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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 117 (Results)
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SCU Ep 117

Golden 1 Center

Sin City Underground Ep 117 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on December 11th , 2021.

The show opens up backstage as we see Jerry Cann, Andrew Borg, Jamie Staggs, Ivan Darrell, Andrew Garcia, and The Monstimals all brawling viciously.  Jamie finds himself thrown into a wall by Lord Raab via a vicious hip toss.  Andrew Borg and Andrew Garcia brawl back and forth while Sam and Ivan are on the ground, throwing fists and rolling around.  Jerry comes up behind Sam and wraps an electrical cord around his neck, dragging him up to his feet before landing a Running Bulldog on top of a set of speakers.

We go into the women’s locker room where masked Celeste and masked Orchid are whipping chains at anyone around them.  They connect with Kandy Kaine as masked Orchid lashes at her back.  Merlot spins her around and lands a joshi style kick to her midsection. She grabs the mask off of her and snaps it over her knee.  Celeste North, under the mask, grabs Merlot and lands a Headbutt.  She is spun around by Halo Annis and Linnea Lacroix, kicked in the gut, and planted with a Double DDT.  Esther jumps on Halo’s back and begins hammering away at her before getting tossed over her shoulder and into the shower.  Linnea turns the hot water on as her and Halo and Jenifer stomp down on Esther, causing her to scream out in pain.

The crowd inside of the Golden 1 Center are cheering for the hardcore violence that they’ve just witnessed via the Purge as “American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers. At ringside, we see Team Canada, Mz Holly Wood, and Kelli Torres brawling back and forth with Javier Gonzalez, Omasa Tazu, Skag, and Angel of Filth.  The fans are enjoying the action and hamming it up for the cameras, waving old GRIME signs.  Inside of the ring, Liam Gagnon is seen with a microphone at the ready.

Liam:  Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome at this time, WGN’s Head of Standards and Practices, the infamous GRIME Overlord… Tad Ezra…!


The intense mixed reaction welcomes out the former SCU/GRIME GM as he hams it up for the audience.  His facial expressions are intense as he gets down to the ring.  He runs up the ring steps and gets inside of the ring.  He accepts the microphone from Liam and wastes no time in taking center stage, dodging as Earl flies past him, spearing into Skag on the apron, as the two fall to the arena floor.  Tad’s eyes widen and he chuckles before raising the microphone to his lips.

Tad:  Hello and welcome to… The Purge….

Again, a mixed reaction befalls him, but it is more intense than the first reaction.

Tad:  Tonight, I promised action, and it looks like it’s already started off.  The backstage area is a mess, the women’s locker room is looking like the opening scene from Carrie…


Tad:  And the ringside area is on fire.  How on Earth can we put on a wrestling show under these circumstances?  Now that there is no somewhat cohesive GRIME Wrestling alliance?  It is literally every man for himself. Can a match go on without getting interrupted?  I’m going to go out on a very optimistic limb and say… yes…

The crowd laughs as Tad clearly doesn’t believe his own words.  He shrugs and turns to face the opposite side of the arena.

Tad:  So, I kinda like this edge of your seat style action.  I’m going to make up matches as we go tonight.  But, I did make promises about the GRIME titles being on the line, so let’s get that discussion out of the way.  Winter Elemental has claimed that she’s injured, so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and, since cards are subject to change, she will be off this evening.  Instead, we will hold a Piranha Tank Battle Royal to determine who will face Winter when she becomes medically cleared to wrestle, as her manager has brought up potential “issues” of the legal variety if we don’t allow her the time to heal…

Tad rolls his eyes and then turns to face the back end of the arena.

Tad:  Joshua, Joshua, Joshua… The ass kissing is real.  So, I’m going to invite a friend or two for you to face tonight.  It shouldn’t be a problem.  You’ve beaten damn near everybody on the roster already, so a proper challenge is in order.  But please know that I’m not being spiteful with this.  If I were being spiteful, I would give you the same treatment I’m giving the GRIME Tag Team titles tonight.

A momentary dramatic pause takes hold as the crowd waits for elaboration.

Tad:  The GRIME Tag Team Championships will be on the line tonight.  When?  In just a moment.  Against who?  Anybody and everybody.  Until the end of the Purge, the GRIME Tag Team Championships will be on the line, anywhere, at any time, against anyone.  If one member of the team gets pinned, they lose the titles.  And that starts… now…

We go to the parking lot to see the 2 Broke Chicks parking their RV.  As they turn off the engine, we see Mrs Right and Rory Rockefeller rushing from the other end of the parking lot.  Chi Chi opens up the door, only for Mrs Right to smash the door right into her.  Rory opens up the door and climbs inside, only for Jane to smack him across the face with her Louisville Slugger, ready for it.

Jane:  Goddamn, they’re thirsty tonight.

She checks her phone to see a text from Halo about the announcement Tad just made.

Jane:  Aww shit…

Mrs Right comes up behind from the front end of the RV and gets Jane in a Rear Choke, taking her down to the ground.  Chi Chi shakes the stars out of her eyes and she unsheathes her bokken.  She smacks Mrs Right upside the head with it.  She falls back and starts using Jane as a shield so that Chi Chi holds off.  Rory gets up, a black eye already forming, and he hits a High Angle Suplex to Chi Chi through the dining room table, snapping it clean from the leg.  He climbs on top as Referee Dylan Roberts gets the two count.  Mrs Right tries to make it over to pin Chi Chi, but Jane grabs a glass from the cabinet and smashes it over Mrs Right’s head.  She takes her bat and puts it under Rory’s legs and gets a low blow that brings out a prepubescent scream from the pure force as she rolls him up into a cover. 2 Broke Chicks defeat Over The Edge via pinfall.  Jane is breathing heavily as she helps Chi Chi up, who gives Rory a few extra stomps for good measure.  She shows Chi Chi the text message and she shouts out in frustration as the cameras go elsewhere in the arena.

