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SCU presents... Underground Ep. 101 (Results)
« on: July 31, 2021, 11:43:27 PM »

The Cow Palace, Daly City, California

Sin City Underground Ep 101 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Cow Palace, in Daly City, California. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on Saturday, July 31st, 2021.

The SCUTron lights up as it connects to live feed to the cell phone of Jenifer Lacroix. We see her leaving the local hospital in a small town outside of Seattle. With Jenifer is Grandma Martha Fox. The crowd in the arena look confused seeing the two together.

Martha: Hello everyone, Last week Jenifer was attacked by Esther, I came around the corner after the attack happened. My grandsons had already left the arena upset due to losing their jobs. The doctors managed to walk Jenifer up but the poor girl wasn’t really able to communicate with the medic team as they don’t speak French. Lucky for Jenifer, I do, so I was able to communicate on her behalf. She’s just now being released after suffering a blow to the head that felt her temporarily blind. I was with her this whole time to help her relate information to the doctors here. But now I have information to relate to the SCU fans.

Jenifer will be out for a few weeks but upon return she challenges Esther to a 5 minute match. No pinfall, no submission. Just a pure five minute ass whipping from yours truly Jeinfer Lacroix. See Esther, I was doing the motherly thing when I told Jenifer only five minutes as she wants a 30 minute ironwomen match but I had to get Jenifer to realize that she’ll be committing murder, or manslauther at the very least. She’s too pretty to go to jail. She ends up in the hole for refusing to be someone's prison bitch.

But this will be up to Esther, if she has the guts to have a five minute anything goes match. I’ll understand if you decline, but if you do and Jenifer catches backstage. What happens is your fought. Take the match and Jenifer won’t lay a hand on you until the match.

The SCTron cuts the feed in half as the other half of the screen shows Esther in the locker room backstage.

Esther:  Oh piss off!  Look here you little bitch…  I’m not fucking scared of Jenifer. She’s luckyI didn’t do worse. She’s lucky I had to attend to other things. Jenifer wants to have a five minute fight with me? She thinks she can take me out with no problem. I’ll take her up on her stupid challenge, but like you said, this isn’t a match.. This is gonna be a five minute fight. I’ve taken down bigger and badder bitches out in the boondocks all over Oklahoma. You better bring it bitch because you’re in need of a beat down and I’m gonna give it to you.  If you thought this was personal, that’s on you.  I only did what your buddy Celeste paid me to do.  Now, if you want to make it personal, be my fucking guest.  I have no problem going on that level with anybody, undefeated or not.

Martha: Blah, blah, blah, look, Jenifer only cares about one thing. That’s for you to take the ass whipping she's about to give you, you can try to make excuses for why you did what you did and focus on what's coming to you.

Before Esther can rebut back, Martha ends the connection. Leaving one screen black and the other on Esther which quickly changes to just a full shot of Esther. Andrey is standing by with the Combat Championship on his shoulder, and a slab of salami that he is biting off of.

Andrey: This is topic I can relate. Challenges. Do I have challenger in mind?  Nyet. Andrey Azarov is not coward or pussy.  He is man of honor.  He wants to defend belt against worthy challenger.

Andrey takes a bite off of the salami and chews before swallowing.

Andrey:  My challenge is not for one person.  It is for first person to accept, first person who is worthy of Combat Division.  Now, excuse me while I smuggle salami in mouth, yes?

Esther groans.

Esther:   Babe… that’s not what that means. Get the camera out of here.

Andrey shrugs his shoulder and takes another bite as Esther pushes the camera away.

Andrey:  Is good salami.

2 Broke Chicks vs Azz n Crass

The match kicks off with both teams searching under the ring for weapons, throwing anything and everything inside of the ring.  Once the ring mat is practically covered in weapons, they get inside.  Chanelle takes a trashcan, Torielle takes the ring bell.  Jane picks up Louis, her Louisvile Slugger, and Chi Chi goes for her bokken, but Torielle kicks it out of the ring and swings the bell.  Chi Chi ducks, and is able to grab a 2x4.  The referee gets between them and holds his hands up, shouting “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”  The competitors come to a stop as the referee explains that the match is supposed to be contested under regular rules.  The crowd boos as the competitors hassle him.  After a moment of thinking about it, he calls it as anything goes, and the crowd pops.  Chanelle uses the trashcan as a shield from the bat, and Torielle does the same with the ring bell.  2 Broke Chicks back up, and Chanelle tries to bash the can over Jane’s head, but she uses the bat to knock it back a bit.  Torielle aims the bell at Chi Chi’s stomach, but she uses the 2x4 to knock the bell out of her hands.  She and Chi Chi glare at one another, and Torielle ducks an attempted swing of the 2x4, and she kicks the 2x4 out of Chi Chi’s hands.  The two instantly tie up and fight back and forth, jockeying for position.  Jane swings the bat, but with a fake out, before she kicks high and smashes the trashcan into Chanelle’s face, knocking her down.  Jane continues to kick the trashcan into Chanelle’s face.  Torielle has taken advantage of Chi Chi’s size, and has her backed into the corner.  She has her boot against Chi Chi’s throat.  Jane comes over and whips Torielle around and plants a Headbutt right between her eyes.  Torielle stumbles back before coming back with one of her own.  Jane rebuts, but so does Torielle.  Chi Chi jumps on Torielle’s back and causes her to stumble into the corner.  Jane kicks her as Chi Chi holds her in place from the outside.  Chi Chi warns Jane as Chanelle comes flying toward her.  As she turns around, Chanelle hits a Hip Attack into a Stop Sign.  Torielle does a Snapmare to Chi Chi, bringing her over the top rope.  Torielle holds Chi Chi in place as Chanelle hits the Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster).  Torielle loses her grip as Winter Elemental comes out and smashes her with a “Kawaii” stick (kendo stick).  She begins beating on her, and Chanelle finds herself victim of a Kawaii stick at the hands of Tatsu Ikeda.  She stomps as she smacks Chanelle.  Chi Chi looks at Tatsu, and Tatsu looks right back at her before giggling and stepping backward, shouting “Bitches!”  Chi Chi shrugs and drops down for the cover. 2 Broke Chicks win via pinfall.

Somewhere in the backstage area, the Jeckels are standing around.

Helena: Oh, Hello have you come to see us.

The camera moves.

Helena: Very good then, welcome.

Jack: Monsitmals, we know each other very well don’t we.

Jake: We’ve spilt more blood than four humans should possibly have, tonight falls will count anywhere.

Jack: Tonight, Raab, Samuel, once again we engage in combat and tonight the final chapter will be written, we will defeat you as we have done before, but this time there will be no return for you.

