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Evie Jordan (c) Alicia Lukas - Bombshell World championship
« on: September 14, 2020, 04:02:14 PM »
Post all roleplays for this match here.
Limits: One roleplay per week per character - 10,000 word limit.
Good luck!

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Re: Evie Jordan (c) Alicia Lukas - Bombshell World championship
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2020, 11:36:03 AM »
Lies and Slander

Do you know what it’s like to have to sit and listen to someone lie about you?. Do you know what it’s like to have someone sit there and slander your name in front of the world and everyone else and have to stay silent? This is what Alicia Lukas had to do. She sat silently in a hardwood chair in a court room in lower Atlanta. Earlier that day, her own lawyer sat down and grilled her. He asked her questions about everything. From why she left, the plans that she had, what she did in Japan, who she slept with, all of it and embarrassment in an invasion of privacy.

They entered the court room earlier, Alicia dressed in a straight Conservative looking blue dress. She felt like an idiot. Her mother dressed in a matching one that was purple. She looked across the room looking down the eyes of her ex-fiancé and father of her sons Ronald Jeffery Andrews the Third. He sat there looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. His hair immaculate, his big brown eyes looking up at the judge. A custom suit over his body to finish the aesthetic. It made Alicia's stomach churn. Knowing what he was really like and knowing that he was able to completely hide it behind all the bullshit.

Things dragged on. The judge listens to different character references. But it didn’t make sense. They paraded out Alicia siblings, they spoke highly of their sister. Then they paraded out Ronald’s father, his mother, all of his cousins. Every single one of them giving glowing references about how kind and generous Ronald was. How he was a great father. An upstanding member of the community. The real mudslinging had yet to begin. But Alicia and you was coming, she felt it in her stomach. An uneasy feeling that she was about to be paraded out in front of everyone in the world and called all sorts of horrible things.

She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes, she had to look away from Ronnie and she had to try and forget where she was. For everything that Alicia had been through, the abuse she had suffered before moving to Japan and taking control of her life, at this moment she felt like that same 18-year-old girl who wanted to end it all. Then she felt it, a hand wrapped around her sitting on her lap. She opened her eyes and looked down to see her mother’s hand. Complete with a comically large diamond ring. But the fact that her mother was there, that she had her back. That was different. It was new. And it was needed.

Ronald stood up and walked around the desk to take the stand. He looked up at the judge and gave her a night as he took his place. His lawyer moved around standing to the side, in front of the judge with his hand sitting in front of Ronald. “Mr Andrews. For the last 3 years, who has taken care of your young sons?” Alicia‘s heart sank again, she closed her eyes but could still hear his voice.

“That would be me.” He was so confident, sure of everything. And what was worse? He technically wasn’t wrong. Alicia had sent money, she had spoken to her boys over the Internet, or over her phone. But she has not been there physically for her sons. The fact that had torn her up inside and made her feel terrible. But it was something that was needed in her life and was better for them in the long run.

He looked over at Alicia, right in the eyes. She moved backwards slinking down in the chair. Her mother Barbara squeezed her hand and turned sideways shaking her head. Alicia knew what it meant. She needed to stay strong. “Why do you believe you should have full custody over your sons Ryan Andrews and Rory Andrews?” Hearing the words out loud, knowing what Alicia was going to lose if this went through. It hit her hard on the chest, harder than any hit she had taken while she was in Japan. Harder than any shot from anyone in the ring.

Ronnie cleared his throat he adjusted his tie and he put on the act. His eyes whitening as his eyebrows went up, small tears forming in the corners. His voice even slightly broke as he began to speak. Alicia was going to throw up. “Violet she….she abandoned us. In the middle of the night she left me and our sons. There was no explanation.” He swallowed hard, he looked down at his hands. He took a deep breath and shook his head looking back up at his lawyer and then over to Alicia. “I didn’t care about me. But our boys abandoned our boys!”

She took another sharp breath in, this time holding it in her lungs. Her hands gripping her mothers as hard as she could. Barbara reached over with her other hand tapping her daughter on the leg, Alicia realised she was squeezing her mother‘s hand too hard she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Trying to keep down the disappointment, the anger, and the guilt.

Ronald’s lawyer moved around to the other side. He now had his back to Alicia and her mother and their legal team. “And what do you believe Miss Maxwell did while she was gone?” It was a simple question, Alicia tilted her head waiting for the answer. The evidence was all there to show that she had been working, that she had been sending money back.

Ronnie again cleared his throat and put on the act. ”Honestly, I don’t know. But you have to understand violet was always a wild child. I’m sure she had her fun”. Alicia‘s eyes widened. She went to stand up but her mother grabbed her hand and make sure she stayed put. The anger started building, started burning in her stomach in her veins. She knew where this was going.

[color=;imegreen]“Her fun? Can you elaborate Mr Andrews?”[/color] There was a small amount of silence. A moment just long enough to make everyone in that room think that Ronnie was morally struggling with answering the question.

But then, he said it. With all the power and emotion behind his voice to sound like a hurt and betrayed ex fiancé. “Fun. Sleeping with other men, drinking, whoring about.”

“YOU LYIN SACK OF SHIT!” Alicia stood up, she shoved her mother‘s hand away grabbing onto the banister, she yelled as loud as she could. The judges gavel banged three times and Barbara quickly pulled Alicia backwards. Alicia looked at her mother who again shook her head.

“Order please! If Miss Maxwell can not control her temper she will be escorted from the court till she is called.” The judge looked down her nose at Alicia, she was an older woman perhaps in her mid-50s. Her long hair had turned salt and pepper colored long ago and was tied back in a smart looking bun. Alicia took a few deep breaths and slowly sat back down. “Please continue.” The judge gave the all clear to Ronnies lawyer, Ronnie shot a quick grin at Alicia that made her heart hurt.

His lawyer cleared his throat turning to Rinnie to keep going with their lies. “Mr Andrews. Do you believe Moss Maxwell is a good mother?”

He stuttered, he looked down and took a long deep breath. He was so good with his act. He should have been an actor. “I know she loves the boys. But no. She isn’t a good mother...she’s barely a mother.” Alicia went to stand up again, this time her mother was way ahead of her, turning to hold her down. The judge looked over and raised an eyebrow, Alicia took deep breaths. She knew her lawyer could ask questions and soon.

It would be her turn to speak.

