything it takes to be the Bombshell Tag Team Champions, but the only problem?  When was the last time they were even in active competition in SCW?  They are rarely ever around, but they are suddenly thrown into the picture and are getting a title match?  Sorry, I don't get it.  Maybe if they stuck around for a while and developed their team and improved a bit, I would understand, but they're not ready for tag team gold...Not yet.

And the FoShan Bombshells?  Song and Orchid?  This situation strikes me as the most interesting.  Up until just a couple of weeks ago, I'd never even heard of them, but their manager or trainer or whoever she is...Master Lily...brought them to SCW, using me as the motivating factor.  I'm still a little confused, but hey, at least I know some people are paying attention to the things I say.  I wish it were the rest of the Bombshell division, but this is a start.  I'm not worried about Song and Orchid, because from what I heard, they probably won't even be around in SCW for very long.  Once I get to know them a little better and see what they've got, then I'll form an opinion on them, but as for now...I'll put my opinion of them on hold, and just do everything in my power to keep the titles in my and Vixen's possession.  

December is about to begin, and while SCW is calling it December to Dismember...I'm calling it something else...Something a little more appropriate.

It will most definately be a December to Remember...

Either way...2013 is going to end on a high note.  You can count on it!

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Lin Ting LU
Master Wong

Previously on Orchid Promo

Song: Master Lily said you look like there is something wrong. You ok?

Orchid: Yea I’m ok

Song: You’re lying! What’s wrong?

Orchid: I can’t talk about it Song, but I’ll be fine.

Song: Hey Orchid were a team. If something is bothering you I should be the one you can talk to.

(Orchid knowing that Song is right just nods her head while looking down on the ground. Orchid takes a second before realizing that she should tell Song what’s on her mind. Orchid takes a deep breath as she lifts her head up to talk to Song.)

Orchid: …….
Song's Promo

Orchid: I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose this match but I feel wrong winning and taking the SCW Bombshells Tag Titles.

(Song's face goes from happy to shock/disappointment with Orchid. However instead of making a scene, Song takes a second to think and takes two steps closer to Orchid.)

Song: Orchid I love you we grow up together. We have done everything together. we even become the 1st ever co prom queens back in HS remember. So Orchid if you feel that we shouldn’t win the match and take the titles I understand. It’s ok.

Orchid: Really you won’t get mad if we’re not the Champions.

Song: Of course not. If they’re willing to give us a title shot on are very first match what’s stopping them from giving us a shot some other time. Who knows maybe you might have a change of heart next time and we can be the champs then.

(Orchid feeling and looking relieved starts to smile and runs to Song to hug her.)

Orchid: Thank you Song.

Song: No worries Orchid.

(They let go of the hug. Both girls smile at each other.)

Orchid: I'm going to get something to eat. then rest a little bit. Want to meet up later and get some training in?

Song: Sure.

Orchid: Ok see you then Song.

(with both girls happy and smiling, we see Orchid turn her back to Song to head towards the kitchen. Song's smile and happiness turns to bitterness and mad once Orchid is no longer in sight.)

Song thinks to herself
Like hell were going to lose. We will be the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions.

(At this time Master Lily as well as the 85 Low Hand students make their way towards Song.)

Master Lily: Is everything ok Song?

Song: No Master Lily. Please forgive me Master as what I'm about to say may make you mad at me. I don’t really care what anyone here wants.

(Song stops as she sees Master Wong and the other three of the 5 Elders are seen making their way thru the hallway. Song bows as Master Wong bows back. The men keep walking. Song looks back at Lin Ting Lu)

Song: My whole life I did what all the masters here wanted me to do, but no more!

(Master Wong and the other three Elders hear this and stop. Song sees these and gets a little scared.)

Master Wong: No Song its ok I want to hear this. Your fine Song trust me.

(Song knows that Master Wong is always truthful with his words so she gets clam and starts to speak again.)

Song: Well Master Wong, Master Lily, and my brothers from the Elders. I know we do what are masters tell us to do. We don’t ask questions. We just do it. But come December 2 Dismember with or without approval from any master here in the dojo. With or without Orchid The FoShan Bombshells will walk out of that match with the SCW Bombshell Tag Team titles.

Master Lily: Well Song What made.......

Master Wong: Song and Lin Ting Lu meet me in my office in 5 minutes. I'll get to the bottom of this and...

(The man dressed in the ninja outfit stops Master Wong. The Ninja points at himself before throws a smoke bomb down. As the smoke bomb clears we see that the man in the ninja outfit is no longer around.)

Master Wong: Hmm he must know something that I don’t. Hmm Alright then.

(Master Wong Looks at the other two Elders)

Master Wong: Son please go to the kitchen no make that the cafeteria and have the cook prepare lunch for 8. Have them put in some baskets for us. We’re talking a trip.

(Lin Ting Lu nods at Master Wong to show that she agrees then tells the last Elder)

Master Lily: Son please take the Low Hand students to their next class. Let Master Lee know that he will have to teach them Eagle Claw and Wing Chun for me please. Master Wong I'll meet you in your office in a few minutes.

Master Wong: Hmm All Alright then.

(A few minutes go by and we see Lin Ting Lu, Master Wong, Song, Orchid, Master Wong's Son, and Lin Ting Lu's son (Blasted Monk) in Master Wong's office sitting at a round table.)

Master Wong: I’m only going to say this once.

Master Lily: Wait should we wait for Jon and...

Master Wong: No He is with Jon and he is dealing with whatever is going on with Mr. Jon Dough. Now like I was saying. If I ever have to repeat myself on this subject you will no longer be a part of my dojo. Do I make myself clear?

(Everyone nods)

Master Wong: No one is to ever question the masters here in the dojo. The gate its 200 yards from my office door. You can leave at anytime you want. I never want to ever hear someone question the masters or show any disrespect to, or towards them. We have too many young students here I don’t need any of my senor students showing ANY type of disrespectful actions.

If I ever hear anything disrespectful you will have to deal with me in a way you don't want. Does everyone understand me? [/color]

(Everyone nods and we hear a knock on the door. Its Jon Dough and the man in the ninja outfit.)

Master Wong: Come in.

(As Jon and the man in the ninja outfit walk in.)

Master Wong: I need everyone to leave my office. All but Jon Dough.

(Everyone makes their way out of the office. Song and Orchid look at each other feeling something is about to go down they both walk out the room but before they do they both kiss Jon on the cheek both say "Good luck" as they walk out. The Man in the Ninja outfit is still in the room.)

Master Wong: I know when I say everyone leave my room that never includes you. However I need to speak with Jon Dough alone. So for the 1st time in over 15 years I need you to leave please.

(The man in the ninja outfit looks confused at the request but leaves anyways. A smoke bomb is thrown and as it clears the man in the ninja outfit is nowhere to be seen.)

(As Master Wong and Jon speak in his office we see Song, Orchid, and Lin Ting Lu walking down the hallway.)

Master Lily: I sense something wrong. Orchid you have mixed feelings of winning the title.

(Orchid while still walking with Song and Lin Ting Lu puts her head down while answering Lin Ting Lu.)

Orchid: Yes Master Lily.

Master Lily: Song you want to win the titles.

Song: Dam Skippy. Sorry I mean yes Master Lily.

Orchid: Master Lily what do you want us to do?

Master Lily: That’s easy Orchid. I want you guys to go out there and give it your all. Win or lose never matters to us as long as you give it your best.

Orchid: Master Lily Can I be excused please.

Song: Were you going Orchid?

Orchid: I need to take a shower. Then start training. We have some belts to win Song.

Song: Really Orchid1 You mean it.

Orchid: Let’s do this Song.

Song: YES!!!!!!

(Song runs to Orchid and gives her a big tight hug. Kisses her in the cheek. You’re the best Orchid.)

Song: Oh man you do need a shower  \'laugh.gif\'

Orchid:  :| Not cool. I'll be back so we can train.

(Orchid walks down the hallway. Lin Ting Lu and Song stop and stare at each other.)

Song: Well?

Master Lily: Well what?

Song: I need you to get me Climax Control: (57) Sunday Night Seduction all the way to last week’s show. Its homework time.

Master Lily: Don't be silly Song. I already have every single C.C. from show 1 till last week’s show and every Super card that they had in between. It’s in the film room. Good luck getting to view them as Jon Dough tends to lock himself in there.

Song: That’s good. We can all watch it together then.

Master Lily: Hmm I see well ok then. I'll be making sure everything here is running smoothly. meet me and Master Wong at the dojo gates in 3 hours please.

Song: Yes Master Lily.

(Lin Ting Lu walks off to check on things while song heads up stairs to the film room to start scouting the other bombshells that will be in the Four Corner Match.)

End of scene  
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 Walking into the kitchen of their home, her hands working her long hair into an elastic, Vixen can’t help but smile as she looks at Spike Staggs and sees the straps of an apron on.  Moving towards him, she slides her hands around his waist and nuzzles under his ear.

“Hey love,” she says as she hugs him.  He responds with a hand clutching at hers then spins her around.  Vixen begins to move in for another hug before seeing “Mr. Mom” on the front of the apron.  The two words make her pull away with a giggle.  “Nice apron,” she adds between gulps of trying to breathe through her laughter.

“Go ahead and laugh it up beautiful,” Spike growls in mock anger.  “If it wasn’t for this apron, you and I wouldn’t be here right now because I wouldn’t have joined Sin City Wrestling.”  Pulling Vixen closer, Spike lets his lips leisurely caress Vixen’s before pulling away and letting her go with a tap on the ass.  “Eden said something about you making some dessert for tonight before she left.”

“Eden’s gone?” asks Vixen as she moves towards the coffeemaker where she pores herself a cup of coffee then moves to the other side of the counter.  

Spike nods as he puts the finishing touch on the turkey before he replies with a mumbled, “Yeah, thought that maybe she should go and see her mother…”

Vixen moves towards Spike and hugs him again.  “I’m glad that you let Eden go and see Misty.  I mean she and I are tag partners and well, I think that she might be a bit lonely since her change of heart so to speak.  Part of me thinks that maybe just maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt.  It can’t hurt especially if we are teaming together.”

Leaning on the counter, Spike lets his arms rest on Vixen’s shoulders.  “We have a history and here you are suggesting we be all buddy buddy.  I ain’t going to be that trusting babe,” avows Spike.  “But I ain’t the one that has to team with her so I think what we need to do is focus on what is important and that is getting ready for the crazies that are going to be here later.”

