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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 107 (RESULTS)
« on: September 26, 2021, 02:23:07 PM »
Underground Ep. 107: Men’s Night

North Charleston Coliseum

Sin City Underground Ep 107 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on September 25th, 2021

Show opens up with the cameras following Shorty backstage. Shorty looks to be looking for someone or something. While turning the corner he bumps his head into Mz Hollywood man parts.

Holly: Whoa, how about dinner first next time?

HBCarter: So who isn’t your type nowadays?

Holly: You still ain’t.

Shorty: Best head you’d ever get so move bitch, get out the way.

HBCarter: I’m seeing it now. This one is feisty.

Shorty: The only thing little is what’s between your legs.

HBCarter: Oh no you didn’t go there with me.

Shorty: Unless you can point me in Gianni’s direction, you’re useless.

Holly: What do you want with Gianni?

Jamie Staggs turns the corner and appears on screen.

Shorty: What's it to you toots?

Jamie: Yeah toots, what’s it to you.

Holly: Boy if you don’t piss off.

Shorty: I think this jackass prefers to get pissed on.

Jamie: Well, you know...

HBCarter: That’s nasty, and that's coming from me so you know you got issues.

Holly: He’s got issues alright.

Shorty: I’m looking for Gianni to ask him why this fucking penis has a match tonight and I don’t. What’s he have that I don’t?

Jamie: Wrestling skills.

Shorty: Is that what you call what you do in the ring?

Jamie: I face Jerry Cann tonight, I’m okay with you getting in the match. It will be more fun.

Shorty: It would be fun to kick your ass. I’ll be there, you or Jerry better not pussy out on me.

Jamie:  Scro, please.  But hey, good luck in your match, Holly and Carter.  Maybe we can celebrate after if you win.

Shorty:  No, Jamie. Good luck to you.  You’re gonna need it.

Shorty does an invisible Dick Punch on his way walking back out of the shot.  Jamie grins and looks at Holly, ready to flirt some more.

Jamie:  So, are you peeing on me, or what?

Holly sighs and she and Carter walk off screen.  Jamie holds his hand up to his ear in a “call me” motion.

Mz Holly Wood and HB Carter vs The Good Shepherds

Carter rushes across the ring at Borg, but Borg ducks underneath and grabs onto Carter’s neck, looking for a Neckbreaker, but Carter bumps butts with Borg.  He grabs Borg from behind, looking for a German Suplex, but Borg hooks his leg to block it.  He hits a Snapmare on Carter, locking on a Rear Chokehold.  Carter grinds his hips as Borg loosens his grip.  Carter throws his elbow back into the side of Borg’s head.  Carter then steps forward and nails a Pele Kick to Borg’s face.  Holly claps while Gerald rallies behind Andrew.  Andrew gets back up, as Carter jogs in place.  He goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Borg catches the leg and plants him with an Exploder Suplex.  Borg tags in Gerald, who rushes in and begins stomping on Carter before he can get up.  Carter crawls toward his corner as Holly stretches her arm out.  Carter tries to go for the tag, but Gerald pulls Carter’s arm back, and he goes for the Ray of Light, but is cut short when Carter smacks him right on the ass!  He turns around and tags in Holly, who jumps over the ropes and lands a Bulldog on Gerald.  She goes for the cover, but Borg breaks it up at one.  Carter tackles Borg as the two roll around, brawling.  Holly pulls Borg out of the mix and whips him into the ropes.  The referee tries to gain control, ordering Carter and Borg back to their corners.  Gerald uses the distraction and nails a German Suplex on Holly.  He keeps hooked on for a second one.  He goes for a third one, but Holly flips out of it.  She stumbles and turns around, sweeping Gerald off of his feet.  She does a Split Leg Moonsault.  Borg gets inside and shoves Holly into her corner, forcing a tag.  However, Holly turns around and kicks Borg right in the groin.  She holds her hands up innocently as Carter sizes Gerald up.  As Gerald gets up, Carter leaps off with the Fruit Fly (Eclipse)! HB Carter and Holly Wood win via pinfall.