Linnéa: So first my wife gets attacked… and I had to stand by and do nothing because I did not work there and was not welcome at the building….

The camera opens upon Linnea Lacroix standing by herself in a darkened room. She looks down, visibly upset and disturbed.

Linnéa: Then my wife’s cousin who has teamed with us gets attacked and again, I have to stand by and do nothing because I did not work there….

Her right hand squeezes into a fist.

Linnéa: Then my sister-in-law… her elder sister, who has wrestled before and was thinking about taking a job again…  loses her longtime boyfriend to a senseless act… and again, I have to stand by and do nothing because what CAN I do about a random act of senseless violence in the streets?

Her fist bounces off her thigh in anger and agony.

Linnéa: Now MY cousin gets attacked and I do NOT have to stand by and do nothing because  I DO work here!

She looks up into the camera and glares harshly.

Linnéa: Heaven help Sister Esther, because this Fallen Angel is ready to rise up! A sin is inflicted and judgment is called for! Ye of little faith, best start having some now!

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Monstimals vs Jeckels
Inside the ring, Raab and Jack are at each other’s throats, literally, hands wrapped around each other’s throats.  Sam rushes Jake over the top rope, but Jake holds on, taking Sam with him.  The ring crew is still trying to clear the ring from the last match, but Jake secures Chi Chi’s bokken and cracks Sam over the head with it.  Sam goes down for a two count.  Raab loosens his grip to try to get away, and Jack hits a Chokeslam on him.  He picks up the stop sign and goes to bash Raab, but Raab rolls to the outside.  He and Jack brawl back and forth around the ring, and up the rampway.  Jake picks Sam up and whips him toward the barricade.  Sam reverses it, sending Jake into it.  He picks Jack up from the ground and runs his head across the barricade, hitting a snag and cutting his forehead open.  This enrages Jake, and he kicks Sam in the stomach.  He plants Sam with a DDT and gets a 2 count again.  Meanwhile, we see Chi Chi and Jane sneak around to pick up Chi Chi’s bokken before taking off.  Raab tosses Jack through the curtains.  Jake and Sam follow soon after.  Jake hits a Drop Toe Hold to Sam, right into the wall.  He turns and helps hit a Double Hip Toss through the catering table.  Jack gets Sam in a Camel Clutch as Jake is able to secure the pinfall. The Jeckels win via pinfall.  After the match, the Jeckels share a drink to celebrate.

We pan in to see a small interview area set up.  In the seat to the left of the screen, we see former GRIME Ring Announcer, Liam Gagnon, in a leather jacket, fitted jeans with holes in the knees, and a white t-shirt.  He has a microphone in his hands as he looks over to the man who has joined him to start, Javier Gonzalez.  He is wearing a white tank and messy khaki pants.  He nods his head as he stares at the camera with his dead eyes.

Liam: Welcome to an episode of “What’re You Gagnon?”  I’m your host, Liam Gagnon. I’m here with someone who almost lost their job. The man that is the forgotten one, the most over rated GRIME wrestler in the history of GRIME Wrestling. The man that seems to have lost his place with Angel of Filth. The man that has been a flop since Feb 2020. The man that was drafted number 29…

Javi cuts Liam off.

Javier: Fuck you homez. You want to run your mouth as if you no longer want a job, keep it up and my fist will meet your pussy lips and will shut your mouth up forever!

Liam: If your words could match up to wrestling skills. You couldn't have been drafted first, or turned everything around and had GRIME won. But Angel counted on you and, well and here we are now.

Liam says with a smartass condescending look on his face.

Javier: Ah, I get it vato, you want me to kick your ass. You not  fighter so you get to sue and get paid to sit at home like a bitch. But a smart bitch. This vato ain’t gonna knock yo hustle, but don’t be like that with me ese, I’ll end up knocking you out and go to the county again. What up Kittie! Gonna miss yo ass ma!

Liam: Speaking of Kittie, she should’ve been drafted 29. Now before you lose your shit, Javi, keep in mind that you’re everyone’s top 30, but 29, now you're pushing it.

Javier: God damn Liam, this shit be yo fault homez! Why you take ring announcer and but bitch work reporting like you be doing now? You bustin balls could've helped out mind games with those SCU bitchez.

Liam: Mainly because I would have made you cry 14 months ago and you would have left only to return in some second hand lucha mask.

Javi cracks up at that comment.

Javier: Okay, that was funny fucker, you can have that one mang.


Liam: It’s what I do. Now that your sorry ass still has a job, what plans do you have planned to fail next? John Blade’s not around for you to beat.

Javier: Omasa drafted me last as her way of saying fuck you for always staring at her ass. She should be flattered that anyone would look from time to time. She ain’t got no big ass, it just enough to stick out a tad bit. She should be humbled.

Liam: Em. look HOMEZ, that’s the shit that gets people canceled now a days. But I agree, she aight.

Javier: What did you say about Omasa’s ass?

Javi asks Liam as Omasa appears on screen, standing behind Liam.

Liam: Her ass is a meh! A half of an ASS, like just an AS, she’s missing the second S?

Javier: But you won’t say that shit to her face homez!

Liam: You may be scared of her but I’m not. She stays away from me because she knows that I’ll treat her like I treat everyone else.

Javier: Good, so turn around vato!

Liam turns around and sees Omasa standing behind him.

Liam: So you understand the words that come out of my mouth. You look confused or lost. Is that supposed to be your pissed off face? I would say that taking off that half mask would help sell the look but then I seen you without the mask and quite frankly, I think you should be wearing a full mask. Javi knows where to get those crappy second hand lucha masks for you.

Omasa goes to her pocket and pulls out a small knife. She opens it and presses it against the side of Liam's neck.

Liam: Hey, hey, hey. Javi, help me here, this is suppose to be a pg-13 show.

Omasa presses a bit harder causing Liam to get so scared he starts peeing in pants. Omasa looks down and laughs. She pulls the knife away and puts it in her pocket then points down to Liam’s groin area. Javi looks and starts laughing.

Javier: Damn Liam, the bathrooms just around the corner homez, why you pee yo pants for?

Liam backs away slowly from the shot.

Javier: 29, I get drafted last? Jamie Staggs, Alex Rush, Eric fucking Weaver, all drafted before me. I thought we was cool chica!

Omasa: Best… For… Last…

Javi looks like he’s about to argue, but then he slowly nods his head and his lips twist into an arrogant smirk.

Javier: Damn right I’m the best, finally someone wit some god damn sense.

Omasa points at Javi.

Omasa: No, best.

Javier: What you mean, you just said I was the best.

Omasa: Team!

Javier: Team? Team what, like tag team?

Omasa nods.

Javier: LIke the best tag team?

Omasa nods again.

Javier: What tag team?

Omasa points at Javi.