At the mention of crazies, Jamie Staggs walks into the kitchen with his crying son.  “Bro man, you gotta tell me that you are making your famous food for thanksgiving.  Because I am hungry for something other than mac and cheese…” teases Jamie as he hands Sean off to Vixen and begins to peer into the different pots and pans on the stove.

“Hands off Jamie,” growls Spike as he shares a look with Vixen who is juggling Sean to make him laugh.  Sniffing slightly, Vixen realizes why Sean is crying and hands him back to his father.  “Sean is smelling a bit funky Jamie, where is your diaper bag and I will get you a diaper.”

“Aw man,” mutters Jamie as he motions towards the counter where he set the bag and is handed the strap by Vixen as Spike’s phone goes off.  Vixen watches as he answers it, listening with only a half an ear as she prepares to start cooking her dessert.  Spike hangs up the phone then reaches behind his back and pulls at the bow of the apron, pulling it off and leaning over to drape it over Vixen’s shoulders then kisses her cheek.

“I’ll be back my love, I have something to do,” Spike says as he grabs a jacket.  “Keep him out of the kitchen and I’ll be back soon.”  After pointing threateningly at Jamie, Spike leaves Vixen to guard the food from his scavenging brother as the scene fades out.


After dinner, Spike and his family sit relaxing, the turkey working its magic on everyone making them drowsy in the warm living room.  Vixen finally fights off the laziness and with a smile for Spike, she gets to her feet and moves towards the staircase and climbs the stairs to enter a room at the top of the stairs.

Inside the room is a computer open on a vanity that is cluttered with papers and makeup.  Sitting in front of the screen, Vixen takes the mouse and opens a webcam program which pops up a window to show Vixen sitting there.  Pressing record, Vixen begins to speak.

“It is time for December to Dismember, the SCW supercard that will be opening with a very strong match featuring the Bombshell tag team titles on the line.  Misty and I have our first defense and believe it or not, it’s a match that will see the two of us defend against three other teams.  If you asked me when I won the title that I would be working well with my partner, I would have laughed right in your face.  And from the looks of it she and I have a lot of work ahead of us,” says Vixen into the lens of the webcam.

Adjusting her chair as a small yawn escapes her, Vixen puts a hand over her mouth.  “I have to apologize for that yawn.  I am not trying to be rude or anything however, thanksgiving dinner was just too good.  The fact that Misty and I are facing three other teams that want what we have, that definitely won’t be boring at all.  However, when it comes to this title, I don’t think that I am going to let any of those women have a chance at taking what belongs to Misty and I.”

“So let me lay this out for you in words that you will understand.    Azz and Class, I have seen how you wrestle and it would be like wrestling the Kardashians I am sure.  I mean you are tough but the only thing that I am thinking that you will bring to the fight is the fact that you are pretty much a Jerry Springer tag team on the ‘Bitch I am gonna kick your ass’ episode.  I’m ready for it, honestly I am because it seems that is all you are going to be good for,” states Vixen with certainty.

“Then there is Necra and Tracy…a tag team that is basically thrown together like a scrub baseball team.  Don’t get me wrong, you two are talented wrestlers on your own.  Hell, Necra has held titles in SCW and Tracy is a very strong competitor that I have been in the ring with.  The two of you have faced me before and think that I won’t be that tough because Misty and I just can’t seem to get on the same page.  Well, that is going to change at the supercard .”

“And finally, our last opponents are the Foshan Bombshells.  Welcome to Sin City ladies.  I don’t know how long you are planning to remain here in SCW but while you are here, I look forward to seeing just how far you are going to go.  I heard that it was Misty’s reputation that brought you here and I congratulate you on choosing an opponent that is one of the top bombshells in the federation.  But one thing you need to know, there is another that is just as good, her tag team partner.”

“So at December to Dismember, it is going to be a four corners elimination match where I have to work with my partner to turn back a very strong challenge by three teams that just might have what it takes to beat Misty and I.  After realizing that I do have to protect Misty just as much as she needs to protect me, I have come to believe that we will be better teammates at the Supercard.  I am not going to let her down and neither will she let me down.  So ladies, there is nothing you can do to stop us from retaining our belts at the supercard.”

With that, Vixen leans forward and smiling into the webcam finishes her speech.  “And Misty, I know we haven’t seen eye to eye since we were made into a tag team but that changes now.  We will talk and we will be on the same page come December to Dismember, this I promise you,” vows Vixen who is interrupted by Spike who leans into the room to invite Vixen back downstairs.  

Without another word, she leans to the mouse and presses stop on the recording leaving the webcam to film her leaving the room and shutting the door.

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 The first deadline has now passed. Anything after this will count for Round 2

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Act 1: Lullaby for Luna

"Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the *night* will last *forever*!"
Nightmare Moon - My Little Pony


Nightmare Moon Rises

The scene opens on the lovely city of Manhattan. The skyline was cast against the clear water of the large harbor that surrounded the city, and ran under the bridges, connecting one shore to the other. The setting sun cast it's beautiful glows of red, and oranges filling the sky with beautiful light. Night was just a few moments away, and soon the sky would be filled with the bright and twinkling stars and the moon would cast it's face to the earth as the sun hid it's. The city was alive and people moved this way and that heading home for another evening or coming to their jobs for the long over night shift in the dead quiet of the world. The camera moves toward a very tall building that seemed to stretch higher then most of the other apartment buildings in the city, and was done with a small pyramid on the top. The camera moves into one of the slightly open balcony doors where we see Necra going over the script for the My Little Pony Broadway play. She moves with grace as she recites her lines, and stops when she comes to a song. She sits at the black piano in the middle of the foyer and begins to play, as Sothren walks into the room.

Necra: Now the hours come at last,
The soft and fading light
has crossed the west horizon,
and has bidden us goodnight
And what a lovely night it is,
to walk a moonlit field

To see the softer shades
that are by starlight now revealed
So why is it now,
when all is quiet and at rest
when candles glow,
and all the world is at it's very best

The ponies of Equestria
should lock themselves away
To shun the moon and wait instead,
for sister's sunny day

Necra gets to her feet, as Sothren continues to play the music for her. She moves around the floor with her dark eyes shimmering brightly in the light of the foyer.

Necra: Am I so wrong,
to wish that they would see things like I do
And am I so wrong,
to think that they might love me too

Why shouldn't they adore me,
is it not within my right
I'll not be over shadowed,
mine is not the lesser light

I've waited long enough now,
for them to all come around
And though the sun may plead and threaten
the moon will stand her ground

And will know the wonder
of my dark and jeweled sky
When all the world is wrapped in
an eternal lullaby

Necra stands in one spot, as her eyes start to glow an almost purple color, a she starts to rise above the floor on cloud like wings that had appeared.

Necra: So say goodnight
at this final setting of the sun
Tomorrow dawns in darkness
the night time has


As the music fades she lets out an evil laugh as the lights flicker, and go out, only to come back on a few seconds later. She comes down to the floor and the wings fade into nothingness once again.

Soth: Sweety that was amazing! How did you do that?

Necra: I've been trying for the last little while now just to get my wings to come out when I want and it finally worked. I'm going to do it just like that in the show.

Soth: You know that is scary as hell right? I mean everyone else is going to be using harnesses.

Necra: I know that, but it just seems to fit, and I think it would something more to the whole show.

Soth: Parent's will shield their children's eyes because of it, but I couldn't be prouder of you at this moment.

Necra just smiles as she looks at him, and sits down beside him on the bench at the piano. It would be months before they were ready to open but she would be ready for it all. The costumes were being made and they wouldn't be anything to sneeze at by the time she was finished with them.

Necra: Thank you. This will be my moment to shine if nothing else. I've always wanted to do something like this.

Soth: and now you'll have your chance.

Necra: And it's all thanks to you. I would have never seen it if you hadn't of pointed it out.

Soth: I know... You're mother would be so proud of you. Why don't you go and tell her?

Necra gets up from the bench and heads into the other room as Stacy appears behind him.

Stacy: You know her mother never wanted her on broadway.

Soth: I know... That's why I did it.

Stacy shakes her head, and folds her arms in front of her, as Necra comes back into the room.

Necra: Mom said she wants to speak with you.

Sothren looks over at her, and takes a big gulp and swallows hard as he gets up knowing what was coming. Necra just smiles as she picks up the script and starts for the stairs with Stacy following behind.

Stacy: You know your mother is going to come through that mirror and try to kill him right?

Necra: I know that. That's why I've decided to retire for the evening. Unless I have other plans for tonight that is.

Stacy: You've been spending a lot of time on the show... Have you forgotten about your match this week?

Necra: Of course not. I've been training in between of running my lines, and making the outfits, and running the company. I'll be ready for that match on Sunday night... Don't worry... I'm going to shut Misty up once and for all.

Stacy: Just don't underestimate any of them ma'am... This might not be a match that's going to be easily won.

Necra: Are you doubting me?

Stacy: Of course not my Goddess. It's just not going to be as easy as your usual matches.

Necra: I know Vixen and Misty are going to be defending their titles but I want to get my hands on them just that much more.

Stacy: That's true, but you don't even know who your partner is.

Necra looks at her as they reach the top of the stairs, and Necra walks down the hall to her room. The plush carpet was soft under her feet, and felt warm as the sun finally set over the city. They reach the set of double doors and pushes it open revealing a spacious room with a large bed against the wall and done in hieroglyphics telling the tale of the young Goddess and the Lord of the dead. A large desk sits in one corner scattered with papers, and designs, while mannequins with different outfits lined the wall. A large black panther lounged on the bed but remained asleep as she walked in and moved to the window and opened it moving onto the balcony, over looking the city.

Stacy: If there is nothing else this evening my Goddess...

Necra: No, you can go. If I need anything I'll get Sara to handle it.

Stacy bows and turns, heading out the door, closing it behind her for the evening. Necra doesn't turn from the balcony but stares out at the night. The lights of the city were starting to appear along with the stars above.

Necra: I'm surprised that you have actually opened your mouth so soon Misty... Then again... No I'm not. I know that you think you and Vixen have an easy win this week but think again. I'm not going down that easy, and I will do everything that I can to win those titles. You're right about one thing Misty I don't really know anything about my partner, let alone heard anything from her yet. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be doing most of the work in this match... Of course it doesn't really matter to me in the least. I've faced worse odds.

Her eyes seem to shimmer that purple color once again as the light catches them, but change back to their dark color just as quickly.

Necra: Misty do you ever learn from your mistakes? I mean you thought you were the Queen and what did it cost you? Everything? You have no one at your side now, and you're all alone. Me... I have thousands of people who adore me around the world, and would willingly come to my side if I asked them to. That's the difference between just being a Queen and a Goddess. I know you must be feeling low and sad considering everything that has happened, and all that you have is that piece of gold around your waist... But what good is that when you have no one at your side?

