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Typical (Team Nevermore vs The Saviors)
« on: April 06, 2022, 06:42:14 PM »

Do you know that feeling..

That feeling that it feels like no matter what you do, how hard you train, how hard you fight.. It just never seems to be enough.. Something always just seems to be in your way.. Yes Kat fought hard.. She lasted a long time until she faced the last opponent.. It was not enough again. She could blame everything under the sun.. She could believe the nice words she heard after.. She does not give a fuck. It was not enough.. Again.. And she is sick of it.. Sick of the almost.. But not quite.. It caused her to take a good long look at everything and everyone in her life and as was seen she is starting to call those out on their shit.. Even on twitter.. Roxi tried to downplay it.. She found out the hard way that Kat was not having it.. But Roxi and Keira both are being put on the sideburner.. They can wait.. For this week Kat has a much harder trial awaiting her.. Yes harder than facing Keira or Roxi because quite frankly, Kat would not give a fuck about verbally ripping them to shreds but her opponents this week.. This is where there is a problem.. She is already quite sure that neither of them has an issue with it.. But as Kat has found before.. They always claim there will be no hard feelings after the match is over and done with.. There always is.. And while she had said her goodbyes to Matthew Knox a while ago.. Amber however.. She is her sister if not by blood, but by heart… And probably the only one that knows,if she thinks clearly for a moment would know better than either one of the men in the match, the very real problem Kat Jones is becoming..

Kat knows Amber is hurting… The loss of her title hit Amber like a ton of bricks.. She would have recovered well from that without much of an issue but the dismissive reactions of others.. Like the loss of the belt somehow made Amber less dangerous.. That did her in.. But as much as Amber is trying to make the world see that she is still as dangerous as ever and make them pay for thinking and saying otherwise.. She is doing the exact same thing.. She is just as dismissive.. Just as careless with her words.. Sure Kat does not have the best track record lately.. But… There is one thing you should never do.. Never underestimate Kat Fucking Jones.. And Amber does just that.. Oh.. And Knox will too.. But neither one has faced this Kat Jones before.. The same one that held a World Heavyweight Championship for 9 months straight.. If you were to place a bet on that both of them will make the same fucking mistake.. You would be placing a winning bet. Both have faced Kat in the past.. Amber a long time ago and even Knox did about a year or so ago.. But both of them were in a very different place in their life and a one on one fight between them would become uglier now than the horror it was back then..

Both of them should know better.. But they don’t.. Both of them should see it.. But neither of them realize it.. They should.. But they won’t.. Both of them are too consumed by their own ego’s.. Hyping each other up.. Making themselves look invincible.. But they are not.. But neither of them know the Kat Jones that is coming into this match.. Do not look for your at one time lover Knox.. Do not look for your sister Amber.. She won’t be there.

~Off Camera~
It was Wednesday morning barely.. It was still very early as the sun had yet to come up when Kat was standing on the deck of her mountain home. The only light being the lamp just outside of the sliding doors leading into the lounge area of the house. Inside the house all the lights were out.. Holding a big mug of hot coffee dressed casually.. She was about to head out deeper into the mountains and woods surrounding her home. She was not going to be alone because big brother refused to let her. Maybe dressed too casually with older and worn all star sneakers underneath black skinny jeans and a sweater.. The worst of the cold has come and gone already and she was just waiting for Cy to arrive so that they could make their way up the rocky cliffs and get a good work-out in.. The mountain trails she uses are no joke and will test you to your final step. But worth it. She heard Cy’s car driving up the path to her house and finished the coffee she had left in her mug before placing it on the table and grabbing her jacket and backpack. She headed for Cy’s car and once she stepped into the car Cy could already tell that her mood was different.. Murderous intent burning in her dark eyes the second their eyes met and he just nodded his head. He too knows Amber all too well.. But he knows Kat better than anyone else in this world..

