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“The Angel vs. The Demon.”
« on: November 23, 2022, 09:54:12 AM »
(Gabriel was used with Mark’s permission)

Ariana fought Jessie in the annual Black Friday Brawl Roulette Rules Match and despite Jessie trying every underhanded tactic the veteran could think off, Ariana would ultimately retain the title over Jessie, now that the young Roulette Champion’s batteries had been recharged one question remained on Ariana’s mind, who was next? Well, she didn’t need to wait long for her answer and it was debatable as to whether she liked the answer or not!

Why? Because Ariana’s next match was a non-title match against Amber Ryan, a former World Bombshell Champion and one of the most vicious Bombshells to ever grace an SCW Ring! If there was any saving grace for Ari, it was the fact that this match was Amber’s return match after the former champ was viciously attacked by Masque during her Queen for a Day Episode, an attack that took place in May! Can Amber’s ring rust play a part in the upset of the year or will Ariana’s inexperience leave Amber a returning victor?

Recipe 4 Disaster Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 21st of November 2022, 11:00am

Back when my reign began Krystal told me something that has stuck with me over the past couple of months, the defences never get easier.

My first match against Seleana was simple enough on paper at least, Seleana was a former Roulette Champion in her own right and since her last reign ended in 2020 had been persistently trying to get back in the title picture, well, any title picture really, if there’s a title in the Bombshell Division, you can guarantee that Seleana’s challenged for it at least once, and she ended up being my first and third challenger.

Melissa off course is someone who is a different beast to Seleana, a rookie sensation who won my title in her rookie year only to lose it in the second defence, she came into my first ever Main Event determined to make an impact, well, she got her wish in a way, she made an impact on the floor after I took the Falls Count Anywhere Name literally and retained the title in the second defence! I don’t know if or when Melissa will come after me again because since High Stakes XII she’s been enthralled in wanting to end her feud with Jessie in a tie breaker at the beginning of 2023 but I’ll be ready for her if it comes to that.

And then came Jessie herself, the whole reason my second defence was against Melissa, the whole reason why I defended the Bombshell Roulette Title against Seleana at High Stakes XII and not, well, her! There’s no point in repeating the story behind my last defence at this point because it’s a well-trodden story but Jessie entered that Black Friday Brawl with a gameplan, a gameplan that backfired, between those four successful defences and my match with Krystal against Team Hero the bosses seem fit to test me as champion.

Don’t believe me? Look at who I’m facing in a non-title match this week.

Amber Ryan was a name that had practically come from out of nowhere in 2020, but to say that she had left her mark on the Bombshell Division was something of an understatement! Within months of her debut match against Jessie Salco Amber had proven herself to be one of the most vicious women to enter the Bombshell division in a long time and one of the most talented to boot! Her one reign with the World Bombshell Championship had smashed the records previously set by Alicia Lukas and it had taken Roxi Johnson to finally bring an end to her reign.

As for what happened AFTER Amber’s reign ended? Well, things had gone from bad to worse, there was another Bombshell who had come from nowhere, a woman simply known as Masque! But it was a name that Amber had history with, Amber was set to challenge Roxi in the Main Event of her Queen for a Day Episode but the match never happened, why? Because Masque beat her half to death in a boiler room.

That attack happened back in May and we all thought that we had seen the last of Amber, whilst Masque proved to be every bit as vicious as Amber, Amber disappeared from TV Screens only popping up occasionally on Twitter, that was until two weeks ago when Amber made her return and her intentions clear, but how much ring rust did Amber have? The bosses had seen fit to answer that question by putting Amber against a young up and coming Bombshell.

That Bombshell off course, being me! If there’s anything I’m thankful for, it’s the fact that the bosses had made my match against her non-title but between that match and Krystal’s match against Masque from last week? We were beginning to wonder if we had done anything to anger the higher ups.

Am I saying that I’m not looking forward to this test of my skills? Absolutely not, as a competitor I know I can only better myself by facing tough opponents and they didn’t get much tougher than Amber, but could I beat her? Even with all that ring rust, Amber was still a world class wrestler.

That was the question I was asking myself heading into this match.

“Hello? Earth to Ari?” Jenny, a member of my show’s food team, asked as she waved her hand in front of my face and I looked up, the Italian American woman was standing in front of me as I sat in my computer chair staring into space with the script for tonight’s episode on the computer in front of me, I shook myself out of my stupor and sighed as I shifted my weight. “Francisco was asking what stuff you needed for tonight’s episode?”