Necra smiles to herself as she leans against the balcony railing looking down at the streets that were still crowded with heavy traffic heading to the plays that were already on Broadway.

Necra: Misty I've faced you more than once and we've both had our wins and losses over the other, but this time I'll walk away with another win and the Bombshell Tag Titles. Of course if you feel like trying to stop me then by all means try everything that you can. I'm not going to back away from this match, and I will not stop until you fall to the mat, wondering how you could have lost to someone like me.

Necra looks up at the sky and smiles as they shimmer against the midnight black sky.

Necra: The Foshan sisters seem like they are capable and remind me of someone that I know. They were also sisters and both very talented in martial arts and they were tough to take down, but they were beatable and I know you and Orchid are as well. You see I've been trained by a man that was alive in the time of the 4th dynasty in Japan and China, and he has taught me a few things and I know how to counter act each and every move that you two have. Bring everything that you have to the match and pray to the Great Buddah that you'll be able to stand a Goddess that has come to earth to face the mere mortals that surround her. You two are going to be the odd ones out in this whole match, but I have to say you are a worthy challenge so far. You have actually shown respect but that only comes with your heritage and the way you were raised, and I have to say that it very refreshing to see around here.

She shivers slightly in the night as a light wind begins to blow over the city. Necra turns and heads back into the room closing the balcony doors behind her.

Necra: Vixen I don't know how you can even stand with Misty considering she thinks that you have never been an equal to her. You lucked out when you won the other half of the Tag Titles only to end up with a woman that you know can't stand you, or what you stand for. She hides it well if nothing else but you know that its there. Sunday night you can kiss your titles goodby when Traci and I walk away with them. I will do everything that I can to get your hands off of those titles, and you know how vicious I can be when the rules are tossed away. When this is all over Vixen you and Misty will be broken, bloodied, bruised, and begging to have it all end, but I'm not going to let it. Not at all. I will watch you suffer, and crawl on hands in knees through a pool of your blood only to look up at me and say end it, but I will whisper no. I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, the Black Lady, and the Reaper of Souls. Fear me! For when you look upon me you shall see death. See you soon ladies.

Necra's eyes flash red and seem to stay that way. She looks at the camera and her eyes start to turn back to their normal color as she moves to the desk with the pile of papers on it. She starts to sketch out something as the camera focuses on it, seeing Vixen, and Misty lost in each others embrace. Necra laughs as the lights start to flick off and on, and fade out, as the scene fades to black.
I am the Goddess of Death, the Queen of the Dead, the Grim reaper... and your soul belongs to me.

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For Traci Patterson the last couple of months had been a blur. After all she had started training in April of this year and now here she was in December she was going strong in SCW despite the fact that she had been wrestling for last then a year. Now she had her latest big test and it was doing something that she had never done before. Trust someone else to help her win a title. Of course she had a very limited tag experience in tag matches. Hell she barely had any experience in matches period. Still she knew that at the end of the day that her partner didn’t give a shit about that after all she wanted was a title not to hear about Traci lack of matches so she couldn’t worry about that all she could do was control herself. So she had to focus on her to make sure that she didn’t let down Necra her tag partner in this championship match.

So as the camera came up it showed her in a ring in her ring gear of a black muscle top, black short and black boot with her having some poor unfortunate bloke locked in her grip. The man had on a grey t-shirt, black shorts and white sneakers that had seen better days. The man seemed to be trying to get free from her front headlock but with twist he had a more ill shouting cough. As she did this she could hear her mentor and trainer Laura Jackson yelling at her.

Laura Jackson
Come on Traci you got to do more to punish him

Traci then started to knee nail him with a knee to the chest. A groan escaped the man lips as he felt the impact however Traci didn’t wait as she delivered a second one right into the same spot. This one lifted the man a couple of inches off the ground. She then did it for a third time and before he could come down from the blow Traci planted him with a DDT. The man now laid spread eagled on the mat seemingly unable to move. Traci now looked over at Laura who was leaning against the ropes of the ring. She had on a black hooded top, blue jeans and black trainers. Traci looked at her clearly wanting to see what Laura thought,

Traci Patterson
Did I do ok?

Laura got into the ring and put her foot on the man. She poked him with her foot before looking up.

Laura Jackson
Well I got to admit that was a nice DDT!

Traci smiled all excited by that.

Traci Patterson
Awesome if I can impress you I know I will impress Necra!

Laura started to laugh at his point as the guy crawled out of the ring to go lick his wounds and look for some pride back.

Laura Jackson
Look Traci I can tell you Necra won’t give a shit about how you do things. I can tell you for a fact I mean I been in the ring with her all she will care about is what you do for her pure and simple.

Traci Patterson
Ummm ok but don’t you think she will like having me as a partner?

Laura Jackson
Like I said she won’t care for you unless you give her the title so if I were you. I just make it so you don’t piss her off!

Traci looked at her clearly worried about this.

Traci Patterson
Well as a team what do you think our strength as a team is?

Laura looked at her plainly and answered.

Laura Jackson
Power! You and her will make a great power team. You are both bigger women  and I can tell you I been in the ring with Necra probably the strongest woman I have ever seen. I mean she took myself and Mandy on top of one another and throw us clear out of the ring we damn near got put in the front row of the crowd so yeah she is the veteran so if you feel like you’re in trouble tag out. All other teams will look to keep you in their half of the ring.

Traci Patterson

Laura nodded as she heard that it was clear she was still learning.

Laura Jackson
Tag team 101 the best teams cut off the ring and make it so they wear down easier and with you two being bigger you can do it quicker too.

Traci Patterson
Are you sure we can do it?

Laura looked at her and shook her head like she couldn’t believe Traci was asking this.

Laura Jackson
Yeah I do. I mean I would say Azz N Class are the weak link hell I didn’t know they were still with the company I mean it’s been forever since I saw them compete hell I beat them to win my first title well before the whole drug BS happened I will one day clear my name of that.

Traci Patterson
So you think that we should beat them then?

Laura Jackson
I know so the one team that worries me is the Foshan Bombshells because they are new and when someone new it’s hard to work out what they can do I mean I heard they are expert in martial arts so they are going to be light on their feet and know ways to hook you in ways to make you tap.

Traci Patterson
So we should focus on keeping them out of the match then?

Laura Jackson
Exactly but you shouldn’t forget Misty and Vixen. They are the champions and they are that for a reason. Two tough wrestlers who will want to prove that they are still the best team in the division. I mean I know you have been Vixen before but don’t think that means you are going to beat her again. Vixen will have done everything she can to get you scouted fully but I think that you and Necra can come away with a win

Traci looked at Laura and it was clear she was worried about something.

Traci Patterson
Do you think that I can win the title honestly?

Laura put her hands on Traci shoulder and looked her dead in the eye.

Laura Jackson
Look Traci you need to start realising you are doing this on your own I maybe giving you tools to win. Katie maybe there to support your efforts to win but at the end of the day it’s simply put you who gets in that ring and wins. So I’m telling you this right now .You are good and you could be the best but you got to believe it you are 5ft 10 and 143 Pounds use it and know that it’s all on you. Now I’m going to say it once more you are going to dominate this match so right now focus on this match.

Traci Patterson
Ok I will do that!

Laura Jackson

Laura looked at her watch and sighed.

Laura Jackson
Oh man is that the time. I got to go Mandy waiting for me.

Traci Patterson
I promise you Laura the next time I see you I will have a title promise!

With that Laura left the ring as she did this Traci waved so would Traci become one half of a new set of tag champions? You will have to tune in and see the PPV!

End of RP
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 ((OOC: Sorry this RP was kinda rushed at the end...serious writer's block all week had me scrambling to finish today.))

Friday November 29th

"I could be making a mistake.  Lord only knows how Seth is going to react when he finds out why I'm headed to California early, and more importantly, who I will be staying with.  But, I don't even care right now.  Seth can get pissed all he wants.  Drake and I are just friends, and I haven't seen him in a couple months."

When we last saw Misty, her Thanksgiving was coming to a close, and for her, it was an unexpected successful day at that.  The family she thought still hated her all surprised her by coming over to her house and cooking their Thanksgiving meal there, even bringing Misty's five year old daughter Eden with them.  After expecting to spend the day miserably alone, Misty had more than enough to feel thankful for this holiday.  

But that was yesterday.  Today, though?  She's on a plane, headed to California a few days early, looking forward to visiting someone who has been a good friend to her recently.  Earlier in the week Drake Green had come out of hiding, following his wrongful firing at the hands of Hot Stuff Mark Ward, as he reappeared on Twitter and invited Misty to spend a few days at his place in California for Thanksgiving.  If her situation were just a bit different at the moment, she probably wouldn't have accepted, but that being said...She gladly accepted Drake's offer, and that is where she is headed now.

"I better get into a better mood, and quick.  I don't need Drake giving me the third degree if I let this crap with Seth keep me in a horrible mood. "

But she can't help but think about Seth as she sits in her seat on the plane quietly, as it's headed to California.  She hasn't spoken to Seth since Sunday night at Climax Control, but the two did exchange single text messages Thanksgiving night, each wishing the other a Happy Thanksgiving.  But that was it...Nothing more...nothing less.  And Misty doesn't know how she is supposed to feel about it.  The flight attendant walks down the aisle, checking on the passengers, when she stops in the row Misty is seated, and looks at her.  Misty has her head turned, looking at the clouds just out the window.

Flight Attendant: Excuse me, ma'am?  Is there anything else I can get you?  It's last call for any refreshments.

Misty turns her attention to the flight attendant, looking at her with a polite smile, and she shakes her head.

Misty: No, thank you.  

Flight Attendant: Ok.  If you change your mind, let me know soon.

Misty nods affirmatively, but she won't change her mind.  She turns and looks out the window again.

"I can't help but wonder how Drake is doing though.  Poor guy had to deal with so much crap from Mark and then to be fired like he was?  Hell, I was ready to confront Mark on it myself, but...Well, Drake doesn't need me to fight his battles."

Misty looks out the window for the remainder of the flight, until she spots the airport just in the distance, pointing out the plane would be landing soon.  The rest of the passengers are instructed to fasten their safety belts, and a short while later, the plane makes its descent down to the airport.  It takes several minutes for the plane to pull into the terminal, which for Misty is the worst part.  She may be well accustomed to flying at this point in her life, but even shorter flights just tend to get to her.  She is relieved a short while later as the passengers are given the okay to exit the plane and make their way into the airport.  

