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SCU Underground 83 - Inception IV Pre show!
« on: January 31, 2021, 04:25:54 PM »
SCU Ep 83 Inception IV Pre-show Card

This episode of Underground comes to you comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 25% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups,at the Golden Ring Casino in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday January 31st, 2021, airing at 3pm EST on Sin City Network and WGN.

We enter the locker room of GRIME to see the collective of Javier Gonzalez, Jack, Jack, and Helena Jeckel with Raisa, Skag, GRIME World Nightmare Champion Max Burke, Ruby, Andrey and Esther Azarov, Eric Weaver, Jerry Cann, Light Blue and Indigo, and GRIME General Manager Gianni Di Luca, with Veronica Taylor at his side.

Veronica:  I don’t even understand why I have to be here, like eww.

Gianni:  It’s the safest place for ya to be with that psycho runnin’ around doin’ whatever the hell she pleases.  Just relax, boo…

Veronica sighs and settles back into her chair, scooting away from Javier as far as she can while waving at her nose.

Andrey:  Will this taking very long?  I’ve got match to win.

Skag flicks his tongue at Andrey and then sets the briefcase on his lap before stretching out, and his rat Hecate comes crawling out of the sleeve of his jacket.

Javier:  Ay, pinche puta, calm yourself, mang… Who says this ain’t no test itself?

Esther:  Or, maybe she forgot she scheduled this stupid fucking meeting, and we’re all just wasting our time here. I’ve got a match to get ready for as well.

Filth:  Shut your pretty little mouth, Esther.  I haven’t forgotten shit.

Filth walks into the room, snorting and then hawking a loogie the size of a grape onto the floor before tucking her thumbs in her belt loops.  She looks around as she walks into the room, her wings sticking out proudly.

Filth:  I’m not going to sit here and throw out a bunch of words here that mean nothing. I’m going to get straight to the point.  We’ve got problems, and they are internal. But, everyone here, I trust enough to be involved in the decision making process.

Skag:  One question…

Filth:  Save your fucking questions for when I open it up.  Issue number one: In case any of you have forgotten, Ms. Runway Model of the World over there has immunity.  I think some people have forgotten that.  Any one of you lays a hand on her outside of a GRIME sanctioned match will find out what it’s like to be Debbi Ruin.  Clear? Good.

Filth poses it as a question, but the way she moves on, pacing back and forth, it’s clear that it’s an expectation.

Filth:  Speaking of putting hands on people.  Gianni?  Also off limits.  Just to be clear.  Gianni, Nick, Ada, Rob, and any SCU personnel are off limits, even during a Purge.  I didn’t think I had to explain that, but somebody decided to push the boundaries last show.  Somebody, for some reason, is being protected from payback.  I still will never get it.  Same applies.  If anyone going forward, and I do mean anyone, puts their hands on someone with immunity?  I’ll break your fucking back myself.

Filth stops pacing and looks around the entire circle around her.  She tucks her thumbs in her belt loops again.

Filth:  Second.  Those motherfuckers in SCU did a Purge, and I hear it was with the blessing of the once loyal Tad Ezra.  Going forward, he is no longer our ally.

Gianni:  Whoa, whoa, whoa… Wait a minute.  That’s just askin’ to get canceled.

Filth stops and looks at Gianni, disgust in her eyes.

Filth:  Did I ask for your opinion?  Do you think I don’t know that already?  I am the Bringer of War.  Have I not made that clear already?

Esther:  Um, no.  I mean, look at the GRIME World Nightmare Champion over there, and that bitch sitting next to him.  They barely even know who you are, let alone fear you.

Filth slaps the taste out of Esther’s mouth.  Andrey looks as if he’s going to say something, but Filth snorts, ready to spit in his face.  He mutters under his breath as Filth continues.

Filth:  Now that’s why we’re having this little pow wow, filthy.  As a friendly reminder that I love chaos and disorder, but there are a few very thin lines that I need to bold out for you all.  One being, SCU turned our own game around on us, finally.  It took them long enough.  But, the counter strike was one that cannot be ignored.  That’s why it is more important now than ever to find out who is really with me.

Filth looks over to Javi and The Jeckels with certainty, but her eyes become more and more distrustful as she moves around the rest of the circle. She spits on the floor before moving on.

Filth:  Third.  Rebellion.  I love rebellion.  I didn’t handpick you assholes because I thought you would be good at following orders.  That shit is for SCU.  I expected this.  I wanted this.  Who here likes the person they are sitting next to?

Filth looks around as the reactions vary from everyone in the room, even by person as they look from their left to their right.

Filth:  I don’t like half of you here and I’m not afraid to say it.  But, I respect all of you in one way or another.  I just need to know that we at least have that amongst the people in this room.  Because there is a line.  Dorian B and his band of misfit toys, even by GRIME standards, have not yet crossed it, but they’re damn close, Indigo and Light Blue.  Hitamashii is a traitor, and his loyalties belong to Omasa, the ultimate traitor.  Or, as I am calling their little band, Public Enemy Number One.  How can we expect to stand a chance of maintaining jobs, titles that some of us hold so dear, when we have people actively destroying us from within?  Bullets flying from the outside are nothing like the bomb ticking within.  Can I trust any of you?

Javi raises his hand.

Javier:  You know I got your back, mami.

Eric:  If this guy can make it work with this band of misfits, then count me in.

Jerry Cann simply nods his head, giving his answer.  Raisa nods as well, but we already figured as much.  Skag looks at the Jeckels with a sly smirk on half of his face, while the painted half looks grim.  He looks around the room.

Skag:  Hallo und wie gehts... Diese Menge ist ziemlich ernst für einen gefallenen Engel, Zirkusfreaks, einen verherrlichten Untergebenen und seine Peitsche schwingende Hure ... und Max und Ruby ... und drei Leute, die ich nicht mehr kenne, als ich über sie wissen möchte. But who understands me anyway?

Andrey throws his chair against the wall while standing up and making a beeline for Skag.

Andrey:  Nyet! Talking in native tongue is bullshit way to escape us knowing what you say…

Andrey grabs Skag by the throat and leans him back in his chair.  Filth looks at Skag and gives her own sadistic smirk, clapping her hands for him and Andrey’s response.

Skag:  Ja...  With mein brethren of filth, hatred, und depravity, I stand united, despite our match later tonight. Count me as your ally when not inside of the ring together, bruder…

Skag smirks as he and Andrey have a stare off.  Andrey slowly lets Skag back down and returns to get his seat to put it back in place and to sit down.  Esther rubs his shoulder.

Max: First... Esther... shut the fuck up. Jesus Christ, your boy couldn't get the job done. Multiple times. Two... Easy answer Filth... I'm in. With Blast comin' up I plan on takin' that damn tournament, and showin' everyone just how fuckin' dangerous GRIME truly is. Oh yeah... no physicality towards the spray tan shithead? Just stay out of my way Gianni and we are all good.

Esther sneers at Max and then nudges Andrey to say something. When he doesn’t, she just pinches the bridge of her nose and turns away, almost embarrassed, while Skag cackles. Gianni laughs at his own mention.

Gianni:  Nice haircut, pal. No, ya look good, seriously…

Indigo and Light Blue shake their heads as they look over to Filth.

Indigo:  We might party with Dorian, and we understand what he’s sayin’, but our loyalty goes to you.

Light Blue:  Damn straight, girl.  We would never go against the founder of the group.  We just want a little more acceptance and some opportunities.

Filth:  Opportunities?  You want them, you win them.  Prove you deserve them.

Indigo:  Damn right we will. Starting with that bitch across the room over there.

The chair goes flying back, but Ruby doesn’t charge Indigo.  She glares at her for a second longer than one would expect. Ruby cracks a smile before she finally breaks her silence and chimes in.

