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Time to Face Reality
« on: March 04, 2022, 11:10:43 PM »

TIME: 11:30 P.M.

Mikah runs her fingers through her hair as she walks into the main area of her hotel room that she had booked until Friday morning. She wasn’t entirely sure why she chose to be in Colorado for this long but she was beginning to think she was insane. She hated the cold and didn’t enjoy the outside at the moment. And she missed her children; they were in Hawaii where the weather was insanely beautiful and Mikah had wanted to be there with them for a while. But she knew that if she wanted to win the tournament with Mac, she’d have to actually put the work in with him.

She had been spending most of her time training with Mac against Kim and Rene as practice. She was already tired and worn out from the day’s events but she wanted to talk with her kids. She grabs her tablet and walks over to the bed and sits down on it and moves so she’s leaning against the headboard before starting a video call to Leighton’s tablet as well. She’d set it up with Leighton earlier that day and she didn’t want to be late. Plus she wanted it to be before bedtime so that she could see Myles in his jammies. It had become their routine since she’s been on the road for a few weeks. She takes a deep breath as it rings before smiling as it connects and she sees both Leighton and Myles on the screen. She waves at them as Myles says something that was incoherent to her.

;;MIKAH “Hi Myles and Leigh.”

Myles giggles and waves at his mother as Leighton just smiles at her mom through the camera of whatever device she was using.

::LEIGHTON “Hi mom.”

Myles is quick to try to grab the tablet from Leighton and Mikah gets a weird image of Myles head and the ceiling, in typical toddler fashion.

::MYLES “Mama, I run on da beach today!”

Leighton is quick to grab the tablet back to refocus the camera and gives Myles a look. She says something quietly in Myles’ ear and Myles eagerly nods his head, willing to comply with whatever Leighton had told him.

;;MIKAH “Are you being good, Myles?”

Myles nods his head and Leighton smiles.

::MYLES “I be good, mama.”

Myles vigorously nods his head in agreement with his mom’s words.

::LEIGHTON “He’s being pretty good, for a two year old, Mom.”

Myles gives Leighton a frown at her words and shakes his head.

::MYLES “I always good, mama. I pway on da beach with Wuby.”

Mikah chuckles at her almost three year old’s speech impediment. She knew that it was completely normal for a two year old to talk like that and it really didn’t bother her too much. She knew that he’d grow out of it, just like Leighton had.

;;MIKAH “That’s good, buddy. I’m glad you’re having fun. How are you doing Leighton?”

Mikah turns her attention to the sixteen year old, who shrugs her shoulders.

::LEIGHTON “I’m doing alright, Mom. Just doing my online school work and I got a part time job at that local cafe. The one that you and Kris like to go to when he’s in town.”

Mikah raises an eyebrow at her daughter’s words. It was the same little cafe where the boy she has a crush on works and Mikah was well aware of why Leighton had gotten a job here.

::MYLES “Mama, wook!”

Mikah looks as Myles puts his fingers in his mouth and pulls his cheeks a little bit, showing Mikah his teeth. Mikah chuckles at the orneriness of the two year old.

;;MIKAH “Yes, Myles. You have very nice teeth. And how is the job going, Leigh? Do you like it? Does that boy still work there?”

Mikah gives her daughter a teasing look and Leighton very obviously blushes as she hands Myles something to entertain himself with.

::LEIGHTON “The job is alright, honestly. It’s just waitressing….and yes, he still works there.”

Mikah smiles at her.

;;MIKAH “What’s his name?”

Leighton rolls her eyes a little bit at her mom’s questions but she doesn’t seem too bothered by it. Mikah was always amazed at her daughter’s patience as it was something that Mikah wished she had learned.

::LEIGHTON “His name is Noah.”

Myles looks up at Leighton before looking at Mikah through the screen.

::MYLES “Weighton wikes Noah.”

Leighton gives Myles a slightly displeased look at her two year old brother’s admission to their mother. Mikah chuckles a little bit, finding it cute that Myles was quick to rat out his big sister’s crushes on the boy she had a crush on.

;;MIKAH “Oh really, Myles? Leighton like Noah?”

Myles vigorously nods his head and giggles as Leighton scowls a little bit at her brother before playfully pushing him.

::LEIGHTON “Myles! That’s not funny!”

Myles continues to giggle as Leighton just gives him a look. Mikah smiles, enjoying the way that her two children were bonding together. She knew that Leighton didn’t see it as bonding because Myles was already starting to pick on her and he wasn’t even three yet.

::MYLES “Weighton wuvs Noah.”

Leighton huffs a little bit in annoyance at her little brother’s insistence on annoying her. Mikah wrinkles her nose a little bit.