Misty grabs her duffel bag from the overhead compartment, then slowly follows behind the rest of the passengers as they exit the plan.  Once Misty has made her way down the terminal's corridor, she spots the somewhat familiar face of Drake Green standing there waiting for her about ten feet away.  Misty stares at him for a moment, making sure it really is Drake, though the smile on his face should have given it away.

"Good Lord...Unemployment does not suit him."

Misty: Drake!  My God...what are you wearing?  

Misty walks up to Drake, and the two embrace in a friendly hug.  Misty takes a step back to assess this version of Drake Green in front of her.  He is wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans, but the kicker in his whole appearance?  His beard.

Drake: Hello to you, too, Misty.  

Misty: I'm sorry.  Hey Drake.  Now, answer my question.  What the hell are you wearing?

"He really does look a lot better in those suits of his...If he even still owns them."

Drake: Hey, don't knock the outfit.  This is actually pretty comfortable.

Misty nods and manages to let herself smile, but she looks at his face and the beard that has grown quite a bit since she last saw him.

Misty: Okay, the clothes I can understand, but Drake...the beard?  Really?  That thing is out of control.

Drake runs his hand through his thick beard and smiles before he just shrugs Misty's observation of his appearance off.

Drake: I happen to like my beard, thank you very much.

Drake takes Misty's duffel bag and carries it for her as the two walk away from the terminal.

Misty: So, let me get this straight.  Mark fires you and suddenly you don't care about your appearance?  Am I right?

"Why am I asking him that?  He'll deny it when it's blatantly obvious that is the case."

Drake looks at Misty from the corner of his eyes as they continue walking towards the airport's exit.

Drake: Don't tell me you're going to insult my appearance the whole time you're here.  I don't need to look special for anyone right now, and like I said...I'm perfectly happy with my beard and my choice of clothes.  

Misty just shrugs his response off, deciding it is best to get off the topic of how his look has changed.

Misty: You're right.  I'm sorry.  But I'll say this.  When we get to your place, if it's the bachelor pad that I'm imagining, and it's a mess, my O.C.D will kick in and I'll have to clean for you.  

Drake: Damn.  If I'd have known that, I'd have purposely made it mess.  I've always wanted to see you in a French Maid outfit.

"Okay, I walked into that comment."

Drake looks at Misty with an amused smile and gives her a wink.  She gives him a stern look, though she is a bit amused by it herself.

Misty: Oh gee, I'm sorry...I didn't think to bring my french maid outfit with me...Whoops.

Misty laughs sarcastically, and Drake looks at her before responding, very matter-of-factly.

Drake: That shouldn't be a problem.  I have one set aside at my place, just in case.

Misty's jaw drops open in surprise and Drake again winks at her.

"Okay.  That I was not expecting.  At least his sense of humor hasn't changed."

Misty: You're joking, right?  If you think--

Drake: Yes, I'm joking...Relax.

Misty rolls her eyes as they make their way out of the airport and through the parking lot.  Misty is expecting to be led to a high class expensive car that Drake was normally seen in, but instead, she gets yet another surprise as Drake is apparently now driving a Range Rover.  Misty raises an eyebrow, but ultimately stays quiet.  Drake looks at her before they get into his car.

Drake: What?  Now you have a problem with my car?

Misty shakes her head and opens the passenger side door as Drake tosses her duffel bag into the back seat.

Misty: Did I say that?  I'm hardly one to judge what someone drives.  I drive a Ford Edge for crying out loud.  It's not exactly a luxury vehicle.  I'm just used to seeing you be chauffeured around, that's all.

Drake: Whatever you say.  At least I know when you see my place you won't have anything negative to say about it.

Misty: You sure about that?  After all...I've been known to be a negative nancy lately.

"What the hell did I just say?"

Drake raises an eyebrow and looks at Misty, trying not to laugh.

Drake: How old are you again?  That's something my grandmother would say.

Misty rolls her eyes and laughs as she gets into the passenger seat, and Drake gets in the driver's side behind the wheel.

Misty: Alright, I'll stop making jokes about your appearance as long as you don't bring up anymore age jokes.  Do we have a deal?

Drake thinks for a moment, causing Misty to wonder if he won't agree.  Apparently, the idea of cracking age jokes with Misty is too tempting, but ultimately, he shakes Misty's hand, agreeing to her deal.

Drake: Fair enough.  Although, I can't promise that one or two might accidentally slip out from time to time.  But, I won't make any on purpose.

Misty: Yeah...I'm sure you won't.  Let's go...I'm ready to see this magnificent house of yours.

Drake nods with a smile then starts the engine.  He backs out of the parking space and Drake drives away from the airport.



"I definately wasn't expecting Drake's place to look like this.  It's definately secluded like I was expecting, but who ever thought something like this would be hidden in the mountains?"

We fast forward a few hours to the home of Drake Green.  His house, well mansion almost, is hidden in the mountains in California, leaving the former SCW Heavyweight Champion to himself to enjoy the peace and quiet, along with the wildlife around him.  

Inside his house, Drake and Misty are enjoying some wine after finishing their "post Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving meal.  Although the weather in California is hardly cold compared to what Misty had grown accustomed to, growing up in the Chicago area, Drake still decided to build a fire in the fireplace.  The two are seated on Drake's sofa, sipping on their wine and overall, looking to be enjoying each other's company.  As Drake takes a sip of his wine, Misty decides to change the subject of their conversation up just a bit.

Misty: Drake, be honest with me here.  Are you really enjoying this seclusion?  Are you really happy that you're not wrestling anymore?

"I'm sure he'll lie a bit with his answer.  Silence is good every now and then, but every day?  I'm no stranger to how that feels."

Drake thinks for a moment, deciding the best way to answer Misty's question.  He stares at the fireplace for a few seconds, then shrugs.

Drake: Don't get me wrong, there is a lot that I miss about SCW, but I kinda like the peace and quiet here.  Not to mention I don't have to put up with Mark's bullshit all the time.  

Misty: What about the fans?  You lived for the fans, Drake.  Don't take this the wrong way, but are you fine with being Mister Mountain Man?  Literally?

Drake cracks a smile at that comment as he takes another drink of his wine.  Misty does the same as she waits for him to answer.

Drake: Just because I live in the mountains, that doesn't automatically make me Mister Mountain Man, Misty.

Misty: True, but I wasn't just talking about where you live.  This...

Misty reaches forward and touches Drake's beard.  He smirks a bit, not even bothering to hide the fact that he is enjoying that.

" least it's clean..."

Misty: This isn't really you.  At least, it's not the Drake I know.

Drake: I thought you liked some facial hair on a man?

Misty nods and finishes off her glass of wine, setting the empty glass on the table in front of them.

Misty: Key word being "some", Drake.  

Drake nods, then goes quiet for a moment.  He gets an idea in his head, then he, too, finishes of his glass of wine.  After setting the empty glass next to Misty's, he holds a finger up, signaling he'll be just a minute and he stands up, walking into another room.  Misty turns and watches him disappear down one of the hallways, wondering what he could be up to.  She gets her answer about a minute later when Drake walks out of the other room, waving a pair of clippers in his hand.  Misty tosses her head back and laughs.

Misty: Drake, you know I'm just kidding with you, right?  

Drake: I don't think you are.  So, we're going to do each other a favor because I'm going to let you be the one to shave this out of control beard.

"Way to make me feel like a bitch, Drake.  He can't be serious...Can he?"

Misty stares at Drake as he walks over to her, holding the clippers out to her.  She blinks, debating in her head if she's going to do what Drake is suggesting.  Drake waves the clippers in front of her.

Drake: You know you want to, so I'm giving you permission.  But decide quickly because this offer stands only for the next minute.  After that, I'm going to be full on mountain man from here on out.

Misty looks back and forth between Drake and the clippers as Drake counts down the seconds until his offer expires.  Just when Drake is about to walk away, Misty yanks the clippers out of his hand and stands up from the sofa.  Drake has a satisfied smirk on his face.

Misty: Alright.  Go sit down, and don't worry, I'm not going get rid of it all.  A little fuzz is good.

Misty walks past Drake, heading just beyond his large living room.  She pulls a chair into the middle of the hardwood floor and when she turns around, Drake is standing in front of her, shirtless.  Misty's eyes widen a bit as she can't help but stare at Drake's chest.

"Whoa...was not expecting that.  At least he's still in shape."

Misty: You didn't have to take off your shirt you know...

Drake: Hell yeah, I did.  I can't stand having little hairs get stuck to my shirt and make me all itchy.  

Misty shrugs and Drake takes a seat.  She stands in front of him, looking at him and his ferocious beard.

Misty: If you say so.  You ready?

Drake nods.

Drake: Do your thing.  I trust you.

Misty: Alright.  Here goes.

Misty then turns on the clippers, slowly bringing them to Drake's face as if giving him time to back out of it should he really decide to.  He doesn't so much as flinch as Misty brings the clippers up to his face and begins shaving off his overgrown beard and she can't help but smile just a bit as she does so.  

A little while later, after she is done shaving most of his beard off his face, Misty helps get rid of the remnants of it.  She sweeps the hair off the floor, throwing it in the trash, then walks over to Drake as he is dusting himself off.  She looks at her handy work and smiles.

Misty: Not bad for my first shot.  No one has ever let me shave their beard before.  Not that I've really had to.  

"Ok, Drake...You can put your shirt back on.  Who am I kidding?  He's doing this on purpose."

Misty tries not to stare at Drake's chest, more importantly a few clumps of his beard that he obviously missed as they are clinging to his chest.  Drake looks at Misty, pretending as though he doesn't notice what is clearly nagging her, and him as well.

Drake: Well the job is all yours if you want it.  Next time my beard gets out of control, you're my personal hair to speak.  

Misty laughs, but the fact that Drake allows that little clump of his beard hair to stay on his chest begins to bug her to no end.  He leaves it there for as long as he can, until Misty is the one to finally do something about it.

Misty: I can't take it anymore!  That is just bugging the shit out of me...

"I have a feeling I'm going to regret this...or maybe not."

Misty slowly reaches towards Drake's chest and brushes the hair away just as slowly, and he looks down at her as she does.  Once the hair is gone, Misty looks up at Drake, their eyes meeting.  Drake doesn't even skip a beat as he leans down, bringing his lips to hers.  The two share a passionate kiss, and Misty doesn't even fight it.

"Oh I'm going to be in so much trouble...But damn, he's a good kisser..."

Misty and Drake stumble back a few feet and fall to the sofa, still locked in the passionate kiss, as the scene fades out.


