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SCU Presents... Underground Ep 136 (RESULTS)
« on: June 15, 2022, 02:32:38 AM »
Underground Ep. 136

Underground 136 - 6/11 - Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sin City Underground Ep 136 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 60% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network on Saturday, June 11th, 2022.

The cameras go to the locker rooms where Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda, collectively known as the Kawaii Dragons, are seen stretching out for their upcoming match. Standing alongside them is backstage interviewer Marissa Henry. The Kawaii Dragons stop and look at one another before giggling.

Winter: Everyone’s favorite interviewer coming to see little old we, eh.

Tatsu: Because is everyone’s favorite tag team.

Tatsu grins from ear to ear as she looks at the camera, nodding her head. Winter shrugs as she forces emphasis on her SCU Combat Championship belt.

Marissa: Everyone was shocked last week when you two, and Mercedes, tried to pull one over on Amy Santino, and…

Winter: Why was everyone shocked bud? We’re the Kawaii Fucking Dragons. It’s what we do.

Tatsu:  Kawaii Dragons are best tag team ever. Get reaction because we know what get under people's skin. We win Hardcore Tag Team Championships, now GRIME Championships many times.

Winter: Not to mention holding them longer than anyone else eh!

Tatsu: This is why Marissa is here. Best interviewer for best tag team.

Winter: Wait hold on Tatsu, you mean to tell me she’s better than that dipshit ass muncher Liam? Love him or hate him, I think he’s pretty good eh.

Tatsu: Well yeah, but he no Marissa.

Winter: I don’t know Tatsu, I think…

Tatsu: Don’t matter what you think Winter-san. Not always about what Winter think.

Winter: Okay, I feel like Liam is great.

Tatsu: How one feels and what is facts not always the same.

Winter: You know what Tatsu. I feel like…

Tatsu:  Ah, ah, ah, ahppp… don’t care how Winter-san feel. Fact is fact is fact. And Marissa is best. Just some people think they are great tag team, and, well… Jessie and Amy hehe.

Marissa holds a hand up, respectfully.

Marissa:  I don’t mean to interrupt, but everyone is excited to get to your thoughts on the match between the Kawaii Dragons and Metal and Punk Connection.

Tatsu: Name not flow off tongue very well. Terrible name. Punk and Metal Connection much better sounding to Tatsu.

Winter: You mean SCW’s nobody and SCU’s has-been?

Tatsu: Nooooo, no Winter-san… not Hitamashii and Joshua Acquin…

Winter: Don’t talk bad about Joshua. It’s bad enough he gets turned on by the attention he gets here and there from SCU’s real has-been, Amy.

Tatsu: Is bad, but Tatsu mentioning him is nothing. He simps for Amy, so Tatsu say many things about him and he not notice.

Winter: He not notice like Eric Weaver not notice Tatsu. Eric blind bitch, why you no see that Tatsu once liked you. Stay blind and single stupid.

Tatsu: Yeah! Hey!!!

Tatsu growls and clenches her fists.

Winter: Growls is what Eric knows, he’ll grow old and die alone with his dogs.

Tatsu goes to speak, but instead, she growls again, but with a smile on her face. Marissa takes a deep breath and again interjects.

Marissa:  Are there any other thoughts about your upcoming match? Actually about the match?

Tatsu: See Winter-san, this is why Marissa is the best. Marissa always stays on topic.

Winter: That means she’s good but not the best Tatsu. Liam would've done that too but only sooner bud.

Tatsu: I don’t know Winter, Marissa is on point and knows when to get back on pont.

Winter: Maybe but that just means she understands her job not that she's the best eh.

Marissa: Your opponents are touted as one of the best Bombshell tag teams of all time. That has to mean something to you guys…

Tatsu: We’re not guys! We’re…

Marissa: Ladies…

Winter: And you say she’s the best eh bud.

The crowd cheers as Liam Gagnon jogs onto the scene, wearing a University of Ottawa sweater and matching headband. He holds up the University of Ottawa water bottle and sprays himself in the face with it, enjoying the refreshing cool.

Marissa: I give up…

Liam begins jogging in place, emphasizing his extra short shorts by lifting his legs up higher while jogging.

Winter:  Liam! It’s about time! But what’s with the Ottawa University get up?

Liam: Oh, I am a former U of O baseball player, injured my senior year. Read a freakin’ local newspaper, ladies. My return is all over it.

Winter: 2022 bud, Who the hell picks up the local paper when you can go to their website to read the very same paper ham face.

Liam: And this is why I love you, Winter.

Marissa: So about your match tonight?

Winter: Oh shit, you're still here.

Tatsu: Marissa, Kawaii Dragons are going to show everyone why Kawaii Dragons are best tag team ever.

Liam: So I hear you two are fighting Metal and Punk tonight. Not bad, a match no one would have thought of.

Winter: That’s what the fuck I’m talking aboot eh! A dream match that was put in everyone's head once booked. I was like, fuck yeah, let’s fucking do this shit eh! Now don’t get me wrong, Amy is still shit and Jessie, well she’s worse then Amy and Amy is shit so. But the nostalgic act of them as a team against the very best team in Sin City is something no one can ignore and everyone wants to see. I almost feel bad for what’s coming to them in a few minutes though eh bud.

Marissa: Hold on, A dream that was put in everyone’s head. Hmmm, Tatsu and Winter have been a tag team for many years. And in the beginning I recall Tatsu wanting such a match. This has been talked about before.

Tatsu: Yeah!!! Marissa is best because she remember many things from long, long ago. Tatsu challenge both of them and they are too scared. Saying insult like they are Vero*BEEEEEP*lor hehe. "Who are you? You are nobody." I don't blame them, Marissa. Tatsu is tough cookie on her own. Add Winter-san, and Metal Punks shit their pants… Bitchessss…

Liam: I think they’re referring to the timeline of when Tatsu tried calling Alicia Lukas to a singles match and Tatsu got her face planted one too many times on the mat.