There was no need for words for either of them. Neither of them are morning people even with coffee in their system.. And Kat does not need to hear pretty words to encourage her.. She needs his presence alone, which is more than enough for her. While they drive away from the house and take the main road heading towards Denver deeper into the mountains Cy puts his hand on hers and can almost feel the tremor in her limbs. Like a livewire underneath her skin.. He knows she is so close to losing it entirely.. Barely grasping on to the seams holding her together. Besides him only two others realize just how bad she truly is becoming.. The rest.. Downplay it.. Just like they will.. Kat already knows this.. That is their method of operation.. It may not seem like it to many but Both Knox as well as Amber are predictable.. Very predictable.. Kat won’t be much more than a footnote as both of them are focused on the man Kat is teaming with.. Fellow Savior member Ken Davison.. It has already started.. On twitter they already showed their cards.. Focusing on Ken and dismissing Kat.. But that is fine.. They will find out the hard way..

Cy just held his hand on her arm giving her exactly what she needed.. That anchor.. That lifeline keeping her in the present.. As much as her fractured mind will allow it.. As it festers over what she has already seen and heard.. That Knox is more focused on Ken is only natural as it is a Mixed Tag match, that means Knox will be the one to deal with Ken.. But that sister dearest does the same only fuels the fire… The rage.. The same one she is claiming for others doubting her… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.. But there is one exception.. When the scorned woman is facing a furious woman she has scorned herself.. Funny isn’t how some can see it done by others and still do the same damn thing and not see it. Kat was disrupted from her thoughts by Cy turning away from the main road and driving up the mountain. He had to use the hand he was anchoring her with and it brought her back to the present with a jolt. So sudden that she hissed..

Cy : Almost there..

Kat nodded towards him and kept her eyes focused on the road.. The twists and turns and off road paths.. Bouncing on the seat over the lesser traveled paths they have discovered over the years since Kat had moved to the area.. They have been around these mountains together a lot over the past 6 years and Kat can see where he is taking her.. This trail would demand all of her focus.. When the trail tapers down into non-existence is when Cy parks the truck and both of them get out and put their backpacks on.. It is still about an hour long hike up the mountain trail before they reach the rocky cliff they are heading for and just a little over an hour before the sun truly is up and shining down over the mountain peaks. It is not fully dark outside at the moment but it would be a while before it is truly daytime.. Without saying a word they both look up at the same time and nod before heading up the trail together. The walk soothes the raging beast for a moment as she needs to focus on where she steps and where to go. The hour-long reprieve of her mind's festering thoughts and lingering doubts was welcomed as they drove her to the point of no return a lot sooner than she was wanting to be there.. Kat has her plan set out.. And it will be coming true soon enough.

Every step up the mountain makes her more determined.. More focused.. And for sure more dangerous.. Amber is intent on making her hurt.. She is going to feel the wrath of Kat fucking Jones and just how dangerous and stupid it is to underestimate her.. Knox.. He is going to find out exactly who the fuck she is as well.. The WildKat he stepped into the ring with before… She is nothing like the monstrous HellKat he is going to see face his precious Amber come Climax Control. But then again.. Knox is going to claim that he won the last time they did face each other and preach that he will be winning again.. True his stable got a win over the one Kat was in.. Knox can say whatever the hell he wants.. The fact remains.. They never did fight one on one.. That was the match they were supposed to have.. That was the match Kat wanted to have but… That match never happened as their stables got involved.. Sure he got the best of her in the end.. But he never faced her one on one before… Neither did Amber for that matter.. While they know what to expect from Ken.. Truth of the matter is.. Neither of them got a fucking clue about Kat inside the ring.. One on one.. And what that means.. And while this is a tag team match.. It is a Mixed Tag so it is Kat versus Amber.. And Knox versus Ken… Makes you wonder who will remember that rule.. Kat just might not..

Cy : Almost there….

Repeating the same words and getting the same nodded response from Kat Cy did not have to say much more.. They were almost at the top of the mountain and Kat could see the rocky cliffs in the distance.. It only took them a few more minutes of climbing up the steep hill before they sat themselves down on the rocks lining the edge..

That is where she sat herself down and took a picture as the sun was rising over the mountains.. The gigantic pine trees below in the valley look like miniatures.. The river even looked small.. For a moment Kat had a look of bliss on her face as she took everything in.. Deep breaths filling her lungs with fresh mountain air.. How she loved the mountains.. They sat in perfect silence, the only sounds surrounding them are the ones made by the nature around them.. The wind softly rustling the trees.. Birds singing.. A lone animal in the woods below calling out.. Perfection.. Side by side.. Their shoulders are touching.. The anchor needed provided..

