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The End of a Chapter
« on: March 31, 2020, 08:14:35 PM »
Date: March 31, 2020.
Time: 11:00 AM.

A sigh escapes the blonde Bombshell's lips as she jostles Myles in her arms as she unlocks the front door. She runs her fingers through her hair as Myles chews on his fingers.

Mikah: "Finally home baby…"

She kisses the infant's head as she struggles for a second or two before setting her stuff down in the doorway before going into the living room and sets the toddler down on the floor. She glances around, looking for her absent husband. She smiles as Leighton walks into the room.

Leighton: "Hey mom."

Mikah smiles before kissing her daughter's head.

Mikah: "Hey, Leigh. Can you watch Myles for me for a bit?"

Leighton raises an eyebrow at her mother but doesn't seem to protest as she picks up her baby brother.

Leighton: "Sure, Mom."

Mikah smiles before going to find Drake, assuming that he was in the office. She doesn't bother with knocking on the door and just walks in.

Mikah: "So which whore are you putting your dick in now?"

She folds her arms over her chest as she looks at her husband. She didn't take in what he was doing or if she had even noticed. Drake lifts his head up from his book.

Drake: “Hi honey...missed you too”

He smiles as he takes a sip of his scotch. She looks at him and raises an eyebrow at him with that cold, calculated look that had become her signature look.

Mikah: "I'm sure you have…."

She didn't seem amused with his sarcasm as she shifts her weight a little from foot to foot.

Mikah: "Or did you only miss me because the whore down the road hasn't invited you over? Or the whore from Twitter. Or you know, whichever one it is this month."

She raises an eyebrow at him.

Drake: “Ok…”

He sets his drink, and his book, down on the desk and leans back in the chair.

Drake: “What’s going on? What did I do now?”

She laughs before shakes her head at him as she leans against the doorframe, watching him as he seemed in the dark about what she was going on about.

Mikah: "You're really going to sit there and act like you don't know about the other sluts that you've been sticking your dick in? Did you think I was going to let you get away with it for forever?"

She raises an eyebrow at him.

Mikah: "I put up with it before I retired from in ring competition in September of 2018 because I was never home. I figured it wasn't hurting anybody. But I figured that you would stop after I became pregnant and then had Myles. But apparently not."

She shakes her head.

Mikah: "Apparently Myles isn't important enough for you to stop."

Drake turns his head sideway and smirks a bit for a moment before wiping the smile off his face.

Drake: “I….”

He sighs before lowering his head a bit.

Drake: “Really? This is what we’re gonna fight about? Me sleeping around? We didn’t fight about it a year ago when you were pregnant….two years ago when you were out fucking that guy all over the country….and now what? Because you’re going out to work and taking the baby so you can’t get drunk and fucked in a hotel room I’m supposed to all of a sudden be Mr. Monogamy? Come on Miks….don’t do this.”

He sits back down and picks his book up. She walks over to him and takes the book from him.

Mikah: "Excuse me?"

She looks at him before shaking her head as she stands in front of his seated form.

Mikah: "Because I thought you stopped!"

She was louder this time, almost yelling at him about it. She gives him a dirty look.

Mikah: "We have a fucking son together, Drake. I thought that maybe that would be a little more important than you being a manwhore. But I guess I was wrong."

Drake: “What changed? Becuase we have a kid you only want me to fuck you? Is it because of Myles or is it because of you? Don’t try to use him to make me feel bad. You know what I am….what we are….don’t pretend you’re holier than thou now just because you had a baby, Miks. We’re the same people we were a year ago."

She rolls her eyes at him.

Mikah: "Don't pretend that we are the same people we were a year ago, Drake. Don't act like you haven't been drinking more and more each week."

She raises an eyebrow at him.

Mikah: "Or are you abusing drugs again?"

Drake leans back in his chair and just stares at his wife.

Drake: “Look…what?”

She raises an eyebrow at him.

Mikah: "What? You think I didn't know what you've been doing?"

She holds a smirk for a second.

Mikah: "I used to do drugs, Drake. Over 14 years ago but I did. I know the signs."

Drake: “I’m’re not MY mother Mikah. Don’t try and turn this around here. You’re just mad I’m still having fun and you’re obviously fucking miserable."

She gives him a look, a small smirk tugging at the corner of her lips

Mikah: "Are you really that...stupid, Drake?"

She looks at him.

Mikah: "I get that Misty put up with your shit for a long time and never held you accountable because she couldn't hold onto a guy but don't you dare think that I am going to."

She looks him over.

Mikah: "And if you think for one second that I'm going to leave Myles in your care while you're off snorting coke, you have another thing coming."

Drake gets up and slaps his glass of scotch across the room, creating a loud crash of breaking glass.

Drake: “What the fuck are you gonna do? Don’t walk in here like some mother superior. You’re no fucking saint. What….you don’t think I know about what happened? Please Miks….grow up. We are who we are. You don’t have to like it….shit you know where the door is….but this is who we are.”

She flinches just a tiny bit at him smacking the glass across the room.

Mikah: "That happened before I fucking had Myles, Drake! Don't you dare insinuate that it has happened since. It's fucking different and you know it!"

Her voice was still raised.

Mikah: "I wouldn't do it around my child. And you weren't even around when it happened in June of 2018, so you don't get to fucking throw that at me."

She looks at him. He lets out another long sigh and then sits back.

Drake: “What are doing here?”

He pulls out a cigarette from his top drawer and lights it. He takes a deep drag before slowly letting out the smoke between his lips.

Drake: “You had to bring up Misty?”