Winter: Maybe but I can assure you that tonight Tatsu and I will be planting Amy and her shit partners face to the mat. Kawaii Dragons are going to show Jessie why you don’t get involved in Kawaii Dragon business.

Marsissa: So after all these years your dream match has arrived Tatsu. Have the Kawaii Dragons been preparing to this match?

Tatsu: Yes. Tatsu studied many tapes of Amy and Jessie. Well, Tatsu sleep through many Amy and Jessie tapes and then play Halo for hours. See many sights in Canada, try poutine, dunk donut in maple syrup. And rest, because is now a by week. Amy and Jessie are not Metal and Punk Connection anymore. They are embarrassment to own legacy. Forgettable. Did you know Jessie once fought in Honor Wrestling?

Marissa: Yes…

Tatsu snaps her fingers and points at Marissa.

Tatsu: And THAT is why Marissa is best interviewer. She remember because she does research like Mercedes Vargas. Thorough. Fans don't remember. Because Jessie is forgettable. Amy is terrible. She has no real talent. Fellow Japan native Omasa Tazu say it best. Amy is trash. And Jessie is worse somehow. Tatsu was rookie, trying to make name for myself. Starting at bottom. Kawaii Dragons are now gold standard. Kawaii Dragons no need to face bottom of barrel talent now. Past this stage of career now.

Liam: I know y’all two are ready to face Metal and Punk. The real question is, whatcha doing after the match?

Winter: Going to hang out with Mercedes for a bit then we heading to Rory’s of course.

Liam: Cool well get to goo back to jogging. Play nice with Marissa, I think she wants to get an interview out of you.

Winter: Ah, that’s why she’s bugging me, cool, will do bud.

Marissa sighs, looking at her watch.

Marissa: I sure hope Skag and Morganna can beat Rory and Unknown fast, because we just lost half the show. But, I'll ask one more time. Winter, how do you feel about Jessie Salco turning up to back up Amy in your ongoing feud, for one night only?

Winter: Amy and I have no feud. We have no rivalry of any kind. Amy is just bitter because I’m better. I can’t help it if she, a hall of famer who's done it all, is upset because she can’t hang with the likes of me. She knows she's past her prime and can never get as good as she once was. And I’m using the term "good" loosely here. As for Jessie, hey I don’t feel no way about it. It really makes no difference to me if it had been Sam Marlowe, Necra Octavian Kaine, the Boogeyman, Santa Claus. At the end of the day, the whippin will be the same no matter who it is Kawaii Dragons have to give it to.

Marissa: Not to take anything away from either of you, but the Metal and Punk Connection are two time former Bombshell Tag Team Champions, so a team of that caliber does make a difference.

Winter:  And they lost their titles to the Mean Girls!

Tatsu:  Yeah! And they lost tag titles not even to two best Mean Girls! They lose them to worst Mean Girls. One who left SCW because she couldn’t hang, and then other one who left SCU because SHE could not hang here…

Winter: It’s one thing to lose to Mercedes, I mean, she's the best but to take the L to a Liz Smalls or Vero*BEEEEEP*lor. LIke really, what the fuck. Every stable has someone that sucks ass, and that's who you two lost to.

Tatsu: Yeah, Liz is no Delia Darling!

Winter: On the bright side, they could’ve lost to Amanda Cortez lord knows that hot garbage is still better than Metal and Punk combined.

Marissa: So you don’t think being a two time tag team champion means anything?

Winter: The weight of how much it means is based on who they took them from which doesn’t say a lot, nor who they lost them to. Okay fine, they won the titles twice and held them for a combined amount of days that equals half of one the shortest run we had as tag team champions. As tag team titles is something we held many times and for long periods of time. So should I be impressed because they had tag titles twice? Or should I be impressed that they have the tits to even face the Kawaii Dragons. The latter is what’s impressing me. Not so much the fact that they beat Veronica Taylor.

Marissa: Well thanks ladies, I think we're done here.

After Marissa leaves the interview area, Tatsu leans into Winter and speaks.

Tatsu:  You know, if we’re talking about Bombshell Tag Titles, you know Metal and Punk Connection take them from Mercedes Vargas and Traci Patterson, yes?

Winter: Hey, hey, hey… We don’t talk about that shit, alright? What the holy fucking shit?

Outside the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park few hours before the show

The scene opens outside the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton park, where we see Amy sitting at the base of the Raymond Chabot Status, where she has photos taken and signs autographs for fans who were at the arena early.  After a few mins those fans move on satisfied as Jessie Salco appears and approaches Amy.

Amy smiles as she and Jessie bumps fists.

Amy: They don’t stand a fucking chance.

Amy and Jessie smirk before they turn and head into the park. The scene fades out on the large statue and some fans taking a photo of it.

Singles Match
Andrea Hernandez Vs Kandy Kaine

The match starts off with Andrea and Kandy tying up in the center of the ring.  There is a struggle for control, but Kandy is able to eventually get it.  She knees Andrea in the gut twice and sends her into the corner.  She follows up with a Clothesline, but Andrea ducks and dumps her to the apron.  Andrea hits a couple high kicks to knock Kandy to the outside.  She follows after and nails a Hurricanrana on Kandy into the barricade.  She goes to do so into the apron, but Kandy reverses it.  She sends Andrea into the apron and gets the Clothesline she was looking for.  She leans Andrea over the apron and hits a few chops to the chest.  Andrea claws at her eyes and then turns Kandy over and gives her the same treatment.  Once the referee reaches 9, Andrea rolls back inside, but so does Kandy.  The crowd cheers for the match continuing.  Kandy hits a Lou Thesz Press on Andrea and begins throwing punches.  Andrea claws the eyes again, getting a warning from the referee.  She rolls her eyes at the referee and begins choking Kandy. She taunts Kandy as she does so. Once the referee counts to four, Andrea stands up. She waits for Kandy to get up, and then hits a Busaiku Knee. As Kandy goes down, She goes up top. Rise of the Phoenix (Phoenix Splash from top rope). Andrea Hernandez wins via pinfall.  She gets up from the mat and celebrates her win by stomping on Kandy a few times.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Dev looking a bit more excited than usual as he gets ready for an interview.