Ruby: Not that this really needs to be said, but I’m not scared or intimidated by any of you fuckers in this room. You want to start shit with me, go right ahead. But I’ll make damn sure to end it. And I’m not exactly thrilled that Mr. Spray Tan Freak and his plastic injected barbie doll whore have immunity, but whatever. Sooner or later, I’ll get my chance. Until then…

Ruby turns her attention to Filth and twirls her faithful whip “Debbi” in her hand.

Ruby: If Max is in, then I’m in. But don’t expect me to just faithfully follow orders because...that’s kinda not my thing. But, I’m here to inflict pain and lots of it. Plain and simple.

Jade reaches behind her back and pulls out a manilla envelope, she walks over to Gianni and hands it to him.

Jade: This will explain what you need to know at this point, you still won’t know who I am, but you’ll know why I’m here.

Jade turns to face Filth…

Jade: This has been mildly interesting.  I don’t take orders from you, or anyone in this room as a matter of fact.  I’m on the side of GRIME, that is an answer good enough for all of you.  If you don’t like it, that’s your own personal problem.  I look around this room and I see some talented individuals.  I respect that.  However you all will be woefully mistaken to take that respect as fear.  There is not one person in this room or outside of it that I would not fight, in a heartbeat.  I’ll do what I want, when I want as the need arises to accomplish my goals.  Others are with me, I don’t need or require pledges.  Filth, you like chaos.  Good, I like power and winning and accomplishing goals.  None of you have to believe I’m the smartest person in the room, you just have to accept it.  The way I see it, you all have three options as far as I am concerned.  One, you can ignore me and stay out of my way.  Two, as GRIME members we can be allies, or three you can make yourself a barrier I tear through.  Personally, I don’t care which option you choose.

Jade looks at Gianni…

Jade: From the look on your face, you’ve read enough of those documents thus far to understand the seriousness of things.  I should not have to say that you should keep that information to yourself for the time being. 

Gianni:  No, I gotchu.  This is… interesting…

Jade: Well, I’ll leave you all to it then.  I have important matters to attend to.

Jade heads for and walks out of the room without another word.  Esther yawns as she looks around the room.  Once the attention goes onto her and Andrey, she straightens up, pretending to give a shit.

Esther:  I have been treated like shit by the GM, the man you decided was competent enough to leave in charge. He’s a fucking asshole, and I don’t trust him at all.  That’s where my problem lies. If you truly are the one calling the shots, I can respect you. But, put your fucking hands on me one more time and I will break them.

Filth claps and her grin gets wide and sinister.  She is almost riling Esther up.

Filth:  Now that’s the fire I wanted to see!

Andrey:  She is so hot when she’s mad.  As for me, you can be counting on me to stand by you. I am here, and I am ready to support decisions you make. For now. Until we take over SCU. Then, I have no promise to making.

Gianni looks around at the group.

Gianni:  You all know Veronica is… Veronica…

He looks to his wife, who almost looks offended.  They silently bicker, but then resolve it as Gianni turns back to the crowd.

Gianni:  Count us in, so long as ya honor ya word and don’t lay a single finger on the future Mrs. Di Luca. Capiche? And, lookin’ good Max. Keep it up, champ.

Filth looks around the room, even as Jade leaves it.

Filth:  I picked the best of the bunch.  It’s not about following orders.  It’s about sticking together to assure that GRIME comes out on the winning end of this battle.  That was all I needed to hear.

Previously recorded

The outskirts of Las Vegas find the Jeckel Family Freakshow, working under a limited capacity due to the happenings in the world, the camera moves to the center main tent, Inside are Raisa, Jack, and Helena.

Raisa: Welcome, we know why you are here, you wish to get some comments about Inception.

Jack: Inception, yes we look forward to that very much, while Jake cannot be a part of this event, due to being back in Transylvania attending to personal Jeckel family business, Helena and I along with Cyan will defeat our opponents rather easily.

Helena: Our leader Ms. Filth has chosen you to do Grime’s bedding against the evil members of Sin City Underground, Mrs. Right, Mr. Mickey, and Ms. Ayano, while you are champions of Sin City underground, we are the superior champions, this is known to everyone, we are merciless and vicious, and we will do as Ms filth has asked us to do and that’s eliminate you by any means we choose.

Jack: SCU, the night will not end nicely for you, this we guarantee..

Raisa: It is written so it shall be done.


SCU vs GRIME Champion Bragging Rights
SCU Pride Tag Team Champions Mrs. Right and Mickey Carroll and Combat Champion Merlot Ayano VS Hardcore Tag Team Champions Jack Jeckel, and Helena Jeckel and Unsencored TV Champion Cyan

The opening of "Amazing Grace" by Dropkick Murphys plays as Mickey pushes through the curtains. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it on the ground, quickly putting it out as he marches back and forth across the stage. He looks from side to side, nodding his head at the cheers before pointing out into the audience, starting an powerful "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chant that really gets the crowd pumped.

Darlyn: Coming to the ring, from London, England, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 190lb, he is "Sin City's Resident Shithead"... Mickey Carrrrrrrrrrrrolllllllllllll!!!   And his partner, they are the Pride Tag Team Champions, she stands at 5’9” and weighing in at 155lb, she is… Mrs Right!!!

The lights get lowered and there seems to be a purple hue as the music plays.  After a few moments Mrs. Wright comes out from backstage stopping for a moment waving to the left and to the right. Then she slowly walks to the ring and then up the steel steps.  After she enters the ring, Mickey dashes straight down the ramp where he leaps up and onto the ring apron. He paces back and forth, stomping along to the beat of the music before climbing inside. He looks up at the ceiling and then signals the trinity, kissing his fingers and then pointing up.  Mrs Right walks to the center of the ring and turns, taking a moment to pause as she faces each side of the ring.  Before cutting a stare at the ring announcer as she walks to a corner.  And backs herself in while waiting for the action to start.

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is your SCU Combat Champion… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings.

Liam:  Coming to the ring from Transylvania, Romania... Jack and Helena… The Jeckels!!!

Smoke and fire cover the stage Raisa emerges from the flames and smokes followed the Jeckels, she leads them to the ring, they walk slowly, Helena slides under the ropes, Jake steps through the ropes and sits in the corner, Jack leans through the ropes, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders, Helena sits by the ropes and rocks back and forth

Liam:  Aaaaand their partner, representing the masked members of GRIME, he is your Uncensored Television Champion… Cyan!!!

“American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers, and Cyan wastes no time in coming down to ringside.  He knocks right into Jake Jeckel, knocking him to the outside.  He taunts Raisa as well, as Dorian B, Sea Green, and Pakistan Green climb over the barricade.  Sea Green takes the belt and puts it over his shoulder, as the three keep Raisa and Jake in check.  Cyan turns around right as Mickey nails him in the face!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Mickey takes it to the Uncensored TV Champion as the referee pushes the rest of the competitors apart and to their corners.  He gets several good punches in.

Ada:  That is, until Cyan hits a punch below the belt while the referee was distracted.  He clubs Mickey across the back.  He bashes a knee into Mickey’s face, sending him back on the mat.

Gena:  As he stomps away at Mickey, Jack comes inside of the ring and pushes Cyan aside.  He stomps on Mickey now.  Cyan kicks Jack’s knee out, and he goes down to bended knee.

Ada:  Helena climbs inside of the ring and jumps on Cyan’s back, clubbing at him, while Mrs Right and Merlot step inside of the ring.  Merlot grabs Helena off of Cyan’s back and whips her to the ground.

Gena:  Mrs Right grabs hold of Cyan, and an all out fight erupts inside of the ring.  The crowd cheers as Helena and Merlot roll around on the mat, throwing vicious punches.

Ada:  Mickey and Jack are brawling, while Mrs Right and Cyan go back and forth.  It’s chaos inside of that ring right now.  Just the way we like it in GRIME.

