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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 102 (Results)
« on: August 08, 2021, 05:36:26 PM »
SCU Ep 102
CU Events Center, (University of Colorado) Boulder, Colorado

Sin City Underground Ep 102 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Cow Palace, in Daly City, California. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Saturday, August 7th, 2021.

The show kicks off backstage, Mercedes Vargas is already suited up ahead of her match tonight. Backstage reporter Dev Khatri is standing by with the Argentine for an interview.  The crowd gives off a mixed reaction, but a very strong one at that.

Dev: Alright, Mercedes, we are just hours away from what should be a match that will have plenty of fireworks. I don’t think it needs to be said that tonight’s match between you and Delia Darling against Celeste North and the reigning GRIME Champion Amy Santino have a lot of history. Before we get to your match, Mercedes, I just  want to get your thoughts on the blockbuster developments following Supernova.

Mercedes: After losing the World Nightmare Championship at Supernova, I was feeling kind of glum, down in the dumps, a little depressed. I couldn't deal with the shame, the disappointment of seeing Amy standing holding my championship, the sight of her looking down at me, sneering, laughing, shouting veiled insults my way. The lonely flight back home, waking up the next morning, not seeing that title next to me was surreal. Losing the World Nightmare Championship at Supernova was tough but I’m not crying because it’s over, I’m smiling because it happened. I had to ask myself  why would I want to show my face in a company where Amy Santino is not only co-owner of a brand but also world champion as well as her friends? Why would anyone? This just reeks of favoritism.

Boos from the live crowd are directed at Mercedes.

Mercedes: I mean, when did Underground suddenly become an episode of The Walking Dead? That’s OK. GRIME can have their three-ring circus, Omasa Tazu can hire and fire who she wants, Angel of Filth can be the good little gopher she is, and Amy Santino can act like the world revolves around her because she has a goon squad at her beck and call and a shiny belt around her waist. Thing is, I’m kind of glad Amy did the unmasking thing because it’s going to be like old times again when I beat her ass tonight.

Tu quieres guerra, tu quieres batalla? Mama yo te la doy asi.
You want a war, you want a battle? I'll give that to you, like this.

Mercedes does the Z-snap with her right hand, adding plenty of attitude behind it before she sweeps back her hair from her face.

Mercedes : As far as Celeste goes? Last time we crossed paths, you and Jenifer LaCroix got one over me and Delia, but this isn’t another one of those SCU Exclusive matches, this match will be seen by the entire world. Celeste, sweetie, honey, darling? Get over yourself. You were never Mean Girls material and the only thing, the ONLY thing, I regret is that I followed you with that revival four years ago. You up and left Mean Girls, you quit on us! Quitters never win, Celeste! And tonight me and Delia are going to show you why.

Mercedes gives a slight grin at the interviewer, then adjusts her fingerloop glove over the length of one arm.

Mercedes: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

GRIME Tag Team Championship
Kelli Torres & Mz Hollywood vs Kawaii Dragons

Kelli and Winter tie up in the middle of the ring as they struggle for control.  Tatsu jumps up Winter’s back and hits a Hurricanrana on Holly, taking her down to the ground.  Kelli takes advantage of the distraction and brings Winter over with a Snap Suplex, bridging into a pin that gets a one count.  However, she grabs onto Winter’s arm, setting her up for Triangle Chokehold.  Winter kicks around, trying to find her way out of it.  Tatsu hits a low dropkick to Kelli’s head.  Winter gets out of the hold as Holly charges both of the Kawaii Dragons.  Winter ducks and trips Holly up onto the middle rope.  She signals to Tatsu and does a Leapfrog over her, landing a leg guillotine to Holly.  Kelli comes up behind Tatsu and dumps her to the outside of the ring.  Her and Winter tie up once more, and they take turns trying for a Vertical Suplex.  Winter tries and fails, but then Kelli tries and fails as well.  Winter tries again, but Holly begins tickling Winter, who falters a bit, and pulls Kelli out of the ring as she tumbles to the outside.  Holly rushes to the ring post and waits, diving as Tatsu gets up.  The four begin to brawl back and forth.  However, Azz n Crass comes walking down to ringside, twirling their locks and chains. Right behind them, 2 Broke Chicks come out.  Chi Chi has her bokken ready, and Jane has Louis by her side.  Chi Chi smacks Tatsu across the back with the bokken, while Chanelle wraps her chain around Holly’s throat.  Winter blocks and ducks what she can as Torielle comes at her with a chain and lock.  Jane swings at Kelli as an all out brawl occurs.  Tatsu does a Matrix evasion to the wooden sword, and she sweeps Chi Chi off of her feet.  She picks up a Kawaii Stick and goes at Chi Chi with it.  Jane goes after her with the bat to protect Chi Chi, leaving Winter open to catch Kelli with a quick roll up pin. Kawaii Dragons win via pinfall.  The brawl is quickly cut off by security, ever so slowly.

Backstage, we see Mz Holly Wood taking her wig off, dusting it out as she throws it into her bag. Kelli Torres is taking off her gloves, after their match against the Kawaii Dragons for the GRIME Tag Team Championships. Holly pulls her breastplate out of her top and begins patting at her chest.

Holly: There's always next time. Damn, those little girls can pack a punch…

Holly rubs the side of her head for emphasis. She falls back into a chair and sits there, a hot, sweaty mess.

Kelli: We are still the top team. Kawaii Dragons know and so does the Three Way. They know that they are not safe as we are a team that can capture both sets of tag titles. Kawaii Dragons may have got us this time, but not the next time we face off.

Holly: Till then, we still need to give Tatsu a makeover, makeup tips, something. That little girl is in need of some real help in the makeup department.

Kelli: Should we take them shopping too? I mean, if you are going to show her how to apply make up then we may as well show her how to dress, no?

Holly stops and looks back at Kelli and narrows her eyes like she's mad.

Holly: You make too much damn sense sometimes. I don't like that logic right now because she sure as hell can't afford a good wardrobe, and if I'm dressing her, she's gonna need the best of the best. And this bitch, AKA Mz Thang, AKA Mz Holly Wood makes sure she's got the best of the best, so her, AKA my, funds are limited. But Tatsu does need to learn how to not look like a contestant on Genki's Super Happy Fun Time or some shit. At least Winter is on brand. Hot Topic Original.

Holly nods her head, clearly a little salty about the loss. She picks herself off of the chair before she goes to start taking the makeup off.

