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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 5,000 word limit.

Good luck!
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The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same
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The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

"Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving."

- Denis Waitley.

{Galen Center - Los Angeles, CA - “Promo Day Part 1”}


 The ring had already been set up I had noticed as I walked down the make-shift ramp, with the world title slung over my shoulder. I could hear the echo of my boots on the metal ramp as I approached the ring. I smiled as I walked up the ring steps, carefully wiping my feet before entering the ring. I looked around the arena, making note of where seats were blocked off in case we didn’t sell the place out for the show. It would be a big one for sure. Especially for Amber and me. “The Golden Couple” was always in danger of losing the titles that we fought so hard to win and hold onto. I see that we are recording and so I begin.

Today we return to the scene of the crime so to speak. The finals of the Blast from the Past tournament.

Holding my arm out and making a sweeping motion.

This is not the same arena of course as last year. It is however the same ring that was used last year.

I frown a bit in remembering how Myra and I had failed the last time.

The constant in this of course is that two people who were in the finals last year have returned to the finals. We are on opposing sides this time is the only difference.

I walk from the center of the ring to the ropes, where I rest my elbows on them. I thought about how I was living in her head rent-free throughout this tournament. I did that from one small statement.

For a short amount of time, I had thought that I was the reason we lost Myra.

I lower my head as if studying the boots I wear.

I put the burden on my shoulders because it was my shoulders that were pinned to the mat.

I look back up at the camera with a look that shouts defiance and pent-up intensity waiting to be let out.

I’ve come to realize over the course of the last year, that simply isn’t true. You were the reason we lost. You’ll also be the reason that Mr. Burk won’t be wearing this title anytime soon.

I hold the Sin City Wrestling World Title out for the cameras to focus on. I smile at the thought of this past year.

We lost in the finals but one of us went on to accomplish our goals.

I smirked at the camera as if she was standing in front of me, the contempt as obvious through my expression as it is with the way I speak.

We both cashed in the Internet Titles we held, but of the two of us, I was the one with the killer instinct.

To emphasize each point, I slam my right hand into the left.

I was the one who finished what they started.

The sound gets louder as I go on.

You’re not a closer and I doubt you ever will be.

I stop and allow myself to unwind.

I would be remiss and downright disrespectful in not giving you a nod of respect for the reign you had as internet champion. Not many can say they have done better.

I smile a genuine smile this time, with no sarcasm.

Except for my wife that is.

I allow the smile to linger.

Based on what I’ve seen from you, I don’t think you have the stomach for this anymore. To be perfectly clear, I said what I said and you’re damn right I think that Mikah is an upgrade in partners.

I push myself away from the ring ropes, obviously disgusted with the topic of Myra having been my partner the year before.

Besides the fact that it’s true, the difference in philosophy between the two of you is huge.

Now openly glaring, any thoughts of respect for Myra are gone completely now.

You see, Mikah is not afraid to get her hands dirty, she’s not afraid of doing whatever it takes to win. That, my dear, is where you failed me last year. So upgrade? No doubt about that, it’s all on video for the world to see. She’s gotten almost every pin for us so far in the tournament.

Sneering at the camera I continue.

Killer Instinct.

My facial expression remains unchanged as I prepare to wrap up this portion.

It’s a thing, a thing that you don’t seem to have anymore. When you come to this match, you better channel that other version of yourself because this is not working.


{The Bane Home - Las Vegas, NV - “Pinky Promises”}


 After having almost destroyed our living room, the day that Amber left, I began the cleanup process. The couch was moved out of the room, along with the other furniture. I had picked up some mesh and spackle, along with paint that matches to begin the repair work. Without warning or announcement, while I was on a stepstool spackling one of the holes my daughter arrived. She cleared her throat and I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Baby Girl! Don’t do that to an old man!” She giggled and the young man who was with her laughed quietly. I arched an eyebrow at her and she knew what that was about.

“Daddy, meet Todd, he’s a good friend from school,” She started as I climbed down off the ladder. I stared at “Todd” for a moment and then stuck my hand out to shake his. My daughter watched me closely as the young man tentatively shook my hand. He was scared of me already, and that was a good sign. At least the boy had some sense about him. “Todd, it’s good to meet you. I would say I’ve heard nothing but good things, but truth is, Julez hasn’t mentioned anything about anyone at school.” He smiled and in response, he said to me, “Not really surprising Mister Bane. She’s a very private person.” I smiled at the kid, “Runs in the family.” Now focussing on my daughter, “So, what brings you home from the east coast?” She rolled up the sleeves of her long sleeve shirt to show me a brand new tattoo. “I wanted to show you this,” she said with pride as she handed me a folded-up note. I didn’t have to open it, I knew what it was.

Fifteen Years Ago

“ Daddy, where are you going?” I looked up to see my five-year-old daughter looking at me with a very concerned look. “To the moon, baby girl.” She seemed to think about that for a moment, likely deciding whether what I said was bullshit or not. With a very serious look, she said to me, “Can we go to the moon together?” I smiled at her in return and said, “One day, we certainly will.” She frowned a bit, “Could you write it down for me?” I chuckled softly, “Absolutely, as long as you promise not to try and sue me someday.” Even at the age of five, the child had the mind of a lawyer. To seal the deal, I extended my pinky and she, hers, the ultimate pact was made. There is no more binding deal than a pinky promise. She and I both knew that and that conniving five-year-old mind felt satisfied with the pact and went on her way. While she went off to play with her chemistry set or what have you, I dutifully sat down at my writing desk and penned the following.

One day we will go to the moon. Love Dad.

Present Day

I wrapped her in a tight hug and it was returned immediately. “I love you, Daddy.” I squeezed her a bit tighter, “And I love you too, baby girl.” The tattoo was nothing more than script, but it held a beauty of its own. Maybe not to anyone else but me and her but it was a large part of our history as father and daughter. A sweet memory from her childhood that still resonated with me. It had been the easiest way to leave home for work at the time that did no harm. That simple act of a pinky promise, probably did more for our relationship than any other act of kindness by either of us.

“So, what’s up with the hole’s in the wall?” I smiled at her, “Oh, you know, just patching up old nail holes.” She rolled her eyes at me, “Really? I was unaware that they made a nail that big.” I laughed at the statement and responded, “Oh yeah, when was the last time you were in a hardware store?” That got a laugh from Todd with that, muttering under his breath, “Yep, you’re definitely her father, alright.” I barked a laugh, “Yeah, the snark is strong in this family.” I absent-mindedly scratched my beard, before I could say more, my train of thought was broken. “Dad, where’s Amber? I wanted to introduce Todd to her as well, he’s the one that did the tattoo for me.” I nodded, “Of course, I think that she’s still in New Jersey. “There was something about a big publication wanting to do a story on her.” She smiled at me knowing that was a lie. We would talk later about it, and my unwillingness to talk about family issues in front of her friend. “So, where are you two off to next?” “I thought I might take Todd down to the strip since he’s never been to Las Vegas before.” I dug my wallet out and gave her my black AMEX card. “On me, Julez. I hope you guys have a great time.” They started to leave but then it was Todd to my surprise who stopped. “Mister Bane, could I bother you to come with us?”

I smiled, “You know what? Why not, this can wait for later.” I said as I gestured towards the repairs that remain unfinished. “Just give me a minute to clean up.” He nodded and Julez squeezed his hand reassuringly. Friend my ass I thought as I headed to the bathroom to wash my hands and face.


{Southeast Shore, Oahu, Hawaii - “Promo Day Part 2”}


[5 P.M.]

Standing on the beach I look out over the water rushing in and then slowly receding. Something I had witnessed earlier in the day triggered something within me and I decided to talk about it as part of the promo I would turn in.

Welcome to beautiful Oahu, kids.

I show the shark flag that had been up since this morning in the camera’s shot.

It is a beautiful place but not without its dangers. That flag has been up and flying since dawn.

I give the camera a grim smile.

Any time you go into an animal's habitat, you are not the apex predator as a young man of seventeen found out today.
I panned over to where there was still quite a bit of blood on the sand.

A tiger shark took a lot from him and his family.

One of the great things about this island is you can see out pretty far into the water. The camera shows a dorsal fin breaching the surface every once in a while.

Unlike me, sharks are creatures that use stealth and speed to get their prey.

I look at the camera with an unmistakable intensity.

I’m much more upfront and in your face about things.

The grim smile turns into a predatory one.

Max already knows this, don’t you Max.

Occasionally a tourist will wander into the shot, but I keep focused and continue.

You see, this match would be easy if I hated you, Max.

I sigh and shake my head.

I don’t though, you’re one of the few people around that I actually have respect for.

I come back to business now and the hard expression returns.

The point is, Max. That ring is my habitat and you are not the predator there, I am.

My facial expression never changes.

Max and I met in the tournament last year and I promptly bounced him from contention in Blast from the Past.

I smirk and shake my head.

So, you’re feeling confident, why? Oh, because you have my partner from last year.

I sigh a rather loud and obnoxious sigh.

You weren’t ready last year and you’re certainly not ready this year.

A man walks out in front of me with fishing gear, wearing hip waders. I look over at him, “Hey Chief, you see those signs right?” In return, he flips me off, “I know what I’m doing.” I shrug in return.

You see this bright boy Max? Much like you, he was warned about going into the habitat where he’s not the apex predator.

I continue to watch this man wade out into the water.

I guess everyone has to learn the hard way.

I shake my head as I watch the man go further out into the water.

And like you, he’s in over his head.

The man then spots the dorsal fin not far from him and tries to start backpedaling.

And like you, he’s realized the error far too late.

The scene ends with the fisherman screaming for help as a shark attacks his legs. Blood fills the water where he had stood. The lifeguards rush out to help him.


{The Oblivion Garage - Las Vegas, NV - “Rebuilding”}

[5 A.M.]

Since the garage had been cleared for rebuilding by the city, the materials for that had started arriving. We knew this would drive our insurance through the roof but I was unwilling to part with it. This had to be rebuilt. So, I sat in my office chair out on the loading dock. I had a small table beside me to set my cup and cigarettes on. Another load of sheetrock had come in. They would rip all the old out and replace it. I sat there with my coffee and a fresh lit cigarette as they brought the last load in. The little fella carrying the clipboard was named Mark. I’d be willing to bet there was vegetable broth in his thermos instead of coffee. He approached me with the clipboard since I obviously had to sign for it.

“Those things are bad for your health,” he nodded towards my cigarette as he approached. “So is sticking your nose in someone else’s business kid,” I said with a smile and a light tone. He handed me the clipboard and I studied it, then finally signed it. “Good luck with the rebuild,” he said politely as he walked away. I didn’t say anything in return, as I took another sip of coffee. I swallowed the dark coffee with a slight grimace as it had cooled down considerably. I dumped the remainder on the ground just off the loading dock. I flicked what was left of my cigarette in the liquid where it sizzled and went out. I made my way back inside to the coffee pot and poured a fresh cup. I then made my way to the front of the shop where the chair that I has used to assault Senor Del Gado still sat. I noticed it still had his blood on it as well. I smirked at that memory. My phone chimed as I sat down. It was a message from Amber.

Do you remember our first night together in Atlantic City?”

I replied quickly since she’s been so erratic lately.

How could I forget that? The conversations and…other things, will live in my memory for a long time.

I smiled at the statement I made back to her, it had been such a long time ago.

A few years ago

It was hard to imagine that two people who had started as bitter rivals could have ever ended up lovers. We had literally torn each other apart just a few nights before. It was the finals of a tournament to decide a new number one contender in the old Carnage Wrestling company out of Baltimore that we had worked for at the time. It had been our rubber match. She had beat me in Boardwalk Wrestling a few years earlier and I had returned the favor in another of those tourneys when she was returning to Carnage. She would go on to win the World Title in a match with a man who would later adopt her. That single act of kindness and love would change a lot of people’s opinions of him. I digress though, the real item here is our conversation that night.

After the lovemaking, I watched her sleep for a long time that night. I was totally captivated by her beauty and her fierceness in the way she lived. She was truly a marvel to me.  Before I knew it, the sun was coming up. I crawled out of bed and got dressed. I tied my bandanna securely and picked up my bag. I hesitated there by the door, to this day I’m still not sure why. I stood there and that’s when I realized that where ever I thought I was going, well, I was already there. I could literally go anywhere in the world. I somehow knew at that moment that I could never find again, the light I had seen in her eyes anywhere else but here. Until that night, I had not been with another woman, other than my recently departed wife, Melissa. The thing about Amber that’s always been true, is she learned like I did it was dangerous to cling to something that could end in a heartbeat. It’s like being betrayed by someone when you lose that one thing you thought could never end. She had gone through something similar with another wrestler and of course, cancer taking Melissa almost killed me. So, I did what any lunatic would do. I sat my bag by the door, removed my bandanna, and started making coffee.

She had done so much for me when we first met on neutral ground and away from the circus that is this business. She had told me that I shouldn’t feel obligated to her, that I had the freedom to leave. The more important aspect of that is that she gave me the freedom to stay. That all by itself was worth my weight in gold to me. Once the coffee was done, I brought her a cup of black coffee and sat by the bed. I woke her gently and offered her a cup. She took it gently, trying not to spill any of it. We had only been together a short time, but I knew from the first time I laid eyes on her that she was mine and no one else would do. She gave me a quizzical look, “You’ve got that “Alabama” look on your face, what’s on your mind?” I chuckled softly, “You mean that big dumb guy in love with a little redhead looks?” She laughed a silvery laugh and winked at me. “Yes, that one.” I smiled and leaned back on the chair. “I mean where should I even start,” I said with a smile. “You’ve never put any restrictions on me. You’ve given me the freedom to leave if I wanted to. I think the most important thing you’ve given me is the freedom to stay, Red.” Her eyes welled ever so slightly. “I love you, Amber, and there’s nothing on the face of this planet that could ever change that.”

Present Day

We continued our text conversation back and forth until it was time for her to go to another interview for Sin City. I had let her know that materials were here for the rebuild and that I would not even think about starting any of it without her here. She told me, thank you, and that she loved me. That small act by her helped to ease my mind for a bit and I was able to enjoy my cigarette and coffee. My phone chirped again at an incoming call, it was Rene from the Hells Gate School in Grand Junction Colorado. My brother in arms, and heart. I quickly answered the phone, “hey hey brother,” I said as enthusiastically as I could. “Hi Mac, how’s the training going?” I grunted as I put the cigarette out. “Pretty good, I continued to work on the things we discussed while I was in Hawaii training with Mikah.” “Good, based on what I know of Max Burk, I think that’s valuable.” Rene was one of a kind, dude, he was the ultimate cautious optimistic. “Well, Rene, if it wasn’t valuable, I know you wouldn’t have mentioned anything at all.” He barked a laugh in my ear, causing me to pull the phone away for a moment. “I’m glad you feel that way, brotherman.” I smiled when he said it, “Of course, if you can’t trust family, who can you trust,” I said in a reverent tone. Rene was one of those people that was beyond reliable, his scouting was always on point.

When I first went to the dojo, they took the speed training that I had already started the year before and helped me to turn it up a notch. Within a month or so, the gains were obvious. I was hanging with people half my age, not only that but dominating them. “Indeed, alright, let us know if you need anything.” Another warm smile crossed my lips, “I will and I’ll try to call more often, big guy.” I knew they were worried, even with my link to Whisper, the others were worried about my stability. They probably would for a while until I gave them a reason to not worry. That meant keeping a firm grip on my anger. After a long pause, “Please do stay in touch, Mac, Kat, and Whisper are concerned about your mental health. That whole Amber thing..” I smiled and appreciated their concern. “Thanks, Rene, I’ll do that, and nothing worry about my friend. It will work itself out or it won’t.”


{Galen Center - Los Angeles, CA - “Promo Day Part 3”}


[7:00 A.M.]

“Hey Mac, want some coffee,” was shouted at me by one of the producers. It was early, so I readily agreed. “Yeah, black please.” He paused for just a moment and asked, “Since when?” I smiled, how long have I been drinking black coffee now. “It’s a recent thing, trying to cut down on my sugar intake.” I lied easily, not really wanting to admit I had started taking it that way because it reminded me of Amber. I missed her terribly and that was a hard thing for me to admit. The day she took her wedding ring off and stuck it in her pocket damn near crippled me. The show must go on, however, no matter how I was feeling about it. They brought me some black coffee and I smiled, nodding my head in thanks. “I appreciate it, thank you.” The producer, Chris, “You’re welcome.” He started to turn away, “You sure you’re good for today? I know you’re schedule is crazy.” Empathy from the staff was something new, had they started hiring new people. “You look tired.” I smiled, “Thanks for the concern, but I’m good.” He then hurried off to get things finalized.

A short time later, he signaled that the crew was ready. So, I set the empty coffee cup down on a nearby moving crate and went to the set for the promo. “They’re ready for you, Mac. Good luck in that match, defending your title once I again, I saw.” I smiled, “At least you pay attention to what we do, thanks for the good wishes. I’ll just do what I always do.” He nodded and stepped to the side. I went to the mark on the floor. I kept my bandanna on and my jacket. Moving the flaps of my jacket to the side, so that the title belt would show easily. I got tired of hefting it up on my shoulder to make a point. The assistant producer counted me down from three to one.

Blast from the past part two, y’all.

I smiled at the camera, as genuine as I could muster.

I and Mikah will take on Myra and Max Burk.

I allow the smile to slide.

All the hype and the buildup, it’s been fun to watch right?

I smirk a bit at the statement.

Guess what? The fun is about to end as we get real

Even the crew can feel my mood darken as I continue.

Now, I know that I’ve said some rather harsh things about them both.

The look of intensity returns as I glare at the camera.

I’m just getting started. My harsh words…shit that’s just the beginning of what I have to say about these two.

The glare or scowl if you will continue as I focus.

I really didn’t think it would be the two of you that Mikah and I would face in the finals.

I pick up the nearby water bottle and twist the cap off. Taking a long drink before I continue.

I never could have imagined that you would best Jaycee and his partner.

I placed the cap back on the bottle and secured it before setting it back down.

It’s not that I don’t think you’re capable.

Half a smile returns, tugging at the corners of my mouth.

Wait…oh yes it is.

I laugh at what I said and it takes me a minute to get my breath.

I don’t think either of you has what it fucking takes to hold the top prizes in this company. Period.

I shake my head as my own amusement fades.

I mean, come on Max, if the company archives are correct. You’ve never held any belt in Sin City Wrestling other than the Roulette Title, is that right?

Focusing on the camera now and my goals.

That’s enough about you two, now it’s time to talk about us. Honestly, we are way more interesting anyway.

I smirked as I continued.

Let’s see, Mikah is like a 3-time Bombshells champion, former internet champion, Roulette Champion, and Mixed tag champion on a couple of occasions. In other words, a grand slam champion.

I continue on after a breath.

I’m a two-time world heavyweight champion, one-time roulette, and Internet champion. A triple crown champion in my own right.

Getting ready to wrap this up, I just let it fly.

So, all of that being said, we’re based out of Vegas so why would anyone bet against us? The short answer is, if they’re smart they won’t. The smart money will always be on us, not on a couple of “B” players. I couldn’t even keep a straight face and call you two, “B+” players.

I start to wave the camera crew off indicating that I’m done when a final thought occurs to me. Make sure that the belt is exposed. I then hook my thumbs behind it.

See this? This belt belongs to me. Max, I know you want this, they all do. It’s one of the prices you pay as a world champion. There’s a huge target on my back and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Not you or anyone else is going to anytime soon. If that should happen then you can truly call them the best in this company. Until then, all contenders are just victims of their own arrogance in believing that they had a shot, to begin with.

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March 6th 2022 - Post Match Climax Control
Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

As I sit here just minutes after advancing to the finals for the first time, I can’t help but relish the victory. It was everything I wanted. It was everything I needed. The fact that I pulled it out with a textbook counter was pretty sweet too. As I towel off, and do my normal self assessment before checking in with the medical staff I can’t help but smile. Tonight was a good night.

