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The Enemy
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“I'll do what I can to promote the greater good. If you can harm one person to save 1,000, I'm gonna do it every f**king time.” -- Sean Patrick Flanery

{The Enemy Part 1 - Unnamed Location}

The white walls gleamed in stark contrast to the black clothing I wear, the lighting of the room had the desired effect. Black slacks, black and silver button down shirt, aviator style sunglasses, and black shoes were the polar opposite, the opposing force if you will to the brilliant, almost blinding white light in the room.

“Enter the bad guy, the villain, the reason that Sin City Wrestling has so much exposure. All eyes in this industry are focused on what we are doing and how we are doing it. There’s been some criticism lately by some former talents about how unoriginal the attacks are. These are the same people who require the attention of others in order to feel relevant, even though they haven’t stepped between the ropes for a while. Everything we do has purpose, I’d suggest you stay home and finish raising your children before that’s not an option. Now then back to more important matters. The real question is the why of it, even though I have been saying it for weeks. The answer is almost as simple as your current world champion.”

I smile at the camera, amused at myself and my statement.

“I know, that seems hard to believe. It’s even more difficult to grasp how he was able to beat me not once but twice. Maybe I underestimated him, maybe I was like Mark and just didn’t care enough about what I was doing. As far as why we are doing what we are doing. Sin City was mediocre at best before I started this war on the roster. There were even rumors of a shut down. If I didn’t love this company and what we do, why would I bother?”

The smile disappears as I take the sunglasses off and stick them in the breast pocket of the shirt I wear. I move my hands behind my back and clasp them together.

“I wouldn’t. I would have simply asked for my release from a sinking ship and went on about my business.”

I smirk at the camera, followed by a wink.

“So, I did the unthinkable. I raised a call to arms to men and women who are respected by me or are considered family. Kat, Ken, Dominick, Supreme Machine and others who haven’t appeared yet. You see, the one way to shake up and wake up a roster is to make them think that the company is in peril. That there is this force that is trying to commit a hostile takeover.”

A wolfish grin plays across my face as I continue.

“It not only woke up the roster, but look at the attention it garnered from outside the company. The roster has blown up and the company is doing better financially. Some would say it has nothing to do with what we’ve done.”

I shrug

“We tend to let people think what they want, we can lead them to the truth but can’t make them think. We can only inspire others to do better with our actions in and out of the ring. Take Matthew Knox for example. Why is he here? That’s more simple than you can possibly imagine. So imagine this, wanting something so much that you would risk eternal damnation. To covet another man’s wife, that’s the reason he’s here. It literally has nothing to do with myself, Ken, Dom or Suma. I’m going to send you to Hell personally Matthew, regardless of your intentions. First though, the boys will have fun playing with a broken toy. You see, he’s here to try and save my wife from the influence of others. He actually thought that Suma was responsible for the current happenings here. At least that’s what he tells himself when he looks in the mirror to justify his actions. The real reason he’s here is because he was manipulated from the start.”

I shrug again.

“It was easy, and that may be the most satisfying thing about all of this to be honest. I mean, persuading someone to do something you want them to do is fun. Convincing them that it’s the wrong thing to do,even though that’s what you want is even more so. It’s like the exit only sign at a store, you just have to go in that way, don’t you Matt? I’ve always known about your obsession with my wife, Matt. The other thing I’ve always known is that she would never betray me.”

I laugh at the simplicity of the plan I put in motion to get him to come here.

“So, why would I do that? Why would I do all of this? Ah, that’s my little secret that will unfold slowly as we move forward. I can’t reveal all my trade secrets so early in the game, now can I?”

My smile remains as I continue.

“Now, what is next for The Sin City Saviors?”

That knowing smirk returns.

“All in good time, but the plan has already begun to bear fruit. Even though, sad to say that Dom will be on the shelf for a bit after he was attacked by Alexander Raven. That receipt will not go unpaid, I can assure you of that. I could tell you where and how and you’d still never see it coming. That’s simply the way we operate.”

My smirk is gone, replaced by a hardened gaze as I address the fans.

“What happened to Fenris and Aaron was unfortunate. What happened to Miles was expected, not to injure him but to send a message to all of The Wolf’s Lair. I know it’s not in your nature K, but all you had to do was stay out of our business. I’ve no beef with you or your brother, you know that. We’ve talked openly and often about the respect between us. I know you love this company as much as I do, why not join us?”