Inside of the women’s locker room, the crowd has cleared out, but we hear the fighting going on not too far outside of the door.  We see Esther covered in some light water burns that are more of an irritation than serious injury.  She is also surrounded by popped out tampons, a few still clinging to her skin.  She stumbles toward the bench, still dripping wet.  Her husband, Andrey, enters the room to check on his wife, but she instantly pushes him away from her as she plops onto the bench.

Esther:  Don’t… even… I don’t want to hear it.

Andrey:  But, it looks as if you are from old Russian horror film.

Esther:  Yeah, we’ve already run the Carrie reference into the ground, so you can stop.

Andrey:  No, no… It is called Devushku Topayut V Dushe, I Yey Brosayut Sredstva Zhenskoy Gigiyeny. Literally translating to “Girl Gets Stomped in Shower and Feminine Hygiene Products Thrown At Her”.  From 2007, but feels more like 1970’s US film.

Esther:  Ugh!  I don’t care about your poor country and it’s badly made films!  I just got attacked by the dirty Mean Girls and literally no one tried to stop it!  I would have tried to stop something like that…

Andrey looks at her with a raised eyebrow and a smile.  She smacks his arm.

Esther:  I would have!  Don’t give me that look.  I’m a kind person, fuck you very much.

Andrey:  Okay… if you say so.  I tried to come to your rescue, but was so crowded in here, and somebody grabbed my ass, and…

Esther growls in frustration as she reaches into her bag to pull out a towel.  She winces as she begins drying herself off, especially around the light burns.  Andrey fumbles through her bag and pulls out some aloe vera and begins applying it to her skin.

Andrey: I wanted to ask about getting in trouble, but if you are hurt, I wouldn’t ask such thing of you.

Esther:  I am not hurt.  Just inconvenienced.  But if you’re going to sit there and throw out vague talk of “getting into trouble” without elaborating, then why do you even bother opening up your sexy mouth?

Andrey moves a wet strand of hair out of her face, but she doesn’t even bother to look at him yet.

Andrey:  We are approaching anniversary, and I think it is good idea to celebrate with an early gift.  Something that is “his” and “hers”.  Matching set, if you will.

Esther:  Oh my gawd, enough with the riddles!  If you want to ditch this place to go jewelry shopping, I’m all for it, but just say so.  And the matching set better be cute or I’m walking out, and you’re sleeping on the couch.

Andrey:  No, no, no.  Think about it.  Tad said GRIME Tag Team Championships are on the line until Purge ending.  What better way to celebrate than to have a set of titles to match.  Since match with Merlot did not go so well…

Esther smacks his arm again, but this time, she doesn’t say anything.  She just looks annoyed, but continues to dry herself off.

Andrey:  I’m thinking I can surprise Jeckel opponent for Night of Champions, and then we can find 2 Broke Chicks and rob them blind, yes?

Esther gives Andrey the side eye for a second, seeing if he is truly serious.  When he doesn’t change his expression, she squeals and wraps her arms around Andrey.

Esther:  Oh, babe!  That would be the best early anniversary slash Christmas present ever!  You really do know me so well…

Andrey:  I have much time to know your taste. Tonight will be our night, love.

Esther kisses him on the lips and he is caught by surprise when she straddles him, forcing the cameras to go elsewhere.

At ringside, Father Gerald is in the ring with Skag.  Javi, Omasa, and Filth are standing guard, as is Andrey Borg.  Skag has a violin in his hand, striking a pose as he plays an ear shattering chord, his faithful “manager”, Hekate the rat, is on his forehead as he leans back almost parallel to the ground.  Gerald covers his ears as she charges over and stomps on Skag.  Hekate jumps to the apron and onto Filth’s shoulder.  Gerald circle stomps Skag and then picks up the violin, looking to smack Skag with it.  Skag moves, but Gerald turns and drops an elbow across Skag’s chest.  He drives knuckles into Skag’s forehead with his other arm over Skag’s neck. Skag claws at Gerald’s face, but Gerald’s control is too overwhelming.  Finally, Gerald breaks the hold. He stomps his feet, trying to coax Skag up.  Borg slides The Good Book inside of the ring, and Gerald picks it up.  He winds it up to smack Skag, but Skag rolls underneath it.  He takes hold of his violin, but Gerald swings the book at him again.  Skag blocks with the violin, and then goes to swing it, but Gerald uses the book to block the strike.  Gerald knocks the violin out of Skag’s hand, and he kicks Skag in the stomach.  He goes for the Ray of Light (Diamond Cutter), but Skag pushes him off.  He nails a DDT through his violin.  He goes for a cover on Gerald, but only gets a two count.  Gerald rolls outside and digs under the ring for a suitable weapon.  He pulls out a sledgehammer and slides it inside of the ring. Skag takes his barbed wire bat from Filth.  The two men turn around and swing at each other, taking each other down to the mat.  Skag’s arm falls on top of Gerald.  Skag wins via pinfall.  But only by pure luck.  Borg finds himself trapped in the middle of a brawl between Jamie Staggs and Jerry Cann.  He begins fighting back, and the brawl works it’s way into the crowd as Andrew clotheslines Jerry and Jamie over the barricade.  He roars at them as he steps over.  The fighting continues as Filth pulls Skag out of the ring.  Javi climbs inside next and throws his arms up in the air.