After Carter and Holly leave the ring, Andrew goes over to Gerald and shakes him a few times, trying to bring him back.  After a second, Gerald starts to wake up.  He slowly gets to his feet as he hears “I Know What Boys Like” playing, and he falls back against the ropes.  He brushes his hands through his hair, looking around.  He shakes his head and turns around to reach through the ropes for a microphone.

Gerald:  This is unacceptable.

The crowd gasps at Gerald’s outburst.  Gerald holds a hand up, almost apologetically.

Gerald:  We lost, yet again.  This is not what The Good Shepherds are about.  I assure you.  I am a former SCU Underground Champion.  Someone who has come oh so close to winning the Combat Championship.

Gerald points to Andrew who looks as if he is ashamed to have not captured the belt. He nods his head along with Gerald and pats his own chest.

Gerald:  Mz Holly and Carter are worthy adversaries.  Do not mistake that.  This losing streak is not acceptable to us.  We are better than this.  And moving forward, we will be better than this.

Gerald lowers himself to one knee, looking up at the ceiling, as if staring past it.  He points up as Andrew brings The Good Book over, holding it high behind Gerald.

Gerald:  I am making this promise before God Himself.  We WILL be better.  Oh Father, thou art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name…

“Take Five” plays over the speakers as the fans boo.  Gerald looks up at the rampway in annoyance as he slowly rises back to his feet.  Eric Weaver comes out with his own copy of The Good Book in his hands.  He slides inside of the ring as Gerald’s nostrils flare in anger.  Andrew takes a step forward as Eric holds the book up as if that were a defense.

Eric:  No, no.  Wait, wait.  I am not coming out here to interrupt you.  Instead, I’ve come out here to ask that you reconsider my offer to join you two.  I truly feel in my heart that I am meant to serve Him.

Eric points up at the ceiling.

Eric:  Your prayer, and your promise brought me out here.  I was moved by the Spirit.  And here I am.

Eric gets down on his knees, looking up at Gerald, and Andrew, and then the ceiling.

Eric:  I am your servant…

Gerald:  Get off your knees, son.  Prove that you are good enough to run with The Good Shepherds.  You have a match coming up against Alex Rush, so show us that you can benefit us by breaking your own losing streak, and we’ll think about it.

Eric:  You got it!

Eric goes to his corner as Gerald and Andrew leave the ring.  He begins stretching out as “Let’s Get Rocked” starts to play over the speakers and Alex Rush makes his way through the curtains.

Alex Rush vs Eric Weaver

Alex enters the ring with his signs, ready to start the match.  However, seconds into the dance, Eric grabs the signs and smacks Alex over the head with them.  Alex is stunned, but not hurt.  Eric brings Alex over with a Fireman’s Carry.  He wraps his legs around Alex’s neck, choking him.  Alex is eventually able to reach the ropes for the break.  Alex honks Eric’s nose, catching him off guard enough to whip him into the ropes, but Eric comes off of the ropes with a Spinning Back Elbow.  Eric dominates for most of the next few minutes with punches, kicks, and a High Angle Suplex.  That is, until Alex is able to catch a punch and he tickles Eric.  Despite the lack of giggles, Eric squirms.  He tries for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Alex ducks it and locks on the Choke on this Wad (Rear Naked Choke) and begins giving Eric noogies and flicking the nose of his mask.  After a moment Eric is left with no other option than to tap or continue to be painfully annoyed.  He tries to fight it, but he finally taps out. Alex Rush wins via submission.  Alex celebrates, causing Eric to get up and gain a cheap shot from behind.  He clubs Alex down to the mat, taking advantage of Alex’s backup not being around.  He gets up and leaves the ring with Alex busted up.

Backstage at the North Charleston Coliseum, the Jeckel Brothers are sitting against the wall.

