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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 111 (Results)
« on: October 23, 2021, 11:05:25 PM »

SCU Ep 111

Bob Carpenter Center, Newark, Delaware

Sin City Underground Ep 111 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Bob Carpenter Center, Newark, Delaware. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on October 23rd, 2021.

We go to the ringside area where the fans are going crazy, waving signs for their favorite SCU and SCW stars.  As the lights flash across the crowd, we are quickly cut off as “Wrecked” by Killbot plays over the speakers. Gianni steps through the curtains, dressed in his usual white suit with red shirt.  He has a microphone in hand as he walks down to the ring.  He climbs onto the apron and through the ropes.  He takes command of the center of the ring, where we see a table set up with two chairs, and two contracts set out.  He looks down at them with a nod and then looks over to the High Stakes XI advertisement to the side of the Sin CIty Tron.

Gianni: High Stakes is shapin’ up nicely. We have Jenifer Lacriox vs Merlot Ayano for the Combat title, and we’re gonna see a contract signin’ here shortly.


Gianni:  And as we found out last week, Joshua Acquin will be challengin’ Andrey Azarov for the Combat Championship… Hitamashii and Stewart will go at it. Angel of Filth and Skag will take on The Three Way for the Pride Tag titles. Helena Jeckel vs Cordelia Clark for the Underground title. And let’s not forget that the Kawaii Dragons, or Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood, may be defendin’ the GRIME Tag Team Championships against 2 Broke Chicks.  I think it’s safe to say that SCU will be takin’ over High Stakes.  Ya welcome…

Despite his arrogance, the crowd cheers for Gianni.  He gives them little time to cheer him on.

Gianni:  Now, I wanted to address a certain champion about his demands.  As much as I like ya way of thinkin’, Joshua Acquin, I’m the boss around here.  I call the shots.  So anyone who saw the card for this week will notice that Javier Gonzalez will be taking on Rory Rockefeller, but it will be for a match next week on our Halloween show, taking place on SUNDAY, October 31st, rather than the usual Saturday slot we normally occupy.  That will be when the winner will get a chance at your GRIME Championship, Joshua.  So pay close attention to that match.

The crowd is buzzing about this as Gianni looks up to the rampway again.

Gianni:  Now, without further adieu, I’d like to welcome to the ring, challenger for the SCU Combat Championship… Jenifer LaCroix…

Jenny rocks out on the way to the ring jumping to the beat of the song as the lyrics play.

La Stone Family
I am Marvin Gaye
Donny Hathaway
Oh Yeah , Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah
Je changerais

Jenny slides in the ring and continues to jump around to the beat, getting the crowd hyped up for the match.

Tu sais, tu sais, tu sais
Je changerais
Demain ou peut-être jamais

Jenny climbs to the middle turnbuckle as the music fades out raising her hand in the air getting a last minute pop from the crowd.  Jenifer then pulls out one of the seats and turns it around to sit backwards in it and she begins looking down at the contract in front of her.

Gianni:  Now, let’s welcome your long reigning SCU Combat Champion… Merlot Ayano…

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout the air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on. Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out a great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. She raises the Combat Championship high in the air for the fans to see as they cheer.  She hands it to Gianni as she takes a seat at the table.  Her and Jenifer exchange a glare.  Gianni holds the belt up for all to see before setting it on the table between the two as the staredown gets much more intense.  The fans get to their feet and cheer as they show their support for their favorite in the ring.

Gianni:  Now, as you both know, you will be competing in a Mixed Martial Arts Match at High Stakes XI for the SCU Combat Championship.  Your papers in front of you say…

Jenifer holds her hand up.  She types into her phone and slowly reads into a microphone that is on the table.

Jenifer:  I want to sign these papers and leave because I am always attacked before title matches.  Do not book me next week.  Do not expect me on camera next week, or until I am on my way to the ring at High Stakes with my manager and crew.

Jenifer sets her phone down and quickly scribbles her signature and slides the contract across the table toward Gianni.  Merlot takes the microphone from the table.

