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SCU Presents Underground 113: High Stakes XI Pre-Show

Sin City Underground Ep 113: High Stakes Pre-Show comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Whittemore Center Arena, Durham, New Hampshire. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 1:55pm PST on Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

<<< Recorded earlier in the day >>>

The scene opens backstage, where we see Amy sitting at one of the tables in the catering area. The GRIME championship sits on the table and opposite Amy sits Dev Khatri with a notepad in front of him and his camera man just off to the side.

Dev:  Hi Amy. Thank you for this sit-down interview about your match later on. How are you doing?

Dev asks opening the interview.

Amy: I am good thank you.

Amy smiles as she appears to be relaxed.

Dev: Great. Before we focus on tonight’s match. Let’s go back to last week and your match against Halo Annis.  Your thoughts on this match and the stipulation.

Dev takes his notepad and makes a mark.

Amy: It was disgusting… and truth be told I felt sick just touching some of those juices. But I just got on with it. Halo seemed to enjoy the match and she did try but her best wasn’t enough. Sorry about the loss Halo. Maybe next time.

Amy shrugs.

Dev: You said that you crave these unknown matches that you have never been in before. Have you been in an ultimate X match?

Dev slowly moves to High Stakes.

Amy: No. Never been in an ultimate X match. It’s amazing that SCU has given me these opportunities and I am enjoying it. So the ultimate x match… I’ve enjoyed watching the many matches that have been on TV and here in SCW. It’s certainly going to be a test of strength and stamina, especially with four other competitors in this match.

Amy shifts in her seat as she gets comfortable.

Dev: Are you excited about this match?

Dev asks as Amy takes a moment…

Amy:  That is a silly question. However, I am excited about this. As I said a new one for me but also the unpredictability of it but a little apprehensive because of the number of competitors in this match.

Amy shakes her head.

Dev: Well speaking of your competitors.  In this match you have Veronica Di Luca, Ariana Angelos, Kelli Torres and Linnea LaCroix. Who do you think is the biggest challenge?

Dev queries.

Amy: 3 out of the 4 are my biggest challenge. Veronica Taylor I have faced her numerous times over the years, and it was the same old outcome. I beat her. I am actually surprised that Veronica is in this match.  She doesn’t like hard and overly strenuous matches like this. I wouldn’t be surprised that she goes to Gianni and bitch and moan about being this match. But if she actually does participate… then I would be very surprised. But unfortunately, she is the weak link of this match. Sorry Veronica but I don’t see you making any impact in this match aside from being a nuisance to everyone else.

Amy shrugs before continuing on.

Amy:  Next would be Ariana Angelos. We met several weeks back in one of my successful championship defences. You did a good job in that match, but it wasn’t a match winning performance, however, I can see why people rave about you and your future here in SCW. I can see you causing a few issues in this match and maybe even get close to winning this match. MAYBE because like I’ll say to Kelli and Linnea… you may win but I will be climbing those ropes and shimmying across them and successfully defending this.

Amy reaches out and lightly touches the GRIME Championship.

Amy: Now Kellie Torres and Linnea LaCroix. To be honest, I have never met either of you. Well I tell I lie… when I unveiled myself and we were beating on Omasa for being a little bitch.  Linnea and a few came out to I guess make a save and failed.  That’s the one and only meeting we had.  But you two are the biggest threats in this match and truth be told… I am worried that I will lose this championship to one of you. I don’t know much about either of you two, however, I know that you two have been around for a while so have a pretty decent reputation and held championships.  This is why I am worried about you guys.  But I have taken the opportunity to watch old promos and old matches and while they don’t provide the real thing… I might just sit back inside the ring and watch you guys at work and learn that way.  Afterall this is a learning experience for us all.

Kelli and Linnea I know that you two will be hungry for the win and will be everything and anything to get your hands on this championship.  But as I said I will be defending this championship anyway I can… and if someone does win this championship they will have to prize it from my cold dead hands.

Amy grabs the championship and drags it across the table into her lap.

Dev: Well very insightful.  Thank you Amy.