Wednesday December 4th
Newark, California

The scene opens up a few days later, inside a restaurant just down the street from the venue for December to Dismember II.  It's lunchtime, and relatively quiet considering the hour, but seated at a table across the restaurant, we find Misty staring out the window.  She looks to be daydreaming as she doesn't even notice Spike Staggs walk up to the table.

Spike: Misty...

"Focus Misty, focus!  You and Vixen have your first title defense coming up.  You can't be distracted by Seth....or Drake."

Spike: Hello?  Misty???

Misty continues to be too distracted by her own thoughts that she doesn't hear Spike as he continues to try and get her attention.

"Though I have to admit, Drake was able to get my mind off of all the negativity.  And I can see why he enjoys living in seclusion in the mountains."

Spike rolls his eyes until he finally decides to sit at the table, directly across from Misty.  He puts his hand right in front of Misty's face and snaps a few times, startling her back to reality.

Spike: Damn, Misty...What the hell has you so distracted now?

"He really doesn't want to know the answer to that, nor does he need to know the answer to that."

Misty: Huh?  Sorry...I didn't see you get here.  Thanks for meeting me here, by the way.

Spike: You didn't give me much choice.  What is so important that you couldn't tell me over the phone?

A waitress walks up to the table and sets a glass of water down in front of Spike.  She looks back and forth between Misty and Spike.

Waitress: Can I get you something else to drink, sir?  Or are you two ready to order?

Spike shakes his head.

Spike: The water is fine, thank you.

Misty: We need a few minutes, thanks.

The waitress nods and walks away.  Misty turns her attention back to Spike as she picks up her glass of ice tea and takes a sip.

Misty: I wanted to thank you, but I wanted to do it in person.

Spike: Thank me?  For what?

Misty: For letting Dixie bring Eden over to my place on Thanksgiving.  I honestly didn't think you would do that, nor would I have blamed you if you didn't, still meant a lot to me.

Spike shrugs and he takes a drink of his water, then leans back in his chair.

Spike: I wasn't going to at first, but if I'm honest, I felt like a total asshole after our little argument last Monday.  

Misty: You shouldn't.  You have every right to be that way after everything I've done to you and our family....our daughter.  You're trying to protect her.  You always have.  

"I wish I could say that I've always done the same thing, but I can't say that, can I?  I've caused my daughter's tears in the past."

Spike just nods, not sure of what else to say at the moment, and Misty plays with the straw in her glass.

Misty: I know you don't believe me right now, and I'll be lucky if you ever will again, but I promise you I'm not going to do anything to hurt Eden ever again.  I'm not going to make her cry ever again, because I see now how completely selfish I was last year.  

Spike continues to nod.

Spike: You were, but for what it's worth, I can tell you're learning from your mistakes.  The only question is, what next?

Misty lifts her head, looking confused at Spike's question.

Misty: What do you mean?

Spike: I mean exactly what I asked.  What is next?  You said it yourself.  For months now, you've been trying to prove to people you have changed, but if you ask me, you're wasting more time telling them that.  Actions speak louder than words, right?  What are you planning to do next to keep it up?

"Well...with the trend I'm headed on, I'd go for the obvious answer to that question but...Yeah, that's probably not a great idea."

Misty: I thought I've done plenty so far, Spike.  I'm honestly out of ideas on what more I could do.

Spike: Well, for starters, it might be a good idea for you and Vixen to start acting like a team.  You're not off to a fantastic start you know.

Misty rolls her eyes and takes in a deep breath.  She nods and looks out the window for a second.

Misty: Tell me something I don't already know.  If we fail at December to Dismember, we won't have the titles anymore.  Although this time, it shouldn't be much of a problem because that bitch Darknyss won't be around.  She was the problem the first--

Spike starts shaking his head, causing Misty to go quiet before she finishes that thought.  

Misty: Oh come on, Spike.  You know Darknyss was the key factor in both losses!  

Spike: I know she played a part, but that doesn't matter right now.  You need to forget about Darknyss and not think of her as the problem because you and Vixen have a bigger problem on Sunday.  You're facing three teams, and all of them could potentially be a threat.  

The waitress attempts to walk back over to the table to take their orders, but Misty looks at her and shakes her head.  

Spike: Torielle and Chanelle work great as a team.  They've been hungry for the tag team gold since they stepped foot in SCW.  

Misty: Yeah, and your point?  If Song and Orchid wanted the tag team gold as much as Torielle and Chanelle right now, it still wouldn't mean shit.  Azz N Class haven't done anything to deserve the titles.  Neither have Song and Orchid, and neither have Traci and Necra.  None of these teams deserve the titles Spike, so I'm not going to let them beat me and Vixen.  

Spike: You say that now, but can you guarantee it?  If you keep letting yourself get distracted by your need to redeem yourself...or your relationship with that Seth guy...

Misty lets out a snorting laugh.

"If there even is a relationship between me and Seth, there won't be for long..."

Spike: Okay...or lack of a relationship with Seth...But that's my point.  You're so wrapped up in everything else, that you're not focusing your attention where it needs to be.  Unless you don't want to, that is.

Misty raises an eyebrow.

Misty: What?  Why wouldn't I want to?  You don't think I want the tag team titles?

Spike shrugs.

Spike: You tell me.  We all saw what Gothika said in her promo a couple weeks ago.  Maybe there was some truth to what she said.

Misty folds her arms and narrows her eyes, almost looking as if she is insulted by Spike's observation.

Misty: You're joking right?  Do you honestly think I'd let Gothika be right about anything?  

Spike: I'm not saying you're letting her, but I think deep down, she could have a point.  You're still new to the whole tag team scene.  After Roxi beat you, you never got your return shot for the title, and who knows, maybe if you had, you'd have gotten it back, but...

Misty: But what, Spike?  I'm perfectly happy being tag team champions right now.

Spike: Yeah, and I think you're having a hard time convincing yourself of that, but come on, Misty.  Everyone knows you.  You were the first Bombshell Champion.  You're the only Bombshell to have held the title more than once, and not just twice, but three times.  You've had an amazing singles career, but your tag team run?  I can see why you're worried about it.

Misty glares at Spike for a few moments, trying her best to deny the fact that he is right, but the longer she tries to hide it, the more unsuccessful she gets.  She finally lets out a sigh and growls.

Misty: Can you honestly blame me, Spike?  I thought for sure Odette and I could make a difference...that we could get past all the shit that I did and that we could be an awesome tag team, but look what happened?  She disappeared to who knows where and just abandoned the tag team.  People hate working with me.  As much as Vixen might deny it right now, I'm sure she hates it too.  Granted, she got the title and became the first grandslam champ in the Bombshell Division, but nobody seems to give a crap about the Bombshell division but me.  Not really.

Spike: Song and Orchid do...Well, their manager, Master Lily does.  That's why she brought Song and Orchid to SCW.  Whether you think so or not, people DO pay attention.  You and Vixen can make a difference as much as, if not more than, you and Odette could have.  You just need to focus on keeping those titles around your waists.  Really focus on that.  You made a difference for the Bombshell Title, now you need to do that with the tag team titles.  You and Vixen.

Misty: What if it's not enough?  What if Azz N Class, Song and Orchid or Traci and Necra can do a better job?  What if, as much as the Bombshell division means to me, my time is just...coming to an end?

"Did I really just say that out loud?  More importantly, did I really just say that to Spike?"

Spike leans forward, giving Misty a very serious look.  It has been a while since Misty has seen that look in his eyes, at least around her.

Spike: You and I both know that it's  bullshit.  You're just psyching yourself out.  The Bombshell Division needs you.  SCW needs you, and we both know it.

Misty nods.  She's been told that several times recently, and by many different people, and it seems to finally be sinking in.  Just then, a light goes off in her head, and she takes a deep breath.

Misty: You know what, that just gave me a crazy idea.  

Spike: And what would that be?  I'm all ears.

Misty: I'll tell you in a minute.  Right now, I want to order some lunch.  I'm starving, and it could give us some time to talk things through.

Spike raises an eyebrow, now really curious, but he shrugs and agrees.  Misty calls the waitress back over so they can place their order, and shortly after, the waitress walks away, leaving the two to their discussion as the scene fades away to black.


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 Song's Promo

Lin Ting Lu/Master Lily

Live at the FoShan TV Station

FoShan TV Station Building, 10th Floor Centre for Business, FoShan City Xin Cheng District, China

(The lights are off. Its pitch black at the station. When the lights go on we will see Song sitting alongside a local news reporter from FoShan. The interview is being down in Mandarin. However this is the replay of the live broadcast. The replay is being down in English. This is the replay version of the interview.)

(As the lights are slowly fading in we see two Chinese symbols appear on the TV screen. It stands for Song. The screen will then slowly fades out the symbols and fade in a local male Chinese host from a day time talk show in FoShan, China. The host is wearing an all white suit with a red tie. With matching red shoes. Song is wearing the new Emma Rose T-shirt (Red color shirt) with matching Emma Rose hat. Along with a pair of jean shorts and black sandals to match the Emma Rose black and red hat. Both host and Song are sitting on all brown leather couches side by side in a 45% angle with both chairs facing each other. In between the chairs is a match brown table. With a mug for the host to drink out of and a bottled water for Song.)

(The two are facing what looks like 85-100 people sitting in the audience.)


(Camera man focuses on both the host and Song.)

Host: And hello everyone out there I’m here with one half of The FoShan Bombshells from SCW Song. Hello Song. Welcome to the show.

Song: Thank you for having me today.

Host: Well Song before we start let’s take a look at last week’s SCW C.C.

(The Camera goes slightly left were you can still see Song and the host on the right side of the screen and to the left is a big TV screen. The screen turns on and we see a few clips from C.C.)

Song: Silly Orchid. Like I was saying we are also trained in wrestling as well.

Orchid: We can't wait to get in the ring and show everyone what we can do.

Song: Till then we’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.

Orchid: Well that's it for now I guess. Bye b-bye

(Orchid is soon making silly random faces while say by to the camera man as they leave the locker room.)

(The screen fades out and the camera man moves his camera to the right again to center in both Song and the host.)

Host: So at this moment you and Orchid are sitting there not knowing that you have been book for this upcoming Pay Per view known as December 2 Dismember.

Song: Correct we had no idea we would be debut at December 2 Dismember. We were just sitting there talking about the previous match they had announced to December 2 Dismember which is the SCW Heavyweight Championship - I QUIT MATCH Goth © vs. Giani Di Luca. Orchid and I were just saying how that match is going to be brutal and how both of them may never be the same after that match. Then all of a sudden we saw this pop up on the screen.

