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Home - Blast X Semifinals
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February 20th 2022
Star of the Desert Arena
Primm, Nevada
Post Match Climax Control 323

What a night. Relaxing in the luxurious set up that we have for our trainers and medical staff. Enjoying the bittersweet chill of an ice pack on my neck. Victory smarts some times I have to admit. In this case it was so worth it. When you get to crack a loud mouth in the jaw, and silence them even for a moment is oh so sweet.

Max: To the victors go the spoils right? Todd Williams you dumped me on my head multiple times out there tonight. You couldn’t finish the job. I, in good conscience, could not let you finish the job. I needed to shut you up for the good of all Sin City Wrestling. And that’s what I did. You’ve disappeared without a whimper. Tail tucked between your legs. You talked so much shit, and couldn’t back it up. You were supposed to run right through me right? How’s your head Toddo? Did that canvas taste good? Do you need some eye drops? The lights really seemed extra bright tonight.

Yep. Fuck that guy. Reckless motherfucker could have broken my neck. That’s fine. It’s all good. He didn’t. He’s gone now. On to the next one. Rest, rehab, and refuel, This is all routine for you.

Max: Myra and I have advanced to the semifinals just as we predicted. We needed that win. We had to extinguish his obsessive delusions with Myra. Which we did. This is one that we were expected to win, and we pulled it off. Todd did his best to talk his game, but it didn’t matter. I’ll admit it’s one of my more satisfying wins. It ranks up there pretty high for many reasons. This win gets me back to the semifinals for the first time since 2017 with Mercedes Vargas. Todd’s cockiness definitely fueled the fire to make sure I make an example out of someone. Todd was the ideal candidate.

And here comes one of the SCW trainers to check on how I’m doing. I’m perfectly fine, but they are just doing their job. They don’t mess around anymore when you land on your head during a match. It’s all about our safety these days. It’s nothin’ like the old timers like to call the good ol’ days of undiagnosed CTE. They just laughed about getting their bell rung. Give the other guy a you got me good nod in recognition, and share a drink at the bar after the matches. Not these days. You won’t get away with that shit. The SCW crew spot stuff like that pretty fast. They’ve all seen us take some good cracks over the years.

Trainer: Hey Max.How’s the neck feeling now? Ice pack helping at all?

Max: It’s doing pretty good considering how many times that arsehole tried to spike me out there. He better keep his distance for the rest of the night.

Trainer: Yeah that looked rough. You’re lucky. How’s the head? Any sensitivity to light? Headache?

Max: So far so good. No headache. Just the sore neck. No stinger or anything yet that I can tell. Big man is looking out for me like usual. Those were not fun landings by any stretch of the imagination. Saved one of the lives for another day this time around.

Trainer: You’re also tougher than a two dollar steak. We both know that. Just promise me you’ll take it easy. Don’t overdo it. I’ll check in with you later this week.

Max: You got it. I’m just going to drive home, and take a nice long nap.

Trainer: Excuse me? What did you just say? Mind repeating that for me?

Too easy. Got ‘em hook, line and sinker. I don’t even have to try. He really should know better. They all should know better. They don’t. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Way too easy. I have to do something to keep me entertained around here in my downtime. This is as good an option as any. Definitely need to lighten the mood for these fine folks.

Max: Seriously? You know I know better. You should have smelled that joke a mile away. I know the drill. You don’t need to worry about me.

And there is the look I love. Defeat from a family member that knows they got got. You have to appreciate when they simply are defeated. So satisfying. It’s all in good fun though.

Trainer: Yes, yes I do. Just let me know if anything seems off okay? You’re passing all of the initial tests so far, but we definitely want to keep a close eye on things. I ‘m just making sure you’re ready to roll for the next round. You’re killing it. It’s good to have you back.

Max: Thanks. I mean that. I’ll text or call you if I notice anything. Pinky swears. If anything feels off. I promise I’ll let you know. I’m not taking any chances with this. I’m making every effort to go into each round as healthy as possible. You’ll be the first to hear from me if anything is off.

Trainer: Okay, I’ll see you next week. Rest up Max. Make sure you keep that neck stretched out.

Max: Neck bridges every day. That’s why I’ll be just fine. I’m built for times like these. I’ll see you next week. Thanks for always taking great care of us. You keep this train rolling down the tracks every week.

Trainer: Thank you for the outdated compliment, oldtimer. You dropped your walker. Let me grab that for ya.

Max: Oh a comedian now. Well done. Take the compliment, youngster. You all earn it every week. I appreciate you, and everyone else on the team. I’ll see you Sunday. Take it easy yourself. 