Merlot:  Hai.  Do not worry, Jenifer. Merlot want to see Jenifer in match at High Stakes.  I want you to compete across ring from me.  You earn shot. Many time.  At High Stakes, Merlot will be 100 percent.  Merlot want Jenifer at 100 percent too.  Merlot have Jenifer’s back 100 percent.

Crowd:  *MEGA POP!!!*

Merlot signs her contract and sends it over to Gianni as well.  She picks up the Combat title and puts it over her left shoulder.  She reaches her hand across the table and Jenifer looks at the hand.  She thinks about it for a second and then shakes her head no.  She slowly steps backward and leaves the ring, leaving Merlot looking a bit disappointed. Gianni pats her on the shoulder in a “tough luck kid” sort of way, when Merlot brushes Gianni’s hand off.  Instead, she holds the belt up high as her music plays.

Opening Match
GRIME Tag Team Championship
Inferno Tables Match
Kawaii Dragons vs Kelli Torres and Mz Hollywood

 As soon as the bell rings, Tatsu and Winter slide outside and begin rapidly trying to set a table up.  As soon as they get one set of legs open, Kelli goes outside and grabs Winter by the hair and nails a DDT to the concrete floor.  Tatsu tries for a Roundhouse Kick, but Kelli lifts her over onto the ring steps.  Holly shrugs and begins picking at her nails, telling Kelli that she’s got this.  Kelli picks the other side of the table up and sets the legs up.  Winter gets up, holding her neck.  She then slams Kelli’s head into the table.  Kelli turns and bashes Winter’s face into the table.  He picks Winter up, but Winter struggles.  Holly comes outside and helps lift Winter up as they slam her through a table.  They high five each other until Kelli realizes it wasn’t set on fire.  Holly lifts Tatsu up and carries her over to another table.  Holly sets Tatsu down and helps Kelli set the table up.  Kelli goes to pour gas over the table, and Holly gets the matches ready.  She tries to strike the match, but Chi Chi and Jane jump the barricade.  Chi Chi drops a Zippo onto the table, setting it ablaze as Jane cracks Holly with the slugger.  Kelli turns and bashes Jane with the gas can, but Chi Chi lifts Holly up and does a Body Slam through the table. Kawaii Dragons win as Holly was put through the table, losing the match for her team.  Chi Chi pulls out her bokken and strikes Kelli from behind, putting her down. Security rushes down to ringside to get the 2 Broke Chicks out of the ringside area. Kawaii Dragons take a running start as they jump over the top ropes and hit a double crossbody onto the 2 Broke Chicks and security. Azz N Clazz hit the rampway, Kawaii Dragons get up and jump the barricade to leave the area. Azz N Clazz follow as Security get up and now give chase to both teams.

We come in to see Esther Azarov sitting sideways on a leather chair inside of the common area in the Bob Carpenter Center.  She has a cigarette in one hand, and her phone in the other.  She takes a drag from her cigarette when we see Kandy Kaine walk in.  She starts coughing from the smell of the smoke.

Kandy:  People say I’m dumb, but somebody doesn’t know how to read…

Esther rolls her eyes and finishes typing on her phone before setting it down on her thigh.

Esther:  If you have something to say, why don’t you just say it to my FUCKING FACE!

Esther points to her face as she screams at Kandy.  Kandy walks up closer to Esther and leans in, just inches from her face.  She speaks in an elevated tone, but not in a menacing manner.


Esther pinches Kandy’s lips shut as Kandy whimpers a little.  Esther stands up, towering over Kandy.

Esther:  Look here you little bitch. I’m not stupid.  I don’t give a damn.  There’s a difference.  Go on and get cleaned up after that shameful thing you call a match that you just had out there.  You smell like the floor of the Velvet Rabbit. Go on.  Git!

She lets go of Kandy’s lips and pushes her toward the shower area.  Andrey walks into the women’s locker room and locks lips with his wife, who drops her cigarette to the ground as she wraps her arms around his neck.

Kandy:  Signs apparently mean nothing around here… Gosh…

Kandy leaves back out of the locker room in a bit of a huff.  Esther leans out from the kiss and rubs her lips together.

Andrey:  Beautiful wife is ready for match against Amy for the GRIME Championship?