Jack: Tonight it’s only me and my brother, and our former GRIME, Hitamashii, and our opponents are members of OTE.

Jake: OTE, it doesn’t matter which members of your team face us, your faith has already been sealed.

Jack: We understand that you are all decorated champions and good fighters, but we will show you why, we are the most feared men in SCU, tonight we will defeat you.

Javi appears on screen and stops to look at The Jeckels.

Javier: What up bitches, what’s up with Helena yo, she be looking fine sometimes.

Jack and Jake get up and look ready to attack Javi.

Javier: Yo, chill of fuckers, I said sometimes, other times, she be looking like...

Javi just shivers while making a sick face.

Jake: You got 3 seconds to get the hell out of my sight.

Javier: You touch me and Omasa will kick your ass, his ass, and Helena’s ass next week and every week going forward until she gets bored homez.

Javi looks Jack

Javier: You don’t look like you get much attention from the ladies so you might like Omassa getting all over you vato.

Jack: No one is scared of Omasa. She might be a badass but Helena already put her to sleep once.

Jake: Helena would be more than happy to give Omasa another L, in fact if you two can find a friend. The three of us will put you down.

Javier: Nah homez, Me and Omasa don’t need a third. We got this shit 2 on 3 fuckers.

Jake: I say we beat him down right here.

Skag appears on screen

Skag: I don’t think so. His ass is mine in a few minutes. You screw that up and you have to deal with Angel of Filth.

Jack: Your match is next, Javi’s lucky we have respect for Filth.

Jake: Don’t beat him to hard Skag, save some for us next week.

Skag: But of course.

Javier: I would tell you losers how wrong you are but my theme song is about to play, this vato has to go homez.

Number one Contendership for the Pride Tag Team Championship.
Javier Gonzalez vs Skag

Skag slides to the outside of the ring. Dylan yells at Skag to get back in the ring. Skag goes under the ring and pulls out a trash can full of weapons. Dylan goes through the middle ropes to order Skag to drop the trash can. Skag throws it in the ring then slides back inside the ring. Dylan slides in and grabs the trash can, a bat and pipe come out of the trash can while Dylan removes the trash can out of the ring, Skag slides in the ring as Javi grabs the pipe and kicks the bat to Skag for him to pick up. Dylan slides in the ring and yells at the both to drop the weapons. Skag swings at Dylan, Dlyan ducks while warning Skag. Dylan turns to Javi who swings at Dylan, the ref ducks again and yells at both men to drop. Javi and Skag ignore Dylan’s orders. Skag and Javi swing at Dylan at the sametime, Dylan runs out of the way and slides out of the ring calling for the bell as Dylan DQ’s both men. Skag and Javi start swinging at each other, the sound of the metal bat and pipe over take the crowd booing the referee discussion to DQ both men before the match had a chance to start. The loud bangs get the crowd excited as they wait for one to screw up and get knocked in the head with steel. SCU referees and security rush out to ringside to break it up. Head ref Ryan slides in the ring, Skag takes a swing, Ryan ducks. Javi swings and nails Skag with a cheap shot to the back of the head. Javi drops the pipe and gives Skag the Suck It taunt before leaving the ring.

*Recorded Earlier*

We go to the backstage area, with the set of “What’re You Gagnon?”, making it’s triumphant return after a few weeks off.  Liam is sitting with a cup of coffee in his hands, smiling at the camera.  Off to the left, we see the SCU Combat Champion, Andrey Azarov, with his belt prominently displayed on his right shoulder.  He looks like he’s bored being here.

Liam:  Hello, and welcome to another rousing edition of “What’re You Gagnon?” with me, your host, Liam Gagnon.  Sitting in with me this time is none other than Boris Badenov, the less interesting counterpart of Natasha.  Boris, welcome.

Andrey:  It is honor to be here with SCU Combat Championship on shoulder.  Less of honor to be here with second rate hack interviewer, ring announcer, and whatever else Liam is doing these days.  But, all publicity is good publicity.