Javier: I was drafted last because I’m in the best tag team?

Omasa nods yet again.

Javier: What the hell are you talking about. What tag team?

Omasa points to the camera which then switches over to ringside focusing on the SCRUTorn. The screen lights up and shows the last few draft picks. It shows 29. Javi, then the rest lights up show everyone the last and final draft pick. 29. Javi and Omasa (Tag Team Draft pick) The cameras go back to the hallway with Omasa and Javi.

Javier: Oh shit, you trying to take over the tag team division. Lets do this, we're gonna take both the Pride and the GRIME tag titles ma. Fuck yeah!

The crowd pops hearing the news of the new tag team entering the division.

Camera catches up with the Kawaii Dragons as they are sitting on the rhinos while Alex Rush is standing by with his boombox in his hands.  He periodically peeks out into the ringside area, biting his lip as he seems to be waiting for something.

Winter:  Whatcha dooooooooin?

Alex:  Waiting for those wank stains to come out and start attacking people again.  It’s been a minute since I was at the top of me game.

Tatsu:  What is wank stain, Winter-san?

Winter grins and shrugs her shoulders, knowing full well what’s happening.  She picks a piece of chocolate covered popcorn out of her bag and pops it into her mouth.  Alex takes a deep breath and turns to Tatsu.

Alex:  When a man loves a woman, he…

Winter:  It’s code for asshole.  But, Alex. GRIME is over, so you don’t need to worry about them walking around and gang attacking people.

Alex:  That poor Ruin girl.  Still feeling bad about that.

Alex sets his boombox on the ground and crosses his arms over his chest.

Tatsu:  Being fair, Tatsu fight Debbi Ruin many time, and she was not great. Not bad, but not great.

Alex:  No, the brunette bird.  Getting fired by that masked lady who told us all if we got jobs or not.  It’s horrible that she didn’t get picked.

Winter:  Meh.

Tatsu:  But, Alex-san.  Now that GRIME is only name of hardcore division, you have plenty of time for other things.

Winter giggles.

Winter:  Yeah, like hang out with your favorite tag team.

Both Kawaii Dragons begin making cute poses, and giggling together.  Tatsu picks up a piece of sushi and places it in her mouth, smiling.  Alex nods his head and picks up his boombox and begins to walk off.

Alex:  Right.

Winter:  Alex, where are you going?

Alex:  I’m going to find Azz n Crass to hang out with them.

Alex continues to walk off as Winter scoffs, looking totally offended.  Tatsu makes a meek growl.

Tatsu:  Oh, funny man!  Me and Winter-san will get you for that!

She hands a piece of sushi to Winter, and both attach sushi to fishing poles, holding them out in front of the rhinos, who begins running in Alex’s direction.

Alex:  Oi!  It was only a joke.  I know them two are at the second catering table, since the last one got broken.

Winter grits her teeth, but in a cute sort of way as she digs her heels into the side of Robert Edwin.  Tatsu does the same to Edwin Robert as they gain on Alex, who is going full speed.  Suddenly, he spots something in the distance and he sprints harder.  He jumps onto the back of… “Shorty” Devin Tyler.  He wraps his legs around Shorty’s midsection.

Alex:  Giddyup, small man!  Giddyup!

Shorty:  What the ffff… AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Shorty looks back to see two rhinos coming at him and he shouts out as he begins running, carrying Alex on his back as they go along.  Shorty’s screams can be heard down the hallway as he quickly disappears.  Meanwhile, we go back to the curtains to see Jamie Staggs with a hot iron poker and a bag labeled “rinno snax”.  His shoulders slump in disappointment as he kicks his foot at something small on the ground.

Jamie:  Awe, nuts… now I can’t even say it…

Jamie slowly walks away too.  Until he hears the sound of shouting coming from down the hallway.

Chanelle:  Where you at, babies?!  Mama just needs to talk wit her fist in ya ass…

Jamie’s ears perk up and he looks to the camera, raising his eyebrows mischievously as he leaves the scene.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Ariana Angelos looking in better spirits than she did last week though that’s still not saying much.

Ariana: The 2 Spoopy 4 U Club still have jobs, what a joke!

HBCarter: Not as much of a joke as that climax!

At that point Carter jumps into frame and Ari sighs.

Ariana: Before I jump down that rabbit hole, is this a phrasing thing?

Carter blinks before shaking his head whilst Ari takes a sip from a water bottle.

HBCarter: No, no, no, but for all of that to end with Erik Staggs in charge of everything? I haven’t seen a climax that bad since the last gay porn video I watched!

Ari spits out the contents of her water bottle when Carter says that.

Ariana: I’ll take your word for it and thank God I must get changed into my wrestling gear later!

Ari comments once she notices how soaked her day clothes are.

Ariana: Speaking of, you ready for Team Go’s big reunion!

HBCarter: About as ready as I am to drive those GRIME bastards out of SCU!

Ariana: Glad to know we’re on the same page, and if you ask me, it’s time, we focussed on getting back what we lost!

HBCarter: The monetization on the last Recipe 4 Disaster video?

Ari shakes her head again.

Ariana: Working on that, how can it get hit with a Content ID Strike where there was no copyrighted material in it? What I meant was the Pride Tag Team Titles, we’ve been denied a title match for too long and tonight’s match against The Killer Kandies will go a long way towards just that!

HBCarter: Damn straight!

The two besties continue chatting as the scene fades.

Inside the Team Canada locker room, Earl is giving his wife last minute instructions before her match, Stewart is shadow boxing with Gail and Gemma and Sarah look on, Marisa enters and Stewart and Dahlia turn their attention to her.

Marissa: I’m here with Stewart and Dahlia. Tonight SCU enters a new era as Grime is no more, how do you feel about that?

Stewart: Say what you want about Grime, they actually brought out the best in a lot of us, am I glad to see Grime gone, not really.

Marissa: And what about tonight's…..

Stewart: I forgot to mention how glad we are to see the Kawaii Dragons back in SCU. Steph, Tatsu, look us sometime so we can catch up. And to answer you, tonight match against Joshua Acquin, going to be a hell of a match, Joshua is a hell of a competitor, and this match is going to the hell on the both of us, we’re both synonymous with  championships and winning and neither of us is going to give an inch, the fans are the real winner for getting to see this match, and hopefully is walk out with the win.

Marissa: Dahlia tonight, you face someone you’ve faced before, Amy Santino, who we recently found out wrestling under a mask as Rainbow, and she has a win over you, what’s your thought process going into tonight's match.

Dahlia: The old Dahlia would swear, and say I’d smack her in the gob, I still might do that, Marisa I know what she bring to the table whether under a mask or not, tonight we’ll fight in the concession stand and everyone know how well I fight and how tough I am, Amy is damn good fighter and I know she’ll want to beat my ass, but sometime that proves a little hard to do, I can respect someone who can hang with me in the ring or outside the ring, tonight we settle the score.