Dev smiles.

Amy: No thank you.

Amy smiles at Dev and the camera, as she makes her way to her feet as the scene fades out on Dev making notes in his notepad and exchanging a few words with his camera man.

Grudge Match
Azurine Vebbins vs Katta Pult

The match starts with both ladies going at each other in a tie up.  Azzy backs Katta up a bit with some surprise aggression.  However, Katta knees her in the gut and begins clubbing her back.  She sends her into the opposite corner and charges in with a Clothesline, but Azzy ducks and rolls her up, getting a near two.  Katta kicks out, and Azzy scrambles to her feet.  She beats Katta, grabbing onto her head and dropping her with a DDT… or so she thought.  Katta nails a Northern Lights Suplex with relative ease.  She scores a two count and tells the referee to do her job.  She lifts Azzy up and nails a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, and then keeps latched on for a second one.  She goes for a third one, but Azzy hits an elbow to the side of Katta’s head and then gets the DDT she was looking for.  She picks Katta up and sends her into the ropes.  She hooks arms with Katta, trying for a Double Underhook Suplex, but Katta lifts her back, landing her hard on the mat.  Katta waves her fingers in front of her throat, letting everyone know that this match is over.  She sets Azzy up for the BPE.  The crowd gets ready to admire the perfection, but Azzy sweeps Katta off of her feet.  She puts Katta on her back.  After driving a knee into Katta’s forehead, she lifts her up and Katta spins Azzy around, nailing her in the back with a few elbows.  Azzy ducks behind and nails Katta with a German Suplex, bridging into a pin that gets a 2.5.  Katta is angry, screaming as Katta managed to nail a suplex on her yet again.  Azzy smirks, and this drives Katta nuts.  She swings at Katta, missing each time as Azzy backs up.  Katta rushes her into the corner and nails several shoulderbutts.  However, Azzy rams a knee into Katta’s face and  lifts her up.  Azzy gets behind Katta and gets her up and drops her but holds on as she turns it into a jawbreaker! The Pearly Gatekeeper!!! (Dragon Suplex into a Double-Handed Jawbreaker) Azurine Vebbins wins via pinfall.  The crowd cheers Azzy on as she throws her arms up and down in celebration.

The High Stakes pre-show cuts backstage to Chelsea LeClair who looks like she has some mixed emotions on her face. On one hand, she is definitely happy to be there. However, the fact that she is not on the card in any capacity: pre-show, or main show, seems to disappoint her some. Chelsea is definitely soaking in the sights and sounds of the environment around her as she begins to express her thoughts.

Chelsea: I know I haven’t been in Sin City Underground for very long. But the thing of it is, it is still an honor to be at the biggest show of the year. It is still great to see the entire universe of SCU and SCW come together for one big night. Here we are, in New York City, Madison Square Garden of all places, and the stage couldn’t be any bigger or any brighter. Yet, I have to be honest with you. I am coming here feeling a little bit disappointed. I am also feeling some emptiness and I am also feeling some sadness based on the fact that while I am here and while it is a great honor, I am not going to be a part of any match in any capacity. I was hoping I would at least have a match on the preshow right now, but I guess the disappointment of tonight is a microcosm of what I can only say is the disappointment of my career here in SCU so far. Now, I’m not saying I should be in the bright lights and all of the main events or anything. But, this disappointment goes both ways. I feel like SCU can do more with me and that I only need one opportunity to really prove my worth here. But at the same time, I also acknowledge that I should be doing so much better than I am right now. I know that I haven’t been here long and that to a degree, I should be patient. But, I know what I am worth and I know that I am more than capable of shining in a brighter spotlight than I am right now…

And see, the thing of it is, I HAD a chance to make that happen in my last match here against Veronica Taylor… and I won that match… by DISQUALIFICATION!

She took the time to try to choke me out and to make me suffer. It’s like she wanted to send a message at MY expense! ME! Is that how IRRELEVANT I have become since joining this company? Am I just going to be treated like chopped liver? For fuck’s sake, if it’s not Morgan Clark, it’s Veronica Taylor. Do I LOOK like a fucking pushover to you? Because I’m NOT!