Liam:  Tell that to your wife who gets passed around more than a stack of hotcakes at a lumberjack convention.

Liam smirks, and Andrey scowls.  He spits right at Liam’s feet.

Liam:  Ha, gross.  Anyway, let’s get serious for a moment.  This man here is Andrey Azarov.  Former Pro Boxing Championship Heavyweight Champion.  This man is truly a legend… in boxing.  His wrestling career has been defined by him getting married to a 12 year old boy in the middle of the ring while wearing a red mask.  Yikes on several bikes.

Andrey:  You only wish you could get more than 500 feet from 12 year old boy, Liam.  But this won’t happen second time, will it?  I think not.

Liam:  This one comes with the jokes.  I like him… about as much as I like cleaning out my asshole with a steel brush.  Now, let’s move on before some liberal Karen tells us what we can and can’t say.  Andrey, you have a big match tonight, arguably the biggest match of your career.  You are actually a champion, while SCU has decided to have a Clash of Champions Fatal Four Way for the GRIME Championship in the main event.

Andrey:  I am Combat Champion.  You say it is biggest match of career, but no.  Biggest so far already came when I got chance to fight for this belt.  And I won.  This is paramount.  No GRIME Championship match will outshine that night.  I am sorry to disappoint.

Liam raises his eyebrows.

Liam:  If you were truly sorry to disappoint, I’d think you would go back to PBC, or just flat out retire.  I mean, why would you of all people talk about disappointment like it’s not part of your everyday life?

Andrey:  I figured you would understand.  Every time you get naked in front of someone, you must know what this feels like.

Andrey holds his thumb and index finger close together for emphasis. Liam looks to the camera and looks surprised.

Liam:  Wow, isn’t that generous! I’m flattered.  Now, back to the match that has people far more interesting than you.  Stewart Mason, Earl Lockyer, and… and…

Andrey:  Joshua Acquin.  I thought you said people who are far more interesting than me.

Liam:  And I stand by that statement.  But, on a serious note, this match isn’t something to laugh at.  It’s got Stewart Mason, who is arguably the number one male competitor in SCU of all time.  Earl Lockyer, who has carried the tag division on his back for quite some time.  And the longest reigning TV/GRIME Champion in company history.  You’ve got some stiff competition.

Andrey:  I fear not.  Stewart will soon fall to someone younger, and people will forget about him.  If not for this Combat Championship, Esther and I would probably be Pride Tag Team Champions, and we would carry division so Earl won’t have to on his broken back.  And Joshua… well, I won’t say much for him that is negative.  He was robbed many times in GRIME, yet he conquered, and has become legend in Sin City.  It is clear that Earl and Stewart will work together.  Perhaps Joshua and I could do same?  I left GRIME on rocky terms, yes.  But, Joshua never bought into taking sides.  I respect that.  He did not need someone to come in and save him.  He did not need to fight dirty.  He just did what he does best.  He still became champion, and best one to date.

Liam:  So, are you done kissing his ass, or do you need another few minutes?

Andrey glares over at Liam.

Andrey:  Nyet. I might not be most honorable man in SCU, but I give credit where due.  And tonight could be like GRIME versus Team Canada… for old time sake, da?  Of course, it is every man for himself in end, but… strategy could work out well for both of us.

Liam:  I can’t argue that.  I will say that there’s just no way either of you would stand a chance on your own.

Andrey:  And this is where you are wrong.  Now, if you will excuse me, I must not listen to your doubts any longer.  I have second title to go win.

Liam watches as Andrey abruptly leaves.  He keeps his eyes on Andrey the whole time, until he leaves the area.  Liam slowly sips on his tea and then turns his chair back to face the camera directly.

Liam:  Well, you heard it here on “What’re You Gagnon?”  Andrey Azarov is looking to embarrass himself further, as if that were actually needed.  Anyway, until next time.

