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After Party
« on: January 08, 2021, 11:59:21 PM »
“I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

He didn’t want to look up but for his friend he did when the words “You may kiss your bride.” were said. Watching Bella get her happy beginning, even with an asshole like Malachi, made the stabbing pain in his heart worth it. She made her choice a long time ago and it wasn’t him.

He fucked that one up too.

But here they all were there to see it. Her family, Mal’s family, all their friends. Malachi pulling off one of the best surprises ever for his new wife, giving her the wedding she and Alanah planned but could never quite figure out a day. The word went out, the location and time and a somewhat formal dress code, presents optional and to be there and ready to celebrate. To be honest, he was shocked he even got a message. Maybe it was by mistake, but he wasn’t going to disappoint, he was there...stag. Didn’t bug him any for the most part just another damn day where he’s reminded that he’s a jackass...and he brought it all on himself.

Flash Forward

The party has been in full force for a little bit now, alcohol flowing, food served, a quiet private affair and it still manages to be loud as hell.

From the farthest table Miles sits alone, draining the last of something dark brown in a small glass. He glances across the room settling on everyone but him living it up.


Him...not them. But if he was overheard right now, someone would have easily assumed the other.

“Refil, sir?”

“Oh no, thanks. I’m gonna call it a night I think. Do me a favor though...” he pulls his wallet out from his coat pocket and from that a 20 and hands it to the waiter. “Make sure this gets to the proper person. Thanks, love.”

“I will.” she says taking it from him and dropping it on her tray while cleaning up. She glances over at him and squints for a moment as she sees him staring off to nothingness, “Umm, are- are you ok?”

“I’ve had better years.”

“Come again?” she laughs.

Miles looks up at her for a moment, “Two years ago, the bride and I...well....but now she’s there after I fucked up royally and I’m here, her and one other woman later and honestly the whole relationship this seems to just not be in the cards for me.”


“I’m sorry to dump that all on you. This whole damn holiday...fuck, this whole year has just sucked for me and being here isn’t helping my mood at all.”

“Well, it’s understandable. It’s hard to see everyone be happy when you basically...aren’t.”

“Right. Exactly. So I probably should get out of here before I bring down the joyful mood. I’ll send my apologies to the bride later. Thanks for listening...” he says trying to get her name out from her.

“Oh, Jessica. And it was no problem Mr.-?”

“Kasey...Miles. Some of them call me Milo.”

“Well...Miles, it really was no problem. I actually like talking to people that seem to be dealing with problems. In fact so much so I’m going to school to do pretty much just that. This is my last job before I head back to school here next week.”

“Well, good luck to you and thanks for the open ear.” Miles nods and turns on his heels taking one last glance.

“Hey! I was wondering...” she speaks up, almost speaking too fast but still catches his attention. “If you are willing, maybe I could give you my number. I could always be that ear you need to bend.”

Miles stands speechless.

Son of a bitch....again? This is almost how it happened with Nessa. Except she’s leaving...maybe it’s just to talk. Snap the fuck out of it and fucking answer the woman!


Couple Days Later

Shave and a Hair Cut



“Who is it?”

“The boss, open up Milo!”

“Gimmie a mo, Levi.”

After a moment of silence we hear the locks come undone on the other side and a shirtless Miles. “Hey, what brings you by?”

“Wanted to check in, been trying to call you since you got spotted leaving the party without so much as a ‘See ya’. Everything good?”

“OH, yeah sorry just been...” a loud clatter from the other side catches both their attention, “Busy.”

“You get a cat?” Levi says with a little raise in his eyebrow cause he knows. He wasn’t born last night.

“No, far too busy for that. Look, I’d invite you in but the place is a mess...can I call you later? Maybe meet up at the centre for a spot of training?”

“Sure but...”

....”Excuse me...” from behind Miles a voice pops up and it’s the waitress. Jessica. Lookin’ a little disheveled. “I’m gonna get going. I still have some packing to do.”

“OH, of course...umm..thanks for- everything.”

“Sure! And you have my number. If you are out on the west coast, and just...well...use it ok?”

“Sure thing.”

She leans up and gives him a kiss on the cheek before turning and shyly waving to Levi and walking away. Leaving them standing there in awkward silence for a moment.

“....I can explain.”

“No,” Levi says, holding up his hand....”Trust me ya don’t have too. Good for you. Now...umm...may I?”

Miles sorta snaps to and opens his door wider to allow his guest in, “Once again, sorry bout the mess...”

Levi looks around and it’s your typical bachelor pad, shirts everywhere, dishes laying here and there. Could use a maid or a woman’s touch but it fits him, “Kid, don’t even worry. You should have seen me in my years before Jack and’ve seen my office.”

Miles smirks grabbing a shirt and throwing it on, “That I have. I really am fine. Ya know that right?” Levi looks at him knowingly, “After the year I had, hell after the last two that I had...watching them getting hitched wasn’t even what got to me. I spent the holiday talking to my mum and sis through a computer screen, hoping they got the gifts I sent over a month ago. Nessa has completely ghosted me except she’s sending me cryptic messages through twitter and text messages.”

“Never mind the fact that you and the kid you teamed up with lost the tag titles.”

“I don’t even care about that because as you know, she was lucky to get into that situation to begin with. Morgan has a lot of work ahead of her, so I’ve taken her under my wing a bit but...well I need to get myself back in a ring...any ring.”

Levi nods, “I get that. Well if you look, there’s a way to get you out of your current pity phase of ...what’s the word that Bella taught me...ennui?”

“Nailed it.”

“SCW put ya in a fatal fourway. You, Agostino...”


“Yeah...also Bill Barnhart and one other...uhhh” He pulls out his phone and pulls it up. “Lincoln Daniels. Winner gets a shot at the Roulette.”

“Ooof....ya know that whole damn name of that belt gives me flashbacks on the worst way. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over the whole almost getting eaten alive.”

“No one would. But you gotta realize what this is going to do for you kid, another chance, another shot....and after getting a piece of that hot little brunette that just walked out of here...”

Miles laughs for a moment while running his hand through his hair, “Well...couple days...but I’m not completely back to normal. Getting there though.”

“Well get out there early and make it a whole week...who knows, maybe you’ll finally loosen the fuck up for everyone to be able to stand again.”

“Have I been that bad?”

“I was waiting for Spinelli to punch you...”


Yeah....Spinelli doesn’t hit anyone unless it’s bad. YIKES

“....when can the jet be ready?”