”Sorry, I’ve just got my next SCW match on my mind.” I sighed before I checked the script to be sure. ”We’re making a Deconstructed Butter Chicken tonight but I could’ve sworn I gave him the ingredient list for that recipe.”

“You did but you were so distracted that Francisco only got like half the recipe.” Tyler pointed out as he passed me my recipe card and quickly facepalmed, I wasn’t like those chefs on Epicurious who only gave the home cooks an ingredient list and expected them to know what to do, I had left detailed instructions for each step, said instructions were nowhere to be found. “Are you really that nervous about your match with Amber?”

”Amber’s unlike anyone I’ve ever faced since I signed that contact with SCW.” I responded as I shook my head. ”Kaiju Rainbow was already on her way out after proving to be a wasted investment, Alicia may have held the records that Amber smashed but she has clearly lost her mojo since her last reign ended, Char Kwan ended up being a disappointing grudge match, Kayla is a rising star but not on Amber’s level, Melissa seems to be finally recovering from the tailspin I sent her into after I won this title from her.” I sighed as I looked at the Bombshell Roulette Title that sat on my desk. ”The Metal Maniacs? Well, what can I say about them that hasn’t already been said, same goes for the five Bombshells I faced in that Battle Royal, I’m not sure what the situation is with Georgie because she hasn’t been seen since she lost that Bombshell Internet Title qualifier and Seleana and Jessie are two of the best women’s wrestlers on the roster.”

“And then there’s Amber.” Jenny nodded as she leaned against the desk. “Though I did notice that you left out Team Hero in that lookback.”

”I’ve had mixed feelings about that Tag Team Match since it happened, it was awesome to share a ring with my heroes but it was bittersweet knowing that it was Keira’s last ever Climax Control Match! At least Keira managed to go out on a high note!” I responded with a sigh as I leaned back in my chair. ”Maybe I should talk to Gabriel about my match with Amber next time I’m at the Go Gym? I do need to train for the match against Amber and my next title defence.”

“If you think it can help? By all means.” Jenny responded before she held out her hand to me. “That said? Can I have the rest of the ingredient list?”

”Oh! Sure, here!” I responded with a nod before passing Jenny the other half of the ingredient list and she ran off to catch up with Francisco.

The match against Amber was undoubtedly going to be the toughest of my career, I was going to have to bring my a-game on Sunday, problem was? Amber brought her a-game every time she stepped into the ring!

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 22nd of November 2022, 16:00pm

Another day, another chat with Gabriel at the Go Gym, only this time? It was for a match against an opponent I wasn’t sure I could beat!

”I must congratulate you Ariana, on both your fourth defence of the Roulette Title and your engagement to Francisco.” Gabriel greeted me with a warm smile and I grinned in response, but his mood took a sour turn when he went onto discussing my next match. ”However, the bosses have seen fit to throw you into the deep end you’re your match against Amber, if we can be thankful for anything, it’s the fact that they’ve made it non-title.”

”I’d say that this match won’t be easy but I’m not sure if even that’s doing it justice.” I sighed as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”Amber’s been a force of nature since she entered SCW, and now she’s returning from the injuries she suffered at Masque’s hands all those months ago, it’s almost fitting that I’m facing her so soon after I beat Jessie since Jess was Amber’s debut opponent.”

”And I’m sure Jessica would sooner forger that promo she cut for that match, never seen an ice cream comparison make anyone so mad.” Gabriel responded with a chuckle and I had to shake my head, I had almost forgotten about that infamous promo but Gabriel bringing it up brought it back to the forefront. ”I take it you won’t be repeating that promo word for word.”

”Not even if I wasn’t as adverse to swearing as I am, well, swearing in English that is.” I responded with a slight laugh before leaning back on my chair. ”The other thing to keep in mind was the context behind our matches, when Jessie faced Amber for the first time Amber was the newest Bombshell on the block and a virtual unknown, off course it didn’t take her long to make an impact but that’s neither here nor there, in my case? This is Amber’s first match since that attack by Masque and she will be out to make an impact on her first day back as an active competitor, the only real edge I have is the fact that I’ve been active on the Bombshell Roster since the Greece Lightning Tour and Amber’s going to have at least five months’ worth of ring rust.”

