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-Keep The Wolves Away-
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“Alright look to the left…now look to the right. Mmkay you can sit up now.”

(We open to see a doctor checking the reflexes and conducting tests to make sure there’s no long term effects. The doctor snaps his gloves off and turns to a fuzzy figure to Levi as he hears the doctor explain.)

Doctor: I think he’s gonna be okay, he just got his bell rung harder than Quasimodo in Notre Dame.

Voice: You…err…have such an elegant way with words.

(The Doctor takes his leave as Levi Russow holds the ice pack against his head until he hears a chuckle and a low whispering woman’s voice whisper.)

Voice: Ice-man.

(There are two little giggles as Levi sits up wincing and looking through one eye. He sees the features of his beloved Emma standing with her arms crossed glaring at him…his young daughter Rosie with her arms crossed glaring at him…and behind them, Alanah looking concerned holding little Paddy and Jack looking pissed holding little Elise.)

Levi Russow; Ya’ll get the name o’ that truck just hit me?

Jack Russow; Finn fucking Whelan. You suicidal asshole.

Emma Russow: JACK!

Alanah O’Connell-Russow: C’mon babe…let’s take the littles for a stroll.

(Jack spits on the floor towards his father as he turns and escorts Alanah out of the room. Levi lays his head back down and puts the ice pack back on.)

Levi Russow: Well…nice to know Jack’s finally come around.

Emma Russow: How much longer are you gonna keep this up for?

Levi Russow: Keep…what, up?

Emma Russow: This…ILLUSION or maybe mid-life crisis you’re going through where you think you can take all these kids but you just CAN’T, Levi! You don’t have it anymore! We work best in PWS because nobody bothers us there!

Levi Russow: That’s the problem Em! I was a big fish in a small pond that…I don’t know if I was ever DECENT at this shit to begin with!

Emma Russow: You’ve held over 40 World titles!

Levi Russow: Back when i was young, dumb, and full of…anger!

Emma Russow:
…right…THAT’S what you were gonna say.

Levi Russow: I got sick of outsiders saying “eww you were trained at the Russow place?” and judging us off of what my brothers and sisters did in the past…they almost didn’t wanna give my kids a chance cause they didn’t know what I could do. Hell, I didn't know if I could do it. But I had to try…and even if I lose 9 matches outta 10…I never backed down. I WILL NOT…BACK DOWN.

(He screams at the doorway where he knows Jack is standing on the other side.)

Levi Russow: These people lost their respect for me Em…or they never had it in the first place. Charlie’s teacher called me…the bullying is getting worse. It’s not just who he is anymore, it’s where he comes from. And poor Rosie can’t stand to look at me unless I win.

Emma Russow: They’re KIDS, Levi…KIDS. What do they know. They know they like chocolate milk and mac and cheese and…okay, yeah, so in the case of Charlie he knows how to rewire and coagulate spliced cables for optimum “Wikipedia” efficiency. But if you’re gonna do this…I want them to see their dad having FUN. ‘Cause that’s what this used to be…FUN.

(Levi sits up and takes Emma’s hand gingerly pressing his forehead to hers.)

Levi Russow: …I had forgotten. What would I be without my Quee-

Emma Russow: =Dead. Full stop. You’d be dead without me.

(Levi and Emma both laugh as she throws her arms around his neck and gently kisses her.)

Emma Russow: You are…REALLY not gonna like who you got next…
-Keep The Wolves Away-
“Well I was barely thirteen when the company man, tried to dig my daddy's grave.
It happened on a French owned tanker ship, spilling poison into Galveston Bay.
Where the liquid fire filled his lungs and his eyes, silenced any mortal cries…
Cold and the grip of death stinging pain, he fought like hell…

…to keep the wolves away.”

(We open to see shots of Levi Russow hanging out around the arena, sitting in the hallway watching people bustle back and forth, sitting out in the ring looking around at the lights and screens, wrapping his wrist tape in the locker room but stopping to dap up a couple guys who’s respect he’s earned to say hello. Next thing we see is a set camera upon the roof of the arena as the door opens and Levi Russow walks into frame taking a seat.)

Levi Russow: You know I’ll never get what it is about us wrestlers…especially us high flyers…and sitting on rooftops, y’know? It’s like every time you look at someone’s career, they have at least three rooftop promos…hmm…and I’m no different, y’know? Well…except for the fact that when I’M on a rooftop…I’m typically trying to jump. See, I’ll let you all in on a little secret.

…MY brain…HATES me.

(Levi adjusts in the seat as his expression changes to one of disdain.)

Levi Russow: It’s not something I’m proud of…it’s definitely something that’s been on my mind lately. For Chrissakes my own wife looked me dead in the eye after Finn Whelan just tried to crack my head like a watermelon…and she asked me “Why? What’s it for?” and I…didn’t have an answer for her at first. It was such a fair question, y’know? WAS it a mid-life crisis? I’m certain it’s my ego. But that’s neither here nor there, no instead…I’m telling you this because it’s come to my attention that some of you just…don’t GET me. You don’t get who I am, what I’m about, what I can do…and that’s fine. Because that’s exactly why I’m HERE. I’m not SCARED to dance with Fenris in that ring. I don’t care WHAT kind of foul mood he’s in!