Liam signs off with a wave, walking off of the scene, mumbling under his voice.

Liam:  God, they don’t pay me enough to pretend I give a shit about some of these assholes…

OTE vs Hitamashii and the Jeckels

Dax and Hitamashii start things off as they circle each other.  They get the crowd behind the match, and Dax ties up with Hitamashii.  Hitamashii sweeps Dax off of his feet and does a Double Knee Drop.  He bounces off of the ropes and does a skid kick to the side of Dax’s head.  He lifts Dax up and sends him to the ropes.  Dax grabs onto Hitamashii’s arms to pull him in, but Hitamashii drops and slides, using Dax’s momentum to get him off of his feet.  He jumps onto the middle of the second rope and turns midair to land a Legdrop.  He gets a one count.  Hitamashii cackles before tagging in Jake Jeckel.  Jake picks Dax up and kicks him right in the gut.  He lands a Swinging DDT.  Jake rubs his elbow and then drops it to Dax’s forehead.  He goes for a cover, but Dax kicks out.  He lifts Dax up, and Dax charges him into the corner.  He tags in Rory.  Rory and Dax take turns stomping on Jake, getting him down to the ground.  Rory backs up and hits a Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster), flying a fake lasso as he does.  He finally gets up.  He stumbles right over to Jack and punches him in the face, dropping him to the outside and gaining a cheer.  As Rory turns around, Jake crams his hand into Rory’s mouth with a Mandible Claw.  He backs Rory into Jake’s corner.  He tags Jack in, and both Jeckels lift Rory onto the top rope, facing out, and then lift him up, dropping him to the mat hard.  Eyesnsane climbs in preemptively to break up the cover, but the referee stops him.  Eyes tries to get past him, but Dylan stands firm.  This allows Hitamashii to enter the ring with the signature Jeckels mallet, and hands it to Jack in good faith.  He nails Rory with it.  Hitamashii rushes at Eyes as Jake takes care of Dax.  With the ring clear of illegal competitors, Jack gets the cover on Rory. Hitamashii and The Jeckels win via pinfall.

We find ourselves inside of the office of Gianni Di Luca.  In front of him is a piece of paper, and his face is one large smile.

Gianni:  I’m not gonna take up much of ya time, but I got a few announcements I’d like to make regarding next week’s card.  Due to a certain mishap between a few of the “gentlemen” tonight, I want to make it known that certain things don’t fly with this GM.  And crownin’ contenders was one of the highlights of tonight, somethin’ I was lookin’ forward to.  Since Javier Gonzalez went about antagonizin’ The Jeckels, then failed to participate in the contendership match, he’s gonna get to face Jake and Jack in a handicap match.

The crowd cheers as Gianni takes a slight pause.

Gianni:  That’s right.  The three on two has turned into a two on one.  Because Omasa is gonna be busy as she goes one on one with Angel of Filth to determine the number one contenders for the Pride Tag Team Championships.

The crowd cheers louder as Gianni pauses once again to allow it.

Gianni:  Now, let’s not forget about Skag.  He wasn’t innocent either.  So to make up for his part in all of this, he’s gonna have a handicap match of his own as he takes on the Dying Breed, two on one.  As part of just seven matches to take place instead of our usual eight. Now, since I mentioned half of the matches, why don’t I go ahead and tell the entire card.  In the main event, Amy Santino will be defendin’ her GRIME Championship against none other than… Winter Elemental…

The crowd cheers yet again, much louder this time.  However, Gianni moves on quickly.

Gianni:  And let’s not forget about the Underground Champion, Cordelia Clark.  She gets to defend her belt against former Underground Champion… Kelli Torres…

The cheers are almost overwhelming, to the point that Gianni actually covers his ears.

Gianni:  Oh, and… we’re gonna have two separate 10 person battle royals, one for the men, and one for the women.  Why?  Because I fawkin’ said so, that’s why.  I love a good battle royal.  Anyway, tune in next week for all that, and let’s continue on with the show, shall we?