(The camera again shifts the camera to the left so that the big screen can be seen.)


SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championship - FOUR CORNER MATCH
Misty and Vixen © vs. Azz N Class vs. Traci Patterson and Necra Octavian Kane vs. The FoShan Bombshells.

(What you’re about to see is footage taken during last week’s C.C. that did not air on the show.)

(We're backstage in the Fives Elders locker room. We see Lin Ting Lu with Song and Orchid. They are sitting in chairs looking at a 32 inch TV watching tonight’s action. The Girls just found out about their debut match. Both Song and Orchid jump off their seats jumping for joy.)

Master Lily: Girls I take it your happy?

Song: Of course Master lily, were about to be the next tag team champions.

(Both Song and orchid are still jumping for joy as they face each other holding each other in a hugging stance. The two stop after Songs comments.)

Orchid: But what did you already know about this master lily?

(Lin Ting Lu starts to giggle.)

Master Lily: Well of course I did silly. Master Wong gets final say on how you’re booked.

Orchid: So Master Wong knows about this match.

Master Lily: Not yet. See SCW Staff books the match. I look at it and if it is something Master Wong may not agree with then I contact Master Wong to see if he wants the match called off. Master Wong and I believe in letting them do the booking as they see fit. We will only intrude if the match is not in the best interest for all involved and there would have to be a good reason for Master Wong to question their booking. You see girls just like we don’t question Master Wong he won’t question the SCW Staff. With that said, are you girls ok with this match? Is something wrong?

Orchid: Well were only going to be here for a few months. I don’t see the reason for the title shot.

Song: Well when we showed up last week we said that we’re here to put them bombshells to the test and know we have to walk the walk vs. 6 of the SCW Bombshells.

Orchid: Yes Song and I are all for that but I also said last week that you and I "are not here for titles we are here to put the SCW Bombshells to the test!”

Song: I know and what bigger test then to put us and 6 other Bombshells in a match for the top tag team prize there is this SCW Bombshell tag Team Championship.

Orchid: Well I suppose you do have a point. What do you think Master Lily?

Master Lily: I think come December 2 Dismember you two will know actually what to do. You girls always do.

(Both girls’ nods and smile as they both run up to Ling Ting Lu and give her a hug.)

(The big screen fades out and the camera man shifts the camera to the right again to center the host and Song.)

Host: You guys looked excited. do you still feel that way?

(Songs shifts her body in a slight angle and puts her right leg over her left. Song then puts her right elbow on the chairs arm rest while her hand is now holding up the right side of her face. As she is about to answer the camera man zooms in a little bit. Enough to only show Song and not the host.)

Song: Well of course we are. Orchid and I can’t wait to debut. And win the match. It’s not for us it’s for FoShan, China

(The audience starts to clap and cheer.)

(The camera man zooms out and turns the camera around to get a shot of the audience cheering.)


(As the cheers and claps die down the camera man goes back to Song and the host. Song is still sitting in an angle but no longer has her right leg over her left.)

Host: Please Song explain what you mean when you say you’re doing it for FoShan, China.

(Song moves her body so that she is now sitting straight.)

Song: Well if you look at wrestling as a whole not just SCW but all company in the United States they all have one thing in common. Not one has ever had a Chinese born athlete win ANY wrestling title. Now in are very 1st match in SCW. We have that chance. Orchid and I can be the 1st ever Chinese born Champions in a wrestling company in America.

(The audience gets up and starts cheering even louder. The camera man again turns around to capture the audience.)


(As the crowd dies down and takes their seats, the camera man turns around again to show the host and Song. Song is now standing up. Pacing taking a few steps to her left.)

Song: Win or lose history has already been made.

(Song stops and turns around to pace the other way as she starts walking.)

Song: No other Wrestling Company has even given a Chinese born a shot at any title.

(Song reaches the end of the stage so she again turns around and starts pacing.)

Song: SCW has just broken that barrier. By not only putting the FoShan Bombshells in a title match but it’s are debut match. That too is history in the making. You see not many wrestlers get a title shot in their debut so for not one but two Chinese born stars to have that chance says and means allot.

(Song gets to the other end of the stage. She stops and sees a girl sitting with her mom and dad. Song takes off her Emma Rose hat. She removes her ponytail from the gap that allows you to resize the hat. Song steps off the stage and gives it to the little girl in the crowd. Song puts the hat on the girl. A big smile that can light up a room is seen from the little girl. Song heads back up the stage, and undoes her ponytail. Song's black hair releases from her hair bun freely and just hangs down her back as she uses both her hands to put the side of her hair behind her ears.)

Song: You see win or lose The FoShan Bombshells and Sin City Wrestling has broke new ground and has done something that no one in China would have ever dream of. To top that off its not two males stars from Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Qingdao or even Hong Kong. Nope its two ladies from FoShan.

This can be the 1st time that FoShan is looked at as more than a place for Kung Fu. The whole world can start to see that we here in FoShan have a lot more to offer.

(The crowd is heard cheering some more. Song starts to walk back to her seat. She takes a seat and uses her left hand to again put her hair behind her ears.)

Host: Well you said it best. However is Song and Orchid ready for such match?

Song: Well of course Orchid and I are ready. Were more ready than the other six Bombshells that are in the match.

Host: Oh well please explain Song.

(Song starts to lean back on her chair. Song uses her left hand to pick up the bottled water that has been sitting on the table since the start of the show. She opens the bottle and takes a zip. She then puts the bottle back on the table, but forgets to put the top on so she picks it up takes one more zip and closes the bottle before putting it back on the table.)

Song: Well will start with those two jì nǚ (妓女) = (female) prostitute
chòu biǎozi (臭婊子) = stinking whore aka Azz n Class.  Now I don’t like to say anything bad about anyone, but really I can’t think of anything nice to about them. Who did they suck up too to even get in this match? The last time they were in a match in SCW was back when SCW did there Sunday Night Seduction. Oh and it wasn’t even a real match. They were in a Handicap Chocolate Pudding Match. A match that they LOST! Yes they LOST a 2 on 1 match. Nothing against Roxanne or anything but really if two bombshells can’t even take on one bombshell should that team even be in a title hunt let alone a title match?

(Song pauses as the audience claps at the statement. It’s clear that the crowd agrees with Song. Song extends out her left arm to grab her bottled water. Song twists the top off to take a drink. After 3 zips she removes the bottle from her mouth and moves and twist the lid close again. Song puts the bottle back on the table as the crowd dies down.)

Host: Well that’s just two out of the six you and Orchid will face in the match.

Song: Well I hate to say it but Azz n Class are the only two that were worried about. See even with losing their last match. They at least are a team. They came to SCW together as a team. I can’t say the same for the four individuals that are in the ring. Take Traci Patterson and Necra Octavian Kane for example. Sure Traci has had a few wins over the past few weeks but not one was with Necra as her partner. Necra is a ex Tag Team Champion but that was with Amy Marshall, not Traci Patterson. Plus that was over a year ago when they won it and then lost it in the next/first PPV of the year New Year Rising which is the ninth PPV that SCW has done. Since Then Necra you had not held any titles and you never teamed up with Traci before.

Traci Patterson, There is no doubt you may be the strongest Bombshell on the roster. SCW thinks so highly of you they are teaming you up with a former Bombshell Tag Team Champion. The thing is Traci SCW may not have given you the tip I’m about to give you. Do whatever Necra tells you to do because if you don’t and Necra has to start yelling at you like she did to Amy when Necra decided to not pin Laura. It would have been an easy win since Necra did hit Laura with the Mummification, however Necra decided it was more important to argue with her partner Amy because Amy had her half sister in a Figure Four Leglock. When instead Necra could have just gone for the pin 1.2.3. win the belts then tell Amy hey we won its over you can let your half sister go. But no Traci that’s not what happened instead Necra caused her and Amy to lose.

Host: Ohhh

Song: You look lost. I have the clip.

(Song points at the crowd)

Song: You guys want to see it.

(The Crowd starts clapping.)

Song: Cool let’s roll the clip then.

(The camera man shifts the camera to the left. We see the big screen turn on and we see footage of New Year Rising.)


Amy has pinned Trish’s leg onto the bottom set of steps with the top one and her sister screams in pain, then she raises the steps above her head.

Simone: Oh god, tell me she’s not!

Adams: She is! She may have just broken Trish’s leg!

Drew is too busy trying to stop Necra from seriously injuring Laura to notice any of this as Necra hits Laura with the Mummification, however what stops her from going for a pin is noticing that Amy has locked Trish in a Figure Four Leglock!

Simone: Somebody stop her!

Adams: You try getting her to stop!

Necra yells at Amy to let go off the hold…….but is surprised by a roll-up by Laura 1…..2….3!!!!


Simone: New champions!

(As the footage fades out, the camera man shifts his camera back to the right to show Song and the host.)

Song: Yea so with that said I wish Necra and Traci good luck in the match.

Now we have the SCW Individual Bombshell Tag Team Champions. I know some hear what I just called them and don’t understand what I’m saying. See Misty won the titles with Odette Ryder. However Odette Ryder left the company for whatever reason. Leaving Misty with no partner to help her defend the titles. Misty being the true champion that she is…

(Song is seen using her left hand brushing her loose hair behind her left ear.)

Song: Didn’t want to just pull a Laura Jackson, I know you guys don’t know what I’m talking about but on January 20 2013 just one week after Laura and Trish beat Amy and one of my opponents in Necra for the titles Trish gave her title up because of an injury. So Laura just handed the title to Amanda Cortez. Misty being a true champion wanted for someone to step up and earn the title. You go Misty that’s the way to do it.

Too bad that you ladies didn’t win it together but hey it’s not like you two knew this was going to happen. So yea Misty has the Bombshells in a Battle Royal. Lizzie Short, Jessie Salco, Joann canelli, Angela Fallen, and Vixen. Vixen being the last Bombshell standing got to be a “tag team champ”. So now you have one champ who won the title with someone who decided they wanted to leave the company and the other won it in a “Non Tag Team Match”. Since they been the “TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS” they have been in two tag matches the first one was vs. Gothika and Mercedes Vargas in a Clash of the Bombshells.

(Song shakes her head a few times from left to right to signal no.)

