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SCU Ep 92 April 24th 2021 Results
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Encore Theater

Sin City Underground Ep 92 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 40% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas, NV. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:59pm PST on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

Friendly reminder, SCW General Manager Brooke Saxon made note of some strict rules to ensure the safety of fans, staff and the wrestlers alike;

Dark Matches
Krystal Wolfe vs Masked Jade
The two ladies get at each other like cats and dogs. A back and forth match that resulted in a double DQ when the two refused to stop throwing closed fist. The scu referees would come down to help separate the two.

Tim Staggs and Andrew Borg Vs Monstimals
Tim and Andrew would cheat from the start of the match and would score the pin-fall.  After the match however told a different story as The Monstimals would attack Tim and Andrew. Lord Raab will take out Tim Staggs after dropping Tim on his head with a piledriver on the ring steps. Samuel would have beat Andrew down to the mat as Lord Raab gets a table and sets it on the outside. Samuel would lift Andrew up in a powerbomb and throw him over the top ropes onto the table causing it to break on impact. The crowd can’t help to pop as they chant holy shit.

Team Canada vs The Jeckels
Earl, Stewart, Dahlia, Helena, Jake, and Jack never make it to the ring as the six end up fighting backstage. The Jeckels use the GRIME padlock with chains as weapons. Earl has a chair, Dahlia has a bat and Stewart has his Billy club. Chains go swinging around. Earl uses his cahir to block getting hit with the swinging padlocks. Dahlia and Stewart swing their weapons. By the time it can get broken up, Jack and Jake are down and out, Helena has no feelings on her arms. Dahlia is cut open above her left eye and a swollen left side of her face, as she checks on Earl who’s seen on the floor heading his head as stalwart and Helena ends up in a staredown allowing the referees to get between them.

The Fox Brothers vs Hitamshii and Omasa
Martha Fox comes out to announce that Mason and Jason are not here tonight. They refuse to fight Omasa Tazu out of fear as they are legit scared of her.

Opening Match
Eyesnsane vs Skag

The match starts off with Eyesnsane going on the offense, but Skag fights defensively, evading and wearing down Eyesnsane.  However, in the 3rd minute of the match, Eyes catches Skag with a Spin Kick after Skag ducked a Clothesline.  With Skag thrown off his game, Eyes uses his strength to keep him down with stomps, elbow drops, and an Ankle Lock.  Henry Lozak makes his presence known by handing Skag his violin and Hecate, the rat.  Eyes is caught off guard by Hecate long enough for Skag to smack him with the violin.  Eyesnsane wins by disqualification.  Kaos and Dax rush down to ringside, which prompts Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab to come down.  They are followed by Max Burke and Ruby, which brings Michi out.  The brawl is cut off from getting any worse as security struggles to gain control, and we cut backstage.

The scene opens backstage where we see several Go Gym Students (Josh, Caitlin, Adrienne, Kaiden and Caleb Storms’ wife Katie) talking amongst themselves before we pan over to see two Go Gym Graduates, Ariana Angelos and Krystal Wolfe chatting.

Ariana: Still can’t believe they stuck Carter in a Handicap Match!

Krystal: And I can’t believe that Carter thinks that teaming up with Father Gerard would be better than teaming with someone he works well with, just because I’m a woman heading into a match that’s practically a sausage fest!

HBCarter: If you’re trying to change my mind by talking about me behind my back Kryssy, you have no chance!

They glance up and see Carter standing there, Ari greets her bestie with a hug before Krystal offers him a friendly fist bump which he returns.

Krystal: We’re just concerned for you Carter, me especially.

HBCarter: I can handle myself, I’m not Fenris in the ring or anything………


The English trainee’s panicked voice rings out before the other trainees calm him down, Carter raises an eyebrow.

HBCarter: You brought him here? After his training match against Fenris?

Ariana: It’s not like Fenris wrestles on Underground.

Krystal: And it has been months since he last appeared here.

HBCarter: Fair point.

Carter admits before shaking his head.

HBCarter: As I said, I’m not exactly the White Wolf in the ring but it’s not the first time I’ve beaten off two guys at the same time.

Krystal and Ariana: Err, phrasing?

HBCarter: And while I’m sure Krystal has gotten her hands dirty with men before, I will manhandle them like never before, and pick up another win with me on top.

Krystal: Again, phrasing?

HBCarter: And by the end of the night, we will al be pleasured at the sight of two buff, beaten off guys!