Max: That was fun. That is what this is all about. That is what I love about this business. Jaycee, chin up kid. You did everything I asked of you. You came out guns blazing, and showed that trademark explosiveness that you have shown for the entire tournament. You hit harder than I even expected. You brought the fight, and I loved every minute of it. Don’t beat yourself up too much about this loss. You and Levana have extremely bright futures here in Sin City Wrestling if you want it. Not many rookies can say they have done what you were able to do in the Blast From The Past. So for that, cheers to both of you.

This year’s tournament has been everything I’ve been visualising since I was wheeled out of the operating room. After a quick check, I can confirm I’m feeling way better right now compared to the quarter-finals. That’s definitely reassuring. I cannot wait to peel these boots off. Unlacing my boots might be my favourite part of the night. I cannot wait to get changed, and head up to my room to unwind after everything that’s happened. I’ve been trying to behave myself during the tournament, but this is a big win. Might have a drink or two to celebrate since we’ve got a couple weeks until Blaze of Glory. Before that happens, I’ll be a good boy and go visit the medical staff.

Max: But, I told you Jaycee that my experience would be the deciding factor in the outcome. You see, just as we observed leading up to the semi-finals I knew I could use your explosiveness against you. That’s just what I did. You see kid you went to the well once too often, and it cost you. It doesn’t matter which way later tonight turns out, I know both matches coming up in the finals are going to be one of the highlights of my SCW career. 2022 is the year that I remind everyone that I can beat anyone, on any given night. You’ve counted us out since the moment that the pairings were drawn. Every round our opponents want to swing their accomplishments in our face in a dick measuring contest. They love to key in on the fact that I’ve only had one run with the Roulette championship. The fact of the matter is this... that Max that everyone wants to focus on is long gone. You need to focus on what’s been staring at you the whole damn time. I’m not the same Max I was back then. You ask anyone that really knows me from back then. It’s not even close. I’ve taken the time to focus on myself. I’ve taken the time to heal. I’ve taken the time to not just heal physically, but mentally too. I’m the most focused I’ve ever been. I’m locked in like I’ve never been locked in before. That is a real problem for whoever is standing across the six sided ring from Myra Rivers and I.

The hardwork has paid off. We’ve made it to the finals. Thank god we made it there unscathed for the most part. Now it’s time to rest, and observe what happens later tonight. I finish packing up my bag, and tuck it away for after the show. Time to go get a closer look to see what we might have in store for us for the finals. Whether it's Goth or it’s the champ it makes no difference.

Max: Keep doubting us. It’s driving us. Can’t you see that? We are one win away. We told you we’d be here since day one. Goth... Mac... I’m right here. I’m waiting for you boys. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to see Mac in the finals. He’s already had to defend his championship in the tournament. I’m hoping I’m granted the opportunity if he an make it past Goth tonight. That’s no easy feat as Goth has proven over and over over the years. Goth is a serious threat to anyone. I know exactly what I have in store for me for the finals whichever way their match goes. Both men are going to be a stiff challenge for the finals. Best of luck gentlemen, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

I’m going to make sure I get a close look at this match, that’s for damn sure. I wouldn’t miss it for a second. Scouting is one of my favourite things to do, and this is the time to take advantage.

August 16 2021
Moncton Hospital
Moncton, New Brunswick

They might as well give me an access card, I’ve spent so much time here lately. I feel like I’m always here honestly. But, if you don’t put in the work you won’t see the results you are hoping for. I cannot say enough good things about the staff here at the hospital. Given everything that they have to deal with during these crazy times has given me a whole different level of respect for people in all of the healthcare and frontline fields.

Max: Hey Doc Robihot. How’s it hanging today?

Doc: Ooooh you got me. I’ve never heard that one before.

Doc Robichaud is the resident sports psychologist here in Moncton. He works with most of the teams in the area. He does a lot for the local university, and their athletic department. Doc has been honest to god a godsend in my life. I should have taken this step years ago. If you’re a professional athlete, and have never looked into seeing a sports psychologist change that immediately. You will not regret it.

Doc: How are you Mr. Burke? How are you feeling today?

Max: It’s weird Doc. I lucked out, we both know that. Rehab is going pretty good. The knee is feeling stronger every day. Yeah, rehab sucks. It definitely doesn’t get easier the more you do it. Just need to keep pushing forward. But I’ve been working on setting my goals.

Goal setting was like lesson number one on day one with Doctor Robichaud. It’s common sense, but I’ve never really focused on goals in the past. Like really focused on them. Doc made me realise that having some goals would be a great motivation for this comeback. Hard to argue with his results. I’m definitely more focused on the task at hand than I ever have been before. 

Doc: Care to share? Having achievable goals right now is a key to your recovery.

Max: Don’t worry, nothing crazy. I’ve been listening. I’ve been paying attention. I’ve been focusing on consistent small weight increases in the rehab room.  I’m not going crazy with my weight jumps.

Okay, that look isn’t too bad. I think I’m on the right track at least.

Doc: Very smart. That’s a great goal. Definitely achievable, and realistic. What else you got?

Max: I’ve still got my goal of being cleared by January. I’m realistic, and I know this is the chance to get those nagging injuries taken care of while I’m rehabbing the knee. I’m not rushing back, But I need to be cleared by January, I have my eyes set on a target. There is a tournament every year. If I’m cleared by January I’ll be good to go.

Blast From The Past is a showcase every year. The outcomes are unpredictable. You never know what you are going to get year to year when it comes to this tournament. I’ve got unfinished business with this tournament. The winner gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion. It’s a fantastic motivation to get through this round of rehab. I plan on coming back better than ever. I’m making sure I’m doing everything right this time. I’m doing this the smart way.

Doc: The way you’ve been talking during our sessions, that sounds realistic also at your current pace. Both of your goals are focused on your rehab journey. Do you have any outside of the current predicament?

Max: Of course, I do. Being home again has put things into perspective. I’m definitely going to be making more time for my family. I’ve been missing out on the best years of my niece’s life. I want to be here more for her. I want to be here more for my sister. She’s going through a lot right now, and I’m relieved that I’m here for them right now.

Doc: That is your best goal right there. Without a doubt, I could tell by the passion in your voice, The saying is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Max: Those girls are everything to me. Being home has made me appreciate what I’ve been missing being away from them. This business is not the easiest on the family. My family, of all families, knows that all too well. The break has been a blessing in disguise. And this break has been exactly what I need to grow as an athlete. You’ve been a huge part of that, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me these last few months. I’ve embraced everything you’ve been able to show me. The visualisation techniques and meditation resources have been keys in keeping my focus during this stint in rehab. I’ve been attacking this rehab like never before. I’ve had times over the years going through similar circumstances that I’ve questioned myself without hesitation. Not this time. Once I got out of my head after it happened, I knew I just had to say to myself... been here... done  that. This time is different. This time I came home, and surrounded myself with the people I trust more than anyone else. I knew I needed to step away. I knew I needed to come home and refocus. But I really didn’t know how I was going to do that. I didn’t know how I was going to do that until I was introduced to you. I knew of your reputation. I know the work you have been putting in the work here. I hear these things. I keep in touch with the local community, and what’s been happening. I did my research. I asked around, and as you already know you got glowing reviews. So yeah, thank you for everything you’ve been doing for me. You’re an important cog in this journey back for me. The rehab team may be preparing me physically, but you’re preparing me mentally and that is the most important thing I need right now.

Doc gives a simple nod in appreciation. He’s not one for compliments. I've learned that quickly during our time together. That’s okay. I’m the same way. I don’t need them, but they sure do feel good when you get them. I wouldn’t be able to make this comeback without him. Not at the level I was shooting for. I’m happy to have him in my corner, and on my team.

March 6th 2022 - Post Climax Control
Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, that result was the result I was honestly hoping for. This just brings things full circle.

Max: Congratulations champ. Once again, our future opponents needed outside interference to advance. It’s pretty sad honestly. The Blast has been disrespected repeatedly this year. It’s a shame. This nonsense is not what this tournament is about. The Blast is about honouring the legends of our past, and the fact that people are not showing that respect is infuriating. Keep your ass in the back, and settle your foolishness after we wrap this shit up at Blaze of Glory.

Goddammit, I wasn’t expecting to get that fired up about this. That’s twice now that it’s happened. It’s bullshit but it is what it is. Just goes to show how some people are built.

Max: Mikah and Mac, no matter the means here we are. You’ve advanced. We’ll see you at Blaze of Glory. Keep taking us lightly. Keep taking your jabs. We’re here. We are the ones standing across from you in two weeks. Everyone has talked a big game, but where are they now? They couldn’t get the job done. I know why I’m heading to the finals right now. I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve got zero distractions this year. So that is why I’m here. Your confidence just like Jaycee’s will be your damn downfall in two weeks. You two are in store for a huge reality check at Blaze of Glory. We are the ones that are going to be standing tall at the end of the night.

December 25 2021
Home of the patriarchs of the Burke family
Dorchester, New Brunswick

This needs to happen more. I’ve missed this too much. I need to make sure I get home more this time. I need to make sure I bring them with me more this time. I’ve lost count how many holidays I’ve missed. Hell, I’ve lost count how many Christmases I’ve missed. That’s unacceptable. I’ve realised that now. Way too late, but I know now. That’s going to change this time. I’ve already told Mark this. Now I need to tell them that. Might as well rip the bandaid now. Libby’s under the tree snooping. Papa and Nana Burke always make sure to have a couple of gifts here at the house for Christmas dinner. We’re always spoiled rotten no matter how old we get. Every year mom says the same thing. She’s cutting back. She’s not spending a lot besides on the grandkids, and grand nieces and nephews. She’s a horrible liar.  God, this kid is the best.

Max: Hey Libb, come have a seat with Mom and Uncle Max.

She whips around, and comes running over. Libby is always happy to oblige her favourite uncle.

Libby: Merry Christmas Uncle Max.

Max: Merry Christmas kiddo. Listen, I need to have a chat with you and Mom. Uncle Max is feeling pretty good. My knee is doing really well. So good actually that the doctor said I’m good to go.

Becca: That’s great news. When did you find out?

Max: Couple days ago. Everything was looking good on the new scans. He got a great report from rehab. And he got a report from Doctor Robichaud too. I’m in a good place right now. But that’s not all the news. I’ve been talking to Mark.

Becca: Oh really? Have you now bub?

Max: He’s been checking in. He always has. He always will. You see, I’ve been thinking...

Becca: When are you leaving?

Libby: Leaving?

Uh oh. Here we go. She knows this day has been coming. We’ve been trying to prepare her for when it was time to go back. She loves her Uncle Max though. It’s been so much fun to be able to spend so much time with her and her mom over the last couple of months.

Libby: You’re not leaving it’s Christmas.

Max: Oh kiddo, you have nothing to worry about. I haven’t even put pen to paper, but I told Mark I’m not going anywhere until January, We’ve got lots of time. I’ll be making sure I come home more too. Being home has been the best thing ever.

The look on Libby’s face changes to a look of slight relief. She knows I’m not going anywhere. At least not for now.

Libby: So, don’t leave. That’s easy.

Becca: Libby that’s not fair. You knew he wasn’t home forever. Uncle Max told you that when he came home. You remember right?

Max: I did promise a lot of vacations for you Ms Libby when it was time to go back. You remember me telling you that right? You and Mom are going to come watch me wrestle way more. I’m going to show you all the cool spots to visit. My new place has a room for you and mom to stay. And you can both stay as long as you want.

Libby: Yes, I remember. But, I don’t know if I want to watch.

Max: Why not kiddo?

Libby: You get hurt too much.

Max: Don’t you forget I’m tough as leather. Your Uncle Max always bounces back. I just showed that again right? Listen, I’ve been thinking I’m getting too old for all of the rough stuff. I’m not going back to do that. Uncle Max is going back home to wrestle. He’s been talking to his old buddy Mark. He wants me back. I even heard from a little birdie that your second favourite wrestler is coming back too.

Libby: BEN! No way!

Max: Now you shush. You just forget you heard that. But, if you want to come visit I can imagine you will get to play some Playstation with a certain smiley Brit. No promises, but I’d say highly likely. Ben does love when he gets to hang out with his favourite Canadians, He’s a member of this family afterall.

Libby: Yep he is! Okay fine. You can go back.

Max: Thanks kiddo.

Becca: She’s the boss.

Max: That she is. Seriously though, I’m excited to get back. Mark’s been in my ear for months. He’s wanted me back for years. He’s the one that’s stayed in contact. He always is. He puts on a good show, but he’s a loyal friend. How often can you say you become friends with the boss right?

Becca: He’s always had your back. He’s never done you dirty. It's a bit shocking when you consider the reputation of promoters.

Max: We’ve been through a lot. He’s always taken care of me. I know I can always call him at any time day or night. He knows he can do the same. I should have told him before I came back last time. It was a dick move. I think I’ve repaid him in whiskey ten fold, but I still feel like crap over that. This is my chance to make it right. The Underground was fun, It gave me the chance to reinvent myself. It was a fun playground to truly test my limits. I never knew what I was going into.

Becca: I couldn’t let her watch 75% of it. You took a beating there. Don’t do that this time okay? I want her to be able to be proud of her Uncle Max. I don’t want her to be scared for her Uncle Max everytime he climbs through those ropes. Do you understand me? She’s going through enough right now.

Max: So are you. I get it sis. I love you. Trust me on this. I’ll try to avoid that type of stuff as much as I can. I promise. I know.

Becca: Thanks bub. I can say that it upset her, but she didn’t see most of it. I did. It was a lot. Even for you. You don’t need to do that. You’re better than that.

Max: I hear you. Listen, I’m sure Ben will try to keep me on the straight and narrow. Listen, I’ve turned over a new leaf. That kid over there has changed me for the better, just like she has all of us. I’m going to make her proud of her Uncle Max.


Libby: FOOD!

Max: Dibs on the crispy skin! Race ya!

That kid doesn’t stand a chance. I potato sack her over my shoulder before she even knows what hits her and carry her to the dinner table. Mom’s outdone herself like usual with the spread. It’s going to be a good night of whiskey, good food and lots of laughs.

Present Day
Urban Light
City Of Angels, California

202 street lamps, the oldest dating back to the 1920’s makeup this incredible art installation. I’m carrying on my tournament tradition of visiting local landmarks. As I’ve said in the past, it’s important to make sure I get away from the day to day grind that a tournament presents. Visiting art installations is my way of centering myself before heading into my fights. So here I am again, just living in the moment. Taking the time to stop and smell the roses has been a key to my recent success. No point changing what’s not broken.

Max: We did it. We told you all we’d be here at the end. The fact that Mac Bane and Mikah are the ones at the end of this journey is that cherry on top. But hell, let’s not stop there with added motivation for the finals. Let’s add in the fact that Mac Bane will also be defending his Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

That statement catches me for a moment. I take that moment to take it all in. This is the moment I’ve been working towards.

Max: Mac, you said something to me the other day that struck a chord and you had no idea you gave me that layup. You told me a lot can change in a year. You’re fuckin’ right a lot can change in a year. Yeah, you’ve gone on a nice little winning streak. You’ve been a dominant champ, but you’ve had your help. You need to check the ego just a tiny bit. Now I lost my GRIME Nightmare Championship. I’ve had knee surgery. I’ve had to go to rehab. I’ve had to bust my ass to get back here. I’ve had to bust my ass to get to this moment. When I went down, hell I didn’t know if I’d be back. I certainly didn’t know if I’d be back here in SCW, but that was my goal. Here I am. I’m staring you down Mac. This isn’t the opening round. This is the finals. This is you having to yet again defend your championship in this tournament.

I have to admit, it made me smile when I saw that Mac would be facing Mark Cross and Goth back to back. I’m not an idiot. Better the champ than me, that’s for damn sure. I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I know what this opportunity means. I take a sip from my coffee. It warms me instantly. Nothing better than a good cup of coffee.

Max: As part of my rehab, I also started seeing a sports psychologist. I wanted to work on my mental game too while I had the time. We all should. And let me tell you something, I dove into it. I started studying it on the side outside of my appointments. It opened my eyes. One article I read recently had a perfect correlation to our upcoming encounter. The idea of a god-athlete is a dangerous mirage. Mac, we all know how good you are, You most definitely do. We all know how dominant you’ve been. You’ve got the strap. You’ve got the company on your back, and you’ve been doing that for a fair chunk of time now eh?

I know that burden. I’ve felt that burden my entire life. It comes with the territory. It’s not a fun feeling, but it's part of the job.

Max: Let me tell you something Mac. At Blaze of Glory X, I’m walking in there with absolutely nothing to lose. I’m walking in there with the opportunity to cause one of the biggest upsets in SCW history. You’ve all said it right? It’s the same song every round. You can deny it all you want, but we’ve proven that we can adapt to any situation we’ve faced and conquered it. I just need one moment at Blaze of Glory. You know you’re not indestructible. Nobody is. You know you will lose that title eventually. Everyone does. We’re both crafty veterans. We’ve seen it all. You know damn well I have what it takes to beat you on any given night. You know damn well that Myra can beat Mikah on any given night. Everyone’s been chirping, but it’s been fuel that’s been building this fire throughout the tournament. Every pot shot I’ve taken and just added it onto the fire. You’ve been the king of Sin City for quite some time. But every kingdom falls. Every kingdom falls when the power grows and grows until the king becomes disillusioned with how powerful he actually is. When that happens, an uprising typically follows. We’re about to burn your kingdom to the ground. Mac your confidence is teetering on cockiness, and it will be your downfall. Every kingdom falls. Your time is coming. We’ll see you at Blaze of Glory. I’m going to show you just how much things can really change in a year. I’m about to shock this damn company to its core. You’re in for the fight of your life champ. Do not take me lightly. That will be your biggest regret, and the reason you are looking up at the lights at Blaze Of Glory. You really don’t want to make that mistake with me. I’ll capitalise on it without hesitation, and walk out your new SCW World Heavyweight Champion. Blaze Of Glory X is my time to show the entire world that Max Burke is back, and ready to make a statement. Let’s fuckin’ go!

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TIME: 3:30 P.M.

It had been a long time since Mikah had been home with her children and she had been thrilled to get home to them. But when she arrived home at 2 A.M., both of them were sound asleep as they should have been. She spent the morning playing with Myles as he ran around excited to see her and showed her all the things he could do now. But now, Mikah had just finished a run and had decided to hike up one of her favorite spots on the island. It was one of the spots her and Leighton had found when she first decided they were going to live in Hawaii permanently. And the view once you reached the top was phenomenal, almost better than the view of the ocean. Almost.

When she was at the top of the hill or mountain, she wasn’t sure what it was classified as, she felt closed to Masen Christian Othniel. She wasn’t even sure why; he wasn’t the type that hiked, and he had spent most of his time in the ocean, surfing and being the stereotypical beach bum. The thought always brought a smile to her face as she thinks about him. It had been six years since she’d last seen his face and she still wished she could have changed the outcome. But it didn’t stick with her as bad as it used to. Not anymore. She had worked through that and was able to think of him without having a full-blown panic attack that would originally send her into a downward spiral.

She looks out at the ocean from her point of view and smiles before sitting down and breathing heavily. Even though she was in fantastic shape, the hike always knocked the wind out of her. She didn’t mind the sweat that was present on her skin from the treacherous hike and from the run she’d completed before the spur of the moment hike she’d decided on. She lets her eyes scan the ocean, watching as there were people surfing and parasailing that she could see. She knew that there were no doubt people snorkeling and swimming as well. She couldn’t explain the calm that the island brought her and made her anxieties slip away. She didn’t understand how the mainland made her anxiety skyrocket but for some reason it did.

She places her hands behind her in the Earth and leans back on them, holding her upper body up. She looks up at the sky and smiles as the sun hits her skin. She had missed the warmth of the sun and she had no desire to leave the island until she absolutely had to. She continues to look up at the sky as if she was looking for something in particular.

;;MIKAH “Your daughter reminds me so much of you. Maybe not as chaotic as you were but I see so much of you in her. I wish you were here to see her grow up.”