I’m a two time world champion in my own right so I KNOW that I can do SO much better than what I am doing right now and yet, people like VERONICA FUCKING TAYLOR want to act like they can use ME as a message BITCH? FUCK that and FUCK YOU Veronica Taylor. Let me tell you something you plastic faced, shallow bitch, I don’t give a shit if you’re considered one of the big girls around here. I don’t give a crap if some people around here worship you as a damn legend. That does not give you a reason nor does it give you an excuse to do what you did to me and that is NOT something I am going to stand for. You think I am going to just let it stand like that? Hell no I am not going to let it stand like that.

What you did in our match a few weeks ago is where I am going to draw the line with me being considered the Sin City Underground message and whipping bitch around here and if you don’t think I am serious about that, then you have ZERO idea of how pissed I am that I am on the sidelines for the biggest event in this universe! The way I see it Veronica Taylor, I am FAR from done with you. Enjoy your little match. Ignore this all you want. Treat me like I am irrelevant. But if I were you, I’d watch your back. From this moment forward, Chelsea LeClair isn’t going to hang around on the sidelines and have a 24/7 happy go lucky attitude. I know that my fans deserve to see more of me and deserve to see me at my best. I haven’t been that here and that kills me. But, by the time I am done with you Veronica and by the time I settle this my way, this company is going to see what I can do at my best.

I didn’t come to this company just to be another pretty face, I will tell you that right now!

Watch your back, Veronica…

Chelsea expresses some anger on her face before she turns and exits the scene, leaving the audience to take in the intense words that she just spoke out of sheer frustration regarding how her run in SCU has gone so far.

N.F.G. (Omasa Tazu & Javi Gonzalez) Vs Jerry Cann & Kandy Kaine

Jerry and Javi start things off, going back and forth with a series of punches.  Each one rocks the other, and the fans cheer for the exchange.  However, Jerry buries his knuckles into Javi’s stomach, and nails a headbutt that drops him to his knees.  He pokes fun at Javi, hinting at losing to Rory a few weeks ago.  He then spins an elbow right to Javi’s face.  He sends Javi into his corner, following up with a Clothesline, but Javi ducks, causing Jerry to nail Kandy.  He tries to slow down, but he can’t stop himself fully.  Javi nails a Dropkick to Jerry’s back, sending him onto the apron.  Kandy slides inside as Omasa climbs in.  The two circle each other as Kandy dives at Omasa for a tie up.  Omasa shoves Kandy’s hands to the side and nails her with alternating kicks to the ribs, followed up by a Yakuza Kick.  Kandy rolls to the outside as Omasa grabs Jerry and drags him in through the ropes.  She places him in the Tonga Grip, but the referee calls it off.  She lets go just before the 5 count.  This gives Kandy enough time to slide back inside and she hits a German Suplex.  She then hits a Split Leg Moonsault and gets a two count.  Omasa rakes Kandy’s eyes and then drags her to her feet.  She goes for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Kandy dives through it and tags Jerry back in.  Omasa tags Javi in.  Javi dives at Jerry, but Jerry moves.  Javi swings Jerry into the corner.  He hits a few Shoulderbutts, but as he tries for the Backspring Elbow, Jerry moves.  He drags Javi to the center of the ring and locks on the Cobra Clutch.  Javi doesn’t have much time to react before Omasa gets inside of the ring.  She nails Jerry with the Omasa Punch, and Javi dives down for the cover while Omasa holds Kandy back. N.F.G. wins via pinfall.  Omasa hits Kandy with the Omasa Punch, and the two of them leave the ring.

Joshua is in the backstage area of Madison Square Garden holding his GRIME Championship.

Joshua: I told you last week you would see me here as your GRIME Champions still.  Now I am in Madison Square Garden.  The history of this place is great.  You have the NHL’s New York Rangers, four time champions.  You have the NBA New York Knicks two time champions.  The numbers hanging in the rafters up there.  So much history has been made here and after tonight I will be holding two championships.  My GRIME Championship and soon to be my SCU Combat Championship.

