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 Please post Roleplays here.

The first RP period has started.  

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 They say time passes quickly, shooting through the older you get, and I can't argue the fact. The last year has gone by so quickly, I'd like to call it the best year of my life. Amazing how much you can change in a year, how much you can grow, how much you can win. Let me take you back a year, almost one year to this day, the first ever Summer XXXTreme. There was me, with the Sins, on a cruise. The kernels of hate were just popping over the place as I made some comments about Sean Williams, his drug use, his lifestyle choices, the fact that he was a man with a child, and was no sort of role model. I remember his eyes burning a hole in me from across the decks of the cruise ship, as he laid almost playboy like in the sun. I remember the lowering of the glasses to look across at me with a lot of anger in his eyes. We knew the shit was gonna hit the fan and it did. It hit the fan and then some. I remember turning my head away from him, I saw a vision of beauty. I clapped my eyes on Odette Ryder biting her lip, looking towards me.... man, what a sight

Vision of beauty is putting it light really, she was amazing. I knew Odette from earlier shows, but never got a lot of time with her, Summer XXXTreme was my first chance to get to know the young Aussie. When I did that trick as a way to get her to notice me, I didn't know what she wanted, by the end of the cruise, I knew she wanted me. Moment she kissed me, I was hooked. My future changed in that instant for the better. She held my hand when my arse got kicked and I was in hospital, she told me everything was gonna be ok. We bought houses together, cars together, have lots of animals together, a zoo on it's way, and more importantly, she has that ring on her finger. She is my future wife, she drives me on.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm going on like this a little bit, sure you're asking yourself why I'm talking about this. It's simple, I'm trying to explain how much Summer XXXTreme events mean to me, they're life changing, they're special, they're the event where dreams come true. This is the event that gives you lasting memories. I know some prefer Blaze Of Glory, some prefer High Stakes, but me, THIS is my event, this is my big show, this is where my dreams come true, I already had one come true last year, this year, I'm gonna make another come true.

"Morning baby." Odette's Australian cuts through the air.

I blink my eyes, adjusting the light of a new day, the sun streaming through the bedroom window in our home in Vegas. My eyes look down my body, looking at the engagement ring on the finger of Odette Ryder. Instantly a smile breaks out on my face as I move my hand down my body, wrapping my hands around the slender fingers of my fiancee. I lift her hand, kissing her on it, before rolling over, looking her in the eye, the tip of my nose touching hers. My hand rolls up her arm, on to her cheek, my thumb caressing her soft skin.

"Morning sexy." I reply, a smile breaking out on my lips.

Odette kisses me on my forehead before looking back in my eyes.

"I'm never gonna get tired waking up and looking at you." I tell Odette "One year together of many more."

Odette smiles, resting her head across my chest. My hands move to the side of her head, fingers easing through her long dark hair.

"But this year baby." I start "I promise to make it better than the last."

Odette looks up at me, a curious smile across her lips.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Odette asks

"Well, come Summer XXXTreme II, you will be walking out with gold." I start "Even with pale face on your side, then we're going on tour, and heading back to St Lucia, where we had some amazing memories."

A wide smile crosses Odette's face as her mind drifts back to St Lucia.

"Candlelit dinner on the beach" she says with a loving sigh.

"Laying under the stars." I add.

"It was perfect." Odette says with a wider smile.

She kisses my chest, before looking up at me.

"Don't think I missed what you said about the gold." Odette says firmly.

"Plus in the next year, we will be married." I say, trying to distract her.

"Not working baby." Odette says quickly.

"And kids too." I keep trying to keep her off the subject.

"Baby." Odette says, putting her hand on my shoulder "It's not working."

I wrinkle my nose, already knowing Odette will not let this one pass.

She's the driving force behind this attempt at the gold, her and Christian Underwood. Both have wanted to see me step up and go for it, both have pushed me for this, and every time I've shyed away from it. Many conversations with Odette about going for this gold where she told me she knows I'm good enough to go for it. Many words have been spoken backstage with Christian where he told me to go for it. Of course, Synn could be behind Christian's support, he does like to pull the strings a little of everyone.

I sigh as I look down at Odette.

"Sweetheart." I start, looking for the right words to see me though."I'll be in the ring with five of the best, Nick Jones, two time champ, Jordan Williams, former champ, Kevin Carter and Drake Green, two fast rising stars, and Simon Jones, one of the strongest champs we've seen in SCW. Lately, I haven't done a whole lot."

Odette sits up straight, pulling the bed covers with her and looking down at me.

"You pinned Simon Jones!" Odette says convincingly "You've beaten Jordan Williams, and Nick Jones in tag matches."

"Tag matches baby." I say quickly "I might have beat Jordan one on one, but we know he was distracted by a sexy Aussie."

Odette puts her hand on the side of my face, looking reassuringly in to my eyes.

"You've been here for nearly two years, two title runs in that time, with the tag and heavyweight." Odette reminds me. "You was the first SCW Heavyweight champion, the first, the one that will be remembered. If anyone should have had a shot at the title again, it should have been you. You've worked hard here, you've rarely lost in two years, you should be up the top baby. You should be the one walking out with the gold, you should be the one leading SCW."

I look at Odette, knowing how convincing she could be.

"Think about it." She says "When you fast counted at Climax Control, why did you do that?"

I wipe my fingers across my lips, thinking before replying.

"To send a message." I start "No one expected me to do something like that, I'm too straight laced in so many people's eyes, but when Nick put his hands on me, I needed to send a message back, and I did. Early mind games, just in case I decide to put the effort in here to go and get that title."

Odette puts her hand on my arm, looking down at me from her seated position.

"Just in case?" She says surprised "You've earned this shot, it shouldn't be just in case, it should be you going for it. I've never seen you put in no effort, everything you do, you do with one hundred percent. Everything baby."

Odette winks at me with her seductive eyes looking in mine.

"You moved the stars to ask me to marry you." She reminds me "So why would you put in any less effort when you can win the biggest title in wrestling?"

I look up at Odette.

"You're more important to me than wrestling. I can live without wrestling, I can't live without you." I tell Odette.

A slight smile crosses Odette's lips, even though she is trying to be serious.

"You can win this baby. You can win this for us, you can be at the top where you deserve to be." She tells me firmly.

"And when are you gonna go get that bombshell title back, hmmmm?" I ask with a smile.

"Focusing on the tag titles baby." Odette tells me "Focusing on her royalness not stabbing me in the back."

I sit up in bed, leaning back on the headboard at the top of the bed. I motion my hand for Odette to move next to me and she does, pulling the cover up across her upper body and she moves in next to me. She rests her head on my shoulder as I put my arm around her. I kiss her on her smooth forehead, before pulling back to look in her eyes.

"Doesn't matter if she tries to stab you in the back." I tell Odette "End of the day gorgeous, you can beat The Fallen on your own."

Odette leans back away from me.

"Are you drunk?" Odette asks surprised. "I couldn't beat The Fallen on my own, one on one maybe, but on my own against both of them? Never!"

"Please." I state firmly "Their promo style matches their ring style. Leave everything to the last minute, fill their promos with pointless filler just to add time to it, and reckless in the ring. You know why all their stuff appears last minute? Because they're insecure, and it bleeds through to their ring work. Hardly shows confidence and if you worked on picking away at their insecurities, you could beat both of those ladies at once."

Odette slowly shakes her head, her hair falling over her face. I move my hands up, moving it away from her eyes.

"I got faith in you to do it if she don't pull her weight." I say with a confidence nod.

"I see what you're doing here." Odette says.

"What?" I reply

"Making this about me, so that I don't talk about your match." She replies

My best innocent look can't get past Odette. I shrug my shoulders.

"Ok, you're right, but even you have to admit, I'm the underdog in this one." I reply

"You're the wild card, but that's a good thing." Odette tells me "They'll never expect you to go out and take them all out. Remember when you won the tag titles?"

I nod slowly

"You went out there, and gave it your all" Odette says "They didn't know what to expect, but you did it and if you do the same here, you will walk out as SCW Heavyweight champion."

I'm the sin of greed damn it, why wouldn't I want this belt? Why wouldn't I want to be a two time SCW Heavyweight champion, and put me on the level of the guys already in the ring? Why wouldn't I want to be the best I can be.... and take that oh so shiny championship belt? Odette has a point, a very good point, the point that I can walk out with the gold, because they won't know what to expect from me, but I know what to expect from all of them. You know what? I think the underdog is gonna go cause a huge upset. Fuck it, I'm coming to play.

I look Odette in the eyes, smiling.

"What's going through your mind?" Odette asks

"That you're right." I reply.

"Well always baby." Odette says with a cheeky smile on her face.

"Well yeah, but I mean this title thing." I start "They won't expect me to be coming at them with something a little different. I put in a lot of effort in past matches but always cruise.... no pun intended, but I do cruise through matches, if I kicked this one up a notch or two, put in the effort, I can walk away as Sin City Wrestling's heavyweight champion. I can walk away with the gold around my waist. I've earned it, I should take it."

Hello greedy side, welcome home.

Odette leans in, kissing me on the cheek.

"Last cruise, you made a lasting memory." Odette starts "This cruise, you can make another, by winning the heavyweight championship."

"Aren't you forgetting that you won the Bombshell title at Summer XXXTreme?" I remind Odette.

"I remember baby, but this year, you're gonna get that top prize." Odette tells me.

"I already got the top prize baby." I start "I got you."

Odette moves in closer, her arm going across me as she kisses me on my neck. I look down at Odette.

"This is our event baby. We're both coming out with titles after this one." I tell Odette.

I don't tell this woman anything but the truth. If I tell her that we're walking out with the titles, we are walking out with the titles. Amazing how much confidence you can gain with a simple chat. This woman believes in me, and I won't let her down. She put me in this situation, a situation against the champ in a tag match, to prove I could stand up against anyone. Beating the man who leads the company, I shouldn't have been in that match, Odette put me there to show me I can do it. I did it and now I'm gonna match Odette's big win at the last Summer XXXTreme. I'm coming for the gold. I'm coming to win it all, I'm coming out of there with the gold, and it's all down to this gorgeous woman in my arms. It's time to write my name in the history books and start off our second year together, with gold.

A wide smile crosses my face as Odette pulls herself closer and the scene fades out

She said yes... she said yes... I can't believe she said yes. That was a heart stopping moment, those few seconds waiting for that answer and now we get to share it with the people close to us. You all saw the promo, right? We got a little confession with that. That was filmed early in Paris, very early. I spent the rest of the time not with my girlfriend, but my fiancee. Yeah, I love saying that, and the truth is, we was back in America before the promo aired. This happened....

Welcome back to our home, the place where we will spend many happy years together. Let's jump to the back garden, where I stand looking out at the two cats, Princeton walking around my ankles. I watch Alcide and Carrot run around, and two rabbits running across the glowing green grass, the sun beaming down brightly. I look at Odette, her mind focused on a Barbeque, smoke going in to the air.

She's an Aussie, wouldn't be summer without a BBQ!

Odette closes the lid, and nervously shuffles over to me.

"So nervous baby." Odette says, her arms wrapping around my waist as she cuddles in close.

I lift her hand, looking at the bright new engagement ring covering her finger, a wide smile covering my face as I proudly look on. Odette looks up at me with soft eyes.

"It will be ok." I reassure her "They'll be happy for us. When they get here, we'll tell them, and have a great day."

Odette nods in agreement.

"I love you." She tells me.

"I love you too future Mrs." I tell her.

Odette smiles widely.

"I love that smile gorgeous." I tell her.

I lean down, kissing Odette softly on the lips, my hands running up the side of her face.

"Interrupting something?" Shane Boswell says as he approaches us.

Odette looks past me to see Shane, Fantasia, Synn, Despayre, Angel and Rage approaching them.

"Hey!" Odette calls out.

I turn around, looking at the approaching group. Odette covers her left hand with her right, hiding the ring. The group stop in front of Odette and I. Despayre jumps at me, wrapping his arms around my neck.

"Did you see him again?" He asks.

"I did" I reply with a smile.

"Did you get me his autograph?" Despayre asks "We had to rush off last time and I never got a chance."

I reach in to my back pocket, pulling out a piece of paper, signed. I hand it to Despayre who jumps up and down, holding it in front of Angel's face. Synn looks at me curiously.

"Hunchback" I mouth.

Synn rolls his eyes, slowly shaking his head at me.

Right to the chase, let's deal with this. Let's tell them what went on in Paris.

"Glad you could all make it." I start.

"Yeah, yeah, where's the beer?" Rage asks

"Cooler." I say pointing my thumb towards an ice filled cooler.

Rage nods, breaking away from the group, picking up a beer from the cooler and walking back to the group.

"Odette and I asked you guys to come here for a reason."

"Finally put a bun in the oven?" Shane says, drawing a punch in the arm from Fantasia.

"Why would we need buns?" Despayre says, glancing up from his autograph "We already have BBQ."

A smile breaks out on my face.

"No Shane, I haven't but something else did happen in Paris" I say, unable to stop myself from smiling.

I put my hand on Odette's and move her right hand away, revealing the engagement ring.

"We're getting married!" Odette says jumping on the spot.

"Oh my God." Fantasia squeals out, running to Odette and hugging the young Aussie.

My eyes scan the crowd, searching for reaction from the men of the group. Shane steps forward, shaking my hand, patting me firmly on the back.

"Congratulations mate" He says with a warm smile.

"Cheers Shane." I reply with a smile.

Rage looks at me, a stony look on his face as Shane steps towards Odette, congratulating her as Fantasia admires the ring on her finger.

"Pussy whipped now." Rage says with his usual expressionless look on his face.

"Not complaining Rage." I reply.

"Well, congrats, even though you'll be under the thumb from now on." Rage says gruffly.

My eyes move towards my happy bride to be, explaining the story of how everything happened. I look Rage in the eye.

"I'm happy Rage." I simply say.

The big man taps me on the shoulder, also moving towards Odette. Despayre looks at me curiously. He steps towards me, his eyes narrowed as he stand almost nose to nose with me.

"How did you know about the fiancee clause!?" He asks.

"The... what?" I reply.

"The fiance clause! From the girlfriend contract!" Despayre says firmly "Page 14, section A-12B, paragraph 3! If the girlfriend becomes the fiancee, all contract stuff is out the window."

"Really?" I say, trying to keep a straight face.

"So, who told you?" Despayre asks.

"Who do you think?" I reply quickly.

Despayre turns to Angel, lifting him high in his hand.

"You big blabbermouth! The girlfriend contract was YOUR idea!" Despayre huffs.

I rest my hand on Despayre's shoulder

"So I'm good now?" I ask "No more tasks? We've proved we want to be with each other."

"Say what?" Despayre says. "Oh, that."

As if a light bulb appears about Despayre's head, everything becomes clear.

"I wasn't really mad at you for playing those games with Jordan Williams." Despayre says honestly. "I just think it's mean to play with people sometimes. I hope you learned a lesson."

With that, Despayre walks away from me, looking at the ring on Odette's finger.

"That musta cost more than all the Looney Tunes DVD's in the world." His voice is heard saying behind me.

I stand looking confused, looking at Synn.

"Did Despayre just fuck with my head for months making me do these things?" I mumble out.

"It would appear so." Synn says.

"Wow." I reply "Like father like son."

The left side of Synn's mouth curls up, a look of pride on his face.

"I think Joshua was just trying to teach you a valuable lesson Gabriel." Synn says "And he did."

"Yeah. Lesson learned." I say with a shrug "Next time, I'll let him in on the plan. Obviously not telling Angel, the bears a blabber mouth."

Synn nods but steps forward, towering over me as he wraps his arms around me.

"Keep the hands north of the equator" I tell Synn.

Synn breaks away, putting his hands on my shoulder.

"I'm proud of you Gabriel." He says in a fatherly manner. "I'm proud of how your life turned around from that little sneak thief, to a man who has grown up to become respectable. Now you're getting married and have a future planned. You couldn't have turned out any better, not even if you was my very own son."

I swallow hard, Synn's words instantly putting a lump in my throat.

"Thank you." I choke out "Means a lot to me. I know I've made the right call when it comes to Odette. She is the woman I'm gonna spend my life with."

"She's a lucky woman Gabriel." Synn tells me as I turn around, his hand still on my shoulder.

I look at Odette, my heart swollen with pride.

"I'm a lucky man Synn." I say smiling.

Odette looks up, looking me in the eyes, the most beautiful smile I've ever seen across her face.

"You know though Gabriel, there are harder questions for you to answer down the line." Synn tells me/

I look towards Synn

"Like what?" I ask

"Well you have so many options." Synn starts "Which is going to be your best man?"

Wow, what a good question. I hadn't thought about it but all my options are there in front of me. Shane, a man I've known for so many years, taught me so much. Rage, although it doesn't seem like it, we've been close since we've met and if I was in the shit, he'd be there to pull me out. Despayre, my little brother, the man who would seriously take bullets for me and Synn himself, the man who's been more of a father to me than my own father, could say my hero in a way. My choices are there.

I look on at the group around Odette.

All are worthy, but end of the day, that woman right there, she's my life. My perfect woman, my dream woman, the woman I will love to the day I die. Today is about her, today is about that smile, that happiness, that love that will always keep our souls entwined. I knew it from the moment that Aussie came in to my life. Even thinking this, I know she will be by my side, till the sun stops shining and the world stops spinning. Fact is, I knew she'd be the one, it might have took her time to see it, but the second she did, I knew I couldn't let her go. If I would have had to chase her for eternity, just to get one day with her, I would have, there's my world, there's my focus, there's my future. That best man conundrum.... we'll save that for another day.....

I'm getting married. Yes, who woulda thought that after my wild days, I'd be getting married to someone I well and truly love to bits, but I am. I'm getting married to Odette Ryder. If someone would have told me a year ago this would happen, I probably wouldn't have believed it. Well, no probably about it, I wouldn't have believed it at all. I've been caught and couldn't be happier. Seeing the look on someone's face when you ask them that question, the jump in the heart when you hear the word yes. The spring in your step for the days later, the optimism, the love, the realization, it's all there that you are going to have a wife. Problem is, as excited as you as, as much as your pride can jump to the front of your mind, there's something at the back of your mind too. Planning, lots and lots of planning. Location, guests, hell, a date, best man, bridesmaids, food, drink, honeymoon.... I like honeymoon, but still, so much to go in to this, telling the people close to you, flowers, the lot. I'm not one for themes, but I know Odette's got a few in mind. Your mind races a bit, and I know half the roster is married and all the rest of it, but this is a new experience to me.

"Gabriel." Synn's voice snaps.

I look around myself, sitting in Synn's kitchen, my hands wrapped around a coffee cup. I jolt my head to the right, seeing Synn sitting on the opposite side of the table from me, his hands pressed together and his eyes focused on me.

"Uh sorry." I mumble out "Must have drifted off again."

"I'm not surprised." Synn replies "You have that look of a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders."

I take my hands away from the coffee cup, looking at Synn.

"No weight." I reply "Just thinking about how crazy things are gonna be over the coming months. Title shot, wedding plans, zoo plans. More plans then I know what to do with, but no weight, looking forward to kicking my feet up on the cruise for a bit."

Synn nods thoughtfully.

"I'm presuming the future Mrs Gabriel is out buying cruise things" Synn says.

I nod towards my mentor.

"Yes." I reply "Anniversary cruise, she's out shopping with that ACW chick, Emma. Spending up a storm no doubt."

"Well while I have you to myself." Synn starts "Congratulations on your impending marriage."

"Thank you." I reply with a smile. "And congratulations about getting back in the ring for the first time in a hundred years."

I smile towards Synn but Synn looks at me unimpressed

"Very funny." Synn says

"Shock to the system that Despy wanted that match, eh?" I ask.

Synn shifts uneasily in his chair.

"Slightly" he starts "Yet I think it was always bound to happen someday."

I smile towards Synn, but Shane Boswell and Rage enter the room, midway through a slight argument.

"I already told you, I'm doing it" Rage growls towards Shane.

"Piss off" Shane replies "What do you know about strippers, who put whipped cream on your junk?"

"Why would anyone want that?" Rage replies.

"If you don't know that, then there's proof you can't arrange this." Shane says firmly. "You couldn't arrange a piss up in a brewery."

Rage looks towards me.

"He means you couldn't get people drunk in the place they make beer." I explain to Rage.

Rage turns back to Shane.

"I could!" He protests.

"You couldn't." Shane replies quickly.

"I could!" Rage says louder.

"Fine." Shane says "Find a brewery and arrange a piss up in it."

"I will" Rage fires back.

I look across the table at Synn, who rolls his shoulders backwards as he stares back at me. I turn to Shane and Rage, growling at each other.

"What are you two bitching about anyway?" I ask

"Who's arranging your bachelor party." Shane says "Be honest, who would you rather arrange it? A guy who has the experience of everything in this world when it comes to parties, or a guy that spends most of his time getting pissed off at his shadow?"

"Hey!" Rage yells "I'm more pissed off at you than my shadow right now."

"Big baby." Shane mutters.

"I heard that!" Rage yells at Shane.

"Good." Shane says in a sulking tone.

Synn looks at them both his head tilted.

"Who said either of you two was arranging it?" He asks.

Shane and Rage look at each other before looking back at Synn.

"Wait..." Rage says "You're arranging it?"

"Ah come on!" Shane protests. "How comes he's arranging it."

"I didn't ask him to arrange it." I chip in.

Synn looks at me.

"No, but I knew you would eventually." Synn says confidently. "Who better to arrange a party than me?"

"PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!" Despayre's voice is heard yelling in the house.

"That guys got ears like a bat." I say softly.

"Yes I do!" Despayre yells back, leaving me confused.

The sound of feet running down stairs is heard in the distance, before a thump at the bottom of someone jumping down the last few steps. The sound of the footsteps charging towards the kitchen, getting louder and louder is heard and Despayre screeches in to the kitchen at top speed, Angel, as always in his hand. He looks at Shane.

"Hey Shane Crosswell!" Despayre says excitedly.

"It's Boswell" Shane replies "BOSWELL"

Despayre scratches his head.

"So that wasn't you who pointlessly commentated on a match for no apparent reason, a few weeks ago." Despayre asks scratching his head.

Shane shakes his head.

"Shane Crosswell is Jessie Salco's new fella" I explain.

Despayre nods slowly, as if he's thinking.

"Guess someone didn't look at the non playing character descriptions, before making a new person that sounds like someone already here." Despayre says dryly "That could get confusing."

I look towards Shane, as Rage looks at Synn, before all eyes fall on Despayre.

"Non playing character descriptions?" Rage says slowly.

"What are you talking about Despy?" I ask.

"Oh..." Despayre starts "Nothing...."

Despayre looks straight in to the camera with a smile before turning back to the group.

"So, who's having a party?" Despayre asks.

"I am" I reply

"Why?" Despayre says innocently.

"Cause I'm getting married Despy." I reply

"To who?" Despayre asks.

I put my hand on my head, slowly shaking it.

"To mother nature." I reply sarcastically.

Despayre slowly shakes his head.

"Odette is not gonna like that." Despayre replies "I was sure you'll marry her."

"I am marrying her." I quickly say, trying to put things right.

"Odette changed her name to mother nature?" Despayre says, growing more and more confused at this conversation.

"I was joking." I quickly say.

"Oh." Despayre replies "Angel says it wasn't a very funny joke. He likes the joke where the horse went in the bar and someone asked why the long face."

I nod at Despayre and smile.

"I so wanna help with this party." Despayre starts. "I have so many ideas, balloons and clowns, and cake and people, and pin the tail on the donkey, and giant twister."

"And strippers." Shane adds.

"Chicken strippers?" Despayre asks curiously.

Before Shane can say anything, Synn puts his finger up, stopping Shane in his tracks.

"Yeah, those ones from Dominos" Shane says proudly, before looking at Synn with a smirk.

"I'm still doing the party!" Rage says.

"No." Despayre complains "Me and Angel will do it. You couldn't get people drunk in a bar."

"What the..." Rage says with a shake of his bald head.

"Ok." I say standing up "This is what we're gonna do."

I stop to look around the four eager faces.

What the hell am I doing here? Four people, four styles, four very different parties. Maybe I can.... wait, got it!

"Right," I start, exhaling as I look around the group. "One long party, you all get three hours in the same day, that's your part of the party."

"Three hours?" Synn says confused.

"What can we do in three hours?" Rage complains.

"I need more than three hours" Shane adds.

"Three hours is good for us." Despayre replies with a smile "Three hours for me and three hours for Angel."

The group look at Despayre, an excited look in his eyes. He turns to walk away, turning on his heels and walking towards the door.

"This is gonna be so much fun." He tells Angel. "My three hours will have cake, lots of cake.... oh! And a bouncy castle thing, and so many games. OOOOOOOOOH and pass the parcel, and a pinata, with so much candy in."

Despayre leaves the room as the group looks around. I place my head on the table.

"What have I let myself in for?" I say to myself.

The scene fades to black.

"Well I hoped you enjoyed the happy stuff, because now is the time for focus."

A dim, flickering light from a candle on a wooden table is seen. I step out of the shadows, sitting down on a chair, staring at the candle in front of me. The chair creaks under my weight as I rest my elbows on the table. I lock my hands together, just looking at the flickering light in front of me. The camera moves behind me, showing red graffiti on the wall, barely visible with one word written upon it in the red paint.

"It says champion for those who can't see it."

The camera stays behind me, slowly zooming in on the word to make it more clearer.

"To the victor, the spoils, that's what they say right?"

I huff an unimpressed sound past my lips.

"There's been many great wars, World War I, World War II, the battle for independence, but did the victor really get the spoils? They got left with destroyed habitats, cities in ruins, lives lost, millions of their countrymen killed or injured. That's the thing with war, with war, it's about being willing to die for a cause you believe in, to possible leave yourself maimed, in pieces, a shell of your former self and I know for the cowards, the prize will never be big enough to justify the threat. Hmmm, I am not a coward, and I'm going to war in just over a week. I don't see this Summer XXXTreme II match, as a match, it's a war."

The camera continues to stay behind me as I talk.

"This is my personal war and the prize is more than big enough. I will be the first to admit, this never really interested me after my first run as champion, but that voice in my head changed my view on that. I'm the sin of fucking greed for fucks sake! I like shiny gold things, I like possessions and in the world of wrestling, there is no bigger prize then the one on the line. I'm willing to go the extra mile to have this one back with me. It's been years since it's been wrapped around my body, years since I've been the main man in the wrestling world, and I want that feeling back. I have a hand on my shoulder urging me on, pushing me forward, telling me to go for it, that voice is telling me how much I've missed it and I will now listen to that voice telling me to get what I deserve for busting my arse for this place for years. The solders that stand before me are without a shadow of a doubt, highly decorated beings, they are men who are all capable of claiming the gold, but I have zero intention of giving up without a fight. It's time for that part where I keep you relevant by talking about you."

I look up at the word champion as I speak on.

"Nick Jones, I bet you're wondering what possessed me to slap my hands down three time as fast as I did on Climax Control. I bet you're thinking about that and why would a good guy like me do that. Nick, you needed me to send you a little message, to try and get it though your arrogant little mind. You needed me to show you that I'm not gonna be a pushover. You put your hands on me, I ram my first down your throat. It really is that simple and if you can just turn that massive ego of yours down for just a little second, you would see things so much clearer. I know how much you'd like to become three time champion, I know how much that would boos that ego of yours to levels never seen before, but here's the way I see it. That way I see it Nick is that is would be so much more fun for everyone that's ever seen you, if I was to take that dream of yours, put it in the toilet and piss all over it. It will make your head just explode, you won't be able to handle it, and I will be the man to end that three time champion dream. You're not as good as you think you are anymore, all that is in your head, everything is just in your head. You live in a fantasy world Nick, and I will drag you back to reality and show the world that Nick Jones, is not as good as he thinks he is."

I smirk slightly.

"We all know Nick is over compensating for a much smaller issue. Act like the big man, make people not question certain little things. Honestly Nick, it doesn't really matter about tiny issues, I'm still gonna piss on your dream. I'm gonna prove you don't back up that bragging. I'm gonna prove that your words are meaningless, and my actions are priceless. You Nick, you're just not that good anymore, ok buddy?"

I straighten up in the chair, moving my fingers apart and laying my hands flat on the table.

"And Jordan, another ego, with not much behind it. We've crossed swords in the past, haven't we Jordan? We've done battle, pulled the emotions of everyone around us in to our little circus. Remember when I pulled you in, made you believe what I wanted you to believe? Remember that, huh? I do very clearly, you looked like a complete and utter idiot. Unfortunately though Jordan, by the end of it, I did begrudgingly respect you. I did see what countless others have seen in the ring, that Jordan Williams can indeed turn on the style anytime he wants, no one can pull a crowd like Jordan Williams, no one can emotionally draw people in like Jordan Williams. Maybe somewhere in my mind, I knew that when your leering eyes were looking at my future wife, maybe part of me knew that you were the perfect mark, because of that reputation you built by bleeding all over the world. I studied you Jordan, I watched everything I could find of yours, yet I'm not stupid enough to think you couldn't pull a surprise out of the bag if you really wanted to. I'm aware of you Jordan and I'm aware of all you can do, but I'm telling you now, I know that look in your eyes when you're about to spit that vile green shit out of your mouth, I know every move you're gonna make. I can see it, I can sense it and I will be on my guard Jordan against anything new you may have in that little bag of tricks of yours."

I put my hand above the candle, making the flame jump higher.

"I will see them coming and if you decide to turn tail and run to retirement after I stop you from taking the SCW heavyweight title, then so be it. Respect is one thing, but taking down a warrior such as yourself, is very high on my to do list."

I move my hand away from the flame

"Going from an established star to a guy who you wonder what he's doing in this match."

I run my hands across my lips.

"Yes, I'm talking about Kevin Carter. Who's balls did you really have to tickle to get put in this match? Who's desk did you really have to crawl under? Last I saw from you, you pissed away every opportunity you had at the heavyweight title. You had the briefcase, and still managed to cock that one up and disappeared. Oh well Kevin, it's nice to see you return but if you really wanted to return to try and take this title, boy are you gonna be one disappointed man come the end of Summer XXXTreme II. Seriously, think you can waltz back in and take the gold from under my nose? Think again pal, because you're here to make up the numbers, you're here to become another victim. Being as you've been just in and out of this place lately, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, I don't lose many matches Kevin. I have beaten pretty much the entire roster and some point, and many others who are no longer here. I have taken name after name, done things you couldn't ever do here. I have stepped in front of the fans and I have taken shot after shot and still have a win record that you can only be envious Kevin. I have beat man after man, better men than you. I have taken them one by one and swept them under the carpet and you, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ask your future bride, she's been here all the time, she never disappeared. You can make the excuse that Hot Stuff kicked you out, wah, wah, wah, no one cares. You could have fixed it, but you didn't, you went and hid. You Carter, you're not a concern to me."


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 I place my hands together again.

"You don't have a hope in hell, you don't have the balls to lead this company, you don't have a chance to walk out with that title, not a single chance. You're just another for the list, another name I will forget I've beaten ten minutes after I bring home the gold. Let's stick with the war theme here, shall we? You Kevin, you're nothing more than a private. Even that's pushing it a bit for you. You don't concern me in the slightest, back in to hiding for you solider."

I lower my head, once again looking at the bright flame.

"Believe the hype, believe the hype, it's Mr Showtime, believe the hype."

I shake my head

"Do I really believe the hype? To some extent, I do, cause you and I share something Drake, we don't lose that many. I've checked up on you, you are the man destined to lead SCW, the way you've lead ACW. I know all about you. Your ACW achievements have been more than admirable, they've been something that not many men will mirror in their lifetime. I believe it when I hear without Drake Green, ACW would be nothing. SCW is destined to rely on you Drake in the future, but this is not your time. This is not where you step it up and take the reins, this is not where you take control and lead the men and women of SCW in to battle for ratings against countless other places. Your time will indeed come, I have no fear or no doubts about it. I'm pretty confident about that, I would lay a lot on the line, because I know one day, that will happen and you will be recognized as Sin City Wrestling's top champion, but this event Drake, it sings to me. This event is the one event where I know I can push the limits, step up above everyone put in front of me, this event is special and although your time will truly come, it will not happen at Summer XXXTreme II. It will not be at the expense of what I am meant to achieve. We have the same drive and determination to succeed Drake, but honestly, even if the hands of a higher power came down and wrapped themselves around my neck, it still wouldn't stop me from taking the heavyweight title"

I put my hand on my chin.

"I guess you could say new life has been breathed in to me. Sorry Drake, you are the future, but right now, I'm the present."

I tilt my head, my eyes darting up at the word champion once more.

