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SCU Underground Ep 80 (Results)
« on: December 31, 2020, 02:05:33 AM »
SCU Ep 80 Dec. 26th 2020

Sin City Underground Ep 80. 2020 Award show comes to you live from Paris, France, in the estates of Delia Darling.
Live from Paris, France, Delia Darling will host the 2020 SCU Award show from her home. All superstars have been sent home. Just two matches booked for tonight's card. Also for tonight’s line up, we’ll relive some of the best action of 2020, from matches to backstage brawls and everything in between. Tonights is a night to relax, enjoy a little live homestyle matches and the best of SCU and GRIME of 2020.

[hr /

Liam: Lllllllllllladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and has been deemed a 3 on 2 Handicap Match for the vacant SCU Double Down Championship!

The GRIME members approach the center as well and the referee raises his arm to call for the bell… But The Monstimals rush the ring. They grab David and Mavis! Sam wraps a hand around David’s throat as Raab lifts Mavis up into the Backstabber. They connect as Gerald turns around and gets booted in the gut. He is lifted up into a Double Chokeslam position! Security rushes down and slides inside of the ring to pull The Monstimals to the ropes, but they fight back. The referee is ready to throw the match out, but Gerald holds his hand up and begins shouting.

“No! NO!!!”

Gerald is wary on his feet as he stands up. He wobbles on his feet as he drags David up. He and David help Mavis up to her feet, and when all three members agree to do the match, Javi and Filth laugh. They clap their hands together as the referee rings the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Javi shoves Gerald right into Mother Mavis, who is choking Filth out. Filth stomps angrily as Mavis falls down, and she shouts at Javi.

Filth: Why the FUCK did you stop her? I was getting my rocks off, man!

Gena: Why am I not surprised that she’s one of those? Filth moves over to the ropes and climbs the corner turnbuckles. She sizes up Father Gerald before leaping off and hitting the Defibrillator (Coup De Gras)! She goes for the cover!


Chad: Mavis drags Filth off by the leg as Filth puts her hand over her mouth, kicking. Mavis lifts Filth up and she points to the security who has lost control of The Monstimals for a split second on the ramp!


Chad: The referee decides to start doing their job by threatening disqualification if Filth does this one more time. Filth argues as Javi leans down to pick Gerald up, but Virginia Mae Putnam comes from the crowd with The Good Book in her hands!

Gena: She goes to swing it at Javi, but he picks Gerald up just in time to use him as a shield, and Ginny hits Father Gerald right in the face! Javi immediately flips Gerald over and goes for the cover as Filth stomps on Mavis!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here are your winners and NEW SCU Double Down Champions…

Javi rolls outside of the ring and rips the microphone from Liam’s hand. The crowd boos as Javi slides back inside of the ring. He and Filth dispose of The Good Shepherds under the bottom ropes. Javi and Filth join in the center of the ring.

Javier: Odelay!!! Javier Gonzalez walked into Night of Champions as a champion… and he’s about to walk out of Night of Champions as a champion, vatoooooooooos. Whatcha!

Filth glares at Javi for a second and then she takes the microphone from his hand. She looks down at the Double Down Championship in her hand, and then she snorts and spits a heinous loogie on it, causing the fans to boo even louder, and they begin to throw trash at them, which only makes Filth feel exhilarated.

Filth: This is not about Javier Gonzalez. This is not about Angel of Filth. This is not even about the SCU Double Down Championships. Because tonight, G.R.I.M.E. is walking away with two title belts. Since Donna decided to screw over Hitamashii tonight, we’re going to screw over all of SCU.

The crowd looks around, confused by what Filth means, but this doesn’t stop them from throwing things at her and booing her.

Filth: Keep it coming, filthies. Momma loves rolling around in her treasures. As far as the titles go? The former SCU Double Down Championships? They don’t belong to SCU any longer. They are our titles. G.R.I.M.E. titles. As a matter of fact, in mere moments, we will be signing new contracts in the back. G.R.I.M.E. will not be part of SCU from this point on, because SCU is nothing but a goddamn disappointment. A failure that we want no part of. From this moment, G.R.I.M.E. is their own entity and company, sent to destroy this abortion of a dream had by one great man, ruined by Donna Beauchamp and Tad Ezra. And what better way to celebrate this disenfranchising than by dubbing these titles as ours and ours alone?

Javi leans in and looks out into the crowd as he scoots his foot around, much like a dog itching for a belly rub. Filth bites onto his ear and he howls into the microphone before speaking.

Javier: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Mama! G.R.I.M.E. is above it all, mang. G.R.I.M.E. is worthy of their own WORLD titles. G.R.I.M.E. is your worst fucking nightmare, pendejos. So from now on, these belts ain’t tag titles. They are individual titles. So from now on, you gonna address us as Mami and Papi, your G.R.I.M.E. World Nightmare Champions!!!


Javier: Like we give a FUCK what y’all got to say! I have spoken.

Filth: So let it be heard, you lovely, smelly pieces of shit! Now, show your World Nightmare Champions some goddamn respect!

“Killpop” plays over the speakers as Javi and Filth move their way along the ropes to exit by the ramp. Ginny tends to the Shepherds, shouting out flagrantly at G.R.I.M.E. as they exit the ringside area, bypassing the tail end of security keeping The Monstimals at bay.

We open up inside of the extravagant home of one Delia Darling.  To her right is a fireplace, warm with the glow of the flame from the yule log.  To her left is a tastefully decorated tree with hints of red and green to accent the silver tips of the tree itself.  She has a glass of what appears to be eggnog in her hand as she looks to the camera.

Darling:  Hello, and welcome to z’e last Underground of z’e year, Episode 80. I am vous host for z’e event, Delia Darling, as if you didn’t know… Now, allow me to take vous down Memory Lane to z’e first show of 2020, Night of Champions.  Z’e night when z’e GRIME invasion became, like, real.  As a former roster member of GRIME, z’is speaks to moi.

Delia sips on her eggnog and then sets it down on the end table next to her.

Darling:  What we just saw was z’e match z’at changed everys’ing. Z’e Good Shepherds tries so hard to save SCU, and z’e get much respect from me for z’at.  But, Javier Gonzalez and Angel of Fil’s were able to win z’e once Double Down Tag Team Championships, and z’e turned z’em into z’e GRIME World Nightmare Championships, respectively. Bo’s titles have gone on to epic heights s’rough z’e unmasking of legends, but not before being held by an SCW legend and fellow Hall of Famer, such as Lord Raab. Let’s take a look at some of his moments, shall we?

My Bloody Valentine - Feb 16th, 2020

Chad:  Raab sees Blue nearing the top with no time, so he walks over to the cage door and kicks it open with all of his might.  He climbs out as Blue reaches the top of the cage and rolls over.

Gena:  Raab approaches the opening and begins climbing out.  He and Blue are neck and neck!  Raab steps down just as Blue drops to save the match!  Who got it?!


Liam:  Your winner and new World Nightmare Champion… … … LORD RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB!!!


Blue walks over to Lord Raab and smashes him over the back of the head with a trash can lid.  Raab turns around and clocks him with the World Nightmare Championship.  “Monster” plays over the speakers as Raab holds the belt up high in the air.  He looks back at the destruction inside of the ring as he walks away.

Underground Ep 53, Mar 13th, 2020

Liam:  Raab grabs onto Hitamashii’s leg and drags him to another cage wall.  He picks up Hitamashii’s other leg and then looks around.  He leans back and catapults Hitamashii into the cage wall again.  The referee checks on Hitamashii.

Raisa:  He’s clearly out, but there’s no medical stoppage in GRIME Wrestling.  The ref asks Raab to make the cover or escape the ring, but Raab shakes his head.

Liam:  He grabs Hitamashii’s throat and then nails a Chokeslam.  He walks around the ring as the referee continues to plead with him.  He picks Hitamashii up and throws him into the ropes.

Raisa:  A buzz sends him forward and Raab sets Hitamashii up for the Killerbuster (Double Arm Brainbuster) and nails it!  He gets the pin!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion… Lord Raab!!!

Raab wastes no time in taking his belt.  He walks over toward the cage door and looks over to Yellow who refuses to shut off the power.  “Monster” plays over the speakers, but Raab still hasn’t exited the ring and his frustration grows.  He gives the door a few hard kicks until it flies open and pops Yellow with the door, causing him to finally shut it off.  Raab and Yellow share a stare before Raab climbs over the barricade and back into the crowd.  Yellow slides inside of the ring to check on Hitamashii, eventually dragging him out of the ring and trying to help Hitamashii find his footing and balance.

Blaze of Glory VIII - Apr 12th, 2020

Erik: Tommy Knocks isn't going to be happy about this one. He has a hard on for Lord Raab, and rightfully so. Unlike other members of GRIME who are masked, nobody knows who the hell Abaddon really is.

Liam: True enough. Raab knows things are getting hairy for him and he climbs under the ring. As Abaddon goes for the apron, he finds himself sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. He drops it as the smoke clears.

Erik: He grips onto Abaddon's neck and nails him with a Chokeslam! Wait, no! Abaddon cracks his elbow against the side of Lord Raab's head. He throws the dumpster lid open and lifts Raab up inside!

Liam: A new champion! Abaddon just needs to set the dumpster on fire! He picks up a box of matches and lights them up, just for Raab to fire the extinguisher one more time! But where'd he get that one from?

Erik: I don't know, but he just thwarted Abaddon right there. He grips onto Abaddon's throat and drags him inside of the dumpster. Raab crawls out and as Abaddon tries to follow him, something... someone... drags him back inside!

Liam: Raab throws gasoline across Abaddon's body and slams the dumpster lid over his head. He then dumps the container over the dumpster lid and secures the lock. He flicks a lighter as we hear more than one person struggling inside of the dumpster!

Erik: Lord Raab is just toying with us now as he holds the lighter up high. He drops the lighter onto the dumpster, setting it ablaze just as the lid cracks and Abaddon pushes his way through... But it's too late and the referee has called for the bell!


Liam: Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion... Lord Raab!

The dumpster is on fire as Abaddon rolls out through the broken top. "Monster" by Skillet plays over the speakers. Abaddon falls to the ground and rolls around as ring technicians spray him down with fire extinguishers. However, the camera looks over to see Samuel McPherson rise out from the hole in the top of the dumpster. He, too, is sprayed down as the crowd gives a mixed reaction, but an intense one. Raab helps Sam out of the dumpster before the referee hands him his World Nightmare Championship belt. He puts it over his shoulder and walks out like what just happened was no big deal. He holds onto the broken piece of his mask as he walks up the ramp.

Underground Ep 60 - May 20th, 2020

Liam:  Rory was fairing okay against Raab for a moment, but Abaddon returned to the ring to help keep Raab down.  Both men stomped him into oblivion, and even tried to dogpile pin Raab. But it just wasn’t good enough to keep the Monster down.

Erik:  Our GRIME World Nightmare Champion showed why he’s been so dominant since taking the strap off of Javier Gonzalez. He kicked out of every attempt, and with two referees, that was no easy feat.

Liam:  All angles covered, scrutinizing every detail.  Raab was finally able to nail a throat thrust to Abaddon.  Rory tried showing off in a ridiculous display from the top rope, but Raab caught him by the throat and threw him to the outside.

Erik:  Abaddon clobbered Raab, but it was just a little too late as the damage to Rory was done. The ring was used as a weapon multiple times as Raab removed one of the pads, and repeatedly smashed Abaddon into it head first.

Liam:  Abaddon wasn’t the only one who took some wild blows.  He shoved broken glass into the pads of one corner, and he sent Raab into it, and cut open Raab’s lips, and even his eye.

Erik:  Medical confirmed that it was just the eyelids of Raab.  And Raab turned it around of Abaddon and punished him with his own creation by Powerbombing him into the corner.

Liam:  The match could have gone on forever, but Rory got up on the outside, trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes.  He tries to find his way back to the ring, but he finds a rising Samuel McPherson instead.  The Animal Kill was delivered, and that was lights out for Rory and Abaddon.

Into the Void IX - Jun 7th, 2020

Liam: The following contest is a Weapons Steel Cage Match, where the objective is to pin, submit, or knockout your opponent inside of the ring, and it is for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship!!!


Liam: Sam charges at Rory, taking him down to the mat. He picks the chair up and uses it to choke Rory out. Rory struggles to get out from under it.

Erik: Meanwhile, Abaddon lifts Raab up and puts on the Revelations (Von Erich Claw)! Rory's struggling goes down slowly as his eyes bulge out. He's not giving up just yet.

Liam: Raab tries to get out of the hold as well, and the referees tend to each pair to see who will tap first! They watch intensely as Raab tries to grab for leverage on the cage.

Erik: He seems to be fading too. Abaddon applies more pressure, and Raab silently begins tapping, but so does Rory! What's going on here?


Liam: Your NEW GRIME World Nightmare Champion... Samuel McPherson.... AND Abaddon!!!

Crowd: *MEGA POP!*

Darling:  We all know how z’at night ended. A New GRIME World Nightmare Champion. But, not before Abaddon unmasked.  Now, his unmasking was quite different from z’e rest of z’e GRIME unmaskings. Some were by accident.  Some were by choice. Os’ers were to add an exclamation point to z’eir title reigns.  But, Abaddon’s was long overdue, and not as “bright’ as z’e rest of z’e masked GRIME members. Let us take a moment to see some of z’e most shocking unmaskings in GRIME, shall we?

Raisa: The four men unmask… It’s Mason Fox! Jason Fox! Jamie Staggs! And Dorian B!!! Sea Green, and Blue go after the Fox Brothers, Jaime and Dorian B!

Liam: Purple grabs Light Blue and nails them in the head with the Kendo stick. Purple grabs Light Blue and drops them with a DDT on to a steel pipe and goes for the cover!


Raisa: That was GRIMEY and I love it.

Purple gets off of Light Blue and slides out the ring swing a bat around hitting the Fox Brothers. Grey and Silver come about and get to their feet. A five on four kicks out at ringside. GRIME uses the extra man to their advantage.

Light Blue finally sits up. Light Blue sees what's going on and grabs a bat from the ring then slides outside the ring. Light Blue starts swinging the bat like crazy dropping all four SCU stars. The GRIME wrestlers get in the ring.

Sea Green, Grey, and Light Blue stand in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants to unmask. Raisa gets up from the commentary table.

Raisa: Stop! You three lost the match but I speak on behalf of GRIME that tonight’s unmasking should not be of you three….

Crowd: Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!

Raisa: It is now time for the hometown crowd to get what they have been wanting.

Crowd: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Blue and Silver unmask to a huge pop as they see it’s hometown wrestlers former NAW stars Jack Jeckel and Jake Jeckel. Purple unmasked and fixes her hair to reveal it’s in fact Helena Jeckel.

Crowd: Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!

Raisa: We’re the Jeckel Family, and we are GRIME Wrestling!


The show goes off the air with the crowd chanting for GRIME Wrestling

Liam:  And then…

Liam is cut off by “American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers.  Jacob Johnson, Eric Weaver, and masked member Yellow climb over the barricade as Pakistan Green comes down the entryway.  They all enter the ring at the same time and step toward SCU’s team, being broken up by the referees.  Once things settle down, Liam takes the center of the ring.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaand their opponents, Eric Weaver, Jacob Johnson, and representing the masked members of GRIME, Pakistan Green, and…

Yellow walks over to Liam and holds up a hand.  He looks out around the audience and nods his head as his hand reaches up for the mask.  The crowd cheers, surprisingly, and Yellow slowly undoes his mask and brings it down to his side, giving Liam a nod as the crowd gives a quick pop, fading into a mixed reaction.

Liam:  And Skag!!!

Skag takes a bow, bringing about more boos, living up to the GRIME standard.  Alex Rush moves over with Carter, Kaos, and Mickey, and they go on the attack as Alex spins around and kicks Pakistan Green in the groin!

Yellow: Hallo, damen und herren, the bride and groom would like to thank you all for joining us here today. It is indeed a special day. Esther and Red's special day.

Yellow points to Esther and Red respectively. He then looks back out to the audience.

Yellow: We gather today in front of a bunch of assholes who mean nothing to us, but there's not any other options, because you wanted to show off for various reasons. Vanity and legitimacy. Attention and video proof. For whatever your reasons, here we are. And thanks to I am able to perform this ceremony. It is mein honor to have paid twelve US dollars for a certificate.

Esther: I just want to fuck you every day for the rest of our lives. I love you. I need you. And if you ever leave me, I will kill myself. Do you hear me? Hm? Oh, and I don't mean just the razor blade to the femoral artery in the bathtub kind, but the zip tie around the handle of a chainsaw type. Do you understand me?! Huh?!

Red nods his head and then holds his hands up in the air in surrender. Esther punches him in the arm and then slaps him across the face as she finishes her statement. He grabs onto her arms and holds her still as he shouts at her in Russian.

Yellow: That was very... Fledermaus verdammt verrückt as we say back in ze Deutschland. It pulls at the heartstrings. Thank you for that, Sister Esther Shepherd. Ahhh... Red?

Red: My dearest Esther. At first, I thought to myself, "Why the hell are we letting this bible thumping, self-righteous, idiotic, fake blonde suka into GRIME? I mean, are we just fucking with her? Are we just trying to make her father go crazy?" But we were not fucking with you at all, moya zayka. Angel of Filth realized that the risk was worth the reward. And when I impressed you with my manhood, I realized I could do this for a while. Two years minimum until green card is issued, no? It's not a prison sentence. Railroad spiking a pastor's daughter and letting him know about it while watching him go sumasshedshaya bita isa benefit that I can live with. Plus you're kind of hot and breast implants are in my budget. I love banging you, and I love letting your father know I'm banging you. It is one reason I provide the gift I am providing you.

Red: Your father was invited to give you away on several occasions. He says no each time. Red does not like this word, no. Here he is, vozlyublennaya. Willing or not, here he is…

Esther can't hold back the tears any longer. She wails dramatically as she jumps into Red's arms, trying to lift his mask just enough to shove her tongue in his mouth. However, Yellow pulls her back.

Yellow: Hab etwas würde, kind. Have some dignity. Wait until you are officially married, damn. So, some things about marriage is a forever bond, it is sacred, and a bunch of secular bullenscheiße. Repeat after me, Esther. I, Esther Shepherd…

Esther repeats the marriage vows as Yellow says them. He then turns to Red and has him do the same process. Their rings are officially on, and Red turns to Esther, leaning over her as she stares longingly up into his eyes.

