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New Ownership Chapter 1: The Hangover
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Jack Washington is now the SCW Internet champion after he defeated Ken Davison and Matthew Knox at Blaze of Glory. It was especially satisfying for Jack to beat the champion Ken Davison in order to win the championship itself. With yet another title added to his collection in his short time in SCW, it appears that the sky is truly the limit for Jack’s potential. And there will be no doubt that Jack will make sure every single person knows about. Jack even took a rare opportunity to tweet his success, perhaps this will lead to more tweeting in the future? Only time will tell, but now, Jack returns after a week of celebration to face an old rival in Senor Vinnie. How will Jack fair against Vinnie, who he had trouble with in the past? Will Jack overlook Vinnie, or will he be able to continue his pretty dominant run in SCW?


Outside the ring, Jason has now taken over for Benny after Benny disagreed with Jack and let his feelings be known about the whole situation with the Mexicans and Jason’s kidnapping. However, it was actually Jason who suggested this in the first place as Jack has never wanted Jason to be part of the underhanded side of business dealings. Jason showed not only motivation to do so, but actually more of a short fuse and eagerness to take extreme measures when it comes to business. It was he who suggested that Benny be dealt with, and after careful consultation and thought, Brian and Jack both agreed that Benny had to go. And it was Jason who suggested the extreme circumstances to get Benny out of the way.


Now that that’s taken care of, there appears to be a new era for both the whole Washington family. Jason is in charge of the Casino, Jack is a champion, this is an interesting time for both. What's next?



Washington Estate

Las Vegas, NV


Jack returned home. But, it was a silent house he returned to. Brian had gone with Jason to the Casino to give him some on-the-job training in the running of the casino. So, Jack simply let himself in, his championship draped over his bag and fastened as he locked his car door. The armed guards who kept watch over Jack’s house, were the only one’s around, but they weren’t inside the house. Jack sat himself down, and for a moment, he kind of missed Brian and Jason being around. He knew where they were, but it wasn’t the same. He almost took for granted that Brian would be in the house, presumably drinking, but he would be there. And now, he wasn’t. 


This left Jack alone and the whole house to himself. So, with that, he partied. It was his house, he had done the work, and he was going to enjoy himself after all the work was done. And he was all alone, and one might say... with all his friends.


Jack took a shower and then the drinking began. He popped champagne, and drink Jack Daniels. He would wander around the house, bumping into walls and holding his championship and pretending that he was in front of a crowd, though, to be fair, to be that intoxicated, it was all the same to him. He wore nothing but his bathrobe as he paraded around, until he wandered into the bathroom, and he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. 


For a moment, he stared at himself in the mirror, looking at his own bloodshot eyes filled reflection. He stared, possibly thinking that it was someone else, and not himself. 


Jack: Who the fuck do you think you are?


Jack slurred his words as the reflection stared back at him, and him alone.


Jack: You did what you had to do, didn’t you? Is that what you think you did? You did some cool shit and you got people out of your way. That’s what you did, right? Those people didn’t mean anything to you. They were nothing. They were just in the way. Holding you back. You made the right choice. 


Jack nodded to himself,  as if he was trying to convince himself and the man in the mirror staring back at him. 


Jack: You made the right choice. Yeah, you did.


Jack wandered back into the living room, continuing to drink until he passed out, the SCW Internet championship around his waist, his bathrobe covering him up, on the floor, spread eagle, and a smashed bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.


Brian and Jason soon returned to the house, finding Jack passed out and the whole house reeking of alcohol. 


Brian: Well, so much for welcoming Stick home, huh Jay?


Jason ensured that Jack was at least still alive before shaking his head. 


Jason: He needed his moment. 


Jason and Brian soon picked up Jack and brought him to his room, where he slept. Jason laid him on his side, just in case anything happened. 


Jack finally woke up the next morning, a pounding headache for his troubles and all that comes with a night of hard drinking. He groggily stumbled out of bed, and down the hall into the kitchen area, where Brian was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. He groaned as he sat down at his place at the table.


Brian: Rough night?


Jack didn’t respond, instead shooting a death glare at Brian, who only snickered in response.


Jack: I enjoyed myself.


Brian: Yeah, it sure looked like it. 


Jack: Stop talking so loud.


Brain just shook his head, understanding where Jack was coming from, but still enjoying his self-imposed misery. Jack then stared at Brian for what seemed like forever as Brian just read the paper. Brian eventually caught a glimpse and looked back at him.


