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Underground Ep 96 (Results)
« on: June 15, 2021, 04:46:10 PM »

Sin City Underground Ep 96 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 40% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Staggs Dungeon in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, June 12st, 2021.

Show opens up with Stacy Ruin in the ring with a microphone in hand. She has the SCUTron on replaying the ending of Melissa Ruin vs Merlot Ayano.

Stacy: Like at how weak and sorry Melissa looks, crying because he realized she’s not as good as she thought she was. Now she cries, how sad. Ruins don’t cry, we get up and fight again. You however, you’re weak, a disgrace to the Ruin family. I told you, you don’t have what it takes to be a wrestler, but to be frank, you don’t have what it takes to be a Ruin. Do us all a favor and change your name already. The family is tired of being embarrassed by your presents.

Stacy stops as the crowd cheers, they look at the walkway to see Halo Annis walking to the ring.

Stacy: And you and piss off Halo. This has nothing to do with you.

Halo gets in the ring ignoring Stacy. Halo pulls out a mic from her back pocket.

Halo: You’re right Stacy, it doesn’t concern me but I have something that should really, really concern you.

Stacy: Oh really? This should be good.

Halo: Well, I just happen to be in that mood.

Stacy: That mood? What mood?

Halo: You know the one, you’re the victim of this mood. You know, that punch a bitch in the face mood.

Stacy: YOu don’t want none of this, not if you plan on beating Cordelia Clark for the title…

Stacy laughs for a few seconds.

Stacy: Sorry, the thought of you beating Cordelia is really funny. I should do stand up, I’m sure I won’t tank, like your wrestling career.

Halo: Strong, I mean strong words coming from you Stacy. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you even won a match?

Stacy: Okay so maybe you got lucky a few weeks ago but that won’t be happening again.

Halo: We can go again right here if you like, I won;t even break a sweat.

Stacy drops the microphone and gets her hands up. Halo does the same but both stop to look towards the rampway as Melissa Ruins’ theme song begins to play. Melissa runs down and slides in the ring. Halo stands between the sisters as Melissa gets her phone out. She and SCU link her phone to the SCUTron as a video chat is seen with the other sister, Debbi Ruin. This is the first time the SCU fans have seen Debbi since her career ending injury over a year ago. She sits in her wheelchair holding back tears as she sees the SCU crowd standing as they cheer for Debbi Ruin. Stacy is in shock to see Debbi over the SCUTron.

Stacy: Hey, sis! I’ll be home in a few hours, everything okay?

Debbi turns her wheelchair to turn her back on her twin sister.

Debbi: Halo, you have been a good friend to my baby sister Melissa. She found herself in the wrong crowd with Angel Kash and Chanelle. I’m thankful for that.

Halo leans into Melissa's phone.

Halo: Melissa is fucking cool. Your twin Stacy, not so much.

Debbi: Yes, she’s been a pain to everyone in the family lately. I have something to say on that matter to my sisters.

Stacy: Good, let Melissa have Deb!

Debbi: Melissa, I know you love Stacy but this has to stop. I know why you won’t fight back but that ends now. Melissa, you have my blessing to kick her ass.

Melissa drops the phone and charges at Stacy Ruin, catching her by surprise. Melissa spears Stacy to the mat then quickly wraps her arms around Stacy’s neck for a side sleeper choke. The video chat cuts off from the SCUTron as the crowd explodes. They have been waiting for Melissa to finally fight back. Lexa’s security team arrives to a roar of boos as they begin to pry Melissa off of Stacy. Halo leaves the ring as ordered by Security.

Halo: Damn y’all, just wanted to punch a bitch, I guess Cordelia will have to do.

Security breaks the two apart but they both start trying to kick the other, security throws Melissa over the top ropes but gets caught by Halo to save her from hitting her head on the floor.

