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Narrator:  I had a conversation with Bea concerning her upcoming match against Roxi Johnson at Climax Control 335. Bea told me she’s sick of all the jerks in Sin City Wrestling accusing her of doing something she didn’t do. Roxi Johnson happens to be one of those jerks and Bea told me she has this war to win and when it is done she will be the one person left standing.

The scene opens and we get a shot of Bea Barnhart in her hotel room which is located near the Equidome Arena in Scottsdale, Arizona. The camera pans around and we see she has obtained very nice accommodations for this event. As the camera pans around some more we get a shot of Bill Barnhart and their English Bulldog Iris then the camera returns to focus on Bea.


Bea:  ON THE ROCKS  What does on the rocks mean and who is on the rocks? The official definition of ON THE ROCKS is that of someone experiencing difficulties and likely to fail. Another definition of ON THE ROCKS would be a ship that went off course and became grounded when it hit rocks and now they are stranded and unable to move away from the danger. Well, by golly gee, Roxi, that’s fits you perfectly. I guess you haven’t had enough ass kickings placed on you that you now have to suffer one from me. And don’t try looking past me to look at Masque because she’s the lease of your concerns at this time. You and most of the other jerks in Sin City Wrestling continue to falsely accuse me of doing something I didn’t do. I’m sick of the bullshit and the lies and the false accusations! At Climax Control 335 I’m going to destroy you so that you won’t be in shape to meet your match commitment against Masque. When that happens you need thank me for putting you out of action so that you don’t have to experience a major loss before possibly being able to face Masque. We don’t have any history between us but there’s going to be a hell of a lot of talk going around when I pound you into obscurity.


Bea:  Roxi you are probably asking yourself what I plan on bringing to the ring for our match. No, you friggin’ dipshit, I’m not bringing a plastic bottle of perfume as I’ve already told the world I leave that item in my hotel room or dressing room. What I bring to our match is a hatred of over-the-hill, washed up, pathetic, lying, moronic jerks like you and the rest of the roster in Sin City Wrestling. I bring me skills to the ring and I’ll defeat you with my skills and intelligence. Unless you hire interference there’s no way you’re going to defeat me. We shall see what cowardly deeds you are willing to do to get a cheap win over me. By the term WE I mean not only myself, but also the other wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling and the fans. When they see what a coward you are they will turn their backs to you while they are worshipping me as their new goddess of wrestling.


Bea:  So, Roxi, are you going to do what you always do leading up to a match? Stuff like bragging as if you are the greatest wrestler ever to step into a wrestling ring? Bragging that you cannot be defeated in a wrestling match even though you have been defeated many times? Making false claims about your opponent? Hurling Elementary level insults at me? You can say whatever the hell your tiny little pea brain tells you to say but in the end your pea brain will hear the official announcement of the decision in our match as me, Bea Barnhart, is the winner over you. Now, Roxi, before you step in front of a camera and claim that your shit don’t stink let me tell you what I hear backstage. I hear that when you take a dump the other wrestlers have to don gas masks to prevent themselves from passing out from the stench. Maybe you could use a bit of perfume. Oops! I uttered the P word! Guess I’m going to Hell for uttering that word since you, and all the others on the Roster, continue to falsely accuse me of stuff I didn’t do. Well, Roxi, after our match there is one thing you can accuse me of and it will be the truth you speak. When I defeat you and you admit to the world that I defeated you then you will have finally shunned the lies and have decided to tell the truth.


Bea motions to Bill to come into camera view. Bill walks over to where Bea is located and Iris trails along behind him.

Bill:  This is totally unscripted Bea. You didn’t tell me you were going to ask me for comments during your air time.

Bea:  I like surprising you Bill.

Bill:  Okay. What’s on your mind?

Bea:  Why didn’t you tell me you were planning on wearing a Speedo for your Roulette Championship Qualifier match against Agostino Romano?

Bill:  Because it was a last moment decision. I just went with what came to my mind. It didn’t change the outcome of the match as I was going to win anyway.

Bea:  Okay. Now would you please tell the viewers what you have been doing when it comes to my training in the ring?

Bill:  Bea asked me to train her harder than I used to do previously. I asked her if she was truly serious about that request and she assured me that she  is serious. For several weeks we have gone to a training facility and I have been sending sparring partners against her and I’ve told them they are not to hold back. Bea managed to take them out which means she has improved a lot. But I got the idea to have her take me on in a sparring match. She agreed and I stepped into the ring and made sure she understood that I wasn’t holding back. Bea took some hard hits and falls but she kept getting up and going after me aggressively. In the end I was proud of Bea’s improvement in the ring and I know she can defeat Roxi Johnson at Climax Control 335.

Bea:  Thank you Bill. I appreciate your kind words and your comments on our training.

Bill:  Is that all you have for me? Me and Iris were about to get into a pizza eating contest and you know I want to slam dunk her and win the pizza eating contest.

Bea:  I have one more question for you before you and Iris pig out on pizza. In the match at Climax Control 335 there is a Roulette Championship match with Finn Whelan putting the Roulette Championship on the line against Alexander Raven. Management decided to spice up that match by having Miles Kasey in Finn’s corner and you in Alexander Raven’s corner. Why do you think they did that and what are your plans for being in Raven’s corner?

Bill:  I’ll admit it was a surprise to me when the Card was officially announced. I don’t know why this match got scheduled the way it did but I’ll just state something concerning the match set-up. It is a Roulette Rules Match and all four of us want possession of the Roulette Championship. So what’s going to happen in this match leading up to Summer XXXTreme X? You’ll have to watch the match on Sunday, June 26, 2022, to find out what happens. Now can I please go off and have my pizza eating contest Iris?

Bea:  Yea you can go play with Iris and have your pizza eating contest.

Bill quickly walks out of camera view to take up the pizza eating contest against Iris. The camera follows him until he enters the other room then the camera returns to focus on Bea.


Bea:  Roxi I want you to be ready for anything and everything from me as I’m coming at you and my goal is to destroy you. Take me for granted if you want to, See you in the ring Sunday.

Bea informs the camera person she is done with her comments and they call into the Network and the Network cuts back to regularly scheduled programming.