Jerry Cann vs Jamie Staggs vs “Shorty” Devin Tyler

Jerry gets the jump on Jamie, spinning him around and dropping him with a Spinning Neckbreaker.  Shorty charges at him, but Jerry nails a Back Body Drop that rocks the ring.  Jerry picks Jamie up and nails a Snap Suplex, right on top of Shorty.  He drops an elbow on top of Jamie, pinning Shorty and Jamie simultaneously.  He gets a one count.  Shorty crawls out from under Jamie and begins yelling at Jerry.  Jerry comes off the ropes, looking for a knee to Shorty’s head.  Shorty moves and smacks the leg out of the way.  He punches Jerry in the dick (Dick Punch City).  The referee warns him.  But with Jerry down, Shorty begins punching away at Jerry’s face.  He sends Jerry into the ropes, and as Jerry comes back, Shorty nails a headbutt to Jerry’s groin area.  He climbs onto the second rope and jumps off with a Cannonball.  He tries to go for the cover, but Jamie moves him out of the way.  He goes for the cover.  Shorty pushes Jamie off of Jerry and tries for the cover.  Jamie pulls Shorty away and the two engage in a staredown.  Jamie challenges Shorty to a Test of Strength, and the crowd laughs.  Jamie gets on his knees to even the playing field.  Shorty, however, punches Jamie in the face, sending him back down.  Shorty drops a headbutt right to Jamie’s groin, and the referee warns him again.  Jerry lifts Shorty up into an Electric Chair Slam.  He goes for the Cobra Clutch, but Jamie rushes him over the ropes.  As Jerry tries to come back in, Jamie hits a Baseball Slide.  He jumps up top and nails the Dumbass Drop on Shorty.  Jamie Staggs wins via pinfall.  He celebrates his way to the back, slapping hands with the fans as he goes to the back.

Dev is backstage with Earl and Stewart.

Dev: Tonight, both of you being champions are featured in a match for the grime championship.

Stewart: Dev, let me tell you this match is one the fans will be talking about for a long time, four of SCU's best in one match with one goal, prove who is the alpha male champion. Dev I’ve been champion many times in this great business, I’ve held the SCU championship more times than anyone, and I’ve wrestled everyone in this match even my buddy Earl , and you know what would be great to see tonight.

Dev: What?

Stewart: To see Earl walk out of here tonight GRIME champion, he’s been a standard in the tag division for a long time, it’s time for another singles title in Team canada,, now of course I just can’t let him win that’s wouldn’t be fair now would it.

Dev: No it wouldn’t, what about it Earl

Earl: I think Stewart is right, I mean I’ve never held a single title in SCU, tonight if it's my night, maybe I’ll walk out as Grime champion, and I hope you don’t make it easy Stewart, gotta give these great fans a show.

Stewart: No doubt, good luck buddy.

Stewart extends his hand to Earl who shakes it.

Earl: And the same to you buddy

Dying Breed vs The Monsitmals

Ivan and Raab start the match off as Sam and Garcia step outside.  Raab grabs onto Ivan’s throat, but Ivan kicks him in the stomach.  He removes Raab’s hand from his throat and kicks him in the gut once more.  He nails a DDT on Raab and then stomps a couple circles around him.  He steps back, and as Raab starts to get up, he goes for a low kick to the head.  Raab grabs onto his leg and then Clotheslines him to the ground.  He picks Ivan up by the throat.  He tosses Ivan into the corner and throws punches at Ivan until he sinks down.  He grinds his foot into Ivan’s throat.  He drags him by the foot to the center of the ring.  He lifts Ivan up and nails a Piledriver.  He gets a two count before Andrew breaks it up.  Andrew is able to drag Ivan toward his corner and Andrew makes the tag.  He charges in and nails a series of punches to Raab.  He hits a Double Underhook Suplex, getting a one count before Sam breaks it up.  Ivan Clotheslines Sam over the top rope, but Sam takes him over with him.  Andrew hits a Catapult to Raab into the corner.  He nails a Body Avalanche and then turns Raab around.  He kicks Raab in the stomach and sets him up for the Bust A Cap (Pedigree w/knee on back of head).  Sam tries to break up the pin, but Ivan stops him. Dying Breed wins via pinfall.  Sam kicks Ivan in the face and begins hammering away at him.  Andrew climbs outside and does the Trials and Tribulations (Crossface Chickenwing) until security comes out to break it up.