Mayhem Survival Qualifying Match
Alex Rush vs Montgomery Creed

Creed rushes Alex Rush as he goes for a clothesline. Alex drops down to the mat in a split but then holds his man parts in pain afterwards. Creed goes to kick Alex in the side of the head but misses as Alex rolls over still holding his man parts. Alex gets to his feet and asks for a timeout. Creed rushes over as Alex leaps forward and hits a headbutt onto Creed’s man parts. Alex drops headfirst on the mat Creed holds his man parts. Alex and Creed take a second as the crowd laughs at what happened. Both men get to the middle of the ring. Creed grabs Alex and gets him over his head in a military press but Alex counters by grabbing Creed’s ear and twisting it. Creed lets go of Alex which drops Alex to the mat. Creed goes to grab Alex off the floor but Alex grabs Creed and rolls him up in a small package for the three count as Creed wasn’t able to kick out on time. Alex pops up in shock as Creed gets up, upset, yelling at the ref.

The lights in the Staggs Dungeon lower down as “American Landfill” by 3TEETH begins playing over the speakers.  The crowd begins booing as Angel of Filth walks out onto the rampway.  Javier Gonzalez follows after her, along with The Jeckel Family.  They back her up as she walks down the entryway, stopping at the bottom of the ramp and spitting her poison mist into the air.  As it rains down on her and her group, like badges of honor on each of their bodies, Filth slides in under the ropes, with Javi and The Jeckels following soon after.  They take post around the ring as Filth grabs a microphone.

Filth:  Shut the fuck up so I don’t have to be out here any longer than I have to be.

The crowd only boos more loudly as Filth winds her finger up.  As the booing dies down, the lights still have not come back up completely.

Filth:  You all sound like squealing pigs, and I’m loving every minute of it.  But, I’m not out here for my own amusement.  I’m out here because I am last year’s Mayhem Survival winner.  I am the reason GRIME shares television time with SCU.  Pretty cool, huh?


Filth:  Fuck me!  All of the great matches we’ve given you, like you were promised the second we stepped foot into Sin City.  Grimey, hardcore, sacrificial.  I didn’t see any of you petitioning for that to stop.  You may not agree with my methods, but you love the results.  And that is why you will watch me get through 29 other stars and bombshells of SCU and GRIME to be the first to win the Mayhem Survival for a second year in a row.

The crowd laughs at Filth, but she doesn’t acknowledge it.  Instead, she starts pacing until she stands on the bottom rope, leaning over to look out at the crowd in front of her, black still dripping from her mouth.

Filth:  At Into the Void X, GRIME lost the match that would’ve guaranteed us the number 30 spot.  And I’m happy for that, because that means I get the opportunity to start at number 1.  And as the leader of the GRIME Army, I am calling dibs on that spot.  Not because I’m foolish enough to think I could win it all by myself.  No, not from number 1.  But because I get a chance to guide my army, glue us back together to work as a cohesive unit once more, and banish SCU from existence, once and for all!

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filth makes a jerking off motion as she steps off of the ropes.  She rushes over and stands on Javi’s shoulders, stepping onto the ringpost and perches herself there.

Filth:  I’m throwing down the gauntlet.  It’s time we end this.  I didn’t start a revolution in Sin City to share airtime with SCU.  I came here to get rid of them, and my army isn’t doing that because I made the mistake of letting them cause chaos with no real goal.  It’s a weakness of mine.  I love seeing shit get fucked up.  It kind of turns me on, if you know what I mean.

Filth flicks her tongue.

Filth:  But enough is enough.  I’m no pussy leader, which is why I called number 1.  So come Supernova 4, things as you know it will change forever.  SCU Underground will simply be known as GRIME.  The weak will not survive the apocalypse we will rain down upon SCU’s roster, but we’ll take all of the pretty little play things and use them until they’re broken.  Fight as hard as you like, but the inevitable is what it is.  We’ll settle this at Supernova…

“American Landfill” begins playing once more as the lights return to normal.  The group doesn’t waste time as they start making their way up the rampway.

Mayhem Survival Qualifying Match
Esther and Andrey vs Queen of Apathy and Skag

Esther starts things off as Skag tries to do the same but the ref orders him out. Skag argues that the match is not a Pride rules match. Jade orders Skag out anyway as she informs him that it’s a Pride rules match. Skag tells her that the match he signed wasn’t listed as such. Jade yells at Skag to get out the ring. Skag yells back for her to watch her tone with him. Jade yells at Skag to get out which Skag replies by shoving Jade to the mat. Jade calls for the bell to DQ Queen and Skag. Skag just smiles and charges at Esther as Andrey gets in the ring to help his wife. Apathy shrugs her shoulders and leaves the ringside area letting Skag to deal with Andrey. Skag kicks Esther in the gut as he holds on to a big chunk of her hair as Andrey punches Skag in the face over and over.