Yellow: Then it is with the power vested in me, by the state of Florida, that I now pronounce you... Mr. and Mrs... Red? Or…

Red shrugs his shoulders. The mask comes off to reveal...

Chad: That's former PBC boxer, Andrey Azarov! What is he...? He's been with GRIME all this time?

Gena: I don't know who the hell that is, but the crowd is gasping, shouting, cheering, booing, throwing things, cheering... I've never seen a more loud yet mixed reaction in my year plus career!

Andrey sneers as he looks into the audience. He spits down at the ground and raises his fists. He walks back and forth a few times, getting the crowd to go louder and louder before Esther jumps into his arms.

Yellow: I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Azarov! You may now kiss the bride!

Esther kneels down and shouts at her father. She leans over him as Andrey kisses her deeply. The crowd is disgusted by this display as they continue on, and the camera cuts elsewhere.


The Purge sirens start to go off as Mask member Ruby comes out. Ruby runs down as Filth now gets on the apron. Filth gets in before Masked Ruby as she slides in the ring.

Liam: Now lets see Eyesnsane talk this big game with a GRIME member showing up for the fight!

Gena: It’s every wrestler for themselves. I don’t expect GRIME to play nice to each other.

Eyesnsane: Look what we have here. So Filth, you waited for my girl to come out.

Filth tilts her head as she stares at Eyesnsane.

Eyesnsane: Look at her. It's no way you can hide who that is. 2018 Honor Wrestling Future Star award winner Mrs Right. No way you can hide behind a mask girl. I didn’t want to say anything before but now that you're in front of me, I have no choice but to ask you one question.

Masked Ruby removes her mask to show it is indeed Mrs Right. The crowd pops for Mrs Right.

<img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />

Filth yells loud enough for the microphone to pick up what she says.

Filth: What question do you have to ask? It better be a good one.

Eyesnsane: You know OTE is your home Mrs Right. What you doing with GRIME?

Mrs Right: This…

Gena: Mrs Right turns and grabs Angel of Filth by her throat and lifts her up in and chokeslam. Mrs Right slams Filth on her back but keeps her hand around her throat as she deadlifts Filth from the mat, back to the air for a second chokeslam!!!

Liam: Here is your winner and NEW GRIME World Nightmare Champion…

Before Liam can finish, Crimson slides out of the ring and pulls the microphone away from Liam, shaking her head.

Crimson: No! This has to be done right.

Turning to slide back into the ring, Crimson shakes her head as she stares around the ring. She looks at Liam and motions him to come into the ring.

Crimson: We have to give the right name to the new GRIME Nightmare champion. A champion is not a color...there has always been a name associated with titles and this title...MY TITLE will have MY NAME on it…

Crimson holds up her title belt on her shoulder as her other hand reaches up for the mask that is covering her face. Leaning forward and teasingly slow, she pulls off the mask before flipping her head back to reveal Vixen Staggs, her lips rimmed with the remnants of the poisoned mist making the smile she has on her face that more dangerous.

Vixen: Now Liam, you can announce the NEW GRIME World Nightmare champion.

Vixen slams the microphone into the chest of Liam who brings it to his lips as she makes her way to where Filth can be seen kicking and screaming at her. Vixen holds up the title in front of Filth's face then backing away slowly, she makes her way to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle to display the belt as The Jokes on you by Charlotte Lawrence begins to play.

Liam: Here is your winner and NEW GRIME World Nightmare Champion...VIXEN STAGGS!

”This is not a test. This is your WGN broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Purge sanctioned by the G.R.I.M.E. Wrestling. Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. SCU officials and medical team have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all attacks, will be allowed until the end of Sin City Underground programming. Emergency medical services will be unavailable until the Purge concludes. Blessed by our new WGN Head of Standards and Practices for Underground.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”

Fuschia whips Debbi around, but Debbi punches her in the face and then rips her mask clean off of her!  We rest our eyes upon the face of… “Queen of Apathy”!  The crowd goes nuts in astonishment.  She just stares forward, and when everyone stops to look at her with the same astonishment, she just shrugs her shoulders.

Apathy:  Meh…

She rests back against the door as the banging continues.  Angel of Filth walks up behind Debbi and yanks her head back by her hair.

Filth:  The last person that ripped a mask off got their arm broken.  Clearly that message was not received.  Let’s break her fucking neck.  Let’s break her fucking career!

Ruby picks up Stacy as “Celeste” and “Orchid” grab Debbi by the arms.  They fling the sisters into one another, head first.  But they repeatedly bounce their heads off of one another.  Debbi goes down, but Stacy tries to fight back.  She grabs onto “Orchid’s” mask and pulls it down just enough for only her to get a look.  She is stunned once more as she puts her mask back on and then she lifts Stacy up, with Ruby’s help, and they do a Double Powerbomb into the soda machine.  They then deposit her onto the concrete as “Celeste” knocks an equipment box over on top of Stacy’s arm, causing her to let out a blood curdling scream.

They turn back to Debbi, Vixen and Filth slam her head first into the soda machine.  They then lift her up and hit a Double Powerbomb of their own, right into the machine.  They pull back and do it again, and again, until the plexiglass breaks.  They then deposit her right next to her screaming sister.  Ruby and “Orchid” work together to dump the machine over on top of Debbi.

Black, Jade, Cerulean Blue, and Helena lift the machine up just enough to cause an impact as the machine falls down on top of Debbi once more.  Vixen and Sister Esther both jump on top of the machine, jumping up and down with all of their weight as the sirens blare once more.

”This concludes your weekly Purge.  Emergency and medical services are back online.  We thank you for your participation.  Blessed by our new WGN Head of Quality Management.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”

Apathy:  Is she dead?  Asking for a friend because I obviously don’t care.

The group laughs as they quickly move away from the scene of utter devastation and destruction, leaving the medical team to rush in to check on a screaming, crying Stacy Ruin, and attempting to remove the soda machine from off of Debbi.

Chad:  Wow… just wow… That was the most disgusting thing I think I’ve seen from GRIME so far. And that says a lot.

Gena:  You can hear the distinct silence that’s fallen over the crowd as they are in just as much disbelief as we are.  We are sending our thoughts to the Ruin Sisters and their family.  Hopefully things aren’t as bad as they look.

The cage is lifted, and the crowd is on their feet for this news. Sam and Abaddon don't look very pleased as they come face to face. Sam takes the belt from the referees. But Abaddon yanks it away from Sam. Sam yanks it back and shoves Abaddon back. Abaddon looks at Sam through the mask and he takes one step forward. He holds his hand out for a microphone. Once he is handed one, he raises it to his mouth.

Abaddon: This will be settled tonight. There is no question about that, because I refuse to leave the ring without a definitive winner. If I haven't inflicted too much pain upon you, what say you we go again? Winner takes all?

Before Sam can say anything, Abaddon reaches up to his busted mask. He removes one half of it, and the other falls off with it to reveal...


Erik: Ha! I didn't even know that! This man just put a target on the middle of his fucking forehead just by unmasking! Hahahaaaaa!

Sam nods his head, happy to go along with it. He waves the cage back down, and it settles into place. Both men get ready as the referees call for the bell again!

Darling: So, so, epic.  So punk rock. So… GRIME… But, z’is is not all about GRIME Wrestling.  Sin City Underground has had z’eir fair share of Story of the Year candidates.  2020 looked to be yet anos’er year for Nobility, who ruled 2019.  But z’ey did not last, and went up in flames like a dumpster fire. Let’s take a look back to z’e start of z’e end at Night of Champions, 2020…

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall! First... From Bronx, NY, she is “The Classy One”... Toriellllllllllllle Jaaaaaaaacksoooooooooooon!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  The referee tries to wrestle it away from Angel, but Kash is not giving in.  She continues to argue with the referee, buying Melissa time to send Torielle into the ring steps.

Gena:  As the referee turns around to look, Kash literally grabs his face to turn him back to her and continues arguing.

Angel:  Do you know who I am?  I’m Angel Freaking Kash!

Chad:  No sooner than she shouts this, Chanelle Martinez comes flying down the ramp and slides inside of the ring.  She spins Angel around and nails her with a hard slap that puts Kash spinning in a 180 and falling to her knees!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  As a result of a disqualification… Here is your winner… Angel Kash!!!

Chanelle waits for Angel to get back to her feet, and she waits for Kash to charge at her before hitting a Rear View.  She then sends Angel into the corner, looking for the Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster)!  But Melissa pulls Angel out of the ring and shouts at Chanelle, pointing at her.  Chanelle flips her hair and then shrugs as the crowd cheers her on.  Torielle climbs inside of the ring and walks up to Chanelle, looking surprised.  Chanelle turns her back to Torielle and continues to wave Kash and Ruin to the back.

Chanelle:  Bye Felicia.  Get gone dot com, bitches…

Torielle tries to get Chanelle’s attention, but Chanelle won’t give it to her.  She leaves the ring as soon as Kash and Melissa are behind the curtains.  Torielle tries to follow behind her, but Chanelle just will not listen to anything she’s got to say.  They too disappear behind the curtains.

Holly:  I don’t mean to photobomb this interview, but as your reigning TV Champion, I feel like I need to take a moment to speak on a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

Torielle looks almost confused, and almost offended.  Holly turns to her and gives her a reassuring look.

Holly:  I am an ass woman.  I love ass. I think about ass all day, and all night. Ass makes the world go round.  But I am not about to sit here and preach about all ass.  Because I love me some Azz.  But an Azz is only and Azz, when it’s mixed with some Class.  And how boring is Class, when it ain’t behind a great Azz?

Torielle and Holly share a hug, that almost seems to perplex Dev.  However, it seems to have been some kind of secret communication, because Chanelle approaches the shot.  She looks at both ladies with an intense look in her eye.  She swaggers over to Torielle, giving Holly the sign to leave.  When Holly does, Chanelle surprises Torielle with a hug that gets the crowd going even louder!

Chanelle:  C’mon girl.  Azz needs Class right about now.  Let’s go on out there and do the damn thing.

Torielle:  Trust!

After releasing the hug, Chanelle and Torielle walk toward the curtains.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Torielle howls in delight as Chanelle belittles Melissa.  However, Angel comes up behind and brings Torielle back with a devastating Kash Flow (Codebreaker)!  She then rolls Torielle out of the ring.

Chad:  She pulls Chanelle up by the back of the head and whips her by her hair into the ropes!  As Chanelle comes off, Angel lifts her up for a Back Body Drop!  But Chanelle lands on her feet.  She turns around and wraps her arms around Angel for Azz Backwards (Bridging Belly-To-Back Suplex)!!! She goes for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner… Chanelle Martinez!!!

Torielle comes slowly gets off of the mat to hear “Bubble Butt” playing over the speakers.  It seems to give her a bit of energy as she pulls herself inside of the ring.  She stands up and then holds Chanelle’s hand up victoriously.

Chad: Angel grabs Torielle by the back of the head and drags her over to the drive thru window. She throws Torielle through and then hands a check to the driver!

Angel: GO! GO! Drive! Drive!

Darlyn: Here are your winners... Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin... Nobility!!!

SCU Tron turns on, the fans watching turn to see what’s going on. A view into a private home. An empty couch in a huge living room. After a few seconds we see Stacy Ruin take a seat, her arm in a cast being held up by a sling.

Stacy: I told SCU that I would give an update on my injury. I suffered a broken wrist, my index and middle fingers went out of the socket and bruised a few muscles.

Doctors said that I will be out of action for the rest of this year and part of 2021. After that, with luck, I should be okay…

Stacy takes a few moments as the look on her face goes from hopeful to sad, she looks away from the camera for a moment to gather herself.

Stacy: As for Debbi, she had to have three surgeries to correct for her neck and spinal cord. She had all the surgeries needed to fix her injuries… it could be a few months but she’ll be able to walk again…

Stacy turns away from the camera, she takes a deep breath as she tries to keep it together.

Stacy: With the Ruin Twins out of action, I feel that it’s only best I address it now…

The Ruin Twins are no more. My recovery will be a lucky one… Debbi was not so lucky…

Stacy lets out a few tears.

Stacy: As of today… Debbi Ruin is officially retired from wrestling and any other sport.

Stacy gets up and walks away refusing to address the situation any further at this time…

The SCU Tron turns off, the camera’s zoom out to a stunned crowd of coworkers across all brands.

The SCU Tron turns back on to see Melissa Ruin in the back shocked and heartbroken. In a rare twist, she is seen being consoled by her opponents tonight, Merlot Ayano and Halo Annis.

Merlot Ayano: Tonight we fight, we still give it all. But Merlot not happy about what happened to Debbi Ruin.

Melissa: Really opened my eyes on what's really important. I try not to be a bitch, I really do.

Halo: Live and let learn. You know tonight your gonna have to bring it and like Merlot said, we’re going all in on your asses.

The camera zooms out to see Angel Kash walk in the room.

Angel: What is this? Why are you hanging out with these nobodies? We have a match to prepare for. I need to make sure I win this match so lets go.

Melissa gets up and heads towards Angel.

Halo: Hold up? Melissa, you really gonna let her talk to you that way?

Before Melissa can say anything Merlot adds in.

Merlot Ayano: Melissa not just say her eyes open to what is important?

Halo: No shit, we all just heard the news of Debbi Ruin and Angel walks in here like that didn’t just happen.

Angel: That’s not Nobility’s issue, Debbi is a nice person but the worse Ruin out of the three. I worked hard on Melissa to be the better of the three but hanging out with the likes of you two is a reminder that I still have a lot of work to do.

Halo: Wow.

Merlot Ayano: How Melissa not punching Angel in face right now?

Melissa: Angels right, we have a match to get ready for and like you both said. I have to bring it because you two will.

Angel and Melissa walk away as Angel tells Melissa

Angel: You were actually talking to them? What’s gotten into you Melissa?

Halo: I never hated Melissa or liked her, she was whatever, but now, I may be feeling sorry for her, she’s with the wrong crowd. Bless her heart.

Merlot Ayano: She adult, she makes choice…

A loud bang is heard from down the hall.

Angel: You heard that?

Merlot Ayano: Yes!

Halo and Merlot to check it out, they can tell it’s a brawl of some sort as they hear more banging sounds and yells. The two turn the corner to see GRIME wrestlers brawling with Kelli Torres, Le Coven, Dahlia Rotten. 

Grime are holding trays as shields as the SCU stars swing chairs, kendo sticks and a bat by Dahlia.

Halo: YO!!!!

They stop to look at Halo them back at each other.

Dahlia drops the bat and walks up to Jade, Cadet Blue, Carluen Blue, Queen of Apathy as the other mask wrestlers stand behind them.

Dahlia: Attack me! Try attacking me like you did to Debbi Ruin, I dare you!

Halo looks at Merlot…

Halo: For the cause?

Chad: Melissa fights to get in a better position to reverse the hold, but Kelli is flowing with her quite well at the moment.

Gena: Fantastic reversal by Ruin! She front rolled into her Ruins Lock! Melissa is going to tear the tendons in the ankle if Torres stays in this for too much longer.

Chad: Kelli is kicking the grip of Ruin with everything she’s got, but the challenger is not letting this moment slip away like the Misty O’Malley Battle Royal! Ruin was fingertips away from taking the next step in the evolution of the Ruin Sisters in professional wrestling.

Gena: And that’s it! Ruin cranked on that ankle one more time, and Kelli has no choice but to relinquish her title tonight here at the Saxon!

Darlyn: Here is your winner... annnnnnnd NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW Sin City Underground Television Champion... Melissa Ruin!

Melissa Ruin snatches the championship away from the referee and clutches it tight against her. She slowly raises as she stands over Kelli Torres still clutching her ankle, and being attended by the Underground ringside physician. The new champion crouches down and shoves her newly acquired title in the face of Torres. Ruin gives her a wave as Kelli is slid out under the bottom rope.

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Re: SCU Underground Ep 80 (Results)
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The SCUTron turns on. We see the Sun Devils football field with the drummers of the school's marching band in the middle of the field making the letters ASU for Arizona State University. The drums goes off twice, with a second pause before going off again twice repeating this process 3 times before the other drums come in. This happens twice before the group starts breaking formation.

The bugle team march onto the field as they begin to play…

ASU Marching band plays their version of Public Service Announcement II by Jay Z.

The Drummers move around as they form the letters SCU. The Bugle team marches in place below the letters making 6 rows underneath. The S and C break apart as the drummers making the U move to the side. The first row of bugle break up to join the drummers as they form the letters TV. The rest of the Bugle team break formation as they walk around the letters TV. Within 20 seconds they all gather under the letters TV to spell out CHAMPION.

The gurp breaks up and marches around the field for a bit as they start to slowly make out the name Melissa Ruin…

Darlyn: On the way to the ring she is a two time all American in Lacrosse and Basketball from Arizona State… She is your SCU TV Champion… Melissa Ruin!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Angel laughs then moves her knee from Melissa’s back then slams the back of her head on the mat. Angel puts her knee onto Melissa’s forehead. Melissa shoves Angel’s knee off her head.

Chad: Melissa rolls over, Angel tries to kick her but Melissa rolls over again then does a kip up to her feet. Angel grabs Melissa from the side and lifts her up to drop her on the mat with a side backdrop.

Gena: Angel waits as Melissa slowly gets up. Angel kicks Melissa in the midsection then grabs her head as she gets Melissa off her feet and drops her with the Face Blower! (Face Buster) Angel goes for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Angel has scored one victory and needs one more to win this match.

Gena: Melissa jumps off to nail Angel with a frog splash but misses as Angel rolls out of the way!

Chad: Angel turns Melissa around and hooks the leg for a cover…! No Melissa counters it to a small package as she manages to roll Angel over in perfect position for the pinfall!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Melissa Run has scored a victory, the next one to score a victory will be the SCU TV Champion!

Gena: Melissa moves Jade out of the way and nails Angel with a hard right fist. Melissa gives Angel another closed fist. Jade now warns Melissa as Melissa gets on top of Angel and lays out another closed fist. Melissa hits a third punch… Jade calls for the bell. Melissa’s being DQ!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Jade grabs Melissa's arm and pulls her off of Angel. Angel rolls herself to the outside of the ring. @@

Darlyn:  Ladies and gentlemen… Jade has disqualified Melissa Ruin… Therefore your winner of this match… Angel Kashhhhhhhh!!!!