~ On Camera ~

The sun is shining bright and clear over the mountains as Kat Jones is seen sitting on the edge of the cliff. Casually leaning back on her hands as her pale skin looks even paler than normal in the bright sunlight.

Kat : Team Nevermore versus The Saviors.. On paper it seems like a good match.. But in reality it is going to steal the whole fucking show.. Because there are three excellent wrestlers in that match.. And me.. At least that is what you can make out of the whole shit show that started on twitter already.. It is hilarious though.. All four of us tagged in that single post and yet it is all about you three.. Such a shame it is not a triple threat match because then all of you could do whatever the fuck you want.. I mean Amber more often than not wants to rip out her own tag-partners tongue.. Or strangle him.. But we all get why because well.. It is Knox and that is the effect he has on people.. And both of you have had your issues with Ken… And you all want to fight again.. That is all fine and dandy.. But the hilarious part of all of this to me… Is that both Knox and Amber should know better than to just push me aside and go for my tag team partner.. Like I am someone they do not have to worry about.. Like I am nobody.. Funny.. Isn’t that what drives you both.. To build a legacy.. To be recognised.. Acknowledged.. Praised and hailed as the best champion.. Hall of fame bound and all that bullshit you both arrogantly preach to the whole fucking world.. I never gave a flying fuck about any of it.. I did not need to be acknowledged when I held a world title.. I did not need to be hailed and praised.. Or recognised for what I achieved.. I am not out to build a legacy or arrogant enough to believe that I belong in a hall of fame.. That is you both..

Knox.. The entire world knows he is an arrogant bastard.. So I knew it would be coming from him.. I have known him long enough to have seen it coming a mile away.. He is going to be just as dismissive with me as he is with Ken and he is going to do the same song and dance routine..  Arrogant.. Dismissive.. Underestimating.. Cocky.. The same old same he did when we first faced.. What he does every fucking time he faces somebody.. Does not matter where, when or who.. Nobody can topple the great Matthew Aloysius Knox.. Right..

Kat rolled her eyes before shaking her head slightly..

Kat : We have plenty of history Knox and not a lot of it was good.. But I would have thought you knew better than to try that crap with me.. But no.. Still the same old Knox.. Still the same old tired song and dance routine.. The same fucking thing you do over and over again.. And it may have worked on others before.. I am not going to fall for it.. Hide your insecurities… Your stubborn pride and your desperate need for a legacy in this business.. Like you have not made one already.. Hide it all behind arrogance.. Bullshitting around on Twitter.. Starting more fights on social media… Dismiss and ignore it all you want.. The fact of the matter is.. Ken has your number… I am not going to claim to be the best tag team in the world with Ken because the truth is I am teaming with him for the first time. But we have the same goals.. I am pretty confident that we can work together well.. Even if my preferred tag team partner is currently holding the camera..

Kat smirked and winked at her brother who was filming this..

Cy : Traitor..

Kat stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes at his teasing tone of voice..

Kat : I did not book the match.. Deal with it.. Anyway.. While I am sure Ken would have preferred someone else as his tag team partner at least with me he knows I got his back.. He knows that I will do whatever the fuck I have to do to when it is needed.. That is something you should have remembered as well Knox… You know I thought that I had proven to you a long time ago now to not underestimate me.. But you forgot that lesson.. And you are going to be painfully reminded of it as you stand on the apron helpless.. Watching what happens to Amber.. Powerless to stop it.. Or get disqualified and then dismembered by Amber if you dare to interfere.. And you know that she will do just that.. The woman you knew is gone  forever Knox.. The one replacing her is worse than the bitch you were so eager to fight.. You and everyone else underestimated me.. Thought I was playing on being insane.. Playing on being sadistic.. Playing on being the HellKat that I was supposed to be.. No.. I am not playing anymore… The woman you knew was the part I played to be the friend.. The lover.. The one that people came to.. That was the part I was playing.. Hiding the ugly truth behind a smile and somewhat nice behavior.. I will never be the perfect woman.. And I do not want or need to be anything more than I am..

My true self..

Kat smirked and her dark eyes glittered with ill intent.. She leaned in closer just a little..