The scene opens in front of a Summer XXXtreme poster, where we see the back of GRIME co-owner Rainbow as she adjust her mask and tucks in stray bit of hair as she warms up and prepare for her match against Dahlia Rotten. She turns to see a camera pointed at her and then she see Dev Khatri standing not too far away.

Rainbow: Did you see anything?

Dev: Nope. All good.

Rainbow nods and turns to the camera.

Rainbow: すごい (Great)

Rainbows shoulders relax a little as Dev step forward and before adjusting his own mask before speaking once more.

Dev: Tonight, we see you back in action following your win against Halo Annis back on May 3rd Underground.  Firstly, are you worried about not getting enough ring action?

Dev questions as Rainbow listens to the question.

Rainbow: Uh. No. I am not worried… as I have my own ring and when I am not home I train right here… preparing myself. Preparing to eventually get my hands on dishonourable piece of crap… Omasa.

Rainbow shakes her head.

Dev: So your focus is still on Omasa?

Rainbow: もちろんです (Of course). But I am not going to let it distract me… I still want to win the match tonight and advance to whatever tournament this is.

Dev: Basically our Royal Rumble.

Rainbow: I see.

Rainbow nods.

Dev: So your thoughts on Dahlia Rotten?

Dev questions.

Rainbow: Ah Yeah… Dahlia is impressive and is a one of the biggest names in SCU, however, being impressive doesn’t instil fear and I don’t fear her. Dahlia we have met a few times inside the ring but only in passing in the battle between SCU and GRIME. But I am going to ignore those fleeting meetings and instead focus on the here and now and our match.

As I said you are impressive, but I don’t fear you… but instead you should fear me.  I am on a roll in GRIME and not because I am a co-owner… I am undefeated in GRIME. Yes I can hear people say that GRIME and SCU are different entities… and they are but I know how to wrestle regardless of the match type.  Dahlia I hope you are prepared tonight… prepared for defeat.

I am winning this match and making a point that I am dangerous regardless of my opponent and that I am hungry for a title win. Sorry Dahlia but maybe next time.

Dev: Well thank you Rainbow and good luck tonight.

Rainbow: ありがとうございました。(Thank you).

Rainbow bows to Dev and Dev smiles and nods back, as the scene fades out with Rainbow going back to her pre-match preparation.

Mayhem Survival Qualifying Match
Tim Staggs vs Eric Weaver

Tim and Eric start off with trading chops to each other's chest. Tim will nail Eric with a hard one that upsets him causing him to cheat as he pokes Tim's left eye. Eric leans back from Tim swinging for a punch. Eric grabs Tim and throws him over the top rope. The two would trade forearms, open hand strikes and elbows to the face as the ref would count the men out. Tim rolls back in the ring at nine only to slide back out the ring to force a restart on the count. Tim would do this twice but Eric gets the upper hand and slides in at a nine count and stays in the ring to win the match via count out. Thus qualifying Eric to the Mayhem Survival Match.

Marissa: Greeting SCU fans I’m here with Dahlia Rotten who tonight faces Rainbow in a Mayhem Survival qualifying match. Dahlia you have been in several Mayhem survival matches, what keeps you motivated for a match like this.

Dahlia: The fact I have never won one, either have Earl or Stewart, so maybe it’s time to end the Team Canada drought.

Marissa: Give everyone your thoughts on your opponent tonight, Rainbow.

Dahlia: She’s an up and comer, and she’s eager to make a name for herself, but everyone knows I won’t just let her beat me, Mayhem survival is a rough and tumble match, and someone like me has a definite advantage, but I as I said I’m not an easy obstacle and if she successful tonight, beating me will definitely give her legit credibility, but she has to beat me first and if she does I’ll shake her hand and wish her good luck at mayhem survival, and maybe even offer some veteran on the match itself, so see you out there Rainbow and good luck.

