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« on: March 07, 2022, 03:19:34 PM »
Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 7,000 word limit.

Good luck!

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She stands the black vinyl grappling dummy upright, her fingers clutching as talons into the shoulders of the 70-pound crumb rubber filled ‘enemy’. With matching lace stitching at the seams to provide durability for the odd-looking contrivance it is designed to provide resistance, resistance which will surely be tested. Overhead a ceiling fan whirs lazily, adding a gentle breeze to the 12 by 12 bedroom of her parent’s apartment. Outside of the concrete walls, an erratic wind rustles the leaves of a nearby tree against the window, scratching and screeching, heralding a change in weather to come. Inside, Chloe maintains her grip on the sturdy mannequin; with articulated joints and poseable limbs it nearly matches her five feet in height. Beads of perspiration form at the youngster’s brow, a byproduct of exertion as she holds it steady, her stomach heaving in and out, allowing her heavy breath to slowly ebb with her heart rate. The lighting is subdued, courtesy of a tired blue porcelain lamp, a remnant of decades past. Steadying her bare feet against a blue rubber wrestling mat, barely 6 by 6 feet and laid out beside her unkempt twin-sized bed she allows her chocolate almonds to scan the room, wary of the cramped space in which she operates to ensure not to collide with the faded wooden dresser on the far side and a burdened mahogany computer desk behind her, which sports a pair of cinder blocks in place of a missing wooden leg.

Satisfied, she reaches down to adjust her back sports bra emblazoned with the faded logo of an unfamiliar company, a garment victimized by too many battles with the chemically treated water of the washing machine. A drawn-out sigh whistles softly between pursed lips as her body tenses in anticipation. A deep breath and Chloe drops her hands, quickly bringing her arms down, wrapping them around the dummies’ waist. She locks her fingers, lifting it and with a mighty twist of her torso spins it around, slamming it to the mat with herself landing with a muted thud on top. Quickly she straddles it, reaching out to take control of one of the extended arms and tucks it beneath her armpit with her body falling off to the side, maintaining control. She slides her right leg beneath the arms, trapping it between her legs and leans back, desperately holding onto the wrist, securing an armbar. She locks her feet, further entwining the arms of the dummy between taut black leggings layering a pair of straining legs.

Releasing the arm, she slides back on top of the sweat laden figure, straddling it once more and takes the left arm by the wrist. Bending it back she slides her left between the crevice created, attempting to craft another submission hold but a lack of familiarity with the human skeletal system fails to produce anything recognizable, prompting her to release the hold with a dissatisfied grunt. Drawing another breath Chloe repositions herself atop the counterfeit sparring partner while her mind replays a slideshow of the MMA fights she’s viewed, scrolling through the catalog of memory until settling on perhaps the most common finishing sequence, the fabled ground and pound. Riding her helpless ‘opponent’ The recently turned 18-year-old rains punishment down on its’ vacant face. Caught up in the moment she pictures herself in a real fight which provides a surge of adrenaline that explodes from the heart and races through to her small fists which hammer away relentlessly for several moments until, spent, she is no longer able to continue, her burning lungs giving in to desperate cries for oxygen. With heaving chest, the girl slumps forward, resting against her impassive ‘foe’. She fails to notice a string of muffled footsteps marching down the hall outside her room.

Squeaking in protest, the flimsy, balsa wood door is swung open, alerting the drained young woman to the arrival of another, but she pays it no mind, not bothering to move from atop of the slippery vinyl figure in favor of recouping spent energy.

“Chloe Benton, what in the name of God are you doing?”

Startled by the asperous voice reverberating off the walls she lifts her head, turning her weary gaze to the source of the outburst, her stepmother looking on, the heavy-set features of the elder woman’s face mired in a coagulated appalment. Her face is reddened by exertion, and now compounded by surprise, she quickly bolts to her feet. From behind a cold pair of steely grey eyes, encompassed by a layer of leathery skin, hardened in appearance by age the stern-faced woman casts a cavillous scowl towards her nervously approaching stepdaughter.

“So, while I’m cleaning up after dinner you mean to tell me that you’re in here playing with a sex doll?” Her tone is taxing, a perfect match to a pressing demeanor. Planting heavy hams against substantial hips the considerably larger woman glowers down at her, with her beefy frame providing an imposing backdrop. The woman, Jessica Benton looks on, her thin lips tightened into a disgusted knot. She shakes her head, and the dangling threads of a hastily arranged salt and pepper updo follow suit. “And where did you get that blow up doll?” she demands. “You’re too young to go into places like that”.

“I-I-it’s n-not a sex d-doll mama”, Chloe pleads through a demure inflection. “It’s a-a g-grappling d-dummy”. The words stumble through the corridor of her throat, stumbling over syllabic speed bumps. She stands before the other woman on quivering stems, looking up at her from behind a glassy pair of chestnut lenses. “I-I h-have a m-m-match th-this w-w-weekend, an impor-import-tent match. I-I have to pre-prepare-prepare”.

The girl’s pleas fall on deaf ears however, as her stepmother stands firm in resolution bellowing, “The only thing you have to do is get your ass in that damned kitchen and help me wash the dishes young lady!” Jutting a beefy finger towards the doorway she regards her timidly silent stepdaughter through a snarl of contempt, “Now, put your little play doll away and get your ass into the kitchen!”

“I-It’s n-n-not a play doll m-mama, it’s a gr-grappling d-d-d…”

“I said now!” The angry thunderclap pierces the girls’ quavering attempt at an explanation, snapping her into fearful compliance. “Move!”

Her train of thought shattered by the relentless shelling of her stepmother’s bombast, Chloe returns to the dummy, sliding the sweat laden apparatus underneath her bed. A sigh of relief slithers through pursed lips upon hearing the familiar clump of the elder woman’s heavy footed gait amble back down the hall. With her “sex toy” safely tucked away she takes a moment to collect her thoughts, to put her frayed emotions back in place and slowly rises for what is certain to be a tense assignment.

A small breakfast bar with two etiolated wooden stools wearily guards the entry into the equally unimpressive kitchen. A mere 10 by 10 feet the kitchen is cramped by connected rows of faded white cupboards overhead which give way to a dirty white refrigerator sporting a handful of magnets advertising discounts on services and a smattering of upcoming bills tucked into a black mesh organizer. Another ceiling fan lopes aloft the well-worn dirty yellow tile, doing its best to cool the occupants, despite having lost one of its’ three appendages. An older gas stove sits nearby, separated from the fridge by a tattered cutting station. The top is smattered with aged grease stains and food splatter, and to the far left, near the edge of the breakfast bar, separated by a dish drying station, set up with a battered rack seated atop a brown towel sits the double sink.

Jessica stands in front of the right sink, which is filled with soapy water, her hefty hands encased in bright yellow latex gloves, scrubbing the remnants of the evening meal from a plate before setting it in the rinsing sink where Chloe now takes station, snagging a drying cloth from the handle of the cupboard above.

Carefully she reaches into the clear, warm water, pulling the plate from the foamy depths and gingerly applying the cloth to dry it off before gingerly setting it down in the rack to her left. Though attentive and careful with the delicate porcelain, an almost imperceptible clank by the plate as it contacts another in the next rung proves enough to draw the attention, and a sharp rebuke from her stepmother.

“How many times do I have to tell you to be careful with those dishes?”

“I-I was careful, mama!” Chloe cries in her own defense, but her words fall on deaf ears with the robustly framed woman throwing a green scrub pad into the lather and turning to glare through enflamed lenses at her uneasy stepdaughter. “I-I r-r-really was m-mama”.

“Like hell you were, I could hear it all the way over here.”

“B-B-But y-you-you’re right n-next t-to me.” The younger girl, though intimidated, fires back as mildly as possible, fearful of an angry reprisal, yet still feeling the need to assert her argument. Timidly, she ebbs from her notoriously ill-tempered guardian, only to see her progress blocked by the impassive bulk of the breakfast bar.

“Don’t you sass me young lady”, the glowering behemoth snarls venomously through clenched teeth while closing the gap. “You ain’t big enough that I won’t give you a whoopin’ do you understand me?”

“Y-Yes mama, I-I’m sorry”.

“Now get back to drying these dishes”. Returning to the sink Jessica Benton, retrieves the scrub pad from the water and resumes her work on another plate. Her thoughts quickly turn from the brief disagreement with Chloe and back to the scene she had encountered moments ago in the girl’s bedroom. “And I want you to get rid of that sex doll, do you hear me?”

“I-It’s not a s-sex doll, mama, i-it’s a g-gr-grappling dummy, I u-use it to pr-practice wrestling. I-it doesn’t even have ap-appendages, j-just arms, and l-l-legs. It’s f-for practicing holds”.

“It looks like a sex doll to me, and I don’t want it in this house. Not only that, I want you to stop rolling around in your with other girls and go get a real job. The 7-11 down on the corner is hiring”.

“B-but mama, I-I’m m-m-making money wrestling!” The youngster’s voice rises to a sharp, thin peak in protest. The thought of giving up her lifelong dream, after so much effort and heartache only serves to rekindle the flames of desire smoldering within the cauldron of her belly. She was never the best wrestler, she didn’t even consider herself to be any good, but she has been improving, and slowly but surely the light at the end of the tunnel began to make itself visible. After nearly a year into such an arduous journey, to turn back upon finally seeing the beacon of hope would be sacrilegious, something she simply can not and will not allow. “I can’t do th-that mama”, her voice quavering, but her gaze is resolute, making direct contact with Jessica’s laser-like focus. “I-I have a b-b-big match c-coming, up a-and I c-can m-make a l-lot of money.”

Abruptly the bigger of the two drops another finished dish off into the aqueous repository and turns to Chloe, her enflamed eyes boring a hole into the girl’s resolve, steadily churning away at it during the uneasy silence.

“Oh really?” She demands.

Her small bare feet shudder involuntarily in response to the unspoken challenge, a by product of an abusive upbringing and triggers an innate desire to surrender to the murky threat veiled by her stepmother’s typically aggressive interrogation. A vision flashes through her anxious mind; she sees herself old and frail, the freshness of youth having long since fled her pointless existence and working behind a counter, tending to the demands of the angry, unkempt and uncouth dredges of society, her dreams minimalized to crumbs, crumbs to be swept away by the broom held in her hands.

Not this time

“Y-yes mama”, she answers, straining her posture, ready to meet the imminent threat head on.

I’ve been beaten up by a hell of a lot better people than you.

“I-It’s a gauntlet match”. Her nervous stutter slows as she begins to speak, bolstered by a resolve, forged in the fire of being raised in a matriarchal magma chamber. “I-it’s a big show, called Blaze of Glory, one of the biggest of the year, thousands of fans will be there. I’ll be wrestling Mercedes Vargas, Lavana Cade, Crystal Zdunich, Bella Madison and Kat Jones, who’s my friend. Ms. Kat is very nice to me, and I like her”.

The 18-year old’s resolve fails to impress Jessica however, who looks down her nose at the timorous teen. The woman’s frozen grey orbs projecting an icy sheet of contempt. Still, unfamiliar with the world of pro wrestling she elects to allow her daughter to continue.

“Go on,” she commands.

“If I win, I get a title shot!”

“What’s that?”

“A match against the champion”, Chloe explains, pausing to carefully consider her words in hope of enlightening her spectacularly closed-minded stepmother. Reviewing, through her mind’s eye the impossibly long list potential objections, with the possibility of personal injury being the least of her concerns, the young woman files through her own mental rolodex, scrolling by each one deliberately until arriving at the most prominent card of contention, money. “C-Champions g-get paid more,” she begins, her tongue tripping over the log jam of words piling up at the causeway of her chapped lips, released by fading resolve in the face of disconsolateness. The only meaningful event of her still blooming life; it must be perfect if she is to convince the temperamental tyrant. “E-E-Everybody gets p-paid more when they f-fight, err… wrestle the champ-champion. I-I would have enough money t-t-t-to b-buy cl-clothes a-and furniture for the h-house and other th-things-things”.

Looking up through glassy brown doe-eyes she studies the poker face of her corpulent cause of concern only to see a blank canvass in return. Jessica rears her head towards the loping ceiling fan taking the girl’s argument into account. Additional income would certainly be appreciated, but professional wrestling? While she was never a fan of the sport, she knew enough to recognize the larger-than-life personalities involved, the physical prowess, and the star power to coerce fans into plunking down hard-earned money to see them perform, attributes possessed only by a gifted few, and none of which are held by Chloe. There must be more to this than meets the eye. Yes, the kid has been earning some money lately, and even paying her share of the bills, but not wrestling. She simply does not have the makeup for it. Finally, she lowers her gaze, her thin lips pursed into a tight snarl and plants her hands along a well inflated spare tire and leans forward.

“Chloe Benton, are you selling drugs?”


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« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2022, 04:08:32 PM »
Hello everybody…

Can I be the first one to say that it has been so long… Hell it has been way too fucking long. This year has been a total mind fuck that I really don’t know what to do anymore. I will be the first to admit that the way last year ended was definitely something I wasn’t ready for. I have been part of a polygamy relationship and I was told by some deep within this company that they didn’t know if they could take me seriously anymore. I honestly didn’t know how to feel about anything and I decided to run away from my home.

I left my child, my wife, and my mistress behind because I truly didn’t know how to deal with any of it. You might not like my life’s choices but at the end of the day they have always been MY decisions, and it has always been my cross and mine’s alone to bear. I know that should never be the case as I have a long family and they are all desperately trying to be right there by my side for me.

However there is just something within me that doesn’t allow me to easily deal with things or my emotions. Quite often I need to be alone and when the world wants to come against me that is when I decide to just run. I feel like running away is my safe haven. It’s the place where I feel the most protected but I know it’s not the healthiest decision and that’s something I need to work on.

So ending the year with me running away was how I left things off. I did return home and I did reunite with the wife, the daughter, and Alexandra. We all agreed to live together as one big family. However what I didn’t expect was that I would catch a bad case of the Corona virus that would separate me from my family. It would take me away from competing at the first Super Card of the year.

It would keep me away from doing what I loved more than anything else in this world. It would keep me from really bonding with my son so we could become a tag team. I didn’t like it but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

Just when I finally get cleared and things are where they need to be that is when I receive the type of news that I really wasn’t expecting. That’s when I get that phone call that nobody should ever wish to receive.

I receive the news that my first cousin, a woman who was a major part of the Lopez family… My family that has roots deep into lucha libre, roots that go deep into the heart of Mexico. A woman who I looked upon as my sister because we are only four months different in age had passed away.

It really shook me up and quite honestly I don’t really know what I am going to do with myself…

Honestly looking at Danielle’s life got me to look at my own life, and it made me realize that I have a lot to live for. I have a lot of major issues that I need to take care of. I won’t rest until I am able to do so which means finally settling all of this drama with my sister in law Eavan, really being there for Brayden and Brittany.

Most importantly it also means being the woman that both Seleana and Alexandra deserve.

I just need to figure something out first and it’s something I actually picked up from being an actress all of this time. It’s the very first thing that a director will share with you when you are trying to get into the role as whatever part you are trying to play.

Every director I have ever dealt with and screen writer has always asked me three questions, and they are three very important questions that I think I should apply to my very own life.

Who am I?!

What am I doing?!

Where am I going?!

Who exactly is the woman known to the world as Crystal Zdunich?!

What have I been doing this entire time and where do I see life taking me?!

When I am able to confidently answer those three questions I know life will be the way I want it to be. It won’t seem like one big convoluted mess. It won’t seem like I make decisions for the sake of shock value. Definitely if anything it will help me figure out how to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Most importantly I will feel at ease and I will be able to finally develop as a human being. I know I have been in wrestling for a very long time now. Everybody might see me as this 19 time World Champion and inducted into four Hall of Famer but when I look in the mirror that’s not who I see at it.

This journey has been at least twenty years in the making and it goes back to when I first left Detroit. I am tired of all of it though. I am tired of hurting the ones I love. I am sick of all of the divorces, the heartbreak, and being an awful mother. This time I will make it count and I won’t rest until I can confidently answer those three questions…

February 28th
San Diego, California

Crystal stood at a gravesite and she wasn’t along as she stood next to her best friend Stephanie Sullivan. Tears fell down her eyes as Stephanie stood by Crystal and held her as tightly as she possibly could. She hugged her and didn’t want to let her go as Crystal started to speak.

“I honestly can’t believe she’s gone…I know we have only known each other for like three years but I was honestly thrilled when I found out the truth about my family. I didn’t have any idea that I was related to this branch of the Lopez family. I didn’t even know for the longest that the man who I thought to be my father for twenty two years of life was actually my uncle. That he was actually trying to be there for me because he knew that his brother was a huge piece of shit and he wanted to make sure I had a male figure in my life…”

Stephanie nods her head as she looks right at Crystal.

“Look as far as I am concerned daddy Pedro is your father and the way he treated you makes you his daughter. So don’t get caught up in whether he is your uncle and not your father…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“It has nothing to do with that Steph… It’s just the fact that my dad opened me up to a whole new world of family I didn’t even know existed. He introduced me to Danielle and that’s when I found out about Mariah and Mariella being my biological sisters. They accepted me…”

Crystal lets tears roll down her cheek as she looks at the freshly covered grave.