Dev: I never thought I’d get a chance to interview a team of this calibre, but I am here with the legendary SCW Tag Team Amy Santino and Jessie Salco, collectively known as the Metal and Punk Connection!

Jessie and Amy step into view with big grins on their faces, the two older woman share a fist bump as the crowd goes wild.

Dev: Jessie, last week you shocked the SCU Universe with your shock appearance on Underground, what brought this about?

Jessie: Exactly as I said on Twitter, I happened to be in the building when I saw three idiots who can’t beat Amy on their own ganging up on her and I had to step in! And after some quick negotiations with the bosses here in SCU, I’m here for one night only!

Dev: Amy, any thoughts on this?

Amy: Frankly? I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have my back tonight! Me and Jess have never seen eye to eye on a lot of things but as a team we’re among the best in the SCW Bombshell Tag Division’s history!

Jessie: Our two reigns as Bombshell Tag Team Champions are all the evidence you need of that! The Kawaii Dragons are a formidable team but they are practically a minor league baseball team going up against the NBA All Stars Tonight!

Amy: And that analogy is coming from someone who doesn’t pay attention to any sport that isn’t wrestling.

Jessie: What can I say? I like what I like!

Dev: One last question, in recent weeks in SCW you’ve taken an interest in Goth and more specifically his fiancé Melissa, any particular reason?

Jessie shrugs her shoulders.

Jessie: You don’t often get women’s wrestlers with Melissa’s size and power, usually we average out on the smaller side and stick to high flying like me and Amy.

Goth: A choice that has left your body broken down, has it not?

The trio look up and spot Goth flanked by his fiancé Melissa, Amy is taller than Jessie so she’s a lot closer to Mellissa’s height than Jessie but the size difference is noticeable all the same.

Jessie: I can’t go anywhere without attracting your attention Goth, I know why I’m here tonight, but what about you and Melissa?

Goth: We just want to scout potential opponents, and right now you are at the top of the list.

Jessie: Why? Because my body is basically held together with duct tape at this point?

Amy: Or do you just have a fetish for watching your fiancé throw petite girls like Jess and Chloe Benton around the ring?

Jessie smirks at her partner's comment whilst Dev tries not to laugh in the background, Goth and Melissa’s expressions remain blank, however.

Goth: You will find out soon enough, for now I wish you both luck against the Kawaii Dragons! We will be watching!

Jessie: And I look forward to the day where your fiancé faces actual competition instead of a young girl who frankly should still be in training!

Goth and Melissa refuse to answer, merely walking off as the scene fades.

Singles Match
Kelli Torres Vs Halo Annis

Halo and Kelli start with the two throwing open hand strikes. With each one landing half the punches, Halo tries to sneak in a knee, but Kelli catches it and swipes the leg away. Kelli leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Halo. Halo blocks a second kick to her gut then follows it with a leg sweep to trip up Kelli, but Kelli manages to stay on her feet. Kelli goes to kick Halo as she gets to her feet but misses as Halo drops to the mat again. Halo goes for another leg sweep and this one drops Kelli on her back.  Halo does a kip up to get to her feet as the crowd cheers her. Kelli gets on all fours giving Halo an opening to kick her in the gut. Halo kicks Kelli in the side in a tactical manner. Halo grabs Kelli by the shoulder to get her to her feet. Kelli however nails Halo with a quick jab to the ribs then another. Kelli starts nailing Halo with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Halo to the mat. The ref warms Kelli about the closed fist. Kelli just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets a pop from the crowd.  She whips Halo into the ropes, and Halo ducks and grabs onto Kelli, hitting an Exploder Suplex. As Kelli starts to get up, Halo hits the Black 13 (Claymore Kick)! Halo Annis wins via pinfall.

Backstage, SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas is dressed in street clothes ahead of tonight. Tellingly, there's a promotional poster of Supernova V, three weeks from Saturday, set upon an easel just behind her.

Mercedes: Did you think I would miss this night? Not for nothing would I miss this night, and I know you all are glad to see me. You know who are probably NOT glad to see me: Amy Santino and Jessie Salco. I for one am so glad that the Metal and Punk Connection are together again for one night only so I can see them fall to the one team that IS feared in SCU - Tatsu Ikeda and Winter Elemental, The Kawaii Dragons! The ONLY five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time GRIME Tag Team Champions of the World!

 Mercedes holds up 5 fingers, mouthing the words “five times”.

Mercedes: No matter what Amy and Jessie might tell you, no matter how convincing their argument might sound, they will say they were the best tag team in Sin City Wrestling.

 Mercedes gives an eye roll and mouths “yeah, okay” and shakes her head.

Mercedes: You know, lately in Sin City Underground, one thing has become clear to me: Amy Santino has had an entourage of people to kiss her ass. And if you fail to see that, then you haven’t been paying attention. She has her friends win championships, she makes everybody in SCU jump through hoops, and she gets championship opportunities at the snap of her fingers.

 Mercedes snaps her fingers in an exaggerated motion.

Mercedes: Just like that. It’s crazy. And she wants to claim that I have Winter wrapped around my finger? She’s got this entire company wrapped around its throat! I don’t even know why Amy’s running her mouth about and to Winter when she should be focused on challenging for other titles. Winter still has her title, Amy lost hers, and the rematch. But then again, this is your former two-time GRIME Champion - and I say YOUR former champion because she’s definitely not a champion in my eyes - starving for attention since apparently no one gives her the time of day, unless your name is Hayley Halsey.