;;MIKAH “That’s okay, Myles. Leighton can like Noah; I’m sure he’s a good kid.”

Most of the people that Mikah had met in Hawaii were good people. They mainly minded their own business and were polite in any interactions that Mikah’d had with them. She could only assume that Noah was the same sort of person as well. And she’d met him a few times at the little café they liked to get lunch or supper from occasionally. He was a kind kid and Mikah would have no problem with Leighton hanging out with. After all, when Mikah was Leighton’s age, she was having sex with boys and doing different types of drugs at parties. And she knew that Leighton wasn’t that kid.

::LEIGHTON “He’s nice. But Myles wasn’t supposed to say anything about it!”

Myles giggles again at the irritation he was causing his sister. Mikah smiled again, finding the action cute rather than annoying.

::MYLES “Weighton told me not to tell you, Mama.”

Mikah smiles again. She was amazed that her two year old was starting to be able to hold conversations now. Toddlers were amazing human beings even if they often drove you up the wall.

;;MIKAH “Leigh, it’s okay for you to hang out with him, you know that right? But just tell me…do we need to have the….s…e….x talk again?”

She spelled the word sex out as she didn’t want Myles to go around saying sex when he was in public. It wouldn’t have bothered Mikah but she didn’t want to burden Ruby with it.


Leighton was clearly embarrassed about the fact that Mikah had brought up the sex talk over the tablet device.

;;MIKAH “Well, I just want to make sure that you’re being safe if you choose to go that route. We all know that s e x education in the United States is complete shit…I just want you to know the risks.”

Mikah watches as the color changes on Leighton’s face as she deals with the embarrassment of her mother bringing it up. In clear teenage fashion, she wasn’t about to have the sex talk with her mother once more.

::MYLES “Mama, I weaving. Bye!”

Mikah watches as Leighton stops him for a moment.

;;MIKAH “Alright, Myles. I love you and miss you.”

Mikah watches as Myles blows her a kiss and waves.

::MYLES “Bye mama! I wuv you too!”

Mikah watches as the toddler shimmies himself down from what she assumed to be Leighton’s bed and then is left with the teenager. Mikah smiles kindly at her daughter as she moves herself in the bed to get comfortable.

;;MIKAH “I really miss you guys. Sunday after the show is over, I am planning on coming back to Hawaii and I am planning on being there for nearly two weeks. I promise.”

Leighton smiles at her mother. She could see the homesick look in Mikah’s eyes.

::LEIGHTON “We both can’t wait to see you, Mom. We like Ruby but she’s not you. How’s Kris?”

Mikah smiles at Leighton and was honestly happy that Leighton was asking about Kris. She had never asked about any of her exes so she knew that her asking about Kris was a big thing.

;;MIKAH “Honestly? I haven’t seen him for a while either. He’s not in the tournament and hasn’t been booked at the shows. So it’s been just facetime calls and phone calls. I’m trying to convince him to come to Vegas for the show this weekend.”

Leighton frowns a little bit.

::LEIGHTON “I thought he was your tag team partner, though?”

Mikah frowns a little bit, trying to remember if she had told Leighton about the Blast From the Past tournament or not.

;;MIKAH “He is but I’m a part of this Blast From the Past tournament right now. And I’m not teamed with him because he didn’t enter. And because I got paired with Mac Bane by the random draw.”

She watches as her daughter processes what Mikah was telling her. She smiles a little bit as her daughter is quick to understand.

::LEIGHTON “So that’s why you’re in Colorado. You’re working with Mac instead of Kris. Do you like working with Mac instead of Kris?”

Mikah nods her head.

;;MIKAH “I do. He’s a good partner and he’s a good wrestler. He’s also the heavyweight champion at the moment, so I really got the best pick of the draw. But before you ask, yes, I do miss teaming with Kris and being on the road with Kris. It’s different. Not necessarily bad, but I do miss his company. And don’t tell him I said this, but I even miss the things that usually drive me crazy.”

Leighton chuckles a little bit.

::LEIGHTON “I kind of miss him too, honestly. And if I’m being honest, he’s probably my favorite of the people you’ve dated.”

Mikah definitely understood where she was coming from. Gavin didn’t really like kids but tolerated Leighton because he liked the sex. Drake was kind to Leighton but he had his own issues. And besides her biological father, Kris was the only one of Mikah’s boyfriends that paid her any sort of attention at all.

;;MIKAH “I am pretty sure he likes you too, Leighton. And I am glad that you like him as well. I really wish I would have asked you before but tunnel vision is a real thing. Just remember, marry a man that you want to have kids with. And try to make sure that they’re not a drug addict.”