Holly: We are on top. That is the first time I could ever say that in my life. You know I likes to throw it back, but we are Queens, baby. We stay on top. A bullshit loss don't change that. We have a championship mindset, and can't nobody tell me that multi time champions like us can't knock y'all off that pedestal. We got this, henny. We are champions. So these jealous girls better not be comparing us to Azz n Class. I'm a nice girl, but I will cut a bitch when I'm crossed.

Holly tries to play tough, but her bubbly personality is still present a bit.  She looks over the the camera and sasses it a bit before waving it away.

Holly: Y'all wanna see the goods, then you need to hit up the OnlyFans. Byeeeeeeeeeee!

And with that, Holly moves the camera out of the room.

The scene opens up with Hitamashii backstage talking with his friends and fellow GRIME members in Dying Breed Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell. They are talking about Hitamashii’s upcoming match against Alex Rush and the fact their former ally is now aligned with Javier Gonzalez.

Andrew: I am looking forward to seeing you defeat Alex Rush tonight and send a message after you lost the GRIME Nightmare Championship so quickly after you got it back to Joshua Acquin.

Hitamashii: There is nothing I would rather do than destroy Alex and get back into contention for some gold once again.

The trio drink from their water bottles before talking more.

Andrew: I know. What is more important is the fact that Omasa joined forced with Javi.

Hitamashii: To be fair, we did leave her high and dry when we took our leave of absence, but now that we are back, we are going to show the world what we are truly capable of, and that Omasa was dead weight to us.  Even still, she is joining up with someone who we are clearly better than, and we will show Omasa that she can easily be replaced by people far superior to her.

The scene ends with them talking about other non wrestling things while Hitamashii gets ready for his match.

Daxton Oliver Beckett vs Rory Rockefeller

The crowd is on fire as these two spend the first few seconds trash talking each other.  This leads to Rory hauling off and punching Dax on the side of the head.  Dax hauls back and punches Rory in the face.  The two begin trading blows until Rory drives a knee to Dax’s gut and then hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on him.  As Dax gets up, Rory rocks him with a Big Boot, and goes for the cover.  Almost a two count as Dax kips up, getting face to face with Rory.  Rory snaps a finger for each letter of “ATL”, causing the fans to cheer a bit.  Dax ignores this and then slaps Rory across the face for each letter of “GRIME”, except the last that is a Headbutt.  Rory goes down and Dax goes for the cover, getting a near three.  But Rory kicks out.  The two are about to go back to brawling when Angel of Filth, Skag, and the Jeckels rush to ringside, attacking Dax. Dax wins via Disqualification.  Rory looks a bit surprised and walks over.  They clear a path for Rory to join in, but he shoves Skag and shakes his head.  Skag begins to argue with Rory, and Jake and Jack join in as well.  Rory punches Jack in the face, and then lands Skag with a headbutt.  Filth, Helena, and Jake begin pummeling on him as Dax rolls outside of the ring.  The crowd boos a little until Dax pulls a chair out from under the ring.  He goes back inside and swings at Jake, taking him down.  Filth and Helena back up a few paces as Rory gets to his feet.  They look at each other and then go after Filth, the Jeckels, and Skag, chasing them out of the ring.

We cut to the ring where Barry McCauckiner and Katta Pult are already center stage in it. Kat is geared out in her blue and red singlet, ready for action. Barry, as always, is looking oh so fine dressed in a custom made suit that fits like a glove.He twirls a mic in his hands expertly as the fans boo the ever loving crap out of them. He rolls his eyes and gestures for them to hurry up with their booing so he can start the segment.

Gena:I guess it’s time for another Plex-A-Palooza challenge. Boulder Colorado doesn’t seem to want to see it though.

Chad:Do you blame them? I don’t. I also don’t want to see another one of these unless the challenger is Azurine Vebbins. She’s been chomping at the bits for it but Kat keeps rejecting her.

Barry finally gets the window to talk.

Barry McCauckiner: Here ye! Here ye! Here ye! The Plexinator and I present greetings! Yes, it is TIME for another amazing Plex-A-Palooza challenge! Now, as my client stated a week ago onTwitter, we’re doing things differently tonight. You’ve had one week to create the best pro-Katta Pult sign you can muster. We’re about to scan the crowd and pick out the best one. If selected, you’re tonight’s lucky challenger AND you get two thousand dollars just for TRYING! What a great woman this lady is, eh?

The spectators boo Katta Pult heartily as she shadow wrestles an invisible opponent and does some warm up exercises.

Barry McCauckiner: Hey now! Don’t boo this magnificent specimen of woman. This sweet slice of heaven. This olympic HERO! If you’re gonna boo anybody, boo that bony bimbo Azurine Vebbins, or better yet boo these guys.. *he points to some police officers pulling auxiliary security duty at ringside* … they let JonBenet Ramey’s killer get away with murder. [/color]

A HUUUUGGGEEEE wall of jeers erupts across the arena. He’s trespassed upon a forbidden topic. Barry tries to continue but is drowned out by boos for about 30 seconds. FInally, they die down enough.

Barry McCauckiner: As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. We will now pick the challenger. Who’s it gonna be?[/color]

Kat and Barry both scour the fans with keen eyes and gestures. Kat procures a mic from a stage hand and is all smiles as she singles out someone in the crowd who is wearing a hoodie with hood up and a pair of shades.

Katta Pult: I found the challenger! Check their sign out. It reads:” Katta Pult is the woman among girls, queen among women, goddess among queens, and titan among goddesses!” Oh man, come on down you lucky fan you![/color]

The fan is escorted over the rail and into the ring where she bounces up and down super excited and waving the sign around for all to see. Kat and Barry are loving it too and trying to work the crowd into a frenzy for the fan.

But then….

The fan suddenly stops, turns toward them, and slowly rips the sign in half. The fan then pulls the hood off and back and removes their shades!

Gena:MELISSA RUIN! What the heck? She got fired! She can’t be here!

The crowd cheers the reveal! Some drum up Melissa chants!

Chad:She can be here if she’s a ticket buying fan. She came sooooo close to winning the Plex-A-Palooza challenge, but when she lost she was fired for being unable to do it. It looks like she wants her job back. She wants a rematch.

Kat and Barry are taken aback by it.