 Mercedes looks at the camera and feigns feeling badly while placing a hand to her heart.

Mercedes: Amy Santino makes everybody jump through hoops. She won’t make Winter jump through hoops though because my daughter knows that she’s the only wrestler on this roster who lives in Amy’s head rent free. She knows Amy’s strengths and more importantly her weaknesses. Guess where she learned that from?

 Mercedes points at herself.

Mercedes: That’s right, me. Like mi hija proudly says, 2022 is gonna be a long Winter for SCU and you’ve all seen it for yourselves. Winter’s already beat Ariana Angelos to retain at Inception. So the question really isn’t who’s next to challenge Winter for the Combat Championship, it’s whose left. GRIME, SCU, SCW. It won’t matter. Whoever it is, they will have earned the right to face Winter. They will also earn the right to lose to her. And that’s exactly what’s in store for Dahlia Rotten at Supernova next month. It just so happens that Winter will have also beat Dahlia at a supercard with a title on the line just like I did to her back in Honor Wrestling three years ago when I was Honor World Champion. I’m sure Dahlia remembers that humbling defeat very well.

 Mercedes pushes a stray lock of brown hair back behind her ear with one perfectly manicured fingernail.

Mercedes: That being said, you can't out do the best wrestler/manager combo in the business. Here’s a tip: Don’t sleep on Winter, bet on her. Because it’s never a gamble with us, it’s a guarantee.

 And with that, Mercedes walks off the set and we head back to the arena in time for the next match.

A little while after Jessie’s confrontation with Goth and Melissa, we see Amy and Jessie in another part of the arena as they warm up and get prepared for their tag team match against Kawaii Dragons.  Talking a little bit of tactics and going through their past moves etc… Amy turns to see the camera pointed at them and excuses herself.

Amy: Give me a sec.

Jessie: Sure thing.

Amy moves away from Jessie and walks up to the camera.

Amy: Did you know that Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan and refers to items, humans and non-humans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. Did you know that Jessie?

Amy turns to Jessie.

Jessie: No I didn’t. So the Kawaii dragons are effectively… baby childish dragons.

Amy: Yup.

Jessie chuckles to herself as Amy returns her focus back to the camera…

Amy: So the Kawaii dragons are based on immature little babies.  Says a lot about Winter and her constant need for approval from Mercedes and the obvious cowardice of not trying to face me because I am the big bag.  Sad really.  And what is even more sad is that Winter used her tag team partner and so-called friend to do her dirty work.  Pretending to be “me” or Rainbow… still I beat her, but it just goes to show that you are too chicken shit to face me one on one.

What does your tag partner think about being dragged into her our issues?  I bet se is happy to ride along because she has no other friends in this company.  Pathetic.

But I know what you are going to say about what happened last week… you almost beat me, and you almost kicked my ass, but Jessie stuck her nose in blah blah blah… if it wasn’t for me… it wouldn’t have turned out this way. We wouldn’t be where we are not… but with Jessie getting involved, it would have stopped Mercedes getting involved.

There is something else that was said on twitter… Mercedes will be there to make sure no-one else interferes…. I smell bullshit.  Mercedes will of course stick her nose in.  She has nothing else better to do these days… no title shots… hanging on by her fingertips to that little thing called relevancy. Make you wonder if she is riding your coat tails, while calling the shots.  Very expensive valet.

Amy smirks.

Amy: Moving to tonight… I am going to say this one more time.


Yes Jessie and I haven’t been tag team partners for a few years now, but we have remained friends and we still train with each other occasionally.  But as Jessie said earlier we have been a successful tag team with two championships to our name.   You two also have some success in the tag team division but you haven’t faced the best tag teams in Sin City Wrestling.  In Sin City Wrestling you will get eaten alive by the best of the best and we beat them, but we have had our asses kicked but we grew from it. Tonight though it’s like we haven’t missed a step.  We get into that ring; we will kick ass and walk away winners.  And if you fail to turn up or even play chicken… I am going to hunt you down and I will take you out and wipe those ugly grins from your faces.

You got that… no more playing games.

Amy grabs the camera and shoves it away.  As the camera pans back around, Amy is back with Jessie, and she refocuses back on the task at hand. The scene fades out on Jessie and Amy as they talk about past matches.

Underground cuts backstage to GRIME World Champion Chelsea LeClair. She’s in a positive mood as she carries her championship with her. Coming off of a successful defense, and going into one herself against Linnea Lecroix, she definitely has so much to be positive about. However, that positive vibe is about to go away when she sees Andrea Hernandez standing in front of her. Andrea rolls her eyes the moment she sees her.

Andrea: You know, seeing you with a world championship is disgusting. In a fucked up sort of way, I am glad that you won against Amy. And you better retain tonight. You know why? Because at SuperNova, I can take that title from you myself! So, without your little friend being around, we can talk business. I don’t even mind pulling double duty at SuperNova knowing I can and will defeat PRINCESS CORDELIA so easily…

Chelsea: You’re really obsessed with me right now, aren’t you?

Andrea: Chels, I’ve ALWAYS been the superior wrestler to you. There’s no reason why someone like me should only have one world title and you have three. I mean are you freaking kidding me? That’s an inflated number. The first time you were a world champion, you lost it in your first defense after like what? A month?

Chelsea rolls her eyes.

Andrea: And the company you won your second world title in? What type of farm system was that in? You had virtually no competition there. I’m not going to stand for you being a world champion while I have a chance to do something about it.

Chelsea: Andrea, you do remember that on the 29th, on an unaffiliated show, we are wrestling each other one on one, right?

Andrea: Non-title… you’re just afraid to face me. We’ve had three one on one matches against each other and you’ve never beaten me. I’ve beaten you twice.

