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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 98 (Results)
« on: June 29, 2021, 06:58:30 PM »

South Point Casino Arena and Equestrian Center

Sin City Underground Ep 98 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 40% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Las Vegas Ballpark in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, June 26th, 2021.

The show opens up with SCU security separating Melissa Ruin and Stacy Ruin. Melissa had come out to address the fans but was attacked by Stacy right before the show went on the air. Now on air, the SCUTron turns on. A pop by the crowd as we see SCU GM Lexa in her office looking at the camera…

Lexa: Hello, as you all know, Supernova marks the end and the beginning of SCU's contract with WGN. WGN on the other hand looks at it as the end of a season and the start of a new season. We always look forward to keeping our relationship with the WGN company. Like all television companies, they love to see a season finish with a bang, or a cliffhanger. An end to a story, the start of a new one and everything in between.

There is nothing better to me than to have my wrestlers at each other's throats as it makes for great TV. I prefer it to stay professional but every now and then it can get personal. Which brings me to the Ruin Sisters. Stacy betrayed her younger sister Melissa when she attacked her many months ago. Stacy has been wanting a fight but Melissa has refused to fight her family. With the blessing of their other sister Debbi, Melissa will fight Stacy one on one.

Melissa has asked for this match to be a No Holds Barred. I told Melissa that I would think about it. Stacy on the other hand has asked that the loser of the match must leave SCU and to that. I told Stacy I would think about that as well. Last season, we lost one Ruin, Melissa's older sister, Stacy’s twin, Debbi RUin in a career ending Injury by GRIME Wrestling. This attack has also split the two Ruin Sisters we have in the ring. This season… Well this season will end with SCU losing another Ruin as I have agreed to both of their requests! At Supernova 4 Melissa Ruin vs Stacy Ruin in a No Holds Barred Pink Slip Match!

The crowd pops as Stacy starts mouthing off to Melissa. The camera's cut back to Lexa on the SCUTron.

Lexa: A few more things, on July 10th, Supernova 4 will be SCU’s first show away from the city of Las Vegas. SCU will begin to travel the weastern part of the states, but before we do that. SCU will host Supernova where it all begins. In a few weeks, SCU will return to Canada. Vancouver, we’ll see you in two weeks. Since we’ll be in Canada, the homeland of your Underground Champion Stewart Mason. Stewart will get to defend his Underground Championship in a Eight Man Warriors Brawl!

The coward cheer at the match announced.

Lexa: That is of course if Stewart MAson can defeat Tim Staggs tonight and retain the championship. But no matter what happens tonight, Tim Staggs and Stewart Mason will be two of the eight men in the match.

Lexas pauses as the crowd starts cheering.

Lexa: The other six will be, Eyesnsane, Jaime Staggs, Alex Rush, Dax Beckett, Father Gerald, and doing double duty at Supernova, Combat Champion HB Carter!

Crowd pops

Lexa: Carter will also defend his Combat Championship against Andrey Azarov in a kickboxing Match. Speaking of kickboxing matches, Merlot Ayano will do the same when she defends her Combat title against Esther Azarov! More matches to be added next week!

The SCUTron fades out as the crowd cheers on.

Inside the Team Canada locker room Earl and Stewart are going through last minute prep for their matches. Gemma grabs a mic.

Gemma: Hello Everyone I’m here with, well all you fans know who they are, so Earl let me start with you, your our last hope man ya gotta get a Team Canada member into Mayhem Survival.

Earl: Yeah we’ve been struggling in these qualifiers haven’t we, but it’s all right though, SCU has some great representation, but yeah I'm our last hope but ole Sammy he’s a tough ole bugger. Sammy, let me tell you something I can let these fans down tonight by allowing another member of GRIME into mayhem survival. I know you're good but you know how good I am, we’re two bulls about to butt heads and it just a matter of who stands at the end.

Gemma: It will be you.

Earl: Hopefully.

Gemma: Good stuff, now for you Stewart, tonight you face another old rival in Tim Staggs.

Stewart laughs.

Stewart: Tim and I have been around here so long we qualify as old rivals, but your right Gemma, Earl and me, we’ve had our battles with Tim, dude is a hell of a wrestler, but you don’t become Underground champion by just being good, Tim I know your going to bring me a hell of a match tonight and the fans will get their money’s worth that’s for sure, so see you out there Tim.

Gemma: Excellent, now back to the show.