(Levi squints his eyes and starts shaking his head quickly.)

Levi Russow: Did you honestly think this is the first shoeless, pissed off, Wheaties box lookin’ Viking “lone wolf’ that has tried to take me out in the past? HA! There’s been at LEAST two before you! And YEAH I mean, one of ‘em won but that doesn’t mean I’mma roll over like a bitch for YOU, Fenris. ‘Cause you see…they asked why I wanted this match, I’m PISSED. Because you, Alex Jones, James Raven, Manny Fernandez, and that insufferable Finn Whelan and his slightly more tolerable brother Dickie. You’re all I hear about, you’re all I see everywhere on every TV getting showered with the money, and the praise, and the primetime interviews, while I’ve been LITERALLY BREAKING MY NECK…TRYING TO GET MY HOME COMPANY PUT ON THE MAP. And all I hear from any of YOU is the admission that I’m good…but I’m a big fish in a small pond. Motherfucker…there IS no pond without me! I DUG that pond, I KEPT it restocked, and I KEPT it alive this whole time and now I’m an afterthought THERE as well.

(Levi wipes his face as he strains his neck to continue.)

Levi Russow: I don’t give a fuck…that you’re the great Kristjan Baltasarsson…Jesus Christ you people love vowels. You come from one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen though. Reykjavik will always be one of my top vacation spots. Or at least it was…I doubt they let me back into the country after what I’ve done to you. See cause I got a walking target now, Im fully aware of that, my head’s been a little bashed in. But that’s okay! Cause I saw what the Sasquatch Motherfucker did to YOU and I figure we’re about even don’tcha think Krissy? Now…I gotta believe in my heart of hearts that YOU…are gonna be in just one of the most foul moods ever known to mankind but what you need to do is find a way to put that out of your mind…


Levi Russow: Because if you CAN’T…you’re going to underestimate me. And I am so over being underestimated. The “Big Fish, Small Pond” experiment hasn’t gone quite the way I was hoping it would…until now. Now when I have perhaps arguably the biggest trophy on the line and the best part is? They’ve all got me as the underdog. That’s fine…that’s fine! Throw me to your wolf. This little red riding hood packed a shotgun. Used for killing wolverines in Alaska with my uncle last Summer, GOSH! But I digress…which is bound to happen a lot cause I’m on some hella drugs with a possibable concussurine.


(Levi zones out for a moment like he has a thousand yard stare…clearly the wheel is spinning but the hamsters dead.)


Levi Russow: What am I doing? Why am I here threatening you like this? I shouldn’t be threatening you I…I should be reassuring you…


Levi Russow: Fenris…Kristjan…it’s time I tell you the truth. Everybody is making such a big deal about what you’re going to do to me in this match and that’s because outside the confines of YOUR comfort zone…you’ve been too afraid to do what I’m trying to do now. See I was aware I was all too comfortable in my little corner of New York. I had to reach out and see for myself if I COULD still go if the circumstances would have been different and I…I don’t MIND getting my ass kicked if those fans went home with a story!

…but you do.

Levi Russow: You do…don’t you “Fenris”. It’s funny, you’re this larger than life, Great White Wolf…a lone beast who’s NICKNAME alone sent chills down the spine of local fishermen I’m certain. What’d you do, jump them in the back alley and take their hauls? You put this thought into fighting, I’m doubting you’ve ever done an honest days work with how adept you are at it but me? I wanna see how adept you are. Because they got me as the underdog in this match but that’s only ‘cause they don’t KNOW me. They don’t KNOW the amount of times I’ve been “blown up” and I don’t mean out of breath. They don’t know the amount of times Jack and Bella got kidnapped when they were younger. THEY ADJUSTED FINE…probably! See I don’t know the first thing about you and yes that certainly puts me at a disadvantage but it’s almost cancelled out when you think and realize…you don’t have a fuckin’ clue on the first thing about me. You’ve never seen me from Adam, have you Wolfman? So why’m I gonna be scared of you when YOU don’t even know if you can kick my ass. ‘Cause with each of these dream matches? I’m learning. HBC…I learned to be adaptable. Alex Jones…I learned to be TEACHABLE. Finn Whelan…I learned a level of resilience I’ve never reached before. And I can’t honestly wait to see what YOU teach me, Kristjan. Not Fenris. Kristjan. Because when I look at you I don’t SEE a wolf…I see a scared shitless kid who’s looking over his shoulder for a Big Bad Monster. There are things that go bump in the night…but you got my word, they interfere in THIS match?

…we become the things…that bump back. Get better soon, Milo!

(Levi stands up and walks to the edge turning around and saluting as he freefalls off the side. We hear gasps below as we fade to black before we can hear the THWAP of the giant cushion.)