”True as that may be? A competitor like Amber will have undoubtedly been training for her return to the ring from the moment she was medically cleared.” Gabriel pointed out and I nodded as a brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes. ”You’ve more than proven yourself as the Bombshell Roulette Champion Ariana, Seleana, Melissa and Jessie are not competitors to be taken lightly and yet you’ve bested them all in defence of that belt, but Amber is on a completely different level to those three women.”

”Considering how many times Jessie’s faced Amber since her debut match? I think Jessie would be the first to agree on that point.” I nodded in agreement before I let out a deep breath. ”Amber said on Twitter that she isn’t interested in going after the Grand Slam, but how true is that really? If she gets the win on Sunday she’ll have a solid argument that she should be my first challenger in the New Year.”

”Even assuming the bosses will let her go after the Bombshell Roulette Title? Right now Amber’s main priority seems to be her issues with Masque, it may be months before that is resolved and who knows if you’ll still be the champion by then?” Gabriel pointed out and I nodded in agreement. ”For now the only advice I can give is to play to your strengths as a wrestler, you are one of the best highflyers in the Bombshell Division, use that speed and agility to keep Amber on her toes.”

”And basically hope for the best?” I asked and Gabriel nodded in response, it wasn’t exactly the advice I was hoping for but what else could I expect? This was the first time Amber’s competed in months, who knows if she’s the same wrestler she was when she won the Queen for a Day Ladder Match? ”It’s not exactly what I was hoping to hear but I guess I’ll take what I can get.”

”Ironically, the one who might be able to give you the best advice is Jessica.” Gabriel pointed out and I had to admit that Gabriel was probably right about this. ”Out of your friends, she is the one who has faced Amber the most since her debut.”

”And I’d ask Krystal if she wasn’t sparring with Mackenzie to help prepare her for this week’s opening match against Seleana.” I responded with a nod before I stood up. ”I’d head back out and resume my training.” I added and Gabriel nodded before I left his office.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 23rd of November 2022, 11:00am

In case you’re wondering, yes I had been back to Jessie’s home gym since I retained the title against her.

If anything her warm congratulations to me after I got back from the shopping mall that SCW rented for the Black Friday Brawl just reaffirmed the fact that there was no hard feelings between us once the dust had settled but now that I facing Amber Ryan? Yeah, I needed all the help I could get.

When I walked down the stairs off the home gym I saw four women down there, I recognized two of them almost immediately, Jessie was serving an unofficial referee to a sparring match between her cousin Harper and a purple haired girl who I didn’t recognize, the fourth woman was on the outside cheering on the purple haired girl and if it weren’t for the fact that she had brown hair I’d almost mistake her for a doubleganger of Harper’s opponent.

”Wasn’t aware that you had company Jess.” I commented as I hopped off the bottom step and the four women looked up. ”Is this a bad time?”

”Nah, more the merrier and all that, plus Aniela and Kata will need to change up their sparring partners at some point.” Jessie responded as she motioned to the two unknown girls and I got a better look at her, Aniela, the brown-haired girl, seemed friendly enough but Kata seemed to be on edge at all times. ”I know you girls have attitude problems but I take it your familiar with Ari here?”

“Yeah, we’re not sure what we want to experience first, her cooking or her in a title match.” Kata joked with an accent that suggested that she was from Eastern Europe, whereabouts in Eastern Europe I couldn’t tell you because I wasn’t that familiar with Eastern European accents. “I jest off course, she was one of out favourites when we were still living in Poland.”

Well, that saved me the trouble of awkwardly asking the girls where they were from. ”I’m flattered but I’m mostly here for advice from Jessie about my next match.” I explained as I walked up to the ring and it didn’t take Jessie long to figure out what I meant. ”I’ll happily spar with them but I was hoping to chat with Jessie first.”

“That’s fine by me, I can keep the twins in line for a while.” Harper nodded in response and after Jessie left the ring Aniela entered the ring to make it a three-way dance style sparring match, Jessie at least made sure that they were within her line of sight before talking to me.

”I take it those two are the girls you were talking about on Twitter?” I asked Jessie as I motioned to the two Polish girls with my thumb and Jessie nodded. ”They don’t seem to bad, sure Kata has an edge to her but it’s no worse than I’ve seen from my fellow Go Gym graduates.”