Everyone else: PHRASING!

HBCarter: What were we talking about? I thought I was describing the handicap match!

Krystal: Let’s run with that!

Ariana: Agreed!

The three Go Gym Grads chat amongst themselves as the scene fades.

Dax and Michi vs Max Burke and Ruby

We cut back to ringside as the brawl at ringside, but it has been contained to the competitors.  The announcers introduce Dax and Michi on one side, and Max Burke and Ruby on the other.  Due to the brawl, the match rules were switched to GRIME Tag Tornado Rules.  The match stays even through the first couple minutes with Dax hitting a Whirlybird Headscissors on Max, and Ruby using Debbi to choke her nearly out.  Max then reverses a German Suplex into a Snapmare on top of an opened chair, and Michi uses the ropes to buck Ruby into, followed by a barrage of kicks and punches.  Max Burke and Ruby win via Pinfall after Max hits the Nail in the Coffin on Dax, while Ruby manages to trip Michi as she goes for the save. Max and Ruby retreat to celebrate in the crowd.

Two on One Handicap Tag Team Match
HB Carter vs Rory Rockefeller and Jacob Johnson

As the ring is cleared, Carter makes his way out.  He seems a bit on the nervous side, but shakes it off to appear confident.  His opponents slide in and try to attack him from both ends.  He is used to this, and he ducks underneath Jacob.  He tosses Jacob to the outside and points to his cheek.  Rory waits to see if it’s a trick, and this gives Carter enough time to get a bit of distance.  Rory goes for punches and kicks, but Carter spins out of the way.  He avoids a Spear and sends Rory into the ringpost.  Jacob tries to get in, and the referee fights him.  He continues arguing, and Rory is able to get a German Suplex on Carter.  He goes to pick Carter up, but Carter punches him in the crotch.  Carter hits a Superkick to Jacob.  He hits the Passionfruit (S.O.S.) on Rory and covers him. Carter wins by pinfall.  He celebrates inside of the ring.

Marissa Henry stands in the interview area.

Marissa: Please welcome my guest at the time Helena Jeckel.

Helena and Raisa step into the interview area.

Marissa: Helena, tonight you face Merlot Ayano, a multi…

Raisa: We are aware of Ms. Ayano’s accomplishments, and her continued loyalty to SCU, yes Ms. Ayano is talented but has she ever faced someone as unpredictable, as unstable, as violent, as Helena.

Helena walks around Marissa, tilting her head side to side and smiling.

Helena: Ms. Marissa, tonight Ms. Merlot and I take center stage, for the entertainment of those who wish to be entertained, we will give them the show that they expect, but it not a show where the heroic one emerges as the victor, Ms. Marissa tonight Ms. Merlot, must pay for her allegiance to the evil ones in SCU, tonight she will here the devils whispers as she slowly fades into darkness.

Helena smiles  into the camera.

Helena: And Ms. Merlot for you tonight there will be no encore.

Merlot Ayano vs Helena Jeckel

Helena gets an early advantage, sending Merlot to the outside, and then nails a Baseball Slide.  Helena takes the rules to the limit, bashing Merlot’s head into the barricade.  Merlot is able to reverse one, knocking Helena into the barricade instead.  She gets back inside of the ring at the 5 count.  Helena gets back at 7.  Helena dodges a Spear and sends Merlot back over the ropes, but Merlot takes her with her.  The two ladies brawl on the outside.  Merlot pings Helena’s head on the ring steps.  Helena bashes Merlot’s head into the ring post a few times.  Merlot is able to rebound and hit a catapult into the announce table.  She hears the count of 9, and rushes back inside.  Helena gets to one knee as the referee counts to 10.  Merlot Ayano wins via countout.  Merlot steps outside and celebrates on the rampway as Helena looks on, angry with the outcome.

Scene opens backstage, where we see masked GRIME member’s Indigo and Light Blue talking to Rainbow. As they discuss future plans etc… finishing up, Rainbow turns to see the camera pointed directly at them as Marissa Henry saunters over with a mic in hand and a smile. Indigo and Light take their leave with Rainbow looking to take on Marissa alone.

Marissa: こんにちは虹 (Hello Rainbow)

Rainbow nods.

Rainbow: Hello.  How can I help you?

Rainbow asks.

Marissa: It’s been a few weeks since you were last interviewed.  This is more of a catch up and wondering when you will be in the ring next.

Marissa says.