"And now to talk about the general, the man who leads the way, the man who sits at the top table. Simon Jones. Now yes, I know I've been harsh to some while talking to you all but you Simon, you came in to SCW and took out random strangers in a battle royal and then a ring legend, to have that gold sitting around your waist. You came in and made things happen. You took the pot an you stirred everything around, shocked the world but Simon, when I walked in that ring against you, didn't I do the same thing? Didn't Odette and I pull off a little surprise of our own and walk out holding our heads high. I love surprises but this one will come as no surprise to you. Pinning you showed me exactly what it would feel like to be on top of the world again. The feeling I got from not pinning any champion but the champion. That was a rush I haven't felt in a long time, knowing that I have your number. It's helped make me open my eyes and see I can be on top again and Simon, I want to be on top again. I want to be up there, I want to be the top dog and as much as it pains me to do this to someone who I think makes a great champion, I'm going to do everything possible to get that title belt from you. I'm gonna do everything I need to do to make sure that the title belt is back with it's original owner."

I smile at the thought.

"Original owner, I like that. I like the fact that I was the first to hold the gold that you now possess and I think it's time for it to come on home, come back to the place where the history of the title belt started, back to the man it belongs to, the man it always should have been with. It's calling my name Simon, it wants to come home, it's crying to come home and Simon, I will bring it home. It's nothing against you, but fuck it, I want what I gave life to. Without me being the first leader, it wouldn't have got to this point. I'm sorry Simon, but Gabriel says that title is coming home."

I breath deeply.

"So gentlemen, you've heard my words, but now it's time to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself some very important questions. Are you willing to go to war for the prize I desire? Are you willing to put your bodies on the line to walk out with what I lay claim to? Are you ready to go to hell and back to stop me from walking out as champion. Are you willing to die for the cause?"

I turn my head to look at the camera.

"I am."

I turn and blow out the candle as the scene fades out.


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›› prologue ‹‹

Many within Sin City Wrestling consider Summer XXXTreme the biggest event of the year. On August 18th, 2013: SCW will be holding their second annual Summer XXXTreme SuperCard. Needless to say the main event couldn’t get any bigger than what it is. Simply because the main event features a Six Pack Challenge for the SCW Heavyweight Championship. In that Six Pack Challenge the following superstars will be featured.

The SCW Heavyweight Champion: Simon Jones, the former SCW Heavyweight Champion: Jordan Williams, SCW Veteran: Gabriel, Up and comer: Drake Green, the Dark Horse of the Match: Nick Jones, and the man known as the Main Attraction as well as the man that many consider the rightful number one contender: Kevin Carter. All six of these men are going to be aiming to do anything and everything they possibly can to leave with the championship. That’s all they care about at this current time.

Many would say that Simon is at champion’s disadvantage, but people need to keep in mind Simon is champion for a reason. Several would say that the likes of Nick Jones and Drake Green don’t have a chance. Yet they are in the match for a damn good reason and that reason involves the two of them being able to shock the world when people least expect it. Many people would claim that Gabriel is past his prime and won’t be able to close out the match by winning the Championship.

However Gabriel has been around this long and has able to keep up with everything that’s been thrown at me. His days are far from behind him and very well could pull out the victory. People would say that Jordan doesn’t have what it takes to be champion and they’d doubt him. It was those same people that said the exact same things when he had the title shot against Spike and somehow someway Jordan overcame those odds and proved everyone wrong.

And then there are those that will claim Kevin Carter has lost his steam. He’s lost his touch and now he’s just an afterthought. However there’s a reason Kevin is a former tag champion. There’s a reason he’s a former Going For Gold briefcase holder. There’s a reason he was the Main Attraction everywhere he goes. Kev would thrive off that negative energy to prove people wrong. Never the less they all had the odds against them, but they all had the chance to overcome them on their...



›› scene one ‹‹

Today was going to be a day that was filled with wedding stuff. Kevin had made the promise to Amy that he'd begin to take things a little more seriously and stop himself from getting distracted from what was important. That would explain why Kevin along with his best friend and soon to be best man in his wedding, Brock Johnson were standing in a tux shop in Hollywood getting fitted for their tuxes for the wedding that was coming up in December.

Kevin stood there as the man in charge of the shop stood beside him taking his measurements.  All while Brock stood there to the side awaiting his turn to get suited up so to speak. There was just something that had been on Brock's mind ever since Kev clued him in about the wedding and being someone that was out spoken. He didn't bother holding back as he wanted to get the answers he had aimed to get for a while now.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: So this is the real deal huh?

▪ KEVIN CARTER: As real as it gets Brock.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: And this is something you really want to go through with?

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Of course, why wouldn’t I?

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: Well you were the one that said you’d never get married again let alone find yourself in a committed relationship after the situation with Nicole and even Trish.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: You’re right I did say that, but some things change bro.

By this time the man had gotten Kevin's measurements as he jotted them down on a piece of paper. After doing so he motioned for Brock to come over and get himself set up. As Brock took the position that Kevin was once in. Kevin stood off to the side as he started speaking to his friend going into a bit more detail.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Don’t get me wrong, the thing with Nicole nearly ruined everything for me as far as love and relationships go. Then Trish was nearly the nail in the coffin, but you got to look at it like this. How fair is it to Amy? And how fair is it to myself to cut myself off from being happy because of what a couple of cunts did?

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: Well, it isn’t fair at all.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Exactly the point I am trying to make. Not to mention, I am pretty happy. I got a good feeling about this. Amy couldn’t make me happier. We never fight. She understands the importance of my career much like I understand the importance of hers. Not to mention the sex is great. Never the least bit dull.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: That's all you care about isn't it?!

▪ KEVIN CARTER: No that isn't all that I care about, but I can tell you this much. It's an added plus that I certainly hope doesn't ever come to an end.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: You've got some issues sometimes Kevin, but I still love ya like a brother.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Ha, I feel ya.

Brock had lifted his hands above his head as the man got his measurements around his waist while Kevin stood there looking on. Honestly when he thought about it. He didn't think he'd ever be in this position again getting married all over again and what not, but that's what it had come to and it was something he didn't regret at all.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: So, how's the wrestling going?

▪ KEVIN CARTER: As well as I expected it to go. I told you when I came back I was going to go all out. I wouldn't half-ass anything. I haven't and that's what has landed me as one of the men in this Six Pack Challenge for the SCW Heavyweight Championship.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: I heard about that match, and from what I gather you are up against some pretty stiff competition. Simon, Jordan, Nick, Drake, and Gabriel are the real deal.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I am more than aware of that Brock. I've been doing my research ever since it was announced that I'd be apart of the match. As good as they are. As much as they might be the real deal. Doesn't change the plans I have and the plans I have result in me leaving with the championship.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: Well,you know that I believe in you just as much as the next person. It just isn't going to be an easy match to get through and it isn't going to be an easy match to walk out champion in. It's one of those matches that are completely and utterly unpredictable. Not to to mention dude it's been a long time since you've held a heavyweight championship.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Trust me Brock, I am well aware of how long it's been since I've held Heavyweight gold. It's been too long and honestly that's a big factor in this match. That's something that's really driving me. That's something that's really pushing me to make sure I go that extra distance. No, it won't be easy but I believe without a doubt I'm leaving with the championship somehow someway regardless of what the other five want.

He shrugged his shoulders a little bit. Granted it was a lot harder than what he was making it sound. He knew that in the back of his head but regardless of what he knew and how hard it would or wouldn't be. It wouldn't change the fact or stop him from doing whatever he needed to do in order to become champion. Kev looked right back over at Brock.

KEVIN CARTER: Honestly though, I don't want to talk about that stuff right now. I want to enjoy one of the few days I do have.

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: Alright then, I can deal with that. Besides this opens up the chance to discuss the plans of your bachelor party. I was thinking...

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Nope, don't even say it. You get with the guys and you plan out whatever it is you need to plan out. I don't want to know anything about it. I want to be taken off guard. I want to be surprised. That's kind of the point right?

▪ BROCK JOHNSON: Fine by me, but you make sure to tell Amy. I'm not responsible for anything that happens on that night.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Actually you would be responsible because you are putting the whole thing together, but don't worry. She'll be cool with anything that goes down as long as I don't come up missing or something, haha.

Both of them chuckled a little bit obviously enjoying each other's company. It was rare that the two of them got to hang out at all let alone chat. They were going to take full advantage. At least Kevin should because in a matter of days the laid back nature and having the day off was going to turn into being all about the match and would turn into him preparing himself for one of if not the biggest match of his career. It was going to make history, but for now the Main Attraction was going to just be himself.


›› Jordan Williams ‹‹

I sit here in my limo on the way to a friend’s cookout and I can’t seemingly escape the thought of the biggest match of my career being right around the corner. With that match drawing so much closer, there’s one name that tends to stick out more than some of the others and that name is none other than Jordan Williams. Jordan is a former SCW Heavyweight Champion, and you know why he’s a former SCW Heavyweight Champion?!

It has everything to do with the fact that I was the one that was in line to face Spike, but because of my involvement with Team Erik and when Mr. Ward suspended me. They had to find someone else to take that spot. They had to find someone quickly and that someone turned out to be you Jordan. I hate to be a dick and I hate to be someone that sounds bitter, but the truth of the matter is I am bitter. I am annoyed. I am irritated that you got the spot I wanted and that I deserved.

Not only did you get that spot you managed to beat Spike for the SCW Heavyweight Championship, and that’s the one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to beat him for it and you took all the glory that was supposed to be mine away from me. Now granted I am the one at fault because I was the one that allowed myself to get mixed up with the wrong people. I’m the one that chose the road and the path that I did which is what ended up costing me. Doesn’t change the fact I’m still upset about it all.

I told you last week in the tag match that I was determined to prove something and that something happened to be proving to the world that you weren’t better than me. Proving to the SCW and the entire world that you didn’t deserve that spot over me. Sure, I am part of the win from that Climax Control but I didn’t specifically pin you. I didn’t make you tap out. I didn’t get the victory I wanted over you so therefore as far as I am concerned my goal has yet to be accomplished.

Now here we are set to be apart of this Six Pack Challenge. I would have preferred to two of us face off one on one before we got to this point but we don’t always get our way with things. However when I break things down and when I look at things from the bigger picture. This match and this opportunity is something special. It’s a chance that I might not get in any other setting. Because not only do I get to avenge myself when it came to you getting my spott. Not only do I get the chance to prove my point.

I also get the chance to prove it while becoming the SCW Heavyweight Champion. Knowing you Jordan. You’re letting my words go in one ear and out the other. You’ve zeroed in on one thing and that’s the championship. Nothing I say is going to matter to you. Nothing anyone else says is going to make a difference to you. I get it and I understand it, but I’ll tell you this much Jordan. I’m not going to feel bad when reality slaps you in the face come Summer XXXTreme II.

By reality, I am referring to when my foot connects with your chin and knocks your lights out. By reality I am referring to what you’re going to experience when you finally come to. Look up the ramp and see me standing there holding the SCW Heavyweight Championship high above my head. Doubt me while you can. Say what you want. Believe what you want. In the end you will have the deal with the reality and then a sold out arena will learn that you Jordan Williams were not only good enough to win the title a second time but you Jordan Williams were not good enough to defeat The Main Attraction. That’s when people will see that I am without a doubt BETTER than you!

See ya Sunday,

- Kevin Carter


›› scene two / flashback ‹‹

There I was laying on the concrete floor as I had just had my world rocked thanks to Sweet Chin Music from the infamous Shawn Michaels that knocked me out of the ring and onto the floor.  Maybe I made the mistake in misjudging Shawn but I was understanding at this moment that he wasn't letting that title go without ease.

▪ JIM ROSS: That superkick nearly took Kevn's head off King.

▪ THE KING: You are right about that one, and if Kevin doesn't get up. HBK may retain by count out.

By now I was starting to come to a little more as I heard the referee shout out the number “Six” and it dawned on me what was going on. I started to pull myself up to my feet with the help of the apron. At nine I fell against the apron and proceeded to lean there. Right as the referee was about to yell ten. I rolled into the ring and saved myself from being counted out. I could hear the crowd booing me heavily with everything that they had in them.

▪ THE KING: That was a close call!

▪ JIM ROSS: It sure was King, but how much does Kevin have left in him after all that's taken place?

▪ THE KING: I'm not sure. He just better hope that he doesn't eat another Sweet Chin Music.

Laying there on the mat I heard some familiar stomping on the mat. From that stomping and the crowd reaction, I knew what was going on. Shawn was tuning up the band and he had intentions of kicking me once again. I started to push myself up to my feet as I slowly turned around and sure enough Shawn exploded out of the corner to connect with the kick. Somehow though I was able to catch his foot as I slammed it against the ground. Michaels did a complete three sixty and no sooner than he turned all the way around I threw my foot up into the air connecting with ONE MAN BAND right to the tip of his jaw as we both fell back to the mat.


▪ THE KING: Wow, that came literally out of nowhere!

▪ JIM ROSS: But sadly it isn't going to mean anything if Kevin can't follow up with it!

I was starting to stir once again as I slowly but surely crawled over to Shawn and threw my arm across his chest. I heard the referee slide down to the mat and begin the count. ONE...TWO....THRE-NO! Shawn kicked out at the last possible second as I laid there against the mat completely and utterly shocked. That was supposed to be it and it wasn't. I didn't really know how much I had in the tank as much as I wanted to become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in my life.

I felt Shawn roll away from me as I knew he was about to get to his feet. I started to do the same thing pushing myself up. Once I was up Shawn hit me with a punch that sent me rocking backwards but I wasn't going to be outdone as I fired back with a punch of my own. Next thing I know the two of us are just slugging it out with one another. Punch for punch, blow for blow and it didn't seem like either one of us were going to back down. Finally, Shawn went for another punch and I found myself ducking under it.

No sooner than Shawn turned around I kicked him in the gut as hard as I could forcing him to double over in pain. Grabbing his head and forcing it between my thighs. I signaled for the end even with the crowd booing me with everything they had in them. That's when I flipped over Shawn and drove his head into the mat with a ton of force for THE MAIN ATTRACTION! I wasted no time rolling him over on his back and making the cover again hooking both legs. ONE...TWO...THREE! That's it, I did it! I had just become World Champion!

▪ THE KING: Kevin Carter has just beaten Shawn Michael to become the WWER World Heavyweight Champion. I can't believe my eyes right now JR.

▪ JIM ROSS: You aren't the only one King. Shawn Michaels has been World Champion since WrestleMania and it didn't seem like he was going to lose anytime soon. But somehow someway this new kid on the block has managed to do what no one else before him could do.

▪ THE KING: As shocking as it is, we are now in the Kevin Carter era.

I found myself sitting on my knees on the verge of tears. The fans might have been booing me and they might have hated me at this very moment. It was understandable due to my character but this wasn't a character thing for me. This was the real deal. All I ever wanted to do in life was become a wrestler and win the World Heavyweight Championship. It seemed almost impossible but I've managed to do so on this very night and I did so by beating one of the best wrestlers in the world.

By now I was getting to my feet as the referee handed me the championship. I took it into my hands for the first time as I took a long hard look at it. It wasn't a dream. It was reality and it was all starting to set in. I lifted the title high above my head getting the boos I expected and I began to fight back to my own tears. I didn't know it yet but this win right here was going to make me a superstar and this win right here would keep me champion for two years. As I would eventually become everything I ever wanted to be in this business.


›› Nick Jones ‹‹

It’s well after my bedtime yet I can’t rest my mind long enough to sleep. So here I am once again sitting in front of my laptop listening to Amy snore and writing a blog that people probably don’t even pay attention to. Oh well though right? It cures my boredom for the time being and it helps me vent. One thing and one person I want to vent about in particular is Nick Jones - one of the many men that I’ll be getting in the ring with at Summer XXXtreme II.

Now I understand that this is going to get me some heat. I know this is going to piss a lot of people off. I know that this is going to irk Nick to his very bone but I have to call it like I see it and the way I see it is Nick doesn’t deserve to be in this match. I honest to god consider him the weakest link to this entire match. I don’t view him as a threat. I don’t view him as someone that could win the title. I don’t view him as someone that could pull a fast one over on us all and win this match.

Considering the fact you are a two time SCW Heavyweight Champion. Considering you are the former Man of the Year and the former Wrestler of the Year. I could only imagine that those are words that sting and that those are words that are hard for you to swallow as well as hard to deal with. But that’s how I feel and there’s nothing you can do to change that. You had a chance to make an impression though and you blew it in the Tag Match at Climax Control.

You showed up and put a lacklustered effort into the match. Nothing that you did was impressive. It was like you were just there to collect a paycheck. Like you didn’t care about the match in the least bit and I hate people that are like that. You are the type of people that give this business a bad name. You are the type of people that shit all over this business and you are the type of people that make me want to kick you so hard it puts you in a coma with you having no chance at all to wake up.

Never the less that performance that you put on made me forever develop an opinion of you that will never change. Not even in the slightest bit. If you want to show up to work and barely try then by all means go for it, but I tell you that it’ll never get you anywhere and I can also tell you that you will never achieve any amount of greatness over me as long as I’m involved and as long as I’ve got something to say about it.

Leading up to this match I personally hope that you take the time to look at the two championships that are likely hanging in your house somewhere from the two previous times you’ve won it. I want you to look at them long and hard. I want you to think back of all the great memories you had when you were champion. Relive those nights that you won the title and the nights you retained the title. Just think of everything you can possibly think of when it comes to that title. Live it up and be proud.

Because on the 18th when this is all said and done. That’s as close as you’ll ever get to holding the title. Just the memories of your former reigns. This is my time and nothing as well as no one will stop me from living in the moment, enjoying my time, and taking what is rightfully mine!


›› scene three ‹‹

On this particular day Kevin along with his fiance' Amy Marshall found themselves walking through the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California. Of course that was due to the two of them having a flight out to meet up with the rest of the SCW crew. With that being said and with the two of them being known virtually all over the world. It was nearly impossible for them to get away from photohogs and paparazzi. Walking hand in hand carrying their bags behind them and being followed by all kinds of people wanting autographs and pictures. Kevin happened to look over to his left and see one of those TMZ guys.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: Well if it isn't Kevin Carter, famous professional wrestler. How the hell are you man?

Kevin kinda of smirked a little, as he pretty much knew hew was going to be bombarded with questions left and right now.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I'm not going too bad. About to catch this flight on out of here. I've got something big in store next week. Nothing like wrestling for the top title in the company you work for.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: Oh yeah? Tell me about that. I don't keep up on wrestling like I should. It just isn't the same with guys like Hogan, Flair, and so forth gone.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Ahh you are one of those guys that grew up in that era huh?

While chuckling a little bit Kevin shook his head from side to side. It was surprising to see how many people were still stuck in the old era of wrestling but that's just how it worked sometimes.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Never the less, I currently work for a promotion that's out of Vegas. Better known as Sin City Wrestling. They have this huge tour thing coming up next weekend. All the talent is going to be involved and wrestling on this luxury cruise-ship. It's unlike anything I have ever done before or been apart of for that matter.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: Wow, that is pretty cool. I don't think I have ever heard of something like that being done before.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Neither can I, and I can guarantee the era you grew up watching wrestling wouldn't have ever thought of doing something like that. But anyway back to the point, I'll be involved in the main event of the show. It's myself and five other guys in what we call a Six Pack Challenge and the SCW Heavyweight Championship is going to be on the line.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: That's a pretty big match up. Six people in one week for the biggest title in the company? I could only imagine that's going to be a tough one to win right?

▪ KEVIN CARTER: You damn right it's going to be a tough one to win! Six of the very best? In the ring at one time? Fighting for the biggest title in the company? Especially when you all have the same goal? Yeah, it's going to be a tough one to win. But I'm prepared for it. I've been preparing myself for it all week. Got one more week to go.

Training had been kicking his ass all week long, but he wanted to make sure he was ready. He wanted to make sure there were no excuses. He wanted to make sure that anything and everything he wanted to accomplish was just that accomplished but with one week left to go the hardcore training hadn't even began yet. Kevin looked right back over at the guy.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: But at the same time I also look at things differently than most people. I don't believe that anything you want in life is meant to come easy. It doesn't matter if it's a match with five other dudes for a title or just a one on one match with nothing aside from respect and honor on the line. That's just how I look at things and I don't think that will ever change about me.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: You might have yourself a point there. So, I'd take it that in your mind you're going to be leaving with the title on the 18th, then?

▪ KEVIN CARTER: That's a correct assumption to make. From the point I stepped into SCW. I have been gunning to become the SCW Heavyweight Champion. I wasn't going to let anyone or anything prevent me from getting there, but that actually id happen when I associated with the wrong guy and it eventually lead to me getting suspended. I had to take a backseat if you will, but I've learned my lesson. I'm more determined than ever now. I am going to make damn sure that I never lose my chance at greatness and I won't let this opportunity slip through my fingers. It's been a long time since I was world champion. 2008 was the last year I was at the top of the mountain and I think it's long overdue. Somehow someway, I am going to make it happen. It's just my time. I'm going to be getting my game face on.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: Nothing wrong with that, but I am assuming that all your opponents are going to have something different to say? Certainly a different outlook and a different approach than yours correct?

▪ KEVIN CARTER: That would be correct as well. No one goes into a match like this with the same outlook. Aside from the fact we're all looking out for ourselves. We've all got a selfish outlook. But here's the thing and I know it's going to come off as disrespectful but it is what it is in this case. I don't care what they want. I don't care what they think. I don't care about anything they may or may not say. That's all irrelevant in my book. All I care about is what I want, what I say, and what I think. More importantly what I do. As I've said I realize what I am up against and I realize how hard it is going to be but there's nothing that the five of them can do to prevent me from leaving the Heavyweight Champion.

▪ TMZ INTERVIEWER: Right on my man, but I am going to let you get on with your business. Thanks for your time. You were real fun to talk to. Real down to earth.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Haha thanks man, take care of yourself and if you aren't working too hard. Maybe take the time to catch Summer XXXTreme II. It's going to be off the hook. Biggest event of the summer in my honest opinion.

Nothing like getting some promoting out there. As the guy walked away Kevin continued to walk along with Amy to their terminal to board their flight that would be leaving real soon. Knowing everything that he said was going to make it big on the gossip world when it came to the news of celebrities. Kevin was going to need to prepare himself for the backlash he'd receive for some of his comments. But never the less the plan was still the same for him to overcome all odds and leave the champion.


›› Gabriel ‹‹

One year ago...

One year ago to the exact date. One year ago to the exact event. Gabriel walked into Summer XXXtreme and did what everyone said was impossible. He did what everyone said he couldn’t do. He won the SCW Heavyweight Championship. Matter of fact he was the FIRST EVER SCW Heavyweight Champion. He made his dream come true despite the odds being against him and despite pretty much no one believing in him. Because that’s what people that are determined do.

Now here we are a year later and Gabriel finds himself in the same position he was in last year. I have no doubt in my mind that Gabriel is at peace with people saying similar thing. I am willing to bet that it doesn’t bother Gabriel in the least bit that people are saying that he’s past his prime, that his glory days are over, and that he can’t win the title. All that does is motivate him to prove people wrong like he did last year... however there’s one big difference between last year and this year. That difference is...


I don’t know all the research and details to last year. All I know is that Gabriel won the title, but I’m the element that’s going to prevent history from repeating itself. Don’t get me wrong Gabriel, I have done enough research to understand that I got my work cut out for me when it comes to you. I have come to understand you are one stubborn some of a bitch. I also understand you are a resilient son of a bitch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all, but it does tell me I’m in for a fight.

I look forward to a fight. In fact I embrace a fight. Because when I hold that Heavyweight Championship over my head the first time. I want to know that I without a doubt deserved it. I don’t want there to be any doubt and as long as you bring this fight you are known for then I’m not going to have to worry about any regrets or what ifs when I do when the title. Yes, I said that right the first two times regardless of what you bring I am leaving with the title.

But I can tell you this much Gabriel, I don’t have the same outlook as some do. I don’t believe your past your prime. I don’t believe that you are past your prime. I don’t believe you are too old. I don’t believe that you glory days are behind you. If that was the case then you wouldn’t have landed yourself in this match in the first place. You wouldn’t have continued to make an impression on everyone. You wouldn’t have held your own against the newer and older stars. Hell, if that was the true then you wouldn’t even be here.

Actually, if I were to be honest with myself and everyone else. Gabriel, you are the second biggest threat to me. Right behind the actual champion himself, but I’ll come back to him some other time. You are the second biggest threat to me and I know that I can’t take you lightly. I know that I have to be at my best. I have to be on my A-Game and make sure that I don’t make even the slightest mistake because you are known for turning that into your favor no matter how minor it might be.

Long story short Gabrie, I’ll be at my best much like you’ll be at my best. I know how badly you want this and I know what you’ll do to get there. Thing is, I can guarantee that I want this more than you. I can also guarantee that I’ll go to limits and to extremes that you won’t go. That’s how badly I want to be at the top of the mountain and that’s how much I crave to be the SCW Heavyweight Champion.

Rest assured this much Gabriel... If you even get close to taking what I want at Summer XXXtreme. It won’t take you long to figure out that’s a mistake because I’ll show you exactly what it means to be the Main Attraction when I leave you out cold in the middle of that ring. Don’t doubt me, because I don’t doubt you. Or doubt me if you want. Either way at the end of the night I’m the one that stands tall as one way or another I’ll be leaving Summer XXXtreme II as the


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 Vacation Part I: True Love

July 29th 2013 1:15 am

[The camera fades in to a long hallway in a hospital. Sitting on a bench in the white-tiled hallway is Max, wearing a red “SHOWTIME” t-shirt and black pants. He has a small look of worry on his face as a man comes running up toward him.]

Barry: Max! Max!

[Barry Goldstein comes running toward Max with a dark gray suit on. He is wearing a white shirt underneath and a dark blue tie that is loose around his unbuttoned color. His ear-length blonde hair flops around as he runs, waving his arms incessantly trying to get Max's attention.]

Barry: Max! Max!

Max: Yeah, yeah. I see you man.

[Barry catches up to Max and stops running.]

Barry: Where is he?

Max: He's in with the doctors.

Barry: I can't handle this stress, man. My heart is pounding.

Max: You sure it isn't all the coke?

[Barry sneers at Max.]

Barry: No it's not the coke you old hag. It's my love for the Champ.

[Max shakes his head.]

Barry: So what did they say?

Max: Nothing yet.

Barry: Anything broken?

Max: I don't know.

Barry: What the fuck, Slim Jim? What do you mean you don't know.

[Max stands up.]

Max: It means I don't fucking no, Barry. Now stop asking me or I'm gonna throw you out of the goddam hospital.

[From off camera.]

Drake: You guys never stop do you?

[Drake stands in a white and blue hospital gown, holding a an IV stand with tubes sticking out of his right arm. Upon seeing him, Max smiles and Barry runs over and grabs him in a big hug.]

Barry: Oh thank god, Champ. I thought I lost you!

Drake: It's ok Barry, I'm fine.

Max: What did they say?

Drake: Just some bruised ribs and a dislocated elbow.

Max: Good. How long you need off?

Drake: He said four to six weeks. Which isn't to bad-

[Barry cuts him off.]

Barry: Four to six weeks?

Drake: Yeah.

Max: That's ok. We can work with that.

Barry: No we cannot work with that!

Max: What's the problem? The man is hurt, Barry.

Barry: The problem is that on August 18th, Drake's got a shot at the SCW Heavyweight championship.

Drake: No shit. That's awesome!

Max: No that is not awesome. How can you expect to compete?

Barry: Why does this guy always mess my shit up? Some one please tell me.

[Drake puts his hand on Max's shoulder.]

Drake: Look, Maxy. I know you're worried.

Max: Drake-

[Drake cuts him off.]

Drake: I'm ok, Maxy. This is what I do.

Max: But, D-

Drake: Max. The people right? We gonna let them down?


Drake: Maxy?

Max: Ok, fine. I’m in. But we got take it light and easy. No gambling and no drinking, D. You’re hurt and if you want any chance at winning this thing then you gotta take it easy and do things my way. No late night distractions and no GAMBLING.

Barry How the hell are we gonna do that? He lives in Vegas for hell’s sake!

Drake: Don’t worry about that boys. I got an idea.

Barry: What’s that?

Drake: Don’t worry. Just pack your bags.

Max: D-

Drake: For the third time, don’t worry. Trust me.

[The scene fades out as Drake smiles wide at Max and Barry.]

August 2nd 2013 5:30 pm

[The camera fades in to a small, dirty, hotel lobby. The tiles on the floor are a faded sea-foam green and every other one seems to be cracked. Across the back of the lobby is a large counter painted a very dim white with the same ugly sea-foam green color trimming the edge. Behind the counter stands a tall Hispanic man with white short sleeve button down shirt on and a wide brimmed hat. Behind him, on the wall, hangs a large sign that reads ‘Hotel de Caracas’. In walks three men. First is Max, wearing white pants, a blue Hawaiian shirt and white beach sandals. Across his face sit Maui Jim sunglasses that hide his tired eyes. Next in is Barry, wearing similar white pants a linen pink button up, slightly wrinkled with the sleeves rolled up. He two is wearing sunglasses, and his blonde hair is streaked back tightly with what is no doubt half of a tube of extra strength hair gel.

Behind him walks Drake. Wearing Bermuda shorts, a V-neck baby blue t-shirt and a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses as well. Around his right wrist is his large, bright platinum watch. The most noticeable thing about his out fit is the fact that he isn’t wearing any shoes.]

Max: Barry, I think you booked us in the biggest dump in all of Venezuela.

Barry: Nonsense. I stay here all the time. Every time I come down here.

Max: That still doesn’t mean that this place isn’t a dump.

Drake: Relax, Maxy. I can dig this place. Anywhere in Caracas is ok with me.

[Drake walks in toward the counter where the man is standing.]

Drake: Hello, sir. Reservation for three rooms under the name ‘Goldstein’.

[The man just stands there, quietly staring at Drake.]

Drake: Umm… El roomo? For el Goldstein….o?

[The man doesn’t react.]

Barry: Hold on, Champ I got this.

[Barry moves passed Drake and drops a $100 bill on the counter in front of the man. He immediately picks up the bill and smiles.]

Man: Hola! Senor Goldstein!

[The man tips his hat toward all three men.]

Barry: I’ll take the usual suite, Hermano. And you can give these gentleman the same set up you always give me.

Man: Including la prostitutas, Senor Goldstein?

Barry: Well, not them.

[Drake and Max smile at each other.]

Drake: Look, Barry. I’m gonna go hang on that patio out there for a bit by the pool. You guys gonna be ok in here?

Max: You promised no drinking, D…

Drake: And I’m gonna keep that promise, Maxy. Just going out for some fresh air.

Max: Alright. I’m gonna bring these bags up and I’ll be down in a bit to join you.

Drake: Sounds good.

[Drake turns to walk outside and as he drops his right foot down on the sea-foam green tile floor he hears a crunch. And then, after a split moment, a rush of pain fills his foot…]

Drake: Ahhhh! Fuck! Mother fucking cock sucker!

[Drake lifts up his foot to show a small scorpion hanging from his heel with his tail stuck deep into to Drake’s skin.]

Max: Holy shit, D.

Barry: Yeah, that can’t be good.

[The man darts from behind the counter and grabs the scorpion with his hand. He yanks it out of Drake’s foot and throws it to the ground before violently stomping on it.]

Drake: Damn, that hurt. Thanks for that, man.

Man: You must got to hospital now.

Drake: What? I’m fine. It doesn’t even hurt any more.

Max: D, maybe you should listen to him.

Barry: Yeah, for real. Maybe you could die or something.

Drake: No one is going to die. Thank you for the concern but I’ll be on the patio relaxing.

Max: D-

Drake: Max, I’m fine. I would tell you if I wasn’t, ok?

Max: Ok.

Drake: Good. I’ll see you in a bit.

[Drake makes his way out to the courtyard on the side of the hotel. He walks over to the bench wear a beautiful young Venezuelan woman is sitting, reading a book. She is wearing a long tight white dress and brown sandals. Her hair is dark and wavy and she has a small dimple on her left cheek that Drake notices instantly. Wasting little time, he introduces himself.]

Drake: Excuse me, hello.

Woman: Hello.

Drake: Do you speak English?

[The woman looks at him for a moment, sizing him up and down with a serious face on. After a few seconds, she smiles.]

Woman: Si senor. I speak English. My name is Campeona.

Drake: That’s a beautiful name.

Campeona: Thank you.

[The two stare at each other for a moment, smiling.]

Campeona: Are you going to tell me yours?

Drake: Yes. I’m Drake. Drake Green.

[He reaches out his hand in greeting and she grabs it with hers as their eyes make contact.]