Andrey mocks as Esther is still in her street clothes.  She smacks his shoulder.

Esther:  Are you ready for your match against the GRIME Champion, for your Combat Championship?

Andrey:  Is at High Stakes.  Yours is coming up soon.  Big difference.  Plus, it all depends on if Josh goes in with or without his title.  His morale will determine a lot of things.

Esther:  So what?  You’re going to beat him, probably worse than I’m going to beat Amy.  Whispers are that Amy thinks I’m a nothing.  Just like a Mean Girl, only not hot enough to be asked to sit with them.  Someone who is a Hall of Famer, yet someone that nobody thinks about outside of anyone who wants that shitty title around her waist.  How else can I prepare for the shittiest wrestler in Sin City?

Andrey:  She should stick to her other career.  Much more memorable that way.

Esther:  True.  I mean, that’s the only reason she has that title.  Everyone knows that she put her blowjob skills to work to get shots at the title.  She screwed Mercedes over.  Yet, she wants to call me a nobody?  I mean, part of me wonders if I am a nobody for real.  If anyone is an expert on being irrelevant, it would be Amy Santino.  So, fine.  I’ll concede.  I’m a fucking nobody.  But, after tonight, I’m going to be a nobody with a title.

Andrey curls his lip up in a seductive way as he slowly nods his head.

Andrey:  Gold is your color.

Esther:  No, it’s our color…

Esther leans in and kisses Andrey as the camera shifts focus elsewhere.

Angel of Filth and Skag vs Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine

Filth and Kandy come to the center of the ring. The two tie up, but Filth escapes, twisting Kandy’s arm causing her to yell in pain. Filth wrenches the arm as she moves her toward Skag. Filth drags Kandy around the ring then lets go and she throws Kandy through the ropes. Filth taunts Jerry. Kandy slides back inside of the ring, and Spears Filth from behind. Filth falls back as Kandy mounts her and begins slapping her. The ref pulls Kandy off of Filth. Kandy takes a deep breath and refocuses on Filth. Kandy sends Filth into Kandy’s own corner. Jerry steps back, but grabs onto Filth’s shirt to hold her back, without the referee seeing. Kandy pounds Filth down to the ground before stepping back. She runs and hits Filth in the face with both knees as Jerry claps and cheers on Kandy. Kandy pulls Filth out and gets a two count. Skag pulls Kandy’s leg out. Jerry steps inside of the ring and clotheslines him into the corner. Both men trade punches before the ref orders them to the outside of the ring. Kandy turns around, right into a Superkick. Kandy falls back, and Filth goes for the cover. Jerry pulls her off before the ref can start a count. He helps pull Kandy over to their corner and tags in. Skag catches Jerry with a boot to the gut. He pulls Jerry into a Piledriver. Jerry lifts Skag up for a Back Body Drop. Jerry goes to grab Skag. Skag punches Jerry in the throat. Skag hits a DDT and gets a quick 2 count. Skag signals a three count.  The referee forcefully holds up 2 fingers, and Skag wastes no time punching the referee in the face.  Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine win via Disqualification.  This leads to Skag being taken from the ring by security, while Jerry and Kandy check on the referee.

We go to the bar area of the venue, and we see Rory Rockefeller standing behind it as he is leaning over, talking to Dax and an unknown man. Over to his left, we see Martha Fox chit chatting with Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine.  Behind them, Holly Wood and Kelli Torres are seen talking and laughing with each other while nursing their wounds over a bottle and two shot glasses.  At a table nearby, we see Winter and Mercedes Vargas talking over paperwork while enjoying a beer and a burger.  Liam Gagnon comes walking up to the bar and knocks on it.  Rory comes over.

Rory:  What can I get you, boss?

Liam:  I would say a win later tonight, but that might be too much to ask for, so how about a Molson?

Rory chuckles.

Rory:  We don’t carry pussy beer, sorry.

Liam:  So that rules out any American beer.  Got it. Do you have anything that will put hair on your nuts, or no?

Rory cracks a half smirk and turns around to grab two bottles from the bar.  He flips them both in the air, catching one first, pouring it into a glass, and then catching the other to add.  He flips them back upright and puts them on the display case.  He spritzes something carbonated, and then flips a cherry up to his shoulder, letting it roll down his arm and right into the glass as he puts a lemon in it.

