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SCU Underground Ep 93 (Results)
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Staggs Dungeon

Sin City Underground Ep 93 Sin City Underground Ep 93 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 40% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, May 1st, 2021.

Dark Matches
Mrs. Right vs Angel of Filth
-The match barely got started before being thrown out over a brawl between OTE and GRIME.

Tim Staggs and Andrew Borg vs Jake and Jack Jeckel
-The Jeckels win via submission on Tim Staggs, but after the match, Tim and Andrew attack the Jeckels.  After a moment, GRIME comes rushing out for the save.  Tim and Andrew retreat, causing GRIME to chase after them.

Dying Breed vs GRIME
-Dying Breed cuts off Jerry Cann and Jacob Johnson.  Both teams go at it hard, but ultimately Ivan Darrell gets the pin on Jacob Johnson.  However, after the match, Javi, Skag, Max, Filth, Rory, and Eric Weaver come out and beat them down.  The show will open up on the tail end of the beatdown.

After the SCU promo video plays, and “Bass Drum of Death” is playing over the speakers, the cameras flash around to pick up all of the fans and their signs, t-shirts, and memorabilia for their favorite stars of SCU, GRIME, and SCW.

After a minute of this, a white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding.  It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena.  The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Darlyn: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SCU Underground Episode 93, live from the Staggs Dungeon in Las Vegas, NV!!!

Crowd:  *MEGA POP!!!*

Darlyn:  On his way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma he is 6'6" and weighed in this morning at 275lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds he is your SCU Underground Champion... Father Gerald Shepherd!

And the boos become louder.  Gerald runs out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up.  He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage.  His Underground Championship is proudly displayed on his shoulder, and he holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse.  He walks down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them.  He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and slowly spins around before settling in a corner and waits for a microphone.  As he gets it, he sets down The Good Book on the turnbuckle and walks to the center of the ring.  He places the title around his waist and keeps his light grey suit jacket opened.

Gerald:  To the masses, I thank you for joining us on this day, His Holy Day.  I have decided to bless you all with my presence tonight.

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Gerald stops and his eyes look around at the audience, as if punishing them with his disapproval.

Gerald:  Show some respect for the Lord and His message!  I come out here to speak, not from The Good Book, but from the heart. So sit down, shut your mouths, and open your ears!

Crowd:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald taps his foot, irritated.  But he doesn’t waste much time before continuing.

Gerald:  Two things.  First, allow me to address the rumors that I will be abandoning SCU to focus on “The White Wolf” Fenris.  Since his descent, his career has gone nowhere good.  He’s lost his step.  I’m not needed there.  My son, David can handle him just fine on his own, as you’ve seen over the last several weeks.  I have faith in him, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  What David does there, that’s on him.

The crowd boos, but a bit lighter than before.  Gerald dismisses it as he begins to slowly pace across the ring.

Gerald:  Now, more importantly.  As I said before, I am not abandoning SCU in this fight.  From the very beginning, I was instrumental in fighting those heathen bastards.  When no one else would step up, me and my flock did.  For months.  By ourselves, getting gang attacked before anyone else.  But five people can only do so much.  So once everyone in the back decided to step up, we had our fill of this war.  We were ostracised.  We were vilified for not participating.  Lest ye not forget, The Good Shepherds did their part.  And with recent developments, we are back at it.

There is a mixed reaction, but the crowd starts to chant.


Gerald:  AZAROVS! AZAROVS!  Welcome home.  I’m glad you both have joined the right side of this fight.  Now, The Good Shepherds have had their fair share of fights with Over the Edge.  Eyesnsane and myself have taken each other to the limits, and I am not afraid to say that.  We’ve had some matches that could go down as classics if it was not for varying circumstances.  A draw.  Interference from my son.  But the most heartbreaking of the mishaps took place at the last house show.  For those who have not been fortunate enough to watch on the SinCity Network, GRIME decided to interfere in our affairs.  I have not been able to get a win over Eyesnsane, and he has not yet defeated me.  Thanks to GRIME!

Gerald stomps his foot and looks out into the audience again, hellfire in his eyes.  The crowd boos, but more at the mention of GRIME than at Gerald himself.

Gerald:  Eyesnsane, you listen to me.  One day, we’re gonna have a real match.  I don’t care if my title is on the line or not.  We’re gonna step toe to toe and give these fans what they deserve, and that is a damn good classic, Match of the Year winning, ass kicking, foot stomping wrestling match.  You hear me?  When we eliminate GRIME from this company, you and me are going the distance.  And these fans will have no other option but to cheer for us both.  No Good Shepherds.  No Over the Edge.  Just you… and me… and these six corners.  Understood?