Kat : Amber… I thought better of you.. We have known each other for years.. And I love you.. I love you like a sister.. But I am going to have to remind you that you are not the only one… Not the only one to have been dismissed.. Played down.. Talked down.. Seemingly forgotten by others in just who the fuck you are.. That is me.. Has been me for years.. I thought you would be better than that.. But you are not.. You gripe and bitch and moan about people doing that to you since you lost the title.. Like they forgot how dangerous you are.. But.. That is exactly what you are doing to me… You dismissed me like I am not worthy of your time.. You played down what I said like I did not matter.. And you talked down to me like I am just going to lay there and take an asskicking of a lifetime without hurting you back.. Really Amber.. You are so consumed in your own fucking hype.. That you can not see that you are a hypocritical bitch right now.. You are doing to me exactly what you accuse others of..

You are talking to me like I will be a push-over.. Like I am not on your level.. Like I have not achieved a damn thing in this business.. For fucking months everyone that is in this business was hyping you up and kissing your ass and you want that crown back.. You want and need to be the Queen bitch again.. You need it and crave it like it is the oxygen that fills your lungs.. You are believing your own hype so much that you are failing to see the problem you are creating for yourself.. So go ahead and hype yourself up even more.. Make it easier on me.. Claim you are going to beat me down.. Claim you are going to destroy me to make a point to all those others.. What is that point supposed to be Amber.. That you would destroy even those you love for that title.. We already knew that..

Kat shook her head and pulled one leg up wrapping her arms around her knee..

Kat : It is a shame.. A shame that I already know that the whole no hard feelings bullshit will be just that.. Bullshit.. If you were to lose you would hold it against me.. If you were to win.. What would it prove.. Nothing.. You see I got the lesser track record in this company.. I have nothing to lose.. If I win.. Good.. If I don’t.. Ah well just another loss on the record.. And nobody in SCW will see it as any message because I have nothing to lose.. So try and make your point and I will make mine.. I told you I have my mission and you have yours.. Do not downplay that again..

I recognise that you want to climb that mountain again and take the fucking crown right of her head and you can have it.. Don’t you get it by now.. I do not want her title.. I do not want to fight her because of a championship.. I could not give a fuck about it.. You want it so desperately, that is your problem not mine.. Go get it, take it from her.. I do not give a fuck.. I do not want or need a title to validate me.. I just want to fight her and not for revenge on the last match I had with her no.. She made it personal.. Now I know you well enough to know that you are not going to listen to me.. I know this so go ahead.. Underestimate me.. Play it down.. Talk down on me.. Do your whole spiel of being the best and all that fucking noise you spew each and every goddamn time.. Just like your tag-partner you are predictable.. Inside that ring I will not give a damn if you are like a sister to me. It never bothered me before because I know what the outcome will be.. No hard feelings become deep rooted resent.. Let it fester long enough and it will grow into an unrivaled hatred Because this time around you are going to find out that little baby sister has claws and she will fucking use them.. You claim you do not want to hurt me.. But that it is, how it has to be..

The difference between you and me is simple.. Inside that ring I will want to hurt you.. Not because it has to be.. But because you have made me want to..

With that said the scene fades to black on Kat with a sadistic smirk on her face…

~Off Camera~

Kat stood up when Cy gave the signal that it was cut off entirely.. He put the handheld camera in her backpack and when he turned around Kat was standing on the very edge of the cliff looking down.. Cy recognised the longing look and he rushed in and grabbed her in a rear naked choke and pulled her back from the edge and down to the ground grapevining his legs around her as she struggled in his grip.. Murmuring in her ear over and over words of patience and painting the most gruesome picture of revenge and violence.. Unapologetic violence.. This slowly calmed Kat down enough to where she started to listen.. Truly listen.. Even though Cy loves Amber just as much as Kat does.. This is not the Amber they know and love.. This is a whole different type of animal.. This Amber is arrogant.. Cocky and drowning in her own hype.. And that was not their thing.. Kat had no idea how long they laid there on the ground having lost all track of time..

She did not even move when Cy released the hold he still had on her and moved to get up.. Cy pulled Kat up from the ground and held her hand tightly in his as they made their way down the mountain.. Silence surrounded them as they walked.. The only sound coming from their footsteps heading home safe again for now at the very least..