Liam:  Fruity?

Rory:  Just try it.  You’ll see.

Liam lifts the drink up and takes a big sip from it.  His face shows a little frazzle as he puckers his lips.  He huffs and Rory reaches over and pats him on the shoulder as Liam pads the tip jar a bit.

Liam:  Touche.  You’re a much better bartender than you are wrestler.

Rory:  And you’re much better not seen on TV week in and week out.  We all have our strengths.

Liam:  Speaking of strength.  That’s your big advantage in your match tonight against Javier Gonzalez, no?

Rory shrugs.

Rory:  You might say that.  But it don’t matter.  Javi likes to play big and bad.  He likes to crack jokes.  And funny thing is that he’s someone I look up to.  He helped me go from someone on the edge of losing everything, and brought me into GRIME.  But he’s not going to just walk all over me like everyone thinks.

Liam:  You are not wrong, my friend.  And I mean that as in everyone does think Javi’s going to walk all over you tonight.

Rory:  You got jokes, bro.  I got the fight that counts.  Tonight, I’m gonna give it to Javi.  I’m gonna make him my bitch.  He will no longer be sensei.  He will be the student, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Liam takes another sip from his glass and then stirs it around, feeling the alcohol lingering on his breath.

Liam:  You should be.  Imagine a Javi who only wants to joke around, at your expense, and a Javi who literally wants to kick your ass.  The second one, you stand no chance against.

Rory:  Maybe, maybe not.

Liam:  No, definitely.  Look, I’m not just sitting here trying to bust your balls, kid.  I legit feel sorry for you.  Don’t poke the bear.  Go out there, lay down, and let Javi go up against Joshua.

In the background, we see Joshua Acquin standing by.  He walks up to Rory.

Joshua:  That right there is the best advice ever.  It’s more valuable than anything in that tip jar right there.

Rory:  Yeah?  Or are you afraid that I might just take that belt off of you next week if I were to beat Javi.

Joshua just laughs, almost hysterically, at what Rory has just said.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls a few bills out and puts them in the tip jar.

Joshua:  For your hospital bills after Javier is done with you.

As Joshua walks off, we are surprised to see Andrey and Esther Azarov walk up to the bar.  Esther looks very disheveled before her match with Amy, while Andrey is ready for his match against Earl.

Andrey:  Don’t let assholes tell you who you are.  I was nothing until I was Combat Champion.  You can beat Javier, then go on to beat Joshua.  Beat him within inch of his life.

Rory looks over at Dax, confused.

Dax:  I told you bruh.  Even assholes like this guy think you got skills.  You just gotta throw hands like your life depends on it.

Rory:  Or, he wants me to soften up Joshua for an easier title defense…

Dax:  Or that.

Andrey shakes his head.

Andrey:  No, no, no, no.  I am looking out for next rising star of 2021.  From one Rising Star to another.  Also, double vodka for me, and vodka cranberry for the missus.

Rory shakes his head and then makes the drinks quickly as ordered.  However, Esther takes the double vodka and slams it, leaving Andrey with the weaker drink.  He sighs.

Andrey:  Is okay.  She needs it to calm nerves before facing Amy.

Andrey takes the drink as he leaves.  Liam finishes his drink and then sets the glass down on the bar.  He walks off, leaving Rory with a lot to think about as Chanelle and Torielle come walking up to the bar to order drinks.

Backstage of the Bob Carpenter center. Earl is shadow boxing by some production crates.

Earl: Sometimes, there are times when you have nothing much to say. Andrey, I could stand here and run off our individual resumes, but everyones knows that already, they know our history here in SCU, you have your wife by your side and I have mine, tonight it is about you and me one on one.

Earl leans against the crates.

Earl: I guess I’m to the part where I wish you good luck and may the best win thing, but hey what else is there to say.

Earl takes a few steps then stops.

Earl: This is also where I invite you for a beer after the show, but the last time I didn’t you didn’t accept, so be it comrade, I’ll see you out there.

Earl walks off.