June 3rd 2021
Moncton Hospital Rehabilitation department
Moncton, New Brunswick

Day one of the journey back. I’ve done this once, and I’ll do it again. Coming home to do this was always the right decision. The team here at the Moncton Hospital are top notch. My family is here. I have everything I need right here. I dodged a bullet, and I’m very thankful for it.

Max: Hi Jo. I’m here for my daily scheduled torture session. I’m at your command.

Oh Jo. Joline Wright. My high school sweetheart, and a physical therapist here at the hospital for several years.

Jo: Max, what are we going to do with you? Thank god you didn’t wreck it this time. Can’t believe it’s the same knee again.

Max: Glad it was an excuse to get it cleaned up. It’s been bugging me for a while. Good as new now. Ready to knock this out Rocky montage style, and get back in the ring.

Cue the blatant Eye Of The Tiger inspired rehab montage. This one isn’t as awesome as the epic 80’s montages of our past. No this is just foam rolling, resistance bands and cycling. Whoa epic right!?

Jo: Hey you. Earth to Max. Anybody home? Where did you go on me?

Jo snaps me back to reality. Yeah I went there. I couldn’t help it. Nothing better than an 80s training montage with some classic hair metal. Chance of air guitars is very good. They don’t make ‘em like they used to. They just made you want to run through a wall and crush your goals no matter what they were.

Max: Sorry epic rehab montage. I’m pumped up and ready to go. I’m fired up. Let’s go!

Jo: Still my daydreamer. You’re never going to grow up are you?

Jo knows me too well. I’ve shot for the stars since I was a kid. Growing up in my family, the path might have been predetermined, but it was still our choice if we wanted to venture down it. Taking that path comes with a lot of pressure that I was more than willing to throw on my back, The opportunity to represent my family’s name and legacy was a no brainer. And that’s exactly what I did.

Max: You know I can’t, and won’t lie to you. Nope, not going to happen. I’ll grow, but never grow up. I’ve told you this many times over the years. It worked out pretty well overall.

Crap, I shouldn’t have said that. Poor choice of words right there. I stuck my foot in my mouth bad. Say something you moron. She didn’t deserve that.

Max: I didn’t mean it like...

Jo: Stop. I know what you meant. No need to apologise. We’re way past that. You can just knock that off. Let’s get to work. Hop up.

Max: You got it boss. Jo, I’m serious. I’m happy you’re the one helping me through this. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Up on the table I get as ordered. It’s time to get to work like she said. I have the target in sight, and I just need to get there. I’m coming back better than ever.

Jo: Okay, lay back. Let’s see what we are really dealing with here. How’s it been since the match?

Max: It wasn’t too bad, even before Doctor Arsenault went in and cleaned it up. It’s a bit sore this morning, but I’m fine. It’s been bad for months. Nothing I can’t tolerate. You know how it is.

Jo: I figured. You’re stubborn. How bad did it get?

Max: Cortisone and heavy taped up for probably two or three months.

Jo: Max. I thought you knew better.

Max: I do. I just... I don’t know, I was just pushing through. I was enjoying being back in the mix. Should have been listening a little closer to my body like you always tell me.The fights were exhilarating. I was having fun for the first time in a long time. You know I’m happiest when I’m between the ropes. I just missed that feeling, you know? So, I just kept telling myself it’s not that bad. I kept getting in there night in, and night out. Everyday I could feel it a bit more. It was a mess leading up to the ladder match. Now that was a stupid decision. I should have pulled out of that one.

Jo: Yeah, the odds were not in your favour for that one now was it?

Max: The added element of the ladder definitely did not help matters at all. I knew going in that one misstep was all my knee needed to say enough was enough. I should have spoken up, but I just kept reassuring myself that I’d be fine. When you have to convince yourself of it, you just know things are about to go off the damn rails.

Jo: And then you end up back here. Stuck with me again.You’ll never listen. Smarten up Max. You always push yourself too far.

There’s her sass. You do not want to mess with Jo. You will lose. I’ve learned that the hard way over, and over, and over again. She will chew you up, and spit you out in no time. This is her house, and she’s the boss. You put the work in, You get in. You get out. Rehab sucks, but it’s more fun when you have one of your best friends delivering the punishment day in and day out. I know she enjoys it thoroughly.

Max: No place I’d rather be, you know that. I know I pushed it too far, but at least I got it taken care of. Now make me hurt already will ya?

Jo: With pleasure. We’ll have you back in there as soon as possible.