Katta Pult: Wohoa. Whoa whoa… whoa hey whoa. Chill out. Let’s all calm down. You got a raw deal the other week, but that wasn’t my fault. Don’t be mad at me for that. Hey, I get it. You want another crack at the Plex-A-Palooza challenge. Who knows, you may get your job back if you can plex me. I’ll sign on the dotted line tonight and officially join SCU if you can. That’s right, you heard me. It’s on. Let’s go! [/color]

The crowd erupts into cheers as Melissa and Kat get fired up over the whole thing and are face to face talking smack now. Kat, beaming with absolute confidence, holds out her arms and turns her back to Melissa, giving her free reign to try any plex she wants.

Not wasting a moment, Melissa grabs Kat from behind in a waistlock.


Melissa crumbles from the cowardly cheap shot to the side of her head by Barry, who has used the mic itself as the weapon of choice. Kat spins around and dead-lifts Melissa off the ground with a GIGANTIC power German Suplex that rattles the ring.

And another German

And another German

Yup you guessed it… ANOTHER German.

A few security agents enter the ring but Barry meat-shields them while his client ragdolls Melissa up and delivers the B.P.E. (Best Plex Ever). The camera cuts to the crowd reaction upon seeing a plex so brutal, so beautiful, so devastating, so crisp, so powerful, so indescribably god-tier that it literally cannot be written or spoken about. Their expressions are of horror, gobsmacked, jaw dropping, amazement. 

Kat and Barry get swarmed immediately afterward. They’re both cuffed and pulled from the ring, where they’re escorted out to food and drink being thrown on them and are literally booed out of the building.

Morgan Clark is seen walking in the hallway, clearly expressing a lack of amusement. There is definitely a sense of frustration when she approaches a locker room. She pauses when she steps in front of the door and sees that there is a sign that says “Cordy’s Room” on it. Morgan is largely confused as she knocks on the door.

Cordelia: Do you have an appointment?

Morgan: Cordy, it’s me.

Cordelia: Oh…

There’s a bit of a pause after this.

Cordelia: Sorry. Come in.

Morgan opens the door and walks in. She sees Cordelia have the SCU Underground Championship over her shoulder. Cordelia is in the opposite mood of Morgan. She’s bright and confident at the moment. However, she is quick to spot Morgan’s frustration.

Cordelia: Are you okay?

Morgan: I would love to lie and say that I am. But, I’ve got to be honest. I am quite frustrated. I am very happy for you and all of the success that you’ve had, but I’m frustrated like hell. When the hell am I going to catch my break? You’re in this tournament, but it doesn’t appear that I am. That, in and of itself, would be bad enough. But you know what’s even worse than that? The fact that Halo freaking Annis is in the tournament and as you know more than just about anyone, Cordy, Halo has been quite the pain in the butt for me lately. It seems like no matter what I do, I can’t seem to shake her. SHE’S in the tournament? REALLY? Oh that pisses me off so much…

Cordelia: Yeah… that does seem to be a huge issue, doesn’t it? Halo has been a thorn in our side lately. She could very well win this tournament but you and I both know that it’s not going to happen because I’m not going to let her. Besides, even if she SOMEHOW won the tournament and got a shot at my title, I would be the one to put an end to her nonsense.

Morgan: Why does it have to be you that puts an end to her? Last I checked, I’m the one that has more of a direct issue with her.

Cordelia: Whoa! Let’s chill out for a moment. I didn’t say that I had to be the one that shut her up in the end. I said that if it came down to it, I would be. It was a conditional statement, not a definitive statement. Besides, I know that at the end of the day, you are going to be the one coming out on top because Halo Annis isn’t someone that can hold a candle to you at all. You’ll get it figured out, Morgan. You’re too good to be stuck in the shuffle for long.

Morgan: Right, right. You’re right. Sorry. I didn’t properly interpret what you had said. Still, how am I not in this tournament? You’d think the powers that be would want to try to take the opportunity for us to face each other and try to drive a wedge between us.

Cordelia just scoffs at this.

Cordelia: Remember, they’re not all that smart. It took me having to utilize my TV title privilege for me to get what I deserve. But no worries sis, it’s all going to turn out alright in the end and I’m the one that gets to make it so on this night. This Orchid fool suddenly thinks she can step up to me and have the brand revolve around HER? HA! Yeah right! Wrestlers on the roster that are better than her couldn’t even beat me.

Morgan: Don’t get too overconfident now. I would hate to see you feel humiliated being knocked out of your own tournament… especially in the first round.

Cordelia: It’s not going to happen. I can admire Orchid having big dreams. However, dreams are all that they are and dreams are all that they ever will be. I haven’t even stepped in the ring with her yet to already know that I have no reason to be impressed by her whatsoever. She’s going to try but like so many others, she’s going to fail. Tonight? I DEFEAT Orchid and I make my first impression as the SCU Underground Champion known!

Morgan: You go do what you do! You know I’ve got faith in you!

Cordelia: Thanks, Morgan!

Both sisters exchange a quick hug before Cordelia leaves the room. Morgan remains behind with some things to think about as the scene fades out.

Alex Rush vs Hitamashii

Alex Rush and Hitamashii tie up in the center of the ring, but Alex stops long enough to start tickling Hitamashii.  This annoys Hitamashii, and he tries to go for a punch to the face.  Alex ducks out of it and gets behind Hitamashii, tickling him again.  Hitamashii turns around, but Alex lifts him up into a High Angle Suplex.  He hooks the leg, but only gets a one count.  Alex tries to pin him again, but Hitamashii puts him over onto his stomach.  He wraps his arm around Alex’s neck and lifts him up, bringing him down with a Bulldog.  He picks him back up and whips him into the corner.  He charges after with a back elbow.  He digs the elbow in, using it to choke Alex.  Alex tries to claw free, and eventually does.  Alex grips onto Hitamashii’s hair and then jumps on his back, punching at the back of Hitamashii’s head.  Hitamashii charges back into the corner, bucking into it multiple times until Alex lets go.  He pushes his foot into Alex’s throat, leaving it there until the break is called for.  After 4 seconds, he drops his leg, and then hits a high kick.  He drops Alex with a stunner, and gets a two count.  Alex springs up and tries to nail the Choke On This Wad (Rear Naked Choke), but Hitamashii grabs Alex’s arms and brings him around into the Evil is Forever (This move sees the attacking wrestler behind a standing opponent, pulling them backwards into an inverted facelock and wrapping their legs around the opponent's body with a body scissors. The attacker then arches backwards, putting pressure on the opponent's neck and spine.)  After a moment of this, Alex taps out. Hitamashii wins via Submission.  He doesn’t bother to celebrate as he gets to the back.