Crowd:  *POP!!!*

Gerald pauses and looks up at the ceiling.  He closes his eyes and basks in the light before turning around and holds the belt up to shine in the light.  After a 360 turn, he places it back on his shoulder.

Gerald:  One final thing.  For it is His Almighty will, I would like to throw out a challenge.  I have been criticised for demanding matches with “lower tier” stars.  I call it equal opportunities.  But I also believe that the only way I can move on from this stigma placed on me is to throw out a challenge.  Four time Underground Champion, two time Combat Champion, Double Down, Pride, and Hardcore Tag Team Champion.  He’s darn near done it all.  So when I beat him, I can move on to be the champion that I know I am.  So, Stewart Mason…?

Crowd:  *SUPER MEGA POP!!!!!!!!!*

Gerald: … You listening?  Into the Void X, I want you in that ring.  In a cage, and in a cell, so that no one can stop us from beating each other to a pulp and finding out just who is the dominant one.  Do you hear me, Sss…

“The Hunter” by Mastadon plays over the speakers.  The crowd continues to cheer loudly for Stewart as he walks out with the briefcase tucked under his arm.  He looks around at the crowd, asking if he should accept.  As the cheers get louder and encourage him to do it, he finally looks down at Gerald and nods his head.  Gerald turns around, a big smile on his face.  He claps his hands with a sadistic smile on his face.  He points to Stewart, and the crowd gets a decibel louder somehow!  Stewart turns and walks to the back as Gerald continues to flaunt the title, soaking it all in.

Walking through the hallways, we see Jenifer LaCroix and Celeste North on their way to the boiler room with their duffel bags in tow.  They are speaking indistinctly until they are stopped by Dev Khatri.

Dev:  Hey ladies, you’re not booked tonight.  But, you look ready for a fight.  Do you have any targets in mind?

Jenifer:  GRIME.

Celeste grins and looks at the camera, tilting her head to the side as she smirks.

Celeste:  Omasa Tazu. Not that I’m going to pick a fight, but if she steps out of line, even just a little… I’m going to be there.

Celeste is ready to continue when suddenly, someone comes into view and shoves Celeste’s bag to the ground.  A few items go scattering across the floor as we see the person is Delia Darling.

Celeste:  What the actual fuck?!

Darling:  Last week, you helped GRIME Wrestling.

Celeste:  So what?  You helped GRIME in the Mayhem Survival last year.  You volunteered for that…

Delia flips her hair out of her face and steps closer to Celeste, but Celeste doesn’t move a muscle.

Darling:  Last year.  Just a few days ago, you were not under a mask, and you were helping GRIME.  You are clearly working for z’em. Admit it to your supposed friend over z’ere…

Celeste:  I’m not admitting shit because you’re blowing something way out of proportion.  I got attacked by Omasa, so of course I was going to fight back.  You can make all the excuses that you want to try to strip me of the one person who I know has my back, but it’s not going to work.

Darling:  Yeah?

Delia leans down and begins sifting through the duffel bag.  She throws a towel, a makeup kit, street clothes, a wallet… a black hoodie and the Celeste mask.  Celeste looks stunned as Jenifer looks at her, questioning her.

Darling:  Still want to say you are not a member of GRIME, hon?

Celeste fights for words as Delia looks at Jenifer with a look that says “I told you so.”  Jenifer can’t speak on this either.

Darling:  Right.  We see you.  Your true colors have finally come out.

Celeste:  I… I have no idea what that’s doing in there.  I didn’t put it in there.  And we just came from the hotel.  I’m confused, unless…

Celeste looks at Jenifer, who looks stunned that Celeste is even accusing her of such an act.  Delia steps in between the two.

Darling:  Don’t let her push z’is off on you, Jen.

Celeste:  Oh come on!  I’m clearly not Masked Celeste.  I’ve fought her so many times, and…

Darling:  Dismissed, Celeste…

Darling leads Jenifer off as the cameras go elsewhere.

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Masked Indigo and Masked Light Blue vs Kader Hasheem and Montgomery Creed

The match starts out in the parking lot for a Parking Lot Brawl. Before the champions can be announced, they rush out of a parked car to attack the challengers from behind.  They throw Indigo and Light Blue into the side of a vending truck.  They stomp on the challengers. They pull Indigo up and go for a Vertical Suplex into the vending truck, but Indigo kicks her feet off the truck and lands a DDT on Monty and Kader, with the help of a leg sweep from Light Blue. The challengers drop locks and chains from their sleeves and just go to town, beating them down mercilessly.  They jump on the champions’ backs and choke them. They don’t need to, as the referee declares them both knocked out.  Indigo and Light Blue win via double knockout.  They collect their belts and walk to the backstage area.