She only talked to him very sporadically now. It was only when she was thinking about him a lot more than normally did she choose to excuse herself to a remote location to talk to him. She couldn’t even place what made her think of him extra since she had gotten back to Hawaii, but she felt this pull to find the time to talk to him.

;;MIKAH “And while Myles isn’t your kid, you’d be impressed with what that two year old can do on a surfboard. He’s practically a natural. I think you and him would be good friends.”

She smiles at the thought before taking a deep breath and slowly lets it out. They’d shared a few memories in Hawaii together. And Mikah had enjoyed those memories but couldn’t commit to making them all the time years ago.

;;MIKAH “I still miss you. But it’s not as bad as it used to be. I wish I knew that you were here….”

Just as she says that, the breeze picks up and she smiles at the thought before laying back in the grass. She was a different person when it came to being in Hawaii; much different from the person she was on screen for SCW. She sometimes wished she’d open this part of her life up for others to see that she wasn’t the person she portrayed in SCW but she wasn’t a big people person.

She doesn’t say anything as she just lays in the grassy area, staring up at the sky. She knew she should get back to her children since she hadn’t seen them for a few weeks but she wanted just a few more minutes to soak up the Hawaiian sun. The serenity of just being up in nature seemed to calm some of her anxieties down even more.

The few minutes pass by a lot quicker than she would have liked but she doesn’t complain out loud as she finally gets up and brushes off any dirt or debris that may have got on her from laying in the grass. She looks around to notice that she was mainly by herself and she didn’t entirely seemed to mind. She knew that Mac was going to be in Hawaii at some point, even though she wasn’t entirely sure when. But that was a problem she’d face later, right now she needed to focus on getting back down to the bottom of this hill or mountain or whatever she was standing on and get back to her children.

The hike back down didn’t seem to take as much time as it had when she had hiked up the hill/mountain. But she supposed that was how it went; going up was always a lot harder than it was coming down. Inertia was probably the thing to blame. She stretches a little bit when she finally makes it down to the bottom of the hill/mountain and glances behind her at her trek. She had to make the twenty minute run back to her house and she’d be back with her children and able to spend the evening with them.


Mikah had decided to take Leighton and Myles out for a fun evening. They ate supper at one of the local Italian restaurants and now were sitting on the beach. Mikah was watching her two year old run around in the sand like a wild toddler without a care in the world. She smiles as she watches him fall and then laugh as he does so.

;;MIKAH “I sometimes wish you were still that little, Leigh. You were such a charming little girl; you always had everybody wrapped around your finger.”

Leighton rolls her eyes at her mother, clearly not enjoying talking about her childhood.

::LEIGHTON “I don’t think you could handle two toddlers at the same time, Mom. You can barely handle Myles and Kris together.”

Mikah chuckles at the thought but doesn’t disagree with her daughter’s sentiment. She adored Kris and everything that came with him. But she couldn’t deny that he had his own challenges as well.

;;MIKAH “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

She hadn’t meant it in a hurtful way in any fashion but a look comes over her face and Leighton is quick to catch it. She raises an eyebrow at her mother before looking over at Myles, who was having the time of his life playing in the sand.

::LEIGHTON “Do you love him?”

Mikah stops staring at Myles and looks over at Leighton, a frown on her face.

;;MIKAH “Who? Myles? Of course, I love him. He’s my son, Leighton.”

Leighton chuckles at her mother before shaking her head at her.

::LEIGHTON “Not Myles, Mom. I know you love Myles. I meant Kris. Do you love Kris?”

And there it was. The question that was probably weighing on her mind heavily for the past few hours. Maybe it was what prompted her to go on her hike alone. She wasn’t sure. She however doesn’t get the chance to answer as Myles runs over and tackles her with a hug, getting sand all over her in the process. She starts to laugh a little bit as Myles kisses her cheek with a toothy grin.

;;MIKAH “Myles, you’re covered in sand!”

Myles laughs a little harder at the thought of getting his mother covered in sand before he runs off again to play in a different area of the sand. Mikah shakes her head before looking over at Leighton, who looked a bit perplexed.

;;MIKAH “I know that look, Leighton. What’s wrong?”

Leighton looks at Mikah again with the look still on her face and Mikah stops to catch her breath and maintain a serious expression.

::LEIGHTON “You didn’t answer my question-.”

But she is cut off by a blonde woman and her boyfriend walking up to Mikah and Leighton. Mikah frowns a little bit before looking up at the blonde before looking at the woman’s boyfriend who was standing off to her left.

::KENDALL “Are you Mikah?”

MIkah shares a slightly uneasy look with her daughter before giving Leighton a look that the sixteen year old knew too well. Leighton is quick to get up and grab Myles before taking him inside of their house, kicking and screaming as a toddler would do.

;;MIKAH “Why? Who wants to know?”

There weren’t many people on the island that she knew well enough for them to randomly come up to her and ask if she was Mikah. She never believed in her star power and always told Kris it never seemed to follow her. Or at least to her knowledge anyways.

Mikah watches as Kendall shares a slightly excited look with her boyfriend before she sits down in the sand next to Mikah. She tenses up, not sure what the blonde wanted from her. And Mikah’s interactions with fans who were obsessed was never too pleasant. She had all but forgotten about the Cameron incident.

::KENDALL “My name is Kendall…Ja---just Kendall.”

Mikah could sense the hesitation in the young woman’s voice as she almost said her last name but then stopped. That made Mikah’s red flag radar start to ping as she wasn’t sure why the girl would want to hide her identity.

;;MIKAH “Okay….?”

The confusion was written on Mikah’s face as she looks from the blonde to the dark haired man that was to her left.

::KENDALL “I’m sorry, I just…I heard that you moved to the island a few months back but I’d never seen you around. My fiancé, JD and I have been living here on the island for almost a year and I just….I never knew anybody with your resume to be here.”

Again, Mikah wasn’t sure what she was supposed to think of this whole entire situation. She didn’t know what Kendall wanted or if she was just a fan, eager to talk to one of her favorites.

;;MIKAH “I don’t go out much, really. And I haven’t really been on the island for the past month or so. But I’m not really sure why that is any of your business.”

Mikah’s eyes flicker over to J.D. who nudges Kendall gently and gives her a look. Mikah takes a breath, holding it in case something were to happen.

::KENDALL “Right. I’m getting ahead of myself here. I am sorry, sometimes I come on a little too strong.”

Mikah just raises an eyebrow at Kendall.

;;MIKAH “Clearly.”

Kendall chuckles as she looks at J.D. again before looking at Mikah. She seems a little hesitant before smiling at Mikah.

::KENDALL “I know that you don’t know me from Adam and that I could be a nobody…”

Mikah is quick to cut her off.

;;MIKAH “You are.”

Kendall seems taken back from the quick response from Mikah. Mikah watches as the emotions easily play out on Kendall’s face. Mikah just rolls her eyes before shrugging her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “You said…I was only confirming.”

Kendall clearly takes a minute to compose herself as she tries to gain back whatever confidence she’d had before she walked over to Mikah.

::KENDALL “But a few years ago, I used to compete for PRIDE under--.”

Again, Mikah cuts her off, her interest coming in full force.

;;MIKAH “Jason, right?”

Mikah watches the slight surprised look on Kendall’s face.

::KENDALL “Yeah, Jason.”

Kendall shares a look with J.D. and Mikah rolls her eyes.

;;MIKAH “Clearly you haven’t done your research on me very well, have you? I’m dating Kris, Jason’s brother. However, Jason and I are not strangers to one another either as he was under contract to SCW at one point as well. Okay, so let’s get to the point, Kendall. I have a toddler I have to put to bed here shortly and I frankly do not have the time to waste with you. Talking about what you may or may not have done in Pride a few years ago.”

Kendall quickly nods her head, willing to cut right to the chase.

::KENDALL “Right. Well, I’m looking to get back into wrestling. And I would like for you to train me.”

Kendall looks at Mikah with a hopeful look on her face. Mikah looks at Kendall before looking at J.D. and then takes a deep breath.

;;MIKAH “I think you should probably get Kris to train you under his Jet City Sports Lab. I’m sure he’s much better at it than I am. Plus, I don’t even have a facility here that I could use to train you.”

Kendall smirks as she looks at Mikah again.

::KENDALL “But I do. I know of a place where we could do it. All you have to do is meet me there next Monday morning. Here’s the address.”

Kendall pulls out a piece of paper from her jean shorts pocket and hands it to Mikah before getting up. Mikah looks at the note before raising an eyebrow at Kendall.

::KENDALL “Just think about it, that’s all I am asking you to do until next Monday. Don’t give me an answer now, just think about it. That’s all I want you to do. And I’m sorry for bothering you and taking time away from your children. Have a nice evening, Mikah.”

Mikah sits in the sand, a little baffled but watches as Kendall walks away with her fiancé. Mikah’s eyes look back down at the paper and reads the address that was written on the small piece of paper. She wasn’t entirely sure where this building was or if she could even trust the strange girl. She sighs before getting up and pocketing the note in her own jean shorts pocket before going inside of her house.

She finds Leighton already having bathed Myles and was just walking out of his room. Mikah smiles at the responsibility that her daughter had taken on without even asking. But she was always amazed at her daughter’s growth.

;;MIKAH “You didn’t have to do that, you know. I was on my way inside to put him to bed.”

Leighton smiles at her mom.

::LEIGHTON “I know but you must be tired too after a long flight and a long day. And I honestly don’t mind putting him to bed; he goes down better for me than he does Ruby. I think it’s because I remind him of you.”

Mikah couldn’t help but disagree with her daughter internally. She didn’t think that her daughter looked much like her or acted much like her but she didn’t want her daughter to think otherwise. Or at least not at the moment.

;;MIKAH “Thank you, anyways. I appreciate it. I love you, Leighton.”

Mikah turns to walk towards her bedroom, exhausted from the long day.

::LEIGHTON “Hey mom, you never answered my question on the beach…”

Mikah turns to look at Leighton just as she reached out for the doorknob to her bedroom door. Mikah raises an eyebrow at her daughter.

;;MIKAH “What question was that, Leigh?”

Mikah vaguely remembered that Leighton had asked a question when they were on the beach but it had been pushed to the back of her mind after the strange encounter with Kendall. Leighton gives her mom a look as she seems a little hesitant to ask the question.

;;MIKAH “What question, Leigh?”

She prompts her daughter again, hoping that she’d spit the words out a little faster. Mikah tried to remember herself, but the question wasn’t being brought to the forefront of her brain at the moment. Leighton takes a deep breath and looks at Mikah, a kindness in her eyes that Mikah had never seen before tonight.

::LEIGHTON “Do you love Kris?”


FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022
TIME: 3:45 PM

The scene opens up to a surfboard in the ocean to find Mikah lying on the surfboard in a turquoise bikini and a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. Her hair was wet and there were beads of water all over her skin as if she had just been in the ocean.

;;MIKAH “So this is where we are….”

It was very obvious that Mikah was in Hawaii and not in LA where the show was going to take place in eight days.

;;MIKAH “Did anybody expect it to come down to these two teams?”

She raises two fingers up to the camera, wiggling them just a little bit.

;;MIKAH “Or did everybody expect this to be the outcome?”

She is still as she lies on the surfboard in the ocean and it was surprisingly calm for the day And the sun was beating down against the ocean and against her skin. Thank God for sunscreen..

;;MIKAH “I guarantee that everybody thought that it would be Mark Cross and Kat Jones in the finals against…well, Mac and myself.”

She smirks a little bit as she lets a hand fall in the water, letting it dangle in the ocean. She was never scared of the ocean or that there were a possibility of sharks looming underneath me.

;;MIKAH “But Mac and I sent them packing a few weeks back. And surprisingly? It’s been awfully quiet on Twitter lately. It’s kind of refreshing to see, honestly.”

She smirks again.

;;MIKAH “But never in a million years would I have bet money on it being Mac and I against Myra Rivers and Max Burke. This is not a match up that I could have ever imagined to have happened. Why?”

She grabs the sunglasses and pulls them off of her face and sets them on the board above her head.

;;MIKAH “Because I honestly expected you to have been eliminated last weekend when you faced Jaycee McDonald and Levana Cade. I’d say it’s not a knock against you, Myra but let’s be honest, it is a little bit.”

She winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “You’ve said it yourself, you choked last year in the finals. You let Mark Cross and Ruby Steele claim that win. Just think, if you hadn’t interfered and pulled Ruby out of the way, what might have happened. But you did. You pulled Ruby out of the way of Mac’s spear. Personally? If it was me, I would have let him spear her.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “But you see, that’s the difference between you and I, Myra. You seemed to have cared about Ruby’s well-being at the time. You completely lost sight of what you needed to care more about at that time. You should have cared more about the win, rather than saving Ruby from that spear. It wasn’t like Mac was intentionally trying to spear the girl. You need to learn that in this company, you have to be ruthless and give no fucks about any other person but yourself.”

She pulls her hand out of the water and drapes it above her head on the surfboard.

;;MIKAH “Maybe that’s why you failed each and every time you went up against Amber Ryan for the Bombshell Championship. You just aren’t that person that has what it takes in the ring. You want to place nice but this is wrestling, this isn’t the fucking schoolyard playground, Myra. Do you think Amber Ryan gave two fucks about the Resident Nutjob when she beat her almost a year ago to become the Bombshell Champion?”

Mikah hesitates before rolling her eyes.

;;MIKAH “Alright, nobody gives two fucks about the Resident Nutjob but do you think she cared about the Resident Nutjob? Absolutely fucking not. And that’s another difference between you and I….”

She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out.

;;MIKAH “I don’t give two fucks about any Bombshell. And I don’t give a fuck about what you’ve said in previous promos for your matches. Because that doesn’t fucking matter. I’m not basing my opinion of you on shit you’ve said about previous opponents that don’t matter to me. You can praise their name or drag their names through the fucking mud for all I care, Myra. That doesn’t matter in this match. Because you’re not facing them, you’re facing me and let’s forget about Mac and Max for just a moment. Let it just be you and me.”

She moves and sits up on the board, her legs going in the ocean as she straddles the board as a surfer would do.

;;MIKAH “What you have done in the history of this company? It doesn’t matter because it’s useless in this match. Just like what I’ve done in this company is pretty much useless. Because I can’t rely on my own history to get the win this time. But I will tell you this, everything that you know about me in the ring and have heard about me in the ring, is true. There’s a fucking reason why Danielle Weston wanted to face me at High Stakes. And it’s not because I’m a pushover, it’s because she wanted to prove herself in this company and she knew that facing me would give her the recognition that she wanted and honestly, probably deserved. And yeah, she beat me but that didn’t mean she didn’t have to work for it. Because she definitely had to work for it. Do you understand why people want to compete against me? Why they pull my name out of nowhere? They want the attention and the buzz that my name brings backstage.”

She smirks as she looks around before fixing the top of her bikini, making sure it was still in place. After all, this was a SFW show.

;;MIKAH “I’m sure that you’ll talk about how I’ll say that I am better than you and that you’re going to lose. And you’ll undoubtedly bring up the fact that I like to state that I’m Hot Stuff Mark Ward’s favorite Bombshell. But you’re also the type of person who likes to give credit where it is due. I understand that about you. But you still have that chip on your shoulder and I know that you fight with yourself every single day to make it a little less visible each day. But it’s still there. You’re still bitter about the failures you’ve had in SCW.”

She shrugs her shoulders, that smirk tugging at the corners of her lips as she leans forward just a little bit.

;;MIKAH “I think it’s admirable, however that you are trying to accept the fact that you’re a failure. I mean, that you’ve had failures here in SCW.”

She winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “They’re supposed to make you stronger; they’re supposed to make you want to become better but all I see when I look at you or what you’re trying to accomplish is that you’re stronger than you were a year ago. You’ve claimed before on Twitter that you’ve changed for the better and whatever else it is that you like to spout off about. I really don’t give two fucks about what change you’ve managed over the past year because fuck change. Do you think change ever got me anywhere? Absolutely not. Consistency, however did.”

She smirks at the camera again, slowly running her top teeth over her bottom lip.

;;MIKAH “That’s another reason why I am the measuring stick. I’m the fucking Bombshell that set the bar for what a Bombshell should aspire to be. I’m the one that took what it meant to be a Bombshell, and I changed it. I paved that road for what it means to be a Bombshell today. I took that term and I revitalized it and gave it new meaning. There’s a reason I can do whatever the fuck I want when it comes to Climax Controls or Super Shows. And there’s a reason that I can say whatever the fuck I want to, to anybody that I want to say it to. How many times do you think I’ve just barged into the bosses’ office without a warning and didn’t get fined or reprimanded?”

She raises an eyebrow at the camera.

;;MIKAH “It’s because I’m the Bombshell that set those bars and broke records. My name holds a lot more weight backstage than yours does. And it always will. There’s a reason I claim to be the favorite and that’s because I am. How many times do you think I can step away from SCW only for them to welcome me back with open arms? Do you think just anybody can do that?”

She raises an eyebrow at the camera once more.

;;MIKAH “Sure, maybe they can but it’s not going to be as warmly accepted as it is when I walk back through those doors. And each time I come back, I set a goal and I always reach that goal. I already reached the one goal I set when I returned  this year and that was when Kristopher and I became the mixed tag team champions for the second time. And now?”

She looks down at the surfboard before looking up at the camera, smiling.

;;MIKAH “My second goal is to win the Blast From the Past Tournament. I don’t care about the championship match I will get as a result of winning this tournament. I don’t give a flying fuck about that at all. And honestly? I probably never have.”

Another shrug of her shoulders and she wobbles a little on the surfboard. She freezes for a moment to find her balance once more on the surfboard.

;;MIKAH “I just want to hear Hot Stuff Mark Ward admit to the entire World that I’m his favorite SCW Bombshell of all time. That is the goal. And you know what’s great?”

A twinkle appears in her eyes.

;;MIKAH “My tag team partner fully understands what I want out of this tournament and he fully supports my goals. Remember? My partner, Mac Bane? The current Heavyweight Championship in SCW? The one partner you had last year but clearly didn’t value more than the safety of Ruby Steele? Oh yeah, that guy.”

She nods her head with a confident smirk on her face.

;;MIKAH “Mac has been nothing but a phenomenal partner for this tournament. And it’s about damned time that I get a good partner in this tournament. It’s been a long time coming and I deserved to be paired with a great competitor like Mac Bane. And he’s already told the world that I’m a much better tag team partner than you were, Myra.”

She holds the silence for a moment, that look of arrogance on her face still. It left that gloating feeling to settle around her.

;;MIKAH “How does that feel, Myra? To be told that you were such a shitty partner and that I’m an upgrade? Which, let’s be honest, is true but ironic. I’m the Bombshell that is known for not playing well with others. Kristopher is the only other person that I play well with but I have managed to get along with Mac this long and you can bet that next Sunday it’s going to be the same old story.”

She hesitates for a moment.

;;MIKAH “As for your partner? I’m sure he’s good in the ring as he’s gotten this far in the tournament. And I know he’s been a part of SCW before as well. But like I said earlier, what he’s done previously means fuck all in this match. And I know that Mac can handle whatever Max chooses to bring to the match. I honestly have no worries about whether or not Mac can beat Max because I already know that he can. He wouldn’t be the champion if he couldn’t handle Max in the ring. So while Mac and Max have to work their shit out in the ring, you and I can focus on one another Myra. And I can give you another failure to learn from.”

She smirks a little bit.

;;MIKAH “Since you enjoy learning from them so much.”

She winks at the camera once more.

;;MIKAH “I hope the words that you’re going to say this week mean something because everything I’ve just said is gasoline. And next week?”

She smirks again as she lies back on the surfboard and the camera follows her movement. She pulls her legs out of the ocean and places her feet on the board with her knees bent. She adjusts her bikini a little bit as she gets comfortable on the surfboard once more.

;;MIKAH “I’m going to light the match and watch it go up in flames.”

She grabs her sunglasses and places them back over her eyes.