The Choice

Her television flickered as Alicia watched the footage. Passed matches between herself and Evie. A bottle of beer say on her table as her eyes stayed fixated to the screen. She studied every single move and moment. A small growl coming from her lips as she watched herself lose. Alicia reaches forward and grabbed the beer, taking it down. She quickly grabbed a second popping it open

“I’ve been dominant for a very long time. And I get it, you’ve all heard that before right?. You’ve all heard about my rain of dominance, you’ve all heard about what I’ve done to most of the division. Most of you saw it, watched it, some cheered for it, others booed. But, have any of you actually found the answer as to why?. Have any of you actually watch the matches, studied what happened, what my opponents did wrong and what I did right? This what you were seeing me do, is the difference between myself and most of the roster. You listen to 90% of these women talk and it’s quite clear that none of them actually go back and watch their matches, none of them think about the mistakes I’ve made, agonise over them, none of them care. They just go out do what they need to do, and think that it will be enough.”

“But you see, that has never been what I’ve done. I sit here and study myself, my opponents, and if we faced each other before our past meetings. Most of the time, it’s just me watching myself beat the hell out of people over and over again. And I’m sure some of you are wondering why. Why would I continue to watch matches against people that I have dominated. Women like Crystal, Seleana, Mercedes, Kate. And the answer to that is simple. Because they could beat me.”

“Anybody can beat anyone else on any given night.“

“That is why I do this. That’s why it is my entire life. I travel to Vegas, I wrestle my matches, I train with all of my friends, I spend time with my family, and then I do this. I shut my door, and make sure the blinds are pulled, and I watch wrestling. This is what I do. I don’t have any other hobbies, I don’t go to concerts, I don’t play video games, I don’t really watch movies. I occasionally watch football, but the Falcons have sucked for a while so I don’t get a lot of joy there. My joy in life comes from my family and from wrestling. I have given my all into it, but I also know that just because I give my all into it, just because I’m one of the best to ever step foot in a ring, it doesn’t guarantee me a win. It doesn’t mean that I will just become a champion because I want to wish it into existence.”

Alicia slowly gets to her feet, she moves around the small glass table sitting in front of the couch. She reaches over and turns off her television. She stands in front of it with a few deep breaths before turning back and continuing.

“Everything is a struggle, everything you do in this business is all predicated on the idea that you will still need to get better every single day. Because if you do not get better every single day, if you do not learn, if you do not grow, you will get left behind. That is what has happened to Mercedes Vargas. That’s what’s happened to Crystal. That is what has happened to so many other names have come and gone from this company. But that will not happen to me. I am a two time bombshells champion, I have had one of the most dominant runs in history, and I refuse to fall out of existence, and become a nobody.”

“That is one of the reasons why I have chosen this match. It all goes back to the fact that anyone can beat anyone else on any given night. I could be in the ring with someone like Jessie Salco, and nine times out of 10, actually, 99 times out of 100 I walk out of that match with my hand held high and my name being called as the winner. But that one time I’m not, if I have a lapse in concentration, or she gets lucky, that one time could be during something big.”

“Now, I understand the show is called violent conduct. I understand everyone else is probably thinking of these elaborate stipulations where they want to rip each other’s heads off, and there’s going to be blood and guts.“

“But truth be told, I believe that myself and Evie Jordan deserve better than that. Even after her comments on climax control. I still believe that she deserves the respect of everyone in this company. The thing is, Evie needs to learn something here. You can never deal in absolutes. You can never deal in certainties. Evie  says she respects me, but she wants to say that the result and outcome will be the same when she and I face which other at violent conduct? Sure, you can say that it was just a shot at the fans Evie. Because they seem to hate you being champion. But you and I know the truth. You are lying to yourself.”

Alicia shrugs, she moves back across to near her sofa before leaning over and grabbing her be moving around to the window taking a long drink out of it. She size heavily interns leaning back against the wall and falling her arms over her chest.

“Not about your confidence. Not about how good you are. Not even about respecting me, because I know that you respect how good I am in that ring. But you don’t respect my claim as the best in the world. And that’s a problem. See there is a problem to me because even though you are the champion, you have not proved that you are better than me. We can take the triple threat match out of it, we can just look at our two one-on-one matches. And they were so close. They were so competitive and they were real and they were pure and they were everything that I love about professional wrestling. you can call what you’ve done the comeback of the year, you can tell the world how great you are, but no one did what I did.”

“No one, stepped out from the backstage area, and down to that ring, performed like I performed on such a high level. And I’m not gonna sit here and say that you are a great professional wrestler Evie, because you are. You beat me in a one on one match and that is a very hard thing to do. Beating me at any type of match is a hard thing to do. I failed to stop you from feeding Andrea Hernandez and that allowed you to escape to another match with me. And then you beat me there too. So don’t you think for a second that I don’t respect you or don’t think that you can do it again and beat me. Because I do. That’s why I chose this match.”

“it will provide me with an answer.”

“The question is simple. Which one of us is better?. Due to your comments, about how the outcome will remain the same, I get a sneaking suspicion that you think you’ve already found the answer. And I guess that’s the difference between us isn’t it Evie?. You think you have all the answers, you think you know everything, you think you’re the best, you think that you are going to be the champion for as long as you want to be, and as much as you do you respect someone like me you are always gonna feel threatened by what I did. Because you have a fear that deep down people are always going to look at you as second best.”

“But me? I’m always trying to find a new answer, from a new question.“

She pushes off the wall, the top of her mouth on the right side slowly twitching into a smirk. How I was travelling over through the room to the far wall, all of her past championships hung up on the wall. She clears her throat and turns her head, her bright blue eyes staring forward.

“And violent conduct people see everyone else feeding the snot out of each other, they will see blood they will see guts but when you and I step in the ring Evie it’s going to be about competition. It is going to be about the current champion, and the former champion, stepping in the ring to see who is better. But we’re gonna see one person who thinks that the end of the match is a foregone conclusion against someone who knows what it takes to step up and destroy expectations.”

“I’m not stupid, I know that you could beat me. I know that you could go into this match and they could be five falls and you could end up winning 3 to 2. I know that you could walk out of violent conduct with the championship held high and then I honestly don’t know if I would ever get a shot of the championship while you were the champion ever again. The truth is I’m not even sure I will deserve it, the only reason why I’m comfortable going against you in this match, is because of what I did to 8 other women to get to you.”

“They all had their chance, they all had moments where they could have thrown me over the top rope. They all had moments where they could have taken that championship match and gone after you. But they failed. And I’m not going to apologise for proving that I’m still the best. I’m not gonna apologise for looking forward to violent conduct and looking forward to getting my hands on you. I’m someone who is always chasing a moment, the challenge, and you are both.”