Marissa: Back to you guys.

Mayhem Survival Qualifying Match
Eyesnsane vs Jerry Cann

Eyesnsane swings his arms around to pump up the crowd. Jerry Cann waves no to the crowd which makes the crowd cheer even louder for Eyesnsane. Jerry starts trash talking to the crowd as Eyesnsane runs in and spears Jerry to the mat. Eyesnsane lays in a few elbows to the face. Jerry grabs Eyesnsane by the throat to choke him illegally. Eyesnsane however ain't have any of it as he nails an elbow to Jerry nose. Jerry starts bleeding, Eyesnsane nails another Elbow to the nose causing the blood to start gushing out. Eyesnsane goes for a third but stops himself and gets off of Jerry. Eyesnsane looks at Jerry as he looks over to the ringside medic. The ref starts her ten count on Jerry as Dr. Green gets up to get a closer look. Eyesnsane does a sleeping sign to let them know that Jerry is knocked out and is asking for the match to be called. The ref gets to 5 and to prove his point Eyesnsane steps on Jerry’s chest to walk over him. The ref calls for the bell at the point ending the match in a medical TKO.

Halo: You know, Cordelia Clark is a great wrestler.  She has ability and talent for days. She’s obviously intelligent because she has a piece of paper that says so from a big ass school and…

She pauses, showing her palm to the camera.

Halo: I just gotta ask, how is someone so smart, so fuckin’ stupid?  

Her hand falls away but, knowing what reaction is coming, Halo shrugs.

Halo: Don’t look at me like that, it’s a legit question given how you tend to shit on millenials…

She nods, turning slightly, wagging a half extended finger.

Halo: Ya see, millennials stopped in 1996, you and I don’t qualify… so what the fuck bullshit you been talkin’ out your ass since you got here?

Shaking her head, Halo whirls back to glare into the camera.

Halo: Sweet fuckin’ hellfire, that dog just don’t hunt!

She waves her hand dismissively.

Halo: Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m just some stupid girl who never finished high school, what the fuck do I know?

Her hand drops as the glare burns brighter, hotter.

Halo: Apparently I know what that term means and you don’t and I know when it comes time to fight, shit’s goin’ down tonight!  Here’s to ya, champ, it’s time to throw down!

Mayhem Survival Qualifying Match
Dahlia Rotten vs Rainbow 

The two ladies lock up in the middle of the ring. Dahlia shoves Rainbow to the mat showing her strength. Rainbow gets to her feet and goes to grab Dahlia but Dahlia shoves Rainbow causing her to fall backwards to the mat. Rainbow gets to her feet, Dahlia goes to grab Rainbow but she ducks underneath and lays in a hard stiff kick to the back of the knee. Rainbow nails two more which drops Dahlia to the mat. Rainbow continues to kick Dahlia in the right knee. Dahlia rolls over to grab the ropes, Rainbow takes a few steps and drops down for a baseball slide. Dahlia hits the outside floor, Rainbow slides out to keep the attack on Dahlia’s leg going.

The ref runs out to get Rainbow back in the ring. Rainbow gets in the ring as does the ref. The ref starts his count as Rainbow runs the rope and bounces off, she runs to the other side to jump out of the ring and nail Dahlia with a flying crossbody. Rainbow gets to her feet and helps Dahlia to her feet as she throws her to the ring. Dahlia slides in the ring as Rainbow does the same. Rainbow gets to her feet first and helps Dahlia up. Rainbow goes to lift Dahlia but Dahlia counters with a right hook to the gut. Dahlia goes for another strike but Rainbow leans back then counters with a missile dropkick to her knee. Dahlia goes down hitting her head hard on the mat. Rainbow would roll Dahlia over and cover her for the three as she hooks her leg and holds on to Dahlia’s tights for the three count.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see the new Bombshell Roulette champion Krystal Wolfe walking into the arena with her title around her waist, as the Aussie walks down the hallway she is approached by her friend and fellow Go Gym Graduate Ariana Angelos.

Ariana: Hey Krystal!

Krystal: Hey Ari, you ready for tonight?

Ariana: Considering that I’m not in action tonight, maybe but I’ll take a chill night over the constant warring with Veronica Taylor!