While Mikah still loved Leighton’s father, she couldn’t deny that he was a drug addict at some parts of his life. He had sometimes managed to get clean but it usually never lasted. She didn’t mind at the time because she had always loved him, even if they hadn’t ever really been together officially.

::LEIGHTON “I know, Mom. You’ve told me that before.”

Mikah smiles before stretching a little bit and then covering a yawn. She couldn’t hide how tired she was any longer. She wanted to stay up and talk to her daughter a little longer, but she knew that she needed to get some sleep before she once again met up with Mac to train. Again. She was really not liking this style of preparing for a match.

;;MIKAH “I would love to stay up with you longer….but I’m getting sleeping, Leigh. I’ll try to call you tomorrow, okay?”

Mikah watches as Leighton nods her head in understanding.

::LEIGHTON “Alright mom. Love you.”

Mikah smiles before pushing her hair out of her face.

;;MIKAH “I love you too, Leighton. Goodnight.”

They both wave before the screen shows that the call was ended. Mikah grabs her phone and sends a text message to Kris before turning off all of the lights in her hotel room. She settles down in the bed, trying to find that same tiredness she had been fighting while she had been on the phone with her children. After all, Mac was much better at training than she was and she was going to need all the training she could get.


TIME: 3:45 PM

The scene opens up to what appears to be a real life version of the game CandyLand. The colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple were on the cement floor in the pattern of a rainbow, identical to the children’s game. There was even a bridge that was going over a “stream” that was colored a vibrant pink color with glitter. There was a field of candy cane in fake snow, a river of melted chocolate with pieces of chocolate by the mouth of the “river” and some strawberries stuck in the chocolate. Towards the end of the rainbow pattern pieces, there was a castle that was made out of candy and other sweet things. But right before the castle, off to the left was a field of frosting with trees in it and lollipops stuck in the ground as well.

Mikah appears at the beginning of the game, dressed in a candy striper outfit that was short and had a poofy like skirt. Her blonde hair was in pig tails and curled. And she had over the top make up on that made her look as if she belonged in the game. She blinks a few times, trying to get used to the overly large fake lashes before placing her hands on her hips.

;;MIKAH “This….”

She gestures around with her hands and looks around as well.

;;MIKAH “This is what I think Candy’s brain looks like. Or what she views the world. I believe with 100% of my heart that she believes the world if full of good and everything is sunshine and daises. And well…this.”

She makes a face at the sight of the overly colorful and sweet “life” in front of her. She moves on the colored tiles, advancing toward the bridge that goes over the river.

;;MIKAH “She believes that glitter can do no evil and that it’s oh so pretty…”

Mikah rolls her eyes in disgust at the thought of glitter and the damage that glitter could do.

;;MIKAH “But glitter is a working hazard and I think she shouldn’t be allowed to even bring in the building that SCW holds its shows in. But apparently, that’s not a concern to the bosses. Alicia Lukas almost went blind but did they care? Nope, not at all. They didn’t even give Candy a fine…”

Mikah continues to walk along the path until she gets to the candy canes. She hesitates for a moment before stepping into the fake snow, the heels of her stiletto pumps sinks down into the wet snow and she grabs one of the oversized candy canes and she swings it at the “person” that was standing there. Once the camera gets a closer look, it appears to have Candy’s head taped over it.

;;MIKAH “You see, I have a hard time believing that Mark and Christian would be okay with Candy throwing glitter in people’s faces. Because that would be one of the biggest hazards in the ring to one’s safety…”

She continues to walk down the path, holding the oversized candy cane over her right shoulder as if it was a baseball bat.

;;MIKAH “But because it’s Candy and she’s too sweet to intentionally harm somebody like that, they allow it. Because somebody like Candy believes that the world is all rainbows and butterflies and everything sweet. She couldn’t possibly intend to harm somebody in that fashion…right?”

She gets to the chocolate river and she stops, her eyes looking it over before looking over at the camera.

;;MIKAH “She is the definition of happy. If you looked up the definition of happy in the dictionary, you’d be describing everything that Candy is and who she is. There’s no question why everybody likes her and most people only see the happy version of Candy and what everybody else sees as well.”

She tosses the candy cane into the river of chocolate before walking toward the lollipop forest. She smirks to herself as she is sure to stay on the rainbow colored tiles. She stares at the lollipops in the icing and she steps into the icing and grabs one of the oversized  lollipops and puts it over her right shoulder like she had done previously with the candy cane. She walks toward the castle, a smirk on her face.

;;MIKAH “But the thing that Candy doesn’t what anybody to know…”

She looks at the castle as she stops in front of it, a smirk playing on her face.