Angel laughs as she walks over to the time keeper to get the TV title.

Darlyn: However, the TV Title can not change hands via a DQ therefore still your SCU TV Champion…

Angel: Nooo!!!

Darlyn: Melissa Ruinnnn!!!!

Angel goes to grab the title as Melissa slides out of the ring. She grabs Angel him behind and lifts her up for a German suplex. Jade slides out the ring and is in the perfect place to catch Angel as the two collide and drop to the floor. 

Melissa gets her TV Title as Angel gets up pushing Jade in the process. Angel runs over at Melissa and turns her around to face her only Melissa swings the title around and nails Angel in the face with it. Melissa theme starts to play as she leaves the ring side area.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Angel goes for an Elbow drop as Ruin rolls away. Both women get to their feet, Ruin runs over as Angel turns around and times a Pele Kick to Ruin’s head. Ruin falls on her butt sitting up. Angel goes to kick Ruin in the chest but it gets blocked by Ruin who grabs Angel's leg and locks in the Ruin Lock!!! (Anklelock)

Chad: Angel drops as she tries to kick Ruin but misses. Ruin drags Angel to the middle of the ring and drops down as she wraps her legs around Angel keeping her trapped int he middle of the ring. Ruin turns the ankle further as Angel yells tapping out!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Your winner of this match by tap out… And your new SCU Uncensored TV Champion!!! Melissa Ruin!!!

Gena: Ref turns to Ruin who still has the Ruin Lock Angel as she yells at Ruin to let go. Ruin ignores the ref as she calls for the bell again. 

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: The ref tries to separate Ruin from Angel but has no luck. More referees come running down from the back trying to get Ruin to release the hold with no luck.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Angel Kash's personal security rush the ring but get held off by the SCU refs.  Lexa comes out with her four security guards. The four rush the ring…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The four guards stand in front of Angel’s personal security. The refs go back to Melissa Ruin as she keeps twisting Angel’s ankle trying to break it.

The refs grab Melissa’s arms but can’t break the hold. One of the guards comes over and removes the refs from the way. The guard swings around and nails a stiff kick to Melissa's face that causes her to break the hold and lay on the mat dazed. The guards move out the way so that Angel’s personal security can get Angel and remove her from ringside.

Melissa gets to her feet and charges at Angel but gets speared by one of Lexa’s security guards. The referee from the match goes over to speak with Darlyn.

Darlyn: Ladies and gentlemen the referee has reversed her discussion and has DQ’d Melissa Ruin… Still your SCU Uncensored TV Champion… Angel Kash!!!

Angel takes her TV titles as Melissa is held back by the four guards. Melissa tries to headbutt one of the guards but the helmet being worn knocks Melissa out. The guards pick Melissa up to carry her to the back.

Soon enough the sound of loud clacking heels can be heard as coming into the view is none other than the Trillion Dollar Princess Angel Kash. Who has her Television title resting neatly on her shoulder dressed in a black dress, gold high heel pumps, and a gold chanel handbag, along a gold tiara. The Princess looks down at Dev with a snobby look as she says.

Angel: My, my isn’t this a site a lowlife little nobody bothering one of the stars. One of the NLW originals around here on top of that. I mean you really don’t know what you are doing do you?

Angel says with a sarcastic bitchy look on her face as she eyes her title.

Angel: The fact they would put you on television without training is sickening but what else can I expect from this company. I mean it’s very clear to me you don’t belong on television and I don’t want the children watching to be scared for their life looking at you. So go buh bye now!

Angel gives a bitchy wave as Dev leaves before she turns her attention to Valentina despite the history between the two. Angel has a bright smile on her face, as she flicks her long blonde hair out of her face before speaking.

Angel: I am sorry you had to deal with that but this is SCU after all. The help here is pretty poorly trained if you ask me.  But, trash like that doesn’t belong on television but I can answer a question you posed about the fans? They don’t care about you. After all they don’t know what it's like to be successful it's why they hate me. And you are bound to get the same kind of thing you use your brain and eliminate insignificant Alexis and Mark?

Angel said with a huge smirk let out a chuckle.

Angel: And they have as many brain cells as they do class none at all. And aren’t worth your time, something I've been trying to tell you for a while. So I wouldn’t worry about what they think if anything I’d start doing things your way if I was you. Because, it does work just you got cheated by a jealous loser in that match.

Val stares at Angel, clearly unsure of the motive behind her mostly kind words. She sighs.

Valentina: Can we cut the bullshit here, Kash? What do you want? It's not like you to just come around here being all friendly to anyone unless you want something.

Angel says in her normal tone. Val really starts to think on this. It's clear that she is buying into what Angel is saying, even when she's trying not to.

Valentina: Nobody respects me anymore. So why are you even giving me the time of day? Is it because now you're all alone?

Angel rolls her eyes despite that she still has a smirk on her face.

Angel: Well its clear even alone I still get my way. I mean Melissa Ruin can’t even keep her emotions in check long enough to even think of beating me and Chanel? She has fallen far its clear that without me their careers are going downhill. And because I am not a brain dead peasant like the rest of the roster duh!

Valentina: If only things had turned out differently. If I had taken that buyout over two years ago, then you might have had an actual ally instead of lackies who weren't worth carrying your bags.

Gena:  As she gets part way up, the fans begin booing.  Melissa stops and looks around, and then shrugs at the fans.  She continues to climb.  What she doesn’t see if Valentina sitting down by the ring steps.  When Melissa’s back is turned, Valentina uses a pair of bolt cutters to open up the chain!  She throws the door open and slides inside to grab Angel!


Melissa:  OH COME ON!

Chad:  Melissa is near the top when she shouts out at the fans.  However, she sees what’s going on inside of the ring, and she quickly begins climbing down.  Valentina scurries faster as Melissa comes charging at them.  She gives Angel a few good tugs before Melissa gives her a Clothesline From Hell!!


Gena:  Melissa begins rolling around on the mat with Valentina as both ladies exchange punches.  Valentina gets on top of Melissa and gets a few good punches, but Melissa yanks her by the hair and rolls on top, getting several vicious, hard hitting punches in return.  However, while this is going on, Angel crawls onto the steps.  As Melissa sees this, she tries to grab Angel, but Angel kicks the cage door into Melissa’s face and rolls to the ground!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL Uncensored Television Champion… Angel Kash!!!

Angel holds onto her ribs as she scoots herself to the barricade.  She shouts out as Todd and Leroy help bring her to her feet.  Valentina exits the ring, looking back at Melissa as she spits.

Valentina: ¡Métetelo por el culo perra! (Stick it up your ass, bitch!)

She then joins Angel at the ramp, and she carries the TV Championship to the back for Angel.

Darling:  And it all started from insulting Melissa’s sisters’ Ruined careers. Not even I am z’at big of a bitch. But, it is Angel Kash.  Having pushed, not one, but two away from her. But, idiots do flock to Angel, so she’s got her backup.  But, speaking of Chanelle Martinez and Torielle Jackson… They reunited, and disappeared after a loss to Angel and Melissa. Did Chanelle leave John Blade, and her and Tee-Tee ran off to become the Team Hero? I would call it wasted potential, but… no.

Delia shrugs and has another sip of eggnog.  She reaches into the tree and pulls out a few cards.

Darling:  And it is my distinct pleasure to announce SCU and GRIME’s Year End Awards.  Z’is year, it is my time, my free time I am giving up for zi’s show, so all winners will have to do acceptance speeches next week at Night of Champions. Sorry, not sorry.

Delia holds up the first card.

Darling:  Stable of the Year was a category with nominations for SCU only.  Z’e SCU fans have named…

Delia opens the envelope.  She smirks and nods.

Darling:  Z’e Good Shepherds.  Congratulations. Now, z’e fans of GRIME Wrestling, as if z’ere were such a s’ing… z’e have demanded z’at GRIME also recognize a Stable of the Year, and z’ey were clear z’at GRIME Stable of the Year goes to Z’e Jeckels.  Congratulations to you bo’s. @@

Delia flips over the new card and opens it up. We can see “Tag Team of the Year” on the back of the card. She grins and then looks into the camera again.

Darling:  What should be Stable of z’e Year has found it’s way into our hearts as z’e Tag Team of z’e Year, and why would it not be? Z’e only way to combine cute and fils’y is to take z’e Kawaii Dragons, toss in Alex Rush, and a splash of Edwin Robert, Lucha Rhino, and SCU’s Tag Team of z’e Year could not be clearer to us all.  Kawaii Dragons, Alex Rush, and Edwin Robert!

Delia pauses, knowing the fans at home are likely jumping out of their seats.  She then looks down the card.

Darling:  And in a “not even close” vote, GRIME’s Tag Team of z’e Year does not mess around.  Z’ey are all business, and have been since z’eir time in SCW, including a Hall of Famer, SCW Grand Slam Champion, GRIME World Nightmare Champion, and bo’s as Hardcore Tag Team Champions. Let us not delay, GRIME’s Team Team of z’e Year is… Z’e Monstimals!

With less time for cheers, and more time for a showing of respect, Delia opens the next card.

Darling:  Breakout Star of z’e Year defines a career.  Someone who has paid z’eir dues, and it paid off in 2020, a year when we needed it most.  SCU fans and staff would like to give z’is honor to two tag team specialists, fighting at opposite ends, wi’s a knack for bringing people toges’er and enjoying z’e fruits of z’eir labor.  SCU Breakout Stars of z’e Year honor goes to… Fas’er Gerald Shepherd and Ariana Angelos… @@

A first genuine smile comes over her face as she claps her hands together through the cards.

Darling:  And for GRIME, teamwork plays no factor, for a group who came toges’er and played as a team, two individuals stuck out to fans and staff alike.  Bo’s individuals are credited for dominating in z’eir respective divisions, one with a title, and one so far above a title z’at she simply laughs at any shot she is given.  GRIME Breakout Stars of z’e Year goes to Max Burke, and in a landslide, Angel of Fil’s

Delia pauses once more before continuing.

Darling:  Some stars shine brightest in z’e darkest times.  Some outshine no matter what.  And some just get brighter and brighter, and we look to z’ose individuals for z’e future.  Z’ese individuals have shown true potential, and continue to grow at a rate z’at lets us know z’ey are destined for great s’ings in z’e years to come.  SCU Future Stars of z’e Year are none os’er z’an Helluva Bottom Carter and Melissa Ruin!

Delia claps once more, but her inflection shows much more joy over Carter than Ruin, and she refuses to apologize for it.

Darling:  GRIME has been around for just a year now, but z’e impact z’ey have made has given us some perspective on what stars will stick around.  While many expressed z’at Skag is a sleeper, z’ey felt he is too newly unmasked to see just how brightly he may grow.  Z’e two winners have proven z’ey are going places already.  GRIME Future Stars of z’e Year are… Andrey Azarov in a very close call, and Omasa Tazu, not quite so close. Congratulations, and please, let us move along to z’e Schurz High School gymnasium, shall we? @@

Darling: And now I have Eyesnsane on my left computer screen. 

Delia turns to look at Eysnsane.

Darling: Does Rory have his…

Delia sees the screen on the right turn on to see Rory

Darling: Oh good, bo’s are connected. So boys, put your phones in a spot to catch z’e whole ring. Two different spots of course.

The two look around. Rory places his on the second row of a bench, he zooms in to get the view dead center of the ring between the middle and top ropes. Eyesnsane uses a ladder to place his phone at an angle going down but covering the ring from 45 degrees over a turnbuckle overlooking the whole ring.

Darling: Perfect, z’e two are set. Now don’t be chiennes and fight. 

Rory: No bell?

Darling: Ding! Ding! Mother fuckers!

Darling: Everyone pay attention as I am not getting paid to call z’e play by play so you just have to watch…

Eyesnsane and Rory walks to the middle of the ring. They get their hands up in a fighting stance, Rory goes for a sike out (a half punch that gets pulled back halfway through) to no effect. Eyesnsane does the same which makes Rory flinch.

Rory backs away but Eyesnsane runs at him with a high knee to the chest. Rory blocks it at the sametime Eyesnsane uses his hands to grab Rory’s shoulders but Rory pushes Eyesnsane away. Rory goes for a front kick but Eyesnsane grabs the foot then swings his foot around to leg sweep Rory to the mat.

Eyesnsane drops down with an elbow but misses as Rory rolls out of the way. Both men get to their feet. Eyesnsane goes for a spin kick but Rory jumps back to avoid contact. Eyesnsane gets his hands up as he walks towards Rory.

Rory takes a step towards Eyesnsane as he gets his hands up. Eyesnsane goes for a left hook but Rory strikes first with a quick right jab followed by a left hook to another right jab. Eyesnsane steps back, Rory steps closer to Eyesnsane. Rory throws a right punch landing a body shot to Eyesnsane, followed by an uppercut.

Eyesnsane stumbles, Rory rushes in but Eyesnsane was playing possum to lure Rory in as Eyesnsane goes for a back spinning elbow that lands to the left side of Rory’s head. Eyesnsane doesn’t waste a second as he grabs Rory and bodyslams him to the mat. Rory gets right back up but catches a stiff kick to the face!!

Eyesnsane grabs Rory and Irsh whips him to the ropes but it gets reversed. Eyesnsane runs over to the ropes, Eyesnsane bounces off, Rory grabs Eyesnsane and drops him with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Rory quickly drops an elbow to Eyesnsane's head. Rory kicks Eyesnsane hard, rolling him over. Rory sits him up and goes for a sleeper hold. Eyesnsane tries furiously to break out of it, pulling at Rory’s hands.

Rory leans back as Eyesnsane shouts and keeps trying to get out the hold. Eyesnsane pounds on the mat with his fist as he tries to slowly get to his knees. Rory turns the sleeper into a side headlock as Eyesnsane manages to get to his feet. Rory tightens up the headlock, Eyesnsane throws a weak jab to Rory’s ribs to no effect.
Eyesnsane starts to get up, Rory goes to kick Eyesnsane but Eyesnsane manages to get to his feet on time to move out the way. Eyesnsane goes for a drop kick but misses, Rory waits to Eyesnsane gets to his feet again and then tackles him to the mat!

Rory grabs Eyesnsane's feet, he may try to go for his Figure Four Leg Lock but Eyesnsane don’t tap for anyone. Eyesnsane rolls over to reverse the pressure. Rory quickly lets go of the submission hold. Both men get to their feet, Rory turns around to a superkick by Eyesnsane! Rory goes down as Eyesnsane goes for the cover!

Darling: One…Two… Rory kicks out at 2.

Eyesnsane: It was 2 and a half.

Darling: It was two, do not argue with moi!

Both men get back up to there and tie up. Rory and Eyesnsane tie up. Rory sends Eyesnsane to the ropes. Eyesnsane bounces off and charges at Rory jumping towards him hitting a Diving Crossbody!

Rory goes down, but gets right back up. Eyesnsane quickly goes for a dropkick but gets blocked by Rory. Eyesnsane gets up but gets hits with a European Uppercut, he stumbles back as Rory drops Eyesnsane with a Running leaping Shoulder Block.

Rory hits a Springboard Leg Drop to Eyesnsane. Rory goes for the cover.

Darling: One… Two… Kick out!

Eyesnsane kicks out… Rory gets up pointing at his device…

Rory: Count fater!

Darling: You mean faster not fater! You want something fat then come kiss my perfectly shaped French ass checks.

Eyesnsane gets to his feet. Rory goes for a Leaping Clothesline but misses as Eyesnsane ducks it. Eyesnsane grabs Rory….. Snap Scoop Powerslam!!! Rory gets back up Eyesnsane grabs him again… Snap Scoop Powerslam!!! That’s two now.

Eyesnsane picks up Rory, Who hits Eyesnsane in the chest with a few forearm shots. Eyesnsane back steps a bit before he begins to block the punches and ducks one punch. Rory tries to grab Eyesnsane next, but misses. Eyesnsane however grabs Rory and sends him to the ropes.

Rory springs off of the ropes and grabs Eyesnsane’s head… Springboard Stunner!!! Eyesnsane is down!!! Rory goes for the cover!

Darling: One… Two… Thr-Kickout!  Another kick out by Eyesnsane. 

Rory: You suck as counting.

Darling: You suck at life.

Rory quickly picks Eyesnsane up and bounces him off of the ropes, Rory goes for a superkick but Eyesnsane ducks it and gets behind Rory. Rory turns around only to get hit with a spinning fist to the nose. Eyesnsane grabs Rory’s left arm and gets behind Rory while wrapping his right arm around the throat as locks in the crossface chicken wing. Rory tries to tap but Eyesnsane keeps the hold on…

Rory: I’m tapping…

Eyesnsane: No bitch… say it!!!

Rory: I quit, I quit…

Eyesnsane lets go of the hold.

Darling: Z match is over…

Ding! Ding!

Rory: What the hell bro, I tapped.

Eyesnsane: Speaking of tap… Want to get a beer…

Rory: Never turning down a free beer.

Eyesnsane: Free for who, me? Sure, as where I come from, the loser buys the rounds.

Rory: Fuck it, I can use a beer.

The cell feed ends.

The scene opens up in a festive looking setting, a huge tree is set up, and looking just as festive in a Mrs Claus outfit a pink one with black high heel boots is none other than Veronica Taylor. The Queen of Mean has her trademark smug smirk on her face as she sits in a nice lush chair with one leg crossed over the other. The camera is close by as the zoom screen is playing on the big screen the fans noises are imposed into the video. They greet her presence with loud boos which causes Veronica Taylor to roll her eyes in disgust,as she sips on some hot cocoa.

Veronica: Hello happy holidays uggos, freaks, basics, and ratchet hoes of the world. I am of course The First Class Queen of Mean, and soon to be two time, two time SCU Underground Champion Veronica Freakin Taylor soon to be DiLuca.

The fans boo at this introduction which causes Veronica to roll her eyes and scoff in disgust at the reaction.

Veronica: You basics are so predictable like really all you got is booing and your petty jealousy.  But, what else can I expect from you simpletons like the type of basics and freaks you cheer for well lets be honest shows your lack of intelligence.

