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2 Broke Chicks
« on: June 23, 2021, 03:31:51 PM »

Handlers Name(s): V and Deabs
Any Messengers: Twitter
Years Active: Ca. 2015


Jane and Chi Chi will literally fight anybody, regardless of gender.


*Add more wrestlers if necessary*
Wrestler 1: Jane Harper
Wrestler 2: Chiaki Sanada
Tag Team Name: 2 Broke Chicks
Hometown: Wherever their RV takes them
Personality: Jane and Chiaki are all about having a good time outside of the ring, goofing off, poking at their rivals. Inside the ring they become a couple of scrappy, violent brawlers.
Thick As Thieves: Jane and Chiaki have lived together straight off of the streets and formed an impenetrable bond. They know how the other thinks and their tag chemistry is impeccable.
Resiliency: Tough as nails and never wanna quit
Overprotective: Jane and Chiaki can sometimes be overwatchful of the other and can be distracted if the other goes down at ringside.
Stubborn: Tough as nails and never wanna quit
Showboats: They like to play to the crowd a lot which can sometimes leave them open
Gimmick (If any): Just a couple of broke ass bitches looking to make a buck and make ends meet. They’re pretty good at wrestling so they figured why not give it a shot?
Alignment: Chaotic Babyfaces


Entrance Theme Music: “Run It Up" by ANARCHY Ft. MIYACHI
Entrance Description:
Ikura ikura ikura ore no kachi wa ikura!
Run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up!
Ikura ikura ikura ore no kachi wa ikura!
Run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up!

ANARCHY's "Run It Up" comes on over the PA system as the arena lights dim down, bringing all attention to the lighting on and around the stage. Everyone’s attention is on the entrance curtain when, all of a sudden, an air horn like the one heard from a fire engine BLASTS through the arena. From the side of the stage, a tricked out RV painted white with neon blue accents rolls up. As the opening refrain with Skits Vicious begins, theside door flies open and out comes the 2 Broke Chicks. In name only, of course! There’s some visible laughs of amusement as Jane then turns towards the stage and tries to look serious as she approaches the ramp. On the opposite side of the mood spectrum, Chiaki Sanada gives their ride an adoring pat before scurrying to catch up with her tag team partner.

As the two make their way down the ramp, Jane’s attempt to stay serious is all but lost once Chiaki moves in front of her, just goofing off and throwing random signs at the camera in sync with their music. As the chorus plays, Chiaki starts singing along. The strength of the duo finally breaks into laughter at the little one’s antics and the pair continue towards the ring. Once they reach ringside, Jane comes in behind Chiaki and lifts the crazy little Joshi up onto her shoulders. She makes a lap around the ring itself while Chiaki’s waving her arms from side to side over her head, trying to get the fans to join in. They do, for the most part. Chiaki hops off of Jane’s shoulders and onto the apron. She’s back to throwing thuggish little hand signals as Jane climbs onto the apron. Jane climbs into the ring and stands behind Chiaki who is still doing her thing as they both throw up their actual, personal team gesture. Chiaki finally gets into the ring and the two of them move to their corner, removing their entrance gear and getting in a bit of last minute extra stretching as they get ready for their match.


***The following moves are specific to the tag team moves***

Signature Moves
1.) Gas Money (Meltzer Driver)
2.) Chiaki will run off the ropes, Jane pops her up into the air for a big double foot stomp
3.) Double Superkicks

Finishing Move
1.) Pay Day (Jane lifts an opponent onto her shoulders as Chiaki dives from the top rope and delivers a Destroyer)


Weapon Of Choice: Tables and Ladders and Chairs, oh my!
Match Of Choice: No DQ

Superstar Bio: Jane Harper started her training to become a professional wrestler at the age of 22, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wanting to branch out, she traveled to Japan on a work visa to further her training. After a month of freelance bookings, she joined a dojo to sharpen her skills. Things for Jane took a turn for the worse, however, when her short temper and violent behavior ended up getting her kicked out of the dojo. This affected her bookings and before long, Jane was evicted from her apartment. She used what money she had to purchase a van. Nothing fancy, by far. A shabby old 1960 Peugeot D4. It was shortly after that when she met Chiaki Sanada. Chiaki, too, was a down on her luck wrestler who had trained in secret until her parents found out. They were already against their daughter’s rebellious ways already but being adamantly against the sport, Chiaki was kicked out of the house with nowhere to go. The two met after Chiaki was found by Jane, running from a street cop after shoplifting from a convenience store. Chiaki shared her loot with Jane and the two hit it off as friends. Now, they’re just a pair of two broke chicks living out of Jane’s old van as they search for bookings somewhere.
Past Accomplishments:
BWF Tag Team Champions (1x)
WWA Trios Tag Champions w/Dokueki (1x)
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