“Let’s dance.“

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Re: Evie Jordan (c) Alicia Lukas - Bombshell World championship
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To be continued, you say. Well… let’s hit resume play and get this show on the road…

Evie knew her decision to hand over a bag full of diamonds wasn’t going to be a popular one. She knew that the moment she opened her front door, there was going to be two sets of eyes looming over towards her, glaring at her with judgement. That’s why Evie took the last five minutes before her three-hour time window was up, to enjoy the intoxicating joys of nicotine in the form of two cigarettes she chain smoked on her front patio. As she crushed the last butt into the flowerpot by the front door, she moved some of the soil over it to hide the evidence. However, even Evie knew that wasn’t going to protect her from the smell of smoke that had seeped into her hair and clothes. With a painful sigh, she turned towards her front door and reached for the handle but before she could twisted it to let herself in, the door swung inwards as Ben greeted her with a cheerful grin.

Ben couldn’t hide his concern, even with his big goofy smile on his face the look in his crystal-clear blue eyes said it all he was worried about Evie. He was worried about her decision to pay her sister off, he was troubled by the words he had heard his wife speak earlier. Did Evie really want to get to know her long lost half-sister? Was Ayla someone that Evie really wanted in her life? Then to hear her shut Evie down like a flock of ducks in open season, Ben knew Evie didn’t handle rejection well. It wasn’t a reaction Evie was used to, Evie was the type of girl who nine times out of ten got what she wanted and if she was every denied the tenth object, she moved and heaven and hell to get it by any means necessary. However, Evie’s outstretched hand, that she offered toward Ayla early was slapped away with ease.

The Jordan’s just oddly stood there one on either side of the door frame, unsure what to do next as Ben was busy studying his wife. While Evie was trying to figure out what was going on in that big adorable head of his. She couldn’t tell if he were mad at her, she couldn’t tell if this were the calm before the storm, but all Evie could be certain of, is that she was glad she was home in one piece. There was no gun fire, there was no fist fights, no war, no new scars, and that was rare for her.

Evie made the first move as she walked right into Ben’s opens arms and instantly his strong muscular arms closed around her. Pulling her in towards him, Ben made sure Evie was out of the way before the door collected them on the way past. She could feel his hands checking her over, even if he tried to hide it as a hug. Ben pulled his face away from hers, his hands reaching up to hold her arms as he looked directly into her eyes.

“Are you hurt?” Ben whispered.

There was a tone of concern in his voice that had Evie wanting to reassure him as quickly as possible.

“No. I’m good.” Evie replied.

Evie looked herself up and down, she wasn’t sure why she knew no harm had been done to her, but it was a strange feeling to come back from a “mission” without an odd bump or bruise. It was new to her, but then again it wasn’t like she was fighting the unknown she was dealing with her half-sister who she might not have known in person but from the information Calista and herself were able to dig up there was no cause for alarm for Evie’s safety. It was just the uncertain feeling of that Ayla wasn’t working alone but who knows, Evie couldn’t know for sure she just had to hope that today’s offerings were enough to keep Ayla satisfied and not leak any of Evie’s past discretions.

“Are you okay?” Ben questioned.

Ben watched his wife take a step back, her mind running over time. Was she okay? Evie had just reached out to her half-sister looking to extend an olive branch and it was all thrown in her face over a stupid request for money. Deep down Evie wanted some form of family in her life. It wasn’t that Ben wasn’t enough for her, he was, and he was more than enough it was just since the death of her father Evie thought she was the last living Baang. Since finding out that there was a sibling, even if Ayla was only halfblooded, there was still that family tie that subconsciously she didn’t want to let go of. Evie looked back up towards Ben, he could see the grimace on her face, so he knew she was about to sugar-coat her feelings for the moment.

“It is what it is.” Evie complained.

The disappointment in her tone was evident, it wasn’t the elephant in the room anymore. It was well and truly known. Ayla’s behaviour had crushed Evie, even if she was unwilling to say those exact words out loud. Evie just walked back into Ben’s opened arms and rested her forehead against his chest, thankful that things had at least gone smooth enough today that she was able to walk back into her house unharmed, alive, and back into Ben’s arms. Regardless of what had happened earlier Evie was back in her happy place, and even though her trademark smile was on her face for now, she was grateful for the blessing that was before her eyes, and in her arms. Their hug didn’t last for long, as the sound of their voices had travelled down the hallway into their bedroom and like the speed of lightening Bear was hurdling towards them both, unremorseful of any causalities as he skidded towards their knees at full speed. All the Jordan’s could do was brace for impact as sixty-five kilograms of fluffy excitement spear headed towards them, tongue out, drool spooling and fur flying.


Evie moved further into her house and she was greeted with smiling face of her best friend Calista.  Calista had already taken over Ben’s large TV in the living room. His remotes had been pushed to one side, as now two laptops sat upon their round coffee table, a cord ran from one laptop towards the TV. Evie didn’t waste any more time as she reached up to the top button on her black leather jacket, ripping it off with ease she tossed it up in the air towards Calista who caught it. Ben watched on as the two girls go to work at lightening fast speed, as Calista broke down the button that was in fact a small camera. She slipped out a micro SD card and within seconds the card was slotted into the smaller silver laptop. The TV flickered to life and now on the screen was a replay of today earlier events.

Evie didn’t bother to walk around her expensive leather chairs, she leapt over the back of it, before taking a seat. Bear had made his way round, he was used to family movie days and night and he thought today was no different. Ben on the other hand chose to stand in the corner and watch Calista and Evie work. He wasn’t sure why they were replaying Ayla’s words from this morning, but he could tell by the way Evie was counting the knocking sound of Ayla’s fingertips tapping the table that there must have been a message in there somewhere. 

Evie rocked forward in her chair, her elbows came to rest on the top of her knees as she looked up at the TV screen, trying to analyse her little sister’s body language. There was no way on god’s green earth that Ayla belonged in this game, she was too shaky, to nervous and to scripted, to be a big bad crime lord. Just as Evie went to reach across the coffee table and grab hold of a pen and paper, she was distracted by the sound of Calista coughing, before her head tilted backwards as if to shift Evie’s attention towards Ben. Turning back to look at Ben, Evie could tell there was trouble brewing and without a moment missed, the words fired out of Ben’s lips.

“I can’t believe you gave her diamonds.” Ben scoffed.

The TV was now showing the moment that Evie handed over her prized black Birkin bag that contained 20 million dollars-worth of diamonds. Evie saw the heated look in Ben’s eyes she knew this could have been an issue. This was never an outcome the pair had spoken about and from all their previous conversations Evie wasn’t the type of girl to pay anyone off even if it meant keeping her identity safe. Evie had other ways to keeping people quiet and reaching into the pockets of the Jordan’s was one of them. Evie looked towards Calista, even her best friend was giving her that look that screamed “I can’t believe you did this.”

