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SCU House Show 9 May 5th, 2021 Results
« on: May 06, 2021, 05:33:02 PM »
House Show 9, May 5th, 2021
Saxon Hotel

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Boiler Room Match
Dax Beckett and Kaos vs. Masked Light Blue and Indigo

Dax and Kaos get attacked from behind by the champions with the GRIME weapon of choice, padlock, and chain. Dax and Kaos struggled to gain the advantage of the match but would do so briefly after they slammed Indigo and Light Blue onto some pipes, face first. Dax and Kaos would throw the champions around by ending up getting attacked with padlock chains from Masked Orange and Masked White. The interference allows Indigo to cover Kaos for the three-count to win the match.

Ariana Angelos vs Valentina

Valentina didn't show up to the house show, so Ariana would win by forfeit but would stay in the ring and demand for someone to come out and face her. Krystal would come out to face her friend in a friendly match.

Ariana Angelos vs Krystal Wolfe

The two chain wrestle and trade move after move. They use up the 15-minute time limit for a draw and provide everyone with a video game kind of match, as the two would trade signatures and finishers. They shake hands after the match as the crowd cheers for both women.

Alex Rush vs Jack Jeckel

Jack goes on the attack at the start, forcing Alex to defend himself. Alex would catch a break with a pull and twist to Jack's left ear. But after Alex would slapping Jack in the stomach a few times, Jack would go for a spear but misses as Alex yells "toro" as if Jack was the Bull and Alex is the Matador. Jack would have enough of Alex's games and would extend his hand behind him. His manager, Raisa, would hand him a kendo stick in which Jack would use to start beating Alex with it. The ref calls for the bell as Alex Rush wins by DQ. Jake and Helena rush the ring to get a triple-team attack. Masked Orange and Masked White jump the barricade and slide in the ring holding kendo sticks, and attack The Jeckels. Javi, Filth, Masked Rainbow, and Kittie run out. Masked Orange and Masked White grab Alex Rush and jump the barricade to leave the area.

Jaime Staggs vs Montgomery Creed

Jaime and Creed tie-up; Jaime would shove Creed to the ground then flex his muscles. Creed will tie up again only to get pushed to the mat a second time. Creed would go in a third time but would kick Jamie in the gut, followed by a DDT. From there, Creed would stay on top of Jamie; after two chokeslams, Creed would cover Jamie for the pinfall victory.

Hitamashii vs Lord Raab

The two men rush to the middle of the ring and trade blows. Raab would out strike Hitamashii and send him to the ropes. Hitamashii would bounce off and nail a running jump kick. He'll use his speed over the stronger Lord Raab. Raab, however, would end up nailing Hitamashii with the Killerbuster (Double Arm Brainbuster). Lord will go for the cover, but Hitamashii would kick out at the very last second. Raab would argue with the ref allowing the champion to recover. Hitamashii would get on the top ropes and jump off, grabbing Raab from behind, flipping Raab in the air with a reverse Concrete Heart (Dragonrana). Hitamashii would cover Lord Raab for the pinfall victory. After the match, Samuel McPherson and other GRIME members ran out, but Hitamashii would take his title and jump the barricade to avoid getting jumped.

Main Event
Merlot Ayano vs Omasa Tazu

A cameraman shows up to air this match live on a major TV channel in Japan. Merlot comes out first; once at ringside, she looks at the camera and bows, then in Japanese, she says. "A match everyone has been waiting for. Tonight, I show Omasa the meaning of respect and honor." Omasa comes out to ringside and looks at the camera; Omasa bows then says. "Tonight, I will prove the Merlot Era died when Omasa joined the company."

The two stand at their corners for a whole minute before they both move two steps to the middle of the ring. The two get into their fighting stance, Merlot inches closer, Omasa does the same. Merlot goes for a punch that Omasa would counter as she grabs onto Merlot's fist and holds it as she goes to kick Merlot in the armpit. Merlot would counter that by getting her foot up to kick Omasa's foot away. Omasa would try to attack with a low stiff kick that Merlot would block. Merlot would come in with an uppercut that Omasa would counter with a backhand to Merlot's face.

The two would continue to be at a standstill as everything would get countered into something else. The two would find themselves on the mat in the middle of the ring. Merlot would have Omasa's legs in half STU (The leg part of the hold) as Omasa has her Omasa lock on Merlot. (Tonga Grip)

The purge sirens go off as the GRIME Masked members, Celeste, Indigo, Jade, Light Blue, MacNCheese, Orchid, and Rainbow rush ringside. Omasa lets go of Merlot; Merlot does the same. Omasa gets to her feet and looks around the ring as she waits to see who wants to go first.

Rainbow points at Merlot to get out of the ring. The crowd would pop loud as Merlot would get her hands up and decide to fight alongside her countrywomen instead of leaving her to fund for herself.

MacNCheese slides in the ring first. Merlot stomps on her fingers in the process; Omasa comes in and kicks MacNCheese in the gut that sends her back outside the ring as she slides from under the ropes and lands on the floor. Orchid and Jade slide in the ring but Omasa and Merlot attack them before getting to their feet.

The Hardcore Tag Team Champions, Light Blue, and Indigo would get attacked from behind as Masked Orange and White jump the barricade and attack with kendo sticks before sliding in the ring with kendo sticks. Jenifer Lacroix runs down to ringside and nails Rainbow from behind with a jump kick before sliding in the ring. Masked Celeste and Jade manage to get out of the ring.

Masked Orange and White drop the kendo sticks, then jump over the top ropes and over the barricade. They grab onto MacNCheese and yank the mask off of her to reveal it to be SCU Reporter Marissa Henry. The crowd is shocked, the GRIME members rush Orange and White, but they take off and go to the timekeeper area. White throws Omasa's wooden sword in the ring then take off.

GRIME looks at the ring as the show ends with Omasa in the middle holding her wooden sword as Jenifer Lacroix by her side holding a kendo stick, and Merlot Ayano doing the same on the other side.