Gena:  The referee calls for order once more, threatening to throw the match out.  Much to the dismay of The Jeckels, they step back.  Mrs Right and Merlot make their way back to the corner.

Ada:  Having had enough for the moment, Mickey tags in Mrs Right.  She steps inside of the ring and Cyan nods his head.  The two come to the center of the ring, and Cyan motions for a Test of Strength.

Gena:  Mrs Right nods her head as she raises her arms.  Cyan throws a left, and then a right at Mrs Right.  He goes for another left, but Mrs Right grabs his arm and brings him over with a Hip Toss.

Ada:  Cyan gets back up and gets ready for Mrs Right, but as soon as Mrs Right charges at him, he tags in Jack.  Jack looks at Cyan in irritation, and then climbs inside of the ring.  He ties up with Mrs Right.

Gena:  The two struggle back and forth until Mrs Right presses Jack against the ropes.  He releases the tie up, and Mrs Right hits a Chest Chop.  Jack hits one right back.  Jack then hits another.

Ada:  Jack goes for an Uppercut, but Mrs Right drops Jack down with an Arm Bar.  She has it locked in tight, and Jack tries to scoot around to get to the ropes, but Mrs Right is able to keep him away from it.

Gena:  Helena doesn’t give him much more time before she comes in and kicks Mrs Right in the back of the head to break it up.  The referee ushers her away, but the damage is done.  Jack lifts Mrs Right up from the mat and drops her with a Piledriver, and hooks the leg.


Ada:  Mickey steps inside, but the referee stops him.  Cyan steps inside of the ring menacingly.  He walks over toward Jack, and the two stare each other down.  Cyan then begins stomping on Mrs Right with Jack.

Gena:  Typical GRIME cheaters.  Mickey tries to fight against the referee, but to no avail.  But Merlot jumps over and grabs Cyan and tosses him to the outside.  She follows after him, and the two continue to battle it out.

Ada:  Mickey steps outside, and Jack drags Mrs Right to her feet and goes for an Irish Whip, but Mrs Right reverses it and nails a Clothesline.  She then dives to tag Mickey back in.

Gena:  Mickey comes inside, dropping Jack, and then Helena, and then Jack again, a Clothesline for you, and for you, and for everyone!

Ada:  Shit!  Mickey is dishing it out now.  Helena helps Cyan out, taking over with Merlot, and Merlot drops both of them with a Roundhouse Kick each.  Jack gets up, ducking a Clothesline, but Mickey kicks him in the stomach and goes for the Drunken Lullabies!

Gena:  But Cyan tags Jack at the last second.  He gets up and inside of the ring.  While Mrs Right comes in, not having seen the tag, the referee stops her.  Cyan pulls out a chain and whips Mickey clear across the face!

Ada:  Cyan rolls Mickey up, and Helena grabs onto Mrs Right’s ankles, holding him in place, while Jack blocks Merlot from getting inside!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

“American Landfill” plays over the speakers, and Cyan immediately rolls outside of the ring.  He grabs his TV Championship and puts it over his shoulder.  Pakistan Green and Sea Green pat his back as Dorian.  Dorian pats the belt and then stops and looks at it.

Dorian:  That’s… plastic…

Suddenly, masked member Gold cracks Cyan over the head with the REAL Uncensored TV Championship belt.  He isn’t stupid enough to stick around as he takes off running with the belt!  Jack and Helena hold the rest off with a brawl as Gold stands on the rampway, looking down.  He points to himself, and then to the belt.  He puts it around his waist and stands there for a second, until Pakistan Green breaks free and comes charging.  Gold continues running, faster than Pakistan Green can muster.  The crowd cheers for this until the scene cuts elsewhere.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Rainbow warming up as she prepares to face off against Esther, in what she hopes to be the final match before moving onto find something better and bigger within GRIME.  Finishing her stretches, she moves to her bag and pulls out a skipping rope and unfurls before beginning to skip.

Dev Khatri who had been watching Rainbow from a distance moves in carefully as he avoids the skipping hitting him.

Dev: Uh… Rainbow… Can I get a few words with you regarding your match against Esther?

Rainbow continues to skip.

Rainbow: Sure.

Rainbow says without missing a beat.

Dev: Thank you.

Dev then continues…

Dev: My first question would be… is this match the end of Esther verses Rainbow battle?

Dev looks at Rainbow, who continues to skip before stopping and looks at Dev before grabbing some water and taking some in and then begins to speak.

Rainbow: When I came to GRIME… I was just looking for a fight just to get used to the place. Then I found my battle with Esther and while it hasn’t been perfect and a little…. ヒットとミス (Hit and miss). The battle between Esther and I has been 面白いね (interesting).

Dev: Interesting in what way?

Dev queries.

Rainbow: 面白いね (Interesting} because it’s only fuelled things between Esther and I…. あるいは、私だけかもしれませんが、今、私はちょうど次の人に移動したいです (or maybe just me but now I just want to move on to the next person).

Dev: So let’s talk about last week…. What did you think of the impromptu match?

Rainbow puts down the skipping rope and stretches a little.

Rainbow: it’s was 予期 しない (unexpected} but in a way it’s brought us to where we are tonight. Yes… 私たちはお互いに触れ合うことができなかった (we couldn’t touch each other}, and I think we did pretty well not to end up 喧嘩 (brawling}.  We picked up the win and it was a good warm up for tonight’s match.

Rainbow says with a shrug.

Dev: So tonight’s match… we don’t know quite yet what the stipulation is but what are your thoughts and feelings going into this match?

Rainbow: 規定が何であれ (Whatever the stipulation), I will be ready for this match. This thing between Esther and I will be finished, and I will make sure of it as I will be picking up the win.  Esther I am done with you and I am more than ready to move and focus on someone else.  This thing between us may have been a little bit rocky the past several months but I am glad that I used you to take my first steps here in GRIME and make myself 成功 (successful) and come Sunday I will be winning and as always you will be the 悲しい哀れな敗者(sad pathetic loser).

Rainbow turns indicating the end of the interview as she returns to warming up, which Dev quickly wraps things up, as the scene fades out with Rainbow dropping down to do some press up.

Mere hours away from stepping inside the ring to defend against Hitamashii one last time. We find Max in his room overlooking Vegas. His GRIME World Nightmare Championship rests on the windowsill, the sun rays bounce off the title.

Max: Tick tock kid. Your time has run out. One shot left. This is it Hitamashii. You have failed time and time again. What makes you think tonight is any different?

Max walks over to the window, pausing for a moment to admire his championship.

Max: Listen carefully. Lean in kid. I want this to be very clear. You have proven over and over that you don't have what it takes to defeat me. You'd swear this Nightmare Championship is your kryptonite. You can't get close to it.

Max turns to face the camera. He takes a seat next to his championship.

Max: Tonight, here at the Golden Ring Casino you will fail yet again. It is a simple fact that you cannot deny. It's over. Move on. Find another dream to chase kid, because your nightmare continues tonight at Inception IV.


GRIME Rules - Future Star of the Year 2020 Award Plaque
Andrey Azarov vs Skag

Liam:  The following contest is a GRIME Rules Match for the 2020 GRIME Future Star of the Year plaque!

The lights flash around the audience as they wait for the arrival of the next star.  The word "intoxicating" flashes over the screen and stage in many colors and fonts to the beat of the music.  Just then, “Intoxicating" by Infected Rain plays over the speakers as Andrey comes out onto the stage.  He is in full boxing gear from the pads to the robe to the gloves.  He jogs and boxes the air for a moment before throwing his robe off to the ground.  The ladies in attendance "ooh" and "ahh" at his appearance.

Liam:  Representing GRIME Wrestling, under the Red Mask, from Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, he is the Siberian Shadow Cyclone… Andrey Azarov!!!