Marissa: Thanks for your time.

Dahlia: No. problem.

Linnea Lacroix vs Esther Azarov

Linnea grabs onto Esther right away and flings her into the ropes.  Esther ducks a Clothesline, but on the rebound, she catches a hard elbow to the face and goes down.  Linnea stomps away at her violently in a circle before picking her up and landing a Snap Suplex.  She holds on and lifts Esther into another Snap Suplex.  She goes for  third, but Esther knees her in the gut and then clubs her back.  She flings Linnea into the corner and follows up with a Clothesline.  She goes for a  Running Bulldog, but Linnea flings her forward.  She rushes behind Esther and hits a Punt Kick to her spine.  She locks on a Standing Rear Choke.  Esther refuses to give in, and Linnea begins hammering away at her head, punch after punch.  Esther claws at Linnea’s eyes.  She uses the distraction to get up and she begins delivering a series of kicks, grounding Linnea with a Spin Kick.  She scores a two count.  She lifts Linnea up, and Linnea roars as she kicks Esther in the gut.  She lands the Bourbon Street Blues (Future Shock DDT)! Linnea Lacroix wins via pinfall.  Linnea continues her assault on Esther after the bell rings, climbing on top of Esther and choking her violently.  The referee goes to pull her off, but she shoves the referee.  Esther uses the distraction to roll out of the ring.  She shouts back at Linnea as she walks backward up the ramp, holding onto her neck.  Linnea breathes heavily as she tries to get her anger under control.  She apologizes to the referee before returning her glare back to Esther.

The broadcast cuts backstage and inside of a locker room, there are party decorations everywhere. Confetti is all over the floor. The tables are littered largely with half-eaten desserts and there is a massive “Congratulations Cordelia” banner hanging from the ceiling. Some footsteps are heard as Morgan Clark walks into the scene with a huge smile on her face. She is definitely beaming with pride as she begins to express her thoughts.

Morgan: You know, we really could’ve done this last week on the GRIME themed show, but as Cordelia and I would always state, GRIME is something that is clearly beneath us. So, obviously the celebration had to wait until tonight. We could’ve done it in front of all of you LITTLE PEOPLE but of course that was never going to happen because you people don’t deserve to be in the presence of prodigal greatness! But still, you can’t deny what happened at SuperNova. My sister stepped up to the plate in the biggest match YET of her career and she came through just like I always knew she would! She not only slayed the annoying dragon known as Angel Kash, but she also ENDED a family curse and put years and years of shame that our trash, thankfully dead, cousin brought to our family! So now? ALL is right with the world! SIn City Underground revolves around one of the best young wrestlers in the world and considering that she is STILL just 22 years of age, she’s got a long, prosperous future ahead of her. So, without further ado, in our own personal, private celebration, here she is: the NEW SCW Underground Champion, the quintessential example of what a true professional wrestler should be, the reason why you simpletons tune in, the TRUE star of this company, my baby sister: Cordelia!

Morgan begins to beam with sheer joy as Cordelia walks into the picture. She’s really upping the ante with her celebration with a bright, white colored silk gown with a diamond encrusted tiara to match. Of course, she’s got her newly won SCU Underground Championship with her. She gets to Morgan and they exchange one hell of a hug before Morgan steps away and lets Cordelia have her moment. Cordelia looks around and takes it all in, having the brightest of smiles and the highest amount of confidence that she has ever had as she begins to express her own thoughts.

Cordelia: Thank you for that amazing introduction! It goes without saying that at Supernova, I DESERVED this! I KNEW from the moment that I came to Sin City Underground that this was possible. I knew from my debut that I had everything it takes to be the personification of GREATNESS! I knew from the moment that I began to train for this business that being a world champion was my DESTINY! Three weeks ago at SuperNova, I achieved said destiny when I took this championship from Angel Kash. I only needed ONE opportunity to pull it off and that’s exactly what I did! Aside from Morgan? None of you thought I could do it. You all doubted me when I walked in. You didn’t think that I was capable of being the very best. You all thought I was in over my head when I was saying that this company should be revolving around me and in the end? It is I with the last laugh! It is I that REIGNS over this company now. And unlike my predecessor, this isn’t going to be an instance of same old, same old. No, this isn’t going to be your typical Angel Kash title reign where she gets by with cheating or gets by with people helping her pull some underhanded nonsense or gets by with her pathetic minions serving her every whim. No, I am NOT Angel Kash. I am BETTER than Angel Kash! I MADE that Underground TV Championship what it is today because prior to that reign, it was completely lost in the shuffle. You know who was the TV Champion before me? Angel Kash of course!

I have proven once and for all that I am SUPERIOR to little Barbie doll, plastic, OnlyFan side prostitutes like her in every single way. I have proven that someone like THAT, someone like a Veronica Taylor, and all of those dime a dozen side models who wouldn’t know natural if it was delivered to them in a fruit basket could NEVER, EVER be smarter nor better than me. I have proven once and for all that a social reject like Ariana Angelos would ALWAYS be beneath me! And for both Morgan and I, and I get that I downplayed this quite a bit at SuperNova, I have AVENGED the shame that a certain someone brought upon our family years ago. I did what she NEVER could and that is win a world championship that I can call my own and I did it not JUST because of how great I am at what I do, but I did it because I didn’t buckle at the first hint of adversity like she did. I stayed true to myself. I stayed true to my virtues. I stayed true to my family’s dignity! And wouldn’t you know it? It’s what led to me being able to achieve this!

And now? You are all looking up at ME!  Bring on anyone you’ve got because I promise I will be humbling them and bringing down every last one of them that wants to take this from me! Whether you like it or not, SCU? I’M the valedictorian of this class now! Cordy reigns, Cordy will ALWAYS reign and I WILL ensure to the very best of my ability that this company CONTINUES to revolve around me! I am the NEW face of this company now! Deal with it!

Cordelia flashes a wink before she walks out of the scene. A beaming Morgan isn’t far behind her as the scene fades to black.

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Re: SCU presents... Underground Ep. 101 (Results)
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2021, 11:46:30 PM »

The guitar intro to “When Destinies Align” by Lovebites hits the speakers and Krystal makes her way onto the entrance ramp in her street clothes and holding her SCW Roulette Championship over her shoulder. Krystal makes her way down the ramp whilst occasionally slapping hands with the fans before she rolls into the ring and poses for the fans, as her music fades, she asks for a mic and is given one by a stage hand.