The boos only grow louder as Veronica cuckles to herself proudly, as she soon takes out her Iphone and takes a quick selfie before putting it back down.  As she then, begins to speak in her normal tone

Veronica: You see what I have been telling you that I was gonna make an impact and that is what  did first I taught Delia what it really meant to be a Mean Girl heh, then I won a battle royal outsmarting my competition once again.  And now I get to face none other than Fathila Rotten really this is the best representation we have for that title? For the title that is supposed to be top of the mountain of women you have a hideous fat whale at the top? Somethings wrong you see since my title reign that belt has lost a lot more value than it should, something that I intend on correcting, consider it my gift to all of you. And for Fathila I am playing the role of Grinch at least in this match but don’t think  I forgot about you. Because who can? I mean look at you.

Veronica holds up a picture of Dahlia Rotten with the title, she looks at it disgusted before throwing it and sticking her finger near her throat doing a gagging motion. Before, returning the camera's gaze to her.

Veronica: Like SeaWorld called they lost a whale, asked me to be on the look out which Whalia thats you. Like, they have a cute little exhibit and everything already set up for you, and everything.

Veronica let out a loud cackle amused by her own antics as the fans really let into her as she she snapped her fingers and was handed a pink envelope with  Fathila Rotten written on it. As she fans herself a bit with it.

Veronica: See, but don’t worry with it being the holidays and knowing I am about to take something you hold valuable. I got you something you need more than that SCU Underground title. Because lets face it it will look much, much better around my waist than it ever will though it will have to get resized to fit just right around my itty bitty tight little waist. Giani and myself already got everything lined up isn’t that thoughtful?

Veronica said with a bitchy grin plastered on her face. As she then takes the time to slowly open up the card sliding it out revealing a gift certificate for liposuction, as the fasn really boo this but her grin just grows amused with her own actions.

Veronica: I know I shouldn’t have but I did because I know you're not gonna do it yourself. I mean trust me once you drop those pounds you will feel so amazing about yourself. I mean won’t be able to sit with me still but hey you won’t be confused for a missing whale either. You’re welcome basic. Have a merry christmas because Saturday night well its gonna be my night a very special Veronica Taylor Holiday Special sorry bout it.

Veronica blows a smug kiss toward the camera as the scene cuts. The fans greet what was said with even more boos than usual, before the scene then completely fades to black.

Summer XXXTreme VIII - Aug 2nd, 2020


Liam: Now that is a warrior. All eight men have impressed me tonight, and these two definitely earned their spots in the match. Max crawls to the ropes and pulls himself inside of the ring. Hitamashii crawls after him, but his vision is blurred.

Erik: Max does little to trip Hitamashii up, right into the Revelations (Von Erich Claw)! Hitamashii fights back against it, but once it's fully applied, he goes down. The referee checks on him a couple times before lifting the arm up.


Liam: He looks around and lifts the arm one more time, and it drops limp!


Erik: The referee leans down and lifts Hitamashii's arm once more. It drops down!


Erik: NO! Hitamashii clenches his fists and shakes them as he hits a knee to the side of Max. And then another. He then cracks an elbow over Max's head. As Max finally let's go, Hitamashii spits on the ground, disgusted.

Liam: He grabs hold of Max's head and Max spits in Hitamashii's face. Hitamashii wipes it off and then slaps him right back in his face! Max slowly gets up, and both men resort to slugging it out. The blood loss and fatigue is setting in more and more.

Erik: Both men stumble about, but Max uses everything left in him as he lands the Nail In the Coffin (Hangman's Driver)! He falls limp on top of Hitamashii, in a technical cover!



Liam: Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion... Max Burke!!!

Both men are laid out on the mat, motionless and bleeding. After a moment, Max rolls off of Hitamashii, but still finds himself face first on the mat. Medics come to the ring to check on both men, assisting Hitamashii out first, and then Max. Max lifts a hand up, as if waving a flag, and the fans can't help but give a cheer for their performances, and the rest of the participants of the Warrior's Brawl.

We come back to see Delia Darling sitting in the chair next to her Christmas tree.  She picks up the cup of eggnog and takes a sip, licking at her lips before resting her eyes on the camera.

Darling:  So… before I move on, I must ask z’e question on everyone’s mind right now.  Who is Gold? We’ve seen several unmaskings, but Gold is one of a dozen left in masks. Any speculations?  Feel free to tweet @GianniDGRIME_GM wi’s your speculations. Or to tell him he could do better…

Delia shrugs and looks over her shoulder with a bitchy look on her face.  She sighs and then returns her attention back to the camera.

Darling:  But, one of z’e biggest matches going into Night of Champions has to be Hitamashii challenging Max Burke for z’e GRIME World Nightmare Championship.  Some argue it is overdue. Os’ers say, “You had your chance!  You’ve pissed, no get off z’e pot!” according to some very vocal GRIME fans. Like, okay… GRIME has fans. Get over yourselves...

Delia chortles.

Darling:  However, let us look at how we’ve gotten to be here, and why z’is match has so much heat going into it, aside from a fabulous former fellow Hot Stuff International Max Burke being involved, no doubt…

Violent Conduct VI - Sept 27th, 2020

Rob: Hitamashii grabs onto Max and plugs his finger into Max's arm wound under the pants. Max screams out. Hitamashii begins pulling down Max's pants. @@

Ada: Max hits a hard palm strike right to Hitamashii's hand over his eye, and Hitamashii screams out even louder. Max rips the jacket and shirt off and slaps them across Hitamashii's face! @@


Liam: Goddamn! The winner of this match and STILL your GRIME World Nightmare Champion... Max... Burke!!!

Max is immediately surrounded by medical staff, but twice as many surround Hitamashii. They help him to his feet and walk him swiftly to the back. Max stands there for a second as the medical team checks on him. He allows them to tend to the wounds on his face until Andrew Garcia comes out with Ivan Darrell close behind. Unbeknownst to Max, Andrew grabs Max's own belt from the edge of the ring and he locks on a Rear Naked Choke with the belt aiding him! He continues to choke until Ivan pats his shoulder, letting him know that it's enough. Andrew slowly gives in and gets up, only for Ivan to begin dragging Max with the belt, rushing up the rampway! Andrew joins quickly as the medical staff try to follow as well!



Rob:  Not only does he kick out, but Max locks on the Revelations (Von Erich Claw)! Gold tries to escape it, but he simply can’t!  He reaches around until he gets hold of the kendo stick.  He whacks Max over the head with it.

Ada:  Gold breaks the hold and he crawls over toward the ropes.  Casey is waiting there, but Gold kicks him in the face as hard as he can.  He spins on his knees and swings the kendo stick at Casey, knocking him down to the ground!

Rob:  Gold walks over toward Max menacingly with the kendo stick now, but… Hitamashii!  Hitamashii slides inside of the ring!  We’re sure to have a new champion now!

Ada:  Dying Breed circle around their old mentor, and Omasa is present just in case anyone gets untoward, I suppose.  Casey holds his hands up innocently, when he is anything but.

Rob:  Hitamashii smacks the back of Gold playfully as they both walk toward Max, and the crowd gives off a mixed reaction.  Hitamashii extends his hand for the kendo stick, nodding, because he deserves a little retribution, and so does the Dying Breed.

Ada:  Gold gives it over as he picks up the fire extinguisher.  Hitamashii twirls the kendo stick around a few times artistically.  He then spins and hits… Gold?!  Hitamashii hits him a few more times with the kendo stick? What is going on here?

Rob:  Max Burke is just as confused as the rest of us, but he hits Maximum Overdrive (Snapmare Driver) on Gold and hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner via submission… Your GRIME World Nightmare Champion, Max Burke!!!

Max rolls to the outside as Casey hands him the belt.  He raises it up as he looks at Dying Breed, who are backing up to join Omasa.  Hitamashii rolls to the outside and tosses the kendo stick to the ground.  He then walks over to Max and forcefully raises his hand.  He cackles as he points to Max as the crowd showers him and Hitamashii in boos.  Hitamashii shakes his head and then slaps the chest of Max and points to the title.

However, he then hits a Roundhouse Kick to Max’s stomach.  Ivan and Andrew and Omasa begin beating on Casey with locks and chains, and Omasa with her wooden sword.  They beat Casey down to the ground, and Hitamashii picks up the GRIME World Nightmare Championship belt and cold cocks Max with it.  He then places the belt to his waist and kneels down so that the unconscious Max can “see” the belt around Hitamashii’s waist.

Hitamashii:  You. Me. Unfinished business, Max…

Crowd:  *POP!*

Hitamashii is almost stunned by the positive reaction as he drapes the belt across Max’s chest.  He gives it a gentle pat and whispers just loud enough for the cameras to hear him.

Hitamashii:  I will see you soon.  Max is going to keep you nice and polished for me.

Hitamashii cackles as the crowd imitates his cackle.  Ivan, Andrew, and Omasa ease up on Casey finally as they join Hitamashii at the rampway.  They slowly walk up the ramp, taking time to look back at their destruction.  They raise their arms up together.

Darling: Hitamashii laid claim to z’e GRIME World Nightmare Championship, and he made sure z’at nobody would interrupt z’eir next encounter. It seems his crew has built up his confidence, and we are seeing a new side of Hitamashii.  Especially s’anks to his old companion, Omasa Tazu. Let us look back at her short time in GRIME?

Merlot: GRIME want fight, SCU give them fight. GRIME want war, SCU give them war, SCU is honorable, we fight with honor. GRIME not know about honor.

Filth grabs a microphone now.

Filth: There is no honor in war, bitch!

Merlot: Filth say that because Filth not understand what honor means.

Cerulean Blue: You want honor then join the fight. Right now you done nothing but stay in the back watching Grime doing what we please. You speak words but action is louder then words.

Merlot nods then speaks to Cerulean Blue back in Japanese.

Merlot: You Japanese, you know about honor. In Japan honor is a must even if it has to be beaten into you. Whoever behind mask knows this if Japanese, you speak it like you Japanese. Why not fight fair?

Cerulean Blue: No one in ring but us two. Merlot came to talk then Merlot need to lower head and leave the ring like little girl. This is for the adults, or close mouth and do something about it, Omasa Tatu beat the ぶすoff ugly Merlot.

Merlot runs at Cerulean Lean going for a jumping high knee but Cerulean Blue blocks it then brings her head in to hit Merlot in the chest with a headbutt. Merlot goes down, Cerulean Blue goes to kick Merlot but Merlot grabs her foot then moves her feet towards herself to then extend and kick Cerulean Blue other foot causing her to fall to the floor in a split.

Merlot goes to kick her again but this time in the face but Cerulean Blue blocks it then punches Merlot’s arm to get her to let go of her foot. Merlot does and both women quickly get back to their feet. Cerulean spins her body as she goes for a spin kick to the mid section. Merlot jumps high in the air and nails Cerulean Blue in the face with a jumping roundhouse kick.

Donna: GRIME Wrestling will get one shot to earn their spot. But it’s never going to happen. You see in order for GRIME to be in the Mayhem Survival… Next week, Cerulean Blue will have to go one on one with SCU Combat Champion. When Merlot wins, this is done and over with.

Tad: You mean when Cerulean Blue wins, GRIME will be in the Mayhem Survival.

Donna looks at Tad.

Donna: You really think she has a chance against Merlot Ayano?

Merlot: Merlot show everyone Merlot is here to fight. Merlot fight every week as TV champion. Merlot not worried about Japanese women with no honor. Merlot beat honor in her. Merlot make promise!

Gianni: Well, Merlot, if you get injured and not able to compete then not only will you forfeit the Combat title… Veronica will be awarded the championship.

Merlot: Merlot show you and everyone how wrong Gianni is!

Cerulean Blue grabs her mask and removes it showing a half mask covering the top half of her face.

Omasa Tatu and Merlot Ayano stare each other down as the camera focuses in on the two then slowly pans out showing the rampway filled with SCU and GRIME members along with the security detail, Tad, Donna and Gianni as the show goes off the air.

Chad: Wow, what a move, Merlot outsmarting Omasa with these counters. Now she has Omasa in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! Omasa tries to break free but Merlot has it locked in perfect.

Gena:- Merlot managed to lock it in as she landed on the mat giving Omasa no time to do anything about it. Jade looks at Omasa to see if she gives up but Omasa answers by giving the ref the middle finger.

The purge sirens begin to play as the lights flicker on and off.

Chad: Oh come on, god damn GRIME can’t play fair!

Gena:- Merlot sees Veronica and tries to kick her but Veronica sprays her Veronica's secret Perfume into the eyes of the Combat Champion to blind her. Merlot grabs her eyes as Veronica grabs Merlot’s head and drops her with the Rodeo Drive makeover (Face buster)

Gena:- Veronica leaves the ring and takes off through the crowd as Filth laughs and gets off the apron. Omasa crawls on top of Merlot for the cover as Jade turns around and drops for the cover.


Chad: Omasa holds the tights of Merlot as Merlot tries to kick out but can’t.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Your winner of this match… And giving the rights for GRIME Wrestling to be in the 4th Mayhem Survival… Omasa Tatu!!!

Cameras cut to the rooftop of the building. We see the stars and half a moon as the camera slowly works its way down to eye view. We see Omasa Tazu leaning with one foot on the rooftop ledge. She leans right above the basketball court where a game looks to be taking place. Omasa holds a english translating device close to her lips as she speaks in Japanese into the device so it can translate it to English.

Omasa: Last week Merlot and I had match. A good match that had Veronica interfere in. I do not care what GRIME says. If you ever interfere in Omasa matches, Veronica will pay price. You stay fuck away or else.

Merlot... this not over, this not finished. Get ready for war. Omasa not settle for shit bitch interfering in match. Merlot better beat Veronica up for Omasa. Then Omasa and Merlot have proper match. Merlot find out she not number one real quick.

GRIME wrestlers be worry, Omasa not like any of you and fight you all! This wake up call to you bitches. Omasa reason GRIME in Mayhem Survival, next is to win. Liam then say Omasa 4th Mayhem Survivor. No one will stand chance in winning.

Omasa lowers the device as the cameras cut back inside the building.

韻踏合組合 - "一網打尽 (REMIX) feat. NORIKIYO, SHINGO★西成, 漢 starts to play as the crowd boos.

Liam: More GRIME! Omasa is the reason GRIME is in the match and will be winning it. Omasa slides in the ring. Earl gets to his feet, Merlot gets to her feet as well. Kittie and Halo get to their feet.

Gena: Everyone stares at Omasa and Merlot. Merlot walks to the middle of the ring as everyone goes to nearby corners. Omasa walks up to Merlot.

Liam: Merlot hits Omasa with a low stiff kick. Omasa kicks Merlot in the gut. Merlot drops to the mat. Omasa goes to kick Merlot in the gut again but Merlot covers up.

Gena: Earl takes a step towards Omasa, Omasa charges at Earl and jumps, hitting him with a jump kick. Earl hits the turnbuckle, Omasa hits a superkick that sends Earl over the top ropes and lands standing on the apron.

Liam: Halo runs as Omasa, Halo jumps going for a flying headbutt. Omasa moves out the way, Halo hits Earl in the chest. Earl falls off the apron onto the floor.

Eliminated Earl Lockyer (By Halo Annis 10 mins 13 seconds)

Gena: Omasa turns around and gets nailed with a discus clothesline from Austin! Austin grabs Omasa's head to get her up but Omasa counters with a kick to his jaw.

Liam: Omasa does a kip up right into the arms of Austin as he lifts her up and drops her with a belly-to-belly suplex…! Austin is asking for trouble just watch when Omasa gets back up.

Gena: Merlot runs at Omasa with a clothesline, Omasa bends down and lifts Merlot over her shoulder as she tosses MErlot over the top ropes. Omasa grabs Merlot as she lands on the apron and drops down causing Merlot’s neck to hit the top ropes.

Liam: Merlot falls off the apron and lands on the floor! 

Gena: Kittie sends Halo to the ropes, Omasa drops down and takes the top rope with her. Halo goes over the ropes and lands on the apron.

Liam: Omasa nails Halo with a headbutt to Eliminate her.

Eliminated Halo Annis (By Omasa Tazu 5 mins 46 seconds.)

Liam: Austin grabs Kittle and sends her to the ropes, Omasa grabs Kittie and tissues her over the ropes onto the floor!

Eliminated Kittie (By Omasa Tazu 6 mins 49 seconds.)

Gena: Well, it’s done, GRIME has won the Mayhem Survival, but it’s not over as Omasa gets to her feet and gets back in the ring. Sam turns around to see Omasa still in the ring.

Liam: Sam runs over going for a clothesline… Omasa lowers the ropes, Sam goes over, Omasa hits Sam with a baseball slide to knock him off the apron and onto the floor!!!

Eliminated Sam McPherson (By Omasa Tazu 5 mins 6 seconds)

Gena: That’s it, Omasa Tazu has done it…

Liam: No! Angel Of Filth slides in the ring from behind and runs at Omasa, grabs her and throws her over the top rope. Omasa hits the floor. This one is over!!!! Angel OF Filth has won it!!!

Eliminated Omasa Tazu (By Angel Of Filth 13 mins, 22 seconds

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Ladies and gentlemen… your winner and the 4th Mayhem Survivor… Angel of Filth!!!

We focus on the angry look on Omasa’s face as she is ready to pulverize Filth, and Filth gives an arrogant nod with nostril flair before she tucks her thumbs into her tights and swaggers around.

Rob:  Omasa smashes her in the mask with the butt end of the sword, cracking the mask in half before quickly hitting the Omasa Punch (A punch right to the throat.)! And she covers!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner… Omasa Tazu!!!

Darling:  And nos’ing speaks more to z’is war between brands z’an z’ose who have stepped up to fight GRIME.  Oddly enough, including Omasa Tazu of GRIME.  But several ladies have come s’rough for Sin City Underground.  Yes, you heard it.  Ladies rule z’e world. And… a couple guys who were riding z’e coattails of z’e proud women of SCU.  Let’s have a quick look.

Gena:  Sky Blue goes down, and Gerald rips him up from the mat and digs his claws into Sky Blue’s shoulders and lifts him with a toss.  He begins stomping on Sky Blue before bouncing against the ropes, but Jen tags in out of nowhere.

Chad:  Jen leans against the ropes as Sky Blue gets up.  He charges at Jen and goes for a Spear, but Jen lifts him up for Le Coven Slam (Arn Anderson Spinebuster)!

Gena:  She is about to go for the cover, but Gerald tags himself back in. He goes for the pin as Jen charges at Crimson, tackling her as she tries to break up the pin!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners… Jenifer LaCroix and Father Gerald Shepherd!!!