Drake: Pleased to meet you.

Campeona: Igualmente.

Drake: What does that mean?

Campeona: It means I am please as well. I was about to walk over to the café. Would you like to join me?

Drake: Umm…

[Drake looks back over to the hotel lobby. Through the window he can see Max and Barry arguing over something.]

Drake: Sure. I’d love to.

Campeona: Follow me.

[She gets up and walks out of the courtyard. Drake begins to follow her but for a split second he begins to feel woozy. He can feel cold sweat start to form on his forehead and as he looks down to his right arm, it is covered in large red welts. Ina moment of panic, he shakes his head back and forth and in an instant, the welts are gone. As are the cold sweats and the wooziness. He shrugs it as if he was just seeing things and then follows Campeona out of the courtyard as the camera fades out.

The camera fades back in to Drake and Campeona sitting across from each other at a small table in a café. Campeona is drinking a glass of wine and Drake, a café con leche.  Campeona pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one up.]

Drake: May I?

Campeona: Si.

[Drake pulls out one of her cigarettes and lights it up.]

Drake: So where are you from?

Campeona: Here in Caracas. All of my life.

Drake: What do you do? Do you work?

Campeona: I help with my father’s farm when I am not in school.

Drake: School.

Campeona: Yes. Here in Caracas. I study at the university to become a doctor.

Drake: Wow. I’m impressed.

Campeona: How so?

Drake: You’re gonna be a doctor. That’s impressive.

Campeona: Gracias. And you? What do you do?

Drake: I’m a professional wrestler.

Campeona: You are a wrestler?

Drake: Yup.

Campeona: Tell me more.

Drake: What do you want to know?

Campeona: Everything.

Drake: Ok. Well I have a match coming up for the Heavyweight Championship. Against a few men.

Campeona: When is this?

Drake: On the 18th of this month.

Campeona: Shouldn’t you be somewhere training and not on vacation?

Drake: Yeah, well I got hurt a few days ago. Doc said to take some time to rest so here I am.

Campeona: Oh I see. Where are you hurt?

Drake: Just a few bruised ribs.

Campeona: Oh no. May I see?

Drake: Sure.

[Drake stands up and pulls his v-neck t-shirt up revealing his heavily bruised chest and ribs. Campeona gets up and walks over to Drake. She puts her hand on Drake’s bare chest and then begins to move it down toward the bruises. She moves her hand down across his abs and then back up to his chest. She slowly looks ups and the two make eye contact]

Drake: You are a beautiful man, Drake Green.

[Drake cracks a small smile.]

Drake: And you are a magnificent woman.

[Drake leans in a and kisses her. They share a passionate embrace for a moment before Campeona pulls away.]

Drake: What’s wrong?

Campeona: Not here.

Drake: I want you.

[Campeona smiles up at Drake.]

Campeona: Follow me.

[Campeona walks out of the café and on to the side street leading back toward the hotel. Drake begins to follow her but stops when he hears Barry and Max call out his name. He turns around to look for them but no one is in sight. He shrugs it off and goes to catch up with Campeona. He meets he in the alley and grabs her by the arm. She turns back at Drake and their eyes meet again. They return to their passionate embrace as Drake pushes her against the side of the building. As he starts to kiss her neck she lets out a soft moan as the camera fades to black.

The camera fades back in to Drake’s hotel room. The two are sitting up naked, but covered, on the bed. Campeona takes a long drag of her cigarette and then exhales slowly toward the ceiling of room. Drake leans over and grabs the cigarette from her hand and takes a drag of his own. She sits up, smiles, and begins to run her fingers through Drake’s hair. She pulls his head down to her exposed chest and he lays down, taking another drag, and staring out the window at the Venezuelan night sky.]

Campeona: So tell me about these men who you must face, mi amor.

Drake: Well…there are six of them.

Campeona: Seis? Ay dios mio…

Drake: You ain’t kidding.

Campeona: Tell me. Who are they?

Drake: Where should I start?

Campeona: Start with the one who you fear the most.

Drake: Fear? You got the wrong guy, baby.

Campeona: Drake…my Drake. You don’t have to put on an act here. Not with me.

[Drake stares at her for a long moment.]

Drake: Gabriel. His name is Gabriel.

[Campeona smiles.]

Campeona: And why do you fear this man?

Drake: It’s not fear in the normal sense of the word. I wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t have that kind of fear. But Gabriel does scare me.

Campeona: How?

Drake: He’s the underdog here. Not for lack of talent or anything like that. Dude’s a beast in the ring. He was the first ever Heavyweight champ. It’s just that he’s been doing tag team duty for so long that people kind of forgot about him. It just seems that he was thrown in to this match to make it an even number. Six instead of five. But that’s the beauty of it. He can slip right passed all of us.

Campeona: You speak so passionately about all of this, my Drake. Please. Tell me more.

Drake: Well…there’s Kevin Carter. I got a lot of respect for this guy. Man has done it all. Except, of course, winning the SCW heavyweight title. He’s a fierce competitor and he doesn’t back down to a challenge. In our match-

[Campeona cuts him off.]

Campeona: You beat him before?

Drake: Yes. It was tough though. I don’t know if the man knows how to quit so it’ll be interesting to see how he does in this match. Especially with Nick Jones in it.

Campeona: Nick Jones?

Drake: Yeah, Nick Jones. If there’s one guy I hate in the world of professional wrestling it’s Nick Jones. I had him beat a few weeks ago and his dick bag of a lackey interfered and cost me the match. I’ve wanted to beat this guy down ever since. Not that it’s gonna be easy. He’s a former SCW Man of The Year and the only two time Heavyweight Champion. And Slamfest Magazine has him pegged to walk out with the belt again. I don’t know if I blame them either. As much as I’ll never say it in public, the guy is that good.

Campeona: And the others?

Drake: Jordan Williams. Another former champion. He’s a legend in our world. I can’t say enough about this guy in the ring. He’s big and strong a technical nightmare for anyone smaller than him.

Campeona: Like you, no?

[She pokes and smiles at Drake who smiles back.]

Drake: Yes, like me. He’s a former champ for a reason but I think his time is done. This seems like a case of one match too many for Jordan. He should’ve stayed retired. I think he’s gonna regret this one.

Campeona: Mi amor, you’ve named all of these men but who is the Champion you all must beat.

Drake: Simon Jones. No relation to Nick.

Campeona: Simon…

Drake: I like Simon. I think he’s a good dude. Hell of a talent in the ring. It’s a shame too because I don’t think he’s been given a chance here. It’s almost impossible for him to come out on top here. Almost too much to ask of any champion to try and retain his belt in a match like this. A lot of people don’t think Simon even deserves to wear that belt. It’s not like the SCW pushed him to the top spot. If he didn’t win that open battle royale he never would’ve gotten that shot against Jordan for the title. I mean, I’m glad he did. He’s got more talent than most people that have held that belt but, I guess he lacks the charisma a bit. He’s not the kind of champ you’re gonna sell boxes of Wheaties with, you know?

Campeona: Wheaties?

Drake: Never mind, it’s a bad joke.

Campeona: You speak so passionately about these men. What do you have to say about me?

[Drake sits up and leans in toward her.]

Drake: You?

Campeona: Si.

Drake: You’re my prize.

[Drake leans in to kiss her but as he gets close he opens his eyes and sees Max where Campeona was just sitting. Startled he jumps back in the bed.]

Drake: Max! What the fuck!?

[He hears Barry’s voice from the other side of the bed.]

Barry: Calm down, Champ. Everything is ok.

[Drake frantically turns to his right and sees Barry sitting next to him. He begins to breathe heavily and the cold sweat on his brow returns. The camera zooms back to show Drake, not sitting in a hotel bed, but sitting on a gurney in a small ambulance. His shirt has been removed and his body is covered in large silver dollar sized red welts. He is sweating profusely and shaking at a near violent pace. Max is sitting to his left and Barry to his right. In front of him sits an emergency medial technician.]

Barry: Just relax, Champ. We’re on our way to the hospital. Everything is gonna be ok.

Max: Just take deep breaths, D. You’re gonna be fine.

[Drake sits up violently and screams out.]


[He grabs Max’s arm.]

Drake: Where is Campeona?

Max: Who?

Drake: The woman from the hotel. The courtyard.

Max: Who are you talking about?

Drake: The woman Max. I love her. I met her out in the courtyard.

Max: You never made it to the courtyard, D. You stepped on a scorpion in the hotel lobby and then passed out as you tried to walk outside. You’re in an ambulance on the way to Caracas Hospital. Everything is gonna be ok.

[Drake falls back down and nearly passes out and then begins to whisper the name over and over again.]

Drake: No…that’s not true…I love her…Campeona….Campeona….Campeona….

Barry: What the hell is he saying?

Max: I don’t know. Sounds like gibberish.

EMT: He’s saying Campeona.

Barry: What does that mean?

EMT: It’s Español. For champion.

[Barry and Max look at each other as the camera focuses on Drake’s welted body before it fades to black.]

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 “I’ve spoken at naseum about how meeting TSSA changed my career. I felt like I was in danger of just becoming another wrestler before I met them. When the IWA started up the HCL I always had my eye on TSSA. I mean their reputation proceeded them. I knew I wanted to work with them from day one, but I was terrified to speak with them. I mean they were the best of best back then. I was really good, but not the best. Here was the night that changed my career…”

July 1998, Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana:

The action is joined in progress towards the end of the match with HCL Prairie Champion, Marauder applying pressure on Romeo with a nerve hold.  Romeo’s manager, Ms. Angel is shouting words of encouragement at Romeo. Ms. Angel starts rallying the crowd behind Romeo, giving him a surge of adrenaline and he begins to get to his feet. Marauder clamps down on Romeo’s nerve in his shoulder, but Romeo gets to one knee. After a few more moments of encouragement, Romeo gets to his feet and drills Marauder in the gut with an elbow, loosening up the hold. Romeo nails Marauder again, this time Marauder lets go of the nerve hold. Romeo nails Marauder in the chest with a three consecutive knife edge chops, backing Marauder into the ropes. Romeo whips Marauder into the ropes and as Marauder returns, slams Marauder into the mat with a well executed power slam. Romeo hooks the legs for a pin and Marauder kicks out at two. Romeo signals to crowd that he’s going for his finisher, the Georgia Suplex (Bridging German Suplex). Romeo waits for Marauder to get to his feet. As he does, Romeo grabs the waist, but Marauder breaks Romeo’s grip and takes him over with a hip toss. Romeo quickly gets to his feet and Marauder nails him with a boot to the gut and whips him into the turnbuckles. Marauder charges hard at Romeo, but Romeo sidesteps Marauder and throws him into the ring post shoulder first. Marauder staggers out of the corner and Romeo drills Marauder into the mat with the Georgia Suplex. The referee drops down and Romeo picks up the win and becomes the new HCL Prairie Champion! The referee presents Romeo with the championship belt as Ms Angel makes her way into the ring as the scene fades out.

The scene fades in later on in the night as the wrestlers are getting ready to leave. Romeo, Angel, Chippendale and Thunder are gathering their things in the locker room before leaving, when a knock is heard at the door. Angel walks up to the door and answers it…it’s Marauder/Jordan.

Angel: “What can I do for ya, hun?” she says with a southern drawl.

Jordan: “Can I speak with Romeo?”

Angel: “Sure thing!”

Angel leads Jordan into the dressing room. Romeo, Chippendale and Thunder get defensive, but Angel tells them to relax.

Angel: “Settle down boys, he wants to speak with Austin (Romeo).”

A nervous Jordan: “Uh…excuse me Rom…”

Austin cuts Jordan off with: “Austin…the name’s Austin.” he says with his southern accent.

Jordan: “I’m Jordan…Jordan Williams, by the way.” he says a little nervously as he extends his hand out to Austin.

Austin accepts and the two men shake hands.

Jordan: “I just wanted to say, that was a good match out there.”

Austin: “Good match. Yer a tough cookie.”

Jordan: “I was wondering if you could give me any tips and advice. You were reversing all of my moves man, I couldn’t keep up.”

Austin has a slight grin on his face as he says: “Do you watch tapes?”

A confused Jordan: “Huh?”

Austin: “Do ya watch video tapes of your opponents? Do ya study ‘em?”

Jordan thinks for a moment, then says: “Umm…no.”

Austin: “That’s how I was reversing all yer moves…you should try it sometime!”

Austin pats Jordan on the back as he grabs his gear bag and he signals to Derrick (Chippendale) and Tony (Thunder) that they should leave. Jordan stands there thinking as Austin, Derrick and Tony walk out of the locker room. Angel watches them leave with her hands on her hips. Jordan looks at her with a innocent puppy dog look on his face and she tells him to hold on a second before power walking out of the locker room and down the hallway.

Angel: “Austin! Austin Parker!” she yells.

Austin, Derrick and Tony stop in their tracks as they know that tone all too well. They know Angel isn’t pleased.

Angel: “Austin, that poor guy was asking for your help and that’s all you can give him?”

Austin shrugs his shoulders and says: “What ya want me to do? Give him a lecture?”

Angel: “Yes!”

Austin rolls his eyes, then says: “I told him to watch tape…he can figure it out.”

Angel points down the hallway and says: “Talk to him.”

Austin: “But…”

Angel points a stern finger at him, then says: “Now!”

Austin lets out a sigh as he begins walking back towards the dressing room.

Angel: “And be nice!”

Austin turns back nodding his head. As he reaches the dressing room door, Jordan comes walking out.

Austin: “Did what I said stun you?” he says with a smile.

Jordan laughs a bit and says: “No. I’m sorry for bothering you though. Thanks anyways.”

Jordan goes to walk off, but Austin grabs him by the arm.

Austin: “Look, yer raw. Ah’ve never seen a more pure athlete inside that ring like ya. But that doesn’t make ya a rassler. Ya want advice? Meet us at the hotel gym at 6am…”

Jordan cuts Austin off with: “6? I’m just going to bed at 6!”

Austin: “I suggest you make it an early night, sweet heart!”

Jordan nods his head, as Austin walks back down the hallway as Angel, Derrick and Tony wait on him.

Angel: “That seemed awful short…”

Austin: “Relax darling, I told him to meet us at the gym tomorrow morning…if he’s serious, he’ll show up and then I’ll give him advice.”

Angel nods her head as the scene fades out.

“I was proud of myself for working up the courage to speak to Austin. But that was my first one on one match with him and something inside me compelled me to talk to him. I mean he was the best technical wrestler in the world and here I was some 23 year old punk kid, who was afraid to ask for advice. That’s what I tell the young guys…never be afraid to ask for help. If you get the right person to help you out, you never know what might happen.”


“It’s been a while since I spotlighted my tours of Japan. Back in January I won the Elite Japan Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship from my protégé, Power Matsuzaka. Since then I’ve had seven successful title defenses. On July 19, I defended my title against fast rising star, Tetsuya Yoshida for the second time. My first title defense against him was back in June and it was a hard fought battle. After that match, he said he could beat me and then he slapped me across my face. I slapped him back and told him he could have another shot. He took me to my limit that night and back on July 19, he would again…”

The action is joined in progress, fifteen minutes into the match. Jordan has been working over the right knee of Yoshida to take away some of the athleticism the youngster posses, plus the fact Yoshida has a deadly Yakuza kick that has been known to end plenty of his matches for him victorious. The two men are on the floor, with Jordan in control of the action. Jordan goes to whip Yoshida into the guard rail, but Yoshida reverses it and sends Jordan hard into the guard rail. Yoshida follows it up with a Yakuza kick, but Jordan moves out of the way and Yoshida straddles himself on the guard rail. Jordan quickly jumps the guard rail and grabs Yoshida by the leg and does a vicious dragon screw leg whip, sending Yoshida’s knee into the rail! Yoshida falls off the guard rail and onto the arena floor clutching his knee in pain as Jordan climbs over the guard rail. Jordan rolls into the ring as the referee restarts his count.

Yoshida gets to his feet at nine (twenty count rule) and goes to climb onto the apron, but Jordan baseball slide kicks Yoshida, who falls back into the guard rail. Jordan then quickly runs to the corner and leaps to the top rope effortlessly. As Yoshida turns to Jordan, Jordan comes flying off the top rope and crash lands on Yoshida with High Fly Flow!

The fans in the arena clap as Jordan gets to his feet and plays to the crowd. Jordan grabs Yoshida and rolls him into the ring. Jordan rolls into the ring and goes for a quick cover, but Yoshida kicks out at one-and-a-half. Jordan grabs Yoshida’s legs and drags him into the middle of the ring and then slaps on a figure four leg lock. Yoshida yells out in pain as Jordan continues to apply more pressure. After a few moments in the hold, Yoshida slowly makes his way to the ropes, forcing a rope break. Jordan picks Yoshida up and snap mares him into a sitting position. Jordan bounces off the ropes and nails Yoshida with a basement drop kick and goes for a pinning attempt, but Yoshida kicks out quickly. Jordan grabs Yoshida off the mat and whips him into the ropes. As Yoshida returns, Jordan goes for a lariat, but Yoshida ducks it. Jordan quickly turns around and goes for another quick lariat, but Yoshida ducks that attempt as well and nails Jordan in the back of the head with a high angled drop kick!

Yoshida picks Jordan up and nails him with a flurry of forearm smashes before whipping him into the turnbuckles. Yoshida follows it up with a stinger splash. As Jordan staggers out of the corner, Yoshida climbs onto the middle turnbuckle behind Jordan and floors him with a missile drop kick to the back of the head. Yoshida is clearly targeted the head and neck area of Jordan. Yoshida rolls Jordan over for a quick cover, but Jordan kicks out at one. Yoshida picks Jordan up and whips him into the ropes, however Yoshida  follows behind Jordan and as Yoshida bounces off the ropes he grabs Jordan by the head and sends him into the mat with a running one hand bulldog. Yoshida quickly grabs Jordan’s legs and slaps on Red Ink, a kneeling crossed legged STF. This very same hold made Jordan tap out in a prelude tag match the two weeks before! Just as Yoshida begins to turn Jordan’s head to the right (which is the painful part about the hold), Jordan reaches out for the ropes, forcing a rope break!

Yoshida looks at the referee before grabbing Jordan, pulling him to his feet. Jordan pushes Yoshida back and slaps him across the face! Yoshida returns the favor with a loud slap across Jordan’s face! Jordan then retaliates with another slap! Yoshida holds his face and then slaps Jordan back! The two men start exchanging slaps in the middle of the ring, to delight of the fans! Jordan gets the upper hand with Yoshida looking on dream street after each slap. Yoshida then goes to kick Jordan, but Jordan grabs Yoshida’s boot and quickly does a dragon screw leg whip! Yoshida holds his knee again. With Yoshida on the mat, Jordan grabs his bad leg and does a short dragon screw leg whip! Jordan gets up and does another short dragon screw leg whip to the bad leg! Jordan once again gets up and delivers yet another short dragon screw leg whip, but this time to Yoshida’s good leg! Jordan then goes to the turnbuckles and leaps to the top rope. Jordan comes off with a High Fly Flow but Yoshida rolls out of the way and Jordan crashes into the mat. Yoshida struggles to his feet as Jordan gets up holding his stomach. Jordan takes a swing at Yoshida, who ducks it and hooks Jordan up in an over the back to belly hold and then drops the back of Jordan’s neck across his knee! Jordan holds the back of his head as Yoshida goes for the pin, but Jordan kicks out at two!

Yoshida sits Jordan up and then bounces off the ropes, then nails Jordan with a sliding elbow to the jaw! Yoshida goes for the cover, but Jordan again kicks out! Yoshida complains to the referee about a slow count. Yoshida then waits for Jordan to get to his feet. As Jordan does, Yoshida goes for a cutter, but Jordan pushes him away. As Yoshida turns around, Jordan nails him with a hard hitting lariat! Jordan wastes no time and grabs Yoshida up off the ground and locks on a full nelson but drilling him into the mat with a dragon suplex, the ATL Crusher!




No! Yoshida got his shoulder up at the last split second! Jordan can’t believe it and pounds the mat in frustration! Jordan then stands in the corner and starts to stomp his foot! The fans in the Sumo Hall begin clapping along as Yoshida rolls over onto his stomach. As he gets to one knee, Jordan charges at Yoshida with Boma Ye, but Yoshida counters it by hooking Jordan up in a school boy pin!



Jordan kicks out! Both men get to their feet and Yoshida goes for a Yakuza kick, but Jordan grabs his foot, throws it down and goes for a round house kick with his right leg, but Yoshida ducks it, however as Yoshida recovers and stands back up, Jordan connects with a round house kick with his left leg! Jordan lays on the mat as Yoshida clutches his face. Jordan waits for Yoshida to get to his feet. As Yoshida does, Jordan goes for the PS Sting, super kick, but Yoshida ducks it. As they both turn to face each other, Yoshida attempts another Yakuza kick, but Jordan ducks it and as they both turn to face each other again, Jordan floors Yoshida with 2G4U!!!! Jordan goes for the cover and hooks the leg…



NO! Yoshida kicks out at two-and-a-half! Jordan shakes his head as he gets to his feet. Jordan holds his arm up in the air, signaling to the crowd he’s going for another lariat. As Yoshida gets up, Jordan  goes for a lariat, but Yoshida ducks it. As Jordan turns around, Yoshida floors him with a deadly Yakuza kick! Yoshida goes for the cover…




WAIT NO! Jordan kicks out at the very last second! Yoshida quickly gets to his feet and drags Jordan up to his feet as well. Yoshida grabs Jordan and whips him into the turnbuckles. Jordan hit’s the buckles hard and Yoshida follows it up with a Yakuza kick and straight into a butterfly suplex! Yoshida gets up and climbs to top rope. Yoshida plays to the crowd for a bit and he comes flying off the top rope with a beautiful elbow drop! Yoshida hooks Jordan’s leg for the pin.



Jordan kicks out, but seemed to do so on pure instinct alone! Yoshida sensing he has Jordan on the ropes, quickly gets up and brings to Jordan his feet. Yoshida nails Jordan with a flurry of right and left palm strikes and a high kick to the head. Jordan is on spaghetti legs as Yoshida hooks Jordan up in a vertical suplex. Yoshida holds him there for a split second and then slams him back down into mat with a fall back forward side slam, the Shouten, Yoshida’s finisher! Yoshida covers Jordan…




NO! NO! NO! Jordan somehow kicks out!

Yoshida is visibly upset, but again wastes no time in moving in for the kill. Yoshida picks Jordan up again and goes for a vertical suplex, but this time, Jordan knees Yoshida in the head, forcing him to drop Jordan, who, lands on his feet. Out of desperation, Jordan goes for a lariat, but Yoshida ducks it. As they turn towards each other, Yoshida nails Jordan with a Yakazua kick, knocking Jordan into the ropes. Jordan is almost out on his feet as Yoshida lifts him up for the Shouten and slams Jordan down hard into the mat. He covers Jordan again…




Time of the match, 37:13

Tetsuya Yoshida has done it! He’s won the EJPW Heavyweight Championship, ending Jordan’s almost seven month title reign!

“I wasn’t happy with losing the match, but it was a fantastic match. Yoshida is definitely a tremendous talent for being so young. However, this put doubts in my head…am I that good anymore? I mean I’ve lost to Simon Jones, and while I beat Yoshida back in June, he adjusted and he beat me twice in a row, in a tag match and then this match for the EJPW Heavyweight Championship. I didn’t have long to mourn my loss of the EJPW Heavyweight title, because the annual round robin tournament that EJPW holds, the Elite Fighters Tournament was being held and I made it all the way to the finals out of the ‘B’ Block. I at least avenged my loss to Yoshida during the tournament, but sadly, I didn’t regain the title, as it was non title. In the finals, I would face the winner of the ‘A’ Block…my old protégé and friend, Power Matsuzaka…”

The match is joined in progress. Jordan and Matsuzaka are in a hard hitting slugfest that harkens back to mid 90s All Japan. Jordan’s chest is bleeding from all the vicious chops the heavy handed Matsuzaka has laid to Jordan’s chest. Matsuzaka is in control as he has Jordan in the corner, nailing Jordan with a trade of chops and forearms shots to his face. Matsuzaka whips Jordan across to the ring to the opposite turnbuckles. Matsuzaka goes to follow it up with move, but Jordan nails him in the face with a big boot. Matsuzaka staggers back as Jordan uses the middle rope as a springboard and nails Matsuzaka with a springboard kick to the jaw, flooring the muscular Matsuzaka (think the body type of Batista). Jordan quickly goes for a cover but Matsuzaka kicks out.

Jordan sits Matsuzaka in a sitting position and nails Matsuzaka with a chop to his massive back and then a kick across Matsuzaka’s chest! Jordan does this exchange five times in a row before getting a head of steam and hitting Matsuzaka with a basement drop kick! Jordan picks Matsuzaka up and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Jordan then grabs Matsuzaka and then takes him over into the mat with a crucifix cross arm breaker, the Marauder’s Clutch! Jordan’s targeting Matsuzaka’s arm, because Matsuzaka’s finisher is a running lariat. Jordan pulls back, as Matsuzaka screams out in pain. After a few moments in the hold, Matsuzaka has slowly made his way to the ropes, forcing a rope break. Jordan gets to his feet as does Matsuzaka. Jordan grabs Matsuzaka by the arm and does a dragon screw arm whip. Matsuzaka holds his arm in pain as Jordan gets to feet and starts stomping on Matsuzaka’s arm. Jordan grabs Matsuzaka by the hair and throws him out of the ring. Jordan waits in the middle of the ring for Matsuzaka to get up. As he does, Jordan gets a head of steam and leaps over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha, crushing Matsuzaka! The fans are cheering and clapping as Jordan gets to his feet. Jordan grabs Matsuzaka and pushes him against the guard rail. Jordan wraps Matsuzaka’s bad arm around the top part of the rail and then kicks guard rail into Matsuzaka’s arm! With a handful of hair, Jordan rolls Matsuzaka into the ring. Jordan rolls in, then hoists Matsuzaka up onto his shoulders and performs a picture perfect shoulder breaker and in the same motion, he slaps on another cross arm breaker. But before he can get settled into, Matsuzaka quickly gets to his knees and then dead lifts Jordan’s 255lb body into the air and slams Jordan into the mat!!!

Both men get to their feet simultaneously and Jordan swings at Matsuzaka, who blocks it and performs a beautiful wrist clutch exploder! Matsuzaka goes for the pin, but Jordan kicks out at two! Jordan gets to his feet and Matsuzaka nails him with a hard lariat! Matsuzaka goes for the cover…



NO! Jordan gets out as the crowd gasps as it was that close to being over! Matsuzaka gets up and lets out a yell. He picks Jordan up off the canvas and starts nailing Jordan with machine gun chops! Matsuzaka rears back for a big chop, but Jordan ducks it and he starts hitting Matsuzaka with machine kicks to the body as the crowd cheers along! Jordan then goes for a roundhouse kick, but Matsuzaka blocks it and grabs Jordan into a torture rack, but drills him into the mat with a Burning Hammer! Matsuzaka quickly goes for the cover!




NO! NO! NO! Jordan gets his shoulder up as the crowd lets out a collective gasp! Matsuzaka looks at the crowd with a look of dismay on his face. Matsuzaka picks Jordan up and pushes Jordan into the turnbuckles. He drives three consecutive shoulder blocks into Jordan’s midsection before taking a few steps back. Matsuzaka looks at the crowd and lets out a yell before he charges at Jordan, looking for an avalanche, but Jordan steps to the side and sends Matsuzaka face first into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold! Jordan backs up and waits for Matsuzaka to turn around. As he does, Jordan charges at him and as he’s about to nail the Boma Ye, Matsuzaka moves out of the way at the last second and Jordan’s knee connects with the turnbuckles instead! Matsuzaka then sneaks up behind Jordan, locks him in full nelson and then drills him into the mat with a release Dragon Suplex! Surprisingly with a surge of adrenaline, Jordan shakes off the Dragon Suplex as he quickly gets to his feet and as Matsuzaka gets to his knees to go pin Jordan, Jordan nails Power with the Boma Ye as the crowd lets out another gasp! However Jordan is too spent to follow it up with a pin attempt and both men lay on the canvas as the crowd claps in appreciation of the awesome display of spirit both men are showing.

Both men begin to stir as the crowd claps to get them going again. Both men slowly reach their feet and Matsuzaka is the first to strike with a vicious chop. Jordan responds with a brutal European uppercut! Matsuzaka responds with a chop…Jordan replies with an European uppercut! The two men stand in the middle of the ring nailing each other with chop! European uppercut! Chop! European uppercut! Chop! European uppercut! Chop! European uppercut! Chop! European uppercut! Chop! European uppercut! Chop! European uppercut! Both men are both out of it as they fall into each other with the crowd clapping and cheering! Matsuzaka’s nose and lip are now bloody from the exchange with Jordan, as is Jordan’s chest with is streaming blood. Jordan pushes Matsuzaka back and nails him with the PS Sting, but Matsuzaka doesn’t fall and Jordan floors him with a hard hitting lariat of his own! Jordan goes for the cover…




NO! Matsuzaka shoots his shoulder up at the very last second! Jordan looks deflated by this as Matsuzaka lays on his stomach. Jordan shakes his head and immediately gets up and runs to the turnbuckles, then leaps to the top with ease. Jordan comes flying off the top rope with High Fly Flow, crushing Matsuzaka’s back! As Jordan gets up, Matsuzaka turns onto his and Jordan goes to the opposite turnbuckles and jumps to the top. Jordan again comes off with High Fly Flow, connecting beautifully with the splash! Jordan hooks the leg…




OH NO! Matsuzaka barely gets his shoulder up! The crowd can’t believe it either as it looked like the referee’s hand hit the mat for three! Jordan sits in the middle of the ring for a second contemplating his next move. Jordan retreats into the corner and he starts stomping his foot, while the crowd claps in unison. As Power Matsuzaka gets to his knee, Jordan rushes at him for another Boma Ye, but as he goes to connect, Matsuzaka lunges up and nearly decapitates Jordan with a lariat! With another surge of adrenaline, Jordan gets to his feet as he lets out a yell and takes a swing at Matsuzaka, but he ducks it and in one motion grabs Jordan and drills him into the mat with a vicious backdrop driver! Matsuzaka gets up, and pulls Jordan’s limp body up and lets out another yell as the crowd cheers and for good measure, turns Jordan inside out with another powerful lariat! Matsuzaka goes for the cover…




Time of the match 41:56.

Power Matsuzaka has defeated Jordan Williams to win the Elite Fighters tournament! Ring attendants rush into the ring and attend both Jordan and Matsuzaka. A ring attendant puts an ice back on the back of Jordan’s neck. After a few minutes, Power Matsuzaka is first to his feet as he holds his arm in pain, which a ring attendant put an ice pack on and then wrapped it with an ace bandage. Matsuzaka plays to the crowd as Jordan sits up as he rubs the sweat from his head. Jordan gets to his feet and he shakes Matsuzaka’s hand and the two friends embrace as the crowd cheers and applauds the two wrestlers for a great, great match. For the next ten minutes, Matsuzaka is presented with flowers, plaques, awards and the Elite Fighter’s Trophy. Jordan is on the floor with the rest of the participants of the tournament looking on. Matsuzaka gets on the microphone to thank the crowd and  talk about his victory. Eventually, to the surprise of everyone, he tells the crowd that this was Jordan’s last match in EJPW. The crowd are in a stunned silence as Matsuzaka asks Jordan to get in the ring. Jordan refuses, he tells Matsuzaka this was Matsuzaka’s moment. Matsuzaka ignores Jordan and tells him to talk on the microphone. Jordan looks around and the other wrestlers are telling him to go as well. Jordan reluctantly climbs into the ring. He walks up to Power, while shaking his head. He keeps telling Matsuzaka that it’s his moment. Matsuzaka just hands Jordan the microphone and stands off in the corner. Jordan looks around the arena as the fans are on their feet in anticipation of Jordan’s comments. After a few moments, Jordan speaks.

“What a match…damn…what a match.”

The fans clap in agreement as Jordan nods his head.

“Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. Yes, what Matsuzaka-san said is true, this was my last match here in Japan.”

The fans in the arena look dejected at the announcement.

“I didn’t want to make a big spectacle out of it, I wanted to do it quietly. Thanks Jin!”

He says jokingly as Power Matsuzaka laughs and gives him a thumbs up.

“I’ve had so many memories, so many great matches all over Japan. Not just for EJPW, but for GCW and SCW.”

The fans clap as Jordan pauses for a moment.

“There is something about this place that brings out the best in a fighter. It’s like your spirit gets replaced with another one and you become a better wrestler. Its weird and crazy to say, but its true…there is something in the air here that you undergo a transformation once you step inside a ring in Japan!”

