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SCU House Show April 13 Results
« on: April 14, 2021, 12:03:42 PM »

SCU/GRIME House Show 3
From the Golden Ring Casino
April 13th, 2021

Le Coven vs. Boss Bitches

(Jenifer and Celeste) vs. (Angel Kash & Valentina)
Angel and Valentina would spend most of the match taunting the crowd as they boo them out of the building. As for the match, Le Coven would have the advantage most of the match. Boss Bitches would cheat and fight dirty every chance they got, but in the end, Le Coven would win the match with Celeste pinning Valentina in the middle of the ring. 

GRIME/SCU war continues as Skag walks around backstage looking for trouble to get into. Skag runs into his opponent for tonight, Jaime Staggs. No words get exchanged. Skag throws blows as he assaults him. The brawl is quickly broken up as Skag sees the Rhinos not far away. Skag lays one last shot to the face before taking off.

Cameras cut elsewhere backstage to see Max Burke get doubled-teamed attack by the Fox Brothers. But that doesn't last long as Max would drop Mason with a superkick, then lifts Jason for a suplex on top of a table that breaks on impact.

Earl Lockyer vs. Jacob Johnson

Jacob starts with fast punches at the start of the match. Earl would pretend to be dizzy from the blows. Jacob would get on the top ropes for a crossbody, but Earl countered by getting his foot up for a big boot to the chest. That would give Earl the advantage to take over the match and score a tap out win with No Escape (Camel Clutch)

Cameras go to Krystal Wolfe to finish up an online interview talking about her match against Ruby tonight while also plugging her upcoming SCW Into the Void Roulette title match.

Morgan Clark vs. Masked Celeste

The two have an even match from the start. Masked Celeste would start to get an advantage. GRIME would come out to attack Morgan, but Masked Celeste would hit a roundhouse to Kittie and order them to back off. Morgan ended up taking advantage of this by grabbing Masked Celeste from behind in a tazmission. GRIME walk away since Masked Celeste told them to back off. Masked Celeste would end up tapping out, giving Morgan a submission victory.

Krystal Wolfe vs. Ruby

Ruby gets the better hand at the start with her aggressive ways. Ruby will miss a dropkick which allowed Krystal to take over the match. Krystal would keep the advantage going until Ruby grabs a whip and gives Krystal the Little Debbie. Jade would grant the DQ win to Krystal as Rudy gets DQ after whipping Krystal twice on her back with the whip.

Filth had sent Monstimals to find the Rhinos and to find a way to get rid of them from the building so that GRIME could launch an attack on SCU without Alex Rush bringing out his rhinos to stop them. As the Monstimals looks for the rhinos locker room they see Team Canada at the door as word has gotten out that GRIME is trying to get rid of the rhinos.

A fight breaks out in front of the door as Lord Raab, and Samuel McPherson attack Earl Lockyer and Stewart Mason. The attack is a back and forth onslaught of punches and kicks, without MMA style elbow shots from Stewart. The four move the fight away from the door but seconds later gets stopped as SCU and GRIME refs step in to break it up.

Jaime Staggs vs. Skag

The match starts where Skag left off backstage with an assault on Jaime. Jamie was never able to get any offense in as Skag had total control of the match and scored a pinfall victory in this very short match.

Skag, not yet done with Jaime, attacks him after the match. The ref, Jade tries to order him off of Jaime but Skag gets off of Jaime only to grade and lift her up to throw her out of the ring. The uncalled for act brings out OTE whose match is next. Many GRIME members run out to help Skag...


This match never takes place as a brawl started from the Skag vs. Jaime match rolled over to the time allotted for GRIME vs. OTE. The confrontation gets out of control that Lexa is forced to call her security team to restore order. The conflict lasted ten minutes before the Security can finally get ordered restored. OTE vs. GRIME gets ruled a no contest.

Cameras go backstage as Light Blue and Indigo having a word exchange with the Hardcore Tag Champs the Jeckels. The Jeckels have taken assumption to the Masked wrestlers getting involved in their hardcore matches. Jack and Jake let the two know to piss off as the champs don't need nor want them inserting themselves in the Jeckels business. Indigo rudely tells them to kick rocks and deal with it. Javi would show them to remind them that GRIME is one unit and how now is not the time to get into personal fights. Save it for the ring, as GRIME needs to stand firm against SCU.

Indigo and Light Blue heads towards the ring as their match is a few moments away. The Jeckel head to the locker room as Javi looks towards the camera.

Javi: I'm Javi the shit starter and Javi the Peacemaker at the same time homez! Like there are puppets and Javi's like the Muppet Master and shit vatos!

Mask Orange and Mask White appear from behind and stand to his side. 

Javi: Hey, let em know Orange and White... wait; we don't have no White or Orange.

White and Orange start attacking Javi as White holds him down; Orange hits chop to the chest after chop. The Jeckels run down to help Javi, but White and Orange take off running.

Merlot Ayano and Jenifer Lacroix vs. Light Blue and Indigo

Merlot and Jenifer try to take advantage, but Light Blue and Indigo stop them at every turn with their cheating tactics as the ref gives Light Blue and Indigo one last warning. Merlot and Jenifer made a new plan to get the victory. The victory they did get as Jenifer would focus on the head and neck area. Merlot would get the tag and continue targeting the same body parts. Merlot would put Light Blue in the Vanguard Killer (Lebell Lock) to get the tap-out victory.

We go to the SCU women's locker room as Linnea and Kelli hold Halo back from attacking Stacy Ruin as Stacy attacked her younger sister Melissa from behind. Melissa still refuses to fight her, and attacking from behind to Halo is a bitch move and takes issue with Stacy over it.

The ladies let Stacy go as everyone looks towards the door to see Esther enter the locker room.

Esther: I'm not here to make friends or enemies. I just want to do my part in the fight.

Halo: Well, it's about goddamn time, church girl.

A few of the ladies laugh; it helps cut the room's tension as we head to ringside for the main event.

Main Event
GRIME Nightmare Championship
Helena Jeckel vs. Mercedes Vargas

Both ladies would keep this match clean without weapons for most of the match, but the two would find themselves outside the ring. That's when the hardcore action came to play. Helena and Mercedes would end up whacking the other with Stop signs, cookie sheets, a broomstick, to name a few. Helena would try for The Devil's Whisper (Mandible Claw), but Mercedes would block it then shove Helena having her head hit the ring post. Mercedes would get Helena over her shoulders, dropping her with the Black Rose Overdrive (Inverted Death Valley Driver), breaking the announcers' table in the process. Mercedes would cover Helena right then and score the three count winning the match by pinfall.