I shake my head, knowing what the answer will be to that question. Too much had happened between Suma and Fenris, they were on a collision course. There was nothing I could do about that but hope that K would see the reasoning for what we are doing.

“That leads us back to the reason that I am here talking to you today. The Wolf’s Lair in general but Alex Jones more specifically.”

The loathing and hatred for them as a group had been festering in my heart for a while. Their destruction is what I wanted although it had never been said out loud.

“All the fans and the roster get to hear about is how much the Wolf’s Lair has done for Sin City Wrestling. Is that a fact? Really? Because of the titles you’ve held? So fucking what. There is so much more to this business than that. Not that the shallow and narrow minded fools would even admit to that. Especially not their leader.”

I feel my heart hardening even more, there was a special place in hell for people like Alex Jones.

“Another glaring difference, Alex. You see I’m not the leader of The Saviors, we don’t have one. What we do have is a purpose, unlike you and yours. You talk about unity, like you even know what that word means. You’ve had countless opportunities to show it but you always make it about you, Alex.”

I shake my head in disgust and sigh heavily.

“It wasn’t Alex Jones that went out first to help Miles, nor was Austin James Mercer. It was Fenris and Aaron. At some point people like Miles will get tired of being a doormat for you. People like Austin will get tired of playing second fiddle to “The Black Dragon”. They’ll stand on their own eventually if for no other reason than to spite you. I’m looking forward to seeing that day. It’s not just about the way you represent the company. You give  people back handed compliments and call that respect. When I’m done destroying you, you’ll receive no such platitudes from me. I'll simply move on to the next challenger. It will be like your reign as champion never happened. Not because of respect but that is my reality Alex, your reign should never have happened.”


{The Bane Home - Las Vegas, NV - “The Problem”}

~2 weeks ago

It had been a good morning, the automated timer for the coffee pot worked perfectly so when we crawled out of the bed it was waiting on us. Waking up next to this spicey, sexy woman is one of the best parts of my day every day. We sit at the kitchen table, idle chit chat, nothing too heavy, each of us walking on eggshells for the other. I look at the audience…

“The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem” or something like that said by one, Johnny Depp, many years ago.

That was exactly the case in point for me today, as I stared at my lovely wife over a fresh cup of coffee. In spite of the coconut creamer I had in mine, I could always get a whiff of cinnamon when she was around me. Her tousled mane of red hair, bed head if you will, always looked perfect to me. We hadn’t really had a chance to talk about the incident in Atlantic City, she had kept insisting that it was nothing and that the panicked phone call I had gotten from the PR assistant was just an overreaction to her falling because she was drunk. So we were grid locked on the topic, with each side not budging on their insistence.

“Getting you to admit to anything is damn near impossible” I said to her in an amused tone, so as not to put her on the defensive. “And getting you to give up on a lost cause is just as infuriating,” she retorted with amusement laced sarcasm. “Touche my love”, I remarked flippantly as she smiled that fake smile over the rim of her cup of black coffee. We both knew it was fake and sometimes she just did it to annoy me, which I also found amusing and at times infuriating. Looking at the camera again.

What Amber doesn’t realize is that she’s not fooling me in the least, I know she’s created a mess. As always, I’ll let her make the mess and then be there at the end in order to help her clean it up. I’ve always been rather good at picking up the pieces of broken things and putting them back together. That will have to wait, I have a mess of my own to clean up to be honest.

So, yes we had reached a stalemate for now. There always seemed to be something trying to get in the way of our happiness, it almost felt like the universe was out to get us. It was still “us” though as it had been from the beginning. The Bane’s versus the world. The world knew that I would set it on fire just so she and I could watch it burn together. We had been married since April, but it seemed like we had always been together. She got me in ways no one could, even my deceased wife never had that level of understanding when it came to me.  Amber knew what made me tick, just as she knew the things that would trigger my anger. There were times that I think it was turn on for her to push my buttons, although she assured me that was not the case.

“Going to Colorado?” she asked me, trying to change the subject. Discretion being the better part of valor, I went along with it. “Yeah, I think it’s time I visited “Hell’s Gate”. Something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now.” She arched an eyebrow, “I didn’t know you even knew about that place.” I nodded, “Well, it’s not exactly a secret in the industry. People go there for a variety of reasons.” She nodded, she knew about the training center of course. She was concerned and it was obvious, “Why are you going there is what I’m concerned about.” I nodded, I knew this was coming and there was no sense in trying to avoid the conversation or lie about it. “Do you remember when we met for the very first time? How aggressive I was then?” She seemed to think about that for a moment and then nodded in agreement. “Aggressive isn’t the word I would have chosen, but you were a beast back then.” Now it was my turn to nod my head in agreement. “What if I told you that pales in comparison to who I used to be when I was in my early thirties?”