Yet the so called Tag Team Champions fell short and lost. Now to their credit they were up against the two top bombshells. One being the SCW Bombshell Champion and the other being the SCW Roulette Champion. Funny how they were able beat the tag team champions. Then again it’s not as bad as losing their next tag team match when they lost to Gothika and Roxi Johnson. I guess the SCW Rookie of the year (Roxi Johnson) Showed the SCW Woman of the year*(Misty) who the better woman and teammate was that day.
Make no mistake about it. Misty is a top talent in SCW. I mean Misty was the first ever SCW Bombshell Champion and no one but Misty has held it more than once. Misty is a 3 times SCW Bombshell Champion. Hell Vixen, Misty’s current tag team partner was also once a SCW Bombshell Champion. Of course Vixen only held it for 7 weeks before Misty made Vixen tap out with “The Queen's Punishment” hold but that’s beside the point.
Vixen Make no mistake about it. I didn’t forget about you. You however must have forgotten who you are. See Vixen won’t say it, maybe she doesn’t care, and I think Vixen just doesn’t know. You see everybody I said earlier that Traci maybe the strongest Bombshell. Misty is the only three time SCW Bombshell Champion. However Vixen may be the toughest because she is the first and only Bombshell to be a Triple Crown Champion. No other Bombshell has won every Bombshell title. Vixen was the first to do this when she won the Bombshell Tag Team title. So Yes it’s easy for me to say that Vixen is one if not they toughest.

(Song grabs her water bottle. Song opens the bottle to have a drink.)

Host: So do you think you and Orchid will have any advantages in this match?

(Song while drinking her water glances and gives the host a mean look. She finishes her water and removes the bottle from her mouth. Song crushes the bottle.)

Song: Orchid and I will crush them like I did this bottle. Orchid and I have the biggest advantage over all three teams. Azz n Class like The FoShan Bombshell is the only real teams in the match. The other four Bombshells have been put together by others means outside of choice. See none of them have the chemistry we have. They don’t know each other like Orchid and I do. Orchid and I were born three days apart in the dojo. We grew up as sisters. We did everything together. Well everything but cook, see we were never forced to be together it was a choice. When we were little they would take us to the kitchen to learn to cook. I loved it. Orchid was there for 5 minutes and said no way. Orchid instead wanted to learn the trade of blacksmiths. This is good because Orchid is so good that I only have my swords made by Orchid no…..

Host: Sorry Song doesn’t mean to cut you off but I being told that we are out of time. Any last words before we go.

(Song nods and gets up.)

Song: Yes! I just want to say good luck to all in the match. Orchid and I hope to win it and make the people of FoShan proud.

(Song Bows and the crowd gets up to bow and clap. The camera man moves in an angle were Song and the host is seen on the left side of the screen while the crowd is seen on the right side of the screen.)
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 Orchid's Promo
Jon Dough
Master Wong
Lin Ting Lu/Master Lily

FoShan, China
Dec. 4 2013

(Orchid has just finished training some Low Hand students in Tai Chi. Orchid has gotten two bowls of rice and is now in a small room next to the film room. There is a black flat screen 36” TV. Along with all black 3 person leather sofa and an all natural wood table. The ceiling fan is set to low with all four of the light bulbs set to a very low dim. Orchid is seen wearing in all blue robe with blue pants, with white shoes and black laces that that goes around her ankles and chins. Jon Dough joins Orchid in the room. Jon is seen wearing black sandals, jean shorts, his Jon Dough T-shirt and an Emma Rose hat. Jon is holding to bottled waters.)

Jon Dough: Got your water Orchid.

Orchid: I have a bowl of rice for you Jon.

(Jon walks up to the sofa and takes a seat next to Orchid. Jon hands Orchid one of the bottled waters as Orchid hands Jon one of the bowls of rice.)

Jon Dough: So Orchid you ask me to meet you hear. What’s up.

Orchid: Song is about to be on TV in a live talk show. I figured you wouldn’t mind watching it with me before you lock yourself in the film room for the rest of the day.

Jon Dough: Fair enough. When were done we need to go to the film room. You and Song need to watch Climax Control 38. I have it ready for us three to watch. It’s a bombshell Battle Royal between Karina Koji, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco and Vixen. Two out of those four will be in your debut match, plus this is yet another Battle Royal in which Vixen also won.

Orchid: Sure but first…

(Orchid grabs the remote that was on the table. Orchid hits the power button, the TV is already set to the right channel. Orchid puts the remote down and the two begin to eat and watch the show. As they are watching the show. They see the clip that airs from the last C.C.)
Song: Silly Orchid. Like I was saying we are also trained in wrestling as well.

Orchid: We can't wait to get in the ring and show everyone what we can do.

Song: Till then we’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.

Orchid: Well that's it for now I guess. Bye b-bye

(Orchid is soon making silly random faces while say by to the camera man as they leave the locker room.)

(The screen fades out and the camera man moves his camera to the right again to center in both Song and the host.)

Jon Dough: So what’s with the goofy faces?

Orchid: What can a girl get a little silly from time to time. We were having fun and I wanted to share that with the fans. You Jon Dough should understand that better than anybody else.

Jon Dough: Oh I do you need to understand that I’m poking fun at your expense.

Orchid: You need to understand that I can kick your ass anytime time I want with both my hands tied behind my back and blindfolded buddy!
Jon Dough: Oh yea you need to understand that I already know that which is why I’m going to be quite and watch this show with you.

(Orchid decides not to have her hair down any longer so she grabs a black elastic hair band from her pocket and puts her hair in a ponytail. She whips it around trying to smack Jon Dough in the back of his head but Jon ducks.)

Jon Dough: Sorry Orchid you got me three times with that already I now look for it every time.

Orchid: he-he that’s good.

(The two go back to eating watching the show. They reach the part of the show were they airing the unseen footage of last week C.C.)


Orchid: Well were only going to be here for a few months. I don’t see the reason for the title shot.

Song: Well when we showed up last week we said that we’re here to put them bombshells to the test and know we have to walk the walk vs. 6 of the SCW Bombshells.

Orchid: Yes Song and I are all for that but I also said last week that you and I "are not here for titles we are here to put the SCW Bombshells to the test!”

Song: I know and what bigger test then to put us and 6 other Bombshells in a match for the top tag team prize there is this SCW Bombshell tag Team Championship.

Orchid: Well I suppose you do have a point. What do you think Master Lily?

Master Lily: I think come December 2 Dismember you two will know actually what to do. You girls always do.

Jon Dough: Hey I didn’t know about this.

Orchid: How could you, you were not in the locker room when this happened.

Jon Dough: Yea I get that but this answers a lot of my questions.

Orchid: Like what?

Jon Dough: We been here since last week’s show. Master Lily has not spoken to me since we landed in Guangzhou.

Orchid: I have noticed her being that way with you and she has barely spoken to me to.

Jon Dough:  It all makes sense to me know.

Orchid: So then what should we do to fix this?

Jon Dough: After this show we need to have a meeting.

Orchid: Ok

(as the two go back to watching the show they hear the host ask Song a question.)


Host: Please Song explain what you mean when you say you’re doing it for FoShan, China.

(Song moves her body so that she is now sitting straight.)

Song: Well if you look at wrestling as a whole not just SCW but all company in the United States they all have one thing in common. Not one has ever had a Chinese born athlete win ANY wrestling title. Now in are very 1st match in SCW. We have that chance. Orchid and I can be the 1st ever Chinese born Champions in a wrestling company in America.

(The audience gets up and starts cheering even louder. The camera man again turns around to capture the audience.)


(As the crowd dies down and takes their seats, the camera man turns around again to show the host and Song. Song is now standing up. Pacing taking a few steps to her left.)

Song: Win or lose history has already been made.

(Song stops and turns around to pace the other way as she starts walking.)

Song: No other Wrestling Company has even given a Chinese born a shot at any title.

(Song reaches the end of the stage so she again turns around and starts pacing.)

Song: SCW has just broken that barrier. By not only putting the FoShan Bombshells in a title match but it’s are debut match. That too is history in the making. You see not many wrestlers get a title shot in their debut so for not one but two Chinese born stars to have that chance says and means allot.

(Song gets to the other end of the stage. She stops and sees a girl sitting with her mom and dad. Song takes off her Emma Rose hat. She removes her ponytail from the gap that allows you to resize the hat. Song steps off the stage and gives it to the little girl in the crowd. Song puts the hat on the girl. A big smile that can light up a room is seen from the little girl. Song heads back up the stage, and undoes her ponytail. Song's black hair releases from her hair bun freely and just hangs down her back as she uses both her hands to put the side of her hair behind her ears.)

Song: You see win or lose The FoShan Bombshells and Sin City Wrestling has broke new ground and has done something that no one in China would have ever dream of. To top that off its not two males stars from Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Qingdao or even Hong Kong. Nope its two ladies from FoShan.

This can be the 1st time that FoShan is looked at as more than a place for Kung Fu. The whole world can start to see that we here in FoShan have a lot more to offer. 

(Orchid is seen with tears coming down both her eyes. Jon sees this.)

Jon Dough: What’s wrong Orchid?

Orchid: Song is 100% correct. FoShan is looked at as nothing more than a city for their Kung Fu. Song and I have the chance to change that and I was too busy thinking about myself and what I feel is right and wrong that I forgot about what really matters.

Jon Dough: What’s that?

Orchid: The people of China. You see Jon everything you do you say you do it for the SCW Fans. We also do it for SCW but 1st and foremost we do it for China. This is our home. I was too busy thinking about how we won’t be in SCW long when I should have been thinking of the people of China instead.

Jon Dough: I think Master Lily thinks that I put that in your head. See when I left the other place she was upset but she never raised her voice at me. She ignored me for about two months. Now that you are in the same boat as I was Master Lily might be thinking that I have talked you into not going for the titles.

Orchid: But you did the opposite when we were in the cab you told me how Song and I should win. I been training just as much as Song. I been in the film room just as much as the both of you guys. Well Jon I guess your right we do need to have a meeting. But let’s watch the rest of the show.

(Jon nods and both start to watch the rest of the show. 20 minutes go by and the talk show is now over. As the show goes off the air Orchid and Jon Dough both get up and grab their empty bowls. They head out of the room and make their way to Master Wong’s office.)

(As they get to Master Wong’s door. They see that the door is cracked open. Orchid knocks and Master Wong tells them to come in. As Jon Dough opens  the door  completely to allow Orchid to come in. As Orchid walks in Jon Dough follows. They see that Master Wong, Lin Ting Lu, Blasted Monk, Master Wong’s son, and the man dressed in the ninja outfit are all sitting at the round table. There are three empty seats Jon Dough seat in one of them which puts him in between Blasted Monk and the man in the ninja outfit. The other two seats are were Song and Orchid sits. However Orchid is standing in between Master Wong and Lin Ting Lu. )

Master Wong: Glad you two can make it. You guys missed Song being on TV.

Orchid: No Master Wong. We did see it we were in the small lounge room next to the film room. I got hungry so I had Jon meet me in the lounge for lunch.