Andreyslowly moves down the rampway, drawing in the admiration, jealousy, and hate. Once down at ringside, he jogs up the ring steps. Esther walks over to the ring, holding onto his hand as she gets on the apron.  They meet for a kiss.  Esther then sits on the middle rope and Andrey enters.  He waves his arms around and roars, showing off his boxing gloves.  He settles into his corner and waits for the match to start as he takes off his gloves, handing them to Esther.

“The End (Bury Me Down)” by End of Green starts to play around the minute mark over the speakers as a yellow glow is cast over the audience, forming two X’s and a stitched mouth.  The crowd begins booing as we look over at the entryway to see the silhouette of Skag, leaning back as far as he can, with his pet rat on his head.  Once the music picks up, he moves like a stiffened zombie up to a standing position as the spotlight shines on him.

Liam:  Entering the ring, from Frankfurt, Germany, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 177lb, he is… Skag!!!

Skag puts Hecate on his shoulder as he walks down to the ring, a violin and bow in his hands.  He looks directly at the ring, focusing his intent of madness on it.  He jumps onto the apron and quickly climbs inside.  He raises Hecate up in the air before turning and handing her off to a reluctant crew member.  He sheds his black jacket and kicks it to the side as he moves from side to side to loosen up.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ada:  As soon as the bell rings, Andrey and Skag meet in the middle of the ring for a tie up.  Andrey backs Skag into the corner and begins laying in punches.

Rob:  Skag takes a few before ducking out of the corner, nailing a Dropkick to the chest of Andrey, who turns around.  Skag then moves back several paces.

Ada:  Skag runs up the turnbuckles, but Andrey trips him up and plants him on the mat with a Sitout Powerbomb!  He keeps the legs hooked as he goes for a pin.


Rob:  Skag claps his ankles against the ears of Andrey.  He rolls back, a little slow after the Powerbomb, though.  He waits for Andrey to get up, and then nails a Shining Wizard.

Ada:  He is about to go for a cover, but Andrey rolls Skag up, scooting into the pin with his feet as the ref drops down to count.


Rob:  Skag slides outside of the ring to get his whereabouts back.  Andrey lets him as he takes a few steps back, taunting him as he shows off for the crowd.

Ada:  Andrey doesn’t take his eyes off of Skag, who rolls back inside.  Andrey nails him with several stomps before picking him up.  He sends him into the ropes.

Rob:  Skag does a Cartwheel into the ropes, flying back to deliver a Backspring Elbow Smash to Andrey.  As Andrey goes down on the mat, Skag goes for a Moonsault.

Ada:  Andrey moves out of the way, but Skag is able to land on his feet, tripping.  Andrey gets to his feet and goes for a Clothesline, but Skag ducks and hits a Crescent Kick to Andrey.

Rob:  He comes off of the ropes and hits a Rolling Senton Splash.  He looks around as the crowd starts cheering for the fast pace action.  He drops back and hooks the leg.


Ada:  Andrey gets a shoulder up and turns onto his stomach.  Skag drops an elbow to the back of Andrey’s head.  He lands on the bottom rope.  Skag leaps over for a Leg Guillotine!

Rob:  But Andrey moves and Skag’s tailbone hits the apron!  Andrey pulls him inside of the ring quickly and sends his into the corner.  Andrey follows with a Body Avalanche.

Ada:  He backs up a few paces and nails a Spear to Skag.  Skag falls down, and Andrey begins choking him out with a boot.  There’s a new fire in Andrey since winning the award.

Rob:  And I don’t think he’s ready to give up the honors of being 2020’s Future Star of the Year for GRIME just yet.  He continues as the referee asks him to stop.

Ada:  No disqualifications with GRIME Rules matches.  But Andrey gives in just the same.  He watches Skag closely as he holds onto his throat. He waits for Skag to get up.

Rob:  Andrey lifts Skag up onto the turnbuckle.  He measures him up before taking a step up.  He looks around and takes another step up.  He sets Skag up for a Superplex!

Ada:  He goes up top with it, and Skag gives a few punches.  Andrey gives them right back, settling Skag down once more.  He whips him back for the Superplex!

Rob:  But Skag lands on his feet, nailing Flipping Neckbreaker!  The crowd is on their feet as Andrey is staring up at the ceiling.  Skag blinks a few times like he can’t believe he did that!

Ada:  Skag slowly gets up and looks around.  As Andrey slowly gets up, Skag goes for The Overture (Flipping up while tied up, he swings down into a Tornado DDT)!!!

Rob:  But Andrey turns it into a Sidewalk Slam on Skag!  Skag blinks now, stunned.  He doesn’t move.  He and Andrey sit there for a moment, motionless.

Ada:  Andrey is the first up, but Skag kicks him right in the hoagies!  Skag stands up and gets ready for The Overture once more.  He struggles a bit.

Rob:  He goes to flip up, but Andrey clubs him in the side.  Andrey does his Shadow Cyclone (Copying The Overture) and he nails it!  He hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL 2020 GRIME Future Star of the Year… Andrey Azarov!!!

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as “Intoxicating” plays over the speakers.  He slides outside of the ring and picks up the award plaque.  He holds it up high as he steps back inside of the ring.  He stands over Skag as he continues to hold it up with pride.  He kneels down over Skag and points to the award, and then to his face.  He mutters in Russian as he pats Skag’s face until he starts moving again.  Esther slides inside and gets down over Skag, taunting him as well.  Skag looks up at Andrey, a sick smile on his face as he grins up at Andrey.  They exchange words, and Andrey is left stunned when Skag slides out from under him.  Skag gets his briefcase and holds it up before stepping into the crowd, disappearing within it. Andrey and Esther just shake their heads.

Saxon Hotel Las Vegas Nevada
Previously recorded

Earl and Stewart are sitting at the balcony enjoying a cold beer.

Earl: This is the life, buddy.

Stewart: Indeed.

Earl and Stewart tap their beer bottles.

Stewart:  You know our history by now, Earl and I have traveled many roads together, we’ve fought together, we served together, and we’ve succeeded in the wrestling business together, we are two of the greatest stars in this industry today, and of all-time. Inception we go to war once again against Good Shepherd members Andrew Borg and Tim Staggs. Andrew we’ve had few battles in the past and we gave the fans a great show every time. Inception will be no different, except for the fact, my buddy here is one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, tell em Earl.

Earl: Indeed The three way are the most decorated team in the history of SCU and the companies that came before it. Tim Staggs our history goes all the way back to Honor Wrestling, and we spilled a hell of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears along the way. Inception we go to war one more time, the inception fans expect an all out war between us, and I bet that’s what they will get four great athletes giving it everything they have to prove they are the very best at what they do, no remorse, no quarter given, with the better team surviving, see you at Inception.

We come back to ringside to see that Esther is still waiting inside of the ring.  She has her arms crossed in front of her, and a microphone in her hand.  She looks around, clearly annoyed as we see her husband Andrey being ushered up the rampway by security, despite his protests.  Once he is behind the curtains, and the crowd simmers down some, she unfolds her arms and begins speaking.

Esther:  Look here you little bitches...


Esther pauses and rolls her eyes.

Esther:  I came here ready for a fight against Rainbow.  Gianni had to stick his big, meatball nose into our business, because why?  He has to be the center of attention.  Fine.  Marry the supermodel.  Order people around like you own them.  But don’t you dare fuck with me and my match tonight!


Esther:  Exactly!  Tonight is my night to show everyone that I haven’t lost my step.  I’ve just been warming up for bigger things.  And while I can’t stand Rainbow’s ego, I’ve got a few ideas who she is, and I respect her.  It doesn’t mean I’m not going to beat the fuck out of her and move on.  Because, like her, I’m ready for what’s next for me.


Esther:  With that said, I have not been able to properly prepare for my match, because I don’t even know what that match is.  So, it would be totally freaking awesome if somebody could clue me in, considering this match starts, like… right now.