Backstage reporter Dev Khatri is standing by as Light Blue and Indigo walk through the doors.  He approaches them quickly, almost taking them by surprise.  They turn to stare at him as he watches on.

Dev:  Congratulations on winning the Hardcore Tag Team Championships!

Light Blue:  Did you show up to congratulate those two we just put down?  No.  Did you rush up on The Jeckels or The Monstimals when they won them?  Hell no.

Dev is about to speak when Indigo steps in front of Light Blue and stands over the microphone.

Indigo:  Then why the hell are you floating up in our tea like this?  Is it because we just stomped out two guys twice our size in under 4 minutes?  Even when they come up and attack us from behind like some pussy ass bitches?

Dev:  Yeah.  No.  I mean…

Light Blue:  Let me spit it for you right quick.  Tell you how it is.  The Jeckels held tight, kept the titles with GRIME, and fought all the lame ass teams GRIME threw their way, and they was cool.  Until we stepped up.  Just because we some little chicks?  What about the most dominant Hardcore Tag Team Champions ever?

Dev:  Alex Rush and Edwin-Robert?

Indigo:  Nawww.  Forget you.  The motherfucking Kawaii Dragons.  They like some 12 year olds running around beating everyone’s asses for damn near 2 years straight.  Now we might not be that tiny, but we no Monstimals.

Dev nods his head.  He is about to speak up once more, but Light Blue takes the microphone from Dev and looks right into the camera.

Light Blue:  I ain’t feeling this…

Light Blue waves her hand around, motioning at Dev, insinuating that she’s talking about the interview itself.

Light Blue:  So let’s mix it up a little here.  Let me ask you a question, Dev.  Did you ever see us winning these belts we got on our shoulders?

Dev:  I mean, I never really thought about it.

Indigo:  Why not?

Dev:  I guess it just never crossed my mind.

Light Blue:  You mean to tell us that we been chasing these belts for months, and you never thought about the possibility that we could win?

Dev:  Yeah, I guess I thought it could happen.  Just like Valentina becoming an Underground Champion.

Indigo:  Are you comparing us to Valentina?

Dev:  No, I…

Light Blue:  You think we some bitches that would run around with Angel Kash, getting cheap wins and lickin’ her ass?

Dev:  Why are you harassing me like this?!

Indigo:  We ask the questions.  Why did you decide to catch us right after we beat down them boys out there?

Dev blows up from the pressure.


Indigo:  That don’t sound like something we would do…

Light Blue:  Oh yeah.  No, he right tho.  We did ask him to be here so we could do this.

Light Blue and Indigo reach behind their necks and pull up their masks.  Indigo unmasks first to reveal Torielle Jackson, and Light Blue reveals herself as Chanelle Martinez-Blade!  The crowd gives a mixed reaction, but very loud.

Chanelle:  Motherfuckers thought we was a joke.  We Hardcore, baby.  Drink in all this.  All this.

Torielle:  And take a look at this face.  “The Classy One” ain’t no more.  I’m a hood ass bitch.  Fuck with us, and we will cut you.

Chanelle:  Here’s the Remix, baby.  When you see us, put a little soy on it.  Ain’t Azz n’ Class no more.  Turn that “l” into an “r”.  Azz n Crass.  Rude Bitches, AKA the Real Boss Bitches.  But don’t you forget, we’re the Hardcore Tag Team Champions, baby.

Torielle pushes the camera aside as Chanelle shoves the microphone into Dev’s chest.  After the stun wears off, he speaks up.

Dev:  You did follow Angel Kash around licking her ass, though! Heh, got it.

Dev pats his chest as the camera goes elsewhere.

The scene cuts in on the SCU Underground TV Champion Cordelia Clark as she exits the locker room. She’s carrying her championship with her and she’s not wasting too much time as she walks down the hallway. She doesn’t appear to be annoyed at the moment, but she’s not exactly expressing any sort of happiness either. Her mood remains largely neutral until she comes across her sister, Morgan Clark.

Morgan: Cordy! Hey! Another title defense huh?

This mention causes Cordelia to roll her eyes.

Cordelia: Another RANDOM title defense. What has Helena even done to earn this shot? You know, in all honesty, that’s whatever at this point. That’s been par for the course for my title reign lately, unfortunately. When am I finally going to get a challenge that has some MEANING? I’m just standing here, twiddling my thumbs so damn much, bored out of my mind, being given random challengers that either just win a random number one contender’s match or like tonight, just someone that they randomly throw at me. I guess the powers that be are really running out of ideas.

Cordelia rolls her eyes, showing her annoyance.

Cordelia: It’s already bad enough that Ariana Angelos is going on house shows and begging for another shot at my title when I’ve already defended the title against her…

Morgan: Twice… I should say! Does it get any more back of the line than that?