Mayhem Survival Qualifier
Michi vs Chanelle Blade 

The match starts off with Michi dominating with punches and knee strikes, backing Chanelle into the corner.  Michi is able to secure a Rear Naked Choke, but Chanelle makes it to the ropes.  She climbs outside, and Michi chases her around.  Chanelle slides inside of the ring.  As Michi comes in after, Chanelle begins kicking her, stomping on her, and nailing heavy clubs.  Michi blocks some of it, but Chanelle gets a few cheap shots in as Michi rises up.  Michi grabs one arm and sets up for an Arm Bar.  She locks it in tight in the middle of the ring.  Torielle jumps up on the apron, distracting the referee while Masked Orchid slides inside with a chain and smacks Michi with it.  She drags her to the corner as Chanelle hits the Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster).  She then hits a Hip Attack, and hooks the leg as Torielle stops to let the referee make the count. Chanelle advances to the Mayhem Survival and wins via pinfall.  Over The Edge comes out to chase the masked GRIME members away.

Mayhem Survival Qualifier
Father Gerald vs Lord Raab

Gerald and Raab start things off with a Test of Strength, but Raab soon knees Gerald in the stomach.  Raab whips Gerald into the ropes, and Gerald spins away from a Spinebuster attempt.  He comes off the other ropes and catches Raab with a Big Boot that puts him down.  Gerald gets a two count.  He picks Raab up and sends him over with a Hip Toss.  He tries again, but Raab pushes Gerald’s head right into his knee.  He hits a Hip Toss of his own.  He then lifts Gerald up by the throat, looking for a Double Handed Chokeslam, but Gerald punches him a few times in the face, breaking free.  He bounces off the ropes, nailing a Dropkick right to Raab’s stomach.  He goes off the ropes, looking for a Bicycle Kick, but Raab catches his leg and does a Dragonscrew Takedown.  He lifts Gerald up for a German Suplex.  He latches on for a second one.  As he goes for the third one, Gerald whips his elbow around right into Raab’s face.  He sets Raab up for the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter), but Raab shoves him out of the way.  He immediately gets the Killerbuster (Double Arm Brainbuster) and the cover. Lord Raab wins via pinfall after Killerbuster and advances to the Mayhem Survival.  Raab doesn’t bother to celebrate, leaving the ring with Henry as Andrew Borg checks on Gerald.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe playing on her Nintendo Switch whilst leaning against the wall.

Krystal: First title defence on Sunday, Mayhem survival match tonight.

Krystal sighs to herself.

Krystal: At this rate Summer XXXTreme will be my only respite from training!

Ariana: No one ever said that being a champ is easy!

The Aussie Bombshell looks up and sees her friends and fellow Go Gym Graduates Team Go, Ariana Angelos and HB Carter, walking up to her.

Krystal: Off course you’d say that! You guys are the longest reigning Pride Tag Team Champs after all.

Krystal responds before she turns to the two younger wrestlers.

Krystal: I know your ready for our tag match Ari but what about you Carter?

HBCarter: You act like I haven’t pinned Ms. Holly Wood to the matt after a long sweaty session before!

Ari and Krystal: PHRASING!

HBCarter: Had to get that out of my system! Anyway, there’s only two things that matter between the three of us, you retaining that at Climax Control.

Carter says as he points to the belt around Krystal’s waist.

HBCarter: And us securing our spots in the Mayhem Survival!

Ariana: Err, actually there’s three things………

Krystal: For the last time Ari, I’m not trying your boiled bacon and chocolate éclair!

Ariana: Not what I meant I have a date on Tuesday.

HBCarter: Oh, okay, cool.

Carter says before he walks off, seconds later he marches back into frame.

HBCarter: WHAT?!

Ariana: What do you mean what? Krystal has her girlfriend, why can’t I get into the dating scene?

Krystal: You didn’t think to tell us sooner?

Ariana: You guys have been busy training!

Ariana protests before she glances at Krystal’s title.

Ariana: For good reason mind you but still! Besides that, he isn’t a wrestler and I met him online.

Krystal: Uh huh.

HBCarter: I think she needs our dating advice Krystal!

Krystal: Agreed!

The trio continue to talk as the scene fades.