“Danielle was my cousin but she treated me like a sister. On top of that how can I ever repay her for really taking a stand in the place of an older sibling for Mariah and Mariella. I had no idea that was supposed to be my responsibility. It really makes me question how life would have been if I grew up in Sothern California around my paternal family instead of being lost in the shuffle with my maternal family in Detroit Michigan…”

Stephanie hugs Crystal tightly as she tries her best to comfort her.

“I think that Pedro wanted to protect you. He basically took on the sins of his brother as if he was the man who impregnated your mother. Your real father wouldn’t have given a shit about you but Pedro made sure you slowly were introduced to the family. He brought you to Mexico so you could learn something. He taught you wrestling and in turn you were able to make a successful life out of that. You were able to get me out of Detroit and you became a household name. I know your cousin and you were able to bond and get close. She isn’t here anymore but if there is something she would want you to do. It’s definitely to be there for Mariah and Mariella…. They will need you more than ever…”

Crystal just shrugs her shoulders.

“I really don’t know… I just want to disappoint them… Dani really was that of the older sister and she stood in the gap for me. I don’t know if I am really ready for that. Just like I know Brittany and Brayden didn’t take what happened to well. Am I supposed to be strong for everybody?! How can I possibly do any of that? I just feel so weak and…”

“Crystal just stop… It’s always the same old thing. Whatever it is that is haunting you just let it go. You are a strong confident woman. You have always been the strongest woman I know. The more you refuse to let things go is the more that it is going to affect you. You remember watching Dragon Ball Z right?!”

Crystal nods her head.

“Of course I remember… As I always tell everybody I am the Vegeta of wrestling. I am the anti-hero and…”

Stephanie shakes her head.

“No… That’s just the two tons of bullshit that you cover yourself up with is saying. Deep down you are Gohan when he was facing Cell. You have tons of potential within you. You are the strongest person in the world but you just need to let things go. As soon as you let go, you can break through your limits. There’s no telling how high you can go and…”

Before Stephanie can finish her statement it is at this moment that Crystal’s phone begins to ring. Crystal growls as she looks at the caller id and sees the name Kate Steele. She looks at Stephanie sighing.

“Oh my God this Bitch keeps calling me. Would she just stop already?! I just buried my cousin, I really don’t want to deal with somebody else’s problem!’

“Like I told you before Crystal sometimes you have to step up even when you don’t want too. Answer the phone and sees what she wants…”

Crystal is clearly upset.

“This chick has called me like 28 consecutive times. I don’t understand what is so important!”

Crystal puts the phone on answer as she answers it.

“What the fuck do you want Kate?!”

On the other end of the phone we can hear a bit of noise as if Kate was somewhere with a lot of people but that’s when the British accent answers on the phone.

“Are you fine?! I was hoping we could perhaps talk, I have a lot on my mind and I think now is the time that I want to get Juliet back and bring her back home with me. It’s been heavily on my mind but perhaps something needs to happen to Teddy. You remember how Aurora’s father suddenly disappeared?! If need be I think I want to go down that route. So check with Charlotte and Mackenize, and see if they would be willing to help…”

Crystal however begins to scream at Kate on the phone.

“Are you a fucking idiot?! My friends at the Golden Ring aren’t going to help you out of the blue! The only reason why they helped me is because I WORK there! Also my two friends don’t make any moves unless Daniel gives the approval. Second I didn’t rely on them to handle the situation they just happened to show up. I had gotten a gun off the streets and I was going to deal with that shit on my OWN. London Underground just intervened because Daniel didn’t want me to have that on my conscience. On top of that I did a lot of fucked up shit that my wife doesn’t even know about. Stuff I haven’t even told her about to this day. She doesn’t need to know I had an armed gun in our house.”

Crystal pauses as she continues to speak.

“I don’t want her to see me as being weak. That’s why I had to keep Seleana far from that. On top of that Aurora’s father is or should I say WAS a dirt bag. Teddy might be a lot of things but I know he is a GOOD father. He is also my Ex-Husband’s best friend, and a close friend of mine. I am not just going to make a move because you say so. You also don’t want to do something stupid to him that Juliet will look down on you for. Don’t make the mistakes I made… Don’t be violent… Be rational and try talking things out…”

Kate is silent on the phone as a Swedish voice replies back.

“Bye Estrellita Te Amo Ja…”

“Seriously Kate?! What the fuck are you doing with my wife?! I said all of that bad stuff about her on this call and you didn’t say anything… Whatever figure things out on your own I can’t deal with this right now bye…”

With that Crystal hangs up the phone as she goes through her contacts and proceeds to block Kate Steele. She goes further and blocks Seleana as well as she looks back at Stephanie.

“The nerve of Kate why the fuck would she make me say all of that stuff and have my wife sitting right next to her?!  Like I don’t have time to deal with that right now… Whatever she’s going through she can do it on her own.”

Stephanie just shakes her head in return.

“Just take it easy Crystal…”

“I am taking it easy. I just lost a close family member. I wish people would just back away and give me some space. Is that honestly too much to ask?!”

Stephanie shrugs her shoulders as she looks back at her.

“Remember what we just discussed. Sometimes you just need to be there for other people. Playing the role of an older sister means that when the opportunity arises you need to be able to take a stand. So helping in this situation will only help you with other decisions in the future…”

Crystal thinks about it for a few moments as she smiles in return.

“Why do you always have to be right…I hate the fact that you are always right?!”

“Maybe because I am your best friend and I know you way better than you know yourself, anyway what is next for us. Whatever you want to do I will be right here by your side…”

Crystal looks at the grave as she begins to speak.

“I promise I will be a strong woman Dani. You will be missed but I won’t let your legacy go to waste. I will be a better person and I will become the woman that I was meant to be. The family will still together and I will do my part. I love you and I can’t wait until we are reunited in heaven. Take care for now Prima…”

With that Crystal lets some tears fall down her cheek as she just stands there processing it all in. she finally wipes the tears from out of her eyes as she turns her attention over to Stephanie. Stephanie looks at her and begins to question her again.

“So as I said before what is next Crystal?! Perhaps Detroit… I know there is the fifteen anniversary for our school that they rescheduled so we could hit that up….”

Crystal nods her head with a grin.

“That’s sounds like a plan although we always seem to be in Detroit. I think we should maybe take a trip out to Mexico. Talking to my dad might be really good for me and honestly there are still some stuff that I have to figure it about my life. You don’t really understand Stephanie… I am trying to figure out who I am, where I am going, and what I am doing. He might be the only one who has answers that I am looking for. Maybe after talking to him I can deal with whatever is dealt to me…”

Stephanie nods her head as a grin escapes her lips.

“Alright… Detroit here we come and right after Mexico is our next destination…We will find out what you are looking for and when you do get it. You won’t ever look back or question yourself again…”

With that the two of them begin to head towards the car. They proceed to get inside as a lot was weighing heavily on Crystal’s mind. However after this journey she will finally be able to do things in the way that she wanted, and then nothing would ever cause her to ever doubt herself ever again. The two drove off into the distance as they had a destination set for that of Mexico.


So I am brought to the very first question in all of this. Who exactly is Crystal Zdunich?! It’s only fitting that Blaze of Glory 10 will upon us in a few short weeks. I know a lot is on the line and it’s definitely a question that needs answering. Throughout my time of being involved in SCW I have been a lot of different people.

I could blame that on being an actress and quite often one must put on a costume and change their makeup so they could become somebody else. It’s quite the skill to have. I remember being a woman who wrestled under a mask to start something new here. I wanted to hide behind a mask because I didn’t want my previous sins to be carried into this amazing company of SCW. It’s quite hard to hide sins in a company that has Sin in its own name.

However I tried to hide the fact that I was Crystal Hilton but it didn’t change anything. It never once stopped Amy Marshall from shouting in promos how much she hated a woman named Zelda Knite and Crystal Hilton from her previous company. I then realized that was no used in trying to hide it because I was that woman. So I unleashed the costume to put on the costume of Crystal Hilton. When I didn’t like that costume I put on the costumes of Crystal Millar, Christina Rose, and even now Crystal Zdunich.

When things don’t pan out in the way that I want them to pan out I just try to cover it up with something else. It worked just as well as a Tylenol does. For a few hours it certainly numbs some of the pain but it never really reached to deep issues of what was wrong. It still never stopped people from tweeting badly about me or telling me how crazy I am. Does this woman suffer from multiple personality disorder?! Is this woman really trustworthy?! Is she a good mother or even a good wife?!

A lot of stuff always comes up and it always brings up the main focal point. Who is the real Crystal Hilton anyway?! Does anybody even care what Crystalina is going through anyway?!

While she tries to figure that out and as I try to bring you through the journey of what I found out about myself I know there I am on a huge collision course with five women that I need to do battle with. Five women who wish to work through this gauntlet and one thing I can definitely tell you is they don’t have to question who they are. They know their identity and are confident in who they are.

At least they can answer that confidently. When I look at somebody such as Levana I see somebody who knows that they are the new girl on the block. However being the new person doesn’t make her the quietest person in the run. She is loud spoken and she is going to do everything in her ability to get people to notice her. In just her first outing in this company she did really in the Blast From The Past tournament.

She was involved in three matches and that’s a testament about how much will she has as a person. She comes from a background of being the only female in something that is dominated mainly by males. I could never see myself being part of a motorcycle club and that’s impressive. I know that also leads to an identity of being totally confident. It leads to her knowing that she has to stay strong in order to prove that she can fit in with the males.

It also leads to a fact that she is among something special and nobody will dare fuck with her. She can fight with the best of them and brings a lot to the table. It’s good to have that type of confidence about you.

I am happy that she has signed up to be part of SCW because new faces do indeed make things more interesting around here. I can say out of confidence that Levana has been confident and she is way better than how I was when I first came to this company. Being the new girl is never an easy thing but by doing as well as she did in the Blast From The Past tournament you are getting the attention of people. People will know that you are for real and nothing will be able to take her down.

She’s been impressive though and quite confident. She was able to get through Hall of Famer Amy Marshall which is an amazing feat and her team has gotten through Amber Ryan’s team. I definitely applaud you on those things. That’s how you make an impact and how you turn heads. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gauntlet ends up coming down to you and I for the right to gain a championship opportunity.

A match like a gauntlet is probably what she has been waiting for. A chance to really showcase nothing but action and leave the bullshit talking to the side, whatever she feels I can’t wait to tangle with her. As she good as she might be, I know who I am…

I know my identity and what I bring to the table. She will see firsthand by next week. Just wait and see…

Although that’s not the only new face in all of this is it?! Oh definitely not because you also have Chloe Benton who is in this match. I know she is quite green and to be honest it’s crazy to think that I could actually be her mother. Chloe is 18 years old and I actually have a son and daughter that are turning 21 this year.

That is so freaking insane but it is what it is. Anyway Chloe to me is like the little engine that could. She’s a woman who everybody seems to want to get behind. She is passionate although she does seem to need a little motivation at times. Then again who doesn’t need motivation?! It’s all part of the new girl experience and just being in wrestling at such an early age.

I get it Chloe and even though you might have to endure some growing pains during your time of being in wrestling the truth is I can relate because I was in that position. Hell I started wrestling at a similar age and at my father’s wrestling school in Mexico I was getting my ass kicked everywhere.

I didn’t even know if this life was for me but I persevered. I kept going and I didn’t stop. I want you to take the advice of people like Amber. I really want you to build up that confidence because you definitely have a bright future ahead of you.

If I can give you a bit of advice it would be to never quite. Never surrender. If things get tough that should just inspire you to do better and to up your game so you can take on anything. As far as you answering the question of course you know Who Chloe Benton is…

You know deep down it’s all about building a future and one day you will get there. Just understand Rome wasn’t built in a day and your career won’t be. Don’t let that stop you though. Keep going and the sky will definitely be the limit.

Now there is one more new girl that does need to be addressed and truthfully I actually like this person. I am really thrilled that Kat Jones has decided to join SCW. Judging from what I have seen so far I really like her style. I like that she is highly competitive and she is another person who knows who she is. At one point in her career she was a World Champion and she held that very title for nine months.

I can respect that.

I can also respect the determination, the skill, and the fire that this woman possesses. I will be the first to say that I have been trying to reach out to Kat Jones to be somebody that I can talk too. It’s just something about her that really sits well with me.

Maybe it’s because she’s a survivor, the fact that she left what she calls at home at 14 to really grow as a person. It just reminds me to when I got pregnant at the same age and I was forced to grow the fuck up so that’s why I can respect what she does. If she had to ask herself who is Kat?! She will tell you in a heartbeat that she is KAT FUCKING JONES and nobody will get in the way of what she is trying to showcase. Nobody can match her and it’s only a matter of time before she really shows that side to everybody in SCW?!

I knew it from the very day that she fought Roxi Johnson that she was somebody to be taken seriously. She was somebody who would emerge to be in the upper Echelon in this company. She will go on to be the beat the bitch and she will let the entire world know that fact.

It doesn’t matter if she has to deal with a bad back, if she has to get bandaged up or deal with any nagging injuries. She will always come to the ring to show up just to show out. I know that woman very well. None of that is new to me.

So bring that energy that you don’t give a fuck… You know why I can relate Kat… It’s because I too am that woman…. So bring it all Kat I really can’t wait to be in the ring with you. I actually am looking forward to this

March 10th
La Paloma’s Gymnasio
Mexico City, Mexico

It had felt like an eternity since Crystal had visited her wrestling school in Mexico. Crystal however felt the need to visit her school. It wasn’t so much as to check on her students as all of them definitely missed her considering travel restrictions were hard when the pandemic hit. However this was a chance to finally check in and most importantly to answer the question of “Who am I?!” Crystal was here for one purpose only. She had to visit her visit. It had been a while since she had spoken to him person. Crystal was with her best friend Stephanie. Stephanie smiled as she looked around.

“Damn Crystal you should really visit here more often. All of this is awesome. I miss being here.”

“Yeah… I miss it too. I remember when this place was called Pedro’s Gymnasio that was before he gave it to me of course. He pulled me out of Detroit and he did everything in his power to make me become something. I don’t know where my life would be if he didn’t save me when he did.”

Stephanie nods her head with a grin.

“Yeah and because he saved you, you in turned came about and saved me. You created a future for so many people, and established a legacy that even people such as your children can look upon. There’s nothing wrong with a good rags to riches story Christina…Hopefully he can help you find out what’s really hurting you on the inside so you can finally put it to rest…Not to mention Kate really needs your help to get her daughter back…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders sighing.

“…Stop saying that… I can’t save everybody. The world’s problems aren’t my issues… I…I just don’t know…”

“Crystal just take things slow… Let things play out. I assure you the answers are seeking you definitely will find… Just remember it’s not just about Kate. You have your children that look at you and of course you have your siblings. It’s all a lot but just take it all in strides…”

Stephanie nods her head before she walks away going to check some stuff out about the gym. Crystal begins to walk throughout the gym watching some of her wrestling students give everything they have in order to become bright hopefuls of the future. One pink haired woman walks over to her with a wide grin on her face. She walks all over to Crystal grinning.

“Hey Crystal been a while since you been here… I basically became head trainer while being here…”

There stood Ashley Whitmore. She was a girl in her late twenties who was Crystal’s best protégé. Crystal nodded her head as she looked back at her.

“I can see that Ashley… Who knows maybe one day you might actually go on to have just a taste of the type of ability that I have. Anyway where’s my dad… I really didn’t come here to check all everybody as much as I came here to speak to him…”

Ashley raises her eyes in return.

“Oh… He’s in the office. He is always in the office just checking paperwork and watching you on television. Why don’t you go knock or just go in there. It is your wrestling school after all.”

Crystal nods her head as she walks towards the office. She doesn’t bother knocking as she instead opens the door. That is when she sees her father sitting there. She smiles reaching out to him.

“Hey papi…”


He says in a strong Mexico accent as he rises out of his chair as he hugs her as tightly as he can.

“O Dios Mio… It’s been a while Mija!!! I…. “

Crystal is all tears as they just fall rapidly down her cheek.

“I can’t believe she’s gone papi… I can’t believe she’s really gone!”

Pedro stands there as she shares in this emotional moment. He hugs his daughter and refuses to let go.

“I know…Had I known earlier I would have been there at the funeral and…”

Crystal just shakes her head.

“No…That would have been hard for you… Someone your age shouldn’t have to bury a niece and I wouldn’t want you to witness that…”

Pedro just nods his head in return.

“You know I am here for you right?!”

“Yes and I plan to stay here for a while. I know I have a big match in Los Angeles soon but I just want to be right here by your side. I need my daddy… Dani did so much for Mariah and Mariella. She was like their older sister but with her gone I really have to take my place. There is still so much I really don’t understand. I know I have a lot going through my head right now. Like questions that range from why you decided to enter my life and become my father covering up for your brothers mess. I want to know how I can be there for so many different people in my life. Most importantly I need to finally figure out who I am. I could never figure that question out. No matter what I do it always manages to be the same thing over and over again…”

Pedro nods his head.

“Don’t worry Mija… We will do this together… Papi will have his mija’s back…. Let’s go look at some of the students and just talk about the past. Understanding that will really help us look toward the future…”

Crystal nods her head as she just can’t stop hugging her father. More tears flow from her eyes.

“Thank you daddy… Thank you…”

“Don’t worry… This is something we will do together… One can’t figure out things on their own and that’s the first lesson in all of this…”

With that the two of them walk out to look at the rest of the students as we leave this image.