Morgan and Cordelia have a laugh to themselves.

Morgan: It’s like you said on Twitter at one point sis: quit trying to make Ariana Angelos happen. She will NEVER happen!.It’s pretty sickening that they’ve been giving her more of the main event spotlight than you lately considering she’s always been the perennial choker around here. She clearly got that from Krystal…

Cordelia: RIGHT?

Cordelia delivers a scoff, showing how unimpressed she’s become with Ariana Angelos, as well as the entire situation regarding her Television Championship in general.

Cordelia: There’s really only so much we can say about the whole picture in general right now, sis. But the outcome is always the same: I take on this random challenger that doesn’t actually DESERVE the title shot… and I just beat them. So really, there’s nothing else I need to say and there’s really nothing for me to worry about. I’ve never been pinned. I’ve defended this title multiple times, what’s there to worry about?

Morgan: The way you’re going, you don’t have to worry about the likes of Ariana Angelos, Helena Jeckel or ANYONE that’s a threat to your title. You’ve just been too damn good!

Cordelia: You got that right. Anyway, I think I’ve said all that’s needed to be said. Let’s just go out there and let’s continue to do business as usual. Hopefully soon, the powers that be give me someone that’s going to be… you know… an actual challenge!

Morgan scoffs at this, clearly amused by Cordelia’s remark as the pair begin to walk away. Once they disappear from view, the scene fades to black.

Alex Rush vs Lord Raab

Alex enters the ring with his boom box, and he’s ready to dance it out to “Invisible Touch”.  However, seconds into the dance, Raab grabs the boom box and smacks Alex over the head with it.  Raab dominates for most of the match until Alex is able to catch a punch and he tickles Raab.  Despite the lack of giggles, Raab squirms.  He tries for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Alex ducks it and locks on the Choke on this Wad (Rear Naked Choke) and begins giving Raab noogies and flicking the nose of his mask.  However, Raab gets angered more than just annoyed, and he gets back to his feet and drops back on top of Alex, smashing him.  He then picks him up into the Killinator (Chokeslam). Lord Raab wins via pinfall.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see the three members of Team Go, Krystal Wolfe, Ariana Angelos and HB Carter chatting amongst themselves.

Ariana: Another week, another match against Veronica.

Krystal: Look on the bright side, Veronica’s track record in Cage Matches against Go Gym Graduates isn’t exactly great!

HBCarter: Only your cage match was on Climax Control, months before you made your Main Roster debut, and speaking of the main roster, you have a big match coming up yourself Kryssy!

Krystal: You mean the Triple Threat at Into the Void X or the match against Mercedes on Sunday?

HBCarter: Both, you were right when you said that Mercedes has been on the decline but she’s still the Nightmare Champion.

Krystal: And when I beat Mercedes on Sunday, maybe I’ll challenge her for the Nightmare Championship? Pull an O’Malley and hold titles on SCW and SCU at the same time!

Ariana: Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves, besides, my focus for tonight needs to be the Cage Match!

Krystal: Well, if you need advice on kicking Veronica’s ass in the cage, I’m standing right here! Like I said, I have first hand experience in that area!

HBCarter: And I have advice for ruining her dollar store makeup!

Krystal: Like that’ll be hard!

Ariana: True enough, but win or lose we’ll be at Climax Control to support you on Sunday, right Carter?

HBCarter: Did your attempt at Fruit Cake look like a Mad Scientist’s experiment gone wrong?

Krystal: And taste even worse?

Ariana: It wasn’t that bad!

Ariana insists and Krystal and Carter go for a rebuttal but think better of it.

Krystal: Maybe not, but we both have big matches on our hands this weekend Ari so we should focus on them.

Ariana: Agreed!

The trio continue to talk as the scene fades.

Back in the medical room, we see Montgomery Creed and Kader Hasheem getting treated by Dr Becky Weaver and Dr Gracie Staggs.  However, they look as if their pride is more wounded than they are.  Neither one speaks a single word for about two minutes.

Becky:  I still think you both need to go to the hospital to get checked for a concussion.  Those were some hard shots you both took.

Gracie:  Indeed.  You were both unconscious for several minutes, and judging by the bruising and bleeding in certain spots, I’d…

Kader:  Did we ask for your opinion?  Where I’m from, women know their place.

Monty shakes his head while Dr Staggs gets down to look in his eyes, very kindly.

Gracie:  And where you’re from, a certain lifestyle will get you buried to your neck and stoned to death.

Monty:  Forgive him.  He’s a little raw right now.  We both just got the bull spit knocked outta us by two people who weigh less than half, and stand over a foot less than us.