Again the crowd applaud and Jordan acknowledges them.

“You guys…you guys, the fans…you’re special. You appreciate the sport of professional wrestling. You watch it the way its suppose to and its greatly appreciated by all of us.”

He says as he points to the wrestlers surrounding the ring.

“I would have preferred going out with a win in my last match here, but if I was going to lose to anyone, I’m glad it was you, Jin.”

Jordan turns to Matsuzaka and he calls him into the center of the ring.

“You’re the best wrestler in the entire world and it was an honor to have you as my last student in my wrestling academy back home in America. You’ve become the wrestler we all knew you’d become and that’s a testament to you. But I want to thank you for your friendship. You’re a great friend and a person that everyone should strive to be. You’re a stand up man, a great guy and tremendous husband. The world would do better if there were more people like you.”

Jordan and Matsuzaka shake hands and hug one more time.

“One last thing to all you fans…AI-SHITEMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

The scene fades out as streamers are shot into the ring.

“It was a sad, sad night. I love wrestling Japan, but my body can’t take that pounding anymore. I love wrestling those twenty five-plus minute matches, but those aren’t like any matches. We beat the shit out of each other. It was tough to bid farewell to Japan, but I had to do it. The question is, when I will I do the same in America?”

The scene opens up to dock where the Royal Monarch is set to launch from. It’s a very early morning, where we see Jordan Williams sitting on the edge of the dock, with his feet dangling above the sea. Jordan has on shorts and a hoody as its still cold early in the morning. Fog covers the area, making it tough to see far beyond.

“All good things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. I’ve heard these phrases growing up. As much as people deny it, it is true. Nothing in fact last forever. All good things do come to an end. I thought I was immune to it. I thought I my career could last forever.”

Jordan runs his hand across the wooden dock and his fingers touch a pebble and he begins to play with the pebble.

“I was going to retire at Into The Void, but I got pulled back. Now here I am having second thoughts again. The fire inside of me is burning out. I just don’t have it in me anymore like I used to. I thought I had an eternal flame. I wanted to wrestle forever…forever…and ever. But that was fairy tales, I guess…just fantasies. Because nothing lasts forever. I wanted my SCW Championship reign to last forever, but it didn’t…you know why? Because nothing lasts forever. These young guys are good, but I’m better…at least that’s what I kept telling myself.”

Jordan goes quiet for a few moments as he looks out at the water.

“I have to tell myself that…I have to carry myself as the best, because if I don’t believe it, then no one else will…it’s that simple.”

Jordan again pauses as he chucks the tiny pebble into the sea as. It makes a tiny splash and a little ripples ensue.

“My wrestling mortality is staring me in the face. But how can the God of Professional Wrestling be starring mortality down when I’m a God…I’m Immortal!!! I guess, it’s not me physically who’s immortal…its my legacy that’s immortal. That will live on forever…after I’m gone, my legacy will be immortal.”

Jordan pauses for a moment as he ponders what he says. Jordan finds another pebble and plays with it.

“Here we are…Summer XXXTreme is right around the corner and here I am in the main event again, just like last year. Last year it was the same premise…a six pack challenge. It’s all the same, only the names have changed…except for me and Nick. We’re the only two from last year’s main event…not that it matters or anything. But this year, Simon Jones, Drake Green, Kevin Carter and Gabriel join me and Nick. Welcome to the cluster fuck!!!”

Jordan says that with a slight grin on his face.

“Drake Green…Drake Green. A guy whom I have a lot of respect for, even though I’ve never faced you one on one. But I’ve seen what you can do in other federations and I like what I see from you. You have all the talent in the world to become the unquestioned best wrestler, but you’re not quite there yet. You have to amass some wins over some quality guys. And what match to stake claim at being the best then this one? I mean if you win this, you would have outlasted me, Nick, Gabriel and the champ Simon. Plus Kevin Carter is no slouch either. But Drake you have to understand something, you’re time to shine isn’t just yet. You have to wait just a tad bit longer before you can take over for good.”

“You love to make people tap out…that’s what you do, Drake…you like to make people submit. I can to. I’m a well rounded wrestler…the most well rounded wrestler in this match. My submission move, the Marauder’s clutch is something to behold, because when I slap it on you…you either tap or snap. There’s no two ways about it. Ask Kain what I can do. I broke his arm last year using that same move. Grant it, it wasn’t a match and I set out to break his arm on purpose, but had it been a match, he would’ve tapped before I snapped his arm in two…seriously…ask Kain what Marauder’s Clutch is all about.”

“Kevin Carter. I know you’re jealous of the fact that it was me whom beat Spike for the SCW Championship and not you. I get it…but get over it, Kev. Jealous Ones Envy and you can envy me all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that I was the one who beat Spike, not you. So far you’ve managed to make it to this point without me getting my hands on you. Some things are chess, not checkers and I can be patient from time to time. However, when I get you Carter, I’m going to unleash holy hell on you for pulling that shit you did to me a few months back. You thought I forgot? Hell no I ain’t forgot. You just so happened that you got yourself fired before I could kick the shit out of you.”

Jordan smiles at that comment as he continues.

“You ruined my championship moment. I couldn’t celebrate my title win because you attacked me from behind and stole my belt. Well here we are all these months later and you better believe our paths will cross and I will beat you like you stole something. That tag match on Climax Control was cute, but you aren’t winning this match…nu-uh. No way, pal. You can rest assure that it will be me who will eliminate you from this match.”

Jordan stands up and skips the pebble across the water, then he continues.

“SCW Champion Simon Jones….Cinderella Man. I love it. You are the luckiest person I’ve ever come across…seriously. You lucked out when you became number one contender, you lucked out when you beat me and then with the help of Gabriel, you lucked out and pinned Nicky last week. All flukes…Lady Luck is on your side, man.”

Jordan does a sarcastic golf clap.

“Your luck is going to run out Simon. Again, I respect the hell out of you, but you aren’t better than me. You’ve just been lucky. You know the saying, it’s better to be lucky than good and you’ve definitely been lucky as hell. Your story is cute…the ACW guy comes to SCW and wins the title. How beautiful…I’m sure some higher ups love this story so much they don’t want it to end. But let me tell you something Simon, you’re not walking off that ship with the SCW Championship around your waist. I will be the one to take back what’s rightfully mine! This isn’t anything personal Simon, but I’m letting you know this, I am going to make it a  point to pin your shoulders to the mat and eliminate you. I will avenge my loss to you…it will happen, I will top at nothing to pin you. It’s not personal…it’s business. I don’t lose two matches in a row and I will walk off that ship with mySCW Heavyweight Championship…Tick, tock Cinderella.”

Jordan rubs his chin before he continues.

“Nicky! We’re friends…we’re in the same group, Supremacy. All the old animosity we had towards each other last year, has been long gone…but not forgotten. It was you who beat me last year at Into the Void. It was you who beat me last year at Summer XXXtreme, albeit help from Kain. I’ve never pinned you. I’ve been on winning sides in tag matches, but never have I pinned you one, two, three. I aim to change that my friend. While we are friends and stable mates, we’ve always been destined for another class, Nick. You know that. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where one person has beaten me and I haven’t beaten them as well. So this serves as motivation and drives me to want to beat you Nick. Not just that, but to show you once and for all that I am in deed better than you and that your wins over me have been tainted…which to be fair, they both were tainted.”

Jordan says that win a wink.

“I was the first person to push you to your limits Nick. I was going to beat you both times, but some foul shit happened to detour me from victory and you do what you do best: take advantage of a situation. No one is better at it than you, Nick. While I’ll do my best to avoid you for most of the match, make no mistake, if we do cross paths in that ring, I will want to beat you. Its been on my mind for a whole year…I hope we don’t step in the ring against each other, but secretly, I will enjoy beating you…good luck.”

Jordan walks over to the edge of the dock and stares down at the water as he speaks.

“Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. Besides Nick, the only man I consider a peer in SCW. You have been a thorn in my side since day one, Gabes. Grant it, most of our matches have been tag matches, but I’ve been on the losing side versus you more times than not. You better believe that I’m not happy with my record against you. Then on top of all that, that shit you and Odette pulled on me earlier this year.”

Jordan cringes.

“I hope you’re proud of yourself, Magic Man! I know I am. You say you mind fucked me, but who mind fucked whom? Because in the end, it didn’t expose me as a womanizer, people already knew that about it. But what they didn’t know was what a backstabbing, manipulator and a liar you really are, Gabes. You’re not a stand up man for what you did to me, no! You’re no better than any other liar and thief…bottom on the barrel. At least when I go to stick the knife in, its in the front, where the person can see, not in their back. See you guys had to lie to all of your friends to pull this shit off and bravo!”

Jordan does a sarcastic clap.

“It was your finest performance to date. Who gives a shit! While we did bury the hatchet, Gabes, it still won’t stop me from wanting to beat the shit out of you either. I won’t be wrestling you under false pretenses like I did when Odette helped you beat me. By the way, shout out to Miss O, I hope you win the Bombshell Tag Team titles, girl!”

Jordan gives a thumbs up, with a big grin on his face, before going back to being serious.

“You were the first SCW Heavyweight Champion, Gabes. But that was a long time ago, man. A lot of things have changed since then, you know that. More talent is in this ring then when you won it. Not to say you’re not talented, but you will have a harder time winning this match than you did when you first one the title. We both are striving for the same goal, to become two time SCW Heavyweight Champions. You should’ve been in the hunt for the SCW Heavyweight Championship long ago and you should’ve stayed a perennial contender, but for reasons only you know, you’re Despayre’s baby sitter. Be that as it may, Gabriel, I’m leaving Summer XXXtreme SCW Champion.”

Jordan takes a long pause as he contemplates what he’s going to say.
“I’m laying it all on the line tonight fellas…I’m not taking anyone lightly. I’m coming for my title. Everyone knows the SCW Heavyweight Championship belongs to Jordan Williams. Why? Because I’m too good for ya!”

The scene fades out as Jordan walks out of view.

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« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2013, 11:59:53 PM »
 The scene opens up at the oh-so-familiar location of the Los Angeles, California home of former two-time SCW Heavyweight Champion, Supremacy member, and the reigning winner of the SCW rewards for Most Hated of the Year, Man of the Year and, of course, Wrestler of the Year, Nick Jones.  The scene moves inside to show the familiar faces of Nick himself surrounded by his girlfriend Diana and entourage members Tony, Jimmy and Max.  The group is already in the midst of a conversation as they all curiously packed into Nick's bedroom as he is packing himself a bag, seeming to be a bit early still for the Cruise Liner they will be boarding for Summer XXXTreme II.  As Nick continues with his packing, the conversation carries along further.

Jimmy:  Nicky, baby, I'm just saying... I don't know if this seems like such a great idea.

Max:  Yeah Nick, James might have a point you know.  I mean, what if something goes wrong while you are away?  Oh Gawd!

Nick stops what he's doing as he looks up from his bag to give a rather annoyed glared towards both Jimmy and Max.

Nick:  Oh will you two just stop being such a couple of whiny little girls?  It's going to be fine, it's not a big deal.  I'm just taking myself a little trip is all.  What, haven't I earned myself a damn vacation for a change?  Besides, what the hell business is it of any of yours anyway?

Jimmy:  Nicky, baby, we're not saying you can't go away.  It's just WHEN you're going away and WHERE you're going.

Max:  Right.  Aren't you a little bit worried the timing of this will effect your ability to prepare for your match?  Especially considering this is an international trip.

Nick:  Oh yeah, right, like I'd ever be stupid enough to book a trip that would actually interfere with my ability to regain BY SCW Heavyweight Championship.

Nick then stops and thinks for a moment as the entire room gets quiet, before he turns and looks directly into the camera and gives a little shrug.  Nick eventually turns back to the group and continues on.

Nick:  Anyway... the point is that I'm heading off to Iceland, whether you all like it or not.  I sure as hell deserve it, and none of you chumps are going to convince me otherwise.

Jimmy:  Come on baby, we're just looking out for your best is all.  We just wanna make sure this doesn't turn into some sort of problem for you.

Nick is about to respond, but then suddenly stops to think for a moment, seeming to come to a realization before he responds.

Nick:  Wait a second... since when the hell do any of you little weenies ever give a crap about what I do before my matches?

Nick looks around to the room, but gets no response as they all remain in complete silence.

Nick:  I know what this is really all about, you're all just jealous that I'm heading off to an awesome place like Iceland and that, for a change, I'm not dragging all of your asses along with me, and perhaps more importantly as far as you are all concerned, I'm not paying for you to go on vacation in the process of all of this.  Does that about sum it up?

Jimmy and Max both look as if they are ready to respond, with Tony and Diana still standing there silently, but before either of them can even get out a word, Nick is quick to cut them off and continue on.

Nick:  Well you know what?  That's too damn bad, because no matter what you say or do, it's not freakin' happening this time.  Got it?

Jimmy:  Come on Nicky, we're not trying to interfere with your plans.  It's not like that, not at all.

Max:  Absolutely not, we would never want to get in your way.  Oh Gawd, that would just be terrible.

Jimmy:  Right, but that doesn't mean we can't even be in the same country.  Am I right or what, baby?

Jimmy flashes a big smile in Nick's direction as he shrugs a bit, but Nick is clearly rather unamused as the expression on his face has changed to one of complete annoyance.  Nick looks as if he's about ready to snap but before he can say a word, Tony is quick to chime in, addressing Jimmy and Max.

Tony:  Listen yous twos... I t'ink it's 'bout time you both shut ya friggin' mouths, capiche?  Cuz if yous keep pissin' off da boss you's gonna have to answer to me.

The expression on Nick's face quickly changes, as he's clearly quite pleased with Tony choosing to involve himself in the situation.

Nick:  Thanks Tone, I appreciate that.

Tony:  Don't sweat it, boss.

Nick:  Although just to be clear, I'm still not going to be inviting you along to Iceland.

Tony gets a bit of a sheepish smile on his face as he looks to Nick and shrugs a bit before responding.

Tony:  'Ey, ya's can't blame me for givin' it a shot, huh?

Nick can't help but chuckle as he responds.

Nick:  Don't get me wrong, I don't blame you one damn bit.  It was well played, far better than these two putzes, but it's still not happening.  This one is just going to be all me fellahs.

As Nick says this, he then suddenly notices for the first time out of the corner of his eye that Diana is sitting in the corner with her arms folded across her chest and a rather displeased expression across her face.  Seeing this, Nick seems a bit curious and he quickly turns his attention to her, addressing her in a somewhat concerned tone.

Nick:  Um, something wrong babe?

Diana:  Forget it.

Nick:  Well obviously you're upset about something, and it would seem it's something that you're considering to be my fault, so why don't you just tell me what your problem is?

This time, Diana snaps back with much more attitude in her voice.

Diana:  I told you, just forget it!

Nick seems to be taken back a bit by Diana's snapping as he gives her a bit of a confused glance.

Nick:  Ooookay then.  Listen babe, you know this is nothing against you, but you are literally the very last person I could possibly bring with me.  I mean, you already know this, right?

Diana rolls here eyes before responding without even looking at Nick.

Diana:  Yeah yeah, whatever.

Nick:  What do you mean whatever?  You know full well that I am heading out to Iceland for a bachelor party.  Hate to break it to you, but I can't exactly bring my freakin' girlfriend with me to a bachelor party trip.

Diana:  Yeah sure, whatever makes you feel better.  I'm sure you've got your excuses all worked out.

Nick rolls his eyes, and feels safe doing so simply because Diana still refuses to look at Nick as she continues on.

Diana:  Frankly, it doesn't even have anything to do with me.  I'm just saying, I think this whole thing is an absolutely awful idea and, as far as I'm concerned, you shouldn't even be going.

Nick:  Oh, so I see how this all goes.  It's all starting to come together now, I get it.  So basically the way this all works is that I'm not allowed to go anywhere or, God forbid, actually have any sort of fun without you, is that it?

Diana immediately whips her head around as she gives Nick a death stare before snapping back.

Diana:  Don't give me that bullshit, alright?!?  That's not what I'm saying and you damn well know it!  Not even freakin' close!  It's not about fun, it's simply that I think, no... I KNOW this is a bad idea, plain and simple.

Nick is looking completely baffled at how Diana has been reacting, when suddenly the look on his face completely changes, as he seems to have some sort of epiphany.

Nick:  Wait a second, that's it.  I've got it!  It's not about you or this trip or where I'm going or what I'm doing or anything else, it all comes down to one simple fact... you don't trust me.  Not one damn bit.

Diana:  Well why the hell should I?!?  All the years we've been together, when has there been one single damn reason for me to trust you?  Especially these days with you spending as much time as possible backstage around that damn whore...

Before Diana can even finish her thought, the expression of annoyance on Nick's face turns to complete anger as he snaps back at her.

Nick:  Are you fucking kidding me?!?  This shit AGAIN?!?  Enough is enough already!  What, it's not bad enough you go stalking this girl when I'm not around, I also have to hear this crap from you non-stop every single time we talk?

Diana:  Wait a damn second!  How do you even know about that?!?  Oh wait, I know, because I was right all along.  You know about my little conversation with that stupid whore of yours because I'm sure she ran off to tell you all about it right away.  Does that about sum it up?

Nick:  Wow, you really have lost your damn mind.  How stupid can you be?  You want to know how I know about your little nutjob showcase with Zoey the other keep?  Here's a crazy idea, it's because I was here, at home WATCHING THE DAMN SHOW.  And, newsflash lady, YOU told me that I better watch the show, to the point of threatening me if I didn't.  You made it quite clear how pissed at me you were going to be if I didn't watch that show and I wonder why, huh?  Considering you were only on the show for like 2 freakin' minutes, I suppose that would mean because you WANTED me to see that.  So yeah, YOU'RE the reason I know about it, dumbass!

Diana:  Watch how the hell you talk to me, asshole.  I don't need this shit from some tome-timing scumbag like you?!?

Nick:  Two-timing?  You know what, screw you bitch.  Enough is enough already.  I've put up with your completely looney tunes act for a long time, but this is a whole new level.  I can't and won't put up with this crap anymore today.  You chill the hell out and pull your head out of your ass and maybe we can talk later when you'er not such a raging lunatic.  I'm out of here!

With that, Nick slams the top of his suitcase shut, despite not being done packing and just leaves it sitting on top of his bed.  Nick then turns and storms off out of the bedroom and disappears into the hallway.  Nick can be heard storming down the steps and then just a few seconds later, the front door can be heard slamming shut.  Meanwhile, Diana is still standing there furiously angry while Tony, Jimmy and Max all sit there very awkwardly and completely silent as the scene cuts away.

<hr width=50%>

The scene opens back up at a bar somewhere in the local area with a group of familiar faces, as up at the bar Nick Jones is joined by his friends and Supremacy teammates; SCW Co-Owner Hot Stuff Mark Ward and one of Nick's Summer XXXTreme II opponents, Jordan Williams.  The three already seem to be a couple of drinks deep and in the midst of a conversation as the scene joins in.

Nick:  I'm just saying guys, that bitch is starting to drive me absolutely up the wall.  Sure, she's always been a pain in my ass, but we kind of made it work and whatever... she kind of had a nice way of making up for it.  But these days, it just never stops with this constant incessant badgering.  She needs to get over this shit already!

HS:  We hear you, yank.  Although perhaps for today, you're the one who needs to get over it.  Have another drink and let's change the conversation for a little bit, alright?

Jordan:  Seriously, no offense buddy, but we've been here for like an hour no and it's all you've talked about the entire damn time.

Nick:  Yeah, I guess you've got a point.  It's just that...

Nick stops and looks to Mark and Jordan who are both giving him a bit of a displeased look, and he realizes he was about to go off on the subject again but manages to stop himself.  Instead, Nick then turns his attention towards the bartender.

Nick:  It's just that we need three more beers over here!

Nick holds up three fingers towards the bartenders who nods in acknowledgement while both Mark and Jordan get smiles across their faces.

HS:  Well played, yank.  Now let's get this conversation moving along too, alright?

Jordan:  Indeed.  So here's a crazy concept, how about we give talking about wrestling a try for a change.

HS:  I suppose that might work.

The bartender brings back the three beers as the three men all each grab one a piece, all while seeming to think about a more specific area to discuss when Mark suddenly seems to come up with an idea.

HS:  I know.  So how about all of these crazy "dream matches" we've been having booked lately, huh?  What do you guys think about that?

Jordan:  Yeah, definitely been some crazy shit I never would have expected to see these guys asking for, that's for sure.

Nick:  What do I think?  I think I want to know why the hell I haven't been granted a damn dream match yet!

Jordan:  Why the hell would you?

Nick:  Are you kidding me with this crap?  Need I remind you, ole Marky here was on the winning side and it's not really a secret who he had on his side.

Jordan:  That's all well and good, but if I don't get a dream match then why the hell would you?

Nick:  Oh, I don't know, maybe because of the simple fact that I was the single most important person to ALL of Team SCW?

HS:  I'm not quite sure about that, yank.

Nick:  What?!?  How is that even a question?  You're the one who begged me to join your team and then came up with that whole scam that we ran.  I gave you all of the info you needed and in the end, I put those sorry ass Team Erik losers down for the count once and for all.

HS:  It's not exactly quite as simple as that.

Nick:  What's so difficult about it?  I deserve a match, so give me a damn match.  How is that not simple?

Jordan:  Because it's you, Nick.

Nick shoots Jordan a bit of a look as Jordan just shoots a bit smirk back in Nick's direction as he chuckles a bit.  Nick quickly brushes it aside though as he turns his attention back to Mark.

Nick:  Seriously limey, what's the damn problem?  You just randomly decided on your own that I shouldn't get a dream match?

HS:  What?  No, of course not.

Nick:  Well, then what is it?

HS:  It's not me, it's just... well...

Mark hesitates for a bit, but sees Nick staring intently at him and waiting, so Hot Stuff eventually lets out a sigh before proceeding.

HS:  Fine, you know what?  I'll tell you.  It's Christian.  Christian is fighting me on it, he doesn't think you deserve a match.

Nick:  What?!?  Are you kidding?!?

Jordan:  Oh man, THAT is some funny stuff.

Jordan cannot help but let out a chuckle as he hears this, immediately getting a dirty look from Nick for it.  However, that doesn't last long as he's quick to turn his attention back to Mark.

Nick:  What kind of moron is that jackass?  This company would no longer be his if it weren't for me!

Jordan:  It would seem Christian disagrees with that sentiment.  You know, considering he was on the winning team and you were on the losing team of that match after all.

Nick shoots another look at Jordan, who is grinning from ear to ear now, clearly just enjoying the concept of prodding Nick a little bit.  Nick turns back to Hot Stuff once again though, ignoring Jordan.

Nick:  And you, what the hell is your problem?  What, is Christian the one wearing the pants in the offices now these days?  I guess he's the one making all of the decisions now and you just do what you're told.

HS:  Nice try.  Don't think I don't know what you're doing.  You really think you can just goad me into giving you a dream match just like that?  Listen, it's still a work in progress so just chill out, alright yank?  Besides, why do you even care so much about this anyway?

Nick:  I care because I've EARNED IT, damn it!

HS:  That's all well and good in theory, but would you even use it against?

Nick:  Well, um...

Nick seems to be at a bit of a loss as he thinks that question over.

Nick:  ... I don't really know yet at this point.

Jordan:  Yet obviously it's of such vital importance.

Nick:  Will you just shut the hell up already?!?

Jordan chuckles again as Nick just shakes his head at him.

Nick:  The point is simple, given everything that I've done for this company, and I'm talking far beyond even all that Team SCW crap, I'm talking about making SCW what it is today all on my back, and given that, I should be able to have any match I want and at any time that I want it.

HS:  Seriously yank?  Think about what you're saying for a moment and think about the situation you're in while you're saying it.  I mean, I really cannot believe what I'm hearing.  Let me remind you, you are currently once again going to be main-eventing an SCW supercard.  And in that process, you are once again going to be getting a shot at the SCW Heavyweight Championship.  What more do you want than that?!?

Nick:  How about, for starters, not having to share what is by all rights MY long overdue title shot for MY SCW Heavyweight Championship with four other complete nobody chumps?

Hot Stuff cringes a bit at that comment, knowing the implication as, just at the same time, the amused smirk disappears from Jordan's face as he hears Nick's comment and glares at him rather angrily.  Nick sees the look from Jordan and it suddenly clicks what exactly he said with his last comment and quickly starts to stutter a bit as he tries to backtrack from his prior comments.

Nick:  Of course, I'm not talking about you there Jordan.  You know, those other four losers that are in this match outside of the two of us.  You obviously weren't part of that four.

Jordan:  Oh really?  Considering that it's you, the champ, and another four people, how exactly am I not included in that four?

Nick:  No, no... you see, you just misunderstand.  You see, I was totally just counting the so-called "champ" amongst the four nobodies because as far as I'm concerned, that guy isn't even the real champ, and he doesn't even deserve a shot at the belt either, never mind to be actually allowed to wear it.

Jordan seems to have calmed down a little bit, but is still shooting a bit of a glare in Nick's direction as it is clear he's still not entirely convinced.

Jordan:  Oh yeah, is that so?

Nick:  Yeah, of course.  You know, as far as I'm concerned, if things were actually done right around this company, nobody else would ever be allowed anywhere near that belt other than you and I, my man.  Nobody else deserves it and nobody else does it justice.  You know I'm right about that, too.

Jordan continues to look at Nick suspiciously as he finishes off his beer.  He then puts it down on the bar and turns completely around towards Nick.

Jordan:  Well... I guess you make a hell of a point there.  Listen fellahs, it's not that this hasn't been fine, but I've got to run.  I'll catch you guys on the cruise.

Nick:  Alright, catch you later man.

HS:  Later Jordan.

The group all give a quick wave to one another as Jordan gets up from his bar stool and heads out the door to leave the bar.  As Jordan gets completely out of sight, Nick lets out a sigh of relief as he turns back towards Hot Stuff.

Nick:  Wow, that was close.  I can't quite believe that even I was able to manage to talk my way out of that.

Hot Stuff lets out a laugh as he shakes his head towards Nick.

HS:  Hate to break it to you yank, but you aren't that lucky.  I assure you, Jordan isn't nearly as stupid or foolish as that, and don't think for a second he won't be remembering that little conversation you two just had once you're in that ring together.

Nick goes to say something, but seems to be left somewhat speechless as he simply looks to Mark and shrugs his shoulders.

HS:  Yeah, exactly.  I think you could probably use another round.

Nick:  I'll drink to that.

Nick and Mark both turn back around on their stools to face the far as Mark waves down the bartender to order another two beers.  The bartender brings them over and Nick and Mark clink their bottles together and begin to drink as the scene cuts away.

<hr width=50%>

The scene opens back up outside of a medical center building somewhere in the Los Angeles area.  It then cuts inside to show the outer door of one of the offices in the building which reads "Practice of Family and Couples Psychology".  The scene then cuts further inside to one of the doctor's offices which is occupied by a man who appears to be a doctor that has just walked in the door, along with a couch that is occupied by none other than Nick Jones and Diana Roberts.  The doctor walks over to a lone chair and takes a seat with it as he puts a notepad down on his lap and looks across to Nick and Diana.

Doctor:  Hello, it is nice to meet you both.  I'm glad that you have decided to take this step and come here to talk today.  I'm Dr. Richard Loaver, but you can both feel free to call me Rich.

Before the doctor can say another word, Nick cannot help himself but to quickly interject a comment.

Nick:  Whatever you say Dick Lover.

The doctor seems to be oblivious to Nick's intents, as he is rather polite in his response.

Doctor:  Actually, it is pronounced "Loaver", there's an "A" in there.

Nick:  Oh ok, my mistake.  So you're Dick Lover then?

Doctor:  Loaver.  And I actually prefer to go by Rich.

Nick:  Ok, I think I've got that figured out now.  Sorry about that Dick Lover.

Diana is now clearly quite announced by Nick's shenanigans and turns towards him and snaps.

Diana:  Will you just cut the crap already?!?  I swear, you're like an absolute child!

The doctor simply seems confused as Diana is already fuming mad.

Doctor:  I'm sorry, could you two explain to me what exactly is going on here?

Diana:  What's going on is this little toddler sitting next to me is making infantile jokes using your name.  He's intentionally referring to you as a well... you know.

The doctor looks confused for a moment and then stops to really think about what Nick was saying, and his expression quickly changes to a combination of shock and disgust.  Upon seeing this, Nick cannot help but burst into a fit of laughter as Diana only becomes more annoyed.  The doctor, on the other hand, seems to be rather displeased with this start as he quickly starts to jot down some notes on the pad in his lap.

Doctor:  I see... well, ok then, if we could get moving along; why don't you two tell me what brought you here today?

Nick:  Well...

Diana:  I'll tell you that, because at least then you'll get the truth.

Nick rolls his eyes at Diana before sitting back into the couch and folding his arms across the chest, as Diana continues on in a rather annoyed tone.

Diana:  What is going on is I'm sick and tired of having to deal with all of this for every day of my entire life.  He thinks he's the single most important thing out there, then his job comes after that, and then it's me in a VERY distant third, tied with just about everything else in the world.

Nick:  Oh, what a heaping loud of crap!

Doctor:  Now, now.  Let Diana finish.  You will have your opportunity to speak once she is done.

Nick:  Whatever.

Diana:  Anyway, as I was saying, you can already see it pretty clearly for yourself.  He can't even treat this whole thing seriously for two seconds.  He's got an attitude about absolutely everything and this is what I'm forced to deal with.  As if that wasn't enough, now... now there's a whole new piece to this mess of a puzzle.

Doctor:  And what exactly is that?

Nick:  Oh great, here we freakin' go.

The doctor looks over at Nick rather unhappily as Nick rolls his eyes once again before Diana continues on.

Diana:  I'm so sorry that the doctor hearing the truth about your disgusting ways is such a problem for you Nick, but it's going to happen anyway.  Now in recent months, Nick, the man who has been my extremely long-term live-in boyfriend, and don't even get me started about how it hasn't become anything more than that... anyway, I digress, he's been spending every possible second he can with this disgusting whore who I've told him time and time again he needs to stop seeing, but he clearly he's more worried about her than he is me!

Nick, clearly having heard enough, sits up on the couch and lashes out after those last comments.

Nick:  Oh, enough of this garbage!  I'm not going to sit here and listen to this nonsense anymore!

Doctor:  Now Nick, like I said, you will have your opportunity to speak, but first you need to let Diana finish.

Nick:  Cut the crap doc, this broad is doing nothing but lying through her damn teeth to you.  Listening to her isn't going to help you figure anything out because it's a load of bullshit.

Doctor:  And why exactly do you say that?  Have you not been seeing a woman who Diana has asked you to stop being associated with?

Nick:  The woman she's talking about I hardly ever see, but on the rare occasion I do see her once every few weeks, Diana loses her damn mind and goes off like a raging lunatic about it.

Doctor:  But you admit that you are still seeing this woman.  Why?

Nick:  It's not like we're hanging out and socializing, the woman is the resident nurse at the company I work for, for crying out loud!

The doctor seems rather intrigued by this last comment as he turns his attention back to Diana.

Doctor:  Diana, is this true?

Diana:  Well yeah, the nurse part, but that still doesn't excuse the way they act around each other.  All of the touching and crap that goes on, don't think that I don't see it all!

Nick:  She's a nurse, she's treat my injuries you nutjob!

Doctor:  Now Nick, comments like that really are out of line.

Nick:  Oh, give it a rest Dicky-boy.  Why don't you start asking her about all her insane behavior, huh?  Like I notice how she managed to leave out the part where just a couple of weeks ago when I wasn't around, she tracked this other woman down backstage and was flipping out on her and actually physically threatening her.

Doctor:  Oh my gosh.  Diana, is this true?

Diana:  No, of course not!

Nick:  oh really?  How about I just flip on a replay of old Sunday Night Seduction and let the doc judge for himself.  I can bring up right here on my cell phone, what do you say to that, huh D?

Nick pulls out his phone and waives it in Diana's direction, and she seems almost speechless for a second.  Diana then goes to rip it out of Nick's hand, but Nick is quick to pull it away before she can grab it.  Diana then turns back to the doctor who seems in complete shock as he looks to Diana for more information.

Diana:  Ok, fine.  I guess it is sort of true.  But it's not like its sound, you need to know the context.  These two, it's been going on for months, and it's just... just... you don't know what's it like, ok?!?  I just feel like nothing but a pawn in his little game.

Diana then suddenly starts to cry, although it seems fairly clear that she is forcing it in order to gain sympathy from the doctor.  After a few moments of silence, the doctor turns his attention towards Nick.

Doctor:  Now Nick, I can certainly understand why this situation may upset you, but can you at least understand how painful this must be for Diana to simply feel as though she is being used?

