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SCU House Show 8 April 10 Results
« on: May 01, 2021, 11:43:31 PM »

House Show 8 April 30th, 2021
Golden Ring Casino

Coby Quik vs Jerry Cann
The two work in a very fast-paced chain-style wrestling match. Jerry would get a nice-looking left and right combo. Jerry would get Coby up for a powerbomb, but Coby would counter that until his Quik2Slee(Leg triangle choke while hanging from a standing opponent.) Coby getting in his finisher in the idle of the ring gave Jerry no choice but to tap out. Coby Quik wins the match by submission.

Dahlia Rotten vs Omasa Tazu
Team Canada and Dying Breed as ringside for this match. Before this match can start, GRIME rushes the ring and attacks Team Canada and The Dying Breed. OTE and the Good Shepherds run out to help Team Canada from the GRIME attack. The match gets thrown out as a No Contest. GRIME wrestlers start getting tossed out one by one left standing in the ring, Team Canada, Good Shepherds, OTE, and the Dying Breed.

GRIME and SCU Referees get GRIME wrestlers out from ringside. Team Canada, OTE, and Good Shepherds exit the ring, leaving Dying Breed alone in the ring. Lexa's security unit comes down ringside holding the duffle bags of the Dying Breed. They order the Dying Breed out of the ring and hand them their bags. They explain to them that SCU GM Lexa has banned the Dying Breed from this event and must return to their suites for their safety.

Kelli Torres vs Masked Orchid
Masked Orchid would come out to this match with Masked Celeste. Kelli comes out with her partner Holly Wood. Kelli and Orchid have a dead-even match. A chain-style wrestling match as the two one-ups the other with every move. The two would have a clean match that ends in a time limit draw.

Melissa Ruin vs Masked Celeste
Melissa would charge at Celeste and ram her to the corner. Celeste would work her way out of the corner only to find herself back after Melissa grabbed her and powerbomb her to the turnbuckle. Celeste would take offense to this and nail Melissa with a front kick to the face. Celeste would then lock Melissa in a million-dollar sleeper but would get DQ for choking Melissa out.

Main Event
SCU Championship Match
Eyesnsane vs Father Gerald

The two tie-up, but Eyesnsane would get the advantage with a European uppercut. Eyesnsane would then send Gerald to the ropes, but Gerald would bounce back and spear him to the mat. An even match for a few minutes before Masked Celeste, Orchid, Rainbow, Indigo, Light Blue, and Jade jump the barricade.

The Hardcore champs attack Gerald, causing a DQ finish, giving Gerald the DQ win. Jade attacks Eyesnsane with Celeste and Orchid's help. Masked White and Masked Orange jump the barricade and get in the ring. They nail a double superkick to Rainbow, then go after Celeste and Orchid to even the odds. GRIME's locker room empties as they head towards ringside. White and Orange grab Eyesnsane and Gerald to get them out of the ring towards safety as the show comes to an end.