Javier Gonzalez vs Rory Rockefeller

Rory throws a right cross to Javi, sending him back.  Rory gets the crowd support immediately, but Javi sneaks in a jab. He turns around and hits a Roundhouse Kick that causes Rory to stumble against the ropes. Javi hits a Knee Strike right to the center of the face. Rory is busted open. Javi does a celebration. He picks Rory up and sends him into the ropes. As Rory returns, Javi goes to lift him up, but Rory catches Javi with a Double Shot, knee to the gut followed by a knee to the face. Javi is now bleeding from the nose as well. Rory sends Javi to the mat with a Scoop Slam followed by a series of elbows. Javi rolls out of the way of the fifth elbow, and Rory rolls around, holding his elbow. Javi leaps up and rams his knees into Rory’s arm. He repeats this maneuver again, grinding into it before slamming Rory’s arm into the mat repeatedly. Rory holds onto his wrist as he shouts out in pain. Javi lifts him up and nails him with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Javi drops down for the pin… Rory rolls Javi over to get on top of him instead and holds on to Javi’s tights for the cover.  Rory Rockefeller wins via pinfall.  Before Rory can celebrate, Joshua rolls inside of the ring and takes a rubber mallet to Rory’s bad arm.  He nails him a couple times before raising the GRIME Championship high in the air.

{Recorded earlier in the day}

The scene opens inside the Bob Carpenter Centre in Newark, Delaware, where we see Amy standing in the centre of the ring looking up at the Steel Cage that would be used later for the match between herself and Esther Azarov. She studies the cage before looking down and straight at the camera and speaks.

Amy: I don’t often mark milestones or brag about how long I have held any championship unlike certain wrestler named Mercedes Vargas, however, in this case… it has been 327 days since my wrestling debut against the very opponent I face tonight. But the main big milestone us that in those 327 days I have been GRIME champion for 104 of those days. Quite impressive isn’t it.
So back to my debut for GRIME… I came into this company anonymous but I right away zeroed in on someone who isn’t really remembered for anything, and I made her life bit of a living hell. I promised that I would use her and everyone else to get to the top and well… I did it and now look where I am. Top of that ladder… GRIME Champion and dominating the division.

Esther did you ever think we will be standing across the ring from each other again? Do you ever think you would be getting a title shot for doing nothing? I certainly didn’t but hey this company is a fair company, which gives anyone a chance no matter what they have or haven’t done or even ride family members coattails. For you it’s the perfect opportunity to make a major impact and get everyone talking about Esther Azarov. God knows you need it.

Now this match is in an Electrical Steel Cage, which is a new one for me, but I get the general idea that if we touch the sides we get a lovely jolt of electricity through our bodies.  Bit of an unknown for the both of us… but you know what – I like to learn on the job and just like every other championship match I’ve had I am going to win. The reason I am this confident is the fact that as I said I enjoy learning, but I also thrive on the unknown… the fear of what is to come in this match and every other match and thrive on my opponent’s uncertainty of matches like this.

I don’t know about you Esther… but I’ve got that nervous excitement and I love it.

Esther you better be ready because this will no walk in the park. I would wish you good luck but in all honesty we will both need it.

Amy looks up at the cage once more and smirks before lowering her head and then she moves to the ropes and climbs out of the ring. The scene fades out on Amy leaving ringside before panning up to the hanging cage.

Grime Championship Match
Electrical Steel Cage Match
Amy Santino vs Esther Azarov

