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Ariana Angelos Match Record
« on: November 20, 2022, 04:18:16 PM »
Ariana's SCW Record to date:

DATE: November 24th 2019, Climax Control 254

Match #1: Tag Team Match w/ HB Carter vs. London Underground (Mixed Tag Team Title Match), result: LOSS (Carter pinned by Osborne)

DATE: April 3rd 2022, Climax Control 326

Match #2: Singles Match vs. Kaiju Rainbow, result: WIN

DATE: April 24th 2022, Climax Control 329

Match #3: Singles Match vs. Alicia Lukas, result: LOSS

DATE: 15th of May 2022, Into the Void X

Match #4: Singles Match vs. Char Kwan, result: WIN

DATE: 29th of May 2022, Climax Control 331

Match #5: Singles Match vs. Kayla Richards, result: LOSS

DATE: 19th of June 2022, Climax Control 334

Match #6: Singles Match vs. Melissa (Ultimate X Over The Pool Match Qualifier), Result: LOSS

DATE: 10th of July 2022, Summer XXXTReme X

Match #7: Tag Team Match w/ Krystal Wolfe vs. The Metal Maniacs, result: WIN (Ariana pinned Twisted Sister)

DATE: 31st of July 2022, Climax Control 337

Match #8 Battle Royal vs. Tempest vs. Kayla Richards vs. Seleana Zdunich vs. Bea Barnhart vs. Keira Fisher-Johnson (match for the vacant Bombshell Internet Title), result: loss (second Bombshell Eliminated)

DATE: 7th of August 2022, Climax Control 338

Match #9: rematch vs. Alicia Lukas, result: WIN

DATE: 4th September 2022, Violent Conduct VIII

Match #10: Triple Threat vs. Melissa vs. Georgie Robertson (Bombshell Roulette Title Match), result: TITLE WIN (Georgie Robertson pinned by Ariana Angelos)

DATE: 26th September 2022, Climax Control 342

Match #11: Singles Match vs. Seleana Zdunich (Roulette Rules Submission Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), result: WIN (first defense)

DATE: 9th October 2022, Climax Control 344

Match #12: Rematch vs. Melissa (Roulette Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Bombshell Roulette Title). result: WIN

DATE: 16th of October 2022, Climax Control 345

Match #13: Tag Team Match with Krystal Wolfe vs Team Hero, result: LOSS (Krystal pinned by Keira)

Date: 30th of October 2022, High Stakes XII

Match #14: Rematch vs. Seleana Zdunich (Roulette Rules Spider Web Match for the Bombshell Roulette Title), result: WIN

DATE: 13th November 2022, Climax Control 346

Match #15: Singles vs. Jessie Salco (Roulette Rules Black Friday Brawl for Bombshell Roulette Title), result: WIN

DATE: 27th November 2022, Climax Control 348

Match #16: Non-Title Singles Match vs. Amber Ryan, result: LOSS

DATE: 11th December 2022, Climax Control 350

Match #17: Tag Team Match w/ Krystal Wolfe vs. Masque and Avalon Blackthorn (Tag Team Santa's Bag Match), result: LOSS

DATE: January 15th 2023, Inception VI

Match #18: Open Invitational Scramble vs. Zoey Lukas vs. Seleana Zdunich vs. Crystal Caldwell vs. Krystal Wolfe vs. Mackenzie Page vs. Dawn vs. Chelsea Le Clair vs. Eaven Maloney (Bombshell Roulette Title Match), result: TITLE LOSS (Crystal Caldwell escaped the arena with the title)

DATE: February 12th 2023, Climax Control 353

Match #19: Mixed Tag Team Match w/ HB Carter vs. Alexander Raven and Luna Vanity, result: WIN! (Carter pinned Raven)

DATE: February 26th 2023, Climax Control 355

Match #20: rematch vs. Kayla Richards, result: LOSS

DATE: March 12th 2023, Blaze of Glory XI

Match #21: Triple Threat vs. Kayla Richards vs. Melissa, (Bombshell Internet Title Match) result: LOSS (Melissa pinned Ariana to win the title)

DATE: April 2nd 2023, Climax Control #357

Match #22: Mixed Tag Team Match w/ Oliver Zahn vs. Sam Marlowe and Teddy Warren (Blast from the Past Opening Round Match), result: WIN (Ariana pinned Sam)

DATE: April 16th 2023, Climax Control #359

Match #23: Mixed Tag Team Match w/ Oliver Zahn vs. J2H and Devona (Blast from the Past Quarter Final Match), result: LOSS (Devona pinned Ariana)