;;MIKAH “See you in eight days, Max and Myra.”

She waves the camera off as she takes a deep breath, to relax a little more on the surfboard.

;;MIKAH “Ciao.”

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An Odyssey of Resilience
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2022, 11:40:20 PM »
I was exhausted but feeling great as I was coming upstairs from my basement workout. Entering my living room, I noticed Scotty coming down the stairs. It didn’t take us long to lock eyes whatsoever.

“The finals… again…” he mentioned, breaking the ice. I merely smiled at this as I sat down on the couch.

“I always knew in my heart that I’d come back to the finals… even if a few people along the way were going out of their way to try to shut me up and drag me down.”

Scotty didn’t respond with a look of worry coming on his face.

“So close… again…” Scotty mentioned, reminding me of old failures from last year. “Levana and Jaycee were completely brutal towards you both. I’m concerned that if you fall short, the vultures will come out again. You would have to hear more talk about ‘not being able to finish’ and all of that nonsense.

I shrugged, showing him that it was bothering me far less than it worried him.

“I’m not worrying about failure. If anything, I’ve shown AMAZING resiliency these last six months. I’m STRONGER than EVER, Scotty.”

“I hope so…”

“KNOW SO! We both know that if my mother and your father were still alive, they’d have WAY more faith in me. "If they were having this conversation, what would they be thinking?"

Scotty and I both began to imagine a conversation taking place in the great beyond…

Meanwhile, in Heaven…

“Great! Dismiss my daughter like everyone else…” my mother told an interviewer wearing a MIKAH IS MY FAVORITE t-shirt while my trainer, Scott Lockley shook his head. “...this is why I refused to join ‘Heaven’s Most Controversial Wrestling Podcast’ for a LONG time…”

“Trina, your daughter has NO chance to win…”

“I resent that remark…” Lockley said with a glare.

“Look, you’re her mom and you’re her trainer. I acknowledge the bias…”

“Says the person wearing the Mikah t-shirt…”

“Facts are facts. Mikah has three more world titles in SCW than Myra has. Myra JUST! CAN’T! FINISH! Max has gotten ALL the pins! He is CARRYING HER! Mikah has been there before. All Myra does is CHOKE! Like… 86% of Heaven has Mikah and Mac winning…”

“More like 86% of your listeners…” my mother snapped back.

“Alright, so you don’t want to listen to reason. So, amuse me. Why the hell does your soft, drama queen daughter think she and her charity case partner can beat the World Champion and the GREATNESS of Mikah? Tell me!”

“Myra is the strongest, most resilient student I’ve ever trained. Let me give you an example, one of my favorites, of her resiliency that WILL make her a world champion…”

January 2016

Six years ago after a GCW event, I held a dented, nearly broken chair in my hands.

“ could I lose to Aphrodite Noel?” I asked myself, dealing with the numbness and shock of it all. “This was supposed to be my night to establish myself as a main eventer and I lost. This was supposed to be MY coming out party and instead, it’s HER? WHY HER?”

I stood up and threw the chair across the locker room in frustration, breaking one of the television monitors in the process.

“Everything okay?” Adrianna asked me as she walked into the locker room. I gave her an angry glare which told her all she needed to know.

“I’m so disappointed in myself…” I said with a sigh. “I should’ve won…”

I began to claw into my thighs to the point where it made a small skin cut.

“That was my golden ticket! That was my way to glory. That was the biggest match of my GCW career so far and I BLEW IT! Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of my career? Am I ALWAYS going to finish second?”

“Don’t say that, Myra. There is…”

“...I don’t want to hear your platitudes. I just want to be left alone!”

Gutted as I was in the moment, it would only be a month later before I would bounce back in the best way possible…

February 2016

“Your winner of the 2016 Civil War match and going to Resurrection to challenge for the GCW World Championship… MYRA LYNWOOD!”

Hearing my name announced in this fashion brought the biggest joy of my GCW career so far. I celebrated for a bit and took in the sights and the sounds of my grand achievement.

“I am going to the main event of GCW’s biggest show of the year…” I thought to myself. I smiled, almost to the point of laughter, when I saw the moment I pinned Aphrodite and got my revenge for the chairs match to secure MY moment at her expense. “I thought I was just someone that was over my head coming back to wrestling 8 months ago and I’ve got THIS on my GCW resume already? Way to bounce back!”

I paused to get my hand raised by the referee.

“She was NEVER going to keep me down. NOW? This IS my big breakthrough moment in GCW! I’m REALLY back! I’m not going to let anyone slow me down from getting back to a peak I haven’t been to in WAY too long! Eat shit, Aphrodite! Take your L and SHOVE IT!”


“Don’t get me wrong…” the biased Mikah podcaster began. “That was cool of her to come back from that chairs match to win that HUGE Civil War match.

“Many wrestlers in SCW refuse to even KNOW Myra…” Lockley answered. “They don’t know about her story. They don’t care to know about her history. Those that say ‘she can’t finish’ don’t realize that she HAS ‘finished’. She just won a world title in Orlando three months ago. They act as if her defeats DEFINE her as someone who ‘can’t reach the next level in SCW’...

“Which she HASN’T…”

“Her critics refuse to acknowledge what she’s done in this tournament or to learn about her history of bouncing back stronger… like she did in the example that I gave you in GCW. Of course, Myra eventually became GCW Global Champion later that year.”

“Look Mr. Lockley, that’s a great story and all but that's GCW. In SCW, she's not a main eventer yet. She's had that chance three times and failed! Why would this time be any different? She’s just not at Mikah’s level…”

“Let me correct you right there, hon…” my mother interrupts. “My daughter IS a main event player in Sin City Wrestling. You don’t go 350 days as a champion without being a main eventer. I’m aware of last year’s finals, I’m aware of the Amber stuff but 99 out of 100 wrestlers that went through the psychological HELL she went through last year through those three matches don’t come back as strong as she has. In fact, most of them decide to leave the business. If it was your precious Mikah that went through what my daughter did, she would’ve retired.”

“That’s blasphemy and you know it, Trina…”

“No, blasphemy is getting on your little podcast and trashing my daughter all over Heaven and I’m not going to stand for that a second longer. You’d fit right in with all the numbskulls down there that treat her like she’s never gonna be a world champion…”

“...she won’t, Trina.”

“Keep saying that! She’s going to silence critics like you and those juvenile, insecure nimrods that try to bring her down with their empty words.”

“...but she hasn’t done it…”

“She has! MANY times!”

“Give me ONE example, Trina…” the increasingly annoyed podcaster states. “...because Myra CAN’T FINISH and she NEVER WILL…”

“Let me give you that ONE example of how she quieted the critics…”

Early 2019

“You are a real piece of SHIT Myra…” I heard my former mother-in-law tell me.

As if losing a title shot ladder match in Carnage wasn’t bad enough, I had to hear it from Kimberly’s maternal grandmother.

“How can you let Kimberly know that you’re a wrestler, tell her that you are going to win this ladder match for her for a world title shot and then LOSE? How can you FAIL your daughter, Myra? Oh wait, you cheated on my son. You’re used to failing her!”

“Stop it…” I said with bitterness as she kept pouring salt in the wound.

“You’ll never be a good role model for her. You get her hopes up and you fail her? I was the one that had to try so hard to get her not to cry anymore because of you. Maybe you should just save your dignity and not wrestle anymore. You’ve hit your ceiling… not like it was ever high enough to begin with…”

“...maybe you’re right…” i said with a sigh, ready to give up. “Maybe I have hit my ceiling there. I guess I’m always going to prove people like you right no matter how hard I try. Maybe I’m just doomed to always be lost in the dark…”

“I don’t want to hear it…” Kimberly’s grandmother coldly said as she turned away from me, walked away from me and gave me the finger, further driving that guilt about losing that ladder match and doubt as to whether I’d be able to recover from this…


‘MOMMY! You did it!!!!” Kimberly told me as I walked into my home with my newly won Ultraviolent Championship! We gave each other a huge embrace and I wasted no time handing her the title.

“That’s for you!” I said with a smile, feeling all the pride in the world that I turned around the previous disappointment and silenced everyone in Carnage that thought I didn’t have what it took to be a champion there.

“How did you do it, Mommy? That Eli person seemed so scary and there was all these weapons and everything. I thought after that ladder thing, you were never going to wrestle again…”

“Kimmy, when you get knocked down, you have to fight back. People in life are going to put a ceiling over you. Many people did that after I lost that ladder match and wrote me off as someone that was going to fail. I didn’t accept what other people thought of me. I’ve always been a fighter, Kimmy, and that’s how I got back up and won this! This is just the start and I promise the best is yet to come…”

Another heartwarming embrace ensued…

“She broke the ceiling that someone else put over her…” my mother told the obnoxious Mikah fan. It wasn’t the first time and it hasn’t been the last. You see it happen to her in SCW all the darn time. Three people have done that in this Blast from the Past tournament with Todd, Jaycee and Levana all trying to put a ceiling above her and define what her fullest potential is all because of THREE matches. But, every time it happens, she comes back and she shuts them up. Hell, she even proved Amber “Never Will Be Enough” Ryan and her bullsnark.”

“I know she’s your daughter, but…”

“But NOTHING! She was wrong all along about her, the way those people I named were, the way Kate and Ruby were, the way Jessie was. Despite all that empty stupid garbage Amber said about Myra, she STILL couldn’t bury her and put her away. Heck, I HOPE she retains against Roxi so that when my little girl wins that tournament, she shuts her up once and for all and takes that darn belt from her. THEN we’ll talk about what her ceiling is…”

My mother is doing one hell of a job staying composed even through her understandable irritation with the podcaster constantly doubting her.

“I’m not downplaying Carnage Wrestling or anything Trina, and it’s really cute that she bounced back from a heartbreaking loss in a ladder match to become Ultraviolent Champion. But, it STILL hasn’t happened in SCW! She STILL hasn’t broken the ceiling there the way Mikah has. These are cute little stories of resilience from OTHER companies, but it doesn’t mean anything to me, or many people in SCW, because it’s not THERE where she’s showing this resilience. It’s not SCW where she’s shattering ceilings. It’s not SCW where she is doing these amazing, wonderful things and is having these big bouncebacks. My girl Mikah? Three. Steps. Ahead. Period!”

Lockley notices my mother beginning to feel real heated about the way the podcaster is treating me.

“She’s never been resilient in SCW when it MATTERS…”

“Let me give you an example of how she HAS been… never mind the fact that Trina pointed out the last six months and how she bounced back after the second Amber match… and I’m even going to start with last year’s finals too…”

Last Year…

Angry tears had filled my eyes as I sat at the bottom of my basement stairs. Losing that tournament final gutted me and I even tossed my Internet Championship down to the floor, away from me. I glanced at a reflection of myself inside the centerplate of the belt and a horrible feeling was going through me.

“How could I be such a FAILURE…” I asked myself as I remembered the celebration for Mark Cross and Ruby Steele. “How could I let someone like HER, who has no passion for this business, have that accolade and not me? Is this how it’s going to be? Is the Internet Championship the best I’m ever going to have here? What if Ruby was right and that I have been nothing but lucky?”

My head was spinning and my tears were flowing. The emptiness inside of me had me feeling like there was no way I was going to bounce back from the latest chapter of my “Heartbreak Hell” autobiography I had written with my “so close yet so far” failures.

“I just might become the best Bombshell to never win a world title in SCW…” I lamented. “I’m not getting any younger… I’m running out of time… and this… my BEST chance, I blew it. I should never even bother pushing for a world title again…

And yet…

“You’re going to have a 300 day championship reign, Myra!” my best friend Jazmyn Rain had said to me with a huge smile on her face. By this point, I had moved past the disappointment of last year’s finals and took a bit of pride in what I just did.

“It’s never been done before in the history of this division…” I beamed with pride. “I’m the first Bombshell to break down the door to the 300 club and there’s nobody on earth that is going to take that away from me. EVER! I AM in the history books!”

“I was so worried about you just… falling apart after what happened in the tournament…”

“Making history the way I just did in beating a game challenger in Roxi Johnson is sure going to help that. But, at the same time, I know that there is not much else left to achieve with this championship… aside from completing a year and challenging the J2H record. You know what? Maybe I SHOULD make another try for the world title!”

“I was HOPING you’d say that!”

“I’ve earned it and with no obvious contenders in the wings… I feel like it’s time!”

This was the very moment that I was the most confident I had ever been in my SCW career… until now that is.

“Okay so she bounced back from the finals last year…” the snobby host said. “She made history. She beat Roxi, she decided to challenge for the world title. The rest is history. We all know what happened. Amber Ryan woul…”

“ZIP IT!” my mother said with anger in her voice. “I don’t want to hear you mention that and it’s not because I ‘can’t handle facts’, it’s because it’s ridiculous for you or for anyone else to cast judgment upon my daughter over three matches that could’ve easily gone her way if just ONE break went in her direction.”


“Oh no, you’re done talking! What my daughter has done in the last six months in spite of what everyone else thinks and how everyone else tries to trash her because ‘oh she can’t finish’ erases those two Amber Ryan losses you were about to throw in my face! She got back to the finals… after ALL that! She wasn’t supposed to even get this far according to people like you and the twerps that she and Max Burke have beaten in the tournament so far. It IS gonna be different this year. Doubt it all you want, but she’s gonna shut you up.”

“When has Mikah ever shown any kind of resiliency?” Lockley adds.

“AND… we’re out of time!” the podcaster states as he bolts from the scene. My mother and Lockley shake their heads.

“She’s got this…”

“I know she does, Trina. We’re with her all the way to the end, just like we’ve always been!”

Present Day…

“Sounds about right…” Scotty states about the conversation our parents would have in heaven about the finals.

“Your father wouldn’t be happy if he knew that you were worrying about me losing…” I added with a smirk.

“You’re right. You really have grown so much in the last six months and I know I speak on behalf of Adrianna, Jazmyn, Kimberly and anyone else that has your back that we’re so proud of you for how much you’ve evolved through all the heartbreak and adversity. You continue to get up and fight and that’s why you turned it all around and got back to the finals. I have no reason to worry about this year. I’ve got your back, always!”

“Thank you for believing in me, Scotty!” I said with joy as we both exchanged an embrace. “I’m turning some old heartbreak into a MASSIVE positive now!”


The camera was on me as I was standing on a balcony overlooking a dance floor where my senior prom took place 20 years ago. Wearing my old prom dress, “Prom Queen” sash, tiara and all, that passionate fire was burning through me as I began to express my thoughts.

“Look at THIS prom queen! You look at her and you don’t see a future five-time world champion or a future SCW Bombshells World Champion, do you? You see, when I was growing up? I dealt with MANY people placing ceilings on me and telling me that I wasn’t even capable of anything, including my own father. I have dealt with person after person in this tournament coming after me about my failures to reach the next level and not being able to finish. Jaycee and Levana were VERY hardcore about that. And yet, Max and I have made it this far because we have defied EVERYONE’S expectations! I’ll let Max speak on the subject himself, but ME? It was HELL to get back here. Losing to Amber twice? That would retire most wrestlers but didn’t retire me! I came ALL the way back from the GUTTER that she fucking left me in to get to this point. I bounced back because I was RESILIENT enough to get here and I managed to fight on because I’ve ALWAYS had the burning desire within me to get even stronger as I have the last six months and fight to the end until I accomplish my ultimate goal.

So are YOU going to be one of those people that are going to say “I can’t do it?”, Mikah? Yeah, I know about you. I know about the reputation you have. I know you’ve won the world title three times and you’re probably going to throw that in my face, but let me tell you something Mikah, you are NOT going to intimidate me nor define me. I made that mistake with Ruby last year, I’m not making it again. You act like you’re a hotshot, but I’m going to throw a Serena Williams quote at you about being a champion. A champion is defined not by their wins, but how they recover when they fall! Violent Conduct for ME was a massive fall, and yet I recovered to be strong and better than ever! THAT is what being a champion is about Mikah and that is what you have FORGOTTEN how to be because ever since you lost the World title the third time, you’ve been happy-go-lucky hanging around in the tag team division and I KNOW based on what you’ve said in this tournament that you don’t WANT this anymore! You don’t have HEART! You’ve said it before, Mikah. You don’t want the anxiety that comes with being world champion. You’ve openly shirked the responsibility. That doesn’t sound like someone that knows how to bounce back from defeat to me. Maybe losing the belt to Dani Weston STILL has you shook, I don’t know. But what I do know is that you don’t want it more than I do!

Put yourself in my shoes! Go through the HELL I went through last year. You wouldn’t have gotten this far in the tournament if you went through what I did last year because you don’t have it in you to get up and keep fighting. Hell, if you went through what I did and lost to Amber twice, you would’ve just given up after the second time! WHY do you deserve to be the next Bombshell World Champion? Just because? You admitted from the very beginning that this wasn’t about the title for you and that you were just selfish enough to take someone else’s spot. It’s all about getting Mark to admit that you’re his favorite which… REALLY? First off, OLD shtick. Secondly, you’ve stuck to that shtick for so long that you’ve reduced yourself to a parody of your former greatness. Someone admitting something stupid being more important to you than the world title is the actions of someone who doesn’t believe in herself anymore. You’ve barely even TRIED to be a world champion again. This tells me that you’re afraid of being knocked down. Nah, you CAN’T get knocked down. You have to be busy acting as shallow as you act living the high life in Hawaii and acting like you’re still better than everyone else.

You don’t ‘give two fucks’ about facing Amber for the world title because you don’t have the desire to be great anymore. I guess when Dani took the world title from you moons ago, she took your give-a-crap too? It’s astonishing that you have openly stated that you don’t want the responsibility anymore. How can you look in the mirror and even call yourself a champion when you are openly rejecting the prize that is at stake here? If it wasn’t for Mac being your partner OR if you had faced Bombshells OTHER than Sierra Williams and Candy along the way, MAYBE you wouldn’t have even gotten this far. You’re someone that is hiding under a veil of insecurity. You see, the kind of person YOU are? I USED to be that person. I would want this and I would want that, but I wouldn’t want to bust my ass for anything. I would want everything handed to me. When I was a teenager, I wanted to go straight to the mainstream. I didn’t want to pay my dues through the Indies. I wanted to be an instant star and I had the same attitude that YOU do of thinking that you’re better than everyone yet wanting NOTHING to do with the grind of getting to the top. You PRESENT yourself as this big, bad queen bee even though you haven’t been that in years and you talk a lot of shit, but what I see, having BEEN in your shoes before as that same, shallow bitch once upon a time is a scared little girl that’s afraid to be knocked down. Sorry Mikah, but n the real world, to be at your best you’ve got to be knocked down OVER and OVER again. Your lack of desire for the ‘responsibility’ indicates that you’re scared of being knocked down.

Maybe that’s why you’ve been complacent and happy in the tag team division for so long. Maybe that’s your comfort zone. Maybe you’re afraid of facing the likes of me, and Andrea, and Amber and Roxi on the regular, knowing that we’re not necessarily tag team title chasers right now. But Mac wants to go out there and call YOU an upgrade over ME? Someone who has no desire to be a world champion and is literally just doing this tournament for attention and notoriety over anything else ISN’T an upgrade over me. But hey, what do I know? I’m the one that “always chokes when it matters” and “can’t finish” right? I guess someone who has always had a passion and desire for this business and who has always busted her ass to get stronger and better year after year can’t match up to a social media attention whore who has openly stated that she doesn’t care about the Bombshells World Championship. There’s no way you can call yourself a champion if you’re anxious to get knocked down from your perch again, as you openly admitted going into your semifinal match when you were talking about OR if you’re talking about how you didn’t enjoy the ‘headache’ of being a world champion. That tells me right there that even though you held that title three times, you never really WERE a champion because after you FELL from that perch the third time, you never wanted to chase the title again. You’ve never recovered from losing the title to Dani Weston no matter how much you want to hide behind your common, arrogant, fronting behavior you love to show every time the camera comes on you and what is worse is that by admitting every single round that you don’t want the responsibility and that you don’t care about the world title, you are basically admitting that you don’t WANT to recover. And for someone of your caliber?