Chelsea: And the last time was a draw… sooo…

Andrea: Don’t be a chickenshit, Chels! Put that title on the line against me at SuperNova! NOW! There is NOBODY on this SCU roster that is worthy enough to face you! I mean seriously. LINNEA LECROIX? That’s bullshit! Let’s be honest. I mean, Kandy Kaine didn’t give me much of a challenge and that probably reflects on the lack of competition you have here.

Chelsea: Wow, come to MY company and BURY IT why don’t you? You truly are despicable. Unfortunately for you, the company has already made plans for SuperNova as far as the GRIME World Championship is concerned. I can’t control that and I can’t override those plans. Besides, why should they give YOU the time of day considering you’re the epitome of SCW wrestlers acting as of SCU is the developmental territory it never was? Get that attitude out of here.

Andrea: Put your title on the line on the 29th then…

Chelsea: GOD, you’re desperate! You realize SCU’s not going to allow ANY of their titles to be defended on non-affiliated or non-associated shows, right? For fuck’s sake! Get over yourself. Besides, Cordelia is going to be WAY more than you bargained for, I PROMISE that! I’m not going to let you talk about her that way.

Andrea: Cordelia is nothing but a crybaby that is too soft for this business…

Chelsea: She’s a former World Champion here, you realize that right?

Andrea just scoffs at this.

Andrea: She wouldn’t last a day on the SCW roster being so fucking SOFT! What do I gain from facing her, huh? She’s not worth my time. I’m literally doing it just to shut her up and put her in her place.

Chelsea: You and I have a match on the 29th and that’s that, alright? No matter how much you bitch and complain, you’re not getting a world title shot at SuperNova and you’re not getting one against me. If it were up to me, SURE, I’d LOVE to defend my title against you on the 29th so I can fucking shut you up for good! But, we can only take what we can get. Now, if you don’t mind getting the fuck out of my way… after all, I have more important things to deal with than a former tag team partner of mine bitching and crying about everything under the sun like she always does. I can’t believe you have such a fragile ego that you’re STILL making a big fuss over the fact that I interrupted you in Greece and told you exactly how it is. It’s nobody’s fault but yours that you can’t handle the truth…

Andrea looks like she wants to hit Chelsea, but Chelsea just walks on by mostly minding her own business.

Andrea: Oh you’re going to regret that…

Andrea’s steaming after giving her warning as the scene fades out.

Tag Team Match
Metal and Punk Connection (Amy Santino & Jessie Salco) Vs Kawaii Dragons (Winter Elemental & Tatsu Ikeda)

Amy and Tatsu start things off for their teams. Amy points at Winter as she wants Tatsu to tag her in to start off the match. Tatsu shakes her head no at Amy while pointing at Jessie Salco. Jessie extends her arm out. Amy tags her in. Tatsu turns around and tags in Winter to get in the ring. Amy quickly tags herself in. Amy runs over as Winter tags Tatsu back in the ring. Tatsu drops off the apron as Winter slides out of the ring. Amy kicks the ropes and yells at Winter to stop being a coward. Referee Jade orders Amy back to give Tatsu room to get in the ring. Amy backs away but not by much. Tatsu refuses to get in the ring until Jade gets Amy further away. Amy at first refuses but then takes a couple more steps back. Tatsu and Winter get on the apron. Tatsu gets in the ring and extends her hand to tag in Winter. Tatsu yells for Amy to get back if she wants Winter in the ring. Amy takes another step back as Tatsu and Winter slap hands to make the tag. Winter gets halfway in the ring as Amy charges over and grabs Winter by her hair to drag her into the ring. Jade yells at Amy as Amy swings Winter around the ring by her hair. After a whole 360 spin, Amy lets go letting Winter hit the mat face first.

Jade gets in front of Amy, giving her a warning. This gives Winter enough time to get to her feet. Amy goes around Jade to get to Winter. Amy grabs Winter’s arm and pulls her in for a hard clothesline. Amy yanks Winter back up to her feet by her arm. Amy Irish whips Winter hard to the ringpost. Amy rushes Winter, Amy jumps up for a flying knee but misses as Winter moves out of the corner at the last second. Amy’s knee hits the top turnbuckle. Winter nails a Dropkick to Amy’s back. Winter rolls Amy up, grabbing a handful of tights. She gets a one count before Jade sees Jessie pointing at the tights and she admonishes Winter. Winter holds her hands up innocently. She argues with Jade that she’s done cheating. Amy spins her around and nails a DDT. She goes for the cover, but Tatsu leaps off the top ropes with an elbow, but Amy moves, and Tatsu connects with Winter’s chest. Both roll around as Jessie gets inside and picks Tatsu up, sending her over the top rope. The crowd cheers as Jessie goes to follow after. Amy nails the Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker) on Winter and rolls her over for the cover. Tatsu slingshots herself over the ropes to break up the cover. Jessie climbs onto the apron in her corner. Amy dives for a tag as Tatsu drags Winter toward their corner. Jessie nails a Spear to Tatsu, stopping the tag from happening. She drags Winter up to her feet, and Winter kicks Jessie in the stomach. She hits a spinning Discus Clothesline to Jessie. As she backs up for the tag, Jessie grabs her leg and pulls it out from under Winter.