Rainbow: There isn’t much to catch up on.

Rainbow shrugs.

Marissa: What about wrestling… what about Omasa.

Marissa queries as Rainbow looks at Marissa and cocks her head.

Rainbow: I may own some of GRIME… but I am still 忘れて (forgotten) when it comes to matches… I am not too 引っ繰り返す (upset) about it. But what is bothering me is that the fact that Omasa has 回避 (avoided) me multiple times yet is happy to wrestle Mercedes Vargas and even lose the championship to her.

I am the true number one 回避 (contender) and no-one gives a shit.

Rainbow shrugs.

Marissa: We saw that you asked Omasa to be punished… was the match against Mercedes punishment?

Marissa continues question.

Rainbow: I guess. But I would have rather her be stripped of the title than face off against Mercedes, who has a nasty habit of タイトルの収集 (Collecting titles).

Marissa: So will you be making your presence felt in the match?

Rainbow shrugs.

Rainbow: Well I am certainly not going to let Omasa get away with dishonouring the Nightmare Championship, the GRIME name and me. I gave a warning last week about dishonour and punishment… I want more.


I may have only a small amount of power… be damned if I am not going to use it.

タイトルの収集 (Watch your back)

Rainbow turns and stomps off towards Giani’s office, as Marissa wraps things up in front of the camera.

Pride Tag Team Championship
Mz HollyWood and Kelli Torres vs Andrey and Esther

This match is a series of rapid tags and double team moves, right out of the gate.  Both teams work together in flawless unison.  This smooth chain wrestling show is broken up when Kelli gets Esther with a Bow and Arrow Stretch.  Holly stops Andrey from breaking it up by Spearing him to the ground.  Esther is able to get to the ropes.  But Kelli isolates her from tagging out.  She goes for a Surfboard Stretch, but Esther is able to claw her way out of it.  She sneaks the tag, and Andrey powers through Holly.  Andrey gets a few close calls, but Kelli breaks it up.  Esther and Kelli brawl, and the referee tries to pull them apart.  Javi sneaks in and cracks a broom over Andrey’s head and drapes Holly over him.  Holly Wood and Kelli Torres win via pinfall  Esther slips inside to confront Javi.  Kelli backs her up.  Holly gets to her feet and joins them.  Javi uses the broken broomstick and points at Esther before telling her she “done fucked up” before stepping back and leaving the ring.

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" cover by Red Queen plays as Mercedes Vargas soaks in the reaction from the crowd, mostly boos.

Gena: Looks like a new championship isn't the only thing that's new here tonight. Mercedes has new music as well.

Chad:- If you're wondering why she is known as the #ChampionofChampions, two weeks ago was a reminder. At Climax Control 296, Mercedes Vargas shocked the world and defeated Omasa Tazu to become the brand new GRIME World Nightmare Champion. You gotta think this loss humbled the former champion.

Gena:  If anything, I think Omasa is even more determined to get the title back. She gets that opportunity right here tonight in our main event.

Mercedes makes her way to the ring receiving a strong reaction from the crowd who seemed enamored by her recent accomplishment. The SCW Hall of Famer stood in the ring with the GRIME World Championship around her waist.

Chad:-  For the first time in two years, Mercedes Vargas holds championship gold. Her 13th championship, eighth singles title and her first championship in SCU. The fourth woman ever to become GRIME World Nightmare Champion and she joins Vixen as the only Bombshell Hall of Famers to win that title and the only women to win the World Nightmare Championship and SCW World Bombshell Championship in a career.

Gena:  And with that, Mercedes competed in her milestone 170th career match in SCW, 60th career title match and just earned her 40th career singles win and 24th career win in title matches. Is there anything she hasn't done?

Mercedes is seen holding a microphone in one hand and her clipboard in the other. She is greeted to the sound of audacious boos from the capacity crowd. She smiles as their reaction is music to her ears.

Mercedes:  You know, it's so hard to be humble when you're that damn good. But if you're not — and, unless your name is Mercedes Vargas, you're mostly definitely are not — there's a lot you can learn on your way toward reaching the bar that I've set. In fact, everything you need to learn about wrestling, you can learn from yours truly in this very ring.

Mercedes points down at the canvas three times to emphasis this point.

