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No scare will put me off.
« on: July 12, 2019, 07:34:29 PM »
 Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature - Boob’s only!

Hello... this is Doctor Rodriquez from the Sutter Health hospital. Sorry to call you at this hour... but I have your results from the breast biopsy we performed, and I have good news. You are all clear... the results came back negative. All we picked up was fat cells... there no abnormalities. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.


30th June 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Into The Void VIII

Into the void for me was one to forget... I lost and it was perhaps deserved as my heart wasn’t into this match. Don’t get me wrong... I did my normal routines for the match, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I kind of felt sorry for Cat in this match... because we were both fighting for nothing and her win meant nothing. Just another notch in the win box and maybe some build up to something down the line but frankly this match was just a match to keep Cat and I happy. With Cat picking up the win, I slap the mat, as he feel out my knee and leg before rolling out of the ring, as I look up at Cat who celebrates.  I pull myself up with the help of the apron and I hobble away from the ring and up the ramp as I give a small non sarcastic celebratory clap at Cat before heading to the backstage area.

Once backstage I move to somewhere quiet, where Joey meets me with an ice pack water and towel. Taking the town and ice pack, I pat the towel over my face and chest before placing the ice pack onto my calf.

Joey: You alright?

Amy: Yeah… I’m good.

I smile a little proving that a calf slicer wasn’t going to upset me neither was the loss. I stretch my leg out a couple of times before slowly standing to my feet and although there was some pain, but I was comfortable enough to walk on it.  Taking in some water quickly, Joey and I head back to the locker room unchallenged from Miss Rocky Mountains, Pussy Willow and Scott Oliver, which was quite refreshing not having someone stick a mic in your face to ask questions.

Joey: You seem pretty calm considering your just lost to Cat.

Amy: To be honest… the match was just to make us happy. There was nothing on the line. I still went out there and gave it my all, but I wasn’t too bothered if I won or lost.

I shrug as we reach the locker room and enter it, as I take a seat and place the ice pack back on my leg, as Joey flips the TV for the remainder of the supercard before sitting down next to me.  Unlacing my boots, I throw them into my bag as I notice a message on my phone from a number I don’t recognise.  I pick the phone up and listen to the message on loudspeaker.

Hello... this is Doctor Rodriquez from the Sutter Heath hospital. Sorry to call you at this hour... but I have your results from the breast biopsy we performed, and I have good news. You are all clear... the results came back negative. All we picked up was fat cells... there no abnormalities. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Joey: You alright? You look pale?

Joey places a hand onto my shoulder as I shudder, and I feel the tears begin to come.

Joey: Amy… talk to me baby.

Amy: I…

The tears begin to fall.

Joey picks up my phone and checks the last message and smiles.

Joey: This is great! You should be happy.

Amy: I… am.

All the emotions and fears that I had built up in the last several weeks flood out of me and I break down crying as Joey pulls me close and continue to sob.

Joey: It’s going to be alright.


21 days ago.
Santa Rosa, CA

The scene opens inside the pristine home of Amy and Joey Santino, where we see family photos and wedding photos alongside image of surfers and wave formations. The camera continue around to see various books about surfing, a couple of books from business tycoons, books about oil and books from different authors. The camera continues to move throughout the house until we get to the main master bedroom where we see Amy and Joey laying on the bed making out. Joey lays on top without a shirt showing off his few tattoos as he pulls at Amy’s tank top and removes it and drops it on the floor as he reveals nothing but bare flesh of her breasts.

Joey goes back to kissing Amy as she wraps her legs around his body. Joey moves his kisses down to her neck as he moves his hand down her breasts and gives them a gentle squeeze before moving his kisses down her breasts as he kisses and licks them but stops and begins to survey a spot just before the crevice of her armpit.

Amy: Don’t stop.

Amy says want Joey to continue but Joey says nothing and begins to lightly press and feel.

Amy: What are you doing?

Amy queries looking down at Joey.

Joey: Have you noticed this lump before?

Joey looks up at Amy as the flush red colour drains from her face.

Amy: What... l...lump?