“Spirit in the Sky” plays over the speakers as Jen and Father Gerald celebrate their win until GRIME comes charging out.  Neither one is prepared for them, so they don’t waste any time in exiting the ring.

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Re: SCU Underground Ep 80 (Results)
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Gena:  Grey slides outside after GoGo once more, but GoGo flings the chair right in Grey’s face!  A second shot, and Grey goes down.  She then swings it at Filth, breaking up the hold, and causing Filth to fall to the ground.


Chad:  GoGo is on fire with that chair!  She turns around, but Green is right there with the GRIME Hammer (Sister Abigail) onto the dropped chair! Green goes to celebrate, but Halo drags her inside of the ring, threatening to rip the mask off.

Gena:  Green goes for a Clothesline, but Halo ducks and kicks Green in the gut and drops her down to the mat with a DDT.  As Green rolls over to try to get up, she gets the Black 13 (Claymore Kick)!  Halo goes for the pin!!!


Chad:  Filth is able to sneak inside of the ring to break the pin up in a last ditch effort to save this match!  She picks Halo up from the mat, but Halo shoves her down into the corner and Rain bounces up, nailing the Hard Rain (Kinshasa)!  Her and Halo both go for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners… Halo Williams and Natural Resources!!!


There is no time to celebrate before several masked GRIME members, along with Orange and Crimson, rush the ring and begin hammering down on Rain and Halo.  The crowd switches from cheers to wicked boos as GRIME lays a beat down on Halo and her special guests for the night.  At the top of the ramp, former SCU GM Tad Ezra stands there, smiling and waving out the rest of GRIME to aid in the annihilation as the show goes off the air.

Chad:  Mavis gets out of the hold, and flings the chains across the ring.  Grey pushes Mavis off as Mavis holds onto her throat.  Grey comes after Mavis, but Mavis ducks a Clothesline.  She kicks Grey in the stomach and goes for a DDT, but Grey rushes her into the corner!

Gena:  Grey hits several Shoulderbutts before backing up and looking for a Spear.  But Mother Mavis moves out of the way and the grabs Grey by the hood and flings her into the ring post and pod!  She picks Grey up for the Salvation Slam (Glam Slam)!

Chad:  She gives Grey a few good shakes before attempting to land it.  However, Grey rolls through and keeps this match going when she locks Mavis into an Armbar!  Mavis shouts as she shakes her head.

Gena:  After a moment, she is able to twist around just enough to get to a seated position.  However, Grey does not let go.  Mavis tries to get up, but Grey slams the arm down, keeping the hold locked on.

Chad:  Mavis grabs onto the ropes to help her stand up, and she repeatedly elbows Grey in the stomach.  She drops her with a DDT.  She then lifts Grey up and lands the Salvation Slam!  She rolls Grey over for the cover!


*Clank! Clank! Clank!*

Liam:  Grey has been eliminated!  Therefore, STILL your SCU Hardc… Heavenly Tag Team Champions… The Good Shepherds!!!

Mavis can’t believe it as “Spirit In the Sky” plays over the speakers.  She accepts the belts as Gerald and Ginny rush back inside of the ring, with David limping behind.  They hug onto Mavis as a white light shines down upon them.  Ginny and Mavis hold the belts as Gerald reaches into his back pocket and places a copy of The Good Book on top of Grey.

Celeste: Funny, I want to gather everyone together to fight GRIME yet I still have a title to defend. The SCU women, we have matches to give the fans but we need to stand as one against GRIME.

A chanting is heard coming from a distance in the boiler room. The chants get louder as those chanting appear to get closer.

Celeste: It’s now time Jenifer.

Jenifer signals for the camera to cut away.

The lights in the venue are down as we see the mask colors of Gold, Indigo, Cyan, Sea Green, Yellow, Cadet Blue, Orchid, Celeste, Pakistan Green, Jade, and Light Blue spread across the stage.

Chad:  Oh, what the hell is this about?  Go rain on somebody else’s parade!

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH starts to play over the speakers as white lights flash upon the stage to show off Dying Breed, The Jeckels, Max Burke, The Monstimals, Omasa, Hitamashii, Jacob Johnson, Javier Gonzalez, Eric Weaver, Jerry Cann, Andrey Azarov, Jim the Clown, Rory Rockefeller, Sister Esther, Ruby, Queen of Apathy, Piper Beckett, Vixen and Kittie all standing behind the masked members.

Gena:  That’s basically the entire GRIME roster! This doesn’t look good…

Just then, former GRIME GM, Tad Ezra comes walking out with the new GRIME GM, Gianni Di Luca.  Angel of Filth is walking beside them with a microphone in her hand.

Filth:  Hello all my filthies!  Did ya miss me?


Filth:  Fuck me… That’s the warmest reception I think I’ve ever gotten. Looks like winning the Mayhem Survival 4 match gets you all kinds of perks.

Filth pulls a bag from her back.  She struggles with the zipper for a second, maintaining the microphone.  She finally unzips the bag and reaches inside.  She pulls out a wad of cash.  She sniffs it and then sighs into the microphone.

Filth:  Ahhhhh… That smells like twenty G’s!  I can only imagine what each of you could do with this money.  And, I am an angel afterall, so…

Filth rears her arm back, ready to toss the money out into the crowd.  Social distancing goes by the wayside for a minute as people gather for handouts.  But then, Filth laughs and puts the money back into the bag.

Filth:  Yeah right!  I’m going to blow this on skanky Vegas strippers and one epic fucking house party!  Get outta here.


Filth flips the crowd off as the new GM of GRIME takes the microphone.

Gianni:  Now that ya all got what ya came here to see, tawkin’ to the winner of the Mayhem Survival who gave us the right for fifty-fifty bookings, lemme throw some of the boring tidbits at ya.

Gianni, Tad, and Filth begin walking down to the ring.  The entire roster of GRIME follows after them.  They get to the head of the ring, and the roster begins to surround it.  Gianni stays at the head of the ring, looking at the 12 competitors inside of the ring, all watching their backs.

Gianni:  Tonight was the first night that we got to see them fifty-fifty bookings hard at work.  We got to see Piper Beckett defeat Indigo.  Jim the Clown picked up his first victory against Jacob Johnson, who redeemed himself when he, Jerry Cann, and The Monstimals defeated the Dying Breed.  Helena Jeckel was victorious over Vixen. Omasa brutalized Cadet Blue… All in all, it was a taste of what’s to come.

Tad:  Ahem!  Are you listening?  As your WGN liaison, with some bullshit title that’s just too damn long to remember, something about Standards and Practices… Yada yada…

Tad pauses, further drawing out the tension from inside of the ring as everyone SCU gathers inside of the ring.

Tad:  You can go ahead and consider this Main Event canceled, ladies and gentlemen.  It is in clear violation of the rules. This. Match. Is. Not. Happennnnnnninnnnnggggg…

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tad holds one of his ears, as if the deafening boom of booing suddenly made him go deaf.  He then shakes his head and continues.

Tad:  Now, I’m not an unreasonable man.  Far from it.  So, what I’m giving you in return for wasting your hopes on seeing this shit show of a match?  How about a good old fashioned purge…

Tad drops the microphone and takes a few steps back as Filth, Javi, Hitamashii, Cyan, Gold, Omasa, Esther, Apathy, Kittie, Ruby, Andrey, and Rory immediately slide inside of the ring.  There are twenty four people in the ring, brawling like mad.  Jerry and Eric begin throwing everything not bolted down to the inside of the ring.  Melissa Ruin, Kelli Torres, Halo Annis, Merlot Ayano, Dax Beckett, Mickey Carroll, Tim and Alexis Staggs, Kris Ryans, Connor Murphy, Coby Quik, and the Fox Brothers bolt from the backstage area and all hell breaks loose around ringside.

Chad:  I’d like to see the new security team deal with this.  Shit, I’d like to see a SWAT team deal with this!

Omasa and Michi are brawling back and forth while Rory takes Brother David by the hair.  Tim and Cyan come to blows, while Coby Quik fights off Yellow and Gold with a steel chair.  Halo and Esther punch each other with everything they’ve got, while Merlot and Apathy battle it out with a variety of kicks.  Alexis and Vixen have a very much needed exchanging of fists, while Jerry and Dax battle it out.  Mickey and Jacob duel with baseball bats.  Melissa and Kelli take on Light Blue and Indigo, knocking them to the ground and punching the shit out of them.

Gena:  Is it bad that I’m rather enjoying this?

Coby bashes Yellow over the head with the chair.  He turns around and catches Cyan with the chair from out of nowhere.  Coby runs at Rory Rockefeller and tosses the chair at him, nailing a precision Dropkick!  He then rolls Andrey up into an Inverted Sharpshooter.  Andrey tries to get out of the hold, and Jacob comes rushing over to try to save him, but Kris Ryans catches him with a Superkick out of nowhere.  Connor then grabs Gold and they begin fighting out into the crowd.

Chad:  I almost can’t keep up with all of this!

Merlot and Queen come crashing into each other with a stop sign and a trash can lid respectively, and they both go down.  Kelli and Melissa have Indigo and Cadet Blue down on the ground, hitting them with mounted punches with chains wrapped around their fists.  Mother Mavis and Virginia are trading brutal but effective slaps with Kittie and Ruby, while Ariana and Krystal are in a vicious hair pulling contest with Filth and Piper.  Mrs Right appears through the mess and she picks up masked member Jade and gets her into a Military Press Slam position.  Jade slides down behind Right and sends a knee to the small of her back.  She picks up a 2x4 and slams it over Right’s back.

Gena:  Not that I agree necessarily, but that’s what you get when you’re a traitor… is what GRIME’s thinking, I mean.

The Monstimals have the Fox Brothers cornered inside of the ring, hammering away at them as they yip and fire back.  The Jeckels and Team Canada are locked up tightly in the middle of the ring, jockeying for position until Helena hits Dahlia with a Poison Mist.  Jack and Jake mimic this and get Stewart and Earl in the eyes.  With Team Canada stunned, The Jeckels rush them into the ropes.  Jack gets Earl with a Back Body Drop onto a trash can.  Jake gets Stewart with a Sidewalk Slam over a cinder block.  And right on top of a step ladder, Helena hits a DDT on Dahlia.  They lick their green lips and laugh as they admire their work.

Chad:  That was sick how the Jeckels took out Team Canada like that, and it shows their cheap tactics! And what’s this?

The Dying Breed come colliding with Jacob and Jerry, fighting their own as they clobber them from behind.  They climb on top of them and begin firing away punch after punch.  Javi and Eric grab onto Helluva Bottom Carter and send him to the ropes.  Carter slides between Javi and Eric with a Baseball Slide to the back of Sea Green’s head.  However, Javi and Eric lift him back up into a Powerbomb, and drop him outside of the ring, and onto Brother David and Eyesnsane.  As they raise their arms up in the air, Coby Quik comes out of nowhere and cracks the chair over the back of Javi’s head.  As Eric turns around, Coby kicks him in the gut and drops him with a DDT!

Gena:  That’s how you hand it to GRIME!!!

Kelli and Melissa are pulled off of Indigo and Cadet Blue by masked members Celeste and Orchid.  They begin to brawl back and forth as they find their way into the crowd.  Omasa and Michi are both busted open at the mouth, but they are fighting like their lives depend on it, kicks, punches, blocks, anything goes!  Mrs Right has recovered enough to grab the 2x4 out of Jade’s hand and she snaps it in half over her knee.  She clobbers Jade with each half before jabbing her in the gut.  She hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb onto Jade, laying her out on the ground.  She turns around and grabs Esther and does a Double Arm Chokeslam to her.  Apathy jumps on her back and clubs her chest with one arm while choking her with the other.  Right does a Snapmare to Apathy and begins choking her out right there on the ground! Ruby cracks her whip across Right’s back, and Right lets go, but it’s too late for Apathy as she’s out.  Ruby slaps her whip across Right’s chiseled abs, but it seems to have little effect.  Ruby purses her lips and goes for Right’s face, but Right grabs it from her hand and throws it right at Ruby.

Chad:  I’m sure you’re taking back what you said about traitors now…

Dying Breed continue to pound on Jerry and Jacob until they notice Dax and Mickey coming their direction.  They are then backed up by Hitamashii, and the three charge at them, surrounding them and circling as they punch.  Max Burke breaks a beer bottle over the top of Kaos’ head, and then drops him down with a DDT onto the glass remnants.  He takes Tim Staggs and throws him right into the barricade, toppling it over.  He’s like an unstoppable machine until he comes face to face with a chair wielding Coby Quik.  They stare each other down for a minute until Max picks up a chair of his own, and they start battling it out.  Vixen and Alexis are up on the stage, nearly catfighting.  In a moment of desperation, Vixen hits a Belly to Belly Suplex, and her and Alexis fly off the stage and onto an equipment box!  Part of the lighting goes out as a result.

Gena:  Holy fuck!  Talk about a family feud!

Chad:  Looks like we’re out of time anyway. We’ll hopefully see you next week, if we even have a roster then!

After cameras switch around to watch the mayhem and violence take over, we fade out to the sound of the sirens going off once more, and the ending purge speech fills the soundspace.

Ada:   Royal Purple hits a Somersault Senton to Jenifer… and Jade…  She then drags Jade to the ropes for the tag to herself.

Gena:  Royal Purple rushes at Jenifer and nails a Standing Frog Splash to her, going for the pin as the rest of GRIME rush inside to stop SCU from breaking it up!


Ada:   Jenifer bursts out of the pin.  She grabs hold of Royal Purple’s arms and lifts her up by them.  Royal Purple screams out in pain as Jenifer lowers her and puts a knee to her back.

Gena:  Masked member Celeste gets inside and does a Pele Kick to Jenifer.  Royal Purple dives to tag in masked member Orchid.  She looks around and then steps toward Jenifer, who stands up chest to chest with her.

Ada:   Orchid steps back and tags in Celeste.  Celeste rushes at Jenifer and Jenifer does a Drop Toe Hold.  Celeste rolls through and hits a Clothesline to Kelli and bounces back to get Jenifer in the face with an elbow.

Gena:  Celeste picks Jenifer up and tosses her into her own corner and Kelli makes the tag.  She climbs inside and immediately tackles Celeste to the floor, pummeling her.

Ada:   Celeste flips Kelli over and she gets to her feet.  Kelli charges at Celeste, who moves out of the way.  She charges Kelli’s back and Kelli spins with a Crescent Kick to drop her. She goes for the pin.


Gena:  Royal Purple and Jade pull Kelli off and begin hammering away at her.  They back her into her corner as Halo reaches in for the blind tag.  Halo gets in and hits a Double Clothesline.

Ada:   Halo grabs hold of Celeste and begins hammering her away into her own corner.  Cadet Blue reaches in and tags herself in.  She climbs up top and comes off with an Ax Handle Smash.

Gena:  Halo kicks her in the gut as she comes down.  She then picks her up into a Powerbomb, locking on for the pin.


Ada:   Orchid nails a punch to the back of Halo’s head.  She flings Halo into the ropes, but Halo comes back with a Discus Clothesline, and then she pounds Orchid’s head into the mat.

Gena:  Cadet Blue whips Halo off of Orchid and throws her into the ropes.  Cadet Blue gets a knee to Halo’s stomach and she whips her onto the ground.

Ada:   Halo dives and tags Merlot in.  Merlot hits a Superkick to Orchid, and then Cadet Blue.  Merlot grabs onto Celeste as she charges at her.

Darling:  Just a few highlights from z’e ongoing battle of SCU versus GRIME… Speaking of which… Please, allow us to play, in full, z’e Interbrand Match of z’e Year… @@

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Stewart runs right for Shooter, Shooter pushes Alex Jones towards Stewart Mason as he runs to the other side of the ring but catches a boot from Austin! Alex Jones moves out the way as Stewart heads straight for Shooter.

Liam:  Ben and O’Malley start trading punches, Alex Jones ties up with Kedron Williams in the corner. Carter grabs Shooter to get him to his feet, Stewart grabs Shooter, Carter lets go as Stewart holds Shooter by the back of the head and sends him to the turnbuckle face first.

Chad: Max Burke grabs Stewart’s feet and tries to get him over the top ropes, Stewart holds on to the ropes to block it. Shooter starts to get to his feet, Carter nails Max Burke with a punch to the lower back, causing him to let go of Stewart. Austin goes for a chop to the chest of Alex Rush but stops as Alex Rush tells him to wait.

Liam: Alex says thank you then stomps on Austin’s foot! Alex shrugs as Austin doesn’t look amused. Alex takes his hand out to shake hands. Austin extends his and holds on to Alex Rush with a tight grip. Alex drops to his knees in pain.

Chad: Austin uses his power to lift Alex one hand and gets him over the ropes… Between the ropes as his legs land between them. Austin lets go and grabs the ropes pulling it up and down giving Alex a ride! Alex Jones grabs Carter from behind and lifts him up for a backdrop.

Liam: Stewart grabs Shooter and sends him to the ropes. Shooter grabs on the ropes and tosses himself over and drops to the floor!

Chad: Shooter eliminates himself! Stewart has to wait another day… Stewart runs and jumps over the ropes landing on Shooter as he elemanties himself from this Battle Royal as well! Stewart starts laying in punches as the refs run over to break them up.

Liam: Austin grabs Alex Rush to get him off the ropes, Austin lifts him up in a military press but O’Malley spears Austin to the mat causing Alex Rush to fall landing on Kedron Williams feet. Kerdon picks Alex Rush to his feet and throws him over the top ropes.

Chad: Alex lands on the apron. Kerdon gets dropped with a dropkick from behind by Alex Jones. Alex gets dropped with a bulldog as Ben grabs him out of nowhere! Alex Rush jumps on the top rope and gets back inside the ring as he flies right at Ben Jordan. Alex lands on Ben’s shoulder, Alex jumps off Ben and hits a crossbody on O’Malley.

Liam: Austin looks around, Carter goes towards him and slaps Austin’s abs. Austin looks at Carter as Carter smiles and slaps Austin’s abs again. Carter nods and goes for a third but gets nailed with a superkick from Alex Jones.

Chad: We go to split screen as a fight backstage between Stewart and Shooter is trying to get broken up by the other SCU superstars as the two are seen swinging chairs at each other.

Liam: Ben Jordan grabs O’Malley but O’Malley nails a short jab stunning Ben. Austin grabs O’Malley from behind and lifts him up one arm.