Nick:  Oh, that's real freakin' rich.  I got an idea, doc.  How about I tell you the story of how Diana and I met and first got together?

That seems to immediately grab Diana's attention, as the tears suddenly stop and she looks up seeming a bit nervous.

Diana:  Come on Nick, I'm sure the doctor doesn't want to hear that long, boring story.  I mean, what is this that stupid How I Met Your Mother show or something?

Doctor:  Now, now.  Let's hear Nick out.  Sometimes a little more background can help put things into perspective.  So Nick, you were saying?

Nick:  Ok, I'll try to give you the abridged version of the story to keep from boring you.  But basically I was out hiring some people all over the place, left and right, trying to pick up the best of the best for my own little entourage.  At a certain point, I had gotten to hiring myself an agent, which ended up being this guy named Jimmy.  Now, part of the deal was, since I was going to be paying Jimmy a whoooooole lot of money, he was now going to be a full-time employee of mine.  That meant no more other clients, all his focus was to be on working for me, and everyone else would be gone.

Doctor:  What made you feel this was necessary?

Nick:  A number of reasons.  For starters, he was going to be traveling with me, all over the damn world.  Not to mention, there was tons of work to be done.  First there was doing all of my contract work when it come to the wrestling companies I've been in over the years, and then there's all the other deals to be worked out in other entertainment venues:  television, movies, books, you name it.  Plus, like I said, I was paying the guy a ridiculous amount of money, so what room did he have to complain?

Doctor:  Ok then, so how does this tie back to Diana?

Nick:  Well, as I found out while at Jimmy's office to finalize the details, one of his clients was some no-name wannabe actress, and well...

Nick points with his thumb to the right of him where Diana is sitting.  That last comment clearly seems to annoy Diana a bit, but she keeps quiet for now.

Nick:  ... she was it.  And so he took that opportunity to break the news to her and man did she HATE me because of it.

Diana:  That's not true, I didn't HATE him.  Hate is such a strong word.

Nick:  Don't listen to her Dicky, some of those words that came out of her mouth would make even the toughest man cringe.

Doctor:  Ok, and what exactly were your initial feelings towards her?

Nick:  Given some of the things she had to say to me I think it is rather needless to say, I wasn't a particularly big fan of hers to start off with either, but hell, she sure was something nice to look at.

Doctor:  So how exactly did you to come to have a relationship?  Was this something that built over time?

Nick:  Nope, it was something that built over a matter of five seconds when she realized that I was loaded and getting with me was her only chance to keep her agent.

Diana:  Now that's not true!

Nick:  Oh, so you haven't spent the past many years draining me for every last penny you could while desperately trying to get Jimmy to find you some sort of work beyond being my valet?

Doctor:  Even if this were true Nick, what would have compelled you to show any interest back in Diana if you knew this to be the case?

Nick:  Simple, I really didn't give a crap.  She was hot and I wanted to get laid, what more do you need than that?

Doctor:  What?!?  That's horrible Nick, how could you say such a thing about your long-term girlfriend?

Nick:  Because it's true and besides, she's got absolutely no damn room to talk whatsoever!  Need I remind you, she was only with me for my agent and my money.  Well, that and she also more than happy to be getting laid too.

The doctor looks absolutely appalled, and with his mouth left somewhat open, he simply turns towards Diana with a look of shock to see how she responds.  Diana, however, seems to simply be blushing a bit as she innocently shrugs in the doctors direction.

Diana:  What can I say?  He might have a little bit of a point there.

Nick:  See?  But you know what, it's fine.  The truth is that after spending so much time together, we realized the two of us are pretty damn alike.  We enjoyed a whole lot of the same crap, particularly at the expense of others, and over time this is what we became.  It all turned into this and now we just need to accept that, which for some reason my little lady here suddenly no longer seems to be able to do.

Diana:  It's not about who you are, it's about who you've become.  Is it so much to ask for a little loyalty?

Nick:  It's not about loyalty, because not a damn thing has happened between me and Zoey or anyone else for that matter.  You want me to be some little puppy-dog who heels to you at a moments notice and frankly, you know me better than anyone and sure as hell know that never was, isn't now and never ever will be who yours truly is.

Diana:  Then maybe instead of worrying about trying to change you, I'll just take care of that little skank all on my own and then we won't have this problem anymore, huh?

Before Nick can even respond, the doctor is quick to interject at this point, particularly given the direction it seems to be heading with the possible threats of physical violence.

Doctor:  Ok, I'm going to have to stop you right there, I think we're done for the day.

Diana:  Oh, ok.  So what do you think, doc?

Doctor:  Well, all I can say is... there is absolutely nothing I can do for you two.  Neither one of you.  You both have some seriously deep-seeded issues and frankly, the only reason I wouldn't recommend that you two end your relationship is because I don't want to be responsible for either of you ending up in a relationship with some other poor soul.  Please do me a favor, and never book another appointment with me again.

Nick:  You've got it Dicky.  Come on Diana, let's get out of here.

Nick and Diana both get up off of the couch, seeming to get along quite well to the surprise and confusion of the doctor, but is rather common between the two of them over the years to go between hatred and calm at any given moment.  The two of them leave the doctor behind, alone in his office and walk out as the scene cuts away.

<hr width=50%>

The scene opens back up inside of a dark room with one light shining down on an empty folding chair.  A moment later, stepping into the light and immediately sitting down into the chair is Nick Jones.  Nick stares directly into the camera as he begins to speak in a very serious tone.

Nick:  Well, well, well.  Would you look at where we find ourselves.  Seems familiar doesn't it?  SCW's most important superstar, finally returning to his rightful position atop Sin City Wrestling.  Try as you all might, you can't possibly keep down the man who makes this company tick.  You can try to steal my title from me, you can try to deny me my rightful championship rematch, you can try every trick possible... none of it will make one damn bit of difference.

Nick shakes his head towards the camera as a smirk comes across his face.

Nick:  I sure as hell can't blame you for trying.  You all know full well that as long as I'm still around, as long as I'm still headlining this show, and as long I'm still getting my rightful championship matches, none of the rest of you stand a damn chance.  Not a chance of winning this match and sure as hell not a chance of being the man who this entire company revolves around.  There's a reason yours truly was awarded as not only the man of the year, but SCW's Wrestler of the Year and trust me when I promise you, we're well on our way to a repeat of that situation this year.  With Summer XXXTreme II just around the corner, you will all get to see step one of SCW returning to it's past glory, to returning to its position as this industries top company, as Nick Jones will once again make this the place all fans want to watch and the place all wrestlers want to be.  You should all be grateful for this, as this will be for the best of you all, even if it means that five of you need to fall to me in the process.  I'm sure you all think you're the ones who can finally get the job done, but it simply is not in any way true.  Not a single damn one of you can do it and I'm going to let each and every last one of you know why.  Let's begin, shall we?

With that, Nick reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a sheet of paper, which he begins to read off of.

Nick:  Let's just go straight across the card listing, shall we?  First up is the so-called "champion" of Sin City Wrestling, Simon Jones.  Listen, for all I care, Simon says whatever the hell he damn well likes, but what Nick says is that the fact that we share a last name is where any and all similarities end.  You have yet to experience what SCW is really all about, because you have no clue what Nick Jones is all about.  The truth of the matter is you lucked into ever even getting to step foot into SCW, you lucked into managing to get a title shot and you lucked into being able to walk away with that belt around your waste.  Well, hate to break it to you buddy, but your luck has officially run out.  The time is now ticking on the end of your reign, and it's time for the belt to return to the one TRUE Jones.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because your time is almost up.

Nick then looks back down at the piece of paper and has a smirk come across his face.

Nick:  I think it's safe to say I really don't need to talk to myself now, do I?  So let's move on, shall we?

Nick looks down again and reads off the next name.

Nick:  Next up we have Gabriel.  If nothing else, he actually has made a name for himself in SCW.  Too bad, it's mostly as being a tag team wrestler, as the partner for that little freak-show buddy of his.  Beyond that though, the man is a former SCW Champion.  Some would say it means a lot that he was the fist ever Heavyweight Champion.  I say it couldn't possibly mean less.  The competition here in SCW was never lower than when Gabriel was champion.  Just look at who he beat, and then subsequently lost to, in order to capture that title.  What a joke.  Well Gabe, here's the bottom line, you no longer get to beat some second rate nobodies to get a title, and you won't have your little buddy by your side to help you win a match against a couple of other losers who aren't good enough for singles competition.  You got while the getting was good, I'll give you credit for that, but your time is done.  Go back to the tag team ranks and enjoy your dominance over the SCW's bottom-feeders.

Nick then refers back to his list as he continues along the competitors in his upcoming match.

Nick:  Drake Green?  Who the hell is this guy?  I don't know, the most I ever know you for was standing outside of the ring while the rest of us had a match last week.  Hardly any awe-inspiring stuff.  I guess they needed a sixth man for this match and you're the lucky name that got pulled out of the hat.  Well, now you get to play with the big boys, and I have to warn you, you're probably not going to like it quite as much as you may think.  If anything, the best you can try to hope for is not be the sorry son of a bitch who gets himself pinned in this match.  Beyond that, you've really got no hope at all.  So basically my advice is if that's what you're looking to accomplish then just stay away from me, because I'll be the one standing tall over some sorry schmuck when all is said and done.

Nick looks back down to the list once more and continues on.

Nick:  Ah, Kevin Carter... this sorry sack of shit.  For all the time this guy spends calling himself the number one contender and / or the SCW Champion, he certainly never seems to do a damn thing to actually earn any of it.  He awards himself plenty of things, and then gets his ass kicked by whoever he actually is given an opportunity to prove himself against.  Well, now he has to prove it against 5 guys and while the over 4 may not much matter, yours truly is just 1 more than you'll be able to handle.  So enjoy patting yourself on the back for all of these upcoming days and letting everyone know how many times you've already awarded yourself the win in this match, but when all is said and done, you'll actually have to earn it in the ring, and that's simply never going to happen.

Nick doesn't even bother to look down at the paper for the last name as he tosses it aside.

Nick:  And that brings me to my good friend Jordan.  Jordan, you know full well you're the one person in this match who I at least have some respect for and know can take me to the limit.  The difference between you and I is simple though my friend, of the two of us, I'm not the one who is well past his prime.  Don't get me wrong, you're still far better than any of those other 4 useless nobodies, and probably just about everyone else who's ever stepped into an SCW ring.  And if you and I both got to step in that ring together when at our absolute peak, it would probably be some of the greatest wrestling that has ever been seen.  But it's just a damn shame man, you're not there anymore.  It's not meant as any offense, and I'm not trying to tear you down, I'm just being honest.  So all I ask is don't make this more of a problem than it is.  When all is said and done, I am going to be reclaiming MY championship, so don't make this become a problem between us that it doesn't have to be.  Alright buddy?

Nick then stands up from the chair as he continues to stare into the camera.

Nick:  The bottom line is simple.  It's something for all five of you to remember as the days tick away.  You can all try to deny everything I say but the fact remains that it ain't braggin' if you back it up.  Because just like you already know... I'm not cocky, I'm just the best.

Nick flashes a big smile and then turns and walks off into the darkness as the scene fades to black.

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 The first RP deadline has passed. All roleplays posted after this will count towards the second RP period.

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 The scene opens up at the dock just in front of the Royal Monarch Cruise Liner for SCW Summer XXXTreme II, where the boarding process is currently underway.  As the scene moves in closer to the line of those who are boarding, walking up to the back of the line and standing out from the crowd are the familiar faces of Nick Jones and his girlfriend Diana Roberts.  As they patiently wait in line, Nick has his arm wrapped around the shoulder of Diana as the two carry on their conversation.

Diana:  I really am so pumped for this trip.  It really is exciting, this is just going to be great.  I mean, it's obviously a big show for you but beyond even that, it's nice to actually squeeze a vacation in for a change.  That doesn't exactly ever happen with our crazy schedules, well you know outside of when you decide to run off on your own with your friends and don't bring me.

Nick completely ignores Diana's last snide comment as he simply carries on with the conversation without missing a beat.

Nick:  Yeah, it really is refreshing.  Although I must say, I cannot help but think to myself how glad I am that the moron cousin of mine Big B isn't here with us.

Diana:  Oh yeah?  Is there any particular reason for that?  Well, you know, outside of the normal everyday reasons.

Nick:  Actually there is, and it's because of the line that we're currently standing in right now.

Diana seems rather confused by this comment by Nick and so asks for clarification.

Diana:  I don't get it.  What do you mean?

Nick:  Well knowing that dipshit, he would have already made a complete miss of this whole trip before we even got on the damn boat.  I'd bet you anything we would be standing here and he would suddenly realize he forgot to bring his passport or some crap like that.

Diana seems to become even more perplexed by this last comment, as her eyebrows begin to scrunch down a bit.

Diana:  Wait... what are you talking about?

Nick:  You know him, he manages to actually make a mess out of absolutely everything.

Diana:  No, I get that.  I just didn't know what you meant by the whole passport comment.

Nick:  I'm just saying, he probably would have forgotten it and made this whole thing a nightmare before we even got anywhere.  That's all.

Diana looks even more confused now than before, and as Nick turns to look at her, he suddenly sees this expression on his face.  Upon seeing this, Nick's eyebrows immediately raise in curiosity of the situation.

Nick:  Um... please tell me you're joking babe.

The confusion on Diana's face continues as she responds.

Diana:  Joking about what?

Nick looks at Diana silently for a second before letting out a slightly nervous laugh.

Nick:  Oh, thank God, you had me worried there for a second that you were actually serious.  Alright, let's go.

With the line in front of them having moved up a bit while they were engaged in conversation, Nick goes to move ahead to catch up to it, but before he can get more than a step away, Diana quickly grabs Nick by the arm and stops him, turning him back towards her in the process.

Diana:  What the hell are you talking about?

The expression on Nick's face changes from one of relief just a moment earlier to that of a bit of annoyance.

Nick:  Alright, enough of this crap.  This isn't funny.

Diana:  It's not meant to be funny, I'm not joking!

Nick:  Are you freakin' serious?!?  Babe... it's a cruise line, we're leaving the damn country... you need to have your freakin' passport!!  You seriously better have it with you.

Nick's reaction clearly bothers Diana as the expression changes from confusion to anger as she snaps back at Nick.

Diana:  Well I don't!  And whose fault do you think that is, huh?  If I needed my passport then, NEWSFLASH, maybe you should have, oh I don't know... TOLD ME that!

Nick:  Oh don't ever start with this crap.  Now it's MY fault?  I'm sorry, I had assumed that you were not a complete friggin' moron.  I guess that was my mistake, huh?  Here's a real newsflash for you, I'm not your freakin' parent and you're not my damn child!

Diana:  No, but you are the one who booked this trip, it's your damn company, your damn show, your damn match that we're all here for.  So that also means it's YOUR damn responsibility!

Nick:  What it isn't, is my damn responsibility to hold your hand like your some incompetent freakin' toddler who belongs on the short bus!

Diana:  Aren't you just a freakin' riot?!?  Well you won't be laughing so hard when we can't get on that cruise liner now will you?

Nick:  We???  WE?!?  No, no.  It will be YOU that can't get on that cruise liner.  If you don't have your passport, then you can't get on there, you can't get on the cruise and in the end, you're the one who is going to have her ass left behind!

Diana:  Like hell I will!  There is absolutely NO way you are getting on that boat without me, do you understand me?  You pulled this crap on me last week, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let it happen again!

Nick:  I don't really care what you think you're going to stop, but it's not happening.  I've got a company to do work for, a show to main event and a title match to win.  I have actually real reasons of importance to be on this boat.  Hate to have to break this to you, but you being a complete dipshit isn't enough of a reason to overrule all of that.  This is your damn fault and your damn problem, not mine.  Got it?

Diana:  Yeah?  We'll just see about that!

Diana then turns her back towards Nick as she crosses her arms across her chest, then storming up to the back of the line to board.  Nick slowly walks up to the line as well, but keeps a distance between him and Diana as the two refuse to talk to or even look at one another.  After a few moments of silence come by, the entourage members of Tony Capicelli, Jimmy Mason and Max Goldstein all come along lugging what would seem to be not only their own, but also Nick and Diana's, luggage.  They join up with Nick and Diana and seeming oblivious to the current situation, begin to speak.

Tony:  Sorry dis took so long, boss, but deez two ain't hardly able to carry one friggin' back between dem, so its tooks a lil' while to get everyt'in' over here.

Nick, clearly still not in the best of moods, gives Tony a series of short responses with a bit of an annoyed tone in his voice.

Nick:  Right.  No problem.  That's fine.  Thanks.

Nick's entourage members all look at each other rather confused, seeming to become aware for the first time that something is going on here.  After a few moments of silence, it is rather surprising that Max, of all people, takes a step forward from the group to in between the not-so-happy couple and turns his attention in the direction of Diana.

Max:  Oh, Diana, I'm sorry, I nearly forgot to tell you... I noticed you had left this behind at the house.

Max goes into his bag and pulls something out from his front pocket and extends it out towards Diana.

Max:  It's your passport.  I realized it was pretty important for this trip, so not to worry, I was sure to grab it for you.  Here you go.

Diana turns towards Max and seems to be unsure of whether to still be angry given the prior conversation or happy after what Max has just told her.  Diana puts her hand out and Max hands her the passport which Diana looks down on and cannot help but have a big smile on her face.  Then, without saying a word, Diana quickly moves in and gives Max a big hug.  Max keeps his hands up and looks rather awkward and uncomfortable with the whole situation, drawing a bit of a laughter from both Tony and Jimmy until Diana eventually releases Max.

Diana:  Thank you so much, Max.  You're a life-saver!  At least someone around here is concerned about what's best for me.

Diana looks past Max to give Nick a glaring stare down, but Nick simply glances her way before rolling his eyes.  The line ahead of them then moves along and Nick quickly moves along, leaving the entire group behind.  Tony scoops up the backs around them quickly as Max and Jimmy barely contribute much help as they grab a bag a piece.  From there, the rest of the group all follow after Nick to go check-in for the cruise as the scene cuts away.

<hr width=50%>

The scene opens back up sometime later aboard the cruise ship as everyone is clearly now aboard and it has left the docks and is officially out at sea.  The camera shot pans around the deck of the boat, showing it to be filled to the brim with a variety of SCW superstars, staff and, of course, a great many fans.  As the scene moves around, it eventually comes around to an indoor area within the ship, which happens to feature the liner's casino area.  As the scene moves further inside, with things only having just started off, the casino is rather quiet at this point in time.  Eventually the shot moves past all of the various slot machines and other machine games and moves into the area with the game tables, eventually moving its way over to one particular blackjack table which is rather quiet, only containing the dealer and the one player sitting across from him with a large pile of chips in front of him that he seems to be moving through rather quickly, Nick Jones.  As the shot moves in, Nick has just been dealt an eighteen and the deal flips over one of his cards to reveal a six, bringing a smile to Nick's face as he waves his hand over the table.

Nick:  Stay.

The dealer flips over his other card to show a ten, making the smile on Nick's face only larger as the dealer goes to the shoe to pull out another card.  As he does and flips it over, Nick's expression quickly changes as it is revealed to be a four.

Dealer:  Twenty.

The dealer then quickly clears the table of all cards and puts them off to the side as he also grabs the chips Nick had bet on the prior hand.  Nick looks frustrated as it seems rather apparent that luck has not been on his side from even before the camera found him, not to mention the prior interaction between him and Diana.

Nick:  Alright, let's go again.  You've got to let me win one of these hands though.

Dealer:  If only I had any say in the matter, sir.  After all, I'm not exactly working on commission.  Besides, people tend to tip better when they've won.

The dealer gives a bit of a smile as the comment gets a small chuckle out of Nick.  Nick then puts up some more chips to bet on the next hand and the dealer begins to deal out the cards.  As this is going on, Nick is suddenly approached from behind as the members of Nick's entourage, Tony, Jimmy and Max, all approach the table from behind him.  Nick seems to notice them out of the corner of his eye, but doesn't acknowledge them as he is focused on his hand.  The dealer gives Nick a nine and seven followed by filling a card of his own which is a queen.

Dealer:  Sixteen.

Nick:  Ah crap.  Fine, hit me.

The dealer quickly pulls a card and gives it to Nick, showing it to be a three.

Dealer:  Nineteen.

Nick:  Nice!  Can't believe I managed not to bust on that one.  I'll stay.

Nick still looks rather nervous though, given what the dealer is showing.  The dealer then flips his other card, showing it to be a seven.

Dealer:  Seventeen.

The dealer clears off the cards and then pays Nick out his winnings for the hand.  With that, Nick then turns his attention to the three entourage members standing behind him.

Nick:  Well I'll be damned, I guess you three are a little bit of good luck for me, huh?  In that case, you better get comfortable because you're not going anywhere.  Got it?

Tony:  You's gots it, boss.

Nick then goes to turn back to the table, but stops himself as he seems to think something over and look back at them.

Nick:  What the hell are you three doing here anyway?

Jimmy:  Well, Nicky, we just wanted to make sure everything was alright with you.  You kind of disappeared and, you know, we just wanted to check on you after everything that went down with you and Diana.

Nick rolls his eyes at the mention of it and shoots a dirty look to the group as he responds with a bit of an annoyed tone to his voice.

Nick:  Seriously?  You know what, I don't want to talk about this crap.  That is the whole reason I disappeared to begin with, because I did not want to talk, or even think about Diana or any of that crap.  Got it?

Jimmy:  Yeah, yeah... sorry, baby.

Nick:  Good.  So if you three are going to stick around, and you are, then you better come up with something else to keep you occupied than talking about that.

Tony:  Dat works fer me.

After saying that, Tony then pulls out the seat at the blackjack table next to Nick and sits down, pulling his wallet out after doing so and beginning to pull out some cash.  Upon seeing this, Jimmy and Max both look to each other and then shrug, each eventually opting to join in as Jimmy takes the seat next to Tony and Max the one next to Jimmy.  Jimmy then pulls his wallet out as well, pulling some cash out and laying it on the table.  The dealer first goes to the money in front of Tony and begins to count it.  Upon finishing, the dealer calls back to the pit boss.

Dealer:  Changing two-hundred.

The dealer then pushes the money down into a slot and counts out two hundred dollars worth of chips and puts them in front of Tony.  The dealer then moves onto the cash in front of Jimmy and counts it out as well before calling back to the pit boss again.

Dealer:  Changing one-fifty.

The dealer puts the money away, counts out the chips and pushes them over to Jimmy, before then finally moving over to Max.  However, as he looks to him, Max has no money out on the table in front of him.

Dealer:  Um, sir... would you like to buy in?

Max doesn't say a word, instead looking around at those sitting next to him before looking back at the dealer and giving a slight shrug.

Dealer:  Well sir, casino rules dictate that only players are allowed to sit at the table.  So if you please, you either need to buy in or vacate that seat.

In response to the dealer, Max pulls out his wallet, somewhat to surprise of the rest of those with him.  Max then reaches in and begins to pull some change out of his wallet, drawing some chuckles from the others as the dealer is quick to interject.

Dealer:  I'm sorry, cash only sir.

Max:  Oh, I see.  My mistake.

Max puts the change back into his wallet and from there, pulls a bill out of his pocket and lays it down on the table.  A quick check from the dealer and the others reveals that the bill he pulled out is only one dollar.

Dealer:  Um, sir... my apologies, but this table has a fifteen dollar minimum.

The dealer taps the sign sitting at the corner of the table which verifies this information, drawing a nod from Max.  Max picks up the dollar bill and puts it back into his wallet before reaching in and pulling out some more money.  Max then puts the multiple bills onto the table and the dealer grabs it and counts the money.  The dealer cannot help but give a little chuckle before calling back to the pit boss.

Dealer:  Changing... fifteen.

This comment seems to draw the pit boss's attention as he walks over and looks at the cash with a look of confusion, before looking in Max's direction with the same expression.  The pit boss eventually nods and walks away as the dealer then puts the cash away and gives Max three five dollar chips, the other three at the table all rolling their eyes in the process.  The dealer then turns his attention back to the rest of the table.

Dealer:  Bets up.

The players all push their bets in front of them on the table and the dealer gives a quick check of them and is about to deal, but stops himself as he gets to Max's bet, which is simply one five dollar chip.

Dealer:  Sir, just to be clear, that fifteen dollar minimum is actually per hand.

Max:  Oh.

Max, rather reluctantly, takes his other two five dollar chips and stacks them on top of his other one to put his bet up.  Having seen this, the dealer then checks on last time and moves his hand across the table to signify no further beats and then begins to deal out the cards.  As the cards are being dealt, Tony turns towards Nick to kick up a new conversation.

Tony:  So boss, what'd'ya t'ink about dis match you's got on Sunday, huh?

Nick:  It's nothing, just another day at the office for old Nick Jones.  I'll go, I'll see and of course, I will conquer.  When all is said and done, Nick Jones will once again be reigning as the SCW Heavyweight Champion.

With the dealing now done, Nick looks down at his cards and sees that he has a nine and a four, giving him a thirteen, before looking over and seeing that the dealer's one face-up card is a queen.  Nick looks over to the dealer and taps on the table as he speaks to him.

Nick:  Hit me.

The dealer quickly pulls another card out from the shoe and lays it down on Nick's hand and it is a jack.

Dealer:  Twenty-three.  Bust.

The dealer swipes away both the cards and the bet Nick place as Nick slams his fist down against the card table in frustration.  Meanwhile, Jimmy interjects in an attempt to continue on the prior conversation.

Jimmy:  Nicky, baby, I like the attitude and I'm not disagreeing with you, but I'm just thinking you should keep in mind what you're up against.  You know, there's a lot of legit talent in this match with you, baby.  Outside of you, there's a number of other guys who are also former or current champs.

Nick glares down the table to the seat Jimmy is at as he gives him a bit of a dirty look.

Nick:  Oh really?  Are any of them two-time SCW Heavyweight Champions?

Jimmy:  Well no, but...

Nick:  Are any of them reigning SCW Man of the Year?

Jimmy:  Of course not, but I'm just saying...

Nick:  Any SCW Wrestler of the Year amongst them?

Jimmy:  No, it's just...

Nick:  Oh ok, then here's an idea, maybe I actually have a clue of what the hell I'm talking about.  You worry about your job and let me worry about mine, alright slick?

Jimmy suddenly looks a little nervous and is stumbling over his words as he responds.

Jimmy:  Um, uh... sure think Nick.  Sorry.

Tony turns and looks at Jimmy as he shakes his head in his direction.

Tony:  You's really gots to learn when to shut yer friggin' mout'.

Jimmy doesn't say anything, but simply nods in response to Tony, acknowledging that he knows him to be correct.  Meanwhile, Tony turns his attention back to the dealer who is waiting for his decision on how to play his hand.  Tony looks down at his hand to see he's got a four and a three, giving him only seven.  Given that, he quickly taps his hand down on the table as he speaks.

Tony:  Hit me.

The dealer pulls a card out from the deck and lays it down in front of Tony, and the card is an eight.

Dealer:  Fifteen.

Tony:  Crap, hit me.

Tony taps the table again as the dealer pulls out another card and this time it is a seven.

Dealer:  Twenty-two.  Bust.

The dealer swipes away Tony's card and chips as Tony stops leaning forward to the table and leans back into his chair with an annoyed look on his face.  The dealer then moves onto Jimmy, who looks at his hand to see that he has an ace and a five, giving him a sixteen.  Jimmy immediately taps the table.

Jimmy:  Hit.

The dealer quickly deals another card, laying it in front of Jimmy, and it is a ten.

Dealer:  Sixteen.

Jimmy:  Hit.

Jimmy taps the table as the dealer pulls another card and this time it is a king.

Dealer:  Twenty-six.  Bust.

Jimmy doesn't react much as he just shakes his lead a little bit as the dealer moves onto Max, who is the last player at the table.  Max looks down at his cards to see he has a ten and two, giving him only a twelve.  Max stares at it for a few seconds, and then starts to look back and forth between his cards, the dealer's cards and the dealer before eventually responding to the dealer.

Max:  Um... I'm going to stay.

The dealer looks completely perplexed and before he can even say anything, Nick leans forward to look down the table and Max and quickly jumps in.

Nick:  Are you shitting me?!?  You're staying with a freakin' TWELVE with the dealer showing a queen?  Why the hell would you do that?!?

Max:  Yeah, but if I take a hit and get a card that is a ten, which is more likely then any other value, I will bust and automatically lose my money, right?

Jimmy:  Yeah, but Maxy baby, that's not how you play the game.  You're pretty much guaranteeing yourself to lose if you don't play on a twelve against a queen.  Where as if you play on the twelve, you're in great shape if you get any other card BUT one that has a ten value, baby.  Come on, you're an accountant, you should know this stuff.

Max:  Yeah, and what I know is you want me to do the same thing that made all of you just lose all of your money.

Max then turns his attention back to the dealer.

Max:  So, I'll stay.

Tony:  You's gots to be friggin' kiddin' me wit' dis.

The group gives out a bit of a laughter as the dealer then responds to Max.

Dealer:  Are you sure about that?

Max:  Yes, of course!  You're not supposed to ask me that!

Dealer:  My apologies, you are correct.

The dealer then moves on to his own cards and flips the down card to show that it is actually a two.

Dealer:  Twelve.

The dealer quickly pulls a card from the shoe and flips it over, showing a three.

Dealer:  Fifteen.

The dealer pulls another card and flips it, showing a ten.

Dealer:  Twenty-five.  Dealer busts.

Max:  I win!!

Max raises his arms up in victory to celebrate.  The dealer quickly clears all of the cards off of the table and then proceeds to pay Max out his winnings as he is now smiling from ear to ear, while the rest of the group looks on at him in complete shock.

Tony:  Did dat really just friggin' happen?

Nick:  I don't get it, but he's got a way about him.  Why the hell do you think I let him take care of all my money for me?  I'll be damned if I understand it, but that little weenie has a gift.

Dealer:  Bets up!

Nick, Tony and Jimmy all place their new best up as Max pulls his winnings off, leaving his prior belt still up on the table.  The dealer swipes his hand across the table to signal no more bets and then immediately starts to deal the next hand as the scene cuts away.

<hr width=50%>

The scene opens back up at the poolside area at the top deck of the cruise ship, which includes a huge pool with a swim-up bar, a lunch area right next to the pool and a great number of lounge chairs setup all around the pool.  As the scene moves in, it focuses in on a set of chairs at the poolside area which are populated by all of Nick, Tony, Jimmy, Max and even Diana.  While some time has passed and they are all now changed into their swimming suits and sporting sunglasses, the men still seem to be on the topic of the casino play from earlier.

Nick:  I still can't believe it!  How did Max, playing like he had never seen a deck of cards before in his entire life, seriously win so much  more money than all of the rest of us?

Jimmy:  I don't know baby, it doesn't make any damn sense!  He played everything absolutely wrong the entire time.  Just the way they tell you not to play it, baby!

Max:  You can say that all you like, but I won and you lost, didn't you?

Jimmy shoots Max a dirty look, but has no response for him, indicating that the statement is quite clearly true.  Max chuckles and then goes back to what he was doing, which is counting away at the large pile of cash that is currently sitting in his lap as he has a huge smile across his face.  After a bit, Jimmy finally responds.

Jimmy:  That still doesn't make what you did right.

Nick:  Oh stop your whining.  You bet like a little girl and hardly lost anything, so I don't want to hear it from you.  I lost more on that table than you make in a year.

Jimmy:  Well if that's the case, then...

Nick shoots Jimmy a scowl as he seems to know where Jimmy's going with this, and is quick to cut him off.

Nick:  Don't even start with me.

Nick then turns his attention over towards Tony, who is sitting there quietly in all of this.

Nick:  As for you, you were doing just as badly as me and Jimmy, then suddenly turned it all around out of nowhere.  How the hell did you even manage that?  I was too busy trying to get my crap together to pay any attention to how you were playing it at that point.

Tony:  Well, um... uh... da t'ing is, boss.  Uh...

As Tony stumbles over his words, the entire group looks at him rather confused as this kind of reaction is very uncommon for Tony.

Nick:  Well, what is it?  Spit it out!

Tony:  Ac'ually boss, I was kinda just doin' whateva' do frig Maxy was doin'.  By da end, he was winnin' so friggin' much, I just figu'ed I'd follow his lead.  Don't ask me how, cuz even I can't believe it, but it friggin' worked!

Nick, along with the rest of the entire group, cannot help but laugh at that as Tony simply shrugs his shoulders at all of them.  Nick then notices that Diana, who is sitting next to him, seems to be in yet another of her poor moods despite all of this.  Given that, Nick opts to turn to her and see what's going on.