Becky:  After you both attacked them from behind to start the match. I can understand that it’s not a good look, but don’t take that out on all women just because we’re smarter than you.

Dr Weaver and Dr Staggs share a grin.  Monty joins in and shrugs, while Kader grits his teeth.  He pounds the tray next to him, making several tools fall over and fly to the floor.

Kader:  It had nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with luck.  Besides, those titles are just a consolation prize.  Either one of us could easily be the GRIME World Nightmare Champion if given the chance at Hitamashii.

Before anyone can say a word, there is a bit of a commotion outside of the medical room.  It gets louder, little bit by little bit until the door opens up.

Dorian:  You can’t go up in there, asshole!  I already told you that.

Javier:  Andele, homez.  Muévelo,  I just wanna check in on these two, see how they’re doing, vato.  Bájale a tu tren…

Dorian:  If you don’t leave right now, we throwing hands.

Javi rolls his eyes and smirks.  He pulls a chair up and sits backwards, looking at Kader and Monty.

Javier:  You okay, hon?  That was tough, cabrones.

Monty:  We’re fine.  Thanks for askin’. We’re bouncing back.

Kader:  Yes, so get the fuck out of here.

Javi holds his hands up in surrender.

Javier:  Ay… calmente mang.  Can’t I show some concern for two guys who just got the hell beat out of them by two perras who was supposed to be your friends?  Two little, tiny, insignificant ants, who robbed you of any dignity either of you ever had?  Your pride must hurt worse than those knocks to your head.  Is there anything I can do to help?  I mean, I feel embarrassed for you.

Kader stands up and towers over Javi, but Javi only looks up at him with a sick smirk on his face.

Kader:  You must really want your ass kicked!  Two near seven foot men and Dorian against you?  Doesn’t look good in your favor.

Monty:  If I didn’t know any better, I’d reckon this one was tryin’ to get mudhole stomped.

Javier:  Oh don’t worry about me.  I’d worry about you two.  Knocked to hell.  This one never stood a chance against me.  I’m good.

Javi sits there, testing them.  When no one moves on him, he slowly gets up and nods his head.  He walks past Dorian and to the door.

Javier:  Fall in line, because you both look weak as hell right now, and it would be the perfect time to stomp out any rogue tendencies you might have.

Javi winks and steps out of the room, leaving all three men seething, and the doctors ready to return to work.

The screen slowly opens to a white blank wall, then focuses on a woman sitting with her back to the camera.

Helena: I bet you're wondering why I have my back to you, It’s simple everyone has turned their backs on me. For eight hundred years we’ve been persecuted, and shunned by society, but when my homeland needed their dirty work done, they called upon the Jeckel family.

For eight hundred years we have been the voice for those shunned by society. Cordelia Clark, you are the type of person I truly hate, you have lived a life thinking you're better than those around you. Cordelia is the person who looks at people like me and thinks I’m inferior, I’m not. Cordelia you are a person who buys a ticket to my family freakshow just to stand and snicker rather than enjoy the entertainment we present.

Cordelia we all wear masks, you know mine and I know your, the difference Is I can take my mask off.

Helena turns to face the camera, her face uncovered by her facepaint.

Helena: Cordelia your mask is permanent.

SCU 93 Cordelia we meet and I will take from you, that which you hold dear your television championship. Cordelia, evil has to be dealt with and you are evil, Cordelia your time looking down on people has come to an end at SCU 93, your faith is sealed.

The screen blinks and Helena's face is now covered with her trademark face paint.

Helena:  Cordelia, welcome to the freakshow.

SCU TV Championship
Helena Jeckel vs Cordelia Clark

Helena has a bit of trouble in the beginning, adjusting to the standard rules of the match.  She uses her brute force to maintain the advantage with a few calculated headbutts, a Spike Suplex, and a few chokes using the ropes.  But the near disqualifications remind her of the standard match rules.  However, her irritation with the referee catches her off guard long enough for Cordelia to sneak in a roll up pin that gets a near win.  The two go back and forth with punches, orthodox and unorthodox suplexes, and some kicks that we’ve not seen from Cordelia before.  Ultimately, Cordelia Clark wins via pinfall after hitting the Heartbreaker.  She wastes no time in leaving the ring, putting distance between her and the “circus freak” in the ring.  However, this opens her up for an attempted attack from Veronica Taylor.  However, Morgan Clark comes out quickly to cut it off, and Veronica rushes away, only to get caught by Ariana.  Before a brawl can start, security is there to separate the two in the main event for the night and get them to different parts of the Staggs Dungeon.

Backstage somewhere in the Staggs dungeon the camera finds Stewart Mason.

Stewart: Pleasure meeting you here.

Stewart smiles into the camera.