Of course there are also two other women who can answer the question of who they are without any question. Bella Madison is one who brings the nonstop energy. I am going to be completely honest to everybody. Not counting my wife obviously or one of my closest friends such as Roxi Johnson, Bella Madison is actually my favorite wrestler in all of SCW. There is something special about her, there always was and always will be.

One day and I will always say this over and over again, but Bella will become a singles champion in this company. She might have had a run as a mixed tag team champion but that isn’t the end of her journey. She was meant for bigger things and just like me she had to deal with all the pressure of being a second generation wrestler. It’s not easy having to deal with living up to the pressure of being a famous individual’s descendant. It’s almost as if everyone expects you to be the second coming of the generation before you.

In your life spending time in Paris is what made you grow right?! It’s how you evolved and finally did things on your own terms. In the same way you have graduated at the top of your class so you went out to make a life that was of your own and not because of who’s blood runs through your veins.

I can relate with that became I been through the same stuff. My teenage years in Mexico were where I had to quickly grow up and it was that time away from Detroit that really made me grow into an amazing wrestler but to at least what I thought was a stable individual. I am seeing that I still have much to learn. Bella this could be what you are waiting for. I know you want this to be your moment and if I am not the one to win this match. I definitely hope it’s you because this is a long time coming.

You deserve this so bring what you got and don’t look back. I expect the best Bella Madison to show up. Give me that woman. Outlast your opponents so we can test one another with a showdown. It will be fun right?!

Now that we got that out of the way there is one more woman involved in this match, and it’s a woman that happens to be on my hit list of people I have a bone to pick with. You are on that list Vargas and up until now you have been telling me that you have better things to deal with then fighting me again.

It’s no secret you can easily answer the question of Who Mercedes Vargas Is!

Of course it’s the woman that knows every single bit of history there is to know about SCW. It’s a woman who can try to beat down any debate by driving the same old point home that she has accomplished more than anybody else in the company. She has won the most championships and is up to date with every single statistic.

I get that Vargas but the only thing that should matter is the fact that we were friends… You brought me to SCW, and outside in a different promotion we were actual tag team champions with one another. I know you didn’t forget that. When people bury you and say how you are a joke. I actually try to take a stand and tell everybody that you are good.

However you just blow me off and you try to turn things around me. It’s bullshit Vargas and I have to beat you just to prove the point that you can’t run your mouth and not expect a receipt for the nonsense. The payback has to come.

The only thing that matters is within SCW you haven’t beaten me. Sure you might have beat me in some stupid Halloween themed match and you smashed a pumpkin over my head, but under the bright lights when things really mattered you never got the job done. However you will just ignore that and claim how you were this champion, and that champion.

Just cut the bullshit already. I know the woman that you are Vargas because truth be told I was the woman… Hell I am the woman, and I don’t like it. I don’t want to be so shallow where I have to put my confidence in the things I accomplished yesterday.

That’s just ridiculous and it shows a serious lack of confidence.

Looking at everybody in this match I can answer my first question. WHO AM I?!

It’s simple… I am all of the above.  I have been the woman that everybody in this match is.

Whether it had to be covered up with different names, masks, personalities, no matter how much one wishes to cover things. The truth is every single thing I have ever done makes up who CRYSTAL HILTON is!

Do I change things up a lot?! YES!

Can I get bat shit crazy?! YES!

Do I cry for attention or do things for dramatic effect?! YES!

But I don’t want you to start up a chant where everybody screams yes over and over again. I want to drive the point home that I was absolutely afraid of who I was as a person but in reality I can’t run away for myself. I don’t want to be mad at myself. I have made mistakes because at the end of the day I am only human.

It would be more ridiculous for me to cover up all of the bullshit then to take responsibility and atone for what I did. That’s why I stand before all of you for the first time in my life actually happy with who I am. All of the decisions I have made have resulted in something. Whether it’s for worse or for the better.

They have been a teachable moment, and I rather be a woman who can learn from her mistakes instead of trying to force herself to make the same ones over and over again.

That’s why I do care anymore… I am happy with being me and if you don’t like I honestly don’t give a crap. If I didn’t do the things I did I doubt I would have the best dedicated wife a person could ask for. I doubt I could have Alexandra who sees beneath the surface.

Hell I doubt I would even be the inspiration to my children that keeps them wanting to look up to me. On top of that I doubt I wouldn’t have ever accomplished what I have throughout my SCW career. Those are simply facts.

You also want facts?! Through it all who else can say they want on to win five World Championships in this company. Who else can say they are anywhere close to that on the bombshell side. Go on I am waiting… Please do tell me while you figure that out.

I don’t need the pity party…

I don’t the redemption story…

I am simply Crystal FN Hilton and if you want to put a Zdunich, a Millar, or whatever insert name you all want to mock me for. Hell we can even go as far and put the name Rose at the end of it.

Then again according to Shakespeare because a Rose by any other fucking name will still smell just as sweet!

At the end of the day I am who I am, and more important I KNOW WHO I AM. Everybody in this company and in this match will come to know that as well as I go out to that ring and I take my spot. They will see me for who I am and they won’t like it.

If you need a reminder let me just clarify that for you all…

I am the best women’s wrestler in the world and I don’t need anybody’s validation to prove that point. So let’s look forward to next week we can discuss What am I doing and Where I am going!

Stay tuned… As far as now goes.




It’s showtime… Let’s go make a movie shall we?!

This is the curtain call and it’s time to take a bow as I roll the credits on the rest of the competition. Nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming… I will not wither, and I will set the word ablaze. Flame On Bitches… Courtesy of the Burning Rose…

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Kat Jones is not your a-typical girl. We all know that.. Or by now should have realized it.. When it comes to her and in the ring action she does not actually care too much who she fights.. The only thing she worries about when fighting those she holds dear the most,is will that relationship survive the fight.. She had a few bad encounters with that. Some do not mind the fight no matter the outcome.. Those are the ones that became family over the years.. And then there are the few that say it does not matter.. Those close friends that welcomed the fight.. But when the fight is over.. They no longer speak to you.. One of those happened not that long ago. Disappointing to say the least as it was unexpected from her.. She issued the challenge.. Kat took it.. Kat lost that battle.. And not a word since.. Not even a get well soon tweet after being beaten black and blue.. Not so much a tweet asking if she was okay when she was carried out of the ring by Mac unconscious in his arms.. This gauntlet match is one that does not make her that overly worried as there are no true close friends in this match.. But a tentative friendship was made with one of them and one at least more friendly and more concerned than her supposed long time friend.. But when it comes to matches.. Kat does not have friends in the ring.. And that is what worries her for the tentative friendship that was building might be too brittle to survive.. But Kat needs to shake that all off… Perhaps it was time to just let it go……. Let go of those walls that keep her more vicious nature in check.. Let go of the reins on her questionable sanity… Let go of the preconceived notions of who Kat Jones is.. Let go… And be herself.. Those closest to her know this side.. Her more vicious nature.. And they love it.. So why not… Would the SCW Bombshells in this match be ready for that side of Kat Jones. That is highly unlikely but it will be fun to see them try..

Friday morning Palisade Colorado. 2 days to Blaze of Glory.

Some may think it is insane to drive 11 hours if you can fly there in 4.. But driving helps Kat think.. Relax and just be in the moment.. Center herself if you will.. Her current car is a far cry better than the one where she learned that habit years ago, in another lifetime it would seem as her life is nothing like it was back then. Current day Kat Jones had just tossed her suitcase in the backseat of her truck. Chris was doing the same with his own truck. Kat smiled towards him.

Kat : Bring home the gold babe..

Chris was fighting for the UWL world heavyweight championship.. With a chance to hold 2 world titles at the same time in two different federations..

Chris : You know I will give it all I got. And you… You bring home that title opportunity.. It is about time you showed them all the Kat Jones I know you are.. Forget about being the supporting sister for this show.. It is about time for you to get some gold around your waist again..

Kat nodded and there was a glint in her eyes that had been missing for a while.. A hint of the dangerous woman she used to be known as. Chris walked towards her and pushed his forehead against hers..

Chris : It is time..

Kat : I wish I could be there to see it in person but you know I will be watching you..

Kat kissed him softly and sighed.. It was time for both of them to hit the road. They were heading in completely opposite directions.. Chris was heading for the rain of Pennsylvania while Kat was heading towards the sunshine of Los Angeles..

Chris : I know.. And I wish I was there for your match but I am not sure if I can make it in time. But if I can, you know I will fly to you right away.

Kat had more time to get to her destination than Chris. She held him close for a moment longer before forcing herself to let him go..

Kat : Better get going babe.. Go win..

Chris smiled and got into his truck. He knows better than anyone that Kat hates this part.. She smiled and waved as he drove away from the mountain home over the trail that leads to the main house.. Her smile faded as his truck vanished from the view.. She sharply whistled and 2 of the 3 dogs came running to her.. The pup was already picked up by Kim.. She opened the door and they jumped into the truck. Kat walked back to the house grabbing the bag she had hidden from Chris. Inside a tatty old sleeping bag that had seen better days, about 25 years ago.. A few simple necessities such as some food and water. A battery pack for her phone and the handheld camera she used for promo’s.. Kat had not made hotel plans for the route.. She was returning to her old self.. And that comes with the hardship she endured then.. She threw the bag in the backseat and smiled as she saw that Dakota had made himself comfortable in the small space in front of the passenger seat and Riddle was settled in the seat itself. She had locked up the house and started the truck. It was about time for her to go on a journey.. A journey back to her true self. As she made her way to the highway she was already being assaulted by the memories of a past long buried in the back of her mind.. Right before she left she sent one text message to another name of her past. Yet also her present.

*Need to say this before I revert back to the person you did not like 2 years ago… I am sorry, Goodbye*

She put her phone down and drove away from the house. Memories already bursting to the surface.. One more horrible to remember than the next.

It was June 1st 2004..

The day she packed her things and left the house that should have protected her.. Her “home”... Her “parents”.. She left it all behind.. What would have been so bad that a 14 year old girl would leave everything she knew behind her. It was not the bullying at school because she is so pale.. No.. It was simple.. Her “parents” cared more about getting drunk and high than her.. It was quite obvious.. There was drugs in the house.. There was booze in the house.. But there was no food.. Nothing to drink.. And if Kat tried to ask for it. She caught a back hand for her ungrateful loud mouth and she was told to go to her room. Shut up and if they saw her again…. She never listened to the end of that threat.. But she knew what it meant.. Kat had become an expert at sneaking out of the 4th story apartment window to the neighbor below them… A kind elderly lady that always managed to make too much food for herself to eat.. It was a lie of course.. She had been alone for more years than Kat was alive.. Without her.. Kat would not have made it past the age of 6.. When her parents got truly hooked on the shit that would eventually directly or indirectly cause their deaths..

June 1st 1990.. Kat’s 14th birthday. And there was a hearse parked in front of the apartment building when Kat came home from school. Dread filled Kat.. And she ran up the stairs and she saw her nightmare come true.. It was the elderly lady.. She had peacefully passed away in her sleep. Her son found her when he came over for coffee.. He spotted Kat and pulled her aside to make sure she did not see her.. He was the one that confirmed the nightmare.. And urged Kat to get away… Away from this place.. He grabbed a tin of the mantle and pushed it in her hands. As well as a backpack she had never seen before.. It was a bit worn. Inside.. A sleeping bag and some clothes.. Get to somewhere safe.. But get away from here.. Kat did.. She grabbed the backpack.. Stuffed the tin inside and ran… And never looked back.. She did not know why at the time but the words and how he said it.. Those struck more fear in her than she thought possible.. When she was safe and hidden away she found out why when she looked in the tin and found money and a note in there for her.. The elderly lady had heard the deal her “father” had made with one of the drug dealers they owed money to.. And it involved her.. To this day the idea made her want to crawl up in a ball and hide..

Riddle whined and brought her thoughts back to the present and she softly scritched his head and shushed him. He noticed everything with Kat.. If she was in bad memories and emotions he whined and brought her back.. Kat tried to shake of the lingering uncomfortable feeling and tried to skip the feeling of dread she had back then..

December 2004 until May of 2014

Kat was no longer alone on the streets of Cincinnati.. She had found other young people there quickly and had been in the protective arms of one of them.. His name was one she had been trying to forget for all these years as he was another one that was not true to his word.. They were together for nearly 10 years.. Jon.. Just as wild, paranoid and crazy as Kat had become.. Together they fought for money.. Underground.. Illegal.. Who else would let a 14 year old little wildcat get into the broken down ring with tattered ropes and fight.. She was the ultimate underdog.. But her wild and vicious nature and the anger and need that drove her on kept her alive.. Alive in the fights and paid enough to get her some food in her stomach and actual training in.. They did not trust anyone.. They had found an old abandoned truck on the backlot of the decrepit building that hid the illegal fights from the outside world. That truck was home… They slept in turns.. Huddled together getting an hour or two of sleep at a time.. No more than 5 hours a night.. They saved what little money they could and hid it well.. Sleeping with one eye open.. Even if the other was awake.. You did not even trust that one person that was by your side through it all.. Probably the only reason she survived his betrayal.. They had caught a break.. A minor contract in a wrestling company in Kansas City.. MSW.. They offered to help with their training.. Polish their obvious skills and so they both signed.

Kat was the first girl to sign on the new roster.. Earning her the nickname the first lady of MSW.. One of the trainers there.. Whisper.. And while Kat gave it everything she had.. She had even managed to get a small apartment on the little bit of salary she earned. And when they were settled there. Kat had thrown herself into training.. Jon found one excuse after another to not be there.. She should have seen it coming.. But she did not.. She had started to trust him.. And it hurt her.. It hurt like hell.. One day when she came home from the HellsGates to an empty apartment.. She found nobody home.. The lifesaving tin with their meager savings.. Gone.. Everything that even had the tiniest bit of value.. Gone.. Jon.. Never to be heard from again… With the money gone and Kat having nothing left but the old battered truck they bought to get to Kansas City.. She had it with her when she went out to train.. She had no choice.. She tossed the old sleeping bag and the bag of clothes as well as her gear into the backseat of the truck and it became home.. All until Rene or better known as Renegade was early one morning.. He saw Kat’s truck outside but did not see her behind the wheel and that was when he found her staring right back at him with scared wide open eyes.. He ripped the door open and quite literally dragged her out of the truck in the sleeping bag and all and had grabbed her bags and Kat was flung over his shoulder like a caterpillar.. They got her back on her feet.. Without them… She had probably been back in the gutter like the streetrat she truly is..

Kat was broken from her sad state of mind by the angry bark coming from Dakota.. She took a deep breath for a moment to get them out of her system..

Kat : Sorry boys.. Momma is in a mood… We will park in a sec you can run around for a bit..

She parked the car at the first parking area she spotted. There was a little clearing next to it and the dogs started playing on the grass right away. Kat figured that was as good a place as any to record what she wanted to say..

Friday afternoon
48 hours before wrestlers are due to report to the arena for Blaze of Glory

The scene opens on Kat sitting on a bench near her truck which can be seen in the background. Kat was wearing almost all black.. Black tights and a super oversized hoodie that obviously belonged to someone else.. The satanic-like print is more true to her nature than she herself had been for a long time now..

Kat : Chloe, Mercedes, Lavana, Crystal en Bella.. Let’s make it clear from the get go. I said it on twitter and I will say it again here.. Once the bell rings we will not be friends, but enemies.. I do not care if I start first or enter the gauntlet last. If I face Crystal.. Or Chloe.. Both I get along with pretty well.. I will be going in there to win the whole damn thing.. Yes this is a different Kat Jones than you will have been seeing in SCW since I arrived.. And I haven't even finished the change.. Chloe… I was serious and I will do what I said on twitter.. I will come to pick you up for the tour.. I will be there for you and teach you all I can.. So you can stop trying to tweet at the boss.. We will talk about that on our way to Greece my dear. But before this happens we will meet inside the ring and I will be honest with you.. Chloe.. I am a whole different person inside the ring than out of it. Remember that.. Truly..

Now I know Crystal knows me well enough to know that I will bring it.. She knows I am going out there to win.. And I will not settle for anything less.. And this is something Mercedes our resident historian as well as Lavana and Bella are going to learn.. You see I am not some nice girl inside the ring that will make nice and be friendly.. Nah.. That is not how I play the game.. I go out there to make you scream.. That is why my preferred finishing move is a submission move.. You see I am a bad girl.. I am naturally sadistic, sarcastic and just simply a mean bitch.. That is who I am and what I do.. Some love my direct and in your face comments and some hate it.. But at the end of the day I am the only one that has to deal with the consequences and I am totally fine with that.

None of you truly know me so I am giving you everything you need to know right here.. I am giving you a fair warning that I am by no means a nice girl.. I am by no means easy to beat.. I have held titles.. Destroyed careers and cost many opponents their contract.. I was the benchmark in the companies I worked in before.. If they could not stand toe to toe with me then they were out on their ass right quick. That is the Kat Jones you are going to be stepping in the ring with.. The same one that couldn't care less about who’s career she stopped dead in its tracks before it could even take off.. The same Kat Jones that held a world heavyweight championship for 9 months facing men and women alike.. The same Kat Jones that would not lose a minute of sleep over the injuries she caused others by locking them in a hold they were to stupid to give into..