Mercedes: From wins to accolades to titles, there's a reason why I am the most accomplished wrestler not just in the Bombshells Division, but in all of Sin City Wrestling. That's not a controversial statement, that's a certified fact. There's this saying that when you're at the top, the only way to go is down. Well, I think after what I accomplished two weeks ago, that saying just doesn't apply to me. See because you shouldn't be worried when I was climbing to the top, you should be afraid when I get there. Well, now I'm here.

Mercedes unfastens her championship from around her waist and raises it in in the air, eliciting boos from the crowd. Nonplussed at their reaction, she places her title over her shoulder.

Mercedes: Change isn't always a good thing. But in this instance, it’s the only thing that saved the World Nightmare Championship from having to see another day with Omasa Tazu holding it. And for the ladies in GRIME and SCU, I know seeing someone from SCW holding your title is going to take time getting used to, but you might as well start now because nobody is going to outwork me, nobody is going to outshine me, nobody is going to out-grime me. There's tough competition in GRIME and SCU, I'm not blind to that. There's a reason why the talent here are making SCW take notice. But now all the attention will be on me, as it should be.

Mercedes lowers her microphone taking in the abuse from the crowd, then adds "You're only booing because it's true." without missing stride. She does some grandstanding.

Mercedes: I've made countless memories in my career in SCW. I'm ready to make a whole lot more in SCU. So it goes like this, chickadees. You want my title? Take a number and get in line. Because I don't care who you are, what you've done, where you're from or where you're going, when you got here or why you're here, or what you think you're entitled to. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, whether you're a name or a nobody, a current champion, former champion, or a future champion, I will go through this entire women's division until there is no one left.

Crowd: BOOOO!

Mercedes: Here's your chance to make a name for yourself, your chance to shine, your chance to step up, to elevate yourself. But it doesn't matter who steps up to me, you'll at least earn that right. Sure, you'll get the right to face me, you'll get the right to challenge me, but you also get the right to lose to me. Just ask Helena.

Mercedes takes the checklist from under her arm and shows it towards the camera. We see Helena's name written in red marker.

Mercedes: As far as Omasa? Tonight's your night, and it just might be because you have a chance to be in the record books as the first two-time champion. Unfortunately for you, mírame, the only thing you're going to be is just a footnote to my reign. And eventually end up on my checklist. Again.

She pauses for effect, lowering her voice just above a whisper.

Mercedes: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Mercedes drops her microphone with flair as “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” cues again and she takes her leave by way of the steel steps to overwhelming boos.

Chad:-  Strong words from Mercedes Vargas, she wants to send a message to whomever her challenger ends up being and I think she did just that.

Gena: Like Mercedes said, seeing her as champ will take getting used to. Nobody saw this upset coming, least of all Omasa.

Chad:-  Can Mercedes turn away the deadly Omasa or will we see Omasa walk out the first two-time champion? We're going to find out tonight.

The image fades on Mercedes getting an equal share of cheers and boos as she heads up the ramp to the back.

Halo Annis vs Stacy Ruin

Halo and Stacy go right into it with Stacy getting the offense.  She goes 100 right away with punches, backing Halo into the corner.  Halo tries to block, but Stacy throws blindly, landing several of them.  However, former Combat Badass Halo Annis catches one arm and drags her into a Crossface.  Stacy is able to eventually get her foot on the rope.  Halo nails the Black 13 (Claymore Kick).  Halo wins via pinfall.  Halo takes a breath and shows good sportsmanship by checking on Stacy.  Stacy pushes her away and punches Halo with brass knuckles.  She tries for another hit, but the referee is able to wrestle the knucks away.  Stacy shoves the referee and moves on as the referee checks on Halo.

Main Event
GRIME Nightmare Championship
Mercedes Vargas vs Omasa Tazu

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:- Mercedes stays at her corner, waving Omasa to leave her corner to come to her. Something Omasa does to her opponents. Omasa waves for Mercedes to go at her but instead. Omasa runs over and jumps as she rapidly swings her feet in a bicycle motion as she lands a kick to Mercedes's chest and face!

Gena: Omasa grabs Mercedes and sends her to the ropes; Omasa runs behind her. Mercedes baseball slides out of the ring while being able to grab hold of Omasa's foot-dragging her out of the ring as well.

Chad:- Mercedes goes for a punch, but Omasa swats Mercedes's fist away. Mercedes tries again, but Omasa swats her fist again. Mercedes steps in and nails Omasa with a brutal headbutt. Mercedes hits Omasa in the stomach with a knee, then grabs her head to drop her with a snap DDT!