“They weren’t our Diamonds, so please the both of you calm down.” Evie huffed.

Evie tried to return her focus to the audio, trying to piece together what her sister was trying to tell her with the tapping of her fingernail onto the hard table top but she couldn’t stay focused for long as she felt two sets of eyes glaring right at her. three if you wanted to count Bears.

“So, you stole some to pay her off?” Ben’s eyebrows came together, confused.

Ben made his way across the room, he was patient man with Evie and never just went off at her without letting her give an explanation first. Evie watched as he made his way over towards her, so she held his gaze when she replied.

“No recently, if that’s what you’re asking?” Evie snapped back. “I’ve had them for ages.” She smirked.

Evie was trying to keep this light, but she knew Calista and Ben weren’t just going to let this go. She watched as Ben took a seat on the armrest of the brown leather couch, his eyes darting between Evie and the TV. Calista couldn’t help herself as she let out a giggle, she knew exactly what diamonds Evie was talking about now and things were starting to make sense for her part.

“The Tower of London job from 2014?” Calista chuckled to herself.

Reaching across Calista squeezed Evie’s right leg. The Tower of London job was one of their greatest heists and yet, they rarely ever spoke of it. However, Evie couldn’t wipe the smile off her face once Calista had mentioned it.

“Yes.” Evie laughed back.

Ben watched as his wife and her best friend exchanged a glance that only two best friends could, it was as if they were retelling the story without exchanging any words. It took a while for it to sink in, but once it had, Ben pushed himself back off the arm rest with a powerful stride.

“HEY…” Ben shouted. “I took you to the Tower of London and you said you had never been there before?” he questioned.

Ben made his way behind Evie, he reached out and place his hands on her shoulders giving them a tight squeeze. He wasn’t hurting her, but he wanted her to know he was right behind her. Evie looked up at the Tv and she could see the outline of his reflection. There was a cool goofy smile on his face, Evie could tell that by the tone in Ben’s voice.  Evie tilted her head back, so she could look up at her husband with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Well...” Evie paused. “It’s not a lie… technically you took me for the first time, the other time I didn’t have a great deal of time to look around and take in the history.” She smiled.

Evie winked at him, but Ben let go of her shoulders and the features on his face changed as he acted hurt by her words. She watched as Ben made his way around the front of the chair, to look her in the eye when he spoke.

“This is explains why when we went into see the Queen’s Jewels you were like” Ben paused. “Oh my god wow they look so real.” His tone had changed to a mocking Australian accent.

Calista and Evie couldn’t help themselves as they laughed at Ben’s Australian accent. Ben threw his hands up in the air defeated. He wasn’t really mad at Evie, he knew she had a life before him and at times he would learn things about her that would rattle him a little. Evie was surprised she wasn’t thrown out of the house right then and there for hijacking some of his beloved Queen’s jewels, but Ben seemed to be keeping a lid on that conversation, to made a little bit later when Calista wasn’t around.

“Well on that note, I’m going to go work out how many white lies I’ve been given over the years.” Ben joked.

Evie smiled at Ben, as Ben looked towards Calista who was googling coordinates as she thought that might have been what Ayla was trying to lead them to. He knew it was going to be a long day for the two females and if he knew anything, that was not be in the way when they were trying to figure something out. Ben took his leave from the room, and Evie called out just as Ben was walking down the hallway towards their bedroom.

“I love you.” Evie called out.

She didn’t even turn to look at him, she didn’t have to Evie knew he was still smiling but Ben quickly called back towards her. 

“No… I’m still processing that one as well.” Ben called back.

Calista looked up at Evie catching a frown, but the frown didn’t last long as the two girls got straight back into work. Evie knew she had some making up to do with Ben later, but right now they had to figure out what Ayla was trying to tell her, or had she been fooled once more by her little sister?


Evie and Calista spent the next two hours trying to figure out the message and from their years of working together and in this game it didn’t take them long to discover it wasn’t a phone number, it wasn’t a location, it wasn’t a combination it was a code. Ayla was reaching out with the old alphabet code that alone help confirm that Ayla wasn’t from this world. The two words that Ayla was spelling out are what shocked Evie the most… HELP ME. Evie hadn’t been a sister for long but even she knew that wasn’t something that would be easy for a sister to ask another especially when they knew nothing about each other. Evie wasn’t sure what she meant or how she was meant to help, or what to even help her from but she was going to do everything in her power to find out the who, what, when, where and why of this situation. Deep down Evie wanted Ayla in her life, she didn’t know why, nor she could even try and explain it. Family was family after all.

Moving away from her position on the couch, Evie went to make he way down the hallway to let Ben know the good news, however the sound of his bare feet slapping against the wooden floorboards brought Evie to a dead stop, before she even reached the hallway.

“OH, THAT’S IT… THIS… THIS I CAN’T STAND FOR.” Ben called from across the room. “WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THIS?” Ben shouted.

Ben was making his way down the hallway in his left hand was a bunched-up piece of material. His hands were balled up as fists as he shook his empty on towards Evie as he made his way back into the living room. Calista was looking up at them both from her seat across the room, a weird look on her face as she had no idea what was going on, but Evie on the other hand was smiling as if she had just won the lotto.

“That’s a West Ham shirt, my love.” Evie smirked.

Evie watched Ben’s eyes grow wide, so much so the whites that surrounded his crystal blues were highlighted. Ben made the last few steps towards Evie, he ducked down to speak directly into her face.

“Do I look like a West Ham supporter to you?” Ben fought back.

Evie was almost choking on her laughter while Ben was livid towards her. Before Evie could explain the shirt situation to Ben, Calista’ soft spoken voice stole their attention.

“I’m not sure... what this all means.” Calista frowned, confused.

Evie looked towards her best friend who had made her way from the couch over towards the pair of them. She wasn’t sure if this was a real right or one of those ones Ben and Evie did mucking around to keep each other on their toes. Ben however, looked as if Evie had murdered a puppy. Evie turned to look towards Calista with a wild smirk on her face.

“It’s from Ben’s emergency escape plan bag…” Evie chuckled. “It so you couldn’t be identified. I couldn’t send you into the world with a Millwall jersey on, now could I? That would give you away.” Evie sighed.

She looked back towards Ben, who had dramatically thrown the shirt onto the floor in rage. Calista watched on as Evie reached out towards Ben who just weaved his way out of her hands.