Joshua is in the back with his championship on his shoulder.

Joshua: I told you I would still keep this championship.  Tonight it is men’s night here in SCU.  So why not throw another championship defense for Joshua and his GRIME Championship.  If I was to look back at the championship defenses from when I won this championship you would see it seems like I have to defend this championship every week.  Now I should be happy that this company trust me to be able to defend this championship and be the one to bring the fans in.  But I enjoy causing pain to others so it’s not the matches that bug me it is that my championship is on the line week in and week out it seems.  But other champion’s titles are not on the line every week.  But I will take on anyone they place in front of me.

Joshua walks around while adjusting his championship.

Joshua:  This week I will not face just one man, but I will face three other men that want this championship around their waist.  I have beat all of them one on one and so the powers that be put them all in a match where I don’t even have to be pinned to lose my championship.  But it is like I always have said before I always have a champions advantage.

Main Event
Clash of Champions - Grime Championship Match
Earl Lockyer vs Stewart Mason vs Andrey Azarov vs Joshua Acquin

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one, is a Clash of Champions exhibition for the GRIME Championship!!!

The lights flash around the audience as they wait for the arrival of the next star.  The word "intoxicating" flashes over the screen and stage in many colors and fonts to the beat of the music.  Just then, “Intoxicating" by Infected Rain plays over the speakers as Andrey comes out onto the stage.  He is in full boxing gear from the pads to the rob to the gloves.  He jogs and boxes the air for a moment before throwing his robe off to the ground.  The ladies in attendance "ooh" and "ahh" at his appearance.

Liam:  Introducing next, from Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, he is the SCU Combat Champion, the “Siberian Shadow Cyclone”… Andrey Azarov!!!

Andrey slowly moves down the rampway, drawing in the admiration, jealousy, and hate. Once down at ringside, he jogs up the ring steps. Esther walks over to the ring, holding onto his hand as she gets on the apron.  They meet for a kiss.  Esther then sits on the middle rope and Andrey enters.  He waves his arms around and roars, showing off his boxing gloves.  He settles into his corner and waits for the match to start.

Liam: Coming to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, standing at 6’5” and weighing in at 256lb, he is one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions… Earl Lockyer!!!

Earl steps on the stage walks to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile.

Liam:  Aaaaaand next, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb, he is “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

“The Hunter” by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, he walks to the ring. Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and goes to the center of the ring.

Liam:  And last, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 227lb, he is your GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  Some might argue that Andrey and Joshua have the advantage here, as they come from GRIME Wrestling, which is all about hardcore wrestling.

Chad:  Going up against two veterans who have definitely had a hardcore match or fifty in their time.  Plus, this isn’t a tag match.  It’s every man for himself.

Rob:  Andrey and Joshua roll outside of the ring, and immediately pull out weapons.  Andrey has a kendo stick, while Joshua has a broomstick.  He cracks it over his knee.

Chad:  Earl and Stewart roll outside to the opposite end and they grab weapons, Earl has a steel chair, while Stewart grabs a sledgehammer.  All four men meet inside of the ring.

Rob:  Earl swings the chair at Andrey, who uses the kendo stick to knock it away.  Joshua swings one half of the broomstick at Stewart, but Stewart breaks the half, sending pieces flying.

Chad:  Andrey swings the kendo stick at Stewart, but this opens him up for a chair shot from Earl, knocking him down to the mat. Joshua uses the other half of the broomstick to knock Earl in the back of the head.