You see girls.. Being a bad girl in wrestling does that mean you need to cheat to win.. Fuck no.. Does it mean that you have to flirt and suck up to the brass to get to the top.. No.. Does that mean all the stereo typical bullshit that a supposed “heel” turn brings with it.. No.. It means taking care of business not giving a flying fuck what the audience yells at you on your way to the ring.. It means that you will fight and no matter what it takes to get the win.. And I am that kind of bad girl.. And what are you?

Kat smirked and the evil glint in her dark eyes was pronounced even more so by the bright light she was in making them look darker than normal as the bright sunlight made her pale skin look even paler.

Kat : Now I know some of you think you are good girls.. And some claim to be bad.. You need to show that you are as bad as you claim to be to have a shot at winning this time around.. What do you intend to do.. You want to stop me.. But what will you do to achieve that? I want to win.. What will I want to do to ensure this.. Oh that is very simple see I want to grab you one by one by the skinny neck that holds your head up straight.. And choke the life out of you.. But since they do not allow that to happen I will settle for a sleeper hold.. Or maybe a bulldog choke.. See your little lips turn blue as I squeeze the blood flow to a halt.. Your eyes rolling into the back of your heads until you are out like a light.. Always fun.. Or maybe.. I will go a different route.. Maybe I will twist you into a pretzel and hold it as tight as it can go so you can feel the tendons and muscles tearing away from your joints.. Your screams will only fuel my desire to do my worst…

You see what you all lack and what I have in spades.. The intensity.. The desire.. The skill and the determination to get the job done by any means necessary.. The “I don’t fucking care” attitude is not an act.. It is just what I am.. What I have become again.. And I am always brutally honest.. I am giving you my intentions.. I intend to destroy your tendons.. I intend to twist joints out of their sockets.. And I intend to make you scream for mercy and have you crying in the ring for the world to see.  Want to see what a truly bad girl does.. Open your fucking trap and provoke me.. I fucking dare you to do it.. If you do.. I will deliver all the shades of pain and agony that I can think of.. And I am a very, very creative person inside the ring.. Do not make the mistake many have made before you in thinking that I am talking a big game about maiming you and such.. I may be a bad girl at heart and not afraid to use a weapon if the match allows it.. But I am also one of the most technically sound wrestlers you will ever step foot into the ring with and my specialty.. And the part that I love the most is submission wrestling and twisting people into pretzels..

Kat took a sip of water and raised an eyebrow before she spoke again..

Kat : And SCW did not just give me one victim.. They gave me five.. I truly hope I get to start this match… So I can deliver my promise of pain to each and every single one of you…A gauntlet match is just another environment where a big cat has plenty of prey to hunt and will thrive.. And that is me.. I am going to be that big cat that has their eyes locked on a prey in the ring and guess what girls.. This week.. My prey is each and every single one of you.. And I am going to enjoy seeing you twisted into a pretzel screaming out in agony as I twist and fold you in ways your body doesn’t naturally want to bend.. Your screams of pain and agony will be like a symphony to my ears.. And as you slap that canvas to tap out and doing so in the hopes that the torture will end.. I may give you that mercy.. Then again… I may not right away.. After all.. I am not a forgiving person.. So do keep that in mind before you open your mouth and speak about me…

Kat smirked as this was already more like her true self then she had been in a long long time..

Kat : Call it a threat.. Call it evil.. Dark.. Sinister.. But it is the truth.. I am not going to sit here and spin pretty little lies to make it more palatable for you.. No.. It is about time that I reminded everyone in SCW just who in the hell I am.. A long time ago I was already a nightmare for many to deal with and now the nightmare returns. Everything you remember from Kat Jones that you have seen in SCW… Forget it… That girl is gone.. What remains.. A sadistic sibling.. One that really would love to see you try to stop me.. Try me.. If you dare..

With that said Kat pointed the remote at the camera and the scene fades to black.

She could already feel the cold harsh shell she had around her way back then returned to her.. As she was preparing once more to deal with more loss.. She did not know exactly who or what it would be but she had this feeling that it was coming and she did not want to be caught unaware.. Not again… She could not lie to herself.. She knew 1 loss that was coming and it would surely hurt her badly.. Maybe even become the catalyst that brings forth the change she desires.. She called the dogs back who were lying in the grass waiting for her to call.. They jumped into the car and soon after all of them were in their seats again.. Kat took a deep breath before she started the car again and drove away from the clearing and out of the parking area.. Back on the road she kept the memories at bay.. She had enough for awhile.. Her phone rang and it went to the car kit.

Kat : Hello…

?: You know, it’s never all that bright to reach backwards to try and fix current problems. Whole reason some things are left in the past,after all.

Kat sighed..

Kat : And yet sometimes it is better to rewind and go back to a better version of yourself. And that is what I am going to do…Am doing..

A small chuckle from the other end, a pause.

?: I don’t quite agree with that, Katarina. Far too many skeletons back there for it to be any better than what is now. But, that’s just my case…Tell me though, what is the plan here? You’re that desperate to fight Amber? Or get a rematch with Roxi?

A pause, a clearing of the throat.

?: You’d think you want your neck to snap.

Kat chuckled..

Kat : Option D.. All of the above…. And this time without restraints placed on me by myself my love.

Kat took a sip of the bottle of water she had near her..

Kat : Sorry I had to drink a little. I just finished my promo.. As it is my final run.. You know that.. I may as well do right by the pay per view name.. And go out in a Blaze of Glory…

?: Suppose that’s not the worst idea you’ve had. But it certainly isn’t the best, either. I know you’re…hung up. Adamant about things. But, i’m telling you for the umpteenth time. Turning into a ghost does nothing good for anyone. Least of all you.

A pause, a shift on the other end as something is moved across a desk.

?: Plenty left for you to do, plenty of ways to lend your talents. Whisper has a spot for you, you know that.

Kat could not help but roll her eyes at this and the heavy sigh that escaped her was clearly audible.

Kat : I know.. And I do not want it… What I want I can not have… And I am not sticking around to be reminded of that loss any longer than I have to.. You knew this.. And as much as you argue it.. You know it will destroy what little is left of me… So I will do as I said I would.

Gripping the steering wheel tight in her hands she spoke with a more tense voice..

Kat : Nothing you say my love will change this.. I will not ruin you.. But you would ruin me.. Not by anything you say or do… But it will kill me slowly… You talked me out of taking my life.. You will not talk me out of the other option..

Silence, a sigh. The creak of an old chair.

?: Then, good luck WildKat…Give them hell. I’ll be rooting for you.

A soft click from the other end, no longer wishing to entertain the idea of doomsday and the imminence of it. Even if they had armed the nuke themselves. There it was.. The loss she feared.. But it was necessary.. Tears flowed from her eyes.. The dark make-up streaming with it.. Her face slowly became a mess of tears and streaks of black. Her heart aching so vividly as if she lost him all over again.. Her one true love.. The man she lost by stupidity and stubborn pride.. Ugly crying until her tears ran out.. Heaving and sobbing still as her eyes dried and the streaks of the tears turned cold and dried.. Her heart grew colder at the same time… This hurt as much as the first betrayal did.. But this time it is her own fault… It hurt more than the destruction of her marriage… It hurt more than the failure of previous relationships.. It hurt more than realizing her career was almost over… That she was wrestling on borrowed time.. It hurts more than knowing that her end is coming… The man that talked her out of ending it all… This felt like a final goodbye.. When the sobs stopped with time passing her car speeding along the highway towards Nevada.. The sneer on her face returned.. The anger and rage inside of her is growing stronger… The hunger and desire for Unapologetic Violence growing.. She knew she could not stay to witness her love and his new life without her for all that much longer as it would surely drive her to the point where she went back to plan A.. Even if she had moved on… Sometimes you can not let everything of your past go completely.. She lost him all over again… But this time.. By choice….. This time she forced the choice… His choice.. To hang up on her….

Fase 1.. Complete..

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Blog: Almighty Fire
semana del 13 al 20 de marzo de 2022

Well, I guess we can get the particulars out of the way. Blaze of Glory is just around the corner and yours truly made the card. Shocking, I know, right? It’s not like I wasn’t part of every Blaze of Glory event for, oh, I don’t know, the past eight years. It’s not like I haven’t missed an SCW pay-per-view since the ink dried on my contract in that same timeframe, and there’s nobody even close to touching my PPV appearance streak. But let’s bring this back to where it should be. Come Sunday, I’ll be competing in a six-woman gauntlet match which earns the winner a title shot of her choosing at Into the Void in two months. Familiarity breeds contempt, and in this match there’s a few names I’m familiar with and there are some names I’ll be facing for the first time. For those of you who haven't heard of me, don't worry, you will soon enough. But for those of you who have, I think you already know what I bring to the table, and it's going to be fun seeing all your friendly faces again.

Chloe Benton, Kat Jones, and Levana Cade haven’t been around in SCW very long but they have each made their case on why they’re the future of this division. Levana made it pretty far in the Blast From the Past for someone making their first time in the tournament and Kat, despite already being an established name in most wrestling circles, is everything advertised, in the ring and on the microphone. Chloe is a cute upcoming girl in the wrestling business. She’s been trying her best to keep her head above water, but that’s to be expected when you’re competing in the toughest women’s division in the world. E for effort. T for nice try.

There’s a reason why I say no match is ever a night off. SCW has changed dramatically since I first joined and now at my age, I no longer have time on my side. I'm a veteran now and the oldest active competitor here. The women’s division is so deep, regardless who you face. You really have to show up now. There’s no longer matches that are going to be a sure walk-through.

And then there’s Crystal and Bella, two names I never thought I would hear from again. Two names who had their hand raised at the last two Summer XXXTreme events against me. My track record against them combined and individually isn’t anything to write home about, but it hasn’t stopped me before. Crystal has beat me in SCW more times than I care to admit, and she has absolutely every right to rub that fact in my face, but that’s irrelevant when I’ve had the better overall career, by and far. Discussion moot, argument ended. But let’s talk about the reason why Crystal has the reputation she has. No, not as a Hall of Famer and the only five-time world champion in history. I’m talking about being the most manipulative talent on the roster.

It just seems that she also has to put her two cents in whenever one of her so-called friends are under attack, which is pretty funny because she doesn’t even have friends, or at least, she shouldn’t. If anything, she’s a cautionary tale why she can’t be trusted and why you never turn your back on her because if there is a back, Crystal will stab it and twist that knife just for the enjoyment. And I’ll be over here saying I told you so.

When Bella beat me in that blindfold match two years ago, this wasn’t a victory, oh no, this was vindication for the hell I put her through and living in her head rent free. She vowed to even throw me overboard that night. Of course, that’s impossible when you can’t even see, but if she had the brief moment to take off that blindfold, she would have done it. Crystal hates me, Bella hates me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Chloe, Levana, and Kat will join them, if they haven’t already, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

When you reach a certain level of success in any field, there will be critics. Let’s face it, people hate others who are successful, especially when they rub it in their face. The new Bombshell Roulette Champion loves holding up her shiny title over my head but the simple fact is I don’t need a tangible belt to show I’m a champion because I  know I am one. Her title reign will be temporary - maybe even ending at the supercard because that’s an easy $50 in my pocket - but I am the Champion of Champions, and that’s something I’ll hold over her head forever.

As far as Sunday goes, I understand what’s at stake, I know that it’s every woman for herself out there. Unlike my opponents though, there’s no pressure on me to win. What do I have left to prove, to myself, the fair-weather fans, or the women’s division? Nothing. I’m established enough and have enough high-profile wins, championships, and accolades that I’ll be fine without a title opportunity for a while. I certainly don’t have to outlast five other women to get one because when there another opportunity I’ll always be in the express line than having to wait forever.

I don’t go to parties, I start them. Every time I open my mouth or work my fingers on media sociale, most people believe that my words are falling on deaf ears, couldn’t be further from the truth. Turns out a lot of the Bombshells salivate waiting to hear what I have to say, especially when I find myself in the middle of some poor soul trying to come at me on Twitter before I shut that down with some cold hard truths. Some can’t handle it and go back in their shell, some can and curse my name under their breaths, others treat these discussions like a TV show and can’t wait to get home, grab their popcorn and put their feet up so they don’t miss the drama.

Some say I’m only trying to get attention. If actions speaks louder than words, then why are my words speaking volumes in so many lives?

Leave early the hero or stay too long and become the villain. I'm fine with that, I'm staying until they chase me out of town with torches.

Deal with it.


L O S A N G E L E S • C A L I F O R N I A

“Why are we here?”

“Sorry, but philosophical questions are not my expertise.”

“No, I mean...”

[The camera pulls back to show Mercedes and Irma at a St. Patrick's Day Parade. As with most festive occasions on this day, there’s also a drinking marathon, music performances, and pub crawls. After a lengthy absence, St. Patrick’s Day was back in green for the first time in two years as America celebrated the holiday as every city celebrated in their own way, from New York City and Chicago to Savannah, Georgia and here in Los Angeles.]

Why are we here, dressed like a sore thumb, on this day?

[Mercedes and Irma are both decked in green and looking their festive best. Both are wearing colorful face paint.]

Did you forget you called me because you were bored? You’re here now. And can you at least look interested?

[Mercedes' heart isn't into it but she forces a fake smile, cheeks drawn up and lips slightly parted. In a very resigned tone and her left eye twitching repeatedly in disgust.]


That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

St. Patrick’s Day is so overrated.

St. Patrick's Day is a fun way to celebrate the Emerald Isle and its culture.

It’s celebrating someone’s death so not as joyous as you might think. And St. Patrick wore blue and he was British, not Irish.

Would you stop?

It is overrated. Huge crowds, drunk individuals, and green-dyed everything. Look at that idiot over there in the shamrock morph suit? How many people have we ran into suddenly claiming to be Irish?

[Irma rolls her eyes. She settles into another pose.]



[Mercedes’ smile faded the moment she saw Irma’s murderous expression. Well, if things were supposed to be looking up this weekend, that was now out the window. Confession was three days away and she already had a laundry list of things that she’s committed over the week. Oh well. What's a few penances and Hail Mary's between eternal damnation and Purgatory?]

How far is it from San Francisco?

 Why? It was a four and a half-hour drive. You're not leaving already, are you? We just got here!

Remind me never to go with you anywhere again.

Wait, what?

Estás muerta para mí.
"You’re dead to me."

[Irma walks off without saying another word, leaving Mercedes behind. Was it something she said, or had she said too much?]

No serás capaz de odiarme para siempre. Recuerdo!
"You won’t be able to hate me forever. Remember that."



Present Day ♦ L O S A N G E L E S, C A L I F O R N I A


[Opens on Mercedes standing in front of the “Made in L.A.” mural, just across the street from the iconic Paul Smith Wall. The SCW Hall of Famer, fresh off her most recent win over Bea Barnhart, is all smiles. It’s pay-per-view week. There’s never not a good time not to smile.]

“So, I guess it’s time for yours truly to share her thoughts ahead of this gauntlet match at Blaze of Glory this Sunday. Not that I’m not looking forward to it, because I am, it’s that I never expected to be put in a match like this against the toughest talent around in the women’s division, and Chloe.”

[Mercedes holds up her hands innocently.]

“I'm sure when SCW came up with this match and the competitors, I'm sure they have a good idea that some people have absolutely no business being in this match in the first place. But here in SCW, everyone is given an opportunity to shine. Still doesn't mean they're going to win. But at least they gave it the old college try, and that's what's important. Look, I like Chloe, I do. But she’s going to have her work cut out for her if she wants to prove herself to the SCW fans and the other challengers like me, for instance. Clearly, Chloe is scared. And she probably should be, given that if she were to face any of the other girls one-on-one, she would have been beaten in fairly short order. She lost to Bella twice already.”

[She holds up two fingers to emphasize this point.]

“Can Levana stand and deliver on the biggest stage? Sure. Do I think she'll do it? We’ll see. I’d have to say Kat or Crystal has a good chance of winning this. Does that mean any of these women is headed towards a championship run anytime soon? No. But the winner of this match will go a long way in determining who will be closer to picking up their first title win in the new year in the women’s division. Chloe has a few months in since her debut last year, Kat and Levana are still practically new here, and Bella and Crystal are still going through the motions since they both failed to beat Amber for the title last year.”

[Chances are Crystal was also secretly fuming that she got passed over for Roxi this year and that she’s not main eventing the supercard for the fourth straight year, but that was none of Mercedes’ business. She smiles smugly.]

“Now, it’s obvious who is the clear favorite to win Sunday, because in a bunch of fives a ten is in this match. Confidence isn’t walking into a room and thinking you’re better than everyone. It’s walking in and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all. Out of everyone, I have the most wins here at Blaze of Glory. Bella won at Blaze of Glory a grand total of never, Crystal hasn’t won at Blaze of Glory in three years, and Chloe, Levana, and Kat are wrestling at Blaze of Glory for the first time, not to mention Leva is also making her SCW pay-per-view debut. Talk about pressure, right?”

[Mercedes wipes the back of her hand against her forehead. Mercedes and Bella were in fact successful in their SCW pay-per-view debuts.]

“Everyone in this match are going to realize that I'm not in that ring with them, they're in that ring with me. There isn’t a match out there I haven't been in. So, what does that mean for Blaze of Glory and each and every one of you?”

[Mercedes pauses for a long moment, her eyes closed, clenching her fist, emotions having caught up with her state of mind. Only when she opened her eyes again and looked up at the camera did the next words were spoken with conviction.]

“It means, chickadees, that Sunday can go one of three ways: One of you will go out with a bang, a few of you go will go out in a whimper, and a few of you will go out in a blaze of glory.”