Inside the locker room, we see Rory Rockefeller loading up his duffel bag. He looks around the room for anything he might have missed, but seems satisfied. He zips up the duffel bag and puts it over his shoulder. As he starts to walk toward the door, he stops and groans.

Rory: Look, I don't want no trouble. I thought I made that obvious earlier…

The camera pans out a bit to see Dax and Eyesnsane walking in the room while Mrs Right stands at the doorway. Rory gets defensive as he takes two steps back and readies his bag in his hand. Dax shakes his head and takes a step forward, looking upset.

Dax: If you want respect in this sport, then you have to step up and earn it by showing respect.

Rory: I'm not gonna back down, but seriously guys. I'm not trying to do this right now.

Dax: Well too bad, bruh. Its going down right here, right now.

Dax then extends a hand out to Rory. Rory looks confused for a second before he shakes Dax's hand in return. Dax pulls Rory into a hug with a pat on the back.

Dax: I appreciate it, man. That coulda been baaaaaaad.

Eyesnsane: We were on our way to it, but you two held it down.  You showed that you're willing to play this the right way. The OTE way. We think you got the skills, and we'd like you to roll with us.

Rory: Wait, really? If this is some kinda joke, I'm not feeling it, bro. I can't take that kinda rejection, and I won't be some butt end of a joke. Not anymore.

Eyes let's Rory finish, but it's clear that he's not joking by his expression.

Eyesnsane: Don't get me wrong. You got some room for improvement. But we all agree that you got the potential. So, what do you say?

Rory doesn't waste a second as he begins shaking hands with Eyes, Dax, and Mrs Right. But before he can say anything else, Tatsu and Winter walk into the room with a poster and marker each.

Winter: As long as he's not taking my spot, Eyes, then he's going places. It's a good thing we got these Rory Rockefeller posters from the merchandise stand, but also available on

Tatsu: We number one fans! Only Rory fans, but still number one… bitchessssss…

Winter: These are going to double in value. And we're going to sell these and make bank!

Tatsu: Only in 'Murica! Bitches…

Dax: See? Two seconds in and you already got fans. You're off to a good start.

Rory: like me! You really like me!

Rory signs the posters as the cameras go elsewhere.

Tournament Opening Round
Torielle Jackson vs Omasa Tazu

Omasa stands at her corner as she watches Torielle Jackson and Chanelle waste as much time as possible. Torielle taunts the crowd to a roar of boos. She walks over towards Omasa’s corner. Chanelle grabs Omasa’s leg. Omasa turns to look at Chanelle and shakes her head. Omasa uses her other leg to stomp on her waist which forces Chanelle to let go. Torielle charges at Omasa, Omasa jumps and nails Torielle on the forehead with a Pele kick. Torielle stumbles back, Chanelle gets on the apron but gets hit with a spinning side kick that knocks her to the floor. Omasa slides out of the ring and starts attacking Chanelle with kicks to her upper body. Chanelle curls up to protect herself. Omasa gets Chanelle to her feet to send her to the barricade. Chanelle hits the barricade hard enough for her to go over and land on the first row. Omasa turns around to face the ring to get nailed with a baseball slide from Torielle Jackson that slides her to the outside of the ring. Omasa stumbles back a bit as Torielle leans in to grab her. Torielle sends Omasa to the ringpost. Torielle grabs the back of Omasa's head and throws Omasa back in the ring to break up the count.  She slides back inside to go for the cover.  She gets a two count.  Omasa slides around the side of Torielle and locks on the Tonga Grip.  Chanelle tries to get involved, but the referee immediately calls for her to be expelled from the ring.  She gets dragged kicking and screaming by security.  No sooner than she disappears do we see Tatsu and Winter come through the crowd.  They fake cheer on Torielle, making it even worse that she is forced to tap out. Omasa Tazu wins via submission.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see the Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe and her friend Ariana Angelos ready for an interview with Dev, though neither Go Gym Graduate is in a happy mood.

Dev: Ari, Krystal, last Sunday on Climax Control, Amy Santino responded to Krystal’s challenge to her by attacking you two, what are your thoughts on this?

Ari sighs as she steps forward.

Ariana: We expected so much more from a legend like Amy but when she attacked Krystal from behind and laid me out with the Bad Girl, any respect we had for her went out the window.

Krystal speaks up.

Krystal:  And by that she means any respect we had left after she was revealed as the co-owner of GRIME! If I had known that Amy was that bitter over the Bombshell division eclipsing her during her maternity leave, I definitely wouldn’t have been that nice on last week’s Underground.

Dev: Now Krystal, tonight you have a first round match in the Angel Kash Memorial Tournament against Linnea LeCroix do you think Amy will get involved?

Krystal:  Think? I’m fucking expecting it! I clearly struck a nerve when I made that joke about Amy’s two names last week and I know she’ll be out to pick up where she left off last week, this time though? My guard won’t be down, and I’ll be ready for her!

Ariana: And if need be, I’ll be there to intercept her!

Krystal:  My challenge for a match with Amy is still out there, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want! Even if it means putting this…….

Krystal pats the Roulette Title over her shoulder.

Krystal:  On the line, so be it!

The two women walk off as the scene fades.

Tournament Opening Round
Alana Allure vs Azurine Vebbins

Azzy and Alana start with the two throwing open hand strikes. With each one landing half the punches, Azzy tries to sneak in a closed fist but Alana catches it and swipes the punch away. Alana leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Azzy. Azzy blocks a second kick to her gut then follows it with a leg sweep to trip up Alana but Alana manages to stay on her feet. Alana goes to kick Azzy as she gets to her feet but misses as Azzy drops to the mat again. Azzy goes for another leg sweep and this one drops Alana on her back.  Azzy does a kip up to get to her feet as the crowd boos her and chants Alana’s name. Alana gets on all fours giving Azzy an opening to kick her in the gut. Azzy kicks Alana in the side of the head. Azzy grabs Alana by the hair to get her to her feet. Alana however nails Azzy with a quick jab to the ribs then another. Alana starts nailing Azzy with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Azzy to the mat. The ref warms Alana about the closed fist. Alana just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets boos from the crowd.  She goes to finish it off with Pearly Gatekeeper (Dragon Suplex into a Double-Handed Jawbreaker)! But Alana shoves her and then rolls her up into a cover, putting her feet on the ropes, which scores her the three! Alana Allure wins via pinfall.