That’s SAD!

It’s REALLY sad that you either don’t know, never knew, never wanted to know or completely forgot how to be a resilient wrestler in this business. Seriously!

But you’re an UPGRADE over me. Sure. Fine. Whatever. I’m not going to harp on Mac so much but he’s not that much different from you as far as arrogance is concerned. Maybe he earned the right to be that with what he has accomplished since last year’s tournament. I’ll give him all the credit in the world for that, but the arrogance that you both show? That’s something that can, and has many times in this business, preceded a downfall that you both can’t see coming. You’re both the perfect opponents for Max and I to REALLY show that we DESERVE to have come this far in this tournament and that we DESERVE to be in that upper echelon of our respective divisions because my partner has been the DEFINITION of resiliency just like me. Yeah, he’s had his struggles and he was a first round elimination last year, but he’s been on a higher gear this year just as I have been and Mikah, somewhere deep in your warped, insecure little mind, you know that too no matter how much you want to avoid acknowledging that and any little insecurity that you are CLEARLY afraid of expressing. You want to walk around here in your delusion of grandeur thinking that three world titles you won more than three or four years ago makes you the best around here, fine! Live in denial! Live in that delusion. Go ahead and do what Levana, Jaycee and Todd have done and cast doubt and judgment upon me. Go ahead and say the same old shit about Max and I that almost every opponent of ours has said about us.

Go ahead and knock me down as much as you can, Mikah… but I am going to keep rising to my feet and I am going to keep fighting. I am SO GLAD that I grew up when I first went mainstream and humbled myself to know the REAL meaning of being a champion because if I never did? I’d be just like YOU and no matter how many world titles you have, YOU are the antithesis of what I am about in this business and you are one of the LAST people I’d ever want to be in this business or what I’d ever want my daughter to become. Others may be in awe of your accomplishments especially since you like to remind the world of them every single promo, but I’m not one of those people. What I see when I look at you is an accomplished wrestler with a hell of a lot of talent, but an absolute chickenshit that has no passion or desire for the business anymore and is easily the weakest link of her team. Avoiding obstacles doesn’t make you a champion, Mikah…

Avoiding heartbreak doesn’t either.

But you know what DOES make you a champion is suffering that damn heartbreak over and over again and enduring all the SHIT people throw at you, trying to define you, knock you down, doubt yourself, hate yourself, and SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY being STRONG enough and RESILIENT enough to get the FUCK back up to be better and STRONGER than ever! Not that you would know considering you haven’t evolved an IOTA since day one and you’re the exact, same, shallow, spoiled little BITCH you’ve been from the first day you came here. I KNOW I am stronger than you, Mikah, in ALL facets of the game… and that’s why it’ll be Max and I standing tall in the end!

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He had delusions of adequacy. - Walter Kerr

{Unnamed Rooftop - Las Vegas Nevada - “Storm Chasing”}

If you ever get the chance to try and chase someone down, who doesn’t want to be found. Take a hard pass on that. I knew Amber was up here, and I was really hoping to talk to her tonight. As I came through the door, I didn't know what I was expecting, really. I continued out onto the rooftop, feeling the cool night air on my face. The breeze increased a bit, causing my hair to get blown back, and then it settled. I inhaled deeply through my nose and my senses were rewarded as the cinnamon-scented perfume that she wore, completely filled my nose and my senses. At least I knew I was right about that, she had been here not long ago. I sighed audibly and shook my head. “Too little too late once again,” I said out loud. I had a suspicion she wasn’t very far away, hiding sure, but within the sound of my voice. “We’re better than this, Red, and you deserve more than this. Whatever this is.”

I felt the concrete against the jeans I was wearing as I sat down on the edge. I knew it was pretty safe, the concrete barriers themselves had a forty-five-degree up-slope then a flat top, and another forty-five-degree downslope. I lit a cigarette and exhaled slowly. I had been hoping that she would come out of her hiding place and just talk to me. It was becoming more obvious that wasn’t going to happen. When I heard my name being said, I immediately reached for the forty-five caliber pistol in the holster that I carried on my back. “Ah, Mister Bane. There is no smoking allowed on this rooftop.” With my hand firmly on the handle of my pistol, “No need for violence Mister Bane, I am but a messenger of the Del Gado family. I never took my eyes off of him, nor did I relinquish the grip on my pistol. “Well then, messenger, deliver your message,” I said in a way that clearly indicated my being followed.

“Of course sir, Senor Del Gado would like to request a cease-fire until everyone can speak in a more civilized setting.” It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. “The elder Del Gado asked me to let you know that he recognizes you as an equal and that he would be honored to arrange a meeting.” I relinquished the grip on the handle of my pistol and crossed my arms in front of me. “So, just like that eh? He’s willing to just say, let’s part as friends?” I paused there and gave him a moment to think through his response because his well-being depended on it. He didn’t have to be a genius to figure out the same thing. He acknowledged that fact by holding up his hands in surrender. “He would like to negotiate your surrender, otherwise he said that he will hunt down every member of your family and kill them in front of you.” I smiled, “He’s in your ear right now on that earbud that you tried so hard to hide, isn’t he?”

The man acknowledged that by nodding his head. I shook mine in disgust, “Since I know he can hear me, he should know that his threats don’t bother me. What does bother me is that he only came out of our last scrape because I chose to let him live.” He started to respond but I cut him off. “If we come face to face again, he won’t be afforded that same mercy a second time.” He absently pulled the front of his jacket down and then smoothed out his tie by stroking it in a downward motion. “He has heard you and understands the ramifications of what you’ve said.” I nodded in response, “Then he should also understand that it was his family that started this war. So, if a war is what you want, you got it!” I give the man credit, this was the point that he pulled the earbud out of his ear. “Mister Bane, I am truly sorry about what happened to your family and your place of business. He will do whatever it takes to make sure your family line is wiped from the face of this planet.” I smiled at the man, “I’m sure he will try young man, you’re talking about a very large family of survivors. We always come out on the other end in a much better position than we started from. We are Texans and we are proud.”

He nodded again and made his way back to the door.


{Diving Cliffs - Hawaii - “Nothing to Lose”}

The winds were high today, forceful to say the least as it assaulted my button-down short-sleeve shirt open. The blue shorts and matching flip flops accompanied the white shirt. My hair was back and in a ponytail. Aviator-style sunglasses completed the look.

I’ve been in this industry for over twenty years now. Literally, every person I’ve ever faced claimed that they had nothing to lose.

I steadied myself near the cliff’s edge as the wind blew a bit harder.

No matter whether you are a champion or not. No matter where the company sees you fitting on the card in a match. Everyone has something to lose, Max.

I give the camera my best classic smile.

You talk about layups, that’s cute. There are layups and then there are slam dunks. Your leg injury was not news to me and trusting a sports psychologist? You should have looked at your horoscope online instead. It’s cheaper and way more accurate than those overpaid headshrinkers.

I allow the smile to remain as I pull the shades down just enough to reveal my eyes and my seriousness.

We all do what we have to do to try to win and to stay relevant though right? Are you willing to go through rehab again for that leg? That’s what is going to happen whether you are fully back or not. I’m a surgeon in the ring. Your weak point was already known to me.

Sliding the shades back into place, I continue.

Like any other professional, that’s my target and something I do so well. You should consult with Vinnie about that. I feel certain he’ll explain to you what it means when you pinpoint your weakness.

I shake my head again.

It’s all very tiresome, and cliche when someone tells you I have nothing to lose. Yes you do, Max, your livelihood is what you have to lose. Your ability to feed your family is what you have to lose. The respect of your peers is what you have to lose. People don’t like failures, Max. I guess that’s one more thing you and them will have to get used to.

The smile is replaced by a sad smirk and a soft chuckle.

You can always ask your partner for a reference point if you like. She knows all too well what it feels like to lose when there’s nothing to lose.

I turn back to watch the ocean, the seagulls diving along with the pelicans in search of a tasty snack. Occasionally one of them will actually get a fish and fly off to enjoy it.

One of fifteen, not a good batting average for the birds. They’re not much different than people really when you think about it.

Instead of trying to fend for themselves, the fourteen birds chase after the pelican and begin diving on him trying to force him to drop his earned snack.

Everyone is trying to take shortcuts in order to get the prize without earning it. Much like the two of you. Sure you’ve beaten other teams to get to the finals, but who did you actually beat to get here?

I shake my head as the pelican being chased eludes the others and finishes off his lunch, much to the chagrin of the others, then they bank away and go back to looking for their own meal.

Let’s see, you beat a pair of very talented rookies to get to the finals, so there’s that. You beat Miles and his partner, but that’s a whole lot of who cares. Oh, and Todd Williams.

I gave that statement a slow clap and rolled my eyes.

Max, I’ve been called a lot of things, everything really but a child of God. Your partner calling me predictable is really rather amusing. Considering I use her promo as a cure for insomnia.


{Mixon Inc HQ - New York, NY - “Feel The Burn”}

As soon as I stepped out of the cab, I could feel eyes on me. Nothing unusual when you are in the big apple. A light wind stirred the clouds above me and a gentle rain had begun to fall. I made my way inside to the lobby where I found myself surrounded by armed security. I was wearing my finest suit for this meeting and had the information I needed for it in a manila envelope tucked under my arm. The guy in charge stepped up to address me, “What business do you have here at the tower?” I smiled at his attempt at intimidation, “It makes me sad that you don’t remember me, Butch.” He looked me over and began rubbing his jaw. “Mister Bane, do you have an appointment with Mister Mixon?” I nodded towards the receptionist and she spoke up, “He does, Butch is about twenty minutes.” I winked at Butch, “Nothing personal Butch, just a business meeting.” He glared at me and finally quit rubbing his jaw. It was the same jaw that I had broken the last time we had run into each other. In return, I just smirked at him and brushed past him to approach the desk. The receptionist, Wendy, handed me a pass that would allow me to access the elevator and other doors inside the tower.

I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the floor that housed the offices. The elevator finally came to a rest after a brief up and down motion that was so common with these devices. The chime rang inside the elevator and the doors opened. I stepped into the hall and went to the next waiting area. The executive assistant, Jenny by name, greeted me pleasantly. “Good Morning Mister Bane, would you like your usual while you wait?” I smiled in return, “Thanks Jenny, yes, just black coffee.” She nodded and hurried away to get my coffee.

She came back within moments with my cup of coffee, “There you go, Mister Bane.” I took the cup from her and became amused with the size of my cup in relation to the size of my hand. “Thank you, Jenny, you’re the best.” She smiled at the kindness and I nodded to her before turning and taking a seat on one of the plush couches that were nearby. I didn’t have to wait very long when Jenny announced, “Mister Mixon is ready for you, Mister Bane.” I nodded my appreciation, taking my cup of coffee with me, and she escorted me to the conference room where we usually met. I was mildly surprised as I entered the room to see all three of his sons in the room, along with Senor Del Gado. The older Del Gado, upon seeing me, immediately flushed red with anger. At the head of the table was the Mixon Director of the Board, who sat there with barely contained mirth. I nodded to him and gave him a wink. I handed the envelope over to Mister Pendergrass, the Director of the Board and he scanned it briefly. “I believe this is all correct.” He rose while I took a seat across from Senor Del Gado and smiled as he fumed.

The eldest boy shot a smile my way as our plan began to unfold. You see, this plan had begun to take wing some six months ago. It required patience and stealth on my part in order to pull this off. I would slowly and systematically begin buying small shares of stock from his children. I would allow them to buy it back afterward. They sold it to me at a discounted rate while I would sell it back to them at the full price. The second part of that was something I had not shared with them, at least not yet. I may be a bastard, but I’m not a dumb bastard. Mister Mixon was confused and stood there with his mouth hanging open. “Well Tommy, I know you’re likely very confused at this point in time.” As I said it, both he and Del Gado looked like they were reaching for something in their jackets. I dropped Del Gado’s pistol and knife on the table. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. At least not until we are done presenting data to you.” They stop of course because I am known to travel with firearms. “Oh, Francisco.” If looks could kill, I’d be dead thirty times over.

Through clenched teeth, “What is the meaning of this!?” He exclaimed the best he could. From my inner pocket, I produced the legal documents. “This is from your wife’s attorney. She is filing for divorce.” He looked down at the papers. “You sir have been served.” He didn’t respond at first, so I decided to develop more agro with this chump. “She also asked me to deliver a message.” He looked up and I flipped him off, his only response was to sit down heavily in his chair again. Tom Mixon still stood behind his chair, so enraged that his arms were shaking. Jonathan Pendergrass, the current Chairman of the board at Mixon Inc, still amused finally speaks up. “Senor Del Gado, I believe you had put your shares of Mixon stock in your wife’s name?” He absently nodded and waved at the man with a “go on” motion. “Very well, you held thirty percent stock in this company up until an hour ago, when she sold that stock to Mister Bane.” Del Gado sat there struck to his core, all he could do was shake his head in disgust.

Pendergrass continued, “Mister Mixon,” he began and Tom turned his back to the table, still trembling with rage. “Your children have sold all shares of their stock to Mister Bane as well. This gives Mister Bane..” Mixon interjected, “Sixty-Five percent ownership of my company.” Nonplussed, Pendergrass corrected him. “Mixon Inc has been publicly traded for a long time, when your father went public, it no longer “belonged” to the family.” Mixon went to the window and stared out. “What happens now? We’re all just kicked out?” The conference room phone buzzed just then. Pendergrass answered the call, “Mister Pendergrass, additional guests that you were expecting are here.” “Thank you, Jenny, please send them in.” With that, the Federal Bureau of Investigation stormed the room. Displaying their badges, wearing the FBI jackets, they placed everyone in the room under arrest with the exception of myself, the Mixon children,  and Mister Pendergrass. Tom Mixon was charged with insider trading, money laundering, and suspicion of conspiracy to become involved with human trafficking. Del Gado was arrested for human trafficking, promoting prostitution, promoting child slave labor, insider trading, felony fraud. The list went on and on as the officers escorted the two men out of the building.


{Unnamed Studio in L.A.}

It was like any other studio really, textured sound dampening tiles on the wall, boom-style microphone hanging from the ceiling. They waited on me to get settled in, as I lowered the microphone and sat on a stool. I gave them the thumbs up and they began recording the video and audio for this promo.

Predictability, is one of the many things I’ve been accused of. The more egregious accusation is that we’ve relied on interference in order to win matches. So, let’s begin there, shall we?

I pause for a quick breath and a sip of the coffee I had brought in.

Ahh, that’s good stuff right there. Not as good as Kat’s coffee but when you’re on the road you make do with what you can find.

Another sip of coffee and a wink at the camera.

So, the interference. You see, I won this world title two times without it. I didn’t ask anyone to interfere in our matches. I guess some people just have a beef they want to settle.

I set the cup of coffee on the bar height table in front of me.

Someone likes to talk about tradition these days because it’s convenient. You being a former champion down in grime, I’d expect more of you than going for low-hanging fruit.

I take a pause to breathe and dig a pack of cigarettes out of my pocket. I light one and inhale deeply.

So, I’m predictable am I? Were you able to predict that I would win the world title twice, while you languished in matches that were beneath you, Myra?

Another drag from my cigarette and I exhaled slowly.

Were you able to predict the rise of the group known as the saviors?

I allow a smile to tug at the corners of my mouth.

The simple, straightforward answer to these questions is no.

My smile is now more obvious.

But, yeah, I’m predictable. That’s one thing that neither myself or Mikah are. I’m not going to go on this, no you, shtick because that would be far too easy. And far beneath me to be quite honest.

Another drag from my cigarette.

At this point really, talking to you or about you is rather pointless, isn’t it? Myra and I won’t be in the ring together at any point and time. Max, I’m the guy you have to beat. I’m the man that you have to pin to become the Sin City World Champion.

I smile fondly as I remember how confident he appeared to be on Twitter.

I do love your confidence, Max. That and five, or is it six dollars now…will get you a cup of coffee.

I pick up the cigarette out of the ashtray and take another drag.

Excruciating pain seems to be the only thing that teaches anyone anything these days, Max. You better come looking for a fight, otherwise, this will be the shortest match in the history of this event.

I take one last drag from the cigarette and crush it out.

That’s the difference between us, Max, I will come for the fight. The fight is the only reason I’ve stayed here this long.

My smile broadens once again when I think of what the bosses may be thinking when they see that.

Oh, and my contract comes up at the end of April. It would be a real shame if I decided to take the Sin City World Championship to another company, huh?


{Joey DTLA near the Galen Center, Los Angeles, California - “A break from the norm”}

A break from the norm was what I was looking for. There is a place called Pollo Loco in Dallas that has a similar feel to Joey’s. I was here for the chicken, of course, I loved chicken that had any kind of south American vibe to it. When I entered the restaurant it was packed. As I looked around the room, A large number of Latinos were having lunch, all bunched up around the tables. I patiently waited until I could find a space big enough for me to slide in. It took a few minutes but a spot opened up. I quickly took my seat while the young lady cleared and wiped down the table. She smiled pleasantly, “We don’t normally see your kind in here.” I smiled back at her as genuinely as I could. “You don’t see a lot of hungry wrestlers?” She laughed, “Sure we’ll go with that.” I gave her my order and she slipped away. Two pieces of chicken, yuca fries, and plantains. A few moments later she came back, “The Chef wanted me to make sure you were certain about the chicken order.” I smiled up at her, “Yes ma’am, I’m certain.” She nodded her head, “it’s pretty hot,” she said quietly. I laughed, “I’m a Texan, I’m pretty sure I can handle it.” She laughed, “We’ve heard that before.” I laughed in return, “I’m sure,” I responded. She went back to the kitchen and I settled into my seat.

I checked my phone while I waited, no new messages, which while unfortunate was not unexpected. Amber had been trying to stay away from me, mostly because talking about things was uncomfortable for her. Through the years, I’ve found this to be common in our industry, when someone is wrong about something, they get defensive and will root themself in place just so they don’t have to admit it. I didn’t have to wait too long before my lunch arrived. The aroma of the chicken filled my senses in the most pleasant way possible. I had noticed the chef, he was standing there at the swinging doors that led to the kitchen, and my waitress was standing not too far away. I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I bit into the drumstick. The flavor was amazing. I leaned back in my chair and savored the experience. The burn hit as the peppers kicked in, I smiled and winked at the waitress. I swallowed that mouthful and went for another. I watched the chef up over the edge of my drumstick, he smiled, nodded his head, and went back to the kitchen. The waitress came to check on me regularly, I’m sure she was hoping that she was right and I was just another white boy who couldn’t stand up to spicy foods. My waitress, Felicia, or at least that’s what was on her nametag. Came by one last time, “The heat of that really didn’t bother you, did it?”

I smiled a wolfish grin, “No ma’am, you see, I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. She started to say something but I held up a finger to forestall her. “I grew up on cajun and Thai food,” I said finally. She started laughing. “Okay, you got me on that one, you said you were a wrestler?” I nodded, “yeah, we have a show in the next few days.” “I’ve been hearing advertisements on the radio the last few days, Sin City Wrestling, right?” I nodded my head, “Yes ma’am.” She was thoughtful for a moment, so I took the pause in the conversation and left her a tip on the table. “What’s your name? Or should I just call you Texas?” I laughed, “My name is Mac.” Her eyes got wide for a second, “My kids hate you,” she quipped. I smiled again, “Good, that means I’m doing my job.” I slid the tip over to her and stood up. “Felicia it was great to talk to you, but I do have to go. I’ve got stuff to do for the show and they hate it when I’m late.” She nodded, “Thank you.” I was almost at the door when I heard her yelling my name across the room. I stopped and she was right on my heels, “This is too much..”. I studied her for a long moment as her eyes filled with tears. “Felicia, how many children do you have?” I asked her very quietly. In return, she held up three fingers. I reached into the inside pocket of my jacket and gave her 4 front-row seats for Blaze of Glory.