[Mercedes raises her index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.]

“It proves that you have limits. And while the sky may be the limit for you…”

[Mercedes points at herself.]

 “I have no limits.”

[Nodding her head, Mercedes allows her words to settle in and find their place in the hearts and minds of those watching. The indignant expression remains on her face as Mercedes crosses her arms.]

"Estar preparado para lo peor, esperar lo mejor."
"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best."

[Mercedes fluffs and straightens out her hair and then slowly cross her arms. She pauses for effect, lowering her voice just above a whisper.]

"Y que la suerte está siempre en su favor.”
“And may the odds be ever in your favor."


<span style="color:Orange">SCW ACCOMPLISHMENTS
SCW Hall of Famer (Class of 2018)
World Bombshell Champion (x2)
Bombshell Roulette Champion (x4)
Bombshell Internet Champion 
World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (x3) (w/Traci Patterson (x2) and Delia Darling)
World Mixed Tag Team Champion (x2, w/Kain)
Third female SCW Triple Crown Champion (6th SCW Triple Crown Champion overall)
First-ever 2x Triple Crown Champion in SCW history (most ever by a female wrestler)
Second female Grand Slam Champion (4th SCW Grand Slam Champion overall)
Fastest wrestler to 100 career matches on Climax Control (October 2019)
First-ever twelve-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and twelfth title (June 30, 2019)
(2086 days/68 months between October 2013 and June 2019/5 years, 8 months)
First-ever eleven-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eleventh title (September 16, 2018)
(1799 days/59 months between October 2013 and September 2018; 4 years, 11 months)
First-ever ten-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and tenth title (July 22, 2018)
(1743 days/57 months between October 2013 and July 2018; 4 years, 9 months)
First-ever nine-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and ninth title (September 24, 2017)
(1442 days/47 months between October 2013 and September 2017; 3 years, 11 months)
First-ever eight-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eighth title (May 15, 2016)
(945 days/31 months between October 2013 and May 2015; 2 years, 7 months)
Longest consecutive pay-per-view appearance 38+ consecutive events since June 2013 pay-per-view debut)
Only woman to compete at every SCW pay-per-view for five consecutive years (2014-2018)
One of two wrestlers and the first woman to win five different SCW championships (July 22, 2018)
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
First-ever two-time World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (w/Traci Patterson) (June 29, 2014)
First-ever two-time World Mixed Tag Team Champion (w/Kain) (September 16, 2018)
First-ever five-time tag team champion overall in SCW history (September 16, 2018)
1652 days/54 months (4 years, 6 months)
Most career wins by a female wrestler in SCW history (December 16, 2018)
Most career wins on Climax Control by a female wrestler in SCW history (February 3, 2019)
First-ever seven-time singles champion overall in SCW history, (passing Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time), most by a female wrestler
First-ever six-time singles champion overall in Bombshell history, (tied with Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time in SCW history)
1442 days/47 months (3 years, 11 months)
One of six female wrestlers (Misty, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Joanne Canelli, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in three consecutive years (May 31, 2015)
595 days/19 months (1 year, 7 months)
Second female wrestler, one of three (Amy Marshall, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in four consecutive years (February 14, 2016)
854 days/28 months (2 years, 4 months)
Only female wrestler to win a championship in six consecutive years:
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
(Bombshell Roulette Championship, 2013, 2014; World Bombshell Tag Team Championship, 2015; Bombshell Internet Championship, 2016; World Bombshell Championship, 2017; World Mixed Tag Team Championship, 2018) 
Only woman in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with four sets of titles (September 16, 2018)
Only woman to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3), World Bombshell (x2) and World Mixed Tag Team Championships in a career (September 16, 2018)
One of two women (Amy Marshall) and one of three wrestlers overall (Marshall, Rage) in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion wirh three sets of titles (February 14, 2016)
Third woman, one of only five (Joanne Canelli, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Roxi Johnson) and the third fastest in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with the SCW Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3) and Bombshell Internet Championships in a career (February 14, 2016)
First woman and one of only four (Veronica Taylor, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Tag Team Championships (June 29, 2014)
Second woman and one of three (Vixen, Sam Marlowe) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Third woman and one of only three (Misty, Raynin) to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell Tag Team and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Only female wrestler to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell and World Mixed Tag Team Championships (September 16, 2018)
One of five women (Kittie, Vixen, Joanne Canelli, Delia Darling) to have never lost their first match of a new year and the first to do so four years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016) 
One of three women to have never lost their first supercard match of a new year and the first to do so five years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
First-ever SCW Queen for a Day battle royal winner (December 2 Dismember III supershow, December 13, 2015)
Second Bombshell to have wrestled 100 TV/PPV matches, fastest in history to reach milestone (September 3, 2017)
(1554 days, or 51 months between June 2013 and September 2017)
Fifth woman to have wrestled 50 TV/PPV matches, third fastest in history to reach milestone (July 19, 2015)
(777 days, or 25 months between June 2013 and July 2015)
Second-longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion 
September 14, 2014 - March 8, 2015 (175 days; 5 months, 22 days; held record for longest singles reign for 17 months after reign ended)
Most consecutive/successful title defenses, 5;
[record tied by Sam Marlowe twice on 24 September 2017 and 7 April 2019]
Second most combined consecutive/successful title defenses, 7; broken on 26 January 2019; [held record for most combined defenses for four years after third reign ended]
Second woman to have held Bombshell Roulette Championship three times (after Necra Octavian Kane) (September 14, 2014) 
Fourth woman and one of five (Misty, Vixen, Necra Octavian Kane, Jessie Salco) to have held a Bombshell singles title three times (September 14, 2014) 
Only woman to record four title reigns in a single year
(2014, winning the Bombshell Tag Team (March, June) and Bombshell Roulette (January, September) Championships two times each)
First woman in SCW history to go unpinned/unsubmitted in singles matches for up to an entire year (365 days) or more (434 days)
Longest Bombshells singles unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history
(June 2, 2013 - August 10, 2014) -
14 months, 8 days/434 days overall/62 weeks
Longest Bombshells unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history 
(June 2, 2013 - March 30, 2014)
9 months, 28 days/301 days overall/43 weeks
[Held record from March 30, 2014 - March 21, 2016
722 days/23 months, 3 weeks/103 weeks and 1 day]</span>

<span style="color:gold">The Checklist</span>
<span style="color:grey"><span style="color:gold">Faith</span>
Ambrosia Grey/Joanne Canelli/Laura Jackson
<span style="color:gold">Jessie Salco</span>
Nessa Wall/Jessie Salco (x2)
<span style="color:gold">Nessa Wall (x2)</span>/Traci Patterson
<span style="color:gold">Traci Patterson (x2)</span>
Lizzie Short/Traci Patterson (x3)/<span style="color:gold">Joanne Canelli (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Amy Marshall</span>
<span style="color:gold">Traci Patterson (x4)</span>/Jessie Salco (x3)
Emma Rose/Joanne Canelli (x3)
Roxi Johnson/Electra Styles
Jessie Salco (x4)/<span style="color:gold">Amy Marshall (x2)</span>
Felony Fontana/Rock Rose
Trishelle Jordan/Traci Patterson (x5)
Misty (x2)/Roxi Johnson (x2)/Amy Marshall (x3)
Necra Octavian Kane/<span style="color:gold">Natalie McKinley</span>/Joanne Canelli (x4)
<span style="color:gold">Necra Octavian Kane (x2)</span>
<span style="color:gold">Cynthia Warren</span>
<span style="color:gold">Zuri Chastain</span>
<span style="color:gold">Zuri Chastain (x2)</span>/Traci Patterson (x6)
<span style="color:gold">Traci Patterson (x7)</span>
Caleb Houston/Roxi Johnson (x3)
Amy Marshall (x4)/<span style="color:gold">Jessie Salco (x5)</span>
Amanda Cortez/Veronica Taylor
Amanda Cortez (x2)/Veronica Taylor (x2)
<span style="color:gold">Raynin</span>
Amy Marshall ((5)/<span style="color:gold">Raynin (x2)</span>
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Friday afternoon 48 hours until Blaze of Glory

The aftermath of the phonecall had her hiccupping still.. The tears had slowed but the traces had not vanished from her face.. She was a mess of tears and make-up and it made her look crazier than ever... Kat had not stopped to clean up her face. She kept driving on.. On to Death Valley.. A barren place. Hot and deserted. Not a soul for miles and miles.. She could get used to such a place. It was why she moved up the mountain.. Hidden away well that if you do not know where to go you would miss it entirely. Before Chris’s return.. Before her brother’s return to her life she lived there for nearly two years by herself.. Hidden away only people that saw her lived in the town down the mountain trail. She would not mind the valley either; the only thing she would be minding is the scorching heat of the place come summer time. It is not even spring yet and she knew Death Valley would already be hitting the mid to high eighties.. And at night drop below to the low fifties. Not too bad.. She slept in a car before in much colder conditions. Cincinnati winters are notoriously cold. She had tried to keep the memories at bay after the phone call ended but it could not help going back from time to time before she forcefully made herself go to a different subject. Bring it to happier times and places but it would not allow it.. Bring it to better people.. Better times.. Her brothers.. Her family..  But the memories of a trip not even that long ago burst through from time to time..

To the one man that got through all of her mental walls.. Made her fall head over heels in love.. The man that made her feel and believe that she was beautiful for that one cursed weekend far away from where they are now… He only needed a phone call and a meeting to break through her walls.. He only needed roughly 24 hours to make her believe that she was worth something to someone.. That she was not ugly to him.. That she was desired and beautiful.. But she should have known it would not last.. That she would do something to fuck it up.. Mistakes were made.. So many mistakes were made on both sides.. And while it took only 4 months before they saw each other again… He only needed 4 months and 3 words to destroy her.. The woman she had been in SCW since she arrived here was a shell of her former self.. Holding her chin up high.. But the words of kindness coming her way were brushed off.. Compliments.. Empty words to her.. As much as she loves her man her heart was still torn.. Now.. That is over.. The only love she feels now is for those she calls her family and her man.. Part of her will always be in love with the man she lost in 4 months and 3 words.. But that part… Is dead for now.. As dead as the land surrounding her as she drives through the desert.. She has to let it go.. As she does another piece of her heart grows cold.. As the desert is growing colder now that the sun is going down.. Kat pulls over from the road and parks the truck and steps out onto the crusty ground.. Crunching with salt and sand caked together. She feels at peace as the sun sets and the sky is filling up with colors and she grabs the camera from the truck. She climbs into the bed of the truck with the camera and her two dogs and presses record..

The scene opens up on Kat sitting in the bed of the big black truck that has been hers for quite a few years now. Her dogs lay next to her. As she speaks her voice is soft in tone and cold.. Emotionless as her dark eyes are.. Her face was still covered in make-up and tears streaked over her face.

Kat : If you thought you were going to be facing the same Kat Jones that has been walking around SCW since late last year.. You are wrong.. That Kat Jones was a poor woman’s attempt at looking somewhat normal. That Kat Jones never truly existed.. I always warned so many before you girls that you do not know me.. And that was never more true than it is right now.. While some may be friendlier with me than others. Never once think that it would save you from my wrath. I am not going to step into the ring to make friends or play nice. And I do not give a fuck if I start the match or come in last. I am coming to win the whole damn thing. I have been through wars lately and yet I have never felt better than I do right now.. This is the true Kat Jones and this is a glimpse of what you will be facing inside the ring. The real Kat Jones is a gutter rat from the cold dangerous streets of Cincinnati.. That is Kat Jones.. I may live in a fancy looking place now.. But in me.. There is still this hungry streetrat itching for the next fight because each fight put a meal in my stomach…

Each fight got me closer to getting off the streets and into a warm bed.. Be it a rat and cockroach infested hell hole in Kansas City where I started my professional career.. Or the beautiful Rocky Mountain home I have now.. I did not know but I wanted it.. And that is sorta like what I am feeling right now.. I am hungry… Not for food.. I am hungry for the fight.. I have that itching feeling underneath my skin.. In my blood… Desperately clawing at me to be let out.. And what better place to do it than at the PPV.. Where I am going to be feeding that hunger with the bodies of my victims.. And there are plenty of victims to be had in this match so please do let me go first.. I would love to bring the sheer brutality and pain that only we can bring.. Unapologetic violence.. And the good thing is.. There is a lot of pain I can deliver all within the rules.. I prefer not having those rules but we can not always get what we want. But I can cause pain.. Mutilate your tendons and joints until you scream louder than you tap..

Kat smirked and tilted her head slightly.. The fury in her eyes is clear to see as is the insanity that drives her currently..

Kat : I have always walked a fine line between cool and calm and the raging beast that hides within me.. I am not called the HellKat for nothing.. And that line is way behind me now.. I will be using every torturous hold I can think off.. And believe me I have a very sick and twisted mind.. I will bend and twist your bodies in ways it is not supposed to go.. I am doing it to hear that sick crackle and pop and as I feel your joints give way and dislocate I will revel in the screams of pain and despair as I dismantle you infront of the whole fucking world and there is not a damn fucking thing that anyone can do about it because it is all legal. I have been holding this back for years and it is about time for me to show you exactly who in the hell I am. What I am capable of and what lengths I would go to.. There is a title opportunity on the line and this opportunity is going to be mine. Nobody is going to stop this HellKat.. Not sweet Chloe.. Girl I love you.. And when this match is over and we go on tour I will be there to pick you up.. I already got our tickets booked.. But in this match I am not going to go easy on you. I am going to show you exactly what it takes to make it in SCW. I am going to teach you quite a few lessons in the next few months.. And when I am done you are going to be the superstar I can see inside of you.. But first.. I have a match to win and if I have to go through you for the win.. So be it..

Or Mercedes.. I do not care how long your list of past accolades is in SCW.. I do not care how long you have been here.. That was then and this is now and you are going to be writing a new page in history soon.. That on March twentieth 2022 there was a PPV called Blaze of Glory 10 and there was a Bombshell gauntlet match that stole the whole damn show and the winner was that bitch Kat Jones.. Remember it well for the next March twentieth.. And Levana.. Lavana.. Whatever your name is.. Our quiet girl.. I had high hopes for you and I to tear the place apart.. Making the gauntlet match a true and epic brawl.. But are you going to show up or are you going to run and hide.. If you are in the arena I will find you.. And I will fight you.. So for your sake I hope you do come out to the ring and give it every damn thing you got because if you do not.. I will destroy you.. Another quiet one.. Bella… BELLA!!!!

Kat screamed her name into the desert stopping a deranged smirk on her face.. The sky streaked in reds and purples lighting her face in an eerie way.. The insanity she is barely holding in check burning in her eyes..

Kat : Where in the hell are you Bella… Did the prospect of the brutality of this match silence you entirely.. What a shame.. Although pissing me off is not a better plan, staying quiet when we have been working hard to get ourselves noticed on this star studded pay per view you are just going to do nothing? That by itself is enough reason for me to twist your body into places you did not bend before and make sure that you truly know the meaning of pain.. While I am still restricted to some rules I know quite a few that strike hard, fast and extremely painful that will have you screaming and tapping for mercy and just because there are rules I will have to give it to you.. Because as much as I do not care about getting disqualified in any other match.. This time around there is too much at stake here to let myself go to that extent. Although piss me off and I may just decide to see how far the referee will let me go..

And then there is Crystal.. You have not been quiet.. You know what is at stake and you are almost as hungry to get this win as I am.. Almost.. Not quite though.. You see Crystal.. As friendly as I have been to you on twitter.. Just having watched your promo gave me a splitting headache.. I am not friendly.. So your friendly words meant nothing to me.. Others have spewed kindness and compliments to me before and while I am sure they believed to be sincere because they are the almighty superheroes in this place.. Everybody loves them.. They showed themselves as lying pieces of shit. So excuse me that I do not buy nice twitter conversations and compliments thrown my way from an opponent.. I will see what you are like when you have been handed that loss.. If you are still the same person then as you portray yourself to be now…

Kat smirked and her hand went to the head of the big dog next to her.. One of the last rays of sunshine highlighted the messed up make-up and the obvious streaks caused by tears on her face..

Kat : Like my babies I can smell the bullshit and the lies told in promo’s and twitter a mile away… I do not have that feeling with you.. But then again I did not have it with Roxi either.. She talked a lot about how I am such a good friend.. And I am.. To those I hold dear.. And she showed her true colors.. She is fake as fuck.. And I will be looking forward to her losing to my sister once again.. Maybe getting the fucking point then that she is just not good enough.. She beat me.. I admit to it.. But she lied.. Anyone that paid attention to her lately can see that.. She lied.. And she only wanted another big win so she can get her hands on my sister again.. Well.. She succeeded.. As usual she gets what she wants.. But it cost her.. That dear and loyal friend is no longer.. So Crystal.. Be better than her.. Because I will get my hands on Roxi again someday soon… And when I do.. I will do more than even the score..

I do not take betrayal kindly… It is a fair warning to you.. And all of the girls in this match.. I am not someone you want to fuck over.. You want to be my friend Crystal.. I will give you that chance.. As I am a great friend.. But.. If you are going to be the same as Roxi.. Stop trying then.. Because I will destroy and rip apart the next person that tries that with me.. As I will do to her.. If this side of me shocks you.. Let me introduce myself to you again then.. My name is Kat fucking Jones and I will be the winner of this gauntlet and I will get my hands on SCW gold soon. You may all want it.. But I want it more.. The woman you thought you knew.. Kiss her goodbye.. Because she no longer exists.. What is left is a woman driven by the thought of pain and destruction caused by her hands.. The desire and will fueled by the pain filled screams and begging pleas for mercy… What is left is a wrestling machine.. One that will thrive on causing pain and running through every single obstacle in her way to the championship gold.. Be ready.. Because I am..

