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Underground Ep. 129 (Results)
« on: April 24, 2022, 12:43:04 AM »
Underground Ep 129

Rhodes, Greece - Diagoras Stadium

Sin City Underground Ep 129 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 60% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Diagoras Stadium in Rhodes, Greece. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022.

Pride Tag Team Rules
Morganna & Skag Vs Esther & Andrey Azarov

Morganna and Esther start the match off. They begin circling each other suspiciously. . Esther goes for a tie up, but Morganna knows better and she ducks behind, hitting a couple well placed kicks to Esther’s back. As Esther kneels down, Morganna comes off the ropes with a kick to the face.  She hits a few stomps and then picks Esther up from the mat. She flings Esther into the ropes.  She goes for a Dropkick on the rebound, but Esther halts and swats her away like a fly. Esther picks Morganna up and hits a Scoop Slam.  She goes for a standing Body Splash, but Morganna rolls out of the way. She gets to her feet first and rams a knee to the side of Esther’s head.  Esther goes down.  Morganna is about to go for the cover, but Esther punches her in the gut.  She gets up and hits a few knees to the gut before doing a Short Arm Clothesline. Morganna kips up and the crowd boos her.  The two ladies look at each other, giving a nod of respect.  Another tie up attempt, and Morganna ducks again. Morganna hits a Superkick to Esther as she turns around.  Morganna drops down for the cover, and a two Andrey breaks it up quickly so Skag doesn’t have a chance to stop him.  Andrey helps Esther up to her feet, and gives Skag a look.  The two glare at one another as Morganna dives for a tag, and Esther makes her tag. Andrey and Skag rush toward one another as they begin brawling.  Skag takes a few good licks, and he does it like a champ. Brawling is not his forte, and it shows as Andrey gains the advantage, backing Skag into a free corner.  He then lays boots to Skag, one after the other. Skag goes down to the ground as Andrey stands there, victorious in the battle.  However, Skag buries his face in Andrey’s crotch, causing him to back up so he can rise. Skag does a Leg Sweep that takes Andrey down to the ground.  She then goes for a Lionsault, but Andrey moves.  Skag lands on her feet, but falls to a Big Boot anyway! With Skag down, Andrey picks her up, setting him up for the E.L 91 (Earl Lockyer’s Michinoku Driver 2), but Skag wraps his legs around his neck and gyrates! Andrey let’s go, and Skag swings into a Leg Scissors Takedown.  He is about to go for a kneeling cover when Andrey rolls him back into a cover of his own, in a precarious position… Morganna makes the save because Skag got wrapped up in the moment!  Skag rolls back, and Esther enters the ring, and she and Morganna begin brawling.  They are quickly separated and sent to their corners where Morganna forces a tag. As Esther gets tagged in, Morganna whispers to Skag with a nod.  Skag grabs Esther by the hair, causing Andrey to come after him.  As the two men brawl, and the referee tries to stop them, Morganna nails Esther with a pair of brass knuckles.  She disposes of them quickly and drops for the cover as Skag subdues Andrey in the corner. Morganna and Skag win via pinfall! Morganna and Skag join up to celebrate outside of the ring, even though Morganna gives Skag the side eye, shaking her head as Skag cackles.

GRIME Championship No. 1 Contenders Match
Kandy Kaine Vs Chelsea LeClair Vs Angel of Filth Vs Tatsu Ikeda

Right out of the gate, Chelsea drops the seductive act as she charges right for Filth. They trade blows back and forth until Filth is backed up against the ropes. Tatsu uses the distraction to nail a Chick Kick to Kandy. She leans down and does a Handstand Knee Attack, one after another. She stops about four and then drops down for the pin. Kandy gets a shoulder up before Filth or Chelsea can react. Filth is sent across the ring and as she rebounds, Chelsea catches her with a Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Tatsu pulls Kandy up to her feet and sends her into the corner. As she charges at her with a Handspring Back Elbow, Kandy moves out of the way and runs across the ring. As Kandy charges at Tatsu, she jumps up and nails a Monkey Flip. She jumps off of the top turnbuckle, nailing a Moonsault Leg Drop, hooking the leg. Kickout at 2. Chelsea receives a stiff punch to the face before being sent into the ropes. Chelsea tries to reverse it into a Clothesline, but Filth leans back to avoid it. Filth Leapfrogs over Chelsea and onto the apron. As Chelsea stops herself and turns around, Filth comes over the top rope with a Vaulting Cross Body for the cover. 2 count. Chelsea slides out from underneath Filth. As both ladies rise, they receive stereo Dropkicks from Tatsu and Kandy. Tatsu turns and shakes hands with Kandy, but as soon as they shake hands, Tatsu grabs Kandy’s face and nails a Breast Smother! Kandy bats at her face as she stumbles away. Filth goes to rack the top ropes, causing Tatsu to drop! However, Cordelia is there on the apron.  She backs up into the Kandy Krush!  Angel of Filth has been eliminated! Tatsu holds onto her ribs as she stumbles back to her feet. Chelsea is right there to meet her with a Dropkick in return, sending her into the corner. Kandy stands up, and she gets one for good measure, sending her into the corner. Chelsea darts across the ring, hitting a Running Knee to Tatsu’s face. Chelsea darts across the ring and hits Running Knee to Kandy’s face. Once she finishes, she stands up and looks at each opponent. She hits a Hip Attack on Tatsu. She drops down for the pin. 3 count. Waiting for an elimination that never comes, Kandy dives off of the top rope with a Frog Splash to both Chelsea and Tatsu. Chelsea slips out from underneath them as she crawls across the mat, holding onto her back, but Kandy hooks the leg. A near 3, but no cigar! Kandy pounds the mat in frustration. She picks up Tatsu from the mat, only to receive a Jawbreaker. Tatsu leaps onto the top rope and does a Tight Rope Clothesline. She hooks the leg as Chelsea dog piles on top, scooting her feet rapidly across the floor during the count but misses. Kandy has been eliminated!! As Tatsu gets up to her feet, Chelsea goes up top for the "CANCELLED!" (Corkscrew Moonsault))!!! She leans back, pinning both of Tatsu’s legs to her chest. Tatsu Ikeda has been eliminated. Therefore, your winner and Number One Contender to the GRIME Championship… Chelsea LeClair!!!