“I’d rather be dead than be seen in this.” Ben scowled.

Ben stepped over the jersey before he moved towards the kitchen bench where Evie had left his get away passport. He was peaking in frustration and Evie could tell he was a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. It was the Millwall blood that was flowing through his veins, that couldn’t let him see the genius behind his disguise. Ben reached across the bench and snapped up his passport and he turned around, to glare at Evie. 

“And let me guess you gave me a terrible alias?” Ben huffed. “Let me see here… my new name is Maxwell Samson Dean.” His voice trailed off.

As Ben spoke his loud voice trailed off into a much softer calmer tone as he read the name Evie had arrange for him on his passport. It was a mixture of three of his best friend’s names all mashed together. Maxwell for Max Burke, Samson for Sam Marlowe, and Dean as in Jamie Dean. A cheeky nod to Jamie Dean as well, if one day he ever discovered that Evie had given Ben his last name, she was sure he would faint from excitement.

“Horrible innit?” Evie mocked him, the British accent dripped in her tone.

Evie smiled, she knew he felt like an idiot from the way his head dropped, and he made his way over towards her. Ben didn’t waste a second as he wrapped his arms around Evie bringing her into a hug, before he bent down and place his lips on her cheek giving her a soft delicate kiss.

“I love you.” He said softly.

Evie continued to smile as refused to hug him back before she wittily bit back at him.

“I thought you weren’t so sure of that?” Evie grinned wildly.

Before Evie could wiggle free from his arms, he held onto her and bear hugged her. Evie turned towards him and gave him the smile he was chasing and the two quickly and briefly exchanged a small kiss on the lips. Calista just shook her head from side to side, she couldn’t keep up with the Jordan’s the way they were hot and cold with each other and yet, at the end of the day there they were in each other’s arms adoring each other. Their relationship to a lot of people didn’t make sense at times, but it was days and moments like these that reminded the outsiders looking in that they would always have each other’s backs and they would forever keep each other entertained and on their toes as they never fully expected what the other would or could do next.  Today had been a successful day and now, looking forward all Evie had to worry about is what on earth her sister Ayla wanted her help with?


The scene opened up just outside the Jordan’s Bar Harbour Lake house. Evie could be seen standing on the edge of the pier that hung over the water and she looked towards the calmness of her surroundings. She was dressed in all black, from her thick wrestling boots, to her black ripped jeans, to a black tank top that was tucked into them. Around her waist was a large Gucci belt buckle, while draped proudly over her right shoulder was the prestigious Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship. As the camera made its way towards Evie, she head the first wooden slat on the pier creak under the camera man’s foot and that’s when she knew she was in ear shot of the microphones.

“Alicia... Alicia… Alicia… You’re like the dog with a bone that refuses to give up. I beat you at Summer XXXTreme and then again at Climax Control to retain my prestigious World Bombshell Championship… and that result didn’t sit well with you, it rattled you so much so, you had to take a moment in time and weigh up your options and you chose to remove yourself from the title picture… and yet, that turned out to be a lie as soon as the first chance stumbled across your hands, you reached out and took that battle royal by both hands and you shocked the life out of it. You made sure, that your name was the one in lights because just like Kate… you love the glitz, not so much the glamour but you love having your name surrounded by lights, you love having your name attached to the World Bombshell Championship, that you couldn’t even allow someone else the chance to reach their full potential and why would you? You’re a World Championship title whore… You’re always fucking hungry whenever there is a belt to be won, a title to secure, a trophy to be awarded.” Evie sighed.

Evie turned to look down at her World Bombshell Championship proudly. She was sick of seeing it being passed around like some best dressed award, since winning it she had taken a lot of pride in knowing she wasn’t just another transitional champion in this company. However, she didn’t have time to dive into that she had other things to focus on. Lifting her hand up she looked towards the camera once more and continued with her promotional video.

“Look who’s always at the front of the line when it comes to World Bombshell Championship opportunities? Look who can’t help themselves and always has to be the cat amongst the pigeons. You know for a woman who tells the world that she is a standout, that she is so different from everyone else... Alicia, you sure as hell like to wear the same fucking shoes as the rest of them.” Evie smirked.

Evie’s smirk couldn’t be hidden it was highlighted by her blood red lips, her bright white teeth on displace. He had a smile of a wolf, always proud of the hunt, always boasting of the kill. Evie swept a lock of her long black hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear before she continued.

“On one hand you’re no different from them all, like a moth to a flame… if it glitters in this company, the Bombshells flutter their eyelids and get title drunk, always reaching out with greedy fucking hands, waiting for a hand out… and yet, unlike the rest Alicia you have worked had for your chance to secure another one on one match with me, however… I can’t say this is all just because of the World Bombshell Championship. As much as you say, this isn’t personal it’s business… this is a neutral respect, I can’t help but notice the fact we are neck and neck in singles matches, has you breaking out into hives. It’s almost as if your allergic to match someone. It’s almost as if you’re ashamed to be bested… and yet when it did. You couldn’t help but sing my praises, but we all know deep down… it’s eating you alive, we all know deep down the reason you chose an Iron Woman match, was so you could try and swing the result your way. I’m not an idiot. I’m not Stevie Wonder… the whole world can see why you chose this… because win or lose you will still count the falls that happen in the match and WHEN I beat you, you will still have the golden opportunity to flap your gums about how you “pinned me” during the match this many times and that by some fucked up logic in your head, still means that we will forever be equal.” Evie sighed.

Evie couldn’t help but tilt her head to the side before she smiled once more. It didn’t take long for her red lips to part once more as she spoke.

“Let this run through your head… we will never be equal.” Evie smiled.

Her emerald eyes locked with the lens of the camera, she wanted that point to be driven home when Alicia heard it. Truth be told Alicia and Evie weren’t enemies but, in this company, at times you had to cement your dominance in a title defence was one of them. Evie titled her head back to the centre before she carried on.

“Pathetic isn’t it? The fact that you so desperate to be the best, that you’re so hungry for the title that you’re willing to put the cart before the horse… just ask Kate how that worked out for her? just ask Kate how well her grand plans went last week at Climax Control? She thought she could sneak into our match at Violent Conduct by securing a victory over me, and yet… I never allowed that to happen. So, if you think for a single second, I’m going to stroke your ego or I’m going to play into your conceptions about how you’re going to be the rightful winner between you and I… you have another thing coming. You see doubt used to plague me… it used to follow me… it used to hunt me… but now, I use the doubt to fuel me. No one believed I had what it took to come back and win the Blast from the Past for the second time, no one thought I had it in me to beat Andrea and no one, thought I had a chance at beating you in a one on one match up and yet, here we are all tied up and only one way out of it… a match at Violent Conduct… not just any match, the match type you chose, in the main event.”