We make our way to the set of “What’re You Gagnon?” with your host, Liam Gagnon.  He is seated to the left, with a cup of coffee in his hands.  He takes a sip before looking over to none other than Father Gerald Shepherd, who is seated to the right, and is waving to the fans as they cheer for him.  He holds the Good Book to his chest before taking a bow, and placing it in his lap.

Liam:  Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of “What’re You Gagnon?” with your host, me… Liam Gagnon.  But more importantly, please welcome my guest, best selling author, and former SCU Underground and Hardcore Tag Team Champion, Father Gerald Shepherd.  Gerald, thanks for joining us today.

Gerald smirks and nods at Liam before rubbing curiously at his chin.

Gerald:  Thank ya, thank ya.  But, I think you might have me a little mixed up with Andrew Borg, son.

Liam pauses and thinks about it for a second.  He then looks directly at The Good Book.

Liam:  No.  Your skydaddy fan fic is all the rage, Father.  It is one of the top selling pieces of literature in the merchandise store, as well as… well, that still qualifies.  It’s beating Yes You Can by like two copies.

Gerald stares at Liam, looking upset.  However, he keeps it cool and then offers a laugh.

Gerald:  Non-believers always have something to say about faith.  Yet never once do we mock the belief in *air quotes* science.

Liam:  Big Bang Theory, dinosaurs, space travel, a round earth, Darwinism and evolution… the list goes on my friend, but thanks for the hot take, Serena Joy.  But, we’re not here to talk about beliefs.  We’re here to talk about you.  How does it feel to still have a job after doing literally nothing since losing the Underground Championship to Stewart Mason?

Liam puts his fist to his chin, leaning his elbow on his knee to show “genuine” interest.  Gerald purses his lips to regain his composure.  He is quickly able to do so, with tremendous effort.

Gerald:  It was all part of God’s plan.  His message is not yet realized in Sin City.  Andrew and I will be back with our ministry, but we intend to continue on with a message of love, mercy, and acceptance.

Liam:  Right.  Because your son running around in the “superior brand” of SCW, acting like a bi polar, feral bobcat is proof that your message of love, mercy, and acceptance truly works.  I’m betting my money on you for Class of 2022, because I… I don’t see the flaws in that plan.

Liam turns to the camera and mouths “Bullshit”.  This elicits laughter from the crowd, while others feel bad for Gerald.

Gerald:  As unorthodox and unprofessional as this interview is, I will not let anger get the better of me.  Those days are gone.  Andrew and myself will be setting our sights on bigger goals.  No division is safe from us exc...

Liam:  Especially the Pride Tag Division.  Who has the vagina between the two of you? My money is on Andrew.

Gerald:  We don’t… He doesn’t… EXCEPT the Pride Tag Division. For now.  Our numbers might have diminished, but God has spoken to me and let me know that this is not it for The Church of the Good Shepherds.  We are simply being tested, and in the aftermath of the war against GRIME, the time is right.  The time is now.

Liam:  Well, I for one, look forward to seeing the continuation of this train wreck that is known as the Good Shepherds.  But, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would’ve rather seen a wheelchair bound Mother Mavis get drafted over Andrew Borg.  Imagine the GRIME Tag Team spots you two could do.

Gerald:  You’re a disrespectful little sonuva gun, aren’t ya?  It must be years of playing second fiddle as a ring announcer to Darlyn.  Either way, I’m high on spirit, and you can’t bring me down.  I am so excited to see the future of The Good Shepherds, and I would like to invite everyone to a gathering after the show to discuss the benefits of a little Jesus in your life. Food and drink will be provided.

Liam nearly falls back out of his chair.

Liam:  Whoa!  You had me at “food and drink will be provided.”  But that’s all the time we’re allowed this week, especially after forcing myself down your throats three times last week.  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.  However, if my girlfriend has anything to say about it, it probably wasn’t.  Anywho, tune in next week as I interview someone who has something worthwhile to say.

The cameras catch just the tiniest hint of a grin on Gerald’s face as he shakes his head at Liam, breaking character ever so slightly as he gets up with The Good Book and walks off set.

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Re: SCU presents... Underground Ep. 102 (Results)
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Tournament Opening Round (Non-Title)
Orchid vs Cordelia Clark

Cordelia and Orchid start off with a solid back and forth battle of submission skill.  Cordelia gets control with a side wristlock, but Orchid turns it around with a Hammerlock.  Both ladies break away and Orchid nails a Five Point Jab, Kung Fu style.  This brings out the Ivy League style in Cordelia as she fights back with kicks to the stomach.  The ladies trade advantage in strong, artistic kicks.  Each competitor brings their own style, and gives the fans a true Combat Division style match for a moment, despite the wrestling rules.  Orchid gains the control with an evasion spin of a punching strike, and nails a well placed chop to the back of Cordelia.  She capitalizes with several stomps, breaking the cycle.  She pulls Cordelia up, and flings her into the ropes, but Cordelia jumps over a leg sweep attempt.  She drops an elbow to the top of Orchid’s head and then goes for the cover.  She gets a two count.  She argues with the referee, giving Orchid time to get back to her feet.  She lays in stiff kicks to the back of Cordelia’s knees, bringing her down.  She then hits a knee to the back of Cordelia’s head.  As she prepares for the The Orchid Drop (Twist of Fate), Jenifer LaCroix comes out of nowhere and tackles Orchid down to the ground, throwing heavy jabs. Orchid wins via disqualification/  Cordelia’s eyes are wide as she stares in shock at what just happened.  The shock takes a moment, and she begins screaming and pointing.  The referee shrugs and tells her “them’s the rules”.  The referee tries to break it up when Cordelia drags Jenifer off of Orchid.  She yells at Jenifer, but Jenifer is about to set her up for the Kimura Lock.  Cordelia wriggles out of it and makes her way to the outside.  She takes her Underground Championship and pounds on it, pointing to Jenifer, who is about to go back to Orchid when security shows up to separate them.

The scene opens backstage where we see Amy walking down the corridor as she searches for her tag team partner for the evening.  Asking several of the backstage staff, they point her in the right direction, and she head that way, however, as she gets closer she stops and turns to the camera, where she adjusts the GRIME championship around her waist and then begins to speak.