The cage comes down and locks into place as Amy and Esther dive right at each other.  They trade punches, and Esther gets the advantage, sending Amy into the side of the cage.  It’s not electrified yet, but Esther bashes Amy’s head into the cage wall rapidly.  After several strikes, Amy is cut open.  Esther taunts her, and Amy rams an elbow into Esther’s face.  She begins slamming Esther face first into the cage wall.  A whirring sound is heard as the cage becomes electrified.  Esther is shocked, and Amy feels some of it, instantly letting go as Esther is shocked.  She stumbles back, and Amy jumps onto the second rope, coming off with a jump kick to Esther’s chest, sending her to the ground.  Amy goes for the cover and gets a two.  Esther is flush, but she’s determined.  She gets up and ducks a Clothesline, hitting a high kick to Amy’s chest.  She then hits an Axe Kick.  She gets a one count on Amy.  Amy goes to send Esther into the ropes and cage wall, but Esther reverses it as the whirring gets louder.  Amy convulses and falls to the mat.  Esther goes for another cover, but feels some of the electricity being conducted through Amy.  Both ladies are down on the ground, and the referee checks on both of them.  Amy stutters, and Esther waves them off.  They get to a count of 8 before they get back up.  They weakly trade punches until Amy ducks a punch as we hear one final increase in the electricity.  She trips Esther up into the side of the cage, and she lands face first against the wall.  Amy drags Esther by the boot and rolls her over.  She places one foot on Esther's chest for the cover. Amy Santino retains the GRIME Championship via pinfall.

We go to the Kawaii Dragon lockerroom. We see Tatsu and Winter doing the Pee Wee Herman dance with Alex Rush and the rhinos as they dance while listening to Tequila by The Champs. Tatsu jumps on Edward as she surfs on its back.


The three yell out.

Tatsu jumps off Edwards and lands on Roberts to surf her back. Alex raises his hand to show an unopened Tequila bottle. Alex starts making his way to his bag to get a few glasses. A knock is heard at the door. Tatsu yells for them to come in. The door opens up, we see OTE walk in. Rory and Eyesnsane walk over to Alex Rush. Rory takes the bottle of Tequila from him. Eyesnsane hands over a bottle of Jack Daniels to Alex.

Eyesnsane: You can thank me later my friend.

We see Edward has Dax pinned to the wall by his horn.

Tatsu: Bad Edward.

Alex looks to see whats going on.

Alex: Must be a new trick, I know Dax likes it in the bums.

Winter: I think Edward is still mad at Dax, before Kawaii Dragons went on kick ass vaca, we fought Dax and Mickey for the Kawaii Hardcore titles and Dax kick Edwards in the balls. Edwards didn’t take too kindly to Dax sizes 13 hitting his nut sack.

Dax: Good Boy!

Mercedes Vargas walks in the room. Mercedes taps Edward on his forehead. Edward releases Dax and backs away as if he knows he’s in trouble.

Dax: We was having fun.

Mercedes whacks Dax on the shoulder.

Dax: Okay, okay.

Winter: Mama!!!!

Eyesnsane: Dax and Edwards…

Mercedes cuts him off with just a point and a stare.

Eyesnsane: My bad, never mind.

Winters walks over to Mercedes.

Winter: Be back later, have to talk business with the manager!

Eyesnsane: Can you at least do me a solid?

Mercedes looks at the camera.

Mercedes: This is brought to you by the good people at Jack Daniels.

Mercedes and Winter walk out the room as cameras go back to ringside.

Andrey Azarov vs Earl Lockyer

Earl and Andrey circle for what only seems half a second.  Andrey lunges at Earl, but Earl ducks and puts him on his back with a Fireman’s Carry. Andrey scrambles to his feet. He holds his hand up, asking for a bit of space. Earl doesn’t allow for it for too long as he charges in, hitting rapid knee strikes. After a few strikes, Andrey flips him around and begins pummeling him with shot after shot. Referee Jade Pham steps in and separates the two. The men fight over the referee who shoves Andrey and Earl apart, asserting herself and threatening to disqualify both men. Once she has earned the respect, she steps away and lets them go. Andrey picks Earl up in a Bear Hug, swinging him back and forth as Sarah shouts out for him, pounding the mat. Andrey wrenches his arms into Earl’s spine as the fans cheer. Earl starts to go limp. Earl tries to swing back. Andrey roars as he shows off. He then comes to the middle of the ring and drops to one knee, leaning Earl back. The ref checks on Earl, lifting and dropping his arm twice.  On the third time, Earl’s arm shakes and he raises his fist. Andrey can’t believe it as Earl rams an elbow into the side of his head. After two more elbows, Andrey drops Earl. He is quick to act, lifting him up for an Atomic Drop, but Earl grabs his head and falls through with the E.L 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2) He drops down for the pin. Earl Lockyer wins via pinfall.