I left her standing there absolutely shell-shocked. See, I’m a terrible human being, but I know the struggle of the single mom. There were hundreds of thousands of women like Felicia in the world, maybe millions. I wasn’t trying to show off or flash the cash for the sake of it. Any time, that I’ve had the opportunity to make someone's life even a little better, I take it. It has zero to do with making the company appear a certain way, or garnering more interest in my own personal brand. I grew up poor and I hated it. It’s one of the reasons I never turn down a payday if I can help it.


{Galen Center, Los Angeles, California - “Fuck You”}

I arrived at the Galen Center a few days before Blaze of Glory Ten in order to check the arena, know my way around a bit, and cut the final promo before the show. They had erected the Blaze of Glory X banner and had the cameras and audio set up. I smiled as I walked up to the producers. “Just holler, when you’re ready for me.” I turned to walk away and almost ran into the producer with my coffee. “Oh..sorry Mister Bane!” I smiled at him, “No harm, I didn’t catch your name last time.” He returned the smile, “I’m Pete Hooks,” he said as he handed me the coffee. “You’re a good man, Pete, thank you for my coffee.” “Of course, it’s my pleasure sir.”

I wonder what it must be like to walk through life that fucking happy with no concerns.”

I slid out of my jacket and laid it up on the crate nearby. I took a sip of my coffee and then set it down as they were signaling me that they were ready. You could hear the denim scraping against denim as I walked over. I was wearing the new “Chronic Chris Page Enterprises” T-Shirt that they spotted. “That shirt is sick, Mac.” I smiled and nodded, “Thanks,” I said as I went to the appropriate spot just below the boom microphone. They counted me down from 5 to 1, And we’re rolling

Here we are, just days away from a defining moment in the history of four people. What’s on the line?

I unstrap the world title from around my waist and hold it up for everyone to see.


The most prestigious title in the world.

I rest the belt on my shoulder as I continue.

That’s not the only thing. There is also the goal that Mikah has to hear Mark Ward admit that she is his favorite bombshell.

Slapping the face of the title.

Max wants so badly to hold this for himself. Who knows, maybe I’ll be in a generous mood and let him touch it before the match starts.

I take the belt down off my shoulder and look at it. The date on it is December, nineteenth, twenty-twenty-one.

We are quickly rolling in on that one hundred-day mark. Funny, how that seems special somehow.

I give a glance at the camera now, pretending to feel some remorse.

I really should probably apologize to Myra, I said some really terrible things about her.

I sigh, keeping the facade up for as long as I can then begin laughing.

Not a fucking chance!

I double myself over with laughter, holding my hand out as if asking for a moment.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Uhm…Max, do you know the Heimlich maneuver? You know, just in case your partner chokes again?

I turn the laughter off just as quickly as I let it go.

On a more serious note, it doesn’t get any more serious than this.

I hoist the title up, practically shoving it into the camera.

This belongs to me, you are coming after something that I laid claim to back in December.

The intensity I feel is etched on my face.

You’re coming into my natural habitat to steal what’s mine and I won’t tolerate that. Max, you’re in the deep end now and you coming face to face with the most dangerous predator in it.


when you feel that chill, but you can’t figure out where the danger is, that’s when you’ll know the end is near.

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Starting the Fire
« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2022, 10:04:56 PM »

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2022
TIME: 3:30 P.M.

Mikah looks at the building, a little skeptical look on her face as she tucks her blonde hair behind her ears. The building was a little more run down than Mikah would have liked and she had to admit that she had more expensive taste than most. She looks over at Kendall, who had a hopeful look on her face and if Mikah was honest, an excited one as well. Mikah looks over at Kendall, who was still watching her with eagerness written in her eyes.

;;MIKAH “Are you sure this is the right place? It looks fishy to me…”

Kendall looks at the building and then nods her head.

::KENDALL “I know the outside looks a little sketchy, but the inside is really good.”

Mikah raises an eyebrow before motioning to Kendall to lead the way inside. She still wasn’t sure that she wanted to take a chance on the building. The place they had been to earlier in the morning hadn’t been favorable and Mikah had stated that she was much better off buying a building and renovating it to turn it into a gym. Kendall had told her she had the perfect location and building in mind. Mikah couldn’t deny that the location was a good place but she wasn’t sure about the building.

;;MIKAH “I’m assuming you have the key?”

Kendall gives Mikah a smirk as she shakes her head before walking up the sidewalk that lead to the front doors of the building.

::KENDALL “No, but I’m really good at picking locks. Just don’t tell J.D.”

Mikah shakes her head but doesn’t say anything as Kendall pulls a bobby pin out of the front pocket of her jeans. She watches as the younger woman picks the lock to the door to let both of them inside. After Kendall works with the lock for about a minute, the door open and she looks at Mikah with a smirk.

;;MIKAH “If we go to jail, you’re going to stay there.”

Mikah was not one that would do well in jail and she knew it and had made her peace with it years ago. Kendall, however didn’t really seem phased by her actions of letting themselves into the building.

::KENDALL “We’re not going to go to jail, Mikah. Nobody even comes around here or checks on the building. And there’s no security cameras of any sort. Just relax. Are you always so…uptight?”

Mikah frowns a little bit at the young woman and shakes her head.

;;MIKAH “I am not one that likes to break into places and I have two children that I need to be around for and I can’t be around for them if I am sitting in jail. So, no, I am not uptight, I just have other priorities that I have to think about. Trust me, when I was your age, I wasn’t so thoughtful of others like I am now. Plus, I told Mac that we had to put training off until tomorrow because of this. So, this better not be a waste of my time. And is this property even for sale? Because…what’s even the point of looking at it, if I can’t purchase it?”

Kendall laughs a little bit before walking more into the building. For a building that clearly hadn’t been occupied in a long while, it wasn’t remotely dirty. But Mikah could definitely see the potential. She could see where there could be two wrestling rings set up; one with six sides and one with four, the more traditional route. She looks up and envisions a track above where people could walk or run laps while others are training the ring. She turns a little bit to envision what it could look like with all the other sorts of gym equipment.

::KENDALL “You can see the potential, can’t you?”

The excited and eager look on Kendall’s face couldn’t be missed as she watches Mikah’s face. Mikah looks at Kendall and gives her a half smirk.

;;MIKAH “Most buildings have potential to be something, Kendall. However, this building might not even be up to code for what I would want with it. And we don’t even know if the building is for sale. Or if there’s even a revenue for this sort of thing.”

Kendall just shrugs her shoulders as she walks over to one side of the open room.

::KENDALL “I think there could always be a revenue for this sort of thing. People are always looking for spots to work out. And this is Hawaii, who wouldn’t want to come to Hawaii and be able to work out? Plus, think of all of the other wrestlers that could come to Hawaii and still get their training in.”

Mikah looks at Kendall before sighing as she walks over to the windows and looks outside to get a view of the water. She is hesitant for a moment, watching as she can see some of the people playing in the water. She turns back to look at Kendall, who was looking at something on one of the walls.

;;MIKAH “It’s a decent idea, honestly. But how many people that wrestle are actually going to travel to Hawaii?”

Kendall pulls her attention from what she was looking at before smiling at her.

::KENDALL “You really don’t know the pull your name has. Or the fact that there are a lot of people out there that would love to work under you. And to be said that they were trained by you. I know you like your space and your anonymity but you are well known, Mikah. You do have fans whether you want to believe it or not.”

Mikah gives Kendall a skeptical look.

;;MIKAH “I really don’t think so, Kendall.”

Kendall rolls her eyes at the Blonde bombshell.

::KENDALL “You’re blind, then. I came to Hawaii because I read on Twitter that you moved here. You’re one of the best and I don’t know how you do not see it. Do you think that Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood would let you come and go from SCW as much as they have since 2018? And adding on that, do you think that Mark Ward would be going along with this little stipulation of him telling everybody that you’re his favorite Bombshell if you aren’t one of the best? Because all of that I just mentioned screams that even your bosses realize the star power your name pulls.”

Mikah purses her lips together for a moment.

;;MIKAH “Hot Stuff Mark Ward only agreed to that to get me to enter the tournament.”

Kendall shakes her head again.

::KENDALL “Delusional. For as smart as you are, you sure like to live in the land of delusions. Just accept the fact that you are one of the greats. And that if you open a public gym, people will come.”

Mikah sighs a little before looking around once more.

;;MIKAH “Alright, this could work. But you do realize that this is going to take some time, right? That this isn’t just going to be an overnight type of deal. There’s going to be months and months of renovating and preparing for this to be open. It could take up to a year.”

Kendall grins brightly at the thought and nods her head. Mikah sighs as they walk to the door to leave the building.

::KENDALL “I realize that. I was not born yesterday, but I do think this building has potential. And you’re the best trainer there could be.”

Mikah shakes her head no.

;;MIKAH “Absolutely not. I’m selfish and self-centered. Haven’t you heard?”

Mikah was well aware of her toxic traits that she had and she had tried to work hard at being a better human being. But there were times where her selfishness shone through everything else that she wanted. She looks at Kendall as Kendall slams the door closed behind them, hoping the lock sticks before she looks at Mikah.

::KENDALL “Maybe you are. But I think that gives you the best tools to be a good trainer. Plus, you can also train newbies on how to shoot a promo; you are really good at it.”

Mikah laughs a little bit as they walk away from the building just as her phone chimes with a message. She pulls it out of the pocket of her shorts before seeing it was from Mac. She responds to the message before pocketing the phone once more.

;;MIKAH “I’m sure there are people who are better than me that newbies can learn from. But I do think that this has a lot of potential. And I’m going to see it through and see what I can make out of that building. But first, I got to figure out how to purchase the building. And you never answered my question on whether or not it was for sale…”

Mikah looks over at the younger woman and raises an eyebrow.

::KENDALL “It’s for sale. I wouldn’t show you buildings that weren’t potential places if they weren’t up for sale, Mikah. I am not that type of person.”

Mikah nods her head in understanding.

;;MIKAH “That’s fair.”

They continue to walk, having ran here from Mikah’s house as the distance wasn’t more than four miles.

::KENDALL “Now that you’ve agreed on this, how are you feeling about your match this weekend? Ready to make Hot Stuff Mark Ward admit to the entire world that you’re his favorite Bombshell?”

Kendall gives Mikah a smirk of her own as they walk in the direction of Mikah’s house. Mikah chuckles before shrugging her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “I’m ready for this tournament to be over, that’s for sure. I like teaming with Mac, that’s definitely not an issue but I’m ready for some normalcy. And of course I’m ready to make him admit that, that is the only reason that I joined this tournament.”

Kendall chuckles at the thought as they continue to walk, their strides and speed matching one another’s. Mikah smirks a little at the thought that it was getting closer and closer to the end of the Blast From the Past tournament.

::KENDALL “I know. I think everybody knows, whether they believe that’s the real reason you entered the tournament or not.”

Mikah laughs as they start to pick up the pace from a brisk walk to a jog, slowly working their way up to a run. If there was one thing about Mikah’s work out regimen, is the consistency of her running. It was one thing that she completely stayed consistent with.

;;MIKAH “I’m not sure why everybody is surprised about that being the reason I entered. I’ve been nothing but transparent about it since entering. But apparently, that’s not a valid reason for entering a tournament. Or if I don’t want the championship, I’m not a true competitor, there’s literally no in between.”

The two could barely talk as their speed reaches a run.

::KENDALL “Fuck em. They don’t matter; you do.”

Mikah laughs as she focuses on putting one foot in front of the other as they run towards Mikah’s house. Mikah barely pays attention to the people that they pass on the way back to Mikah’s home.

;;MIKAH “They never have mattered if I’m honest. It doesn’t matter that I returned to SCW just to team with Kristopher and be that unit that we are always so good at. But apparently, that makes me comfortable and complacent but nothing else. It’s annoying.”

The two fall into a quick run and they both understand the silence that settles between one another as they run. Mikah takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out as she focuses on moving in an easy pace. There wasn’t much more to say about it, not that they could really talk while they were running anyways. She was going to be ready for Sunday one way or another.


FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2022
TIME: 7:45 PM

There were no pretty effects when the camera opens up to show the blonde Bombshell and SCW Hall of Famer, Mikah. She was dressed in a simple pair of athletic Nike shorts and a loose fitting work out tank top. Her blonde hair is piled in a messy bun on the top of her head and she is seated on her couch in the basement of her house. She leans back as she looks at the camera. The camera hs a view of her suitcase off to the side, clearly packed and ready to leave.

“You know, I wasn’t going to do this, like this. I wasn’t going to be that person because this match? This is the final match in the Blast From the Past tournament.  A tournament that both Mark Ward and Christian Underwood care so much about because they bring it back every single year. I was going to be the better person, the bigger person, I mean not literally because well…”

She looks down at herself before looking at the camera. It was evident that she was skinny compared to what she should be. Thanks to the eating disorder that she still fought with every single day of her life.

“I wasn’t going to talk about my accomplishments in this company because they speak for themselves. Everybody knows about them because they’re there. I don’t even have to spout off about my accomplishments because my opponents will do that. They do it all the time, and Myra? You did just that even if it wasn’t outright. But you also seemed to have focus a lot of my failures in SCW. Which, I find interesting since you’ve had a lot more failure in SCW than I’ve had.”

She breathes in slowly through her nose and then slowly lets it back out.

“You talked more about how I lost the championship to Danielle Weston in 2018 more than anybody has in this company. Which, I find ironic. Somebody like you, who’s used to losing wants to bring up a loss that happened three and a half years ago and doesn’t even matter in the long run. You openly talked about how I very obviously did not try to get my championship back from Danielle Weston or how I haven’t tried to get the Bombshell Championship since returning to SCW in 2020. Why do you think that is, Myra? Have you ever thought of using your fucking brain? You know that thing in your skull that requires daily use? Maybe you should open your fucking eyes and start to use your brain because clearly you haven’t been using it for the past two years.”

A little pause for dramatic effect goes here.

“Because if you don’t think that I couldn’t have walked into Hot Stuff Mark Ward’s and Christian Underwood’s office and asked for a Bombshell Championship opportunity, then you’re sorely mistaken. And if you think that they wouldn’t have given it to me, you’re also fucking wrong. I never ask for anything in this company since my return. But do I expect somebody like you to understand that? Absolutely not. You want to talk about how your failures have only helped you rise up out of the ashes and become even better but I think you’ve got it a little backwards. Because while your failures can make you better and hep you improve, they can also define you as a person. And when I see you or your name plastered anywhere, that’s the only thing that I can think of when your name is mentioned. I don’t think about the supposed changes you’ve made to rise up from your past failures, but I think of the choke artist that you are.”

She leans forward a little bit, looking straight into the lens of the camera.

“I lost the belt to Danielle Weston in 2018. That is a fact but it did not leave me…”

She frowns as she tries to remember the word that Myra had used in her promo.

“Shook, as you like to say. I am not scared of the Bombshell Championship. I’ve held it three times; there is nothing to be scared of when it comes to that championship. I do not need the Bombshell championship to be the best. Do you think I had the Bombshell Championship when Tommy Knocks named me as the best Bombshell in the history of SCW? No, I didn’t. I wasn’t even actively competing when he named me the best Bombshell in the history of SCW. You want to say that I don’t have any resiliency when it comes to this company or to wrestling but yet, I have not lost a match in 2022 yet. And I really don’t fucking care if you’re also undefeated because my track record is better than yours already..”

She looks up at the ceiling as something can be heard upstairs. She smiles a little bit before looking back at the camera.

“Have you ever been the Bombshell Champion, Myra?”

A small smirk appears on her face as she looks at the camera.

“Because according the SCW title history they have on their website, it doesn’t list your name in the Bombshell Championship history.”

She raises an eyebrow as if she was shocked about the revelation.

“So if you’ve never held the Bombshell Championship, how the fuck do you know how it makes a person feel?”

She raises her eyebrows at the camera before rolling her eyes at the thought.

“That’s right, you fucking don’t know how it feels to hold that championship because you’ve never fucking done it. So what right do you have to talk about the way it made me feel as the Bombshell Champion each time I held that belt? Because you don’t understand what it’s fucking like and you shouldn’t get a fucking say in how it makes me feel and you don’t get to fucking criticize me for talking about the way it makes me feel. You want to act like you’re some kind of woman who’s kind and positive but you want to fucking judge and criticize me for voicing my opinion on how it made me feel?! Fuck you and your high-horse bullshit, Myra.”

She glares at the camera, that fiery look in her eyes.

“I used to kind of respect you because I thought it was a little admirable that you wanted to try to push past your failures and everything that makes you the person you are today. But after what I listened to last weekend? You’ve lost every ounce of respect that I thought that I could ever have for you.”

A chuckle slips from her lips.

“You act like I don’t know what the Bombshell Championship means to this company. And why the Bombshells in the back want it so badly. But I understand more than you think that I do, Myra. And I understand because I’ve held that belt three times previously. But that doesn’t mean that I should want to compete for it. And you think I was just handed everything I’ve got in my life? Are you fucking insane!?”

She gives the camera a confused look before shaking her head.

“Have you even fucking looked at any of my fucking history in this company before 2018? Or were you too busy focusing everything around my loss to Danielle Weston? Because what I can’t fucking figure out , is what I’ve been handed. But here, I’ll give you a short fucking history lesson to bring your stupid self up to speed.”

She takes a deep breath.

“I joined SCW in November of 2014 with a group of horrible people. They were toxic and just..not good people. So in February of 2015, I took a break to think about what I wanted for myself without those people around. I contemplated on hanging up the boots but I could feel that I wasn’t done yet. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t just be done with wrestling yet as I still had so much to prove to not just everybody else but to myself. So I returned to SCW in late April of 2015 in a match that I can vaguely remember but then, in May I got booked in a number one contender’s match for the Bombshell Championship. And honestly? I never expected to win that match but I did. I earned my shot at Raynin the next week; it wasn’t just fucking handed to me. And what do you know? I beat Raynin the next Sunday to become the Bombshell Championship.”

She smiles a little at the memory as it dances in her brain.

“I honestly like to forget that I was employed by SCW in November of 2014 and I considered my signed date in April of 2015 because that’s when I really started to care. But you want to know what’s funny, Myra? Nobody fucking expected me to become the Bombshell Champion. Nobody thought that I was going to hold that champion for more than a month; they all doubted my abilities in the ring and I had to prove them wrong every single fucking time I defended that championship in 2015. I was booked in multiple triple threat matches for that championship and I won every time. There was nobody in the back that believed I had what it took to be the Bombshell Champion for months. But they soon found out that I was the person to beat. And they couldn’t fucking do it, so what did they do? They went on fucking strike because they were sick of losing to me and because they couldn’t beat me.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

“You want to say that I don’t have that same fire that I once had or that same resiliency that you think that you have but you haven’t been in my shoes. You do not know what it’s like to have an entire locker room of Bombshells that hate you. Not like they hated me in 2015.”

She smirks a little.

“Even at the awards at the end of 2015, I got voted as the SCW Rookie of the year. Me, the fucking Bombshell that dominated more than half of 2015 as the Bombshell Champion got voted as the SCW Rookie of the year. Nobody had thought I could do what I did but I did. I set that record and that bar for what a Bombshell should be. And I’m fucking proud that I made the Bombshells want to go on strike because they weren’t good enough to beat me.”

Another smirk spreads across her face before she leans back to get a little more comfortable on the couch that was downstairs.

“And as for my second reign as Bombshell Champion? I had to fucking earn that shot too. I didn’t just get handed it because of who I am in the history of this company. And I didn’t want it fucking handed to me because I preached to everybody about number one contenders matches because that’s how championship shots should be earned. And guess what? I won that match too and then took the championship from Mercedes Vargas to become the Bombshell Champion for a second time. And the third time? I cashed in my rematch clause because I couldn’t stand the thought of the Resident Nutjob being the Bombshell Champion for any longer than two weeks.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

“So you can fuck right off with that bullshit that I’ve never had to work for anything in SCW. And if you’re talking about my personal life? Fuck you. Because what I do in my personal life is none of your fucking business. My bank account is none of your fucking business either. You want to bring up the fact that I am living the high life here in Hawaii but you want to call it shallow? Is it because you won’t ever be able to fucking afford to live in Hawaii? Are you jealous that my bank account can afford it? Or are you bitter because you can’t live your life the way I live mine? Because I don’t understand what my living in Hawaii has fucking anything to do with competing in that wrestling ring. But I do see the jealousy that you feel about my personal life. You wanted to bring up the fact that I live in Hawaii and have the means to live more than comfortably in Hawaii with my two children and you want to call it shallow. Why is it shallow? Because I post pictures of it on Twitter? Or is that just another one of your insecurities showing up again?”