Esther is about to speak again when the spotlight moves over to the side of the stage where the ring crew is standing.  They begin moving tarps around, and within a minute, we see a pool filled with gelatin and whipped cream.  Esther looks around for a second and then points over at the pool.

Esther:  Is this a fucking joke?


Esther walks over to the ropes to see the referee standing by the pool.  She crosses her arms over her chest again and straightens her posture, shaking her head.  She refuses to leave the ring, even as Liam enters the ring and begins his announcements.


Match Stip TBD
Masked Member Rainbow vs Esther Azarov

Liam:  The following contest is a Jello Pit Grudge Match!!!  Introducing first, in the ring, and should be getting her skinny little ass over to the Jello Bowl… Sister Esther Azarov!!!

Esther continues shaking her head as “Problem” by Natalia Kills plays over the speakers.  She takes a few steps back into the corner and she settles in, refusing.  She begins shouting at the fans who are cheering for this selection.  However, Liam begins laughing as he listens on his headset.

Liam:  Correction.  Due to Esther’s refusal to participate in the match, it has now become a Jello Pit Pillow Fight Grudge Match!!!


Esther:  OH COME ON!!!

Esther steps clear across the ring and settles into the corner, shaking her head even more.  Without raising the microphone, her yelling is still heard through it.


Just then, Rainbow slides inside of the ring and grabs Esther by the back of the head as “American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays over the speakers.  She tosses Esther over the top rope and to the apron.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaand her opponent, representing the masked members of GRIME, she is… Rainbow!!!

Rainbow walks over to the pit area with a pillow over Esther’s face as she moves her along.  Rainbow isn’t going to take this lightly as she loses control of Esther just short of the pool.

Liam:  Competitors MUST enter the pool in order for the match to START!!!

Rainbow struggles to get Esther inside, but she outwardly refuses to.  Instead, she stumbles down next to a light post, and she knocks it over on top of Rainbow, crashing over her head!  Esther struggles to catch her breath as she stands up.


Esther begins screaming high pitched at the crowd in an almost bratty tone while refusing to participate in this match.  She screams at the crowd, and then finds the camera and screams into it.

Esther:  Gianni, you little bitch!  I will not degrade myself just to get my hands on that bitch, who broke the rule of “no hands on each other until the bell rings”!  So that means that I win automatically by disqualification.  I…

Liam:  Correction, ladies and gentlemen… The following contest is a Jello Pit Pillow Fight Bra and Panties Match!!!


Esther just screams and stomps like a child when this announcement is made.  She begins picking things up, such as chairs, wires, mop bucket, trash can, and even part of the barricade.  She tosses them all into the pool, one at a time, going absolutely crazy.  Finally, she turns around, seeing Rainbow on the ground.

Esther:  Is that what you really want?  Huh?  FINE!!!

Esther rips Rainbow’s shoes off of her.  She goes to bring the pants off, but Rainbow kicks her right in the face, busting over her nose!  Esther falls back into the pool.  As she flails around, Rainbow climbs onto the rampway.  She moves quickly up the ramp and to the stage, where she leaps off with a Corkscrew Moonsault right on top of Esther, making Jello and whipped cream go everywhere!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  So… Rainbow knocked the wind out of Esther, and she pulls her wrestling tights clean off and throws them out into the audience!  That’s pretty good for everyone in attendance.

Ada:  It sure beats two shoes, which don’t even count as articles of clothing to be removed in a Bra and Panties match.  Esther tries to kick Rainbow off so she can catch her breath.

Rob:  But it does no good.  Rainbow continues to punch away at Esther as she bleeds from the nose.  It isn’t until Esther is able to use the mop bucket to swing against the back of Rainbow’s head that she’s able to get her  to back up.

Ada:  Esther sits on Rainbow’s back, locking on a Camel Clutch.  She has the help of the mop handle.  She is able to somehow maneuver Rainbow’s hooded jacket off of her, throwing it to the outside.

Rob:  Both ladies are down an article of clothing, but it seems Rainbow is wearing a Balaclava and turtleneck shirt as well, and that’s not going anywhere.

Ada:  Rainbow bucks Esther off of her.  Both ladies get to their feet, nearly slipping backward as they try to balance.  Esther grabs at Rainbow’s mask and it comes clean off!  She’s in shock, but who the fuck is it?

Rob:  The cameras try to get in position to see who it is as Esther nails a Headbutt.  On the way down, Rainbow grabs her mask as she buries her face in the Jello!


Ada:  I agree!  Rainbow is able to get her mask back on, but Esther continues to stomp at the back of her head.  We can see that the Headbutt left Rainbow bleeding too, as she leaves red streaks in the whipped cream.

Rob:  Just seconds, and we could’ve seen who that was.  Esther points and laughs, mocking Rainbow with a chant of “I know your secret!  I know your secret!”

Ada:  Rainbow sweeps Esther off of her feet and begins hammering away at her.  The two lock legs around one another, rolling around and giving the fans what they want…


Ada:  And, I’m embarrassed to be the same species as you.  While Rob drools, Esther and Rainbow begin clawing at one another like… okay, I get it now.


Ada:  Catfight… Esther has several scratches across her face, but Rainbow’s throat shows a few as well from under that balaclava and turtleneck.


Ada:  Not quite the win, but Esther pops back inside very quickly.  Censors caught that one.  But the distraction is enough for Rainbow to kick Esther off of her.

Rob:  She picks up the chair sticking out of the Jello, and she swings it at Esther.  Esther ducks and goes for a Roundhouse Kick.  Rainbow grabs her leg and rams an elbow into it!

Ada:  I thought I heard a pop, and Esther’s painful scream makes me think… Rainbow hits a Fisherman’s Suplex on Esther, right on top of the barricade, breaking the pool!

Rob:  Jello is everywhere, and Esther’s top is pulled right off as Rainbow stands up, holding it in her hands!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner via top elimination… Masked member Rainbow!!!


Ada:  Rainbow sells Esther’s top to the highest bidder in the front row.  She waves the wad of cash in the air as Esther ducks down in a pile of Jello and whipped cream.

Esther is.hiding her upper body.  Rainbow walks past, but then stops and looks down at Esther.  She makes a couple bills rain down on her, and Esther just scowls.  Rainbow tosses her own hooded jacket from the ground, right to Esther.

Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Re: SCU Underground 83 - Inception IV Pre show!
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2021, 04:28:17 PM »
It's been a few weeks since the last time The Monstimals were seen on SCU since their loss against The Jeckals for the hardcore tag titles. There were other directions for both Raab and Samuel to go, although mostly in solo's division for both guys. Henry shook his head, knowing that once again, The Monstimals were ignored. Haven't been booked for the last few weeks, nor were they interested in any of the matches on the show. They came to get themselves in the spotlight again as Henry begins to speak with Raab and Samuel shaking their heads, disgusted.

Henry Losak: "Why is it every time The Monstimals lose their titles of any form, they get ignored once again? We seriously set out plans for Samuel to be a GRIME Nightmare champion more than a few minutes reign. Is it that hard for GRIME bosses to follow up with that, regarding Samuel or are they just being sat on the sidelines again? It seems like they go back to square one and everyone else in this damn company gets booked for matches. We get it; they lost to Jeckels. No doubt The Monstimals want the hardcore tag titles back. Still, we will focus on their solo achievements like Samuel capturing the GRIME Nightmare title again. Whoever the champion maybe tonight, you will have Samuel gaining up on your ass and take away the GRIME Nightmare title from you idiots. The fact that Max Burke has been champion this long without a proper fight on his hands is a complete utter joke. Only Samuel can go out there and win the title from Max."

Sure, it had been a while since Samuel had a fair shot of the GRIME Nightmare title, but as Raab and Samuel nodded in the background, listening to everything Henry was saying. Samuel and Raab shook their heads, being pretty rusty they last wrestled and it was bothering them, especially Raab as Henry says this.