Krystal: So, after me and my friends spent all fucking week worrying over whether we’d still have a job here in SCU, we ultimately kept our jobs, but GRIME was kept on as SCU’s Hardcore Division!

Krystal scoffs as she rolls her eyes.

Krystal: Those scumbags are fucking lucky, because if I had won the Mayhem Survival Match, I would’ve seen to it that they’d out on the street with pink slips stapled to their foreheads! Now I know what your saying, isn’t that harsh during a pandemic?

Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: After the hell those scumbags put me and the rest of the SCU roster through for the past year or so, they should consider themselves lucky that I ONLY wanted to fire their asses!

Krystal adds before letting out a deep breath.

Krystal: But I guess this is a blessing in disguise, because when I started training at the Go Gym, I created a bucket list of wrestlers on the SCW Roster who I wanted to face, now granted at the time I was using the SCW roster as it was in 2016 as a reference point but my point still stands because this person is a member of the GRIME Roster! Not only that, but she co-founded GRIME in the first place.

The crowd pops as they realize who Krystal is talking about.

Krystal: Amy fucking Marshall, or is it Santino? You know what? I don’t give a shit, if it weren’t for your desperate attempt to stay relevant as the wrestling industry passed you by this last year would’ve been a lot easier on me and my friends so not only is this me crossing a name off the bucket list, but this is personal for me!

Krystal says as she gets up close and personal into the camera.

Krystal: Put simply, I’m challenging you to a match at Underground 102! As for whether our titles will be on the line, I don’t care! For one thing, I’ll need to get past my title defence at Climax Control 306 first for it to be in question but if you want to put the GRIME Nightmare Championship on the line then that’s fine by me, because that just means that I can become a double champion in SCW and SCU! I’ll be waiting!

“When Destinies Align” starts up again as Krystal heads to the back.

The scene opens backstage, where we see the unmasked Amy standing outside the locker room as she stretches in preparation for her match against Dahlia.  The Grime championship hangs off the door hand with her normal mask sitting on top.  As she straightens up from stretching her back and the backs of her legs, she sees Dev Khatri approach with his camera man in tow.

Dev: Amy can I get a few words from you?

Amy thinks for a moment…

Amy: Sure.  It gives me a chance to air my thoughts on what happened last week and on my match this week.

Dev smiles.

Dev: Great.

Dev takes a step forward with his camera man and pulls his mask up over his face to ensure that he can get close to Amy before continuing.

Dev: Last week we saw a number of changes be implemented around SCU but more specifically GRIME being disbanded as a brand and turned more into a hardcore division.  Your thoughts on this?

Dev gets straight to the point, as Amy takes a moment…

Amy: As I said I am disappointed in how it turned out and being joint owner meant fuck all. But Omasa had the final word and SCU won out. On the plus side I own the rights to the GRIME name and get royalties.  But I would have preferred to own something, but it is what is it.  I am still a champion.

Amy shrugs.

Dev: Speaking of being a champion… the GRIME Nightmare championship was rebranded the as the GRIME championship following your win over Angel Kash. How much did you know of this match?

Amy: I didn’t until the last moment… and when it was against Angel Kash. I know from previous experience dealing with her that doesn’t want to break a fingernail and she is too wrapped in herself. So I’ll take the win.

Amy smirks.

Dev: Before moving on… can you tell us what to expect from the GRIME division?

Dev queries as Amy cocks her head and thinks.

Amy: It will be the best division that SCU will have and have everyone talking about it.

Dev: Thank you. Now onto tonight… you are facing Dahlia Rotten in a Concession Stand Brawl. How as you were masked previously against Dahlia will this affect the way you wrestle etc…?

Dev questions.

Amy: In short no. I may have tweaked my wrestling style while masked, it hasn’t changed overall. I will still wrestle and brawl that way I did before and Dahlia shouldn’t expect anything different either.  Dahlia and I fought well several episodes back… she is one tough cookie, however, as I came out on top in that match, I will come out on top in this match tonight. I know it’s a bold statement but it’s true… It doesn’t matter that I was behind a mask…it doesn’t matter if you like it or not.  I knew that I would ruffle a few feathers and if I ruffled yours… then I don’t care.  I came here to win, and I came here to make a name.

Job done…  now it’s time to dominate and unfortunately for you Dahlia… you will be the first of many names that I take as I defend my title.

Dev: Well thank you Amy and good luck tonight.

Amy: Thank you.

Dev nods and quickly wraps up his part, as the scene fades out on the GRIME championship as Amy goes back to warming up for the match.

Pride Tag Team Rules Match
HB Carter and Ariana Angelos vs Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine

Ari and Kandy start in the ring.  They tie up, and Ari flings Kandy to the ropes.  As Kandy comes back, she slides between Ari’s legs, getting a pop from the crowd.  She turns around and kicks Ari in the stomach.  She pulls her into a Piledriver.  She only gets a one count.  Kandy picks Ari up, but Ari hits an Uppercut and then flings Kandy into the corner, coming off with a Monkey Flip.  She goes to the ropes and hits a Lionsault.  She hooks the leg for a two count.  Kandy rolls out of the way of Ari and tags in Jerry, forcing Ari to tag in Carter.  Carter gets inside first, charging at Jerry.  Jerry, Spears, Carter to the mat.  As they go down, Carter wraps his legs around Jerry, wrapping his arms into a choke.  Jerry rises a bit, but Carter hangs on, grounding his weight so Jerry is leaning over.  He maintains the Body Scissor hold, but Jerry is finally able to lift Carter and slam him to the mat.  Jerry does a Wishbone Headbutt to Carter.  He then hooks the leg.  Ari breaks it up quickly, just before 2.  Kandy clears Ari from the ring as Jerry looks to put Carter away with the Cobra Clutch, but Carter reverses it and flips Jerry over.  As Jerry rises, Carter hits the Passion Fruit (S.O.S.)  He goes up top and hits the Fruit Fly (Eclipse) on Jerry and hooks the leg.  Kandy tries to get inside to break it up, but Ari holds onto her ankle. Team GO wins via pinfall.  Ari lets go, and Kandy goes to check on Jerry.  Ari and Carter celebrate on the outside of the ring.

We go back to the GM office in the back.  As the door opens, we see none other than former GRIME GM, Gianni Di Luca, sitting at the desk, with Veronica Taylor seated nearby on her phone.  Gianni looks up at the camera and rubs his hands together.

Gianni:  Looks like ya can’t get rid of me that easily, yaknowhatimsayin’?  Who brings ratings in like Gianni Di Luca?  Nobody.  Who has the best wife anyone could ever have?  That’s right.

Veronica leans in and kisses him on the cheek before going back to her phone.