Amy: A mean girl’s reunion...

How delightful.

Does this mean we are going to get the same old regurgitated spew from Delia and Mercedes?

A shot of tequila for the following words or sayings that will feature.




Washed up.


You got lucky.

You should have retired.

You should have stayed home.

I think those will cover all bases. Anyway... as I said how delightful a mean girl’s reunion... although is it the tag team or all three of you? Sorry Celeste… I do trust you, but I am basing this off your past.

I thought the mean girls died ages ago or was that my imagination? I know all you still linger like a bad smell especially Veronica and her cheap perfume. Enough of the cheap shots...  Tonight... myself and Celeste somehow got dragged into this tag team match up... for which I am grateful it isn’t a title match up. But what is the point of this match? I am guessing Gianni is punishing me because I don't hold any control over GRIME or SCU anymore... or just because he can. Whatever the case, I am prepared for what will be a chaotic match and a hard match. I am not too worried about Delia but I am more focused on Mercedes. But I am not going to write of Delia as she is still dangerous but what has she done recently?


Delia I don’t mean to write you off as I know that you are still dangerous and maybe still kick ass but unfortunately I don’t consider you a threat. Mercedes and her ego is the biggest threat in this match, and she thinks she is the number one contender to the GRIME championship or at least eligible for a rematch, but the thing is… this is a different championship, and you have to work for it and get in line.  I beat you once and I will beat you again.  You see Mercedes you used to be this wrestler that everyone feared to wrestle because you were unbeatable…but recently you seem to be slipping… most recently you didn’t win the roulette championship from Krystal… and you didn’t beat me, and I think everyone senses this and you are easy pickings.

And this is why you and Delia aren’t going to win this match tonight…

Celeste and I are going to win and there is nothing either of you can do about it.

So good luck… because you will need it.

Amy approaches the locker room door and knocks on it before entering and meeting Celeste for a pre-match chat.

Tournament Opening Round
Halo Annis vs Mrs Right

Mrs Right charges Halo into the ropes and whips her across the ring.  Halo reverses the Irish Whip and catches Mrs Right with a Dropkick.  She picks Right up from the ground and goes for a Fireman’s Carry, but Right grabs Halo by the hair and tosses her onto her shoulders.  She then lifts her up into a Military Press Slam.  She goes for a cover, getting a two.  She lifts Halo up again and then drops her with a Falcon Arrow.  She gets another two count.  She lifts Halo up, but Halo finally gets the Fireman’s Carry she was looking for.  She goes for a series of Mount Punches.  She lands several of the punches before Mrs Right bucks her off.  She gets to her feet and both ladies trade punches.  Right gets the better of Halo and backs her into a corner.  She nails a few Shoulderbutts, and then drops Halo with a Bulldog, but Halo gets her head out from under the arm just in time, and she drops to the ground.  Halo nails a series of kicks to Right’s back.  She then comes around and drops her with a Shining Wizard.  She goes for the cover, getting a near three.  Right grabs onto Halo’s throat, going for a Chokeslam, but Halo kicks her in the gut and then comes off the ropes with the Black 13 (Claymore Kick)!  She gets the three count. Halo wins via pinfall.

The camera zooms in a stretching Stewart Mason. Stewart turns into the camera.

Stewart:  I’ve been in some hellish fights in my career and last week ranks right up there as one of the most violent, and I’ll be honest, parts of me are still hurting.

Stewart stretches and cracks his neck.

Stewart: Last Joshua we beat the living crap out of each other, and sent the fans home happy, but I’ll admit I’m disappointed I’m not GRIME champion, but you're a hell of a warrior Joshua and you earned the win last week.

Stewart takes a drink of water.

Stewart: Tonight we meet again here in Boulder Colorado, with my Underground title on the line, and I look forward to tearing the house down with you again.

Stewart lifts up the Underground title.

Stewart:  I’ve held this title more times than anyone, and when you’ve held a title for as long as i have you don’t want to let it go. Tonight Joshua, I want the same Joshua Acquin this week, that went to war with me last week, but as much as I respect you Joshua, I’ll be walking out of here tonight still Underground, after the show I’ll even buy to first round at the bar, see you out there Joshua and good luck.

Backstage, getting ready for his match, we come in to see Joshua Acquin standing just outside of the locker room.

Joshua:: I told you folks day in and day out I do the same thing here in SCU.  Now it seems like management is hearing me as well as the fans.  It felt great driving Stewart through the thumbtack table.  How are you feeling Stew?  I am feeling great.  The feeling of the blood coming down your face really puts you into a fight or flight mode.  Then the thumbtacks in the back may be painful but you have to block it out.  I pulled twenty-three thumbtacks out of my body last week, but I came away with the win.  This week it is a normal match and I intend to win it and become a double champion here in SCU.  You can boo me or cheer me. You know one thing that I am better than most in the back.  So this week you will be able to call me a double champion.

With that, Joshua closes the door to the locker room.

Krystal Wolfe vs Linnea Lacroix

Linnea surprises everyone when she gains the early advantage on Krystal.  She counters a Suplex from Krystal, and then as Krystal rises up, Krystal tries to Spear her, but Linnea moves and throws Krystal through the ropes.  Krystal is irritated, and comes in, looking for kicks, but Linnea blocks them.  She catches one leg and goes for a Fisherman’s Suplex.  She gets a two count.  However, as she picks Krystal up, Krystal reverses and lifts Linnea onto her shoulders and drops her right on her head.  While only earning a two count, Krystal continues her assault, nailing a Lionsault from the second rope, a Flying Double Leg Stomp, and finishing her off with the Down Under Thunderbomb (Running Powerbomb).  Krystal Wolfe wins via pinfall.

As the show gets ready to start, a pink SUV sitting on pure white 24 inch rims drives into the parking lot and drives around to the back area of the CU Events Center. Once parked, Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann. Driving the truck we see OG Martha Fox.

Martha: Yo, look at this sweet ass ride Old Graany Fox gets to drive around. Wit the hottest new tag team around. Kandy and Jerry are back, off to a rocky start but wit OG Fox wit them, time to turn things around. Jeckels, Kawaii Dragons, The Three Way, 2 Broke Chicks, it won’t matter. OG Fox gonna be working wit them and I’m telling y’all now. No one gonna stop them!