;;MIKAH “Is that it’s all a façade…”

Mikah grabs the stick end of the lollipop and gives a few practice swings like a baseball player would do. She then walks closer to the castle and starts to hit the castle with the lollipop and after a few swings, the castle starts to crash down and then the scene goes black. After a few minutes, the room comes back into light and the scenery has changed. It has gone from the oversized game of Candyland to an empty room with just a stool sitting in the middle of it. On the stool sat Mikah, who was now dressed in a pair of jeans and her turquoise crop top that says she’s Hot Stuff Mark Ward’s favorite Bombshell. After about two seconds, the walls behind her start to play some of Mikah’s old matches in black and white. She had her normal make up on and her hair was down in beachy waves once more.

;;MIKAH “This…is what reality looks like for me. I don’t live in a fantasy land unlike my opponent this Sunday. She doesn’t live in reality and it honestly…disgusts me.”

She makes a face and shakes her head at the thought.

;;MIKAH “Life isn’t full of rainbows and sunshine every goddamned day. There are people out there that are dying and children who are going hungry because their parents can’t afford food. And that’s even if they have parents! But here’s Candy, skipping around backstage like she’s living in a world where shit like that isn’t happening. I understand trying to be a happy person but get your fucking head out of the clouds and face reality because reality is what’s going to save you. Living your life like nothing horrible happens isn’t realistic and honestly, it would be hard to do. But yet, here's fucking Candy acting like life is just a breeze. But let me fucking tell you something…”

She takes a deep breath as she looks at the camera before looking around at the screens around her. The videos changed from Mikah’s matches to other important news things that were going on in the world, still in black and white.

;;MIKAH “Life is a bitch. It’s not supposed to be easy and it’s not supposed to be sunshine and rainbows. And I know that you don’t want to face reality and want to live in your little bubble of happiness, but I have no fucking problem bursting your bubble and making you face what’s going to be reality on Sunday, Candy.”

Mikah simply shrugs her shoulders as she looks at the camera once more. She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out once more.

;;MIKAH “I don’t honestly think you understand who the fuck you’re stepping into the ring with on Sunday. But I’m sure that you should be fully aware, Candy. I know that you have had some issues with Alicia Lukas in the past few weeks as you nearly blinded with glitter a while back….”

Mikah holds her breath for a minute to stop herself from going off on a tangent once more.

;;MIKAH “And I know that you tried to play it off like an accident, but I know better. I’m not stupid and I know that you know Alicia Lukas is a threat in the ring and one talented Bombshell. You wanted to blind her to take her out so you didn’t have to face her again. You wanted to make sure that you were always going to be the better person when it came to you and her. Will you admit that? Absolutely not. But I can read between the lines. I listened to that fake ass apology you offered to her a while back and while she accepted it, only to deceive you and then smash your head in, anybody could see that you weren’t actually sorry. You’re not as good at lying as you think you are, Candy. And I have a feeling that you are going to talk a big game for Sunday and talk about how you respect this and that, and yada yada yada.”

She rolls her eyes again.

;;MIKAH “But you and I haven’t ever stepped foot in the ring against one another. You don’t know what it’s like to go up against me or how I am in the ring; the only thing you can rely on is old video footage, and the same for me. I don’t know how you are in the ring either but you can bet that I’m better than you are, Candy.”

An arrogant look crosses her face as she looks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “Is that a little presumptuous? Maybe it is. But I’m not wrong. And I’m sure that you’re well aware of the weight my name holds backstage. And the fact that I am the measuring stick for Bombshells. I was the first person to set that record of holding the Bombshell Championship for that long. And there have only been two Bombshells that have broken that record and one of them is the current reigning Bombshell Champion and the other, is the woman who you tried to blind a while back. And both of them are worth more than even a half of you.”

She smirks again.

;;MIKAH “Harsh? Maybe. But it’s true. Both of those women have cemented their names in the SCW history books. And most definitely will be in the Hall of Fame in the future. But what about you, Candy? What have you cemented in place for the history books of SCW? What will you be known for?”

Mikah tils her head to the side a smirk still playing on her face.

;;MIKAH “You’ll be known for being the annoying woman who skips around backstage and for being a walking safety hazard who throws glitter at people because it is pretty. And according to you, GLITTER IS PRETTY AND MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY! Or that’s what you tweeted last Sunday when it was revealed that Mac and I would be facing you and Goth this upcoming Sunday…”

She makes a face at the thought once more.

;;MIKAH “But glitter does not make me happy, Candy. While you might think it looks pretty, I think it is an annoyance. And it never fucking leaves once it’s there. It’s a hazard to everybody’s health and it should be banned from the SCW arenas.”