Javier:  Who wants some of this?!

He stomps around the ring, drawing in a mixed reaction.  He taunts anyone and everyone from the backstage area.

In the concession stand area, 2 Broke Chicks are already brawling with Ivan Darrell and Andrew Garcia.  Jane gets Clotheslined over the counter as the workers scatter.  Chi Chi is swinging her bokken at Andrew, but he is avoiding and blocking, using all of his focus for this.  Ivan goes to climb over the counter, but Jane grabs him by the dreads and shoves his face under the soda fountain, flooding his face with soft drinks, and a variety of them.  Andrew grabs a plastic version of the Omasa bokken from the merchandise table as the vendor shouts at him.  He uses it to fight back against Chi Chi.  Neither one uses honor in their sword play as Chi Chi jabs Andrew in the crotch.  As she bends down to pick him up, he shoves the butt end of the sword into her chest.  She holds on and grimaces as she falls back.  Andrew gets up and stalks Chi Chi as she moves backward.  She tries to hold her hands up in surrender, but Andrew doesn’t accept it.  Chi Chi has no other choice than to grab a replica Underground Championship belt and she clocks Andrew, breaking it over his head.  She taunts him as she gets up.  She goes to pick him up, but he nails her with an Arm Drag.  Meanwhile, Jane has Ivan with his face just inches above the fryer.  She pushes down with all of her might, but he barely avoids it.  Finally, he grabs hold of the basket and clocks her with it.  He smacks her across the back with it.  She stumbles forward and grabs a broom.  She swings it back, knocking the basket from his hand.  She then jams the end into his forehead, leaving a mark as he stumbles back.  She jumps up onto the counter and then rams a knee right against his nose, sending him back, splashing hot dog water everywhere.  Chi Chi jumps over the counter and both ladies drag him down to the ground in a tackling dogpile cover.  Andrew yanks Chi Chi off, but Jane remains on top for the three. 2 Broke Chicks defeat Dying Breed via Pinfall.  Chi Chi claws at Andrew’s face as he drags her back toward the merchandise stand.  Jane isn’t having it as she jumps over the counter and comes flying at Andrew with a fresh, hot frying basket in hand, full of fries.  She smacks it across Andrew’s back.  Andrew shouts out in pain as Chi Chi and Jane drag him down in a strange inverted chokehold.  Referee Jade Pham is there to make the official call when Andrew is out cold. 2 Broke Chicks defeat Dying Breed via KO.  They look around, making sure the coast is clear as they rush off with their belts flung over their shoulders.

Javi is still in the ring, waiting for an opponent.  Skag shouts out to warn Javi, but it’s too late as Hitamashii rushes in with a bag, smacking Javi with it.  He kicks out his knees and pours the bag over Javi and it’s… SCORPIONS!  Javi shouts out in pain as he tries to brush the scorpions off, but he winds up getting stung a few times.  Hitamashii stands back and lets it happen.  Skag gets inside of the ring, but Hitamashii picks up a couple scorpions and holds them out at Skag.  Skag slowly steps back with his hands up in surrender, exiting the ring as Omasa glares at him.  Javi rolls outside of the ring, brushing himself off.  Hitamashii follows, and Javi dives under the ring.  Hitamashii lifts up the ring skirt, only to get smashed in the face with a metal gas can.  Javi comes out from under the ring and splashes the gas on Hitamashii.  He takes some into his mouth and then pulls out a lighter.  He blows through the flame, causing a near explosion as the flames engulf Hitamashii.  Omasa quickly gets a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire.  Javi begins questioning her, and she simply glares back at him and shakes her head with two swift jerks.  Javi stomps and then turns around again.  He spits on the ground to get the taste of gasoline out of his mouth.  He punches at Hitamashii, who punches him back.  They trade a few punches until Javi scoops Hitamashii up and drops him on the barricade.  The fans scatter as Javi pushes Hitamashii over into the crowd.  He climbs over and picks up a chair and folds it up.  He goes to swing it down at Hitamashii, but he rolls out of the way. Hitamashii picks up an open chair and throws it at Javi, knocking him down to his knees.  He takes the chair from Javi and folds it, smacking him in the head with it.  As Javi goes down, Hitamashii places the chair on top of Javi’s head and gives it a few good stomps.  Referee Constance Salazaar stops the match due to Javi’s inability to continue the match. Hitamashii wins, retaining his Underground Championship, via TKO.  Hitamashii taunts Filth and Skag, who are standing down due to their alliance with Omasa.  Hitamashii steps back, disappearing into the crowd.

The scene opens in the parking lot of the SCU Underground show where the purge is still ongoing, we see the last woman standing from last week’s show Ariana Angelos arriving at the event clearly ready for round two.

Francisco: Are you sure about this?

We see her boyfriend Francisco approaching her with a trolley full of weapons, Ariana nods before she takes the trolley from him.

Ariana: I’m here to finish what I started last week! If GRIME wants to let chaos reign, then I’m going in there ready for war!

Francisco: You sure you don’t need my help?

Ariana nods as she gets ready to head in.

Ariana: I’m not saying your in bad shape Francisco, but you’re not a wrestler, I am, and I’ve been the but of GRIME’s jokes for too long! Just wait for me out here and hide in the van if any GRIME wrestlers come out to the parking lot, we got lucky last week when I got you out of the arena before the Purge started but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky the second time around!

Francisco: Then at least let me offer you this!

Francisco states and Ari turns around, Francisco pulls her into a passionate kiss that lasts for a good few minutes before they break it off.