Kat inhaled deeply letting the rage inside of her calm down for a moment..

Kat : I will be more than ready to hear the symphony of destruction play in that ring.. I will be more than ready to see the cringing faces of the crowd as another tendon snaps.. A muscle tears.. A high pitched scream fills the arena.. I am not coming to just beat you girls.. With  ignorance and silence you are provoking that darkside that resides inside of me and I will enjoy feasting on your soul to fill up the void that still exists in mine.. Devouring you and leaving you a shell of a woman inside that ring. That should quench the thirst I have been holding in for a long time.. But that won't satisfy the rage quite yet... Hmmm twisting you into a pretzel and hearing you scream in agony as you plead for mercy will not be enough either... But maybe.. Just maybe seeing your eyes glazed over as they stare aimlessly up towards the rafters might be a good start.. As I exit it having beaten you all while licking my chops..See this as a warning..I will unleash the rage and let the darkness reign.. Do not try to impress me with empty words.. Do not try and make the darkest parts of me listen to your attempt of placating me..  It just pisses me off..... And you do not want to piss me off.. It often ends with broken dreams and bones to match.. Think before you speak.. The consequences can be dire… And determine your future in this business..

With that said the scene fades to black just as Kat twitches violently..

She climbed out of the truck bed and sent the video from her phone to SCW to play.. Pulling her sleeping bag out of the backpack it was stuffed into, the picture hidden inside came tumbling down.. A broken sob escaped her upon seeing the face on it.. Another bad memory.. One she had buried deep down.. Her ex-husband.. Another man that made her think she was beautiful.. But if she was the perfect girlfriend.. The perfect wife.. Why did he change.. Why did he blatantly cheat on her.. For the world to see… Why? It only proved that she was not beautiful.. She was not the perfect girlfriend.. The perfect wife.. She was flawed and ugly.. And that is why she was cheated on.. That is why her love married another.. That is why Kat Jones can not see anything but ugly as she looks into the mirror.. She violently ripped the picture to tiny pieces.. A heart wrenching scream tore from her throat as she let go.. Her heart and soul are growing colder again.. So cold that she felt it.. As if she was outside on a freezing winter's day.. She opened the sleeping bag and crawled inside. Sleep did not come for her right away.. Haunted by memories she spent the night in the cold desert air in Death Valley..

Saturday morning 6 am.

Kat woke up really early and after letting the dogs run and play around for a bit she packed them back into the truck, both of them jumping in the back to lay on the sleeping bag. Nice and comfy they drove on to Los Angeles. She had counted on a lot of things when she arrived in Los Angeles.. She had counted on her hotel room being ready. She had found 1 hotel that was perfectly fine with her bringing her dogs with her. She had counted on being able to get something to eat there.. She did not however count on opening her hotel room door and finding the angry eyes of her brother burning a hole into her head. Not the big man.. Not the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.. No.. This was Cy.. And Cy was pissed.. Apparently SCW had played her video and even now she had the remains of the streaks of make-up and red stained eyes.. As soon as she had entered the room the dogs sat down and as she turned towards the room after closing the door she was face to chest with a very familiar chest indeed.. A low growl came from him and she looked up only to get headbutted harshly.. He did not need to speak. She already knew what he wanted to say to her.. She grabbed him by the neck yanking him in and returned the favor slamming her forehead into his.. Both of them bore the red mark and Cy grabbed her and held her tight..

Cy : Why Katarina.. Why go there again..

Kat : Because I have to this time.. I have to return to not feeling a damn thing.. Nothing.. Bring back the darkness.. Bring back the madness.. Unleash the insanity… Bring the chaos.. Bring the pain…

Cy : Let me take you there…

Cy pulled her to the bed and held her tight in his arms. His voice was rough and laced with the same intensity as he spoke the poison directly into her ear.. The tone was nothing more than a whisper but it screamed inside her mind as he awakened the slumbering beast that was still not fully unleashed inside of Kat.. But it will be soon.. The hate allowed to fester.. The insanity unleashed.. The desire for pain and destruction is starting to burn inside of her.. Held tightly as she begins to react to his poisonous words. Low growls escaping her as Cy repeats the words of damnation and destruction in her ear.. Feeding the sadistic nature they both share.. That nature she shares with all of her brothers.. Some just hide it better than others. The loyalty lies within the family.. One does not become one easily. Cy has been there for years.. Sometimes close by other times far away but always there when she needed him the most. Be it to bring her back down or to unleash her upon the unsuspecting fools that surround them. She strains in his arms, stewing in hatred, rage and anguish.. Unfulfilled hunger for destruction and unquenched thirst for blood and screams building up the most dangerous side of Kat. This was not going to be good for the ladies she is facing as she is becoming more dangerous than ever and loving every second of it. Rejoicing in the bonds on her breaking.. Being unleashed. Cy turned Kat around in his arms and held her close.

Cy : My sister in arms and heart.. My sadistic sibling.. You know what to do..

Kat : I do..

Cy : I am proud of you baby sis.. So fucking proud.. No matter the outcome of this match or any other that follows.

Kat : As I am of you big brother.. Always.. No matter what..

Both placed their hand behind the head of the other.. Holding each other in place..

Cy : I did my job for tonight we will continue this in the morning.. Yours starts tomorrow evening.. No holding back.. Get the golden opportunity..

Kat : I am not going to hold back for anyone.. This opportunity is mine..

Kat softly headbutted her big brother and he smirked before returning the gesture.. Holding her close as they have done so often over the years..

Cy : Loser buys the beers…

Kat : Better have a fat wallet on you..

At one point she must have fallen asleep held safely in his arms and he slept along with her. The dogs had taken up guard at the foot of the bed as they rested. She had lost all track of time and had not heard anything but the voice of Cy in her ear for hours it seemed before she fell asleep. She had not heard her phone go off with tons of messages coming in.. Someone else was pissed with Kat as well.. And with good reason.. But she had no clue.. When she woke up she noticed the changes in herself and how she was feeling.. She was getting meaner.. Stronger.. Growing more dangerous.. Back to how she used to be.. Before she let fake sentiments lull her into a sense of peace.. Let her reign in her true self.. To become normal.. To be accepted.. Fake as fuck because in the end.. She only truly has those she calls family.. So when she saw the blinking light on her phone she was surprised to see that she had missed several calls and there were a shit ton of messages on her phone… All from family.. All from one family member to be exact.. Overprotective big brother.. Mac..

There were so many.. Ranging from call me.. To flat out cursing in their common language.. To demanding that she had to pick up the fucking phone.. It showed a lot to Kat who let a single tear fall.. She did not mean to worry them.. But it was needed to become herself again.. To feel like herself again.. She had to send him a message.. She chose to do so in the language they speak to one another…

*Tha mi duilich mo bhràthair. Cha robh mi airson dragh a chuir ort. Bidh mi aig an raon a-màireach. Tha Cyrus còmhla rium.*

The message was kind and gentle so different from the way she feels towards anyone else.
*I am sorry my brother. I did not mean to make you worry. I will be at the arena tomorrow. Cyrus is with me.*

With the message send Kat ordered room service knowing her brother's appetite. They are all the same in that aspect.. She got their food ordered and crawled back into bed in her brother’s arms. With him by her side.. She would be more than ready to deal with everything that is coming for her tomorrow.. It is less than 24 hours before the PPV starts and Kat is out for blood and screams.

Stage 2 complete.

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« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2022, 11:52:28 PM »
It’s that time again and I promised the entire world that I will answer the rest of the questions that I asked. We already covered the necessary question of who I am but now there is two more questions to focus on and the next question is perhaps the most important one. What am I doing?!

Wow… As an actress one must always what they are doing in any single role. Some might ask a director what is my motivation to gain insight to this question but I am fully confident of who I am and it has led me to the best possible answer as to what I am doing. I can answer it in the simplest form. I am simply doing what I do best. I am being me. I am being Crystal FN Hilton. Now before anybody gets their panties in a bunch or if you even go about having a panic attack what I am trying to say is as soon as the bell rings I am entering that ring with one purpose and only one purpose.

I am walking into the ring with the intent to be the best women’s wrestler in the company. I know that is who I am and what I need to do…. What I SHALL do is outlast every single opponent in this match and win the singles match at the end so that I can etch my ticket to Into The Void. So there you have it. I guess I answered where I am going as well but you all should have known that.

I am not a dummy…

Anybody should know that with the Blast From The Past tournament that number one contenders for both world titles are going to be crowned so that poses the question at what this match is going to be for. Well I know what I want and I am just going to come out and say it. What I want to do is to move myself into position to have a shot at the Internet Championship.

It’s the one title that I never lost and it is something that I definitely want to put back on my shoulders. More importantly than that if for some reason that my wife doesn’t get the job done. I know for a fact that this is my path to getting to Andrea Hernandez. All of this stuff that she has said about my wife doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t like it one bit…

In the past I really didn’t respect my role as a loving life and it has always been about what Crystal wants more so than what it should have been about but the truth is I love my wife. She is everything to me and I don’t give a flying fuck if you feel that she isn’t that good of a wrestler. Honestly everybody is free to have their own opinion. However what you won’t do is disrespect my wife. That is where I will draw the line.

Andrea has been talking shit about my wife and the way she just had to force a pin on her in our tag team match a few weeks ago made me realize that she is an awful woman who doesn’t deserve anything. I thought things were over after I made her scream I quit at the end of 2020 but I see I was mistaken…

So now I have to do whatever it takes to win this match so I can scratch her name off of my list. Anybody who knows me should know when it comes to getting what I want. I will go all out to ensure I get exactly what I want. That is Crystal at her finest and it is that type of passion and energy that makes me into the wrestler that I am today.

The question isn’t about what I plan to do… The real one is what won’t I do to get where I know where I need to go. I know that there are other women in this match who probably wish to be here. Women who wish to fight with everything they have to prove a point like they matter or that they should be taken seriously.

That’s the nature of being in a match like this.  However I am surprised about one opponent in particular and that one is in form of Mercedes Vargas.

You know what I find absolutely hilarious?! It’s the fact that she has been ducking me. He has been ducking me ever since I announced the list. She basically said she wouldn’t fight me and honestly it just makes me think she is one huge pussy. I would have expected the almighty Vargas to at least tell the world that she has held the most titles in all of the company or how she has so many wins or some other useless stat. it’s all she ever manages to do now a days. When you actually confront her and want for her to step up to fight you in a match she is quick to back away.

If that’s how you wish to answer of the question of what you plan to do, I won’t argue with you Mercedes. The entire world can see as plain as day that you are simply a bitch who likes to duck but for me I rather be a woman who steps up to fight.

It’s nice that you love tweet up all of these stats and show your love for all of the previous editions of Climax Control or what happened on a certain day. That’s really nice but what about actually showing off what you are doing today.

The fact is that you can’t…

You been here for a long time and I doubt anybody can really acknowledge who you are or what you do around here. This is your big moment! This is your big chance to get to the forefront of the fray. I highly doubt it though because at the end of the day I don’t think you really want it that much. You don’t want it like I do. You aren’t hungry for this moment.

So I feel opportunity is just going to slip you by. It really doesn’t make a difference to me. Once I win this match or get rid of you out of this match I am personally going to scratch you off my list. You are going checked off of the list whether you wanted too or not. You might as well just live to deal with it…

However she isn’t the only one that is in a position of not really knowing what they are doing because Levana seems to be right there as well. Levana is somebody who had all of the potential in the world. It’s not an easy feat to make it to the semi-finals of the Blast For The Past Tournament. Trust me in my first outing I believe me. However as much as it sucked to lose in that first tournament I really started to catch a bigger and better break when I joined the tournament for the second time.

It was in that second outing where I really proved myself, and showcased what would go down as my best year in this company. You are now in a weird position. I know you are probably questioning what is next for you. You probably want to know what you should do right now and if I can give you just the slightest of advice. This is the part where you need to dust yourself off and you jump right back into the fray.

You have all the potential in the world and you are very young into your career. All of that background of being a biker chick should have built you up to never stop fighting. However what I see from you is just a woman who is coming across like a little Emo girl. You are sending tweets that you don’t care about what others think of you. You should know your worth or taking a glance at old wounds.

Would you stop being so mopey and actually do something about your predicament?!

You have the chance of a lifetime. This is your chance to really rise to the occasion. This is the part where you can actually do something and you can go to that ring and showcase that you can outlast some of the best women that SCW has to offer.

If you do that you will have earned your shot at a championship opportunity. However if you show that you don’t even give a fuck it’s as if you are basically throwing the towel in and saying that you don’t care about anything.

If that’s the case why are you even here?! Why even sign up to be a wrestler in the first place. There is so much more than just fighting for the sake of fighting. Hell I have been called a lot of different shit throughout my career. I have been called stuff that would have made me wish to quit but I didn’t. I simply took it and I kept on going. It made me be stronger. It helped me endured.

I don’t care if people think I am a nutcase or a psycho. Looking at it now it only fueled the fans of my fire to get better, and I can confidently say that I am in a much better place right now.

The question you should ask yourself right now is not the fact that you lost and now it’s the end of the world. It’s what are you going to do to learn from that lost. Everything is a teachable moment, and what lesson have you learned?! If the answer is nothing and you rather just sit there and be all down from what you have gone through I feel you still have so much to learn.

Whatever… I hope you figure it out because I definitely have my eye on you and I was looking for a serious fight. I want to earn this win and I don’t want there to be any question on who is the best woman within this match.

Now there’s also Bella Madison in this match and as I said before I love this woman. She definitely is full of energy and a true spit fire. She is quite adorkable especially when it comes to talking up her husband and the only thing that is missing from Bella’s resume in this company is seeing her rise to become a singles champion.

I know she had that one stint where she was a Mixed Tag Team Champion. I know it was definitely a great feeling for her but I bet she wants to experience something more than just that.

If there was ever a chance to step up and become something better, I would say that now is definitely that moment Bella. Over in PWS you have had an amazing career. You have held championships and you just need to transfer over that same dedication to this company. I know you are meant to do something great.

For some reason I see it inside of you. I know you have it and I want you to bring it out. You are one of the people I am looking forward the most to tangling up with, and I hope that we have a moment to have a match with one another. Please give me that match I have desperately wanted.

Bella I think the entire world wants to see you break through your limits. They want you to reach for more. It’s right there within your grasp and you just need to take it. Will you finally get it?!

I personally think you can but you will have to work hard for it so with everything that is inside of you please keep fighting hun. Go out there and really make your mother proud but more importantly make yourself proud.

I will test your abilities and I just hope that you don’t let me down. I wish you the best and I hope you are focused as soon as the bell rings.