Chad: He drops O’Malley to his back with a half Nelson slam! Max Burke grabs Alex Rush as they tie up by the corner. Kerdon ducks a clothesline from Ben Jordan.

Liam:: Shooter and Stewart are still fighting as they roll around the floor with the Fox Brothers and Tim Staggs, trying to break it up but getting stopped by Earl Lockyer. Over The Edge members Kaos, Eyesnsane, Mickey and Dax show up to break it up.

Chad: Dax grabs Stewart to pull him off as Kaos and Mickey grab Shooter. Stewart tries to fight off Dax. Eyesnsane looks at Stewart and starts to talk with him to calm him down…

Liam: Ben Jordan bodyslams Alex Jones as Max Burke follows that with a knee drop to Alex’s chest. O’Malley grabs Ben from behind for a German suplex, Ben lands on his feet and runs at O’Malley as he turns around to eat clothesline. Kedron nails Austin with a chop to the chest that gets met with a chop in return by Austin.

Chad: Carter and Max Burke tie up in the corner. Kedron gets dropped by a hard chop from Austin. Max gets Alex Rush to his feet, Max sends Alex to the ropes! Alex jumps on the middle ropes and jumps off going for a flying forearm to Max Burke. Max grabs Austin and brings him between himself and Alex on time to have them collide with each other.

Liam: O’Malley gets to his feet, Ben comes in charging but stops as the two trade punches in the middle of the ring. Max Burke and Kedron tie up next to then. Alex Rush and Carter tie up next to them. Austin and Alex Jones look at each other and run to the ropes, they bounce the ropes, Alex Jones hits Alex Rush as Austin nails Carter with Missile dropkicks! They collide with Max Burke and Jedron as they collide with O’Malley and Ben Jordan.

Chad: Austin and Jones grab Alex Rush and throw him over the ropes but leans on the apron. The two now grab Carter and send him to the ropes… Alex Rush jumps on the ropes… No Alex hits the floor as his feet collide with Carter’s back instead of the ropes.

Liam: Alex Rush is gone from this match. Alex Jones and Austin grab Max Burke, Max punch both men to fight them off. Kedron gets to his feet and grabs Austin by his hair before dropping him with an inverted ddt. O’Malley rolls out of the ring. Ben Jordan gets to his feet and looks around.

Chad: Max Burke and Ben grab Alex Jones and hit a double team suplex. O’Malley sneaks in the ring as Ben gets to his feet. O’Malley grabs Ben from behind and nails a German suplex! O’Malley gets to his feet and collides with Kedron as Austin tried sending him to the ropes.

Liam: Max Burke grabs O’Malley and gets him to his feet, he irsh whips him hard to the turnbuckle. Ben gets back to his feet, Ben signals something to Max Burke, Max grabs Ben and Irsh Whips him towards O’Malley. Ben goes for a clothesline from hell… O’Malley and Ben's feet tangle up as both men go over the ropes!

Chad: Alex Jones goes to grab O’Malley but misses as O’Malley steps out of the way but into a big boot from Austin! Carter nails Kedron with a forearm, Carter nails another then grabs Kedron and sends him into the ropes. However, Alex Jones comes from out of nowhere and sends Carter over the ropes and to the outside!

Liam: Carter is pissed as he stomps a few times at the lost opportunity at supremacy. Max Burke runs and drops down hitting Alex in the back of the knee to take him down. Kedron goes for a clothesline on Austin, Austin ducks out the way. Max grabs Kedron and sends him to the corner.

Chad: Austin charges at Kedron and grabs his legs to get him over, Alex starts to get up but Kedron kicks him as he runs to the corner. Max pokes Austin in the eyes forcing him to let go of him. Kedron grabs Austin’s feet and throws him over the ropes and onto the floor.

Liam: Kedron looks at Max then points at Alex Jones as he starts to get up again. Alex shakes no as he looks at Max and points at Kedron. Max shakes no, Alex shrugs and turns his attention to Kedron as Alex now points at Max Burke! Kedron says no!

Chad: Alex gives them both the middle fingers and runs at both for a double clothesline but Max and Kedron grab Alex and throw him over the ropes… Kedron grabs Max Burke and throws him over as well. Max lands on the apron. Alex Jones grabs Max’s foot and yanks him off the apron dropping him to the floor!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: The winner of this match… Man, this is bullshit… The winner with the help of Alex Jones, who will soon pay for his mistake… The SCW Roulette Champion… Kedron Williams.

Darling:  Yes, Interbrand Match of z’e Year goes to z’e Men’s Clash of Champions Battle Royal from Underground Ep. 62.  And a worthy match it was.  Now, z’ey do say behind every great man is a great manager. Well, z’ey should anyway.  So please give me your attention as I announce SCU and GRIME Manager of z’e Year… And z’e award goes to… Sarah Lane, who narrowly beat out her Team Canada companion, Gail Weston by ONE VOTE!  And on z’e GRIME side, none os’er z’an fellow SCW Hall of Famer, class of 2020, Casey Williams! Magnifique!

Delia claps her hands together as she looks completely enthusiastic.

Darling:  And let me just say z’at z’e What Z’e Holy Fucking Shit Moment of z’e Year cannot be explained. In my many years in wrestling, and z’e many years my companions have been in wrestling, none have seen such a moment z’at… Gah, I can’t even!  Roll z’e footage monsieur…

Gena:  Winter is punching rapidly at Lucha Rhino’s stomach, but he shakes her free.  When she is on the ground he… Oh, no…

Chad:  The rhino is, erm… he’s… well… He’s making… on her… everywhere… Making… a lot… He’s shitting on Winter… Like, shitting boulders

Winter:  What the holy fucking shit?  I quit! I quit!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The camera does a slow motion of the feces coming out of the rhino’s backside, landing on Winter, and the horrified look on her face as it literally weighs her down to the ground. Delia pauses on the horrified look on Winter’s face as she chortles.

Darling: I need not say more, because z’is story tells itself.  Much like our Story of z’e Year.  Now, z’e winner of z’is category has earned it’s spot, however, z’e fans have spoken, and wish to correct z’e ballot.  Z’ey would like it to now read “Melissa Ruin had enough of Angel Kash’s shit, and fought back against z’e bully.”  Meh, tomato, tomah-to. But needless to say, it was a long time coming…  And on z’e GRIME side, it was noted z’at Omasa winning against Merlot Ayano to secure GRIME’s spot in Mayhem Survival, wi’s z’e help of Veronica Taylor was GRIME’s biggest story.  But, overall story for bo’s brands was, as you guessed, SCU VS GRIME.  So many talented individuals took part in z’ese stories, and it paid off greatly. Now, please, enjoy some more of my favorite clips of 2020.

Darling: Now, it is of note z’at an up and comer such as one Cordelia Clark has seen much success z’is year since signing her contract wi’s SCU. And she has made it clear z’at she succeeded on her own.  She has beaten z’e likes of Andi Lynx, Mos’er Mavis, Veronica Taylor, and even managed to out-Kash Angel Kash. Let us see a quick flashback.

Gena:  So close, but with the experience Andi has earned so far, it’s not enough to put her down.  Andi pulls herself up as Cordy is busy arguing with the ref about a slow count.

Chad:  Andi comes up behind her, looking for a quick Roll Up, but Cordy turns around and does a Double Spinning Knee right into the heart of her opponent, known as the Heartbreaker!  Andi holds her chest as Cordy drops down for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner via pinfall… Cordelia Clark!!!

Chad:  Cordelia kicked it into high gear to impress, and impress is what she did.  A Cutter from the top rope, saw a two count.  Mavis powered out of the pin.

Gena:  She tried to nail a Bicycle Kick, but Cordelia rolled out of the way.  Mavis then went for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Cordelia grabbed her leg and whipped her onto her back.

Chad:  It was when she tried to get up that Cordelia did the Heartbreaker and ended the match.  Not having forgotten about the slapping around part, she taunts Mavis.

Gena:  She gets a solid minute of it, smiling bigger and bigger until Ginny Mae came in for the save.  The two shared a staredown, but Cordelia stared from outside of the ring.

Chad:  Valentina makes a fashionably late entrance as she picks up a chair and slides it inside of the ring, ready to get inside.  The referee walks over and stops her from getting inside as she shouts in Spanish.

Gena:  Cordelia watches the drama unfold, and she is about to go confront Val when Angel taps her on the shoulder.  As Cordelia turns around, Angel smacks the chair over the top turnbuckle and then throws the chair to Cordelia.

Chad:  Just sick!  Angel falls to the ground, lifelessly, but still gorgeous as ever, damnit… Cordelia smacks Angel with the chair for real, as Val struggles to get inside for real.  Cordelia hits a few more chair shots and then kicks the chair out of the ring.

Gena:  The referee turns around to see Cordelia drop down for the pin, and no sign of the chair.  Cordelia screams at the referee, who drops down and begins counting!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and NEW Uncensored Television Champion, Cordelia Clark!!!

Cordelia takes the belt and runs with it.  Val slides in after her, but just barely misses grabbing hold.  Cordelia sneers at Val and taps the side of her head, telling her that Angel was just outsmarted.  She laughs as she walks backward up the ramp.  Val checks on Angel, while also glaring up the ramp at Cordelia.  She gently taps Angel’s face to bring her back.  Angel notices the belt is gone, and “Sucker” is playing.  She starts shaking her head as Val tells her what’s just happened.  Angel screams bloody murder as the crowd finds this quite amusing, cheering and laughing at Angel.  Val argues back as if she can change the minds of everyone there with her sassy attitude, but it’s a losing battle.

Rob:  Angel sets Queen up for the Buyout (Implant DDT) onto the chair!  Just then, Cordelia is up behind Angel, and she tosses her to the outside of the ring, hard!

Ada:  Cordelia throws the chair outside, right at Angel, stunning her.  She drops down to cover Queen! NO!


Rob:  Angel gets up and slides inside of the ring, but not in time!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL… I mean, NEW Uncensored Television Champion… Cordelia Clark, and NOT Angel Kash!!!

“Sucker” plays and Cordelia instantly rolls outside of the ring.  She grabs her belt and holds it up as she mouths at Angel.  Angel stomps at the mat and screeches even louder than she did at High Stakes.  Cordelia gets a chuckle out of the sight, but overall, she is not amused.  She walks backward up the ramp.  Angel picks Queen up and drops her with another Buyout, out of frustration.

Darling:  And now, let us take a look at one s’ing z’at makes SCU special.  Z’e Combat Division. Oh, how I hate z’is next clip, but when z’e money is right…

Delia shrugs as we switch back to the video packages.

Chad: Darling and Halo get to the middle of the ring. Darling kicks Halo with a front kick to the chest. Halo brushes it off and charges at Darling... Darling jumps up and hits Halo again in the chest but this time with a jumping spin kick.

Gena: Halo stumbles back a few steps, Darling runs at Halo with a running jump kick but Halo moves out of the way. Darling turns around to face Halo and catches a right hook followed by a left jab, then an uppercut!

Chad: Darling is stunned as Halo hits another left jab, then a right, another right! Darling gets her hands up... Halo hits a hard hook to the ribs. Darling puts her hands down and gets knocked with a right cross that drops Darling to the mat!

Gena: Darling is dazed but quickly gets on one knee. She gets checked on by the ref but Darling is not ready to end this match. Darling gets to her feet, Halo rushes in but backs away as Darling goes for a front kick.

Chad: Darling throws another kick that misses but keeps Halo away from punching distance. Halo goes for a kick but misses but then rushes in and misses a left hook as Darling drops Halo with a single left straight punch to her jaw!

Gena: Halo is not knocked out as she gets right back up. Darling goes for another punch but Halo blocks it then hits a left jab followed by a right. Darling goes for a left hook but Halo counters with a right hook-cross then nails a left jab to the nose.

Chad: Darling gets busted open! Halo hits a right cross then a left jab! Halo nails a straight left punch to the nose again! Darling stumbles towards Halo as Halo nails Darling with another hook. Darling drops to a knee as Halo swings for a punch... The ref gets in the middle and waves this one off!!!

Gena:  And just like that, Stewart comes out of the corner and throws an overhand to the top of Borg’s head.  This scatters his brain enough that Stewart is able to get a right hook to the face.

Chad:  Stewart throws a left hook, but Borg blocks it.  He gets in a cheap shot to the gut, and Stewart falls back a few paces.  Borg begins throwing hits, looking a bit unorthodox.

Gena:  With the lack of training Borg has, Stewart is easily able to knock his hands away after a few hits.  He begins throwing jabs that get Borg to back up again.

Chad:  Borg goes for a surprise uppercut, but Stewart spins out of the way and comes with a left discus hook that puts Borg right down on his ass!  Stewart raises his fists in the air as he stunts around the ring.

Gena:  Borg gets back up to his feet and is about to punch Stewart in the back, but the referee stops him and warns a foul.  Borg steps back and nods.  Stewart turns around and is in stance.

Chad:  Borg goes for a jab, but Stewart deflects it and hits a Bolo Punch that stuns Borg.  A right hook sends Borg back down to the mat.  He pounds the mat in frustration.  That’s two knockdowns.


Gena:  We’re in Florida, and borrowing the rules of the commission, so Borg only gets one more.  Stewart is in his corner, waiting for Borg to rise.


Chad:  Borg gets up just before 6.  He charges at Stewart, getting a check hook for his troubles.  Stewart swings without discrimination, knocking Borg’s head around like it’s a punching bag!  Borg goes down!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  As a result of the three knockdown rule, your winner by KO in the first round... and STILL SCU Combat Champion… Stewart Mason!!!

Chad: Halo moves back but swings a leg at Merlot, catching her under the rib with a firm kick, causing Merlot to wince. That one hurt her but Merlot stands up straight, holding her hands up to protect her face. Halo throws a short faking jab before trying to throw an overhand right, but Merlot spins out of the way.

Gena: Merlot throws a kick to the back of Halo's leg, trying to take away her base and Halo jumps back, just holding the back of her legs, dropping her hands for Merlot to throw a stinging left hook to the side of Halo's head, sending her stumbling.

Chad: Merlot steps in, hands raised and ready to first, but Halo lifts up her foot and blasts a huge kick to Merlot's stomach, sending her backwards. Halo pounces forward and throws a straight left and a hooking uppercut right, Merlot just moving her head out of the way to avoid the second punch.

Gena: That could have been lights out if it connected. Merlot tries to jab Halo away with the left hand and swivels her hips, sending a jarring right hook in to body, taking the wind out of her sails. Halo covers the body and Merlot changes her focus to her head.

Chad: Merlot throws a sharp combination of a left jab and a right cross punch, but Halo bobs her head to avoid the jab and ducks under the cross and starts to work Merlot's body with lefts and rights. Merlot clinches down with Halo, trapping her arms under Merlot's own arms.

Gena: Dylan Roberts calls for the break.

Chad: Both women step back, looking for the opportunity to strike.

Gena: MERLOT JUMPS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Oh my God! Halo is rocking as that shot lands right on target! Merlot steps in! Roundhouse kick! Halo is down! Dylan Roberts looks over Halo and waves his hand! No ten count, Dylan Roberts instantly calls an end to this one and we have a new champion!


Darlyn: Here is your winner AND NEW SCU Combat champion.... Merlot Ayano!

Chad:  Stewart shouts at him as Halo is standing behind them, hooping and hollering in support as Shooter’s lights go out.  Stewart gives a few torques of the shoulders after Shooter goes limp.

Gena:  Stewart stands up as the referee checks on Shooter, who is barely breathing.  He begins the count!


Chad:  And Shooter somehow makes it up to his feet, stumbling back.  He blindly rushes toward the door of the bar, and makes his way out.  He is groggy, and has no sense of direction as he moves toward the next set of doors to hide.

Gena:  Damn close for the champ!  Shooter breathes heavily as he looks behind him to see Max Burke, Rory Rockefeller, Hitamashii, Javier Gonzalez, Andrey Azarov, Jacob Johnson, and Eric Weaver.

Shooter:  Oh fuck…

Chad:  He rushes out as the GRIME members make animal sounds in pursuit.  He rushes over to the next door and opens it up, hiding inside as he watches them all go past.  As soon as he sighs in relief…

Stewart:  Did you miss me?

Gena:  Shooter tries to run, but Stewart smashes his face into the door, cracking the glass.  As we pan in further, there is a dining area full of SCU stars taking a break, and they erupt into cheers!

Chad:  Stewart throws Shooter on top of a table.  He picks up a kettle of soup and pours it over Shooter, making him scream out in agony!  Stewart pulls Shooter back from leaving the table.

Stewart:  Soup’s on…

Gena:  He stands up on the table and pulls Shooter up and under his arm.  He looks around as the crowd cheers, and he nails the Paid In Full ( Implant DDT) through the table! The referee counts Shooter out!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Combat Champion… Stewart Mason!!!

Gena: Dax does just that, he moves out the way and Cordelia charges right in hitting Merlot with a Haymaker to her left cheek then a right jab to the jaw followed by a combination of lefts and rights to the body. Merlot is staggering again, Cordelia keeps going as she comes with another right jab and then another.

Chad: Merlot grabs on to Cordelia to force Dax to break them up. Dax moves out the way, Cordelia again rushes in but gets hit with an uppercut dropping to the floor instantly on impact.


Chad: Cordelia gets to her feet, Dax double checks to make sure she wants to continue. She nods and he moves out the way to allow them to continue to fight. Cordelia takes one step forward but gets nailed with a haymaker from Merlot dropping Cordelia back to the ground again.


Gena: Cordelia jumps right back up. Dax double check with her to see if she wants to continue, she said yes but he's waving the match off asking for the Bell. Cordelia falls back to the ground. Dax and ringside medical doctor Smith rushed to her aid.


Darlyn: Your winner by Knockout... And still the Combat Champion... Merlot Ayano!!!!!

Chad: Stewart sees Eyes starting to fade, and he gives a few more wrenches until Eyes goes limp. He lets go and begins dragging Eyes to the edge of the ring.

Gena: He gets him just about there when he moves to the other side. He begins rolling Eyes with his feet, trying to knock him to the outside!

Chad: We've got a winner here! Stewart gets Eyes to the very edge and gives him a few good kicks, but Eyes grabs onto the ring post!