As Jessie leans down to lift Winter up, Winter wraps her legs around Jessie’s arm and neck, pulling her down as she maneuvers into a Crossface Chicken Wing. Jessie tries to get to the ropes, but she can’t. As soon as she gets close enough, Tatsu leans in, kicking at Jessie’s arm, taunting Jessie as she does so. Jade shouts at her as Amy climbs inside and pulls Winter up by the hair. She goes to send Winter into the ropes, but Winter reverses it and sends Amy back to the outside. She flips Amy off and walks backward. Jessie is waiting for Winter to fall into place, but Tatsu climbs onto the top ropes and jumps off over the referee, taking Jessie down with a Tornado DDT. Winter goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. The crowd cheers as Jessie rolls onto her stomach. Winter walks over and tags Tatsu in. The two lock hands and nail a Double Clothesline on Jessie. As Jessie gets up from the mat, Tatsu and Winter hit the So Cute! (Double Slingshot Suplex) Tatsu goes for the cover, but Amy breaks it up at the last possible second. She and Winter go at it with punches. Tatsu jumps on Amy’s back and begins punching at her head. She spins around, and Jessie rises up and jumps onto Tatsu’s back, falling back into a Codebreaker. Jade finally gets Amy and Winter out of the ring. Jessie rips Tatsu up by her hair and uses the hair to whip her into the corner. She jumps up and nails five punches. The crowd counts along with her. She then falls into a Monkey Flip. She jumps off the second rope into a Lionsault. She hooks the leg, but Winter breaks it up right at the two count. Amy and Winter both come back inside of the ring. Jessie holds Amy back. She points to Amy, and when the crowd roars, Jessie tags Amy back inside. Tatsu charges at Amy, and Amy throws her right into the corner. She whips Tatsu back to her own corner and forces the tag.

Winter steps back inside of the ring. Amy kicks her back into the corner. She steps up to nail a few punches, but Tatsu sprays her with the Kawaii Mist, but Amy sees it coming and closes her eyes. Jessie has the referee distracted, and Amy hits her own Poison Mist to Tatsu, finishing it off in Winter’s face. She rams a knee into Tatsu’s face and then she brings Winter down with a Hurricanrana, locking on for a cover. Metal and Punk Connection win via pinfall. Amy whips her hair back with a slick grin on her face.

GRIME Championship Match
Chelsea LeClair Vs Linnéa Lacroix

Linnea grabs onto Chelsea right away and flings her into the ropes.  Chelsea ducks a Clothesline, but on the rebound, she catches a hard elbow to the face and goes down.  Linnea stomps away at her violently in a circle before picking her up and landing a Snap Suplex.  She holds on and lifts Chelsea into another Snap Suplex.  She goes for a  third, but Chelsea knees her in the gut and then clubs her back.  She flings Linnea into the corner and follows up with a Monkey Flip.  Linnea gets up and goes at Chelsea in the corner, but Chelsea moves.  She goes for a  Running Bulldog, but Linnea flings her forward.  She rushes behind Chelsea and hits a Punt Kick to her spine.  She locks on a Standing Rear Choke.  Chelsea refuses to give in, and Linnea begins hammering away at her head, punch after punch.  Chelsea claws at Linnea’s eyes.  She uses the distraction to get up and she begins delivering a series of kicks, grounding Linnea with a Spin Kick.  She scores a two count.  She lifts Linnea up, and Linnea roars as she kicks Chelsea in the gut.  She hits a Tornado DDT on Chelsea.  She gets a two count in return.  Both ladies take a deep breath as they slowly get up.  They trade punches from a kneeling position for a moment.  They rise to their feet, and Linnea tackles Chelsea into the corner and they continue throwing punches.  Linnea rushes up the corner and nails ten punches before Chelsea surprises Linnea by tossing her outside of the ring.  She climbs up and hits a Vaulting Crossbody to Linnea as she rises.  Chelsea climbs on top of Linnea, getting a two count.  Linnea grabs an electrical cord and whips Chelsea across the face with it.  She wraps the cord around Chelsea’s neck and drags her over to the barricade, whipping Chelsea into it.  Chelsea kicks Linnea in the gut and unwraps the cord, wrapping it around Linnea’s neck.  She flips her over, choking Linnea out. Chelsea LeClair wins via TKO

The show cuts to Morganna in the locker room. She’s rewatching the outcome of Rory vs. Skag from last week all over again and she’s absolutely happy. The look of determination is still glowing in her eyes knowing that she’s going to have one more crack to be a tag team champion. Morganna sees the cameras in front of her and she begins to express her thoughts.

Morganna: GOOD! Justice has been partially served! Skag and I are going to face those jokers for the Pride Tag Team Championships just as it should be. Rory, Unknown, you two know that you got away with one! You both know that had it NOT been for incompetent refereeing and had it not been for a lucky break that had gone your way in the tournament, Skag and I would already be the tag team champions. But now? There’s no avoiding us! There’s no way in hell that you can avoid the inevitable outcome that should’ve happened. If there even WAS a semifinal for you two, I’m not even sure you would’ve won that semifinal match. The fact of the matter is, that you both lucked out. You’re lucky that the referee was stupid and missed the part where Skag had his foot on the rope. You’re lucky that he was stupid enough to think that I put his foot on there when I didn’t do anything of the sort. Good god, that’s a referee that needs to be FIRED!

Morganna takes a bit of a deep breath as she seethes in her anger and thinks about a few more things.

Morganna: Being in the shadows for so long… being swallowed up by the darkness… having to see someone else get the spotlight at my expense for so long…

Morganna pauses, clenching her fists and allowing the anger to really come out in her eyes.

Morganna: I’m not just talking about Sin City Underground, hell, I’m not even talking about my whole career. I’m talking about my whole life. I’m talking about the fact that I was the apple in the eyes of my parents until Cordelia was born and they virtually forgot that I existed. I was born and they found me a little too ‘rambunctious” when I was a kid, so they focused all of their energy on HER because she was softer and sweeter than I was. Then my cousin Valentina Madison started to wrestle and she reunited with the Clarks… and everyone was gushing over her acting like she was the greatest thing ever. It sickened me. I hated the fact that the spawn of a weak minded, disgraceful aunt of mine was getting all of the attention and I knew that I had to get in the business myself, even if I had to USE HER! Of course, Valentina, Arabella, Bella, Tina, whatever the FUCK you want to call her proved to be a disgrace to the family.