Mexico City, Mexico
La Paloma’s Gym
Crystal was forced to wake up in her rundown dorm rooms at her Mexican wrestling school. Hovering over her was her father Pedro Lopez. He couldn’t help but passionately shake Crystal about as he tried everything in his power to try to awaken the Hollywood beauty from her slumber. She growled as she turned over in bed and screamed back at him.
“Dad just let me go to sleep!!! It’s like 4 o’clock in the morning!”
She turned over to tried to remain asleep but Pedro didn’t let up as he shook her even harder than before. He was relentless as he kept on waking her up.
“No… It’s not time to sleep Mija! You need to wake up. You are the one who came to Mexico looking for my help. You are the one who wanted to figure out what’s wrong. If you really want to reach for the next step you will get your ass out of bed. Where is your fire?! Where is the passion… As it currently stands I think you lost a step. I have seen some of the students here… SU ESTUDIANTES take this more seriously than you do!”
Crystal sighs before yawning in return.
“Nobody can’t take this more serious than I do Papi! I am a 19x World Champion. You may have passed this school down to me but I am the one who put it on the map. When I left here and branched off to America I can say I truly made it. Those 19 World titles don’t even factor in the amount of secondary titles that I have won. It also doesn’t include other accolades and everything that has come with being a wrestler…”
Crystal flicks her hair with a grin as she speaks some more.
“So don’t try to say that I don’t have the passion. It has taken hard work to become who I am, and I know that it will take me to new heights and…”
Pedro however just shakes his head in utter disgust as he violently grabs a handful of her hair and he yanks it as hard as he can. He ends up snatching the wig right off of her head and he tosses it to the side.
“Mija! You need to cut this out. I know you questioned why I didn’t tell you about you about your siblings and why I didn’t just come out and tell you that I am your uncle and not your father. If you really want to know it’s because I always knew that you simply would not be able to handle any of it. You aren’t mature enough of it. When I heard about you. I knew that I had to go into Detroit and pull you out of there. The real reason why I decided to teach you this wonderful craft of wrestling wasn’t so you could go on to become this mega star. I know you love that aspect but it was actually to teach you discipline…”
Crystal snaps back at her father.
“I am disciplined!!!”
Pedro shakes his head as he yells back at her.
“You really aren’t though. For the past five years you have been doing some constant soul searching to try to find out who you are. It honestly should have never even come to that because the answer was always right in front of you. You don’t need to go from person to person asking them what they think. You shouldn’t have to go on your social media and try to throw a pity party because people don’t like you. I taught you better than that but you must have forgotten. “
Pedro looks deeper into Crystal’s eyes before crossing his arms.
“What the fuck happened to you?! I am not going to deny that you do have wrestling talent. The talent was always rooted deep within you but you just go about life thinking that everything is meant to be easy. You expect for things to be handed to you on a silver platter and all Hollywood did was make you into a Prima Donna. You are quick to stab your wife in the back to get a chance at stardom. You want to use your son to fuel your own ego so you can add another accolade to your name. Is that really how you want people to remember your legacy?!”
“But dad… You don’t understand…”
“No Christina I do understand! The fact Is when people finally start acknowledging you for what you are. That being a backstabbing manipulative little witch you are quick to backtrack because you don’t like the image is portraying you to be. That’s when you want to change things up so the narrative will fit you. That’s honestly the biggest issue with you. You want to run away from something as soon as you make a decision. You spend time running away than you do sticking to your ideals and in the end that’s what really causes you to fall apart.”
Crystal folds her arms as she finally gets out of bed and looks back at him.
“So what the hell am I supposed to do?! Do you think I wanted things to turn out this way?! No I didn’t but I just feel like it’s never enough…”
“Newsflash it’s never going to be enough. You expect change or simply finding out about you are supposed to do is going to happen overnight. That was never going to be the case. Some things you need to work for. You have to put in the effort and you will finally get the payoff you been waiting for. It’s not going to come when you want it but it’s going to come when you DESERVE it. I know you came through the doors of the gym and you expect me to solve the problem of how you are supposed to be this big sister to Mariah and Mariella but do you think that’s the real issue here?!”
Crystal just sighs before shaking her head.
“No… I think it has to be a deeper issue than just that because you have always ran away when things got tough. I know it’s sad that you lost your cousin. Hell it pains me that I lost a niece. She was close to my heart. The issue however isn’t that she stood in the gap for you. The reality is everybody always has to take a stand for you. You couldn’t even raise your own daughter Brittany so you let Todd’s sister Jennifer do the honors. You just recently a daughter and it seems that Seleana is more invested into Aurora than you are.”
He takes a deep breath as he continues to speak.
“I could say the same about Brayden with the way you gave him up for adoption. You ran away from Detroit when the going got tough. You left wrestling school here when things looked to be challenging. You ran away five different husbands. Every year it seems like you want to ask the same question. You want to find yourself?! The reality is you never lost yourself. You know who you are. You just need to embrace it.”
Crystal opens her eyes.
“What do you mean embrace it?!”
“I mean that regardless if you like it or not. Every single thing that you do, every choice you make is what makes up who you are. It’s something that you can’t run away from. You want to stop this entire cycle from happening over and over again. STOP RUNNING!!!”
Pedro Lopez keeps looking at his daughter before he begins to take his leave.
“Wait where are you going dad?!”
Pedro just shakes his head as he keeps on walking.
“I am going to check on my other students. This is the time that everybody wakes up and they start going through their daily warm ups and training. If your dally wish to be the best you have to be dedicated. Are you really content with remaining where you are?! Or do you want something different for your life?!”
It’s at that moment that Pedro continues to walk away leaving his daughter behind. Crystal just sighs as she thinks about everything that her father just said to her. She forces herself to get out of bed s she begins to change into her workout clothes. Perhaps her father was onto something, perhaps it was time to really go back to the basics of doing what the students were doing…

Everybody in this match should know who I am and on Sunday I am going to be thrilled because it’s going to be a homecoming for me. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in Los Angeles. That’s a lot longer than I have spent living in my birth city of Detroit Michigan. So if you still want to ponder who Crystal really is I am sure that all of the blossoming roses within Crystal Country will be proud to tell you that fact. I would be a fool if I didn’t also mention Chloe Benton.

Chloe Benton when I look at you I honestly see the tale of the little engine that could. You are so sweet and at the same time very naïve. Over time you will definitely get better and I know one day the entire world is going to rejoice and celebrate you growing up in this business.

You are the clear under dog and what you will be looking to do is to position yourself. You don’t necessarily need to win this match in order to do so. You can get everything you need from putting up a strong showing and showing the entire world how you can fare when you are up against some top notch competition.

Honestly I am behind you as well Chloe. I know your social media presence has definitely been picking up the pace as well. People just flat out want to see you doing well. They want you to make something of yourself and they want to see you improve.

I myself am one of those people as well but here is where the problem lies. The reality is I am hell bent on winning this match. I can’t afford to lose for any reason whatsoever and I know what lies at the end of this journey for me. It just has to be a one way trip to an Internet Championship match. Lord knows that is what I want more than anything else because this stuff with Andrea is starting to get extremely personal. With every time she makes a tweet and bashes my wife or talks her down on a show.

It’s just fanning the flames of my anger and hatred towards her. I just have to shut her up and I won’t let you get in the way of stopping me. I am sure that you will have a bright future in this company. As great as all of that sounds however this is when I show up into your life to be a harsh taste of reality. I am the reality check that you probably weren’t looking forward to having but the one you desperately needed. You will take this match as a lesson that nobody should cross my path when I am focused on something.

I am afraid to be the bearer of bad news but I want this more than you. I am hungrier for this opportunity and I will not let it go to waste. You don’t need a win to achieve your goal but I do. So for me it’s all or nothing.

However there is one person who I know is going to be the ultimate test. Kat Jones is truly that of a warrior. She isn’t a joke and with the reputation that follows her I know that as soon as the bell rings she is going to come after me with everything that she is. There’s no telling what she might do in that ring. She has already made it known that she loves to hurt her opponents, she enjoys hearing their screams and she takes great pleasure in making them suffer.

This might sound absolutely sadistic but truth be told I actually love that. I want you to bring that energy to this match. I want you at your best because there is something that you need to understand as well. The fact is when you dangle something in front of me I always plan to go all out to accomplish something. Nobody will ever take what I am looking to achieve.

You see as dangerous as Kat Jones might be and I know you have the huge reputation that follows you the truth is nothing can ever compare to that of Crystal Hilton and what she brings to the table when she gets involved in a big match. I am the bombshells division and I won’t let anybody just try to dethrone me just to prove themselves. Hell you weren’t around but I turned my back on my own wife just to advance my career so what do you think will happen when it’s you and I in that ring?!

I am not saying that we aren’t friends Kat so don’t take it the wrong way. What I am saying however is when push comes to shove I am super competitive. I am going all out to try to prove myself. I aim to be the best and second place is never good enough for me. In any match that the two of us are involved in I will always try to do whatever it takes to be one step ahead because that’s what I have always done.

Who am I?!

What am I Doing?!

Where am I Going?!

The answers to all of them are simple. As far as who I am, I am the bitch who will continue showcasing why she is the best at what she does. What am I doing?! I am working my ass off to outshine everyone who steps in front of me. Where am I going?!

I am on a one way trip to get straight back to the top and I won’t let anybody get in the way of that. Not even you Kat. We might be friends or at least on the path to becoming such but during the match I am out there to win and I will win. I know you are a good competitor and you will come at me with everything that you have.

It just won’t be enough. The best thing about this match is the fact that it is a gauntlet match. It’s fitting with me because my entire life has felt like one big gauntlet. You don’t know the pain I have gone through. You don’t know how much I have tried to fit in or I have tried to get accepted. It has been a painful process and I know it has definitely driven people to the brink of insanity.

However I have come to the simple conclusion…

I am everything that people claim me to be and for the first time I accept all of it.

At first I tried to run away from it all because I didn’t like the reputation that preceded it but why should I run?!

People say that I am a title crazy whore, and my response is that just means I love to be the best.

People say I change my name a lot, and honestly I just try to adapt.

People say I constantly am looking for redemption, and I can FINALLY say I don’t care anymore. This is who I am and this is what I do. I don’t need to change for anybody because despite everything I might have done. Despite doing things that people may not agree with it still doesn’t change the fact that I have won the big championship more than anybody in this company.

There is a reason why I keep coming back for more and it’s because I love what I do. If you want to know where I am planning to go you might as well look up because that will always be my end destination. I am here to be the best and I want the top spot. I am sure everybody else is good and perhaps some are great.

What they aren’t however is Crystal Zdunich… They don’t live this more than I do and I will showcase that on Sunday. I will win this gauntlet match or at least go out in A BLAZE OF GLORY in trying to do so. I wish you all the best of luck but Sunday yours truly will win and I will get my spot once again.

I wish all of you well but nothing will be able to extinguish these flames of the burning rose…

Flame on… It’s time to make all of you feel the heat…

Few Hours Later

Crystal was up and about. Something her father said had really gotten to her and she refused to remain in the bed. Perhaps everything he said to her he was right. She was one who always kept running. She was one who forgot about everything that got her to the big dance in the first place. It was time to get right back on track which meant that if she was going to go anywhere she needed to focus. She went out for a jog as she ran down the streets of Mexico City. She saw somebody with pink hair in front of her. That woman was none other than that of her protégé who was now helping out as an instructor for the wrestling school in Ashley Whitmore. Crystal caught up to her as she smirks in return.

“Wait up Ash….”

Ashley stopped as Crystal caught up to her. The two women just looked at one another before they glared off into the distance. They were able to see other wrestling students running about as the sweat was dripping down their forehead. Most of them covering their faces with masks as they were representing the spirit of Lucha Libre. Crystal just shook her head as she continued to speak.

“Wow it’s honestly amazing to just take all of this in. it’s been a while since I managed to just look at everything from the perspective of a student. Do you mean to tell me that all of them wake up early in the morning and do this run?!”

Ashley nods her head as she looks right at Crystal.

“Every single one of them, you do realize it’s not required right?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“Are you serious?!

Ashley nods her head.

“I am very serious. Your dad has basically installed this ideology that if they want to really make it in the wrestling world they all need to put in extra time of trying to better themselves. He keeps trying to tell them that they need to channel his best student. If they had just a taste of what La Paloma had they will go on to have a successful career. Once they hear that they have no choice but to go all out because they know that the expectations are high…”

Crystal nods her head before sighing in return.

“Yeah… La Paloma…. I know my father really loved that. It’s who I established myself in Mexico and I honestly tried to reestablish myself as that in SCW but it just didn’t last that long. It wasn’t that long until I just went off and took the mask off and become Crystal Hilton… Maybe dad just wants to live in the old days and hold onto something that won’t ever come to pass ever again…”

Ashley however shakes her head as she smirks in return.

“I doubt that or maybe he knows that even if you don’t wear the mask it still doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter. You will forever be La Paloma…”

Crystal makes a slight smile.

“The dove…”

“Exactly and he knows that at any point you will be free to take flight and soar to new heights. Sometimes people don’t want to flap their wings but you didn’t have any problem taking that chance. Yes you got involved in Hollywood but you also knew you had to work hard to get there. It just wasn’t given to you overnight…”

Crystal just stands there as she watches everybody running ahead of her.

“Watching these students really reminds me of everything I went through when I was a student here. it was definitely some much simpler times and I miss it a lot…”

A hand touches Crystal on the back and she slowly turns around. Her father is right there with a grin on his face.

“Here’s is the best thing Mija, the truth is you will always be La Paloma. Even if you don’t have the mask on…”

“Really?! I don’t understand how that is possible though.”

Pedro begins to grin as he speaks some more.

“It’s what I have been wanting for you to comprehend the entire time. Something you just need to understand. We don’t run away from the past… We embrace it… As long as you embrace who you are, you won’t ever be in a position where you will ever question yourself ever again… Are you finally ready to embrace everything that you have ever done?!”

Crystal looks at the other students before she slowly nods her head in agreement.

“I am ready… It’s been a long time coming but I am tired of running away…”

“Good… It’s about time you did that. Now that you took the biggest step forward we can finally focus on you being ready for whatever comes your way. No more pity parties, no more escaping… This is who you are Crystal and you just need to be proud of every single bit of you…”

Crystal keeps her eyes focused on the distance. She nods her head in agreement and it’s on this image that we fade out on.

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Moths flutter agitatedly about a streetlamp near the corner of St Louis and south Industrial Road, a rundown district immediately south of the Stratosphere Hotel and casino known for illegal prostitution, thefts, burglaries, car jackings and of course, drugs. Referred to by the locals as ‘crack alley’, it is permeated with rows of dilapidated stores, long since shuttered, litter infested parking lots, and numerous broken streetlamps lining the pothole riddled streets rendering them something more akin to a minefield than an avenue. A vast homeless encampment sits along Industrial underneath the well-traveled Sahara overpass. The chain link fencing formerly surrounding the area has long since been torn down, left to lie in a heap and allowing the dredges of sin city to invade the gravelly boneyard of refuse. Drug dealers and prostitutes meander through the camp, enduring the ever-lingering odor of urine and feces, hoping against hope to be able to conduct business. They eyeball anyone who ventures near the shoddily constructed tents made of discarded clothing, sticks and the occasional tarp sizing up potential buyers… or competition.

The lamp flickers out, just another unchecked box on the city of sin’s ‘to do’ list and briefly confuses the moths as a pair of footsteps softly approach. Stopping, a shadowy figure turns towards the vagabond tract. Two more pairs of feet follow closely behind, decidedly more pronounced with a heavy footed, lumbering gait thudding against the concrete roadmap formerly taken as a sidewalk. The trio stops and the lamp flickers back on, delighting the moths and revealing two, beefy figures draped from head to toe in dark clothing which serves to blend them with the shadows, their faces obscured by matching wide-brimmed fedoras and a downturned chin. The third, considerably smaller but also decked out in similar raiment looks toward the site, with long, flowing tresses of burnt orange hair cascading from the hat and down to the middle of the back and takes stock of the situation.

Chloe Benton huffs “T-the f-f-f-fucker b-better have m-my damned money-money”. A breeze rolls through, swirling about the zone, picking up and dropping pieces of paper, rolling along tumbleweeds and carrying the wafting stench of rotted food and careless human evacuation to her now grimacing face. “I-I-I should-d-d bust a c-cap in his ass for m-m-making me wait. I-I n-need to get home a-and-d-d h-help with the d-dishes.”

Looking down the street, just North of the encampment one of the two men flanking the diminutive Chloe spies a slender figure with a spasmodic gait ambling towards them, stopping every few yards and gesturing to a vacant building with his hands. The face of the single-story building sports a faded coat of white paint, accentuated by graffiti and doors, barricaded shut. Slowly, he break dances past the former home of the scandal ridden Crazy Horse Too Men’s club towards the group.

“I think that’s him”, the hulking man to Chloe’s left says in a throaty, sonorous growl, gesturing softly in his direction. “Higher than a fucking kite too”.

“Either that or the mother fucker’s being electrocuted”, his companion offers in a hushed whisper.

A loud screech emanates from the overhead pass, hard tires desperately grinding against the warmed asphalt of an oft traveled lane accompanied by the angry blaring of a car horn and followed by the acrid smell of burnt rubber. Although a welcome reprieve to the nostrils of those dwelling beneath the bridge the unexpected noise serves as an unexpected jolt to the jittery figure approaching them. He freezes momentarily, his hooded head gazing upwards towards the source of the commotion and assesses the situation.

“Man…” The man to Chloe’s left grumbles under his breath. “You’d think this idiot was a strung-out deer during hunting season. Taking a single step away from his companions towards the spooked representation of the local wildlife, he reaches towards the man and shouts, “Man, get your dumb ass over here, we ain’t got all night!”

Sparked back to his senses he resumes his trek, hastening his pace to a trot until reaching the group. The two bodyguards take station on either side with Chloe standing directly in front of him, each placing a meaty ham hock on a corresponding shoulder, a not-so-subtle hint to stand still while their boss searches him. She runs her delicate digits along the dirty grey blue jeans, pausing at the waist band and then to the insides of the battered black hoodie. Finding nothing she resumes her posture, nodding to her goon squad.

“So…” she begins in a softened tone. “W-wh-where is m-my money?”

“I haven’t sold it yet!” The fidgety ferret cries. His voice is acute, a sewing needle into the ears of the others and drawing a grimace from Chloe. “But I will get it, I’m supposed to be seeing a buyer tomorrow”. His limbs, agitated by his flying heartrate and exacerbated by nerves begin to twitch excitedly which prompts the bodyguards to grip him tightly by the arms. “I promise!”

Looking up at him she places her palm against his five o’ clock shadow, patting his cheek. Still caught in the vice-like grip of her cohorts, he clenches and unclenches his fist rapid fire mandating them to tighten the clamps, lifting the squirrel off his feet, exposing a series of faded red needle tracks running along his pallid, emaciated forearms.

“Oh, I-I k-know y-you will”.

“No!” He slobbers, his eyes glossy and red, brimming with tears. “I-I promise!” Escaping the barrier of his lids, the tears now freefall down his pock-marked face as he quivers in the grasp of her henchmen. “Please, please don’t hurt me”.

“N-No”, she replies, shaking her small head. “Th-that would be mean”.

Her reply draws a bemused response from her friends, but rather than say anything they instead stare blankly at the other as their queen reaches into the hip pocket of snugly fit black Wranglers with a soft, cream-colored hand and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper and a pen. Holding up before his streaked, alabaster face she uncrumples it and demands…

“W-wh-what d-d-d-does this s-say?”

“Uhh…” Straining his wildly dilated brown eyes he scrutinizes the irregular penmanship, hastily scribbled as if by a chicken on its way to the chopping block. “It says IOU 1 brick or $5,000 and it’s signed… Dale”.