Henry Losak: "That doesn't mean Lord Raab's forgotten either as there is one title left on GRIME he hasn't gone for or captured in his hands yet, the Uncensored TV title. Wouldn't it be history-making that if Lord Raab defeats the champion, he'll be the first-ever guy in history to capture both all the SCW titles and all the GRIME titles. That's the goal Lord Raab wants to achieve, knowing nobody else in the company's history will even come close on doing so. We are here to let wrestlers and especially staff know that The Monstimals aren't dead, no matter how much those idiotic Jeckals like to think. If they aren't booked for the next show, we have to consider taking this team elsewhere because sitting on the sidelines on the second show in a row is not good enough. The Monstimals demand to be placed in matches again and they will destroy and hurt any motherfucker they will come across for Samuel to win the GRIME Nightmare title and for Lord Raab to win the Uncensored TV title."

Henry spits on the floor, disgusted at the lack of respect shown to The Monstimals as of late as both Samuel and Raab kick the post on the wall, to show their disdain of sitting on the sidelines not doing anything for two weeks. It's not good enough for them as the cameras go back to ringside for the next match to take place on the show.

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu is seen with his GRIME friends Omasa, Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell, as well as managers Johan Svensson and Giovanni Teixeira to discuss Hitamashii’s match against Max Burke for their GRIME Nightmare Championship in an All or Nothing match.

Hitamashii-I am here to prove that I can actually beat Max and be the face of GRIME, and carry GRIME to newer an brighter heights as only my crew here can.  There is nothing stopping me from accomplishing my goal tonight.  All I know that if I somehow fail, which I can’t see myself doing again, I will no longer challenge for the GRIME Nightmaare Championship, no matter who the champion is.

Hitamashii grabs a bottle of water and drinks from it as Andrew speaks.

Andrew-I mean, Hitamashii and Omasa did go straight to GM Gianni’s office and dictate what they wanted and ya, Hitamashii had to face Gianni to get what they wanted, and was successful in doing so.  We do what we have to do to get what we want.

Hitamashii throws away the water bottle after he takes another drink as he speaks again.

Hitamashii-And what I want is to become your new GRIME Nightmare champion and to shut the naysayers up that I can’t get the job done!!!

Hitamashii smiles and he, with his friends in tow, decide to go into the locker room while cackling as the scene fades to black.


No Disqualification Match
Angel Kash and Valentina vs Stacy Ruin and Melissa Ruin

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly. Valentina walks out behind her.

Darlyn:  And next, from The Hamptons, NY, standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 125lb, she is “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhh!!! And Valentina!!! BOSS BITCHES!!!

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel and Val blow arrogant kisses to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, Val doing the same as they are taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.

The SCUTron turns on. We see the Sun Devils football field with the drummers of the school's marching band in the middle of the field making the letters ASU for Arizona State University. The drums goes off twice, with a second pause before going off again twice repeating this process 3 times before the other drums come in. This happens twice before the group starts breaking formation.

The bugle team march onto the field as they begin to play…

ASU Marching band plays their version of Public Service Announcement II by Jay Z.

The Drummers move around as they form the letters SCU. The Bugle team marches in place below the letters making 6 rows underneath. The group breaks up and marches around the field for a bit as they start to slowly make out the name Melissa Ruin…

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring she is a two time all American in Lacrosse and Basketball from Arizona State… Melissa Ruin!!!

The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour starts to play.

I wished I lived in the golden age
Giving it up on the Broadway stage
Hang with the rats and smoke cigars
Have a break with Frank and count the stars

Darlyn: First on the way to the ring From Scottsdale, AZ Stacy Ruin!!!

Dressed to the nines, with hair to match
Shiny jewels, casino cash
Tapping feet wanna take the lead
A trip back in time is all I need

Stacy high fives the few fans she seems to have left.

Sing it out loud gonna get back honey
Sing it out loud get away with me
Sing it out loud on a trip back honey
Sing it out loud and let yourself free

Stacy slides in the ring as the music fades out.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Melissa and Valentina will start this tag team match. Melissa jumps right into the match as she charges at Valentina. Valentina side steps to avoid getting hot; Melissa stops to avoid hitting the turnbuckles but gets slapped in the face by Angel Kash.

Chad: Valentina knocks Melissa to the mat with a dropkick. Angel claps in approval. Melissa sits up, Valentina swings and hits a low stiff kick to nail Melissa in the chest.

Gena: Valentina drops down on Melissa with an elbow drop. Valentina gets to her feet; she tags in Angel Kash. Valentina gets Melissa to her feet. Angel looks over at Stacy Ruin.

Angel: This is for you, Stacy!

Chad: Angel swings her hand all the way the back and around as she slaps Melissa in the face, then swings back as Angel backhands or as they say. Melissa Ruin just got pimp slapped.

Gena: No one pimp slaps better than the Kawaii Dragons, but that's a good second best. Stacy gets in the ring, Jade runs over and orders Stacy back to the outside. Angel and Valentina take advantage as they keep the double team going on Melissa.

Chad: Stacy argues with Jade refusing to get back on the apron. In the meantime, her little sister Melissa is taking a double team beat down as Valentina and Angel take turns chopping Melissa hard in her chest.

Gena: Stacy needs to go back to her corner, or Valentina and Angel will continue to take advantage. Stacy points at Valentina still being in the ring illegally. Jade threatens to disqualify Stacy and Melissa if Stacy doesn't leave the ring.

Chad: Stacy leaves the ring as Valentina and Angel Kash get Melissa up for a double suplex. Angel gets on top of Melissa for the cover!


Gena: Melissa gets her foot on the middle ropes. Angel gets to her feet and grabs Melissa's right arm as she drags her to the middle of the ring. Angel jumps and lands on Melissa's chest with a double stomp. Angel turns to look at Stacy as she laughs at her while kicking Melissa in the face.

Chad: Stacy gets in the ring; Angel points at her to JAde as she gets in front of Stacy to get her out of the ring. Angel gets Melissa to her feet as Valentina gets on top of the turnbuckle as she jumps off, nailing Melissa with a missile dropkick.

Gena: Stacy takes a step back... Superkick from Stacy to Jade! The ref goes down! Stacy nails a superkick to Valentina! Angel slides out of the ring and high tails it up the rampway!

Chad: Stacy grabs Valentina to get her on her feet and then tosses her out the ring over the top ropes. Stacy waves for Angel to get back in the ring.

Valentina gets to her feet. Senior ref Dylan runs down the rampway as Valentina walks up towards Angel Kash. Dylan goes over to ring announcer Darlyn. They speak for a few seconds; then, he slides in the ring to check on Jade as Melissa gets to her feet. 

Darlyn: Ladies and gentlemen, Even thought this match is a No Disqualification Match. Stacy’s attack on Jade had given Dylan no choice but to have Stacy Rui and Melissa disqualified from this match. Therefore your winners of this match by DQ... Valentina and Angel Kash!!!

Chad: As expected, and expected Stacy Ruin to meet with GM Lexa about this.

Gena: Stacy will be fined and may get suspended for her actions.

Chad: Melissa goes over to Stacy... Superkick to Melissa Ruin from her older sister Stacy! Melissa goes down!

Gena: What is this all about!

Chad: Stacy grabs Melissa's foot and locks in the Ruin Lock!!!! (Ankle Lock)

Gena: Dylan runs over to Stacy, orders her to let go. Stacy leans forward and nails Dylan in the head with a hard headbutt!

Chad: Stacy has snapped!

Gena: Jade gets to her feet to go to Stacy, but Stacy gets her foot up and kicks Jade in the gut as Melissa is screaming in pain!

Chad: But why? Why is Stacy attacking her own sister?

Gena: Finally!

Gena says as Lexa's masked security guards slide in the ring. Stacy tries to kick one of the guards but misses. Stacy lets go of Melissa then charges at one of the guards. Two other guards manage to grab Stacy before she can spear the first guard.