GRIME Tag Team Championships
The Three Way Vs Joshua Acquin & Rory Rockefeller

Earl and Rory start in the ring.  They tie up, and Earl flings Rory to the ropes.  As Rory comes back, he slides between Earl’s legs, getting a pop from the crowd.  He turns around and kicks Earl in the stomach.  He pulls him into a Piledriver.  He only gets a one count.  Rory picks Earl up, but Earl hits an Uppercut and then flings Rory into the corner, coming off with a Snapmare and kick to the back.  He comes off the ropes and hits an Elbow Drop.  He hooks the leg for a two count.  Rory rolls out of the way of and tags in Joshua, while Earl tags in Dahlia.  Dahlia gets inside first, charging at Joshua.  Joshua Spears Dahlia to the mat.  As they go down, Dahlia wraps her legs around Joshua, wrapping her arms into a choke.  Joshua rises a bit, but Dahlia hangs on, grounding her weight so Joshua is leaning over.  She maintains the Body Scissor hold, but Joshua is finally able to lift Dahlia and slam her to the mat.  Joshua does a Wishbone Headbutt to Dahlia.  He then hooks the leg.  Earl breaks it up quickly, just before 2.  Rory clears Earl from the ring as Joshua looks to put Dahlia away with a Triangle Chokehold, but Dahlia reverses it and flips Joshua over.  As Joshua rises, Dahlia hits a Hip Attack.  She goes up top to put him away, but Rory bumps into the ropes, and Dahlia goes down. Joshua pulls her down into a Piledriver.  As he goes for the cover on the lifeless Dahlia, Rory steps off the apron and grabs the ring bell. He goes inside and clocks Joshua against the back of his head. He gives a nod to Earl, who sets him up for the E.L. 91 (Michinoku Driver 2).  The Three Way win via pinfall.  Rory sneers as the crowd gives him a pop.  He leaves the ring to allow Earl to help Dahlia up to celebrate.

GRIME Rules - Grudge Match
Omasa Tazu & Merlot Ayano Vs Masked Orchid & Masked Celeste

Before the match starts, Javier Gonzalez wheels down a commercial grade dumpster, telling the masked ladies to toss out the trash. Masked Orchid and Masked Celeste rush at Merlot and Omasa, sending them both through the ropes and on top of one of the dumpsters. They climb back outside to pull them off of the dumpster lid so that they can open them.  In an attempt to win the match in record timing, they hoist Merlot up and into the can.  They go to do the same with Omasa, but Omasa begins clubbing heavily at their backs.  Masked Orchid loses her grip, but Masked Celeste hoists Omasa up to toss her inside.  Once in, she grabs the lid to close it.  Omasa throws the lid back and the two get out.  Masked Orchid grabs hold of a half eaten cheeseburger and she smashes it into Omasa’s face.  She tackles Omasa, and both ladies go inside off the dumpster.  Omasa pulls her bokken out of its sheath and begins smacking Masked Celeste with it.  She backs her up against the barricade, and she pounces on her, toppling both competitors over the barricade and into the crowd.  They roll around, trying to gain the advantage over the other.  Masked Celeste gets on top and uses a folding chair to push down on her throat.  Merlot peeps this and tries to get out of the dumpster.  Masked Orchid grabs onto her leg, and Merlot moves around to kick Masked Orchid right in the face.  She walks over to Masked Celeste and uses the barricade to knock her in the head.  She tumbles over, and Merlot removes the chair from Omasa’s throat.  Masked Orchid collides with both now, pinning them under the barricade.  Masked Celeste joins Masked Orchid as they stand on top, crushing Omasa and Merlot underneath.  Once both ladies stop fighting, Masked Orchid and Masked Celeste drag them over toward the dumpster.  They toss them inside and go to get inside to pin Omasa and Merlot.  However, Omasa and Merlot drag them inside of the dumpster, and begin pummeling both ladies with trash. They lift off the masks of Orchid and Celeste North to stuff the trash into their mouths. Merlot begins choking Celeste, and the referee gets inside to see Celeste tapping out. Omasa Tazu and Merlot Ayano win via submission. Omasa begins choking Orchid as well, and security must come down to break up the fight as the show goes off the air.

Tune in next Saturday, April 30th, 2022 as Sin City Underground comes to you on WGN and the Sin City Network, filmed live in Greece!