Gianni:  Now, I heard that there was a challenge sent out from Jenifer Lacroix to Esther Azarov, and she accepted.  Normally, people demandin’ matches won’t getcha anywhere with me, especially when ya put a little bratty attitude on it, *cou-Krystal Wolfe-gh*.  But, sometimes a match makes sense, and I’m in a generous mood.  I’d love to see Jenifer get five minutes of free shots on Esther.  So I’m gonna make it official.  Soon as Jenifer is cleared to fight, you got it…

Crowd:  *POP!*

Gianni nods his head, pumps his fists to the cheers, and then he clears his throat.

Gianni:  Now, next week, I had a little idea…

Veronica:  You mean I had an idea…. Babe…

Gianni rolls his eyes in a playful manner.

Gianni:  Doesn’t matter where the idea came from, it’s great.  See, my friend Amy Santino got caught up with this one’s friends, Mercedes Vargas and Delia Darling.  We had a little wager, and… well… the show next week is gonna be a HANDICAP MATCH!

Veronica:  If only…

Gianni: … A TAG TEAM MATCH!  Mean Girls unite as Delia Darling and Mercedes Vargas take on GRIME Champion Amy Santino and Celeste North…

Crowd:  HELL YEAH!!!

Gianni:  So, there’s that.

Veronica:  We make such a great team, don’t we boo? You should listen to my ideas more often…

Gianni nods and smiles.  When Veronica goes back to looking at her phone, he slowly shakes his head with a look to emphasize that he really means “NO!”.  The scene fades elsewhere.

We come into focus on the two livid members of Azz n Crass, Chanelle Martinez-Blade and Torielle Jackson.  Chanelle flips over a table on her way by it while Torielle screeches out loud.

Torielle:  Where y’all hidin’?  Tee Tee gone gitchuuuuuuuu!

Chanelle narrows her eyes as she approaches one of the stagehands.  Without warning, she kicks him right in the balls, and he goes down to his knees.  Chanelle goes to punch him in the face when Torielle grabs her arm.

Torielle:  Save it for them two little girls who thought it was a good idea to get all up in our business.

Chanelle looks down at the man on his knees, and she nods her head.

Chanelle:  You right.  You right.  Now this homie better get up off his knees before I end him or ride his face like I’m Clint Eastwood.

Torielle nods, and cracks a momentary smile before the two walk along.  Torielle flings an equipment box right into a nearby wall as Chanelle picks up a push broom.  Before long, SCU Interviewer Dev Khatri, approaches the pair.  Chanelle puts a hand up in his face.

Torielle:  Boy you better don’t!  Now ain’t the time!

Dev:  I was just wondering if you could share your thoughts on.

Chanelle:  What part of “better don’t” ain’t you understand?!  Look, here’s the remix.  Two little girls wanna play in the big leagues.  They bout to get they ass hupped.  Ya heard?

Dev:  Are you talking about 2 Broke Chicks, or?

Chanelle cracks the broomstick over her knee and points one of the sharp ends right at Dev’s stomach.

Chanelle:  You only walkin’ away from this one way.  And that’s by leaving now before I gut you.  2 Broke Chicks ain’t shit to us right now.  The Kawaii Dragons got me bout to catch a case up in this bitch!

Torielle:  In case you ain’t heard the first time, here go the remix.  We gone spank these little girls, something like they mommas shoulda done long ago.  We gone get our rematch, and we gone snatch them belts right back.  Ain’t no 2 Broke Chicks gone step in our way.  They ain’t even on our radar anymore, and…

Torielle’s interrupted when a telltale tattooed hand comes into the frame wielding a pair of hair clippers. They don’t touch either of Azz n Crass’ hair but the hand thumbs on the switch, letting them hear the electronic “BZZZZT” almost too close for comfort. The hand jerks the clippers back as soon as Chanelle and Torielle react and the camera adjusts to reveal: 2 Broke Chicks standing right there. Chiaki Sanada has the clippers in her hand and breaks into an impish little cackling fit.

Chiaki: Ora! Dō shita no?! Chi Chi scare you?!

She’s barely able to even get the words out during her laughter and almost falls right into her tag team partner, Jane Harper. Jane stands there behind Chiaki, trying to keep a straight face, but she fails horribly as Chiaki falls back into her.

Jane: Damnit, Cheech, you know if you cut they hair, they'll just buy a new, cheaper weave!

Torielle holds Chanelle back once more as she raises her fist once more.

Torielle: Suddenly everyone got jokes around here. Everybody be cute and shit.

Chanelle: Good lace fronts only, hoes. That's why you gone get whooped up on a second time tonight.

Torielle insists on Chanelle stepping to the side. She takes a step closer, sizing up Jane and Chi Chi.

Torielle: Let me spell it out for you and Pinhead over there. We gone get a rematch. We gone fuck you up. We gone snatch back our straps, and y'all can be on your way. It's not a challenge. It's not a threat. It's a fact.

Chiaki: Ne!

Chi Chi sticks out her arm with the clippers and flips the switch on Torielle to keep her from getting any closer.

Chiaki: We take straps! One time! Bee Dub Eff!

Chi Chi starts to look between Torielle and Chanelle, thrusting the clippers at then and flicking the switch to make it buzz on and off.

Chiaki: Two time! Dub Dub Ayy!

And a final time, she buzzes the clippers through the air.

Chiaki: Next, three time! Ess See Yuuuuu!!

Chanelle picks up the broken broomstick and points it back at Chi Chi, but Torielle remains cool and calm. Immediately, Jane brings Chiaki behind her and stands in front of Chanelle, arms crossed in a protective manner. Chi Chi leans out from behind Jane and wiggles those clippers again with an impish grin. Torielle rolls her eyes.

Torielle: Play your games. Do you. But if the chihuahua over there tries it one more time, imma let this one loose. You're just in our way. We ain't for real got beef with y'all. The beef ain't here, but we can bring the salt. Stay out our hair, literally…

Torielle looks back at Chanelle and raises an eyebrow.

Torielle: And don't mess wit our titles. We'll even give you first shot at us. But right now, we got some little kawaii kittens to drown…

Chi Chi tilts her head to the side, curiously at Torielle. She straightens her head again, looks up at Jane beside her, then turns back to Torielle and Chanelle.

Chiaki: Jane and Chi Chi like titles!

Jane nods her head as she looks back at Chiaki and just grins.

Jane: Bet. And trust me, if you bitches ain't true to your word, we'll hunt ya down. Just ask the Botox bitch, Veronica Taylor what happens when we're gunnin for ya.

Chi Chi quickly turns and waves at Jane, shaking her head.

Chiaki: Ne, ne, ne! Venereal-chan tell lie if ask!

The blue haired Japanese girl looks up at the ceiling, pouting out her lips and taps her chin, thoughtfully. Finally, she looks to their opponents for that evening and raises her finger. It’s come to her!

