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SCU House Show 19, Nov 18th, 2021 results
« on: November 20, 2021, 10:37:57 PM »

House Show 19. November 18th, 2021
Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA

Alex Rush vs Jamie Staggs

Alex and Jamie charge at each other and nail each other with a double clothesline. Both men fall to the mat. They get up at the same time and tie up. Jamie gets the advantage and gets Alex over his head for a military press but before Jamie can drop Alex to the mat, Alex counters by grabbing Jamie Stagg’s left ear. As Alex drops down to the mat Jamie follows suit as Alex holds on to Jamie’s left ear. Jamie grabs a handful of Alex’s hair. Alex lets go of Jamie’s ear, Jamie lets go of Alex’s hair. Both men get to their feet and start trading slaps. Jamie gains the advantage as he kicks Alex in the nuts. Alex grabs his nuts as he falls forward. On the way down Alex headbutt’s Jamie in the nuts. Jamie hits the mat laying next to Alex. The ref gets a count going with both men getting to their feet at the count of nine. The two men would take the fight to the outside, they trade chops ignoring the refs count as Jade gets to ten counting them both out for a double count out.

Chelsea LeClair vs Alana Allure

Chelsea walks towards the middle of the ring as Alana runs over going for a jumping high knee. Chelsea gets nailed in the jaw and stumbles back. Alana runs at Chelsea and nails a European uppercut. Alana grabs Chelsea and Irish whips her to the ropes. Chelsea runs across the ring and hits the ropes. She bounces off the ropes and heads back towards Alana. Alana bends over to flip Chelsea to the air but Chelsea stops and jumps up extending her leg and drops it on the back of Alana’s head for a fameasser leg drop. Chelsea gets up and helps Alana to her feet. Chelsea goes to grab Alana but she counters with a superkick. Chelsea gets stunned by the kick, Alana goes for another superkick, Chelsea grabs Alana’s leg. Chelsea pulls Alana’s leg towards her pulling Alana closer. Chelsea hits a low kick to Alana’s standing leg switch and drops her to the mat on her side. Chelsea, still holding the other leg, drops to her side landing an elbow to the side of Alana’s kicking leg's knee. Chelsea gets to her feet and stomps on Alana’s other knee. Chelsea takes a step and stomps on Alana’s hand  then stomps on Alana’s chest. Chelsea then runs up to the corner to jump on the top turnbuckle. Chelsea jumps up and lads on Alana with her CANCELLED! (Corkscrew Moonsault) Chelsea stays on top of Alana and scores the pinfall victory.

Hitamashii vs Father Gerald

Hitamashii and Gerald start the match with strikes being thrown. The punch turn into hard chops to the chest. Hitamashii takes a chop and counters back now with a poke to the eyes. Hitamashii grabs Father Gerald and swings him around for a swinging neckbreaker. Hitamashii jumps up for a leg drop, Gerald sits up causing Hitamashii to miss and land on the mat hard. Gerald gets to his feet as does Hitamashii. Gerald tries to tie up but Hitamashii hits Gerald in the chest with a dropkick. The crowd pops as they see HB Carter run down from the rampway. He slides in the ring and attacks Hitamashii. The ref calls for the bell as she rewards Hitamashii with a DQ victory. Dying Breed runs out to help Hitamashii. HB Carter gets doubled teamed by Dying Breed. Mz Holly Wood runs out to help Carter as does Gerald. SCU Security runs out to break it up.

Main Event
Cordelia Clark vs Halo Annis

Cordelia and Halo get to the middle of the ring and start open hand strikes. The open hands strikes quickly turn into closed fist. Jade the ref gets between them to break it up. Halo gets her hands up listening to the ref as Cordelia lays in one more shot. Jade yells at Cordelia as the champ backs away. Halo charges in for a spear, Cordelia grabs Jade and moves her in front of her causing Halo to spear Jade to the mat. Halo gets off of Jade as she gets kicked by Cordelia causing Halo to stumble back a step. Cordelia nails Halo with right then a left knocking Halo to one knee. The crowd pops as Omasa Tazu runs in the ring and attacks Cordelia Clark. Omasa nails a chop to the back of Cordelia’s neck. Halo gets back to her feet. Omasa Grabs Cordelia and sends her to Halo. Halo grabs Cordelia and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Halo gets to her feet only to get nailed with a roundhouse kick by Omasa. Halo goes down, Omasa kicks Halo on her chest. Cordelia sits up and gets nailed with a kick to her upper back. Jade starts to get up, she sees Omasa attacking Cordelia and calls for the bell. SCU security rushed to the ringside to remove Omasa from the ring. Halo gets to her feet and runs to Cordelia but Jade pulls her away as the bell rings again. Halo raises her hand in victory as the crowd pops. Cordelia gets up and yells about getting attacked by Omasa. Omasa breaks away from security and gets back in the ring. Jade gets in front of Omasa as Security grabs her legs to pull her out of the ring. Darlyn informs the crowd that the winner of this match is Halo Annis by DQ. Cordelia yells at Jade about Omasa attacking her but Jade tells Cordelia that she’s DQ for pulling her in the way to get speared by Halo. Cordelia continues to argue with Jade as Security finally gets Omasa over towards the rampway. Halo gets on top of the turnbuckle and jumps off landing on Omasa and a few security guards. Halo and Omasa trade short jabs as they roll on the floor. Cordelia pushes Jade tot he side and runs across the ring. She jumps over the top ropes and lands on both Halo and Omasa. Cordelia and Halo double team Omasa but Omasa holds her own by blocking  not able to attack back. Security get up and grab Omasa to pull her away. More security rush over, just in time too as Cordelia and Halo start attacking each other. Security run in and break them up as the others take Omasa to the back from the crowd. Halo gets sent up the ramp as Cordelia stands at ringside getting booed by the crowd.