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Kelli Torres vs Melissa Ruin
« on: November 11, 2020, 09:09:34 AM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: One roleplay per week, 10,000 words max.

(Remember, this match is under SCW rules, anything over the word count will result in a loss. Promo deadline for this match is the same as the SCW matches at Haigh Stakes.)

Good luck!

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Re: Kelli Torres vs Melissa Ruin
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2020, 11:55:23 PM »
Many months ago

This short scene puts the viewers in the Beautiful ancient city of Kaminaljuyu, home of the Maya civilization. The site now is part of Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala. Kelli stands in the grassfield, standing five feet in front of the middle of the two stairways to the top of the Kaminaljuyu Ruin mountains. Kelli looks all business wearing her workout attire, black sports top with black yoga pants with the words Real Killas going down the right and left pant legs. 

Kelli: With that said, the talking is over. Melissa…

Kelli stops mid-stencene as her sister Gabby puts the camera to her side. Kelli places her right hand just above her eyes to block the sun as she tries to

Kelli: What happened?

Gabby: The camera died.

Kelli: Did you get the rest of it?

Gabby: Everything before I stopped you, yes.

Kelli: Okay, well we can head back to the hotel, we can come back here later to finish.

Gabby: We can charge it while we start packing.

Kelli: Yes, I like the sound of that. You ready to go?

Gabby: Yes, and coffee, I’m so ready for some coffee.

Kelli: Let's do it!

As That scene Fades a new scene appears…
(current present time.)

Long Beach, CA
Ganuza Mansion

The sun was softly shining through the window, a soft breeze hitting the room. It's been a while since both girls had the chance to spend time at home. Usually they were rushing around from event to event.

Gabby had made her way to her favourite place of the house. The kitchen. She was humming to the music coming from her headphones while chopping some fresh fruit. Like usually she wanted Kelli to start her day healthy.

The Spanish export was moving her hips to the tune, putting everything in the smoothie maker. The aroma of the freshly cut fruits lingering throughout the house actually making its way to Kelli’s room.

Kelli: Gabby lit up a candle or is making something sweet.

Kelli says out loud as she sits up from her bed. Kelli puts on an oversized white Nike shirt that fits like a dress and opens the door to head downstairs, but most days, she is trapped in her room as Muffin the guard cat sits on the other side of the door blocking Kelli from passing.

Kelli can walk over her but that is what Muffin is waiting for. If Kelli does that Muffin is going to jump on and try to bite her in the ankle.

Kelli: Move Muffin.

Muffin sides steps her body one inch to the right.

Kelli: Not funny, move out of the way Muffin. It is too early for this. You want to fight me this early?

Kelli blinks her eyes and as she does so Muffin takes that half second to push off the ground and jump  in the air. Kelli opens her eyes to Muffin landing on her Nike shirt.

Kelli:Get off of me Muffins!

Kelli says as she tries to remove Muffins but can not as her claws are holding on to the shirt.

Gabby heard the tumult which was something she was used to by now. A little smile appeared in her face as she put the knife down, washing her hands. With a few, well measured steps she made it to her sisters room- finding the cat fighting her.

Gabby: Muffin, get off if her. Immediately.

As if a cat would listen, right? But this one did, if only to Gabby. She gave another look to Kelli before parading out of the room. Gabby this time looked very apologetic.

Gabby: I am sorry, she is such a diva.

Kelli brushes off her shirt as she shakes her head. She takes a gasp but with a smile.

Kelli: I know and it is okay, I love Muffin and understand that she looks at you as her mother and me as the unwanted step sister. But what is that smell, what are you doing right now?

Gabby: You are the other momma. She will get over it. I make you a good smoothie to start the day.

She looked at her with a bright smile, brushing her dark hair over her shoulder.

Kelli: Sweeeeeettttt!!!!!!! Sorry, I meant, SWEEEEEETTTTT!!!!

Muffin meows at Kelli to shut her up. Kelli boops Muffin on her nose. Muffin tries to paw her but Gabby holds her. Kelli laughs, Muffin does not take too kindly to Kelli laughing and breaks loose from Gabby. Kelli yells as she runs down the stairs with Muffin running along the handle rail to catch her.