Francisco: My good luck charm to you!

Ariana: Can I have that before every title match? Because I feel like I can take on Amber after that!

Ari adds before she turns to the trolley.

Ariana: I’ll be back before you know it!

Ari runs off as the scene fades.


The sound of shrieking is heard as Veronica Taylor comes rushing down to ringside.  She’s being chased by Kelli Torres, who has a disheveled makeup kit in her hands, swinging it at Veronica.  Veronica slides inside of the ring to get away from Kelli.  Kelli slides inside of the ring, and Veronica moves outside.  Kelli goes to follow, passing up Omasa Tazu, Angel of Filth, and Skag.  Kelli chases her halfway around the ring.  Veronica slides back inside, but so does Omasa Tazu.  She surprises Veronica by picking her up and dropping her with a bodyslam to the mat.  Kelli stops and just watches.  Omasa goes to stomp on Veronica, but Veronica moves out of the way.  Omasa bends over to pick Veronica up, but Veronica rolls her up, holding the tights.  Even still, she just gets a one count.  But it’s enough for her to get to her feet first, hitting a harsh kick to the face.  She rears her leg back and gets another before attempting to escape the ring.  Filth is there to grab her and throws her right back inside of the ring.  Veronica ducks a Superkick attempt and does a Baseball Slide to the outside.  Kelli clubs her a few times and rolls her back inside of the ring.  Veronica finds herself being mudhole stomped into the mat.  She tries to crawl over toward the ropes, but Filth swings her fist to keep her inside.  Veronica rolls over to a blind spot and crawls under the ring.  Filth and Skag lift up the ring apron and pull her out by the feet.  She rolls over and blasts them both with a fire extinguisher.  However, as she gets up, proud of herself, Omasa grabs her by the hair and yanks her up onto the apron.  She clubs Veronica’s chest and drags her inside of the ring.  She does an Irish Whip to Veronica.  As she rebounds, she ducks, and comes off the opposite ropes.  However, as she tries to duck, Omasa is able to kick her in the face.  As her head whips back, Omasa lands the Omasa Punch.  Omasa Tazu wins via pinfall.  Veronica holds onto her throat as she rolls to the outside.  She stumbles around, trying to make it to the rampway, but Kelli is there with the makeup case, winding it up in an exaggerated way to draw the crowd in for it.  But Veronica spins around, bumping into Angel of Filth and Omasa Tazu.  She runs up the rampway, but waiting for her there is Chelsea LeClair.  Veronica groans and then rushes to the side curtain, disappearing behind as Omasa, Skag, Filth, Kelli, and Chelsea rush after her.

2 Broke Chicks walk into the boiler room and shut the door, trying to catch their breath.  After a few subtle curses under their breath, they turn around to see Jenifer Lacroix with her feet propped up in the corner, taking a look at some ancient looking books.  The fans pop as Celeste North and Orchid are seen at the altar, doing spell work with crystals, herbs, and chanting.  Chi Chi and Jane laugh, making a couple comments about voodoo hoodoo bullshit.  This causes Celeste to stop her chanting.  She glares at both and bites her bottom lip, annoyed.  She picks up a sachet and walks over to them to confront them about ruining the ritual.  Without giving them a second to respond, she blows the contents of the sachet into Chi Chi’s eyes.  Jane smacks Celeste, bringing Orchid over to slap Jane.  The two begin straight up fist fighting, and Jane finds herself with the upper hand after a suckerpunch to the stomach.  She goes to back Orchid up against the boiler, but she reverses it, and Jane finds herself pushed up against the burning hot metal.  But the quick contact is enough to motivate her to power Orchid back against the altar.  She picks up the cauldron to dump on Orchid, but Orchid moves.  She picks up a large quartz crystal and smacks Jane in the side of the head with it, sending her to the floor.  Orchid chants and holds a book up above her head.  Jane waits for anything to happen, but nothing does.  She tries to get to her feet, woozy, but she makes it.  Orchid goes to smack her with the book, but she ducks.  Just as she does, a horde of rats comes out of nowhere and runs over Jane’s feet.  She closes her eyes, trying to pretend they’re not there until one starts crawling up her leg.  She kicks it halfway across the boiler room.  Celeste grabs Jane by the back and sends her flying over the altar.  Chi Chi jumps on Celeste’s back and begins clawing at her face.  Celeste tries to swing her off, but Chi Chi uses the momentum to move toward the door.  Chi Chi lets go of Celeste and kicks her out of the door.  She rushes over toward Orchid and picks up a candle holder and smacks her with it.  Orchid turns around and snatches it, giving Chi Chi the same treatment.  The door flies open again, and Celeste rushes back inside.  Chi Chi ducks the attack, grabbing onto Jane’s hand to drag her out of the room.  She slams the doors shut and uses her bokken to keep the door locked.  They lean against the door to catch their breath again.