Max: I just need to be cleared by January. We have loads of time, but it needs to be January. I want to be ready just in case.

Jo: I think we can definitely make that happen.That’s a very achievable goal.

February 23rd 2022
Max Burke’s Condo - Gym
Las Vegas, Nevada

I love having a sauna in our gym. I don’t even have to leave the building. I’ve got everything I need here, and I don’t have to deal with anyone. Figured now’s as good a time as any to post a little video update to the Twitter machine. To dry off or not to dry off before shooting this, The sweat will draw them in, Towel around neck it is.

Max: Hello there Twitter. Happy hump day. Quick check in. I’m fine. Todd Williams threw me on my head a few times on Sunday, but I’m resilient. I keep telling you that week in, and week out. I’m like tempered steel. It takes a helluva lot to break me. You couldn’t do it. Throw all of the cheap shots at me that you can, but I’ll keep coming back. We all know I’ve been through worse. I get knocked down plenty, but I keep getting up. I’m a little banged up, but that’s life. It’s all good.I’ll be more than ready for the next round.

Towel away a few beads of sweat from my brow. I’m doing it for the views we all know that. Social media is so important these days. I still don’t get it, well I don’t get a lot of it. I’m trying. I’m learning. The more views. The more exposure. The more money. Social media really is a win win no matter how toxic the application can be. The block button is a wonderful feature.

Max: Todd didn’t get the job done. The key to longevity in this business is selfcare. I know, I know. Selfcare is the trendy phrase. It’s true though. Do I have my aches and pains? Of course! I’m forty years young, and coming out here to put a show on for each of you every week. If I didn’t take care of myself properly, I would have stayed retired. You’ve heard it plenty over the years, but it’s the truth. The fans are the reason I do this every damn day. Every morning, it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Hell, I have to do stretches in bed before I even get up to start the day. The wear and tear this industry puts on our bodies is well documented. We do this because we love it.

I toss my towel aside, and take a long drink from my water bottle. When you live in the sauna like I do you have got to keep hydrated. It’s so easy to overdo it, and not realise it. Last thing I want to do is pass out in the sauna. That definitely wouldn’t be ideal. Water is your friend.

Max: Now is the time to rest, and prepare for the semifinals. Blast From The Past is a gruelling tournament, and it’s important to treat it with respect. If you don’t treat it with respect it will break you. That is the great thing about having a few of these under my belt now. I know what I need to survive and thrive in this tournament. Myra and I have taken our experiences, and learned from them. Our focus on the task at hand has been the key to our success. That success will continue into the semifinals.

March 2nd 2022
Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s almost go time. Made it back to the semifinals. Cade and McDonald are going to be tough. These two are making a helluva first impression. Christian and Mark are not stupid. They knew exactly what they were doing bringing in Lavana and Jaycee. They did their research, and they are both showing exactly why they are here. They love shining the spotlight on these unmined diamonds, and announcing them to the world.

Max: Lavana Cade and Jaycee McDonald, the bracket busters of Blast From The Past X. You two have been impressive in the tournament so far, but there has been a dash of controversy mixed in too. You can’t deny that. You took advantage of a situation last round that presented itself. I’ll admit, I’d 100% do the same. I’ve done it in the past, and I’m sure I’ll do it in the future. Well played. You did what you had to do to move on to the semifinals. Now, here we are.

She’s a beauty. Lots of memories I tell ya. As I take a step back to take it all in I try not to drift off into a daydream, but it’s extremely difficult to not reminisce when you have so many memories inside those walls.

Max: This week though... your luck runs out. This week Sin City Wrestling comes home. This week we are back at the Gold Coast Casino. It’s extra special coming home to the Gold Coast Casino for me. Everytime I come back here, love me or hate me, it's motivating to see the familiar faces from years in front of the diehards. I grew up in front of the Gold Coast regulars. They’ve seen me at my best, and at my worst. They’ve seen me at my highest and my lowest. I’ve bled buckets in front of the Sin City family. This is my first time back here in far too long.

I make my way closer to the casino, and run my fingers along the pillars leading to the front entrance. I lean my back against the pillar, and take in the sunbeams. I swear I was a cat in another life.

Max: This is the semifinals of the tenth anniversary of the Blast From The Past tournament. This Sunday is everything. This Sunday I advance to the finals for the first time. This year’s tournament for me at least, is a bit of a journey of redemption. We’ve already heard it before, I’ve got the experience edge in the Blast, but I’ve fallen short to date. I’ve had my moments, but the finals have eluded me. This year both Myra and I have been locked in. Throughout the first two rounds you have had the unknown factor playing to your advantage. Not to mention a very convenient distraction in the quarterfinals against Amber Ryan and Hitamashii.