Joshua sits down on a bench.

Joshua: Over this last week I have been training and getting ready for this kick boxing match and it brings up memories from a past fed I was in.  I was in a Lion’s Den match where I was in a MMA rules match and instead of the regular cage there was razor wire all over and it has left scars on me, from being wrapped up in the razor wire.  So this match I will have fun with.  I have been training with Amy and she has given me some pointers as what to do and I will say she can kick box and not even give up, I had to stop her because I was tired from all the work she had me doing.

Joshua stands up and starts to stretch out.

Joshua: Now I get to become SCU’s only current double champion.

Ultimate X Match - GRIME Championship
Amy Santino(c) Vs Ariana Angelos Vs Linnea LaCroix Vs Kelli Torres Vs Veronica Taylor

As soon as the bell rings, Veronica steps onto the apron and instantly begins climbing the poll.  She makes it to the x’d ropes, but Linnea gives Kelli a boost, and she jumps, grabbing Veronica by the waist.  She climbs in Veronica’s way, and the two struggle against each other.  Meanwhile, Amy kicks Ari in the guts and lands her with a DDT.  Linnea grabs Amy and spins her around, throwing punches at the champion.  The two go back and forth as Ari sneaks her way to the opposite corner.  She climbs up the pole and jumps onto the ropes.  She flips herself on top of the ropes and shimmies her way toward the center.  Coming from the opposite way, Kelli and Veronica fight over one another to get to the title first.  Ari is nearly there when Linnea climbs onto Amy’s back and jumps onto the ropes.  The four ladies fight closer and closer to the belt, while Ari and Linnea swing by one arm.  Amy looks at this and sees her title in trouble.  She climbs outside of the ring and finds a Kawaii stick under the ring.  She rolls back inside of the ring and begins striking rapidly.  She gets Linnea, then Ari.  She goes back and forth between the two until Linnea drops down.  Ari tries to swing back up, but Amy catches her leg and yanks her back down.  Kelli and Veronica drop down on their own accord, knocking each other down.  Amy steadies the stick in her hand, waiting for anyone to get up as she slowly turns.  Ari rolls to the outside to catch her breath as Amy nails Linnea with the stick.  She goes after Kelli, but Kelli rips the stick from Amy’s hands.  She swings, but Amy dodges to the best of her abilities.  Ari slides a table inside of the ring and begins setting it up.  Veronica comes up behind Ari and begins choking her with her diamond necklace. Kelli cracks the stick over Veronica’s head, breaking up the choke early on.  Linnea gets back up and begins climbing the pole.  She makes it to the ropes and climbs across them.  She gets halfway through when she sees Kelli trying to jump off the table at Amy.  Linnea drops down and plants Kelli through the table with the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT)!  Ari spins Linnea around and drops her with a Shooting Star DDT!  Veronica jumps up and hits the Exed Out (Roll of the Dice)!  As Veronica sets her eyes on the title hanging right above her, Amy kicks her in the gut and nails the Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker)!  Amy climbs the ropes slowly, and then she swings onto the x’d ropes.  She swings over as best as she can.  Ari grabs onto Amy’s feet, but Amy drags her along to the title.  Ari tugs harder, but Amy comes down with the belt in her hands! Amy Santino retains the GRIME Championship by retrieving the belt.  Amy kicks Ari away and rolls outside to celebrate on her way up the rampway.  She turns around and raises the belt high in the air once halfway up the rampway.

We find our way to the backstage area to spot Liam Gagnon standing by with the High Stakes XI banner behind him, alongside a “What’re You Gagnon?” logo to the right.  He has the microphone ready as he looks at the camera.

Liam:  Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of “What’re You Gagnon?”  with your host… Liam Gagnon.  This night is a special night, and I would love to conduct an award winning interview with someone very special…

Liam smiles uncharacteristically sweet at the camera.  He then sighs.