”You haven’t seen them at their worst, let’s leave it at that.” Jessie responded as she shook her head and I glanced up at the ring again, the twins were holding their own with Harper but it was clear that Harper was further along in her training than either of them, which told me that the Polish girls had likely just started at Hero Academy. ”To make a long story short? Harper going to bat for them resulted in her essentially becoming their babysitter, Keira made it clear to them that if either of them slip up again it’s Harper’s ass that’s on the line as well.”

”Considering she put up with Cassie, well, being Cassie, they must have done something really bad to annoy Keira that much.” I responded as I shook my head and Jessie nodded in agreement. ”So what can you tell me about facing Amber?”

”If you’re looking for Amber’s kryptonite you’re asking the wrong Bombshell, I’ve faced Amber four times since she debuted in 2020, once in a food fight because someone thought Candy as interim GM was a good idea, and I’ve never beaten her once.” Jessie responded as she hook her head and I frowned as it dawned on me. ”Then again, I haven’t faced Amber in well over a year and months before the attack by Masque so what do I know?” Jessie asked with a shrug before momentarily glancing up at the ring to see how the three trainees were doing.

”That might be the one thing that gives me a slither of hope at winning this match, the fact that it’s been months since Amber last wrestled and that she’s coming back after that infamous attack by Masque.” I nodded as I got the idea but Jessie remained unconvinced. ”Gabriel said that I should try to stick to my strengths as a wrestler, strengths that you know all too well.”

”It’s solid advice, your ability to dazzle the crowd with your athleticism was what brought you to the dance in the first place and it was thanks to the Angel’s Descent that your even the Bombshell Roulette Champion in the first place.” Jessie nodded in agreement before a frown crept onto her face. ”But someone like Amber eats relative rookies like you for breakfast! You may not like it but your best bet may be hoping that Masque runs interference.”

”You might be right.” I responded with a frown before we heard Kata and Aniela arguing in their native Polish and looked up to the ring, Harper was leaning against the far-right ring post with a confused look on her face as the twins argued in Polish. ”Everything okay with the twins Harper?”

“Depends, do either of you speak Polish?” Harper asked  with a confused shrug and once we shook our heads she let out a deep breath. “We were going through some basic moves when they started going at it, but since I don’t speak Polish I don’t know if it’s because Kata or Aniela wanted a turn with me or because they can’t decide what they want for dinner later.”

”I’ll sort this out.” Jessie sighed before she walked over to the twins’ side of the ring and let out a loud whistle to get their attention. ”Everything okay girls? We can’t speak Polish but things seem to be getting heated between you two.”

“That’s why we started arguing with each other in Polish.” Aniela responded with a sheepish grin as she leaned over the ring ropes. “We didn’t want you guys or Harper to get involved.”

”I can see your logic, except you stopped a sparring match for your argument.” Jessie pointed out as she motioned to a confused Harper and the Polish girls shared a look when they realized that Jessie was right. ”So I’ll ask again, everything okay girls?”

“I wanted to practice a Double Suplex on Harper and Aniela wanted to practice a Double DDT.” Kata explained with an annoyed sigh as I walked over to them. “We couldn’t come to an agreement so we started arguing.”

”In Polish because you wanted to avoid getting Harper involved?” I asked as I shook my head and Kata nodded. ”Well that just caused more confusion because you are literally the only ones who speak Polish in this gym, is there a way you can resolve this?”

“We were about to come to agreement when Jessie interrupted us, basically a coin toss to see what we practiced first.” Aniela explained at which point I got a coin out of my pocket and motioned for them to call it. “I call heads.”

“Tails it is for me then.” Kata nodded with a sigh and I flipped the coin, they watched the coin go up in the air for a few seconds before it landed on my hand and I covered it. “I’m waiting.”

”Jessie wasn’t kidding about their attitude.” I muttered under my breath before I removed my hand to see the result. ”Tails, Kata gets first choice.”

“I was always more of an ass girl anyway.” Kata joked and we shook our heads before the training session resumed.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 23rd of November 2022, 13:00pm

*promo time*

Can I do this.

”David vs. Goliath, Theseus vs. The Minotaur, Hercules and his 12 Labours, all over the world, there are myths that are full of heroes overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and that is the situation I find myself in on Sunday.” I started with an uneasy look on my face as I stepped into view. ”The obstacle I face on Sunday is off course Amber Ryan! A name that has become infamous in the two years that she has been a part of the Bombshell Roster for both her viciousness and talent in the ring, yet she gets on well with Despy and has taken a liking to Chloe Benton, go figure.”