Krystal: Don’t blame you there, shame I can’t say the same thing for Climax Control on Sunday.

Krystal says before she removes her title from around her waist (revealing that she is wearing a crop top in the process) and slings it over her shoulder.

Krystal: This belt might not be on the line on Sunday against Bella, but I can’t afford to take her lightly, one slip up will be all it takes for her to pick up a win over me and before I know it Bella’s staking her claim to a title shot.

Ariana: Her and practically every other Bombshell on the roster.

Krystal: True, and after how her qualifying match ended and how the last cycle ended for her, she’s going to be hungry to bounce back from those setbacks, thing is? I can’t blame her!

Ariana: Same here, she had some rotten luck during the last cycle! Hopefully, your match against her goes as planned.

Krystal: Hopefully! Do you want to go find a spot to watch the rest of the show?

Ariana: Never thought you’d ask!

The two women walk off as the scene fades.

SCU TV Championship
Halo Annis vs Cordelia Clark

Cordelia and Halo start with the two throwing open hand strikes. With each one landing half the punches, Cordelia tries to sneak in a closed fist but Halo catches it and swipes the punch away. Halo leans back and nails a front kick to the stomach of Cordelia. Cordelia blocks a second kick to her gut then follows it with a leg sweep to trip up Halo but Halo manages to stay on her feet. Halo goes to kick Cordelia as she gets to her feet but misses as Cordelia drops to the mat again. Cordelia goes for another leg sweep and this one drops Halo on her back.

Cordelia does a kip up to get to her feet as the crowd boos her and chants Halo’s name. Halo gets on all fours giving Cordelia an opening to kick her in the gut. Cordelia kicks Halo in the side of the head in a cocky manner. Cordelia grabs Halo by the hair to get her to her feet. Halo however nails Cordelia with a quick jab to the ribs then another. Halo starts nailing Cordelia with open hand blows before nailing a hard closed fist that drops Cordelia to the mat. The ref warms Halo about the closed fist. Halo just smiles with a shrug to the crowd that gets a pop from the crowd.

Cordelia holds her jaw as she gets to her feet. She demands the referee DQ Halo for her actions but it doesn’t work. Cordelia dares Halo to do it again, without skipping a beat Halo decks her in the face again. The ref warns Halo about the closed fist again but doesn’t DQ her which sends Cordelia up the wall. Cordelia gets in the face of the referee, Halo turns the champion around and sends her to the ropes. Cordelia bounces off and gets met with yet another closed left hook from Halo that sends Crodelia to the mat. Jade calls for the bell as she has no choice but to DQ Halo. Halo however, looks pleased as does the crowd.

Halo leaves the ring and heads to the back. Cordelia gets to her feet livid at the referee. Jade defends her position, Cordelia orders her to get her TV title then demands that she do her job and put the title on her, around her waist. Cordelia then demands to get her hand raised. Quickly however, cordelia jerks her arm to get it away from Jade. Cordelia leaves the ring and heads to the back. Once backstage we see security blocking Cordelia from getting any closer as other security guards try to remove Moran Clark off of Halo, as she throws punches of her own. Halo blocks as many as she can but gets nailed a few times before security finally gets Morgan off of her.

Mayhem Survival Qualifying Match
Angel Kash vs Omasa Tazu

Omasa stands at her corner as she watches Angel Kash and Valentina waste as much time as possible. Angel taunts the crowd as she shows off the Underground championship to a roar of boos. Valentina takes the title from Angel and leaves the ring. She walks over towards Omasa corner. Angel explains to the ref what the rules are in this match to stall. Valentina grabs Omasa’s leg, Omasa turns to look at Valentina and shakes her head. Omasa uses her other leg to stump on her waist which forces Valentina to let go.

Angel charges at Omasa, Omasa jumps and nails Angel on the forehead with a Pele kick. Angel stumbes back, Valentina gets on the apron but gets hit with a spinning side kick that knocks her to the floor. Omasa slides out of the ring and starts attacking Valentina with kicks to her upper body. Veltnina curls up to protect herself.