Mayhem Survival Qualifier
Earl Lockyer vs Samuel McPherson

Undoing what Lord Raab had done moments before, Samuel goes on the offense very quickly.  He throws hard and heavy blows that overpower Earl.  He nails a Running Powerslam on Earl, early on.  He whips Earl into the ropes, looking for a Spinebuster, and he gets it.  He also gets a two count.  He picks Earl up and sends him into the ropes, and gets another Spinebuster.  He again only gets a two count.  He becomes aggressive with the referee.  Earl is able to recover while Sam backs the referee into the corner.  Earl charges and hits a Spear to the back of Sam, as the referee ducks out of the way just in time.  Earl picks Sam up and whips him into the opposing corner.  He hits a Clothesline that rocks Sam.  He then attempts this again, but Sam reverses it.  Earl goes into the corner and Sam follows up, but Earl moves and Sam collides with the turnbuckle.  He then rolls Sam up to get a two count.  Somehow, Earl is able to catch Sam by surprise with the E.L. 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2).  He secures the cover.  Earl Lockyer wins via pinfall and advances to the Mayhem Survival at Supernova 4.  Earl is then quickly attacked by Lord Raab and Skag under Henry’s orders.  Stomps and kicks galore until Stewart Mason and Dahlia Rotten rush down to ringside.  Stewart and Raab go at it, while Dahlia takes the smaller Skag and sandwiches him against the turnbuckle, beating down on him.  Skag is able to escape, and he pulls on Sam as Raab is dumped over the top ropes.  A staredown ensues until Henry calls The Monstimals back, leaving team Canada to celebrate inside of the ring.

The show cuts backstage to Morgan and Cordelia Clark. Neither one of them are in the best mood ever, but Cordelia in particular is the one that is looking quite angry. Cordelia holds her SCU Underground TV Championship and some anger seethes through her. Morgan can sense her anger and suddenly, she becomes quite concerned.

Morgan: You’ve got to be careful with what you’re about to say.

Cordelia: Careful? You mean like how careful SCU was with you when they decided to have you team up with Halo for no reason? Listen, this company has really dropped the ball with us. Alright? I’ve reached the point where I can’t take it anymore.

Morgan: Do whatever it is you have to do. I’m warning you though: this might ruffle some feathers.

Cordelia: At this point, I don’t even care!

Cordelia scoffs as she begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: Tonight, my sister and I are going to be in a handicap match against Halo Annis. What is it with this company constantly booking us against the same pain in our backsides? I mean sheesh, it took us forever to get Ariana Angelos out of our hair and now Halo Annis is being a pain too? This is ridiculous… and this is where I draw the line. I have had it with being the most overlooked wrestler in the entire company! How can I say that when I’ve held this title for over 200 days? Well, it’s quite simple. My championship has been the most overlooked title of ALL! I get nothing but random title defenses. Hell, the TV title is so overlooked that Morgan and I were recently in a battle royal for the Underground title itself even though it made NO sense.

Morgan: What my sister is basically saying is that she’s really beginning to question if being the Uncensored TV Champion is even worth it anymore.

Cordelia: Precisely. While this company centers around the SAME OLD PEOPLE over and over again, here I am being shifted to the sideline being forced to defend this title against random challengers over and over and over again! It’s like Groundhog’s Day and I’m BORED! I even gave thought to dropping this title to challenge for the Underground Championship because… well… I’ve got to be BRUTALLY honest here. There is NOTHING left for me to do with this championship. Sin City Underground needs a wake up call! It’s been focused on the Angel Kash’s of the world for FAR too long! It’s been focused on the Veronica Taylor’s of the world for FAR too long! And I’ve HAD IT! I’ve had ENOUGH with this company focusing on wrestlers that are inferior to me! Sin City Underground needs to revolve around ME because I at least bring something NEW to the mix.

You’ve got Angel Kash being as stereotypical and aloof as ever and making OUR generation look like a bunch of… pardon my language here by the way… DUMBASSES! Angel Kash is as vapid, as stupid and as one dimensional as they come and we’re STILL focusing the company on her? I’m not someone that wrestles for looks, but at least I’M a natural beauty… which is more than you can say for her.So yeah, I DID consider dropping this title to challenge for the Underground title… but who’s to say that it’s even a guarantee that Angel will still be champion by the time that shot comes around. Then… I realized something. As the Uncensored TV Champion, I have the right to pick ANY opponent to defend against. I hadn’t used this clause before because I didn’t want to necessarily throw my weight around, but it’s clear as heck that this company has taken advantage of that… and I’m done with that. So, I’M going to determine my own future here!