Stewart: Javi, buddy I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as whipped as you, can you take a dump without having to ask Filth, probably not huh.

Javi, there was a time when I looked at you as a serious competitor in SCU, but those times are long gone pal. Unlike you, I don’t need permission, to do anything, I don’t need permission to walk to the ring in front of all those great fans here tonight and beat your GRIME ass back to wherever you came from. Tonight is another battle in the SCU vs GRIME never ending war, and battle for bragging rights.
Stewart tightens the wraps on his wrist.

So Javi go ask Filth if can borrow your balls for tonight, and bring me a fight.

Oh and Father Gerald, I accept, see you at Void.

The camera returns to backstage, where we see Rainbow warming up as she prepares to face off against Halo Annis for her first match of the month and for a several weeks.  Finishing up stretching her arms up, she turns to the camera…

Rainbow:  Firstly, I am going to address what happened last week.  I did say that I might take a special interest in the match between Mercedes and Omasa and well 人生は雌犬であり、私もそうです。 (life is a bitch and so am I). I wasn’t going to allow Omasa to win that title back from Mercedes and I was going to let Omasa off so easily.  I have to say that Omasa you are nothing but a 臆病者 (coward). You had a big opportunity to fight back but you don’t impress me much. You have the 僭上 (audacity) to call me trash… but frankly you are the one that trash and have no talent at all.

Personally I think you should go back to japan to 研ぐ (hone) your wrestling skills because right now you are all mouth and no action.

However, by some miracle that you want to attack me… I am right here.

Rainbow chuckle a little beneath her mask before continuing.

Rainbow: Now on the reason I am warming up…

Halo Annis…

My first question is…. ステイシー・ルーインって誰だ? (Who the fuck is Stacy Ruin?)

Rainbow shrugs and decides to stick with English.

Rainbow: I’ve never heard of her… is she a good wrestler?

Obviously not…. Because I am better than Stacy Ruin and better than you… and you will quickly find out that I don’t move like Stacy Ruin and I certainly don’t wrestle like her and 100% definitely don’t speak like her.  Stacy Ruin is a dumb basic blonde.

So Halo…  this is the first time I am wrestling under the SCU banner and not the GRIME banner. Big transition but I will figure it out.  But I do hope you have been watching what I have been doing in GRIME and learning as much as possible because what you have seen in GRIME will be much much different from what you will be seeing inside the ring.

I am not going to tell you how I will be moving and what I will be doing… but I can tell you that you won’t know what hit you.  I am tough and hard hitting… I don’t lie down easily for anyone… so you better be prepared for a hard-fought match and you better be prepared for a loss that you so much fear.

I am going to continue my winning ways in SCU, and nobody is going to stop me.

Good luck Halo.

You will need it.

Rainbow picks up her air pods and places them into her ears as she press play from her cell phone as she then grabs a skipping rope and begins to skip. The scene fades out with Rainbow skipping as she continues her preparation for the match.

Stewart Mason vs Javier Gonzales

The match is fast paced and brutal right from the start.  Stewart will get Javi with a German Suplex.  Javi would roll backward and then catch Stewart with a Dropkick to the chest as he rises up.  He grabs Stewart and sends him into the ropes, and as he ducks a Clothesline, he turns and catches Javi with a Yakuza style kick and plants him with a DDT.  Stewart then hits a Catapult on Javi, but Javi catches himself and and jumps to the second rope to hit Stewart with a Diving Clothesline.  He goes to pick Stewart up, but Stewart will roll him up into a pin.  He gets a two count.  Javi is thrown off as Stewart gets a Camel Clutch on him.  However, Montgomery Creed and Dorian B rush down to ringside and attempt to get inside of the ring.  With the referee distracted, and Stewart as well, Kader Hasheem slides in behind and lifts Javi up into a Double Handed Chokeslam.  The three GRIME members retreat as Stewart is able to get the Paid In Full (Implant DDT).  Stewart Mason wins via pinfall and he looks more confused than happy for the win.  However, he and Gail celebrate on their way to the back.

Halo Annis vs Masked Rainbow

Halo uses her brute brawling skills to take an early advantage.  However, she tries her best to rip the mask off of Rainbow.  Rainbow struggles against it as best as she can.  Through a series of unrelenting punches, a Rear Naked Choke, and a series of mount punches from Halo, Rainbow is able to stave off the unmasking.  She catches Halo with a poke to the eyes.  After this, Rainbow and Halo stay even, trading punches, kicks, knees and elbows at an alarming rate.  Rainbow gains the advantage when she nails a Headbutt to Halo, following it up with a Legsweep.  She goes up top for a Frog Splash, but Halo moves out of the way.  Rainbow lands on her feet, but stumbles into the corner.  Halo uses this to her advantage and rushes Rainbow with a barrage of clubbing blows.  She gets Rainbow in the Hung Out To Dry (Tarantula).  As it does not fall into the rules, the referee immediately calls for the break, and even pulls Rainbow out of the hold.  Halo argues with the referee, which is to her detriment as she finds herself the victim of a Floatover Stunner from the top ropes. Masked member Rainbow wins via pinfall and she is joined by the newly unmasked Azz n’ Class, er, Crass?  The newly crowned Hardcore Tag Team Champions tell why Rainbow deserves her shot at Mercedes for the title, and then they leave the ringside area.