Gena: Mercedes grabs Omasa to get her on her feet; Mercedes tosses Omasa back in the ring. Mercedes slides in the ring. Mercedes gets to her feet and goes to stomp on Omasa. Omasa rolls and leg sweeps Mercedes as her feet hit the mat. Mercedes falls as Omasa does a kip up to get to her feet.

Chad:- Mercedes does a leg sweep of her own which drops Omasa back to the mat. Both ladies extend their foot, kicking each other in the gut! Both ladies roll away and get back to their feet.

Gena: They walk up to each other, Mercedes Grabs Omasa for a bodyslam, but Omasa wraps a leg around Mercedes to block it. Mercedes knees Omasa... Omasa blocks it and locks in her Tonga hold!

Chad:- Omasa forces Mercedes down to the mat as she holds on to Mercedes's throat! Jade looks on, but Mercedes is not going to give up that easy. Mercedes tries to punch Omasa, but the punches are weak. Jade looks at Mercedes, but she waves no to Jade as she slowly moves back.

Gena: Mercedes keeps pushing Omasa's arm as she keeps trying to brawl away from Omasa. Omasa lifts Mercedes head up a bit then slams it down to the mat while keeping the choke hold on.

Chad:- Mercedes uses her strength to give herself one good push away from Omasa which was enough for to get her foot underneath the ropes forcing the break. Omasa keeps the hold for the 5 count before letting go.

Gena: That’s cheating but Mercedes would’ve done the same thing. Omasa gets to her feet and grabs Mercedes by the back of the head to get her to her feet. Omasa shit talks Mercedes in Japanese. Omasa Irish whips Mercedes to the corner, she hits the turnbuckle hard. Omasa runs over to Mercedes and nails her with a hard chop to the chest.

Chad:- Omasa goes for another hard chop but Mercedes grabs Omasa’s arm to block it while using her other hand to land a stiff punch to the ribs. Mercedes puts Omasa in the corner and nails Omasa with her hard knife chop, and another one, then a third.

Gena: Mercedes steps back and puts her foot to Omasa’s throat as the ref starts her count to five. Mercedes lets go at five as Omasa did to her a few minutes ago.

Chad:- Mercedes trash talks Omasa in Spanish as she puts her foot back to Omasa’s throat. The ref starts her five count.

Gena: Mercedes lets go at five then quickly grabs Omasa by her hair and throws her across the ring. Mercedes wastes no time as she runs and hits Omasa in the face with a baseball slide. Mercedes goes for the cover!


Gena: Omasa kicks out…

The Purge sirens start to go off.

Chad:- This ain’t good.

Masked Rainbow comes down the walkway as Masked members Celeste, Orchid, Jade, Light Blue, Indigo, and MacNCheese jump the barricade and surround the ring.

Gena: Mercedes better get out of there before it’s too late!

Rainbow makes her way down to ringside as the other GRIME members get on the other three sides of the apron. Rainbow points at Mercedes and then to the outside of the ring. Omasa starts to get to her feet but eats a savage kick from Mercedes. Mercedes looks around the ring seeing the masked members looking on.

Mercedes leaves the ring and goes to get her title. Mercedes walks towards Rainbow. Rainbow side steps to let Mercedes walk to the back as the other GRIME members get in the ring. Rainbow slides in the ring as well. Celeste and Orchid hold Omasa up as Rainbow starts going off on Omasa in Japanese.

Omasa goes for a front kick but Rainbow takes a step back to avoid contact. Rainbow tells Celeste and Orchid to let Omasa go. As soon as that happens the two start going to blows. Dying Breed run down to help their stable mate but Max Burke, and The Monstimals come out and grab the Dying Breed as Light Blue, Indigo, and Jade slide out the ring and go to help Max and the Monstimals attack Dying Breed as Celeste and Orchid stay in the ring watching Rainbow take down Omasa to the mat.

The rest of GRIME come out and attack the Dying Breed. Filth slides in the ring but Celeste and Orchid hold her back allowing Rainbow handle Omasa by herself.

All of a sudden Safety Dance by Men Without Hats starts to play as Alex Rush comes out; he looks back but doesn’t see the rhinos behind him. Many GRIME members turn to Alex and head his way when all of a sudden Weapon World by Kool Keith starts playing as OTE comes out and stands with Alex Rush.

Lexa’s security team runs out and stands between SCU and GRIME. They ignore GRIME fighting each other but make sure SCU doesn’t get involved as we go off the air.

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