Evie held her gaze with the camera as she spoke, her eyes piercing the lens. That was one thing she could never been frowned upon, Evie was always focused on her target and she had always given them her full attention in her promotional videos. As the win picked up across the lake, Evie moved her hair to one side, showing off a line of scars that tattooed her skin down her right arm. She didn’t move the title to cover them, she worn them like a badge of honour and continued. 

“Some might say I have bitten off more than I can chew, giving Alicia Lukas the power to choose our match type at Violent Conduct. Some might say, I have just given her the keys to the kingdom that I current sit high above watching over week in and week out as the reigning World Bombshell Champion. So may even say that I was foolish to allow one of the best mat based wrestlers in the history of this sport, to choose a match best suited to her liking… yet, to me… Violent Conduct will mark the moment in history where I finally get the beat Alicia Lukas at her own game, I finally get the shut the fucking critics up and I finally get the say good fucking riddance to Alicia Lukas in the World Bombshell Championship picture.” Evie smirked, wildly.

Evie couldn’t help but laugh, she knew that was never going to happen, but a girl could dream. At least she knew Alicia and herself would give the SCW fans the match they deserved even if she despised them.

“To many of you, you have already over looked me… you have already started to raising your flags towards a Alicia Lukas and Roxi Johnson showdown at High Stakes, but here I am once again in the right place at the right time to remind you… just who the fuck I am and what I’m capable of. You think of a moment that I don’t have what it takes to beat Alicia Lukas next Sunday? You’re fucking kidding yourself. You see why you all paint this picture, you always seem to keep the same two bombshells on the top… Mikah and Alicia… Alicia and Mikah and yet, some of your out there seem to overlook the ones that are standing right before your very eyes… it’s okay… it’s fine… because believe me, the doubt my championship reign has generated has done nothing but fuel me and come Violent Conduct, I won’t allow the thoughts, the small insufficient thoughts of others get in my way of being the last woman standing, of being the woman with the most pinfalls racked up… I will have the last fucking laugh and there is nothing that you can do about it Alicia Lukas.” Evie paused.

Evie smirked towards the camera, there was still a lot left unsaid, so she continued on her way as the sun started to slip from the sky behind her as it flirted with the horizon.

“Alicia, you might think you have played the match type into your strengths, but I can promise you, all those who believe they have the advantage, rarely prosper.” Evie smiled, confidently.

Evie adjusted her World Bombshell Championship just at the right time, as if to rub it in Alicia’s nose that the title wouldn’t be leaving Evie’s side after Violent Conduct. It was the little things that she knew Alicia would pick up on, she normally went through peoples videos with a fine-tooth comb so if she could add to the fun, why not?

“It’s time that someone put you on fucking notice, it’s time that someone knocked you down a few pegs so you can realise that you’re not the measuring stick for Sin City Wrestling, you might be one if not the  greatest World Bombshell Champion in our history, however, that doesn’t give you an automatic victory every time you step up to the plate. Times have changed around here, and the past you once dominated… is now being over shadowed by the future and well let me remind you Alicia, the future of this company is looking mighty fucking bright and guess what, it doesn’t require you to save it or destroy it… because since I have become the World Bombshell Champion, the main event scene has been reigning Jordan and no I’m not talking about my husband…I have taken this beautiful title and I have captured the minds, the attention and the respect that is deserves… so believe me, the World Bombshell Championship is doing just fine without you… it doesn’t need you, it doesn’t need your greedy fucking hands, it doesn’t need your toxic need for self-gratification…” Evie paused.

That million-dollar smile was on her face once more as Evie boasted with her words. However, the way she was standing backed up her confidence. She had to be confident heading into her match with Alicia, or everyone would try and eat her alive for it. Perhaps it was time for the rest of the world to see that Evie Jordan had what it took to be a long-time champion and not just the next hot potato for Alicia Lukas.

“At Violent Conduct I’ll  remind you,  what it’s like to get into the ring with me, you see you might think you’re the highlight of this company… but every bulb has it day and trust me, the coil in yours is just about to snap and burst. I’ve shown you that twice before and Violent Conduct will be thirds times a charm for me. You see, a third time proving to you that I am in fact the better women’s wrestler in this business, would do nothing by cement my name into World Bombshell Champion history and if you think I’m going to let that chance rush past me? You have another thing coming…” Evie’s accent dripped with venom.

Evie looked towards the camera and gave a cheeky little wink before she started to wrap this one up. After all, she still had another week under her belt to come towards Alicia she didn’t need to use it all up now.

“So, Alicia as you jingle those keys to the kingdom in your hands, under your false predictions of walking away from our match at Violent Conduct as the new World Bombshell Champion… I’ll be here to remind you… that I changed the fucking locks… over a hundred days ago.” Evie smiled brightly.

Her focus never shifted from the camera as she spoke, Evie needed this to drive home. She was sick of being counted out when it came to the big matches. Evie adjusted her World Bombshell Championship once more, letting the light capture it as it shone towards the cameras.

“I’ll see you at Violent Conduct Alicia and believe me… the outcome of our match, wont be the one you’re currently banking on.”  Evie smirked.

Evie looked down at the World Bombshell Championship and she proudly ran her hand over the nameplate highlighting that it said “Evie Jordan” along the gold. She gave the title a soft pat, as if to say it wasn’t going anywhere before she looked back towards the camera with a smile. It didn’t take the cameras long to zoom in on her World Bombshell Championship the sole prize in the main event at Violent Conduct before the footage faded away and the screen ended up in darkness.

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Turning the tables.

”You are a good mother”

The words world in Alicia’s mind. Almost like a mantra, a chance of belief that she just had to keep on saying over and over again. Deep inside herself with no one else listening. Hands move down in groups at the bottom of the hard wooden bench she was sitting on outside the Atlanta city courthouse. She needed to get out into the fresh air and take some deep breaths, being inside was suffocating. The anger that she was feeling warmed her body and made it feel even worse. Having to sit there and listen to a calm and calculated character assassination of her personality and actions had almost broken her. It was at the point where now Alicia sat and tried to hold back tears because she honestly believe that maybe, just maybe they were right.