She shrugs her shoulders.

Mikah: "I did. What are you going to do about it?"

She raises an eyebrow.

Mikah: "Probably a whole lot of nothing.".

Drake: “Well if you were half the woman she was maybe I wouldn’t have to stick my dick in half of America to feel something….”

Mikah laughs before raising an eyebrow.

Mikah: "You haven't felt anything for anybody long before Misty. Don't even act like you liked her."

Mikah rolls her eyes.

Mikah: "And if you were a better man, I wouldn't be fucking Kris Ryans whenever I want to. At least he didn't…."

But she stops not wanting to go there. Drake once again takes a long drag and exhales, blowing in the direction of his wife.

Drake: “And there it is…”

He puts the cigarette in his ashtray.

Drake: “Look...if you want out….just say it. Save the theatrics. It’s boring….and that’s beneath you. You’re not boring….”

Mikah rolls her eyes at him.

Mikah: "I want you to stop fucking doing coke and drinking all the damned time. And acting like it is okay!"

She wasn't going to deny that she was an angel. Everybody practically knew about her "friendship" with Kris Ryans anybody. And Drake would have been perceived as an idiot if he didn't know about it.  But they never talked about it. It was an unspoken agreement between the two. Act like everything was okay.

Mikah: "Because honestly? Fuck whoever you want. I don't care."

Drake: “What does Popeye say…..?”

He picks up his Newport and takes another drag.

Drake: “I am what I am.”

Mikah: "...You are not the man I married. So I don't know what the fuck happened to you…"

She looks him over before taking his cigarette from him and puts it out.

Mikah: "Do you even WANT Myles and I in your life? Or is the booze and drugs more important?"

Drake cocks his head a bit and smiles. He takes Mikah’s hand and puts it in his.

Drake: “Of course I do. Myles is the most amazing thing in my life...and I love you Miks. But I am exactly who you married. I’ve never changed...I’ve always been this guy. Maybe you’ve changed….and that’s ok…..”

Mikah sighs.

Mikah: "The drugs have to stop, Drake."

She looks at him.

Mikah: "And I haven't...changed that much. Maybe a little but not much…"

She looks at him.

Mikah: "But I can't leave Myles in your care with you on drugs."

Drake shrugs.

Drake: “It’s not like I’m high 24/7 babe...I just like to have a good time….we’ll get a nanny.”

She shakes her head.

Mikah: "No. I did that with Leighton, I am not going to do it with Myles."

She gives him a look.

Mikah: "And you think I don't like to have a good time? I do but I'm not going to get fucking high to have a good time."

Drake: “So what now….you gonna leave me?”

He takes out another Newport….and lights it.

Drake: “Is that what you want?”

She didn't feel like anything was figured out or anything had been resolved.

Mikah: "....I don't know."

She looks at him for a moment.

Mikah: "Are you ever going to change?"

Drake pulls out two glasses from his desk drawer and slides over the bottle of Johnny Walker black. He looks up at Mikah and smiles as he unscrews the bottle and pours two fingers in each glass. He sets the bottle back down, picks up both glasses, and hands one to Miks.

Drake: “I’ve been telling people my whole life that I’m gonna change. My brother, Max, Barry…

He looks at Mikah and cracks a smile.

Drake: Misty…..Mark Ward, Christian Underwood...the list goes on. But you know what?”

She looks at the glass.

Mikah: "What?"

He takes his finger and traces the line of her face.

Drake: “I’m sick of lying...and I don’t want to lie to you. Sure...I’ll stop now...maybe for a few months or a year...and then one day I’ll just be holed up in a hotel room with….whatever. I am what I am, Miks. I promise I will always be there for Myles...and for you….but I can’t promise something to you that I know is a lie.”

Mikah sighs as she looks at the glass.

Mikah: "I don't know what I am supposed to say about that."

She shrugs her shoulders as she watches the ice cubes in the glass.

Mikah: "I don't understand how that's more important than family."

Drake grabs Mikah by the back of the neck and pulls her in for a soft embrace, gently pressing his lips up against hers. He pulls back and smiles.

Drake: “What’s important is putting Myles in the best environment to thrive. And this….whatever this is….is not it. I think you know that. What’s gonna happen when Leighton figures out what we’re really like? What about when Myles grows up and reads about us? That’s not right…”

She shrugs her shoulders at him.

Mikah: "Leighton probably already knows. She is my daughter. She's not dumb."

She looks at him.

Mikah: "And you're right. I don't want Myles to grow up in this environment. I don't want him around the drugs. Or the alcohol. Or the random whore you invite over."

She looks at him again.

Mikah: "It isn't fair to him."

Drake: “I’ll pack a bag.”

He downs the rest of his scotch….and picks up his cigarette.

Drake: “Just tell Leighton...yeah.”

He walks past her. She grabs his wrist, stopping him.

Mikah: "No. This is your house…"

She just shrugs her shoulders at him.

Mikah: "I only moved here for you. I don't plan on...staying here if I don't have to. It's your house."

She gives him a small smile.

Mikah: "I'll have Leigh pack a bag and I'll get some of Myles' things."

Drake: “’ve got two kids and dogs. Just stay as long as you like….”

He walks past her.

Drake: “I bought it for you anyways….”

She shakes her head as she looks at him.

Mikah: "You bought this before we were even really official. I wasn't going to stay long anyways. Please don't."

She offers a smile.

Mikah: "I swear…"

He stops at the door way and looks back at her, and smiles.

Drake: “I love you, Miks.”

She smiles softly

Mikah: "Love you too."