Jane:  Holy fuck, this is gonna be a long night…

Jamie Staggs falls through the curtains as Joshua Acquin comes through after.  He drags Jamie to his feet and bounces his head off of the metal structure of the stage.  Jerry Cann rushes up behind Josh and nails a Dropkick to the small of his back.  Borg comes rushing out with The Good Book in his hands, and he begins thrashing Josh with it in between stomps from Jerry.  Jamie holds onto his head and tells them to back away as he does a Falling Headbutt to Joshua.  The three men work together to drag Joshua down to ringside.  They lift him up and roll him inside.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Jamie climbs inside first and drops down for the cover.  However, Jerry yanks him by the leg, pulling him back outside.  Meanwhile, Borg slides inside and covers Joshua.  He gets to a two count before Jamie and Jerry work together to yank him back outside.  Borg shoves Jerry and points to Joshua, and then to the three of them.  They slide inside of the ring.  As Jerry leans down for the cover, Jamie nails a Fame-Asser on him.  He covers Jerry, getting a one count before Borg stomps on Jamie’s back.  He picks Jamie up and whips him into the ropes, nailing him with a Superkick.  He lays across Joshua, getting a two count before Jerry leaps on top to break it up.  Jerry and Borg roll around, brawling it out as Joshua slowly starts to come back around.  He plays possum as he watches the alliance go to shit before his very eyes, and he can’t help but smile.  Jamie rolls onto his stomach, but is still out of it.  Borg asserts himself on top of Jerry and begins throwing hammer fists into Jerry’s face.  Jerry is finally able to block some of them.  He punches at Borg’s sides, loosening his grip enough to slide out from under.  He gets to his feet, but before he can do anything, Jamie is up and nails a Front Dropkick to Borg’s face, sending him back to the mat.  He turns around and slaps Jerry, causing Jerry to hit a deafening chop to Jamie’s chest.  Joshua slowly moves outside of the ring as Jamie and Jerry trade chops.  They go back and forth a few times before Jamie slaps his chest like a gorilla and then rams a knee into Jerry’s stomach.  He goes for a Tornado DDT, and Joshua places the ring bell right under Jerry’s head as he lands!


Jerry is laid out.  Jamie goes for the cover, but Joshua pulls him out by the leg.  Borg dives on top, but Joshua rolls inside and smacks him with a chair.  He picks Jerry up and hits the Nightmare on top of the chair. Joshua Acquin retains his GRIME Championship by pinning Jerry Cann.  He is dragged outside of the ring by Jamie Staggs, and they brawl around the ring.  Joshua gets his GRIME Championship and clocks Jamie with it just hard enough to gain the advantage as he drags Jamie through the curtains and to the back.

We spot Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann standing by the loading dock.  The workers bring in a stack of Coca Cola products, and Kandy kneels down behind one, snickering.  Jerry is holding onto his head as he takes the other stack of products.  His forehead is bandaged up from his match earlier with Joshua Acquin, Jamie Staggs, and Andrew Borg.  He looks over to Kandy, who is still giggling.

Jerry:   Are you really sure that you want to do this?

Kandy:  Uh, yeah… We’re the best team in SCU, so we’re meant to win tonight.

Jerry stares blankly at Kandy and then points to the bandage on his head.

Jerry:   I was just in a match and had my forehead busted open.  Let’s face it.  Tonight just might not be our night.

Kandy looks like she’s taking notes with her finger on the back of the stack of products as Jerry is talking.  She continues these motions as if she were doing a mathematical equation.  Jerry waits patiently for her to finish, and then she gasps.

Kandy:  Well, you might have been in one match, but they have been in like 4 matches already.  They’ve been put through a dining room table, smacked with bats, had a food fight… ooooooooh!  We should have a food fight with them.  Doesn’t that sound like so so so so so so much fun?!

Jerry puts his finger to his lips as we can head the voice of OG Martha walking down the hallway.  The camera pans over to see Martha walking with Chi Chi.

Jerry:   This was a brilliant plan, Kandy…

Kandy looks flattered as she bounces up and down, squatting down, and giving a bit of a show to the audience who does cat calls.

Martha:  Let me put it this way… I adapted my cookie recipes with the help of Winter Elemental.

Chi Chi:  Fakk dat bish!

Martha:  Fuck her five ways from Sunday.  But, she knows her strains and her levels.  And with my secret family recipes, this shit’s fire yo!

Jane comes around the corner with her bat at the ready in case anybody tries to step up.  She keeps her eyes peeled, since Chi Chi’s weapon has been put to use elsewhere.

Martha:  And they’re so cute, too.  I got Gingerbread Bong cookies, Spacy Star snickerdoodles, Leafy sugar cut out cookies, Purple Urkel Oatmeal Raisin cookies…

Jane:  Tis the season to get litty I guess.

Martha:  They make great stocking stuffers for your loved ones, too.  The ones you really love.  I got the hookup chickies.  Just wait.  Now… I know I left those tins around here somewhere.

Jane:  Hmm, I wonder if it’s around the place where your two goodie goodies are going to jump out and try to fuck us up.

Martha looks offended and puts her hand to her heart.  She stops in her tracks and turns to look right at Jane.

Martha:  Excuse me for trying to help calm your nerves what with all of the craziness you guys are going through tonight.  If I wanted to take your titles, I would have them do it in the middle of the ring.  Not in some bunk ass manner like this.  I’m honestly offended.

Jane:  Excuse us if we’ve been getting our asses attacked since we pulled in the parking lot.  We’re a little skeptical.

Martha nods her head, calming down a little.  She takes a deep breath and then clasps her hands together.

Martha:  I understand. I really do.  But, I’m just trying to make the holidays more festive, and you two look like you need some holiday cheer. So, please, accept my invitation, and a twenty percent discount.

Jane reluctantly nods as Martha walks toward the actual loading dock.  She spots her caddy and her eyes light up.  As she approaches them, she stops and holds Jane and Chi Chi back.

Martha:  Look, as much as I want my babies to win, Jerry and Kandy are waiting over at the dock doors to attack you guys.

Jane and Chi Chi stop and look at Martha like “You bitch…” Martha shrugs and begins opening the tins of cookies.  Jerry and Kandy stand up from behind the stacks of soda and look at Martha, completely betrayed.

Jerry:   Seriously, OG Martha?