Kelli runs past the kitchen, Muffin runs to the dinning room to catch Kelli from the other side towards the living room. Kelli grabs her play gloves and puts them on as she runs around the dining room table. Muffin jumps on the table, Kelli now with her gloves on puts her hands up in the air and makes a loud lion roar. Muffin sees the lion paw style gloves and takes off running away.

Gabby comes down the stairs shaking her head.

Gabby: ONe day I will be at the store and you teasing Muffin is going to haunt you Kelli.

Kelli: Maybe, or maybe she will get what is coming and I will beat her up like her name is Melissa Ruin.

Gabby: That match is just days away. I still feel bad about not recording your message a few months ago. You could have used it this week on her.

Kelli: You know after thinking about, I am glad the footage is gone. Melissa is a better person now. Saying any of that now would just make me a bitch for no reason. After I have my fruity smoothie we can head over to the gym.

Gabby: I was thinking the same thing. I called the gym and got you a time slot for one of the rings to work out in.

Kelli: Good, thank you Gabby. I think after I clear my head working out, I can give Melissa my thoughts.

Gabby: Well let me finish these smoothies for us.

Kelli: Okay, I will be in the kitchen shortly, first, I must find the Muffin and destroy the Muffin.

Gabby shakes her head walking away. Kelli Looks around the living room for Muffins.

Kelli: Oh Muffins, come out come out wherever you are.

Kelli looks under the couch to see Muffin is not under there.

Kelli: She may have gone upstairs to hide under my bed.

Kelli gets back to standing up, she turns around to head to the kitchen only to see Muffin flying right at her landing on her chest, claws digging into her Nike shirt.

Kelli: God damn it Muffins! 

Kelli yells out loud as she has been had. Gabby is heard laughing in the background.


This scene opens up with twice Union GP Middleweight Champion Robert Guilliman leaving the ring, as he and Kelli had just finished sparring. His kickboxing against her Capoeira, the two different styles mashed great for these two fighters. Robert's IQ and quick strong strikes have been helpful for Kelli as it helps her to try to avoid strikers and, when hit, learn to adapt to not get hit under those circumstances.

It was also great for Robert, as all his time in the ring, fighting or sparring with a MMA fighter that has Capoeira as a style, and is a high ranked fighter in that style, allowed him to learn to block and strike his opponents from different angles, and to counter the quickness from the younger and faster fighter. Kelli goes on to start her shadow boxing. Already sweating from her sparring with Robert she boxes for two minutes then stops. Taking a deep breath she turns her face to look at the small crowd at the gym....

Kelli: Melissa Ruin, a few months ago, me and Gabby went on a small getaway. Was not easy to do as it was in the beginning of this Covid pandemic. I was standing in front of a Mayan ruins. I was comparing how things that are great at first can turn into nothing more than decaying pieces of history. I was explaining how great you Father and mum are. They made something of themselves. Only what will be left behind is you and your twin sisters. The Ruins, the decaying piece of what was once a great family structure. For how great they are, they failed to reproduce the next wave of Ruins…

You see, that was many months ago. So much has changed since then. I can say that I truly believe that the Ruins legacy is not Ruined, and it has a chance not to be as great as Mr and Ms Ruins but better, an improvement. I see now that Melissa did not have a change of heart, she went back to her roots. Melissa no longer is playing this dumb bitch that is fine with having the IQ of a female dog because she is rich. She understands that she can be rich and not have to be a bitch.

One thing I can say about Melissa that I always knew she had in her and still does is heart. Even when she was running around with Angel Kash, Melissa was against GRIME. When Angel Kash struck a deal with GRIME Melissa stood by Angel but was still against GRIME. Fast forward to today, Melissa, no longer with Angel Kash, she is no longer with her twin sisters Debbi and Stacy.

Melissa took a chance, leaving Angel Kash and being out here in SCU all alone. No one to watch your back. A target on her back by GRIME as they look to take her out like they did Stacy and Debbi. Melissa could have said, fuck it and walked away. She has many job offers at her fingertips. From playing in the WNBA to being a sports broadcaster. Yet what did she do? She went out to the ring and called out GRIME. They did not make her want to leave, they just pissed her off.

Now Melissa sits in the locker room, not many friends but she knows she has a few of us that have her back if GRIME tries any funny business. I know I do, I have been watching your back, I will keep doing so, just not this Sunday at High Stakes.