I was NOTHING to her. She sicced a couple of thugs on me in HYBRID Wrestling and nearly ended my career… and then she fucking DIED… THANK GOD… and don’t get me started on the whole Cordelia thing again. I was NEVER happy for Cordelia when she accomplished everything that Tina SHOULD HAVE! You know why? Because I wasn’t happy about the family curse with world championships being broken…


So yeah, maybe I DO have a reason to be PISSED! Maybe I DO have a reason to be BITTER! Maybe I SHOULD have some sort of darkness in me. Hell, maybe I should allow the fucking darkness to grow in me a little bit more. One thing’s for sure, I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE SIN CITY UNDERGROUND AS A FUCKING AFTERTHOUGHT! Rory, Unknown… I’m taking out a LIFE’S worth of anger out on BOTH of you when Skag and I face you again. I’m GOING to have MY MOMENT in the SPOTLIGHT for ONCE when we become the Pride Tag Team Champions! I WILL be ending my time in Sin City Underground as a champion, I guarantee that! I would’ve preferred to end it as a singles champion, especially as GRIME or SCU Underground Champion… but I’m NOT going to be picky! ANY championship does for me! You don’t know who you’re fucking dealing with, BITCHES! You don’t know how BITTER I am! You don’t UNDERSTAND the DARKNESS that I am carrying in me that has waited a LONG time to be unleashed!

You won’t understand it until it’s swallowed you whole and you’ve LOST those tag team titles to us!

Morganna angrily leaves the locker room and the scene fades to black…

The Camera zooms in on Earl standing outside Grant Thornton Park.

Earl: Welcome to our nation's capital, Ottawa Ontario Canada and the next stop on the SCU Canadian tour.

Earl stops briefly to take a photo with a local Ottawa police officer.

Earl: Later tonight I step into the ring with you Joshua for the GRIME world title, Josh you’ve held that title for a very long time, but eventually every reign has to end, will that be tonight we’ll see, but rest assured Josh, you know that a fight is coming, you know I’m one of the toughest opponents you’ve will ever compete against, tonight we go to war, and one of us is going to be K.I.A and the other will walk out GRIME world champion.

Earl gives a thumbs up to a girl across the street.

Earl: Father Gerald, we have history, and I've said on many occasions I respect you as a competitor, and as a man of faith, you're also a man of integrity who I know will call the match down the middle.

Tonight the fans here in Ottawa will be entertained by a hell of a show, and just maybe they get to see the crowning of a new GRIME world champion. See you all tonight.

Joshua is seen in the back in a foul mood.

Joshua: I have had people rejoicing that I am no longer your GRIME Champion.  They see the joy in my defeat and like to rub it in my face.  What is funny is that I have held that champion longer than anyone else has.  I have the most defenses of that championship.  I went into that match at a disadvantage as I had the deck stacked against me.  Now, this week I have a rematch against the new chump but I have a referee that may not call things fair after I have beat him a few times.  But I will win my championship back and become a two-time GRIME Champion.

“Judas” by Fozzy plays as Joshua storms off toward the curtains to get ready for his match.

GRIME Championship Match: Special Guest Referee Father Gerald Shepherd
Earl Lockyer Vs Joshua Acquin

Earl blasts Joshua with a barrage of punches right out of the gate, backing his opponent into the corner as Joshua shields himself. Joshua blocks the best that he can, but Earl seems to be getting the better of him, backing him down into the corner and down into the ground. Earl begins stomping as Gerald pulls him back, admonishing his behavior. Joshua shoves Gerald back and tells him to back off. Gerald’s nostrils flare up as he gives Joshua a shove back toward Earl. Earl lands him with a Clothesline. Joshua uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Joshua waves Earl forward, and Gerald steps out of the way, allowing Earl to charge at him one more time, but Joshua sidesteps Earl, causing him to collide with the corner. Joshua climbs the turnbuckle and begins laying in a series of punches of his own. Earl climbs up and wraps a fist around Joshua’s neck as they go to the top rope. He lifts Joshua up for a Chokeslam, but Joshua maneuvers himself up onto his shoulders, landing a picture perfect Frankensteiner! The crowd is going mad with Joshua as he struts around to the boos of the crowd.. He flips them off before turning back around. As Earl gets up to his feet, Joshua hits a Sliding High Kick, immediately followed by a Legsweep that takes Earl down to the mat. Joshua goes for the pin, gaining a 2 count. Joshua gets up and slaps Earl across the face. He bounces off of the ropes as Earl ducks a clothesline, wrapping his arms around in a waistlock. Joshua struggles against this. He tries to break free, but only accomplishes this as Joshua swings around and “accidentally” shoulder checks Gerald in the process. He and Gerald begin arguing, all while Joshua drags Earl to his feet. The arguing continues as Joshua nails a Short-Arm Haymaker to Earl. He points down to Earl and tells him “That’s gonna be you”. Gerald steps up to Joshua, and the two get nose to nose, arguing. Joshua makes good on his promise, dragging Gerald into a Short-Arm Haymaker, but Gerald doesn’t go down, instead hitting an Atomic Drop. He then calls for the bell. After speaking to Darlyn, she makes the call known. Earl Lockyer wins via Disqualification… in a No DQ match? Gerald shakes his head, muttering to himself as he exits the ring. Earl looks almost as confused as he skips celebrating with his title in-ring. He instead schmoozes with the fans outside of the ring as Joshua is seething, staring right at Gerald.

The scene cuts to Cordelia Clark in the locker room as she rewatches the assault that she had endured at the hands of Andrea Hernandez. She’s definitely not happy with what she is watching and she doesn’t waste much time turning off the monitor. Still, she’s got some things on her mind as she begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: There comes a point where you just realize that you’ve “had it”. And you know? Last week, when Andrea Hernandez more or less cost me a match that I should’ve won, that’s when I reached that point. So NOW you want to attack me from behind? Now you want to be a coward? Now you want to accept my challenge feeling like I’m going to be easier pickings? Let’s be real here, Andrea. You don’t think highly of SCU at all. You think you can just walk in here and run the roost all because you’re so damn butthurt over something Chelsea LeClair said to you at Into the Void. She’s right, you know. Here’s where the truth is going to hurt. You’re a coward. You have all this confidence when things are going well for you, but one big event happens that doesn’t go away and suddenly, you don’t want a damn thing to do with anything that has to do with this big event that doesn’t go your way. I mean, ever since you lost the SCW Bombshells World title, you didn’t even TRY to go for it. Ever since you’ve lost the Internet title over there, you’ve done WHAT? You’re not even TRYING to get the title back. In fact, you’re not even trying at all.