Martha:  It’s a good business tactic.  Oh!  I forgot to tell you about the gummies…

Martha shuffles through her tins as we cut elsewhere.

Outside in the front of the arena, we see what appears to be a pop up funhouse, with a bit of a demented twist to it.  Upon further inspection, we see that it is a Jeckels’ Funhouse.  Standing outside, we see Raisa, Helena, Jake, and Jack standing outside.  Raisa has a microphone and is ready to speak.

Raisa:  Come one, come all, to the greatest show on GRIME.  Instead of chasing after the GRIME Tag Team Champions like a pack of wild rats, we extend an invitation to them to enter our house.

Helena:  And we will even let you pick your opponents between the Jeckels.  Any combination can and will defeat you.  Our dreams will be your nightmare.

Jack:  It has been a while since we held the titles that you are now holding.  But we have not forgotten the feel of those straps around our waists.

Jake:  It is our destiny, just as holding onto the Combat Championship. We…

Just then, four hands reach out and drag Jake inside with an eerie cackle that echoes throughout the funhouse. Helena and Jack go inside of the funhouse and look around.  They don’t see Jake anywhere.  They walk through the rolling tunnel as if it were nothing.  Once they reach the mirror maze, they see Jake, leaning up against the wall.  They try to weave through the mirrors to get to Jake, but one of the mirrors crashes down against Jack, taking him down.  Helena turns around just in time to get a kick to the face from behind one of the mirrors.  A shadowy figure knocks another mirror on top of Helena before disappearing and giggling.  However, Jake grabs onto the figure and rips back the mask to reveal Esther Azarov.  She laughs in his face as Andrey comes out of nowhere with a knee to the side of his head.  He stomps on Jake as he shouts in Russian.  Esther continues to laugh and taunt him until Raisa comes out of nowhere and smacks Esther with Helena’s signature mallet.  Andrey turns as Jack jumps up and throws mirror shards at him to blind him.  Hocus Pocus! The Jeckels win via pinfall on Andrey Azarov.  Jake gets up and begins stomping on Andrey as Helena beats on Esther.  However, both Azarov’s scurry off, defeated in this encounter.

Back at the loading dock, we see 2 Broke Chicks nibbling on a Gingerbread Bong cookie each, looking satisfied with their recent purchase.  One of the dock doors opens and a truck backs up slowly.  The beeping catches the attention of 2 Broke Chicks, and they look back to see a moving truck backing in.  They get ready when the truck comes to a stop.  The doors open, and two men get out from their respective sides.  As they turn around and walk toward the back of the truck, the crowd pops loudly as we see Mason and Jason Fox’s faces under the hats.  They move toward the truck as the Fox Brothers open up the back.  There is a box that plainly reads “TO: 2 BROKE CHICKS - GOLDEN 1 ARENA”.  They hoist the box out of the back and nearly drop it on the ground.  The crowd laughs.

Jane:  Yo, what’s with this?

Jason points to the label on the box.  Mason nods his head.  Jane tilts her head.  Mason points to the clipboard in his hand and hands it to Jane or Chi Chi to sign.  Chi Chi reluctantly signs and shoves the clipboard into Jason’s chest.  Mason pulls out a crowbar, and Jane winds up her bat.  Mason holds his hands up in surrender and pries the top off the box just enough for it to be easy to remove.  Chi Chi and Jane lift the top off, and we see Azz n’ Class pop off.

Torielle:  We’re back BITCHESSSSSS!!!

Chi Chi:  No you not!

Chi Chi socks Torielle in the face as Jane cracks Chanelle in the face, and they both fall back into the box.  Chi Chi rips the crowbar out of Mason’s hand, and they replace the top of the box and she hammers the nails back in.  With the last nail hammered in, the 2 Broke Chicks high five each other.  They pick their cookies back up.

Jane:  Return to sender…

They clank their cookies together before finding themselves ambushed from behind by Alex Rush and Shorty.  They knock them down to the ground and start stomping away.  Before they can react, Alex picks up Jane’s legs and catapults her right into a Clothesline from Shorty.  He jumps on top for a cover, but only gets a two before Chi Chi gets up with the crowbar.  Shorty moves away, avoiding each swing from Chi Chi.

Chi Chi:  You fakk up Ginger-bong cookies! You pay price!

She catches Shorty’s arm with one swing.  He ducks as Alex swings a chair to catch Chi Chi. She goes down and Shorty turns on the forklift.  He lowers the fork on top of Chi Chi and Alex jumps on top for the cover counted by Ryan Richards.  At two, Jane pulls Alex off of her.  Shorty launches himself off with a Vaulting Body Press, but Jane catches him and dumps him with a Samoan Drop.  She goes for the cover, but Alex begins tickling her.  Jane wiggles her way out and over to the forklift to start lifting the fork off of Chi Chi.  Shorty goes for an instinctive Dick Punch City to Jane, but she doesn’t fully give in and fall over.  Chi Chi looks over to the truck and motions to it.  Jane grabs Alex and Chi Chi grabs Shorty.  They toss them in the back of the truck and slam it shut, locking it.  They knock on the door and it slowly takes off.  They turn to walk off, looking around before running.

We hear hands clapping together, echoing throughout the hallway.  We come in to see Angel of Filth clapping as she rallies Omasa and Skag up.  Javi is sitting there, rubbing at the back of his head.

Javier:  When’s doctor Weaver comin’ back, homez?  End this Purge shit already.

Skag:  It is the most wonderful time of the year, meinen freund.  I live for the Purge.

Filth:  Yeah, and this one has been the best one so far.  I hate to say it, but we make a damn good team.