Amy stutters, obviously not having noticed it before.

Joey: This one.

Joey takes Amy’s hand and directs it to where he is describing and Amy feels and prods.

Amy: It nothing it’s the way I am lying.

Amy says as the worry begins to sink in as she adjusts herself as she moves a trembling hand to her breast and touches her skin lightly and soon finds the same lump.

Joey: you ok?

Joey stupidly asks as he knows Amy can put on a brave face on things but she isn’t fairing too well in this case.

Amy: Does it look I’m ok... I could... have.... can...cer.

Amy stumbles over her words as she comes back to her memories of her Aunt Zania, who tried to bravely fight her cancer but in the end it was too advanced and she died with close family nearby including Amy, which was close too.

Joey: What do you want to do?

Joey queried...

Amy: I don’t know... doctors maybe... though I don’t know if they are open.

Amy pulls the bed covers up and cover herself, as she suddenly feels less attractive and more self-conscious.

Joey: We could go to Sutter Heath hospital... get checked out there. They move I guess quicker than the usual GP.

Joey shrugs as he puts his t shirt back on.

Amy: I want to go now...

Amy reaches over the bed and grabs her t tank top and slides it on before climbing out of the bed and quickly changes.

Joey: ok.

Joey climbs out of the bed as he frowned a little thinking that this could wait until the next day but he just wants to avoid the possible conflict. They both get themselves ready with Amy forgoing the bra, she thinks back to her Aunt and the amount of chemo and drugs that she had but it never helped and she didn’t want up like a shell of her former self... she want to know now but she also knew deep down there would be tests and biopsies to be done.

Grabbing the keys, Joey felt like he was in a dream that was going a million miles an hour, having gone from being intimate with Amy to finding that lump and now preparing going to the hospital. Leaping into the car, Amy and Joey head to the Sutter Heath Hospital in Santa Rosa where Amy would spend the next several hours waiting to be seen. Then once they are seen by a doctor, they are told they would need to be seen by someone from women’s health. Once one of the doctors come, they chat and did a quick ultrasound which didn’t yield much, and they booked Amy in for a mammogram in a couple of days with the view of a biopsy later on.



2nd July 2019
Pacific Palisades, CA
Home of Jamie Dean

The scene opens outside the apartment building where Jamie Dean live in Pacific Palisades, in which we Amy stands at the entrance as she pushes the buzzer to Jamie’s apartment and waits for a few moments.

Voice: Hello?

Amy: It’s Amy.

No voice comes back but instead a buzzer rings out indicating that the door is open, as Amy grabs the door handle and pulls and enters the building as she takes the lift to the top floor.  Stepping out of the lift, Amy approaches the loft and knocks lightly on the door, which Jamie swiftly opens the door to answer as grabs Amy and pulls her in and hugs her tightly.

Amy: Hi. Miss me much.

Amy chuckles a little as Jamie’s squeeze gets a little tighter.

Amy: You are squeezing too hard.

Jamie: Oh Sorry.

Jamie releases his tight hug and backs away, as Amy closes the door behind her.

Jamie: Well?

Amy: Can we sit down.

Amy asks.

Jamie: Yeah… sure.

Jamie and Amy moves to the sitting room, where Jamie quickly moves to the fridge and grabs a couple of waters and sit down.

Jamie: How are you?

Amy: I’m alright.

Jamie: What did the doctors say?

He queried.

Amy: No cancer cells detected. Just a bit of fatty tissue.

Jamie: Thank god.

Jamie lets out a sigh of relief as he grabs Amy and pulls her close and tightly squeezes.

Amy: Can’t breathe again.

Amy says hugging Jamie back as they both pull away.

Jamie: Are you ok?

Amy: Yeah I am fine… just a wild few weeks… I just need time to process and forget.

Amy says.

Jamie: Do you still have that number for the psychiatrist you saw a few years ago.

Amy: possibly. I will have to proper check. But I may have to speak to him again.

Amy shrugs.

Jamie: Lets move on from this and just talk… or do you want to go to a bar, or we can do something else?

