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Pits of the Gods
« on: June 17, 2022, 11:59:43 PM »
‘Okay. All right, now, let's see. Where were we? Oh, yes. In the Pit of Despair.’

Going Back About 15 days ago
Kasey Flat

You are not seriously watching this movie again.

Fuck off Morgan.” he grumbled. His former roommate, Morgan Baker had decided to pay him a visit, making a trek up from Orlando. Well one to visit and for two to gather the rest of her crap that she left before she took off for Orlando. At the time, he was glad to see her go and gain more experience but right now she was being a giant hindrance to his current brooding, “I deserve my own guilty pleasures now and again.

Morgan can’t help but roll her bright blue eyes for a moment before moving one of her boxes from one spot to the other with a loud thunk on the floor. As she turns she can’t help but lean over the back of the couch and give him that look that you’d give your brother when he’s acting a fool, “You cannot seriously be sitting there and acting like you’re wallowing.

Miles’ face basically crumples up and he turns and with a broad motion with his arms barks, “Who says I’m wallowing? I’m sitting here, watching one of the best damn movies ever made.

While I do agree that this is one of the best movies ever made, you’ve been home and purposely planting that gorgeous ass of yours on the couch waiting for a certain red head to waltz through that door any minute.” Morgan leans a little closer, “I heard about the argument, dummy.

It wasn’t even an argument,” he glares at her. The two have a stare off for a moment before he just sighs in defeat, “Ok, it was a little disagreement about one tiny little detail of an issue and no matter how many times I have attempted to reach out...

Oh my gawd, would you listen to yourself?” Morgan stands up straight and smacks him upside the head just enough for him to drop the remote and grab the back of his head. When the remote hits the floor it turns the TV off and it’s silence before he bellows out.

OW! What the fuck, Morgs!

Well someone needs to knock some fucking sense into you! You, Miles Kasey, are sitting here at home and you have done everything you need. This is in her court but if she is not even entertaining speaking to you right now, then you need to come to a realization that it’s her and not you.

Kasey rolls his blue-grey eyes, “You don’t understand Morgs.

Oh I do. I was around with the last bitch just up and van-

Miles stands up, cutting her off in mid sentence, “Morgan, I gave her a key. That key was supposed to say something and instead...

Well then I guess you are going to need to change the locks then because it’s obvious that she missed the fucking memo. Because the Miles Kasey that I know told me that after everything before this current one, that if they shut you out that you weren’t going to let it consume you.” Morgan blanetly points out, “I know you look at me like a little sister and I’m ok with that. I will gladly pop you back into reality when I gotta but if you are missing the memo on twitter, you don’t even need to lay out the bait.

Miles looks at his door and grumbles, “If you think I’m going to just easily hop headfirst into that dating pool again...

No, I’m not saying that. I’m also not saying that what you did the last time before this one came along is a good idea either.” Morgan says standing next to him and nudges him, “Just relax and take it easy and focus on you for once.

He looks down at her for a moment and wraps his arm around her shoulder, “You know any good locksmiths around here?

Just promise me that I get that backup key incase I need to show up and save your ass again.


Skins vs. Shirts
Outside Wolfslair Gym
Earlier this week



The parking lot outside the Wolfslair Gym was full of life instead of vehicles on this particular day. Between classes, workout schedules and so on, a game of hoops between the crew broke out. Not sure how it exactly started but the rules were simple.

No fouls.

First to 50 wins. This wasn’t the NBA after all.

And to determine the teams, it was shirts on for one team, which went to the poor rookies versus ‘skins’ aka no shirts that managed to someone magically go to Alex, Aiden, Austin, Miles and Finn

And needless to say it’s garnered an interesting crowd through the ruckus that is going on, turning into almost a street party, with music...and somehow some food trucks showing up in the process.

By the time the guys get close to closing out the game with all kinds of shenanigans, the poor rookies are dying of heat exhaustion on one of the hottest days so far this year. But the other 5, especially Milo seems to be enjoying the moment and even jamming to Parliament Funkadelic that someone is currently blasting from somewhere.

“Quit showing off.” one of the rookies shouted.

Don’t be jealous of these sweet moves, baby!” Miles snarks back in just the right tone to piss the guy off and try to charge him, just as he had the ball passed to him and spun him out of the poor guys shoes to complete a layup.

THAT’S FIFTY!!!!” screamed Alicia who was sitting off to the side along with her sister Zoey who is just sitting there in awe for a moment.

Please tell me these games happen all the time?” Zoey says watching the guys high five one another.

Not really, but let me tell ya what, I hope they do more now! Look at this.” Alicia said looking around at the party that has formed around them.

Oh I am!” Zoey says with a smile on her face, staring right at Miles, “Remind me to tell him to never wear a shirt again.

Well here’s your chance.” Alicia says, pointing at Miles making his way over, drenched in sweat but with a big smile on his face.

Ladies! Thanks for keepin’ score there Alicia.

No problem. I can tell you Finn stunk it up out there.” she laughed.

Hey we just needed a 5th, glad he could. Wasn’t about to get bitched out by those rookies.” he looks to Zoey, “Enjoyed the game?

Zoey stares at him for a moment at a loss for words. Alicia nudges her not so gently, “Oh YEAH! YEAH! It was a great game.

Maybe next time the girls should join us.” raising his eyebrows a couple times like he couldn’t help but be in that moment to knock down a chance to be a little goofy.

Oh you’d like that I’m sure.” Alicia said with a stare of death.

We’d get a bigger crowd, that’s for sure.” he managed to get out before ducking a water bottle being thrown at his head but he managed to catch it. Opening it up and taking a quick sip before dumping the rest on the top of his head, “Thanks!

He’d leave the ladies by themselves, “I swear, that man...” Zoey breathed out causing Alicia to cough and choke on water she was sipping.

Who is the God Among the Men
Later that night

I cannot stress this enough. I do love a good challenge.

The party continues thru the streets around Wolfslair and Miles has since cooled down, but it’s still a hot one so he’s just sitting back in a corner people watching.

Ken Davison has found himself with something a bit on the new side as well. The legend, the “God” among us will come from off high and grace the ring and for the first time ever he will stand across an extremely hungry wolf.

Those blue-grey eyes are staring dead ahead.

Ken, you have promoted yourself as a legend but...I gotta ask. What have you really done, mate? You won a title and then turned around and promptly lost it. Since then you have found yourself riding that struggle bus and mate, I empathize with you. I have no room to talk because there are times that struggle is my middle name. BUT! I have also realized where my weaknesses are and attempted to grow.

He motions around him with a smile.

You showed up in SCW as part of this group that promised to just overtake it all and instead it’s now just you and Mac Bane and neither one of you seem to give FUCK ALL about one another. The God seems to be all alone and just holding on to what was.

Looking up.

It’s time to embrace what can be. That is a future bright with the young pups that are so hungry to truly prove that the potential that everyone is seeing in him to finally make it all happen. And to get there, I have to snuff out the fading stars that are attempting to hold on to their spot just a little bit longer.

Pinching his fingers together, he closes it like he’s pinching something off.

But Ken, if I gotta, I will take it all by force. I will take the head of the Godly One and hold it high and smear myself with that blood.

He makes the motion like he is wiping something across that broad bare chest.

Gods can be a dime a dozen. There are powerful ones....and then there are ones that will have their stars fizzle out and be forgotten about in the long decaying ruins of what they built.

He stands and glares with a slight smirk.

Bow down...before it’s too late.