Maybe she was selfish. Maybe she had been arrogant and a horrible mother. Maybe she wasn’t there for them like she should’ve been. But in her heart she knew the truth, she remembered every harsh word, every painful punishment and reminder of her being a piece of shit. Ronnie had been a horrible boyfriend. A man who was trying to control everything about her life, everything about her son’s lives will be planned out and controlled in meticulous detail. But everything would be engineered for Rory and Ryan to be successful and lead lives that would be rich.

Alicia was a wild soul and someone who never wanted to be controlled. And if it was just control it would not be a problem. But the abuse, the physical and mental abuse that Ronnie had put her through. That is what she wanted to get away from. That is what she had to avoid and stop.

What was she wrong about her sons? Ronnie could do a lot of things that she might not be able to. This wasn’t the successful Alicia that we know today, the former world champion who had proven herself and made herself a commodity in the professional wrestling world. This was not the Alicia Lucas that was happily married to a man who was successful in his own right, and could provide a great life for both of the boys. This was a younger Alicia a woman who still had no idea where her position was in the world. And if she could even be what the boys needed. And now here she was, sitting outside a courthouse at 11 o’clock in the morning. Following two hours of Ronnie being able to say whatever he pleased.

She was upset, she was hurt, but most of all she was angry. She was angry that her lawyer had done nothing, angry that her mother had stopped her from reaching across and beating the crap out of her ex who sat there smirking, he just sat there with a smile on his face almost the entire time pulling everyone listening into his own little plot. She took a long drawn out breath and looked over to the side. Her mother Barbara was talking to her lawyer. Stephen Barnett had been on retainer for the family since before Alicia was born. He had been her grandfather‘s lawyer. And now he was in his late 70s, retired for 10 years coming back to help Alicia.

She had heard so much about how he helped her grandfather, so much about how he also helped her mother. But she couldn’t help but feel cheated as he seem to be doing absolutely nothing in the court room to actually help her. He stepped over closer to Alicia took a deep breath trying to keep all of her emotions in check as he sat down next to her. ”Well kid, ready to go back in there?” his voice was soft and kind, a tone that seemed to show happiness. But all this did was make Alicia even more angry.

Her blood boiled as her head snap to the side, a bright blue eyes staring hole right through the kindly old man’s face. ”So they can destroy me again while you watch?” she snapped at him, her words full of venom and vitriol. Probably a little bit more than she had actually intended, but this was her entire life. This was her ability to be able to get her children back.

He sighed heavily and shook his head.”I had to let them do it. If not we would play our hand early.” Alicia took deep breaths in and out trying to calm herself down, her hands moving over to her knees as she had her legs crossed over trying to look like a southern bell as opposed to the angry professional wrestler that she actually was. ”If I had stood up and cross examined Ronald then his team would know what our strategy would be.”

That was enough, Alicia pushed herself to her feet turning on her heel facing Barnett. ”Showing our hand? Strategies?” she shook her head and her hands found her hips. ”This isn’t a game! This is my life! My kids!” Her voice broke, her eyes filled with tears. Barnett got to his feet and stepped forward wrapping his arms around Alicia giving her a slow hug. His hand moving around her back with like pets before she seem to relax. He stepped back his hands finding her as his thumbs rubbed the top of her hands just below her knuckles.

Alicia looked up into his eyes and gave a small nod. ”I understand what this means, don’t think I don’t.” he gave her a reassuring smile. The door opened and the bailiff and gave them a small hand gesture telling and walking. Alicia followed Barnett and her mother into the courthouse and back into the court room. Alicia couldn’t help but look over Ronnie, her hands balling into fists.

The judge stepped out and sat down. She hit her gavel before turning to Barnett and Alicia ”You may continue”

Mr Barnett got to his feet, he turned and looked at Alicia with a smile and a wink ”At this time Ms Maxwell will take the stand and have the courts attention.” Alicia got to her feet, she straightened her dress and moved around the front to the small area beside the judge. She sat down and placed her hands on the banister as Mr Barnett moved around in front of her. ”Ms Maxwell, we heard a lot from Mr Andrews about what he thought you were doing and why you were doing it. But in your own words can you tell us why you left in the middle of the night?.”

Alicia closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, she thought she was ready, she thought she had the confidence to do this. But she needed to find it to get rid of her fear. ” for the entirety of our three year relationship, Ronald Andrews systematically emotionally and physically abused me.“ her nostrils flared and her breathing became laboured and sharp, she pushed down the tears and feelings of shame. She had begun to tell her story. But there were so many things left to say.

Shooting my shot

Here we are. Las Vegas Nevada. Alicia had arrived earlier that morning, the familiar feeling after being here for so long made her smile. In fact Las Vegas had felt like a second home. And here she was, in a familiar place.In a hotel room the week of a huge supershow. Violent conduct six was a few days away and she had that rush of excitement in her veins. And a smile on her face.

”It’s the week of the show. The butterflies are there, I’m feeling jittery, but I’m happy. And there was a time when this didn’t excite me. There was a time when everything just felt normal. We’d be close to a supershow, I would say fans all around Las Vegas, they would come up to me and talk to me and everything just went like clockwork. The media that we would do leading up to the show all of it just did nothing for me. and honestly? That’s ridiculously sad. There is nothing about this business that should feel pedestrian or normal, there is nothing that should feel familiar and should just make you run on autopilot. Everything should fill you with some kind of adrenaline or anxiety and get you ready to go. If not? You become complacent and you become everything that you don’t want to be.”

She moved around the room, over to the large windows that overlook the Vegas strip. She sighed deeply looking down towards Caesar’s Palace. The site of violent conduct six

”I never want to be complacent in professional wrestling. I never want to sit there and just think that things are easy and that they just flow and are normalised. I want to always be excited by what I do and this match excites me. It doesn’t excite me because I’m over arrogant and I think I can win and take that championship. It doesn’t excite me because I know for a fact I’m going to become champion, no to the contrary this match excites me because I don’t know. When I went into matches against Kate or Christina I knew that I was going to come out the winner, he didn’t lend it self to any type of real excitement in me. He didn’t set fire to my soul“

“But this match does.”

“This opponent does.”

“Even if the roles have switched. And believe me they have. As we were heading into the other matches I could feel all eyes on me, people not wanting me to win. People wanting Evie to come out is the champion. Mostly because when people looked at me, they saw a status quo that they did not want to go back to. When I was the champion it gave a lot of people bad memories. And the thought of me doing it again gives almost the entire bombshells roster a severe case of PTSD. It takes them back to a time when no matter what they did, no matter where they went, no matter how hard they tried they were never going to wrestle that championship away from my iron grip.”

“But as I said things have changed.”

Her arms fold over her chest as she continues to look down on the street but she spent so many nights, and has had so much fun since joining sin city wrestling.