Liam:  But, unfortunately, my guest for this evening is Andrey Azarov.  Please be polite and fake a clap for the SCU Combat Champion facing Joshua Acquin later tonight.  Andrey?

Liam lightly claps as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction.  Andrey walks up to the makeshift area and looks up at the banner for High Stakes.  He admires it for all of three seconds before he turns his attention to Liam.

Andrey:  Liam, is good to see you old buddy!

Andrey’s thick Russian accent makes it a bit harder to understand what he’s saying at first.

Liam:  I wish I could say the same.  So now that you’ve got a championship to your name, does it make it easier for people to forgive the constant marbles in your mouth?

Andrey:  Marbles?  More like… golf balls.  But, nyet.  No one forgives the accent.  And here, I think Americans like forgeign accents.

Liam:  Only attractive ones, like French, Spanish, English, and Schwarzenager.  That pretty much blocks out Eastern Europe, like it’s God’s blind spot.

Andrey chuckles as he looks at Liam.  He pats Liam on the shoulder.

Liam:  Oh, come on.  Your cooperation makes this so much less enjoyable.  Kinda like sex with your wife, huh?

Andrey gives Liam a death glare, and Liam takes note, for better or for worse.

Liam:  I’ll talk about how easy it is to bang your wife later.  But for now, let’s talk about your match later tonight against GRIME Champion, Joshua Acquin.  How does it feel knowing that you don’t stand a goddamn chance in that match?

Andrey:  What do you mean?

Liam:  Well, not many have beaten Stewart Mason, but Joshua has a clean win over the Underground Champion.  With a track record like that, it’s hard to believe that you might actually stand a chance.

Andrey holds his hand up to stop Liam.

Andrey:  Hold phone, Liam.  Joshua has win over Stewart in hardcore style match.  Stewart has win over Joshua in standard match.  It’s very different from each other.  Just as Combat Championship is different from both.  Before I was wrestler, I was PBC Heavyweight Champion.  I know how to fight in combat style matches.  I study wrestling second.  Hell, I come to SCU for Combat Championship.  It was made for me, I think.

Liam:  So you’re saying that you’re better than they are?

Andrey:  In Combat Division, yes.  It is why I am Combat Champion.  Joshua might be better in GRIME Division than me.  Stewart might be better Underground Champion than me.  And then again, this might not be so true.  No division is better than another to me.  I respect all fighting styles.  Is why I love being in Sin City Underground.  And with all the disrespect we get in SCU, I must say that it must feel good to say that away from threat of fighting any one of us champions, either side of roster.  Come challenge any one of us champions and see.  Or take look at how many of us came up there to take belts from you guys.  Mark Cross, O’Malley, Brother David, Krystal Wolfe, just to name few.

Liam nods his head as he listens to Andrey speak.

Liam:  Well that answers a lot of questions that nobody asked.  So here’s one for you.  Do you have any last words for Joshua tonight?

Andrey:  Be ready, Joshua. Will be only way you stand a chance against me in my own world.  See you soon.

And with that, Andrey props his belt on his shoulder and he walks away, leaving Liam to sign off.

Liam:  Well, there’s another “What’re You Gagnon?” special take!  Enjoy the rest of the show.

Roppongi Street Fight - GRIME Tag Team Championship
Kawaii Dragons(c) Vs 2 Broke Chicks

The cameras go to the parking lot area.  Off in a far corner, we see the barbeque grill going, and Over The Edge are partying it up like they always do.  However, this time there are four RVs parked in front of them, and a couple to the sides.  Another one pulls up sideways to block off part of the fighting area so that it is now squared off.  Referee Dylan Roberts stands in the center as 2 Broke Chicks enter the large squared area from one of the RVs.  On the other side of the square, from the RV that just pulled up, we see the Kawaii Dragons, carrying a trash can and setting it down in front of their RV.  They bring their titles to Dylan, who raises them up and calls for the bell.