Omasa:  Omasa is with them. Omasa like Purge.  Javi does not want Purge.  Javi is pussy whipped and wanting to see Dr. Weaver.

She says this with a straight face, stating it so matter of factly.  Skag and Filth laugh at Javi, but Omasa pulls her bokken out and points it right between Skag’s eyes.  He pushes his forehead into the dull point.

Filth:  I know it is our mission to hate each other, and has been for a long time.  But, can we just stop and focus on something more important?

Javier:  Nah, mami.  You two done fucked up when you attacked us.  We ain’t no punk bitches, nor are we pussy whipped.

Omasa:  Javi right.  You attack No Fucks Given. You done fucked up. Javi is also right.  Omasa not pussy whipped.  But is also wrong.  Javi is pussy whipped for Dr. Weaver.  This is fact.

Skag:  It’s not a bad thing.  Die katze is like a drug to some.  Der hahn, too.  I have a respect for that.

Filth:  Well, we can introduce him to Amanda Hugginkiss.

Omasa shakes her head once.

Omasa:  No.  Javi only date thin guy who look like girl.

Skag:  What about Helluva Bottom Carter, kinde?!

Javi makes a vomiting face.

Omasa:  Javi only dates guy who dress like girl.  Not guy who look like someone ran over Rhea Ripley with truck.

Javier:  Yeah, Omasa.  If you so worried about what I do with my spare time, then why don’t you take care of my huevos, mamacita?

Javi grabs onto himself and gives it a jiggle.

Filth:  You guys are missing the point.  We attacked you. You attacked us.  In my eyes, we’re even.  And the fact that we’ve raised a lot of hell over the last two shows just proves that, together, we can really cause mayhem and destruction.

Javi and Omasa look at one another and seem to be having a silent conversation.  They look to Filth and Skag and point their thumbs down.  Filth and Skag shrug as they look at each other as well.

Filth:  Okay, okay.  Fair is fair.  It was just a thought.  Then I guess you guys better watch out once that siren goes off.

Javi laughs as Filth takes notice of the stagehand calling her over.  She shoots Javi and Omasa a dirty look as she leaves to go for her match.  Javi shouts at her, but looks at Skag.

Javier:  Nah, nah, nah.  You all better look out when those sirens go off, because we got something to…

Before they can go any further, they get rushed by Halo Annis and Linnea Lacroix and 2 Broke Chicks.  They take the three down with baseball bats and incapacitate them.  Halo and Linnea throw the bats down at Omasa and Filth, breathing heavily as they wave 2 Broke Chicks on and they disappear from the scene.

The scene switches over to a large piranha tank on the side of the stage.  About three feet from the water is a double wide scaffold.  Climbing the ladder provided, we see Angel of Filth, who is joining Helena Jeckel, Ariana Angelos, Kelli Torres, Kandy Kaine, Katta Pult, Azurine Vebbins, Chelsea LeClair, Alana Allure, and Dahlia Rotten on the scaffolding.  Once Filth gets up there, Ari and Dahlia rush her, trying to knock her off.


Filth jumps up onto the chains, climbing up far enough so that no one can catch her.  Alana grabs onto Azzy and tries to toss her off of the scaffolding and into the tank. But Azzy grounds her weight and drags Alana over.  Alana holds onto the edge as Azzy tries to tapdance on her fingers.  However, Katta comes in front of her and nails a Release German Suplex, sending Azzy to the tank. Azurine Vebbins is eliminated at :41.

Before she can celebrate, Chelsea grabs her by the back of the head and flings her into the tank. Katta Pult is eliminated at :49.

Alana crawls back on top of the scaffolding as Ari stomps on her.  Kandy and Kelli trade punches as they try to back the other one against the edge of the scaffolding. Helena begins pounding at Dahlia’s back to protect Filth from getting attacked.  Filth times it and drops down on top of Dahlia.  Her and Helena club down on Dahlia, trying to get her over to the edge.  Chelsea, Ari, and Alana struggle with each other, trying to gain the advantage.  Chelsea rolls Alana over and slams her into the chain.  Ari lifts Chelsea over and into a Piledriver.  Kelli nails a Superkick to Chelsea.  Kandy sweeps Kelli off of her feet and hits a Low Dropkick that causes her to roll to the edge.  Kandy jumps up and down and celebrates.  Filth and Helena grabs Kandy and throw her off of the edge. Kandy Kaine is eliminated at 3:06.

Dahlia comes up behind Helena and Filth and hits a Double Clothesline.  She stomps on the two former GRIME members.  Ari comes over to help.  Kelli and Chelsea join in as well.  They kick them to the edge of the scaffolding.  However, Ari sees Alana rushing at her, and she steps aside, hitting a Hip Toss to Alana off the scaffolding and into the tank. Alana Allure is eliminated at 4:10.

With the distraction, Filth and Helena are able to get back to their feet.  They step around the other four competitors.  Ari, Chelsea, Dahlia, and Kelli look at each other and give a nod.  Filth ducks a Double Clothesline from Ari and Kelli.  Helena side steps a Spinning Mid Kick from Dahlia, and cartwheels over a Leg Sweep attempt from Chelsea.  Filth and Helena tackle Kelli to the ground.  Dahlia picks up Helena, and Chelsea and Ari pick up Filth.  As Kelli gets up, Filth jumps up and kicks Kelli off of the scaffolding and into the tank. Kelli Torres is eliminated at 6:24.