Video doesn’t really tell you the whole story about how I started and the things I did to my enemies. I used to throw people off the top of cages through tables that had been set on fire for fun. I’ve often wondered, where did that guy go? I was going to bring him back, the funny part was that no one was the wiser. Provided the plan worked, but it had to, my future in this sport depended on that.

That got the reaction I was hoping it would. With her jaw hanging down, in shock I would assume. I reached across the table and raised her jaw back up. She clamped her teeth together and glared at me, then that feral smile swept across her face. That look always made my heart smile, the grin of a predator who just had a wicked thought about the subject they were discussing. “I would call bull shit, but I know it’s not. I had heard rumors and actually watched a few of your matches from that time. So, I know you’re not lying.” I studied her for a moment and then finally I said, “I lost that piece of me, somewhere along the way. I’m hoping that the physical therapy with Whisper and the training with Renegade will help me bring that side of me back.” As I finished the sentence, she reached across the table and grabbed my hand. It was something that I usually did to her. “Darl, you know I’ll support you in whatever decision you make. Do what you need to in order to bring that world title back to the fold.” There it was, my wife’s full endorsement of my plan, even though I don’t think she knew exactly what that might entail. What I was about to do, may very well end some friendships within Sin City but something had to be done. Not only for the company but for myself. That was what “by any means necessary” really meant. “I’ll fly up in a couple of days, Kat already warned me that I was a dead man if I didn’t come stay with her and Chris.”

She chuckled a bit, “I’d support that, who knows, maybe you’ll catch Jason while he’s there.” I smiled, “I guess that depends on if his trip to Egypt gets canceled or not.” I looked at the bottom of an empty coffee cup and frowned, “hate it when that happens. Need yours topped off?” She waved me off and I walked to the kitchen, likely to her relief. It wasn’t like her to avoid eye contact but considering the subject of our conversation that might have a bit to do with that. I had put some feelers out to see if I could get the straight answer on what happened in Atlantic City. I had Amber’s story, which I didn’t believe a word of. The relief of both Amber and her drinking companion when I arrived was all I needed to know. Something had gone down, something violent. Someone had been trying to kill them both and I wanted to know who. There was still the Del Gado thing to deal with as well. How do I keep getting myself into these situations? I thought to myself. I finished pouring my coffee and grabbed my pack of cigarettes to go to the back porch. My cell phone chimed just then.

When I checked the message it was from my old friend Jeff.

Mac, I can’t use my resources for this but I still have people in Jersey. I have the information for you in the file attached to this message. Too bad they’re all deceased, I know you would have liked to have taken care of that yourself.

“Well, I guess that settles that. This book is not closed though, only that chapter, there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right…”

There was something heavy headed our way, I could feel it in my soul. Maybe I was being paranoid or maybe not. There are a lot of strange vehicles on our street lately. Darked out windows, low profile sedans parked across from the garage. The occasional biker riding by the garage, wearing colors that had no business being in Nevada, let alone in Las Vegas. As the old saying went, something is rotten in Denmark. I had to head on over to Colorado soon, I had to get my mind and my body right for this fight with Jones. I knew that Whisper could help me, and that brute Renegade would test every ounce of who I am as a fighter. They were both legit badasses in their own right.


{Hell’s Gate - Denver, Colorado - “Awakening”}

~ three weeks ago

The drive from Kat and Chris’ place to the dojo wasn’t a long one but it was breathtaking. Snow Capped mountains and recently cleared roads. I could hear the slush echo off of the undercarriage of the rental I had gotten. The roads would likely be a little slick on the way back later today. Whisper and Renegade were expecting me, they had known well in advance that I was coming. I pulled into the lot a full hour ahead of time. I did this based on Kat’s advice about Whisper’s hatred for people and things in general that didn’t show up on time. I of course understood this, it was one of the things that annoyed me about my own kids. I still had a full cup of Kat’s coffee and a fresh pack of cigarettes so I took advantage of one of the few breaks I would have today.

You see kids, if you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.