Instantly, Jane grabs onto Winter, and Chi Chi grabs onto Tatsu.  They whip the Kawaii Dragons right at each other, but the two cartwheel apart, rushing to the trash cans opposite from one another.  Winter pulls out a bong and holds it up in 2 Broke Chicks’ direction.  They shrug as Winter checks on it.  She pulls a lighter out and lights it up before bringing it with her to the middle of the square.  Tatsu brings out a broomstick and swings it wildly as she shouts out in Japanese.  She goes after Jane as Winter passes the bong to Chi Chi.  Chi Chi is about to take a rip when she turns and smashes it right against Winter’s face.  She stomps on Winter before picking her up and dragging her over toward one of the RVs.  She goes to bash Winter’s head into it, but Winter sticks her foot up to reverse it, bashing Chi Chi’s face into a window a few times until it cracks.

Jane backs away from Tatsu, and then kicks her in the gut to stop her from swinging the broomstick.  She grabs a nail gun out of the nearby trash can and she aims it right at Tatsu.  Tatsu backs away as Jane chases her, shooting it at her.  Tatsu takes one to the leg and trips down.  Jane stands over Tatsu and aims it down at her, but Tatsu kicks it out of Jane’s hand and pulls the nail out of her leg.  She picks up the nail gun and shoots Jane in both legs.  She then cracks the butt end of it over Jane’s head.  Tatsu goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.  Tatsu picks Jane up and sends her toppling into the trash can.  As Tatsu leans down to pick Jane up, Jane stabs Tatsu in the arm with a pair of chopsticks.

On the other side of the space, Winter has a tow chain wrapped around Chi Chi’s neck.  She has the other end over a flagpole from 2 Broke Chicks’ RV.  She pulls down on the chain, raising Chi Chi up.  Chi Chi grabs at the chain, trying her best to at least relieve the pressure around her neck.  Winter latches it onto one of the retractable steps.  She picks up a 2x4 and begins bashing Chi Chi with it.  Jane rushes over and bashes Winter over the back of the head with a trash can lid.  She pulls Chi Chi down and checks on her.  Tatsu rushes over with a water hose and she jumps onto Jane’s back and chokes her with it, while also clawing at Jane’s face.  Winter hits an elbow to Chi Chi and jumps on her back.  2 Broke Chicks move around, trying to get the Kawaii Dragons off of their backs.  They finally whip them right onto the retractable stairs.  Tatsu shouts out in pain as she holds her back, rolling off of the stairs.  Winter slides down to the ground.  Chi Chi steps over Winter and opens up their RV.  She brings out a decorated teapot.  She dumps some of the water onto Winter before cracking it over Tatsu’s head.

Jane whips Tatsu with the water hose.  Once she’s satisfied, she goes for the cover, but Tatsu kicks out.  Chi Chi picks up a tire iron and goes to smack Tatsu with it, but she moves, and Chi Chi hits Jane with it.  Winter trips Chi Chi up as Tatsu rips the chain down and whips Chi Chi with it.  Winter and Tatsu stomp on her for a moment before they dogpile pin her, nearly getting the three count.  However, Chi Chi is able to kick out just seconds before.  Jane is back up, but the Kawaii Dragons drag Chi Chi over toward their RV.  Winter throws open the storage compartment, tossing out a fishing pole, baseball, traffic cone, bow and a bag of arrows, and a few lawn chairs, and last but not least, two Kawaii Sticks.  Tatsu picks up the fishing pole and casts it right at Chi Chi, snagging her lip.  However, Chi Chi bites at the line, leaving the hook in her lip as she picks up one of the lawn chairs.  She smacks Tatsu with it, breaking it on impact.