I’m not dropping this title. I’m going to make history, that’s what I am going to do. That’s because I DEMAND that I face Angel Kash at Supernova…

Morgan: Wait, WHAT?

Morgan is caught off guard as she had no knowledge that Cordelia was going to do this.

Cordelia: You heard me! I’ll SHOW YOU ALL how damn good I am! I will show you all that this company needs to revolve around me! So much so that I am even willing to put my own title on the line to get a shot at the Underground title! Title for title! Supernova 4! It’ll be history making as the TV Championship will be defended for the first time on a Pay-Per-View! But more importantly, it’ll be HISTORIC in the sense that I will be the one as the UNDISPUTED SCU Champion at the end of the day! I am exercising my right for a title for title match and Angel Kash, I’m going to tell you this straight up. Your days of this company revolving around YOU are OVER!!!!

Morgan: Cordy… I love your drive and all…

Cordelia: But…

Morgan: We’ve got the Halo matter tonight…

Cordelia rolls her eyes in annoyance.

Cordelia: Yes… you’re right about that. UGH! The way I see it? We’ve got a message to send tonight at Halo’s expense.

Morgan: You’re speaking my language! But… I just have to ask. Are you sure you want to do this for Supernova?

Cordelia: I’ve never been more sure of anything in my young life, Morgan!

Cordelia bolts from the scene, leaving Morgan behind. Morgan seems a little less sure, but nonetheless, she goes with it and leaves the scene not too far behind her sister as it fades to black.

Mayhem Survival Qualifier
Ariana Angelos and Krystal Wolfe vs Masked Celeste and Masked Orchid

This match holds nothing back from the get go as Masked Orchid and Ariana throw punches comparable to what one might see in the Combat Division.  The hatred seems to flow both ways, forcing Krystal and Masked Celeste into the ring early on.  However, this does not go any better for either competitor.  Krystal nails a high kick to Celeste.  Celeste returns with a Leg Sweep and a Diving Fist to Krystal’s face.  Krystal is able to get up and hit a few odd kicks and punches to give her the upper hand.  She goes for a Running Bulldog, but Celeste tosses her off and right into Ari.  Ari is happy to get back inside, and she uses her long legs to her advantage, throwing a variety of kicks.  Celeste ducks many of them, but Ari is relentless and nails a few.  Celeste goes on the defensive, blocking rather than attacking.  Each punch is met with air, and each kick is deflected with ease.  Ari leaves the brawling style and tries to return to her aerial expertise after hitting a Leg Sweep and a Shooting Star Press.  Orchid breaks up the cover.  She and Ari trade a few punches before the referee breaks it up.  Celeste rolls Ari up and gets a two count as Krystal breaks it up.  Orchid fights Krystal off as Celeste stomps away at Ari.  With the referee distracted, Celeste drops two chains from her arms and begins trying to whip Ari, who somehow manages to side step each blow.  She catches the chain and pulls Celeste into a Hurricanrana choke with the chains.  Krystal is able to deposit Orchid over the top ropes, going with her to brawl.  Ari lets go of the chains just in time and goes for the cover, but only gets a two, nearly three.  The crowd groans along with her.  Celeste gets up, not giving a damn, and she smacks Ari over the back of the head with the chains.  Ariana Angelos and Krystal Wolfe win via disqualification and advance to the Mayhem Survival.  Krystal tries to go inside to save Ari, but Orchid wraps chains around her neck, stopping her and holding her back.  Helluva Bottom Carter is quick to make his presence known, along with Mz Holly Wood.  Together, they are able to help Team GO escape the grip, chasing off Orchid and Celeste.  And while they are there...

Mayhem Survival Qualifier
Mz Hollywood vs HB Carter

Carter and Holly show a sign of respect before taking opposite sides of the ring and sliding inside.  They are announced, and as soon as the fans settle in for the match, they meet in the center of the ring.  Carter ties up with Holly, but Holly pulls him in for a shocking kiss followed up with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  This earns Holly a one count.  Carter wraps his legs around Holly, turning her around for a Rear Naked Choke.  Holly grinds her hips, inviting the hold, which causes Carter to break and blush a bit.  Holly blows him a kiss.  Carter catches it and then slaps his ass.  Holly puts a hand up and flips her hair.  She and Carter meet in the middle, tying up and trying to get the advantage.  They each have the advantage at different times, moving back and forth.  Carter gets the advantage and pushes Holly against the ropes.  The censors go into effect as Holly’s breastplate pops out.  She looks coyly at Carter, and then with the distraction, she hits a breastplate smother and then climbs to the top rope, nailing a Tight Rope Clothesline that scores a two count.  Carter is able to secure the Passion Fruit (S.O.S.) for a two count.  She then twerks over Holly and then goes for a Split Leg Moonsault, but Holly moves out of the way.  She gets a Handspring Kick and follows it up with the Sashay Away (Shining Star Press).  Mz Holly Wood wins via pinfall and advances to the Mayhem Survival.