Rob:  Earl goes down, and Joshua and Stewart look to one another, perhaps a sliver of respect, both having had a victory over each other.  Stewart swings the sledgehammer, but Joshua ducks and nails a shot to the gut.

Chad:  He then swings it back around and knocks Stewart in the back of the head.  Earl is quick to get up to his feet and he knocks Joshua down with the chair.

Rob:  He bashes the chair against Joshua’s back twice.  As he goes down to get the cover, Andrey is quick to roll him up from behind!


Chad:  Stewart breaks up the cover.  He and Earl pick Andrey up and send him into the ropes.  As he comes back, they fling him with a Double Hip Toss, right on top of Joshua.

Rob:  Earl rolls Andrey off of Joshua, and he drops down for the cover.  But, before the ref can count to one, Stewart drops an elbow to the back of Earl’s head, breaking up the cover.

Chad:  He did tell us that he wasn’t going to make this easy for Earl, and it looks like he’s keeping that promise.  Stewart and Earl go toe to toe, exchanging punches back and forth.

Rob:  The crowd is loving this.  They go back and forth, and with the lack of rules, they are bare knuckle brawling with closed fists and all!

Chad:  Earl gets the upperhand in the exchange as he backs Stewart into a corner.  Meanwhile, Andrey slips outside and picks up a table.  He slides it inside.  Joshua starts to stir.

Rob:  Andrey and Joshua set up the table together.  They spin Earl around and they set him up for a Vertical Suplex, but Earl lands on his feet on the table.  He hits Joshua with a Dropkick to the face.

Chad:  Andrey trips Earl up, and he falls off of the table, favoring his knee.  The referee checks on him as he rolls around in pain.

Rob:  Andrey lifts Stewart onto the table.  He stands up and sets him up for the Shadow Cyclone version of the Paid In Full (Implant DDT).  Joshua cheers him on, too!

Chad:  Andrey nails it, going right through the table!  But before he can do anything, Joshua has the chair and he smacks Andrey across the top of the head, putting him down.

Rob:  Medical is coming down to check on Earl.  Joshua smirks wickedly as he falls against the ropes, enjoying the carnage.  He puts the chair on Andrey’s throat, choking him out as he leans casually.

Chad:  The crowd is booing him, but this only makes his smirk grow.  Andrey weakly fights against it.  Earl is being checked on.  Joshua goes to the outside to grab his GRIME Championship belt.

Rob:  He puts it around his waist as he rolls back inside.  I guess he’s just trying to make it easier for when he scores the win.

Chad:  He goes for the cover on Andrey!


Chad:  But Earl jumps on top to break up the cover!  The crowd cheers as Earl begins throwing punches at Joshua!  Vicious punches!  Like he stole from him!

Rob:  Earl lifts Joshua up and goes for the EL 91 (Michinoku Driver 2), but Stewart is able to make it to his feet and clobbers Earl with a broken piece of table, causing him to drop Joshua.

Chad:  Stewart nails the Paid In Full on Earl, but before he can hook the leg, Joshua cracks Stewart with the GRIME Championship belt against the side of the head, causing him to fall to one knee.

Rob:  Joshua nails the Nightmare 2 (Full nelson facebuster)!  He drops down quickly and covers Stewart!


Rob:  Andrey is stirring, and he gets to his feet, quickly making a beeline for the cover, but…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

The crowd boos as “Judas” plays over the speakers.  Andrey drops to his knees as Joshua grabs up his belt.  Andrey slowly gets to his feet and walks toward Joshua, who gets in a defensive stance.  Andrey continues forward, but extends his hand to Joshua.  Joshua sneers, shaking his head.  Andrey continues to hold it out.  Joshua reluctantly shakes hands with Andrey, and Andrey raises Joshua’s arm, pointing to him as the show goes off the air.

Tune in next week for Underground Ep. 108!