Omasa gets Valentina to her feet to send her to the barricade. Valentina hits the barricade hard enough for her to go over and land on the first row. Omasa turns around to face the ring to get nailed with a baseball slide from Angel Kash that slides her to the outside of the ring. Omasa stumbles back a bit as Angel leans in to grab her. Angel sends Omasa to the ringpost. Valentina gets back to ringside and goes to Angel’s corner. Angel grabs the back of Omasa's head and throws Omasa back in the ring.

Angel gets in the ring, Omasa does a kip up to get to her feet. Angel walks back with her hands extended out asking Omasa to hold on, which Omasa does as she takes a few steps back till she feels the ropes on her back. Omasa uses the ropes to flip herself over to the outside and charges at Valentina tackling her to the mat and starts choking her out.

Angel tops on the top turnbuckle and goes for a dropkick. Omasa gets off of Valentina causing Angel to miss and land on top of Valentina. Omasa backs up to the barricade when out of nowhere Masked Rainbow grabs Omasa from behind. Masked Jade, Orchid and Celeste jump the barricade. Omasa kicks Jade then Orchid. Omsssa tries to kick Celeste but Celeste grabs on to Omasa’s foot. Omasa uses her other foot to kick Celeste in her chest in a way to fall backwards causing Rainbow to land on a chair and Omasa on her lap. The impact causes the chair to break causing Rainbow to hit the floor.

The ref calls for the bell giving Omasa the DQ victory. Valentina gets Angel to her feet and gets Angel her title as the two quickly leave the ringside area. Rainbow lets go of Omasa, Jade and Orchid grab Omasa and toss her back to the ringside area. Celeste then brabs Omasa and throws her in the ring. Omasa gets to her feet and starts to challenge the four masked wrestlers to get in the ring and face her four on one.

The four Masked wrestlers take a side each from the six sided ring. The Hardcore Tag Team Champions Torielle and Chanelle run out to stand on the other two sides. Rainbow nods but then Masked Orange and White run down and attack the Hardcore champions with the two kendeo sticks they’re both holding. They point at Omasa eager to attack. Rainbow looks at the two, fully covered; we're not able to point out how Rainbow feels about Orange and White. The six women get on the aporn, Omasa waves for all six of them to fight her. 

Orange and White throw a kendo stick at Omasa. Omasa catches both sticks, Orange and White jump over the ropes and are ready to fight. Jade, Orchid, and Celeste get in the ring, Rainbow pretends to back drops to the floor. As Rainbow suspected, Orange and White start swinging at Celeste and Jade as Omasa attacks Orchid. The three have their backs to each other as they side in the middle of the ring.

Chanelle and Torielle get to their feet and grab Jade and Orchid and Rainbow grabs Celeste to pull them out of the ring. They talk things over and again around the ring. Before they can do anything else, Lexa’s personal security team rushes out to break it up.

In the hallways close to the boiler room we see Le Coven (Jenifer Lacroix&CelesteNorth) as they are seen talking to Delia Darling.

Celeste: Look, I told you both I have nothing to do with GRIME. You need to shut your damn mouth already and stop fucking with Jenifer before I have her kick your ass again.

Darling: if you must... I spent more time z’an I should have trying help Jenifer. She can do whatever she wants.

Celeste: You say that as if I’m in GRIME. Normally I’d laugh it off but this has been going on for months and it’s getting old now.

Darling: Do something about it z’en.

Celeste: You don’t want to try me right now, bitch.

Darling: Oh, z’at is original, no? But, what can I say, it is your trend... Facing me would make you famous.

Celeste: Who said anything about a wrestling match. I’ll kick your ass right here, right now.

Darling laughs at Celeste as she walks away.

Main Event
GRIME Uncensored TV Championship
Kader Hasheem vs Joshua Acquin

We come back to ringside just as the end of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons is fading out with Kader Hasheem inside of the ring.

Liam:  Aaaaand his opponent, your current Uncensored Television Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he grabs the mic.

Joshua:  I have held this title for more than 100 days.  As of the coming Monday I will overtake and be the longest reigning champion for this title.  People may say I am counting my eggs before they hatch.  Just remember I have a champion advantage that I will take advantage of.  There will be a celebration at the next Underground for me being the longest reigning champion for the Television Championship.  It’s time for the main event.