Brian: You alright, Stick?


Jack: Brian... tell me something. Did we do the right thing?


Brian simply stared back at Jack, who looked even more confused.


Brian: In what way?


Jack: I mean... Benny, like, we did what we needed to do, right?


Brian: That Jack hit pretty hard, didn’t it?


Jack didn’t answer, finally looking away and rubbing his eyes. He shook his head, trying to clear his hangover. Brian went back to reading the paper for a second, and then put it down.


Brian: Stick, you knew from the very start that Benny wasn’t going to be part of the future. You knew when you started, he was bad news. You paid him a lot, and guess what? He was going to ask for more. He was going to try and take you for all he could. You knew that, and yet, you still let him be what he was. If anything, YOU took care of HIM. And then, when he was no longer useful, we have to move on. And you knew he wasn’t going to go quietly. You knew that. And so, what we did... we had to do.


Jack thought for a few seconds and then simply returned to looking forward, before slowly getting to his feet and then walking to the coffee pot himself and pouring himself a cup. He added his cream and sugar and sat down drinking it. 


Finally, after a few moments of silence and just the two drinking coffee, Jason finally came in, extremely loud and in a celebratory mood.


Jason: Bro! I saw what you did! You’re the fucking champion! I knew you could do it! You fucking got that shit! 


Jack groaned, covering his ears as Jason spoke.


Jack: Can you keep it down, Jay, please?


Jason smirked and patting Jack on the back.


Jason: Oh, sorry bro! I didn’t mean that. But come on, you already had a sweet celebration. We got some more celebrating to do.


Jack: Can it wait until I sober up, please?


Jason: Bro, you are the champion of the internet! You know how much this helps us?! 


Jack: What?


Jason: I’m talking expansion bro.


Jack: What?


Jason: Okay, I guess we do need to wait until you sober up.


Jack: Thank you.






Jack is shown with a smug look on his face, replacing his usual scowl. After all, he had plenty to be happy about, with the Internet champion draped over his shoulder as he begins.


Jack: I can only laugh at you at this point. I mean, come on now, you all can’t be serious right now. Was there any doubt that I would do exactly what I said I was going to do? Really, the only question I have now, is “Why”? Why do any of you doubt me when I say I’m going to do something. Let’s be real here, the only reason I didn’t win this championship sooner is because Ken Davison stole the opportunity from me. And now that that has been fixed, I am the SCW Internet champion. Did you all really think, that I would fail? I told everyone from the very start that I was that fucking good. I have demolished every single person I said I would. I beat the shit out of everybody I say I’m going to beat the shit out of. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but people continue to try and tell you otherwise. People continue to think that I’m just talking shit, just to talk shit. No, when I say something, I mean it. When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. It’s just that simple. I’m not the type of guy who pussyfoots around. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. And because of that, I am where I am supposed to be. Standing here with this championship over my shoulder, like it should have been, back in January.


I told you all Ken Davison was a paper champion and had no business in the ring with me. I told you all Matt Knox should have known better stayed out of the way. At least Matt was smart enough to actually listen and keep himself in the background. He and Ken can go slap fight with each other like a couple of girls on their time. My time will be spent doing better things. The only real thing of note coming out of Blaze of Glory is me. Did other people win titles? Sure, but who cares about any of them? I am the most important thing on any show I am on, and this was no different. You all have watched me destroy person after person and keep the same energy. Do you really think that is going to change? I mean, let’s again, keep this real, has anybody done what I’ve done? Has anybody been at big of a force in SCW history? 


I’ll wait. The answer of course, is no.


I have made a stamp on this company, and the reality is, I’m 25 years old. I haven’t even HIT my prime yet. I’m just scratching the surface of what I can really do. By the end of my time in SCW, I will be the greatest of all time. There will be no doubts of that. I will win more titles, I will win more matches, I will do more than anyone. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, I will be the very best! Now, as if my greatness was ever in question, I will continue to silence and all doubters that remain, and you need to look no further, than this upcoming week.


Jack just shakes his head, still wearing the smug look on his face.