Jon Dough: Which is why we’re here now. Orchid waited to have a meeting with the rest of the 5 Elders. I was just to let you guys know but everyone is already here expect for Song.

Orchid: That’s ok we don’t need Song here but I can wait for her to come back.

Master Lily: If Song is not needed then go ahead and speak, as Song will not be here for a while. Song wanted to get a few things from the mall so she is heading there now then coming back here when done.

Orchid: Oh ok. Well I just wanted to say that Song is right. I feel stupid for not wanting the titles.

Jon Dough: Wait Orchid, you told me that you felt wrong for being in the match due to if you girls win you become Tag Team Champs and you felt that was wrong because you won't be in SCW long. That’s different then not wanting to be a champ at all.

Orchid: Sorry, Jon is right that is what I meant.

Master Lily: Orchid it’s like I said at the last C.C. if we here in the dojo feel that the SCW Staff books any of you in  match that we feel is not warranted Master Wing will let me know and I in turn will inform the SCW Staff.

(Orchid nods her head.)

Orchid: I know that Master Lily but I still felt bad.

Master Wong: What do you mean by “felt bad” do you not feel the same way?

Orchid: No. I can’t.

Master Lily: What do you mean you can’t?

Orchid: After watching Song on TV she made me realize that this is bigger than me, bigger then President Xi Jinping not wanting to renew are visas. And please don’t be mad Master Wong but its bigger than the dojo. We have to do this for the people of China, More importantly for the people of FoShan.

(Lin Ting Lu has a smile in her face and nods and master Wong. Master Wong gets up and looks at Orchid.)

Master Wong: I can never be mad at that. You see Orchid it’s never about the dojo, it’s always been about FoShan and the rest of China. You finally realize that. Master Lily and I couldn’t be more proud of you and Song.

I know you and Song have been training hard. I had Blasted Monk take on some of your duties here while my son has been doing some of Song duties. I did this to not just let you train physically but also allow you to be focused mentally.

(Orchid bows at Master Wong)

Orchid: Thank you Master Wong.

(Master Wong bows back.)

Master Wong: Hmm. Alright then!

Orchid: There is one thing that I ask and knowing Song she will want this to.

(Master Wong and Lin Ting Lu look at each other before looking at Orchid.)

Master Lily: What’s on your Orchid?

Orchid: Well With Azz n Class and Traci Patterson never holding any titles, and with Necra being a former Tag Team Champ, and With Misty and Vixen being the Tag Team champs as we speak. One thing is clear. If Song and I win we want to show all the Bombshell and even all the men in SCW what a real champion is. Therefore if we win we The FoShan Bombshells will put the titles on the line not every time they have us in a match no, but every week going forward after December 2 Dismember.

Blasted Monk: Hey sorry to ask the dumb question but what’s the difference.

Orchid: Well there may be a week were the SCW Staff feel the need to give us a night off. However we don’t want that. You see Jon Dough said it best. You don’t just give the SCW fans want they want you give them what they deserve and what they deserve is a champion who is willing to put their titles on the line on “EVERY SHOW” no matter if is a PPV or just another Climax Control if were the SCW Bombshell Champions expect to see us on the card with the titles on the line!

(Master Wong nods his head. As the man in the ninja outfit gets up and walks towards orchid. The man gets behind Orchid and gives her a chop block to the back of her knee. As Orchid lands on her knees the man takes a step back to now face Orchid. The Man bows at Orchid then threw his mask he kisses Orchid in the forehead.)

Master Wong: Orchid you even managed to make him proud of you. That is no easy task. We can all agree that he is a hard man to please. Orchid after watching Song on TV and hearing what you had to say I can say That everyone here at the dojo is proud of you girls. Win or lose you two have shown that you girls are already champions. We here all wish you girls’ good luck.
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 A final exultant soft moan of pleasure escapes her as Vixen collapses next to Spike, a thin sheen of dampness plastering her two toned hair to her forehead as she is drawn into his arms, her back to his chest.  Laying her head on his shoulder, she burrows deep into his embrace as she feels his chin settle into the curve of her shoulder.  For a few moments, the only sounds are the pair as they catch their breath.

With her eyes closed, Vixen lets out a small yawn as she caresses a hand along Spike’s arm that cradles her.  She takes a deep breath, about to say something but is stopped by a comment from Spike.  “I saw Misty today,” he says matter of factly.  Vixen’s eyes open but her body remains loose, something she is proud of since her insides were tensed at the comment.

“Oh really,” she replies quietly.  “And what did you two talk about?”  Acting nonchalant was the best she could do for the moment when all she wanted to do was turn to Spike like some jealous girlfriend and scream and yell at him.  No she thought, soft and deadly worked so much better.

“She and I met for lunch, wanted to talk to me about letting Eden go over to her house for Thanksgiving.  It was all on the up and up you know,” Spike defended the meeting.  “Besides, I told her that the two of you needed to start working like a team.”

Didn’t he think that I already knew that?  But he was right.  I mean after all our first two real matches as tag champions didn’t happen to come off with strong wins.  “I know we do my love,” Vixen responds.  “You have to realize though that this is going to be tougher than you think.  I am where she was…engaged to you and with Eden calling me Mommie Vixen…I guess I was a little worried about how she might feel about that as well as the fact that out of everyone in the company, with the exception of Parand Ara, Misty has been the one nemesis that I have had here.  It was Misty that was the standard that I was held to.”

“I got that but babe, you and she are the champions and that means that you two need to be on the same page considering that if you keep up the way you are going now, first defense is going to be your first tag title loss,” he replies.  His arm tightens as he moves enough to roll Vixen over where he can look into her eyes.  “You have to get on the same page as Misty.”

Drowning in the lighted orbs of Spike’s eyes, Vixen only shakes her head.  “Spike, I have been trying, really I have however I can’t seem to shake the feeling that she is the one that doesn’t want me as a partner or in your and Eden’s life too much.”

“Funny, that is what she thinks you are thinking,” he chuckles.  “Listen, the two of you just need to settle down and realize the two of you are the best the tag division have to offer and I know that if you two worked together, then there isn’t anything that you two can’t do.”

Vixen can’t help but shrug a little as she looked up at Spike.  “I’ll try once more especially since the supercard is our first real defence and I won’t be the one that loses it for us.  Honestly though Spike, facing the Japanese team and Azz and Class and Necra Kane and Traci Patterson is going to be a real test for Misty and I to work as a team.  It isn’t like she and I have been teaming well and for long.  And I am sure all of them are going to be pointing out just how much we don’t like each other and that we just can’t work together.”

“Then you are going to have to prove them wrong,” answers Spike with a soft kiss against the tip of Vixen’s nose.  When she smiles, he again chuckles.  “That’s my girl,” he adds before placing his lips against Vixen’s as it fades to black…

Scene two

Walking into the gym only hours before December to Dismember is due to go on the air, Vixen eyes the wrestlers in the room.  Spying the bombshell she had been looking for, Vixen makes her way over to where Misty is standing looking down at a cell phone.

“Misty…can we talk?” asked a nervous Vixen who is twisting her hair around a finger.  “I wanted to tell you that I talked to Spike about your lunch and…”

Misty looks up and holds up a hand.  “Nothing happened so if you are here to kick my ass about it.  We talked, that is all.”

“Oh I know,” answers Vixen.  “I trust Spike and know that he wouldn’t do anything like that.  But he talked to me about how the fact we can’t get on the same page and that we will really need to if we are going to defend our belts at the supercard.”

Before Misty can reply, the pair are joined by Pussy Willow who is excited about seeing Vixen and Misty together.  “I am so impressed.  I was watching and I couldn’t believe that the pair of you would be able to be civil with each other now that you are facing a strong challenge for your titles.  From what I hear, the implosion is due to happen any minute now.”

“And just where are you getting your information Ms Willow?” demands Misty as she crosses her arms across her chest as Vixen leans closer, her arm almost naturally rising to rest on Misty’s shoulder as if the pair had been friends for the longest time.  “As you can see, Vixen and I are on the same page unless of course you have heard different.”

“I mean you know I think that Necra said something about her knowing that Vixen hated you and you hated Vixen.  But looking at the two of you, it looks like you are working as a pretty tight tag team,” offers Pussy Willow as she motions at the pair of them.  “So that begs the question, are you two ready to defend your titles against the teams of Necra and Traci Patterson, Azz n Class, and the Japanese twins.”

“I don’t think they are twins Pussy,” answers Misty.

“They look alike so I am not far off,” replies Ms Willow airily as she waves off the comment.

“Ms Willow, that is profiling and profiling is wrong,” taunts Vixen.  “Besides, tonight we have a title defense and when we step in the ring, the other three teams are going to be in for the fight of their lives.  I mean that Misty here is the inspiration for the Foshan Bombshells to come to Sin City wrestling and I can see why.  I have faced Misty and I have teamed with her and now that we are the bombshell tag champions I know the two of us bring so much to this team.  You have Misty who has won the Bombshell championship three times and is the only woman to do that.”

Picking up right from where Vixen is speaking, Misty adds her own comment.  “And you have Vixen who is the first ever bombshell grand slam champion.  Between us, we are the two most dominant women in the federation and that means  it is going to be an uphill fight for all three teams facing us tonight.”

Ms Willows is suitably impressed by the mutual admiration from the tag champions.  A gleam comes to her eyes as she leans forward conspiratorially.  “I think that Azz n Class aren’t even going to be a factor in this match so you don’t have to worry much about them but the Foshan Bombshells and Necra and Traci are the ones to beat.”

“Tsk tsk,” says Vixen with a slow shaking of her head.  “No one is more of a threat in this match than Misty and myself.  And that you can take to the bank.”

With that, Vixen straightens and then with a little wave at Pussy Willow, moves off towards the locker room area.  Grabbing her bag, she nudges Misty and motions towards the locker room.  “We have a match to prepare for so you will forgive us won’t you?” taunts Vixen with a smile.  Leaving the interviewer to watch in wonder, Vixen puts her arm around Misty’s and guides her towards the locker room with a final wave at Pussy.

As they walk away, Vixen leans towards Misty.  “Thank goodness I forgot how tenacious that woman could be,” says Vixen.  But what do you expect, we are the story of the division.  And now I am pretty sure that we are going to be the underdogs and that is okay.  I work better under pressure.”

Bubbling laugher is heard from Vixen is joined by the chuckles of Misty.  As the two near the locker room, their heads are together as they work out strategy for the match.  Misty pushes open the door for Vixen and the pair disappear behind it.

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 The second deadline has now passed