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Speed Kills
« on: September 16, 2022, 11:57:10 PM »
Accomplished...And Yet...
Wolfslair Gym
A Week Ago

It had been two whole days since Miles reached the humble homestead back in NYC’s Washington Heights, all he wanted to do was kick back, in his own bed and sleep for at least 3 days to shake the jetlag.

Instead, within the first 24 hours he heard an argument in Spanish and English, multiple rounds of very loud make-up sex that would have made him wonder if they were running something for a spicy site, followed up by more yelling and even louder sex.

After being away for around a month and a half, coming home with an extra heavy bag and a smile on his face, you’d think it would allow him at least a few days of peace. The neighbors apparently had other things in mind.

He put it out on twitter about things going on. Fenris immediately responded with “Come to Vegas.” but he couldn’t see himself living out there on a full time basis. One, Wolfslair, his gym that brought him to being better in the ring was in New York. Two, there was something comforting being on the east coast which brought him closer to home.

Call him what you will, family was everything to him.

He was waiting for someone to remind him about the potential of running into her but in a city of just under 8.4 MILLION people he didn’t see it to be likely.

So now he was off to try and find a new place.

No luck?

Miles looked up and through his exhausted haze to see Finn Whelan standing in front of him, he had been browsing the net for at least the last hour.

I mean there is plenty out there but just finding the right place.

How fast do you need to be out of there?

Got til the end of the month but for the sake of my sanity, the sooner the better.” Miles said rubbing his tired eyes, “I’ve only been getting sleep in about an hour at a time.

Damn mate, that bad?” Miles just yawns loudly enough to catch the entire gym’s attention and Finn shakes his head, “Ok, that’s bad. I mean what I said on twitter I got the room open for you at the Home for Wayward Wrestlers, it’s not a whole lot but until you can find something, you have a place to go.

Miles grabs his energy drink, the only thing that has kept him upright for the last 4 days and chugs the rest before shaking his cobwebs loose, “Right now I just need to catch about 48 hours of sleep to kick this jetlag, mate.”

Well then get your shit and meet me over there. It’ll piss off Kayla but I live for that shit.” Finn said with a shrug.

Miles just closes his laptop and laughs, “As long as you get your inevitable asskicking on camera, I’m there for it. But seriously, thank you. It’s only temporary though.

Mate, however long ya need.

Finn would tweet out after a day of unconsciousness that he now housed:
A vindictive bitch from Norwich
A pirate from Manchester
An Australian and his knocked up American which also mean 1/4 custody of a Londonian-Russian Molotov
A wombat that needs a bath

And Miles would sing out “A partridge in a pear tree” loudly enough to have a pillow (thankfully) thrown at his head by Kayla. She would grumble something about ‘Too many people in her house’.

Miles would make it up to her by offering different things to prevent and further any escalation of things being thrown full speed at his mug.

It was his money maker after all. Actually the jury was still out if it was that or his ass. K had the award on the abs, no matter how hard he tried.

It was something different. Surrounded by his Wolfslair mates brought out a feeling that he actually belonged.

Even if it was only temporary.

But now he could focus on something new, his first defense of the Roulette Championship.

Now The Real Work Begins
Welcome Back to Vegas
Present Day

There isn’t a single person on the roster, besides a troll, that would sit there and tell me that I didn’t fucking earn this.

Miles sat out on his room’s balcony, overlooking Vegas in all its glory. A massive difference in his face from just a week ago, he was bright eyed and full of mischief the way we have come to expect Milo to be. That pep in his step followed him from India.

When SCW took to tour India, I saw a truly amazing opportunity to fully embrace a giant change that I needed in my life. I was so sick and tired of getting so close and only have my life fuck with my chances.” Miles smirked, “In case you missed the memo at Violent Conduct, I’m above that now. I took one of the biggest steps in my entire career and finally it went the right damn direction. And I’m not taking anything away from Alexander Raven, he brought all that he had and then some, but on that night I was not going to be denied. I finally took control and now I’m sitting here with this-

Miles looks to his left and smiles as he grabs the SCW Roulette Championship.

While SOME people look at it as a lower tier title, I look at it like I have won the lottery. No matter what, you wear 10 extra pounds around your waist, you represent that division and that company. SCW has given me every chance humanly possible to only grow and you know what? I feel like I’ve gone from 6’1” to 10 feet.” he looks up and then he drops his head, “But even we know the giants can fall.

That brings me to Agostino Romano, the man that has shocked SCW on a few different occasions in toppling some impressive people to be a former Internet Champion, THREE TIMES no less. And we all know that our friend Agostino loves to live in the fast lane because as quick as he’s gained those titles, he quickly loses them. But see as high as I fly, as quick as I seem, I don’t plan to blow my load in the very first defense against you, mate.

He can’t help it, he actually blushes from that line but laughs it off before looking down at his championship.

No, I fully intend on taking this all the way to High Stakes and then right into the new year. I know I am going to have my hands full with the likes of you and Barnhart and if he decides that he wants to, maybe another round with Raven and who knows the fuck else. But now that I have this, I have one thing you don’t. Purpose.

Miles looks up, his eyes almost go grey with a bit of rage behind the storm but still a playful glimmer there.

For you this would just be something new to add to your trophy case, but I’m not going for quantity, bruv...I’m going for QUALITY. Something that you seem to lack. I’m not knocking your ability in the ring, I would be a fool to do so. The amount of times that we have faced one another in that ring, I would be an even bigger idiot than I already am to take your challenge lightly. BUT-” and Miles laughs a bit as he holds up his hand for a moment, “But we all know what this title brings. Everytime we stand in front of that wheel before these matches we find how much fate really wants to screw with us. I’m at the point now mate that this title was my fate and therefore I will work with what I am given. Expect the unexpected, take nothing for a chance, be conscious of your surroundings and don’t rush headfirst like some moron because that’s going to get you hurt.” he stands tall and gives a quick stretch, before cracking his neck, “I’m going to show you what speed gets you, mate. I’m going to show you what the slow lane feels like because I’m going to break you down. And even after all of that, when you wake up Monday morning you are still going to feel like you hit that wall at 100mph because it’s gonna hit hard, deliberate and it’s going to put you in a whole new light when it comes to me.

If you thought I was dangerous before, you had no idea.

Miles puts the title around his neck and with a wink and smile, bearing his white teeth, he brings his hands together and forms the W with his hands.

W’s up. Time for this wolf to tear this division a whole new one.