Merlot Ayano: Do not want to take up much time. So, will make quick. Hai.

The face of the Sin City Underground Combat Champion can be seen as the picture comes to life. She is seated on a bench in the locker room.

Merlot Ayano: The fear of the unknown is something that cripples fighters. Breaks down mind. Forces people to second guess themselves. And ultimately leads to failure. Is why Merlot try to approach each match with clear mind.

She nods.

Merlot Ayano: if memory is correct, is first time that Merlot will face Kittie in ring. Can watch as many interviews and footage as want, but won’t truly know a wrestler till step in ring with them. Kittie? Am unsure about your feelings of match. However, Merlot will share own feelings. Other in Merlot’s portion might view this as unimportant match. But is not the case with Merlot. In my mind, every match is important. No matter if on big show or tiny show. No matter if on opener or main event. Every match is most important match of life, because every match could be your last. Because of that, please no that Merlot won’t take things lightly out there. Won’t be coasting. Won’t be taking things easy. Will fight with all of might as soon as that bell rings. Hope Kittie can say the same.

Merlot pauses to reach into their nearby gym bag. She rests the SCU Combat Championship on her lap as she pulls out her ring jacket.

Merlot Ayano: Let’s make good magic out in ring. Hai.

She stands up and slips on her ring jacket. Afterwards, she places the championship belt on her shoulder and walks away just as the camera fades out.

Merlot Ayano vs Kittie

Kittie finds herself pushing the limits of the rules immediately with an Eye Rake.  She uses the ropes at every turn, shrieking as she chokes.  With constant threats of being disqualified, she shouts at the referee.  In a blind rage, Kittie goes after Merlot, but Merlot sweeps her from her feet and drops an elbow to her forehead.  Kittie finds herself struggling as Merlot uses her strength advantage to get her into an STF hold.  She refuses to give up, and after being in the hold for nearly a solid minute, she is able to reach the ropes to break.  However, the damage stays apparent through the rest of the match as she has trouble with her right leg, stumbling around.  Merlot capitalizes on this with several kicks to the thigh and knee of the right leg.  She gets Kittie down on the mat and wrenches it.  She seals the deal with a WIshbone Suplex, and locks on the Vanguard Killer (Lebell Lock).  Kittie sooner passes out than taps out. Merlot Ayano wins via knockout.  Merlot looks on rather than celebrating.  She waits for GRIME to make their presence known, but they don’t come out.  Merlot keeps her guard up and makes her way to the back.  Much to her surprise, there is a small brawl taking place between Halo, Holly Wood, Kelli, Melissa, and Esther, going at it with Queen of Apathy, Angel of Filth, Helena Jeckel, Jade, Celeste, and Orchid.  Merlot joins it, and the SCU women quickly gain the advantage when Masked Orange and Masked White come to their aid.  The GRIME ladies, minus Orange and White, take off quickly.

Joshua is backstage walking.

Joshua: I told you all I would beat Lord Raab. It doesn’t matter if I had GRIME around the ring.  He was going to lose no matter what.  This week I have a match against a wrestler I have had limited contact with in Mz. Hollywood.

Joshua holds up his championship.

Joshua: It is for this championship.  The GRIME Television Championship.  Funny thing is after that brawl we had during the house show where weapons were being used, I avoided being hit.  If I had you can guarantee that I would have a concussion and then wouldn’t be cleared for this match.  I hate to break it to all you SCU wrestlers. This championship is staying right here and I know a few folks that would make sure of it.  Don’t forget I have a champions advantage.  Everyone better get use to this championship staying here.

GRIME Uncensored TV Championship
Mz Hollywood vs Joshua Aqcuin

Holly uses her feminine wiles to begin the match, but Acquin is not playing games with this title defense.  He takes Holly down with a Snap Suplex, following it up with a series of mount punches.  Holly kicks him off of her, but he rolls her up into a cover.  She kicks out, and Joshua hits a Catapult, following it up with another rollup pin.  She kicks out again.  Acquin lifts her up and she lets him know who is in control with an iron claw grip on his junk.  She brings him down to his knees, and she uses higher ground to then do a Breast Smother.  Acquin is nearly tearing up from this, and the referee admonishes Holly for this.  She plays coy and flirts a little, which allows Acquin the opportunity to roll Holly up once more, only to hit the back of her head on the turnbuckle, and hard.  He drags Holly to the middle of the ring for a quick cover. Joshua Acquin wins via pinfall.  The medical team checks on Holly as Acquin walks around the ring, rubbing it into the faces of the fans until he gets bored and exits the ring.