Backstage, the camera finds Halo walking into the back hallway, a Japanese woman with blue hair in pigtails, dressed like a hip hop star to show off her myriad of tattoos and piercings walks directly behind the taller blonde woman. Right next to the Japanese woman, Chiaki “Chi Chi” Sanada, is her girlfriend and tag team partner, Jane “The Hammer” Harper.

Halo: Y’all gonna love it here. G.R.I.M.E. ain't gonna know what to make of y’all, especially Mr. Veronica Taylor himself!

As they move down the hall, the blue haired girl continuously bounces around on her feet like a hyperactive, excited child in a candy store. She only stops for a second when she hears that familiar name hit her ears. Veronica Taylor?! Whether it’s her or just her husband, Chiaki makes a face of disgust and pulls her bandana - normally used as a COVID mask - up around her face.

Chiaki: Ewwwwwwww!!! Icky icky!!

Halo: Yup, her husband is the GM for G.R.I.M.E. and Veronica…

She pauses and nods to them.

Halo: Well, y’all know all about how she is, don’t ya?

Chiaki exchanges a look with Jane, before the two look back to Halo. Chiaki nods and brings up both hands in front of her face. She starts to move them back and forth in a very crude, “suggestive” manner but Jane quickly pushes her hands down while trying to keep from laughing.

Halo: Yup, y’all know Vero alright!  Only way it’d be more true is if Bianca and Farce were here with her too.

Halo motions at them to keep moving.

Halo: Come on, maybe we’ll go find Aunt Li and y’all can take turns quoting Lion King with her and Lis again…

She starts laughing as she says this.

Jane just smiles softly, trying to keep that tough demeanor in tact, but the actions of her girlfriend and tag team partner always make that endeavor hard for her. She sees the reaction from Chiaki and just pulls her in close and kisses the top of her head.

Jane: Ya know, Cheech and me may not have been doin this long together as a team, but we won gold twice now. If Veronica or anyone else from the Shitty Committee decides to find us here, they know what we're all about. Cheech and me, we whoop ass and make statements. Right here ain't gonna be any damn different either.

Halo: Well, y’all get to watch me have a handicap match tonight against Morgan and Cordelia Clark and who knows, might even see Angel Kash have a bitchfit too. I’m tellin y’all though, Melissa, Jenifer and Kelli gonna love y’all.  I already know Aunt Li does.

As the three start to walk off, Halo’s sister Rain comes up from behind them, out of the locker room in sweats.

Halo:  There you are.  We were just going to come looking for you.  My match is about to start, so you might want to get into position.

Halo winks, and Rain winks back before rushing along. The other three continue down the hallway as the camera fades to ringside.

Two on One Handicap Match
Halo Annis vs Morgan Clark and Cordelia Clark

Morgan and Cordelia mock Halo on her way down to the ring.  Halo shows up and slides on a pair of Brass Knuckles and slides inside to take advantage of the No DQ rules.  She slides inside and instantly gets stomped down on by the Clark’s.  They whip her into the ropes and she ducks underneath.  As they turn around, Halo nails Cordelia hard with the knuckles, knocking her down.  Morgan is able to wrestle the knuckles away from Halo and throws them out into the crowd.  Halo and Morgan tie up, and Halo sends Morgan into the ropes.  Morgan Leapfrogs over Halo and comes off the ropes with a Dropkick.  Halo goes down and sits up against the ropes.  Morgan kicks her in the chest, and hits a Leg Guillotine on Halo.  Morgan gets a two count before Halo rolls to the outside of the ring.  She slides under the ring for a split second, and then dives back out.  She climbs inside of the ring and ducks a Clothesline.  She then hits a Crescent Kick to Morgan, dropping her.  She picks up Morgan and sends her into the ropes, nailing a Discus Punch.  Cordelia gets up and knocks Halo down to the ground and begins throwing punches at her.  She chokes Halo and slams her head against the mat.  Halo is able to get a leg up and kicks Cordelia off of her.  Halo slides outside of the ring and goes under the ring again.  At the exact moment, Halo comes out of the other side of the ring.  She climbs inside and knocks Cordelia through the ropes.  She turns around and hits the Black 13 on Morgan.  She goes for the cover, and Cordelia tries to get inside, but someone reaches out and holds her leg, stopping her from breaking up the cover. Halo Annis wins via pinfall.