“Th-th-that’s right”, she nods, folding the paper up and returning it to the confines of her pocket. “I-I-I g-gave you a b-b-b-brick of cr-crack cocaine. Do you r-realize how hard-hard it was t-to h-hide that from m-my stepmother? D-don’t you think m-my friends and I d-deserve compensation?”

Yes! Absolutely!”

“S-so do we”, she says, nodding at her men to set the struggling lab animal down. “A-and th-this time w-we’re g-going to make sure that you give us what we d-d-deserve”.

“H-How?” His heart skips a beat as images flood his mind bringing with them a riptide of emotions. “How are you… what are you going to do?”

“W-we’re go-going to say p-please”.

The words, though penetrating his ears, do not immediately hit home. Involuntarily he cringes at the expected answer, his wobbly knees giving way to the dirty sidewalk. His bloodshot eyes peek up over bushy, unkempt brows as her words finally hit home. A weak grin slides across his face upon realization as he leans forward, kissing Chloe’s black Chinese knockoff Air Jordans.

“Oh, thank you, thank you!” He sputters. “You won’t regret this”.

With a nod from their boss the two henchmen pull Dale back to his feet. The limp smile slowly fades as Chloe places her hands on his shoulders, gripping the dirty, fraying fabric of his hoodie, her pink sparkled talons digging into the meatless bone of his deltoids as she clears her throat.

“One m-m-m-more th-thing,” she says in a hushed tone. Lowering her gaze to match his. “W-We d-don’t like m-m-mean people s-so you-you’re g-going to have t-to prove that y-you are a n-nice man”.

“H-h-how?” His response is shaken, a by-product of the drugs coursing through his fitful veins. “What do you want?”

An unanticipated smile sets his mind at ease, though not his paroxysmal limbs which continue to dance in the collective grasps of Chloe and her sidekicks.

“You-you’re g-g-going t-to ap-apologize f-for wasting our t-t-time a-a-and not only are y-you going to pay for the b-b-b-brick, but you also owe us t-t-two d-dollars each for b-bus fare”.

The weary smile returns to his face, and he bobs his head up and down excitedly, mouthing the word ‘yes’ repeatedly.

“I am truly sorry that I was unable to pay you today he offers in a still unsteady, though decidedly more relieved southern drawl. “I promise I will get you your money… and the bus… fare. Confused by the unusual demand but not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth Dale nods eagerly in confirmation of the demands. “M-May I go now?” He asks hopefully.

Chloe dismisses him with a wave of her hand as she and her guards release the grateful junkie. “G-Go on, g-g-get out of here”, she says turning away from him. “The last b-bus runs in t-twenty m-minutes. We have t-to go”.

Dale follows suit, as his newly energized legs pump madly propelling him quickly from the scene leaving the trio to themselves as they turn north on Industrial breaking into a quickened stride of their own. Briskly they leave behind the homeless encampment and the breaching stench granting their grateful nostrils a reprieve. Two short blocks and they silently cross the decaying asphalt of the street and turn right onto St. Louis Avenue. Passing by a shuttered donut shop, it’s windows heavily boarded up with shards of glass glistening underneath the streetlamp. Graffiti lines the faded white paint of brick walls, battered by an endless convoy of vandals. Continuing down the path, they stride purposefully over the cracked concrete of the perilously neglected sidewalk. Tufts of grass spring though the cracks with weeds lining the erratic edges. In short order the dingy concrete jungle slowly begins to give way to the sprawling acreage of the Stratosphere. Towering above the city at a magnificent height of 1,149 feet the tower, with its observation deck, roller coaster and slingshot style ride atop the needle stands as the tallest structure in the western United States, and a beacon to site seers, thrill seekers and harried drug lords trying to make the bus. Chloe pauses, glancing up at the tower with its neon red needle.

“We-we’re almost-most th-there”, she offers. “J-just two m-more blocks”.

Invigorated by the news the group quickens their pace which carries them into a considerably more attractive neighborhood. Stores brightly lit and in good working order greet them, the whine of car engines greet their ears courtesy of motorists traveling to and from the casino and of course, the flashing neon announcing the amenities inside the tower awaiting guests. The street grows populated once more as regular people amble about the area, a stark contrast to where they have come from. Looking ahead Chloe makes out the familiar 7-11 logo, brightly lit, standing at the corner of St. Louis and Fairfield.

“Th-there”, she says, jutting her index finger towards the glowing signage. ”Th-the bus st-stop is at that c-c-corner.

Finally, with their journey nearing an end the group takes station at the sign marked stop, taking advantage of a covered bronze bench sitting beneath an advertisement laden canopy. Additional pedestrians meander about the sidewalk, mostly ignoring the somewhat odd triumvirate, preferring to focus on their own business. A quick turn of the head by the ringleader reveals that they are along in their wait for the public transport. The two bodyguards quietly converse among themselves briefly before turning to the boss.

“Hey, how are we gonna pay the fare? We don’t have any money, remember?”

“L-L-Leave that t-to me”, Chloe answers softly, her voice withdrawn to avoid any eavesdroppers. “I have an-an id-dea”.

Satisfied the pair withdraw from conversation and take up the time-honored avocation of people watching. Gone are the smelly, unkempt denizens of ‘crack alley’, in their place brighter faces, filled with youthful enthusiasm and a sense of purpose, a welcome change of scenery. So wrapped in their observations are they that the trio almost fails to notice the less than timely arrival of the buss. Only the release of pressure built up the vehicle’s air brakes alerts them. They rise from their shared seat with the two big men deferring to their dainty boss. A heavy-set man clad in dark blue slacks with a sky blue button up and black tie turns in the burdened driver’s seat which groans in protest. He glares at them expectantly from behind a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses, his vacant brown eyes matching the leathery tone of his face. With a beefy finger he gestures to the coin collector, a device to collect and count the coins so favored by his riders. Chloe pauses, looking behind to make sure that no one is behind them watching and again down the empty aisle of the bus. Satisfied she leans in towards the driver who regards her with a furrowed brow. Reaching into the pocket of her black wool, full length overcoat she produces a Ziplock bag, bulging with small, chuffy, soft pink rock-like pellets.

“W-we d-d-don’t have any money sir”, she begins guardedly. “B-but we n-need a ride a-and can p-pay you with this”.

Leaning over he pulls down his glasses to inspect the package asking through an irritated inflection, “Young lady, is that what I think it is?”

“I-I-It’s P-Peruvian Pink, 99% purity. Th-this bag is worth $5,000 on th-the street. I-it’s yours i-if you g-give us a ride”.

The driver’s reflection remains unchanged, despite the highly unusual offer, most likely conditioned by driving overnight in Sin City, dealing with drunks, prostitutes, addicts, gang members and other assorted inhabitants of the city of sin. He shakes his head; the man’s jowls swaying in motion and then turns his gaze back upon her.

“Girl, what the hell kind of drug dealer are you?”

“I-I’m n-not a drug d-d-d-dealer mama!” Instinctively, she cowers in the looming presence of her stepmother looming over her. Backing once more into the breakfast bar she finds herself trapped in the face of the imminent threat posed by Jessica Benton’s inflamed disposition. “I-I can p-prove it!” she cries, raising her arms to protect her face from the expected blow, a blow which does not come.

“Alright, how can you prove it?” she demands through clenched teeth, still glowering down at her errant stepdaughter.

“I-I’ve had several m-m-matches already,” the girl stammers nervously, hoping not to further enflame her stepmother’s notoriously volcanic temper. “S-some of them are on y-YouTube. I-I can sh-show you o-on my phone”.

“Alright”, Mt. Jessica relents, taking a step back, allowing Chloe to retrieve her phone from the white, scuff marked top of the breakfast bar. “Show me, and you better not be pulling my leg, or I’m gonna be pulling your hair, do you understand me?”

“Y-Yes mama, I u-understand”.  Activating the silver cased iPhone XS, she opens the YouTube app and types her name into the search bar. A split second later numerous videos are shown on the six-and-a-half-inch screen which she scrolls through with via fingertip. Eventually she settles on the only match she has ever won, a hotly debated contest against SCW washout Taylor Blazer. With a fidgeting index finger, she touches the encircled white arrow prompting the video to play as she sets the phone down for Jessica to watch. Training her eyes on the device the woman folds her fleshy arms indifferently across the chest and peers down as the video buffers momentarily before starting to play. Instantly she recognizes her stepdaughter in the ring, wearing a simple black leotard with matching boots, elbow and knee pads. The two women lock up and proceed to grapple, with Chloe generally coming out on the short ends of the exchanges. This continues for several minutes with the pair watching in silence.

Chloe’s mind, however, is a chaotic mess. A violently swirling torrent of fears and anxieties streaming through her conscious thoughts inflicting the teen with pusillanimous sentiments courtesy of a turbulent upbringing. Since the age of four, following the death of her mother when her father remarried, Jessica has proven to be temperamental and violent, constantly abusing Chloe and her elder stepsister Janice. Often for the most innocuous of reasons leading the youngest to develop a stuttering problem. Though her parents did try to get her help with this issue, they were never able to decipher the cause and eventually cast it aside leaving the girl to deal with the affliction on her own. The beatings never stopped, or even slow down. They continued unabated, aided by her father’s alcoholism leading his wife, Jessica to shoulder much of the burden, a task ill suited to a woman with no coping mechanisms other than violence. She grew up in fear of her stepmother and remains so, despite the proof of her argument staring the other woman right in the eyes, an argument to which only the unreasonable would not concede.

“Hmph”, the elder of the two grunts, folding her arms across her hefty chest.

Her gaze remains fixed on the spectacle unfolding before her eyes however, as she continues to watch the events as they unfold. Chloe stands by nervously, her gaze torn between the match playing out and her stepmother’s intractable façade. Several more tense moments pass in silence with the youngster anxiously shifting her stance until the match reaches its conclusion as Chloe wins in a surprising manner to the delight of the crowd. The screen goes blank as she reaches to shut down the append then glaring up at Jessica in nervous anticipation. The woman remains silent a moment longer before clearing her throat with a stout cough.

“So, this you what you do?” She asks in a raspy, smoker’s voice, “Roll around on the floor with other girls?”

“It’s c-c-called wrestling m-mama”, she pleads from behind glassy brown saucers. “I-It’s a c-competition. W-When you win y-y-you g-get paid more, a-and I won!”

“I see that”, she grunts. “And just how much did you get paid?”

Chloe falls silent, her mind racing feverishly in search of an acceptable answer to the question posed, a fair question but not one she wanted to be entirely forthright about. The Benton family has never had much in the way of money with the vast majority of her father’s earnings going to bills and necessities with what little that was left over invariably finding its way into Jessica’s pocket. If the family finances were a rope, Jessica would be Bill Pickett. She replays the events following her unexpected win and elects to tell the truth, albeit indirectly.

“R-remember a f-few months ago wh-when I p-p-paid the rent-rent a-and bought that n-new TV?” She queries with an uneasy eye on the big woman who remains with her arms folded, listening intently. “I-I b-b-bought it w-with the m-m-money I won th-that night”.

“You made all that money from playing with that one girl for ten minutes?” She asks in an even tone, surprising Chloe, her mind still occupied with the potential proposed by her stepdaughter. If she could pay the rent and then some after ten minutes…

“Now, what about this other match?” She asks. “How much can you make doing that?”

“I-It’s a gauntlet ma-match mama”, the girl explains, making certain to keep her already soft voice as smooth as she can to avoid triggering the ticking time bomb Jessica Benton is frequently known to be. “I-I’m wr-wrestling f-f-five other g-girls, Kat Jones, I-I told you a-b-bout her, M-Mercedes Vargas, L-L-L-Lavana Cade, Crystal Zurich… I-I-I’m n-not really sure h-how to pron-n-nounce her name and B-B-Bella Madison. I-If I w-win I c-can make t-twice as m-much!”

With a hefty sigh Jessica withdraws, still considering the argument posed, though her suddenly more relaxed demeanor, evidenced by her withdrawal and the slightest hint of a smirk edging out at the corner of her thin lips.

“All of that for letting other girls sit on your face for a few minutes?” She asks with a sarcastic leer. “Alright, you can go”, she finally relents. “Go on and play with your sex doll, I’ll finish up here”.

“Mama, it’s a…”

“Don’t argue missy, I’ve already given you my permission”.

“Y-Yes ma’am”, Chloe says demurely. Stepping towards her the much smaller teen leans up on her pink, painted toes, craning her neck to offer a kiss on the cheek. “Th-Thank you m-mama”.

Jessica’s response, is curt as she juts a corpulent hook towards the hallway, barking in a Southern Virginia twang, “Go on now, git!”

Chloe beats a hasty retreat, the soft thudding of her feet against the brown carpet reverberating through the hall as she darts back into her room feeling a jolt of energy surging through her reinvigorated body. The door shuts with a soft clank as the youngster is careful not to slam it and risk irritating the temperamental Mount Jessica and leaving the elder woman to her pecuniary thoughts.

Once inside Chloe drops down onto the edge of the unmade twin bed, the quilted blanket wrapped around a pair of teddy bears, with a blue unicorn peeking through the sincere wrapping. Drawing a gorged sigh she exhales emphatically, releasing the pent-up tension and anxiety in a grateful huff. Though thankful for this small victory, she realizes that the battle itself is far from won, a realization that propels her to reach under the well-worn bed to pull out the grappling dummy. Now it is time to prepare for the war, a contest against five other Bombshells far more experienced than herself. With the dummy now in the middle of the floor she straddles its plush torso but does nothing. Her vacant eyes are withdrawn into the thoroughly pelted pothole of her psyche.

“I need to do something”, she utters softly to herself. “But what?”

She considers the lineup against her in the upcoming gauntlet match, her mind reviewing the qualifications and records of each opponent in the SCW announcer’s voice. Kat Jones, a woman, larger than herself…

“Hunh, aren’t they all?”

… and an adept technical wrestler specializing in submissions. Levana Cade, an aggressive fighter known for her temper as well as tendencies towards brawling. Bella Madison, another technical wrestler, but also known to sprinkle in some catch techniques along with high spots from time a time, a very well-rounded individual. The remaining two opponents are Crystal Zdunich and Mercedes Vargas. A frown drops across her face as she can gather no recollections of having seen them in action, knowing only their faces and names, two names with whom she has yet to cross paths. An arduous groan drives through the narrowed corridor of her lips and she straightens her posture atop the dummy. She reaches for the phone jettisoned atop her bed and puts her fingers to work. She brings up the google search engine and types Crystal’s name into the blank bar, pressing enter. The screen promptly lights up, the blue text against a near blinding white background elicits a series of rapid eye blinks as they adjust the new conditions. Scrolling down the links, she selects one hosted by a site called ‘Wrestler’s database’ figuring it to be more detail oriented and reads aloud…

“Crystal Zdunich is a professional wrestler signed to SCW where she currently competes… yeah, yeah, I know that”, she mutters while scrolling for more pertinent information which is found in short order, eliciting an all stop from her fingers. Steadying the rolling page, she reads on, “Multiple time Bombshell, Roulette and tag team champion… four-time hall of famer… wait, what?” Her eyes zero in on the annotation as her suddenly flurried thought process attempts to nail down an obtrusive bone of contention. “How do you join the same hall of fame four times, what the hell?” With her mind devouring the meat off the bone she opens a fresh tab and revisits Twitter, the social media app where she has seen the most of Zdunich. Recalling the pompous bombast and self-aggrandizement so frequent in the woman’s posts she is quick to connect the remaining two pieces. “I get it, she probably made her own personal hall of fame”.

With a shrug, she closes the second app and returns to google, typing in the name of the final participant in the gauntlet match, Mercedes Vargas. Selecting the link which strikes as most promising she is returned to ‘Wrestler’s database’ and again reads out loud,

“From Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Los Angeles, California Mercedes Vargas is primarily a technical wrestler who accents her offense with hints of Lucha Libre, a style favored in Mexico and strong style. A veteran of more than a decade Mercedes boasts a championship history consisting of The World Bombshell championship twice, The SCW Roulette championship four times, World Bombshell tag team championship three times, two-time SCW triple crown champion, Grand Slam Champion…” Her voice tapers off into a hushed silence as her eyes slam into a great wall of accomplishments, a list needing several additional pages and listing titles held, length of title reigns, records held, awards won and more. Regaining her bearings Chloe scrolls flippantly through the list, not bothering to read, merely curious as to its length. The robust catalog appears unending, spurring her to cease scrolling and glare incredulously at the rolling logs of credentials. “Holy… what the… talk about a wall of text. H-How did she even have time to breathe?” She shakes her head, her wavy mane bobbing in sync. “No,” she says with a degree of finality in her tone, driving it home by dropping the phone back onto her bed. “This must be made up, like Crystal’s stuff. It’s probably some wrestler wiki.”

“I’ve got a match to try and win”, she mutters, breathing in a fresh swell of resolve. “I’m not going to be intimidated by a bunch of fake accomplishments”.

Mounting the grappling dummy, she renews her preparation in earnest, propelled by a rush of adrenaline and heightened by a single sentence being relayed in the voice of the SCW ring announcer as she rains down bruising elbow strikes – grunting with each blow landed upon the misshapen head of the vinyl sparring partner…

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2022 Blaze of Glory Bombshell Gauntlet match and a guaranteed title match, Chloe Benton!”