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SCU House show 11. May 16, 2021 results
« on: May 17, 2021, 05:04:15 PM »

House Show 11, May 15th, 2021
Saxon Hotel

Morgan Clark vs Stacy Ruin

Both women get booed from the start of this match. Morgan soaks it in as Stacy seems bothered by it. Stacy would try to grab Morgan, but every time Morgan would counter with a kick to the gut, which would get followed up with a DDT. After a few drops to the head, Stacy rethinks her plan of attack. Stacy would turn things around and manage to get the Ruins lock (Ankle Lock) on Morgan, but Morgan would reach the ropes to break the hold. Stacy would try for her superkick but miss. Morgan would spear Stacy to the mat. Morgan would get in the top rope and jump off as Stacy sat up. Morgan would nail the Heartbreaker (Leaping Busaiku knee from the top rope right into the heart/chest area). Morgan would cover Stacy Ruin for the 3 count victory.

Linnea Lacroix and Le Coven vs The Jeckels

Linnea and Helena would start out, but Helena would call out Celeste instead. Linnea would tag Celeste in to start the match. The two would have an even match-up. Helena would gain the advantage to tag in Jack after a rake to the eyes. Jack and Helena would nail a double suplex before she left the ring. Jack would grab Celeste's head to rub her face on the ropes as he drags her from corner to corner. Celeste would get to tag in Jenifer, Jenifer would jump over the ropes while hitting Jack with a left then a right right to the chest before landing on her feet.

Jack backs away with his hands up as he tags in Jake Jeckel. Jake comes in the ring and mocks Jenifer as he gets in the Karate Kid crane stance. Jenifer leaps forward with a jump kick but Jake counters by grabbing Jenifer's foot and swings her around, slamming her to the mat hard on her side. Jake would try to keep Jenifer on the mat, but Jenifer would work her ground game putting Jake in a few submission holds that Jack and Helena would need to jump in and force the break.

After the third interference, Celeste and Linnea would get in the ring, causing a three on three brawl. The ref tries to break it up but isn't able to. Celeste and Helena would take the fight outside the ring. Linea would lock in her throwback finisher, The Easy Rider (Sharpshooter), forcing Jake to tap out. The ref would call for the bell to end the match even though Linnea was not the legal wrestler. Le Coven and Linnea would win by submission.

Joshua Acquin Jamie Staggs

Jamie waves for Joshua to meet him in the middle of the ring. Jamie puts his finger on Joshua's chest. Josh looks down to see Kamie move his finger upwards and hits Joshua in the nose. Jamie then points to the side; Joshua looks to the side only for Jamie to smack the side of Joshua's face. Joshua starts to get pissed and goes to grab Jamie. Jamie ducks away as he walks towards the ropes. Jamie starts getting jiggy with it as he makes a dance move that is 20 years too late. Joshua walks over and grabs Jamie from behind with a full nelson. Joshua drags Jamie to the middle of the ring before dropping Jamie with his Nightmare 2 (full nelson facebuster). Joshua will cover Jamie after that for the three count giving Joshua a pin-fall victory.

Ariana Angelos vs Veronica Taylor

The match was canceled after a fight between the two ladies broke out backstage. Ariana would get a few good shots in before finding herself on the ground with Veronica on top of her trying to choke her out. SCU referees would break it up only for Delia Darling to finally show up to a house show and mock Ariana for not being able to best Veronica. Ariana would get to her feet and attack Delia Darling that would result in a two-on-one attack on Ariana before SCU security could come down to break it up.

Main Event
Michi vs Angel Kash

Angel would again not show up to her house show match. SCU GM Lexa announces that Angel Kash will have to defend the Underground title at Into The Void in a triple threat match since the Underground Champion refuses to show up to work. Angel will face Celeste North and Michi in that triple threat match.

That was supposed to be the main event, but Lexa decided that the fans deserve one more match. While saying such, Angel of Filth would come out and agree. Filth would walk down the ring and challenge anyone to a match, only for SCU Combat Champion Merlot Ayano to take her up on that challenge.

New Main Event
Merlot Ayano vs Angel of Filth

Filth would refuse as she meant a real talent, someone from GRIME wrestling. Helena Jeckel would run out as Merlot and Filth stare each other down in the ring. Helena would slide in the ring as Filth decides to take Merlot on her offer on a match. Helena and Filth attack Merlot, Merlot tries her best to hold off both women, but Merlot gets pinned to the corner. The crowd pops as Omasa Tazu runs down and slides in the ring as she attacks Helena and Filth to get them off of Merlot.

Helena gets her hands up to block Omasa's strikes. Filth would try to attack from behind, but Merlot would tackle her to the mat and nail Filth with forearms to the back of the head. Helena runs away from Omasa, kicking Merlot in the side in the process. Merlot rolls off of Filth. Omasa nails a spinning back fist but hits Helena in the shoulder instead of the head. Filth would leg sweep Omasa, but Merlot would kick Filth at the same time. Helena grabbed Merlot from behind for a bulldog but would get nailed with a superkick by Omasa afterward.

Filth and Merlot get to their feet and trade blows as Omasa grabs Helena and tosses her over the top ropes to the outside. Omasa kicks Filth in the back, giving Merlot the advantage to grab Filth and throw her to the outside. Helena goes over to Filth, Omasa and Merlot have a stare down in the middle of the ring.

Filth waves for GRIME to hit the ringside but all of a sudden, the crowd pops loudly as Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears of Fears starts playing through Alex Rush's boombox as he stands on the top of the walkway. Alex snaps his fingers to the beat while tapping his left foot on the floor.

Filth points at Omasa as she yells at her that she's done with. How Omasa and Merlot won't be safe in the locker room. Filth and Helena jump the barricade to avoid Alex Rush and the rhinos. Omasa and Merlot turn back to stare each other down. Omasa takes a step back and gets in her fighting stance. Merlot would do the same, but Alex Rush runs down the walkway to slide in the ring with his boombox. HE stands in the middle of the ring with his boombox on the mat next to him. He tells them to wait before killing each other.

The next song on Alex's tape deck starts…  Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles. Alex starts to dance, Omasa ignores Alex as she stares at Merlot with stone-like eyes. Merlot stares down Omasa, but as the chorus comes in, Alex does the Egyptian dance. The dance gets Merlot to crack and let out a laugh. Omasa lets out a smirk afterward; Alex sees this and tries to get Omasa to dance along. Omasa shakes her head no.

Omasa leaves the ring. Merlot slides out the ring as she sees Omasa jump the barricade to leave the ringside. Alex signals for Merlot to do the dance but smiles as she shakes her head. The crowd chants for Merlot to dance, Merlot while walking up the walkway, she takes a few steps like an Egyptian to a big pop from the crowd as she heads to the back. The show ends with Alex Rush dancing in the ring.