You see, we have a one on one match coming up and it is going to be hard for me to watch your back if I have your back on the mat getting in that Real Killa type ass whoopin. You see Melissa, if you thought for one second that I will take it easy on you just because I can now call you a friend then you have another thing coming. Real Killas do not take any shit, if I can get in the ring with Halo and try my best to know her out till next week then what chance would you have that I would take it easy on you?

Expect a fight far worse than one you would get from GRIME. Expect the opposite of what you got from Halo. Remember that? Halo was the Combat Champion and you two had a match for the title. You came at Halo hard, you gave it everything you had, in the second round you laid Halo with a good shot.

Remember what happened next? You came at Halo and she stopped holding back and decided to throw one punch, that one punch dropped you on your ass. I plan on doing the same but only quicker, not because I am better then my partner in crime Miss Annis, but because unlike her. I will not be holding back and waiting for the right time for the KO. I will come at you harder then you came at her. I will have you pissing in your panties once the bell rings.

You and I have been in the ring many times, but never as friends. It was business and it was just a job, this, this will be no job, this will be two fighters with respect for each other and expects the other to bring the A game. Only I seen your A game, every time we fought, the most I ever needed was my D game. Like Halo, my D game took you out but this time, this time expect the Mut with the Stuff to show you how a real bitch fights in the ring.

So do what you have to do to bring it because if not then you are going to need your twin sisters and everyone you went to school with at ASU to stop this Real Killa!

Kelli goes back to her shadow boxing as the scene fades out.

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Re: Kelli Torres vs Melissa Ruin
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2020, 11:58:34 PM »
Melissa is seen lounging as she lays on a long chair in her backyard trying to get some sun. A drink is seen in her hand. Melissa takes a zip of her drink before looking at the camera with a nonchalant attitude.

Melissa: Kelli, hey, it’s you and me again in the ring. You've been lucky every time before but not this time. This time, you'll be facing someone who can see more clearly now. I know we had our differences, I know I said things I shouldn’t have said. I acted in ways that were rude and uncalled for. But that was then and this is now. Now I am me, the Melissa Ruin everyone loves being around. The life of the party, the cool laid back chick.

In the ring, everyone knows I go out there and go all in. You know it and I know you know it. Still not gonna stop me from doing just that. Prepare for battle like no other Kelli. Prepared to be slapped around so badly that I’m gonna have Combat Champion Merlot Ayano smiling and taking notes. Hell, your people at the gym will be taking notes.

You’ve seen what I can do, at least you think you have. At High Stakes when we face off, you’ll find out the hard way that you ain’t seen nothing yet. Everything is different this time Kelli, not only are you facing a new Melissa Ruin, I’m also facing a new Kelli Torres.

Take this pill and swallow the truth Kelli. I’m on the raise in SCU, What have you done? Nothing! You fallen off the top spot in the company. You debuted in SCU winning the Combat Champion, you held it till you won the Underground title and gave up the Underground title in a shock to everyone so that you can stay as the Combat Champion. You’ll give the fans another shock when you take a loss to me. You have fallen off since then, meanwhile, I have gained a stronger foothold in this company. I was here longer than you and saw you start at the top and dwindle down to just another person in the locker room.

I admit, I started out as just a nobody in the locker room but after years in this locker room and with the year I’ve had compared to you know compared to you last year. I stand corrected, me beating you won’t be much of a shocker after all. Just Saying.

With that said, I’m looking forward to this. I’m looking forward to going out to the ring and face someone that can’t look at me as someone easy they can beat. Kelli is walking into this match as this is a must win. A win she’ll fail to get but one she can’t afford to not get. <f/ont>

Melissa smiles at the camera

Melissa: Bet you didn’t expect for me to come at you from that point of view. Face it Kelli, you’re last year's news. Without any titles around my waist, I’m this year's news. Win or lose it won’t matter, I’m still the biggest deal in SCU right now with no title, that’s saying something. All while you’ve been talking but saying nothing.

Bottom line Kelli is that come Sunday at High Stakes, be prepared, prepared to be on your back for the three count that is! so go ahead hype yourself up for this match as I walk into this match with no pressure, no chip on my shoulders, no care in the world. The opposite of you, just like our careers over the past year.

Melissa takes a zip of her drink and puts her head back on the head rest with no care in the world as she continues to work on her tanning.