Chiaki: Better idea! Look it up! Hai? Hai!

Chanelle scoffs at the remark. She loosens up her posture now that the buzzer is not actively in the equation.

Chanelle: Naw. You ain't got to worry about us going back on our word. We want to get back in the ring wit y'all to settle up right. Street justice is our game. Our word is good.

Torielle nods her head along with Chanelle.

Torielle: Trust and believe.

Jane nods as she grabs Chiaki by the hand and just looks both Torielle and Chanelle up and down.

Jane: Bet. We'll be waiting.

Jane turns and drags Chiaki out from view as they walk off. As they go, Chi Chi waves her hand holding the clippers in a less antagonizing manner.

Chiaki: Bai baaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii!!!!

Azz n Crass wait until they are sure the games are done, before looking at Dev, who is quietly smiling as a bystander. They walk off next, leaving Dev.

Meanwhile, we hear snickering from off camera. It looks around until finding Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda standing back, GRIME Tag Team Championships on their shoulders, and eating chocolate covered popcorn.

Tatsu: Tatsu want to mess with bitches, but is too funny to watch…

Winter: We couldn't make it that easy for the old hags. Where's the fun in that?

Tatsu: Bitchessssss…

We fade out on their smiling faces as they high five each other.

Joshua walks out to the ring wearing his newly won GRIME championship.

Joshua:  Day in and out I come out here and face whomever management sends out here to face ma and the story is always the same you can copy and paste every match result I have.  Better yet I come in, I kick ass, I retain my championship, and then I leave.

Joshua paces around.

Joshua:  One thing has me pissed this week.  My match is only for my championship.   Granted I will still defend mine, but what about Stewart and his Underground Championship?  Why am I singled out and only mine is on the line?  This is a new day in SCU and everything on my end will be the same.

GRIME Championship Match
Concession Stand Brawl
Pride Tag Champion Dahlia Rotten vs GRIME Champion Amy Santino

As the two meet up in front of the concession stand, Amy punches Dahlia, and then Dahlia punches her right back.  The two go back and forth, until Amy tries to send Dahlia into a nearby wall, but Dahlia reverses it, whipping Amy right into it.  Amy collides with it, and leans onto a nearby table.  Dahlia rushes at Amy, Amy grabs a napkin holder and smashes it against Dahlia’s head as Dahlia tries coming in with a Leaping Lariat. Amy hits Dahlia on top of the head again with the napkin holder. Amy helps Dahlia to her feet. Amy goes to lift Dahlia up for a slam. but isn't able to get Dahlia off of her feet. Dahlia elbows Amy on the side of the head, then grabs Amy. Dahlia lifts Amy and throws her overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex onto the table. The table breaks on impact, Amy hits the ground hard. Dahlia does a Standing Body Splash to Amy over the debris of the broken table.  She hooks the leg and gets a two count. Dahlia gets to her feet. Dahlia goes over to grab a chair. Amy gets to her feet and grabs a leg that broke off the table. Dahlia gets the chair over her head as she charges at Amy. Amy throws the broken table leg. Dahlia lowers the chair to protect her face and blocks it. Amy jumps and nails a jumpkick on the chair which nails Dahlia in the face. Dahlia stumbles back. Amy grabs another table leg and runs at Dahlia. Amy nails Dahlia in the gut with it. Dahlia bends over, Amy grabs Dahlia and drops her with a DDT onto the concrete floor. Amy walks over to the hot dog stand and grabs a large pot filled with boiling water and a few hot dogs. Dahlia sits up as Amy makes her way around. Amy holds the pot in a way to throw the insides at Dahlia. Dahlia moves out of the way of the boiling water from getting on her. Dahlia gets her hands up as Amy throws the empty pot at Dahlia. It goes over Dahlia’s head.  Dahlia swings at Amy wildly, but can't see her.  Amy kicks her in the gut and lands a perfect DDT with the pot still on Dahlia’s head.  Amy rolls her over and gets the cover! Amy Santino wins via pinfall.  Amy takes a moment to celebrate as she raises the belt over her head, not caring that she just cost the fans hot dogs for the main event...


In the backstage area of the Cow Palace, in Daly City, California, we pan in to see a small interview area set up.  In the seat to the left of the screen, we see former GRIME Ring Announcer, Liam Gagnon, in a leather jacket, fitted jeans with holes in the knees, and a white t-shirt.  He has a microphone in his hands as he looks over to the woman who has joined him, Angel of Filth.  She has sunglasses with spikes around the rims, lips black as midnight, a spiked leather crop top, and plaid pants.  Her typical black angel wings are present, to the side.  She snorts and spits to the side of her chair.

Liam:  Ha, gross.

Filth shrugs a shoulder as she crosses one leg over the other and folds her arms across her chest, her hair brushed over to one side as she moves it further to that side.  Liam nods and grins.

Liam:  Hello and welcome to the first, and probably only, installment of “What’re You Gagnon?”, and believe me when I say I’ve had to ask that question many a time when luring ladies into the bedroom… but mostly because my pants were still on.

Liam raises his eyebrows at the camera, with little effect.

Liam:  Tough crowd. Maybe we should’ve debuted on an episode where we’re in a state with stricter recreational marijuana laws.  Anywho, please welcome my inaugural guest for this event, former Underground, GRIME World Nightmare, and Double Down Champion… none other than the “Seraph of Sleeze”... Angel of Filth.


Filth pumps her fist to rally the boos for a few seconds before she looks over to Liam, her lips parted into a partial smile.

Filth:  Fuck you for having me, Liam.  It’s an imposition, and I feel rather slighted.

Liam:  Christ on a cracker, you sound like literally every woman I’ve ever dated.  Tell me, how does it affect one’s psyche to be looked at as a literal piece of shit? Wait, don’t tell me.  I think we get it.

Filth:  I hate that I want to bend you over that chair so bad right now.

Liam chuckles.

Liam:  Not the first time I’ve heard that.  But, on an equally serious note, I just have to ask, like… oof… GRIME.  Where do we even begin to unpack that mess?  So… it’s mostly gone now, delegated to a Hardcore Division.  Thoughts?

Filth adjusts herself in her seat a little.  She remains quiet for a second before taking in a deep breath, and sighing.

Filth:  Yeah… We’re still here, bitches, fucktards, unwashed hillbillies, and everyone else who watches Underground.  My favorite people.  But, if you ever, and I do mean ever, insult Amy Marshall-Santino, Joshua Acquin, or the Kawaii Dragons like that again, I’m going to hang you with your own innards.

Liam:  Hey now, don’t threaten me with a good time, Filth.  I meant no disrespect.