”See, I was more than happy with my role as the villain of this little story. I was being the brush arrogant bitch. Someone who was just wanting to reclaim something that in my mind was always mine. But as my perspective changed and I just simply told the truth, which is something I always do but people don’t seem to notice, Jordan’s attitude also changed. She beat me. She beat me in a triple threat match and I accepted it, I applaud her, I was then given a one on one championship match because I was not the one who got pinned in the first match. And I had a one on one painful when over her, and in that second chance, Evie Jordan beat me fair and square.”

“Show me one time where I actually said it was a fluke. I bet you can’t find it. Because it isn’t, her beating me was never a fluke. But the fact that we were so even in both those one on one matches pushed me to choose a stipulation the benefit of just both. This isn’t an advantage to me, EVie can’t play the victim in this and say that I have disadvantaged her. She can’t play the underdog when she’s a goddamn champion that’s not how it works.”

“But it’s also something that has made perception flip. While I still have my fair share of heaters and tractors, people who don’t like the way I’ve handled said things in the past, there’s still more people now who would love me to become the champion because Evie’s attitude has dropped them the wrong way.”

“Yes, Mrs Jordan has become the villain of the piece.”

She chuckles closing her eyes, she obviously finds this whole turn events extremely amusing. She leans her forearm onto the window resting her head against it before opening her eyes with a deep breath

”And one of the reasons seems to be because Mrs Jordan is a conspiracy theorist delusional bitch. She decided to call me a world championship whore and blame me for simply winning a match. I already said I lost to you, I already said you were the better woman on that night, but then I got put in a battle royale and you expected me to do what exactly? Take myself out of it? Eliminate myself once I was out there?”

“You sit there and say that I’m always at the front of the line eh Evie?. I lost the championship, I got injured, I came back and then instead of going right for the bombshells title I turned my gaze to Bobbie Dahl because I wanted to beat the shit out of her and punish her for injuring me to begin with. And I couldn’t simply go for my rematch clause because the person who took the title of me was no longer the champion, and had already lost the title to someone who had lost the title to someone who had lost the title… Do you see where I’m going with this?”

“I came back and proved just how good I am, I beat you before you became the champion which burned my way back to the top of the card. After you beat me I tried to take a step back but the people in charge had other ideas and because I’m a competitor, and a real champion who doesn’t make excuses or throw tantrums, I went out there and did the best I could.“

“It’s just unfortunate, for you, that’s the best I can do is still better than the rest of the goddamn division. Do you want to blame someone for having to face me again Evie? Blame the other women who couldn’t get the job done and beat me… but for gods sake don’t throw a tantrum just because I’m better than the rest of them.”

She turns and throws her hands in the air taking a few steps back as she moves around the room. Alicia stops and picks up a bottle of water taking a long drink with her throat feeling parched.

”In fact, let me put it this way. Your little comments about me winning that battle royale and always being at the front of the line, you sound exactly like Mercedes Vargas. Let that sit in you sound exactly like a woman, who has been out of every single title scene, he continuously fails, but tries to act like she is still the best of the best. But then, you decide to flip-flop and actually say earned it. So which is it Evie? Am I a world title power hungry whore who went back on my promise? Or am I cut from a different cloth and the rest of them because I actually earned it? That’s not how it works, it can only be one or the other.”

“But that really does lead into certain theories I have about you, do you want to put on a brave face and tell the world about how doubt used to play with you and how now you have all of this confidence. That’s how you’ve always tried to make us see you. You’ve always had this ego about you but now apparently it’s all real? Here’s the thing I don’t need you to stroke my ego as you put it, I don’t even need your respect. You cannot respect me, you can disrespect me for all I care, because I will just hit you in the face as hard as I can over and over again until you are forced to.”

“The fact is, I’m not even sure you know what confidence is. Is confidence you actually being secure in your championship?. Is confidence you knowing that you are one of the best? His confidence knowing that you’re going to be able to defend the championship against all comers and do your best week in week out? Always confident, you standing there with that shit eating green on your face acting like you don’t think I can beat you? If you walk into this match believing that you’re unbeatable, that you don’t have holes in flaws in your game, that will end up being severely detrimental to you. I’m one of the best professional wrestlers on this planet today and the fact that you honestly believe the bullshit that comes out of your mouth is going to lead to ruin.”

“Then again, part of me actually feels bad for you. You won the championship and you’ve done better than the last three people who held for you. You’re a better champion than Roxi, a better champion than Christina, a better champion and Andrea. But you haven’t gotten the respect you deserve. I get it when I was the champion everyone started running their mouths against me saying that I wasn’t as good as I believe myself to be, then has my defences piled up on the list of names I’ve beaten got longer and longer the narrative changed, it went from I wasn’t worthy of being the champion two things needed to change because I had a stranglehold on the championship.”

“And again, all I have been guilty of is telling the truth. I told the truth what I said that you weren’t my respect, I told the truth when I said you beat me fair and square. And I’m telling the truth to you now, you and I right now are equal. The rest of the bombshells division should respect what you’ve done, they should look at you in the same league as myself and as Mikah. But to tell you the truth none of it should fucking matter Evie.”

She pauses again and laughs before finishing off her bottle of water and sitting down on the black leather couch.

”Worry about what everyone else thinks of you after this match. Before your next challenge is announced or before you get a rematch against me if I am the one who walks away with the championship. But right now all you have to worry about is you and me. All you have to worry about is violent conduct and the fact that you are putting that championship on the line against me for half an hour. Half an hour you are gonna be in that ring one on one with me. Someone who was barely here a year and got put into the top bombshells list of all time. Someone who swept the awards. Someone who was feared. That’s what you have to worry about…”

“The worst part about you Evie is that you have this potential to be such a leader and such an amazing champion. You have this chance to force people to give you the respect you deserve with your actions but, for some reason you just won’t do it.”

“You deal in absolutes. Hell you even said it, you said you will have the last laugh and there’s nothing that I can do about it. What if you’re wrong? What if I walk away with that championship? What would you do then Evie? I’ve already told you that I have respect for you and that I think you’re a great champion, I already told you that you could beat me in this match. But all you can do is deal in an absolute because you can’t even fathom someone beating you and that’s the problem. You can’t accept the fact that there are people better than you out there and it’s the same problem I had for the longest time and it caught up to me. It is a cloud of ego. And I am going to be the clearing breeze that comes and blows the cloud away from your face so you can see the forest through the trees. At violent conduct you’ll be facing the best Alicia Lukas, and I just hope you can handle it.