Martha walks ahead of them as the trio make their way inside the arena.

Delia Darling and Mercedes Vargas vs Celeste North and Amy Santino

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Amy and Delia start the match off. Amy points at Mercedes as she doesn’t want to wait any longer to lock up with Vargas. Delia looks at Mercedes as Mercedes extends for the tag. The two switch spots, Delia and Mercedes make a blind tag.

Gena: Mercedes takes a step forward as Amy charges at her. Delia jumps on the top ropes and jumps off as Mercedes ducks. Delia flies over Mercedes to hit Amy with a flying lariat.

Chad: Delia goes to stop on Amy but Amy rolls out of the way. Delia goes for another stomp but Amy rolls out of the way again and grabs on to the ropes. The ref forces Delia to back up. Amy gets to her feet, Delia goes over to Amy to tie up but Amy ducks then straightens herself up while getting Delia up and over the top ropes. Delia’s feet lands on the arpon but gets drilled with a hard right that sends Delia to the floor!

Gena: Amy points at Mercedes and dares her to get in the ring. Mercedes gets a foot in the ring but Jade runs over to stop her from getting in. Delia slides back in the ring, Amy stomps on Delia’s left hand.

Chad: Amy grabs Delia and sends her to the ropes. Celeste smacks Delia in the back of the head as Delia bounces off the ropes… Delia stops and turns around to look at Celeste, Delia smacks Celeste back in the face!

Gena: Amy runs and nails Delia him behind with a running dropkick. The dropkick sends Delia through the middle and top ropes onto the outside floor. Celeste jumps off the apron and helps Delia to her feet. Celeste slaps Delia in the face, Delia goes to slap Celeste back but Celeste grabs Delia hand and spins around using the momentum to throw Delia back inside the ring. 

Chad: Amy grabs Delia and gets her up for a stalling suplex! Amy turns around to stare down Mercedes while still keeping Delia up in the air. Mercedes jumps on the top turnbuckle. Amy quickly goes back to drop Delia once and for all. Mercedes gets back on the apron.

Gena: Amy kicks Delia while staring at Mercedes. Amy gets Delia and sends Delia to her corner. Delia hits the turnbuckle. Celeste starts getting in some cheap shots on Delia. Jade runs over to order Celeste to stop. Mercedes gets in the ring and grabs Amy from behind to nail an inverted DDT. 

Chad: Amy walks to her corner to tag in Celeste. Celeste gets in the ring and grabs Delia. Celeste drops down and nails an elbow drop to Delia and goes for the cover.


Gena: Delia kicks out, Celeste grabs Delia by her hair. Celeste slaps Delia in the face, Delia slaps Celeste right back. Celeste kicks Delia, Delia gets nails and stumbles back a few steps. Mercedes reaches in and tags herself into the match.

Chad: Mercedes gets in the ring as Celeste runs over to grab Mercedes before Mercedes can fully get in the ring. Celeste nails a snap suplex. Celeste grabs Mercedes by the hair to get her on her feet. Celeste goes to tie up but Mercedes grabs Celeste arm and pulls her in closer to nail a short clothesline.

Gena: Celeste does a kip up to get right back up. Mercedes drops Celeste back to the mat with a hard hitting head butt. Celeste goes for a leg sweep but Mercedes jumps to avoid contact. Mercedes lands on top of Celeste then starts throwing legal forearm strikes at Celeste.

Chad: Celeste gets her hands up to block them. Amy gets in the ring to break it up with a dropkick to the back of Mercedes' head. Jade goes to Amy and orders her out of the ring. Jade gets in front of Amyas she points at Amy’s corner. Delia gets on the top turnbuckle as Mercedes gets Celeste up for a bodyslam. Delia jumps off the turnbuckle hitting a super leg drop!

Gena: Jade runs over at Delia and orders her out of the ring. Amy gets back in the ring and hits a running bulldog at Mercedes. Delia leaves the ring, Amy grabs Celeste and drags her to their corner. Jade turns around as Amy leaves the ring. Amy reaches in and tags herself in as Mercdes gets back to her feet.

Chad: Amy charges at Mercedes, the two trade forearm shots at the other. After a few shots, Mercedes switches up to a hard knife to the chest. Amy nails a hard chop of her own. Both go for a European uppercut and go down to the mat.

Gena: Amy and Mercedes sit up at the same time. Both ladies get to their feet and tie up. Amy gets Mercedes on her shoulder for a running powerslam. Mercedes pushes off to jumps off Amy’s shoulder. Amy staggers over to the ropes, Delia lowers the ropes causing Amy to go over the ropes and to the floor.

Chad: Delia kicks Amy in the face then jumps off. Mercedes charges at Celeste and lightly smacks her on the side of her head. Mercedes backs away as Celeste tries to get in the ring. Jade stops her as she focuses on Celeste and Mercedes.

Gena: Outside the ring, Delia blocks a punch from Amy. Amy grabs Delia and to send her to the ringpost but Delia reverses it. Amy’s head hits the ringpost. Delia puts her hand under her top to adjust her bra… No to bring out for diamond crested knucks.

Chad: Delia nails Amy in the back of the head with a hard right with said knucks! Delia grabs Amy and rolls her back in the ring. Mercedes runs over and gos for the cover. Jade turns around and runs over for the count.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Your winners of this match by pinfall… Delia Darling and Mercedes Vargas!!!

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” plays over the speakers as Mercedes stands up in dominance.  Delia comes in to join her as they stand over Amy in victory.  Mercedes refuses to look down at Amy during this.  They celebrate as the crowd gives a mixed reaction for the both.  However, Celeste comes rushing up behind the two with a steel chair.  She crashes it into Mercedes’ back, and then as Darling turns around, she rams the chair into her gut and hits a DDT on her.  Mercedes crawls over to the ropes as Celeste stalks her.  Celeste cracks the chair over her head once more before dropping it to the ground and grabbing a microphone.

Celeste:  That was BULLSHIT and you both know it!  If you think you’re so smart, so good, why do you need to cheat to beat us?  Because you’re nothing!  Just like Jenifer.  Just like Krystal and Ariana.  Just like the irrelevant pieces of shit that you are!

Celeste grabs onto Mercedes’ face and leans down, forcing her to listen to what she has to say.