Recorded Earlier

The scene opens backstage, where we see Rainbow standing by a Summer XXXtreme poster as she looks straight down the camera.

Rainbow: それは時間についてです。(It’s about damn time).

I have been the rightful number one contender to the GRIME Nightmare championship for months… yes I may own 50% GRIME but I don’t make the bookings and I’ve been sat biding my time for way too long when people like Mercedes Vargas gets a shot and beats Omasa… I should be holding the gold… but nope… Omasa is such a 弱虫 (Coward)and a disrespectful bitch.

Your time is coming Omasa…

背中に気をつけろ。(What your back).

Now… Mercedes Vargas.

The legend of Sin City Wrestling… one of the best.

I am so excited about this match not because I am facing you but because I am finally getting a match that I am owed and it’s my first official shot at a GRIME/SCU Championship.  I could continue inflating your ego, but you won’t be able to get into the ring let alone the building.

Mercedes - I have watched every match and every promo of yours, and while you are impressive, and you strive to be the best every time you get into the ring… however, you have become boring and stale.  I’ve seen your tweets and listened to your promo and I think you don’t care about success or winning… you just care about numbers and how long you done this, how long you done that and how many titles you have collected over the years You don’t’ care about wrestling any more… you are just going with the flow.

You may not see it but I do… however, while I doubt your reasons for being here… you are still dangerous regardless of your level of passion for this business…

While I have done all my research… it must a little harder for you trying to figure me out.  Very few matches in GRIME and all my focus in on Omasa.  I haven’t nothing to worry about Omasa as she is too much of a coward to interfere in our match.  Our match though won’t go as you expect… it will be no walk in the park for you and it will just go down hill from then on until I walk away with the championship that is strapped around your unworthy waist.

I am going to walk away as the champion and there is nothing you can do about it.

See you later.

Rainbow adjusts her mask and then walks away as the camera fades out on the poster.

Recorded Earlier

Guess who booked their place in the Mayhem Survival match at Supernova?

SCW Hall of Famer and the current and reigning World Nightmare Champion Mercedes Vargas walks into the scene backstage, stops and turns to the camera, then points both thumbs at herself accompanied with a smirk, basking in the glory of her grand victory last week.


She stares down the camera with a smirk.

Mercedes: Don't get me wrong, beating Delia and Celeste was a crowning moment and nothing – and I mean nothing - can take that away from me. Coupled with my win over Jessie Salco at Climax Control the next night, I guess you can say it was double the pleasure, double the fun. So why not do it again, right?

Now the arrogance is more apparent as her shoulders raise in a slight shrug.

Mercedes: Wow, what a weekend. I celebrated my birthday yesterday, we’re on the final weeks on the road to Summer XXXtreme, we’re one week away from the go-home Climax Control before the pay-per-view, and I get to call my second ever match on commentary on Climax Control. Such is the life of the hardest working woman in SCW and the only Bombshell holding down two brands. No one compares to me.

She tosses back her hair, grinning, then moves her arms at her waist where the camera pans back to show her championship displayed around her waist.

Mercedes: Tonight, though? Tonight, I get to beat the breaks off another challenger to my World Nightmare Championship. It's bad enough that I've already beaten two former champions and the first-ever champion during my reign, now I have to face someone who doesn't even have the ovaries to show their face. No, they have to hide behind a mask because reasons. Well, I'm here to say that I have it on good authority who is behind the mask, I know who GRIME Masked Rainbow is.

She continues to nod and looks straight into the lens, but she wore a hint of a smile. She ran her hand through her hair, then looked out for a long moment, pensive, before returning her attention to the camera.

Mercedes: Masked Rainbow is....a loser, she's a fraud. She must be hiding something. When someone steps up to challenge me, I like to know what I'm getting, I want to watch the fear in their beady little eyes and laugh at the look of dread on their face. Anyone who choose to hide behind a mask doesn't deserve a shot at my title.

Mercedes brush her hands over the championship’s center plate. Tilting her head forward, she looks directly into the lens.