A smirk crosses her face once more.

“If I was a shallow person, I’d comment on how horrible you look or how many men you’ve slept with or the amount of men that do not want to sleep with you. But that’s not me, not anymore. I don’t give a fuck about what you look like or who you’re sleeping with. Becausse…”

She looks straight into the camera, a serious look on her face.

“It’s twenty fucking twenty-two and we’re not going to slut shame women for having sex.”

It was still one of the topics that made her blood boil.

“You talked a big game about me being insecure. But what exactly do I have to be insecure about?”

She raises an eyebrow at the camera.

“Because you don’t make any sense, Myra. There is absolutely nothing that I have to be insecure about when it comes to stepping foot in that ring. I know that I’m one of the best to have stepped in that ring and whether you and your naïve little brain don’t want to admit it, other people will admit it for you. My record can speak volumes for itself, I don’t need to tell you that everything I say and have said, I can back it up. You think I talk a big game, but you and I have never stepped foot in that ring against one another. You do not[/u] know who you are stepping into the ring with. You have lost twice to Amber Ryan but you’ve never lost to me. And I’ve never loste to Amber Ryan, either. I’ve never faced her either but what did you say last weekend?”

Mikah taps her index finger to her lips, frowning a little bit as she thinks

“You stated that I was scared to face the likes of Amber Ryan, Andrea Hernandez, and Roxi Johnson. You stated that I am complacent in the mixed tag team division and happy because I don’t have to face the likes of those three women. And yes, I purposely left you out of those women listed because your name doesn’t deserve to be listed with theirs.”

A smirk again appears on the SCW Hall of famer.

“That’s your insecurity, you know. You think that you’re better than you really are, Myra. But what you fail to realize is that you’re not as good as your little brain thinks you are because if you were that good, you wouldn’t have failed so many times in your career. But let’s stop for a moment and rewind for a moment.”

She holds a finger up.

“Back to your comments on me being complacent in the tag division. Did you ever think that the reason for that is because I returned to SCW with Kristopher to become the Mixed Tag Team Champions with him? Did that ever cross your brain? I didn’t return to become the Bombshell Champion, that was never one of my goals. I wasn’t going to enter this tournament because it wasn’t on the list of goals that I have for 2022 but Hot Stuff Mark Ward tweeted that if I won the tournament, he’d tell everybody that I am his favorite Bombshell of all time and that is one of my goals and I couldn’t pass it up. And here’s another little insight, Myra.”

She leans forward a little more.

“After Mac and I win this match on Sunday, and I go on to face either Amber Ryan or Roxi Johnson for the Bombshell Championship and win that? I’m not going to keep it.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

“Because everybody knows that you can’t hold two championships here in SCW, so I’m going to relinquish the Bombshell Championship to stay the Mixed Tag Team Champion with Kristopher. Because that’s why I returned to SCW this time.”

Another pause.

“However it will be fun to rub it in your face after I do both things. That is definitely a plus.”

She winks at the camera.

“And as for Max, you say that Mac knows that Myra can beat me on any given night but everybody knows that’s a lie. Myra can barely beat her own shadow. And she did fail Mac last year, who’s to say she won’t fail you this year? Since she is pretty good at failing. It’s her shtick.”

Another wink at the camera.

“She wanted to talk about her failures but I don’t see how this is going to work out for her. And I honestly think you’re turning a blind eye to it, Max. Maybe you need to be a little more aware of it. I honestly don’t even have anything remotely interesting to say about you, Max. And that’s just sad. However, if you think you’re going to beat Mac and I? You’re wrong. There’s never been a more cohesive unit than Mac and I and on Sunday? You’re going to find that out.”

She hesitates before hearing some shouting going on above her.


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Grateful for the Journey
« Reply #7 on: March 18, 2022, 11:41:52 PM »

“It all comes down to this…” I thought to myself as I sat on a dock overlooking the Ocean. I was giving myself a break from a gathering that was happening at the beach. Despite knowing that I was leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow, there was no sense of nervousness in me as I looked at my reflection in the water.

“Two more days…” I said out loud. “I’ve rebuilt, overcome and gotten stronger for THIS moment: the Blast from the Past finals. I know in my heart I deserve to be here no matter what anyone else has to say…”

I took a deep breath as I looked into the water. I was replaying the three heartbreaks that had knocked me down.

Last year’s final.

The two Amber losses.

Reliving them only invigorated me. I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself whatsoever.

“There’s a reason why things went for me the way they did last year…” I said with a smile, showing that the heartbreaks weren’t bothering me anymore. “...I HAD to suffer through them. I NEEDED to be tested. In order to become the stronger woman that I’ve become since then, I had to endure three of the most hurtful heartbreakers of my career. I could’ve folded. I didn’t. I passed the test and continued on in my journey. Those losses happened because I was still missing pieces of the puzzle. But, I can confidently say going into the finals this year that the missing pieces ARE in place… and that’s why I DO believe that Max and I WILL win regardless of what anyone else thinks…”

“And yet…” I heard the voice of my best friend Jazmyn Rain say as she sat next to me on the dock. “...there was a point where you wished they never happened…”

“I know…”

“That was the pattern you always had before. You went into those three matches wishing that some of the adversity you endured in places like UWA and Carnage never happened…”

“I’ve fixed that problem…” I said, bringing a smile out of Jazmyn’s face. “Had I been more grateful abo9ut my shortcomings… had I embraced what happened in UWA or accepted what happened in Carnage before, maybe I beat Amber or win the tournament last year. I fell short because I wouldn’t learn my lesson. This time? I have.”

“Myra…” Jazmyn said with a serious expression on her face. “ wasn’t your time then. I know those failures drive you now. So, I want to test you. Would you change any of those matches? REALLY think about it. Don’t bullshit me.”

I took it in stride, smirking as I looked back at the water.

“What if I won last year’s final?”

Jazmyn and I discussed the question while I saw an alternate reality in the water…


I screamed this at the television in an alternate reality that had Mac and I winning the tournament. I saw myself pin her and a smile was on my face.

“That’s what you get for talking all of that shit! Why don’t you take all the crap you said about me and shove it? Fucking BITCH!”

“Myra… really?” Adrianna asked me. “You won Blast from the Past…”

“I KNOW I did but what satisfies me more is the fact that I shut her the hell up!”

Adrianna and Scotty looked at each other, perplexed. Scotty shook his head.

“Myra, I know Ruby said what she said, but don’t run up the score. There is such a thing as being a sore winner and that’s what you’re being right now. If Kimberly saw you acting this way…”

“LOOK, I proved Ruby WRONG, OKAY?” I said, adamantly showing how ungrateful I was for the accomplishment Mac and I had attained. “ I QUIETED critics like her that wanted to bury me and drag me down. I made SURE she regretted saying all those horrible things about me. She and everyone else in the division that wanted to bash me was WRONG. NONE of those bitches EVER had a right to criticize me…”

“You’re acting SO much like an old Myra that I didn’t like…” Adrianna said with a concern in her voice.

“That’s your opinion ADRIANNA!” I said, still showing the anger I was holding on to from Ruby’s words going into the finals. “I’m NOT forgiving her or forgetting about that because that’s FUEL for me to beat down Amber and win that title. Oh I can’t wait to shut HER the fuck up! I can’t wait to make that bitch CRY and feel sorry for herself and hopefully leave SCW because if you remember, she said some empty, nasty bullshit toward me in the semifinals. Did she think I was going to forget that just because I won the tournament? Hell no…”

“It’s OVER with Myra…” Scotty said, trying to plead with me to focus on the positive and not the bitter, angry ego that I was expressing here.

“No… it’s not over until I win that title and KILL all the INFLATED overhype that Amber has surrounding her. Beating Crystal for the title doesn’t make her SHIT…”

I stormed off, leaving Adrianna and Scotty in stunned silence.


“Yeah… that sounds right…” Jazmyn says with a sigh. “You STILL had that chip on your shoulder then. You wouldn’t have been focused on the accomplishment and the fact that you got a title shot out of it, you would’ve been focused on the fact that you shut people up along the way.”

“Yeah… knowing me…” I said, feeling a bit regretful in my own mind. “God, all these years I’ve been in this business and having that former tendency to take everything said about me so damn personal. I admit, I was so fragile last year. I took some empty comments from Ruby and Amber EXTREMELY personal and at that point, I was fighting for the bruised ego and dismissing the journey that it took to get to the destination because the destination was all I cared about…”

“Myra, as your lifelong best friend, I am going to tell you that losing in the finals last year was good for you…”

“I agree…” I said, delighting Jazmyn.

“If you never lost in the finals, you would’ve ultimately never learned how to let the words of other people roll off your back. You have, in the last six months, and that’s why you’re the best version of yourself that you’ve ever been and someone as hollow as Mikah can’t take that from you.”

“You’re right. Honestly? I chuckled so much at what she said… not just because of how predictable it was, but because words like that don’t get to me anymore.”

“Honestly, when you went on the last Climax Control and allowed those awful words Jaycee and Levana say about you roll right off your back, I was SO proud of you!”

Jazmyn gave me a brief embrace, showing her happiness with my growth.

“Last year, you would’ve ranted and vented played into their crap. But, you didn’t. If you WON last year, you would’ve never had the strength to react so positively!”

“I wouldn’t have. That’s why anything Mac and Mikah have to say about me feels like it doesn’t matter at all…”

“It DOESN’T, Myra. It’s like I told you 14 years ago when you had your huge breakthrough in NSWA… only YOU know your truth. Now, assuming everything else stays the same… imagine… What would it be like if you beat Amber at Summer XXXtreme on your birthday last year?”

Taking her advice, I looked back into the water and imagined an alternate reality where I, not Amber, won at Summer XXXtreme…


Jazmyn herself was giving me a big embrace as we celebrated my World Championship victory over Amber Ryan inside Adrianna’s hospital room. Scotty hugged me. My daughter wrapped her arms around me and for a brief moment, I was feeling overjoyed.

“I did this for you, sister!” I exclaimed as we hugged each other. “I wish I could’ve done the same with Blast from the Past though…”

“Myra…” Adrianna said with a surprised voice. “You STILL won the world title! That tournament means nothing anymore.”

“Yeah but… did I HAVE to go through the heartbreak of that nonsense with Ruby? Did I HAVE to wait for her token title shot to come and go before I got my shot to shut Amber the fuck up? Honestly, I’m glad that I won the title now but this should’ve happened two months ago. I really wish I had won Blast from the Past so that this would mean so much more…”

“How can you say that, Myra?” Jazmyn asked me. “It was a bump in the road. Why are you still so sore about that?”

“All along, I knew Ruby was a fluke that didn’t deserve it. The fact that she proved me right and has faded to being irrelevant makes that ‘bump in the road’ look even worse. Hell, I wish she was still on the roster so I could get my revenge and shut her up for good. I’ll even put the title at stake… I don’t care. I CAN’T be satisfied with beating Amber until I correct that. But NO, she’s GONE… and she’s ALWAYS going to have that BULLSHIT over me…”

“You are so ungrateful…” Scotty snapped at me. “So it wasn’t the perfect journey. Who cares. What matters is that you STILL have the title…”

“But the other Bombshells are going to degrade me over the tournament and put a huge asterisk on it…”

“Myra… oh my GOD…” Adrianna said with tears in her eyes. “What happened to winning the title for ME? Instead it seems like you are taking your journey for granted. You’ve been through so much, yes. But the obstacles make you STRONGER! How can you dismiss what you’ve been through like that?”

“Winning this title doesn’t change the fact that I should’ve won that tournament and didn’t…” I said, causing a collective sigh to be heard from anyone else. “Ruby will always have that over me and that taints this title win for me… honestly…”


“You used to be so hard on yourself…” Jazmyn says with a sigh. “...I remember how you didn’t want to celebrate ANYTHING during your Internet title reign because you were stuck on this event that happened in UWA or because you were stuck on that Luciana match from back in PRW…”

“Yeah… I know. I’m truly sorry that you had to see me beat myself down all these years and that I was so stubborn before. I’m sorry that for so many years, I was such a negative person that would allow her failures to define her in the worst way. I know that I hurt you and everyone else by being like that…”

“You did…” Jazmyn acknowledges with a nod. “...but we love you and we’ve forgiven you and we’re so happy to see you become what you are now.”

“Still, back when I was the Internet Champion, I wasn’t enjoying my successes or the title because all I’d do is punish myself for all the times I felt short in previous companies and for all the horrible things I did to other people in GCW. I had this mentality that I wasn’t allowed to be happy with anything. Hell… after Violent Conduct last year… I could’ve easily allowed myself to slip into the bitter, angry darkness I was in back in GCW. I could’ve lost my ability to be happy with anything anymore. I would’ve been so bitter over the Amber losses and treated the Festivus World title as a consolation prize. I could’ve made that choice to be that kind of person but I didn’t.”

“I’m SUPER GLAD that you didn’t go down that road, Myra. Because to be brutally honest… if you HAD gone down that route, you would’ve turned into…”

“Another Amber…” I said, causing Jazmyn to widen her eyes with surprise at the fact that I read her mind. “I would’ve become that wrestler that just took pleasure in putting other people down.  I would’ve been just like her: never grateful, happy or satisfied with anything, living in nothing but pure misery. It’s not worth it…”

“You took the hard road, Myra. You fought back. You jumped right into the Chamber of Extreme. You built yourself all the way back from the bottom and became a better person than ever! Would you be so strong had you beaten Amber at Violent Conduct?”

There was a bit of a sullen feeling knowing what the answer was. However, this didn’t stop me from looking back into the water to conjure up one last alternate reality: me, not Amber, winning at Violent Conduct.


I was quick to say that to Adrianna while we were at a dinner that celebrated my victory at Violent Conduct.

“Myra, you just went through hell in that exploding barbwire match. Why would you want to face her again?”

“To be honest, I wish I would’ve ended her career for all the nasty shit she said about me…”

Adrianna sighs and shakes her head.

“YOU WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH…” I said with a mocking tone of voice. “Kiss my ass! She’s lucky she’s even breathing after the hell I put her through.

“Why do you NEVER appreciate ANYTHING, Myra? GOD! You nearly killed her! You didn’t have to go to the extremes that you did to win the title. You hospitalized her. She’s out for a long time. You’re the champion! Can’t you be happy with that?”

I shook my head as I let my anger get the better of me.

“I HATE that woman…” I exclaimed without hesitation. “I want to defend against her in a rubber match so I can beat her again, end her career, and shut her up once and for all. I won because I wouldn’t take her shit anymore, simple as that. I’m the top Bombshell in the company like I DESERVE to be and that she NEVER thought I’d become.”

“I know that you had to endure so much of her crap, especially Summer XXXtreme when you feel like you let me down, but I would think that for you, going through that would make THIS victory sweeter for you.”

“It DOESN’T, okay?”

“I know you don’t like the struggle. But, the struggle is part of the journey and…”

“The JOURNEY doesn’t matter, Adrianna! Nobody cares about the hows and the whys and all of that crap. All that matters is the DESTINATION and the fact that I silenced that horrible excuse of a woman! FINALLY! I can’t let her have Summer XXXtreme over me… I just can’t! She never had a right to tell me that I would never be enough…”

“I can’t do this right now…”

I was briefly shocked seeing Adrianna stand up and leave due to the fact that she wanted nothing to do with my attitude about the struggles I endured to beat Amber at Violent Conduct in this alternate reality.


“The destination was all I cared about.” I admitted to Jazmyn. “I always hated the struggle and heartbreak. I always had a hard time letting go of those. But now? It’s not a huge burden for me anymore…”

Jazmyn grabbed my hand and smiled at me.

“What you did after Violent Conduct: stepping back, embracing every part of who you are, expanding your horizon and taking on new challenges… it was the best career move you ever made.”

“Yeah?” I said, seeing Jazmyn’s eyes light up with joy. She nodded in response.

“I’ve known you all my life, Myra. I’ve seen you start out as this annoying, whiny, impatient, self-absorbed brat that you were as a teenager and through the years of your wrestling journey, mature into a confident, wise, shining bright light that is an inspiration for so many people especially Kimberly. Seeing you grow SO much these last six months has made me so proud of you and so happy to call you the best friend that I will ever have.”

My own eyes lit up hearing this from my best friend.

“”Fourteen years ago, I told you that the words of others didn’t matter… that all that mattered was how you felt about you, not what others felt about you. I told you to BELIEVE in yourself because as long as you did, you would always be capable of climbing mountains so many others told you you couldn’t climb. Fourteen years ago, you learned how to BELIEVE. Now? In front of my very eyes? I’m seeing a woman that has MASTERED the art of believing in herself and her inner truth and who has become so strong that she’ll never let ANYONE define her again because she KNOWS who she is in her heart!”

“Thanks!” I said, as we gave each other an emotional, passionate embrace. The last six months and my amazing growth flashed through my conscience.

“I’m asking you what I asked earlier…” she said as we broke our embrace. “Those three matches? Knowing what you know now and knowing who you were then compared to who you are now? Would you change the outcome of last year’s finals or those two Amber matches?”

“Hell no, I wouldn’t…” I said, causing Jazmyn to smile once more. “I’m grateful for the journey and everyone, especially you, that has been a part of it from day one. I’ve figured out how I’m going to get over that hump in SCW now… and how Max and I WILL be winning that tournament.”

“You’ve got this, Myra! I’m not even going to say ‘good luck’...” she paused as we stood up on the dock. “Because you DON’T need luck! It’s all in here…”

Jazmyn pointed to my heart before she left me alone to reflect on everything…


“The predictable arrogance of these people…” I said into the camera as I relocated and sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean, taking in the calmness of that with the night sky.

“I KNEW that they were going to try to come after Max and I the same way everyone else we’ve faced has come at us. All they wanted to do was pick at my failures. Really, Mikah, what the hell did you think you were going to accomplish? Did you think you were going to break me? I’ve shrugged it off ALL tournament because to me? You’re just reminding me of events that have made me STRONGER! You see Mikah, I KNOW that I AM the stronger and better woman than you because unlike YOU, I ACKNOWLEDGE my shortcomings. YOU on the other hand, want to paint this picture that you’re PERFECT and that you never stumble and fall. I wear my shortcomings on my sleeve, YOU run from them and want to act like they never happened. In your promo, all you’d talk about was what you’d done before and brag about being the measuring stick you used to be, but you NEVER acknowledged how painful losing that world title three times was. You just want to act like they never happened and run from them and that’s what makes you weaker than me. You don’t know how to be grateful for a fucking thing in this business and you showed that to me when you came out and said that what both of us accomplished doesn’t matter as far as this match… which HEY, way to dismiss your own accomplishments there.

Also? Way to completely contradict yourself later by puffing out your chest and trying to brag to the world that you changed the game, what it meant to be a Bombshell and how you’re still the measuring stick. You’re so IGNORANT that instead of KNOWING what I am all about… which you never could because you don’t have the passion to learn a damn thing about any opponent, you try to throw low hanging fruit at me that everyone else has thrown before and trying to make it seem like because I lost the finals last year, that I’m THAT far beneath you. Yeah, I know you tried to throw the finals in my face and you tried to use that to support your argument that I’m not good enough and that I don’t have what it takes all because I DIDN’T let Mac spear Ruby in the finals. You know what would’ve happened had I done so? We would’ve been disqualified and we would’ve lost anyway… and Mac probably blames me for letting him spear her. You clearly DO live in a DELUSION, Mikah. You’re THE example of ‘do what I say, not as I do’. I mean, you’re talking about how you don’t give a shit about what I said in my past promos yet you’re mocking a past promo regarding what I said about my past failures.