Celeste:  Don’t blame Amy because your time is up, you old hag.  Blame yourself for not knowing when to call it quits…

And with that, Mercedes reaches up and punches Celeste right in the face, sending her spinning.  She grabs the chair and stands up, cracking it over Celeste’s back.  Mercedes actually finds the crowd behind her as she goes for another chair shot.  Celeste moves, but that doesn’t stop Mercedes from doing it again.  And again.  Delia picks up the microphone as she finds her way to her feet.

Darling:  And vous does not know when to shut your mou’s.  Always too big for your panties, never a loyal bone in your body.

Mercedes finally catches Celeste with the chair.

Darling:  Z’e only no’sing in z’is ring right now is you.  And z’at really says somes’ing when Amy Marshall is laying right…

Delia goes to point to where Amy was, but she’s not there anymore.  Instead, she is on the apron, smiling.  She quickly jumps up and dives at Delia, but not without a lighter in hand.  She spits through the flame and spits flames at Darling, catching her wristbands on fire as she tries to shield herself.  Amy connects with a crossbody and the two begin to brawl.  Mercedes grabs Amy by the hair and rips her up from the mat.  The two begin brawling as the crowd’s excitement builds.  Celeste trips Delia up and then mounts her with punches.  The crowd is on their feet, but they begin to boo as security files down the rampway, invading the ring to pull these four women apart.  It takes a moment to subdue them all, but they get them separated and begin dragging them up the rampway.

Joshua walks by a table with thumb tacks on it.  He pats it as he walks by.

Joshua:: Not today for this match.  Maybe next time.

As he is walking by, we can see Amy, Celeste, Darling, and Mercedes being dragged through the curtains by security.  Amy spits at Darling, while Joshua shakes his head and chuckles.

Joshua::  Some things never change.

He waits for the commotion to subside as “Judas” starts to play over the speakers, and he gets himself pumped up to go to ringside for his match against Stewart.

Underground Championship
GRIME Champion Joshua Acquin vs Underground Champion Stewart Mason

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Underground Championship!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’3” and weighing in 227lb, he is your GRIME Champion… Joshua Aqcuin!!!

Darlyn:  Next, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb, he is your SCU Underground Champion, “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

“The Hunter” by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, and is joined by Gail Weston, together they walk to the ring, Gail climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and joins Gail in the center of the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Stewart is quick to get across the ring and he ties up with Joshua.  Joshua leans in, getting shoulder to shoulder with Stewart, quickly turning things around.

Chad:  Stewart pulls away, just as Joshua grabs Stewart’s arms and twists them around in a Straightjacket fashion, but Stewart twists back around.

Gena:  Stewart shoves Joshua away and immediately takes him down with a Clothesline.  He grabs onto Joshua’s hair and wraps his legs around Joshua’s neck with a Head Scissors.

Chad:  Joshua kicks his legs around and quickly latches onto the ropes, causing a break.  Stewart honors the break and pulls Joshua up to his knees.  Joshua looks up at Stewart with a devilish smile as he goes for a low blow.

Gena:  Stewart backs up, but finds himself against the ropes.  Joshua rushes over toward Stewart, to take advantage of the distraction.  Stewart turns away and then wraps his arms around Joshua’s neck in a Rear Naked Choke.

Chad:  Joshua feels the reality of the situation and tries to get over to the ropes, but he can’t get to them with his feet. He tries again, but Stewart has the move locked on tight.

Gena:  Joshua reaches around… I just had to put it that way, didn’t I?  He grabs Stewart’s elbow and tries to loosen the grip, but Stewart is giving Joshua no space.

Chad:  Joshua tries to find the ropes, but Stewart is in the way.  He is starting to fade when he thinks of something?  He literally reaches around and claws at Stewart’s eyes! That instantly makes him let go!

Gena:  Joshua applies a Sleeper Hold on as he catches his breath.  He sits up and lets go as Stewart tries his best to reestablish himself. Joshua shakes out the cobwebs.

Chad:  Joshua gets up to his feet and he bounces off of the ropes.  As he comes back, he spins and drops an elbow to the top of Stewart’s head, sending him down to the mat.  Joshua rolls Stewart over and hooks the leg.


Gena:  Stewart powers out of the cover as Joshua bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a low Dropkick to the side of Stewart.

Chad:  Joshua lifts Stewart up from the mat and sends him into the ropes.  Joshua follows, but Stewart jumps onto the second rope and vaults off with a Back Elbow to Joshua, dropping him to the mat!

Gena:  Stewart thinks it through carefully as he circles Joshua.  He picks Joshua up and then hits a chop to Joshua’s chest, and then another chop.  And another!

Chad:  Joshua falls down to one knee.  This allows Stewart to hit an Elbow Smash to Joshua’s head, sending him down to his hands and knees.  He then steps over Joshua, rolling him into an Inside Cradle.


Gena:  Joshua gets the shoulder up in the nick of time.  Joshua rolls back, and as Stewart gets up, he rushes at him, jumping up for a Hurricanrana, but Stewart drops him with a Powerbomb!

Chad:  Stewart goes for the cover, but Joshua rolls him over into an Arm Drag, locking his legs around Stewart's arm, using his feet to hold Stewart's shoulder in place to wrench the arm.

Gena:  Joshua pulls on the arm, twists it, turns it, and Stewart is feeling the burn.  He shouts as he puts one arm under him.  He does a push up, holding his position.

Chad:  Stewart gets up on one foot and one knee.  He gets ready to stand up, but Joshua whips him right back down to the mat!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena:  Stewart holds onto his shoulder, trying to work his arm out from the iron grip of Joshua’s thighs, but he’s having no luck.  He starts working his way to the ropes where he eventually gets the break.

Chad:  They both get up, and Stewart surprises Joshua by lunging, knocking him down to the mat.  However, Joshua does a kip up and goes for a Clothesline to Stewart!  Stewart ducks underneath it, but rams his knee into Joshua’s gut!

Gena:  Joshua finds himself in a precarious position as Stewart sets up for the Paid In Full (Implant DDT)!  Joshua punches at Stewart’s side, trying to break it up, but Stewart rams his knee into the stomach again, and nails it!  He hooks the leg!


Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Underground Champion… Stewart Mason!!!

The crowd cheers as “The Hunter” plays over the speakers.  Stewart stands up and takes his title back.  He raises it up in the air as the crowd chants for him.  He gives Joshua a nod of respect, even though he’s still blinking up at the ceiling.  He walks around the ring a few times before going to leave the ring as the show goes off the air.