Helena grabs hold of Dahlia’s hair and drops down into a Jawbreaker.  Filth finds herself kicking her feet as Chelsea and Ari try to carry her to the edge of the scaffolding.  They go to throw her off, but she grabs onto the chain and uses their grip on her to whip them off of the scaffolding.  However, they stumble and catch themselves from falling.  Ari grabs onto Chelsea to steady herself.  Ari and Chelsea breathe a sigh of relief as Chelsea turns around to get kicked in the face by Filth.  Ari grabs Filth’s foot and drags her down, landing in a Powerbomb formation on Filth.  Chelsea leans down to kick Filth up, bit Ari capitalizes with a Superkick, knocking Chelsea off into the tank. Chelsea LeClair is eliminated at 8:17.

Filth and Helena  are able to fight off Dahlia, beating her down to the mat.  They hoist her up, ready to throw her off when Filth turns and clocks Helena, trying to send her off of the scaffolding.  But Helena holds on and stops herself from going over.  She chops Filth in the throat for the betrayal.  Filth stumbles back into Ari, who jumps up onto her shoulders, and turns around into a Hurricanrana.  However, Filth puts her in an Elevated Boston Crab.  Helena hits a Shining Wizard to Filth, breaking it up.  Dahlia is able to nail a Yakuza Kick to Helena, knocking her into Filth.  Filth holds on, and they both splash into the tank! Angel of Filth and Helena Jeckel are eliminated at 9:55. Ari is quick to Dropkick Dahlia’s knees out and she trips.  Ari capitalizes with an Axe Kick that sends Dahlia off and into the tank. Dahlia Rotten is eliminated at 10:09.  Ariana Angelos wins the contendership to the GRIME Championship.  Ariana celebrates on the scaffolding as it raises up to the rafters.

2 Broke Chicks are seen inside of the production booth, shaking from the exhaustion of fighting off so many teams this evening.  They are finishing their cookies from earlier.  We cut outside to see Halo Annis and Linnea Lacroix standing guard with bats in hand.  The footage is viewed as security style.  However, after a moment, the cameras blur for a few seconds.  When they come back, Halo is nowhere to be seen, and Linnea is still looking out into the distance, unaware.  She looks to be talking, but we don’t hear any sound.  She walks to the edge of the trailer.  As she turns back, she looks to be calling out for someone, presumably Halo.  After calling out a few times, the cameras blur once again.  After about five seconds, the cameras come back and the view is clear, no one in sight.

We go back into the production truck to see Chi Chi pointing this out to Jane.  “Killpop” by Slipknot plays over the speakers in the arena, and inside of the production truck.  The track then switches to “Smack A Bitch” by Rico Nasty, then to “Bubble Butt” by Majer Lazer, then “Freakshow” by James Levine.  The lights in the truck fade in and out.  Once they settle in, we see two figures behind 2 Broke Chicks.  Jane closes her eyes and sighs through her nostrils.  Chi Chi turns around and finds herself smacked in the face with a mallet from Jack Jeckel.  Jane ducks under a croquet ball as it is chucked at her head.  She turns around and nails a Drop Toe Hold on Jake Jeckel.  However, Jack turns and smashes the mallet over Jane’s head, knocking her out.  The two Jeckel Brothers sneer as they each go for the cover on 2 Broke Chicks.  Jade Pham rushes inside of the truck to make the count.  However, before she can get to three, Andrey Azarov rushes into the truck, followed by Esther.

They leap over the panel, rolling cannonball style to break up the cover.  The techs inside move away from the panel as Andrey and Esther brawl it out with Jake and Jack.  They move around the production truck, brawling back and forth.  Esther finds the mallet on the ground and uses it to fend off Jack while Andrey and Jake go at it full force.  Andrey’s head gets bounced off the panel a few times before he kicks Jake in the gut.  He bounces his head off of a few monitors before kneeing Jake in the groin.  He nails the Shadow Cyclone by mimicking Jake’s Hocus Pocus move.  Esther rams the mallet into Jack’s gut.  He falls against one of the monitors, and Esther swings the mallet against Jack’s head, breaking the monitor as it sparks.  Andrey looks down at Chi Chi and grins wickedly as he takes Esther into a long, passionate kiss.  He drops down for the cover…




The purge sirens go off, and the crowd shouts loudly for the result of the match.  However, there is no announcement from Darlyn or Liam.  Instead, the end of Purge speech begins.

”This concludes your weekly Purge.  Emergency and medical services are back online.  We thank you for your participation.  Blessed by our new WGN Head of Standards and Practices.  SCU, a federation reborn. May God be with you all.”

Andrey gets up and hugs onto Esther, who is squealing.  She jumps into his arms and they begin making out.  However, Andrey breaks it up for a second, calling for Jade to hand them the belts.  Jade refuses.  Andrey goes to take the belts, but Jade pulls them away and points down to 2 Broke Chicks on the ground.  Andrey begins arguing with Jade, but she points over to Tad, who is standing at the panel of the truck, his finger still on the button that played the recording.

Tad:  Sorry, but we just… ran out of time.

Andrey:  It was split second longer and we would be GRIME Tag Team Champions!

Tad:  You can only hold one title at a time, and you’ve got one already.  SCU Combat Champion…

Esther:  He woulda given that belt up so we can be the champions!

Andrey:  Da!  I’ll give up this belt for those belts so wife and I can have titles we earned!

Tad shrugs his shoulders.

Tad: Too bad, so sad.  Better luck next time, kiddos…

Andrey stomps around the production truck, practically destroying equipment as he tosses things all about.  One final motion, and the screen goes to snow as we fade out.

Tune in next week as Ep 118 comes at you on 12/20/2021 taped LIVE on WGN and the Sin City Network!