Jack: Senor Vinnie. Or Brother Vinnie. Or whatever you want to call yourself these days, back in the day, it used to be that perhaps you would give me a big fight. About a year ago, you were, on some levels on my level. But that shit has quickly been erased, and you are nothing but a shell of what you used to be. You know it, and I know it. That shell wasn’t that much to begin with, but let’s face the facts, Vinnie, you were a world champion a while back, and you have consistently been failing ever since. It looks more and more like you are nothing but a fluke. I mean, I get it, I’m fucking great. I am the face of this franchise. But as I have risen right the cream I am, you have fallen. You have fallen so far, it’s almost like you stopped caring about actually trying to get good. You’re a scrub now. 


I would ask what happened, but the truth is, I happened. I am everything you thought you were going to be and that part is probably what pisses you off the most. I mean, for fucks sake man, you were a world champion, and you now find yourself joining Brother David Shepard? You thought THAT would resurrect your career? I mean, honestly man, tell me the truth, did you think that shit would work? That made you worse, and clearly, it’s a sign of weakness that you need to rely on other people to get the job done for you. What happened to you, Vinnie? I mean, you were always crazy, but now, it’s more like an excuse to act like a complete idiot. It’s made you soft, Vinnie. I mean, you were always a chump, but you aren’t really even worth my time and effort anymore. I was hoping for so much more at this point and I’m not getting a damn thing. And now, you want to step into the ring with me AGAIN? Are you that crazy? I mean, phony tough is one thing, but this is almost sad at this point.


I emphasize the word “almost”


Because all this is really going to be Vinnie, is me, beating the shit out of you, once again, and then you can join Alex Jones and Ken Davison as those bitches who need to stay out of my way for the rest of your time in SCW. Don’t bother trying to try and fight me anymore. I’m over it. I’m done with it. You are a waste of my time and I will continue to shit all over you and anybody who looks like you. I’m just beginning to see the real truth at this point, Vinnie. You were NEVER in my league, I just wasn’t there yet, and now, my accomplishments, my stature, it DWARFS yours. You are inferior, Vinnie. You were better off thinking you were Columbus or whatever it was. Now, you’re not worth the time. I will still do what the true face of the franchise does and I will wipe the floor with you and show everyone just how distant we are at this point. I will show everyone not only how much greater I have become, but how far you have truly fallen. It’s not going to be close, Vinnie. I just want you to understand that. It’s going to be a beatdown, and really, at this point, it’s just to put you out of your misery.


Jack shrugs, clearly done with his opponent.


Jack: Think of this match, as an act of mercy, Vinnie. That’s all you really need to do. This match is just me, beating your ass and moving on, and you, finally being relegated to where you belong. Trust me, you’re not going to be the first one who goes through this process, and you damn sure won’t be the last. It’s a simple service I am providing you. It will be the easiest thing in the world to accept when it’s all said and done. You’re going to lose and then we don’t have to continue this silly little fairy tale you may be thinking about in that screwed up brain of yours. You don’t get the happy ending, you don’t win in the end, the hero doesn’t rise up and slay the bad guy. No, this is just a dose of reality. The reality that you and I are on different levels and this is just the proof. We are past a year ago, we’re past six months ago. The facts are in, the evidence is staring you right in the face and this is just where it all hits you. If you believe yourself to be a contender for my championship, this will be your reality check. 



And since you’re into this type of thing Vinnie, let me give you some advice. Just, because I want people to understand, that while I am an asshole, and while I will do anything to get to the top, I’m not heartless. Just understand Vinnie, it’s easier to be quiet and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I will, beat the hell out of you Vinnie, don’t think for one second that I am not out to put your ass down, don’t make that mistake Vinnie. I don’t play games like that and you know it. But in case you forgot, Sunday, I will re-educate you the way David Shepard should have.



Oh, and before I forget, Goth, it seems you won the ultimate prize of getting your ass whooped at Into the Void against me. And I know I don’t really check twitter because I’m not a keyboard warrior like some of these clowns, but I’m almost positive I saw you tweeting about me like I give a shit. But then, when I checked again, you had apparently deleted it. That’s good. All that win really did for you, was put you in my crosshairs. And if you want to pay attention to what I do to Vinnie, you can take that back to your little group of loser friends and understand that what happens to Vinnie, and what has happened to everyone else is exactly what’s going to happen to you. You are not special. You are just next. Your big win, will turn into just another embarrassing loss. So, like your deleted tweet, I hope you keep your words real soft and sweet, because I will make sure I make you regret every single word.


There, we’re done here. Pay attention, Goth. And Vinnie, I’ll see you Sunday, you fucking loser.


Jack dismisses the camera as the scene fades.