DATE: April 23rd 2023, Climax Control #360

Match #24: Singles vs. Zoey Lukas (#1 Contenders Match for the World Bombshell Title), Result: WIN (Zoey Lukas failed to return to the ring in time to beat the ten count awarding Ariana the countout win)

DATE: May 7th 2023, Into the Void XI

Match #25: Singles vs. Roxi Johnson (World Bombshell Title Match), result: LOSS

DATE: May 28th 2023, Climax Control 362

Match #26: Singles vs. Aleeesha Johnson, result: LOSS

DATE: June 4th 2023, Climax Control 363

Match #27: Singles vs. Keira Fisher, result: LOSS

DATE: June 19th 2023, Climax Control 365

Match #28: Mixed Tag Team Match w/ HB Carter vs Kim Pain and Peter Vaughn (Mixed Tag Team Title Match Qualifying Match), result: LOSS (Carter pinned by Peter)

DATE: July 2nd 2023, Summer XXXTreme XI

Match #29: Singles vs Georgie Robertson, result: LOSS

DATE: July 16th 2023, Climax Control 366

Match #30: Mixed Tag Team Match w/ HB Carter vs. The Barnharts (Bill and Bea), result: WIN! (Carter pinned Bill)

DATE: July 30th 2023, Climax Control 368

Match #31: Singles rematch vs. Kayla Richards (non-title Bombshell Internet Title Qualifier), result: LOSS

DATE: August 27th 2023, Violent Conduct IX

Match #32: Singles vs. Courtney Pierce (World Bombshell Championship Match), result: LOSS (Ruby Steele cost Ariana the match after Drew Patton was knocked out)

DATE: September 23rd 2023, Climax Control 373

Match #33: Singles vs. Julianna DiMaria (Special Guest Referee: Courtney Pierce), result: LOSS

DATE: October 7th 2023, Climax Control 375

Match #34: Battle Royal vs Sam Marlowe vs Kat Jones vs Mercedes Vargas vs Luna Vanity vs Seleana Zdunich vs. Krystal Wolfe vs Tempest vs Zoey Lukas (Battle Royal for the newly vacated Bombshell Internet Championship), result: LOSS (Ariana was eliminated last by Luna allowing Luna to win the match, setting up a title match between the two women at High Stakes in the process)

DATE: October 22nd 2023, High Stakes XII

Match #35: Singles vs. Luna Vanity (Bombshell Internet Title Match), result TITLE WIN

DATE: November 5th 2023, Climax Control 376

Match #36: Mixed Tag with HB Carter vs Eiley and Oliver Zahn, result, WIN (Carter pinned Oliver)

DATE: November 12th 2023, Climax Control 377

Match #37: Singles vs Tempest (Bombshell Internet Title Match), result: No Contest (Courtney Pierce attacked Ariana before she could make her entrance, never mind start the match, as Courtney tried to break Ariana's hand during the attack the match was called off)

DATE: November 26th 2023, Climax Control 379

Match #38: Singles vs Bea Barnhart (Bombshell Internet Title Match), Result: WIN (technically the first defense since the match against Tempest was called off)

DATE: December 17th, 2023, December 2 Dismember V

Match #39: Singles vs. Courtney Pierce (Bombshell Internet Title Match), Result: Title Loss (Ruby cost Ariana the title)

DATE: January 7th 2024, Climax Control 381

Match #40: Singles rematch vs. Courtney Pierce (Bombshell Internet Title Match with Ruby handcuffed to Twisted Sister), result: LOSS

DATE: January 28th 2024, Climax Control 385

Match #41: Mixed Tag Team Match w/ HB Carter vs. Ben Jordan and Sam Marlowe, result: DRAW (time limit expired whilst Ariana was being pinned by Sam)

DATE: February 18th 2024, My Bloody Valentine V

Match #42: Fatal Four Way Match vs. Crystal Zdunich vs. Bella Madison vs. Mercedes Vargas (Blood Bath Brawl), result: loss (Ariana was last pinned by Bella after being put through a table with the Ashes to Ashes)

DATE: March 17th 2024, Climax Control 388

Match #43: Mixed Tag Team Match w/HB Carter vs. The Wolves (Mixed Tag Team Title Match), result: LOSS (Kayla pinned Ariana)

DATE: March 31st 2024, Climax Control 390

Match #44: Singles vs Ericka Moore, result: WIN

DATE: April 14th 2024, Blaze of Glory XII

Match #45: Triple Threat vs. Georgie Robertson vs. Seleana Zdunich, result: WIN! (Georgie was arrested for Assault and Battery in the middle of her entrance, towards the end of the match Georgie returned and attacked Seleana with brass knuckles only for Ariana to hit her with the Meat Your Maker and secure the win, Georgie was subsequently rearrested)
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