No sooner than Joshua sets down the microphone and belt, Kader rushes over and knocks the champion down to the mat.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  GRIME is main eventing tonight, and Kader is showing just how hungry he is for the Uncensored Television Championship.

Rob:  Kader has Acquin down on the mat and he is hunched over, pounding him with crushing blows. Each club has an echo throughout the venue.

Ada:  Kader picks Acquin up and tosses him like a ragdoll into the corner from near the middle of the ring! This is a frightening sight.

Rob:  He goes for a Spear to Acquin, but Acquin moves out of the way and Kader collides with the ring post, knocking it a bit loose!

Ada:  I don’t think we’ve ever seen that, and I’m sure Acquin’s wife and kids are happy to see he moved just in the nick of time.

Rob:  Acquin jumps on Kader’s back and begins punching him in the sides of the head, but Kader roars as he drops backward and on top of Acquin, hooking the legs!


Ada:  Acquin was able to kick out.  He’s still in this match.  He turns over and crawls out from under Kader.  Kader grabs his ankle just as Acquin grabs the ropes.

Rob:  He kicks Kader in the face six times before the “Thunder” lets go of his foot.  Acquin crawls onto the apron and as Kader turns around, nose busted open…

Ada:  Acquin vaults over the top rope with a Flying Clothesline that takes Kader down.  Acquin continues assaulting the face of the challenger.

Rob:  He soon finds himself flipped over and through the ropes.  Acquin slaps the outside and shouts “Fuck!” before flipping the apron up.

Ada:  It’s all legal beagle here.  He pulls out a hockey stick and slides back inside.  Kader stomps on his back as he tries to get the stick.  Kader kicks it away.

Rob:  Kader lifts Acquin up by the tights and then Gorilla Press Slams him on top of the hockey stick.  Kader speaks in his native tongue as he approaches Acquin and lifts him up.

Ada:  Acquin has the hockey stick and he chops Kader’s right knee with it, instantly taking him down by reflex alone.  He then whips it right across Kader’s face, busting open his cheekbone.

Rob:  Kader is feeling it now!  He turns around as Acquin swings once more.  Kader falls against the ropes to avoid it, but Acquin gets two harder shots because of it!

Ada:  He goes for a third, but Kader grabs onto it and breaks the hockey stick in half.  He swings it at Acquin, but his lack of speed causes him to miss.

Rob:  Kader connects with another and it splinters Acquin’s face!  He goes for another, and knocks Acquin down on the mat. Kader walks around, arrogantly pointing out that the champ is knocked out.

Ada:  He laughs and mocks Acquin for at least a minute now, and he then walks over to his opponent.  He puts his boot on Acquin’s chest and this is over…



Rob:  Kader breaks up the cover and begins walking around again.  He lifts Acquin up and drops him with a Double Handed Chokeslam.

Ada:  The referee goes over to check on the champ and lifts his arm up and drops it once more.


Rob:  He looks around and then repeats the process.


Ada:  He lifts the arm up, and the crowd looks on, trying to cheer on the former masked member Gold.  The referee tries to give Acquin the benefit of the doubt when Kader knocks him out of the way!

Rob:  He’s basically cockblocking himself with his arrogance!  He argues with the referee, giving him another shove.  While this isn’t technically against the rules of the match, this is certain to land him a penalty.

Ada:  Kader reaches into his tights and pulls out a baseball.  The same one that broke Mz Holly Wood’s orbital socket last year!  Costing her the same belt that’s on the line right now.

Rob:  He walks over to Acquin, insulting him in his native tongue once more.  He raises the ball high into the air, preparing to strike.  The crowd is booing him all the while.

Ada:  He finally throws it, but Acquin catches it and rolls backward.  He steadies himself just as Kader turns to nail him, and he throws the ball as hard as he can, right at Kader’s eye!  Kader goes down!

Rob:  Acquin stands by as the referee drops down to check on Kader.  He begins his count, lifting the arm and dropping it down!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL Uncensored Television Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Acquin collects his belt and looks down at Kader, breathing heavily as “Judas” plays.  He stands over Kader and holds the belt up high for the mixed reaction from the crowd.  He basks in the glory as the show comes to an end.
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