Gena: Eyes works hard to stay inside of the ring, and Stewart goes to work on his arm. Eyes was playing possum! He begins kicking back at Stewart!

Chad: Stewart gives a few inches, and Eyes sits up. Stewart comes rushing at him with a knee, but Eyes does a Drop Toe Hold into the exposed turnbuckle!

Gena: Stewart busted open his nose! He holds onto his face as Eyes takes notice of this. He goes over to help Stewart up…

Chad: No! He tosses Stewart right outside of the ring in front of the medic, and we've got a winner!!!


Darlyn: Here is your winner and NEW SCU Combat Champion... Eyesnsane!!!

Darling:  How can we forget z’e latest matches z’at brought much attention back to z’is unique division, when Michi nearly took z’e streak away from Merlot Ayano at High Stakes X, and on z’e same night, Eyesnsane defeated Andrew Borg in a Last Man Standing match, which coincidentally led to Fas’er Gerald challenging Eyesnsane for z’e Combat AND Underground Championships at Night of Champions?  Z’is division is influential s’roughout all of wrestling.  Now, speaking of influential, as much as I hate to say it, Celeste Nor’s incredible undefeated streak came to an end z’is year.  Over 800 days, and z’at is impressive.  She also lost her championship z’is year to someone twice z’e woman as her, in body weight alone! Let’s look at z’is historic rise and fall.

Gena: She pulls Mercedes out and drops down to hook the leg as Angelica screams on the outside!


Chad: Veronica is inside of the ring, and she immediately begins stomping on the back of Delia’s head, along with Mercedes. She goes until her leg is too tired to stomp again. She spreads Delia and Mercedes out next to each other and covers them both!


Gena:  Celeste comes up from behind Veronica, spinning her around into the Homicidal! She drops Veronica and hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and NEW SCU Underground Champion… Celeste North!!!

Crowd:  *Mega POP!!!*

Chad:  Dahlia kicks her legs in pain.  She lifts her hand up, ready to tap out.  The crowd shouts out in support for her, and just before she taps, she begins crawling again.  She reaches the ropes!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena:  Dahlia holds on for dear life as Celeste breaks the hold at the ref’s count of two.  She gets up and steps back as Dahlia pulls herself up to her feet.  Celeste then goes for a Clothesline, but Dahlia surprises her with Rotten To The Core ( Front Facelock STO)!

Chad:  The crowd is on their feet as Dahlia goes for the cover on Celeste!


Crowd:  *POP!!!*

Chad:  I almost don’t believe my eyes.  No one has ever kicked out from Rotten to the Core!  No one but our undefeated Underground Champion!

Gena:  Dahlia can’t help but slap the mat.  She picks Celeste up, but Celeste whips her.  She hits a right hook to the temple! And then a European Uppercut!  Celeste comes behind her and looks for a Bulldog to complete the Homicidal!

Chad:  But Dahlia ducks out of it.  She stumbles.  As Celeste turns around, Dahlia hits another Rotten To The Core!  She covers the champ!


Gena:  KICKOUT!!! Wait, NO!?!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

There is an audible silence of shock and awe that comes over the crowd as Dahlia rubs her left temple.  She looks around.

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and qualifier for the Mayhem Survival, and ending the 908 day undefeated streak… DAHLIA RRRRRRRRRRRRRRROTTENNNNNNNNNN!!!!!


Chad:  I… I can’t believe it!  Celeste North had to lose at some point, though, and Dahlia Rotten is the one to do her in.

Gena:  January 17th, 2018, Northern Lights Wrestling was conceived and Celeste started her streak.  July 12th, 2020, that streak ends!

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Re: SCU Underground Ep 80 (Results)
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2020, 02:27:55 AM »

Gena:  Celeste gets frustrated and she picks Dahlia up.  She whips her into the ropes and goes for Le Coven Bomb (Arn Anderson Spinebuster) but she can’t quite get Dahlia up!

Chad:  Dahlia wraps her arms around Celeste and whips her around in a Bear Hug.  Celeste is like a ragdoll in Dahlia’s arms!

Gena:  Dahlia doesn’t hold on for too long as Celeste punches at Dahlia’s head.  She breaks the hold by flinging Celeste to the mat.

Chad:  Celeste skids to the corner where Dahlia finally is able to nail that Hip Attack she was looking for earlier!  She… wait, what is Dahlia doing here?

Gena:  Dahlia climbs onto the bottom turnbuckle.  She sizes Celeste up, and then climbs up one more.  She bounces a couple of times.  However, Celeste starts to stir and Dahlia does a Knee Drop to Celeste.

Chad:  Celeste holds onto her midsection, partly on her side.  Dahlia goes back to the second turnbuckle.  She gives a couple bounces, but then climbs to the top rope.  We never see Dahlia go up top!

Gena:  Celeste’s eyes are clenched closed as she holds her stomach.  Dahlia comes off the top ropes with a Bonsai Drop! HOLY FUCK!


Chad:  Dahlia rolls Celeste over onto her back and she hooks the leg…

We return to Delia, who is busy chortling, and trying to pretend she is not.  But, she isn’t trying too hard.

Darling:  How… tragic. And now, you are nos’ing more z’an a joke, darling. So sad. Too bad you didn’t want to remain under my leadership. You would have been un-fucking-stoppable. But alas…


Sarah looks around at the fans.

Sarah: For a few weeks now GRIME Wrestling has been doing anything and everything to get under the skin of SCU. Two weeks ago, GRIME did something that didn’t sit will with the Three Way. They took the Double Down Tag Team titles and turned them into GRIME Wrestling titles. The World Nightmare Championship. They even split the titles into singles gender titles.

The fans boo in disgust.

Sarah: When the Honor Wrestling/SCW merger took place someone stepped forward and bought the tag team show Honor had along with the rights to the tag team titles. They also bought NLW and turned it into SCU. When SCU debuted Dahlia and Earl had to defend the Pride Tag Team titles for one last time. They not only walked away as the Pride Tag Team Champions, they also became the Double Down Tag Team Champions.

Sarah pauses as the crowd cheers the Three Way.

Sarah: Donna, you said to take the Pride Tag Team titles home. We’re the last champions and going forward the Double Down Tag Team Champions. Two weeks ago SCU lost those very titles.

The crowd boos again.

Sarah: But one thing you never did Donna was deactivate the Pride Tag Team titles.

Earl and Dahlia unzip the duffle bags and pull out there Pride Tag Team titles. The crowd goes crazy.

Sarah: Donna, you told the Three Way to take them home. Well there home!

Gena:  Tim Staggs starts unbuckling the belts, but before he gets them fully unclasped, Dahlia begins punching at his face.  He tries to avoid it, but with no luck.  He balances himself with his hands and then he grabs onto Dahlia’s head and hits her with a Headbutt right between the eyes.

Chad:  She falters, but does not fall down.  Tim steadies himself and then hits a high kick, causing Dahlia to fall down a couple steps.  Tim sees this, and then he hits a Knee Strike that sends her tumbling down to the mat! The Nobodies have this!

Gena:  Tim reaches back up, but then he feels an excruciating pain in his knee.  He drops down and holds his knee when we see Brother David holding The Good Book in his hand.  He clobbers Tim with the book as Ginny has Alexis held down on the mat in an Inverted Surfboard Stretch, forced to watch Tim getting smacked around with the Good Book!

Chad:  David then hits the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter) right on top of the ladder!  He stomps around, shouting at Tim as Alexis tries to find a way to break free.  Earl climbs the ladder and fumbles around before taking the belts down and the bell rings!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners, remaining the Pride Tag Team Champions… The Three Way!!!

Chad: Quick kick out from Dahlia! Dahlia rolls away from Ariana and pulls herself to her feet. Ariana runs at Dahlia but Dahlia picks Ariana up and drops her throat first on the top rope before grabbing her and throwing her over in a release German suplex! Ariana landed hard on her head there but I don't think Dahlia cares. @@

Gena: I don't think Dahlia cares about many things. Dahlia grabs Ariana by the arm and pulls her roughly to her feet, keeping hold of her wrist and crashing her hard with a short arm clothesline! Dahlia pins Ariana's shoulders to the mat. The referee counts. @@


Chad: Ariana kicks out. Dahlia pulls Ariana to her feet but Ariana jumps in the air, but the two clash heads. You gotta remember Ariana is a rookie and now needs the tag. Both women start to crawl towards their corners and both make the tags at the same time. @@

Gena: Both Earl and Carter move to the middle of the ring. Earl picks Carter up for a body slam but as Earl lowers him for the slam, Carter rolls Earl in to a small package. @@



Chad: Well damn, just like that we have new champions! @@

Darlyn: The winner of the match, AND NEW Pride Tag Team Champions.... Ariana Angelos and BH Carter..... TEEEEEEEEEEEEAM GO! @@

Gena: I can't believe we got brand new Pride Tag Team champions just like that! @@

Gena:   Carter comes in and looks for a stomp to Mavis, but Mavis moves, and Ari catches the boot. She holds onto her arm where contact was made.

Chad:  David comes inside and dumps Carter to the outside, following after.  Mavis pulls Ari up from the mat, and Ari nails a slap that turns her right back around.

Gena:  She bounces off the ropes and nails a Bulldog on Mavis.  She climbs to the second rope, and leaps off with a Knee Drop to Mavis’ back.  She goes for the cover.


Chad:  Mavis is pulled out of the ring by… Veronica Taylor?  Ari climbs onto the bottom rope and shouts at Veronica, welcoming the fight.

Gena:  Veronica says a couple words, preening her nails before a devious smile comes across her face.  She grabs Mavis’ head and slams her face first into the ringpost!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners… The Good Shepherds!  However, as a result of a disqualification, the titles will not change hands.  Therefore, STILL your Pride Tag Team Champions… Team GO!!!


Gena: Ope! Chanelle picks up Blade’s foot and places it on the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break. Ariana argues with him a bit as Carter gets off of the mat. He begins stomping on Blade until Blade grabs onto his foot.

Chad: He raises up with one foot in his grip. He then sweeps Carter off of his feet and down to the mat. He goes for a Sharpshooter, but Helluva Bottom slides out of it. He crawls over to the ropes, and as Blade goes to pick him up, he hits an elbow to his face!

Gena: Carter then hits another, causing Blade to go backwards. A crescent kick puts Blade on the ground. Chanelle and Ariana begin arguing again, even getting into the ring to fight. The distraction allows Carter to come off the top ropes with Fruit Fly (Eclipse)!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here are your winners and STILL Pride Tag Team Champions… Team GO!!!

Chad:  As Alexis falls to the mat, Ariana ascends the turnbuckle.  She sizes Alexis up and leaps off for the Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)!

Gena:  But Tim pulls Alexis out of the way, causing Ariana to collide with the mat, arching her back in pain!  Tim gets to his corner and Alexis crawls over to tag him, taking a hot minute to do so.

Chad:  Once she makes the tag, Carter leans down and tags himself in, jumping over the top rope.  He and Tim meet in the middle of the ring, and Carter ducks a Big Boot attempt, sliding on his knees, he scoops Tim up for a Powerbomb, followed by the Fruit Basket pin!


Gena:  Carter slaps the mat, but gets right back to it.  He picks Tim up, but Tim shoves him Carter lands on the ropes, and Tim goes for another Big Boot, but Carter ducks, just as the referee is checking on Ariana, and Tim’s boot hits Alexis!

Chad:  Carter capitalizes on the surprise and rolls Tim up from behind!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and STILL Pride Tag Team Champions… Ariana Angelos and Helluva Bottom Carter… Team GO!!!


Alex stops inspecting the truck and he turns around and points to himself to let us know that it is him.  He showboats, but only for a little bit because he is just as curious as the rest of us as to who his partner is.  He steps to the side as a few stagehands walk to the truck and open up the back.  They open it up, but the shadows shroud the identity of his partner.

Darlyn:  And his partner… From Capetown, South Africa, standing at 5’3” and weighing in at…

Alex shouts out as the box truck begins moving.  He rushes into the truck and disappears into the shadows as well.

Darlyn: … 2,436lb, he is…

Alex:  … EDWIN ROBERT!!!

Alex Rush comes riding out of the box truck, riding Edwin Robert as Father Gerald screams out in a mixture of anger and fear.  He storms off toward the door, leaving Brother David standing there alone just as the bell rings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  David rushes over to Edwin Robert and jumps on top as he and Alex begin slugging it out.  He grabs onto Alex and throws him to the ground, off of Edwin Robert.

Chad:  Edwin Robert bucks David off and to the ground as he begins charging right at Father Gerald.  Gerald shakes the door and screams loud and rough as he tries to get out of the parking lot.

Gena:  Edwin Robert comes to a screeching halt as Gerald dodges out of the way.

Gerald:  No!  NO!  Stay away from me, hell beast!

Chad:  Alex grabs Brother David and flings him into the side of the box truck.  David collides with it, but instantly throws an elbow back against Alex’s face.  He goes for the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter) but Alex tickles David’s armpits to break it up.

Gena:  He then grabs onto Brother David’s neck and locks on Choke on this wad (Rear Naked Choke)!  He’s giving noogies and flicking at David’s nose.  The SCW/SCU ringside crowd laughs and cheers for Alex.

Chad:  Brother David moves around, but there are no rope breaks.  There are no releases unless Father Gerald can get over to break it up on time.  David hammers at Alex, but it isn’t enough for the determined Alex to let go.

Gena: Father Gerald is trying to get over to David, but Edwin Robert is chasing him around and he hooks Gerald’s tights with his horn, lifting him up in the air as the screams get more desperate and high pitched!  And David taps!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Alex Rush and Edwin Robert!!!

The crowd is going absolutely ballistic at ringside, almost drowning out “Let’s Get Rocked” blasting over the speakers.  Alex Rush lets go of David and begins running around the parking lot with his arms out, excited for his first SCU title.  He jumps up and hugs onto Edwin Robert as he is handed both title belts.  Edwin lowers Father Gerald, who scrambles away from him.  He backs up to a rising Brother David as Edwin and Alex ride out through the backstage area.

Alex taps Lucha Rhino on the head.

Alex: Be one with the kendo stick.

Alex looks around.

Alex: Ere! Anyone got some sticky tape?

As Alex goes about looking for the tape, Gianni and Rocky leave as the stagehands come to remove the wheel from the scene.  As they move it, we see Tatsu and Winter, both chewing bubble gum.  They chuckle nervously and wave at the crew

Chad:  They circle around Lucha Rhino as Winter tries her best to avoid three cracks in a row.  She steps over to the pole and goes to jump off again, but Lucha Rhino catches her on his back.

Gena: He charges around as Winter tries to steady herself so not to fall off under his feet.  Tatsu pulls Alex’s stick out of his hands and points hers right at him.

Gena:  Winter swings the stick, but Alex dodges it.  She tries to go for a backward slash, but Alex drops down to avoid it.  Winter then drops the stick and calls for the camera to switch angles.

Chad:  We go back to the parking lot where we see Tatsu holding out her hands, practically shoveling sushi into a very sleepy rhino’s mouth!

Gena:  Lucha Rhino settles onto the ground, and Tatsu rubs his belly, getting right of the empty bento boxes.

Chad:  She seems to be singing a Japanese lullaby to her opponent, who sighs softly before drifting off to sleep.  Tatsu waves her hand in front of his face a few times.

Gena:  She continues to whisper the lullaby until we hear the rhino begin to snore.  Tatsu dives onto his stomach and goes for the… cover?


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions… The Kawaii Dragons!!!

Alex:  Alright?  Save it for them, or we won’t be leaving Hardcore Champions.  I’m likely to quit.

Gena:  Alex waves a hand in his face.  But if you saw earlier, that was a lot of sushi Lucha Rhino had, and I’d bet it smells pretty rancid over there.

Chad:  Winter charges through it, covering her mouth and nose as she rushes right at Lucha Rhino, going for a punch to the gut.

Gena:  It has little effect of him other than a gurgle in the stomach.  Tatsu does a battle cry as she jumps onto Alex’s back, attempting to bite his hair.

Chad:  Winter slaps at the side of Lucha Rhino, but he turns and knocks her down as he walks over toward Alex.  He leans toward Tatsu to pull her off, with Winter holding onto his belly from below.

Gena:  Winter is punching rapidly at Lucha Rhino’s stomach, but he shakes her free.  When she is on the ground he… Oh, no…

Chad:  The rhino is, erm… he’s… well… He’s making… on her… everywhere… Making… a lot… He’s shitting on Winter… Like, shitting boulders

Winter:  What the holy fucking shit?  I quit! I quit!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Alex Rush and Lucha Rhino!!!

Chad:  Alex sets her up on his shoulders and lifts her off of the ladder.  He stumbles around as Tatsu clutches onto his face, blinding him, and they fall backward out of the ring.

Gena:  Winter looks around and she begins circling the ladder with the rhino.  He huffs, and she huffs back at him.  She darts for the ladder, but Lucha Rhino knocks it over on top of Winter.

Chad:  She dumps the ladder off of herself as Lucha Rhino sits under the belts.  Alex leaps on top of Lucha Rhino and reaches up for the belts.  The rhino stands up a bit to give Alex a boost.

Gena:  Alex messes with the belts, but Winter rushes up the rhino and on Alex’s back.  She holds onto the belts and swings, but she gets the belts free and falls back near Tatsu!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and NEW Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda… The Kawaii Dragons!!!

Chad:  Alex holds his hands up in defense, but also moves backward.  Tatsu has a swagger in her step as she walks toward him.

Gena:  She’s menacing with that look.  The cute went right out the window.  Meanwhile, Winter is able to get down from Lucha Rhino’s back and she avoids another swing.

Chad:  She hits his knee a couple of times, having little to no effect.  He swings viciously with one swipe, and Winter ducks… but Tatsu does not, and she goes right down!

Gena:  Winter and Alex look at one another and they race.  Alex dives on top of Tatsu, as Winter dives on top of Lucha Rhino, who spun so hard he wound up on his back.  She rubs his belly to keep him there!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

After a moment of deliberation, Darlyn makes the announcement.

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and still the Hardcore Tag Team Champions… The Kawaii Dragons!  AND the new Hardcore tag Team Champions... Alex Rush and Lucha Rhino!!!

Gena: David goes for a punch but misses as Alex moves out the way. Tatsu grabs Virginia to tie up. David goes for another punch but misses again as Alex moves out the way and gets behind Tatsu and Virginia.

Alex: Excuse me ladies.