The snick of the zippo and the immediate aroma of lighter fluid filled my senses. I took a long drag off my smoke and savored it, exhaling slowly through my nose. I thought about the reasons for my being here. To awaken something that I thought was long dead or maybe just maybe create something new that hadn’t been seen before from me. It’s one thing to be a beast in the ring, it’s quite another to have beaten your opponent before they ever set foot in the ring. To live in someone’s head rent free was something I knew how to do. It was far more important for them to believe that they had won. Whether on twitter or direct interactions. These were the kind of flavorful things that I enjoyed most. Another sip of coffee. “My God woman, you make the best cup of coffee, I swear.” The coffee hit my soul and brought not only warmth but energy. It only took a few moments more for me to finish both my coffee and my cigarette. I saw the front door light come on and a smiling Whisper unlocked it to allow the day's visitors to come in. So, having finished both coffee and nicotine it was time to head in and get my mind right.

I entered the wrestling school through the door just opened by Whisper, I hadn’t gone very far before she approached me. “Get in your gear and meet me in my office.” I nodded, “Yes ma’am.” I heard as I was walking away, “Ma’am?” I looked over my shoulder, “Yes ma’am, it’s called respect.” I shot her a wink as I continued towards the locker room area. I quickly changed and came to her office as requested. She didn’t appear to be fuming over the “ma’am” thing so I hoped I was still in her good graces. Whisper was known to be a hard woman, demanding but always fair in her assessments. “Most of the time”, she began, “People come to me who are broken in one way or another. Lacking confidence, or needing to get their edge back. You do not seem to have lost confidence, so the edge it is.” Whisper smirked and her devilish nature showed. “I can help with that. First though. How much of an edge did you want to regain. I have seen your work from the start. Which Mac Bane are you going for?” I thought for a moment, a legitimate question to say the least. “Then you remember who I was and how I fought when I was younger. I want it all back, Whisper, every ounce of that vile bastard that I was.”The smirk on her face was telling enough. “It is a process, it won’t happen overnight. But I will introduce you to the group of extraordinary wrestlers that will guide you back to our brand of vicious unapologetic violence. You know about Renegade.. He will work with you on the striking and will take you to your limits and beyond. Kim.. She will torment you until you rage.. And when you do make sure to not hold back for she will take you out if you do. In HellsGates we never hold back. For you need to know what level of rage you need to destroy your opponents.” I allow a predatory smile to form, tugging at the corners of my mouth. “That was exactly the reason I came to you. I knew that this is the place where there will be no shortcuts, no excuses, just a lot of hard work.”

And so began the journey with Whisper and her team, the days were long and grueling but worth every minute of blood, sweat and tears. This is what it looks like when you talk about by any  means necessary. To reclaim something I never should have lost. That was the key, and this could be the tipping point in my career. At the end of the day, the things that mattered most to me were, family, my world title, and unapologetic violence. I was going to recapture every ounce of that or die trying.


{The Enemy Part 2 - Unnamed location]

From the same location as before, I stand there patiently, and continue.

“So, for the last three and a half weeks or so, do you know what I’ve been doing, Alex?”

The predatory smile blooms on my face, no hesitation, only malevolence and intensity.

“Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve been planning your demise, Champ. I find it funny that I could get to you so easily. In typical Alex Jones fashion, you get on twitter trying to be a prick to me. You go on a fishing expedition trying to elicit an emotional response from me. When that didn’t work you attacked Mark Cross to vent your frustration.”

I spread my arms wide and then allow them to come back to my sides. My expression never changes.

“Someone like you has to feed off the emotions of others in order to get ready to fight. You need that extra motivation because of your insecurities. I require none of those things to get ready to beat you to a pulp. The more important part to me though, I’m in your head already and we are still days away from our match. I know there will be many other attempts by you prior to our match.”

I bring my hands in front of me and clasp them together.

“I look forward to it. You’ve already tried the tired old, “I beat you twice”, that really didn’t work out for you though did it? No, because as I said, Mark thought the same thing as you. He thought having two pinfall victories over me would actually mean something. He thought it would derail me. Just as I’m sure he thought my losing to Jack would derail me. Guess what? I’m back, bitch!”

Barely contained amusement floods my facial features.

“So, you go ahead and sit on the throne of lies you’ve been telling yourself. The clock is very quickly reaching zero, your time as a champion is drawing to a close. I WILL restore prestige and honor to that title. I WILL begin eliminating your little den of puppies, one by one. I WILL NOT stop until I’ve gotten what I came here for.”