Mercedes: If it were a perfect world, this match wouldn't even need to happen. Rainbow should just be given the belt and take the earliest flight right out of Nevada. If it were a perfect world.

Sorry, flat-earthers.

Laughing to herself softly, Mercedes shook her head.

Mercedes: But because I'm a nice person, I'm giving you a shot at my title, Rainbow. Not because you earned it, not because of how good you think you are, and certainly not because you demanded one last week. Now don’t think I’m going to go on ad nauseam on why I’m better than you, I think we both know your place. And if you think I'm supposed to be scared of your motley crew? Think again. Hopefully your friends wouldn't be that dumb enough to screw you out of this opportunity tonight, but at this point would it even matter? After Supernova, GRIME will be gone, and gone for good this time. GRIME will be history.

And after tonight, so will you.

Mercedes unhooks her championship and now places it over her shoulder.

Mercedes: You may have dreamed about my title and fantasized about it, what it would feel like to bring this title to GRIME and made some kind of hero, what it would feel like to put your hands on my title, but that's all it is, a fantasy. The reality is your grimy hands will not touch this championship. So Rainbow, do your worst, bring your worst. Matter of fact, bring your best too. Bring everything that you have, mírame. Because whether you're hiding behind a mask or not, you're going to be made an example of and serve as a message, a lesson, a reminder, and a preview to the women in the locker room. And that message?

There’s a cocky half-grin on her face as she now speaks in Spanish.

Mercedes: Cuando te metes con el major, hundirás con los demás. Y tu nombre está a punto de estar en mi lista.
When you mess with the best, you go down with the rest. And your name is about to be on my checklist.

At the end of this, Mercedes makes a crossing off gesture into the air.

Mercedes: Be ready. Because you know I will be. See you in the ring.

Throwing a wink at the camera, Mercedes turns and walks off as the scene fades.

GRIME Nightmare Championship
Masked Rainbow vs Mercedes Vargas

Rainbow and Mercedes circle each other, studying each other’s moves before Rainbow lunges at Mercedes, and Mercedes moves out of the way.  She smacks the back of Rainbow’s head, sending the GRIME mask off of her face, but Rainbow covers her face until she is able to put the mask back on without anyone seeing it, except Mercedes, who grins.  She spars back and forth with Rainbow as they circle once more.  They tie up and struggle for the advantage.  Rainbow is able to get it, putting Mercedes down on her back, getting a two count before Mercedes kicks out.  She chops Rainbow’s legs and takes her to her knees.  Mercedes hits a Hurricanrana and bridges into a cover to get a two count.  Rainbow slides outside of the ring.  As Mercedes goes to follow, Rainbow punches her in the gut and drags her out of the ring by her hair.  She whips Mercedes into the barricade and the fight spills into the crowd as they move away.  They roll around, brawling.  Rainbow flips Mercedes over onto a chair, and it crumbles beneath her.  Rainbow looks around as she starts to head to the ring, dragging Mercedes with her.  Until she sees Omasa inside of the ring.  She attacks the referee with the wooden sword.  As the referee goes down, Rainbow charges inside of the ring and tackles Omasa to the ground.

We cut to the backstage area to see Jade, Constance, and Ryan are all laid out on the ground, with Ryan moving around a little.  Gianni is checking on them, and then orders Kittie out to officiate the match.  She rushes down to ringside while sliding on a referee shirt.  She rushes inside of the ring and tackles Omasa to the ground.  She throws her outside of the ring to motion for Rainbow to drag Mercedes back inside, but Mercedes shoves Rainbow into the ringpost.  Omasa slides back inside of the ring and begins going to work on Kittie with the sword.

Gianni:  What the fuck?!  Rory, get out there!!

Then, out of nowhere, Angel of Filth appears and holds Rory back and then pats him on the shoulder before looking to Gianni.

Filth:  Don’t you dare send anyone else out there right now.  We have to keep our numbers strong for the Mayhem Survival.

Gianni:  But what about this match?  I’m not going out there with that crazy bitch…

Filth:  Fire the bitch!  She attacked officials.  And call this match a draw.  There’s too much at stake right now to let pride overtake us.

Gianni nods his head and pats Filth on the shoulder.  He signals for the bell to ring, calling the match over. This match ends in a draw.

Main Event
Underground Championship
Tim Staggs vs Stewart Mason

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Both men take their time sizing one another up.  They begin the circle around the ring, keeping just far enough away from each other to get a feel for the other.

