Author Topic: The secret's out! - a VERY short CBing RP  (Read 2145 times)

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The secret's out! - a VERY short CBing RP
« on: November 27, 2022, 10:06:38 PM »
The famed GO Gym was in a full swing of activity as Gabriel and Odette Stevens were busying themselves with a brand new class of hopefuls and wannabe Superstars/Bombshells, dreaming of making it into the rough and tumble world of professional wrestling. While other members of past classes and former graduates worked out elsewhere in the Gym to keep in shape and maintain the sharpness of their in-ring skills, a handful of said graduates lent a hand to the Stevens in putting these kids through the proverbial wringer.

London Underground. Team GO aka Ariana,  Carter and Krystal... all there.

One of the toughest assistants to lend a hand was Fenris, but he had taken a brief break, or rather, Gabriel had asked him to rather than risk any of the male students burning out too quickly or worse; flat out quitting from being placed inside a training regime with someone like "the White Wolf". It was just as well, as Aron who had been working out among the free weights had wanted to talk with his brother about recent events so they found a quiet spot away from the rings.

"So?" Aron shrugged as he huddled closer toward his brother, his arms folded over his slimmer upper body. "How did they take it?"

"It went about as well as could be expected." Fenris sighed, throwing back his sweat soaked hair. "Mom was in tears and Dad had to end the call to go after her. Tried explaining it only happened because David and I were drunk but you know how Mom reacts to that line of reasoning..."

Aron could only nod, knowing well enough that their mother absolutely hated the way her oldest son had turned drinking into an art form.

Fenris went on, "I'll try to explain later after Mom had time to cool down. I just can't believe the way she reacted!"

"Well you can't exactly blame her, K." Aron reasoned, playing the devil's advocate. "Mistake or not, you're the first of her kids to get married and she would have liked to have been there for..."

"What!?" The voice from behind the brothers caused them to start and turn around and they found a passing Mackenzie Page standing there with a towel draped around her neck, a water bottle in her hand, and a scowl on her face that would rival any Fenris ever wore on his own. It was this moment where the brothers realized that somehow they hadn't slipped back into their native Icelandic like they were wont to do when privately conversing.

Fenris closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, "Mother fu-"

"You got MARRIED!?" Mackenzie all but bellowed, causing all noise in the gym to cease and heads turned, in the rings and at the weights and workout machines.

Fenris opened his eyes and growled, "Mackenzie... do NOT..."

"What was that?" Gabriel approached, having slipped from the ring to make certain nothing was wrong. "Did something happen?"

Mackenzie turned to Gabriel but her venom was aimed RIGHT at the direction of Fenris, "This ASSHOLE..." She spun and clocked him upside of the head! "...Got married and didn't tell anybody!"


Gabriel blinked and looked at Fenris with a stunned expression, "You got MARRIED???"

"Who got married?" Odette asked as she approached the now growing gathering. Fenris turned to Mackenzie and bellowed, "TELL THE WHOLE WORLD WHY DON'T YOU!?"

Despayre raced past for the exit doors, squealing with delight, "I'll start with the Strip!" And the double doors to the lobby swung shut with a bang!

Fenris blinked, then raced after him, "No! Wait! Despy!" And he quickly took off after him, diving through the doors in hot pursuit!

Aron turned to Gabriel, "He's not going to catch him, is he?" To which Gabriel just jetted out a bottom lip and shook his head in the negative.
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