The intensity during that heated verbal barrage shows very plainly on my face. It’s only momentary though.

“What I won’t do is allow you or your cronies to stop my momentum. I won’t allow the likes of you, a rank amatuer,  to get under my skin.”

The heat and intensity that was so evident in my face is gone now, much like when you turn a switch off.

“I will offer no backhanded compliments in order to build you up as a proper champion and a man worthy of my time. When I think of everything you could have done to promote this company and draw not only fans in, but competitors from all across our sport. You didn’t do that though, you promote your brand. We are not the same. When I won that title, I offered up shots to anyone who wanted it. I could have gone from the bottom of the roster on up. I didn’t though, I started with you. I felt like you deserved a shot and you took advantage of it. I congratulated you then, the most sincere accolade I could give you at the time.”

Nodding mostly to myself, I’m digging the tempo of this promo.

“I did that without reservation. You claimed that you survived me twice. Then you go on social media and ask me if I thought the third time's a charm? You should be asking yourself the same question. Can you survive me a third time?”

I shake my head and almost begin laughing.

“You really are a special kind of stupid.”


{Hell’s Gate - Denver Colorado - “Back to Hell”}

I’d only left for short periods of time, working with Whisper on my mind set. That had been my focus, along with the striking and all the other training we had been doing. The ability to achieve that unapologetic violence that she spoke so fondly of was my goal. Everything that I learned from Whisper, Renegade, Kim, Kat and Cyrus along the way all had value. My body and mind were hardening over time. The exchange between myself and Alex Jones this morning was evidence of that. He had tried to bait me into an emotional response but he found out the hard way that’s easier said than done. Today was my last session with Hell’s Gate before I needed to head back to Vegas. I currently sat in Whisper’s living room. She had invited me to stay with her, since Kat and Chris were out of town. I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about coming here in the beginning. I didn’t know if she or any of the team could bring something out of me that I had intentionally buried years ago. Once I realized that it was me that had buried it to begin with, the sessions with the team became easier. Not easy mind you, easier to grasp what they were trying to teach me. I heard the swishing of the pajama pants that Whisper wore as she entered the room.

“Coffee is already made? Bless you.” she said in passing, making a b-line for the coffee pot. “Of course,” I responded with a smile, “I wouldn’t be a proper guest if I didn’t do that.” I could hear the sound of liquid filling her mug and she made her way into the living area. She sat down Indian style on the couch. “How do you feel?” She asked me with no hint of sarcasm or levity. I looked at her and smiled, “Honestly? I feel unfucking stoppable right now.” The smile she gave from the answer lit up the whole room. She was pleased, not only with my progress but what the team had been able to accomplish with me. “Good” was her only response as she sipped her coffee. Kat had hinted that they may want me to join their team but it hadn’t been brought up to me at this point. It seemed rude to even consider broaching the subject with her right now. My focus was elsewhere at the moment anyway. The match was my focus. Dethroning Alex Jones is what mattered to me. “Whisper, do you believe that the brain can react in a way that is similar to muscle memory?” The question had been on my mind for several days. There was that smile again and her eyes lit up at the mention of it. “Indeed I do. Is that what Kim and I were able to bring back for you?” Now it was my turn to smile, “yes ma’am, that’s exactly what I feel.” She set her coffee cup down and leaned forward. “Then my dear, that being said, I think Alex is in for the shock of a lifetime.”

“Shock isn’t what I want, I want his blood, Whisper. His blood and my title are the only things that matter right now.” She looked at me only briefly before returning to her coffee, after a short silence, “You’re ready Mac, but you already know that. You’ve shown it in the sessions. You’ve shown no restraint, no hesitation, only commitment to what you are trying to accomplish.” I nodded along and she finished by saying, “You did everything I asked and I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more from any student.” I smiled, thankful for the praise but sensing there was more that she hadn’t said, so I remained silent out of respect. “The way you and Renegade went back and forth during sparring and striking sessions was quite frankly insane. You even managed to shock Kim, that’s far more difficult than you can imagine.” I smiled remembering that session. Kim Pain is one badass woman, no matter how you measure that. “I like to think, in each one of these sessions we get the chance to learn something from each other.” I said finally. “What will you teach Alex Jones then?” I smiled, “I will teach him what unapologetic violence is really about, so he has first hand knowledge.”