Gena: Alex walks between them, Virginia goes to tie up again but Tatsu kicks her in the midsection. David grabs Tatsu to tie up but gets broken up as Alex kicks David on his asscheek.

Chad: Virginia grabs Alex by his hair and pulls. Tatsu lands a high kick on Virginia's hand to get her to let go of Alex’s hair.

Gena: David runs and nails Tatsu with a hard clothesline. Alex grabs David by his left ear and pulls down. Virginia nails Alex with a forearm to the lower back.

Winter: Tatsu, end this already, Martha arrived, she has my cookies!
Chad: Alex turns around to face Virginia, She goes to slap Alex but he ducks, she smacks the side of David’s head instead.

Gena: Kawaii Mist from Tatsu to Virginia! Alex goes to grab David as Tatsu grabs Virginia's head and drops her with a ddt on the pavement!

Chad: Tatsu turns Virginia around as we see her forehead bleeding. Tatsu goes for the cover.


Ding! Ding! Ding![/i]

Darling comes back into view as she covers her face, trying to hide a smile and a laugh.  Once she has it under control, her demur expression becomes visible once more.

Darling:  In a night of surprises, z’e fans have demanded a new award be established.  And what a way to kick s’ings off for such an award, z’an to s’ink back about all of z’e stars we have seen come and go.  From stars such as Andi Lynx, Shooter Reed, and Nagisa Yagata, to os’ers such as Vixen Staggs, O’Malley, and John Blade-Martinez… it is shocking to me z’at such a great amount of attention has gone to a former star of z’is caliber, and clearly, z’e Most Anticipated Return for 2021 shows just how Edwin Robert, AKA Lucha Rhino captured our hearts.

Delia clasps her hands together as she sees the queue for video, and she smirks.

Darling:  Next, please enjoy z’e Match of z’e Year for SCU and for GRIME as we go into our home stretch of z’e 2020 Year End Awards!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Celeste is a little hesitant to start after taking her first loss to Dahlia a couple weeks back.  She slowly goes to the center of the ring and extends a hand to Dahlia.

Gena:  Dahlia accepts the handshake, but Celeste yanks Dahlia into a tie up and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Dahlia.  She tries to go for the cover.

Chad:  Dahlia kicks out just before the count of one.  Celeste picks up Dahlia, but Dahlia rushes Celeste into the corner, hitting multiple Shoulderbutts on Celeste.

Gena:  Celeste drops down in the corner as Dahlia backs up.  She holds her gut as Dahlia rushes forward, looking for a Hip Attack.

Chad:  Celeste rolls out of the way at the last second.  Dahlia collides with the corner.  Celeste pummels Dahlia, getting several good hits.  She Irish Whips Dahlia toward the opposite corner.

Gena:  Dahlia reverses it and sends Celeste over to the corner and she follows closely behind.  Celeste jumps onto the second turnbuckle and dives back with an elbow.

Chad:  Both ladies go down to the mat, rolling around for a moment before getting back to their feet.  Both ladies trade punches as former Combat Champion Dahlia gives brawler Celeste a run for her money.

Gena:  Celeste hits a right cross and a left jab, as Dahlia nails an overhead punch and a right hook.  Both ladies get a little distance, taking a breath before tying up.

Chad:  They struggle for the advantage, each pushing the other a step or two backward before evening it out again.  Celeste hits a knee to Dahlia’s gut and then hits an elbow to the back of her head.

Gena:  Dahlia hammers Celeste with two elbows to the side of the head and then a knee to the gut.  She hits a Powerbomb on the champ. She latches on for the pin.


Chad:  Celeste gets a shoulder up and rolls out from under Dahlia.  She bounces off of the ropes and hits a knee to the side of the head.  She then does a knee drop to the back of the head.

Gena:  Dahlia holds onto the back of her head as Celeste climbs onto her back with a Camel Clutch.  Dahlia waves her arms around, surprising the champ by pulling herself to the ropes for the break.

Chad:  Dahlia holds on tightly until Celeste lets go of the hold.  She stands up and stomps on Dahlia’s back a few times.  She drops an elbow across her back.  She grabs Dahlia’s legs and pulls her to the center of the ring.

Gena:  She drops back into an Inverted STF.  Dahlia shouts out, trying to move her arms to get free.  She tries to pull herself closer to the ropes, and Celeste grounds their weight as best as she can.

Chad:  Dahlia looks as if she’s about to tap out, but then Dahlia is able to push up and drag herself to the ropes to break the hold.

Gena:  Celeste gets frustrated and she picks Dahlia up.  She whips her into the ropes and goes for Le Coven Bomb (Arn Anderson Spinebuster) but she can’t quite get Dahlia up!

Chad:  Dahlia wraps her arms around Celeste and whips her around in a Bear Hug.  Celeste is like a ragdoll in Dahlia’s arms!

Gena:  Dahlia doesn’t hold on for too long as Celeste punches at Dahlia’s head.  She breaks the hold by flinging Celeste to the mat.

Chad:  Celeste skids to the corner where Dahlia finally is able to nail that Hip Attack she was looking for earlier!  She… wait, what is Dahlia doing here?

Gena:  Dahlia climbs onto the bottom turnbuckle.  She sizes Celeste up, and then climbs up one more.  She bounces a couple of times.  However, Celeste starts to stir and Dahlia does a Knee Drop to Celeste.

Chad:  Celeste holds onto her midsection, partly on her side.  Dahlia goes back to the second turnbuckle.  She gives a couple bounces, but then climbs to the top rope.  We never see Dahlia go up top!

Gena:  Celeste’s eyes are clenched closed as she holds her stomach.  Dahlia comes off the top ropes with a Bonsai Drop! HOLY FUCK!


Chad:  Dahlia rolls Celeste over onto her back and she hooks the leg…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and NEW SCU Underground Champion… Dahlia Rrrrrrrrrrrrrottennnnnnn!!!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: The fans waste no time as weapons get tossed into the ring and ringside area. Purple, Blue and Silver waste no time sliding out the ring to grab some of the weapons as Sea Green, Grey, and Light Blue grab some of the weapons that landed in the ring.

Raisa: Well now, who makes the first move as everyone is holding some form of a swing tool from bats, pipes to kendo sticks. Purple, Blue and Silver get in the ring… And weapons go swinging all over the place.

Liam: Sea Green misses Blue, Silver gets hit with a baton by Grey, Purple and Light Blue swing kend sticks at each other as the sticks connect with each swing. Grey swings the baton down to SIlver but silver rolls out of the way and out of the ring.

Raisa: Sea Green’s 2x4 and Blue’s bat collide as they swing at each other. Grey slides out the ring and gets nailed on the back with the leadpipe by Silver. Purple and Light Blue continue to be at a stand still as they stand in the middle of the ring having a sword fight with the kendo sticks.

Liam: Sea Green swings the 2x4 again and knocks the bat off the hands of Blue. Sea Green swings again but Blue moves out the way then charges in and spears Sea Green to the mat as Sea Green tries to swing the 2x4 back around.

Raisa: Blue gets on top of Sea Green and starts laying in eLight Blueows and forearms to the head as Sea Green tries to block them. Silver swings the pipe again hitting Grey on the hand. Silver swings again but misses as a fan throws a stop sign in the way.

Liam: Well, it’s Grimey and legal to do in this match!

Raisa: Silver looks at the fan and points at them. Grey kicks Silver on the knee then gets to his feet. Purple and Light Blue are still in the middle of the ring as they keep dueling it out with the kendo sticks!

Liam: Sea Green manages to roll over and get on top of Blue. Sea Green grabs the 2x4 and pushes it against Blue’s throat!
Raisa: Silver and Grey get up and begin trading punching outside the ring as Purple and Light Blue have the kendo stick fight of the year as they are still just trading block after block with each swing.

Liam: A fan in a GRIME mask hands Silver a no parking sign and another mask fan hands Grey a mop! Silver uses the sign to block the mop. The two fans jump the barricade along with two others and attack Silver and Grey!

Raisa: This is not allowed in the Purge, someone needs to deal something.

Liam: Silver and Grey get double teamed. The four mask men use any and all weapons they see around the ring side area. Purple, Blue, Sea Green and Light Blue stop wrestling as they look on. Silver and Grey get laid out with double powerbombs to the floor.

Raisa: The four men unmask… It’s Mason Fox! Jason Fox! Jamie Staggs! And Dorian B!!! Sea Green, and Blue go after the Fox Brothers, Jaime and Dorian B!

Liam: Purple grabs Light Blue and nails them in the head with the Kendo stick. Purple grabs Light Blue and drops them with a DDT on to a steel pipe and goes for the cover!


Raisa: That was GRIMEY and I love it.

Purple gets off of Light Blue and slides out the ring swing a bat around hitting the Fox Brothers. Grey and Silver come about and get to their feet. A five on four kicks out at ringside. GRIME uses the extra man to their advantage.

Light Blue finally sits up. Light Blue sees what's going on and grabs a bat from the ring then slides outside the ring. Light Blue starts swinging the bat like crazy dropping all four SCU stars. The GRIME wrestlers get in the ring.

Sea Green, Grey, and Light Blue stand in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants to unmask. Raisa gets up from the commentary table.

Raisa: Stop! You three lost the match but I speak on behalf of GRIME that tonight’s unmasking should not be of you three….

Crowd: Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!

Raisa: It is now time for the hometown crowd to get what they have been wanting.

Crowd: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Blue and Silver unmask to a huge pop as they see it’s hometown wrestlers former NAW stars Jack Jeckel and Jake Jeckel. Purple unmasked and fixes her hair to reveal it’s in fact Helena Jeckel.

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Crowd: Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Jeckel Family!!! Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!

Raisa: We’re the Jeckel Family, and we are GRIME Wrestling!


The show goes off the air with the crowd chanting for GRIME Wrestling. 

Darling:  Wow.  Powerful matches indeed. Z’e fighting spirit of SCU, and z’e surprises and violence we have come to expect from GRIME.  Some stars, you just hate to love.  Os’ers, you just love to hate.  And some are just plain narcissistic in a way z’at you can’t help but just respect.  Let us start wi’s z’e Most Loved of z’e Year for SCU.  So many votes came in z’is year for z’is category especially.  It is clear z’at SCU is passionate about z’eir stars.  But, only two were able to win Most Loved, and z’e winners are… Alex Rush and Merlot Ayano… and Kelli Torres in a tie!  Bo’s ladies were unable to stand out over z’e os’er. Hmmmm… I’m still here, Kellz…

Delia winks and puckers her lips up in a taunting kiss.  She rolls her eyes and then looks at the card before her.

Darling:  When GRIME refuses to accept votes for most loved, stating it is a no brainer. So GRIME would like to present Most Loved of z’e Year as Tad Ezra and Veronica Taylor…  classy el oh el.

Delia flips the card over and opens the next one.

Darling:  I almost wonder why z’is award is even necessary instead of just giving it to z’e previous winners… Devil’s Advocate of 2020 goes to Tim Staggs and Kawaii Dragons, Tatsu and Winter.  And for GRIME, z’e fans demanded recognition for Hitamashii and Omasa Tazu.

Delia seems proud of her girls, giving a slow clap.  She then takes the next card from her tree and she sneers.

Darling:  A category I am very familiar wi’s.  I’ve won a few myself.  2020’s Most Hated of z’e Year for SCU goes to, surprise surprise… O’Malley and Veronica Taylor.  And on z’e GRIME side, z’e honors go to Max Burke and Angel of Filth.

Delia takes the last card into her hand.  She teases it to the crowd before tearing the envelope open.

Darling:  And last, but certainly not least… 2020 saw so, so many stars continue to rise to new heights.  Some were already at z’e top, and continued to rise, while os’ers broke z’e barrier and rose up to star level.  Z’ese individuals have become z’e new faces of SCU and GRIME in 2020.  Please give it up for SCU Wrestlers of z’e Year… A tie for z’e males… Stewart Mason and Mark Cross!  And z’e female winner goes to… Merlot Ayano!  And on z’e GRIME side, please give it up for… Lord Raab and Angel of Filth!  And z’at will do it for moi.  Now, I will sit back and enjoy z’e Main Event, streaming live from Beverly Hills, CA.

Delia claps as she looks to the cards hanging behind her, detailing all of the winners for the night.  We soon fade into the security feed at the North Manor.

Main Event
Live from Beverly Hills, Ca. Celeste North Backyard.

Celeste North and Mz Holly Wood vs Queen of Apathy and Jacob Johnson

Darling: Okay, I see Celeste has linked me to her security cameras in her huge backyard from her mansion.

Celeste and Holly stand near the stairs that lead to the open areas of the backyard. Jacob is seen holding a surfboard standing on top of the big rock that overlooks the pool. At the other side of the pool, we see Queen of Apathy lying on a long chair getting a suntan.

Celeste:  You comfy over there, Apathy?

Apathy: Meh.

Hollywood points at Queen, Celeste nods. The two walk to the steps and walk down them, heading towards Queen of Apathy. Celeste and Hollywood focus on Apathy as a different camera shows the back of someone pulling Jacob off the rock, getting him out of view. Celeste and Holly stop in front of Apathy, who stays lying on the long chair.

Apathy: You ladies should join me.

Hollywood turns around and sees Jacob is nowhere in sight.

Holly: But, where did Jacob go?

Celeste turns around then turns to Apathy.

Celeste:  I hope he doesn't plan on running from the backside as I have the dogs over there.

A split screen of two different cameras appears on the screen. On the left, Celeste and Hollywood grab Apathy. The other camera shows Omasa with her right hand on Jacob's throat, choking him out. Celeste and Hollywood toss Apathy in the pool.

Apathy swims over to the edge and climbs out of the pool.

Apathy: But why?

Holly: Meh.

Celeste:  I'll look for Jacob; you handle Apathy.

Holly: You got it.

On the other camera, we see Jacob Johnson sitting on the ground with his back on the rock passed out. Celeste walks around the poolside, leaving the camera angle as Holly Wood and Apathy tie-up. Omasa jumps doing a spin kick; Celeste sees this from about 30 feet away and is startled. Omasa kicks the surfboard sending it flying towards Hollywood.

Celeste:  Holly duck!!!

Holly doesn't duck; instead, she turns around and gets knocked out by the surfboard as it nails her between the eyes. Omasa lands on her feet on top of the rock as Celeste runs over towards her. Omasa looks at Apathy and points towards Apathy's car, telling her to go home. Apathy shrugs and walks towards the driveway.

Celeste:  You got guts coming here interfering in my match.

Omasa: Merlot first, Jenifer second… You after!

Celeste:  You got me fucked up honey, I'm not Merlot or Jenifer. I don't work on your time; you work on my time. YOU come to my home to talk shit like a little bitch, or you gonna show me how much of a tough bitch you try to portray, and women up and take this ass-kicking right now.

Omasa laughs and jumps off the rock going for a jump kick that Celeste avoids by sidestepping out the way. Celeste swings at Omasa, but it gets blocked. Omasa swings, but Celeste blocks that.

The screen on the left shows Queen of Apathy getting in her car and taking off. Another car approaches the driveway and parks in that same spot. Out of that car is Kelli Torres, she had told Holly Wood she was joining to show up in case GRIME showed up.

The screen on the right shows Celeste and Omasa. Both are throwing punches that the other is blocking. Kelli walks up to the front door. Kelli goes to knock, but the front door slowly opens on its own. A woman's voice is heard telling Kelli to come in.

On the other screen, Celeste goes for a throat punch; Omasa drops her jaw at the right time to catch and hold Celeste's fist between her collar bone and chin.

The shot on the left shows Kelli walking into the living room to see an older lady dressed in a black shawl and black dress. She sits in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth as she puts her black cat.

Kelli: Em… I think I am at the wrong house. I am so sorry to disturb you.

The old lady points at the TV. Kelli turns to look at the TV to see she is watching her security cameras from the backyard.

"My name is Crystalline North, the mother of Celeste."

Kelli: I am so sorry to hear that. It must have been hard raising that mistake. 

Crystalline:: Such poor choice of words.

Kelli: Sorry, she needs help, may I?

Crystalline:: Celeste is fine. It's everyone else that should be worried.

Kelli: It does not look that way to me…

Kelli says as we see Oamsa choking out Celeste as she has her hand on Celeste's throat while Celeste lays on the grass field. Celeste gets her hand up to Omasa's throat to choke her out as well.

Crystalline:: Don't you worry about that. Celeste can handle herself. But if you must go ahead. I'll get some coffee ready for you all. Now go, have fun, I'll be inside waiting. Kelli excuses herself as she walks through the house to get to the back door. She gets to the door and sees 5 rottweilers in the back indoor porch. Kelli slides the patio door open… @@

Kelli: Hey!

Omasa Stays focused on Celeste as the two chokes the other one. Kelli runs over; as she gets closer, Omasa takes her free hand and goes digging inside her shirt. Kelli gets just a few feet away as Omasa gets her hand out of her shirt and throws a small object that blows up in front of Kelli, letting out a large black cloud of smoke. Celeste starts to pass out as she gets weak and lets go of Omasa.

Omasa lets go of Celeste and backs away as she waits for Kelli to come out through the smoke. Kelli does just that; Omasa puts her hand on her back and brings out her sword. Kelli steps forward. Omasa places the tip of the sword on Celeste's chest. Kelli steps back; Omasa raises the sword a few inches away from Celeste. Kelli steps forward only for Omasa to place the sword back on Celeste's chest.

Kelli now has a choice, try to stop Omasa and attempt to do so before Omasa inserts the sword inside Celeste or back away and hope Omasa plays fair and backs away from Celeste. Kelli, however, goes with option three and lets out a loud whistle. Omasa tilts her head confused but then hears dogs barking as the five rottweilers dash out the backdoor barking heading towards Kelli, Omasa, and their master Celeste North.

Omasa sees the five dogs and backs away from Celeste, then takes two steps to her left before jumping over the fence of Celeste's property. Kelli runs over to see Omasa falling about 12 feet down and lands on the back of a drop-top sports car that we see Hitamshii is driving. They take off as the dogs use their nose to nudge Celeste to wake up.

Kelli runs over to help Hollywood as she starts to come about. Celeste sits up as one of her dogs starts licking her face. The other four dogs circle Jacob Johnson as he starts to come about.

Celeste: No, come here. @@

Celeste says to make sure none of them get any closer to Jacob and bite him.