Filth:  And that’s where my problem is.  Everyone thinks that Hardcore means “the undercard”.  The curtain jerkers.  The lesser, who have to work harder and put on more extreme shows just for a chance at being noticed.  That does not equal Amy, Josh, Winter, or Tatsu.  Or 2 Broke Chicks.  Or Azz n Crass, The Jeckels, Dying Breed, The Monstimals, OTE, or any other team who wants to step into our world.  It’s been a long fucking time since I have said this, but I’ll say it again…

Liam:  I don’t take showers, and not one of you motherfuckers can make me?

Filth stops and looks over at Liam.  She bites at her bottom lip, drawing just a little blood that slowly drips down her chin before continuing.

Filth:  SCU promised to be the darker side of Sin CIty.  We were supposed to see Roulette style matches, top to bottom.  Then, they signed people like Angel Kash, The Ruin Sisters, Valentina, The Good Shepherds… I tried to push people like them toward the hardcore style, but their spirits were lacking.  It was then that I knew we would never get what we were promised if I didn’t stand up and take charge of an actual movement.  One where I didn’t need to be a champion to wreak havoc and cause mayhem.  One that delivered upon the promises made by Erik Staggs himself.  I took what seemed to be impossible, and I made it possible, because I fucking could.  And for a year and a half, I got results.  Ratings shot through the roof.  WGN wanted more GRIME.  The fans hated to admit it, but the numbers proved that everyone loved GRIME.

Liam:  Except Omasa Tazu, apparently.  Why don’t you tell us how badly you want to peg her in the butt, next?

Filth does a snarling type of grin at Liam and then turns to look at the camera.

Filth:  Omasa Tazu effectively sealed the fate of GRIME.  At first, I was pissed off, angry, I had to fight not to commit very visceral, blood bathing murder for a minute there.  But then I realized something.  If she and I could have gotten past me eliminating her in the 4th Mayhem Survival match, and her year long grudge because of it, we could have really built something beautifully disastrous together.  And, as much as I might want to stab her so many times that my sanity gets further questioned, I respect the hell out of her.  She got her moment in the sun.  She held us all by the balls.  Our fates were literally in her hands.  But she did right by GRIME.  She gave us what we wanted all along.  The ability to beat each other within an inch of our lives, risking our careers week in and week out for the fans who hate me so.  She kept the name alive, and now that promise will be delivered.  And for that, I have truly won.

Crowd:  *POP!*

Filth looks around, almost confused as the fans cheer and pop off for her.  Liam nods his head and claps for her as well.  She lowers her glasses to look into the camera with a wink.

Liam:  Now that the war is over, what do you plan to do next?

Filth shrugs.

Filth:  I made some friends along the way.  I love traveling with the Jeckel family circus and cabinet of curiosities.  I fucked a presumably gay German man in half skull makeup.  I think we might all run around together, cause a little chaos together.  Just because the war is over, doesn’t mean we won’t keep fighting on.  We’re some grutty motherfuckers, and that’s not going to change.

Liam:  Well thanks for joining me.  It has been sufficiently awkward with lots of weird sexual tension that I don’t want to try to understand.

Filth:  Well, you know where my hotel room is.  It’s got the goat’s blood on the door. Come find me later, and we can work through some things.

Liam:  Thanks, but I’ve choked the mommy issues so far back that I could shit them out at any moment.  Until next time, if there is a next time, this has been Liam with “What’re You Gagnon?”

Liam waves to the camera and can’t help but chuckle a little, while Filth licks at her bottom lip, almost as if she were trying to be seductive.

Main Event
GRIME Championship Match
Thumbtack Table Match
Underground Champion Stewart Mason vs GRIME Champion Joshua Acquin

Darlyn:  The following contest is your main event Thumbtack Table Match, and is for the SCU GRIME Championship.  First, ffrom Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb, he is your SCU Underground Champion... “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

“The Hunter” by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, and is joined by Gail Weston, together they walk to the ring, Gail climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and joins Gail in the center of the ring.

Darlyn:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand next!  From Las Vegas, NV, standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 227lb, he is your SCU GRIME Champion… “Nightmare” Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Stewart and Joshua walk to the center of the ring as both champions measure each other up. Joshua mouths off as Stewart just smirks at him. Joshua looks offended by Stewart’s smirk. Joshua goes to grab Stewart, but Stewart grabs Joshua’s arm and throws him with a judo hip toss. Joshua gets up ,nodding his head knowing that Stewart got him on that exchange. Joshua tries to grab Stewart but Stewart grabs him first and swings him around with a swinging neckbreaker. Stewart gets to his feet. He looks outside the ring at the table with the glued on thumbtacks. He thinks about it for a moment, which gives Joshua enough time to recover and get to his feet to grab Stewart from behind.  Stewart puts his hand over his head to hold onto Joshua’s head to hit a Jawbreaker.  Stewart gets to his feet as Joshua stumbles back to the ropes.  Joshua bounces off of the ropes, hitting Stewart with an unexpected dropkick to the back.  Stewart stumbles forward a bit as Joshua rushes toward him, catching him and dropping him with a Running Bulldog.  Joshua gets to his feet as Stewart rolls to the outside of the ring.  Stewart starts walking toward the table, as Joshua slides out of the ring to give chase as the two start brawling at the edge of the rampway.  Stewart gets a few good hits on Joshua, making him stumble back toward the thumbtack table.  He goes for a Clothesline, but Joshua ducks it and hits a kick to Stewart’s stomach.  As they inch closer to the table, the fans are on their feet, ready to see what’s next.  Joshua drags Stewart toward the table.  As they approach, Stewart punches Joshua in the stomach and then hits a Drop Toe Hold on the edge of the table, cutting open his forehead.  Stewart picks Joshua up and hits a Body Slam onto the table, and it cracks, but does not break.  Joshua arches his back as he rolls off of the table.  Several of the thumbtacks have come unglued into his back.  He picks a couple out as he tries to dodge Stewart.  Stewart flings Joshua into the ringpost.  As he tries to ram into Joshua, Joshua moves.  He picks Stewart up with a Floatover Suplex, right on top of the table, causing it to crack more.  The fans cheer, as the table has not broken.  Joshua clubs Stewart a few times before climbing onto the ring apron.  He signals out as he measures Stewart up.  He prepares to jump, but stops himself, causing the fans to sulk and boo a bit.  But then they roar out as Joshua climbs up the turnbuckles to the very top.  They get on their feet as Joshua signals and leaps off, landing on top of Stewart, and breaking the table!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, which is surprising for the heel Joshua Acquin.  “Judas” plays over the speakers, but both men are laid out on the ground, out of it.  The show goes off the air with Joshua and Stewart breathing heavily, covered in blood.

Tune in next week to Underground Ep. 102!