Nick:  Hey baby, everything alright?

Diana:  Fine.

Nick:  It certainly doesn't seem that way.  What's wrong?

Diana:  You really want to know?  Fine, what's wrong is that you men all decided to run off and go hang out together without me.  Nobody even told me where you were going and what you were doing.  It's obvious the four of you were just intentionally dodging me.

Nick:  What?  No, that's not true at all.  I didn't invite any of these three putzes either.  They just came and tracked me down.

Diana:  Isn't that just convenient?

Nick:  Not particuarly, I lost a crapload of money and probably would have left the table much earlier if they weren't there.  Listen, if you've got a problem with anyone, it's them.  They came to find me without telling you, I just ducked in for a few hands of blackjack without anyone.

Diana:  Right, without anyone... including me.

Nick:  Yes, but the point is that it wasn't just you, it was a matter of just having some time on my own.  Is that so wrong?

Diana:  Oh, of course not.  Even if you were probably trying to find that little whore of yours in the casino.

Nick:  You know what?  Enough of this, I'm going in for a swim.

Nick gets up from his lounge chair and goes to head into the pool, but stops as Diana throws one last comment his direction in the process.

Diana:  What now?  Want to see if you can find that dumb skank around wearing a bikini?

Nick opts not to even respond, instead simply turning and walking away, heading straight into the pool in the process.  Nick hops in and immediately starts to swim a few laps around the pool, doing his best to avoid the big groups of random fans filling it, particularly the small children which he quite clearly wants to be nowhere near.  After a few laps, Nick redirects himself and makes a bee-line straight for the swim-up bar that is setup in the pool.  As he gets there, Nick plops himself down on one of the bar stools setup in the pool and waits as the bartender approaches him.

Bartender:  What can I get for you?

Nick:  Just one beer will do.  Thanks.

The bartender nods and then goes off and quickly grabs Nick's beer in a plastic cup and passes it over to him.  Nick pulls his plastic room key from his pocket and hands it to the bartender, who quickly swipes it and then hands it back to Nick.  Nick starts to drink his beer and then a moment later, someone can be heard swimming up next to Nick from outside of the shot.  After a few moments of simply staring forward and drinking his beer, Nick realizes there is someone sitting next to him and looks over to see SCW Nurse Zoey Carpenter sitting on the stool next to him in the pool, in a rather small bikini swimsuit.  Nick looks her over and as he looks down, he immediately tries to pull his eyes back up and just look at her face.  He stares forward in a clear attempt to keep from checking Zoey out as she smiles at him and begins to speak.

Zoey:  Well hello there, Nick.

Nick:  Hey Zoey, how you been?

Zoey:  I've been pretty good, how about you?

Nick:  Not too bad.  It's been a while.

Zoey:  That it has.  I've actually had some interesting encounters since the last time we saw each other.

Nick looks made rather awkward by that last comment from Zoey.

Nick:  Yeah, about that... listen, the thing is...

Zoey:  Don't worry about it, I shouldn't have even brought it up.

Nick:  Well I appreciate that.  Would you like a drink?

Zoey:  Sure, I've actually wanted to try their swim-up fruit drink special.

Nick:  Sounds great.

Nick turns towards the bartender and nods towards him, indicating he get her the drink on his tab.  The bartender goes to make it and at that point, Nick turns back to Zoey but as he does, his eyes suddenly go wide and his face goes white.

Nick:  Oh, crap.  This is not good!

Zoey seems confused as Nick points towards the far side of the pool, by one of the steps into the pool which it is seen that Diana is currently climbing into the pool and looking for Nick.

Nick:  I, um... listen, I know that there's nothing going on here, but you don't understand...

Zoey puts a hand on Nick's shoulder, which causes Nick to immediately stop speaking.

Zoey:  Don't worry, I've got this covered.

Zoey shoots a smile at Nick and then takes a deep breath before suddenly diving down under the water.  Just a moment later, Diana manages to push her way through the crowd of people around by the bar and comes right up to Nick.

Diana:  Oh, there you are!  I've been looking all over for you.

Nick:  Really?  Why's that?

Diana:  I just wanted to talk to you real quick.  Listen, I knwo we've had some issues, but I have to admit I'm letting this all get out of hand.  This time, you really didn't do anything and I just overreacted.  With so much going on between us, it's all just started to build up, but that's not an excuse.  It was uncalled for, so I just wanted to say... I'm sorry.

Nick, looking nervous the entire time as he keeps glancing down at the water near them, shoots Diana a smile as she finishes speaking.

Nick:  That?  Don't worry about it.  It happens to the best of us, but I appreciate the apology.  Thanks.

Diana:  You're wel...

Diana stops herself as she notices the cocktail sitting on the bar from when the bartender placed it there from Zoey's order earlier.  Seeing it, she immediately gets suspicious and looks back at Nick.

Diana:  That's interesting.  Doesn't seem to be the kind of drink you'd usually be in for.

Nick:  Oh, that?  That's um... well I order it for you when I saw you just before you got here was all.  Figured if you're going to swim-up to the swim-up bar, you need a drink, right?

Diana seems to be caught rather off-guard by this answer, but has a smile come to her face.

Diana:  Oh... thanks.  That's very sweet of you.

Diana grabs the drink off of the bar and leans in and gives Nick a kiss on the cheek.

Diana:  I actually want to get a tan, so I'm going to go lay out in the sun, but this seems like the perfect drink for that.  I'll catch up with you later, hun.

Nick:  Sounds great, catch you later, babe!

Diana leaves with the drink in her hand, being very careful to keep it above the water as Nick gives her a quick wave.  As Diana manages to wander off into the distance, a moment later Zoey comes popping back up from under the water, gasping for air in the process.  Nick immediately moves in to check on her as she takes in deep breathes.

Nick:  Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about that.  Are you alright?

Zoey:  I'll be fine.  I'm just glad that this didn't need to become another one of those huge blow-ups.

Nick:  Thanks a ton for that, you really saved my ass.  Sorry that Diana also took your drink too.  It was the only excuse I could come up.  Barkeep, another drink for the lady!

Nick waves towards the bartender, who quickly starts to make up another drink for Zoey.

Nick:  Maybe we can catch up some other time, but I think it's safe to say that this is a bad time for that.  Enjoy your drink.  Thanks again.

Zoey seems to be caught off-guard by Nick's intentions to leave.

Zoey:  Oh, um... ok.  Thanks.  See you soon.

Nick:  Yeah, bye.

Nick slams down his beer and nervously turns away and quickly swims his way out of the pool.  As soon as Nick gets out, he climbs up the steps and goes to walk away from the pool area, but is intercepted as SCW Backstage Reporter Ms. Rocky Mountains comes running up to Nick in a very small bikini and a microphone in hands.  Nick's eyes go wide as he cannot help but have his vision go straight towards her chest, which is barely contained within her top.

RM:  Nick, Nick... do you have a minute for a quick interview?

Nick:  Sweet mother of God, lady!  While I certainly knew that you truly did have some rocky mountains, never did I ever have the proper appreciate for how mountainous they truly were until they were finally free to be a part of that crisp mountain air.

RM:  Very funny, but they only have a tendency to see this much of ocean air.

Nick:  So it would seem.  So what have you got for me Madam Mamms?

RM:  Let's just get straight to it.  What do you have to say about this Sunday's match?

Nick:  It's simple, as far as I'm concerned five opponents is no different than one.  I'm better than anyone else this company has to offer, and it doesn't matter if I have to be better than just one or better than the entire company, in the end I'm still the very best.  When all is said and done, I just have to beat any one of these chumps.  One pin or one submission is all it takes, but in the end, all I need to do is being standing victorious.  If anything, it almost makes it easier, because you can pick any one wrestler at any one moment to grab the win over.  It's a matter of convenience in that case.  The moment the slightest bit of opportunity is presented to you, you simply need to take advantage of it.  Some people may not be capable of such things, but I think there is no question that yours truly is.  Once the opportunity presents itself, and it most certainly will, it will be a mere three count before I am once again back in the place I belong, as the regining SCW Heavyweight Champion.  Try as they might, none of these five can do anything to stop that.  The most they can do is try to make sure they're not the one who I'm getting the victory over.  As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't really matter who it is.

RM:  What about your friend and stablemate, Jordan "PS" Williams?

Nick:  Once we're in that ring, the bell has rung and the match is underway, our friendship goes on hold.  Jordan knows that and I know for a fact he feels the same damn way.  Whatever happens in that ring, it's not going to change anything.  In the end, we're both planning to win this match and the two of us have a lot better chance than anyone else in that ring, so we've got to do whatever it takes.  Whatever the outcome ends up being, but let's be honest, we all know it's going to be me as the victor, but that's not going to make anything any different between us.  A real champion, something both of us know full well how to be, has to be ready to face anyone at any time, and that's all this is.  We'll sort it all out in the ring and nothing more needs to be said than that.  We're not a couple of spoiled little children.  We're grown adults who know how to act like it.  We can seperate business from pleasure and that's all this Sunday will truly be.

RM:  Do you feel the circumstances surrounding being on board of a cruise liner could have any impact on how you wrestle this match?

Nick:  I've been here before and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.  If you're a sorry enough loser for a little rocking of a boat throw you off your game, then you were never good enough to be the champ anyway.  Others might want to use nonsense like this as some sort of excuse, but in the end it's a matter of being better than the other men in that ring with you, no matter what the circumstances may be.  I'm going to walk out of this ring as champion and there will be no other reason for it other than the reality that I am better than Simon Jones, I am better than Gabriel, I am better than Drake Green, I am better than Kevin Carter and yes... I am even better than Jordan Williams.  No rocking of the boat or any other crap can change that reality.

RM:  Ok Nick, well then, thank you so much for your time and best of luck to you.

Nick:  Luck?  I don't need luck, Mamms.  As I've told you plenty of times before, it ain't braggin' if you back it up because sweetheart... I'm not cocky, I'm just the best.

Nick cannot help but give one last glance down to Rocky's rather large chest before turning and walking off as the scene fades to black.

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 Precious memories.... this is where it all started. It's amazing how one moment changes your life and defines so much about you. A year ago, this is where it started really, where a big part of my life was defined. This is the first place we tell our grand kids about. This is where the story started, the first kiss, the heart skipping a beat. Here on the Royal Monarch cruise ship. Now I know our anniversary was a few days ago, a little behind us, but this is our cruise and I'm gonna make it a golden one. One year ago, this is where everything began.

"It's just like I remember it." Odette says as she wraps her arm around mine.

Odette stands at my side, both her arms around one of mine. She smiles at the sight before her. People running around, having fun and enjoying the time. Odette points her head in the direction the pool bar.

"Remember that baby?" Odette says with a smile.

"I do." I reply "It's where we sat down and I showed you that trick and you ended up with a brand new necklace. Still don't know what you wrote down that day."

Odette smiles, her eyes filling with joy, and head full of memories.

"I asked for love." Odette says softly "And there you were."

An unstoppable smile breaks out all over my face as I look down at the beautiful Aussie.

One year on and love is still stronger than you can imagine sweetheart.

I lean down, kissing Odette softly on the lips, my thumb moving along her jaw line as she presses her lips firmer against mine. I pull away a little, just looking in her eyes.

"A year ago you asked for love, and now I'm staring in to my future wife's eyes." I say with a smile "Best year of my life."

Odette wraps her arms around me, squeezing my body close to hers.

"Next time we come back on this thing, you could be my wife." I tell Odette.

"I hope so." Odette sighs.

The two hold each other close, but Despayre slides past them.

"Group hug!" Despayre yells out.

Despayre wraps his arms around me from behind.

"Are you sure you wanna put up with this?" I ask Odette "These lot seem to come with me."

Odette nods and smiles at me.

"Good." I reply

Despayre pulls away from his hug.

"You guys seen Angel?" Despayre asks

"No, why?" I reply

"He said he was coming to check out the babes at the pool." Despayre says "But I walked around the pool four times and I can't see him."

Odette points past me, pointing at the lifeguards chair.

"He's right up there." Odette says

Despayre turns around, shading his eyes and looking in the direction of the lifeguard chair, seeing Angel dressed in miniature red shorts, along with a miniature red float in front of him.

"Oh yeah." Despayre says with a smile "Thanks"

"You're welcome." Odette says with a smile.

Despayre moves in the direction of the lifeguard chair. Odette points behind me, towards ACW star, Emma Rose.

"I'll be back in a bit baby." Odette says "Just need to speak to Emma."

I nod at Odette.

"Look at you being a mentor to a Kiwi." I say with a tilt of my head.

"Strange things happen at sea." Odette quickly replies.

I kiss Odette on the head.

"Go mentor baby." I tell Odette.

Odette hugs me before walking past me, heading in the direction of Emma. I walk towards the rail, looking out at the sea, the land a very tiny dot in the distance. I look across at the sea before the land.

So many flashbacks to this very ship. In fact leading up to being on here a year ago. I remember the dreams leading up to that, about a woman with a beautiful accent, but I couldn't see her face. I remember  racing Rage, loser had to pick up the bar tab for the entire cruise. I reckon Rage is still paying that one off. I remember seeing Odette in the crowd watching that. Amazing how you fall for someone and you remember every little time you saw them. I remember that race, I remember watching her leave and not sure why she didn't come celebrate my win. I remember shopping for cruise stuff and Shane trying to get me in a mankini and Despayre getting me a scuba suit to cover my legs.

A smile crosses my face

I remember thinking Rage stole my choice of swim suit, and the plot me, Fantasia and Kittie came up with, leaving their underwear in Rage's bag, so that Carly Athens would find it. I remember getting asked by the captain to entertain with some magic. I remember that bar.

I turn to look behind me, looking at the bar.

That bar was it, the start of it. I was sitting there, drinking expensive stuff to go on to Rage's bar tab and I heard that sweet tone call my name. I remember the look in her eye. Until that point, SCW was used to seeing that fun loving bubbly Aussie appearing everywhere, but this was a different Odette Ryder, this was a determined, yet slightly distracted Odette Ryder. The will to win the Bombshell championship was there, but I read people and knew she was worried about something. Didn't take me long to figure out what it was. For a while, I'd been telling people I was gonna let Rage drive a truck at me. She was worried, she showed that on Twitter leading up to this, but somehow agreed to be involved in the stunt, I guess looking back, it was her way of making sure I was safe, but it worried her. I knew how to break the tension, the whole coin behind the ear kids trick.

I shake my head at my own cheesiness back then.

It was cheap but got a smile, and my heart skipped a beat. I put the coin in my hand, turned it in to a hundred dollar bill, yes cheesy but got a wide smile. That's when I gave it to her to write on it what she wanted most in life. I run my hands over the bill and turned it in to white roses and a necklace. Odette wanted love that day and that helped her fall in love with me. It was the moment I became the luckiest man in the world. This gave me memories that set me off for the year, that set me in good stead.

"Alright geezer." the approaching Ben Jordan says.

I turn to see the approaching and recently injured Atlantic Championship Wrestling star, and ACW tag team champion, Ben Jordan.

"Hey Ben." I say quickly "Feeling ok?"

"Yeah geezer, feeling slightly better now, hoping to get back in the ring soon." Ben says, leaning on the rail next to me. "No a lot slow me down."

"I saw what ya did last week." I state "Shocked you went looking for that thing. Do you know who he is?"

"Nope." Ben replies "But no one comes to my gaff, kicks the ever living shit outta me and think I'm gonna go hide from him."

I shrug

"I woulda waited till I was a little less bruised, before chasing down that thing." I comment

Ben looks across at me

"Yeah, but had to stand up and kick that thing right in the bollocks." Ben says with a smirk "He deserved that"

I can't stop myself from smiling at the Cockney King's attitude towards things.

"So what brought you to the SCW tour?" I ask Ben.

"Your bosses." Ben says casually "They gave me a bell, and asked me and Mickey here to chat with people, show people a good time, get them more interested in the game. Lot of wrestling fans on this tanker, but there's a lot that are here that are not, and me and Mickey are here to get them interested."

"In SCW? Or ACW?" I ask

"Either and or son." Ben says "SCW and ACW have a close relationship, if me and Mickey get more interested in either, eventually, it will whack money in pockets."

Ben turns his back, leaning it on a rail. He lifts his head, looking across at Odette Ryder, talking to Emma Rose.

"Obviously, the cruise has a lot of other perks." Ben says with a smile

I look over my own shoulder, following Ben's line of sight. He sees Odette and Emma talking, not taking notice of anything else going on around them.

"I see..." I say with a smile "What's going on with you two?"

Ben turns his head, looking back at me.

"Not much geez." Ben replies "It's a big ball of crap right now."

"You need to talk to her on this cruise." I tell Ben "Something magic about this ship. Look at me last year. One minute, sitting there playing with magic tricks, next, I have this gorgeous Aussie by my side. Magic in the air on this thing."

"I don't know" Ben says apprehensively "So much history with us two, not sure if the magic would be in the air. There was magic many years ago, but not sure if there's any there these days."

I smile towards Ben.

"Take it from someone who knows." I say putting my hand on Ben's shoulder "You make your own magic."

Ben tilts his head, looking across at Emma.

"I'll take your word for it son." Ben says. "Beer?"

"Why not?" I say.

Ben and I walk towards the bar, the bar where it all started for Odette and I. Reaching the bar, Ben puts two fingers up and the barman nod and reaches down, picking up two beers and popping the caps off and placing them in front of myself and Ben. Ben picks up his beer and takes a drink.

Not much of a drinker, but hey, these lot are planning on getting me drunk on my stag night.... well some are.

I wrap my hand around the bottle, picking it up and taking a drink.

"So, engaged man these days." Ben says "You gotta lay down the law early son."

"Whatcha mean?" I ask

"Gotta explain to her that Millwall is a religion." Ben starts "And you watching soap operas is a reason to lose a man card. Harsh but fair son."

"Does watching The Tudors count?" I ask, looking innocent.

"Nah, there's a fella in that that looks exactly like me." Ben says, looking as innocent as possible "Right handsome bastard."

I try to stop myself from smiling.

"Either way, lay down the law son and everything will be rosey." Ben explains.

"Things are rosey." I say, gripping hold of my beer and looking towards Odette "Beautiful woman in my life, who wants to marry me, houses, future plans for kids, life is pretty sweet at the moment. All down to this cruise last year."

"Be even sweeter if you win the title son." Ben says with a wink.

"If yes, but I'm confident, I have a new found sense of confidence that hit me." I say.

"Sure it wasn't something dodgy from the buffet?" Ben says with his trademark cheeky grin.

"Nah." I reply "It's this place."

I point around the ship

"This place, so many good things happened here last year. Odette kissed me, I kissed her back on the show. She went and won the Bombshell title, I won my match." I say with a shrug "It's like everything I've had that's been good over the last year, started on this thing. It's an omen I think. Out of all the places I could have got my first title shot since I lost the belt over a year and half ago, it had to be here. It's like something is urging me to repeat the great time I had a little over a year ago. It's madness."

Ben takes a mouthful of his beer

"Or just good timing." Ben argues.

"Either way, I didn't really come here to make up the numbers." I start "I know right off the top of my head I'm already better than two, they won't be a problem. On par with another two, but it's one in this match that makes me have to up my game, the rest, not worried in the slightest."

"If it was me, I wouldn't worry about any of them." Ben advises "It's not like you can look at all of them at the same time, just ease back and look for a chance."

Ben casually shrugs his shoulders.

"Failing that" Ben starts, tapping himself on the chin "Use some magic and make four disappear."

The two share a laugh

"Anyway son, time for me to find Mickey." Ben says "He's probably pissed somewhere and passed out. Gotta go keep a check on the fella every now and again, just to make sure he hasn't fallen overboard."

I nod as Ben stands up, but before either of us can say anything, Narly and Radical, The Surf Boys run past, being chased by chickens.

"Out of our way dudes." Narly shouts out.

"They're trying to get us!" Radical adds

The two charge past, disappearing around a corner, followed by the chickens.

"They seem like fun guys." Ben says. "Anyway geez, catch up with you later."

I raise my bottle, taking a gulp as the scene fades out.

I think you discovered by now, this cruise is at the same time that Odette and I got together. Actually, we got together a year this past Monday, but well, you're sitting there saying this ain't Monday and you're right, so would you like to see what happened Monday night? I bet you would, but I don't mean Monday night in the bow chika bow wow sense. A lot happened on the first cruise, a lot is gonna happen on this cruise, but two things stood out on the first cruise. Odette winning the top title in her division, and me winning the woman of my dreams. This year, I'm going for the top gold, and I, one year on, will show Odette, that I got the biggest prize of the night. Ready? Let's go back to Monday night....

Odette Ryder stands in the moonlight, the beam of the moon shining down on her soft skin, glistening softly on the red dress she has on. She stands at the back of the ship, looking out at the lit up line between the moon and ship, reflecting peacefully off the waves of the ocean, gently rocking on the side of the ship, as it cuts a steady path through the water. Odette sighs as smiles, looking at the sight before her. I stand behind here, just about ten feet away, looking at her from behind. I can't help but smile, knowing that woman there will someday be my wife. I look down at my attire, unusual for me to be dressed in black suit pants, a buttoned up white shirt, with a black suit jacket. Shiny black shoes rest on my feet. I look in my hand, looking down at twelve ivory white roses, before looking up at Odette again. Odette turns around, seeing me standing there and a wide smile crosses her face. I take a couple of steps towards her, stepping in to the beam of the moonlight. The wooden planks of the ships deck creak under foot as I stands in front of her. She looks me up and down, looking at my attire.

"Someone's looking very good tonight." She says with a bite of her lip

"Yes you are, beautiful." I reply.

"It so isn't your style though." She says with a chuckle.

"Maybe" I reply "But I think I can pull it off."

I wink at Odette, lifting the ivory roses and handing them to her.

"You remembered?" She says with a warm smile "Thank you baby."

One year ago today, I made twelve ivory roses appear before her very eyes. Since then, I do buy her these flowers, but this was where it started.

I take her by the hand, lifting it and kissing it softly, before pointing my head towards a nearby staircase.

"Come with me baby." I say with a smile.

I lead Odette to the stairs, holding her hand as we walk up them. When we get to the top, I nod my head, pointing to where a champagne bucket is seen. Odette smiles and looks at me, her eyes so full of life. A waiter stands by, lifting the bottle from the ice bucket. I point towards the man and Odette nods, taking me by the arm as we walk over.

"You did all this for me?" Odette asks as we walk, her eyes set on me.

"There's nothing I wouldn't do for you." I tell Odette "Nothing at all. I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

Odette moves in as we walk, gripping my arm tighter as she puts her head on it. The waiter pops the cork from the ice bucket, and pours it in to two glasses on a stand next to the bucket. He replaces the bottle in the bucket and looks at Odette as we arrive.

"May I take those flowers from you Ms Ryder?" He asks politely.

Odette nods, handing the man the flowers.

"Thank you." She replies.

The man takes them, walking away from us. I reach down, picking up a glass and handing it to Odette. She takes it from me and looks me in the eye.

"To our first year out of eternity." I say, raising my glass.

Odette smiles at me

"Happy anniversary baby." Odette says, her Australian accent slightly cracking.

"Happy Anniversary." I echo.

We knock the glasses lightly together, a chinging sound rolls through the air as we drink. I take Odette by the hand, leading her to the rail, and looking over at the water below us, our fingers locked together.

"A whole year, beautiful." I start "One whole year."

"One amazing year." Odette replies with a twinkle in her eye. "So many more to go."

A slight laugh rolls from my lungs

"Yeah baby" I start "infinite more lifetimes"

I lift Odette's hand, looking at the engagement ring. Odette sees what I'm doing and her eyes drop down to the ring too.

"I'm so happy you asked me to marry you." She says, her voice soft and gentle.

"I wanted to ask you for a long time." I say "I bought that ring right after our first date."

Odette looks at me quickly, her eyes snapping up to meet my gaze.

"Our first date?" She says surprised.

"Yes." I start while thinking back "First date, day one. After that, I knew there was no one else I wanted to be with. Before we was together, every time I thought about you, I felt things I'd never felt before, every time I saw you, I felt more and more that I wanted to be with you forever. I would have chased you forever, just to hear you say you loved me, one time. Even at times when I doubted if I'd ever be good enough for you, I still wouldn't have gave up chasing."

Odette looks at me, listening to my story.

"I knew this pretty quickly after meeting you and I knew I had to someday marry you, even though you said you wouldn't get married all that time ago, I spent the last year trying to show you I am the one that won't let you down, I am the one you always should have been with." I say with a sigh "Nothing will ever stop me working to want to be with you, and I figured if I won't stop working to make you feel loved, no matter if I'm in the next room, or on the other side of the world, I will make you see that you could be happy being married to me. So I took a chance, bought the ring, and was always looking for the right time to ask."

Odette swallows hard

"We moved quick at the beginning, I always had one eye open for the right time." I saw with a smile "There was a couple of times that came close, but Paris felt perfect."

"It was perfect." Odette says "And unexpected. I knew we were both hinting at it for a while, but with all that thing with Despy, I thought you couldn't, so I didn't expect it."

"A little bear told me about a certain girlfriend contract clause." I say winking at Odette.

Odette smiles, an unconvinced look on her face.

"I'm supposed to believe that?" She says with shock in her voice.

I nod firmly

"Some things are best not known." I say with a laugh "But anyway, that ring has gone everywhere we have for a year. It's had more tours around the place than most SCW wrestlers."

"When we was in Sweden?" Odette asks.

"Had it with me then." I tell her

"The south American tour?" She asks

"Back pocket all the way." I reply.

"Australia?" She asks.

I just nod and smile.

"Baby, I had that thing in my pocket when we was messing with Jordan." I start "Every time we stole a kiss away from the camera, the ring was always within feet of you."

Odette shakes her head.

"And it took you all that time to ask?" She says, a wide smile on her face.

Odette playfully hits me in the arm.

"Sometimes the perfect moment takes a long time to come." I start "But like they say, best things come to those who wait, and hearing you say yes, was worth the wait."

Odette wraps her free arm around me.

"Waited all my life for you sweetheart." I tell her "That was worth the wait."

"I love you." Odette tells me

"I love you too baby" I reply. "You have no idea how much I really do"

I put my arm on Odette's shoulder, looking down in to her eyes as the scene fades out.

Goal one of this cruise achieved, Odette should be feeling loved. Now goal two, that's the title belt. At first, I didn't think I wanted it, but now I do so much, now I've got used to the feeling of wanting it again, I'm comfortable with it. I'm happy with the thought of it and I could sit here and think about each of my opponents again, rip them to bits, be a bastard but no, you see, I've done that, now I'm going to think about me and what I want.

It's fun ripping the hell out of your opponents, but that just puts the focus on them if you do it too much, now you're all gonna sit there and focus on me. I didn't crave that title after I lost it, it left a bitter taste in my mouth to lose to such an idiot.... well, I say lose, but I think the people who have known me for a while, know what really went down. The bitter taste was not about passing the belt on, it came from what that idiot done with it. He wasted the time of the fans, his work colleagues and the people who paid him money to make a mockery out of my belt. He took my damn title, and walked away, walked out of the company with my belt. That made me feel stupid, giving the belt to a loser who thought he could lead better so I could go back to wrestling the way I was supposed to, in the tag division. I gave my belt to that guy, and him leaving my belt like that left a bitter taste in my mouth, but my eyes were opened this past week.

I sat and looked at myself in the mirror, I sat there thinking about that title run, having my name first on the title. I look down the list of former champions and each one defined a legacy. Nick Jones, longest reigning champion, only man to have two reigns. Rage, the man who beat Nick Jones, snapping a damn near seven month run. Spike Staggs, took that title and showed it off proudly in to that flea bag alliance and proved his worth as a fighting champion. Jordan Williams, defeated yours truly to not only go for gold, but to beat the legend that is Spike Staggs and Simon Jones. Beat many people in a battle royal, to then step up and go against Jordan Williams, shocking the world and taking the title, and then beating both Jordan Williams and Nick Jones just a couple of weeks ago. Makes me wonder, what was my legacy as champion?

You'll be sitting there waiting for a long time to work this one out because there was no legacy, I was the first ever champion and never had a legacy. How sad is that? I never got a chance at a legacy. Well people, do you believe in second chances?

I do

I believe in them and here that lies before me, over a year down the line, I get shot number two at the big title, and I'm looking for a one hundred percent record when it comes to heavyweight title shots. I am not gonna be in this game forever, I am not gonna be putting myself on the line to entertain forever, I refuse to let people remember me as the first ever champion, but did nothing but lose the title to an even bigger loser, that is not what I'm planning to be. I am planning to be so much more than that and this is how I start it. Here's what I want. I want to defeat two former champions in this match. I want to defeat the two up and coming superstars and I want to defeat the man who has the title right now. I want to start this with a bang, and I want to go on defending the title week in, week out, constantly beating opponent, after opponent, after opponent. I wanna sit there with the legendary run, I wanna be champion when SCW turns two years old. I wanna be the top guy.

Simon Jones, Jordan Williams, Nick Jones, Drake Green, Kevin Carter.... Wanna know a secret?

I am going to defeat two former champions in this match. I am going to defeat the two up and coming superstars and I am going to defeat the man who has the title right now. I am going to start this with a bang, and I am going to go on to defended the title week in, week out, I am going to constantly beat opponent, after opponent, after opponent. I am going sit there with the legendary run, I am going be champion when SCW turns two years old. I am going be the top guy.

Now, let that sink in

Has it sunk in a little now? Good, because I am going to keep my word on this. I am going to do everything possible, known to man to make sure I'm the one who walks out with that title belt at Summer XXXTreme II.

See, I spoke about the past, and I spoke about the present by telling you all about my piss poor title run, and I have told you the present by telling you that I am going to win at Summer XXXTreme II and now we talk about the future.

This is time for a new dawn, a strong new beginning for Sin City Wrestling. This is where the tour starts, and I know these things usually go on for two months, two long months before we head back to Vegas. I will still be champion when we get home. I have no intention of winning at sea and losing on an island paradise. I will proudly roll back to Vegas with my head held high, I will show the Vegas crowd something it hasn't seen in two years and raise the belt above my head. I will fight till there's no fight left in me to make sure that I do exactly what I say I will do.

Starting to see my determination yet?

You should.

I will not let anyone down, I will not let myself down, I will no throw in the towel, I will do everything I can to fight till I can't stand no more, to bring home the Sin City Wrestling heavyweight championship belt. My future wife has faith in me, Despayre has faith in me, Synn, Shane, Fantasia, even Angel has faith in me to do this, and the fans, the fans have faith in me. I will not fail, I can not fail, there's not a fibre of my being that will let me fail. I will rise again and take what should have been mine a long time ago. I will walk away with the gold.

Simon Jones, Jordan Williams, Nick Jones, Drake Green, Kevin Carter

Believe me yet?

You should.


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 “I’m finally moving in with her. As a lot of you know, its been a long time in the making; a year-plus in the making. We’re perfect for each other. Stupid me for being so blind to seeing it. I can’t wait to be with her!!!”

The scene opens up to Jordan Williams knocking on a door. Jordan has a big grin on his face as he await’s the door to be open. When the door opens, Jordan and…
his estranged wife, Vanessa Sambora-Williams embrace with a long, tight hug as the scene fades out.

“I never-not wanted to be with Vanessa. I’ve been an idiot and made very bad decisions and too stubborn to change. I had a moment and it dawned on me, I want Vanessa in my life, I need her in my life. I need her to balance me out. That’s what being in a relationship is all about. Finding someone who completes you and negates your shortcomings. She’s always been that for me, but I’m not fighting it anymore. I’ve accepted it. I know I’m stupid for trying to fuck up a great thing, but Vanessa is unlike any woman I’ve met before. She understands me, she loves me unconditionally. She’s a great mother, great wife, and not to mention, she’s finest woman on this earth with the best body in the world.”

<a href="" target="_blank">>[/url]

“I agreed to go to marriage counseling because I do need some guidance. It wasn’t a condition of us getting back together, but I know she was saying we should go, so I figured what the hell else am I going to do during the day time!?!?!?!?”
<hr width=“200” align=“center“>
The scene opens up on the Royal Monarch cruise ship. The ship has already set sail on a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. On board, Jordan Williams is at the pool, sitting on the edge with his feet dipped into the water. Jordan is sipping on a pina colada. Not soon thereafter, Jordan is joined by his best friend, Hot Stuff Mark Ward.

Jordan: “Damn bro, took you long enough.”

HS: “I couldn’t make up my mind.”

Jordan: “What did you get?’

HS: “A little bit of everything.”

Jordan laughs a bit and then notices that HS is serious.

Jordan: “Get the fuck out!”

HS: “I need something to get me into second gear, I figured, ‘why not try a little bit of everything?’”