Chad:  Stewart suddenly steps forward and swipes at Tim, but Tim twists out of the way and laughs as Stewart resumes his previous stride.

Gena:  As they continue to circle, Tim goes to swipe at Stewart, but Stewart smacks his hand away, and they go back to circling.  They are building the anticipation of the crowd like pros.

Chad:  After a bit of this, they come to the center of the ring and tie up.  There is a power struggle, but Stewart quickly shows that he’s going to win that.

Gena:  Tim jabs Stewart in the side and slips out of the tie up.  He grabs Stewart’s arm and twists it, coming behind him.  He grabs his other arm and uses it to choke Stewart.

Chad:  Tim pulls his own arms apart, choking Stewart in the process, while also trying to pull Stewart’s arm out of socket.  The referee reprimands him, but Tim doesn’t let go.


Gena:  Tim wisely lets Stewart go, but Stewart quickly turns around and kicks Tim in the gut.  Tim falls back into the ropes and Stewart Clotheslines him to the outside.

Chad:  Tim gets up and slides inside of the ring.  He is able to sneak a suckerpunch, Tim starts to undo the nearest turnbuckle pad.  Ryan Richards goes to stop him.

Gena:  Tim literally jumps on top of Stewart and hooks the leg, glaring out into the camera.


Chad:  Stewart kicked out of the pin!  He holds onto his neck as he tries to get up.  Tim sizes him up, and as he gets to his feet, Tim drops him with Untitled No 2 (Stunner)! He hooks the leg!


Gena:  Stewart gets up again!  Tim pounds on the mat as he throws up three fingers to the referee.  The referee holds up two in response.  This gives Stewart enough time to get to the ropes.

Chad:  Stewart gets up slowly as Tim argues with the referee.  Stewart spins Tim around and kicks him in the gut.  He goes for the Paid In Full (Implant DDT)!

Gena: But Tim shoves him into the ropes.  He goes to fly at Stewart, but Stewart dumps him over the ropes and in front of Gail.  She starts to come after him now, and she ooks furious.

Chad:  The referees don’t see that Tim is pinning Stewart as he is dealing with Gail. She continues to argue until the referee sees Tim.

Chad:  He is the offspring of the Most Sadistic Bastard who invented mind games.  As much as I hate to admit it, he’s winning them.

Gena:  The referee slides back inside of the ring to find Tim pinning Stewart, and he begins to count!


Chad:  NO!

Gena:  YES!  That sexy bastard got a shoulder up from under the other sexy bastard!  Tim can’t believe it.  He holds onto his head in disbelief and the crowd is just laughing at him.

Chad:  Tim argues with the referee that he’s been pinning Stewart for ten seconds, but the referee didn’t see that one.

Gena:  Fair is fair.  Tim reaches down and puts the Untitled No 1 (Scorpion Crosslock) on Stewart!  Stewart is so close to the ropes, yet so far away.  Tim looks sadistic right now!

Chad:  Stewart tries his best to get out of the hold, and he’s not giving up, no matter how badly he wants to right now!

Gena:  Tim gets mad that Stewart hasn’t tapped out yet, and he maneuvers so that he can grip Stewart’s hair, lowering down to the ground a bit.

Chad:  Stewart shouts out in pain now as the referee admonishes Tim, telling him to let go of Stewart’s hair, but he refuses!


Gena:  Tim slams Stewart’s head into the canvas and drops him.  He gets in the referee’s face and tells him that he can’t pick and choose what parts of the rules he inforces.

Chad:  Ryan Richards shouts back that Tim should worry about his opponent instead, and then shoves Tim.  Stewart rolls Tim up and holds  onto the tights, which Ryan is clearly ignoring on purpose as he counts away!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner… Stewart Maaaaaaaasoooooooooooonnnnn!!!

Stewart retains as Tim throws a literal baby fit on the mat.  As the referee tries to hand Stewart his belt, Tim yanks it away and tries to smack Stewart in the face with it.  Stewart ducks and rams his knee into Tim’s stomach.  He then hits the Paid in Full right onto the belt, knocking Tim out and getting an even bigger pop.  “The Hunter” is playing on the speakers now as Stewart celebrates and the show goes off the air.

Tune in next week for much more as Sin City Underground presents… Underground: Ep. 99, the go-home show for Supernova and Summer XXXTreme IX!
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