The cameras go backstage to see Gerald and David Shepherd preparing to get in a van marked “Church of the Good Shepherds”.  Andrew and Tim are helping to pack up the many bags when they see The Jeckels leading Max, Ruby, Javi, Filth, Queen of Apathy, Skag, The Monstimals, Eric Weaver, and Jerry Cann into the parking garage.

Gerald:  Get in!  Quick!

Javier:  Ay, vatooooo!  Where you going so fast? You didn’t think we’d let your crew forget what they done in the dark match, attacking the Jeckels, did you?

Gerald pushes David into the driver’s seat as Tim and Andrew pack into the back seat.  Gerald is about to go around to the passengers side when Jack and Jake come around the front side.  They slam the door on his fingers.


A couple kicks to the door seem to be enough for Gerald to whine almost like a baby.  David pushes the door open, and Gerald shoves it into Jack’s face with his good hand.

Gerald:  For Christssake! I think they’re broken!

David:  Get in, dad!

Gerald is about to get inside when Javi, Max, Skag, Samuel, and Raab grab him and throw him down to the ground.  David is about to get out, but Gerald shouts at him.

Gerald:  GO!!!

They begin to stomp on him relentlessly as the van pulls off upon instruction, even through the swinging of bats and chains, breaking one of the headlights as it leaves.  Just then, Andrey and Esther Azarov burst onto the scene with Over The Edge.  The brawl rages on as we are forced back to ringside by the sound of a bell.

Main Event
Steel Cage Match
Ariana Angelos vs Veronica Taylor

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Ari wastes no time locking up with Veronica, who wants nothing to do with the tie up. She tries to get away, but Ari brings her into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Chad:  Veronica heads toward the door, but Ari stomps on her back.  Veronica rolls over and kicks at Ari, getting her right in the gut. She uses this to get up and go on the attack.

Gena:  She grabs a handful of Ari’s hair and sends her into the cage wall with a Hair Biel.  She then goes for the door, but the referee refuses to open the door.

Chad:  She pushes the door open, but Ari rolls her up from behind.  Instead of a pin, she wraps Veronica’s legs up into a Sharpshooter.

Gena:  Veronica struggles against it, but she can’t shake Ari.  Veronica uses her upper body strength to pull herself to the corner.  She struggles, but she eventually pulls out of it.

Chad:  Ari trips up, and both ladies get to their feet at the same time.  Ari ducks a Clothesline and gets behind her and begins banging her head into the cage wall.

Gena:  Veronica is able to push her feet to the side of the cage wall and she pushes off, sending her and Ari back onto the mat, and Veronica arches into a cover.


Chad:  Ari gets a shoulder up.  She gets out from under Veronica, and she bounces off of the ropes, nailing Veronica with a Punt Kick, and then drops her heel back down on top of Veronica’s head.

Gena:  Veronica goes down!  Ari rushes over to the cage wall and begins to climb it.  She gets nearly halfway up before Veronica is able to pull her down.

Chad:  Ari continues kicking at Veronica, even as she is pulled from the cage.  She shows off a variety of kicks as she backs Veronica into a corner.

Gena:  She continues to assault Veronica with kicks and knees until she whip Veronica over onto her ass and kicks her right in the small of the back.  She comes off the ropes with a Shining Wizard.

Chad:  Veronica is down and out again.  Ari goes for the cage and begins climbing as the rules state.  She makes it to the top before Veronica comes to.  Veronica screeches.

Gena:  She sees Ari straddling the top of the cage.  As Ari starts to climb down, Veronica reaches into her top and pulls out a set of keys to the lock on the door.

Chad:  She opens the door and begins struggling with the referee. She barrels through the door, knocking the referee off of the ring steps and she gets to the venue floor just seconds before Ari!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner via escape…

Veronica poses, ready to accept her victory.

Darlyn: …  Ariana Angelos, as cage door escapes were not announced in the rules for this match!

Ari begins jumping up and down, celebrating as Veronica screeches in anger and frustration.  Ari taunts Veronica, who is just so overwhelmed by everything that she walks around, shrieking at the audience members who are taunting her.  Ari walks backwards up the ramp, laughing at Veronica and taking in the cheers as the show goes off the air.