The guards hold her hands, but Stacy manages to kick one in the knee. The first guard steps in and nails Stacy with a right hook that knocks her out. The three guards grab Stacy and remove her from the ring as the refs try to help Melissa out of the ring.

The camera gets close to Melissa as she cries out.

Melissa: Why... Stacy...

Melissa tries to walk on her ankle but falls over. The refs help her up as they help her to the back as we go backstage...

The scene cuts backstage to Cordelia Clark who has her championship with her. Considering the events of the Battle Royal from a while ago, she is not in a good mood. She’s trying to do her best to contain her anger, especially the anger that pertains to the “boss bitches” that did a number on her on the last SCU episode. Maintaining her focus the best that she can, Cordelia begins to speak.

Cordelia: You know… I thought I’d be done with the likes of Valentina and Angel by now. But it seems like those two valid excuses of airheads just want to keep targeting me all over my TV Championship and there comes a point where I need to take a stand! See, I’m sick of you two! The only reason why you even got one over on me was because of the numbers game and that’s that! That’s the only way you two can even get anywhere because people like you are nothing but leeches of society that have to have everything handed to them. I already know that you’re going to be watching me defend this championship against Ariana Angelos and you both wish it was either of you… or both of you for that matter…

But that’s fine! I’ve done nothing but handle my business on my own since I got here and I’m going to keep on doing that! I WILL deal with both of you and when it’s all said and done… the only “boss” around here is going to be me! I WILL have mine against you soon enough and put an end to all this and there is nobody in the world that is going to stop me! I’ll do whatever I have to do to end this on my terms even if…

Voice: Even if you have to get someone to watch your back?

Cordelia widens her eyes in surprise at the sudden appearance of her older sister Morgan, who she clearly wasn’t expecting to show up to the Inception pre-show.

Cordelia: Sis… what are you doing here?

Morgan: To watch your back, that’s what!

Cordelia: I didn’t need you! I don’t need you to help me beat Ariana Angelos. I don’t care if she was impressive in that battle royal before we went on the air tonight. I don’t need you to beat her.

Morgan: You don’t… but you have to remember that Krystal is her friend and friendships go a long way in SCU from what I’ve observed. Besides, do you REALLY trust the ‘boss bitches’ to leave this match alone? We’ve been talking about this, Cordy!

Cordelia: Yes, we have. But I wasn’t looking to make it official until tonight was over. I was going to have you here eventually. Besides, how are you even able to get into the building?

Morgan: Let’s just say… that just like you, I handle my own business.

Cordelia: So you’re here as a guest?

Morgan: No.

Cordelia: I see… so you took care of that whole ‘managerial contract’ business yourself.

Morgan: Oh I took care of business alright, just not that kind of business. Let me just say that I’m not going to watch any of this from ringside, alright? I’m jumping into the fray myself. I’m signing my contract tomorrow!

Cordelia looks like she’s just about floored with what she just heard.

Morgan: And believe me sis… we WILL deal with those two! But you’ve got to focus! You can’t let someone like Ariana take that title from you now.

Cordelia: I WON’T but… wow… way to go over my head!

Morgan: I am doing what needs to be done… I’m looking out for you! You’re my sister and I’m NOT going to allow you to be embarrassed and humiliated by those two fake, vapid whores any longer! I’ll do what I have to do. Don’t get me wrong Cordy… you are a better wrestler than me… but I can hold my own too! And if the nimrods here in SCU think that you’ve got a mouth on you… just wait until they hear mine. You and I both know that you were always too stubborn to do this… so I took care of it myself.

Cordelia: Okay… fine! You’re here. Great! I know I don’t sound excited about it but… I’m just surprised that’s all…

Morgan: I’m here for you, Cordy! I’m going to make sure that NOBODY takes that shine off of you. If ANYONE… from Ariana to Angel wants to mess with you? They gotta get through ME!

This revelation makes Cordelia feel a little bit better.

Cordelia: Alright! Let’s do this! Ariana may have been impressive before we went on the air… she may have won the battle royal… but she is NOT getting through ME! She is NOT going to defeat the fastest rising star in Sin City Underground today! I’ll handle my business like I know I can… and once I’m done with her, we can discuss the REAL problem at hand…

Morgan: Sounds like a plan, sis!

Morgan delivers a quick wink before she departs. Cordelia takes it all in, seemingly growing with confidence at the revelation that just occurred as the scene fades to black.


Steel Cage Match
Team Canada vs The Good Shepherds

Darlyn:  The following contest is a Steel Cage Tag Team Match!!! Coming to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, standing at 6’5” and weighing in at 256lb, he is… Earl Lockyer!!!

Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile.

Darlyn: Aaaaaand next, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb, he is “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

“The Hunter” by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, and is joined by Gail Weston, together they walk to the ring, Gail climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and joins Gail in the center of the ring.

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding.  It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena.  The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Darlyn: On their way to the ring... Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds, they are Andrew Borg and Tim Staggs!!!

And the boos become louder.  Andrew runs out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up.  He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage.  Tim holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse.  They walk down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them.  He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise, while Andrew speaks motivationally. They get inside of the ring and Tim slowly spins around before settling in a corner and waits for the cage to lower.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Tim charges at Earl and Stewart, but they both see him coming.  They duck out from under a Double Clothesline.  As Tim turns around, they kick him in the gut and send him back into the cage with a Double Vertical Suplex!

Chad:  Tim crumbles down to the mat as both members of Team Canada high five each other.  Andrew catches Earl with a right cross that stuns him.  Andrew and Stewart begin trading hits.

Gena:  As if they were showing us a real Combat Division clinic.  Andrew gains the upper hand when he slaps Stewart across the face, stunning him.  He begins ground and pound into the corner.

Chad:  Earl grabs Andrew by the back of the head and slams him face first into the cage wall.  Andrew holds onto his forehead as Earl charges him clear across the ring and into the opposite corner.

Gena:  Earl begins throwing wild, untrained punches at Andrew for the showing of disrespect.  However, Tim comes back into the frey, doing a kip up and charging at Earl.

Chad:  Earl ducks out of the way, and Tim collides with Andrew with such brutal force, like he didn’t have time to stop.  He steps back, looking apologetically at Andrew when Earl does a Full Nelson Slam.

Gena:  Stewart comes over and begins helping to stomp away at Tim.  Tim tries to shield himself from them, but they are showing no kind of mercy at all.  So much so that they don’t see Andrew starting to climb the cage wall!

Chad:  A team wins when they score ONE pinfall, or BOTH members touch BOTH feet to the outside.  This is risky business by Andrew as he makes it halfway up the cage.

Gena:  Andrew is creeping up like he doesn’t want them to hear as they treat Tim.  Tim punches Earl’s left kneecap as hard as he can, aggravating the injury some.  Stewart turns around to catch Andrew, but Tim trips him up!

Chad:  Tim stands up and gives Earl’s knee a few good stomps before he looks as if he’s seen a ghost.  He looks at Andrew, straddling the top of the cage.  He begins waving his hands, trying to call Andrew back.

Gena:  Andrew shouts “YOU CAN DO IIIIIIIIT!” from the top as he starts to climb down.  Tim stomps and his eyes widen in anger as he says “NO I CAN’T!!!”

Chad:  Stewart trips Tim up, right as Andrew lands on the outside.  Stewart sizes Tim up for a Big Boot, but Tim ducks out of the way.  He comes off the ropes, only to get planted with a Spinebuster!

Crowd:  FUCK YEAH!!!

Gena:  Tim is feeling that one, and Earl gets to his feet to walk it off.  He winces at first, but he seems to get his momentum back.  He and Stewart look to one another as Stewart waits for the right opportunity to nail the Paid In Full (Impact DDT)!