Amy: A few drinks, I think. God knows I need it.

Amy suggests.

Jamie: Alright.

Jamie picks up the bottle and shoves them onto the side, as Amy stands to her feet. As Jamie quickly changes and puts on a pair of shoes before grabbing his keys.  He and Amy then leave the lift and the apartment building and head to the nearest bar.  The scene fades out as they enter a bar and from there it gets messy.


Tuesday 9th July 2019
Makers & Finders Café.
Las Vegas NV

The scene opens inside the Makers & Finders Café in Vegas, where we see Amy and Jessie sitting at a small table as they appear to be waiting for someone, as the waitress comes over and Amy orders a Hibiscus Iced Tea while Jessie orders a normal tea.  They sit back in silence for a moment…as Amy looks at the door and then her watch.

Jessie: I wonder what interesting excuse he will come up with about being late.

Jessie jokes.

Amy: Probably having an argument of sorts with the plant.

Amy shrugs and shakes her head.

Jessie: You alright… you seem quiet.

Jessie asks.

Amy: Yeah… I’m good. Just had a health scare that’s all.

Jessie: Oh?

Jessie queries perhaps getting too involved.

Amy: I found a lump…. Well Joey found a lump while we were getting intimate.

Amy explained.

Jessie: fuck!  Have you had it checked out etc…?
Jessie asks.

Amy: I have… I have had all the tests and a biopsy… it’s just fatty tissue.

Amy explained letting out a breath happy that she can tell someone else aside from Jamie.

Jessie: That’s great news… but I guess it’s shaken you somewhat.

Amy: Just a little…

Amy says with a small shrug as Vinnie strolls into the café with his plant in hand as he skips over and sits down in between Jessie and Amy.

Vinnie: Hola Ms Amy… Ms Jessie. How are you two ladies?

Amy and Jessie look at each other and shake their heads.

Amy: Good thanks. You?

Vinnie: I’m alright.  Sorry I was late by the way. He didn’t want to come but I told him it would be fun.

Jessie: Right.

Jessie looks at Amy kind of amused by the excuse, as she continues.

Jessie: You asked to meet.

Jessie asks.

Amy: I did… I’ve been thinking about MPC and Vinnie’s future championship shot and our aim to challenge for the mixed tag team titles and we may have an issue.

Vinnie: How so?

Vinnie asks.

Amy: Well with you getting a championship shot and the possibility of winning… none of us will be able to challenge for the mixed tag team title. However, I have an idea.

Amy says.

Jessie: Oh?

Amy: Inviting another person into the team.

Vinnie: You got anyone in mind?

Vinnie asks.

Amy: I have a few people in mind.
Jessie and Vinnie lean forward as the waitress comes over with Jessie and Amy’s drinks, as Vinnie orders something for himself. The scene soon fades out on the three of them as they talk about possible additions to the team.


Friday 12th July 2019

First off… I really appreciate that you want to face me in a dream match, and I know that you are a fighting champion and you want to prove that you are the best in the company by beating the best. But I stated several times that I want to earn title shots and not be handed them because of my work ethic and because I am a consummate professional. But I have also said in the past that I am not going to turn down the title shot, and I am going to wrestle as normal and give my 100%.

It appears that I ruffled a few feathers with my comments about this match and title shot… and I am not sorry about my comments or the position that I am in.

Now… Alicia.

This match of ours will be the biggest of your career… as I will give you a run for your money and test you and make you work hard unlike your previous couple of opponents who think they are owed everything because of their shitty little name and don’t have the skills inside the ring.  Now the very reason you probably want to face me is because of my experience and knowing that you will get a fight and you will get a fight.

I may not like this situation, but I am not going to give it up and lay down easily. I respect you for what you done and accomplished in this company, however, this respect will only get you so far in this match as I will bringing everything into this match and I have no qualms about kicking your ass all over the ring.

Alicia… whatever happens Sunday night… I hope that you are prepared for the outcome and there is only one outcome in this match.  A new champion will be crowned.

Good luck Alicia and see you Sunday.


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