Jordan: “You’re crazy, bro.”

HS: “Well, I took a few sips and it’s definitely strong enough.”

Jordan shakes his head and says: “You damn Brits. Ya’ll will drink anything.”

HS nods his head aggressively in approval.

HS: “It’ll keep me on edge.”

Jordan: “But they didn’t really have too many options though. A fucking high school kid wouldn’t get drunk off this shit.”

HS: “It’s exactly why I combined them all. This poolside bar is the shits. They don’t want to serve nothing too strong around the pool so people don’t get their arse drunk and drown in the pool.”

Jordan nods his head, then says: “Good point. I guess I never thought about it that way.” he says as he shrugs his shoulders.

HS: “One of the reasons why I’m drinking is I’m worried about you, bro?”

Jordan: “Why?”

HS: “You sound like a man who’s about to hang up the boots.”

Jordan is quiet for a moment and takes a sip of his drink.

HS: “I knew it!”

Jordan takes another sip as he holds his hand in the air, then says: “Now wait a sec, bro.”

Jordan thinks about what he’s going to say but HS interjects.

HS: “Bro, you can’t walk away! We need you around.”

Jordan smirks for a second, then says: “I don’t know, bro. Vanessa and I are getting back together and…”

HS: “That’s great to hear, bro. Now don’t fuck it up this time!”

Jordan smiles, then says: “I know, I know. I’m not. But of not fucking it up is not wrestling. My marriage means more to me than this…wrestling.”

HS: “I understand that, bro. We need a veteran, a legend like yourself to show these young guys the way. You don’t know how much I appreciate the fact that you take time out to help them out. It helps grow them as performers and us as a company.”

Jordan: “I have fun doing it. I mean I could still do that, but wrestling full time is out of the question.”

HS: “What if you win the title? You’re just going to retire?”

Jordan: “No, if I win, I’ll do my duties as champion. I’ll work a full time schedule until I lose it. But if I lose in the main event, it’s my last match as an active competitor.”

HS takes a drink of his concoction as he let’s that sink in.

Jordan: “I just can’t do it anymore, bro. My family takes priority, as does my health. What I said in Japan applies here, I want my body to remain intact as I get older. I’ve already had two ACL surgeries, thank god I haven’t had anything else you know. But the older I get, the more likely hood of that happening.”

HS: “Understood…any other reasons?”

Jordan: “That’s the main one.”

HS: “So there’s others?”

Jordan: “I’m definitely feeling the decline. I’m not on top of my game anymore. These young guys are better…”

HS cuts Jordan off and says: “Bullocks! I never thought I’d hear the day where Jordan Williams, the God of Professional Wrestling would say someone else is better than him…What the fuck, bro?”

Jordan sips his drink, then says: “I never thought I would say it either…but it’s true. I’m not at my physical peak anymore.”

HS shakes his head and says: “I can’t believe I’m hearing this…do you hear yourself?”

Jordan: “Yeah, I hear myself. But it’s true. I fucking lost to Simon Jones. No disrespect to him, but I’m slippin’.”

HS: “So you had a bad match? We all have them.”

Jordan: “Bro, there was a time when I would’ve blown Simon out of this world…but not only did he hang in there, he actually beat me…that’s a blow to my confidence.”

HS: “I don’t want to hear that shit. You’re Jordan fucking Williams. You’ll bounce back, you always do.”

Jordan rubs his head with his free hand, then says: “I don’t want to go through this phase of my career where guys like Simon Jones are beating me. Fuck that.”

HS: “There’s no shame in losing to Simon, though. He’s quality.”

Jordan: “Yes he is. He’s a good wrestler. But I’m great…or was great.”

HS: “No matter the outcome, you’ll still wrestle after Summer XXXtreme. Wrestling is in your blood, bro. The time you quit wrestling is the time we wheel you out on your death bed!”

Jordan smirks, then says: “At one time I felt that way, but not anymore. I’m telling you bro, if I lose at the super card, I’m done.”

HS sighs as he stares at his best friend. HS takes a drink of his concoction as he looks down at the water in the pool.

HS: “You’re serious, huh?”

Jordan: “I hate to say it, but yes. I’ll come back for something worthwhile. Like a special match or feud. But that’s it. No more full time. Can’t do it anymore.”

HS pats Jordan on the back and says: “Okay bro…I respect that. But I don’t like it though.”

Jordan: “I regain the title, I’ll stay for as long as I’m champ. But if I lose, this is it. I don’t want a big spectacle. I want to do it quietly”

HS: “Ha! Jordan, you’re the ultimate…how can I put it? Diva!”

Jordan starts laughing, then says: “Okay I am a diva…but not when it comes to this.”

HS: “Things must be changing with you bro, because you’re doubting yourself and you don’t want attention. The world must be about to end!” he says with a laugh.

Jordan smiles and says: “Something like that.”

HS: “But you can win the match. You have just as good as chance as anyone.”

Jordan: “Yeah, but I have two guys in the match that has been my bugaboo since I got here.”

HS: “Nick and Gabriel.”

Jordan: “Bingo was his name-o.”

HS: “They’re tough, but you can beat them. You pinned Gabriel fair and square earlier this year…well sorta.”

Jordan: “It was fair and square. Last I checked the match wasn’t reversed.”

HS: “You did spit that green mist in his face, so that’s why I said that.”

Jordan: “It’s only illegal if you get caught.” he says with a laugh.

HS: “True.”

Jordan: “He’s the only one on par with me mentally. He’s crafty and heady.”

HS: “Can’t argue with you.”

Jordan: “I’m over that thing with Odette, but I want to eliminate him just to so I can have the last laugh.”

HS: “I know what you mean, but that’s going to be easier said then done, bro.”

Jordan: “Right, but I’ll pull out all the psychology tricks with Gabes. Nick…he’s a different story.”

HS laughs and says: “You got that right. Nick isn’t just a story, he’s a damn novel.”

Jordan laughs and says: “Fucking A. I never got to pin that little shit. He talks about me being past my prime and washed up and there maybe some truth that…”

HS: “Bullocks!”

Jordan looks at HS and says: “As I was saying bro, before you rudely interrupted me…”

HS: “Sorry.”

Jordan: “Before I go I at least want to pin him, to say I finally did. Can you believe I’ve never pinned him?”

HS: “It’s a weird coincidence.”

Jordan: “It just gnaws at me that I haven’t beaten him.”

HS: “You did in tag matches.”

Jordan: “Yeah, but I never pinned him in either of those, though. That’s the thing that drives me nuts.”

HS: “Haha, I know how it feels.”

Jordan: “I also can’t wait to get in there with Kevin Carter. It’ll be payback time for him.”

HS: “It seems like you have a vendetta against everyone in this match.”

Jordan: “Not really. Not against Drake. He’s cool, I like him a lot. The only thing I have against Drake is he’s a threat to me regaining my title, that’s all. Other than that, Drake’s cool by me.”

HS: “Regardless of those self doubts of yours, bro…you can win this match. It’s all about you believing it and going out there and do it. I know you can.”

Jordan: “I don’t need a pep talk, bro.” he says with a laugh.

HS: “What was one of the things you used to tell me when you trained me…always carry yourself as being the best and believe, because if you don’t…no one else will. Seems like you’re having trouble with that one, bro.”

Jordan looks at HS and says: “The student is schooling the teacher…I guess it’s coming around full circle, huh?” he says jokingly.

HS laughs and says: “You got that right, baldy!”

Jordan and HS laugh as they both start sipping on their drinks. Across the pool, two females come walking into view. Jordan and HS both look at each other.

Jordan shakes his head and says: “Nah!”

HS: “Good choice, baldy. More for me.”

HS stands up and walks over to the other side of the pool where the two females are as Jordan smiles to himself as the scene fades out.

The scene fades in at a bar later on that night where Jordan Williams is among one of many SCW wrestlers having drinks and mingling with the fans. Jordan is talking to a fan as the camera cuts in on the conversation.

Fan: “You know what I came across the other day?”

Jordan: “What’s that?”

Fan: “You and the Great Muta teaming up.”

Jordan: “Ah ha, yeah. That was a one time thing.”

Fan: “That entrance was fucking awesome…”

FLASHBACK to May 3, 2001 in the Tokyo Dome:

The Dome goes completely dark and the fans gasp as the lights cut out. Suddenly a white light shines on the entrance and there is a man dressed in ninja garb hitting a gong repeatedly. The sound of thunder is heard throughout the Tokyo, followed by lightning effects. The entrance is completely engulfed in smoke now when all of a sudden, “Great Muta Concerto” blasts the sound system and the fans in the arena go absolutely crazy! The fans cheer loudly as two figures slowly make their way out from the smoky entrance. It’s the Great Muta and Jordan as The Great Marauder. They are both wearing matching gi’s and ninja masks, except Muta is wearing all red and Marauder is wearing all green. They both also have a dragon on their shoulder that is breathing out flames. They look at each other and their dragon’s are matched up to where they’re breathing fire at each other. Muta and Marauder make their way down the long entrance ramp as the cheers in the Tokyo Dom are deafening at this point. As they reach the ring, they both look around before the two of them step between the ropes at the same time. They both take off their ninja masks as the lights go back to normal. Marauder’s face is painted just like Muta’s but with a heavy black mixed with green color scheme to it. They both stalk the ring with their dragon’s on their shoulder’s breathing fire. After a few moments they take their gi’s off and hand them to ring attendants.

After their opponents, Masahiro Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan make their entrance. Marauder and Muta are in the blue corner and Marauder is kneeling on one knee as Muta stands above him.

Announcer: “In the blue corner, Great-o Mutoh and Great-o Marauder!!!”

As the announcer finishes it, Muta and Marauder tilt their heads up and at the same time their mist into the air, mixing them…Muta with red mist, Marauder with green! The fans oooo and awww at the moment


Jordan: “Yeah that was awesome, man.”

The scene fades out as Jordan and the fan continue talk about old stories.

The scene opens up to the bowels of the royal monarch. The camera pans around to see two men and a female are chained to a pole. One of the men is Jordan Williams and the female is Sasha. The other man is unconscious as Jordan is struggling to get free from the chains. Sasha stands up and pulls with all her might and breaks the chains.

Jordan: God damn! How the hell can you break those chains and I can't?

Sasha: I'm stronger than you.

Jordan: Bullshit!

Sasha: then break it.

Jordan: I did, but isn't working. Help me out please

Sasha mutters under her breath: weakling.

Jordan rolls his eyes as Sasha walks over to him. Sasha pulls back on chains but they don't break.

Jordan: told ya!

Sasha: whatever. You pull and I'll pull too.

Jordan and Sasha both pull back on the chain and they finally break the chain.

Jordan: teamwork!

Jordan goes to high five Sasha but she ignores him.

A sad Jordan says: that's fucked up!

Sasha rolls her eyes then says: “Let’s get out of here.”

Jordan: “What about this dude?”

Jordan points to the guy who is semi conscious.

Sasha: “We’ll leave him.”

Jordan: “We can’t just leave him.”

Sasha: “Jordan, let’s go.”

Before Jordan can say anything, the man speaks up and says: “Pl…please don’t leave me. I mu…must save my queen.:

Jordan looks at Sasha and then at the dude as if he’s crazy.

Jordan: “Dude, I’m not sure how Sasha and I got here, but I can tell you one thing, we’re on a cruise ship…there is no fucking queen on here.”

Guy: “I assure you, my queen is in danger. These pirates took her captive and intend to kill her. Please, help me get loose and save her. I will forever be in debt to you.”

Sasha: “To hell with him. He’s probably hopped up on drugs. Let’s go Jordan.”

Guy: “Please madam!”

Jordan looks at Sasha with a puppy dog face and says: “Even if the queen story is bullshit, we can’t leave him here, plus I want to find out who the fuck chained us down here.”

Sasha: “That’s what I care about most. Fuck him and a queen.”

Jordan: “Come on girl.”

Sasha sighs deeply and says: “FINE!”

Sasha walks over to the guy, as does Jordan and both break the chains off the guy.

Guy: “Thank you, I promise you, I will pay you back. You will not regret this act of kindness.”

Jordan helps the guy to his feet and they make their way to the door. They go to open it but see that it’s locked.

Jordan: “Shit.”

Sasha looks through a window to see there is a guy patrolling at the end of the hallway.

Sasha: “There is a guy…”

Guy: “Pirate…he’s a pirate.”

Sasha gives the man a death stare, then says: “Whatever. He has to walk down here and when he does, we’ll break down the door.”

Jordan: “Great idea.”
Sasha: “Of course it is.”

Guy: “Yes, this plan is very great.”

Jordan and Sasha look at each other and just shake their heads. After a few minutes, the pirate aligns himself with the door and actually goes to peak in and Jordan and Sasha both shoulder tackle the door, easily knocking the door off its hinges and crushing the man.

Sasha looks down at the pirate, spits on him and says: “Asshole.”

Jordan: “He has to have a weapon on him.”

Jordan kneels down and searches the pirate and pulls out a wooden knife.

Jordan: “What the fuck is this? Peter Pan?”

Guy: “A very devious weapon.”

Jordan and Sasha again look at each other and rolls their eyes.

Jordan: “Let’s get to the deck.”

Jordan, Sasha and the man walk down the hallway and up the stairs to the deck. They look around to see that old school pirates have taken over the ship.

Guy: “I told you. Pirates…”

Jordan: “Yeah, you weren’t bullshitting. What is your name by the way?”

Guy: “Jacob…Jacob Longbeard.”

Jordan face palms himself, then says: “What the hell is going on?”

Jacob: “My queen has been kidnapped.”

Jordan: “I know that but…” Jordan realizes he won’t get any where and quits in mid sentence. Jordan turns to Sasha and says: “What do you want to do?”

Sasha: “Kick whoever these people’s ass. They chained me up and I will kill anyone who was associated with it.”

Jordan: “Sounds like a plan. Jacob, can you fight?”

Jacob: “No.”

Sasha: “Why am I not surprised?” she says sarcastically.

Jacob: “But I am an excellent swordsman!” he says proudly.

Jordan hands him the wooden knife then says: “Here then use this. Sasha and I only need our fists.”

Jacob: “Oh but you will need a sword for John Black. The man who lead this kidnapping. He’s an excellent swordsman and your fists will not be enough.”

Jordan: “Well you can handle him.”
Jacob: “Good, I intend to.”

Jordan: “Just follow behind us and when we see old Johnny Black, then you can sword fight him to the death.”

Jacob: “Iye Iye!” he says with his bright eyes and huge grin.

Sasha: “Seriously?” she questions sarcastically.

Jordan: “Let’s just go.”

Sasha nods at Jordan and they run up to the deck and immediately start brawling with the pirates. Jacob follows behind them as they dispose of the pirates with ease. The scene cuts to John Black who sees this going on and yells out to his fellow pirates around him.

John: “Get the queen! It’s time to end this charade!”

The pirates around him get excited and run down the stairs into the hull below as John smiles, but has a concerned look on his face as Jordan and Sasha are destroying his men as they get closer to him. Suddenly a females voice can be heard cursing and yelling at the pirates who are bringing her up the steps.

John: “Prepare her to walk the plank!”

The men yell: “Iye Iye!”

The men prepare the queen to walk the plank. After a few minutes, she is prepared, but Jordan and Sasha have just dismantled the rest of the pirates and stare down John.

John: “Impressive! But you will not stand in the way of the Queen’s destiny! She will die today!”

The men who brought the Queen up go to attack Jordan and Sasha but they easily dispatch of them. Jordan gets a smirk on his face as John Black has a glimmer of concern on his face.

Jordan: “In case you haven’t seen, your men aren’t a match for us, so we will help you.”

John: “Ha! You haven’t met this one!”

John whistles and after a few moments a gigantic man who is over seven feet tall comes staggering out.

Sasha: “Just more for me to beat on.”

Jordan: “Hell yeah. Let’s go!”

Jordan and Sasha commence to fight the gigantic man as Jacob stares at John.

John: “Oh Jacob, you’re a puny swordsman. You can’t beat me.”

Jacob: “Like hell, John Black…you swine!”

John: “Ha! You and your insults don’t bother me!”

Jacob: “Let’s dance!”

Jacob and John clash wooden swords and begin fighting. Meanwhile, Jordan and Sasha are having their hands full with the giant man. Eventually Jordan and Sasha backs him up to the edge and knock him off the ship and into the water.

Jordan yells: “Man overboard!”

Sasha looks at Jordan as if he’s stupid.

Jordan shrugs his shoulders and says: “What? I always wanted to say that!”

Sasha: “You’re weird.”

The scene cuts back to Jacob and John. John has the upper hand as the two fight on the plank. Jacob is nearing the edge of the plank.

John: “Say your last words you girly man!”

John takes a strong side swipe swing at Jacob, who springs over the top of John with a somersault and John looses his balance and falls into the water as Jacob lands on his feet perfectly. Before John Black hit’s the water, a gigantic alligator snatches him out of the air and swallows him before the alligator crashes back in the water. Jordan sees this and is astonished.

Jordan: “Okay, this is. Is. Insane!” Jordan turns to Sasha and says: “You see that shit?”

Sasha shrugs her shoulders and says: “I saw it.”

Jacob runs past them and says: “My queen!”

Jacob runs over to the queen who is still tied up. Jordan and Sasha follow behind him.

Jacob: “I’m so glad you’re safe my queen! They did not harm you, did they?”

The queen turns to face them and says: “No they didn’t Jacob, other than being pissed off, I’m fine.”

Jordan jaw drops and yells: “MISTY!?!?!?”

Misty: “Who were you expecting?” she says with an evil grin.

Suddenly, the scene cuts to Jordan sitting up in his bed in his room on the real Royal Monarch ship.

Jordan: “That was a freaky dream!” he says with sweat beads dripping down his as the scene fades out.

The scene opens up to deck where the ring is set up for Summer XXTreme. Jordan Williams is sitting on the apron as the ring crew is setting up the lighting and chairs around him, preparing for the gigantic super card.

Jordan: “Tonight could very well be my last match. Depends on what happens. If I win the title, of course I will defend it like the proud and fighting champion that I am. If I lose…and that’s a big IF, I’ll quietly hang up the boots and walk away. My time at being at the peak of my powers is just about over, however, I have enough magic left…enough gas left in the tank to do this one more time. But I’m not going to make this the focus. My focus is the five men in this match besides myself.”

Jordan pauses for a moment, then continues.

Jordan: “While I do think my prime is past, I know I can walk into the main event and win this thing. If I don’t, then at least I know I gave it my best shot.”

Jordan pauses again, thinking about what he just said.

Jordan: “Listen to me…I’ve never spoken like this. Self doubt is at an all time high with me, however I’m still confident that I can get the job done. Becoming a two time SCW Heavyweight Champion is what I’m consumed with right now. There isn’t anything in this world that I won’t do, short of giving up my family to make sure I walk away with the title. You best believe Sasha is going to get involved. The mist will be spit…multiple times if need be. I will pull out all the stops. I will leave it all out in this ring. So if I won I won with my best. If I lose, then I lose with my best.”

Jordan smirks as he says that and takes a deep breath before continuing.

Jordan: “Things are changing for me, but I still have some fight in me. I could still continue on if I really wanted, but I’m one of those who don’t to see the decline. I want to leave at the top of my game. While I’m not at the very best I’ve ever been, where I’m at now is better than anyone in this match. That includes Nick and Gabriel, two men who I’ve had trouble with.”

“Gabriel, I will say this now, I will officially label you my rival. We’ve faced each other enough, we have enough history for me to say so. Regardless of what happens, if this is my last match or not, it was an honor facing you, even though you were on the winning side more times than I was. But it wasn’t one sided, it was a good balance. But believe me, I will make it a point to beat you tonight.”

“Nicky. You are my friend and a peer. I have a ton of respect for you, but we’ve always had a rivalry with one another. We always had the argument who was better. I felt I was, you felt you was. I’ll go down swinging saying I’m better than you, because when you did beat me, there was always bullshit going on. Be it Big B and Tony fucking things up or another wrestler. You never beat me clean with no interference. But you’re a very talented person and just like with Gabriel, I will try my hardest to make sure it was me who eliminated you.”

“Simon Jones…Cinderella. Your fifteen minutes run out tonight. I respect you, but you and I will have a go at it before its said and done. But no matter what, I will shake your hand, because that’s how much respect for you. Same for you Drake. You’re a tremendous competitor and it won’t be long before you’re SCW Champion. But like I told you, it isn’t your time yet. It’s my time. You’ll have to wait. Kevin Carter. You’re the one person who’s annoyed me more than anyone. We have a history that goes back a long way, but I never got revenge on you. But I will tonight, I guarantee it.”

“There you have it. These might be the last words I speak as an active competitor. I will make sure it continues after tonight, but if it doesn’t, I’m glad I came out of retirement and joined SCW. It was fun. But before I say goodbye, I will win the SCW Championship one last time. Why? Because I’m too good for ya!”

Jordan says that with his trademark grin as the scene fades out, perhaps for the last time?
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›› prologue ‹‹

Summer XXXTreme II is literally right around the corner. It's an event that everyone can't stop talking about and for the obvious reasons. One of thoe main yet obvious reasons happens to feature the main event of the evening. A six pack challenge for the SCW Heavyweight Championship. Six of the most talented and most deserving SCW Stars in one match for the biggest prize in the game. It doesn't get any bigger than that and it certainly doesn't get anymore challenging than that.

Out of all the stars in the match though, Kevin Carter is one of the two men in the match that hasn't been champion before. There's the current champion Simon Jones. There's Jordan Williams who has held the title before. There's Nick Jones whom has held it twice. Of course Gabriel is the first ever SCW Heavyweight Champion. Then there's Drake Green that's in the same boat as Kevin in the terms of never winning the title. One would say that would make the two of them the hungriest.

That could be true, but if we were betting people. We'd like say that Kevin is the hungriest out of the five of them and certainly hungrier than the likes of Drake Green. Kevin has been under contract close to six months now and in that time he's made a name for himself. Yet anytime he had been close to closing in on the Heavyweight Championship. Something always prevented him from getting the shot but not this time. Not this time at all. He had the shot and he was going to make the most of it.

On Sunday night Kevin finds himself in a position where it's now or never. If he doesn't walk away with the title now. There's a good chance he'll never find himself in that same spot again and if he does find himself in that spot again. It'll be a long time from now. But if he walks away with it now. It'll mean everything and it'll be the defining moment in his career. It'll show the world how talented he truly is. That's what he wants the most. Guess it's all a matter of time till we see how it turns out.


›› scene one ‹‹

Out in the garage of the shared home of Kevin Carter and Amy Marshall. Kevin was loading up his H2 Hummer as Amy dragged out their bags. They'd be flying out today to go catch up with the rest of the SCW Crew on the big ol' ship. Most of the bags Amy was carrying were hers because for whatever reason she decided to bring almost everything she owned. Amy just happened carrying out one final bag at that moment as she extended it in Kevin's direction.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: I think that's the last of it.

He reached over and took it from her as he put it into the back of the hummer before closing it. Good thing he deiced to use the hummer to drive to the airport or the two of them would have been in a lot of trouble trying to fit all of their bags in one car. With that being said he looked back over at her with a smug smirk.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Mhm, it is. We're going to be gone a few days though. I can't even begin to wonder why you have basically bringing your entire wardrobe.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: Don't judge me okay? You never know what could happen while we're out there at sea. I want to be prepared for anything and everything.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Are you preparing for snow? Rain? And the end of the world all in the process? Cause I saw the snow boots, the rain coat, and the metal amor you tried to stuff into your suitcase.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: Again like I said, don't judge me! You never know what could go on. I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Amy rolled her eyes a little bit as she caught onto the fact that Kev was teasing her. That's when she began to change the tone of their conversation and turn things into a different direction.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: So, are you ready for this weekend? You haven't really talked a whole lot about the match. Figured, I'd be hearing it none stop considering it's for the SCW Heavyweight Championship.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Well, we haven't had a whole lot of time to talk about that kind of stuff. With wedding plannig, working out, media stuff, and so on. It's just been one of those things where it hasn't come up, but I'm ready. I'm moe than ready. This is what I have waited for this entire time. I'm ready to make it a realy. I'm ready to win, prove I'm one of the best, and leave with the title.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: You've got a point baby, you've worked real hard for this moment. There's not a doubt in my mind that you're going to walk out with the title by the end of the night. But just in case you don't and just in case there's some fluke situation that happens. You gave it your best and I'm going to still love you much like the people are still going to love you.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: That's not going to be good enough for me Amy.

Amy looked at her for a second or two in a bit of shock, as she wasn't too sure on what he was talking about. It wasn't going to take long at all before he clued her in.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I can't afford to lose. I can't afford to come up short. I can't afford to just come in second place or just come close to winning. I'm over that stage of my life. I've got this chance. It's what I have wanted the most. Therefore it doesn't matter how many men I'm facing. It doesn't matter how good they are. All that matters is that somehow someway I am going to find a way to overcome the odds and I'm going to find a way to leave with that belt.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: I believe in you Kev, and so does everyone else. Sometimes things don't always work out the way we have planned. Granted, you are talented and you've got all the tools in the world to make things happen. Just keep in the back of you mind there's always a chance that things could go down hill. Last thing, I want is for you to become so obsessed with winning then something happen and you fee like you failed when in reality you gave it your best shot.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I honestly just can't accept that there's a chance I could fail. The moment that I accept the chance that I could fail then that's what's going to end up happening. I'm going to fail. I am going into this match dead set on winning. That's what I do best. I win and I put pressure on myself to do it because I thrive best off pressure. Don't worry Amy, I know what I'm going and I know that when this is all said and done I'm leaving with the most prized possession that SCW has.

▪ AMY MARSHALL: If you think this is what's best then put that pressure on yourself, I really wish you wouldn't because of how it could turn out but it is what it is.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I understand your concern, but it's now or never for me. Failure is not an option, so that title is coming home with me.

Kevin then made his way on past her as he climbed in the driver's side seat of the hummer and shut the door. For a second or two Amy just stood there shaking her head. She felt he was putting too much pressure on himself and that it could cost him in the end. Ultimately though it was his decision in the end. She made her way around the hummer and climbed in on the other side shutting the door. It was time for the two of them to begin their long journey to success.


▪ BLOG #4 ▪
›› Drake Green ‹‹  

Hey there folks,

It's been a few days since my last blog and I think it's because of the obvious why its been a few days. Been busting my ass and making sure that I'm without a doubt ready for this Sunday. But in the mist of getting ready, I couldn't help myself when it came to obsessing about something or rather than someone. That someone being none other than Drake Green.

When I came back to SCW after my suspension. I happen to find myself in the ring with him in my first match back. In my opinion it should have been a walk in the park. In my opinion the guy was nothing special. He was nothing too great. Nothing that I should have considered a threat and maybe that's where I messed up. Maybe that's where I made a mistake because I ended up losing to him. Something that wasn't acceptable in my book and something that set my career back in a big way as far as I am concerned.

That loss has been something that's eaten away at me ever since it happened. I promised myself that somehow someway I'd right that wrong. I didn't think I'd have the chance to do so soon and I was thinking it'd be in a different match setting, but never the less I have the chance to do so this Sunday. But you know what folks? When I think about thing and when I look at the big picture. Maybe this situation is the best situation for me to get my revenge. Because what say, I am truly better than you then by stopping someone from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion for a company? I don't think there is anything that sends that message clearer.

Don't get me wrong I'm not idiot though. Drake despite claiming to be a good guy, is one of the most egotistical motherfuckers around Sin City Wrestling. It's not that hard to figure out in the least bit. From the way he dresses, from the way he speaks, from the way he carries himself, and so on. It's all there in black and in white. He's a smug egotistical prick whom believes he's better than everyone else. Now if that was truly the case. I wouldn't throw salt in Drake's game but I know for a fact that he isn't better than me and I know for a fact that on the night he beat me. It was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right amount of luck and that's what I intend on proving this Sunday when I make sure he doesn't achieve his goal.

Go ahead and do what you do best though Drake. Go ahead and let everything I am saying go in one ear and out the other. Go ahead and write me off like you did last time. Go ahead and deny everything I'm saying. Go ahead and claim you are better than me. You've got that right. You can say those things. You can act that way, but I am promising you that in the end it's going to cot you anything and everything that you ever wanted. Because this moment and this championship is the one thing I have wanted the most since I stepped through the doors of SCW and I'll be damned if I let some egomaniac wannabe playboy take what I have earned and what I have deserved for a very long time. This is the moment that's going to define my career after being away from the top of the mountain for so long.

In case this is too much for you to wrap your mind around. In case that ego of yours is so thick it's making it hard for you to grasp what I'm saying and what I am trying to get across to you. I am going to put it in the simplest of terms. This time you WON'T beat me. You CAN'T make me tap out a second time. You WILL NOT have your hand raised in victory. When the dust and smoke clears out. You will NOT be in possession of the World Championship and will NOT be able to call yourself champion. And surely you're scratching your mind wondering why, well allow me to put it out there like this. None of that is going to happen for you Drake because...

You just aren't GOOD enough!


▪ BLOG #5 ▪
›› Simon Jones ‹‹  


24hrs until I walk out into the ring with five other men and attempt to become the SCW Heavyweight Champion. 24Hrs until I get in the ring with five of the best and try to take a step towards immortality. 24Hrs until I attempt to make history within the halls of SCW. It has been weighing heavy on my mind for the obvious reasons. But as heavy as it's weighed on my mind. As nervous as it has made me. I know in the bottom of my heart that I am ready for this match and I am ready for this opportunity.

But there's just one thing that is standing in my way of making my dream a reality. That thing is the very person that I see as the biggest threat to me. That someone is the person that has managed to land himself in the spot I wanted to be in during the time I was suspended. He has managed to become THE guy around here. That someone I am talking about happens to be none other than the SCW Heavyweight Champion himself, Simon Jones.

Thing with you Simon is, I'm not as angry or as bitter with you as I am with Jordan. Because it was Jordan that directly leached off what was meant to be mine when I got suspended. He's the one that made the most of the situation that was meant to be mine and he's the one that directly got everything that was meant to be mine. You on the other hand just managed to get a title shot and made the most of it. I can't really hate on you or be bitter over that much. But of course you know with being the top guy, you're going to have a target on your back that comes with the business.

I can say this much though, one of the biggest problems I have with you is the fact that you came from a completely different organization and basically got handed the spotlight right away. It doesn't matter what match you did win. It doesn't matter who you did beat. None of that matters at all to me. You should have been like everyone else. You should have had to start at the bottom like everyone else. You shouldn't have gotten the lime light so quickly. You shouldn't be in the spot that you are in right now is what I'm getting at. But clearly, you're talented enough. Not like you are some flash in the pan like some of the people in this match.

However we're going to see just how talented you are Simon. We're going to see just how good you are. Simply because I am going to push you to your limits and beyond. I want that World Championship more than anything in the world. I want to be in that spot more than anything in the world. I have been so close in the past only for it to be stripped away from me due to things that I couldn't really control. But now that I have this opportunity. Now that I have this chance once again. Now that it's right there staring me in the fact. There's not a chance in hell I am going to let that slip through my fingers.

In my honest opinion Simon, you don't know the struggle I am going through. You don't understand the hunger I am experiencing. You don't know what it is like to have so much taken from you when you've been this close. No, you walked into this company and basically had everything handed to you. I don't know if that's how it's always been your entire career and honestly I don't even care if that's how it's always been but I can assure you. That you're going to find out firsthand when we get in the ring together what a dedicated, hungry, determined, and hard working wrestler is like. Because I can almost guarantee you're going to be eating my boot at least once in the match and it might just be that time I knock your lights out to take the title off your hands.

I am just going to say this much Simon. You've had a good run. You've had some success. You managed to climb the mountain faster than most people. You have made your mark on SCW, but as someone that I see as my biggest threat and as someone that's standing in the way of what I want the most. You are someone that I have to take out. You are someone that I have to check. You are someone that I have to put in their place regardless of how hard it might be. However it's something that has to be done and it will be done on my quest to achieve the one thing I have wanted the most.

Best of luck though Simon, you're going to need it.


›› scene two ‹‹

It was the morning of Summer XXXTreme II. All the stars that were involved in the event just happened to be on the cruise ship as it has done set sail. With that being said cameras were on hand to film a promo and they just happened to be inside the Wheel House. The very spot where the Captain of the ship managed to steer the ship. There was Kevin just standing there looking out over the sea with Captain and his crew not too far away. It wasn't long at all before Kevin happened to notice the camera crew was there and filming. That's when the Main Attraction decided to open his mouth and speak out loud.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Well hello there folks... bet you've waited to hear from me these last two weeks haven't you? I don't blame you. I'm involved in a pretty big match up here tonight in the main event. So of course, you guys would want to hear from me and hear my thoughts. I waited as long as I could because I was waiting for the right time. I wanted to get all my training in. I wanted to be as focused as I could that way I wouldn't end up coming up short when it mattered the most. Not to mention I wanted to take the time to see what the guys had to say themselves about me and boy was it some interesting yet laughable stuff.