Look at those. One of my favourite aspects of the Gold Coast are the stained glass windows. Everything about this place is classic Las Vegas. Everytime we come home I always make sure to book a room for the night. The staff have always treated me with the utmost respect and their professionalism is unmatched. The hotel crew are family too. I’m honoured to call many of them friends.

Max: The element of the unknown is out the window now. You’ve been damn impressive. No doubt about it. It’s easy to tell you have both been working extremely hard to gain knowledge in this crazy business. I’m not blind, you can see it as soon as you stepped between the ropes of the six sided ring of Sin City Wrestling. Jaycee, your timing is impeccable. You’re damn fast. You’re explosive. You haven’t been shy about kicking the Sin City door down, and making sure everyone knows your name. That’s what the Blast From The Past is all about, and you damn well know that don’t you? It’s the quickest way to a World title shot, and you can make a lot of waves along the way. Jaycee and Lavana you have most definitely done that. You just eliminated current champions, and a hall of famer. You have everyone’s attention, You have ours.

I turn and make my way to the entrance of the Gold Coast Casino. As I reach out for the handle of those classic wooden doors that have never changed memories flood back. That’s what I love about Vegas, they are true to their history. The Gold Coast will be the home of Sin City Wrestling until the walls crumble.

Max: You can play the what have you done for me lately card. Others have. I heard you downplaying the competition in Sin City Underground. That would be unwise of you, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. For those who think you’re cocky. They're wrong. You’re confident. That’s easy to see. You know where you come from. That’s why you’re confident. You know what you can do. You know you’re training. I can see the swagger because you know you can handle yourself anywhere, anytime in or outside the ring. We can't ignore the fact that you will be standing across from us this week in the semifinals. You’re here for a reason.

Yep, please never change Gold Coast. Your familiarity warms my soul every time I step through those doors. You’re gorgeous just the way you are, I tell you. The sun beams bursting through the stained glass speaks for itself. I love it here.

Max: The problem is that can only get you so far. What you’re both lacking compared to Myra and myself is true motivation. Look at what we have done to our first two sets of opponents this year. Each team had that specific trait that proved to be their nail in the coffin. If your sole focus is not on this tournament it will be your downfall. My motivation is simple this year, I signed a full time contract to return home to Sin City Wrestling, I’ve been chomping at the bit for this return to show the office, the locker room, the crowd especially those here at the Gold Coast, and the rest of the SCW fans around the world that I’m not done yet. I’ve always heard the whispers. I’ve seen the trolls online. I’ve always felt the same that I’ve got unfinished business here in Sin City. The Roulette Championship, and the blood battles I’ve had hold special places in the depth of my heart. But, I’m not going to lie. I’ve always wondered what if?

I walk up to the front desk, and am instantly greeted by one of the longtime staff members. Always respectful and prepared. When you build a relationship like Chris and Mark have here it’s always a breeze, and a pleasure to stay here. The staff treat us like royalty here. Sin City Wrestling is a part of the Gold Coast family.

Max: The Blast From The Past is the perfect opportunity to prove oneself. When Mark called, it was an easy yes, Mark knows I love to test myself, and this year’s tournament was stacked with younger athletes that will push me to my limits. Milo and Todd are prime examples of the diversity in the tournament each year. Jaycee, you say you’re a rookie but you’re seasoned. What’s been holding you back? You’re not some young protege. I can see it in your eyes, This has been a journey for you too. Unfortunately for you both, you are standing across from two of the most experienced in this tournament. You’re not going to surprise us with much that we haven’t seen. The chips on your shoulders are weighing you down. The resentment in your eyes burns bright. Use that fire. Bring your best. I need your best. I want your best. I want to be tested week in, and week out. It’s the only way I can prove to myself and each one of you that Max Burke can perform night in and night out with the best that Sin City Wrestling has to offer. This Sunday is just another chance to prove it. This year, I’m heading to the finals. Myra Rivers and Max Burke will be your 2022 Blast From The Past X champions.

As the doors to the elevator close behind me to take me to my hotel room, now is the time to focus on Sunday. No more distractions. Jaycee McDonald is the target. Only one objective, advance at all costs. Don’t take these two lightly. If you do, you’re going home. You’re so close. Take this home. You can do it Max. This is your opportunity to show everyone. You got this. Be smart. Rest, and refuel. You need to be at 100% on Sunday. Show your knowledge. Show your experience. Show them all. It’s your time.