She nods with her own words.

;;MIKAH “I’m definitely on board with the #CancelGlitter movement but let’s take it one step further and ban glitter from the building every fucking Sunday. Will it hurt Candy’s feelings? Absolutely. But do I care if it hurts her feelings? Absolutely not. Candy needs to be brought down a level and stop thinking everything is puppies and happiness. It’s not reality and she needs to be forced to face it. And thank fucking God that she didn’t get to pick what kind of match this is going to be, because she’d probably make it be a hugging fest or some weird similar shit like that.”

Mikah shudders at the thought.

;;MIKAH “It’s no secret that I do not like people. And that even less people like me. So you can bet that Candy is not one of those people that fall on the very short list of people that I do like and tolerate for once.”

She pauses for a moment, thinking as she looks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “Just a minute…here’s some food for thought…”

She goes quiet for a moment as she thinks about what she was going to say.

;;MIKAH “What if after Mac and I win on Sunday and you can bet your ass that he and I are going to win, that I throw glitter in Candy’s face myself and see how she likes it. And no, there won’t be any apology coming from my mouth after I do it.”

She shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly as she adjusts the way that she’s sitting on the stool.

;;MIKAH “How will Candy feel after she has a face full of glitter? Will she understand why glitter is canceled now? I mean, cancel culture is a thing but those who start it, never seem to cancel the right things. So this time, let’s get them to cancel glitter. And actually do something worthwhile.”

She smirks.

;;MIKAH “Actually get those Gen Zers to finally do some good.”

She gives a teasing wink at the camera. She wasn’t serious and couldn’t really be serious about it; her daughter was a part of Generation Z.

;;MIKAH “Now I know that I have focused Candy for the entirety of this thing and I know that Goth is her partner, but I don’t have to step into the ring with him. He’s all Mac’s problem but Goth isn’t entirely the worst person on the planet…”

She seemed completely hesitant about saying that out loud. She wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about Goth but he was definitely a step up from the annoying human being that Candy is.

;;MIKAH “He’s held the heavyweight championship before, I believe. He’s done some quality things here in SCW and I know that Candy’s happy to have him as a partner. Somebody that she can try to change into a happy person or one of those bright and shiny people that a lot of people want to pretend to be.”

Again, she shudders at the thought.

;;MIKAH “But we’re not all Stepford Wives and we’re not all cut from the same cloth and while I’m sure Goth is good in the ring, he is definitely no competition for Mac. There’s a reason that Mac is the champion today. And it’s definitely not because he’s a push over in the ring because I can assure you he’s not.”

Mikah’s mood shifts a little, the smirk being replaced with a slight scowl.

;;MIKAH “That fucker-yes, Bane-can handle the cold and not be bothered by it. He fucking does shit in Colorado where I can barely handle this 65 degree weather bullshit. And I have been his tag team partner for…”

She looks up as she tries to calculate the amount of time she’s been in the tournament.

;;MIKAH “For a while now and I know that he is a force to be reckoned with in that ring. And he’s been nothing but a wonderful partner and I have a lot of respect for the man. He brings no bullshit into the matches and he knows what’s at stake. He is also very aware that I am Hot Stuff Mark Ward’s favorite Bombshell and he’s on board of making my goal happen in just sixteen short days.”

She winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “And while I do miss teaming with Kristopher, Mac is the best partner I could have been paired with in this tournament. There is a reason why people in the company see that we’re the team to beat and that we’re the team that is picked to win this year’s tournament. And while I’m sure there were some people who thought that Mark Cross and Kat Jones were also another good team that could have gone all the way. . .”

That confident look appears in Mikah’s eyes once more as she looks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “But Mac and I showed last week just why we are the team that’s going to win this tournament. And on Sunday?”

She hesitates again—mainly for dramatic effect. Because why not?

;;MIKAH “We’re going to prove it once more when we step into the ring with Candy and Goth. Or Team…Dark Sparklez as Candy likes to call themselves. And here’s another thing, Mac and I? We never needed a team name to know that we’re the best. We didn’t have to give ourselves a team name. The only thing that we needed to know was that we’re the best and that we’re going to win this tournament. And team Dark Sparlez? They’re just another stepping stone on the way to what I want. And for those who don’t know…”

She smirks once more.

;;MIKAH “I always get what I want. And what I want is to hear Hot Stuff Mark Ward admit that I’m his favorite Bombshell. And it’s going to happen in just sixteen days. So on Sunday, Team Walking Safety Hazard is going to come to the end of their time in the tournament. And there’s nothing else that you can do about it.”

She winks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “Ciao.”