Cameras go to the medical room. We see Javi hitting on Dr. Weaver as Omasa is seen getting checked up on by Nurse Loti.

Javier: So Becky, you looking good.

Dr. Weaver: Knock it off, I always look good.

Javier: Yeah you do, but you look even hotter around his vatos arms homez.

Dr. Weaver: No, you would look like someone worth looking at if I was seen with you.

Javier: Hell nah, you look fly as fuck but you still need a man like me for you to be around to look better.

Dr. Weaver: Nah homez, you like whack and shit vato.

Becky says, mocking Javi.

Javier: Aww, it’s like that B?

Dr. Weaver: I got paperwork to take care of. Do you mind?

Javier: I don’t mind if you do your paperwork, go ahead. So you are free later?

Dr. Weaver: Omasa, can you please get your partner off my back.

Javier: She don’t control me!

Omasa slams her hand on the table nearby. The loud bang gets Nurse Loti startled. 

Javier: Fine, I’m busy tonight anyway homez!

Omasa says sorry to Nurse Loti for the loud bang close to her ear. Loti smiles while removing the blood pressure cuff from Omasa's left arm.

Nurse Loti: Okay Javi, your turn.

Javi leaves Dr. Weaver’s work area to head to Nurse Loti.

Javier: Yo, Nurse Loti, you looking sexy as hell girl.

Nurse Loti: Please sit down.

Javier: Anything for you ma, so what’s good, how about you and me after the show, we go and have a little fun.

Nurse Loti: Yeah, sure, if my girlfriend says it’s okay. But she isn't here right now.

Nurse Loti looks at Omasa.

Nurse Loti: You met my girlfriend once. If she was here, what would she say?

Omasa smacks Javi in the back of the head twice.

Javier: Okay, chill.

Nurse Loti: Now, please be respectable or there will be more of that.

Omasa shakes her head at Javi as cameras go to ringside.

Main Event
Merlot Ayano vs Chanelle Martinez

Merlot catches Chanelle with a kick to the gut right away.  Merlot hits a series of elbows and she bounces off the ropes.  Torielle grabs her ankle and trips her.  The referee warns Torielle.  Chanelle jumps on Merlot’s back and begins hammering away at the back of her head.  She drags Merlot to her feet and sends her to the outside.  Chanelle goes to step through the ropes, but the referee holds her back.  Chanelle argues with Ryan Richards while Torielle takes a few shots at Merlot.  She tries to back away, but the referee catches her and calls for the bell. Merlot Ayano wins via disqualification.  The crowd boos at the abrupt ending of the match.  They get super loud about it.  Merlot nods her head, agreeing with the crowd.  She gets on the microphone and challenges both members of Azz n Class to fight her.  They quickly accept and both members get in the ring, and the crowd cheers as they head toward Merlot.  They are about to start the match off with an attack when Jenifer LaCroix’s music plays over the speakers and she rushes down to stand next to Merlot, causing the crowd to cheer even more loudly. Azz N Class kick Merlot and Jenifer in the gut. Azz n Class go for a second kick but Merlot counters Chanelle with a leg sweep that drops her as Jenifer counters Torielle by grabbing her leg and dropping her with a dragon screw. Chanelle gets back to her feet with a kip-up. Merlot drops down again for another leg sweep as Jenifer nails Chanelle with a superkick. Torielle gets to her feet. Jenifer goes for a superkick but Torielle grabs Jenifer’s foot to block it. Jenifer hops on one leg as Torielle mouths off but then gets nailed in the side of the head by a superkick from Merlot. Chanelle gets back to her feet, Jenifer runs over for her superwomen punch but Chanelle ducks and slides out of the ring. Chanelle then grabs Torielle to pull her out of the ring. Merlot and Jenifer stand side by side waiting for Ass N Clazz to get back in the ring but the two start walking up the rampway instead. Jade will start her count and get to ten giving Merlot Ayano and Jenifer Lacroix a count out win.

*This is not a Halloween theme show. SCU will book a Halloween theme show next week. SCU Ep 112 will be on Sunday Oct. 31 instead of us having a bi week.*