Winter sees this and shoots a flare off right at Chi Chi, blinding her.  However, Jane rushes at Winter with her infamous Louisville Slugger.  Tatsu smacks Chi Chi with the Kawaii Stick.  Winter uses the other to smack the bat out of Jane’s hand.  She smacks Jane a few times to put her down.  Chi Chi comes at Winter, but Tatsu winds up the pitch and Winter smacks the ball right into Chi Chi’s face, putting her out cold.  Winter goes for the cover, but Jane breaks it up at two by shooting Winter with the bow and arrow, catching her in the shoulder.  Winter shouts out in pain before Jane does a quick curb stomp.  Tatsu shrieks as she comes over and begins throwing rapid strike attempts at Jane, but Jane rams an arrow into Tatsu’s side.  She drags Tatsu over to the barbeque grill.  She picks up a large foil wrapped potato from next to the grill and she beats Tatsu in the face with it until it busts everywhere.  She also points this out to “Uncle Dax”, who is about to get involved in the match himself until Eyesnsane, Rory, and Mrs Right hold him back.  Jane grabs onto Tatsu’s face and tries to smash it into the grill, but Tatsu pushes back, bringing Jane down to the ground with her.  Eyesnsane stops the grill from knocking over.  Jane picks Tatsu back up, but Tatsu spins and nails a punch to the back of Jane’s head, sending her face into the side of the grill, bouncing off.  Eyesnsane holds up the bottle of Jack Daniels to get a cheap plug.

Jane is seeing red… from the cut on her forehead, so she grabs Tatsu and presses her face against the grill, causing Tatsu to scream out loud.  Jane then sends Tatsu through the table.  She is about to get the cover, but Winter breaks it up at the very last possible second.  She clubs at Jane a few times before whipping her into the grill, tipping it over as she rolls over it.  Winter goes for the cover, but Chi Chi stumbles over, kicking Winter.  She kicks at Winter, sending her toward the Kawaii Dragons’ RV.  She finds a set of fluorescent light bulbs racked up.  She goes to drop Winter, but Winter lands on her feet.  Tatsu rushes at her, but there is a back body drop, right on top of the bulbs, smashing them all.  Meanwhile, Winter has connected the battery cables to the RV.  Tatsu barely kicks out as Winter starts up the RV.  She comes out, ready to shock Chi Chi with them, but she elbows Winter in the face.  She picks Tatsu up, but Tatsu kicks her in the stomach.  She whips her toward Winter, who is holding the cables out, waiting.  But Chi Chi reverses it and Tatsu catches the mega zap.  Jane grabs Winter by the hair as Chi Chi puts a boot on Tatsu’s chest. 2 Broke Chicks win via pinfall to become the GRIME Tag Team Champions.  They practically collapse rather than celebrating, blood all over them as the medical team rushes to check on both teams and the show goes off the air.

We go backstage to see Jenifer Lacriox getting her wrist taped up by Linnea Lacriox. Jenifer faces a tv screen showing Merlot Ayano vs Melissa Ruin for the Combat Championship a few months back. A knock is heard at the door before it opens up. We see Celeste North enter the locker room. 

Celeste: In about 90 minutes Merlot will be in the ring ready for you, you ready for this match?

Jenifer nods with a smile that screams, Fuck Yeah.

Celeste: I know, I’m happy for you Jenifer. We came a long way together. In that ride you set your eyes on the Combat title. For years, and every goddamn time you earned a shot. Someone attacked you. First it was SCU stars hating and then GRIME with the shit they pulled. I tried to help fight them off, but failed. The fucked up thing is. You joined SCU soley to watch my back for the same fucking reasons. What happened when I got my match? I became the Underground Champion while undefeated and held the title for a year. That whole time you too sat undefeated. I mean this whole time as here you are still undefeated. Waiting to take the title from Merlot and do what I did. Only I did it better, I was the underground champion. LIke everyone else, I do it better, I took you under my wing, to groom you for this match. The rest of the Mean Girls seem to be doing the same. You at least are better than their projects. But I know how to pick them. I’m that good, the best actually. It’s what I do. Alright now back to this shit. Jenifer, I don’t need to give you a game plan, you don’t need no pep talk from me. All you need to do is show everyone why I brought you here to begin with. You are the big bad wolf in a small package. Now it’s time to prove it.

Jenifer gets pumped up as if it was a pep talk anyways. Linnea is done tapping Jenifer up. Jenifer punches her fist together as she hypes herself up.

Tune into the Sin City Network for High Stakes XI Main Show!