Mock me for them all you want. I’m NOT backing down from what I said because I AM GRATEFUL for EVERY SINGLE STEP OF MY JOURNEY… unlike YOU… who called her own accomplishments useless, who even SAID that she NEVER cared about the world championship. THAT is what gives me ALL the heart and passion in the world to defeat you in this tournament. You spent ALL of your promo TRYING to convince the world that you’re more relevant than I am… despite the evidence to the contrary. But I’M the one that’s BITTER?

No Mikah, that’s YOU!

YOU are the bitter one. You hide it so well, but if you weren’t such a bitter, ungrateful person why are you even wasting time trying to talk yourself up and trying to bring me down? Because you’re the bitter one that doesn’t want to let go of the past. You’re the one that does not want to EVOLVE… you and your ‘fuck change’ mentality. Yeah, way to express another sign of weakness there because at the end of the day, change is inevitable in this business. Times change. People change. Your refusal to change or evolve in any way is exactly why this company has passed you by. Yeah, at one point you did break records and set a new bar for the Bombshells division. But because you’re so BITTER, you refuse to even acknowledge or mention that Alicia Lukas took your bar and raised it and then Amber Ryan took that bar and raised it. By the way, a bitter person doesn’t acknowledge what I just did about Amber. Hell, if I was bitter about my failures, you know exactly what I would be, Mikah? I’d BE YOU! I’d REJECT these failures that I embrace and I would refuse to grow and change at ALL… but I DID because I was BRAVE ENOUGH to face those failures and become an even stronger and better person while you just sit there and just rely on your accomplishments acting like they have the weight that they did four plus years ago when they don’t.

The likes of myself? Amber? Andrea? Hell even Krystal?

We’ve SURPASSED YOU… because throughout our careers here, we EVOLVED and embraced that change and were grateful in some way for the journey ahead to become better wrestlers. You? Hey, if you want to remain complacent and be the same old Mikah, be my guest. You’re NOT the measuring stick anymore and you’re so BITTER and ungrateful that you refuse to even ACKNOWLEDGE that anyone has surpassed you. I, with my 350 day title reign last year, surpassed you. I’ve BEEN more relevant in this company than you have. Any time a new card comes out, there is ALWAYS chatter about ME being a perennial world title contender and being the best Bombshell yet to win a world title and yet, with you? Last I checked, Bombshells in the locker room want to challenge Amber, Roxi, Andrea, hell I’ll put my name on the list. I don’t hear anyone talking about wanting to face you with the exception of Crystal and that list she has. For the most part? Unless we’re talking about the mixed tag division? The Bombshells roster has largely moved on from you because you don’t want to compete in singles matches anymore. If your name holds more weight backstage than mine does, how come I’m being billed as a perennial contender while you, at this point in your career, are seen by the consensus opinion as just another Bombshell on the roster these days?

The worst part is Mikah, you allowed yourself to be that with your passionless, gutless, ungrateful attitude of yours. What you showed me with your prior words is that you are someone that’s devolving into a damn parody of yourself. Someone who fears failure and always runs away from it like you do doesn’t have the right to come at me and mock me for ‘embracing failure’. When you won your third world title, it was just another day for you in the office. You wanted to act like Crystal never beat you for it. It NEVER happened because you have to do whatever you have to do to maintain this delusion that you have that you’re still one of the top Bombshells in the company. You NEVER used your failures to make yourself better because if you HAD? Maybe you grow up and EVOLVE after Dani beats you for the world title and maybe you become a better wrestler but no, we can’t have that because the most ungrateful bitch in SCW history has to act like adversity, obstacles and failure doesn’t exist with her. Why should you be grateful for anything? Losing the title was never a big deal to you. You’ve beaten the ‘Mark Ward’s favorite’ thing to death this whole entire tournament. It’s all about that and adding another accomplishment to your list and that’s it and I KNOW that when Max and I win, you’re not going to learn ANYTHING from this because FUCK CHANGE, right?

You will NEVER admit it being the coward that you are, but I know deep down, you’re worried about me way more than your ego would like to admit. I may not be a psychologist, but if you’re THAT much better than me, why the hell did you feel like you needed to bring up past accomplishments and why did you feel the need to brag about raising the bar? Why did you make such a ridiculous effort to try and bring me down? WHY are you trying to make it seem like I AM nothing? Why did you go out of your way to paint a picture of me that you and I both know isn’t true? Because YOU feel the need to go into this match feeling superior to me, that’s why! It’s an insecurity that reflects on YOU, not me! I want this a hell of a lot more than you do and I’m not letting you take this from me. In all honesty, you’re no different from the basic bitches that I dealt with in the NSWA locker room when I broke in 14 years ago…

You’re no different from that bleach blonde, skinny bitch that called me a ‘dumb Florida moron’ and said that I would never amount to anything.

You’re no different than the coke face wife of the owner that said that I didn’t have what it took to be a champion.

You’re no different from a locker room that did nothing but mock me for my failures and my early rookie struggles who tried to throw those failures in my face over and over again.

You know what I did 14 years ago when faced with the similar nonsense you, Mac, Jaycee, Levana and Todd have thrown at me all tournament? I broke out, I did my thing and I ROSE to the occasion getting the biggest win of my career up to that point literally climbing a ladder in Ceasar’s Palace and getting a title shot briefcase.

Well Sunday? Despite ALL of your negativity toward Max and I and ALL of the cheap shots, and ALL of the bullshit and ALL of this EMPTY NARRATIVE that we don’t deserve to be here or that we don’t deserve to win, history WILL repeat itself for me personally because on Sunday, I WILL rise to the occasion again to get the biggest win of my SCW career up to this point. You don’t have the heart, the courage or the gratitude for your journey to stop me! You, nor ANYONE on this roster EVER gets to define me because I know who I am, I know what I’m about and I know that I can look in the mirror no matter what and sleep at night knowing that these last six months? I HAVE been on the most AMAZING journey possible to grow into the woman I’ve become and the CHAMPION I’m ABOUT to become. I can go to bed at night KNOWING who I am, knowing I am strong enough to face ANY obstacle in front of me and knowing EVERYTHING I’ve learned in the last six months will ALWAYS make me BETTER and STRONGER, than an empty, passionless, lackadaisical, self-absorbed, bitter, delusional, self-loathing person like YOU!

Win or lose, you can’t take that away from me and I KNOW that bothers you because I WAS someone like you who used to LACK appreciation for what it means to be a champion in this business.

Not anymore.

Unlike you, who is all about the destination, I’m GRATEFUL for my journey… through the good and the bad… because I know that the journey, especially the hard times I’ve endured and will endure, is what builds me to my ultimate DESTINY of becoming SCW Bombshells World Champion…”

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March 18 2022
Cruising on the CA-14N in California.

This was an excellent idea. It’s a beautiful afternoon. I think someone said it’s going to hit 80 today. I can definitely work with that. Top’s down and the sun is out. Nothing better than an adventure to clear your mind on your way to the biggest night of your life.

Max: Feast your eyes on this ‘68 California Special Mustang Convertible. God, I love having friends with taste in Cali.

I really, really love my friends. Look at this damn car. Candy apple red. Love that color. I can’t believe they let me borrow it for the day. This might be my new dream car. I might have to see how much it will take to take it off their hands? This thing is just too sweet. I need this damn car. I’m going to have to pay up, and I don’t give a fuck. I want this car.

Max: As the Canadian icon Tom Cochrane once sang, life is a highway. I’ve lived by those words since the first time I heard them on the radio back home in New Brunswick when I was just 10 years old.

I couldn’t help it when the memories of my life moments that I have tied with this number 1 hit and one of my favorite songs of all time came flooding back.. I hopped in this beautiful beast this morning, dropped the top and haven’t looked back.

Max: You can’t beat the sun on your face. You can’t beat the breeze of the open road. Well done Max. Another solid idea yet again. Good job.

I needed this. Don’t change what isn’t broken right?

Max: Sin City Wrestling we are mere hours away from Blaze Of Glory X. These past 2 weeks, I’ve been preparing for the final boss.

You’re almost there Max. You’re about to stare across the ring from the world heavyweight champion.

Max: It’s the finals of the 2022 10th anniversary of the Blast From The Past. Since day 1 Myra Rivers and I have had our detractors. We’ve been counted out since day 1. Every week it’s the same tired attack. Every week the doubters are vocal. Every week we’ve been counted out.

It’s time to finish the job Max. You’ve been after this for far too long, It’s time to finally truly meet and exceed those expectations that people have had of you for all of these damn years. Yeah you had the Roulette championship. Yeah you have a damn good run with the GRIME World Nightmare Championship. This is different. This is the world heavyweight championship.

Max: This week is no different. This Sunday, we are stepping into the finals against Mikah and Mac Bane. A very select few expect us to pull this off.

This is your goddamn shot Max. You made it here. You made sure you made your statement every round. You reminded them every match that you are a threat.

Max:  Mac Bane, the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. This man oozes confidence. He has every right to. Facts are facts. His record speaks for itself, but the champ sure loves to shout it from the rooftops. Everyone has been having fun shoving their title histories, and accomplishments in our faces. How’d that work out for multiple time world champion Todd Williams? Oh yes... with him staring up at the lights with a visions of Tweety Bird floating around.

God that was satisfying.

Max: It couldn’t have happened to a better person. It warmed me to the core to shut up that noise. I embarrassed that piece of shit. Radio silence ever since. It’s no surprise when a shattered ego cannot be pieced back together. Has Christian or Mark done a health check in on him?

Someone really should. Seriously not a peep. Funny right? One troll down, a million more to go. Wow. This drive is amazing.

Max: You see Mac, you can flaunt your record. Go ahead. I don’t mind. You can flaunt your championship case. That’s fine. Good for you.You should be proud. Like I’ve said since the beginning. This right now isn’t about you. The opponent has never mattered. I had 1 goal laying on that bed last year. That goal is in sight.

I could really get used to the west coast life. You can’t argue with these views.

Max: Sunday night the highway leads to Blaze Of Glory. Sunday night, I’m stepping between those ropes to challenge you champ. You’re going to realise very quickly that this isn’t the opening round. This isn’t last year. This is right here. Right now. In this moment, you are going to discover that the words you have been trying to convince yourself of are nothing but your placebo. The fact that you are spewing your trash, but not saying a damn thing speaks volumes. We’ve heard it all before.  Mac, you’re the champion of this company. I’m a little disappointed quite frankly. You’re the predator right? It sure feels like your roar is more of a whimper when your paw is caught in a trap. I’m damn good at setting those traps.

This is your night Max. It’s time to finish the job. Round after round you’ve shut em down one by one. It’s no different Sunday. You can do this. It only takes one moment to snatch that belt from Mac. A split second is all you need. Find that moment. Take that moment. Finish this.
Max: Yeah, this has been a difficult journey back. The highway back has been full of twists and turns. But, I’m here. The highway has been full of potholes. But, Sunday night has always been clearly in sight the whole time. A ton has changed in a year. No matter how many times life throws a roadblock on that highway, I broke through and  I found the path to get to this moment no matter how daunting the challenge. This Sunday night is the culmination of a journey that didn’t just start weeks ago. It didn’t start months ago. This journey is really the story of my SCW career.

Mac can talk all his shit. I’m going to show him he’s not in there with the same guy. My head wasn’t in it. You know that. This year proves that.

Max: At Blaze of Glory X, when I break the curtain I know what awaits on the other side. Mac needs a shot of reality. You’ve had a great run Mr. Bane, but is your focus really on Sunday night?

I’m internet savvy. I’m on the interwebz, and the Twitter machine.

Max: Answer me honestly Mac. Where’s your head at? You’re quite the globe trotter. You seem to be really wrapped up in the business side of things right now. Mr. Bane I’ve warned you, and I’ve proven it only takes a split second. I’ve proven it time and again. Sunday, I prove it again.

March 14 2022

Less than a week out. I just needed to take care of one more thing before I shift my focus back to final match preparations. And ,this is just what the doctor ordered going into the biggest match of my career. No way they were not going to be here for this. Honestly shocked their flight is on time. In the distance I see a streak of red hair running at full speed towards me with reckless abandon.


How has she not taken anyone out at the knees? Oh lord... here we go. Brace yourself.

Max: Hey kiddo! Get over here!

That’s all the invitation Libby needed as she launches herself into the air as soon as she’s within striking distance. The impact is jarring at first, but the squeeze from little miss Libby fixes that instantly. It’s been a long couple of months away after being home for so long.

Libby: HI! How are you? This is a big airport. Oh! Look over there!

And sensory overload has kicked in. I’ll give her a minute to get her bearings. It was a big trip. She’s flown before, but this is the first time she’s old enough to really experience it. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it when she crashes. Perfect timing as Becca rolls up with luggage in tow. She’s buried in bags, and I kind of feel bad. The Libby missile abandoned that mission to offer assistance to my wonderful little sister and super mom.

Max: Hey sis. Sorry. Hands full. How was the flight?

All I can do is chuckle, and shrug my shoulders as Libby squirms over my shoulder looking over heads to take in all of the sights.

Becca: The little stick of dynamite on your shoulder stole my window seat. Let’s just say our fellow passenger in the aisle seat was less than a joy to share the experience with.

I know that look. Libby is like her mother at that age. No off switch. No way to take the battery out. She probably talked their ear off the whole flight.

Max: Libby did you enjoy the flight?

Libby: Sure did! But it was LONG.

Boredom. Sure sign of ginger terror. I bet it was a long flight. I could never do that job. Flight attendants have to put up with so much shit. I don’t know how they deal with it. I’ve racked up the miles over the years, and I’ve seen my fair share of the foolishness that they have to deal with. Especially on the Vegas flights, they should be making danger pay.

Max: I am so damn happy you both made it. It’ll be great to have a couple of familiar faces in the crowd on Sunday. You excited for uncle Max’s big match on Sunday kiddo?

Libby smiles, and nods. She loves coming to the matches. I think she just loves the vacation. Actually, she just loves getting spoiled by uncle Max. It’s going to happen. I know it. But that’s ok. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her distracted.

Becca: She’s been talking about it non-stop for a week now. She was so excited after you called, and told her we were coming. She was packed within an hour. And unpacked, and packed again. She had to make sure she didn’t forget anything. It’s good to see you bub. How are you doing?

How am I doing? That’s a loaded question right now, and she knows it. But, I’m in a good spot.

Max: I’m doing good. The extra time off has done wonders. Everything is feeling good today.

Well, good as can be expected given the current circumstances. There’s no fooling my kid sister. She can see the truth in my eyes without having to say anything. She knows she’s going to get the positive spin with the kiddo in my arms right now. Honestly though, I’m feeling good considering.

Becca: And?

Becca motions with a look down towards my knee. She’s obviously going to be concerned, but it’s been solid with no issues at all so far. I have all the confidence in it right now. I’ve put the time in with it. I’ve put in the work with it. We didn’t rush it. I knew it was ready, and it wouldn’t fail me.

Max: Honestly, zero issues with the knee the whole tournament. You watched. You saw. I’m moving better than I have in years. Doc Arsenault did great. It’s stronger than ever.

Becca: You’re also great at hiding things exactly like this. I can tell you’re not lying, but if I find out you are.

Libby:You’re in big trouble mister!

Max: It’s good. Cross my heart, and pinky swears. I’m ready for Sunday. This is what we’ve been working towards. I’m in the finals of this thing for the first time, and I plan on bringing the win home.

Becca: And don’t forget some extra luggage. I can see it now. Hashtag and new. AND NEW Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion... MAX BURKE!


Max: Thanks, you two. I’m so happy I could get you out here for this. Win or lose I needed you here. You’re the reason I’m here. I couldn’t have done this without the both of you.

It’s the honest truth. Libby was the beacon of light on this journey back to this moment. On those dark days, when I was struggling to push through I just thought of my niece rooting me on. That was all of the motivation that I needed to get through each day during the rehab. Getting that quality time at home, and working through this with my family by my side was the only way to go.

Libby: You got this uncle Max. Love you whole bunches. And new!

Max: You got it kiddo. I’m bringing home that gold for you. And when I win it, you’re strapping it around uncle Max’s waist okay?

Libby: Really!?

Max: Yep. Got to make you work to pay for your flight out here kiddo.

Libby: You’re silly uncle Max.

Max: Love you kiddo. Let’s get out of here. Wait till you see where we are staying. You’re going to love it.

I spin Libby to my back, and she hangs on tight. Time to lighten the load for Becca, and get the hell out of this zoo that is LAX. Played it smart, and booked an AIRBNB only 10 minutes away in Marina Del Rey.

March 18 2022
Death Valley National Park
Current temp 87 Fahrenheit

Hours pass, and the destination is finally in sight. You definitely couldn’t complain about the weather today, or that drive. That five hour drive was well worth this moment. No way I was missing this.

Max: Welcome to Death Valley.

Fitting right? Why is it 87 in fuckin’ March? Better than snow.Yep. It’s not that bad. It’s a touch warm for this Canuck. I’ll survive though. I won’t melt. I’m going to take in the experience.

Max: When I saw we were coming to California for Blaze of Glory, I knew I had to come here. Sin City Wrestling, sit back, and let me tell you about how Death Valley got its name.

Who loves storytime? History is fun. Okay... maybe it’s a bit more than warm. These views are so worth a little sweat. This is going to be good. Don’t forget your water in the car. This is amazing. I’m in Death Valley.

Max: It’s a story of pioneers making the mistake of listening to hearsay about a shortcut. What they learned, and ultimately endured was a journey that would test their wills at every turn. The story of The Lost 49ers, and their journey through the Mojave Desert has lived on for decades. This tale of survival has been a source of inspiration throughout the tournament for me. Did they all survive the journey? Not a chance. This place is called Death Valley for a reason. But... the elite few did. The strongest found the will, and the tools to endure the extreme conditions that they faced. Death Valley is the hottest, driest and lowest of all of the National Parks. It’s claimed the lives of the over confident. Those lucky to have lived to tell of the journey, will live it over and over for years to come. They will never forget what they have endured to accomplish what they set out to do. Those scars will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I trace my finger over the lines that criss cross my flesh, Every groove has a story to tell like a song on a record. The stories that my body could tell. I’ve earned every single one of these damn things. I wouldn’t change it for a minute. These tell the stories of the journey that I’ve been on all of these years. The journey of growth. The journey to live up to my family name. The journey to live up those expectations. The journey to break through, first in Canada and then the US. The journey that brought me to Sin City Wrestling all of those years ago.

Max: Just like these scars that live with me. They’re a reminder of the sacrifices that I’ve made to get to this very moment. Some call them weakness. Those people have been mistaken. These scars have prepared me for the wars to come. I’ve made it through the trials, and tribulations of the journey, and I’ve come out on the other side. I’ve come out stronger from those experiences. Being here in Death Valley also reminds me of another story that really is all about you Mac. That sun is scorching. It’s hotter than hell. You see Mac with your confidence., hell with your ego is the classic Greek tale of Icarus. You think you are indestructible right now. You think you can’t be touched. You’re blinded by that championship, and the dollar signs that are bouncing in front of your eyes with all of your potential destinations. You’re not listening to reason. You just keep flying higher and higher, blinded by glory. You’ve got all this leverage right now, don’t ya? You just need to fly a little higher to grasp it. Do you feel the heat? You’re so close to having it all. You’re so close to get everything you deserve. Everything you think you deserve. It would be an awful shame if you couldn’t handle the heat. Wouldn’t it? You’re inchin’ too close Mac. The wax is starting to drip. You can see it can’t you Mac? You know your time is running out. Your wings are melting. You can feel it, can’t you? You know you're falling, and there is nothing that you can do to stop the freefall. Goodbye Death Valley. Sunday night, remember Mac I just need that one moment. Prepare to fall. I am walking out Sunday night at Blaze of Glory X as your new Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.