Carter shook his head to the side a little bit with a grin featured on his face.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I kind of expected a lot more from most of these guys. I expected a lot of these guys to say stuff that meant something. I expected a lot of these guys to say something that provided a purpose. I expected a lot of these guys to really put it out on the line,  but nearly every single one of them stuck with the same generic trash talk. Most of them said the same stuff and most of them said stuff that didn't have any meaning at all. It doesn't surprise me at all though, when I think about it in the long run. Never the less what's been said has been said and what's done has been done but now it's my time to share my views and my comments, so I am hoping you guys are listening up real close.

There was a pause for a brief moment. People were about to hear a lot come from Kevin at this moment. He wasn't going to hold back. He was going to let his feelings truly be known. It would piss people off and it'd rub people the wrong way, but sometimes shit happened and this was going to be one of those times.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Let's go ahead and start with Gabriel shall we? You know for a guy that's a veteran. For a guy that's the first ever SCW Heavyweight Champion. I expected a lot out of him. I expected maybe more than what I should have. But never the less when I got around to listening to the things he had to say about me. He let me down. I mean all he did was basically write me off as just another guy, stick with the ever so cliche out look that he's better than me, and said that I bitched a lot about the whole suspension thing. I mean honestly that's the best he had to throw at me. Wow... and this guy was the first ever SCW Heavyweight Champion? Well at the end of the day guess it doesn't really matter what you say as long as you've got the tools in the ring. Gabriel has that, but allow me to take the time to comment on a few things. First of all Gabriel, don't ever just flat out say you're better than me when you've never been in the ring with me. You've never taken me on head up. So you don't have any idea who the better man is out of the two of us and as long as you act like this. I can tell you that the ego is going to be the thing that cost you when we do end up facing each other. There's nothing wrong with being confident in your abilities, but coming off an arrogant assclown isn't going to help you any at all. If anything I'm one of the biggest threats you have in this match. Might want to start taking me as such. And as far as me 'bitching' as you put it. I never used that as a crutch for anything. I stated the truth of what happened. I was suspended for my actions and who I associated with. That cost me a lot of things I wanted like the SCW Heavyweight Championship, something I was in line for all along. It cost me headlining events and so on and so forth. It isn't me bitching when I'm pointing out what happened and when I'm man enough to admit I got suspended because of what I did. Not just because Hot Stuff decided to suspend me on his own for no reason. But that's fine Gabriel. You can say what you want. You can word things how you want. You can twist things how you want. At the end of the day I know what really happened and when we find ourselves in the middle of the ring with each other tonight. I'm going to give you a reason to retract your words and show me a little bit of respect next time we face off.

Wow, that was quite a bit coming from Kevin. The Main Attraction went from having a lot of respect for Gabriel and treating him as one of the biggest threats in the match to serving him up in a big way and crossing over in the disrespectful side of things. At the same time though Gabriel brought it on himself with the things he had decided to say about Kevin in the first place. Oh well though, that's just how it was. Now it'd be interesting to see what it was like when these two hooked up in the ring just as Kevin decided to focus elsewhere on a different opponent and one he seemingly hated the most.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Now I'll turn my attention to Drake Green. I am not going to lie to you guys, Drake confuses the hell out of me. You see he bills himself as a good guy. He bills himself as a saving grace. He came off as a hero to a lot of you. That's what his image was but then when the two of us found ourselves in the ring with each other and even when he was talking his shit on twitter. He came off like a royal prick. He came off like a bitch made motherfucker. He was as rude as rude could get. And now suddenly his tune changes about me? Now suddenly he wants to make nice? Drake goes around telling people in interviews that I was a tough opponent. The match was close between us. I was fierce and that I didn't know how to quit. Then he tells people that he wants to see what I can do and how I carry myself in this type of match up. Is that really how it's going to be Drake? One minute, you want to talk shit about me and then the next minute you want to be the good guy in everything? There's no in between Drake. There's never been an in between. You're either an asshole and you own up to it, or you're the good guy everyone loves. Don't try and mix it up. Don't try and stay in the middle. Don't try and hide who you are, because eventually your cover is going to get blown wide the fuck open. Keep it up and that person that blows it open is going to be me. Now with that being said if you want to play this role then by all means play it, but I don't trust you. I honestly never have. However you did get something right. You did manage to get the fact I'm a fierce competitor right. You did manage to get the fact that there's no quit in me right. You did get the fact that our match was close and it was tight. But when it comes to tonight and seeing what I can bring to the table. You're going to find out firsthand what I'm going to bring to the table when you find yourself laying out cold in the middle of that ring seeing stars. I said it before and I'll say it again. There's not a chance in hell I am letting you take my spot and take what I want the most. You will never be World Champion around here as far as I'm concerned and as long as I have something to say about it.

It was no secret that these two had issues with each other and it had a lot to do with the first match involving the two of them a few wees back. Kevin came up short and it's something that had bothered him ever since. Then of course Drake running his mouth and being the way he was didn't help matters. In this particular situation though Drake's comments had irritated him so much that Kevin went completely off but soon enough he'd be able to handle in the ring.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: And now that would bring me to Jordan Williams. It isn't a surprise and it isn't a secret that I have an issue with Jordan. I have been letting that known the entire time. I'm not pleased with the fact he got my spot. I'm not happy with the fact he beat Spike for the title when that was meant to be my goal. That was meant to be my achievement. I have admitted to being bitter and I have admitted to being jealous. At the same time though, I have vowed to make sure that I righted what I felt was wrong. Which now brings me to the shit that Jordan decided let spew from his mouth. In short term he told me to get over being jealous. Get over what happened. Get over the fact that he was in the spot he was in even though it was taken from me. After telling me to get over something, he turns around and contradicts himself by showing that he himself has been holding onto something. He talks about how I ruined his celebration when I stole his title. He talks about how I ruined his moment after I crashed his win. He talks about how he's held onto it this long and how we've been kept apart, but because now we've got this match he's going to kick my ass. Even though he tried on Climax Control and failed in a big way. You know what Jordan? Maybe, you should take your own advice. Maybe you should stop being so bitter if you want me to stop being bitter. Maybe you should stop being so jealous if you want me to stop being jealous. Maybe you should stop holding onto the past if you want me to stop holding onto the past. Maybe you should learn to just get the fuck over shit if you want me to do the same but clearly you aren't and clearly neither am I. It's quite clear that the two of us need to fight it out and that's what we're going to do when we get into the ring. We're going to fight and we're going to beat the hell out of each other. In the only one man can walk out with his teeth, his dignity, and the SCW Heavyweight Championship. Let me tell you something Jordan, it sure as hell aint going to be you.

It was well documented that Jordan was the one that he had the biggest issue with in this match. It started with some stuff from a few months ago and it has just boiled over and spilled over. This involved more than just the title but on this particular night this is what it was going to be about th most. No doubt they were going to beat the shit out of each other and they were going to enjoy giving it everything they got. At the end of the night though only one of them could win, but then again if they didn't focus the way they should. Neither one of them could win and that'd be a bad deal.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: Next up in line is Nick Jones. The former two-time SCW Heavyweight Champion, and the guy that I don't see as a threat to me. As well as the guy that I believe shouldn't even be in this match in the first place. Not that it's a surprise or anything, I've been vocal about it. I wanted to see just exactly what he had to say about me. I wanted to see what all the hype was about the guy in general and sure enough as I expected. He let me down, he didn't have anything entertaining to say, and he's the nobody I believed he was to begin with. Surely, he'll deny it because that's what he does but this time he won't be able to deny it. This time he won't be able t escape it. This time he won't be able to do anything aside from deal with the truth. All that Jones had to say about me was the fact he was better than me. Been there, done that. Heard that same song and dance. He also mocked me for calling myself the number one contender and future champion. He mocked me and said that I never do a damn thing to deserve it. He mocked me and said that I had things handed to me because of who I decided to align myself with. Of course he topped it off with the ever so usual I'm going to beat you and win shit. Well, let me go ahead and poke all sorts of holes in Jones's logic. For starters, I have earned plenty around here. Nor sure if you've been living under a rock but I earned the tag team titles when I carried Ace Baldwin to the titles. I also earned the Going For Gold briefcase. That has nothing to do with who I was associated with, so this proves that you were just trying too hard to latch onto something. Anything just to talk trash. But that's fine Jones, go ahead and be basic like that. Go ahead and think that you've got it all figured out. Go ahead and think that you've got this all in the bag. Because it's that attitude that's going to end up costing you in a big way. It's that attitude that's going to screw you over in the end. It's that attitude of yours that's going to lead to me punching your teeth out your mouth and then dumping you on your head as you are just one of the many that I intend on taking out. In the end though Jones, you are the one that's going to be looking stupid and pathetic for running your mouth the way you did because I'm the one that's leaving with a victory at the end of the night regardless of what you throw at me and I'm the one that's putting an end to your goal of becoming a three time champion!

The Main Attraction wasn't holding back in the slightest bit. He was letting his feelings be known. He was letting his intentions be known. He was verbally slashing the throat of all his opponents. It was pretty clear the way he verbally gutted Nick Jones without a care in the world. He made some good points and then there was other points that weren't so good that could cause people to disagree with him. Again though what was done was done. With that being said Carter turned his attention to the actual champion.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: And then finally I come to the SCW Heavyweight Champion: Simon Jones. I've said before and I'll say it again. This guy is the biggest challenge and the biggest threat to me in the match. He's one of the few guys that h  as just walked in here and managed to make it to the top of the main event in such a small amount of time. Granted, I have my feelings towards his status. Granted I feel like he's had an easy road and I feel like he's had a lot of stuff handed to him based on where he came from. Not exactly something I'm fond of but I can't hate on Simon too much. I can't throw salt in his game because even though if feel that way. It doesn't change the fact the guy is at the top. It doesn't change the fact he's champion. He's still managed to defeat some of the toughest guys around here. Now currently Simon has decided to take the silent approach with things. That's fine. He can do that if he chooses. It's not a matter of words anyway. It's about your ability in the ring, but let me put it like this. Simon has had an easy road thus far. He's struggled a bit and he's managed it but, I personally believe he's going to fold under the pressure of facing five of the best. When that does happen, there's going to be a brand new SCW Heavyweight Champion crowned tonight.

Maybe he had a point. Simon was too silent and maybe the pressure had gotten to him. Or maybe Simon was quiet because he was going to let his actions do all the talking for him. Never the less though this was still Simon's biggest match in SCW. It was going to be a challenge for him. It would tell people what he was truly made of. He would either sink or swim, but a lot of people saw it as a situation where he was going to sink and that just wasn't a good thing for Simon but a good thing for everyone else.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: From here on out boys, I consider it smooth sailing. I know what I want. I know what I need to do. I know what I am up against. I know that deep down my best is going to out the best of every single one of you. Sure, you'll disagree. Sure, you'll laugh at me. Sure, you'll count me out but there's a reason I am here. There's a reason I am one of the biggest names around, There's a reason, I have always been this close to making a dream a reality. All five of you are going to have to take the backseat to me, because nothing and no one is stopping me this time around.

There was another pause coming from the Main Attraction at that moment. He was taking a brief moment to let all his words sink into the minds of the fans watching and even to his opponents when they got around to seeing this video. That's when Carter began to speak again but this time would be for his final time and his final message to be delivered.

▪ KEVIN CARTER: I've said it a lot in the past and nothing has changed. I'm the Main Attraction to SCW for a reason. I put asses in seats. It doesn't matter if people love me or hate me. They still come to see me. I draw in a big way. No can deny that and after everything I have done. After everything I have worked for. After being so close before. It's time that I finally seal the deal. It's time my fans see me becoming something. It's time that I hold that SCW Heavyweight Championship high above my head. Tonight, will be that night. Just you wait and see!

With that being said the Main Attraction had nothing else to say. He did what he needed to do. He put all his opponents on blast. He delivered the message he needed to deliver. He made sure that all eyes were on him and got his name out there among the rest o them. Now it was simply a matter of seeing what went down in the ring tonight. Carter walked forward with a smirk on his face until he was out of the cameras ciew which then lead to the cameras fading out to black. It left everyone wondering and waiting for tonight's main event. Surely it would steal the show and whomever ended up winning would have without a doubt deserved it. It was simply just a matter of time of waiting to see how it all turned out. Never the less though, history was about to be made for Sin City Wrestling.

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 Vacation Part II: Recovery

Campeona: I love you my Drake…

[The camera fades in to a small, square hospital room. The walls are covered in what were most likely white tiles at one point. Across the far wall is a large window covered in thick iron bars. The loud tick tock of an old ‘Honeywell’ clock hanging above the closed, thick wooden wall is heard over and over and over again. In a chair, directly across from the hospital bed, sits Max. He is wearing a heavily wrinkled, bright blue Hawaiian shirt and dirty white pants. His unshaven face is starting to grow into a thicker gray beard. His hair, obviously greasy and unwashed, is mushed around on his head as if he had been running his hands through it over and over. He stares patiently and worriedly at the hospital bed across from him. Laying in the bed is Drake. His dark hair is uncombed and his face too is showing the early signs of a beard. His eyes, closed as they are, have large dark rings around them. He sits under a white sheet, shirtless, breathing softly and slowly. An intravenous drip sits stuck in his arm, right above the tattoo of the  ‘Male’ symbol on his inner forearm. He starts to move his head from side to side and he slowly opens his eyes.  Noticing this, Max jumps to his feet and darts over to his friend’s bedside.]

Max: D, you awake? Can you hear me buddy?

[Max gives him a slight nudge.  Drake rubs his eyes and gets a good look at his friend.]

Drake: Yeah. You look like shit though.

[Max smiles.]

Max: It’s good to have you back, D.

Drake: Back? Where did I go?

[Drake sits up in the hospital bed and looks around the room.]

Drake: Where am I?

Max: You’re in the Clinical Hospital in Caracas.

Drake: How…where…is-

[Max cuts him off.]

Max: Campeona? She isn’t real, Drake.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Max: What exactly do you remember?

Drake: I was in the hotel courtyard and I met her. We went to dinner and-

[Max cuts him off again.]

Max: Anything before the courtyard?

Drake: Yeah, we got to the hotel. You guys were checking in and I stepped on that bug.

Max: That wasn’t a bug, D. That was a Chactidae scorpion.

Drake: A what?

Max: A scorpion. Apparently those little thing s can really fuck you up. They can cause a fever, large red welts all over the body, severe disorientation, and in some cases….hallucinations.

Drake: So you’re telling me I made it all up? The whole night with the most amazing woman I have ever met?

Max: It’s not that you made it up, D. But something inside of you was projecting out that vision. Of a beautiful woman named Campeona….Champion.

Drake: You’re not about to get deep on me are you?

Max: Think about it! What have we been pining for? What have we been working so hard for? Now we have it all in front of us. Of course you’re going to envision the championship as the most attractive thing in the world to you. A woman!

Drake: I think I need to get up.

[Drake tries to get up but he is in obvious pain.]

Max: Slow down there, killer. You’ve been in that bed for quite a while.

Drake: What, like twelve hours? I’ve slept longer than that, you know.

Max: Try four days.

Drake: Four days!?

Max: Yup. The first two days you were in and out mostly. Kept mumbling ‘Campeona…I love you…’. After that you pretty much slept while all the swelling went down.

Drake: What swelling? How bad was it?

Max: Let’s just say you were pretty red and puffy.

Drake: Fuck, Maxy. We wasted the whole vacation.

Max: Don’t worry about it, D. The important thing is that you’re ok. We’ll get another shot at that title eventually.

Drake: What do you mean?

Max: There’s no way you’re gonna be ready now. We had to cancel.

Drake: Fuck that!

[Drake pushes through the pain and pulls his legs around and sets his feet on the floor.]

Max: Drake, it’s ok. We’ll get another shot.

Drake: You really think I’m gonna pull out of this match? You think for a second I’m gonna do that to the fans. They deserve to see me in that ring, Maxy. Just because I’m here now doesn’t mean I can’t get in that ring. We’ve got ten days. Ten days can work.

Max: Drake. You’re not even supposed to fly back yet let alone get in the ring. Plus, what kind of shape are you gonna be in? You’ve been laid up for four days. You know what that can do to your body? What it can do to you muscles? Look, you can’t even stand. Why don’t you lie back-

[Drake cuts Max off by grabbing his arm.]

Drake: Maxy, I love you. You’re the best friend I’ve got and you’re really the only father I’ve ever known. But I swear to God if you don’t get me out of this fucking country and get me back to Vegas I will fire your ass.

[Max and Drake stare at each other for a moment.]

Drake: I…We have a championship to win.

[The stare continues.]

Max: Ok, D. I’m in.

[Drake smiles.]

Drake: Good. Now get me out of this fucking bed.

[The two laugh as the camera fades out.

The camera fades back into a large office. Beautiful wood with gold inlay lines and covers the walls all the way to the built in bar along the back wall. The far wall has a large desk with papers shuffled around and three different computer screens on the top. Across from the desk is a large burgundy leather couch. With speakers on either side playing classical music. Barry is pacing back and forth in between the couch and desk, talking loudly on his cell phone. He is wearing pinstripe suit pants with suspenders, a blue shirt and a red tie. His ear length blonde hair is slightly messy with three quarters of it slicked straight back and the rest flailing around as he makes hand gestures. The door to the office cracks open as Drake and Max walk in. Max is wearing a black pants and black shoes with a gray polo shirt on. His salt and pepper hair neatly combed and his face is freshly shaven. Behind him is Drake, wearing blue jeans, black and white Converse sneakers, a white v-neck t-shirt and an oversized, zip up hoodie. He walks with a slight limp as he hobbles over to the couch and plops down. They sit for a moment as Barry finishes up his heated phone conversation.

Barry: I don’t give a fuck what Mark Cuban says, Dirk gets paid or he doesn’t show up. Are we clear? That’s right. Good. Tell Mark I’ll call him tomorrow.

[Barry hangs up the phone. He turns to Drake and smiles.]

Barry: Champ, you’re alive!

Drake: It’s good to see you too, Barry.

Barry: You look like shit, you know. I can’t believe you’re actually gonna compete in this match. You know when it’s me telling you to sit this one out it’s serious.

Drake: I appreciate the concern but I’m in it to win it, Barry. And this is how you win it.

[Barry turns to Max.]

Barry: You sure you’re ok with this, Slim Jim? I mean he’s half a fucking vegetable for fuck’s sake. He probably couldn’t get his prick up for Emma Rose right now.

Max: He’s the boss.

Drake: That’s right. I am the boss, Barry.

[Barry leans up against his desk.]

Barry: Hey if you wanna go out there it’s your call, Showtime. But we could lose serious dollars here, pal.

[Drake gets up.]

Drake: I’m with you on all of this shit, Barry. The money, the endorsements, the commercials, all the fucking t-shirts and poster signings. I’m there. But this…this is  not about money, ok. This is about me and my father and my brother. It’s about Max. No Green has ever worn a Heavyweight Championship belt. This means more to me than the house, the money, women, all of it. I don’t care if it’s a bruised rib or elbow or poison from a fucking scorpion. Nothing is going to stop me from getting into that ring on the 18th. You understand me.

Barry: I’m right there, Champ. I’m with you.

Drake: Good.

Barry: So what’s the plan here anyway guys? I mean, you can barely walk.’

Drake: The gym, Barry. The gym.

[The camera cuts to Drake and Max in the gym. Max is wearing a red Adidas track suit and white cross trainers on and Drake is wearing black Nike gym shorts and a skin tight black tank top. He has a heavy bandage around his right ankle which is sticking out from underneath his back sock as he squats with about 250 pounds across his shoulders.]

Max: Push it, D. Push it.

[Drake winces a bit and lets out a loud groan as he snaps the weight back on to the squat rack. He breathes a sigh of relief as he picks up a towel and wipes his forehead and his face.]

Drake: This isn’t getting any easier.

Max: What did you expect?

Drake: I don’t know. I thought it would be better by now.

[Drake shakes his right foot.]

Max: It’s gonna hurt. The doctor said to stay off of that foot where that thing bit you for two to three weeks and you’ve been pushing it harder in the gym than I’ve seen you in the last ten years. Not since you and Nick were together.

Drake: Maybe Barry was right, Maxy. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.

[Max looks at Drake in a hard stare for a few moments.]

Max: Why don’t you hit the showers, kid. Take the rest of the day off. We’ll get back at it in the morning.

Drake: A shower actually sounds pretty damn good right now.

Max: Good. I’ll see you upstairs in a bit. I’m gonna hit the treadmill for a little while.

Drake: You gonna try and work some of that old off of ya?

[Max smiles.]

Max: Keep talking and I’m gonna step on your foot.

[The two share a laugh as Max heads up the stairs and Drake walks over to the locker room. He pushes through the door and heads to a set of lockers. He opens one of them and then sits down on the wooden bench in front of it. He pulls off his black tank top and chucks in to the bottom of the locker. He twists his head toward his right side and looks over the dark bruising around his ribs. He touches them and then winces a bit in pain. He lowers his head and lets out a long sigh. As he picks up his head he sees a picture taped on the inside of the locker. It’s his brother Nick and him, holding up the tag team championship belts, standing on opposite turnbuckles. Drake lets out a small smile as he closes his eyes and begins to think about how much he misses his brother as the camera fades out.

It fades back in to a small dressing room. There are large, dark gray bricks that make up the walls, a small ripped up couch, and a stool sitting a cross from a stand up mirror. The room is lit up by a dim overhead light the swings ever so slightly back and forth, indicating a small breeze is coming from somewhere. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the large metal door swings open and in comes Nick and Drake. Nick is wearing black tape on his wrists and hands, long green wrestling tights that read “ACTION PACKED” going down the right leg, and black wrestling boots. His dark hair is tall and spiked and his front blades are bleached blonde. Drake is sporting a ponytail and similar long green tights. Each man is holding a tag team championship belt. As they get to the center of the small dressing room, they stare at each other and then embrace in a giant hug.]

Nick: Oh man, Dickey. I can’t believe we did it.

Drake: I know. This is such an awesome feeling.

Nick: The ‘Main Event’ baby!

Drake: ‘Action Packed’ Nick Green!

Nick: And “Mr. Showtime” Drake Green!

Drake: The Tag Team Champions of the world!

[The two laugh and smile.]

Drake: Oh man, I don’t ever want this feeling to end.

Nick: I know what you mean.

Drake: You think this is what it felt like for Dad and Uncle Max?

Nick: I’m sure they were just as happy when they won these titles, little bro. How could they not be?

Drake: I don’t ever want this team to break up, Nick. I just want to be Tag Team Champions forever.

Nick: Well, not forever.

Drake: What do you mean?

Nick: Don’t you have any other aspirations?

Drake: Like what?

Nick: You know, like singles titles or something.

Drake: Why would I want to win a title without you?

Nick: I don’t know. I guess the real question is why wouldn’t you?

Drake: Because you’re brother. We’re a team. This is what we always talked about, Nick. To be World Tag Team Champions together. This is what it’s all about.

Nick: Look, Dickey.

Drake: Drake.

Nick: What?

Drake: My name is Drake.

Nick: Ok. Look, Drake. I’m not saying I don’t wanna be World Tag Team Champions with you. I’m just saying, eventually, I wanna go on my own.

Drake: I don’t get it.

Nick: You know Dad was a 2-time Television Champion before he and Uncle Max got together. And hell, Max is what…a three time North American Champion?

Drake: Yeah, but-

[Nick cuts him off.]

Nick: Drake, it’s not like I’m saying I wanna quit the team. We just won these belts, man! I’m just eventually I wanna break out on my own. I wanna do something that Dad and Uncle Max couldn’t do. I wanna be the Heavyweight Champion.

[Drake laughs.]

Nick: What’s so funny?

Drake: Come on, Nick. The Heavyweight Champion?

Nick: Yeah. What’s so funny?

Drake: Guys like us don’t win the Heavyweight Championship. We’re not meant for that. Ok, maybe you can win a Cruiserweight Championship or even a Television Championship, but the Heavyweight Championship? You’re dreaming.

[Nick gets a bit angry and moves in close to his younger brother.]

Nick: Do I look like I’m asleep, Drake? All my life people told me I’m too small to make it. That I’m not good enough to make it. Well you know what I have to say to them? Fuck you. This here is proof.

[Nick holds up his Tag Team Championship belt.]

Nick: This is where it starts. And it’s not gonna stop until I reach the top. You can either sit here and watch me climb or you can join me, little bro. But I’m touching the stars one way or another. No one is gonna stop me. I’m gonna be the first Green to wear that Heavyweight title belt, even if it kills me.

[Drake and Nick stare at each other for a couple seconds and the screen fades out.

It fades back to Drake, staring at the picture of he and his brother. A small tear wells up in his eye as he thinks about all the things that his ambitious brother never go to accomplish. He gets up and grabs a white t-shirt and slips it on. He pulls out an iPod and straps it to his left forearm. Right above his ‘Male” symbol tattoo where the IV sat just last week. He slams the locker door shut and heads up stairs to wear Max is running on the treadmill. Max sees him coming and slows down the treadmill belt to a stop.]

Max: What happened to the shower?

Drake: I changed my mind. I’m gonna go for a run.

Max: Great. Hop on the machine next to me.

Drake: No a real run. Outside.

Max: Oh. You ok?

Drake: Yeah, I’m fine. Just feel like hitting the pavement and running home. It’s been a while.

Max: You want some company?

Drake: No I just want to be alone for a bit.

Max: You sure you’re alright, D?

Drake: Yeah, Maxy. I’m cool.

Max: Alright. Just be careful on that foot, ok?

Drake: Yeah. Got it.

[Drake heads out of the gym and on to the busy street. Looking down at his watch, it reads 3:12. He moves his head around in circles as the bright sun beams him in the face. He stretches his legs a for a moment and glances over at the good looking woman who smiles at him as she walks by. He smiles back faintly and goes back to stretching. He kneels down and pulls up the sock that is covering his bandage and then stands back. He reaches over and clicks on his iPod. ‘Get Lucky” by Daft Punk begins to play in his ears and he pushes off, heading down the road. He picks up some speed as he starts to lose himself in his thoughts.]

“Could she really have been all in my imagination. Her soft touch? The sweetness I tasted in her lips as she kissed me? All of it? I’m still finding all of this so hard to swallow. I’ve never had something take over my mind before. Well, nothing I didn’t pay for anyway. I could’ve sworn I had met the love of my life. That was it for me. I never wanted to leave her side. The way she smelled, the way she felt, it was amazing. Who knows? Maybe I was just projecting the Heavyweight title as a woman like Max said. I just find it all so weird.”

He wipes the sweat from his brow as he turns the corner.]

“I’m trying to think when the last time I felt that good was. Was it when I won the titles with Nick? Was it the first time I saw Rosie? Oh, Rosie. I almost forgot about her. She was great. I haven’t thought about her in so long. I wonder where she is and what she’s doing. Is she still in Pennsylvania with her Mom? I really hope she didn’t go back to that guy Reno. That would suck. She was a nice girl. I really tried with her. At least for a little while. I don’t know what it is about women. I guess I have soft spot for some of them. More like all of them.”

[A group of girls smile at him as he whisks by.]

“Yes. Definitely all of them. You know who can get it? That Odette chick. It’s such a shame she’s stuck with that weirdo Gabriel. I guess she isn’t really stuck with him. She’s kinda marrying him. Stupid isn’t it? She’s so hot! He’s so, small and frail looking. I suppose some women like that kind of look. Lord knows I like all different types of women. This Gabriel guy though. I have no idea what he’s doing in this match. Some could make the argument that I don’t belong either though. All former or champions, except me. I guess it must have something to do with the fans. Mark and Christian must think I can sell some tickets. But Gabriel, why is he there? I get he was the first ever SCW Heavyweight Champion but come on. The man is practically an undercard tag team wrestler now. I’m not denying he can get down in the ring but can he really draw money like the other guys? Are people gonna pay to come see him with that strap? I’m not sure. Hey, this is fun. Running and talking to myself. Why don’t I do this more often?”

[Drake turns on to another road.]

“Another one is Simon. I love this guy but why does he even have that belt? It never seemed right. It was a weird push. The guys got talent but he belongs in ACW fighting Ben Jordan. The belt just looks weird around his waist. He’s such a nice guy, though. Maybe I should get him something? Like a bottle of wine or something. That would be nice. I guess if I end up winning that would probably be a real dick move. I bet Barry would die laughing though. This song is pretty damn good.”

[He restarts the song on his iPod.]

“Up all night to get lucky…I don’t know if this reminds me of me or Kevin Carter. I like Kevin. I wish I could bang Amy. Why do I want to bang everyone’s fiancé? Am I that guy? The guy you have to watch your girl around? Amy’s not even my type. Wait a sec, we went over this already. I like them all. Kevin is a dude’s dude though. I’d like to spend some time with him. Grab some drinks. Hit on some chicks. I know he probably wouldn’t cheat on Amy but I bet it’s be fun to vamp on some chicks with him. Dude has class. And he’s one hell of a talent. He’s only got one loss since showing up in SCW. Oh...who gave him that loss? That’s right, it was the guy with the huge cock, Mr. Showtime.”

[Drake smiles as he turns another corner.]

“I almost feel like it should be Kevin that wins that match. He deserves it. He’s bordering on kind of old. It could be his last run. Who knows? It would sit alright with me if he ended up with the strap. As long as he pinned someone else, LOL. Did I just say LOL to myself? God I gotta stop texting.  Anyway Kevin’s a dude. Check. He may be an old dude but he’s not as old as Jordan Williams, LOL. Damn it! I did it again!”

[He looks both ways as he crosses a street and keeps going.]

“Doesn’t Jordan look like Morgan Freeman just a little bit? Ok, fine he’s not THAT old. But he’s getting up there. He is a former champion and I get that carries some weight but once again, I feel like he was just thrown in this match to make it bigger. He’s not gonna win. He had his time and for whatever reason, it was lost to Simon Jones. That was the symbol of passing the torch to the next generation. You can’t pass the torch and then ask for it back. It doesn’t work like that. At least it shouldn’t. When he said he was retiring I was a bit sad though. I would’ve liked to have wrestled him one on one. He is somewhat of a legend. But this match just doesn’t fit him.”

[Drake turns to quieter road on his right.]

“What gets me the most though is how he’s friends with that douchebag Nick Jones. Oh man I can’t stand that guy. Even if I don’t win I hope I get to knock that guy out. I hope I get drop his head on the mat and stuff his neck in to his shoulders just so he’ll shut up. I’m pretty sure he just likes the sound of his own voice. All he does he rant and rave about how cool he is and how he’s the man and blah blah blah. No one really cares. I don’t any way. He is the only two-time Heavyweight Champion and Lord knows I give credit where credit is do but come on! He’s a tool! Man of the year? I’m the man of the people! That’s more important to me anyway. What the crowd thinks. I know this guy doesn’t give two craps about the people in the stands. All he cares about is himself. And that’s the most dangerous guy there is.”

[He hangs a left on to an even quieter road.]

“I don’t know why I’m talking to myself about these guys like they even have a chance. There’s no way I can lose this match. I have to win. This is why I came here. This title. I need to win. For Max, for Barry, for myself. I can’t let this chance slip through my fingers. It may be the only chance I get.”

[He turns in to a long, upward driveway.]

“This is for the fans. For all of the heart and support they throw my way. This is for all of the years Max tried to get me to figure it out. This is for my Dad, who never got the opportunity to compete for a title like this. It’s for Rosie and Elise and April and all the other women who got pushed to the side while I chased this shot. For Barry, who even though annoys the shit out of me sometimes, works his fucking ass off to make sure Max and I are taken care of. This is for Nick. My brother and my best friend who I miss more than anything. Who I would give for just to see one more time. This is his dream. I probably would’ve been happy with the Roulette title and some cash if it weren’t for him. He deserved this shot and I need to take it for him.”

[Drake gets to the top of the driveway and stares at his house.]

“Most of all, this is for me. I’ve earned this. I am the best man walking in to that ring. Even with bruised ribs and a bum foot. I am the next SCW Heavyweight Champion and that’s all there is to it. Because, after all, what time is it?”

[He opens his mouth to speak out loud.]

Drake: It’s Showtime.

[The scene fades out.]

The most magical, the most fantastical Showstopper of all time...

Former SCW World Heavyweight Champion

Former SCW Roulette Champion [1x]

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