Funny how things work out.

”Amber when you debuted I was still plying my trade in SCU but I knew you you’re your reputation, both as a no-nonsense competitor and from that promo that Jessie cut against you, whilst I’m sure Jessie would rather forget that that promo ever happened, it certainly was an attention grabber.” I commented with a chuckle before shaking my head. ”But in the months that followed? You proved to be a force of nature in the Bombshell Division, something not seen since Alicia Lukas first arrived on the scene for that matter and the fact that you smashed her records during your World Bombshell Title Reign was certainly a sign of things to come, little did we know that someone even worse would follow you over a year later!”

Yep, I’m talking about that incident!

”I’m sure this is a painful memory for you Amber, but I can’t cut a promo against you for your return match without bringing up the reason you disappeared from SCW for months, can I?” Nope, I can’t ignore that elephant in the room now, can I? ”we all thought that we had seen the last of you after that attack Amber but here you are, months later facing me in a non-title match! And to address that comment for a second, yeah, I’m thankful that my title is on the line because you’re the first Bombshell I’ve faced as champion who I’m not sure I can beat!”

I gotta be honest.

”This is one of those instances where I question if I’ve done anything to anger Mark or Christian lately! I’m well aware that I’ve been on a roll since I won this title but to throw me to a lioness like Amber in her return match? Can you really blame me for asking such a question?” I asked as I rested the Bombshell Roulette Title over my shoulder. ”I will do my best to rise to the occasion in this match but I’m not kidding myself about my chances in this match, because Amber? You’re unlike anyone else I’ve faced since I won the title!”

Gotta try my best!

”You’ve beaten Seleana and Jessie, Melissa is someone you’ve never faced and as much as I’d like to see that match, I think I can predict the result, hell you’ve faced Team Hero before and Roxi was the one who dethroned you and ended your legendary reign, I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders heading into this match! More so than usual!” I added as brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”They say that diamonds are just coal that thrived under pressure but how much pressure is too much pressure? Guess I’ll find that out for myself on Sunday!”

My biggest test.

”There’s no getting around the fact that this is the biggest test of my wrestling career Amber, and I’m either going to pass with flying colours or die trying.” Hopefully not the latter option as I blew some hair out of my face. ”As a former champion yourself, you must know the pressure I’m put under every time I step in the ring, either to defend a title or compete in a non-title match such as this one, it doesn’t get any easier down here at the bottom of the Bombshell Division’s totem pole, I’ll say that much Amber and if you were going for that Grand Slam you’d find that out for yourself the hard way win or lose, but as the champion facing someone of your calibre in a non-title match? It’s my job to not show any weakness to my next challenger, even in defeat!”

Easier said than done!

”That’s the situation I’m in as I head into our match Amber, I’m well aware of the fact that any win on my part would be considered an upset and let’s face it, that would do wonders for my career in the process! But even if I lose this match, I need to look as strong as I can in defeat, less my next challenger thinks that I’m easy pickings!” I added as I looked at my Bombshell Roulette Title. ”In the short time that I’ve been champion I’ve put my heart and soul into my reign, I’ve worked through the blood, sweat and tears to make my name as champion and even against a competitor like you? I can afford to slip up, I still have a lot to prove as champ and our match will be my ultimate proving ground!”

It's that simple.

”If there’s any solace I take heading into the match, it’s the seven months’ worth of ring rust and, of course, that brutal beating you suffered at Masque’s hands!” I stated as I folded my arms. ”I hate to use such a thing against a competitor that I’m facing in a non-title match but what else am I supposed to do? Whilst you were on the injured list I was making a name for myself as a Bombshell on the rise and this Sunday will be the ultimate test of everything I’ve learned since I signed that contact with SCW during the Greece Lightning tour.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”So in this clash of the Angel vs. The Demon will the angel conquer all or fall at the demon’s blade?” I asked as I held up my title. ”The only way to answer that is to get in the ring with me Amber and this Sunday we will find our answer! I’m under no delusion that my chances of walking away from this match as the winner are slim to none but I will be out to make a name for myself against a returning Hall of Famer in the making, and if I do win? Well, sorry to spoil your return party Amber but if I do make you bask in the glow of the Greek Angel’s light? Then the SCW Universe will talk about how “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos overcame the odds to beat the seemingly unbeatable! See you on Sunday Amber!”

I left the ring as the scene fades.