{The Enemy Part 3(final) - Unnamed location}

Still standing in front of the camera to finalize what I have to say ahead of this all important match. A match that in my mind says will determine the path of the company in the next year. I think to myself - will it be the same old, same old with the Wolf’s Lair trying to run the show or will it be a new era with fresh blood dominating the scene? I know I need to address that at some point.

“Jones, your failure to grasp the most simple of concepts, it really must be quite maddening inside your own skull. You know who I’ve been working with for the last month and yet you still think you’re getting the same person you faced in September? I see you Alex, I see you for what you really are. What you are is scared. Your funny little gif’s on social media trying to convince the world and yourself that you are confident. I guess it’s only obvious to me that you are anything but confident. You are a man who knows his time as champion is coming to a close.

I look at my hands, the blood still soaking through the bandages. The marks left behind from sparring with Rene at Hell’s Gate.

”Blood on my hands, not the first time and certainly won’t be the last. This time, it was for a damn good reason. Training. I’ve always been a solid striker but now…well, you’ll get to see soon enough. The last few weeks, they’ve been grueling, challenging me physically and mentally. I’ve questioned my own philosophy when it comes to how I approach a match. With the help of Whisper and Kim Pain I’ve managed to break those chains. Shatter that concept of why I do things the way I do them. You see, Alex, with those restraints gone. The things that kept me in check, and prevented me from completely destroying someone in the ring. With those things gone….

The predatory smile returns as I continue to rub my fists.

”No hesitation, reservation or remorse, Alex. That only leaves the execution of my plan and my enemy. I’m going to show you and the world what Unapologetic Violence is and how little I care about your personal well being. The things I care about have changed ever so slightly. My family is my number one priority, it always has been and always will be. Followed closely by the belt that you currently hold. That’s it. When I destroy you and I will destroy you Alex. It won’t be because anyone interfered in our match, the boys know not to come to the ring. When the bell rings, I will feel nothing. Nothing but the exhilaration of a mission accomplished and knowing that I will be the man that rings in the new year with the world title around my waist.”

The blood now runs from my knuckles again, having soaked through the bandages, my focus is unrelenting and I allow it to continue. I smell the iron, it fills my senses, I raise my hands so they are as visible to the camera as they are to myself.

”The loss of blood is not nearly as devastating as the loss of self. For the past decade, I’ve been going through the motions of life and wrestling. Never really fully engaged, never really fulfilling my potential or my purpose in this sport. My purpose is easy to define. The only thing that ever mattered to me was being the very best that this business has. That got lost along the way, I was out there trying to help others achieve greatness instead of focusing on my own growth. Instead of focusing on what I needed I chose to help others. I’m still helping others, I will never abandon the people that rely on me.”

I look at my hands and watch as the blood runs down, it coats the watch I’m wearing and threatens the cuff links of my suit jacket. I lower them back by my side.

”Can you say the same, Alex? Can you claim to be wholly committed to something other than yourself? When you kicked Milo out of the gym. It was said that you did that for his own good, because he was pushing himself too hard. That in itself was a selfish act, because you didn’t want to deal with him and his obsession. He had every right to be obsessive about his success. So you chose to help him by booting him out of the place he calls home. It would appear your leadership skills are lacking Jonesie. If we look at your social media presence, it appears that you are spending a lot of time posting….well, you…your mug with a smug look. I’m sure you think that’s cute and all but what does it do for Sin City? How does this promote our match?”

I shrug it off.

”In short, it doesn't. So I guess all of what you and your team has been saying is not actually true. That you’ve all done so much for Sin City but cannot be bothered to promote your matches. It’s your house though, so who am I to judge. Think about houses…some people think that it’s the foundation that makes them strong or weak. What if I told you it’s the people that live in that house that determine its strength. The house or the team is only as strong as its weakest link. The people are the foundation, the brick and mortar. They matter as a whole, not individually.”

I stare down at the floor as I get ready to wrap this up.

”Have you ever heard the myth of the Black Razor? The Black Razor is a sword of legend. Like the sword of damocles but worse. The Black Razor was forged in the fires of Hell, taking the feathers from the wings of angels. The angels that were killed or corrupted and fell in the war between heaven and hell. Of course that’s just myth and legend right? Maybe, what if I told you that is exactly what has been created by Whisper, Kim Pain, and Rene. Still like your chances of surviving a third match with me?”

The lights start to dim and we fade to black….