Chad:  Andrew is starting to see the error of his ways as he tangles his hands in his hair.  He pounds on the cage wall, trying to get Tim to wake up.  But he’s out cold.  Stewart thinks about pinning for a second, but then he shakes his head.

Gena:  Stewart and Earl share a laugh before Earl rips Tim off of the mat and plants him right back on it with the E.L 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2)!  Andrew shouts out in rage as he shakes the cage wall.  Earl goes for the cover, sneering with Stewart as they look at Andrew.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners via pinfall… Stewart Mason and Earl Lockyer… Team Canadaaaaaa!!!

The crowd cheers as “O Canada” plays over the speakers.  Stewart and Earl pretty much just laugh at the state of affairs.  They don’t even bother celebrating as they exit the cage together.  However, Andrew slides inside of the ring and begins yelling at Tim, who is still out cold.  He gives Tim several nudges before lifting him up and slapping him across the face to bring him to.  Tim slowly returns, and once he shakes out the spiderwebs in his head, he shoves Andrew back a bit so that he can stand up.  The cage wall raises up as the two stare each other down.  After a moment, Andrew grabs a microphone.

Andrew:  Tim, we all thought you could do it.  You can, in fact, do it.  You should have been able to do it.  But you did not.  All is not lost, however.  See, Father Gerald asked me to test your might by climbing out of the cage the first chance I got.

Tim nods his head, but he seems less than understanding of the situation.

Andrew:  You were supposed to prove your pedigree in wrestling, but you fell short.  More tests await you, and more opportunities to prove yourself are in your future.  The Church of the Good Shepherds does not expect perfection.  As a matter of fact, Father Gerald says that getting your butt kicked like that is proof that you really are one of us.

Tim grabs the microphone away from Andrew and leans down into it a bit.

Tim:  You’re damn right it does!  And I’d take even more of a beating just to prove my loyalty to God, my commitment to saving my eternal soul, and my devotion to the church! I’m not stranger to being mobbed.  I welcome the pain!

Chad:  Tim really has lost it…

Before Tim can continue, Earl and Stewart rush back inside of the ring.  They quickly knock Andrew out of the ring, and they nail two beautifully timed Big Boots to Tim, front and back!


And now, Stewart and Earl raise their hands in victory as “O Canada” starts playing once more.  The crowd cheers as Tim is laid out, and Andrew looks like someone pissed in his apple juice.

The scene opens backstage at the Inception IV pre-show where we see the challenger where we see the challenger for the TV Title Ariana Angelos working out backstage ahead of the Pre-Show’s Main Event Match between her and Cordelia Clark.

Krystal: Hey Ari.

Ariana looks up and sees the Australian Bombshell/fellow Go Gym Graduate Krystal Wolfe walking up to her with her arms crosses and grins warmly.

Ariana: Hey Krys, you ready for your match against Ruby?

Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: I’ve been ready for that annoying bitch since I first met her! But the real question is, are you ready for your title match?

Ariana sighs.

Ariana: I thought I was ready for Dahlia when I challenged her for the Underground Championship at High Stakes X but I still lost that match, not to mention the fact that I had a bit more time to prepare for that match.

Ariana adds before she turns to her friend.

Ariana: You’re not sore over me eliminating you last, right? I know you’ve been gunning after the title since you were cheated out of your opportunity.

Krystal shakes her head.

Krystal: I would’ve thought the handshake we shared when it was down to the two of us would’ve clued you in?

Krystal asks and Ariana shrugs her shoulders.

Krystal: I know you haven’t been wrestling as long as I have but I learned early on that everything in the ring is just business, the moment you make things personal……...well, just look at the feud between Evie and Jessie that’s been raging since the post High Stakes X Climax Control.

Ariana:  True, if there was another Climax Control before Inception IV then I think there would’ve been a murder and it would’ve involved them.

Krystal: We could speculate on the victim, or we could just shift the conversation back to your title match.

Ariana: Title match.

Ariana responds quickly and Krystal nods.

Ariana: My main concern is whether Valentina will get involved or not.

Krystal: I could serve as your backup.

Ariana: Yeah, that works.

The two women walk off as the scene fades.


Pre-Show Main Event - Uncensored TV Championship
Ariana Angelos vs Cordelia Clark

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Uncensored Television Championship!!!

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hand with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for the match to start.

The radio version of "Sucker" by Charli XCX hits the PA system and Cordelia Clark steps through the curtains, instantly drawing some boos from the crowd.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Princeton, NJ standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 125lb, she is your Uncensored Television Champion… Cordelia Clllllllllllark!!!

She starts to walk down the ramp, obviously confident in her self-proclaimed, prodigious abilities. She has a smirk on her face as she gets to the ring, obviously enjoying whatever reaction she's getting from the fans. When she enters the ring, she finally acknowledges the "haters" with a 'hush' signal, which only serves to incite them to boo her louder. Cordelia has a laugh to herself at this, as she starts to focus on her match and the song fades.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Ari is ready to get out of the dark match zone and into the Main Event, and she’s got her opportunity against TV Champion Cordelia Clark.  They make their way to the center of the ring.

Chad:  Ari circles with Cordelia, and she goes for a tie up, but Cordelia locks on a Side Headlock, wrenching a few times for good measure.

Gena:  She finds herself whipped into the ropes, but as Cordelia returns, Ari goes for a Headlock of her own.  Ari shows Cordelia just how it’s done… until Cordelia gets out from under it.

Chad:  Cordelia sends her into the corner and charges at Ari, looking for a European Uppercut, but Ari ducks under and catches Cordelia with a Monkey Flip, holding on for a kneeling cover.


Gena:  Impressive but ineffective on the likes of Cordelia  Ari is quick to get on Cordelia’s back for a Camel Clutch near the center of the ring.  Cordelia pats at her arm twice, but Ari stands her ground.

Chad:  Cordelia finds herself turning ever so slightly, despite Ari making each inch seem like a mile.  She gets to the ropes and gets the break.  Ari releases instantly.

Gena:  Cordelia stands up and acts as if she is unaffected.  She shrugs and gives Ari a “come get some” motion with her hands.  Ari obliges, crashing her into the ropes and she hammers away.

Chad:  Cordelia trades punches back before spinning Ari around and goes for a German Suplex onto the ropes.  As she bounces off, she turns and lands the move on the mat.

Gena:  Ari holds onto her back as Cordelia stomps on her, shouting at her in the process.  She then sizes Ari up, hitting the Busaiku Knee kick as she rises up to her feet.

Chad:  Cordelia acts as if it were effortless, standing up to show off by walking around the ring, commanding the crowd to look at what she’s just done.

Gena:  Ari holds the side of her face as she tries to shake it off.  Cordelia smirks as she grabs Ari’s hair and pulls her up to her feet.  She lifts her up onto the top turnbuckle.

Chad:  Arrogant, but effective so far.  She tells everyone in the crowd to watch her as she hits a Diamond Cutter.  She dusts her hands off and then goes down for the cover.


Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena:  So close, but with the experience Ari has earned so far, it’s not enough to put her down.  Ari pulls herself up as Cordelia is busy arguing with the ref about a slow count.

Chad:  Ari comes up behind her, looking for a quick Roll Up, but Cordelia turns around and does a Double Spinning Knee right into the heart of her opponent, known as the Heartbreaker!  Ari holds her chest as Cordelia drops down for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner via pinfall, and STILL Uncensored Television Champion… Cordelia Clark!!!

“Sucker” begins playing as Cordelia tells the referee that he only made it harder for himself.  As he tries to raise her arm, she pulls it away and holds both arms up on her own.  She celebrates as Ari rolls out of the ring, still holding onto her chest.  Krystal helps Ari to move toward the rampway.  Cordelia yanks the Uncensored TV Championship from the referee and exits the ring, being congratulated by her sister, Morgan as we end the pre-show!

Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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