Chelsea is right.

You don’t have initiative at all. You prefer to just move along and run away from the problem. For some reason, that’s your go to. It’s a shame. You won SCW’s Bombshell world title within eight months. You pulled off the longest winning streak in their history as far as time elapsed, that I’m just about damn sure that nobody is even going to come close to toppling and you treat yourself as less than a world title contender? What’s the matter? You’re too protective of your win-loss record or something? Hell, you didn’t even want to face me in the first place.

Cordelia takes a pause as she maintains an angry glare on her face.

Cordelia: It’s clear that by the way you carry yourself, that you think SCU is beneath you. This whole thing is this massive, butthurt ego trip on your part just because you hate the fact that Chelsea has become more of a successful main event player than you have and that’s what makes this whole thing quite pathetic. Well, you made a HUGE mistake when you did what you did to me last week. You lit a fire under my ass. You sparked something in me that had been dying because I was feeling sorry for myself over the way my SCU career had been going ever since I lost the Underground title. You should’ve just accepted my challenge and NOT done anything because you would’ve had me at Supernova in a downtrodden state. Because holy crap, I can already picture it: ending things at SCU with a win over… what was it that you called yourself at one point? Pardon my language, but wasn’t it something like… ‘most dominant bitch on the block’? I feel dirty just saying that, but still…

I’m going to personally show you at Supernova why SCU was never beneath you all along and you’ll get a real, first hand experience of what SCU truly is all about. I’m not like you. I’m no coward. I don’t run away from things. I actually have the motivation to go out and do something about a situation that I’m not a fan of. Challenging you was that opportunity for me when things hadn’t been so hot for me. I took that initiative that you don’t have anymore. You lost that initiative when you lost the Bombshells World Championship, let’s be honest with that. Well, when Supernova comes, there is one more thing that you ARE going to lose: your DIGNITY! People you’ve lost championships to? At least they are, or were, at an equal level as you from your own perspective. But ME? Oh I already know that you couldn’t stand losing to someone like me.

Brace yourself, Andrea.

Because HUMILIATION for you IS coming…

Cordelia maintains an angry glare for a few more seconds before the scene cuts out.

Pride Tag Team Championship Match
Rory Rockefeller & Unknown Vs Skag & Morganna

 The two familiar teams look across the ring at each other to start off the match. Rory and Skag meet in the middle of the ring for a tie up. Skag gets behind Rory and brings him over with a German Suplex bridged into a pin. He gets a one count.  Skag celebrates, but Rory takes advantage of the rookie mistake and gains and maintains the advantage with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, followed by several reversals that turn into various suplexes.  Skag is forced to tag out to Morganna, and Rory tags in Unknown.  Morganna throws several kicks and punches, and they start to wear on Unknown after a moment.  However, Unknown is able to catch one leg and falls back into a Release Suplex.  Morganna lands in the corner, upside down.  Before she can crumble, Unknown hits a Hip Strike to Morganna’s midsection.  She follows it up by dragging her away from the corner, getting a two count.  Skag comes back inside, but Rory is quick to step inside to stop him.  Skag hits a sucker punch on Rory while Morganna grabs onto Unknown’s tights, getting a near three count, but Unknown kicks out.  Both women scramble towards their feet, and Morganna gets there first.  She kicks at Unknown’s head, taking her back down to the mat.  As the referee tries to get the guys outside, Morganna pulls out brass knuckles.  She tries for Unknown, but Unknown ducks the punch and tries to wrestle them away.  However, Morganna is able to draw her arm back and she nails Unknown three quick times before hitting a Discus Punch that floors Unknown.  She goes for the cover as Skag holds onto Rory’s tights, stopping him from breaking up the cover. She nearly gets a three, but Unknown kicks out. Morganna slaps her hands together three times, signaling a slow count. The referee holds up two hands. Skag holds his hand out for the tag, and Morganna begrudgingly tags. She continues to talk trash to the referee. Skag and Rory meet in the center of the ring, trading rapid punches. They tie up and struggle against one another. Morganna starts to get inside, which prompts Unknown to follow suit. Morganna gets off the apron outside as the referee struggles with Unknown. Morganna shouts at Skag to whip Rory. Skag gets a dirty punch to the gut and whips Rory. Morganna swings a chair she got from under the ring, but at the last second, Rory reverses the Irish Whip, and Skag catches a faceful of chair. Morganna is stunned and disposes of the chair while Rory does the Jager Bomb (Jacknife Powerbomb). Unknown tackles Morganna while Rory gets the three count! Rory Rockefeller and Unknown win via pinfall. Morganna and Unknown continue fighting outside, brawling on the ground. It takes security to pry them apart as we go off air.

Tune in Saturday for the hottest thing to hit Canada since NLW…

Sin City Underground presents… The Northern Lights Tour

No Nights Off… The Go-Home Tour hits several spots made famous by many of the stars in Sin City Underground. Join in on the celebration of 3 and a half years of sin, where we will see the 6th Mayhem Survival with special guest spots, and guest appearances from stars from Honor Wrestling, Northern Lights Wrestling, and Sin City Underground past. Help us make this send off tour one for the ages!

Underground 137 - 6/18 - BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Underground 138 - 6/25 - IG Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Underground 139 - 7/2 - Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Supernova 5 - 7/9 - BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada